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REVIEWS OF Madison Memorial Hospital IN Idaho

Alonzo Zaugg

Everyone is so kind and careing to my wife

Lydia Kristjánsson

Terrible terrible hospital, only go if there is absolutely no other options available. I would give this negative stars if possible. My sister came in for a basic surgery, after the recovery they overdosed her on 3 different opiates, gave her a anti nausea medication, despite there being a family history of being severely allergic to it. She had a allergic reaction that caused a 3 hour long seizure. Afterwards, the head doctor came in, said that she was faking it and wanted to send her home. My mom argued, and they agreed to keep her overnight but said that they refuse to do anything else to treat her. They could have killed her!

Tee Beckford

Joshua Smith

CP Maintenance

went to the emergency room 2am no one any where bad help ignorant people and way over priced...all in all will never go back...they are rated number 7 on the nations top 25 worst hospitals...that put them near the top for being the worst....for a little town that's pretty bad.....warning beware of this place

Teresina Sanders

My husband has 2 blood clots in his lung. We went into MM because he has another lump forming on the back of his leg and we wanted it scanned to see if it was another clot forming. The nurse was a rude snag even after we apologized for her having to work Christmas day and telling her we were grateful that she was working. The doctor never bothered to introduce himself sat in the room for maybe 3 minutes put the stethoscope on his chest for only a few seconds and told us someone would be in to run the scan soon. We waited over an hour before my husband got so mad he got up and got dressed to leave. Walking out we were informed that no one was even there that could run the test. Last week a CT showed he had passed 2 clots into his lung. Dr Prince told our primary care doctor he needed to go to Idaho Falls because he had to have a filter placed to catch the clots. They cant place a filter for clots that form in the arm, he was told they were in the arm. These doctors dont want to do their jobs but will run doctors that actually care about thier patients out of the hospital and ban them. Why were we not told no one was there? Why were we told someone would be in soon to run the test if no one was even there to do it. Rude incompetent doctors and nurses that treat you horrible just because they think everyone is seeking med. Surely isn't the first time we have had a horrible experience in this hospital but will be the last! My husband says he would rather die on the way to ANY other hospital then waste his time at MM. I myself have had many horrible experiences at this hospital. For your health and the health of your loved ones don't go here. They are there for a pay check not for any patient!

The basic Idahoan

Not a good place i had to 5 hours in the er. the ER doctor just seemed he wanted to get back to his breakfast. The surgeon was bad

Roxy Bradley

Had back surgery and bladder surgery. Everything went well. Pain control, and nurses were quick to meet my needs. Very happy with physician care as well. I would not go anywhere else.

J Blue

My daughter was misdiagnosed TWICE in the emergency room and after the 2nd time at Maddison & being misdiagnosed she was rushed to Idaho Falls emergency room & was finally properly diagnosed. DO NOT got to Maddison if it is a real emergency! We contacted them with our complaint & they still swore they did nothing wrong and that she receive proper care. REALLY?! Idaho Falls hospital diagnosed her correctly the 1st time (thankfully or she might have died), prescribed her the medication she needed and she if FINALLY better!

Nathan fubeca

I have had six babies in five hospitals across four states. This was my best experience. Everyone was wonderful and went out of their way to look after me and my daughter. Madison was my first NICU experience and I was very pleased with everyone involved. The best people in the world work there.

Laura Eames

This ER is just a tape and glue place. Husband was having heart issues and they did run the tests needed but we got a lot of I don’t knows and it’s probably an anxiety attack. Doctors and nurses sat at the nurses station on their phones and joking and laughing. We waited for test results for way too long. Not impressed.

KristenBlake Egbert

We only used them once with my first baby and wasn't impressed. We did just one appointment and then we switched to EIRMC.

Abril Arellano

I LoVe This hospital. All the nurses and doctors are super nice, really human. They treat you super well. The building is beautiful and clean. Rexburg is really lucky to have such a wonderful hospital.

Darrik Farmer

Scott Paxman

The staff are way nice and an awesome hospital. BUT if you are going to the ER for urgent care stuff (if you are out of state and don't have your own doctor) Then the Doctor will treat you like an idiot unless you're dying. even though at the desk they said that it wasn't just for life/death visits. He did a quick joint test I had previously done myself and sent me away... :(

Jennifer Dance

We are from out of state so I was nervous about going to a small hospital but we were so, so impressed! The staff was extremely competent and amazing! The ER doctor answered all my questions and he didn’t rush us at all. The wait time wasn’t bad either. We had a great experience!

Marc Mooney

brenda portugal

Good attention !!Good Childbird class

Lucas Handy

Madison Memorial Hospital is an awesome employer! They care about their employees, and their community. They put the resources where they are needed to improve community wellness. We are lucky to have this employer in town!

Jaron C

I dislocated and separated my left shoulder, these guys had me pain free and in a sling in no time.

Teresa Jack

So unless you are dying and need to go through an ER to get life flighted to a hospital that actually knows what they are doing, avoid this place at all costs. Drive your ER needs to Idaho falls or even consult your local hobo because you will get better treatment from a deranged homeless man than from this joke of a hospital. They are negligent to their patients needs, not knowledgeable about anything other than delivering babies, and so sick of the college that if you are under the age of 30, you will be lucky to receive any care from them that they take seriously. Your safety will be at risk if you trust this emergency room for any real emergency.

William Newkirk

Make sure when you update your address you make them update your address for patient files and billing. These idiots only update patient record addresses and not billing addresses at the same time. It's a rude surprise to get sent to collections for bills you didn't know existed, because they sent the bill to a house I lived at 10 years and couldn't even bother to call me! In short, won't be doing any business with them again. Very unprofessional! Wish I could give them zero stars!

