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REVIEWS OF Cassia Regional Hospital IN Idaho

Kyleigj Chelini

Awesome ER staff, all were very friendly and attentive to my needs. I felt like a priority and that my concerns and questions had been answered upon being discharged.

Brittany Cottom

Great hospital. Great people. My family has been taken care of here for years now. The care, kindness, and compassion my grandparents have received by their primary care physician, Dr. Kelly Anderson and his staff, has been so amazing. The nurse in care management, Trina, has been so great at helping to coordinate their care and help ease any stresses and answer many questions re: their care and coordinating their plans. It has been a rocky road these past few months for our family and they have played such a huge part in helping ease of care. With multiple members of our family needing care in the Cassia Orthopedic Clinic we have also encountered the same level of care, kindness, and compassion from the staff in this clinic. The staff here are very knowledgeable and so willing to go above and beyond to help with any questions/concerns. Great experience here at Cassia Regional Hospital.

Josh Eagle

This hospital is a joke all they care about is money. highly disatisfied every visit DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

Jeffrey Bailey

Big Fan

Great place to work, great Docs, great staff, and a small town family atmosphere.

Cami Hitt

Wonderful place to receive great care! Cassia Regional strives to meet the needs of the community and provide Extraordinary care to the patients they serve!

Jerry Meireis

David Vanderslice Sr

What an awesome experience. Donna was an awesome nurse and Yamammy an awesome tech. No one ever wants to go to the hospital but these two ladies made my er visit a lot less painful. Not only did y'all show concern for my well being but the conversation was great. Y'all are right where y'all need to be.

Danica Nielsen

Rob Welker

My son and daughter have both been to Cassia Hospital and we have had an amazing experience! Everyone was so friendly and willing to make our experience exceptional. Thanks to all the amazing Cassia Caregivers!

Terry Garner

Eric Gochnour

Cassia Regional Hospital has been providing care to my family long before I was born. I have never had a negative experience as a patient or an employee. I would recommend anyone to receive care at Cassia.

Paul Lyons

Ned Moon

I had a very positive experience at the radiology and at Dr. North's office. They were able to get me in the same day so that i did not have to lose another day of work. All who saw me in both departments were very informative and told me exactly what to expect and the time that it would take to complete the task at hand. Again a very positive experience.

Gabriela Delgado

Honestly if there was an option for no stars I would gladly do that. The emergency room in this hospital is a joke! My mother in law went in once and she felt like she was having a heart attack and they were going to have her sit down and wait!! We ended up going else where. Also on another occasion recently my baby nephew who is only a month old, was very sick and he wouldn't stop crying. We couldn't even put him down, So they ended up taking him in and they waited for hours and the doctor came in treating them as if they were stupid and informed them that the baby only had gas. Also some others things happened and they were treated so badly and the baby was not given the proper care. That they ended up taking the baby else where. Me nor my family will never go there again I would rather die on the highway on the way to Twin Falls than to go to that ER!!!! Like I said it is a JOKE!!!

Linda Ziulkowski

The imaging staff were so kind, thorough in their explanations, and careful to keep me comfortable.

Fiona Animal Refuge Dottie Cross

I have had 3 major issues at Cassia Hospital the latest Sept 5,2019 and every time I have been treated with great kindness and respect. 2 of my problems required 5 day stays and could not have been better. Tiffany, Rowena both RN'S explained everything and both doctors came to see me before and after the procedure. A great hospital with a great staff.

Cyn Reece

Cassia Regional Hospital is a jewel in the small hospital arena. It has the services of a big hospital, but with a small hospital caring and compassion. My children want to come back here for care because they miss the personal touch they grew up with regarding health care. Thank you to everyone at Cassia Hospital for all you do for our community.

