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Kira Reid

This hospital has an amazing staff of people who have taken great care of me on two separate visits. Each professional serviced me well, and with great spirits and attitudes. The top reason I returned was because I remembered them being very thorough the last time, and they were thorough yet again. I never felt like they rushed to give me some poor diagnosis. They gave me numerous tests, beginning with the least invasive, and kept going until they found the answer. It’s hard to say I love a hospital, but this one has a special place in my heart.

Jasmine Mack

Every time I come to this hospital it always takes hours, they’re very impersonal & just try to get you out not really caring about you or how your feeling. You can be in a lot of pain and they will not offer pain medicine or anything to help, they’ll just leave you in the waiting room for hours. Do yourself a favor and go to north side or any other hospitals other than wellstar.

Edwin Young

I was recommended to this hospital after I was being taken care of at a Well Star urgent care. After checking in I was immediately charged 400 dollars just to be triage. I then left BEFORE seeing the doctor. I decided to leave since I felt better. Wait a month or so and receive a bill the hospital bill which was 400 JUST for signing in at the hospital. Since the hospitals billing is completely separate. I then received a bill from the nurse/doctors who i never saw. I requested by medical records to try and dispute the charge and they changed me 6 dollars (which included a 3 dollar shipping fee even though I picked it up in person). NEVER go to this hospital or any Well Star hospital EVER. They will find different ways to just charge you money. I have ended up pay >600 plus for my visit to pretty much only get my blood pressure taken. I REPEAT NEVER GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. ALL WellStar Hospitals are a nightmare, I am convinced they are con-artists in disguise.

Sally Henderson

I would rate 0 if I could. This was not one of our good experiences. We were told we were leaving tomorrow. Then tomorrow came and they said again you’re leaving tomorrow. Then finally we were then told again we were unable to leave. I value honesty. And unfortunately you won’t find that here. I would much rather they have been honest with us and told us how it would be.

Gina Amendola

Cant speak about emergency and other departments but do not have a baby here. My child almost died because of their negligence. I sat in labor for close to 3 days dilated to a 7. Mid wife couldnt remember my water broke even though it broke two days before. My mom honestly was a better nurse then most there. I was told by one nurse that if I was going to be a mom I would have to get up and start figuring things out when I was fresh out of a c section and had trouble caring for my baby alone. They never did an ultrasound and come to find out my child was breached. He almost didnt make it because of their mistake. Not even 48 hours after discharge I was back in the emergency for being septic because of the catathor being in too long. Almost died again. Need I say more? Staff was nice. It was just the hospital as a whole


Absolutely the worst hospital I've ever been to. Prepare yourself for extremely long waits, with 0 communication, and doctors that flat out refuse to help. The nurses were all awesome, esp.Nisha. Unfortunately their hands were bound by arrogant, pompous doctors.

Jeep Man

Outstanding care from the time I walked in, through emergency surgery, to discharge. The nursing staff was remarkable - concerned, caring and extremely conscientious - I could not have asked for better care. My room and bathroom were spotlessly clean and sanitary. This is my hospital of choice for any care I may need.

Mike Riggs

My Dad came in around 2:00 AM. He is 87 years old and had fallen. He broke his neck in two places. 12.5 hours later we still are waiting in the Emergency Room bed. We have not even seen a surgeon or doctor yet. He is in chronic pain. We don’t know if there is going to be surgery required. We don’t have our regular hospital room yet. No one seems to know what is going on. Sad they treat an 87 year old man this poorly when he broke his neck in two places from a fall.

Allen Sinquefield

Went to Kennestone ER Friday night after calling my insurance nurse line to determine need. Waited 2 hours to get seen, during which time the pain localized and became intense. Ultrasound confirmed inflamed gall bladder, requiring surgery. Eventually moved to semi-private room and the surgery scheduled for 10:30am happened around 1:30pm, 14 hours after my arrival. I was very impressed with the surgical team (my wife described Dr Aguilera as lovely) and feel that I received good care from the staff in general. My 3 star rating is a balance between excellent staff overall vs 2 hour delay seeing a doctor while I was in such pain, dated room and a general sense of disorder in post-operative procedures.

Joel Medina

I was here today, the lady at the front desk had an attitude with me, she ask me what was wrong with my child and my answer was he has an ear infección. She ask me how do you know is an ear infection with an attitude, I answered because he always get an ear infection. She got mad at me for no reason. The children the were behind my child were helped first I was waiting a long time my friend was there also when she left she told me ! OMG you still here! I said yes they making me wait on purpose... I don't know why they don't do there job if they get paid... they get paid to do their job, even if they don't like people because of the different race they get paid.

Men's Grooming Store

My nephew came to the emergency room to remove tumor in pituitary gland. The staff made him wait several hours to tell his parents that the surgeon was out of town. The is incredibly rude and insensitive. If you have a choice , DO NOT go to this hospital emergency room. 5/30/19

Crystal Mcclenton

Kennestone is the absolute worse. I don't know if they need a bigger hospital to accommodate patients, or nurses need more trainingnwith their attitude. Sitting in a wait room for three hour's is utterly ridiculous.

