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REVIEWS OF Intermountain Hospital IN Idaho

Monica Vazquez-Hernandez

i know ernist and i love him he helped me in there thats the only reason i was okay and i wanna thank him for that

Emery Nebraska Martin

After being brain damaged by the police and ER doctor at the Cole St. Luke's, I am sent to ICU in an ambulance and remain unconscious for 3 days. Once I am conscious again, nobody says anything about the 3 days I was out and they start feeding me medicine for "schizoaffective disorder" and continue to for the next 7 months until July 2015 when I realize they are whackjobs and never treated me for brain trauma.

Shelby Simpson

I'm here right now, writing this review in the classroom and i freaking hate it. You have to lie to get outta here. It hasn't helped my depression at all. It makes my anxiety worse.

Emily Martin

I got very sick there and got set up for failure.

Mary B

Green eggs and Sam

I don't recommend this place to anyone with children. The website and the staff might seem nice, but they only act nice; They treat the children like harvest animals. If they do something wrong they get punished and put in isolation. No physical contact. Crying, in pain, nothing. I left with my in hospital counselor telling my parents I had anger issues because I got frustrated once at the fact I have OCD. They made me feel miserable. I was so upset one of the days I was there and I stayed in my room all day bringing my points down. If your points go down you have a lower risk of leaving. I BEGGED my mother to take me home on the 2nd day. One time I got up for a drink then I was put in isolation because of it. I wasn't allowed out until the next morning but the youngest staff member let me out early. I'm thankful I'm not still in there.

Jennifer Rickman

The only good thing about this hospital is the teacher... Other than that it is terrible

Blake T

Bao Truong

Ask to talk to a family member the nurse was answered the phone and she was rude. If they rude to parents then how what would they treat your child?

Divinity Majerus

I was hospitalized in the journeys program in September of 2016. I'm reading the other reviews and a lot of people were saying it is bad and Its not. One of the things I liked about it was it was kind of an escape of reality for a bit, but leaving kinda sucked because you had to go back to reality. I honestly didn't want to be hospitalized at first because it just seemed unnecessary to me, but in the long run it really did help. The staff there are really helpful and caring in my experience. if you treat them with respect, they will respect you with respect as well. since I went during the school year, we had two hours of school each day. We also did exercise groups, as well as theraputic groups. One of my only problems was that i was not fully helped, but that is my fault. My mom told me to lie to get out of there because "she didn't like the way they treated her." I guess it's all about her? On the more positive side, I did come away with more coping skills and I am better off then in would have been with our the treatment.

Nic Fernau

Devin Lash lee

This hell hole ruined my freakin life,their staff was horrible and seemed like they were there for the money. They call that place a hospital yet you feel and get treated that it is a prison. For the three weeks I was there it was hell and yet my life still hell because of that place

Amilia Smith

Ashley Haskins

They told me my problems were stupid and that I didn't matter, they allowed the girls and boys on one unit, they allowed other patients to have sex, fights that they couldn't stop, and they aren't caring. This place was hell. Never allowed outside because the nursing staff "didn't feel like it". Nothing about that place is good.

Sug Reeves

jail is better and cleaner!

Deli Denon

When the staff starts feeling the need to give this place a five star rating, you know it's bad. Seriously, I've been here, and the negative reviews are telling the truth, save yourself another 20+ years of therapy and find another treatment center, if your dealing with substance abuse, try NorthPoint, if its mental health, try West Valley in Caldwell. All Intermountain is interested in is your money.

Jessica Vickers

Update to my previous post... I am receiving daily phone calls regarding my loved one's "account". Soooo they have my phone number for billing but "can't confirm or deny" presence within the facility??? When you look at this facility... speak with your primary provider before you spend NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS on a 3 night visit!!!!!!!!!!

jane lytle

I’ve never been here , but I know multiple people who have. My best friend is there currently and I’m honestly terrified of what she might be feeling. She went there one time already for about a week because she has really bad depression and was in a bad mental state. I was really rooting for this place because at the end of the day I just care whether or not it helps my friend, but when she came back she was so much worse. She was extremely paranoid and seemed so tired. They run that place like a prison and I honestly think they make people feel like they’re going crazy. They gave her some acne cream for whatever reason and it made her skin bumpy , and they put her on a mood stabilizer. Her mom sent her back there again and I’m so scared for her, I know she needs help, but this is not the way to do it .

Serena Kelly

I have to say it was awful the 3 1/2 months they kept my daughter there I didn’t get to see her doctor who diagnosed her not even one time ! The staff wouldn’t share anything with me about my daughter and always said she was in meetings when I called wanting to talk to her, before she was released she was begging me she wanted to come home couldn’t take it anymore said it felt like a prison the only thing that was a positive she said was the food ! After she was released I got her in set up with a med management doctor close to home and the doctor she sees now was livid cause of the medication at Intermountain had put her on she informed me that if my daughter had stayed on this drug that was outdated for long term she would of became paralyzed I was enraged and agreed to have her taken off it immediately to put on something else! Not to mention upon my daughter leaving she was a zombie over sedated ! As her mom what I experienced with my daughter I do not recommend Intermountain for your loved one ! They do not care and only see new patients as dollar signs they get fed good meals yes but that’s about it the staff and doctors there treat family and loved ones like another number, they never return calls and obviously prescribe medication to patients without really not knowing what there doing! It’s very clinical no sense of love and compassion for those they treat in my opinion a complete nightmare !! The thing that bothered me the most they refused to let my daughter leave holding her like a prisoner even after she told them she wanted to leave they put her on a hold and had to get approved by her doctor first who was NEVER there gratefully the week her pathetic doctor was gone another doctor on call gave her permission to Leave so I could pick her up and take her home after the poor girl was forced to be there over 3 months so when she was released finally we both were relieved and she told me she never wanted to go back , she also told me they twisted things she would say manipulation and tell her you feel this way and she told them no I don’t trying to defend herself but they didn’t listen, so For those of you who think it’s great & think it’s awful people bash them my words to you is too bad I for one don’t care cause I lived and seen it myself with my own daughter & can’t count how many times I called to talk to someone wanting to be reassured on how my daughter was doing all to get the runaround, put on hold , transferred