Alex Marin

Travis Hoyt

Called the ER for some very important information that is required they provide and overheard the Doctor instruct his staff to tell me that they are too busy and to hang up on me. I asked this staff member what the doctors name was and she said sorry and just hung up. I have called the administration office to discuss this with them and actually talked to the "Risk Officer" and he said he would get back with me, and after almost a week I have again called the Administration office and left a message and have not heard back. Is it Madison's policy to mitigate risk to ignore people or to hang up on them? Very poor continuity of care, from an accredited facility. I am sure JCAHO, or NIAHO would not approve.

Dan R

The worst experience of my life go anywhere but here they do not care!

Kenneth Ellis

Me and my wife had a baby and it was are 1st. We all finally getting some sleep at 10pm. And partners thought it was necessary to get the discharge papers ready. We was not going until the next morning. And my wife ask about shower and they suggest we can get you in the shower but it took them all day to get them ready and she already took a shower before then there's coming to do it do it do the shower. Sat in the room Intel shower was turn off and she than walk out the door not ask if my wife need anything. I'm so mad.

Brian Bybee

We went to the emergency at 8:30 we got out at 1:30 seen a doctor for a total of about 10 minutes including nurses had a CT scan done I had to ask for the results so we knew what it said one of the most horrible experiences I’ve ever had at a hospital

Derek Grende

This hospital is trash the doctors suck is all they can say is it's a possibility of this and a possibility of this but can't fix none of it I thought the whole point of a hospital was to get care nor get told of this and this and a list of ten other things occur then to come back which over the last week has been every night is all they want is your money and all I want is to have them figure out what is accruals wrong and fix it not take my money and go on vacation (Dr Hansen) Madison memorial SUCKS I would rather DIE than go to madison memmorial Dr black needs to loose his job cause he has no respect

Alexis Cornelius

Rhett Francesca Mullins

Friendly staff, caring, great birthing classes!

Tami Farr

I went rafting on a toub and fell off and cut my ponying and middle fingers in a big medal tob.

gabriella gutierrez

One of the doctors and nurses who work here are the reason my sister is dead. She was in a car accident and they took her into the ER and the only thing the doctor said was, "you look better then the last time you were here!" And sent her home. They did not do a cat scan or any testing on her AFTER SHE WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT!! She ended up bleeding in her head and died the next day. We are working on a lawsuit. DO NOT take a loved one here.

Lottie Sparto

I delivered my baby yesterday early in the morning. I ended up needing an emergency cesarean birth and the nurses caught on to the problem very quickly and my baby was delivered very very quickly. My recovery has been hard but they have been so helpful and they answer every question I’ve had. They definitely make me feel much more comfortable and do their absolute best to help me in any way they can. I highly recommend them.

Kalie Hershberg

If I could give zero stars, I would. Do yourself a favor and make the drive to EIRMC's ER instead. This hospital is absolute trash. The nurses are lazy, rude, and slow, and the doctors are all but useless. Went in early in the morning with severe pain in my back that felt like a kidney stone, and the nurses stood outside laughing and joking around for 20 minutes while I sat in the bed writhing in pain. The nurse that finally came to give me an IV was about as warm and caring as dry ice, roughly shoved the IV into my arm, gave me some meds without telling me what they were, and walked out again (my arm is still bruised 5 days later). Yet another 20 minutes later, she walks in and asked if the meds were working, I told her they definitely were not (I was shaking uncontrollably at this point), and she said she'd check back in a few minutes and ran off again. 15 minutes later, the meds were barely starting to work when the doctor walked in and basically said, "You probably have a kidney stone, here's some prescriptions, you can leave now" and walked out. He was in the room for less than a minute. They didn't run a single test, just took forever to toss some pain meds at me and kicked me out. Even the doctors in the sandbox ran a CT scan and an ultrasound when I had kidney stones while deployed back in 2015. Can't wait to get the medical bill for the 'help' they gave me, I'm sure it'll be ridiculous. Whatever you do, do not trust this hospital with anything, life-threatening or otherwise.

tim higginson

I broke my arm on my 4wheeler on Saturday and went to this hospitals er. Maybe it's because my past experiences have been with maybe doctors and crowded California hospitals, but none the less I was very impressed with visit here and at the Maddison memorial surgery center. I was taken back to be seen quickly and had the treatment room to myself almost the entire time. They were able to take X-rays from my bed side and in my room. The staff was polite and friendly. They were able to get me into surgery on Monday.i can not say enough good things about the facility and staff here. I would also like to thank the surgeon and staff at Maddison Memorial Surgery Center.

Lizzy DeWitt

My son is two months old and I still have literal nightmares about what happened. Please please do not deliver your baby here. I knew I was progressing rapidly but they conStanley told me I was pretty much over reacting and an idiot. They refused to check me multiple times and as a result almost missed the birth of my baby. If my mom hadn't been there, i don't know what would've happened. They continually told me to stop pushing since my midwife wasn't there in time. I talked to my midwife and the hospital after to tell me my concerns and each time they pretty much blamed it on me and told me I was an "out of control patient." What????? What? Ouch. I've never written a negative review about anywhere because I care so much about people, but in this situation I just couldn't bear the thought of any woman giving birth in this environment. And after I shared my experience with friends, more have shared similar ones. Please don't go here. I wish so badly I had known. Also, my midwife was Marie Horne and made the experience a million times worse.

Nilcole Karford

The ER doctors and nurses are a complete joke... they misdiagnosed my daughter now she is crying in pain I will not go back to this hospital. And I will not recommend them to anyone....

Shelly Mcfarland

Nikki Waring

Tito Machuca

I tore my lateral meniscus and Dr. Jay rodney was such a great help! I had to go in the Er because all the clinics were closed and the staff was awesome they were prompt and helped you out in any way possible. The doctor knew his stuff, it wasn't the normal visit he actually went thru all the details and made it clear of what should the next steps be. He was awesome.

Tyson McFarland

I had a great experience here during my unexpected surgery. The nurses were attentive and the Doctor was a true professional. I am very grateful to Madison Memorial.

