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REVIEWS OF Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center IN Hawaii

Home Theaterguy

Attentive, through medical staff. You are treated as a Veteran here- will respect.

DJ Mesio

These people are not your friends. Looking back I realize now their whole goal was to get my disability and benefits lowered. Be careful what you tell them. Don't go to any appointments. I went a full year without going to my appointments and nothing happened. Then I started going to appointments and they tried to push more drugs on me. After I refused (for a full year) then I got a QTC appointment to reassess my disability. You've been warned! DON'T GO!

Billy Loa

Amazing place for healing veterans

Ashlee Wheeler

Lukas Filler

Eric Johnson

W. Maurice Osby



When speaking with rep at this center, I mentioned the name of our President, Donald J Trump, at which the operator busted out in laughter and asked me to repeat what I had just said, I asked why she hysterically started laughing at the mention of our President, which she replied she did not laugh. She should be fired for such disrespect. I then hung up so mad that someone like that could actually work in a job like that.

Natalie Mora-Castillo

The worse women's health program/office. I have switched doctors once and they gave me a Dr Leigh which I have only seen once since last year. All of my appointments are always with a nurse or with another Dr. because she’s never there. I have called multiple times requesting approval for blood labs or medications that my out of VA doctors but still covered under the VA asks from me but I can never not ONCE get a call back. I have paid out of pocket for all this services that are supposed to be covered by the VA. And I have received none. The nurses act as if they don’t want to be there and make fun of our disabilities as if is not a big deal. I have given them So many chances but nothing seems to work around this island’s VA system.


No sense of urgency?? Really??

Eroc Johnzon

Sarah Watts


Rene Reiner

Everything Worse. Staff never friendly. Make appointment a long long time.

Ro' Exius

Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker

I have had several positive experiences with this VA. I don't understand why anyone would have a negative opinion of this place.

Arthur WIlson

I have received above average care in many years of using this clinic. I have been seen here from it's inception, the clinic previously had been at the downtown Federal building. Although my experience was mostly positive, in recent years the relationship with the adjacent Tripler AMC seems to have changed drastically, affecting greatly the quality and access of treatment for veterans. Many of the Tripler clinics used to be available to veterans through consultations with their Primary Care Provider, their assigned module physician. Now basically only the general surgery and emergency services seem available to veterans, the rest being provided through a community based provider system. Quality took an immediate hit, mainly the length of time and communication of the third party provider, Tri-West, the services scheduler and agency used through the Veteran's Choice program. Times became longer for care as the PCP had to request the VA to request the care through Tri-West, who would find a doctor or clinic for the veteran here in Honolulu from their location on the mainland, Arizona, I think. anyhow since this program has started, care has become fragmented, sometimes seeing the wrong specialists a number of times, each time starting over at square one with trying to get your PCP to give a consult, then trying to get to the correct provider clinic, with sometimes chaotic results. In my case, after being treated for severe facial pain following an operation at Tripler over three years ago, I was finally allowed to see the Pain Clinic at Tripler. Although they were starting to help, I was once again sent out by Tri-West to the provider that had been treating me without success in the pst. He is an excellent physician, the problem being he could not do more under the guidelines and procedures authorized by Tri-West. This time, I am being sent to him with procedures on my BACK, that I am not having a problem with. They include a spinal tap, spine-fusing, and other scary things I would never consent to doing. I tried to point this out to Tri-West a few times, and was once again sent the same authorization for treatment of my back, and told if I did not go, I was subject to losing the ability to receive any treatment in the future. I am and have been for over twenty years a hundred per cent disabled by severe PTSD, and have never been treated by any other than the VA. So I am afraid of what is happening. While my facial pain has increased to the point that I am basically bed-ridden by pain, I have to get up and go to a clinic that I do not want to go to, the doctor has treated me in the past and already told me he does not know what or why I am seeing him for this, and he can't do anything for my face, only the ones that Tri-West has listed, and if I don't go I lose the ability to be treated for I guess ANYTHING in the future. If you have to be seen here-good luck! You will need all you can find. Just be persistent and firm, and definitely do not miss an appointment you do get. Always try to be prepared with what knowledge you do have about your condition, and make a list of questions and issues you want to be addressed. Sign up for the on line HealtheVet service, you can track appointments, medications, medical records, etc. It is invaluable to have.

Devin Mickey

I have been enrolled in the VA system in West Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia and by far today's first appointment was the best experience I have had with the VA healthcare system. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and Dr. Shigaki was very attentive and caring. She even went the extent of offering her cell number in case I have any health concerns or questions. The level of patient care and service is exceptional. Parking spaces were very limited though and I had to valet for $5. Other than parking, kudos to the management, staff and doctors at this VA for the excellent services!!

Jacquilin DeWolf

The VA has made many improvements recently. Every service I have recieved there has been in depth and caring. They serve those who served quite well.

Bruce Swafford

All of my experiences at this VA Center have been 5 STAR..

William Purdy

Ducked up cant5even get google talk to work just like most of staff


Great staff! They seem to care more about veterans here than on the mainland.

Kira Conte

This review is for the VA…. The parking at Tripler sucks as we all know, which normally doesn’t bother me as we are usually going to the VA in the mornings. Well recently trying to find a parking spot in the VA parking has been the worst. Luckily we found a hidden parking stall in one of the corners this last visit. I’m positive that people going to Tripler are using the VA parking, since when we cross the road people aren’t going into the VA rather walking towards TAMC. Well, what can you do, you know? I like the automated systems that the VA has installed for checking into the different sections. The facility itself seems very clean and kept. The staff is friendly and helpful. The level of care here is good, not better or worse than any other healthcare facility on island.

M. F.

Envi GoGo

I wouldn't even classify this with one star. They are the worst with calling you back in order for you to get seen for ANY type of appointment. I've called for a week now trying to get someone to schedule my appointment in order for me to be seen and all I get is the "can I have a good contact number for the attending nurse...someone will call you back to schedule with you" or the "the physician will have to call you back and schedule with you" ..this isn't the first time-this is EVERYTIME. It takes MONTHS for them to call you back, doesn't matter if you're like me and call everyday for a month wanting an appointment. They don't care-were a number in a slot. FIX YOUR VA HOSPITALS! Veterans have given their time and then some, the LEAST that can be done is they be taken care of.

Kevin Rathbun

The services at Tripler VA have significantly degraded over the past 6 months especially scheduling and communication followup.

Roxanne Bruhn

You would hope that the website was user friendly....itʻs NOT!

LoNika Harris

So many negative things have been said about the VA. I have nothing but good things to say. Greatly appreciated!

Jeffrey Dillard

Retired going on 25 years. Always had great care with my best health interests as the goal.

JChelle Macaspac

You will feel hopeless coz they will try to reduce your disability even the MRI shows you have it

Bella Simons

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