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kimberly miller

When I had my daughter a few years back I came here and had a great experience. The other day I went in because I was having chest pains and it was difficult for me to breathe. I sat in the waiting room for 5 hours before I was seen. And even then, I wasn’t put in a room, the doctor just called me back and spoke to me about what was going on. Sent me home with pain meds and that was it. Today I’m here because I decided to give them another chance and because they are the closes hospital to me. I’ve been here for 2.5 hours and still haven’t been called back. The RN nurse is pregnant and acts like she’s mad at the world and the clerks at the front desk have no tact whatsoever. The waiting room is full, it’s standing room only but you can see staff members just walking around conversing through the side windows. This place disgusts me. I feel like I’m at the welfare office trying to get some cheese.....This is insane

Corrina Hills

Really awful service. It's just disgusting how low a hospital can go. No words for this. This place needs to be shut down.

Michael Livery

This place is a joke, no bedside manner, cant accomplish the simplest of tasks. The administration should be removed and possibly even have any licenses to practice revoked.

tina biggs

really sux er staff needs to get a happy pill or something.

Tiffany Smith

There are SOME nice ppl working here (E.R.) but this is the slowest place ever! Very unorganized... no matter what the reason may be for me being here it takes 5+ hours. WHY?! No good reason.. NONE

Amber Chantell

Very unprofessional!!

Terry Porter

Worst hospital ever! Dad (82 years old, with prior cardiac history) went to ER for chest pain in late afternoon. There was no sense of urgency with any of the staff. They kept giving him nitro, but no other plan. Then in the middle of the night (still in hospital) he had a heart attack. I had him transferred out as soon as I could to Emory, where he was immediately taken in to have stents placed.


I came to the hospital via ambulance after having a seizure. My husband and I waited 5 hours and my only recollection of seeing the physician was when I got out the ambulance. He asked me who the president of the United States was? I chuckled as i gave him the anwser and he acted as if he became annoyed and rudely asked me what was so funny? That was the only time I saw the doctor in a five hour period. Then to have someone come ask me about the bill and how much I could pay on it while i was in distress about just having had a seizure was just disheartening. I didn't ask to come to the hospital i was in Griffin to attend a funeral and had no intentions on going to a hospital. After the 5 hour wait and only passing by the physician when I first entered the hospital and seeing him no more after that, no real neurological checks where done the only assessments where an ekg which I didn't understand why that was necessary I came in because of a neurological issue not a cardiac issue. These physicians need additional training if they think its ok to make individuals with Neurological, Cardiac and respiratory issues wait for prolonged periods of time. I truly feel in my heart that I was made to wait. as a result of not having insurance. It's sad when a hospital is more for profit than about helping. The Hippocratic Oath that physicians take says nothing about being ignored because of lack of insurance. Ignoring people is a very good way to cause more harm and get this hospital a lawsuit. The one star is for the nursing student that did an excellent job of checking to make sure I was doing ok.


If I could give less than 1 star then I would because this is what this hospital facility deserves. I don't know where to start from the paramedics who administered an iv that left my arm red, swollen and laden with pus or the ICU step down nurse that I bumped heads with because I didn't want to use some device injected in me to extract my urine and I would swear that she took revenge on me by leaving the outside of my hand so bruised from when she drew blood. Other nurses would just shake their heads when they saw my hand. You know who you are you red head devil. One nurse commented.. "oh, you bruise easily." Are you kidding me! These bumps and bruises look more like I was in a fight. The funny thing is that I had several nurses that took blood from me from other parts of my arms and you can't tell where the needle penetrated my skin. If you have a choice in which hospital facility to go for medical services, choose wisely, do not go here!

Eve L

This hospital is trash! The nurses providing my loved one care are inattentive. We've given the same medical information 3 times in 10 hours, 2 times to the same attending nurse, & it's either incompetence or an outdated system. Why should we tell the ER nurse all of this information & then repeat it to the attending nurse twice? UPDATE YOUR MEDICAL SYSTEM SO IT'S ONLY TOLD ONE TIME!! Luckily my loved one is coherent enough to relay the information but why should they keep doing so when they're sick? The room was not equipped with the basic hygiene items upon our arrival. The assistant, CNA, seemed not to care & the actual nurse, RN, was too busy complaining about her other patients to focus. Utter ridiculousness! I hate this hospital! I wish they would go through the entire hospital & hire or train their nursing staff. We get better treatment at a Chick-fil-a drive-thru!

Crystal Sanchez

Came in with chest pains at 4:30pm. I was told 5 people are ahead of me... I am still waiting to be seen by the ER 5 hours later. The entire lobby full of patients has gone and replenished with new people. Yet, I am told I still have 5 people ahead of me! If there is no doctor, just be honest and I will come back later!!!

Daniel Moore

Took my wife there today. They took 4 tubes of blood did a urine sample came back with in the hour with two prescription and sent her home. We never got any results on any test that was ran. Now she is still having the same problems. which are now starting to become worse! Spalding county needs a better hospital!

Rachal Morgan

I did the online registration for the ER for 12:45pm got to the ER at 12:35, logged in at 2:34 still not been seen by a Dr., If they're that booked they shouldn't allow you to make an appointment

Starr Fears

I would've given them a -5 but that's not an option. From the moment you walk in the door the hospital smells like liquor and urine. You are greeted with "What you here for?". The waits are ridiculously long (no less than 8 hours) no matter what day or time you go to the ER. Every person you see blames the last person for the wait (even if you don't ask why you're waiting so long). The bathrooms seem to never be cleaned. The employees don't work together as team because they are constantly looking for patients that are with other employees being serviced. I live 4 minutes from the hospital and before I come here I would walk, drive, ride a bicycle, catch a Uber or crawl to any other hospital. They need to fire everyone, shut down, remodel and only hire people that have never worked here before.

Lolita Spence

If i could rate a negative i would. You can get better care if you go to a veterinarian.

Jessica Murphy

Brought my 3 year old here at 4:00 am. Used the online check in. Once we arrived we were in the back within 15 min and we were on our way home within an hour. Including X-rays. Staff was very nice and compassionate. Not anything like what I've experienced in the past at E.R.s. Drove down here from McDonough because of available online check in and the long waits at Piedmont Henry and it was absolutely worth it.

Lametry McDaniel

Great people, awesome atmosphere. ..