Kyle Loveland

This past weekend I got into a snowboarding accident and had to go to the ER at Madison Memorial Hospital. Dr. Wells took great care of me and took time to explain what I could expect during my recovery. He not only knows his stuff but he is extremely personable and helped put me at ease. When I went to get X-rays Tannis took great care of me and communicated what was happening the whole time. My nurse was also very professional and kind. I'm grateful for the professional staff at Madison Memorial and the great job they did.

Karlee Marotz

Went it with severe kidney pain. Ended up being kidney stones, did a CT. Diagnosed me with kidney stones as well as Chlamidia, Gonorea and pelvic inflammatory disease......without saying anything about the last three. I saw it on my discharge papers and freaked! Made an appt with my gyno and took my discharge paperwork in with me to my gyno and had them get my medical records from Madison before we got there so he had them on hand. He looked at them and was like did they do any tests on you while you were there? And I told him just a CT and he was like “Well than how can they diagnose you with any of these without doing the tests to diagnose them?” He ran the tests himself and they all came back negative. Also the staff was quite awful and rude as well. Very poor choice in heath care. I will never go here again. We are in Ashton and we will drive straight passed and down to EIRMC no matter what.

Richelle Primm

My husband and I went to the Saturday child birth class and it was super informative! I loved Lisa as the teacher and I feel a lot more prepared now for labor and post partum. The hospital also has a super homey feel.

Natalie Pulsipher

I am pregnant & experienced symptoms of a UTI then progressed later that day into extreme pain. I figured it was a kidney stone because I had one in high school before. I was skeptical going into madison because of the things I’ve heard but the pain was unbearable and didn’t want to drive to a IF hospital. We walk into the ER & there is no one in the waiting room. We were checked in & seen & wasn’t treated the best. Took them a good while for them to put an IV in & start a blood/urine test while I’m sitting here in tears with pain + pregnant. We waited for the results & they found blood in my urine & assumes I did in fact have a kidney stone. I asked twice if they were to do an ultrasound or an X Ray (no CT scan or anything since I’m pregnant) to check on if it is in fact a kidney stone, how many, and if it’s still up near my kidney or closer to my bladder so I could have a peace of mind to know when the end would be. People talking & laughing in the hallways & nothing seemed super urgent. The nurse & doctor didn’t seem like they liked their job & wasn’t friendly & not helpful at all. They refused & told me I just needed to see a urologist in a few days & just wait for it to basically pass on it’s own. Prescribed me some pain medicine & sent me home. Got home & the pain just got worse & worse. And what they gave me made me throw up non stop. Few days later we decided to make the drive to Idaho Eastern Hosptial in IF. The service there was completely different!! Nicest people. Everything was super fast & organzied. They reassured me & made sure everything was okay with baby as well. Did ultrasounds on my kidneys & testings. I had one kidney stone on my left side which was 5.5mm big & another on my right side plus a really bad UTI with all of it! I couldn’t pass it on my own. I had to stay over night & they prescribed me a different pain medicine, medicine for my UTI & to help my kidney stone flush out. Long story short I will not be going to Madison hospital for any type of emergency again. Make the drive to IF the service is so so much better!!

Rosio Soto

(Translated by Google) Serves very well (Original) Atiende muy bien

Brittney Goodier

Worst labor and delivery staff. They made my delivery complete chaos and a total nightmare! They don't seem to care too much for their patients and seem to want to do their own thing and on their own time. When talking with any management they deny any claims and say "there's nothing for us to do about this situation now." Drive the extra miles, if you can, when choosing a hospital for delivery.

Brodie Ruggles

I hate going to the doctors. Always have, always will. This weekend was one of those days that I had to force myself to go to Madison Memorials emergency room. I was in an incredible amount of pain and I couldn't handle it anymore. After arriving at the er I was helped immediately by admitting. It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes later that a nurse came and took me back. After being taken into an examination room they immediately started asking me questions and taking my vitals. After about a half hour they gave me pain medication. During my stay in the er I had blood drawn and an ultrasound. All of the employees were extremely friendly, despite me being grouchy towards them. They were quick at doing their job and did a good job at making sure they were accurate. The only thing I would change about my visit is them giving me pain medication sooner. Besides that I was very well taken care of.

Christian Lent

My family and I were in a major car accident back in April and my wife was admitted here. the EMT's and the nursing staff were awesome but the ER Doctor was a nightmare. Ripping a blanket and clothes stuck to my wife's back because of dried blood making her cry even harder then being blatetenly rude and ignoring her cry in pain...would not hope to come back here. But a huge thanks so everyone else who made our horrible experience a little more bearable.

Emily Long

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. I mean, unless you're into being forced AGAINST your will, drugged WITHOUT PERMISSION several times and after you're high enough they make you sign papers. This should be listed as a horror house, not a hospital. If it is a matter of life or death, I would rather die than be treated by these people again. This hospital is the most horrifying excuse of a medical center. The people that work here are anything but professional and to be frank they don't care about their patients. They don't care how you feel emotionally or physically. It is not in their interest to make you feel comfortable in any way. I was forced to go here, AGAINST MY WILL, from an emergency responder refusing to let me go on with my day and care for myself in the way I wanted cared for. I refused several times. Then, someone (random stranger in the street) signed FOR ME (stating they were related to me) to be taken away. Which, I feel should be illegal. They stated "I'll pay for it" and they never did. I wish terrible things for that person. Because they caused years worth of grief for me after the care I received at the hospital. I arrive at the hospital, only to have a bunch of uppity nurses treat me horribly. The care was so bad, one of the nurses kept rebreaking my arm and the doctor kept coming in and yelling at the nurse "how many times do I have to tell you her arm is broken?!" Wow, good job Einstein, for the sake of future patients, I hope you flunked nursing school and never practice again. Due to her care, the nerves in my arm were severed (which was later confirmed at a physical therapy care I received in West Jordan, Utah) and I could not use my arm for over half a year. Even after physical therapy, I can no longer lay on the grass with my arms behind my head, because I'm not mobile like I once was. Also, she refused to clean my properly and I have serious scars because of it. Now, I can no longer wear short sleeves in the summer without scaring children and other adults. Finally, I didn't appreciate how I was treated by the staff all those years I had to pay my bills. It's been a few years since that day, since that accident and I'm just now paying off my bills. I paid so much money to be treated terribly. My orthopedic was even horrified by the lack of care, when I went in to his office the next day after what had happened. It wasn't till I received my care from a physical therapist in Utah, that I finally realized the harm that was done to me from that retched hospital.

