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REVIEWS OF Boise VA Medical Center IN Idaho

Ken Caygle

Great at collecting stats and scheduling appointments. Horrible at actual care.

Kathryn Hanson

As of 100% disabled veteran I have been nothing but dissatisfied with the Boise VA. Especially with my latest visit to a Dr Christina Mohr a psychiatrist working with the memory clinic. I met with her for less than30 minutes and in that time she misdiagnosed my medical issue and labeled me in a very deragatory matter. This just reinforces my dislike and distrust of the Boise Idaho VA. Young unexperienced and ill-informed doctors should not be allowed to diagnose a mental condition in less than 30 minutes time. Make sure you ask for all your records and read them in detail after each visit. Do not trust the VA it is sad that the VA treats their better in this way. Thank God I have insurance and can avoid VA at all costs. I have had nothing but bad experiences at the VA and it is proven that every time I go there my blood pressure goes from 90/60 to 170/111 B where or be aware.

Jen Bagley

Ronnie Preal

Very caring staff and wonderful help!

Rebecca Kane

They have taken very good care of my husband due to he has a little heart issue and I'm happy that it's there for him

Alyssa Victoria

Hands down the best VA facility I have ever been to. The staff are so helpful and kind. They have always been willing to work with me and I have never had any problems with my visits.

G. Wood

Rod Wallace

I’ve been getting all of my healthcare at the Boise VAMC for nearly 10 years. This is, by a wide margin, the best VA facility with which I’ve ever come into contact. A few years ago my wife, who has a mountain of health problems, had to take me to appointments, after ankle surgery, 3 times a week average for about a month. One day she commented “Why aren’t all hospitals and doctors offices run like this?” To which I replied “Because it wouldn’t work because civilians can’t grasp the concept of hurry up & wait.” Yes, sometimes you wait a bit for X-ray or blood work and the new phone center system is cumbersome, but overall I can’t imagine better healthcare anywhere. I seriously don’t entertain the idea of moving BECAUSE of this VAMC. I don’t think socialized medicine is a good idea for the country, but in Boise Idaho it works very well at this one facility. The Blue Team are incredible.

Andrew Lee

The most pathetic care. Rather have died in Iraq

Kathy Needs

I took my dad to the VA in Boise. He is recovering with me in Idaho. His home VA in Fargo. They had him see a primary Dr., a dietician, social worker, ENT in which they dc'd his trach, pharmacy and got all of his tons of medications, wound care clinic, labs and all of this done in about 3.5 hours!!! I was truly impressed by the care and speed of fitting all these appts in when we just had an appt with the primary. As a nurse, my opinion is I wish ALL health care facilities ran like the VA in Boise!! My hats off to them!

Ed Raphael

I have been to two VA medical centers in California and would rate them three or four stars. The Boise VA is probably one of the best in the country. I was assigned to the Blue Team and I never had a doctor spend so much time with me and show so much concern about my health. All the employees that I came in contact with were very friendly and helpful. I have only been in Idaho three months but I know I couldn’t find a better medical office or hospital even in private industry.

Peter Friedewald

Steven Kirk


Jeanne Anderson

Dr. Janet Lynch is amazing. Not only is she a knowledgeable, truly talented surgeon..she is also blessed with a wonderful bedside manner. The whole staff is top notch

Keith Hilliard

Best VA Medical Center in the region!

Lori Dalton

The Boise VAMC is a 5 star facility. This is the first time I've written a review, but I must. I've been to many VA Hospitals, and haven't been treated with such professionalism and respect before. I belong to the gold team, and NP Heather Stafford deserves the highest marks. If you're reading this review, be confident that you will be in the best care here.

Todd Redfield

The Boise VA is excellent. The entire staff there have treated me with respect and have gone above and beyond to help. Dr A and his nursing staff have exceeded my expectations greatly and He is one of, if not the best physician, I have every seen. He and his staff take a real caring approach to your challenges and He always listens and shares with great care and wisdom. I would also compliment the entire team at the Boise VA as every team and department I have been seen by, always go above and beyond. The VA gets a lot of poor press and a bad rap. When your a patient at the Boise VA it’s very hard to understand. Great work, go Team Boise VA!