Perry Henderson Sr

My Grandson was here after having four seizures back to back, no IV no assistance my daughter and I sat here for well over four hours before he was seen and then because my daughter was getting upset and they didn't want a her to make a big seen. Terrible hospital, if you can manage go to your primary doctor or go to Fayetteville, McDonough or some other places please go and we'll hopefully get big changes around here and soon

Vampire Lord Goddess

I swear this is the worst hospital I've ever been in. We've been stuck in this waiting room for three hours, and it's ridiculous how long a person has to wait just to see someone. How absurd. This waiting room was so full there were even people sitting out here with an IV that had been started in their hand, and I can't count the number of times they've brought back the same sick patient back to the waiting and I can't imagine how long she had been waiting in the same wheelchair.

Aldora Whitehead

I'm sitting in the ER , it's been over an 3 hours of waiting and the worst part of this, is an IV was place in my daughters arm just for her to go back and sit in the waiting room for another hour or so. I can't believe this. Everyone on this fast pass system, where the unserious issues went first to clear up room for other patients and they were in and out of this place. Something has got to change.

Sarah R.

terrible hospital. their ER is a nightmare and all the staff needs a serious attitude adjustment. got an $800 bill for walking in the door even though I never even saw a physician, nurse, or tech. I'll drive the extra miles to go to McDonough or Fayetteville to avoid this place.

Jesmary Ayala

Its horrible ... I went with my son open wound in his foot he is autistic it took them about 5-6h to clean him and put stitches reason they took long was he had to wait his turn funny thing is that im here right now sick and they have skip me more 5 times i ask why are these people going first when i was hear first well now the excuse is the are attending people depending on how severe they are ... Staff super nice and doctors are nice they work with you and help you but they are not organized at all

Amber Thomas

I went in because I was running a very high fever and my chest was hurting I couldn’t breathe these ppl did nothing but treat as a Asthma patient they didn’t do no Vitals staff was rude except for the X-ray lady..... had to go to another hospital to get treated

Zeeda Davis

This hospital should be shut down!!! The healthcare field is a contradiction within itself. My boyfriend had been having pain/swelling in his wrist for about a week. Mind you, that wrist had been broken years back. It has plates/screws in it. To see him almost in tears, I knew something was wrong, with me having a medical background. Spalding made us wait in the lobby for 3hrs after triage. We were finally called to the back where we waited another 45mins. The girl from registration said that my boyfriend couldn't be seen because he didn't have any insurance. They said they marked his situation "Non Emergent.." They didn't even send a nurse or Dr to look at him. We're currently at another hospital and if something is seriously wrong with his wrist...We will be SUEING the hell outta Spalding Reginal.

Penny Fleming

Was in a MV Accident had Fractured Rib pain was excruciating their Crappy X- rays didn't pick it up.Male Nurse told me I was being released and I told him I was not feeling right plus I had no phone service to see where my daughter was. He then told me they could put me in a wheel Chair and park it by a Phone by the outside door til she got there.. Unbelievable.. Treated like and Animal!! 3500,00 bill for Nothing!! Very unprofessional.. I will be contacting appropriate upper Management to make a formal complaint. Plus will be speaking with and Attorney concerning this treatment!!

Kristin Helmlinger

Worst hospital ever. I couldn't believe how horrible it was...You will die if you go here no doubt .....

Susan Wright

The quality of Care here..has gone straight to The dogs..they need to stop hiring people straight out of Medical much misdiagnosis....and Killing people..goes on here..they almost killed me a year to another hospital..but don't go there


My sister was there for hip surgery after a fall. I came to see her yesterday and can't praise the nursing and physical therapists enough for the kindness they showed her. They were patient and gentle and very, very professional. Thank you all!


I read some of the reviews which seem to be true. I got in an accident few days ago, they rushed me over there. Everything seem to be okay but the nurse seemed not to care so much about the patient, I was in pain and agony and asked to get some pain pills etc....she said she would be right back....about 40 mins later still no medicine...SMH .the doctor was nice though, I told him I needed some medicine asap...the doctor is the one who told her to get some! Now I got discharged the same day..and God is my witness..the nurse put a shoulder support on me and didn't care to see if it was holding my arm right. The nurse didn't help me get off the bed when I was in pain to get off, I insisted and she just looked at me and said you can walk right..? SMH I managed to slowly get my self off the bed and she led the way to the exit...mind you she wasn't supporting me in walking to the car, she didn't have any Courtsey what so ever! This are the people who are supposed to take care of us and show us some compassion.

Colleen Shelnutt

Even when we told them my husband was a cardiac and stroke patient we waited 6 hours. Insane.

Lucas Cochran

Dr. Sonyika is a fraud. He tried to check my pulse through my wristband, and did a very poor exam. He didn’t ask questions pertinent to my reason for checking in. He seemed very incompetent and had poor bedside manner. Alice the social worker didn’t do anything to help my situation either. Not asking questions that should have been asked and not discussing treatment options with my wife and I. I am in the process of placing a lawsuit against the hospital and attempting to remove both of their practicing licenses. I hope to ruin their lives for the damage they caused me. I hope they learn from their mistakes and yet never have a chance to reconcile with them... They messed with the wrong person this time around...

Cassandra Finley

Took my mother to the ER. She received excellent care from start to finish. The staff were very professional . The nurse on each shift kept my family up to date and well informed of my mother's diagnosis and progress. I really appreciate the care and concern they showed my mother. Sandra

Tiffany Campbell-Mathews

Worse experience ever!! I thought I could review without giving a star bc I would not give them anything. I mean seriously how does someone come in for pelvic pain and u don't even do anything but draw blood and check vitals. Then after a few hours of being a dirty room nurse comes in with discharge papers and says blood test came back fine. Wth???????? I have a history of cyst and an auto immune disease and this pain for the last month has stressed me out and the er Dr didn't give 2 craps about me....Not only that but my 1 visit had dirt used rags in the exam room bathroom on the counter!!! Like this is ridiculous they need to clear out that place n start over with ppl who actually care about patients .

ryan adams

I went to ER for severe sciatic pain.. They could less that i was in severe pain, and treated me like some kinda attic. I was in and out in 30 min. Like they didnt care and just hearded me out the door ...said follow up with orthapedic. I wouldnt ever go here again unless it was only option.

jay Royal

Worst experience ever. I will never go back not even on my last leg.

