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164 S 5th St, Montpelier, ID 83254

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REVIEWS OF Bear Lake Memorial Hospital IN Idaho

Julie Nelson

Best care around. Not just for a small town but compared to any facility we’ve been in.

Rick Stirling

Outstanding hospital services in a small town.

Jack P1234

Dr. Jacobson is the best doctor around! No doubt about it, he is great! 10/10. 5 stars

Mitch Maxwell

My father in law was diagnosed with melanoma. Due to a lack of care on bear lake memorials end it has now traveled to his brain. I hope you are all satisfied. Do. Not. Go. To. This. Hospital.

Brian Austin

Unless it's a life-threatening situation, you should just drive to Logan.

Devan Rich

Had to visit the ER after an ATV accident. The staff was very helpful and kept me well informed. Very impressed. Hope I don't have to visit again but I'm grateful for those who took care of me.

d Johnson

I was in a truck wreck 03/09/2009..700 plus miles from home..I was taken to this hospital. My back was found to be broken..I have nothing but great praise for the complete operation of the hospital!! They are the very most caring human beings on the planet!!(I know because my late wife was hospitalized several times here in Kansas)the nurses went completely out of there way to help me..they even personally laundered my clothes so I would have cleaned clothes to fly home..the whole staff starting with the cleaning person,office personal,nurses kitchen staff,(gave me extra bacon every morning)and families,to the administrator of the hospital came and visited me...i am so blessed to have been taken to and taken care of by BEAR LAKE/Montpelier Idaho Hospital!! david johnson

Cris Biggs

Glenn Lackey

#1 - I called front desk 8 days ago asking for an itemized accounting of the charges (on my insurance statement), lady said "I'll send it out today", I still haven't received it. #2 - My local pharmacist called Dr. Cranes office to renew my medication, Dr. Crane was "out of town" and his office apparently made no effort to have another Dr. renew this; pharmacy had to call again 7 days later.

Brock Calhoun

Had a dirt bike wreak a few years at 70 mph went to the ER got a nurse assistant MOSS PA which is strange he would be working as an ER doctor probably not legal he told me i was fine nothing wrong sent me home with a concussion and 3 destroyed vertibray in my neck. had debilitating migraines for years now recently found out it was from the wreak from an actual doctor in Logan utah took him 15 minutes to figure that out my advice to anyone is never go to bear lake memorial unless its to see the only real doctor they have there which is doctor Cambell hope Montpellier never looses him or this town's in serious trouble

Lee Philips

Went in for a poisonous spider bite. The staff and doctor were very attentive and quick. But more important, were genuine and natural, no corporate statements or B.S. When you’re rushing to Emergency you don’t consider choices, you just GO! But it’s nice that these people were so good.

trip sixmare

Shay Valena

Very upset with the hospital

Jenni Springer-Allan

If there was a word that conveyed bottomless depths of gratitude, coupled with inspiration, hope, and humility, I would be using it here. Doctor and Launa Campbell, and the entire nursing staff this last weekend were incredible. Having baby #4 I never could have anticipated that anything would go out of the ordinary for this labor. However that is far from the way it happened, and after a very slow, long and stalled labor they were still compassionate, and very patient with this tired, hormonal mama. They allowed me to decide what I felt was best for my unborn child and myself while presenting medical facts in a way that was tender but clear. After hours of stubborn exhaustion on my part I chose a Csection and Dr. Campbell and his team preformed flawlessly. At almost a week postpartum now I could not imagine that I would feel as good as I do, just having had a major surgery. The nurses the whole time were compassionate and caring and I will regard them as friends for years to come. This hospital took a girl who was jaded against Drs and hospitals in general and turned that all around. I will forever be grateful.


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