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REVIEWS OF Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center IN Idaho

Ellis Rail

I was in for catheterization. Care and treatment was warm, caring, and excellent from beginning to end.

Bretton Moosman

EDIT: After leaving my review I was contacted personally by the billing department in EIRMC. Mark, the gentleman I talked to was very helpful and kind in walking us through the bill and explaining the whys and what's pertaining to what we owed. The only reason I did not change my rating to a 5 start is because I still feel like there is work to be done via the corporate billing department who did not have any answers after hours on the phone with them. Overall I would still recommend this hospital as a whole. The doctors, nurses and staff in the immediate hospital are great. Billing department is a joke... have talked to them multiple times and it goes no where. They just keep stating they will send it to review. My insurance states I should only be responsible for "x" amount of money and they are billing me for double this. Charged for 3 MRI's after only getting 2. This place is a disaster to work with after the fact. We have pre paid for all procedures we have had done here and its a nightmare after the fact. My wife had a baby a few months ago and we pre-paid for everything as well. After knowing our insurance we ended up getting a massive bill from the anesthesiologist because they used one that was not under out insurance.

Jake Seiter

They were quick and helpful to meet my needs in the emergency room.

Chanda Cooper

I'm not one to write reviews or rate places/people, but from these circumstances I've decided too. My twin grandsons have been staying in the NICU for 27 days now. From day 1 of a mistake their Dr, Dr Cheatham, has just been amazing!! He stood by one baby's bedside all night once, helped fix an issue that started my daughter in stress tears to tears of joy. Their nurses and nurse leaders have all been amazing in helping with so many situations and helping my daughter along the way. I am a RT and choose to not work with doctors because of how so many of them think and things they've done. Dr. Cheatham has open my opinion that there are still REAL doctors in the world and still care. Thank you! Thank you NICU team- doctors, nurse's, leaders and RT's.

Althea Sittre

We took my little grandson Kingston to EIRMC when he was sick this past weekend. The nurse, Juanita was amazing and the morning following upon our return the staff who met with us treated us with kindness and explained everything about a virus in detail, to make his recovery possible. They followed up the next morning with two phone calls and this grandma was HAPPY! He's doing better. And back to his old self. Thanks again. Althea Sittre

Rhonda Aliah

Friendly staff and prompt medical care. Very nice facility

Lynette Stone

Took a few minutes to find where I needed to go. A few more signs to help direct to various offices/suites would be helpful.

bev harman

I felt safe, hopeful and assured that the medical staff listened to me and would take good care of me. they did just that!!!! I would highly recommend EIRMAC. the financial Dept and admissions lack a sense of caring when I was very scared!!! they were all about the business and I did not feel cared for or appreciated!! rehab was great as well..the CNA nurses and doctors were the best!!!

M Jensen

My grandma spent over three weeks at EIRMC and received phenomenal care! She spent time in Cardiology, Imaging, ICU, 4th floor, 5th floor, and had speech, respiratory, and physical therapy work with her. Not only is the staff at EIRMC at the top of their game clinically they were so compassionate and kind we were blown away! Idaho Falls is fortunate to have a facility of EIRMC's caliber right here at home. My family is especially grateful for the amazing staff on 5th floor who cared for her while she was on Hospice. The kindness and care they provided her as well as our entire family was amazing. The staff in the cafeteria also went above and beyond in providing that extra care at a very difficult time for my family. We will forever be grateful to EIRMC, the staff, and the physicians. Thank You!

Gary Crowder

This hospital is just like the one in Pocatello. They look at you if you have insurance. But if you don't the let you sit and then only see for a couple minutes and then have the nurse give you something for the pain and then turn you lose. I don't like taking my wife to the hospital. Because of this. And I won't go. I have found one hospital that will take care of my wife but it is on Indiana.

Jared Malan

A for-profit hospital incapable of diagnosing or treating complex cases.

Alice Samhouri

They got me back quickly and had an IV in me right away. Unfortunately, they weren't actually sure what was causing such severe pain. Then they sent me home, still writhing in pain. The Dr said that the ER is not for diagnosing, but for ruling out anything deadly. Just a few days later I ended up back in the hospital (Madison) for surgery. I will not be returning to this hospital again.

Tammy Forsythe

Very positive experience. Hopefully they can help me with a treatment plan for my health conditions


With the exception of one lady who drew blood from me, everyone else I dealt with was very professional. Staff here at the hospital was top notch.

Drew Elwood

The visit itself wasn't bad. The billing fiasco afterwards is. To make a long story short, I met my out of pocket max back in February of last year due to a shoulder surgery. I had another procedure done in November at EIRMC. All the costs were covered by my insurance, until I get a bill for $1500+. After going the rounds with them over it and them making claims that my insurance sent it back as "out of network" I decided to call my insurance. It turns out they are trying to bill me for the difference in the discount that my insurance has a contract with them for. They are not legally allowed to bill me that discount. Yet here we are. 4 months later and they are still sending me bills. My insurance company has talked with them twice now on this so I am not holding my breath. Do yourself a favor and go to Mountain View Hospital for anything and everything you can. If you have to use EIRMC, pay very, VERY close attention to you bills and compare them with the EOB from your insurance. Makes me wonder how many other people they have tried to rip off this way, or have ripped off.

faylene roberts

Always very caring and informative. Will answer all my questions and make me feel important.

Nicole Clapper

I don't normally have a problem with this hospital but at approximately 11:45pm December 24, 2018. I went to the hospital seeking "help" and they said they weren't able to help me. I wish there was another ER so I could have gotten the "help" I needed.

Virginia Craig

Everything went well. Thank-you

Liz White

Friendly and professional. Will return every year.

Jean Beaston

The ER is a joke ! The hospital website says 6min wait time , we've been in the waiting room 3hrs . Some people have been here 5hrs. Take your business somewhere else.

Tera Fellows

I was dehydrated by the time I came into the ER. I was not set up for a drip for several hours after I was there. They prepped me to get scoped and that was when I was asked if I had taken a pregnancy test and I was not told I needed to do that and I had just used the restroom so that was not an option for me. Then a worker realized I was not hooked up to a drip and said why didn't they get me set up for a drip already. Seemed very unorganized and lacked communication.