Tracy Moldovan

Was in bad pain with my stomach. Waited in the ER for 2 hours and was never checked on or anything. No one was friendly. A older man came in crying in pain. I felt so sry for him and they did him same way. Hospital is a joke anymore. Its sad

skyler jones

Worst experience ever.. no one would help my sick child with head trauma waited 4 hours and not one nurse came to check I asked for meds to give to my infant child with a fever of 104 and I was ignored, I walked out. I'd give this place 0 stars if I could. My visit was an EMERGENCY and they treated my son like he wasn't even there.

pro_in_training 1

They let my grandmother ( a diabetic) leave literally an hour after being admitted to the ER after a horrific car accident. She had a gash on her head that had to have 11 staples. Then gave her prescription Ibuprofen which apparently thins the blood, so they sent her home to continue to bleed to death and she nearly did, by the time we got her to another hospital she had lost half her bodies blood supply. They didn't bother to do an abdominal CT, and we learned that her spleen was damaged and was internally bleeding. By the grace of God she may be saved, but if any one goes, ask where these idiots got their licences if they have one at all! Due to the accident my grandfather is prone to black outs but they didn't tell us, they told him he was free to drive and do things as normal even though now it's been found that in the accident his heart had stopped for a second. Long story short, if you like living don't go here. If you go don't get the doctors and nurses confused (even though they dress similarly) if you do be prepared for them to pretentiously jump down your throat. I'd trust a veterinarian with my body over those "doctors".

Paula Shelby

Nurses staff and CNA’s at most think all they have to do is walk from room to room. Asked about my mother getting a bath the nurse told me she had a bath, my mother said her bath was w wipe with a rag. Guess that is how they were trained. When I asked they seemed to get a attitude

Jazz Brannon

My mom has been here over a month. My problems are not with the doctors, just the nurses. This is an ongoing thing everyday where they sit back and talk about patients? Where has this ever been allowed??

Michelle Register

Want a hospital and staff that is only there for their money. Looking for a hospital providing poor care ? This is the hospital for you! Otherwise wise be wise and travel a little more of a distance and go somewhere else. Poor patient care!!

Wendy Price

The nurses- doctors and staff on the 2nd floor are amazing. Very professional and friendly- kept my mom smiling

Neosha Bloodser

Very unprofessional. Was there for 3 hours before someone acknowledged I was even in my room. Ask why I was having a certain problem and was told I dont know.

Hal Caison

The Emergency Room at this hospital is absolutely awful. As a care giver, had to call 911 for a patient who had a fall and could not get him up. He had fractured his back from the fall. Upon arriving this Emergency Room and laying there for three hours in pain and not one doctor showed up to check on him. Ask the nurses for water or ice chips and they refused. Ask the nurses where is the doctor? This patient is in horrible pain. Their only response was the the doctor is making rounds. After three hours of nothing, I was able to get the patient into a wheel chair, into my car and immediately drove to Piedmont/Fayette whereas they immediately took control. The call to Spalding County 911 is not worth the trip to Well Star Hospital, Griffin. I have never experienced such a unprofessional staff in An ER in my life. Piedmont/Fayette is a much better facility and they will take care of you.


I went here only because I really like my surgeon, who had performed two previous outpatient surgeries on me. I'd had little but positive to say about the outpatient side of the hospital. They were great. However, this surgery required one night's stay. In my 62 years, I've had a few stays in other hospitals where I used to live. This stay at Spalding Regional was absolutely the worst I've ever imagined. Service was horrible at night. I maybe got 1/2 hour of sleep, and that's after surgery and pain meds. I was at the end of a hallway, but noise throughout the night and nurses not even respectful to "keep it down themselves", and "forgetting" my sleep meds was inexcusable. Food: every other hospital I've been in brings choices from your Dr's intended diet BEFORE serving. Not here! With no warning or asking, they brought a breakfast tray of food I absolutely hate. When I asked for something different, all I got offered was applesauce. And I have to agree with other reviews here and add that my room and bathroom facilities were filthy! The stick-on baseboard trim looked as though 10+ years of dust, dirt, and who knows what accumulations existed. Three separate times, things were dropped on the floor and not picked up, including thermometer covers. I was appalled when I raised the toilet seat. Wellstar took over in April, or so I was told at registration. Would have thought things would have improved at least a little by now. Nope. Also, they had no access to my previous records since the change over.

Danielle Moran

This hospital is horrible. 5 hours to get discharged and the food that they serve patients is deplorable.

Cancer SurvivorChic

Misdiagnosed my toddler who was 2 at the time with CROUP i went to atlanta childrens healthcare to find out that he had a middle ear infection they prescribed him antibiotics an he was better in no time ..Come here ONLY if its your last resort!! By the time they call your name in the waiting area you will probably end up dead ! #worsthospitalever!

Mikey Pinacas

Crank Case

Very disappointed with Wellstar. My 4 year old daughter got a cut over her eye on a Sunday, so we took her to the ER as we thought she may need stitches. Luckily, she didn't, just tissue glue that took 10 minutes of a physician assistant's time to apply, and then we left. Wellstar charged $1,941.74...for glue, and ten minutes of an assistants time. I paid $440 and called them, and they refuse to discount it, despite them admitting that the charge is absurd for the service provided. To me, this is unethical gouging, so my family will not be using this hospital any further.

william leverett

Went for extreme lower back pain. I'm an injured veteran and this was the worst care I've ever received! No x-ray was taken or any other test were ran. They tried to give me a shot of Tylenol and was probably going to charge me over a thousand dollars for this! Do not go to this hospital if you actually need help because they will not give you any!

Roman Zolanski

it sucks like foreal


Infusion nurses are un knowledgeable and are unfriendly . They act as though you are wasting their time and they are irritated just because you are there. They also don't pay attention to what they're doing n allow your line hub hit the chair n then just flush it anyway after its contaminated. Big no no!! Front office staff are nice . Iv team nurses are excellent .


We took my 89 year old great grandmother there because she had fractured her arm, even though she was whining in pain we sat in the waiting room for over an hour! And the only way we got a room was by being rude... Once we did get a room it was nasty, there were dead spiders all around the floor along with the dirt. I will NEVER come back here

Matt Odom

This is by far the worst emergency room I have ever been to. My wife has been here 3 times in the last week fora broken arm, hand and fingers and staff have told her that her arm and hand have been splinted incorrectly each time she returned. Now we are told that we have to pay in order to be seen, because of the doctors and nurses not knowing what they are doing. I thought since wellstar purchased this hospital it would get better, but the emergency room is staffed with idiots that really don't care about the patients. Me and my family will now be driving over 30 minutes away to any other hospital from now on.

Crystal Latiolais

Smells bad, takes forever, but staff tries. seems short staffed. the ones that are there need a vacation.

