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REVIEWS OF Straub Medical Center - Doctors on Call - Sheraton Waikiki IN Hawaii

Sue Leong

REALLY LIKE THE STAFF & DOCTORS HERE A LOT!!! Parking is free, staff is VERY FRIENDLY AND TREATS OUR WHOLE FAMILY REALLY GOOD!!! Only once I had a not so pleasant encounter with one of the front ofc ladies BECAUSE I took my son’s gf who was only 17, and I can understand about her being a minor so they need auth’n from a parent/guardian; anyhoo, EVERYONE HERE IS AWESOME. Sometimes the wait is a bit long, BUT LIKE IN EVERYTHING ELSE, there’s good & bad about everything AND IF they weren’t busy SOMETIMES THEN I’d have to wonder why. I ALSO LIKE THAT THEY ARE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK EVERYDAY UNTIL 11PM Although I feel bad for the employees

Andrew Pinsent

We were on holiday from Australia and took our twins to the medical centre. The consultant was great. They diagnosed one with Influenza and asked if we wanted the Oral suspension fluid - saying it might help her get over the flu and day or two earlier. I replied probably not.When checking out I paid for both of the consultations and was then asked if I wanted the medicine. After discovering it cost $275 USD per bottle and we needed two bottles I declined. They gave us a lift to the Children's hospital as one was needing extra attention. Which was a great service. However, we keep getting invoices for the Oral Suspension fluid which 1. I did not ask for and 2. I did not take I have written to them explaining the situation and asking for the complaint procedure or the industry ombudsman contact details. No reply only more repeated invoices. I would urge anyone staying in Waikiki to avoid this clinic if at all possible. It has turned into a very unpleasant experience.

Eren Lopez

While visiting Hawaii with my family I had an emergency and ended up finding this place online. So me and my husband ended up here without hesitation. But let me tell you this place apart from charging very high fees for doing very little tried charging me twice! We paid at the front desk and were reassured that it was a one time payment for their mediocre service. I have no insurance at the moment, so I paid out of pocket. But today I received a bill from this place asking me to pay for their services which I clearly did! After calling to inquire they can't seem to help me. So if you really need medical help, please go somewhere else. This place is expensive and to be honest were no help. I ended up at the hospital after coming here. So I payed for nothing. And now I'm receiving bills from this place when we clearly paid otherwise I wouldn't have been seen. Your better off going straight to the hospital!


Be ready for bad attitude from front desk, Told us on the phone to come over and once we're their they refused to treat us, they suck

Jordan F

So convenient and my nurse was such a wonderful delight.I wish I knew her name to thank her I believe it was Tara so hopefully she will see this and know how appreciative I am for the help. Thank you straub!

heather long


(Translated by Google) When I used it a few months ago, a Japanese staff member who came to an interpreter looked at it from the top and it was a very bad feeling. The unbelievable thing was said, "Don't rely on me! When I feel ill, I ask for an interpreter because I do not understand medical English, but I do not know what the interpreter came for. It is not an attitude towards the patient what you intend. I have used it several times before, but I decided that I would never use it again if there was such a Japanese staff. There's a new "Waikiki Doctor" at Sheraton Kaiulani, so I strongly recommend going there. (Original) 数カ月前に利用した時、通訳に来た日本人スタッフの女性が、上から目線で、とてもとても感じが悪かった。 信じられないことに「私を頼らないで!自分の力で伝えなさいよ」と言われた。体調の悪い時、医療英語がわからないから通訳を依頼しているのに、何のために来た通訳なのかわからない。何様のつもりかとても患者に対する態度ではない。 今まで何度か利用したことがあったが、こんな日本人スタッフがいるなら、もう二度と利用しないと心に決めた。 すぐ近くにある、シェラトンカイウラニに新しくできた「ワイキキのお医者さん」があるので、そっちに行くのを強くオススメします。

Merrick _

Great place to get patched up after a surfing accident. Super helpful staff.

Therese Howe

I’ve taken my daughter here twice and had great service both times. Her pediatrician is at the Kailua Straub, but both times we needed urgent care on a Sunday when neither the Kailua nor the Hawaii Kai locations are open. You’ll want to make to park in the Sheraton parking lot, not the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, in order to get validated parking - I posted a photo of what the Sheraton parking entrance looks like. To get to the clinic, you’ll want to proceed down one of the staircases to the right of the hotel lobby entrance. Once your visit is complete, be sure to ask the person at the front desk to validate your parking!

Michael Leong

Have seen/heard horror stories about Queens and Kuakini services. Recently had a friend with cancer who had a miserable stay at Queen’s. My father’s previous open heart surgery at Straub was excellent. Would definitely use either their ER or hospital. Know our choices here on Oahu are limited, just my my two cents.