Roger Hunt

Awesome experience. Everyone was friendly and truly caring. Took great care of me from beginning to end. Nursing staff from day surgery great. Made sure I was comfortable from beginning to end. O R nursing staff was awesome. Anesthesia did a great job. Doctor of coarse fantastic. Could not asked for any one better

patty powell

My best experience yet. Quickly and efficiently, I was diagnosed, treated and on my way. I can say that the nurses, physicians, & P.A.s took excellent care of me. I also had the pleasure to receive a check up call from the head of nursing, 2 days later. They let me know I was prescribed the best meds for my infection, and I'm well on my way to a full recovery! GREAT Job EIRMC !

Ty Cook

Just spent 1 hour 38 minutes on hold attempting to get a Price Estimate for a procedure only to have the automated phone system tell me no one was available to take my call and disconnect me. Called in to the hospital where I reached a staff member who was only able to transfer me back to the same broken call system.

Kathy Hedman

The whole family got great surgery.

marc jewett

Great experience and caring staff!

chad fairchild

This hospital is notorious for making severe mistakes with patients resulting in infection, or death in some cases over the years. There are good doctors inside here but poor decisions are made throughout care. Their billing is terrible! They sent us to collections WHILE WE WERE PAYING THEM MONTHY PAYMENTS because we did not formally set up a payment plan with them. We started our payments in September and they sent us to collections in February. I haven't been sent to collections FROM ANY OTHER MEDICAL DOCTOR/BILL EVER!!!! So, if you owe this hospital you better CALL and make formal arrangements or they will send you to collections and demand FULL payment with in a couple months. Terrible billing practice. I will never EVER use this hospital again. I will die in the ambulance going to Madison or Portnuef Hospital or wait......GO ACROSS THE STREET TO THEIR COMPETITOR MOUNTAIN VIEW they are getting an E.R..

Susan Wood

I was treated kindly even when I felt like I was a bother because of all the things I was hooked up to.

Roger Daniels

Was in need of emergency room services yesterday. You couldn't ask for a more kind and caring staff. If I didn't live 1800 miles away, I would definitely go back!

Chuck Beaston

Second visit due to hospital communication break down. Expected appointment time doubled due to protocol, lack of experience. Positive was nice personnel.

John Vargas

I truly appreciate the amazing care and attention that I received from the doctors, nurses and all other medical staff at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. The staff here are true professionals, yet they have a wonderful way to make patients feel comfortable. I feel truly Blessed that EIRMC cared for me when I was ill.

Penny C

Feb. 24 of this year 2019 i went to the ER with symptoms of pneumonia was admitted for it. During my chest x-ray there was a brown spot on my left lung. So they kept me for another day to do a biopsy of my lung. Came back as Adenocarcinoma (Lung Cancer)! Beginning of my nightmare!! The nurses, and doctors were amazing. My bill was not!! No medical insurance bill came to around $31,000.00!! Seen a oncologist and met with the thoracic surgeon was thrilled to find out that Its operable and Could be Cancer free by summer if I have a lobectomy, Which we all agreed upon. So on March 13th I was headed to Pocatello to see my granddaughter and my daughter to tell them about the surgery and the probable outcome. But I was in a car accident on my way there in bingham county. (Not my fault.) The ambulance people wanted to take me to bingham memorial I said take me to eirmc because I was worried about the cancer spreading due to wreck. A 2 day stay with injuries and another bill $18,000.00. Because of this your hospital will not admit me to have my surgery to get rid of the cancer?!!!!??? I have a rather large lawsuit in progress due to wreck. Why can't you put a lien on my lawsuit (guaranteed Payment) so that I can have this surgery and live!! PLEASE

Cathlene Willis

On May 2, 2019, I was admitted for another breast revision. Everyone that I came in contact with was friendly and very professional. The surgery went well and I was discharged in good time.

Melodie Hansen

The imaging center is quick, friendly and professional. Thanks ladies for taking such good care of me.

Samuel Fry

They seem decent but 3 or 4 times as expensive as any other hospital. Not worth the cost.

Mathew Karinen

As we sat in the section for people struggling with mental health we heard what was going on with another person. I don’t want to hear how someone is going to kill themselves. EIRMC does this to “protect” their nurses according to the man. What happened to privacy? What makes someone experience suicidal thoughts a danger? People who have mental health struggles are not dangerous and this ain’t 1960 anymore. Severe violation of someone else’s privacy. They also take forever. Honestly, I would rather die than ever seek help from their ER.

Jen Blodgett

We were on vacation and our daughter had a pretty bad accident on her longboard so we took a trip to the ER. Everyone could not have been nicer! All employees from check in to nurses to doctors were super friendly and so sweet. We appreciated it so much and were so impressed with the level of care we received. Thanks for making a bad day better!!

Butch and Linda Williams

Everyone at the hospital did their best to make me comfortable and happy before and after my procedure, thanks

Mary Waters

Previous patient blood drops on the floor in the room they gave me and poop splattered all over the only bathroom! Nice E.R. environment!! And I wonder why there is such a high chance of infections there..... CLEAN UP!

Jackie Beatty

The process from checking in to release was very smooth. The nursing staff was nice, thorough and knowledgeable.

Sandy Knoelk

the nurses were amazing, very happy with them and a big thanks to them. But it is the anathema, they did not listen to me and I ended up with a scratched up throat.

Betty Windley

Horrible place, do not go there... horrible. Had planned knee surgery, no room for 11 hours. A man next to us didn't even have a bed. He laid on a stretcher all day long... HORRIBLE PLACE

Jack G

Couldn't have asked for a better, more professional approach to my experience as a patient at EIRMC this past week. Everyone was (and continues to be) GREAT !

Melissa P

I had to get a procedure done in same day surgery. I forgot a part of my nursing pump and the nurses immediately got a pump for me to use and helped me set it up. Very kind nurses and friendly. This was my 2nd time getting a procedure done there and I have encountered very professional and personable staff for a hospital.

Shandi Farnes

literally i was treated like trash. i came in on my break from work because my nose i broken. i’m in a tremendous amount of pain and yet it took them an hour and a half to get me medicine and then another 2 hours to let me go. im never coming back for medical needs again. i will drive elsewhere to get help. you people need to learn better customer service and treatment of your patients.