Going Ape's Hit

The people that work there are rude and very unhelpful. I'm am very disappointed in this facility. I would avoid this hospital at all costs.

Cornelia Brown

You have some caring nurses and ER doctors. I was admitted and the care was lukewarm at best. Some of the nurses acted like they would rather be somewhere else doing something besides taking care of you. They just seem cold and uncaring. And the doctors zips in your room and back out. That particular day it felt like you was being pushed out so they can make room for other patients. I know because I had to stay overnight in the emergency room because they had no room for me when I was admitted. A special thanks to the nurse who took care of me down there and made sure I was comfortable.

Kayla Lynch

This is the worst hospital ever and they are so slow i been waiting for almost 2 hrs for my papers to go home i will go to fayette for my hospital care when i need it

Elocin Vyper

This hospital on several separate occasions has proven that its not a place you want to take anyone you care about... 1. I have been diabetic for 18 years (type 1 insulin dependant). I went to SRH and after being admitted for diabetic ketoacidosis it took my doctor over 24 hours to write me for insulin.... Arguing with me about wether or not i needed it..... 2. I went to the ER yesterday.. Pregnant presenting with severe cramping and vomiting... I say in the waiting room for almost four hours waiting to even get seen... I finally left and sought care elsewhere... To make it worse a woman came in sick threw up on the floor and instead of cleaning it they put a "wet floor" sign over the puke and went back to not giving a damn... 3. More than once after being admitted to this hospital i have contracted staff infected and had iv sites horribly infected because this place is a dump and health and safety protocols are rarely observed... From people not wearing gloves or masks and going from patient rooms without washing hands... If you care at all about a sick or injured loved one i beg you don't put them thru the hell that is spaulding regional well star ....

Silvana C

Sin palabras. Atencion deplorable y malisima

Elijah Williams

Dustee Anna

Pathetic Er staff. I went in with terrible stomach pain. Chronic condition. I had blood in my stool and urine for over a week. I was there for hours. No test were ran. Just blood was taken. Was given pain medication. 4 hours later I asked the nurse what the problem was? Was the doctor even going to run any test????? She was very rude. She said to me...your blood work looks good and your urine is fine. I didn't even give a urine sample??? I became furious. The "Charge" nurse came in and raised her voice at me ! She bluntly are not getting anymore pain meds! I DIDN'T EVEN ASK HER FOR MORE!!!!!!I left there in tears ! Went straight to Emory. Was admitted with a kidney infection, C-diff, low potassium and magnesium levels. White blood cell count was high . Spalding regional is a pathetic excuse for a hospital. I wonder if they even ran test on my blood ?????????? My Step Dad was taken to Spalding by ambulance 3 days ago. He was confused with a hemoglobin level of a 7! They did a Ct scan of his head. It looked good, so the doctor discharged him. As soon as we got home, he passed out. Appendix ruptured . Took him to Upson Regional. He had to have 3 units of blood and surgery ASAP! DO NOT GO TO SPALDING! They will let you die! Terrible place!


If you care about your life, don’t go here period

Jerry Aldridge

Frist they had a Dr.named Shriff and he just let my wife die in the hallway. I wish i knew where he was id be in prison and it would be worth it. This happened in January of 2014.Ive been in an out of this dump every since 2016 and they still have no clue whats going on. The Drs.will not take timeto talk to you- -The staff are rude as hell--at night when you try to sleep it sounds like your in a bar--You have to beg for ice or stuff to clean up with. This place needs for a undercover AMA staff to come in an see hot bad it is.

Zada Pack

Brandi Maynard

I had the best experience with the labor and delivery unit of this hospital. I was there for an adoption and the entire staff was amazing! They were both accommodating to our family and the birth mom. Thank you, thank you! You played a very important role in the growth of our family!

Ramel Jones


Lovely starr

Terrible.They always take so long. And are so slow. Never give you enough information at all. They aren't professional and are very inconsiderate. Hate it

Christy Rehak

I’m currently in your ER waiting room and has been here for almost 5 hours. I have seen people come and go in front of me. I’m furious!!!!!! Your staff sucks.

Sandra Rucker

It's been pretty traumatic . My dad had an appointment downstairs of the hospital with LabCorp. He has a difficult time walking which is why he's here they would not allow us to get a wheelchair due to liability image that!!! At the hospital and can't care thought the reason for hospital. There's more to complain but don't have the time

Jessie Burke

doesnt matter

Be advised.....if you can go somewhere it. Wound care is not about wound care. It's about money. I have insurance and was told everything will come in the mail. Week later no package. Second appointment today still no package after a week only to find out that NO medication for my wound is in the package it's just gauze tape and gloves....hundreds of dollars for stuff available at Walgreens for pennies on the dollar. This is what's wrong with health care. It's more about money than actual care. I could forgive all that if the staff didn't act as if they were too important to deal with you and get pissed when you call them out on the B.S.

Justin Newcomb

Employees sit around and when someone is in pain and needs something they walk like they are 90, then sit around and talk to there family rather then help people get out of here.

Gregory Kappelle

Extremely uncaring & unhelpful. Everyone you speak to doesn't want to help because it's not there department. They act like you're bothering them. They don't care about your pain level. Shoo you away like a fly bothering them. WORST ER DEPARTMENT EVER! Misdiagnosis problems causing you to make mutiple visits to ER! TERRIBLE!

Lisa Carnes

I am a very understanding person I never complain. I have been to this hospital to times In the past 2 weeks for the same pain. My 1st visit I had pain under my left rib cage and my left arm and shoulder The pain was about a 7-8. They checked my heart and my lungs. My chest didn't hurt. They said everything was find and sent me home still in bad pain. My 2nd visit was four days later. My pain had become so bad I couldn't hardly sleep. There was nothing that would make it better. So I went back. I told them it wasn't my heart or lungs that its either under my left rib or the rib itself. They did a ct of my organs it came out fine. And lab work also fine. The iv with no fluids was put in my arm about 3 hours after getting there. my hand started to swell get ice cold turn white and got numb and stiff. I hit the nurse call button and told them. After about an hour my nurse came in I told him about my hand. And he said ya i can see that and you hand it freezing. Then he started to rush and get the iv out. He also cut my hospital band off for some reason. Then told me I can go. I was in worse pain and extra pain from my arm/ because of the iv..... it's been 2 days my left rib is still killing me and now my hand gets numb, hurts and I can feel nerves every time I bend or twist my arm and move my fingers. My pain level was at a good 9. I was there for 6 hours in all and was given tramadol 2 minutes before I was told I can go home. I will be going to another hospital if whatever this is does not get better by this weekend. This was the most awful experience I have ever had with a hospital. I would not go here if I was you.

