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REVIEWS OF Kona Community Hospital IN Hawaii

Aaron Penn

I’m shocked that there are reviews higher than a star, if I could give 0 stars I would. I have a serious back injury that resulted in an unsuccessful surgery (worsened the condition) all of which is accessible via medical records with MRIs to prove it. My doctor wrote me a prescription for medication that I would be running out of out here on the island. Let me start by saying I understand the apprehensiveness and hesitation around pain meds, I understand the stigma and it’s rightful. However there are those of us with serious injuries who are stuck in the crosshairs and medical records should remove that apprehensiveness, at least you’d think so. I tried to fill the prescription at the pharmacy at WalMart, they informed me that Hawaii can’t accept out of state prescriptions; they told me to go to the ER and see a doctor to have it rewritten here. The front desk staff told me it happens all the time and made it appear to be no problem at all, took my insurance and a 200 dollar copayment and sent me back. A doctor never came to see me, rather a PA who informed me that it’s official hospital policy that they don’t rewrite scripts, that they never do it and it’s not possible. He said he’d talk to the medical director to try and bend the rules, he returned and said the medical director wouldn’t budge. He tried to throw a bunch of random prescriptions at me (Like blood pressure medicine) to help with withdrawals? These Meds seemed higher risk to me than my script, but apparently my best interest wasn’t on their mind. I told him I didn’t need any of those medications and that if it wasn’t possible why did they see me in the first place? Why didn’t the front desk tell me that it isn’t a practice they take part of? Why have me pay a $200 copay? He didn’t answer any of those questions and asked me to stay put for discharge papers. A nurse came in with a bunch of scripts (which I didn’t accept) and discharge papers stating they treated me, which they didn’t. When I asked why they saw me if they knew the outcome they lied to me and said federal law prohibits them from training their nurses on hospital policies, and that’s why they didn’t tell me they couldn’t help me at the front desk. It’s strange they don’t know policies but know to tell people it’s common practice for people to come and try to refill meds. Point being, if you need to refill meds don’t try to do so here. They’ll make it appear they they’ll help but then extort you and then tell you to kick rocks. But hey, mahalo right?

ob1 KNabbie

They were instrumental in saving my wife’s life! I am extremely pleased with this hospital. I had heard a lot of negative things about this facility. But having had an opportunity to experience their services I think it’s a first class hospital. My wife recently had strokes caused by multiple blood clots. She was taken to and admitted into Kona Community Hospital. In the emergency room Dr. Theile and his staff were very professional, knowledgeable and caring. In the ICU (3rd floor) Dr. Nguyen was awesome! Everyday, she found time to discuss my wife’s care and progress. The nursing personnel were very professional and their gentle caring support made a difference in the healing process. The personnel in imaging, record keeping and the cafeteria were helpful and courteous. I highly recommend this hospital. You can let other people make your decision for you or you can visit the facility and make your own informed decision. The hospital is like a Lilikoi, wrinkled on the outside but “sweet” on the inside! That’s what matters!

Mike Weiland

The worst care we've ever received -- By a LONG SHOT. Going to the ER is scary in all respects but when your ER doctor finally comes in asks what's going on and 2 minutes into my story, he looks at my partner (who wasn't talking) and says "sonny, you're going to need to speak up, I forgot my hearing aids", your nightmare really begins. Follow this up with the hospital's own nurses calling the doctor a Quack and that we shouldn't take his advice on 80% of the recommended tests. Thanks to the nurses, this review is not toward you in the slightest.

Pest Outwest

What a weird location, why is it so far south of the main population center on the west side? You think of a hospital in Kona and visions of a brightly lit building in the main commercial district come to mind, but instead it's darn near to Captain Cook, and is buried up in the woods on a dead end road. You drive up to the emergency room at night and the place looks deserted. Anyway, they were very nice and competent, so far as I could tell. It's just that one is reminded you're out at the end of the world when you roll up to this place. Cedars-Sinai it ain't.

Mark M.

Carlos Agudelo

I spent two weeks in June 2017 (while on vacation) for a ruptured appendicitis. The staff, the surgeons, the follow-up, the room, and the caring staff were all great

Kate Fehsenfeld

Unfortunately I cut my shin on a holiday so no urgent care was open so I visited the ER. I was charged $1500 for a tetanus shot after cutting my shin on coral. No xrays, exploration of cut, even no cleaning until I asked. I ended up recleaning it at home, reclosing it. Still have a hard lump there. I am a physician assistant and thought it needed an xray and sutures. Very poor care, very huge bill for nothing. Very sorry I went here.