Allen Harris

From bad to worse, mom was transferred to e.r. basically completely incoherent, instead of trying to help they forced her to sign paperwork. Now going on 3 hours and no doctor and they are clueless. It took three nurses to figure out how to even draw blood. This three ring circus needs to come under review..

Tiffany Sonerholm

The staff was great! The ladies made me feel comfortable. They got me in and out quickly.

Teresa Dixon

Dr Gorman and cath lab staff were exceptional but the billing department needs HELP... we paid the remainder of our deductible up front to receive the prompt payment discount. Paid ( $4471.20) on 4-5-19 and here it is 5-25-19 and I have called them 5 different times and Cigna faxed an EOB to them. Cigna notified them the owed me a refund of over $1600 and they just sent me a bill for $9004.54... what a circus! If it's not remedied in the next 7 days... the press and I will go visit the CEO! That will be fun.

Teisha Rolfe

This place is a joke!!!! They are always so busy they can’t even help you. I was diagnosed today with pancreatitis for the 6th time only this time they refused to admit me to help me with the horrible pain associated with pancreatitis. They sent me home with nausea meds and a couple pain pills. They said the reason is because they are just too busy and I don’t need to stay as bad as someone else. They also told me I could “just come back” in a couple of days if it didn’t get better. Only thing about that is, it takes three hours just to get out of the waiting room and it costs me 5,000 every visit. They refused to listen to me tell them that I’ve already tried all the things I’m supposed to do at home and it’s not helping. I cried and told them I was in too much pain to leave but they didn’t care. I was due more pain meds and it took her 2 hours to get back to me. I would rather die in agonizing pain then go back to this hospital. No wonder people become drug addicts, our “medical professionals” Suck

Paul Keele

Excellent service and care. The people I dealt with were top notch professionals. Great care, on schedule, fair price. What more could you ask for.

Mike Egbert

I was treated very well. Nurses were great.

Joseph Smith

I can honestly say that the folks working in the E.R Department are an exceptional group of individuals that make up one amazing team. They are compassionate, well trained and are true hero's that save lives every day and night..literally. They are all of them a great gift to this community. When your at your worst? They'll be at their best, standing at the ready to do everything within their power to save you and yours. I think that says it all. :).

Rosemary Shirley

I was vacationing in Idaho Falls when I became ill, my blood pressure dropped causing 2 falls. I was taken to the hospital's emergency department by ambulance. My entire stay was excellent. I was diagnosed quickly with a bladder infection and treated immediately. All the staff were very friendly as they did their work. I especially commend Dr. Spears for his care and concern for me and my family (my brother and 2 daughters were with me).

Robyn Croft

The nurses were fantastic: compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly. All of the staff was very helpful and the physical therapists very encouraging.

Rashelle Schneiter

So many friends and family were so concerned about my complex spine surgery being done in Idaho Falls rather than Salt Lake. I have gone to Salt Lake to be taken care of for many many years but I have to admit EIRMC was excellent with me. I have required a lot of surgery and medical attention over the years and I have always traveled for treatment. I hands down prefer EIRMC’s care over my past experiences. They were far more thorough, attentive and helpful than the care I have received in the past. I was very impressed with the team that worked with me. The physical therapists deserve special mention they were excellent! I truly believe the hospital care is one of the many reasons I have done so well In my recovery. My surgeon Doctor Brandon Kelly and his team have also been remarkable. My pain management Doctor, Doctor Deric Russell helped me survive all of the waiting and hoops my insurance drug me through. All in all I can honestly say that I am beyond grateful that I put my fate in their hands. We have a lot of talented and very caring physicians here locally. I don’t normally write reviews but I am hopeful that my review will help someone else that has done a lot of traveling for care trust in our local services.

Brittney Goodier

The only reason why I am giving one star is because of their labor and delivery nurses. They are amazing! The nurses after the baby arrives are terrible though! Not only that but their ER staff is the most unprofessional, unknowable, and lazy people I have met in a hospital setting. My husband and I have had the WORST experiences with either our kids or ourselves over the course of 10 years! EIRMC in response to your reply, I have contacted JoAnn. Nothing came about it, nothing changed, it was pointless.

Kattelina Scorp

Very friendly.

Davette Bogart

They were quick, caring and explained everything. Which was good because I was having my first ever Afib attack n was scared. Thank you EIRMC.

J Christian Toronto

What a great team in the ER!!! We received extraordinary service, attention and care from the receptionist to very competent staff including Natalie, Marketa, Rebecca (first person(s) helping my wife), and also Dr. Smedley. Sorry for anyone left out or names misspelled or not remembered. Again, our heartfelt thanks. Truly an answer to our prayers and concerns.

Cheryl Baughman

It was all right. Everyone was very nice. Thank you for your service

David Browning

Fast, thorough and attentive. I was very impressed with their emergency services

Free China

Saved me and put me back together Kindest wishes Keep up the good work


Best of wishes to my new nurse friends in l&d and w&i. You helped more than you know.

Nancy Greene

I recently had a double bilateral mastectomy on July 19th with Dr. Lemon and I am so very pleased with the entire staff while I stayed at the hospital, my nurses were also exceptional gaby was my day nurse and brooke being my night nurse made it that much easier.. kudos to the hospital I would recommend Dr. Lemon to anyone as well as eirmc.. thank you.

JoBeth Andreason


Dennis Palmore

Stay at the hospital was nice, other than the fact that my bedding was never changed, and after the physical therapist got me up and saw my sheets soaked said he would get someone to take care of it, but never happened.

Chris Lords

In the past when my mother Shirley Anderson, has to go the to EIRMC her care was much better. Although it would take a long agonizing 5 hours minimum to get an evaluation. She is 91 years old. You’d think it was a matter of routine to do a UA and blood work. That was not done on her visit on May 11th. Because she has lung issues she was prescribed medication to try to assure her that whatever was going on would be prevented from going into pneumonia. We were never informed of what she had. I figured it was probably viral. Which could be dangerous for her. The following day and into Monday she grew worse. So I thought possibly she may have a UTI. I took a specimen into her doctor and found out, indeed she had a UTI. She has had a tough time getting over it. Had it been diagnosed if the proper evaluations and tests been done, this 91 year old lady may have been spared such discomfort. How would you have liked it to be your mother? So, yes, we were very dissatisfied. Chris Lords

Jessica Flores

Eirmc Emergency seems to not care for their patients. My niece went many times for her to just be sent back home. She was seriously ill and always was told she was okay or it was just a simple ear infection. She had to be sent to primary childrens hospital where they are actually taking care of her and actually care to get her better.