Sara Cook

I had my baby here and he had to stay in the NICU for a couple weeks after and everyone was so kind and helped a first time mom out so much

Nicole Bybee

I would rather drive anywhere than go to MMH. They say they care.... But actions speak much order louder than words! There are a very select few that are awesome. The rest suck and the dishonesty and ugly politics that go on there are just disgusting! Go to IF... not only will you get better service, you can be treated and back home before you ever see a doctor at all at MMH. You're just a number and a paycheck to them there!

Katy Willis

I have had 3 wonderful births in the women's center and had outstanding experiences with each one. My third was unmedicated with Hypnobabies and the staff was extremely respectful and willing to assist us in having such a fantastic birth experience. I have only heard great things with regards to natural and unmedicated births---that the staff is friendly and goes above and beyond to offer "little" things that help moms to be more comfortable, etc. We love women's center!

Myles Primm

Had a great birthing class with the Hospital with Lisa. She was AWESOME! The 8 hr class went by so fast through her teaching style.

Amy Davis

5 Starts for Madison Memorial and the tender care offered by my daughters' L&D nurse STEPHANIE. My daughter lost her baby girl in her 2nd trimester, and I am beyond grateful for the sensitivity and professionalism offered to her during her delivery at the hospital that day. I can't even imagine how it could have been handled better... thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts.

Wm Talbot

Great staff. Clean facility. Competent staff

Matthew Nearents

I had an appendectomy here and my wife also delivered our baby here. Both experiences were great (well except for the pain of an infected appendix). You can't find better nurses than in the delivery unit. Our nurse was Maria (forgot her last name) and she was probably the coolest person we've ever met. The nurse anesthetist was awesome too (the guy that did the epidural). It would be impossible to have a better experience than we did here. Dr. Prince delivered our baby and he is awesome. Definitely go to Rexburg Medical Center if you need a family doctor and get Dr. Prince.

Angelica Klima

Ended up having a scheduled c-section in January for my little girl. From check-in, the surgical team, to recovery, and our actual hospital stay, everything was absolutely amazing. We were admitted during the weekend, so the lactation consultants were out but our night nurse was such an amazing help. Definitely made our experiences of having our first child an extraordinary one! Would definitely recommend Madison to anyone I know!

BB Vargas

Ruthi Krynak

We visited Madison after a snowmobiling accident. The staff was excellent. Everyone went out of their way to make sure my daughter was as comfortable as possible while she was here.


My dad broke his shoulder and foot in a motorcycle accident. To see if they were broken, he needed a scan. They put an I.V. in his arm (took them 5 attempts because they had a Trainee do it) and didn't allow the medicine to reach his arm before they pulled it out and sent him to the scan room. They were moving him around and hoisted him up even though he was under IMMENSE pain. I would rather drive another 4 hours to another hospital before attending this one.

Kaitlin B

I absolutely loved the Birth and Recovery centers at Madison Memorial Hospital. The nurses I had were superb. They were attentive, caring, and not too pushy. My doctor was Robert Meredith. In my opinion, he is the best OB/GYN in Rexburg. If I could, I would move back to Rexburg just to have him be my doctor for every pregnancy, and would always go to Madison for the deliveries. The facility is comfortable! It isn't sterile feeling/looking like all other hospitals. It is cozy looking. The recovery rooms are large, and provide more than a reclining chair for your significant other to sleep on. AND THE FOOD! It is actually GOOD! Whaaat??

Scott Jackson

Brian Plummer

Savanna Sherman

My good friend went to the ER to get help, but they didn't help him because his condition "didn't exist". He was in trouble, he needed their help, but they only offered him pills, which wouldn't help at all. Zero stars!

Kylee Lusk

I took a brief tour while taking the free birthing class offered through the hospital. It was great! I feel more prepared to have a baby and felt that all of my questions were answered.

Rheynan Cox

The medical staff are professional & superb. The billing is comical. I have called repeatedly so I can pay my bill. They never return the call. The message says not to call frequently, but they do not answer. They need an automated payment method. Unfortionatly, in Madison Memorial's case, humans are too busy to take your money over the phone. This is a major issue for shut-ins that only has a bank card to pay their bills. By the way, I'm not Rheynan Cox. I'm just using his computer.

Jessie Griffith

Very disappointing when having to drive 1 1/2 hours from where we were for our 2 yr old to be seen. I informed the hospital I had Medicaid and asked if she would be covered. They said she should be since it is mediciad even though it was out of state. Which I informed them it was out of state mediciad. To just call and provide them with the ID number. Then only finding out much later that they do not cover mediciad from my state by someone in billing. Your front desk people need to be educated on what is covered and what is not. Or at least a place they can look it up. I would of looked for care elsewhere. And wouldn't of drove tbere if I was told correct info over the phone before driving there and asking again when getting there

Kody Ogaard

bailey bollinger

I would rather die on my way to Idaho Falls than go to Madison Memorial. This is one of the worst hospitals, in our region. They sent me home, and I later ended up back in the hospital only down in Idaho Falls. Due to the fact that I was having more chest pain. I honestly couldn't think of one thing good about this place. It is horrible they nurses didn't pay attention to me, they where far to busy gabbing about whatever else was going on in their lives. They can't get IV's into a person without a struggle. I hate this place and would NEVER recommend them to anyone not even my worse enemy. Don't even want to give a star, but I'm forced too.

Sapphire Naylor

Took my roommate to the hospital and they were loudly talking by her room about normal life while my roommate was in extreme pain. Didn't do much testing before sending her home with some pain medication. Just assumed it was part of her past medical history when it isn't. Terrible experience. If you need to go to the hospital go to the one in Idaho falls.