Tori Huang

The only reason this hospital deserves anything other than zero stars is because of their amazingly friendly staff. Everyone we met with was very kind and helpful, although the doctor was pretty incompetent. I was in hospital after a bad tumble in a wave at white sands beach. I got a room and saw a doctor very quickly, however the doctor seemed to have no idea why I was there and immediately diagnosed me with kidney stones?? After that assessment we had to wait around for a urinalysis to return proving I did not, In fact, have kidney stones. They didn't do much to assess the injuries from the wave. Luckily, I seem to be fine.

jorge Salamader

The worst Hospital I have ever experienced, completely un-professional.

Paul Lennon

We had just arrived on the island for a 4 week visit when my wife was taken ill. The urgent care facility advised us to go to the hospital were she was seen within minutes. She was admitted and the accounting clerk came to tell me that they had contacted the insurance company in Canada and not to worry. The doctors and nurses looking after her were fantastic, there were concerns that she might not recover but thanks to their excellent care she was discharged a few days later. Thank you to all concerned. The only reason it is a 4 star was due to the food being left for up to an hour and a half outside her room before being delivered and the one lady who thought her talking on her cell phone was more important than looking after the patients.

Michael Domagala

Amar Sood

Steve Tubbs

I am biased. Dr. Ngyuen, confronted literally with a life or death decision, made the right call and he saved my life. words cannot convey the depth of my gratitude, since I would not be alive to writhe this if he had erred, He to make a decision, quickly. he acted decisively; his decision was correct; and I am alive to tell the tale. Thanks to this hospital and staff. Steve Tubbs


Went in for a small day procedure. In at 6:30, out by 9:30. It was perfect.

Jennifer Schwertner

I was seen today at Kona Community Hospital. I have to say how impressed with the way I was treated. I have never felt so much at ease while being a patient. The entire staff was just amazing. I left feeling confident and comforted. I was treated with the up most respect in all aspects. The speed in which various test results, scans etc came back was astonishingly fast. 5 stars all the way My doctor was Dr. McCandless

vika hansen

shouldn't even give a 2 stars... Im a medical professional and had my own experiences with our hospital, which want me never be there again! Sad, but true. Girls in the triage and nurses in the ER are trying hard to do their job. Nurses are well trained for the most part. In admission you will hear all different confidential names and questions from staff members to the patient. Entertaining for the audience... While in the ER, you have to ask for the blanket, water, or bathroom assistant. My Mom was there with cold and Chest pain ,.First Dr. ignored high blood pressure for hours while was awaiting for the test results.(Mom had open hear surgery few years back) 6 hours later different Dr. came and prescribed medicine for the blood pressure, which took another 40 minutes to administer orally. There are no buttons to push for help, Mom had to go to the bathroom three times in 7 hours(!) and every time I had to go outside to find someone to help with IV stand and walk patient to the bathroom. Stuff is eating, drinking coffee , talking stories at the stations, while curtains closed, monitors alerting. Not very professional and again, not helping patient care. Long wait for the results, discomfort, luck of attention to the patient. Im very glad, she did not have serious condition at that time. Otherwise, I can't even imaging the whole thing . I believe, the ER structure and priorities are in dying need for a change and untill its completely redone to the favor of patients, its going to give Kona Hospital bad name. State government too should look into it long time ago and now to save the face of our community. Funds, funds, funds. Training! Education and training!

Nick Brunns

As soon as my mom got off the plane, she knew something was wrong. We took her to Kona Hospital and she was found to have a blood clot. The admitting doctor, Dr. Nguyen, was courteous, knowledgable, and spent a lot of time with us. She took her time to explain the treatment options and it made us feel like part of the care. She rounded on Mom every morning and her pleasant and professional demeanor truly made us feel at ease. The nurses were wonderful and responsive to our needs. My mom got discharged three days later and still had time to enjoy the rest of our Hawaiian vacation. Thanks for the wonderful care.