Levi Kiffe

Dr Needham and all the nurses are extremely nice and explain everything to you clearly and effectively

Jeanenne Doxey

Great experience! Checking in was great, the rad techs were quick and sensitive to my needs.

Brian M

EIRMC's customer service and care has drastically improved from 20 years ago. I recently had three hospital procedures of which one required overnight care whereas the other two were day procedures. For all of them the hospital services were excellent from check-in completely through check-out. Knowing they are a full service hospital is reassuring too.

Tracy Lillard

I went in via ambulance into ER and cardiac arrested, they found I had a massive pulmonary emboli. They Saved my life! I was in ICU for 13 nights and every moment I needed someone - the nurses/drs were there before I asked for anything - the whole team on the ICU/ER were amazing!! had to have Physical Therapy there and another great team of Pulmonary Respiratory nurses. So blessed to have been in such excellent care and caring teams. All gracious and humble I am still in total awe of them. This was in August 2018 and I thank God for them through Him, everyday for bringing me back to life. Dr Miller is a rockstar with a rockstar team!

Lori Centeno

The mamographer was very kind and discret. She knew exactly what she was doing and prepared you for each picture so you knew exactly what to expect. What a wonderful lady!

Katsey Long

the staff and people at the medical center were so friendly and nice which made you feel right at home. My experience overall was not a pleasant one. I could have no food or water 8 hours before the test and I had to get there early to drink something for my test. That went well. My scheduled appointment was at 3:30. At 4:15 I asked how long the delay was going to be and intake person in imaging acted surprised and if I had never checked in. Finally at 4:30 she took me back. After inserting an IV into my arm I asked the nurse what the process was and she said they would be putting iodine into the IV and did I have any issues with Iodine? (something that should have been discussed from the beginning and i did list on my intake form i was allergic to shellfish). After all of that she told me they couldn't do the test and i could come back next week. (it is a two hour drive for me to get to the medical center from where i live.) I left to go outside and call my doctor. At that point he suggested i go ahead and get the test done without the contrast. I went back in. They had to get a new order from him to do the test and waited once again. The actual test took about 5 minutes. I finally was walking out at 6pm to drink some water, eat something and go home. It was not a good experience overall but we did get the CT scan done and the information my doctor needed.

Ruby gem

I had a sedation MRI. I had to wait 2 hours To get the test done. It is now 2:30 pm. I have not had anything to eat or drink since midnight. I am a diabetic. My blood sugar dropped low. Which is not good. Then I had to wait an hour awake in the recovery because they didn't have orders to release me back to day surgery. Most of the staff were helpful.

Jason Ritterbush

Careless staff that don't communicate with each other or patients. They would've given a loved one two extra doses of insulin if it weren't for a family member staying the night and keeping track of it. Additionally most staff repeatedly said how great she was doing and then a doctor approached family about dealing with the death which didn't happen completely confusing us about the situation and creating unnecessary heartache. They are inconsiderate to patients comfort and treat their jobs like miserable chores rather than a service to people to help them with their health.

lori Crandall

I was well taken care of.

Doug Thompson

Everything was like clockwork. Not once did I wait very long for everything to happen. After it was done, everything was explained and written down.

Bettye Beale

I was away from home when I got sick and needed to get immediate care and ended up in the ER in Idaho Falls. The doctor’s and nurse's were very caring and attentive to my fast deteriorating condition. I received immediate attention and the care I needed. Thank you for saving my life and the outstanding medical care your staff gave me.

noah midili

Very pleasant. Good quality care. Clean ER

LeAnn Baker

The women in the imaging center are wonderful. They are extremely helpful and I look forward to being treated well by them every October.

Bari Trost

Had a breast biopsy this week. The technicians and Dr were amazing! Kept me a comfortable as possible and talked me through each step of the process, helped ease the nervousness.

Lindsey DeWidt

Overall just really nice! Everyone was very nice to me and made sure I was comfortable and not in pain after the surgery. And everyone was calm and cool which helped ease my anxiety.

Jody Hunting

Staff was very nice and helpful, especially the nurses!!

Brytnee Mainwaring

Most of my earlier visits were efficient. I was able to tell the doctors what was wrong and I was able to get the help I needed. But after awhile, the doctors would either tell me there was nothing they could do because they couldn't "quantify my pain" or that there was nothing wrong. This was extremely frustrating to me because I knew something was up and I came in because I needed help. There are so many times I went in and, despite what I would tell the doctors, I would just be told again that nothing was wrong. Now I am very hesitant to go to any doctor anymore because I fear being treated the same way. I can't afford the appointments and visits if all they are going to tell me is that nothing is wrong even if I know otherwise.

Gary Grandson

Away from home we ended up in the ER this morning. The doctor and nurse's we very nice and professional. Got immediate attention and care needed. Thank you for the outstanding medical care and staff.

Robert Taylor

The charge nurse was fantastic in caring about the family that was arriving for a very difficult situation. Kudos she is top notch. Unfortunately when I went to seek help from the volunteers in the front to find out if there was a Chaplin that could be contacted, they looked at each other in dismay. The Chapel has no contact numbers and in a difficult time, it would have been nice to have that information available. Nursing staff hit and miss in reference to responding to pain, at one point the nurse was notified of the need for pain medication, it was over 2 hours later before he responded back. Once transferred to another facility the care was immediate and attentive to the needs of the patient.

Lorilee Burch

I had lab work. Teri, supervisor, was outstanding! I'm usually a tough draw. She quickly located my vein, got it on the first try, didn't hurt at all. Quick, courteous, and very good at her job! Best draw I've ever had!

Tiana Tracy

my grandmother was getting the best help from I think his name is Dillon. I just want to thank him again for how good he was to her.