Katie Johnson

This hospital was great! I had my daughter here, and the nurses and doctors were exactly what a new mom needed.

Shelia Clark

I was out of state on vacation when I had to be admitted to the emergency room. The nurses and doctors are excellent! In fact when I got back home, my attending doctor at Madison called me to make sure that I arrived home safely and if I needed anything or had additional questions about my care. They are amazing health care professionals who are genuinely concerned about their patients.

Stephen Cook

It has been a wonderful experience my wife had our baby 5 weeks early and they have been so nice to us and we have had to stay in the NICU so we got to know the nurses and everyone is great!

Michael Hyde

After delivering our second child at another hospital, I really wish that we could have gone back to Madison. They really care and take care of you.

Rexburg Rehabilitation

Doctors have always been accommodating. The Paragon Cafe cafeteria is great.

Zoe Burt

I've ended up in the ER once and had to have testing done there three times but the last time I tried to schedule they wouldn't let me. This shouldn't even be considered a hospital. If you want 10 times better service for a tenth of the price I'd recommend going to Fall River. They are kind dont let you leave until they know and you know what is going on what they are prescribing. The nurse I had was rude and told me that I was overreacting and should just go home (I was on day 20 of a debilitating migraine) Doctor Wells basically told me that I was an idiot because I didnt remember the last steroid taper I was on (let me say again that I had a 20 day migraine and could not even remember if I locked my apartment before going there) He told me i needed to grow up because I'm an adult and should know 'this type of thing'.. Okay "dr. wells" you have a 20 day migraine and tell me the last medicine you took... let's see how you do. Also I had a friend from school with me that had taken care of me for the whole time I felt like I was dying and the nurse wouldn't let her come back with me, she knew all my medications and could've told the nurse and the doctor everything they needed. I cried for 45 minutes alone in an ER room in pain and all they did was send me home. This is even after the doctors at Fall River said that if I didnt get better I needed to be admitted.

corey barnard

I want to thank MMH for their exceptional, compassionate, professional care provided to my brother Barry. Dr Clark, Dr Lofgran, Dr Hancock and all the staff in the emergency room, ICU, Med Surgery, pharmacy, respiratory and physical therapy as well as the lab deserve my utmost gratitude. Y’all saved Barry’s life! Again!

Ashley Ball

Horrible people. Horrible hospital. Horrible care. My daughter was rushed by ambulance to Madison Memorial Hospital after getting T-boned. The nurse was extremely rude and acted as if she was better than me. I really dont care about that except I felt that care was given out based on her assessment of me, and not for my daughter's well being. And that I care about. I would've been better off to take her home and have taken care of her myself, than to sit in the hospital for four hours, without even receiving basic care. My daughter was extremely lucky and had only gotten a softball sized bump on her head. Ice and tylenol, and imaging, right? Well they must've run out or something. Never got it. I asked again as they were discharging her, why the nurse failed to bring ice. More rudeness and she blamed it on a more serious wreck. Triage. Makes sense. But that wreck happened and hour after my daughter had been admitted. And I had been told that they were fine and doing well two hours after the second wreck had come in. So that's 2 hours. No basic care. No excuse. I seem to remember it being reviewed nationally and it being dead last. Worst hospital in America. I agree. I should've just asked for a different nurse, but for others, in case she does this to another, I'd like to try to point her out as best I can. Description of rude nurse who cant do her job. Long brown hair, in a pony tail. 5'3'. About 4 months preggos. 125 lbs. Extremely rude.

William Enkey

In the last 4 months we've had 2 ER visits and several lab visits (different family members). Every time the staff is attentive, the physicians are expeditious, friendly, and professional, and the wait times are minimal. Never there more than 30 or 40 minutes. Nurses are life savers and administration time savers! Hospital was very clean and signs were easy to follow. Paragon cafe has great food and service. Medical records staff are fast and friendly. Ne'er a complaint!

Diana Hibbard

I took my son into Madison Memorial's ER for a bat bite and the nurses were amazing as was Dr. Packer who was the ER doctor. I don't know what all of the hoopla is about the ER, but they are very professional and knowledgeable!! We are lucky to have such a great hospital in our town!

melany valladares

This hospital is an absolute joke. I DO NOT recommend going here at all. I have had multiple medical emergencies amd none of them were taken seriously. First was my roommate having a horrible 13 minute seizure so we called the paramedics and from the start they were rude and careless with the patient and her mother then we arrived at the hospital where the nurses were EXTREMELY rude and thought she was faking it. First of all why would someone want to fake a seizure? Do you really think we want to be here at 3am and leave with a hefty bill? No. Second time was when a friend of ours was having an asthma attack to the point of passing out. we got there (called before hand) and they nurse took her sweet time getting outside to help us. We were helping her get on the chair and the nurse was just shoving her in and saying that she could hear her and had to get on. Then two nurses came and we just so rude and unprofessional i had to have someone else in there with her before i snapped at them. Overall this hospital has rude and disgusting people working for it. If you aren't going to treat patients with care and respect do NOT go into a healthcare profession.

Sri Aditya Challa

I was admitted there after I met with an accident. Doctor Robert L Coray was my doctor he was really concern and I felt blessed to get treated under him. Nurses were very friendly they took utmost care. Thanks to Madison Memorial hospital :)

Anonymous USA

The Respiratory Therapist that works at MMH is unprofessional & unethical . I wouldn't recommend going to the Respiratory part of this Hospital.

Alex Durfee

Morale is depressing at the hospital. Looking forward to a change in management. The decision to purchase Madison Carriage Cove was a complete disaster and the CEO should be fired.

