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REVIEWS OF Tripler Army Medical Center IN Hawaii

Gia Johnson

My whole pregnancy at tripler was amazing. They go above and beyond, and if theres anyone or anything you dont like, they will do what they can to accommodate your requests. I was blown away by how wonderful everything was despite the terrible things I had heard. They took such wonderful care of me and my new son. God bless the staff of this place.

Sampsun Smith

Had to arrive 45 minutes early to allot time to find the entrance I was supposed to go in from due to the severe lack of direction on signs. Once parked on the side of a road almost a quarter mile from the hospital, I began my walk. Pleasant views the whole time. The staff ( for the laser eye surgery briefing) seemed all together annoyed to have to be at work on Friday. Questions were answered with inflection and choice words seemed to belittle everyone. The crowd learned quickly to not ask any questions for fear of being ridiculed. Quite a painful experience.

Sapphire Smilez

Absolutely horrible there is this guy by the name of Ed works on the 6th floor ultrasound department. Ed has the most disgusting unprofessional attitude I ever witnessed in a medical facility. He rescheduled my appointment after taking walk ins before our appointment. He rolled his eyes a lot and acted very flamboyantly sarcastic. He had bad breath and he kept passing gas.

Ashley Bustamante

Very nice hospital

Audrey Gomez De Hoyos

Seem nice friendly caring personeel

Paige Wilson

A great place to come if you want your time repeatedly and continually wasted due to unlisted training hours, Dr who dont listen, therapist who are only RN and "more here just to prescribe pills"

Dillon Bene

I brought my buddy here at 11:46, mouth swollen and hands little puffy, some kind of allergic reaction. We have been waiting for 3 going on 4 hours and honestly the worst service possible. How is it possible that it takes 4 hours to get seen for an allergic reaction, like this place is “straight garbage bro”.

Jay Mazur

Was assigned there back in 1978. For medical school.

Michael Williams

My wife is a sergeant in the US Army. She is also a mom away on training because of her job. She hasn't been able to pump because she's been training she needed to go to the hospital for assistance and was repeatedly sent from ER to ER. To make a long story short, my wife is now sitting in the hotel room crying her eyes out because no one will help her. Never been to this Hospital but from the pictures online it doesn't look like a small Hospital. You mean to tell me that no one in the entire Hospital knows how to help this woman with mastitis?!? She repeatedly was told that she was not a priority.

Ben Moon

As a retired, disabled vetern paying for Tricare Prime, you would think that you would be taken care of. NOT TRUE here. I have been working in Medical facilities for over 20 years. Naval hospital San Diego, St. Francis in Hawaii, Straub in Hawaii, Womens and Children in Hawaii and Tripler is by far the worse hospital of them all. It is filthy and the most of the staff does not care about their patients. Several times I have called for renewal of meds and was told no problem, it will be ready for pickup in two to three days. I go on the fourth day and NO perscription was even put in. Several times when I show up for appointments, I am told that they cancelled the appointment due to unforseen reasons. I contact customer service and get no return call. The only way to be seen in a timely manner is through the ER and then you spend several hours. If you go to the ER, do not let them sedate you, you may wake up without an arm or a leg when you went in to get a small cut sewn up. I am writing this review because NO ONE, including the commanding officer wants to take responsibility.

Jc Wright

The level of medical care from the Army Docs and Civilian docs here was amazing. Shout out to interventional radiology, y'all are great and did great work on my neck. Also, what a great place to have surgery!

Brandi Tinsley

I am rating about the ob gyn apt line. The first lady I spoke to was very polite and respectful. She told me I could make an apt for 8 or 9 I chose 8. Well I had to reschedule to 9 in order for my child to go to childcare. So I called back not even 10 mins later a different lady answers very rude. She didn't ask for my name or birthday just sponsor social. I told her I wanted to reschedule for 9 and she said that couldn't do that. I then said the last lady I talked to told me 9 was available, then she said let me you check!? After just telling me it wasn't available?? Anyway she said okay 9 and hung up. I called back after getting an email saying my apt was cancelled. I wanted to make sure I stil had my apt at 9 she answered. I say I just wanted to make sure my apt wasn't cancelled and that it's still at 9. She said yeah, it was cancelled, for 8. And now you have one at 9. She said this with a very condescending tone making me feel like a child. So I just said thank you bye and hung up. I use to be in the military, I use to work customer service jobs, made Apts all that. If I talked like that to anyone while on the job I would get my ass chewed out instantly. Someone needs to teach her respect.

Nicholas Skalecki

It’s a hit or miss sometimes. Seems all there staff have sections that have different standards. Worst experience my family had was showing up at 7:30am for a surgery, not seem untill 11:00 am then after 3 hours of a 1 hour surgery I was told they don’t know the status of my wife’s surgery, 30mins later told she was waiting 3 rooms down awaiting me to pick her up for a hour and a half and told her they called me. The doctors are great and do a great job. The staff beware, you might need to get someone in charge when dealing with them for some basic answers.