Cortney Mendoza

I had my first and only son here. I was a high risk pregnancy with a baby that could have not been able to breathe. The hospital handled it very well. They had my nurse, my OB, a nurse for the baby, and a NICU nurse there to make me feel like my baby and I are safe and cared for. Of course, they asked me if it was okay before they invited people to my birth. I had several family members there, and all of us were taken care of like kings and queens. I wanted a pain med free birth in water and at home, but because of my son's lung problem that was not available. However, they made it as natural and to my liking as possible. If you are going to have a hospital birth, this is where to have it. I drove a half an hour away to be at this hospital too. That shows how much I loved their maternity services! Their classes are free and amazing too!! Very helpful to prepare! I even took the infant massage one! It was all so awesome!!

Grayson Cullen

The ER doctors have sent me home only for me to come back and be admitted and once I had to keep coming back until they finally did emergency surgery. The nurses and tech people have always been great. But the ER doctors have been terrible consistently for years.

Jim Boyer

I felt really good they took really good care of me the only thing they could have discharge me a little early but a great doctor and nurses thank you iermc

Mike Petersen

this place was great! treated me very kindly.

David Williams

Been here 16 years and love it

Stephani Polson

My ER experience was AMAZING! Zero wait and the nurse I had (Taylor) was wonderful!!!!

Mckay Guthrie

The quality of care McKay Guthrie received at your hospital was wonderful. The staff was professional, well qualified, and very kind and gentle. They were willing to listen when he expressed a need for something, were always aware of family members who also might have been in need, and tried to make a difficult experience easier. The hospital itself was a clean and beautiful environment to be in. Thank you for everything that was done in our behalf. Annette Guthrie

Boyd Wolz

Awesome care.

Tera Farris

I have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis.. Went to the er tonight because I've been throwing up for five days. Was told my levels were 3-4 times over the normal enzyme levels of 200. But the Dr said because my levels have been up to 5600 at one point that they werent going to do anything..Was not given anything for pain.or nausea.. Was just given fluids. This Dr was absolutely ridiculous.. They treat everyone like drug seekers. I can't fake a damn blood test.. Tests showed I was having a Pancreatitis flare and they did nothing because my levels had been higher in the past. I will be filing a complaint against this doctor.

Rae Jean Stuart

From the moment that we walked through the doors, we were greeted and assisted through the registration process. Then the nurses that prepped me for my procedure were the sweetest things ever! They were personable and really cared about my comfort. The staff for surgery was also very warm and friendly. I was taken aback by the genuine concern and care given to me over all. Thank you for helping me to quiet my fears and to feel comfortable and at ease.

Geraldine Magnuson

I had spine surgery, everyone was so attentive...From the time I walked into the hospital until the time I walked out....My back dr. called me at home the day before surgery..He asked if I had any questions or concerns...Drs. just don't do that, that was a plus in my books...

Kellie Rackham

I was treated very well the first 2 days then I was moved to another floor. I than felt as if I was put in a corner and forgotten. I was constipated (just had a mass removed from my right lung). I asked a couple of times for something the help with it. I was released, but still had constipation. Nothing helped, on my second night home I spent 4 horribly painful hours before I got relief. I think it hendered my recovery. Still in severe pain

Brittani W

Went to the ER- we were in and out faster than at a doctor's office! (We thought our toddler might have swallowed a battery. They x-rayed her. She didn't swallow one.) Everyone was very chipper and pleasant and nice!

Nan Carbonetti

My husband, Steve Carbonetti, was air lifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center from Yellowstone Inn on July 31, 2019. We were with a tour group so we had no transportation. After spending most of the morning trying to find transportation back to Yellowstone, a nurse named Wendy that worked there volunteered to drive him back 3 hours to Yellowstone Inn that afternoon. We just wanted to let her know how much we appreciated what she did.

Belinda Hale

Check in was a breeze! Dr Lemon is awesome!

Mikki Ramirez Rodriguez

If I could I wouldn't give them any stars. The nurses were so rude and unprofessional. They're supposed to make you feel comfortable here but they just made me feel like a bother and unwelcome. If you can I recommend going somewhere else, not here.

Will E. Lewis

In the last 2 years I have had several procedures and have been treated with respect and dignity. I am so grateful for the people (medical pros) nurses,techs,and doctors that had to deal with me. They are so compassionate and on top of their work. Thank you all .

Robert Shilkett

Care was fair. Food terrible. I wasn't brought what I ordered for supper but got a pathetic tuna sandwich that was more onion than tuna. My wife took one bite and went to Arby's to get me dinner.

Matthew Cox

The cafeteria food is amazing. The biscuits and gravy is the best.

Frank Roberts

The emergency room doctors sent my wife upstairs when she was at the emergency room , she stayed there for one day and Dr.Fink and some STUPID INTERN sent her home and the insurance said they are refusing to pay for the service because she didn't stay the required amount of time. Thank you now I'm going to find an attorney to get this hospital discredited.

Ronald Nitz

We were seen promptly, and treated compassionately and well. Unfortunately, all of the symptoms of my problem had not yet manifested themselves, so they were not able to make an accurate diagnosis for me at that time.

Felecia Steed

DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE!!!! On January 24,2019 my husband was taken there because of Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh eating bacteria), he had to have emergency surgery to stop the infection. On March 12&13 he had a urine culture and a bone culture, he was diagnosed with PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA. How is Pseudomonas aeruginosa spread? In hospitals, where the most serious infections occur, Pseudomonas can be spread on the hands of healthcare workers or by equipment that gets contaminated and is not properly cleaned. I have spoken with the hospital and Joann Cummings stated that "Our review concluded that we are unable to substantiate the origin of the infection in question." Now my husband did not go in there with that infection, and he has not left there since he was admitted, so how can they not take responsibility for their negligence???? Please be careful when entering this hospital it may be life threatening. If you complain they suddenly want to send you home so they can blame it on something else. I think it is time to speak to a lawyer about their hospital neglect.

Allen C

A big thank you to all the staff and the hospital for taking great care of my wife. The communication was great. Again, thank you.