Josh Maus

Thang Nguyen

Codster Dave Wayne

The Boise VA Medical Center can do anything to fix Wounds and take care of sick People and give Medicine It's incredible of How The Boise VA Medical Center Can Do Anything to help us Make us Feel better and In Good Shape My Dad goes there too.

Brian Ames

Richard McKnight

Elk Horn

Maria Kelly

My father was here for 2 weeks, before he passed away. The doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing, with the exception of the oncologist, who never returned our calls. The entire staff is dedicated to helping the patients here. The doctors were willing to talk to us any time we asked, and the nurses were just fantastic. They all did their best to help my dad, and make sure he was as comfortable as possible, and when he passed, their compassion and caring towards our family was so greatly appreciated.

Kiffie Eagle

Great friendly staff.

Marvin Tripp

Very nice

Don Lenaghen

Richard Renfrow

The best VA Hospital I have ever been to!

Sue Oglesby

My husband is really taken care by his primary physician. He orders tests as needed and will call him personally with test results. How many doctors do you know that will do that? Boise V.A. is awesome!

Tori Wilson

I go to the Women's Clinic at this facility. They are every positive adjective in the dictionary.

Jeremy Keehner

It was hard to get enrolled over the phone, they are always slammed... But if you can make the drive, it is well worth it. If you get to work with Chuck in enrollment he is awesome!!!! I am actually surprised and amazed at how well they took care of me and all the other veterans here.

Jodie Shulsen

My Dad was in Hospice at the VA Long Term Care Unit. They were awesome!!! I was concerned to start with, the whole government facility thing, but my Dad had so much fun and was so happy there. I know he really enjoyed his stay. I will forever be grateful for them helping to make my Dad's last few months so much fun. A big thank you. I am writing this post so other family members can see at least in my fathers case they were amazing!! They were constantly checking on his pain level, making sure he had what he needed. When time was short they were great about notifying all his family to make sure everyone was aware. When his time was over they called almost immediately, within minutes.

Nicole McNeill

The Boise VA is beautiful the staff there is friendly and wonderful they have helped my husband so much and our family as well God bless the boys who VA, we love you !!!!! -the Schwartz family

Rigo Delgadillo

I have been a patient at the Boise VA for many years. I have great insurance and can choose to go elsewhere but I always go the the VA. With very few exceptions, the people on staff care and quite often bend over backward to help veterans. There are bad apples in every profession but to paint the VA as a terrible hospital because you had a bad experience isn't reasonable. The facility is old and dated but they're continually making upgrades and it shows. Parking is pretty difficult at times which can be frustrating so give yourself enough time to find parking. They're in the process of building a parking garage as of early 2018. That should help alleviate some of the parking trouble. If you are a veteran, the VA hospital is a great option for you to use as your primary care provider. If you haven't used the VA because of horror stories, please go in and make up your mind for yourself. I have been to other VA hospitals in larger cities and this one is by far the best VA hospital I've ever used.

Catherine Cardwell

Scott Harbaugh

I’ve received nothing but great care from all of Nurses and Doctors, way way better than Seattle! Kudos to the Staff

Eva Wallace

My brother recently had Excellent Care in the E.R. by Dr.Dingman, and Allen an R.N. and the rest of the staff. Nothing but utmost praise for their diligent work and compassion. The ICU was also service at it's utmost Excellence, with Dr.Lewis and his staff, and special Thanks to Nurse Brodi for her Compassion and Care. Thank You for Your Service! The Wallace and Razutis Family

Mary Stroud

The doctors at the Boise VA cause more harm than good. They help vets and encourage suicide due to hiring farm hands for doctors. Sad but true.


To all you ignorant arrogant poor me vets that have access to this great facility and dedicated staff. Be thankful for what you have. Stop playing the victim. You volunteered. Accept you plight. Now... At ease!

Dave Ferguson

Love the Boise VA! Clean, friendly, and the medical service has been great!

Gary Morrison

I have nothing but good things to say about our beautiful hospital and all of it's staff and volunteers. Thank You All.

Louis Monson

This is the best VA Medical Center at which I have been treated. The staff is great and everyone is helpful. If anyone thinks this is not a great VA Center go to Seattle and get treatment for anything. You will be back here in a flash.

Anthony Martinelli

Frances Davis

Have been going to Boise VA since 1983. Have never had a bad eperience.