Rampage Rooster

My husband have the best extraordinary Neurosurgeon Doctor and team of doctors, nurses and staff at ICU Tripler Medical Center. They're the best of the best! I'm here 24/7 to see it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all for their lending hands, caring hearts and hard work.

Bernie Person

The doctors,medical staff and support personnel are excellent. Friendly, professional and helpful. The cafeteria is adequate- parking is awful during the regular work week.

Philip Storrer

We are without words to adequately thank the marvelous medical teams who, on March 16, brought our little 11-month old Gideon Green back to life - literally back to life...... We will never forget and will be eternally grateful for the indescribable life-giving care and love extended our youngest grandson, now on his way to what we are confident will be a "complete" recovery... Those who responded to the PICU CODE Blue that day know who you are... we don't know all of you but we praise God for your medical prowess that you applied so skillfully on our little Gideon's behalf. What a blessing it is this Easter to have this result... after 15 minutes in eternity and 6 days in an induced coma to perfect.. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts... From Team Green

William Martin

This place is awful! I came to the ER a few days ago and had some abcesses drained and two days later I am back because they are getting worse. But this time I am sitting in the waiting room for over 2 and a half hours and still counting. At least 20 people that came in after me have gone before me and the reason I am being given is that the only need to see a nurse and I need! Completely unsat!

Sydney G

Terrible service. Went to the ER because my Husband’s Sergeant told him to bring me there. I went there to wait for about 3 hours when I didn’t even need to be there in the first place, the doctor came in, told me I had Bronchitis, and gave me “Sudo Gest” and Ibuprofen and nothing else. I am only getting worst, my mucus has turned from lime green to a gray color and now I’m spitting up more blood. I would never go there again. I’d rather go to Straub, where they can give me antibiotics so I don’t get pneumonia.

Erica Smith

Why five stars ? The doctor's there saved my fathers life, more than once!!! Yes the parking sucks, and location may not be ideal for every one but T.A.M.C. is the largest military hospital in the pacific. This means they handle medical needs of millions over a large portion of the globe. Thank you to all who help them heal our heroes! My dad is one of them too!

Kodi Simon

Went to the ER on a Monday waited over 3 hours for no reason

Cecilia Mavrommatis

Great doctors, friendly staff and nurses. Tripler is usually busy, so leave as early as you can to make your appointment on time!

E Brumbaugh

All positive experiences. This is our second tour in Honolulu. Our primary care physician is very good and he and his office is proactive in our health care. Have had good experiences with both the lab and pharmacy as well.

Georg Curnutt

This hospital and I have some history together. I spent a few months of my life in here. The resources to medical help is astounding. I had about a 120 Doctor Team work on my "Bends". I had an injury considered irreversible with the brain injury included, but these guys went all out, and I have recovered tremendously. Thanks TAMC!

Sabas Peralta

Always be alert and briefed by the Doctors and Nurses on your case. , only you can make sure you get the right care by Tripler medical ! Ask questions ! If needed !

Alex R.

Its been widely called "Cripler". I've had too many bad experiences to write. Patients come out sometimes worse off and they are constantly shelling out money for mal.practice suits. Just don't do it. You're in Hawaii. Great doctors out here. Go civilian and be treated like a person. Don't let the military brainwash you into thinking it needs to be here.

Vanessa Sheldon

I have weekly appts. and my doctor is absolutely amazing. He is attentive and kind and has helped me considerably.

Carley Sponder

I recently was in the ER and than admitted at Tripler. I just can't express enough gratitude for the amazing nurses and other medical professionals. They were patient, thoughtful, and kind. They worked under stressful situations, crazy shifts, gross bodily functions, and sometimes rude or ungrateful patients, yet they never wavered. I don't know how they do what they do, but I'm so thankful.

elvis paulino

this place is terrible who ever is the C.O should jump off a building cause he isn't doing his job correctly.

Sidney Tamez

The last time i was at this hospital i was born, I want to find the doctor who delivered me, so i can find information on my father's side. Sean James Tamez.

John Meadows

Great health care

Larry Shaw

Every good hospital, thank each an every one of you for taking great care of...