Cdaniels Daniels

great place Dr perize is just a very caring and very nice yes very pleased

Shelly Gailey

I chose to have surgery at EIRMC even without insurance because of the generous discount and help I was given while I was in the decision making process. A financial advisor sat down with me and helped assure me that i had done my homework and knew every last person/business that would send me a bill when I had surgery, and gave me an estimate of what my hospital bill would be. While I was told this was an estimate, you would expect that an estimated would be somewhat accurate unless you had unexpected complications or additional procedures. My surgery went well and I even left 23 hours after leaving the recovery room even though I had been told a longer hospital stay was normal. I tried to pay the estimated bill when I checked in but their system wouldn't let me. I made sure it was paid before I left the hospital. Within a week of surgery I called and was told I owed them approximately 26% more than what I had been told to expect. That is quite a bit of money when you are trying to make sure your medical Bill's can be 100% paid before planning surgery. While they are willing to let me make payments, I am extremely unhappy with whoever comes up with these estimated costs. Additionally, I received 2 Bill's from providers for things I was told would be included on my bill from EIRMC. One was only $17 but the other was for $250. I made sure to ask ahead of time who would bill me. Again, everything went as planned and these were questions that they should have been able to answer. In the 7 weeks since surgery I cannot get the financial advisors to answer or return calls. When I do talk to someone, I am being told they have no way to know who will bill me. How is it possible that a hospital has no way of knowing who in their hospital Bill's separately? I requested a review of my charges and am being told that it is accurate according to my medical records but that they can't tell me if any of it was "medically necessary" or if the costs are reasonable. Nor can they tell me what was or was not included in their estimate so I can determine why the expense was so much more than expected. I gave 2 stars instead of 1, regardless of these numerous communication problems because 1- the nursing staff was kind and I had an especially great night nurse. 2- EIRMC does give a considerable discount to uninsured patients and made it possible for me to take care of my medical needs. Had they been up front and honest about the cost, they would have received (if it were possible) a 4 1/2 star rating. The 1/2 star deduction would be because I felt my pain management was mismanaged. I feel they just threw random medications into the orders trying to fix the problem rather than having a well thought out approach to managing post surgical pain. But I probably would have rounded that up and given them all 5 stars. And while I appreciate the personal responses given to all of the reviews, please don't ask me to call and talk to someone about it unless someone can actually do something about it! I have expressed my frustration and concerns to anyone who would take my calls. I have stopped by the hospital and spoken to the financial office in person.

Shelly Johnson

Recently, while on vacation, my husband had to go to the ER with chest pains and shortness of breath. Even though it was a holiday weekend, I have never seen such awesome care and such caring people in my life! His Cardiologist, Doctor Blank, was awesome. I had a feeling of peace as soon as he stepped in the room. Thank you so much to all that helped care for my husband! You made a very hard time in our life bearable. Thank you for returning my best friend to me!!

Larry Jensen

even under remodel the admin and staff did an outstanding efficient jog and were pleasant and professional. I will be back every three months for my treatment!

Paula Allen

I would score a 0 if I could, took my husband and because we were afraid he was having a stroke it said there was a three minute wait time which it was three minutes and the checked him in gave him a wrist band, and then another 2 1/2 hours later we’re still waiting in the waiting room. It’s insane to me that someone could potential be having a stroke and dying in their waiting room and there’s nothing done . Thank god it was just a really bad migraine. After 2 1/2 hrs we got up and left. I can’t wait till the new ER is open in town

Tricia Henington

Dr. Thompson best ER doctor I've ever seen. He took time to explain things to my husband and I. I got to the ER in so much pain and my anxiety was over the top. I was so worried with my injury being related to work that WC wouldn't cover my visit to EIRMC. He was very reassuring. Got my pain under control before sending me to imaging. He referred me to a Spine Specialist and due to his kindness and caring I'm starting to heal. The nurse that took care of me was also amazing and very kind.

Shirley Mccay

Really good experience this time, appreciate all the help they did just GREAT! Thank You!

sherril twitchell

Received excellent, personalized care

Sharen Myers

Check in was simple. I was treated with respect and friendliness - awesome! The x-ray tech was also respectful and informative. She helped me feel comfortable in an possible awkward situation. Good feeling all around!

Roberta Boice

I was pleased with the care I received.

Jakob Lundeen

The ER staff impressed me compared to last time I was there (kidney stone). This time it hurt like a kidney stone, 10/10 pain, but was in the wrong location, they quickly ran a CT scan, tested my urine and blood for what was wrong and came up negative with their tests. They think they know what it is (Gastritis), and the pain went away on it's own after their painkillers wore off. I had 2 nurses that were friendly, one was a student from ISU. The doctor was nice, it was busy so I didn't want to take up too much of their time. I had a nice conversation with the CT tech, when I'm on painkillers I get chatty. And we had a volunteer come to our room, who was nice and got us some snacks while we waited for discharge. The discharge was a little slow due to it being busy, but that is understandable. They were clear on what steps I should take, including seeing my Primary Care Physician.

Lone Wolf

My wife’s stay at BHC was a joke. That Dr Mossa is a complete jerk and deliberately tried to sabotage her progress. Some of the staff where extremely rude and kept telling her that there life was worse and she should just get over it. I would not recommend BHC to anyone with that dr there.


Eirmc is very good. I delivered here and it was so nice and easy. They have professional and kind staff. If you’re pregnant deliver here.

Robin Wold

Very friendly, very clean. The staff was so awesome. Made me feel like they really cared about me. Can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you to all the people that took care of me. You don’t know how much that meant to me. Awesome hospital.

mariela Estrada

My mom drove herself to the ER on the 8th, she was diagnosed with kidney infection but never even looked at what was causing her excruciating abdominal pain. They just gave her antibiotics and let go. On Wednesday she came back at 4am with the same symptoms, the nurse, Javier, had no patience, no humanity. They were doing an ultrasound when she had the urge to go, they kept knocking on the door then he went in the bathroom and told my mom that he was staying in there until she was done. She was embarrassed enough, didn't need the humiliation. They didn't finish the procedure anyway and she soiled her pants because she was rushed. This same nurse, was rushing her out, saying she needed a taxi or if she had someone who could pick her up, when I got to her they told me she wasn't there, then I asked for information, he picked in and was a complete jerk. Said there was NOTHING wrong with her, she had a stomach virus. He looked irritated when she kept complaining of her stomach hurting. She only got nausea medicine and rushed out the door. Thursday I bring her in in excruciating abdominal pain, again, and finally got a nurse, Mitch, who payed attention and actually listened to what was going on. We got Dr (Stigman) or something similar, who takes his time, but actually studied her symptoms and got her admitted. The student nurses who were that day, very nice, told my mom, "I know you understand English and she translates for you, but if you have questions I know Spanish" in Spanish! Unlike The Latino roots, named and looking jerk nurse. The tech canceled the ultrasound that DR Rashid ordered, the next morning she had to reorder it. After that, everything is running smoothly, still not sure where some of her pain is coming from, but hope they find out soon. A kind pregnant young nurse also spoke Spanish to her and it's very much appreciated to know they are willing to speak to her in her native language. So sad to see that there are uncaring people in your ER! He deserves a formal complaint There's your stomach virus!!!