Miranda Ortega


Update...I contacted the number they asked me to call to discuss what happened. She was super nice and said she would follow up in a couple of weeks to let me know what she finds. I still have not heard from her and its been months now. Another note while in the hospital we found out from one of the night nurses that they had other findings on another part of her body. We asked the Dr about them and he said it is of no concern he has one too. Well my mom recently went to a specialist for it and it is a big concern and she will need surgery. The care and knowledge at this hospital is horrible and they never followed up like she said she would. Horrible! My mother was in this hospital last week and had the worse service I had ever seen. They never checked to see if she was eating, never got her up to walk her, had her in ICU and was going to release her right from ICU to home, then we found out they had down graded her on the papers to medical floor but still had her there just because they had no one in there and could take care of her there. A private bathroom would of been nice. The dr was not knowledgable at all. Dr Spackman. He would tell her she was going to be release when her heart was still going up, her oxygen was still low and she couldn't walk 5 steps to the bathroom on her own. We asked him why and then he denied it saying he wouldn't release her like that. Told her that he could do nothing more for her, denied that to, yet he would not transfer her to Boise. We wanted him to, he finally agreed but then it didn't happen because what ever he said boise said she didn't need to. He said she didn't need to see a cardiologist and didn't have a heart problem yet he had her on a heart diet and heart monitors and she had just been shocked three times. Then we found out that he didn't tell her all of her health problems that he found...he said he was addressing them in priority...which he told us more right as we were being discharged, long story short we got released because we were done with burley hospital. Went to the specialist and found out Dr Spackman had my mom on way to high of a dose for her heart medicine. It made her blood pressure way low, and what he said about her health conditions were not right. Go to twin for a hospital, burley has no specialist and can not give you the care you need. They didn't even send in respiratory until we asked, and he diagnosed her with pneumonia which wasn't right either. In the end I would never go to Burley hospital. They do not have the drs there that are needed to treat people.

Kerrie Dschaak

My husband was recently in the ED with a hand laceration. The registrar was very kind and the nurses were excellent. The doctor and staff were very friendly and provided exceptional care. Thank you for being so compassionate!

Cindy Young

Roxan Kristoffersen

Robert Anderson

Lindsay Smith

Madi Stanger

I loved their birth center when I had my baby! But their ER on the weekend is HORRIBLE I took my daughter in and the doctor came in and said we need to do an ultra sound on her let me get him down here it'll be 10-15. Then the nurse comes in 5 minutes later we don't have a radiologist here that knows how to do those types of ultra sound. So the doctor comes back in again k umm go home come back at 7:30. Come back at 7:30 the radiologist that is there says I told the ER doctor I don't know how to do those ultra sounds so I don't know why he told you to come back in try and come back in Monday. So if I have problems again I'll take her somewhere else because they don't communicate worth a damn and didn't do ANYTHINNG for my daughter so now I'm going to have an ER visit bill and they didn't do anything to even help her!

Jesseca Ybarra

Worst experience ever!! I came in early for my surgery and was delayed surgery for 5 hours and still waiting. So frustrating. New Review: I had a bad experience in the beginning with my wait for surgery, but this hospital after my review came in to check on me and make it rite and the nurse that came to see me was amazing and made sure I was well taken care of. My surgery went well and the team took very good care of me afterwards. Thank u Cassia for making it a better experience.

Maribel Navarrete

My father in law had osteomyelitis in his toe for the 2nd time and everyone was so accommodating like the radiology department got us right in for an exam and the dr's office as well, would like to say that Dr. Guercio did such an amazing job and to the girl's in IV Therapy did an exceptional job in taking care of my father in law especially Stacy she is amazing!

Bex Bronson

Cassia is outstanding!

Winn Osterhout

The environment and staff at Cassia are five stars in my book!

Sharon Judd

My husband had to go back in on the 4th of July with problems with a previous injury. They did not address our problem in a satisfactory manner at all, they just said follow the instructions from before. Very unsatisfied.

Jessica Musick

Love this hospital. I have always had good experiences when here as a patient.

Linda Gill

Excellent and speedy service. All employees were professional and pleasant

Jeremy Cox

I love this place

Maribel Olmos

Kenneth Laughman

Let me state first that I strongly dislike dentist - doctor offices, and hospitals. However, I have had opportunity to use the MRI Lab, same day surgery suite, and the ER (and the resultant X-ray room). At each occasion, I was blessed - privileged to have top-notch teams all three visits. From the receptionist, to the techs, to the nurses, and to the docs, they were professional, compassionate, with a very high degree of knowledge. Everyone answered my questions, and listened to me. They made me feel like I was the most important patient they had. From a retired Navy Sailor and a former addictions counselor, thank you.