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Excellent service at this hospital. Doctors and nurses were very friendly, courteous, and professional.

doyle taft

had aircraft soap in my eyes took 2 hours to get seen was Givin eye drops and they didn't even put anything on my record so when I went to the optometrist on Schofield there was no record showing that I went to trippler and found out I have dry eye won't be able to cry and will be prescribed fake tears worst hospital experience I've had

Courtney Hardman

This is the worse hospital I’ve ever been to in my life. The diabetes clinic seems to be okay, But the emergency room doctor was so horribly rude to me. We have 8 months before we PCS, and i honestly dread even setting foot in that hospital for anything ever again. I found an emergency clinic off base, close to outside the gate to go to instead. Broans urgent care, is extremely professional. I can’t understand why tripler can’t get it together. I was in the emergency room for a kidney infection at tripler, and the doctor that took care of me, was short with me, rude.. all while I was in so much pain. I went home and just wanted to cry. When your in the mercy of a horrible hospital, and in so much pain from a life threatening infection, you feel trapped. I think I’m going to be going to non military clinics where we go next.

Aaron Nicolas

I would not be around if it weren't for the doctors here! Thank you! We love the "pink hospital"

Abbigail Tondreau

Would give this place -5 stars if I could. Wouldn’t even take my dog here.

Jennifer Nunez

I bring my baby Yesterday because of fever and one diarrea episode. The Staff was great and the nurses. But the Dr. wanted to do a Catheter inserction to get a urine sample my baby girl just turn 9 months old and as a Mother and a Nurse I know the procedure and wasn’t comftable with it. For me was not necesary because I know there is another way less invasive to colect a urine sample. I told the nurse my feelings and she respect my decition. But the Dr. incist and make her an unnesesary ultrasound to see if there was urine on her bladder. Then the Dr. insist explaining the procedure what is his job I get that. I usually use my husbad to translade because this is my second language and sometimes is hard for me to communicate. What I found rude was the Dr. telling me to look at him on his eyes while I was talking. I look at him and say NO and add that I’m a nurse and know the procedure. I think they just want to do invasive unnesesary treatments sometimes just for the $$$. By the way at the end my baby labs came out ok and the urine test on the simple bag colector procedure came out just fine. The Dr. make me feel intimidated. My baby wake up this morning just fine thank GOD. And ofcourse if the urine test has became with not good results I would agree then to confirm with the Catheter insertion I know what I’m doing I’m a good Mom.

Tanner Peerey

I have been hospitalized here when I was pregnant, my first child was born here and was hospitalized later when he got really sick. My third son was also admitted to the pediatric unit here and he just reveived tubes in his ears today. I've been here enough times to give a thorough and well rounded review. Each and every time we've been here, the doctors, nurses and staff have been incredible. I've heard bad reviews of this hospital but I have never experienced anything negative here and am totally grateful for all they have done for me and my children.

Delois Andrews

I had a life changing experience at Tripler thanks to Dr Nemmers. She performed my strabismus surgery. I had been suffering from "lazy eye" for 46 years and finally was ready to do something about it. Many think this is just cosmetic surgery. This is NOT true as this condition can cause problems in life including double vision, lack of 3d vision and professional challenges..not to mention the low self esteem it brings because of the way people treat you. Since the miracle work done by Dr Nemmers my life has improved in so many ways. I can now finally drive because of my corrected vision. People show more confidence in my abilities at work, a must for my career field. I communicate better because I can make eye contact. The list goes on and on. Insurance companies as well as medical professionals should treat strabismus surgery and treatment as a much more than cosmetic. It is life changing or even life saving. Thanks Dr Nemmers for allowing yourself to be used by God to perform my miracle. Delois Andrews

Frank Marino

They saved my life, I would be dead. Very good staff.

Tanisha Blakely

Worse hospital ever. I pray I don't have to ever come here again. Made us wait 3 hours to see a baby who was Vommitting and had stopped breathing and then only came in for about 6 mins and did nothing but turn us away because they weren't a pediatrician. I am calling to dispute any charges to tri care because they did not see or help my baby at all they knew he was pediatrics before they took his vitals and made us wait. Worse place I've ever been

Madi Bumann

Went to the ER to have my infected septum (which had turned into an abscess) drained. They claimed to not see the abscess and that the pus was most likely “draining out of the piercing hole). I knew this was false because the piercing had been removed; therefore the holes had closed. I was in and out in five minutes after waiting two hours. When I got home I punctured the abscess myself and an ungodly amount of yellow pus came out of my nose. I was also prescribed clydamycin, and I was told nothing about it being dangerous to the stomach biome, so you need to take a probiotic. It did not say this on the informational paper I received either. Luckily I took care of a serious problem myself.

Joshua Lamborn

Busy place but awesome staff.

Jimmy Dinh

Quick and friendly medical care!

Ed P

I took my wife to the emergency room where a fast triage was done, she was placed in a timely manner and evaluated by a civilian physician almost immediately. She was treated with respect and after a complete evaluation the physician explained everything to us. I'm very happy with my experience in Tripler. I read many complaints in this website may be true, but many people in the military feel entitled. I wish that they have experienced inner city hospitals in Chicago or NY , possibly that opinion will change in a snap.