Weasel Queen

I was forced to stay in this hell hole for 72 hours, after a family member became angry with me and wanted to force me out of my house; so they called the police and lied to them, they claimed I had attempted to kill myself with a medication I didn't even have access to. The police came and arrested me immediately with out asking me a single question. I was first sent to a REAL hospital, that did treat me very well for one night. They took blood to check if I had any of the medication I supposedly took in my system (which 3 separate tests PROVED I didn't) and checked my body for wounds (which I had NONE). Afterwards I was sent to this hell on earth. I was forcefully stripped of my clothing and treated worse than a lab rat. My primary care Doctor called and demanded they release me (he has known me for 20 years and knows that I have NEVER been suicidal a day in my life ) or at the very least provide me with the medications I need to simply live (none of which were even narcotics). They ignored my Doctor and forced me to stay there for as long as they could by lying to the judge assigned to my case by claiming I had self inflicted wounds (even though the REAL hospital had proved I had none and had PHOTO documentation of my body to PROVE I had not a single cut on my body). They refused to give me my thyroid and anti-seizure meds and then promptly laughed at me while I lay seizing on the floor. I watched them mock a elderly 96 year old man for morning the loss of his wife of 70 years and belittle and tease a poor ill christian woman for having faith (I heard one nurse tell her it was clear she had cancer because she was Christian). It was very clear they enjoy watching people suffer and are all about money. They go above and beyond to make sure they make a profit from every poor soul that enters that cursed place; they made me sign a paper saying I would pay them or they wouldn't let me leave. They billed me even for a drink of warm tap water! I have good insurance and I was still billed 5000 dollars for my time there despite the lack of even basic care, I called my insurance and found out they charged them $200,000 for the 72 hours of torture. I was very fortunate to have a caring doctor on the outside that worked very hard to free me; he brought the photos of my body and the copies of my blood tests from the real hospital to the judge. In the end the judge (bless her!) ordered them to release me. I listen to my "case manager" (aka the person assigned to my personal torture) argue with the judge for a whole hour, until the judge threaten to send law in enforcement, only then did they finally gave up and angrily agreed to free me (I suspect people with good insurance are rare and they wanted to milk my insurance for every little penny they could). At the very end of my hell they forced me to sign a paper that I was supposed to fill out about how my experience was , of course they filled it out for me giving themselves all 5 stars and praising their names; when I told them I wanted to fill it out of my own they told me if I did not shut and sign they would force me to stay. I pray for any poor soul that gets sent there; I can't imagine being what it would be like for someone who is actually mental ill and needing help. If you are seeking mental help and have a choice, STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS HELL AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. Any one, mentally ill or not deserves better than this place; even worms deserve better than this place.

Laura m Boodry

I personally thought this facility was awesome, as long as you are willing everything is possible, I had a great experience the staff was mostly friendly and those who may not have been were simply doing their job. I felt safe and comfortable. It is run to keep you busy and on a schedule for reasons.

Nikki Martin

Stacy Ovenden

Voluntarily admitted myself back in 2006....Yes, that's over ten years ago. The psychologist was dead set on diagnosing me with bipolar. Also, I was forced to have skin checks, take medication that made me sleep all the time, staff constantly changed my room on a daily basis. One time a patient tried choking me while we were sleeping in the same room. I ended up sleeping in the day room after that. None of the staff did anything to improve the situation. I felt more fearful for myself inside this facility than I would have eleswhere. I would never refer anyone here not even my worst enemy.

Renec Macarthur

Too expensive for mental health care, even with insurance.

Scott Hattis

I would really love to give this place no stars at all, but since that is not possible here is the dirt on inter-mountain hospital: (Don't worry, I have good friends in the U.S. Department of health care reg. they will be paying inter-mountain a visit very soon!!) So many dings and code violations. I was on the adult men's ICU unit, just discharged this past Monday. Staff were consistently rude and snippy, especially Erica the nurse (or tech) I dunno the one with the red hair. The fire alarm went off because of an issue on another unit, (Something about a pipe bursting.) While the alarm went off the staff were shoving patients into their assigned rooms and closing there doors, NOT KNOWING WEATHER OR NOT IF THERE WAS A FIRE!!!!!!!!!! You are supposed to evacuate the patients to a safe area OUTSIDE, then do a count and wait for an all clear. If the fire marshal would have seen or heard of this, that would be one major fire code violation. The fire marshal has closed down restaurants for lesser dings than that! Always understaffed, 1 tech to 13 patients? You people are the ones who are crazy. Not only is that dangerous, but it is against code!! It is supposed to be 2 techs per every 9 patients. I felt as if staff treat the patients as if they are prisoners like : "Well you are stuck here weather you are on a hold or not so who cares." This seems to be the constant theme with pretty much every staff member. The cleaning crew rushes through their work, and it looks sloppy and half done everyday. There is a cafeteria on the site that most patients can enjoy their "HOT" meals from. NOT if you are on ICU!! If you are on ICU, your food comes in a blue thermal cart soggy and at room temperature......... YUCK, EEW!!! Taste like Alcatraz Gourmet frozen slop, hopefully never available in any freezer section. Place needs a complete overhaul, completely unorganized hooligans!!

Smol Palauan


Matthew S

They don't help their patients at all, they were out medication to people that didn't need it, I was in there for depression and they were giving me antipsychotics to help me sleep, which no form of science has proven that it's a sleep aid. I also have never had any experience with any form of psychosis so there was no reason for me to be taking that. They woke me up to make me take something to helpe sleep. I wish I could give them 0 stars.

Abigail Sulfridge

The food could be compared to prison food. The staff treated us like we were prisoners, not patients. We all called the place boot camp. The only things we could look forward to in the day were rec therapy, free time, and room time. The stupid levels system would only cause anger and sadness. "One pat. Two for sympathy." This place should be shut down for so many reasons. If we wanted to be treated like prisoners, why not just send us to jail.

Graydon Hall

I have been a few times, when I was 16 and 17. I'm not going to act like they are terrible people because they aren't. but I also will not lie, it's basically like a jail, you are locked down almost all the time. You can't call anyone who doesn't have your patient code. You can't watch TV unless it's rated G or PG. I got some opportunity to stabilize, however, most of the groups were a joke and diddnt teach anything. I would reccomend going elsewhere if you need help, however, to be fair, they do help slightly but not by much

Chancellor Harris

Jack Hyatt

this place needs to be shutdown please if your thinking of going here please please dont its horrible i promise you youll be worse off then you started STAY AWAY PLEASE! The staff literally treat you like animals and tell you your problems dont matter its a jail its literally the worst experience of my life. theyre insane and only want money please somehow get this place shut down in anyway you can no one else should ever go trhough what me and others have gone throug hin this hellhole

Amaya Duran

They destroy your sanity making you want to die even more than before, the rooms were sad and the kids were suffering in sadness. Ive been there twice, and I am worse than before.

Lil Trantastic

Staff was rude about parking.

Allen Traylor

Rene Gerhardt

jakob stanek

Audra Haroun

They give the upmost care to any patient they receive. They really seem to care about all individuals who enter their programs.

2MT 2 Minute Tutorials

In my wife's own words "I am am more depressed being treated for depression/anxiety while in here than I am outside." they won't let her leave. i am very angry with this place. she also said they rarely have an answer to her questions, and she hears them always talking about thier paycheck and how many hours they've logged in.

alex beyeler

AWFUL. Absolutely not the way to go for any kind of psychiatric help. please just go see a legit yourself the awful environment, uncaring staff and jail like feeling. I was only there for a couple days, the worst part was leaving the people that were way worse off in the uncaring hands of this establishment. I wish I could have taken them home and givin them a helping hand of which they were in no way receiving. This place is a toxic facility and I hope it does not prosper. Its a money driven shake down. I left and 3 weeks later got a bill saying 1047 was due which was not even the price i was quoted (although still very overpriced). save yourself the stress and never go here. its a hell. while your there and after.