Eric Velasquez

Great nurses and staff! The remodel is clean and well kept. The NICU and ICU is amazing here.

David Francis

On advice from our insurance company, we went to the ER for evaluation and treatment, while traveling through the area. We received excellent support and care from nursing and other staff. The medical provider was thorough and thoughtful, listening to concerns and symptoms, and developing a plan with us to prevent future problems. Days after our visit, the attending nurse called o follow up, despite the fact we were 500 miles down the road. Excellent experience with this facility!

Annie Bradford

The staff were all very kind. They were conscious of my situation and did everything to help me be comfortable and understand while still effeciently getting their work done.

Kelsie Fazendin

The emergency department was absolutely terrible. There are a lot of bad things I can say I wouldn’t even know where to start. There were several extremely rude nurses.

Kami Olsen

If you want to push your call button 5-6 times and finally have a nurse come in and reply with “what” this is the place for you. If you want the doctors to not believe your pain this place is also for you. Nurses sit around and gossip and not do their jobs. If I could give them 0 or negative stars I would.

Scott Earl

Excellent care and staff.

My McLife

Can’t say that I would go back to the emergency room. The doctor did not want to do anything but write a prescription and give me a referral. I could have gotten the same or better service from Ready Care at a much cheaper rate. I was there for less then 15 min to get a referral and was charged $1500. I’d have to be on my death bed or unconscious before I’d pay those rates for a referral again.

Vanessa Ferguson

The ICU’s Dr. Miller is literally the best doctor I’ve experienced. He is intelligent, kind, compassionate, patient, and very attentive. Through my mother’s stay in the ICU her nursing staff has also been incredible. Thank you so much for your patience and compassion with my family Jason, Connor, Kaitlin, and Christopher. I will always be grateful.

Terri Butler

Great service. Received therapy after shoulder surgery. Therapist great, years of experience. Personable and very professional. Staff exceptional.

Deidra Bradshaw

I was in yesterday with a migraine. The staff was very nice and so were the nurses. The PA came in and talked to me about my migraine and I told him that my headache started in my sinuses. He felt under my left eye that was swollen and than told me they were going to take care of my migraine 1st and than discuss my sinuses. He gave me a cocktail of drugs and I felt a ton better but was really drowsy and couldn't stay awake. I went home and slept for about 8 hours and when I woke up my sinuses were still really painful. I checked my discharge sheet to see if he gave me anything for it and there was nothing. I called in and asked the nurse and they said there was nothing in my chart about it so they couldn't do anything. I was in so much pain all night that I couldn't sleep so I tried calling again hoping the PA was in. They said I could come back in again or go see my regular doctor. When I went in that was one of my main concerns, if he would have finished discussing it with me instead of just knocking me out I wouldn't be having to go see another doctor when he could have just handled it there. So now I have to pay for 2 doctor visits when this should have been handled in one.

Debbie Willumson

After writing a review for care back in March, which followed an MVA-here's the second chapter. EIRMC billed insurance carriers twice for services-essentially draining one med pay account. It took them approximately 7 months to correct the error. On top of it, several services were done through their facility. For every service but two, the facility correctly billed the primary and secondary carriers. Two slipped through the cracks, because they failed to file claims. So what do they do? Their central billing office out of Ohio, sends it to collections, despite their being given insurance information and other vital information on 3 separate occasions. What sharks. They are now going to try and skip another line, ignore their obligation to bill and go through proper insurance contract procedures-which includes accepting contracted rates for services. Good going! The right arm doesn't know what the left arm is doing through their billing offices-locally and back east.THE INTENTIONAL REFUSAL TO SUBMIT CHARGES TO HEALTH INSURANCE FOR PAYMENT CONSTITUTES AN ACTIONABLE TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE WITH CONTRACTED HEALTH INSURANCE PROVIDERS. Additionally, we are now receiving written "collections" statements for bills for services rendered, on dates NO SERVICES WERE RENDERED! So its a little-no A LOT of an undermining sneaky tactics on behalf of EIRMC in which to engage. LETS GIVE SOMEONE A CHANCE TO PAY A BILL BY SENDING IT TO THEM PRIOR TO SUBMITTING IT TO COLLECTIONS! When calls are placed to the Nashville office questioning their billing tactics, they claim they can't discuss the matter because there is an attorney involved. When they connect you to their "legal liaison", the mailbox is full! That says it all right there! So, Mark from EIRMC here in Idaho can call, even when there is an attorney involved, but the billing office can't take a call because there is an attorney involved! What is wrong with this picture? AREN'T YOU HAPPY I AM SHARING?

Jim Sathe

I have a high regard for all of the Medical Staff at EIRMC. My experiences in the ER and as an inpatient have always been exceptional.

jill ecklesdafer

It is understandable that an emergency stay can be more difficult over a holiday weekend like Labor Day. My husband's operation to mend a broken hip went well and those taking care of him did OK, but communication seems to always be a big problem. I was able to speak with the surgeon for 10 minutes after the hip repair, but no additional information was forthcoming. My husbands general physician was not apparently allowed in EIRMC so we had to be served by an unexperienced intern who had no previous contact or information about my husband. It would seem that any physician should be able to care for a patient who is admitted through the emergency room services. Caretakers meant well, but there are just so many who are young and inexperienced. It is fortunate that I was able to be with my husband much of the time as I felt I had to inform each new crew that came on duty. The very first night after the operation,, my husband developed a bed sore due to a wrinkled pad. Attending to all those kind of details come with experience. We finally had an informative conversation with a social worker in regards to the transfer to a rehab facility. I am sorry I don't remember her name or title. The problem of staffing is most likely true most everywhere. And communication is always in need of improving.