Patrick Bjornn

Their maternity wing gets 4 stars. All 5 of our children were born here. For the most part, the nurses and doctors in this part of the hospital are top notch. Only on a few occasions with a couple of nurses did my wife not get the service she needed. The ER only gets 1 star. We've been up there for allergic reactions where our 1 yr old daughter's throat was swollen shut and she was turning blue. Community Care even called ahead to tell them we were coming and how urgent it was. We had to wait while they "got a room ready." In the mean time she is on the verge of unconsciousness. Finally, they opened the doors and led us past empty room after empty room. They gave her some meds and she eventually recovered, but there was no sense of urgency or care from the people on staff. A short time later, that same daughter got Nurse Maid's Elbow (I diagnosed it online before going to the ER) when I pulled her up to lay in my arms one night. She was screaming in pain and wouldn't move her left arm. I took her to the ER at about 10pm. While sitting on the exam table with her on my lap, Dr Mayberry came in to look at her. He walks up, grabs her injured arm, and twirls it around like it's a jump rope. She is screaming her head off in pain, I'm seriously considering dropping the guy, and he tells me he's doing it to put any broken bones back into place. HE HASN'T EVEN DONE AN X-RAY YET! He watches her struggling to even pick up her pacifier with her injured arm, says he'll let us sit there for observation for a while, and walks out. He comes back in a 1/2 hour later and tells us to go home and give her some children's Tylenol. I was grateful just to get out of there without any worse injuries to her. I got her home, put her in her crib, propped up her arm as best I could, and hoped for sleep. She woke up screaming in pain again at 5am. I called the ER and spoke to Mayberry about it. He says we can come up be readmitted or wait until our regular doctor opens in 3 hours. We waited. I went in the Dr. Lofgran's office, spoke with Mark Hammer, and as he begins his examination, I accidentally popped her bones back into the elbow socket. She is instantly fine and moving her arm again. Mark then shows me how to EASILY fix it in the future because it was likely to happen again. It has, and I've been able to EASILY fix it every time. If some guy like me can diagnose it and fix it, what's wrong with the guy who has years of medical training and can't get the job done? We complained and the hospital administration didn't charge us a dime for that visit. There's been a few other experiences with other kids, but you get the drift. Competence is lacking in this area for sure.

Kimberly Cardon

Love our local care!

Tanner Smith

I'm down here visiting from Seattle to get my gall bladder removed (which was successfully done a week ago) and I had to go to this hospital multiple times to get ultrasounds and x-rays, which I also visited their ER twice in the early morning (roughly 3am both times) , these people are extremely friendly and all paperwork and everything, even with me being an out-of-state patient, went by smoothly and effortlessly . I highly would recommend going here.

Ahxir Jackal

This is the worst place to be tookin care of. The staff are rude the wait time is way longer then it should i can understand if there were other emergencies but when its two people in the whole er and 5 staff members and the doctor sitting at there desks playing and watching youtube videos there a problem. As i look through the reviews I see the owner asking people to change their review that's a big problem. Please please choose Ermac over Madison your safer and less likely to have to go back to the ER its worth the drive. 7th worst hospital in the ua please look it up

Lyss Jade

This emergency room is a total joke. I took my husband because he had excruciating pain in his lower back. He has had kidney issues in the past but he believed that what was going on was different. Dr. Wells saw my husband and as my husband was trying to explain what was going on, Dr. Wells refused to listen to what my husband was saying and said that my husband had said 3 different things that weren't even close to what my husband explained. My husband expressed concern about a herniated disc and Dr. Wells swore up and down that it was just muscle pain and sent my husband home without doing a single test. Dr. Wells was in the room for about 4 minutes and we we're sent home before the registration nurse even got us registered. After leaving I called the patient advocate, Terri Farrer who later called my husband and said that my husband was wrong. We went to EIRMC and the doctors there were so quick to help and run tests and discovered that my husband does in fact have A FEW herniated discs. So my husband called MM back today to let them know that Dr. Wells had misdiagnosed him and they still believe that they were right and that my husband is just a pain killer seeker. Don't go to this hospital. They don't care at all.

Kylie Mohr

I have been to the ER 3 times. 2 times for myself and once for my son. The first time I went my now husband and I were engaged. I kept not breathing when I fell asleep so I went to the ER upon arriving there the front desk was nice but then everything went down hill from there. The nurse was irritated that I came in so late and was extremely rough with me. Then she sends the doctor in who is telling me my fiancé needs to leave. I told him no I want to sign a paper for him to stay because I don't want to be alone. He then tells me it is stress that is causing my problem. Well I asked them to take a blood test as a precaution and when the nurse came in to do it I was explaining that I had small veins and to be careful. Her response was "well we don't think you need a blood test so you brought this on yourself and I'm going to draw your blood how I want to." Well she didn't listen to me so she dug around for my vein and then caused blood to spurt everywhere all over me and the bed. Then three more different people came to tell my fiancé to leave and that they would watch me overnight. He said no and good thing because when he walked out to use the bathroom an hour later the nurse who promised that she was going to watch my vitals was asleep at the desk.... Needless to say they were rude and totally unprofessional. The next instance was when my son was about 4-5 weeks old. He was running a fever of 102 and I was told by the pediatrician to take him to the ER because he just got over jaundice and Tylenol wasn't bringing his fever down. When the doctor checked him he said "why did you bring him in? You aren't supposed to bring him in until he's 105 or higher" he then proceeded to tell me I was being too worried and it was ridiculous that I brought him in. The most recent incident was on Friday and I have had stomach pain and diarrhea for over a week. The stomach pain started in January and is progressively getting worse. On that day I started having rectal bleeding and new I needed to go in to the ER. Well I go in and they take over an hour to even get to me and this is ridiculous because they told me "you came at a slow time there's only you and one other person here right now." They then proceeded to run blood tests which the phlebotomist was wonderful. They then said your results will be back within a half hour. 2 hours later they still haven't come back so I went out to grab a nurse and they were all standing around talking. The nurse then said "good timing your results just got here" which is a lie. The doctor then comes in a days your normal there nothing wrong. And tells me I really need to get a colonoscopy because the bleeding is not good. But he tells me not to go to the GI who can do it that day he says that he is unreliable and lazy and won't do anything over the weekends. He said he is never easy to work with. So he sends me on my way with a slip to call another guy the following Monday. So I go into that doctor and he is shocked that they let me leave with as much bleeding as I had and proceeds to tell me I need a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Well sad to said Madison's ER sucks and they do not care at all about their patients. Their maternity ward is fantastic and really accommodating but I will no longer be going here because if something emergent happened I would be afraid they would do nothing or take to long. Stay away drive the 30 mins to Idaho falls.