Zay Thomas

scott bankston

Worst and slowest service ever. Of you come in for a minor booboo or sickness you'll be in and out.... but if you come in for a serious health issue like chest pains and heart problems, and have a history of them, you will wait a minimum of 4-5 hours just in the waiting room. You could at least die at home in your own home, before I would come for a serious problem. And the receptionist was rude and mean and couldn't tell you anything. They want all your money but can't even do their job right. Update 05-04-19—-had to return and I kid you not 20-25 people that were here at same time or came in after went back and most left before my wife ever got to go to the back to actually be seen by a dr.....this hospital is a joke when it come to prioritizing their patients!!! Avoid not go there!!!

Dominique Penn

This hospital sucks so bad

Elise Russell

Inattentive service and unprofessional careless staff

Cece Carroll

Negative 5. My brother has been in icu nearly 3weeks and they haven't fixed the issue. They just said he might have to have another surgery. He has been bleeding in the inside off and on all this time. NO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS MOVE HIM TO A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL WERE THIER IS DOCTORS THAT KNOW HOW TO TREAT HIM MEDICALLY . STOP SAYING IT'S A LONG PROCESS WHILE HE SITS HERE GOING THRU YOUR PROCESS THAT ANT HELPING HIM. 3 doctors and nothing has changed. Prayers for my brother and your hospital.

Tamonica Wilkerson

Half doing they work, took loose my grandad blood pressure monitor and forgot to plug it back up so once I asked them to hook it back up it took them dang near 1hr to come and plug it back up after I went out to ask for a nurse.

Crystal Creech

Waited in the emergency room for over 6 hours then they said well it's only because they have one doctor here at night. The people that work here act like they have never worked in a hospital setting. Maybe some people should find different professions.

Jacob Rice

I Went to the ER after I hurt my back. The nurses were awesome and told me I needed to go to a different hospital because the doctor and PA refused to order any xray, MRI, or CT scan. They said no one was there that could perform an MRI. …

Dana Bradberry

I'll give two stars for the caring staff we encountered. I feel as though there is a major lack of communication between the staff members, especially between the nurses and doctors. The wait time for answers seemed to be prolonged and everyone was giving information.

Crissy Wilson

Terrible.worst er ever.took my son for a busted lip .i have waited 5 hrs without a word from anybody.i will be leaving without treatment.thanks spalding.

Tanna Walker

Left me in waiting room bleeding to dealth when i had miscarriage


My father in law is in ICU. He is scared and very sick. Nurse was a very rude person and didn't have compassion. The worst experience Iv seen. I couldn't imagine being sick and feeling like I was just a number. Not impressed with the staff. Horrible place

Sheree Torres

I like it

Ralph Collins

My mother went to griffin hospital a couple of weeks ago with a severe headache. Obviously tylenol didnt help if you came to the hospital and she was disable already. They gave her a perscription for an ear infection without a cat scan. Had they done a cat scan they could have caught this aneurysm! Now my mother ended up with a rupture aneurysm in her brain less than a month later. Which left her on life support leaving me the only child with an unbearable decision to make for her not to suffer I had to let her be at peace. Now my mother is gone the pictures you see is a shell. They neglected her. When she was flown by helicopter from Griffin to AMC Atlanta the damage to her brain was already done and irriversable which is what we were later told by Doctor at AMC after they performed an unnecessary surgery and gave me and my family false hope! All of this for the sake of hospital revenue from her medicade insurance or teaching opportunities at the expense of her not being left to go in peace and removing a piece of her brain not to mention the stress on her as well as me and my family. They new it was to late but when found out she had medicare or medicaid they proceeded to fly her to amc and they did surgery giving us false hope. Look at the goddess of my life. Clearly they dont truely care and abid by there Hospital Mission Statement and disregard their own personal medical oath these doctors vowed to live by when they became physicians. If they had of did cat scan in first place when she originally went for a severe headache my momma would of been at home preparing her flower garden as she always does at this time! Unfotunately we cant change all the wrong on so many different levels that was done to my mother and I but I can put it out there about Griffin Hospital as well as AMC in Atlanta for people not to get put in this uncompromising position! Be proactive for your own well being and request scans or xrays on your behalf. Also ask questions and demand question be answered not rushed. And first and formost use this review as well as other negative ones to decide not to take your loved ones to this Hospital.

Angela Banks

They are the worst staff I've ever seen. They lied....Treated my mom who has 10 diseases like she didn't matter. She received no bath, pain meds, and when it was time to go they said they couldn't provide ambulance services unless she paid 1400 but, they called me and said she was coming home via those services...#Wellstar has fallen so far below their usual standards that they uphold. It's a shame. They shouldn't even be considered a hospital.

Charity Wood

Amazing and fast , very nice people. I was from out of state and they treated me like I was family. For a Friday night I was in and out in an hour. And they sent me home with proper medications and a pretty cool ice pack. I would definitely come back here for an emergency if I was in the area. Not to mention I was in a 18 wheeler and they assisted in parking and gave no problems only wonderful help.

Gloria Kerlin

Yesterday I was taken to Spalding Regional by ambulance with a possible heat stroke and hypertension. I was dehydrated and my BP was extremely high. I got there at 4:45 put in a room thankfully. I was given zofran for nausea and nothing else until almost 10 pm no IV fluid and nothing for my headache pain that was bc of my BP being in the extreme level. It was a most unpleasant experience. Can not share all here but I will never go back there unless I am unconscious and don't know it.

Aneesah El-Amin

Disappointed at the lack of attention given to patients in the ER...

Abbs joy

My mother in law had to be admitted because she was really sick. The ignored her but at the same time would not let her rest. Alway coming in

Anthony Doyle

I’m currently sitting at Spaulding regional hospital. If I could give this place a zero star rating I would. ! The waiting room smelled horrible. Very Unsanitary ! I have not yet to meet one staff that either did not have an attitude or just a plain disrespectful tone with a stank face. ! Very unprofessional. I have been waiting on a work excuse and papers to leave for literally an hour. Its really working my nerves. Something really needs to be done with this place! Clean and hire different staff! The guy at the end though was pretty chill.

Clifford Mcnabb

The icu waiting area is a total disaster.

Peggy Mayo

Took my husband to ER. The people who work there are beyond rude. The lady at the desk rolled her eyes everything I had a question My husband was in extreme stomach pain and was passing blood. And still we waited and waited. They did not take it seriously at all.

