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terri rahn

My husband was brought to Bingham hospital by ambulance on Tuesday he wa very close to losing his life from gallbladder/ sepsis while traveling from Montana to Nevada. From the first responders to the emergency room to ICU to the second floor of this great hospital we had nothing but the best care! Dr Tammy Fouse was amazing as well as all the ICU staff, the techs right down to the cleaning people. I would like to be able to remember all the nurses names to thank them personally however there were too many. The care, the kindnesses and the overall experience was amazing! I would like to thank everyone involved with my husbands near death experience for all they did and tell all you readers we give this hospital 5+ stars. Thank you Corina Knight (nurse) for your kindness toward us you are truly a amazing person.

Cat Gurl

None of the people working act like they wanna go out of their way to help. Just little things, blankets, ice small questions. Like you are putting them out for asking the littlest questions. Alot of Passing the buck. ...I'll get this person, I'll ask this person. I dont get it. It's like know one knows anything about anything. Not even how to find an extra blanket. This was on 7/20 noonish. Come on people, know your job, be helpful and for Gods sake, just make a decision.

Zap Rowsdower

Just had surgery here, went to pharmacy to drop off my prescription and the pharmacist took my prescription from me and doesn't believe the doctor gave it to me, it's been 5 days I've been in pain now, unprofessional rude women in that pharmacy!.

Crystal Alexander

If I was bleeding out in the street and this was the only hospital I wouldn't go here. If I was a doctoral student studying medical and insurance fraud I absolutely would go here. If I could give this corrupt hospital fewer than zero stars I would. I would definitely send my worst enemies here. I feel sorry for doctors who are tied to this money grubbing excuse for a medical establishment. If you do go here make sure you study unnecessary medical testing first, and print out a list of of what unnecessary tests to watch out for. You might also want to make sure you have an attorney on retainer first. But the parking and cafeteria are great.


I stayed overnight after surgery. The cardiac care unit during recovery was inattentive and rude. I was visited mostly by a student nurse. They wheeled me into my room. There was no bed. They had to go find a bed while I waited for 90 minutes. My room didn't have a phone and the tv was broken. This was a frustrating experience. Especially considering the amount of money this facility is being paid. They came in to give me my heart medicine and called it a multiple vitamin. I had to correct them. The male nurse who was up from the ER was insulting, loud and rude. This was the worst example of "care" that I've witnessed in my 45 year career in health care.

S.H. Brooklyn NY

Sounds like a lot of people had bad experiences at this facility. I'd have to see it in person to make an informed opinion.

robert halford

Have an appointment at this hospital this morning and I have already been told to go to 4 separate building all of which were wrong, and now that I have finally made it to admissions the person bringing people in has already skipped over me to bring in people who have just arrived. Very poor customer service

Christian Pass

Great hospital

Irene Crook

Every time I have been to the Emergency Room, I feel like the doctors and most nurses Act like Its A burden your there, when it comes to a blanket or something little they act like you just stole there last cookie. Ive actually had A nurse ask me why I didnt just wait tell the Clinic Opened because I did not have a medical emergency, my child just had the flu

jade hoopes

I went to the er for a broken tooth although not dentist the dr was very helpful dr Jensen actually cares if you're in pain and doesn't treat you like a drug seeking addict if I could give him 10 stars I would. The nurse also was very kind and fast in and out in 30min

Laura Hiner

Long wait in the ER, inattentive staff, difficult to work with billing office.

Caitlin Gardner

I saw Dr. Manjunath for neck and shoulder pain. He suggested I have cortisone shots. At my office visit he specifically told my husband and I it would be $800 per shot, which we found is the going rate for this type procedure. He told us the only option was to have the procedure done at Bingahm Memorial Hospital. We thought that strange, as doctors typically perform those procedures in their office but, considering he had given us a quote of $800, we had no reason to question it. I had the procedure done, and went back within a month to have the same procedure on the other side of my neck. My insurance required 2 on each side in order to pay for an ablation procedure (which the doctor recommended for long term relief). I had 3 cortisone shots before I received the first bill, which was approximately $4,000 per shot! I was shocked, considering the quote I had been given. I inquired and was told because the procedure was performed in a hospital, it was appropriate to charge that amount. The amount I had planned on from the doctor's quote was $160 out of my pocket, which was 20% of $800 (doctor quote). The doctor was not quoting after insurance pays because he hadn't had time to inquire into my insurance , as he never left us alone in the office between the exam and quote. I both called and wrote a letter to the doctor explaining all of this and asked for him to correct it, to which he ignored me. After receiving the nearly $13,000 bill from the hospital (3 shots), I also wrote them a letter explaining the situation. Again, I was met with resistance. The insurance paid their portion, but I was stuck with a huge bill I could not have anticipated. The hospital finally gave me a small discount, but was not near enough to help solve the issue. I have excellent credit and have always paid my bills. I found another doctor in Logan, Utah who performs the same procedures Dr. Manjunath does in the neck. The Logan doctor performed both a cortisone shot and ablation on my neck, and both were just a fraction of the cost the Pocatello doctor charged - after insurance paid, it was $60 for the cortisone shot and $100 for ablation. This is likely attributed to the fact he did them in his office, not a hospital. I would caution anyone dealing with Dr. Manjunath or Bingham Memorial to get all quotes in writing and stay away from doctors who insist on doing a procedure in a hospital that is typically done in a doctor's office. This was very deceptive, as I was never given any indication it would cost more as a result. I feel this demonstrates taking advantage of people who are already in a vulnerable state. My itemized bill included some things as small as a tiny sponge used in the procedure costing a large amount. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

redneck Hagan

Sarah Given

I go to the pain clinic. And I'm treated like a criminal. I do everything right to their contracts and still belittled to fill like scum

Sandra Weston

Thanks you Bingham Memorial! We appreciate having a high quality hospital in our small town.

Koji Supaida

Looks pretty. Acts pretty. You'll learn real quick where they get the money to do that.

Leasha Christensen

Billing is absolutely horrible. They charge you for things covered by insurance, send you to collections after you have paid an account off in full, and are completely incompetent. Now that they took over the womens clinic, I guess I'll be looking for a new gyno.

Cindy Neumann

I switched to Bingham from Portneuf and it's 99% better in every way possible. I also used in the last past the pain clinic across the street. The draft. Offices are across the street at the professional building. But, I believe the doctors really do want to handle their patients painand is the Idaho laws asking with the Republican party running things. I went back to my home State, where I see as a Dr there who didn't treat people like what you've been through. A hundred percent the feds used to try to paint the suffereing people the way you've been treated, but the tides are changing and now the pressure is on the drug manufacturing and the doctors who prescribe to those attending their pain clinics. It's just a shame they didn't catch the problems with the oxy meds ten to fifteen years ago. But to now be using these tactics to try and shut down all avenues where the help comes from is a pathetic service for up the treatment from any one of us seem in the medical setting has become cruel situation. Still no community is for treatment of pain and they at least pretend they're not. you can plan on this type of treatment. just remember it's them not you. i am educated and have narcan in my home for any potential of overdose, but this isnt ideal. there singing to the choiar and to the masses of uneducated people. i should know my daughter passed away two years ago of an overdose in a care center who was supposed to be looking after her. what you'll never get over it's having her gone and the worse part is she died alone in the floor. this breaks my heart over and over on an endless loop. then the cover up began. Don't lose heart my friends. There are still good docs in this world. Maybe not in Idaho but where you'll have to find a better team. I have RA,Lupus, along with immunity problem and it really sucks.

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