Randall Knapp

People who complain about this place should pay for their own "better" care, trolls really. This place has been awesome to me and I am grateful. I am a Marine Vet and love the Boise VA.

Justin LaFrance

Michael Severy

I had hip replacement surgery on June 10th. I was treated so well, I mean it was amazing. Every single person treated me like they really truly cared. Penny in Pre-op was so cool. Dr. Yokan made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process, he even called my son after he finished the surgery to tell him I was ok and did great. I feel that Dr. Yokan truly cares about each and every one of his patients. Dr Yokan was awesome! I will have a 2nd hip replacement surgery with Dr. Yokan soon. All of the nurses were fabulous. The nurses really came across as loving there job. The physical therapists were so kind and knowledgeable. I even enjoyed the housekeepers. Thank you Boise VA.

Robert Smith

My doctor is doctor Guilliani, and he is the best. I've been treated very well in this hospital. I think this is the best VA in the system. I sometimes have to wait for a little while, but I don't mind because of the treatment I get. Thanx very much.

Gary Canary

Tony Dubose

Great care and service.

robert johnson

Very friendly staff.

marvelouslins574_tins everyone

Slow, inconvenient, hard to find parking

Janet Martin

Best medical care I have ever received.

Mary Waters

Steven Empey

One of the better VAMC that I have been at. Limited parking, have worked out times that work for me so my wait times are reasonable. They have a shuttle that runs around the campus and is really handy. Just have to pay attention and watch for it.

Colby Ford

Horrible place. The people that work here could not care less about vets. Sure they might say it on the phone. Or even thank you for service. While not caring one bit to actually help when asked repeatedly. If the VA is a benefit of our sacrifice. I would rather have a deadly disease.

Tom Storm

Always place the needs of the Veterans first.

April Armstrong

Full time rver, After driving 6 hrs to get here to get a prescription that couldn't be refilled completely, and I have to try to get it in oregon now, I was treated like royalty by the police service when they permitted me to stay overnight in the rv area for the night. My fibromyalgia was hurting so much that I thought I was going to have to stay at a walmart. My wife and I give our full gratitude to the VA hospital for providing this service. It should be a department wide service.

Gail Leininger

Garrett Melton

Garrison Russell

The group of service members here are excellent, the facilities well managed, and the location absolutely beautiful

Jessie R

This place is a joke. I've called about my meds over 6 times to different "referred" numbers. I've called the "advocate" line 3 times and finally spoke with a doctor who rushed me off the phone cause it was after work on a Friday. I hope they don't slack off and pass around another veteran with severe anxiety/depression, cause it might not end as well for them. I would love to speak with someone who actually has some say around there but I won't hold my breath.

Sergei Crow

I am a veteran, and Boise VA is the best in the country. Gold Team is outstanding, they truly care about us.

Efrain Scott

John Young

Great people working for the VA in Boise!

David Leatherbury

The staff here is the most professional care team I could ask for; I am grateful that I have the privileged to have this type Veteran Resource. Thank you.


The Boise VA has always been awesome for me! I don't have to wait long for an appointment and the people are always friendly. I go to the VA for all of my medical needs. On the other hand, compensation and pension (Comp and Pen) are the worst part of the VA. The mental health evaporators are rude and you can clearly see they don't want to be there. It's just a "stepping stone" so they can get certified and move on. One of them kept asking me "is that true" after every thing I said. Horrible people.

Thomas Schuster

I seriously cannot say enough great things about my foot doctor at the Boise VA! Dr. Lowe is an absolutely outstanding Doctor, Who not only does great work but goes above and beyond to help all of his patients. I highly recommend his work! He is seriously the best doctor I've ever been seen by. Thanks Dr. Lowe for all your hard work!

Corey Gibbs

Dave Rothermel

Well treated.

Frank Schmitt

they are very friendly and helpful. they got me in and set up very quickly.

Anne Hedelius

Jeanne Darlow

The medical staff here have always treated me with care and respect. Sometimes I feel as if treatment may be dated but I blame that on budget, not this caring staff.

Rodney Van Peursem

Worked good

Ashley Nicole

Troy Oss

I am so greatful for the Boise VA. They have always treated me with kindness and compassion. They are hero's for what they do to help us veterans. They truly care.

