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Patrick Omori

AutoGyro Hawaii

Employees of the Pali Office in Aeia are disrespectful and Improper most offices make you sign a document to release your information to third parties not related to the service requested. be very Careful when you go to this service provider they will charge your insurance and you at the same time. (Double Dipping)

Erika Baez

Greg Z

Emergency Department Staff was the best! Prompt courteous service, caring staff, competent Physicians! I would only chose Straub Hospital as my choice for health care!


Very displeased with the "STRAUB CAFE" personnel, I am here for a family member being in the emergency room and wanted to get a bite to eat. I walked in at 20:55 and was told very dismissively and rudely that "Were are closed we need to clean up" by one of the female workers. I understand that you have a multitude of things to do and be on your way to your family but at least be a little sesnsitive and aware of where you work. I am here to take care of one of my family members and already in a stressful situation. I just wanted to get a small snack, maybe a already prepped sandwich and a drink to hold me over while I wait for news of what's going on. This would only have required you to ring up a transaction (2 minutes tops) well within the closing time of 9:00. I will definitely survive and can always grab something later but to be dismissed so rudely was uncalled for. Please do something to have the staff be more aware of the people/customers that they are here to take care of. Unnecessary added stress to an already tense situation.

Claudette Dutra

I was recently seen at the ER for severe pain and the entire staff was more than hospitable and very timely in treating me. They also followed up with me a couple days later to make sure I was getting better.

Fuji Bro

they do a good job of keeping you posted. Young enegetic ER Staff were very helpful.

P.J. O'Reilley

Straub is one great place...excellent physicians, outstanding service and up-to-date diagnostics. 'Been with 'em for forty years and I'm still going strong.

D V Tringali

They are more concerned about how many tests, labs, appointments and doctors they can schedule ($$$$) than they are about a patients well being.

Rudy Julian

Wee Comet

Last week, was flown to Straub from Kauai, by an outstanding Life Flight crew. Doctors, Nurses and Staff at Straub cared and comforted me during my emergency. Cannot thank them enough.

Leonard Wong

Extremely bad experience on scheduling with Dr. Chen cardiologist. Cancel appointment three times because "doctor will not be in office." It would seem that doctor's schedule was available when appointments were made. Total disregard for the inconveniences on patients.

Gul redassbaboon


I haven't been to a lot of hospitals but my overall general experience has been negative. The reasons range from bad manners to being understaffed which, of course leads to other issues. Straub is the opposite in everyway. Straub manages to be pleasant and efficient at the same time while providing top notch care.


The best care I have ever received. Dr. Luu is a great doctor and a great person.

Patrice Driver

If you are sick, go to Queens Hospital.

Patrick john Dolan

Greatest Hospital great doctors and dedicated nurses..

Irwin Maruoka

Nadya Rego

Doctor So-jin Lee didn’t know what is the heat rash and how it need to be treated to avoid further complications!!! Just google it! Seriously? we live in tropical climate!!! Very bad experience! There is big difference between sweat glands and lymph nodes. It was few months ago, I spend almost 3 hours with fever in office for nothing, running all possible tests showing nothing. And leave home without any good doctor advice. Google it or go back to school.

Andrew Tibbets

While on vacation - and Valentine's Day - my wife had to visit Straub's Emergency Room. Although originally surprised at how small the waiting area is for the ER, we were floored by our amazing experience with both the nursing staff and physician. You never want to go to the ER - especially on vacation AND Valentine's Day - however, my wife and i shared a toast over a late dinner for the amazing care she received. If presented the unfortunate need to visit an ER in Honolulu, go to Straub without hesitation.

Pat Reed

The entire staff was professional, knowledgeable and cared for me like I was one of their own family members. I am so grateful for their treatment and friendliness.

Levi Declan

They acted like I was on ice or paranoid when I told i was being harassed and stalked two days later I was robbed by my imagination i guess not all people are on drugs

Monty Roberson

My son got some bad food and we had to visit the E.R. ,it was the most pleasant experience we've had at an emergency room. Thanks to all who were professional and gave my son awesome treatment. Thanks again.


Although my friend acquired MRSA during treatment in the emergency room, he was given the best care in the hospital. The team of doctors and med techs are the best in Hawaii.

Brandon Green

Marcy Craddock

Had the unfortunate reason to visit here while on vacation. The staff were extremely friendly! Tests were quick & results reasonable considering a busy day there. Shoutout to Kim, Tyson, Dr Lew & Gary from radiology. Thanks for taking such good care of me!