Terry Simon

While we were on vacation , my husband suffered a stroke and was brought to the hospital by ambulance. The staff at the hospital from the ER to everyone in the medical unit on the second floor was outstanding. Dr. Hefner and Dr Vidrih gave excellent care and were available for whatever questions or concerns we had. The Nurse case manager Tonia was beyond helpful and responsive and has my eternal gratitude. The nurses were so helpful and caring and everyone there made a very bad situation bearable. This was the best hospital experience we've had if any can be good. Kudos to All the staff who helped us

Sarah Leske

I thought maybe I dislocated or broke a finger after being a victim of 2 very strong bursts of waves at the green sand beach at the South point of the island. The staff of the Kona Community Hospital was very attentive and caring. They X-rayed my hand and sure enough I broke MY HAND. I was in and out within 2 hours. I did have to come back to correct my prescription because the pharmacist at Longs Drugs was a grumpy lady who probably needs to get a different job. In the end if you need medical care, this is a trusted stop.

Monifil Digamon

We went there at 2:45pm and left at 7:45pm. It took 30 minutes to stitch my finger. They did a good job but it took them way to long to see us.

Sanoe Kauhane

The Surgery Department was very organized, clean, and professional. From start to finish, I was provided with excellent care, and I did not know any of the RN's that were in charge of me. They gave me plenty of time to recover from my anesthesia and made sure that all of my questions and concerns were answered before I headed home. My spouse knew exactly when my surgery started, ended and he said that the waiting area was very comfortably and clean. A few weeks later my spouse ended up in the ER with stomach and back pain. We waited a long time to see a physician, but the ER was very busy with more critical cases ahead of us. While we waited the RN's notified us of our approximate wait-time, and continued to check-in on us to make sure that he was comfortable, and hydrated. Aside from the wait, which was unavoidable, we had a really good experience. The RN's, Assistant's and volunteers were awesome!


Great RN's and strong bonds between late 80's grads and Great charge nurses then. My classmates are still loyal and skilled RN's. Melanie, Barbara Keithly, all LTC CNA'S, MED SURG RNURSES AND LPNs as well as staff who are still there since the 80's. Two great physicians, Dr. Seto and Dr. Steve. Excellent physicians from Kaiser. Mimi

Victor Kawchak

I checked myself out after they refused to feed me lunch-confusion between Nursing Staff, Doctors and Food Service! A real lack of transparency and explaination about procedures. The Hospital internet blocks all medical information found publicly-a really bad sign for accountability and medical knowledge. The ER Doctor was OK. Not what a Hospital should be.

Helene Bertrand

My son fell on some coral and tore his face up. From the moment we entered the Kona Community Hospital, he was efficiently and beautifully cared for by the nurses and the very competent physician who put in 40 stitches to his face. He could not have gotten better care anywhere else.

Debbie Hendricks

Caring for our kupuna is important. However, the care my 96 year old mother-in-law received at your facility was below par. She had a couple of nurses, Michelle and Ritzy, who were wonderful to her and the family. While in the hospital, my mother-in-law suffered two strokes, which we had to dig out of the staff when we visited. Reports on her progress were glowing, but those reports were far from the truth. The last few days of her stay she languished alone. Because she was not able to consume solid food, she was left with a thick slurry that she was unable to drink with out assistance and therefore, did without. After 6 days were were informed that the insurance would not cover her care, and the cost of staying in the hospital would be $700/day. We had to decide to bring her home or find a care home for her final days. We brought her home for her final days. We called upon hospice, who gave her better care in a few hours than she received in the hospital. She died today, 3/8/17, no thanks to the hospital staff. I come from a small town on Oahu and am aware of the challenges small community hospitals face. This stint in the hospital was pitiful at best. Caring for our older citizens in a medical environment needs to be addressed. Surly nurses and case workers at Kona Hospital should re-evaluate their role. The level of care and customer service is sorely lacking. Your hospital administration needs to be evaluated as well.

Bryan Simpson

I give the staff a 4, the building and upper management a Zero! Some staff Kristin, performed at a 5. Most staff members that helped me were very nice, informative and answered all my questions and basically, very helpful. But I was discharged without an antibiotic, and beggged to get my wounds cleaned...which only happened with Kristin. The Hospital itself needs a lot of work, and that starts at the top! Management can create something better if they choose to. I had an infection the next day..all Kona Hospital at fault! There is more!

Cris Lindborg

I just spent 12 days at this hospital. I found all personnel, from custodial, dietary, administrative to professional medical staff to be extremely competent, encouraging and kind. I am very grateful to have this facility in our community and people who are so professional and dedicated.