Erin O'Brien


Lindsey Moon

If you would like to come out in a worse condition than you went in, this is the place for you. The nursing staff treated the patients worse than inmates. The majority of the staff treated the patients more like criminals than people suffering from mental illness. I constantly felt threatened by other extremly mentally ill patients. I was sexually harrassed by two of the male patients. I had to have a roomate who would wake me up in the middle of the night staring over me in a threatening manner yelling that , "that's not your bed!" That was just the begining. If you care about a mentally ill loved one, do not let them be admitted into this inpatient psyc. ward.

Kimberly Badigian

Terrible place to be the staff is more insane than the patients and if you weren't insane when going in you will be as their uncaring , neglectful ways towards patients only made things worse for me and more depressed after staying in that dirty nasty facility being ignored for weeks by staff no sympathy there no how can I make you feel better or what's wrong no none of that going on there just bad treatment of patients feels like being locked in a dirty place and just held there and expected to just all of a sudden be better that place is not run right at all I was also forced to take an injection that wasn't fit for me or any problem I was having caused me damage by giving it to me and know nobody wants to be responsible for it also had one Dr retire on me and two more quit on me tells me they know they've done something wrong there that place is definitely a hellish place in Boise Idaho what's worse is my insurance paid a lot of money for me to be in there not getting better just getting neglected while I watched others being treated badly too and then be damaged by them pushing some crazy strong medicine on me making me take it and later it causes me damage I'm so upset that this happened there I place I went to try and get better not treated like dirt

Whitney Johnson

4 years ago. I was committed - I wasn't in the best place. Gravity wasn't around. Just spinning I was suffering from loved ones Death , bad divorce, that someone that said that they would be there for me through thick and thin.GONE. FRIENDS , that said they would be there if I needed them, security was gone, committed Grand Theft. Hopeless Feeling - Fight or flight - I was both. My world , was out of my control. The cliche' statement, I snapped. Took myself out to the lake and Shot myself. - I had know idea what coping skills were or what bipolar disorder or even depression. Until , I was committed here. I thank everyone for taking me in with open judgements. Taking what skills/talent and use them . And thank you for letting me sketch on the dry erase boards so much ..onr of my favorite outlets still.

Rachel Rai

Couldn't cure the gay away.

joe newberry

My experience here was terrible. The staff was inconsiderate and rude, was on total lockdown despite being voluntary, food was crap, doctors were rx happy. By the time my 28 long days of rehab was over they had me on 12 different medications, which my doctor discontinued all but 3 because he said it was excessive and they over medicated me. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Grace Arrington

my experience was amazing. i was in the hospital 3 times and i can say i made tons of friends. everyone is so kind. and the staff is amazing, the kindest staff i experienced was : carrie, carly, rayvin, karen, sara, joanne, anne, britney, sissi, and tessa. i can say they really do care for you. for most of them, this isn’t just a job. it’s about making a difference in this world. i was in there for bulimia recovery and suicidal attempts and thoughts. i also suffered from sever self harm. and i will tell you right now, this isn’t a fix it up place. it’s called an ACUTE hospital. meaning you will stay there to eaither 1- wait to be placed in a residential or 2- get your mind and suicidal thoughts under control. they do help. i always was waken up at 6 am every day for vitals. i had and ed so i was to have my vitals checked 3 times a day, everyday. and i also have insomnia, so when i couldn’t go to bed, i would help set up breakfast. i had a family in there. it’s nice to know that someone cares. they really do want to help, maybe not the company itself. but the staff wants you to get better. living with a mental illness is hard. they are just trying to help

Karen Z

Lily Shirley

I left here feeling more suicidal than I did coming in. I lied to get out of that situation. It was absolutely awful.

assassin's gaming

They need to train the horrible very unprofessional excuse of a nurse they have working in the er. Simply asking for help as I was in so much pain it became unbearable and I cried to her asking to please see what could be done. She turned and got in my face yelling at me. I was so taken back I didn't catch what she said. I did ask her to leave the room. I will post again if I find her name. Never ever go here for help. I was not even taken seriously for what happened to me. I'm still in pain and was sent home with nausea medicine. Never ever go here

Daniel Sitter

Rudest place I've been to.

Helen Dean

In July, 2015---- Horrible! Little or no counseling. $10,000 debt between hospital, ambulance, and hospital. Felt even more depressed. Hospital worked/adjusted bill some. Too much coloring. Group sessions .. PE type, not counsling at all. Lots of sessions listed on chalk board - noncsme to fruition! Would NEVER refer anyone to this facility

Nate Koski

Starting to feel like 24hr doc hold and 72 hr additional DE involuntary hold are code for , have yet to reach the amount of charges we want from this patient. Do yourself a favor and get a Psych or Counselor, someplace you are not required to sign your rights away to use. It's not a hospital if you can't leave when you want. If a doctor who barely knows you and hasn't seen you in 2 days can set a hold (kidnaping) its call a prison.

Garrett Klein

I would put less stars but am not allowed, but to be frank, the place is a shitshow. I tried to call in to check on a friend during his visiting hours, the first time I called they asked me to give them his code so I did, they dialed the extension to his wing of the hospital, after about five minutes of waiting the original person picked up the phone again and said sorry they arent picking up, try calling later. This was at 730, I tried calling back at 815 and the same lady picked up and tried to put me through to his wing and some guy picked up the phone, said yo its Jo whos this, and I told him who I was and asked to speak with my friend, and the guy sounded taken aback and was like "uhhhhh let me check" and put me on hold for around 6 minutes, which made me worried, so I hung up the phone and called the place again and got to the main lady and told her what had happened and she said that she would look into it and put me on hold, then she told that they were giving medication to the patients at that time so I should call back later. Which I did, I called back at 845 and the lady put me through to his wing again and a different person than the first time picked up the phone, and I asked to speak to my friend, to which he said he was asleep, and that the patients in there are often "up and down" so you can never predict when you can call them and to try back tomorrow. This hour and a half long excursion of trying to check in on my friend was worrying to say the least, and showed how truly unprofessional the people at this institution truly are.

Tony Easter

DO NO I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL IF YOU VALUE YOUR FREEDOM OR THAT OF YOUR LOVED ONES. My girlfriend went in for a routine med change voluntarily. They deemed her unfit to take care of herself and have been holder against her will for over a week now. They had a fire drill when I went in to visit her steel shutters came down and blocked all exits even that between them and the staff. Yes if there is a fire you or your loved ones will die. They practice what is called forced psychiatry and could care less what there victims actually feel. The state of Idaho will blindly sign court orders to hold them without any charges or representation. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR LOVED ONES GO TO THIS HOLE.

Avery Addy

they traumatized me and the staff was horrible

grace arrington

i was at intermountain for a total of 3.5 weeks over the summer of 2017. i absolutely loved it. it was way better than my home. if i had i choice i would go back again. the staff is amazing. it’s so fun to meet new people and it gets your mind off of real life and helps you grow. i loved intermountain -grace arrington

h. ann

Send your kid here if you want them to have permanent distrust of medical professionals and the system

Nettie Kaye Williams

VERY EXPENSIVE for families with members suffering with mental illness. (Thousands per day) They MAY do good work in drug rehab, but, in addition to being extremely expensive, Intermountain really does not seem well equipped for patients suffering with onset of mental illness.