Heather Bahr

Horrible Providers and Management!! Good Providers List: Dr. Woodward: Neurologist.. he is for the patient and knows his job extremely well. Works fast and efficient!! Dr. Newman: conforms to the Politics but also stays on the side of the patient and provides great Physical Therapy Dr. Fuger: Telebehavioral Health...she is amazing and takes the time to listen and will accept any journaling or literature you have by scanning and making it HIPAA compliant and part of your medical records. She is amazing!!

Rahmel Merriweather

Awful i came to the emergency department following a knee injury waited for 6 hours to never see a dr and be called to his work area for my results instead of in my room. Week later i find out i have a torn acl and meniscus and needed to have surgery. Had the surgery returned to emergency department for surgery complications to sit in the Er for 5 hours with an iv in my arm with again no care. Worst medical facility i have ever been to. Charged for valet parking to not even have my car ever parked because i was in the wrong area. I recommend keeping tricare standard to be able to be seen by outside physicians

Cara Modugno

I had my daughter here in December. The labor and delivery unit was great. Supportive of my needs, especially with my very much needed epidural! My other experiences with the hospital have been both good and bad. I've had good pediatricians and met some not so good ones. My experience with a dermatologist was awful. She was unfriendly and unhelpful. It depends on what services you need, since departments are definitely better than others!

Thanesia Nelson

The most disgusting hospital hands down that I have ever been to. I have been here twice and every single time it seems all the staff members have a chip on their shoulders. The attitudes civilians have working with military and their families blows me. I’m sure if they were working anywhere else their attitude would not be this disgusting.

Shianna Waters

worse day of my life...i was in pain and breathing deeply in tears and the nurse was being ride saying i was hysterical...not when your throwing up blood and it feel like like chainsaws in your abdomen,i left upon being treated poorly.

Junea Renee'

Aww I remember this hospital when I was just a little kid (many moons ago), only way I would get my allergy shots (sugar cane burning caused asthma attacked) weekly is if my mom took me to the BIG PINK hospital for princesses. They treated me like a princess. Love seeing this, reminds me of the military facilities that truly cared about the family and its Military members....

StacyinMS Stacy

1989 I had my first Daughter I loved it there now my dad is ICU there where there taking good care of him

Allison Rios

A decent hospital, with decent providers. The hospital is huge, so it's easy to get lost. Parking is limited.

Patiently Waiting Diamondson MFA

Dental Podiatry and eyeglasses/eye care. Around the corner from Tripler Urgent Care on the Oceanside is VAMC MATSUNAGA. Be prepared to wait sometime. May be longer than You think. Perhaps VA CHOICE/TRI-WEST Insurance and permission to be seen by a specialist tens of miles from 1 Jarret Road and MATSUNAGA VA CLINIC would be better. Especially if Your illness is chronic and You shouldn't be forced to wait.

Julia Pavey

lots of helpful people that do everything they can to make your time with them as easy and enjoyable as possible. very professional and excellent service. I have been gone here since 2015 and I am very happy with everything they have done for me. the only thing is that you do need to give your self the time to find parking. Or be willing to pay for the valet parking. there is the Tripler Trolley that anyone can call and take if you find yourself parked to far to walk for you. very nice option to have available.

Matthew.1 Michael.1

Been in the military 15 years. Hawaii was my first duty station. Still talk about my Tripler experience to my junior servicemen as a cautionary tale. Had a surgery done on a broken wrist with pins inserted. Approximately 6 months of healing and rerehabilitation had passed before anyone considered my complaints of pain. Needless to say after practically begging for an MRI it was discovered within 5 minutes of the results that the bone connecting the wrist to the hand had also been broken, but not previously identified. Emergency surgery and one plastic bone inserted to replace the dead cell useless bone. I actually missed a deployment and had to change units as a result. That was just one of two misteps that took place at Tripler. Second surgery was for sinusitis. 3 years later and a new duty station/new civilian doctor I had to get it redone because (in the civilian doctors words) "they actually made it worse, we're these certified physicians?" In conclusion, I have had many medical experiences in my military career, most "military" medical is sub par, however, certainly tolerable and in my opinion i can't complain, but Tripler in the other hand is to be avoided like the plague. I can excuse the attitude and even the cleanliness, but gross icompentence is where I draw the line. I met my wife in Hawaii...we paid out of pocket to have our first child born in a civilian hospital...he is healthy teenager today. Google child birth mishaps at Tripler for a fuller understanding of that decision.