Kathy Stanger

My review on Facebook: Something has been on my mind for a few days which is usually my early warning system pointing out that some action on my part is needed. A week ago, after visiting the EIRMC Wound Care facility (my home away from home lately) I was referred to their Infusion Center to get some antibiotics to jump start my immune system. Before I was fully able to access their aid, I was whisked off to the ER for an evaluation, then speedily admitted to my own personal room on the 5th floor. Mind you, being an unplanned visit meant that I didn’t bring comb, brush, make-up or jammies. Some of you reading this may not recognize my dilemma, but the years have not been kind to my outer visage, and I need all the help I can get before I’m ready to meet my public. Needless to say, health issues over-rode my immediate concerns. It wasn’t until I checked out 2 days later that the mirror – previously out of my line of sight -- now displayed itself. I cannot believe that I and people I love allowed me to be seen by not just the medical personnel, not just neighbors, not just family, but EVERYONE. Well, there’s nothing to be done about it now, but there is one more troubling issue dealing with EIRMC. It is that I have not yet been able to find an appropriate method of thanking that fine hospital. From the first moment every nurse, technician, aide, cleaner, therapist, and doctor treated me like a visiting dignitary. I stretched their kindness (unhappily) and professional and job skills and could not get one frown nor even one shriek. Amazing indeed. The Doctors were warm, unhurried, informative and even witty. A delight. The nurses (when they weren’t playing cards) were efficient, knowledgeable and smiled warmly. You’d have thought I was their only patient. Thank you, one and all, for an education about today’s medical facilities. Idaho Falls has every right to be very proud. (And when you have a moment, let me tell you about the folks in Wound Care.)

Jennifer Sphar

Can’t wait for the new ER! Doctor here have all acted like they don’t care. Just want to get my daughter in and out. The nurses cared more than the doctors. Billing is outrageous! Told them they didn’t take my insurance write off. They tried to say they weren’t contracted with my insurance so I had to pay it. 3 months, 6 phone calls and a call from the insurance to finally get it resolved. Note to anyone that goes there match you insurance EOBs to your bills.

Katreena Connell

We have been here multiple times with my daughter she has always received the best care with such warmth and kindness. They were great about keeping our Socorro in the loop. I am so thankful for this hospital and the staff.

John Pruett

I had a brain tumor removed at eirmc. They have me a bad staff infection, spent over 4 years dealing with that problem. I could write a book about everything that I went through from making the mistake of having the surgery there. EVERYONE BEWARE. THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE AT GIVING INFECTIONS. I found out after my surgery.

Courtney Shaine

I am telling you what~These people really care about you. From the check-in desk to the back where the nurses/doctors are. I had a great time (even though I am very sick) chatting up with a very pleasant male nurse who started my IV. My viens are so hard to get and my left hand is the only place that really works well for blood gives. And, 9 times out of 10 when I try to tell nurses this fact, I am ignored until I wind up with 4 or 5 unnecessary holes in me and EVERY single time, they give up (my arms are destroyed~gee thanks) & *boom* my advice and left hand wind up successful. That male nurse listened to me after only one try and he got the IV. It feels good to walk into a hospital and feel cared about and that's why if I ever become ill again I will be going back to EIRMC no hesitation. I did not get judged and rushed out of the hospital. They really don't judge you and I was offered pain medication which I turned down bc I didn't need it but it was so nice that they offered me pain relief. In this day and age you're lucky if you get a Tylenol but they offered me true pain relief. Luckily I did not need it but it was so good hearing I had a choice you know? My treating provider was Caren Smith, PA-C and my very sweet male RN I did not get his name! But this is an honest 100% review. I have been treated very poorly by hospitals in my past & even looked at like a medication abuser bc I was on pain management at a young age for a condition out of my control. EIRMC is where you need to go when you want to be treated like a human with equal health care no matter your situation!

Michelle Izucar

The staff at the front desk was very polite and helpful. My nurse was so sweet and talked me through everything. Everyone made sure I knew what to expect for surgery and asked if I had questions. My husband was taken to a waiting area and was informed of how surgery had gone and how I was when I was recovering from surgery. I felt very at ease and well taken care of.

Dirk Parkinson

My last visit was the best ever! Thanks for the care and personal attention!

Leeann McGuire

I was disappointed that the er Drs were pushy and wouldn't listen to the patient, the rest of staff was great and kind,

Stacy Denton

As an otr truck driver. Had a heart attack 1500 miles from home. My co driver pulled right up to the ER doors in our truck. The took excellent care of me. Security officers were very friendly and helpful, they cleared a spot in the parking lot large enough to park and secure our truck. Everyone at this hospital is awesome.

kara reynolds

I cant say enough how pleased I am with Eirmc!! Every time I have come it’s been the best experience. In and out in a timely manner and always the best nurses and doctors. They listen(which is huge for me) and go above and beyond to satisfy your needs. Thank you for all your hard dedicated time!!

Ellie Frame

The team is very friendly and supportive. Thank you!!!

Sharon behner

The nurses on the floor was great and tried to keep my pain under control. In the ER I wish they could have given me pain meds sooner.

Teresa Kaiser


Noreen Danielson

July 29, 2019 I wish to express my appreciation for the wonderful care provided to me by EIRMC staff during my surgery last week (July 23-24, 2019) The nurses and the doctors were very attentive to my smallest needs from surgery preparation to post operating room care. I am so pleased with the surgery results and feel it is strongly related to to the expertise of my doctors and the excellent EIRMC team. Thank you so much. Noreen Danielson

Alison McCrady

With the new, gentler positioning paddles, my annual mammogram was much easier! Thank you to the ladies at the Women's Imaging Center at EIRMC ❣️

Dennis Apple

Everyone there were so nice and did everything they could to make sure I was as comfortable as I could be.

Kaye Baugh

Excellent as always! Thanx to your great staff.

Ginny Newsom

Great hospital with some heads up.

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