Ron De Leon

Just completed a double hip replacement a few weeks ago. Every step of my experience was handled professionally and more importantly with my best interest in mind. From my initial consultation, to the pre-op discussions, to the day of my surgery and of course afterwards - every step was managed extremely well. The people are top notch, personable and caring and just over the top friendly. I would not hope for anyone to ever need a hospital stay of any kind but if it does come up and you need to pick a facility Straub would definitely be my first choice. Thank you everyone.

Renato Gabriel

Janine Burkhart

such a good clinic!! very professional def. worth the price!! they are super friendly and so nice with patients and really want to help! even as a foreigner without medical insurance they give discounts!

ryan franz

I don.t know WHAT???

Ermie Barroga Jr

Sharon Dobrovich

Dr. Chun installed my pacemaker in 2011 and I have to say it was a very pleasant experience. His staff is very friendly and Dr. Chun’s bedside manner is the best! Dr. Chun was so nice to place the pacemaker under the mussel so you can’t see it when I wear low tops and he made the incision behind my bra strap, even though you can’t even see the scar. I couldn’t be happier with a surgeon. I live on Maui and had to fly to have the surgery done and was back on a plane to Maui the same day. To top off my experience I received a “thank you card” from the staff and Dr. Chun!!!

Yero Balde

Antonia Galindo

Steve Apio

A Martinez

I was in pain and they helped me reduce it.

Jeanette Angela Novak

Gems Puffin

A wonderful, caring and professional experience from the get go. All staff were fantastic and I had to see a specialist in ENT. As a tourist I highly recommend this hospital as your point of call if anything arises on your holiday. 5 stars from me!

Al H

Short wait of 10 minutes for doctor, 5 minute wait to be placed in a room and vitals taken by assistant. Doctor took these time to explain the diagnosis and provide immediate care

Jonas A Akilino

Inna Bennett

Bedside manner of the doctor I visited was good and I felt comfortable treatment was billed too $ yet worth it.

Rene Reiner

For the staff and service, I give 3 star.

Mashaal S

The medical team in the emergency room are so incredibly nice and professional. They work very efficiently to make sure you are treated and ensure that you gave a good understanding of your diagnosis. I've never been to a hospital where the staff is so friendly and caring.

Walter Clemente

One thing about straub they make sure that the paicaint comes first

Felipe Ontiveros

While on vacation our daughter ended up in the emergency room and admitted to the hospital. The staff in the ER was so friendly and accommodating. The ER doctor was so thorough and ran every test possible to determine the source of her pain. Once admitted, the hospitalist, surgeon and nursing staff were so professional, thorough and friendly. They ensured we left with all of her medical records and scans. I highly recommend this hospital.


I broke part of my hip. They gave me Tylenol. The second morning the associate tried To go give me a bag of ice form you hip. This is not acceptable. I had to get some one in the middle of night to give me a glass of water. When I was being taken to surgery the previous day; I was being taken in my own robe that Zi came in with. I had to ask them for a hospital gown. Totally not acceptable . My room was a mess had to ask them to remove old laundry ! .

John Bowers

ilenia mo ku

H Irick

I've been to Straub for emergency room, urgent care, doctor visits, surgery, hospitalization, and physical therapy in the last 8 months. The quality of medical care and the personal interactions with every one of the staff has been amazing. Straub is the best medical facility I've been to in my entire life.

Omar Lopez

They need to learn how to be more gentle and precise with the patient's care. My wife had a pig tail on her jugular vein. The nurses kept irritating it and pulling on it till it became irritated and blood started appearing around the entry wound. Which caused her neck inflammation along with uneasiness towards position and a headache. Staff was friendly but could do better.

Peggy Bettis

My Mom became ill while we were on vacation on Oahu. Not knowing the hospitals there, I left the decision of where to take her to the ambulance crew. So glad they chose Straub. From the moment we entered the ER to 12 days later when she was discharged, I felt like I was surrounded by family. No question from me was treated as dumb and they always had time to comfort me. I was alone as other family members had to fly home at the end of Mom's first week there. They even helped me get Mom into the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific where she spent an additional 16 days. The staff at Straub saved my sanity and helped to get my Mom back home to Iowa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Katy jdmx3

Shari Sprague

Went to urgent care for an x ray of my foot. Nothing urgent about it, took 3 hours on a non busy day. Would not go here again.