Devon Davis

We have had tons of problems with this hospital. The pediatrician my kids were assigned to wouldn’t lift a finger to test anything, treat anything, or write any referrals. My son had a stomach virus that lasted a week and a half, and had peed only twice in 24 hours, and the doctor refused to do IV fluids because my son “wouldn’t like it.” Well nobody likes getting an IV, but when someone is that dehydrated and has vomiting and diarrhea, refusing IV fluids is medical neglect. We couldn’t get switched to a better doctor for a while because they didn’t have availability, so we had to do a consult with a different pediatrician just to get basic referrals that we needed. I also got sent to the ER with flu like symptoms during pregnancy, /by a doctor in a different department/, and then the ER doctor refused to even do a flu swab, saying “it won’t make any difference in how we treat you.” Apparently being pregnant and having both small children and elderly in the house, isn’t a good enough reason to test for flu and prescribe tamiflu if the test was positive. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital to anybody, even if you could find parking without having to pay the valet $7.

NYC Global Communications

The greatest place around this island

Janet Mindoro

Could not ask for better service. Family member had chest X Ray that showed something in his lung. Had CAT scan 06-16, Appointment with pulmonary doctor 06-17, PET scan 06-18, pre-op 06-19, had procedure 06-24, MRI 07-01, Appointment with surgeon 07-07, surgery 07-08, follow up appointment with surgeon on 07-14 and have appointments for treatments on 07-17 and 07 22. Condition was caught early, issue was identified quickly, treatment is in process. Thank you to everyone at Tripler Army Medical Center.

Shaq Williams

Man of they don't take there sweet a** time with everything in the ER . I don't know how the process go but people be bout to die and it takes them 5 hours to be seen .

Lorie Ann Riley

Horrible!!!!!!!!! If I could give negative stars I def would !!!! I must say this is the absolute worst place. The ER is so dirty!!! Every single time me or my family went to the E R we waited a minimum of 4 hours. My daughter sat in the waiting room with 102 fever for at least 3 hours. No one ever checked on her. When I asked to speak to a charge nurse, they didn’t seem interested in giving any type of good customer service. The staff is rude and not helpful at all. Let’s talk about how nasty the rooms are and the waiting area. You feel as though you are going to get a staff infection just sitting there. This is so sad because with almost 30 years in the military, I have never seen anything like this place. I heard all the horror stories and wanted to believe that it was an over-reaction. It makes me so sad that this is the level of care we are getting here.

Vani Alston

Go online and read about law suits. Once you go there and get checked out you will know what everyone isn’t happy with this hospital. They do not care about the patients. From my personal experience. Safe your self and get a great doctor off post.

Marcus Waterman (STUDENT)

Markiplier was born here (:

Rose Barton

I was born here on august 27, 1964! My father who is now 90 yrs old served in the Army!!! Scofield barracks! 5 th Infantry platoon sergeant ! Thank you to all the brave men and women!

Von Dent

Outstanding service.


This was my first duty station in spring of 1984. Such good memories. Mahalo.

Rachell Murphy

Tripler is a joke. I went in as a transfer patient from another hospital. Because my symptoms were not as severe as when I arrived at the other hospital they didn’t even bother to give me decent medical treatment. I saw the dr once and was left in a room for hours with no updates or anything. Finally some other dr who had taken over and I had never seen gave me some random excuse and sent me home. I met once nurse who never checked on me unless the monitor was goofy which of course nobody bothered to actually see if the monitor might be right. They just kept re setting it till they got a reading that was “better” which tells me their monitors are either useless or their nurses don’t know how to nurse. Also their staff spends a lot of time chit chatting where patients can hear them. They should be careful what they say. The people in those rooms aren’t deaf or stupid. I would not recommend anyone to go there. If you have tri-care and can be seen at a different hospital you should. This hospital obviously earned its poor reputation.

T Burt

All of the bad reviews are true, believe them. Cripler does sound fitting for this place. Flood the ICE comments as much as you can.

Kelly Russell

My daughter had been admitted here for a week due to an extremery fast spreading infection in her leg. We have seen probably a dozen doctors and twice as many nurses during this time, and every one has been great or awesome. The pediatric floor has toys, a playroom, art supplies, and riding toys. We had a child life therapist with us during scary procedures to reassure my daughter and keep her calm. We are so thankful to have this facility available to us.

Brandon Wells

At the ER have been waiting for two and a half hours with symptoms only worsening. What’s the point of an emergency room if you have to wait all day to be seen?

Spencer Millen

This hospital saved my sister's life.


The Head Cardiologist Diagnosed my Wife as having a rare blood disease (1 in 200K) with a simple Cardiac MRI and knowledge of something she learn 10 years ago. She is a genius and she saved my wife's life! Oncology was a group of Loving empathetic people that made my wife feel as precious as she is to me. Every department expedited her too and through every appointment. Say what you want but Oncology and Cardiology are worth 6 stars. Word to the wise. Get there early and if you cant park close, park far and call the shuttle.

[Mia Cullen]

Markiplier was born here

Louise Youmans

This hospital continues to go further down the drain. My husband has been waiting 4 hours to get seen tonight. I have never been to a hospital with a 4 hour wait. Not to mention we haven’t been checked on, apologized to or offered a blanket since it’s freezing in here. I really wish we had another option for an emergency room as a military family on Oahu but we don’t. Edit just found out it’s because they have 1 provider working the er. 1 damn doctor. Get it together tripler.