Jason Green

Come here if you want to be lied to about what they charge, and sent to collections immediately.

Tiare Chong

Brought my son in for extractions which had to be done under anesthesia, as a parent the thought of that was nerve wrecking but the staff that helped from check in to the end was amazing! Dr, aesthetician, nurses they all did a wonderful job with our baby! Very comfortable, and cared about the well being of my child. We greatly appreciated everything they’ve done. Great job! Thank you!

Amber Baker

All those reviews have to be fake. I try to avoid this hospital like the plague. The nurses, especially Dianne, are horrible. Dianne sent patients home without finishing treatment on them. She is the angel of death. I'm very serious. Most of the doctors are retired and just want to live in Hawaii for cheap. They do not care about your health. Of course if your a tourist they will give you the best care, but show up in your subway work shirt and your scum to them. I recommend this hospital if you would like to die. I really really wish they would get some better people in that damn place. Thank you

Rose K

Over my 5 years in Kona, much of that time was spent at KCH as a hospital employee and later, a contract worker. At times my family also needed medical treatment at the hospital and we were never disappointed in the quality of care. While working at KCH, I witnessed many changes in patient care and hospital operations...all of it progressive and patient centered. There are always things to be improved upon, but I can honestly say I am so proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by the staff and administrators. There are many talented healthcare professionals at KCH who work hard in a very challenging environment with limited resources. This is often hard for patients and families to fully understand, particularly when they are suffering. Rural hospitals rely on workers who must be diverse in their skill sets and be willing to think outside the box to give the best possible care. West Hawaii should be proud of how far KCH has come to deliver on their promise to meet the healthcare needs of residents and visitors. I'm certain it will just get better, particularly with the support and involvement of the local community. Keep up the good work folks and thank you for making me proud to have been part of your team.

Chris Powell

I have just moved to the Big Island from the UK. Unfortunatly i needed emergency surgery after suffering with appendicitis. I cannot speak highly enough about the service and care i received here. From the minute i walked through the door to being shown out the following day. Everyone was so friendly, they introduced themselves by name, explained what they were doing and why they were doing it. This was all backed up with comprehensive literature. I am VERY nervous of the doctors and it was obviously very clear, everyone went out of their way to try to put me at ease (although i had to rely on the drugs for this). The level of clinical cross-infection control seems very high as does the overall cleanliness of this hospital. Not that i want to go back, but if i needed to iwould not hesitate with these guys. If i could rate them with more than 5 stars i would, thank you!

Ron Fritzsche

I was in Kona a week or so ago and had stomach pains. I went to the Kona Community Hospital emergency room. This is the best emergency room I have ever seen. Clean, remodeled and an excellent attentive staff. I was diagnosed with gallstones. This meant admission to the hospital and surgery. I couldn't have asked for a better hospital and staff. Very professional and caring. I would choose this hospital every time. Mahalo!

Juanita Pfeiffer

They suck

Brock Kunz

Domenic DiCaro

people were very nice, but they lost my wallet with credit card, cash, ID, insurance card. making me have to stop all activity. tell them you want to hold on to it that it is known publicly on the internet that they have priors.

April Hortinela

Carol Cevenini

Arrived at 7 on a Sunday night and receivef excellent care

Thomas Mann

Eskimo Godess

My friend went to their ER one night. I have a compromised immune system and am careful. But, this was an emergency and my friend needed me. I heard a sneeze out by the nurses station. I politely and quietly ask if was an allergy sneeze or a cold sneeze. His response was a sharp "Why?" I told him and again with a sharp response said "You should not be in this Hospital" I agree, but it was my friends emergency. So I asked for a mask. He is a nurse and was sneezing openly without covering his mouth!!! Should not have been on duty. We both went home with colds. Horrible Kona Hospital. Worst hospital experience of my life and I have lived a few years. Many residence of Kona have the same sentiment.

kaylin kapuras

EVERYONE on the island KNOWS, DONT go to kona er cause theyll basically let you die. you walk out worse condition than when you went in. no matter what time you go, theres always "only one dr." which kinda makes sense because what Doctor wants to work at such a disgrace of a medical facility. &the temperature is always warm in there, which ISNT a good thing because germs and bacteria LOVE the warmth, hence why hospitals usually are freezing cold. kona er is UNSANITARY, &UNPROFESSIONAL.