John Hites

They lie and manipulate....only want to traqualize and cash checks. Won't feed you when your hungry or listen when upset...don't dare say this to them or they will lock you away or atleast call the cops. Monsters!!!! Promise that!!!

Allison Worley

Michele L.

I feel I should speak up for this place because I'm familiar with this place and know the staff care a great deal for the patients. Everyone tries their best. I'm not sure if people complaining about this place have any experience with any other health care facilities out there but I have and it's my opinion that the healthcare system is messed up in this country no matter where you go there seem to be problems. I'm a patient sometimes too. It sucks! We need to all become informed voters and go to the polls and vote for the candidates who support our views and plan on fighting for what is important to us out here. That's the only way anything is ever going to change. I have to point out for the person coming all the way from "Seattle" must be a reason you were looking this far outside of your local area right? I can't imagine they had treatment space for you there if you were willing to come all the way over here right? I've been a witness to others coming from outside the area and it's rough I have to agree but, they've received treatment at our facility. I can say I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation though. I hope it all worked out after all you had to go through. Good luck.

Missy Rose

I pray for the poor souls currently condemned to this evil place. Stay away!!!!! You'll never be the same after.


The food there was trash

Queen of Harts

Horrible place. Look at how they only respond to the positive feedback rather than addressing those upset with their services to find out how they can better care for their patients. The abuse and malpractice that occurred in this hole when i was there is mortifying. All I have to say is you people are awful. Every single bad thing that happens to you guys, now and in the future, is well deserved. There's a special place for people like you guys, who deliberately mistreat those at their most vulnerable and desperate state.

Addie Enger

In April My 17 year old son spent 21 days in Intermountain Hospital. The 5 stars I just gave for this review come from the bottom of my grateful heart. My son needed immediate help for drug abuse and mental instability. From the moment we arrived we we're treated with dignity and respect. The staff were calm and professional. It is never easy to leave your child in the care of strangers , especially when they are begging you not to. I had to make the decision to trust them and walk away. The first few days weren't easy but at least I knew he was safe and alive. I recieved several phone calls the first day letting me know how he was doing . The phone calls continued his entire stay . I felt like I was a part of every decision they were making in regards to my son . I was at every visit . The first visit was rough . Teenagers , on their best days are not easy. When you have one that is on drugs, coming off drugs, delutional, angry, suicidal ( whatever your personal crisis may be) It's a whole new ball game. Of course there are occasional outbursts in the visiting room. They know this is their chance to manipulate beg , threaten . That is what teenagers do. They say whatever they need to say to get their way. Every day got progressively better. He settled into a stuctured routine . I questioned him every day on how his day went . Just a little thing like hearing that he played football or had seconds on BBQ ribs brought my heart peace . It's funny how these ordinary everyday things can make you feel good . He also told me about the skin checks. If you are the mother/ father of a child who is suicidal or self harms by cutting I'm sure you are grateful for this. Two weeks in at a visit , my son told me " mom , I don't really mind being here. Its kind-of a relief to be away from everything". I don't know exactly what "everything" is but I felt relieved too . Right now , it is 6:00 am and my son is asleep in his bed. That is also a relief. Thank You to : The intake staff, the boys adolescent staff, the case managers, the front desk staff and the Drs. At Intermountain Hospital. I hope I will never need your services again but if I did I would not hesitate.

Analee Smith

wait, it isnt 2004?

Fungus Head

My experience at intermountain hospital was so horrible that I initally decided to stay sober while in treatment specifically so that I would NEVER end up in a place like that again. I came into treatment voluntarily but it was difficult to leave. Some units are decent and have practical, well structured programs and they are good fits for many individuals but they will not tailor your treatment to your specific needs even if there is documented medical need. Some of the units have very bad water pressure, no hot water, ants everywhere, and a severe lack of staff. The doctors are either overwhelmed of inattentive. Some of the nurse practitioners who you see less regularly appear a bit more attentive. Some of the nurses are overworked and their stress is apparent. Some of the nurses are very nice. I got nothing from treatment and actually lost a lot in the process. I have been to other treatment facilities and intermountain hospital was so awful it was almost laughable. I felt as if I was growing insane by being stuck there. I discharged to s lot of unknown but was excessively grateful simply not to be at intermountain hospital. If you have any other treatment options available to you i recommend pursuing those before considering intermountain.

Vince Corvaia

I’ve been reading user comments from the past six months or so ago and I’m astonished. Twice I was a patient there in 2013 and 2016 and my experiences were excellent. The staff and I got along famously (even made me a cake on my birthday after being there two weeks, and one of the staffers gave me a big hug when I left), the food and accommodations were fine, and though one of the meds my psychiatrist prescribed was wrong, she was otherwise helpful and friendly. Has the place plummeted since then? I really can’t imagine it unless there’s been a complete staff turnover. I see where people complained about the 72-hour involuntary hold, but that’s been the case with me in other states as well, and it makes perfect sense. Anyway, great job, everyone, or at least those I encountered a few years ago.

Cassidi Fancett

Staff did not allow me to speak with a hospital social worker or anyone helpful to give any information on helping someone apply for Medicaid who was on an involuntary hold. If staff could not simply refer me to the Health and Welfare Office (which I ended up finding) then I question their ability to handle much else, including caring for vulnerable clients.

Jean Fairbrother

They were great! They kept me safe. I didn't have to participate in any activity I did not wish to participate in. All the staff really cared, even the psychiatrists!

Susan M

Got my hubby fixed up for meds, but then didn't fax new meds to pharmacy. So, going on all day with no meds. Thanks Intermountain. Way to stay on top of the game. Then you call to get the situation fixed and the Nursing supervisor snippily tells you she has it on her list of things to do before she leaves at three. Wow !! My first call was at 10:30 am, the second call was at 1:00 pm. I hope she can find the time to straighten out the mess they created to begin with.


I went here voluntarily on advice of psychiatrist when I decided to go cold turkey off a benzodiazepine that they had prescribed. I had already been off it 24+ hours but she scared me in to thinking I would end up having a stroke or seizure within 2 days if I wasn't medically supervised. Right when I was locked into the unit I knew I would never touch a benzo again. I was terrified. I didn't see the doctor and psychiatrist until the next day and only saw each for a few minutes. The psychiatrist prescribed a medication I told her that I had tried in the past and had made me ill but she put it in my orders anyway. I pretended to take it that night and immediately went and spit it out in the toilet. They are very rigid and inconsistent with answers. I was told since there on a voluntary detox watch I didn't have to attend AA meetings, and their group programs because I was only going to be there a few days. The next day I was told was mandatory and the nurse got mad at me for refusing and telling them I was ready to go home. I left after less than 48 hours and the only thing this place did was scare me straight. Upon my release they told me they were putting in a prescription for the medication I "took" and I refused it so that they wouldn't call in to pharmacy. They gave me another benzo which I didn't want and didn't take except when I first got there, and glad I didn't so they couldn't say that I was only feeling well because of it. They also mislabeled one of my files saying I was there for alcohol and the nurse didn't care at all when I pointed out that this was incorrect she just looked at me blankly. I felt ostracized by the others there because I didn't smoke. So many people there have been there multiple times and just keep coming back. Maybe if they did their job and gave people the right tools to succeed they wouldn't keep coming back. Please if you need help, do your research before you agree to a center. Get the help you need, just don't do it here. After all of this, I was just fine, light withdrawl symptoms and should have just done it at home.