Tim Ward

Shaun Nakamura

I was in the hospital when they release Ebola in Texas I felt safe but why do they still use metal spoons

Michael Harrison

My wife's visit to the Straub Clinic and Emergency Room was one of the strangest and most frustrating medical experiences. After calling about 15 physicians on Saturday morning to find one that was open and accepting patients on a Saturday (many listed as "accepting patients" on the HMSA web site actually aren’t), one person suggested the Straub “walk-in clinic” to check out my wife’s sore throat and cough. It had gotten worse, and by Saturday morning it had become painful to swallow and her chest was painful. It’s actually an urgent care clinic. The facility is very attractive and well maintained and the staff was all very professional and personable but our problems began when my wife replied “yes” to whether she had chest pains. A nurse and then a doctor questioned her further about the chest pains and immediately sent her to the emergency room. I didn’t think an ER visit was appropriate, but we had run out of other options. I should add that my wife is 38, not overweight, and a non-smoker. A heart attack seemed rather unlikely. I was mainly concerned that if my wife had “strep throat” or bronchitis it would only get worse by the time she could make an office visit on Monday. After a similar exchange about chest pains with the ER receptionist, another nurse and another doctor, my wife was immediately brought to a curtained examination area, where a nurse started to insert an IV before she was even examined. When my wife asked why, the nurse told her it was needed because she recently arrived by airplane. My wife had not been on an airplane; they apparently had confused her with another patient. The doctor then briefly looked in her mouth with a light but no tongue depressor. He never asked her about swollen glands (which she had) or even felt her neck for swelling. He also never swabbed her throat for a possible streptococcus infection. She was then x-rayed and waited in the curtained exam area for someone to talk to her. No one checked on her or talked to her for the next 3 hours she waited there. She finally gave up and decided to leave. As my wife was leaving I stopped with her at the reception desk again and I asked if she was done. They said yes, that her heart was OK and she didn’t have pneumonia and gave us a prescription for extra strength ibuprofen. I had to ask about “strep throat” or bronchitis. They said she didn’t but they never diagnosed her illness, the sore throat, cough or chest pain or recommended anything beyond drinking liquids. The staff all seemed very well versed in avoiding liability claims if they hear the buzzword “chest pains”, but not so concerned about making a diagnosis or providing medical treatment.

Clinton Murakami

great care!!!

Sheila Kriemelman

I live in NYC, but was born and raised in Honolulu. I am a 75 year old artist/art prof who has visited HI often, since 1977 and had never been sick before July 2017, when I was attended to by the excellent doctors and staff in the ER TWICE as a result of the incompetence and lack of professionalism at three Urgent Care Facilities in Honolulu. Dr Christopher Apostolides diagnosed my separate issues immediately upon examining me, and the caring and competent staff administered to me in less than a half hour on each occasion. I cannot commend these fine professionals enough! Stay away from Urgent Care, especially if it is Urgent, and go Straubs' ER for proper diagnosis and treatment!

Damiano Mauro

Michelle K

The staff are amazing, the Physicians are so thorough...true heroes! Want to especially commend the Hospitalists who took the time to explain everything so well, showed great compassion and were so respectful. Thank you for the EXCELLENT service you’ve provided!

Arleen Boyd

they tell you to come early and then they run an hour late

Chi Wing Chen

Georgina Jones

The care and compassion of the staff at Straub was incredible. The medical team were knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. They all am definitely my stay as comfortable as they could in my situation. Mahalo to you all for everything.

William Haole

Sadly, the worse Customer Service and Patient Care experience I've encountered repeatedly is from The Optical Shop at the Straub Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu! I have never met a group of people who that demonstrates the least care and consideration when you have questions and concerns over a product you bought at their location. In November, 2014, my optometrist decided it was time I get a new pair of glasses -- no problem, Dr. Ko and Dr. Young were awesome and worked with me to get the right type of glasses. Feeling appreciative, I decided I should have my optical prescription filled out at the Straub Optical Shop, you, know keep it the family. This proved to be the biggest, the worse and perhaps the most disappointing decision I ever made. Three tries at the Straub Optical Shop all of them scary, frustrating and disappointing before I realized enough is enough. That's why now, in July, seven months since I first stepped into that shop I cannot allow myself NOT to say something. Every visit, including the very first, I made to feel like I bothered them, I took too much of their time, I was too picky or I screwed up for asking too many questions. But hey, I'm the customer, right? All three visits, I sat outside for a while to figure out what did I do wrong and all visits except this third and last I dismissed the experience as just someone having a bad day. On the second visit I had to return the glasses the very next day after picking them up. The bi-focal lens were too small, the far-sighted portion was not as clear as I expected or needed it to be, and because co-pay was over $270 I wanted it adjusted and corrected. In not so many words, the staff turned the dilemma back to me -- I should've been clearer when we were putting the order together and before I left with the glasses in the first place, I should've been clearer with the doctor before the prescription was written, AND it was going to cost me more $$$ to have them redo the lens. Fortunately, or perhaps not, I got to use the once a year replacement offer covered in my insurance. Now, seven months later, after finally receiving my corrected prescription glasses, which were great, I had to go back to have the frame repaired. The ear holster portion came apart from its fastening unit. It wasn't broken. It just came disconnected or undone. The glasses were NOT dropped, no one step or sat on them, nor did anyone twist and grind it. It just came undone and it wasn't where you could just go to the drugstore and buy a home repair kit. OMG, I was told there was nothing they could do, it was NOT A MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT, and it was going to cost an additional $127 to have them order a replacement from the manufacturer in the mainland because they don't have it in stock. The part that really aggravates me is once again, I was made out to be the culprit. By saying "it's not the manufacturer's fault", "it's not their fault", clearly leaves only one person at fault -- the customer. So this was a very, very, very bad experience! Sorry Straub Optical Shop, Three strikes -- you're OUT! You are lucky I have been successful in working on my temper for several years now. I'll just go to Lens Crafters, or perhaps Walmart Optical anywhere else. Maybe I should even consider going back to Kaiser Clinic for the Optical.