Gary Jones

Ivonne Alvarez

Wililau Gray

That Blogger

Veronique Bucherre

A remarkable team of doctors, nurses and volunteers make Kona Community Hospital a very special ER. They fought for my life and won the battle. Thank you so very much, KCH!

Roman Anderson

I had a recent surgery there and had great treatment by the staff from receiving to post surgery.

Britt Normann

I had my surgery done at the Kona Community hospital on May 11. 2015 and it was a pleasant surprise all together. All the staff I met were very professional, caring and friendly. I had dreaded this operation for a long time based on previous hospital experiences (not at KCH), but after coming home and looking back, I only regretted not having my surgery sooner, because there was nothing to dread! The nurses and helpers were great, and the surgeon and the anesthesiologist did a wonderful job. I cannot thank the staff enough for an excellent job from beginning to end.


This is the worse service hospital I have ever been to. They should fire all the nurses and doctors in their emergency room. They should closely take a close look at your employee in ER. We have the worse experience on 03/02/2015 Monday night. The nurses don't seems to care at all. ( Re-thrase ) " They don't care " My family waited from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm and was approach only once by a register nurse to say that they are busy and the doctor will see my son soon. Soon came at 10:00pm and still no doctor. I came out from a small room that they put us in, and all the nurse were " just standing there talking and Joking around " On the other side, one doctor was just standing around on the hallway looks like he was lost with his hand on his back. The other doctor was eating peanuts in a small computer room talking with another guy nurse sitting down watching something on the computer. They all have no sense of " urgency ". You have a full ER room and yet no type of action is taking to show at a little bit of compassion to humanity. There was allot of children in this same night who either was in serious pain and or hurt. I really feel for them and even if I had to wait all night just so they can help the small children first. But no, the nurses are too busy and there is no doctor on duty. I have always heard nothing but negative comments about this Hospital. Now, I have finally witnesses it. As to conclude my concerns, I ended up walking out with my son without getting any treatment, after waited so long. They all looked at us without a single care on their face. If my son got into a bad situation that night, I would take this situation to the highest possible and to make sure something is being done about it. " SOMEONE NEEDS TO RE-EVALUATE YOUR NURSES IN YOUR ER " They are giving your Hospital a bad name and a bad reputation !!!!!!!!!! They should not be overlook please, do something about it!!!!!!!

Lorenda Barber

This hospital is really good

Scott Ancheta

We are residents of the Big Island and I will definitely caution all to stay away from this facility if you have a condition that is more complicated than simple triage.. They have an ER being attended to by a PA, not a doctor, but a rather unqualified PA. My wife checked in with a kidney infection (we have had these treated many times by competent facilities) and it has been a complete joke. It took over 18 hours to actually consult with a real doctor once moved to a room and then the info they were giving was completely different than what qualified specialists have told us. They don't listen to the patient and assume they know best when they clearly don't. They would rather just fly difficult cases to Honolulu (at a massive expense) vs having qualified people on staff it seems. Hilo hospital is much better qualified for most internal medicine related conditions. Don't go here as they truly act like a third world hospital system.

Duane Hoffman

I am sooooo impressed! I was treated with respect, compassion and professionalism by everyone I encountered from the minute I walked in the door. I was on vacation and came in with major back pain. The receptionist, triage nurse, emergency room staff and doctors all seemed to really care about my safety, well being and feelings. I had X-rays and CT scan quickly and doctor and nurses explained everything so I could understand. Prescribed pain killers and other prescription. They all gave thorough instructions on taking the medications and monitored my progress until I could be released. I could not have been in better hands!!! They made me comfortable enough to return home to see my own doctor and gave me copy of all tests and results so I could give to my doctor. These folks are amazing, the only one that would treat me better would be my Momma! I wish there was someway I could return your kindness!

S. Colette Fukui

Kona Community Hospital has changed and it seems like it has gone from a type of ohana hospital to a detached run business. The ER is a place that is sterile in nature and in personnel. They don't seem to have the same family closeness of ten years ago despite all the new construction.

The Chow Boys

From check in to the nurses to the doctors everybody was really friendly. My son stubbed his big toe really badly and it was bleeding and had a possible fracture. We waited a little understandably given that this emergency was probably a lower priority than what other patients had but the experience was still great. Many thanks to everybody at the hospital!

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