Virginia Waldrop

Jessica Millican

zero for a number of review. I have always tried avoiding going here, but i was in a rush on a sunday afternoon and my son was sick. they took a strep and flu test while in waiting room brought us back wait was 3 hours and dr looked at in his throat, eyes, ears and up nose and just told us his sinuses looked swollen so he had a sinuses infection. then took 1 hour to get signed out. they were pretty dead in the er. then i ended up getting a bill for 2,124.00. they charged me for 2 strep tests and 2 flu shots(which he did not recieve) and just for goin back to er was 1,286. bc she put under urgent class 3. which really was not an high risk urgency they werent even busy! last time i go there! They always over charge and mess up the bills and they are terrible drs and worst customer service. idky they havent closed it and put a piedmont up.

Jorge Gonzalez

I came to Spalding because I've heard that the emergency room wait is shorter than other south metro area hospitals and it wasn't bad. The Emergency room is really dirty but they went out of their way to help. I was admitted for 4 days and the nursing staff couldn't be better. I'm not very impressed with the doctors but it was ok. They get 3 stars because of lack of cleanliness in some areas.

Nic Hester

First off to start my daughter came in lastnight with migraine......she was giving the wrong meds....1st 2nd.......we had to an ambulance might I add.....once getting out of the ambulance... with her being unresponsive we were directed towards the E.R. Waiting

Desirae Walker

Sorriest hospital in the world

Billie Burgen

Mark Carpenter

This hospital is awefull. My 83 year old mother was checked in for a heart procedure. She waited one hour past her appointment. We asked what happened, They grabbed her ran her back to the operating room. started to do the procedure, I over heard nurses guessing what to do. Then they told her the medicines was she taking. My mother denied taking such medicines and they said your name is such and such. They had the wrong chart and were about to shock on her heart. Then they realized they never even checked her in. wow. Great hospital. They need to be shut down.

Jing X

I will never go to this hospital again. The waiting time was long and the the service was just so so, and they did not file the insurance claim although I provided my insurance information when I enter the ER. I had to call again and again and again after receiving the "nonsense" bill to provide my insurance and ask them to file the claim, however, one year later they still didn't have it properly solved. At first they kept saying they filed the claim but my insurance just couldn't receive it. Then I finally got the EOB from insurance company, they say they don't have the EOB that I received and still sending me incorrect bill. I have never met an issue like this from visiting other medical services.

Joseph Gordon

They have an okay suicide watch room. It has one tv, one bed, and one security dude. I did get a soda pop though, and I wanted a cigarette so the security officer allowed me to get one from him. lol Different situation different day, I got mad about something and threw my fist through a window. Hit an artery and was shooting blood out my hand. Bleed in the er for well over a hour. Glad my wife knew what to do or I'd be dead. Story goes on, got to the room and they were going to do an xray, after they did the stitches. lol We set them straight quickly and explained that they needed to do the xray first, then the stitches. I didn't see why they needed the ray in the first place, it was a glass window, but what do I know? 4 days later I pulled a sliver of glass out of my hand through the stitches. Next time im in G-town, I'm going to Walmart and getting a roll of duct tape before I go here for stitches.

Austin Gray

I was admitted in April (2018) and stayed as inpatient for over a week. After waiting for my insurance to pay all they would, I received a balance of $1,661 which I have paid $400 each month since my first bill in June (2018) except for one month when they showed an incorrect balance. After calling WellStar's phone number on the bill, I thought all was clear after discussing this with rep. I received a call from a collection agency last week saying WellStar turned over account to them although my balance was $461. I have NEVER been late making any payments on any debt and as of 10-20-18, I have a 791 FICO score, 9 points short of "Exceptional". I called to ask if I could complete paying my balance to WellStar and was told "No, you have to deal with the collection agency." Pure insanity!

Cheryl Young

It is the worst hospital and ER i have ever encountered. I waiting in the ER from 5pm until midnight with extreme heavy bleeding and clotting. I have a bleeding and clotting condition that can get slightly critical. On call physician referred me to the ER. I also just had bladder surgery 2 days prior, so I was in extreme pain sitting for long hours. My daughter took me back home because I was getting very weak. I also witnessed an incident in the ER the same night that was horrible. The ambulance brought a young gentleman into the ER in a wheelchair. The patient asked the EMT person to take him to the bathroom. He told the patient to hold it. Then the patient asked again and he had an attitude and pushed him to the bathroom and left him without assisting him on the toilet or letting the nurse know that the patient needed assistance. The patient was frustrated and attempted to go on his own and fell.A patient from the ER saw him on the floor and alerted the front desk of the incidend. It took a while before the nursing staff attended to him. At that time I just had surgery so I couldn't do any lifting. That stopped me from picking him up from the floor. Everyone (patients and families) kept going to the front desk to alert them.The EMT who brought him into the ER was still standing at the nurses' station and he was laughing about it along with the ER nurse who he was giving report to on the patient. Everyone that was present in the ER were uphold by the healthcare workers behavior including myself. His condition was not the same as he came in after the fall. His family finally came and they informed them that they found him on the floor in the bathroom. The patient and their families including myself informed the family of what really happened to their loved one as well as other patients who were sitting in the same area. The staff do not care about the patients. This hospital is always full and do not have beds to admit nor see patients, yet they still triage patients just to have them sitting for very long hours. I no longer go to that hospital for anything including emergencies. I rather take the drive to Piedmont hospital. I contacted Wellstar who took over Spalding hospital with no call back.

Fabiancidcruz Cid Cruz

Sissy B.

Absolutely * NO PRIVACY * while giving information at front desk. No good morning, no hello, no greeting of any kind. The nurses in the back are always very nice and professional.

Jordan Allen

People don't care about their jobs. Most nurses and staff are disrespectful and rude and they make you wait all night before they give you any results. Don't waste your time!

Brenda Burns

Jenna Harmon

Daniel Dixon

Samantha Nations

This is the worst hospital ever. My husband had chest pains when we came up here and have been waiting for 5 hours to see a doctor. This hospital is ridiculous and the staff sucks. People that came in WAY after us got seen before us and taken in the back. We will NEVER come back to Spalding regional ever again. We wouldn't recommend anyone coming here.

Tinka G

Slow. NASTY bathrooms. Nice employees.