Russell Yost

Tiffany Frazier

Love the doctor's and the nurses there.

Betty West

Having hip replacement surgery in Jan. 2016 has changed my life. Dr.Varcadipane and all his office staff and all in the hospital staff that took care of me were top notch all the way, excellent care! I so appreciate their highly professional and caring attention they gave me through the whole hospital stay. Thank you!!

Anne Barnes

A wonderful care facility.

Maria Olsen

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, convenient and fast service. All the things you hope for from a service provider. Two thumbs up.

Eric Calderon Sr.

This hospital has some great staff. Of the numerous times my family members have been here they forget to get their food and it's always the same excuse, "he/she didn't order!" So bs. I was standing right there when they ordered it. I have a lot of friends that work and they was nice enough to give me the CEOs' name for each floor!! A few doctors also like to take short cuts and the easy way. Who the hell takes staples out,after major leg surgery on both legs, after 1 week? And the patient is diabetic!

Lani Cobb

Елизавета Китова

Bobbie Kruger

Lynn Shivers

I'm originally from NY and had had poor experiences in hospitals on Long Island. Since moving to Hawaii, Straub has been superb. The doctors are thorough, and kind. The nursing staff couldn't be better or more considerate. All staff disinfects their hands before touching you, and the facilities are spotless. Both my husband and I have visited the ER and were seen immediately. I've had 2 ambulatory surgeries here, one major surgery, and physical therapy. I never waited long to see a doctor, and when I was in for 4 days with hip replacement surgery, I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness, patience, and professionalism. An added bonus is the fact that they only have private rooms. I've never been in a hospital where the people were so professional, cordial, and caring. I'm just sorry we moved to Florida, because I've heard some horror stories about hospitals here! Just another reason to love and miss Hawaii!

Takeshi Miyagi

Left me in pain with a osteoarthritis knee flare , did not do anything to ease my pain! Terrible, made me suffer!

Merikay Horton

I had gotten sick on the flight over. The care and the doctors and nursing staff were wonderful. Very kind and caring .

Carole Wardrobe

Amazing doctors, nurses and staff generally. Thank you all for the wonderful attention I received during my holiday emergency.

Wayne Rayner

My father was visiting the island of Kauai from Canada, when he had a mild heart attack on September 6. He was air lifted to Straub Medical Center the same day. A pacemaker was inserted on September 10. On September 11 he was released. On September 13 we flew back to Canada. I flew out to be with him on September 8, and had the opportunity to observe the level of care and treatment that he was given, which I found to be superlative. Most impressive to me was that during his birthday, which he spent there, four staff members took time to prepare an impromptu birthday greeting, consisting of a hat and card, and a birthday song. This was very touching, and is one of the pleasant memories we carry back from this experience. Also the fact that I was allowed to stay in his room, constantly in touch with him, even overnight, which was very important to me. During the entire period, I do not recall having an unpleasant experience with a staff member, nor an altercation nor criticism of any kind. There was constant sympathy, professionalism, and cheerfulness. I myself could not possibly do what they do, and maintain this attitude. We are so appreciative of Straub’s commitment to quality health care on all levels. Wayne Rayner On behalf of R. Garry Rayner West Kelowna, BC Canada