Noah Wu

It's called crippler for a reason, but we don't have any other options... And there's never any parking...


Don't know what this place is except that Markiplier was born here so this deserves 5 stars

Edgardo Malbis

lots of helpful people that do everything they can to make your time with them as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Travis LaHue

I was born here. Love the staff. 12/10 would be born here again


Besides this medical center being a military hospital, this place deserves 5 stars because Markiplier was born here.

Renee Batongtong

So far before this week everything was awsome, for a week I've been waiting on my OBGYN doctors to give me a call about a letter I need for my lawyer I shouldn't of waited this long for a phone call, I've been threw 3-4 nurse explaining what's going on that all I need is a letter from the doctor saying I can't fly from Hawaii to Alaska with me being high risk at my first trimester, I don't want to risk anything and be thousands of miles away from my husband and family. 3 weeks now in Hawaii and I enjoyed triple, but for some reason this OB doctor taking forever, at least a phone call ! My PM I would call and leave a message and she would call me back asap if it the next day in the morning she was on point !

ellyssa bailey

well i was born there so yea i'm ALIVE because of them

Jasmin Muslimani

There are some good things about this hospital, but mostly not. The cafeteria had bugs In their food, employees don’t educate patients as they should. I know from expirence especially when they give you a med in the ER and I walked out throwing up because they simply didn’t say I needed to eat with it. Most of the Army doctors I’ve had will assume and question you and employees are not as sanitary as they should be.

jilebe rodriguez

U wait forever for ur appointment!! They will tell u they are running behind

Al Isaac

great military hospital I love it

Hope Flores

So far we have had a good experience with the hospital staff that we've encountered. As well as with the drs, nurses and surgeons we've encountered as well. We are mainly in the orthopedics part of the hospitals mountain side. Other than the "check in" staff specifically Peter Motoki being rude everytime, over the extent of 5 months. The overall experience has been great, cant let one bad apple ruin the bunch.

Ralph Reyes

Really I love you


I took my wife back for a 2nd trip to the ER as instructed by the discharging nurse from the previous visit because her symptoms weren't subsiding as quickly as they were projected to. She just needed an updated SIQ chit so she could go home and get more rest instead of working. Since there isn't a 1-800-SIQ-CHIT we came in to the ER again and told them that's all that she needed. When called into the triage nurses office, she again said what she needed, but a civilian doctor walked right in with no introduction and scolded her for not going to sick call instead. He reamed her out because she said that her pain was a 7 out of 10. He condescendingly said "10 is like being lit on fire. So, what is your pain level now?" She's never been lit on fire, buddy. The chart says 7 is moderate pain. She's IN moderate pain. Shut your mouth and treat the patient. Your doctorate doesn't give you carte blanche to say what you want you self-righteous prick. Maybe he should ask patient's pain levels using the 0 to on fire scale next time. After that interaction, she naturally said her pain rating was substantially less than 7 in order to diffuse the situation. There is no excuse for a doctor to talk to a patient like that. She was in tears after he left. I wish this guy's supervisor could have heard the conversations this POS of a doctor had with Jessika. Bedside manner is part of being a doctor, so maybe he should go to veterinary school. I think he'd be better at euthanizing animals anyway. Worst Hospital experience ever. If you have a good or bad experience in this Hospital make sure you ask for a survey from the reception staff. I'm sure the higher-ups would like to know how their staff are acting. Nothing will change for the better if you don't take the time to fill out a survey. You will probably be waiting for hours for any kind of care anyway, so you might as well fill one out instead of twiddling your thumbs.

J Butler

I've had several surgeries at Tripler - an ACL reconstruction and a hysterectomy being the "big" ones, and have not been disappointed with my care. I've landed in the ER for a horrible laceration, which was treated quite promptly (in spite of the fact that I waited almost 6 hours to even go to the ER at all) and appropriately. In fact, through all of the Tripler clinics my family and I have received care from, I've never had a bad experience.

Paul Navarrete

Parking first off is terrible. if you are injured or have any walking problems have someone drop you off at the entrance otherwise good luck going uphill. I saw a single soldier walking up the stairs on the hill in crutches and leg cast. terrible!!!

Reed Tanuvasa

I remember being born here was an amazing experience. Right out of the womb I was carefully washed, and then given to my mom. Then I remember my dad cut my umbellical cord. It kind of stung, but I am a tough baby.

mark young

they saved my life when i had internal bleeding, ruptured organ and septic shock in 2002. staff was friendly too. thanks a bunch!