Katie Hokanson-Boston

Rosa in the lab is amazing! My veins are really hard to get, but she got them in one painless try. She is definitely in the right profession. I've had other nurses try four or five times, bruise my arm, and still not get anything. Rosa was fast and very skilled.

Aubrey McKay

We bought some shoes at WalMart that gave my husband cellulitis, where his skin was practically feasting upon itself and looking like a scaly, peeling mess. My husband finally had to go to the ER because nothing we were doing was working. The doctor prescribed some lotions, ointments and other expensive things for him. Within four days the cellulitis had expanded to my husband's hands and his feet were swollen and bleeding with infection. We went to a ready care instead, where the doctor stared in disbelief at all the ointments prescribed and told my husband to throw them out immediately because it was just feeding the cellulitis and making it a thousand times worse. EDIT We had our second son here and the experience was significantly better than what my husband had in the ER. The nurses were attentive and they did everything they could to help someone that wanted to breastfeed be successful. If you ask, you get a Medela pump, paid with insurance during your stay. It's a great environment and my son had no problems here. My only complaint is that we had an awkwardly cramped room (it was corner of the hospital and was almost shaped like a trapezoid).

It’s just Me

2 Hours! 2 hours sitting in the waiting room with ZERO communication as to even how long of a wait or anything! After visiting our family doctor for complications my wife was having the doctor sent us up for CT scans. Evidently the hospital didn’t deem her need as urgent as the doctor did. When we asked the “kids” at the reception desk about how long of a wait it was going to be, they had no clue and didn’t even know who to ask. No courtesy, no willingness to help. But double the charges!

Allison Philpott

I gave birth to my daughter over the summer and had an absolutely amazing induction experience. Everyone who took care of me here was friendly and professional. I loved my midwife Marie. She took great care of me and came in often to check me. I also loved how fast I got an epidural after telling my nurse I wanted it. They got the anesthesiologist in my room in less than 5 min of me asking! The lactation consultant is very helpful too.

Christopher Schuerch

Spotty service. Don't trust these folks with your lives. Hide your kids, hide your wives. Go to a different hospital.

Justin E

I went in to the hospital for a CT scan to diagnose appendicitis and ended up having an emergency appendectomy. The technicians doing the scan were very kind and explained everything to me, the surgical staff was also very kind and helpful with answering any questions and concerns I had. My nurses after surgery Andee and Mariah were both great and helped me feel as comfortable as possible. Very pleased with the whole experience.

Kevin Johnson

We needed care for our young son who cut his right eye lid and needed stitches. We are from out of state and were concerned as we were not familiar with the hospital. I was pleasantly surprised by the short wait time in the ER and by Dr. Jay who did a fantastic job explaining to us our options and his overall care for the situation which was fairly traumatizing. He was patient, understanding and more than accommodating. I was happy with our experience and wouldn't hesitate to return if needed.

Mandy Jewett

I have been to Madison Er for the flu for myself. My husband would have lost his eyesight if it wasn’t for Dr Jay. We have had an amazing experience every time we have been there. The nurses, doctors administration everything. We had multiple trips to the er for my husband when my daughter was really little and the nurses were a huge help with her. I absolutely love the way Dr Anderson Dr Jay and all of the staff treated us! I would also like to add Day surgery staff is amazing.

tyler_jessica Ramos

Staff is rude wait time is forever Dr Wells called the cops on my husband accusing him of beating me

rudy gonzalez

Lacie Weaver

Both times I've been to this hospital have been a nightmare. The first time I wasn't taken seriously at all. Granted, I wasn't in terrible condition, but the nurses who helped me were extremely rude, and it wasn't like they were busy (it's south east Idaho, in the middle of the night. No one was in the ER). The second time I went, they messed up my IV and I was laying in my own blood for a couple hours before anyone helped clean me up. I went in at night with symptoms of appendicitis, and just sat around waiting until morning when someone could actually help me. Should have waited at home, they just got to charge me for an extra night in the hospital. That was 3 years ago, and all my bills were paid in full. The other day, I received a bill in the mail with no explanation, for $5,000. Not sure what happened, but needless to say, I'm not the biggest fan of this place. However, I'm giving it 2 stars instead of one, because I personally know some of the staff are amazing, and a few of the ones who helped me during my second visit were fantastic.

Sonja Perez

We had a horrible birth experience mostly due to the midwife we used. But, after 18 hours of being in the hospital, when I had to go back for a true emergency cesarean (cord prolapse because the midwife broke my water way too early), I wasn’t even in the system at the hospital... The anesthesiologist was yelling at the other nurses and doctors in my room, and nurses were running in and out. I already knew that the death of my baby was a high possibility because of the mistake that the midwife made, but the chaos that occurred in room was of NO help to my already stressed out mind and body. Thankfully, my baby and I are okay. But it was just awful, and the hospital setting was not helpful to an already terrifying and life threatening situation.

Amber Marie

Neil Erickson

In the past two months my daughter and currently my uncle have been admitted to Madison Memorial. They both have commented on the outstanding care they have received. Thanks to all who have taken such wonderful care of my loved ones.

This Little Random Blogger

Thomas Jay

Doug Carriger

Visited Emergency Room, a very pleasant and positive experience. Doctor Jay and the nurses were outstanding. The billing process was handled very well by a great lady.

Lauren Madsen

rhenon williams

Madilyn Ball

I literally wouldn’t even give them a single star. This hospital is a joke. The nurses are ignorant and rude. I’d recommend going to another facility if you actually need help- this hospital will not help.