Cleo Tamayo

Annie Pretti

Terrible experiences; I’ve never had such ignorant people try to tell me they couldn’t help me. They work there because they want a paycheck, not because they want to help people. I wouldn’t go to this hospital again if my life depended on it. They waste your money and your time just to send you home. Oh and the best part about it all, they call you for days after with a follow up “survey” about your recovery. Well it’s going like s**t because you won’t actually help me with my problem. (I’ve blocked the number and they somehow still are able to call me) Long story short; you go to this hospital to die. You’re better off googleing your problems and going to Walmart and trying to fix it yourself because I’m pretty sure that’s what they do at this hospital anyway. Edit: just got a bill for $1,000 even though they didn’t help me with a damn thing. Great work guys, really, fanomenal. (And that $1,000 dose not include the actual visit to the E.R)

Debbie Ochoa

Amy H

I'm going to be brave and finally share my story. My lovely sister-in-law found out I was pregnant because her friend, a co-worker who was my nurse the night I was in the emergency room, told her. (No, my SIL wasn't working the night/day my husband and I were there.) And my delivery was quite traumatic. Earlier in my pregnancy, my OB-GYN told me to stop eating so much instead of taking my concern seriously with how swollen I was getting. (Nope, I only ate 3 meals a day! No overeating.) He couldn't even recognize pre-eclampsia, and my child and I could have died during pregnancy/delivery! Every concern or request I had prayerfully and carefully studied seemed to be naive to my doctor. During labor, I asked to stop checking my cervix for a moment so I could take a moment to not stress anymore than I already was and rest for a moment. I had been in labor for more than 24-hours at that point, but the nurse and my OB-GYN just chuckled about it and basically acted like I had no control over my body. I also requested for time to say a prayer before my C-section, and it was brushed off. Then when I was trying to breastfeed my child, there was a nurse who had the audacity of telling me that I wasn't a good mom since I was "pretty much starving" my child when he wouldn't latch since I didn't want to give up so I supplemented but very little. Proud to say I'm doing extended breastfeeding with my toddler now. He gets all the extra nutrients he needs, lady! By the way, shoving my baby's head into my boob and then telling me there's nothing else to try and to stop attempting nursing at that point is outdated information. I got him to latch so perfectly the night we came home. :) The lactation specialist needs to be more educated on what she teaches to mothers.

Frank Richins

This was by far the worst hospital I've ever step foot in. I died on a accidental drug overdose and the nurses ran test, they were very rude. Did not call immediate family. Then did not admit me after being g dead for two hours. They sent me on my way. Also my dad recently went there and they would not let me know the status of my father. I have power of attorney over him. They repeatedly told me to stop calling and that my father was never checked in. Hmm lawsuit??

Jed Geary

Alexis Inzunza

Chelse Welker

Tom Nilsen

CRH is a great place to have your health care needs met. The staff really work to provide you with the best care possible and help us live the healthiest lives possible.

Lyndsie Moss

Lori Newcomb

Rheannon Hansen

After truely unpleasant experiance, I've been geniunly impressed with the response to get the situation addressed, institute training, education, & take the time to insure that I was heard & felt like my experience was atypical & mattered. Thank you.

Abby Welker

I came into the ER and had an amazing experience. The nurses and doctors were very knowledgeable and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was admitted quickly and my problem was solved in a timely manner.

Martha Salgado

This people here just work here for money and that's all. They don't care to fix a patient problems! I'm fed up. But they are some nurses here that are so rude... I mean honestly why talk about patients behind their backs and goof around and starting rumors... So childish grow up. What the patient tells you, Don't go around telling other nurses and laughing about it like if I didn't hear, that's rude and nasty.!!!

Daniel Stoddard

Great care and beautiful facility. This is a great resource for the Cassia County community.

Amanda Severe

My son had a hand injury and the emergency room was a great experience. He was taken back to a room within just minutes. We were given explanations of what was happening, and were well informed by each person that came into the room. I was given the opportunity to ask questions, and I felt reassured by the care we received.