Brian Hill

45 minutes driving still can't find parking. Looks like I got a half mile walk on crutches

Jasmin Tyler

This is the worst medical ever! They don’t know how to do their job and army people shouldn’t work in the medical field, I rather appreciate a corspman that is navy!!!! Had a miscarriage and nurse didn’t even know how to use an ultrasound to see my baby until so other doctor came in. Then they never call me for my blood test results! They suck do not attend this doctor ever!

Kennan Malsky

Live reviewing from the ER waiting room where I currently sit and wait as my my mouth is swollen from an allergic reaction, going on hour 4 now. Was told to let anyone know if my neck and throat start feeling swollen. Will keep live reviewing about the miserable patient care that is the Tripler Army Medical Center Adding to comment, I left the ER two hours ago to get my own Benadryl and they just now called me wondering where I went. Completely trash service.

Evan YOI

Takes a hour to find parking. They constantly reschedule appointments. I've been to bad hospitals before but Cripler is beyond bad and I'm stuck with it. They truly dont care about patient health or know anything about customer service. I wish there was somewhere else I can go. My daughter has had ear problems for over 6 months now and it has been chaotic trying to get her schedule for surgery. The lady that schedules it must be on leave because everytime we call or go up there she's not there. My wife is pregnant with our 3rd kid and is terrified of giving birth here. The hospital while I was deployed in Kuwait was better than them. UPDATE: They added more Stork parking, which has made a difference in parking so now my pregnant wife can get to her appointment on time. UPDATE: My wife just had baby here and our experience was great. The staff helped us and were extremely nice.

Brenda Peterson

Absolutely horrible there is this guy by the name of Ed works on the 6th floor ultrasound department. Ed has the most disgusting unprofessional attitude I ever witnessed in a medical facility. He rescheduled my appointment after taking walk ins before our appointment. He rolled his eyes a lot and acted very flamboyantly sarcastic. He had bad breath and he kept passing gas.

Rachel Cooper

Making an appointment is terrible! You end up playing phone tag for days when you really need to see the specialist....

Allesha Groom

Absolute worst in women's health. Not one provider has returned any phone calls or messages on relay health even after my PCM reached out and told them I needed help. When I did have a follow up appointment with a resident she kept me waitin for 40min in the exam room then came in and started talking about a problem that had already been resolved, when I corrected her and filled her in she said "well I don't know why you made this appointment at all since you clearly know everything" I responded by telling her that I was following the previous provider's advice-she rolled her eyes. Real professional. They also didn't inform me of abnormal lab results that needed to be followed up on nor were they able to answer my questions. The place is overrun with residents that have 0 tact and respect for their patients.

Nick T

My worst ER experience in 21 years of service. The staff is extremely rude and does not care about its patients.

Sheila Harris

Second oldest son was born there he was a blessing and I miss the place

Pastor David Pace Sr.

I've been going to the VA hospital at Tripler Army Medical Center since 2014,and I have to say that if it wasn't for all the wonderful care I received there, I would have died some time ago. I can never thank them enough for all they have done for me. May God bless you brother and sisters in Jesus Holy Name Amen.

joel cox

The most inept, inefficient & incompetent hospital I have ever been to. A "training" hospital that takes FOREVER to do a simple evaluation, schedules get mixed up and the Dr.'s are "Army minded" morons that just shuffle people through using PT and Ibuprofin when there are or could be serious problems. Don't go if you don't HAVE to. The U.S. military should be ashamed of how they treat their device men and women here.

Michelle Wilson

i went here for a while but

Daniela Tudor

Amazing i trust the doctors there and they know what they are doing

Steven Clifford

Staff is either overworked or inept at medical care. Lots of students training there, so you have to ask "what are you." If you do not ask, you can end up worst or in IC at another hospital. I or my family will not roll the dice with this hospital, so we go out of tricare prime. The emergency room is a Motrin farm, if you are not dying or have a lost limb you will be sent home with motrin naproxen etc... If you are lucky enough to receive a test or lab, it is a 50/50 chance that it will be read wrong. Just my personal experience.

Margaret Williams

Horrible, the ER has no organization, apparently if u come in saying your 7 year old kid can't breath but they have no signs of difficulty breathing and come back from x-ray happy to get stickers you will be seen right away. But if your 6 month old has a rising fever over 104 and crying expect to sit in the waiting room for 5 hours, then to be seen by a doctor for 5 min and finally take 90 minutes to get your discharge papers.

Nate Dog

Had our baby there. Nurses, staff were incredible. Not sure the hate, but we only used newborn and OB care

Dwanda Milledge

I lost twins here in 1978. Too, the OB-GYN gave me half the dosage of meds for a D&C, which caused me to become unconscious during surgery, and I remained unconscious for a week, lest losing all of my childhood memories due to this GRAVE MISHAP. It was absolutely horrible.

iain roskop

If i had a choice of any other hospital, ide go there because a 5 hour wait in the er is completely unnacceptable.

manuel u. Benitez

Why, even though I haven't been there since I was born there, but judging by the photos my father took there as a Platoon Sgt. E-5 and aerial and motion Picture Photographer during the Korea era from 51' to 54'. I'm still proud to have been there even if I don't remember, but will some day.