Jason Frusciano

Worst experience ever!! Don’t go here!!

Toby Goldstein

We called and asked if we can walk in. filled out the paperwork and took some tests. Right before I was supposed to see the doctor they told us the doctor can’t see us. The only other open place is the emergency room, which my situation didn’t call for. They were cold and uncaring. They didn’t want to give back my information and kept the paperwork, prbbly Bec they will try to charge our insurance anyway. This place is a scam

stay strong

Front desk took my information and then refused to treat

Doug Wood

Went in for a bad prescription drug interaction. Dr told me to go to church. Thats all the help he gave me. Ended up in the ER afterwards. DON'T GO HERE!!!!!!!

anurag jain

Be very careful of this place. They are running a scam from here. Today I went to see a doctor was waiting for close to 2 hrs and after I saw the doctor I got the shock of my life. Consultation costed $200 and to my surprise they charged $230 for my medication that was one course of Tamiflu tablets. This would generally cost $10. When I told them this is crazy I was told it's your choice if you want it or not.

Emily Stewart

A great option. The doctor and nurse I saw were wonderful and to the point without making me feel like I was wasting their time. It moved quickly and I didn't have to wait more than 30 minutes, which is exceptional in my opinion. I felt that the reception staff member that I talked to was a bit condescending/dismissive - my insurance company had already called them and checked to make sure that my international insurance would work at this clinic and cover the fees, yet upon checking in he told me I'd need to pay up-front. Thank goodness I was quick enough to ask or I would have been paying $200 USD when it had already been covered

Gundeep Juneja

Very rude and unhelpful front desk.

Waikiki Massage Clinic

Gauri Sathe

Chris Empson

I was expecting a small one room clinic when I walked in. Instead they had a full service clinic, great hours, good customer service, took all sorts of insurance and got to see a real doctor. I would highly recommend them if you need a doctor.

David McWhorter

In 12 days I had to visit twice. Both times fast and easy. Excellent medical care and hours that are actually useful.

Saira Rabbani

Broken tooth with exposed nerve. I was in crippling pain. They got me in fast and were very concerned that I was crying in pain. They gave me a form to get my flight changed so I could go home sooner and also meds to help with the pain to last me through the flight home to Austin. Mahalo y'all.

Karl Cui

Clerks and nurses were very nice and helpful, and suggested alternative options. Doctor was friendly and came up with a good treatment option promptly. The staff body just really want to help you! The walk-in clinic closes at 11pm every day, so Straub Doctors on Call is very convenient for those on vacation.

Michael HPUC

IleneKaz Uyesugi

My husband went in for a leg injury. The team was caring and professional. They did blood test right way. As it turned out he had a blood clot. So we are grateful they were there. Especially on vacation.

Karen Gallaher

Everyone was very polite and helpful. The receptionist, medical assistant, doctor all made this a terrific experience. The facility is spotless. They even offer you a courtesy shuttle back to your hotel which we appreciated after a long day of travel. Thank you!

Audrey Higuchi

Very expensive,caters to Japanese tourist so you pay a premium. Staff not very friendly to locals. Go to Island Urgent Care or CVS Minute Clinic way cheaper.

corey scott

Staff was very helpful up front and took care of my billing with my extended health benefits. They did a culture test for strep throat confirmed that it was and even had the medication on hand! My experience anyways was a good one.

Shelley Easter

From the moment I hit the reception desk, until I left, what a great experience it was. Helpful, courteous staff, nurses and doctors. Awesome care and I could not have asked for more. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me! Not that I plan on being sick in Honolulu again, but if I am, you can bet I'll be back!

Kuponohi'ipoi Aweau

Worst customer service ever! Employee on the phone was rude and impatient. Talked loudly over me and then hung up without providing their name.

nekoneko Yo

Allison Deusenberry

They saw my daughter today for a spreading rash. The location was great, right next door from our hotel. Everyone was very nice and we had just a short wait. While the doctor is not a pediatrician and he couldn't exactly diagnose the rash, he narrowed it down and gave us antibiotics in case it was strep related. Nice place, I'm very glad it is there.

Anita Fung

Went there and was told that I had to either pay upfront or my insurance company has to fax them information before I could be seen. Once that was settled I was seen pretty quickly. The doctor and nurse was really friendly and helpful. No issues with them at all. They treated me quickly and because I wasn't feeling well afterwards they let me stay in the room for a few minutes.

Beam the rawrider TV

Average service and doctor on duty just ok

nissim masri

Very rude front desk.

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