Henry Weliever

Doctors and nurses that care

Aaron Dilworth

Great care! Awesome staff! Amazing results!!

Genaro Ramirez

I visit the hospital for my blood work the service upfront is full of some amazing ladies who are always ready to help! All I have to say is that the phlebotomists are very caring of me. I don’t have anything to complain about them. We have great communication and when I have questions they are ready to help me out. My visits are always a great experience. Definitely recommend this hospital for your blood work.


Bonnie Torix

Amanda Devries


My child had an event that required me to take him to the ER, they were very busy I think we were 3rd in line to go back. They were very quick and professional we did not have to wait at all for the nurse or physician to tend to him. There were minimal tears and they did an excellent job great facility, provider and nurses and most important excellent care for my little one.

Chanukkah Green

A family member was injured while vacationing in Idaho. We were impressed by the Emergency staff. They communicated well with us and were very knowledgeable. We were treated with kindness and compassion. Thank you so much!

Brad Reynolds

I continue to be impressed with the amazing staff and doctors I get to work with at cassia regional hospital. We strive for excellence in all we do.

Mackenzie Welker

I’ve always had an amazing experience every time I have visited Cassia Hospital. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. It’s great to have such a wonderful hospital so close to home.

Kandi Jones

Chris Dallin

Great people performing evidence based care.

Stephanie Curtis

I work with an amazing team here at Cassia Regional. We all strive to bring the very best healthcare to the people we love who live in our community. And we consistently find ways to keep advancing care to bringing the very best possible technology and best practices to the people we serve. Being a part of Intermountain Healthcare is awesome! Because we are part of such a large team, we know we are providing best practices in our field, and we have an excellent network of very specialized caregivers who share knowledge with each other. And we are accredited through the Joint Commission, which takes tremendous dedication and effort by the whole team. I am proud to work here.

Kevin DiMarco

Thank you to the Cassia Hospital team! Everyone was so attentive and friendly. Great hospital for our community!

Jimmy Welker

It’s so nice to have a great local hospital with amazing, helpful people. I would recommend this hospital to all my family and friends.

ReNae Palmer

Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you

Tiffany Fredrickson


vicki perez

How can a hospital treat someone so wrong.

Walter Buerger

It was a terrible experience I asked for a counselor for my family and I got no luck just a terrible experience when you just ask for help I have a family scare India counselor so I go to Jesus if you want a good counselor

Cal Amen

If you’re seeking a family doctor who is competent, knowledgeable, personable, compassionate and empathetic, STAY AWAY from Dr. Stewart North! This doctor is an embarrassment to all the dedicated and competent professionals in the healthcare industry! After his 2 minute evaluation he thinks he knows more than my Illinois physician, Dr. Ji Li M.D. despite Ji Li's 35 years medical practice and his very impressive list of medical credentials (medical degree from Beijing, China, 3 years advanced studies in Neurosurgery, Masters degrees in Pharmacology and Physiology in Chicago, IL and completed his Internal Medicine in New York. The take-away from today’s visit is simple: Dr. Stewart North does not want to listen to reason and/or is simply blinded by his own myopic and arrogant thought process and thinks that his beliefs are the only that are correct. Ignorance at its best!

Carly Nelson

This team at Cassia is amazing Care for me and my family. Thanks to all. They treat you like you are family.

Erin Clearwater

Rosie Ramos

I am 100% satisfied with all the services I received at Cassia Hospital ... From nurse Lisa, Dr. Campbell, the lady in registrar, Gloria in ekg & the staff in CT scan unit. The staff were very kind, friendly & provided exceptional care. I'm currently in the hospital waiting for all the test results. I have to say, nurse Lisa is amazingly awesome! She is very professional, friendly, attentive, nurturing, compassionate & understanding. It's obvious to me that Dr. Campbell and nurse Lisa have a passion for helping people & I received top quality care here at Cassia Regional Hospital. Thank you nurse Lisa, Dr. Campbell & the rest of the staff/team! Thank you for showing compassion and being so understanding.

Rubi Corona

Excellent service!

Lilian Newey

Love this hospital from the registration to the discharge. Great team and doctors.