Michael Dulaney

From out of state but had to go to the ER . Was treated great and staff was great

Kevin Colleran

Outstanding care & Great staff. I feel very fortunate.

Forrest Moranda

Staff has been awesome. Only downfall is 2+ months to see certain specialists.

Peggy Zumwalt

Horrible female veteran care. The Mental Health staff make you feel more depressed when you leave. Thank God I can use my husband's Tricare and see real doctors.

Julianne Morris

A lot of employees here make it feel like veterans are an inconvenience. But the four stars goes to the Women's Clinic, they're amazing.

Adrianne Boyd

Robert Wilson

I have been filing formal complaints about the Boise VA Medical Center for years now. The VISN-20 director and other management staff have taken nothing but a blind eye and a deaf ear to the complaints. These organizations (Boise VAMC and VISN-20) willfully and knowingly violate Federal laws regarding the "Reimbursable Travel Program" and placing Order of Behavioral Restrictions against veterans because they exercise the 1st Amendment rights to speech, expression, and filing grievances. They violate the Mission and Value Statements. These are nothing but words on a piece of paper. These people have a complete disregard for Veterans and their rights.

Jeffrey Gruenberg

Adam Schlekeway

Mike McCoy

Staff and front line personnel are great (5 stars for them). The reason for 1 star is that the higher ups are more concerned with saving money than giving the best care for vets. I’ve had serious GERD for years and tried various medications but they all either don’t work or upset my stomach, etc. The only thing that has consistently worked is Aciphex, but it cost more because there’s no generic brand. So, V.A. allows me to suffer and increase my risk of esophagus cancer (which would cost more to treat in the long run). Once again as a Vietnam vet I feel pushed aside, this time because of a financial issue (and perhaps the OLDER you are the less they care). Powers to be in the V.A administration tie the hands of the doctors and PAs who try to treat their patients. Mine is currently a relatively minor issue, but what about fellow vets with more serious issues who aren’t getting proper care? I’ve talked to some of them who are very frustrated but will never post a review.

Rob A

Worst VA ever. Wish there was a ZERO star for this rating system. Even the patient advocate is rude and no help.

Honestly Honest

The VA is great better than most VA's across the country,just parking is a pain in the rear.

Emma Ann

My father in law has been going here for several years now. They have gone above and beyond, to ensure the upmost care for my father in law. I recently took him to the Valor Hospital in Emmett. That was the biggest mistake. They were not looking to find a cause, only to treat a current problem. I had him sent to the VA, and they did their best to find a problem. A giant thumbs up for all they do. Everyone is so kind, compassionate, helpful, friendly, courteous, and dedicated to their patients. I HIGHLY recommend all Vets, to go here. They will take care of you.

Jada Edwards

The Boise VA Hospice, (BLDG 121, 2nd floor) showed compassion, great respect and sincere kindness for my father, as he was dying. The entire staff far exceeded our expectations and showed exemplary medical and people skills. A truly amazing group of people. We will be forever thankful for these “angels on earth”.

John Woodward

The veterans service is getting better and better as they are constantly improving their medical program.

Allan Anderson

Zak Kerekesh

Take a day off of work if you are planning to go to the pharmacy, otherwise plan for a 4 hour lunch. 1 hour to find parking and 3 hours to wait for the pharmacists to fit you in between breaks.

Chris C

It's ok as far as any government facility goes. It's disheartening when applying for disability benefits to find out from the reviewing doctor that your claim is denied before you even arrive at your appointment. As far as health care goes....the 5 star reviews I suspect are from family members of veterans who are relieved to finally have a terminally ill parent or spouse taken off their hands. The care provided is no different than the care we were provided while on active duty with one exception. That being they could care less if you get you seen in a timely manner because they won't have the IG breathing down their necks. Parking has improved but the entitled ones who don't get enough validation at home and feel the need to put 50 Vietnam Vet or Iraqi war stickers all over their car and park sideways taking up 2 or 3 spots or park in the motorcycle spots still make it difficult for the rest of us. The VA police will tackle a 90 year old vet with a walker in front of the main door for whatever reason but won't write a parking violation. Go figure. Uncle Sam is not your friend!

Scott Marshall

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