Jess Toender

Chance Young

This was the worst experience at a hospital of ever have. Straub seems to only be interested in the money the nursing staff treated my guest and I like criminals twice searching my belongings and trying search my visitors I mean I understand white people being (I mean seriously this is how they acted as though we're all Hitler this type of Reverse Racism has to be stopped and turned to start a website but people can share their negative experiences and we can meet them and decide whether or not we'll spend our money at these locations cuz it's the only thing we have left is our money don't spend it with them if they hate us )responsible for everything that goes wrong and all the high crime rates it's the only thing I can think of to explain the generally negative treatment and stink eye ( a term used to describe dirty looks giving to someone of another race.) and then the crippled man and they need you to get in an 8-foot local to give me bad looks the whole time do trying to kick us out I definitely believe that it's malpractice for a hospital to treat patients according to their race and that's the only way I can explain the rude behavior of the staff and the of the Dr dr. Newcomb whose attitude was deplorable the man has no empathy for the suffering of others and shouldn't be a doctor at all he reminds me of a Doctor Joseph Mengele I'm pretty sure that's where he got all of his bedside Manner and for all of you out there laughing I hope this happens to you or someone you care about and then maybe you'll understand, wouldn't give me the medication for my pain to keep you from suffering or to even let me get a little bit of sleep giving me about 1/3 what my doctor had prescribed me for the pain from the wrecked hip before the operation so after the operation I was getting way too little it wasn't even affecting the pain level and then you just coming in to ask me over and over again I was doing the same answer please help me I'm in terrible pain and all it did was get me kicked out early I think Straub is a terrible Hospital and if I can avoid it I'll never go back again and I do believe I'm the victim of malpractice there and I am attempting to find an attorney.

matt jackson

Jean P

Love how they make it convenient to get access to your healthcare, the My Chart App helps a lot, get it!!

Chris Amendola

Both my doctor's are here at the hospital, so I come here often. The staff is great, my doctor's are great I wouldn't change medical providers unless something drastic had to happen, I'd hate to lose access to these great doctors. It sucks having to drive to town to see my specialty doctors but it's made up to me 1000 times. I can get long winded at times and my doctor's always take the time to listen,I never feel rushed or put aside to cram in the next patient. I rarely have had to wait more then a few mins past my apt time if at all. The King St facility has everything you need if you live close by, if you're a straub member there are facilities all over the island. Parking is responsible and I always find a spot.

Christina Kwan

The staff of Straub hospital especially icu north took good care of my husband's need. I'm happy with the help the team of icu nurses and doctors.

penny Wong

Love this hospital you helped my mom get better thank you:)

Maria Juarez

Trying to schedule an appt is worse than trying to schedule with Kaiser Hospital. I have left mssg for a referral with my PCP over six weeks ago, still no follow up. I just received another rescheduling of another appt for three weeks later when I scheduled this appt over a month ago. SMH

Sébastien Pierre

My son got an amazing care there. The personnel was very friendly and attentive, and we did not have to wait at all. It's my first experience with a US healthcare provider, and I am impressed by the quality of service.

Toetuua Iosefa

They have done so much for my grandmother and I. We've had 3 surgeries done at the hospital , and countless appts here and every time I've been here , they were more than hospitable , and you could tell that they genuinely cared for BOTH our well beings even when I wasn't even a patient . <3

s machida

(Translated by Google) My father-in-law collapsed and was brought here. There were also nurses who could speak Japanese so it was greatly appreciated. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance also negotiated with this hospital and thanks in concert for receiving medical treatment with cashless. (Original) 義理の父が倒れてここに運ばれました。日本語を話せる看護師の方も居て大変助かりました。三井住友海上保険もこの病院と交渉してくれてキャッシュレスで診療が受けられたので合わせて感謝です。

Ana Somerset

Thank you for staying open late for us and for seeing us on short notice. If I could leave a "six star" review, I would -- thank you!!!

woody ross

Better than Queens but still some tight people working. I mean tight with medication.

Alex M

Debbie Rogers

The hospital and doctors have really gone down in quality and care. I'm switching hospitals and doctors for better health care.

Amy Bennet

Let’s be honest; nobody likes going to the hospital. However if you’ve got a chronic illness its likely that you have to go multiple times. Everytime I go to see my doctors at Straub I feel like they are really professional and want to help me and send me slong my way because they sense how uncomfortable hospitals make me. My blood pressure goes up just going inside! If your appointment is long i suggest you park on King Street and use the meters because they are cheaper than Straubs garage even with validation. Just don’t park there after 3pm because you will get towed!

George Myers

Of all the medical staff at Straub, one in particular Is very professional and polite, Dr Erica Garcia. One RN, Blossom. Security is terrible.

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