Ashley Ward

Other than the Complicated OB team, Neurology and Peds. This hospital is a joke. The ER team has told me I'm not dying so they won't help, General Surgery violated so many patient rights I lost count in one visit. Customer Relations brought in the party I complained against in what felt as an attempt to intimidate me against hiring a medical malpractice lawyer. I was left nude and exposed to other patients while under anesthesia and unconscious. Woke up to a man in the same room as me. The general surgery recovery nurse refused to cover me and injected me with unknown medication against my wishes. Brought it up to several doctors in tripler and they all tried to tell me it was because I was upset. Even though doctors at surrounding hospitals disagreed. But no one feels the need to do anything about it. Customer relations has my name and number and is aware if anyone feels like treating me like a human being.

Danielle Eno

i was born here and dont remember

Rose Martinez

This is the worst place to have a baby they really don't give a s*** about women here. They are rude and they make people feel stupid as if you don't know what you're talking about worst place ever

Phil Ventura

I'm not going to reveal my secret parking spot, but will say I'm impressed with the level of care available at Tripler. Plenty of food options make longer stays as comfortable as possible.

The Blissful Babywearer

I have many health issues and being military and then retired military on this Island my only option is pretty much Tripler. I have been accused of lying or faking my symptoms. I have had doctors say "well there's something wrong with you but we don't know what" and leave at that, refusing to continue seeing me. The ER is almost always a negative experience. It takes forever and most of the nurses and doctors are incompetent and rude. I have several times had to go in twice in the same day because they will send you home without doing many tests, if any at all. I have also been told to not come back to the ER several times, that they didn't want to see me. One time I even heard the nurses on watch GOSSIPING about my situation, saying very rude things, and I was right there! A cloth curtain can keep out your snide, judgmental comments? I think not! I must be fair to two doctors out of the many who are actually very good doctors, but needless to say, I'm looking forward to my husband getting out of the air-force and moving back to the mainland where I'll have more medical options.

Meagan Letourneau

I was born there via emergency C section in 1984. My Father was in another country at the time, but flown in asap after his CO received word that I was coming into the world.. I was not expected to survive the night as a 2lb premie.. But 35 years later im still kickin strong... They saved my life in August 1984... #80smilitarypremie

Cloe Coture

Staff is so caring it was a relief after being at Queens .

Diane Heisterkamp

My first child was born here before statehood. It was a great hospital then and I am happy to hear it still is!

Chris M

The best darn hospital on this island. Mahalo for caring for all of our great men and women serving America. Tripler No Ka Oi!

David Duncan

Love my military hospital. Parking is horrible though. Why Hawaii will not allow parking garages...and all that land could have beautiful gardens instead of pavement.

Wanda S. Merchant

Went here after automobile accident while my husband was stationed at Schofield. Was left in hallway on gurney for what seemed like an eternity. Also went here to get proof of MY MILITARY TIME-DD214.Not sure I was told to go to the right place.

Tammy Poteat

My 89 yr old mother woke up deaf yesterday. I called and explained and they let me bring her in today. There is a nurse in the Internal Medicine department named Hong and she was FANTASTIC! She squirted peroxide in my mom's ear over and over and finally was able to see a giant chunk of wax. When she pulled it out it was about an inch long and looked like a piece of bacon! It was SO GROSS, but after it came out my mom could hear again! Hong went above and beyond as far as I'm concerned and my mother and I are very grateful for her persistence. Dr. Hoffman was excellent, also! Thanks again!

Nicole Housley

Took my son to see a Pediatrician... not our regular one that we usually go to. I wanted to do a test to see if he had an underlying problem and he said, and I quote, " Wouldn't want to waist the Hospitals monies on something that couldn't be treated." Thanks so much for patient centered. total BS... I've also had to bring my children in at least 3 x's each to get them to look deeper into it and yep, there was ALWAYS something to be treated. I don't know if they are trying to save the Hospital $ or they're just lazy?

Jim Guzior

The place where Heroes (Active duty, Vets and families) are healed. This place is rated higher than ANY other hospital - military or civilian on the island. It is also rated among the Top 100 in the United States! LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII!!


i was born here here baby!!!

Bryan Monahan

Busy place long pharmacy wait but 99% percent of the staff at tripper are very friendly and professional and very knowledgeable

William Brown

I had a problem in 1982, I was taken to Tripler Army Medical Center we're I received excellent care and treatmen for my illness..

Scarlet Reinike

My son had his appendix removed at Trippler. They did an amazing job.

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