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leeann mcguire


Laura Damon

I been going here since I was a child I am now 33 yrs old with my own children I've had to literally argue with one of the front desk ladies several times just to get my newborn seen I at one point even had to take him across the street because she refused to help us, I love the Doctors but in order to get back into see them is the hard part

Amy Peterson

Great Staff!

Robert Wright

Great clinic. Great personnel, very caring and concerned about there patients.

Kayla Cocobear

I have been going here sense I was a child and I feel almost part of a family here, but it took them over 10 years to find out that I had something wrong with my thyroid, and it was only after I started going to Dr. Beckette. We sat down to talk about my son while I was pregnant with my daughter and right away goes, "Did you know you have an enlarger thyroid?" Nope no idea, turns out there was something growing on it. There are some amazing doctor and nurses there that truly love, their job, and their patients. BUT the waiting room, is a JOKE I have actually left and gone to the joke of a hospital up the road before. And to get an appointment with the good doctors... yeah right, one month later is normally the soonest. Also there are a few employees in that place that need to work on being more warm and inviting, and not make it seem like they are miserable. The other thing is I have bad back pain, but have yet to find a doctor there that will actually try and help either manage the pain or fix the problem. In fact when I ask for something for the pain they will tell me, "I don't see that to be something you REALLY need right now." As if I'm some pill popper! I have two cracked vertebrae! So they are clean, professional, and for the most part friendly, but sometime not so helpful. If you get the right doctor and nurse there you can't go wrong, BUT if they aren't great, they're horrible.

Josh Elison

Great doctors! Would recommend this clinic to anyone. Never disappoints.

Derek Mathews

While the doctors and medical providers seemed very good and competent on every occasion I experience extremely long wait times (2+ hours). Staff didn't seem to really care when I informed them I would be going to another provider.

Brittneys McCurdy

Daniel Elkins

Kyle Skinner

The doctor prescribed a medicine that my nursing wife couldn't take and then did not return her call for over a week to try to get a new prescription. He then prescribed something that the pharmacist explained wouldn't actually treat her problem. Again, we had to wait over a week to get any sort of response from the doctor. We can't believe the terrible service from this facility. We've moved to a different medical provider.

Reba Gabbitas

I have been going here for years they are crowded and almost always busy and yes wait time can be a pain for the walk in appointments. But that does not stop them from giving you the best care deserved. the Doctors actually care and are very personable. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Grimmit and Barney are truly great. Also I have never once had an issue with the front desk people or nurses, Shilo is so sweet. I really feel like myself and my family are taken care of here.

Jennifer Thompson

Kassidy Coburn

Doctors and specialists great....the office staff are not very nice. You would think with special circumstances they would be more helpful especially when the doctor was aware of the need (time sensitive) and told us to come in.

Jeremy Nelson

Phebie Davis

Nhaiza B.

Billing department has no emphaty! You should reread and restudy the attitudes you should display to the career you choose!

Robin Bartell

Drs there are great except Mosher he wouldn't treat my cold and was rude about it!!!

Lori Rieck

Billing department is horrible. Had a baby @ bingham - got a bill from BMC for being seen by their doctors. Called and gave them our insurance info. They said they'd bill them. Got a letter 2 months later saying they were sending it to COLLECTIONS! Called again asking them to please bill our insurance. Got another bill 1 week later and they STILL had not billed our insurance. Now I have to call again and HOPE someone does their job and bill my insurance!!

Linda Anderson

Dr. Fackrell tell me how you diagnosed our friend with throat staff infection and not even a month later they find out it's stage 4 throat cancer. Obviously need to reavaluate. That's 2 wring diagnosis in 1 month.


Nice atmosphere. Walk-in anytime it's open. I recommend making an appointment, it cuts down the waiting time to get to a room and see a doctor. Sometimes even with an appointment the wait can take awhile.

john davis

Horribly long wait especially with only people in the lobby got in a patient room fast in minutes then still sitting waiting without speaking to or seeing the doctor over an hour later.

joseph perry

I think it's ok but some of the doctors can be a holes lol

Kathie Payne

Jorge Rivas

Craig Stephenson

They almost killed me becsuse they failed to call in a precaution m


This place is a joke! Good luck ever getting your records or billing right and on time and if you need blood work they are guaranteed to blow a vein. If you have the means or a choice go to Idaho falls. This " clinic" should be shut down by the state for breaking the law and negligence.

Tedina Mains

I absolutely love Dr. Gus Grimmett. He actually cares for his patients. He is great

Zach Newbry

They have done well with the remodel. The only problem is having to wait over an hour to get into a room.

Robert Taylor

While the staff was exceptional in handling a medical emergency, billing is another situation. I was self pay due to Obama. When receiving the bill I received a flat rate with no indication on specific charges for the equipment, doctor and so forth. Have called several times to get an itemized billing with no success. There has to be something that they can do for non insurance billing for the customers.

Sherrie Walker

Doctors are ok. I like Gus, a lot. But the office staff are practically illiterate, incompetent, unprofessional, and down right stupid. Their attention to detail is so lacking that it is scary. I won't be back. EVER.