Julie Babe

Nick Ramsey

I have had surgery at this hospital, my wife has given birth to two of my sweet children at this hospital, and my family has also utilized the Lab dept. and the Imaging/Radiology dept. We’re very grateful to the hospital staff for their thoughtfulness, their kindness, and their willingness to explain procedures, medications, and equipment to myself and my family. The staff took the time to answer our questions, and always made sure that we were comfortable. My extended family also receive their care at this hospital and I would recommend this hospital to everyone.


Dax Greener

Have gone through the experience of 2 baby deliveries here and have worked with the hospital on marketing projects. They have been a pleasure to work with in everything I have experienced.

Sanie Baker

John H


Would not recommend for any issue, they do not care about the well being of humans. Left the ER the same way I came in but now with a large bill. They did not take any of my concerns serious

Aaron Roman

Jacque Hunt

I have had great experiences at Cassia Regional Hospital. The staff are kind and caring. The new physicians are amazing.

Jared Knight

Ryan Joos

We had a great experience here when my son was born. There was a number of potential complications that were making his mother and I quite nervous but they handled everything like champs. The nursing staff was so kind and professional. We were so grateful to have their assistance. This was our first child and we had no idea what we were doing. They were understanding and patient with us. I think it's great facility.

Benjamin Welker

I had a GI issue and was very worried about my health. Cassia Hospital was very friendly and helped me feel comfortable while the doctors figured things out. I would recommend Cassia Hospital to my friends and family and I’m happy to know there are caring members of our community ready to help.

Amie Oldham

I have to say one star... there was maybe two nurses from the hospital during the week that my daughter spent in the hospital that were good. Not only am I paying for her to be there but they felt it was my responsibility to REMIND them to give her medicine every four hours. Don’t get me started on the Financial place!!! Our insurance covered a large portion o our insurance covered a large portion of my daughters stay, however, we still had many other bills competing from other facilities for the same incident ... I tried to call and ask to make $50.00 payments until I was done receiving All our bills so I could be making payments to each place and slowly make headway and stay out of collections as well. They told me making a 50$ payment on a 3,000 dollar bill was too small and they would eventually send me to collections unless it’s paid of before 30 months. Your Financial place is absolutely disgusting ! Not only were they rude, and have any disregard for people trying to pay bills with heath issure but she tried to bully me into paying more money that I simply don’t have. You care about your patients and community Cassia Regional????? Prove it and take a payment families can afford without being rude and demanding. Look into getting a new financial center... My family and I will NEVER NEVER NEVER go to cassia again. I would rather pay double and go to twin, Pocatello, or anywhere! The ONLY reason I went to Cassia this time is because Minidoka Memorial was FULL! and it’s no wonder why.... Hope you enjoy my money this time because it’s the last. The few great staff and nurses you have should go somewhere else! shame on you Cassia...

Ana G

My father needed an MRI for cancer care/planning, the MRI Tech was amazing. He was so kind and compassionate, he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and follow. It made me so happy to see someone treat my loved one so well. Great experience!

Julie Weech

Pt Cundick

I've had two experiences here recently which were both very positive. First, we had a baby on 1/1/18 and the experience couldn't have been better. This is our 5th child, and the experience at Cassia was the best we've had - better than the University of Utah and Intermountain Medical Center. Second, we had a bunch of family up from Utah recently and were trying to figure out where we could go out to eat with 30 people. The hospital came to mind, so I called to see if they could accommodate that many people they were so kind and upbeat. It was a Sat. night and they warned us it might not be too quick (there were two workers on shift), but we came in and got GREAT food, and it was lots quicker than a typical restaurant. Bonus: Their burger is one of the best-kept secrets in Mini-Cassia! I don't consider anything they serve as "cafeteria food". It's good stuff.

Peggy L. Rossignol

They take the patients rights away don't listen and rude in my husbands care

Katy Oliverson

Wonderful home town hospital with plenty of doctors with expertise to treat most everything from general surgery, to labor and delivery, and medical care. The staff really cares about their patients. Nice to have a big name hospital system with a focus on quality care close to home. If you need higher level of intensive or emergent care, there is life flight to make sure you get transported and transferred quickly. I would highly recommend this hospital.

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