Andrea Stuart

They saw I was manic when I didn’t. They helped stabilize me, and had great food and resources. I’m sorry I trashed them

slish Bishop

They didn't help me not killmyself again

Sarah Lanagan

I was in the girls adolescent part. Some of it was okay, some parts of it were awful. They basically told me at one point that I was lying about the way I felt which isnt true at all. Some of the staff were amazing. Sissi was probably my favorite staff she would listen to me. So it wasn't horrible but it wasn't great either

Brooklyn McLarin

I am in the female adolescent unit right now, and I will tell you this place is awful. If you have even a tiny tiny shred of decency or sympathy you will not send your child here. The staff genuinely could not care less about your personal safety or well being, the leveling system is corrupt (I was moved up to a level two several days ago by my social worker and the staff hasn't printed it off or written it on the board because they "haven't gotten around to it yet", which is absolute bull.), and they treat you like prisoners. They make you do jobs in order to earn points, which would be fine if it weren't a mental hospital. I wanted to get a genuine treatment and find ways to cope with my MDD, but instead I've been a maid to make the staff's job easier. They ignore your questions and give little actual help to you. Honestly please please don't send your children here.

Cheryl Clevenger

My loved one needed help and everyone at Intermountain was wonderful. It was a good experience for us all despite the circumstances. Very thankful and would recommend.


I used to go to Intermountain when I was a teenager and it is one of the best hospital for mental health in Idaho!! All the teens were treated with great respect and groups were good.

Raegan Hess

this place. is the worst place ive ever been too. the only thing that they did was put me on a medication and messed me up even more. i was there for 3 months and nothing they did helped

Iilia Coleman

I didn't go. My friend did, but she came back saying how horrible that place is. She hadd depression and they made her feel more depressed. I believe her.

Elle Wood

This was the most horrific, traumatic experience I have ever had. I was admitted due to severe depression. I was dehumanized and treated like absolute garbage. I left this facility never having been more suicidal. I am a million times worse off than I ever was for having gone to this hellish abomination on earth. I am now in weekly therapy as a result of the vindictive, sorry excuses of ‘nurses’. THIS IS A PRISON. You will not be seen by a doctor for more than 10 minutes a day if you are lucky. There are NO COUNSELORS. THERE IS NO ONE TO TALK TO AND NO ONE WILL HELP YOU HERE. If you need help, NEVER EVER EVER EVER GO TO INTERMOUNTAIN. The staff ENJOYS watching you suffer and will do anything they can to abuse their power and ensure your upmost misery.

Demon Jewel

They aren't very good at hiding their true intentions, and that's to hold you for ransom till you can no longer afford to be there. They tried to convince me they care, it's written all over them, the way they look at you, the way they talk to you and the way they act Towards you says what they really feel and want. They charged my insurance company three times each day. I'm Suing them for theft and false imprisonment. Also I'm willing to bet you that the ones who gave this place good reviews are the staff trying to cover their tracks and make it seem like nothing weird is going on in there.

Jarod Cotton

Monica Ezzell

The staff and facilities were excellent! I was always treated with the utmost respect and kindness - a truly wonderful experience during an incredibly difficult time! Thank you, all!!

Jo Anne Helm

I was being treated for a specific reason not suicide. That being said my roommate was suicidal wow know stress there. Not to mention the nurse was hitting on the men in treatment had a extremely foul mouth to appear cool to the patients and they cut my clothes to hell so my roommate could not hang herself. I am not unaware people need all kinds of help. Yet dignity professionally and help. Was not a part of the program at Intermountain thanks Idaho, # 2/3 in United States for suicide! !!!

Kielee R

it’s alright. being there kinda sucks but it really does help.

Margo May

I was put in this place because of pregnancy related depression that was made worse by them. They took all but my shoes and underwear, so I had to wear paper scrubs for over 24 hours. I had to pretend to be doing all they wanted just to get out, only to be told after I was admitted that my insurance was "invalid" (really they just didn't see my Medicaid as real since my PPD wasn't pregnancy related to them). Then they didn't send the needed medical documents for Idaho to pay some of my services so I was stuck with a HUGE bill. I didn't even want to go to intermountain, I have more problems now.

Jenny Schessler

It was boring and I hate waiting for every hour and minutes on the clock for hour ding for what I want to drink and eat and plus the snacks there's nothing to do no. T.V. I feel like a depresed lonely patient I hate waiting to use the phone and use a code Just to call and talk to my family.

Alysa McLaughlin

Because of this hospital, I will never go to the ER for these types of issues again.

Carol Rehnlund

Joel Martinez

Kaz No

I will make a disclaimer: I was in the adult inpatient care unit. I am not going to sugar coat it. It is like a ‘jail’. You can’t just leave, they give you food and your pills when they are due, they give you your shampoo/toothpaste/ect and they do check on you. It is generally because patients there can’t take care of themselves and are a danger to themselves and/or others. This includes suicide risk, drug abuse, self harm, ect. It’s why they are there. Some people are forced, others are voluntary. It is why you are not allowed to just leave without monitoring. Want out? Go to groups, and take your meds! There are limited items that you can bring in; if there is anyway someone can hurt themselves with it, it’s not allowed in. Cellphones, tablets, wallets ect are also not allowed in the unit, they are put in a safe and locked up. Another thing, memorize phone numbers( Or write on paper before you go in) of your family/friends and know your code. You can call out any time, but the people have to know your code to call you, and so can see you during visiting hours. It will depend on which wing you are in of course. The wing I was in had gender separated rooms. I wasn’t forced to do most things, only my medications. I didn’t go eat, go to group or interact for the first 2 days I was there. My doctor did listen to me when I said I felt better and I wanted to leave. The CNAs and Nurses I had were very accepting of me for the most part. That being said, it should be a last resort. Talk to your doctor; let them know how you are doing, talk to friends, color something, take a walk, Call/text the suicide hotline, just don’t be alone at all! If you need to go however, please go. You matter and deserve help. You deserve to be here.

Sarah Kyle

They run the damn place like a boot camp not a treatment center!!

Chloey Caldwell

This is my second time in there. We are not aloud to use anything but a crayon. Some of the staff is nice but the others don't care about you. I don't suggest this place to anyone. You are an animal going and coming out, you are not remembered. I do suggest calling someone when you are upset instead.