Kylee Barker

I normally do not write reviews but I had to write a review for this place because they are AMAZING. I had a great experience with my doctor and all the nurses. Now that I have had my baby I have been getting the bills for it all, which is very stressful and overwhelming, and there was an issue with my insurances where they were not covering it. The staff did some investigation work and did all the calling for me. I didn't have do much calling besides calling my insurance to fix the issue. I was so grateful that these nice ladies did all this work just for me, a stressed out mother. I can not say thank you enough!

Annie Miller

I brought my 8 month old baby in because he had a bad cold that was making breathing more difficult for him. The doctor knew it was croup right away and gave him steroids which opened his airway. A few days later he was better. The nurses and respiratory were also very helpful and kind. I love this hospital. I delivered my baby here and it was also a great experience.

Jason Kjelstrom

Never had a bad experience

Kayley Martinez

I loved this class! It was so informative and such a great learning environment! I loved that we could ask any question and get an unbiased answer! Awesome! Totally worth the time!

Tammy Key

My housemates took me to ER after some convincing from them that I actually really needed to be seen. I have never been treated so rudely in my life!! I asked the doctor a question in response to his diagnosis - he shrugged his shoulders and walked out!! Absolutely horrible experience. Ended up going to EIRMC next day.

Callum Waring

Karie Ragar

I don't feel comfortable giving them even one star. My first experience: I had kidney stones and went to the ER with my husband. They had given me morphine and I was completely out of it. They told me and my husband that they would need to do an X-ray to confirm kidney stones. When my husband asked to go back with me to the x-ray room they told them absolutely not. I was taken back to a room where they didn't do an x-ray but a complete MRI scan. Again, I was completely drugged up and we could have prevented this unnecessary expensive scan if they would have let my husband come back with me. A few months later I was billed for a hefty amount because of that unneeded scan. 2nd experience about 2 years later: My doctor ordered a HIDA scan to be done at Madison Memorial Hospital. I arrived, was checked in, and after about an hour of waiting was informed that they had forgotten the medicine needed to proceed with the HIDA scan. (They get the medicine from pocatello). They sent me off saying they would schedule me for another day a week later. The staff that was checking me in was unbelievably rude. The week passed and it was the (2nd) day of my HIDA scan. I had a feeling to call them before heading in since I hadn't heard from them at all. I called asking if they were ready this time. They told me they didn't have me scheduled today but for a day NEXT week. So they scheduled me for completely the wrong day. I cancelled all together and will not be going to Madison Memorial Hospital for absolutely anything if I can help it.

Elias Linares

Bad service and an unsympathetic staff. Go to IF if you can help it.

Ashley N.

I recently had a c-section here for the delivery of my twins. They took good care of me, my babies, and my husband, and respected our decisions. I learned a lot from the nurses and lactation consultant, and actually enjoyed the atmosphere. Both my babies are healthy, and I am recovering well. I am grateful for this hospital.

Bryce and Rachel Perry

While a student in the area, I developed severe, unexplained leg pain. I was directed by my out-of-state primary care physician to seek emergency medical attention because my health history suggested it could be a blood clot. My friends drove me to the ER, but had to return to other commitments which meant that I spent the majority of my time alone in the MM ER. Despite the suspected blood clot, I was left in a room, alone, with the door closed. There were no monitors attached. The call button was across the room, and I was unable to move to that area. I was crying due to pain, so my face was a mess but the tissue box was also across the room. No one stepped in my room for more than an hour during that time. I could hear the nurses laughing and talking in the hallway, so I know they weren't too busy with other emergencies. When an ultrasound tech arrived to perform the scan, she was short-tempered and threw a towel at me. In the end, they didn't know what was wrong so they summed it up as a muscle cramp. I asked the nurse and doctor if it was usual to lose feeling in your toes and fingers due to a muscle cramp in a leg, and they said no, but didn't say anything else. The nurse was waiting for me to leave when I reminded her that I couldn't walk. I was carried into the ER. So then she went to ask the doctor to prescribe crutches. On my discharge sheet, it said to return to the ER if I felt any numbness or tingling in my fingers or toes- the same symptoms they did not evaluate and sent me home with. I took up my concerns within 24 hours with their patient care advocate. He "talked" to the care team, and they disagreed with my version so he wasn't going to do anything. Plus, he said the fact that I didn't come back to the ER with the symptoms was evidence that it couldn't have been too concerning. Actually, it's more like evidence that I didn't want more Emergency Room bills when their care teams were uncaring and incompetent. We received massive bills coded for life-threatening emergency, yet I didn't receive that level of care. When we called them again with our concerns about the costs compared to care, we were ignored. I told my friends following this incident that I didn't care if they thought I was dying- they could drive me somewhere else or let me die at home. Would give zero stars if possible!

krista riley

The ER is the worst I've been to. We waited 45 minutes before we left to another hospital. They watched a little girl cry in pain & didn't care.

Marcy Lineback

The worst hospital I've ever been to. They pretty much sent me home numerous times with only references of places to go that could help me. When I am in pain, I want tests to be ran to figure out what is wrong and what the solution is. Not to waste money for them to do nothing. Don't waste your money going here. It's more worth it to drive to Idaho Falls.

Adam Jacobs

Have no complaints. They have always treated my family well and have made sure we're taken care of for every visit.

Lauren Hawforth

I have been to Madison Memorial many times for different reasons. The labor and delivery staff was amazing. When I had to go to the ER for pain I was taken very well cared for. I’ve even had a surgery at MM and I felt safe and very well taken care of. I recommend this hospital to everyone.

Sarah Peck

Dillon Sullivan

We had our baby here a year ago, and loved every bit of the experience. The nurses are great, the NICU was great and accommodating. Favorite part was that the delivery rooms are big and lots of natural light. Great hospital

Antonio Martinez

I loved the birthing class that my wife and I took. It is very informative and going to the hospital for a tour in the maternity center was very beneficial!

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