Brenda Brundy

Bre Lum

A very nice medical center. It is close to the highway and very large on the inside. There is even a pharmacy in there. We go to see the cardiologist there. He is part of the Idaho Falls group. Everything is clean and it is easy to check in, as there are many desks to talk to someone.


Rude front desk staff. I just had a sick foster child, Elsa was so rude, refused to help get a healthy connections referral for a sick baby to be seen. Very impatient and condescending. Wasted my time. I came across the street to the other urgent care, they are much nicer. They helped with referral paperwork and were kind in a frustratung situation.

Sheila Ibarra

This is my place to get melical

Rebecca McCoy

Always clean, usually quicker than most clinics, knowledgeable staff.

KendrA Hill

Quality care and the Drs listen

LaRon Johnson

Great medical care.

Karina Cerna

Dr.Beckett has been such a wonderful doctor I just love how he cares feels good to have a amazing doctor!!!!

Angela Monson

So a little update. Last week I posted how Dr. Fackrel wouldn't see my sister to give her her results of her blood test cause she couldn't afford another 100 dollars in 1 month and she needed to pay it in 2 payments he refused her and sent a nurse in to tell her a serious condition. Then I posted a bad review and a couple hours later he called her and said "I'm sorry I tried catching you" B.S. well we just seen a wonderful DO doctor and come to find out she doesn't even have what he told her she had. WTF!

Nikki Hatch

The Dr's here are amazing!

Susie Moreno

Long wait time

Julia Phillips

Joy Taylor is amazing and caring.

Brooke Rathbun

Can you get medical care here? Maybe. Can you get it in a way that makes you feel like a valuable patient whose medical concerns are a top priority? Absolutely not. I made two in-person requests six days ago and no one has gotten back with me. Called two days ago trying to get the same info and was forced to leave a message, and still no return call. Also, have been waiting five days to hear the results of an ultrasound. The systemic incompetence and lack of urgency of this practice presents a real medical risk to individuals with undiagnosed conditions. My husband and I are in discussions about whether or not to get me an apartment out of state in a strong medical community where I can get the attention and expertise I truly need.

Kasie VanBuren

Not the fanciest but good doctors, not in it just for the $$! the only reason i didnt give them a 5 star is because of their billing process/department. 3 times within 1 year i have been sent bills stating i owe them my copay when i always pay it upfront. i have always had proof to show that, so they can get it cleared up but getting a hold of them in the 1st place is a joke. i end up having to leave work early just to go in there and talk to someone to get it cleared up because they work the same hours as i do and billing no longer answers their phones instead you have to leave a voicemail and they will call you back sometime. lets hope you dont miss their phone call because of work or something, cause the cycle repeats itself, im on phone call #6 today!

Roger Davison

While my family and I enjoy the physicians we have seen at the clinic, I am amazed they have stayed in business with the poor communication they have with their patients/customers! I have called my physician several times about different issues, and almost never received a phone call back. My daughter called to make sure a NP was going to be in when she was home from college, was told that the NP was going to be there, only to show up and be told the NP wouldn't be in until tomorrow!!! Very frustrating!

Theresa Ahrendts

Simply Love Joy!!!

lige rose

Absolutely have no complaints. Yes, there's a wait to see Dr Beckett and Soucie. See them once and you'll understand why. Dr. Soucie is always helpful and kind. The doctors frequently gain the other doctors opinions. 5 stars no question.

Heather H

We LOVE Dr. Beckett at BMC! He is the best doctor we have ever been to for our kids. My daughter is 6 and we have been to 5 different doctors. Dr Beckett is by far the best. So why am I only giving BMC 3 stars? We wait for a minimum of 30 mins to see the doctor, usually it's more like 1 to 2 hours. It takes them at least 15 mins AFTER my appointment time to get me into the appointment room, then another 45-75 mins just to see the doctor. If it wasn't for Dr Beckett and the trust we have in him, we would be gone. If that wasn't bad enough, billing is also a joke. We got told at an appointment the other day that we weren't eligible for our insurance. I knew for fact we were eligible and told the lady at the desk that. The lady at the desk then lectured me on how it was my job to stay in contact with my insurance, not hers and we were not eligible according to their system. She than tried to make me pay if full for my appointment. Appointments are hard to come by with Dr Beckett, I didn't have money to pay in full, but I wasn't about to walk away. Luckily, I have secondary insurance so they let my kids in without payment. Well I called our insurance and as I thought, we are eligible, BMC is just filing it wrong. We called to let BMC know that and they told us how they do it works, it will just show up as "ineligible" the way they do it. If BMC billing knows it shows up as ineligible why are they not passing that a long to the front desk ladies? I do not appreciate being lectured about being ineligible and almost being forced to pay in full, because of a glitch in the BMC system, especially since our insurance said if they would call them directly it would show up as eligible. We have also received many bills saying we owe them payment in full, when they haven't even billed insurance. When I call they say "oh yea, for some reason they didn't bill insurance, we will do that." Why in the world wouldn't you bill insurance in the first place when we have TWO insurances on file? If Dr Beckett was not at BMC we would be long gone.

Shellie Harding

Been going to this clinic for years. Yes. It's a wait to save $100's and not go to the hospital. X-Ray my hand and I was in and out in 2 hours. My family really like the staff when we need help.

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