Mel Elmer

DANGER-IF YOU PLACE YOUR CHILD "UNDER THE CARE OF A PHYSICIAN" YOU CAN NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD BACK UNLESS THE PHYSICIAN ALLOWS IT!!!!!-no matter what anyone tells you. We took our adolescent child there and it was a terrible experience! Intermountain is a mini-prison. They treated our family on the "outside" like we were the problem. The staff on my child's unit repeatedly did not follow their own internal protocol during her "treatment', the staff lied to us on several occasions and was unsympathetic to our whole family's expectations. One example was that staff told us parents that a physical exam was given to all patients upon arrival. During this exam the child is given a paper gown and is told to strip down to their underwear, put on the gown before the exam starts and the gown would stay on the child during the exam. Our child informed us that she was not given a gown for her exam and her exam was completed without the gown. Our child was forced to stand in her bra and panties in front of some staff member and "shake out her bra" while the staff member examined every inch of her skin for signs of self-cutting. As her parent I am mortified! When we brought our concerns to upper management they were receptive and assured that things like that would not happen again but there seemed to be no communication between admin and unit staff because every day our child was there we had an additional problem with unit staff. Ultimately we pulled our daughter out of Intermountain early and we are continuing out-patient treatment with our family doctor. Funny thing is that the day we pulled her out, the unit staff chuckled at me when I told her to have my child ready. The staff member proceeded to tell me "your child will not be released to you until the doctor says so." We then called the police for advice and luckily our child was ready to leave when we arrived. MY ADVICE IS TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU CAN!

Leah Harvey

I was in treatment during September of 2018. It’s been about five months since then and I still cannot get over the level of disrespect and sorrow this place has given me (and many other patients). The review section for this facility may not appear as valid because the patients are “crazy.” That’s what other people may assume, at least. There is a reason for the two star rating, and it is not because it is determined by psychopaths. Out of the three times I have been here, none of them were my favorite because it felt like hell to me. I understand that it is not meant to treat you and its purpose is to keep patients safe. However, I did not feel emotionally safe while staying here. Yes, they do a good job of keeping harmful objects away, but the mental destruction I experienced definitely outweighs the fact that they were able to keep sharp objects out of my reach. To be placed here feels like a punishment for me; a punishment for reaching out about my feelings and wanting help. This is because when I am in an extremely depressive mental position, staying here is sometimes the only option. I was in the hospital after an overdose when the doctors told me I needed to go here or they would have to call Child Protective Services. I was heavily drugged, being in the ICU, and can’t remember, but my parents said that I was screaming, crying, kicking, and just completely losing it. I would definitely react the same way if I had to go again. Some of the staff are kind and truly want to help the patients. Others are impatient, cruel, intimidating, and just downright disrespectful. There have been times when I’ve overheard a few nurses name-calling the patients. I understand how difficult and challenging this job must be, but if you are really that bothered, find another. The only individuals who should be working here should be patient, kind, and supportive. Everyone who goes here is obviously going through a very hard time in life. Yelling, name-calling, and isolating patients does not help and will most likely cause even more rebellion. Being a past “prisoner” here, I can tell you that changes definitely need to be made and respect needs to become more apparent. My goal is not to release my anger on everyone who works here, but I would be elated to know that my thoughts are being taken into mind. Another of my recommendations would be to respond to those who have not had good experiences here and learn how you can better your programs rather than just thanking those who are already satisfied. For example, replying to low reviews and asking questions could get you further than just saying “thank you” to a few people. That’s just my opinion, but I don’t work here so I don’t know what you all consider professional. Thank you for reading. Remember to read contracts and look into others’ thoughts before making the ultimate decision to send you or a loved one here.

Jamie King

My friend went here for hurt in himself and when he came back he said it made him worse and then tried to commit suicide.

Matthew Jantz

It may not seem like it at first but they were a great help and they took good care of me both of the times I was there. Thsnks so much intermountain hospital!!!

Aaron O'Brien

mckenna leduc

hailey kesler

This Hospital is a special place i adore some of the staff Amy, Kadah, Olga, Tracy and of course New jersey Stacy. you guys have worked miracles for me. Im being shipped off to Arkansas on Monday:( but Jesse is awesome his cult is fabulous and i will miss the staffs pep talks you guys are miracle workers keep working your Magic!! Thanks So Much for All The Help!! see you guys on the other side.

Peggy Zumwalt

Run like a prison. Things have gone downhill since 2016. You are not allowed to even have a spoon. Plastic knives and forks have to be turned in to staff after meals. Zieg Heil! Horrible experience. They took me off my high blood pressure medication,and my blood pressure got up to 187/70. Then it was, oh I guess we shouldn't have done that. I had an agonizing headache from 3AM to 5AM, couldn't even get Tylenol because there wasn't an order for it. I had to wait until 7AM when the regular staff came on duty.

Esperanza Trujillo

When I was there in june 2016 I had an amazing experience and it helped me a lot of I needed to go back I totally would

Cealie Marie

I think people may come in thinking detox and or rehab isnt structured, I say this because I have genuinely benefitted from being able to detox and stayed longer than I planned because I felt cared for and learned more about myself than I had in (yes I've seen a few lol) some of the nicest centers possible out of state. They really care, but you must realize its sometimes shocking to lose your phone or follow a structure that can seem very hard at first. If you are ready....They really do care about you. Also, if you are reading this looking for help, know that the new start program is mixed in with ratings for the entire psychiatric facility, but they are different buildings and programs.

Robert Frye

I would like to thank the staff and the program for aiding my needs. This was a critical time of my life and now have the tools to live a healthy and sober life. Thank you~

Marianne Stevenson

I thought it helped a lot grate people in the Boise Idaho one. I'm still in parts of their program because I love it so much. They really are great people. But remember if you're going in there not wanting help, it's not going to work. But if you go in there actually seeking help and wanting help you will be fine. You well get throw that hard time. And also remember a lot of people in there did have good experiences. But nobody's going to write good experiences on the reviews they don't think of it. I remember before I went in there, I looked at the reviews and I was so terrified because how many bad reviews. So if you read this don't worry it's going to be okay it's actually pretty good it takes a bit to get used to in the first day is the hardest but it gets better

Erica Delatorre

It's not that bad here. I started to like them towards the ending. Yes majority of them made fun of me. But it's all good.