Dana Garner

Just for starters you don't want to come to your say absolute emergency because you will die before you can even make it out of the waiting room

Greg Martin

I really hate giving this place a star because they don’t deserve it. ER was a disaster. I truly thought I had taken my daughter to a third world country and once she was admitted to the hospital it only got scarier. Just absolutely poor care if you could call it that. She went days without any Dr.s checking on her. I really couldn’t believe that this was actually happening at a hospital in 2018. So I checked my daughter out that night and took her to another hospital. So my advice to anyone who thinks about going to this hospital please go anywhere else.

elicea walker

Marlys Watson

Too bad the "Deathstar" can not receive a 0 rating. My mom went there with a sever case of septis, and Mr. Hall (aka as Dr. Hall) said it was "all in her head". Unfortunately mom didn't recover from her undiagnosed illness. Love you Mom. Mr. Hall will get his chance to answer for his mistake.

6kubie Newton

I wish I could give no stars. This hospital is one of the worse it takes almost 10hrs to be discharged. The employees have no respect and are rude. But what really gets me is that they have more people who clean up then doctors!!!! WellStar.... PLEASE DO BETTER!!!

bettina crawford

I have to say this is the best hospital i have been in. I had to have surgery on my colon. The nurses on this floor are amazing. Justin went aboue and beyond for me and even came to say good bye when i was leaving. The staff was very friendly even the lady who bought me my food. Great job to the 3rd floor staff


This hospital is by far one of the worst medical facilities I have ever been in. It is not clean. In fact, it is very dirty. The staff are the most coldest, rudest, people. From the Case managers to the nurses to the aides. The worst bed …

Carl Spackler

Shockingly bad service. Avoid if you have alternatives. Third world facility.

Andy Evans

Still hurting seen pa did not do anything for me gave me two shots an sent me home still can't walk told me to go to another doc 3hrs I was there an they didn't do anything

Niiq Wright

Didn’t know what they was doing. Test took forever and so did doctor. There were some nurses that was nice but one was rude and rough with patient.

Virginia W

Terrible administrative staff. I asked 5 different people the same question and received 5 different answers.

Pierce Cottingham

BEWARE! A visit to the ER at Wellstar Spalding Regional Hospital will result in a fradulent and outrageously high bill. This hospital engages in a practice called "upcoding" which is ILLEGAL. I visited the ER with a knee sprain and they coded my visit as a level 3 (of only 4 levels with level 4 being a high risk of death without treatment). You are charged by the level coded by the ER. And even more outrageous ... I WAS CHARGED $960.50 FOR A NURSE TO PUT ON MY VELCRO KNEE BRACE!!! Unless your injury is life threatening, save yourself a lot of money and stress and go to one of the local medical clinics like Family Medical Center where your visit will cost you less than $100.

Lilly Leal Carothers

Rhonda Gabriel

Horrible!!!!!! We sat in the emergency room after triage waiting to be seen by a physician for 2 hours, then was asked about chest pains, which he had, but was not his immediate concern. After being admitted, he was never told by the staff what his condition was. The lack of information given to the patients is ridiculous. My husband was woken up during the night and could not get any sleep. when my husband was discharged, we were uninformed about any discharge instructions and never saw a physician before discharge. If he has to have surgery, we will not return to Spalding. Unfortunately, he has to do IV therapy at your facility daily for 10 days. The only good in the whole situation is Danella, Case Manager and 2 of the nurses that my husband had. The CNA's were exceptional!!!!!!

Just me

My two year old grand daughter was running a fever of 104.3. My daughter called the ambulance and she was transported to this hospital. They gave her tylenol in the ambulance. After about 5 hours of sitting in the waiting room, we ask the triage nurse to retake the temp to make sure it was going down. She caught a nasty attitude and never retook my baby's temperature. At this time I took it upon myself to leave the hospital, and go to the store to buy a digital thermometer and cold powerade to check and fight this temperature while sitting in the waiting area. When I got back, they had taken them to a room. The doctor was very nice and explained everything to us. The nurse was suppose to bring some motrin because her temp was now 102. 4. It was still very high, but for some reason it was not a priority for the nurse to get the fever meds to my baby. I literally had to go to the front desk to ask again. The nurse said the last time they took her temp it was 100.2, she lied right to my face. I then explained that it was now 102.4 and that we had our own thermometer. The nurses are very uncaring when it comes to children. Why would these women take up a career in health care, when they dont care? I hope and pray that someone treats their loved ones the same so that they know how it feels. A two year old is innocent and whatever your pissed about, it should not stop you from caring for a sick child. This is unprofessional and dangerous for the patients. Get it together before you harm someone. UPDATE!!! My daughter called me and said that her temp was back at 104 when they finally came to due a rectal exam. At this point Motrin had to be given a second time, also a pop sickle to help with the fever. These evil uncaring nurses endangered a two year olds life.

Kara Reece

The WORST PLACE EVER!!!!! They deserve ZERO stars! Will never return under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Rude receptionists waited 3 hours for my 3 year old and then told not sure how long the wait would be after waiting for THREE HOURS. Not to mention she laughed at me for being concerned about waiting so long for my THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!!

Dirrty dann

My family had been sitting in the waiting room for 5 hours they had to threaten a few nurses just to get some cold water and medicine. My niece had a 104.5 fever it took far to long to help a 3 year old

Tameko Holley

My mother have been at this hospital for five days so far. Yet have they found the solution for her temperature not beeing stable. But mean while the nurses here are very nice, caring, attentively, and also friendly. So at least that speaks volumes. The Dr.s. i don't know. I felt as if they could collaborate together come to some solution. Requires more tests .Don't know if Griffin Hospital specialize in Heart Health. Maybe i need to send my mom to see a Heart Specialist. Due to her condition. This Hospital is small and maybe not equipped for all Health related issues. I get it. But at least have outside Dr's .Specialist on call. To assist with finding to refer to other facilities that attends and care for those issues which this hospital doesn't specialize in. Let's be real. Let's Not ,Run up health care cost on Pendings... That's all. Life could be much better if we all worked together... Can say the Dr's my mom have seen. Are very nice as well...

Dawn Shields

Brought my 12 yr old in for an allergic reaction been here for 45 min. Face swelled neck swelled and they are taking people with the sniffles first. A lady walked in 20 min after us smiling then she saw all the people all of a sudden she says she has chest pain. They have called 6 people that got here after us. Thank god shes not bleeding to death. Anaphylactic shock guess they never heard of it here.

Josh King

My mom went in last night about 11:30 did not even see a doctor nurse and she went in by ambulance her name is Victoria Burt for low blood pressure to where it was critical they stuck her in a room with other families witch one had a bone sticking out with blood on the floor and they told this person he better clean it up themselves I'm not standing for this I got the other peoples information and taking it to the news and my lawyer !