Shyell Anderson

Do NOT go here, I regret trusting them, and i’ll tell you why. I’ve been out of the hospital for about 9 hours now, and i’m still feeling the effects from being in there. It started when I first started taking Prozac. Long story short, it gave me suicidal thoughts. I consulted with my doctor, and she suggested Intermountain hospital so I could be surveillanced while I tried a new medication. Told me I had the freedom to leave at any time I wanted. I work nights while the rest of my family works days, so I agreed just in case Wellbutrin had the same effects. She called them, and I had an appointment set for 4 pm. The people up front were very nice and even offered beverages. The waiting room looked inviting. She told me cameras were placed in every room so I was safe, and that I could leave at any time. I signed everything and she took my suitcase and I waited an hour and a half for them to say I could go in. I gave my mom a hug, gave her my phone and walked in. It didn’t look as I imagined. It was just... a hallway. With only one gathering room. There was no one my age, and all looked shady. I felt anxious the moment I walked in. They gave me the gist of things and I went into an examination room. Understandable. After that was finished, they took me to my room. I noticed all the other women in the room had baskets with their clothes in them, and I still didn’t have mine. I asked, and she went up front to the desk. They didn’t know I had a suitcase to begin with. After finally settling in, It was time for bed. This is where the nightmare starts. I couldn’t sleep all night. My anxiety was too high. I was awake at 2 am and couldn’t go back to sleep without a sleeping pill and some painkillers. My entire body ached from nerves. After breakfast was done, and with my body aching and lack of sleep, I went back to my room. I suddenly felt very sick. Then a nurse came in. He heard me whining from pain and asked me what was wrong. I described how I felt and he said he’d get someone to check me. Nobody came back for 20 minutes. I had my roommate grab the trash can and then I vomited everything I had in my stomach. Then finally, someone came in. They told me that since I was actively throwing up, they were gonna give me a shot. When it was done, I passed out for 20 hours. They’d force me awake to take my blood pressure and to drink water and such, but otherwise, no one could wake me up. Next day, I was ready to go home. I didn’t want to be there anymore. My mom arrived at visiting hours and I told them I wanted to leave. They refused, saying I couldnt leave without my doctor approving first. I had to wait until the next day, as the doctor couldn’t be called after 5 pm. I went back to sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. However, there’s nothing to do and nobody to talk to. Most interaction I had with someone was playing cards with one of the patients. There was only 10 patients, and you only ever saw 3-4 people around at a time. It quickly began to eat away at me. No music of my choice, we mainly watched the news, you could only write or draw with a crayon and terrible choices for books. I finally got in to see one of the assistant nurses for my doctor. I had high hopes for the chance to leave, yet she refused. Said I should stay one more day to be safe, and that if I kept insisting discharge, I’d have a hold put on me. I didn’t show any signs of panic for the next 24 hours, however much I wanted to. I felt all control of my life slip through my fingers. I woke at 2 am and couldn’t sleep. I started shaking violently from panic. That continued for 13 hours, anxiously waiting for my doctor to get there. When she arrived, she waited to see me near the end of her list of patients. I walked in, remembering how sweet she was the first day I met her. She didn’t look that way anymore. She looked intimidating. Was asking me questions about how I’d be able to handle the outside world. I left that place shaking, disoriented, and vulnerable. Im still feeling the effects right now. Dont trust them

Melinda Lowe

Incompetent Period

Elvira Ametrine

Loving Ashley

The staff is very mean and shrill to you. They treat you like a sex slave by making you take off all your clothes so they can do skin checks every three days. I felt like I was in a abusive environment while I was there several times back in 2011. I was yelled at, screamed at, called a f’in b and a c, and was basically humiliated. I have autism and I sometimes have trouble dealing with my emotions. When I would get upset and cry, I was called a brat and a crybaby and was even accused of staff splitting one time. If you can, stay the hell away from this place. Get a legit counselor instead of going to this place where vulnerable individuals are treated like cattle!!!

Andrew Workman

Basically the nurses lie, I have caught them in several of their lies, especially when they say they will get around to doing something, and say they haven't forgotten about you. So before reading the rest of this review please note that this review is for the New Start portion of the hospital, I can only rate where I have been and it was not a good place to get clean at all. I had so many problems with the staff it was unbelievable. They do not tell you that you cannot use certain types of tobacco in the facility, also their nursing staff is extremely rude, a nurse put her hand into my mouth to get chewing tobacco out just to be rude, not that she was just doing her job because if she was just doing her job than she would have just let it go. I was not spitting anywhere so there was no reason to do what she did. It DOESN'T matter how badly you are detoxing, they will not let you sleep through group meetings, which is basically every 15 minutes, that last 45 minutes all day from 7 to 9:30 at night!!!!! If you attempt to sleep they will stand over you and make you get up, it is ridiculous because detoxing requires rest and they do not give you that option here. This facility is also located behind a prison you can clearly see the razor wire fence, and they also don't mention the fact that even though it is a rehab they will treat everyone at their facility as if they were suicidal, due to the fact that they have a behavior health unit on campus which has nothing to do with the Rehab, yet they treat us all the same, cameras in every room, floppy pens to avoid stabbing, no belts or shoestrings, etc.!!! Finally any time you discharge they will not let you, even though you may not be suicidal or whatever, discharging took 6 hours lie apon lie from the staff until finally I made them do their job by saying "you cannot legally hold me here any longer. There was no reason for me to stay any longer, other than they just wanted to waste my time, or they didn't want to work. My advise is to go somewhere else if at all possible.

Shauna Fulkerson

Best inpatient I have ever been to, diagnosed me when others could not. Loved my treatment team, and was so helpful that I wanted to stay longer than my treatment called for. Definitely recommend.

Angeleah Jennings

I was there for only a week and like some have said, I came out with PTSD. They didn't help. I told my mother I didn't want to go because they would shove pills down my throat. She said they wouldn't. First day. "Take this, it'll make you better." It was a sedative for your emotions. They never helped and there was barely enough food for everyone when I was there. I think there should be a partition to have this place shut down!

Jackie Rudy

Wow ,, I live in California and looking for jobs out of state. This is the worst reviews I have ever read. My question is. How come no one ever called and reported. How are they staying open. Someone needs to turn them in

Trevor Huddleston

From my experience this place is actually there to help...Jeff,Lee, and Ashley did a great job with helping out the patients...Ashley's a cutie by the way even though she has a

Anthony Sherwood

Dont believe this place is about the money? Someone i spent time with in that hell hole was discharged when Intermountain decided they didnt like her parents insurance they booted her out. Even though she was there for suicide. She killed herself 3 days later.


The most unprofessional establishment I have ever encountered! The check in process took 3 hours for my mom!! The check in nurse was so unprofessional and was so unkind. She should have been fired for the way she treated my mom but she wasn’t. We even went to the board of directors and they assured us it would be handled. We didn’t feel safe leaving our mom there. So many awful things happened in just a few days. So glad she wasn’t there long. We went to a much better place!

Micheal Hmelevsky

to be truthfull this place is just a waste of money they make kids watch tv and sleep for like 12 hours draw and do excersises rarely the food taste really gross the beds hurt your back and neck and the kids never go outside and if they do its for like 10 min and its inside a closed small area fenced up place there are only like 2 nice staff and the rest fo them are real mean judgmental which does not make us feel better and then they tell us we are gonna stay here longer and the payment is like 50,000 dollars and they try to make you stay as long as you can

Ricardo Sanchez

Was here for 15 days. The medical director graduated from Columbia med school and is the dumbest doctor I’ve ever met. The staff here are Nazis. The “school teacher”, Jesse is a high school dropout living in the ghetto. I’ve noticed a pattern reading through other reviews, something I dealt with myself and that’s the staff gaslighting the patients into making them think they’re crazy. This review is honestly a -6/5. Do not go here, jump out of the car or ambulance on the way here and go to jail instead.

Benjamin Welch

You hear it all the time: "ask for help" I would encourage you not to because of Intermountain Hospital and Idaho's prehistoric concept of mental well-being. These people who have presumably spent years of their life interested in mental health (hopefully trying to improve it, but doubtful) will essentially facilitate locking you up in the equivalent of a jail dormitory. They offer next to nothing and charge you like you are staying at a high end luxury resort. I cant tell you how many times I answered the same questions with different "professionals". Just another way to justify the outrageous debt you're about to be in. I was billed $1.2k for one hour my first night. Then another 1.2k for the next day. And then I had to stay longer because they are slow. Prorate that. I didnt want to be there, why does false imprisonment not apply? I hurt no one and had no intentions. Ultimately, I was just released as I shouldve been in the first place. I drank a few too many. Isnt that an admission I shouldnt have been there in the first place? Two things you need to know: 1. If you voluntarily admit yourself, you agree to a hold. I wouldve thought that meant I got to leave voluntarily as well. 2. If you ask to leave? Hold again. You're pretty much screwed. Intermountain is the perfect example of Idaho's embarrassing mental health treatment status. We are way up there in suicide rate. No wonder, facilities like this exacerbate the issues you are dealing with. You will come out horribly in debt with almost nothing to show for it. Shame on the physicians, the social workers, and all other employees that associate themselves with this fiery pile of trash. You have associated yourselves with moral corruption and you make self medication and short term jail sentences look like a more intelligent alternative. Nice work. Hope you sleep well. Addition: I would be highly suspect of any review over 2 stars here. Even an ex-employee several reviews down gave a negative review. And guess what, she still seems to blame it on the patients. If that doesnt raise concern, I dont know what does. I'm glad shes out of the psychiatric field too. Good for her, thanks for wasting everyone's time.

sunflower hyuck

Marsir 2

Let me just say if you feel suicidal or like u need help they only way this place works is by making u hate life even more when u went in leaving making everything so much better this place is the worst place I have ever been to its literally hell they forced me into my own room were they would yell at me to shut up and I couldnt talk or see anyone I had nothing but four walls and myself for a week and they would drop u naked when ever they wanted to "see" if u had self harmed this place is the worst so please never go here.

Jazmin Arias

NOT RECOMMEND This place definitely keeps you physically safe because they don’t have anything that can cause you harm. BUT OTHER THEN THAT, the staff doesn’t give a s*** about you. They are way too focused on getting their own paper work done on time. They are always short staffed. I went to bed without brushing my teeth cause they took so damn long to grab me my tooth brush. They took around 45-hour to check my clothes that I was waiting for so I could shower. My husband came to visit and brought ONE jacket and I didn’t receive till the next day because It sat in the same place for HOURS not being checked. When I finally had someone to talk to they had a list of questions that they needed to ask and were worried about getting the questions over with then actually talking to you or listening to you. I was setting eating my lunch and I heard a STAFF MEMBER sigh and say “god everyone is sooooooo needy” like no sh**!! Don’t ever come here save your money!!!!!!!

Larry Green

Philip Ibarra

Ashley Sonnier

I was an employee here for about 3 years. I worked all units including ns program. I was one of the first CNA's on the generations unit when they opened which was a complete sh#+ show. My favorite unit was probably ICU. Couldn't stand adolescent unit, they usually all have behavioral issues which stem from poor parenting. That was one of the worst times on the Adolescent unit; when it was visiting hours! Omg... Was like a freaking Jerry Springer show having to escort parents out half the time! The First time I was slapped by a 13 year old girl I was done with that unit. They DO NOT pay us staff enough to get hit, kicked or spit on! Such BS. They were of course always under staffed. I personally felt half were helped & half were not. I enjoyed MOST of my co-workers... Others I had to tolerate. The CEO "Jeff" & "Jenny" (ceo Assistant) were more concerned about my "tattoos" made me cover them to keep my job. Which had nothing to do with my work ethics. (Patients actually loved my tattoos & was a great conversation piece) I have worked at a handful of psychiatric hospitals & this is second worst... But not number one! Lol. Their sister facility in Kirkland Washington where I transferred to called Fairfax is actually the worst! :( Yes no joke, worse than Intermountain in my experience) I really do think you have to be a certain type of person/ patient & be willing to accept help AND basically be willing to jump through all the hoops to get help in order to get anything out of psychiatric hospitals. Nobody ever likes psychiatric hospitals "except a borderline" ;) sorry... Joke ;) especially when you are involuntary. Or voluntary & become involuntary is very demoralizing... BUT TRUST ME COMING FROM AN -X- STAFF MEMBER "GIVE RESPECT TO GET RESPECT". Hate to say this but if you have an unnecessary attitude or rude tone you will usually get treated poorly back or ignored :/. Wrong?? Yeah it is. Your there for help & obviously have issues & are in mental and emotional pain... So your not going to be happy!! Right?? Right... But at least try to not go out of your way or intentionally be rude. Best of luck to ya all!! Soooo happy I am outa the psych field! Lol.

Tia Desirena

Facilitated an intervention for a local family we were desperate to get their loved one into a detox facility!! Called Intermountain I was told to take the individual to an ER for medical clearance we did, I told the ER the ultimatum was she has not place to go if she does not enter treatment!! Her family members were told by the ER doctor that Intermountain did this all the time!! The ER did nothing and Intermountain did nothing drug abuse and heroin, meth is an epidemic and these people are suppose to be the ones to help!! Shame on all of them!! No wonder we have so many strung out drug addicts because if is nearly impossible to get help for them!!!

Aaron Pearson

The food and Dr. Abossi are the only good things about this hospital.......

Bryce Zimmer

You're killing my mom. I'm never going to see her again, the medication your giving her gives her side affects that need medication. She was recovering from 20 years of active Chrones disease but smoking and eating marijuana. You've taken yet her away from weed and put her medications, amd now she's worse than before. She is terrified that she's never going to see her 4 children again, and feels like she's dieing. I hope nobody ever has to feel how my m feels. And I hope nobody has to feel what I will feel when intermountain hospital kills my mom.

Charlene Parker

DO NOT EVER ADMIT YOUR ADOLESCENT TO THIS FACILITY!!!!!! I have worked at other adolescent hospitals in the past, and this place is the most poorly run adolescent hospital I have ever seen. My granddaughter was placed here, and after 6 days of them humiliating, embarrassing, and treating her so badly I checked her out!!!! They lied to me about her medications....they had her on an anti-psychotic medication and was doubling her dose (which her medical doctor was outraged by), they lied to me about her meds and many other things, they do skin checks where your adolescent has to strip in front of them daily (which they never tell you about)!!! If you love your child and they need help...PLEASE...find another facility!!!! I wouldn't even give them one star, but you can't post a review without clicking a star!!!!

Victoria Wilkins

I’m 14 my sisters in this hell hole im not aloud to see my sister what is the reasoning for this? Why do you guys act like this is a boot camp these people need help and all you care about is the money? If there was a zero star for this I would chose it

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