Drea Bryant

Terrible place altogether. Very unprofessional. Very unfriendly personnel. It makes you wonder if they hire people just off the road. Visible dirt everywhere. They almost gave me an iv antibiotic I am allergic to, thankfully I asked about what they were about to give me. Stay away from this place. Seriously. Hard to believe "Wellstar" put their name on this!

Yolondraneak Swint

This emergency room is very very POOR. I wouldn't refer any one to this place at all. The doctors & nurses aren't professional . When patients are sick , the Nurses doesn't mind making the patient depress. They are very harsh, and not helpful at all. I could've slap the s* out of them when I heard a nurse talking to my sibling all kinds of ways before I could see him . All I have to say is Spalding Regional Hospital is not the place you want to put your love one at . You'll have a better opportunity somewhere else.

Sheila Dennis

The Nurses are absolutely amazing here. They are very knowledgeable and caring both in ICU and on the regular floor. Thank you!

Diego Sanchez


Wait time is ridiculous. Someone next to me was waiting for 10 hours.

Anndre Banks

Tammy Flowers


Riana Cabello

I came in through the er and they were very busy. I am 19 weeks pregnant and was having a severe asthma attack. Things were slow amd kinda rough gettting the immediate attention i needed. They ended up admitting me in the very early morning from the night before. Things were turning around i have some attentive nurses very nice and accommodating. Then a lady named kina chase, i believe her name is. She is the nurse in charge of my floor comes in my room to tell me my child can not stay with me. The morning i got moved to this floor i was informed he could stay during business hours, then she comes in stating differently. I called his stepdad who said he would be here aftr work to get him so i let the matter rest. Later that night though no sign of stepdad. Through a series of events he didnt get him. Its about 8 now and so i call my sister and she cant come .That night because its so late and she lives in north atlanta. I set in my head to call my mom in the morning to get my son. The next morning before i even get a chance to wake up kina is in my room again saying that she is going to call social services on 19 weeks pregnant, sick and pretty helpless to my situation, this is very upsetting especially since her next words were that shes trying to help me...lady if you call that help your nuts....and thats the type of mnagement this hospital has.....scary

Shan Boyd

They move so slow like they dont care that people are here in pain or like I needed an excuse and they took thirty minutes to figure out how to do that then another 15mins to write it up like its a note from a middle school teacher on a white paper with no letter head. Like what job is suppose to accept that. Smh I just think they need more training and professionalismness for the company they are working for. Smh First and last time coming threw here.

Elizabeth Quinta

The service is fast and everyone super nice and very attentive to your needs. This is my go to hospital for now on.

Tanner toland

By far the worst hospital ever. Everyone here should be fired. The staff does not care for the patients and only care for the paycheck. My wife’s grandpa came in for dehydration and they weren’t giving him fluids. 0 out of 5

0783 I

Got a call from my mother stating they were transporting her to Griffin. Upon arriving the unprofessional receptionist Kabrina let us back but said we would have to switch out with the other three people that were in the room, which we did. Seconds later the security guard comes to remove my sister and I. When asked why was told he got multiple calls from nurses and he would let us back in within ten minutes. When I went to ask Kabrina why we was pulled from the room, she becomes argumentative and then puts the blame back on the security guard and said only two people were allowed back at one time. Bottom line there was just me and my sister in the room and there was no point for her to be rude about it. She then went on to state that she wasn't gonna argue with me and called the security guard back up because she didn't want to deal with the mess she created. Upon speaking with the security guard he apologized for the confusion which she should have done, and stated he was confused when he arrived because he only say to people. This is one reason I hate the hospital it has a reputation for bad customer service and given the switch over you would think things would have gotten better but unfortunately that isn't the case. PSA to all skip this hospital!!!!

Kaye Hudson

Went here three times during my last pregnancy. Was in pain and bleeding a lot and only got from the doctors that many women go through that. They kept telling me that they did not know what the problem was and did not really even do any tests. Finally, after having more and more pain, I went to Henry medical where i was told that I was actually having a miscarriage and that those were contractions and my uterus trying to push the baby out. Never go to Spalding medical again!

K Love

I went to ER in November with a horrible ,extremely painful kidney infection.The dr and nurse and all other staff were extremely nice and caring.

Denise Edwards

At 12:22pm a friend died on 10/03. I have never seen such uncaring staff in my life. They should be ashamed of themselves. There no compassion by the nurse. She was the worst. Her name on the wall was Talia.she was working in icu with patient Ricky Hurst in room 374 in intensive care. He passed at 12:22 . I would think after9 the death some compassion might have need shown to the sister and myself. I would never go back there. Denise Edwards [

A day in the life of Katara Lynn

I just went there today. Got there at 11am. And just got out at 2. I have poison ivy rash (i get it every time I clean the yard) this time its around my eyes. In my ears. And all over the rest of my body. She looks at my hands and says there is nothing on your face. Its not ivy. What in the world. Watery blisters that pop when you scratch them. And you can see them around my eyes. Worst place ever. At least the guy discharging was nice. Rest of the place sucked.

Caddi Rivera

Keep as far away from this hospital awful people and awful everything

Robin Pierce

Soni singh

I don't know why people have given negative reviews here.. I recently had outpatient surgery done here and I felt the hospital staff was helpful and polite. The nurses were caring, kind and helpful. Even the security staff who took care of my belongings and made sure they were safe was nice.. Not to mention one or two nurses were cute and good looking ( forgot to flirt with them, maybe I was too dizzy). But I was satisfied and happy with the care they took and with overall surgery process.

Steven McDaniel

Lacey Hill

My daddy was taking there last Monday due to heart problems. That Wednesday he was told he was going be released that Thursday. He wasn't I talked to council by the name Monica who was rude very unprofessional. She told me that she wasn't aware but the doctor and two of his nurses told me and mother that my daddy is going be discharged. Monica then stated she was sorry but had started on four other discharges. Like she didn't care about my daddy She even told me I was running her around. Duhhh that's my daddy of course I'm going to make sure he is taking well care of. May I remind we stay 2 and half hours away. Long story short my daddy get released until yesterday 8 days later. Then we had to until for the council to discharge him and then wait on the life vest. Lack of communication very unprofessional staff was ok but I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GO THERE'S

Buffie Dorton

Sitting in er with a lady who has had open heart surgery and is having chest pain. Talk to nurse Robin she says were busy wait your turn. Sorry hospital even sorrier staff.


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