Donna Galloway

Several years ago I was hospitalized for what the Dr said upon discharge was a “mild” case of diverticulitis. The next day I was in severe pain and called the Dr and asked if he could see me because something was terribly wrong. I was also over 20 lbs heavier just eating ice for three days in the care of this facility. His office stated they could not get me in for at least a week. I looked pregnant and felt as if I was truly dying. Fortunately I was able to get into the surgeons at Piedmont who immediately admitted me and found that my colon had abcessed and actually perforated. They saved my life. Now, my mother is in Kennestone and the doctors here are giving her medication that they know is not as strong and does not work as well as the one she normally takes. Instead of giving her 11 units of Toujeo they want to give her 40 units of Lantus which she was taken off of by her endocrinologist because it does not work for her. They allowed us to bring in her Toujeo and then said they were going to give her the Lantus anyway. I will hold the hospital as well as the Dr completely responsible should she not level off. So far they cannot get her below 400 and haven’t given her either Lantus or Toujeo. This is totally unacceptable

paula rosalie morton

Help!!! They treat you if they feel like it!! I'm alive because my people picked me up took me to a hospital Midwest where they know what they've your own risk!!!

Katerina Brown

I was born here, and had some radiation deficiency or something that made my skin yellowish. They gave me some sort of light therapy and I'm alive. Clearly. I'm doing great, so yeah.

Rogelio Doyle

If I could give 10 stars I would! I needed to have hip replacement surgery and I was terrified. I'm only 45 years old and wasn't sure how I felt about this. I had Dr. Swayze and his P.A. Monica from Pinnacle Orthopedics perform the surgery. From my first appt., to pre-op, to surgery, to recovery, to follow-up, they have been so polite, professional, reassuring, and caring. As for the hospital, the moment I got to surgery registration, everyone was amazing and comforting. The woman at the desk, the volunteer who brought me to pre-op, pre-op nurses and techs, and anesthesiology nurses and doctor. All of them reassured me that one was in good hands and expressed it with kindness and empathy. After surgery I was brought to my room where nurses Kyle, Deannah, and Laura had such a genuine kindness in taking care of me. The PCAs were always there to ensure i was never wanting or needing for anything. My care and comfort was everyone's top priority. And my PT Tim was very patient with me when I had to get up to walk. He was very empathetic and never rushed me. Finally, when I arrived home, I called Lisa, the Nurse Manager and she picked up my call immediately and I told her how amazing her staff and hospital was! Thank y'all so much at Kennestone for taking such amazing care of me!

Tabitha Boyd

I can't rave enough about the beautiful people that are part of the Mama/baby Women's center, from the Doctors to residents, the nurses, janitorial services and nutritional personnel; each person I met was incredibly kind and caring. I had my water break at 7 months, 32 weeks. When arriving at the hospital I met the doctor that night that followed me through the entire process and was the one who eventually did my c-section, Dr. Lauguria (sp?). I ended up on the antepartum unit for 2 weeks I had the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful nurses, these women are amazing and so understanding. One of these beautiful ladies actually scrubbed up and came into the OR to meet my baby. This meant so much to me knowing that she was that invested in mine and baby's health. Then I went up to the post partum unit where I was again surrounded by beautiful, caring, amazing women. Ms. Rosie saw that I was at my breaking point by day 5 and actually took baby from me and put her into their transition unit for the night so I could sleep. Any new mommy who has a baby that needs a little extra love at first knows how scary and overwhelming that can be. My AMAZING nurse Rosie saw that hormones and sleep deprivation where starting to take hold and she stepped in and saved me. I wasn't even her patient, baby was, but she cared enough to make sure I kept my wits. I couldn't have done it without these wonderful women, they kept me sane and in good spirits through my entire experience!!! I will never forget these wonderful, amazing women, they each have filled my heart and I will carry them with me forever!

J William

Go anywhere but Kennestone!!! While the Doctors and Floor Nurses are Top Notice that is where it stops. From some of the charge Nurses up are below standard. The inner Pharmacy will try its level best to kill people with sub standard practices, with no regard to Pharmaceutical guidelines, practices or standards. Administrators don't do anything but take-home 6 figure paychecks coming up with new ways to abuse patients and charge more for doing it. I was there because The drug I was being given required 72hr Monitoring. At discharge I was suppose to be given 2 weeks worth of the medication because it isn't a regularly available drug. this was per the Manufacturer "Pfizer" and Doctor. The Hospital stated that it wasn't going to do that and it was my problem. My Doctor doesn't know this happened that I know of. Its good to know that I has to stay in the hospital for 3 days, to make sure I could tolerate the drug only to be set home with out it until I could get it ordered at a pharmacy. This was on a Saturday.

Mayra _ovo

Worst hospital I have ever been to. Front desk office was pleasant. Doctor was terrible, not concerned at all about my health; didn’t take the time to ask me questions, just told me I’d be out there quickly. Didn’t ask if I needed anything. When I spoke up- she walked out the room. Completely not worth going to.

April Stoner

Thank you to Joseph and the amazing staff at the bistro. They showed so much love and concern for us to be sure that we had food as we are handling tough stuff here at the hospital. Thank you.

John Haley

While the building looks great - like a luxury hotel in the lobby areas, it's the doctors and nurses who count. We have had horrible experiences with my Mom and this hospital's "hospitalist" doctors. Some of the nurses are very nice and competent, but it's a very mixed bag. We've had terrible issues with her medications being delayed, mixed up, etc. Some of this is because we can never seem to see the same hospitalist doctor twice. Some of this is because of staff issues. It's sad to see what has happened to the hospital over the years due to corporate control by Wellstar. Mom was dismissed without any advanced notice, no arrangements for her to get into a rehab facility which she desperately needed after being in Kennestone. No chance for the family to plan how to get Mom from the hospital. Pretty much, they left Mom (a medicare patient) on the curb. It was unthinkable. There are much better hospitals in the Atlanta area. Please consider another non-WellStar hospital.

Elektric Rebel Music LLC

The worst ER ive ever been to. My wife had surgery here 2 days ago and is coughing up blood and still we are waiting it's been 3 hours plus now. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL!!!

Ashley Davis

I can't speak the ER experiences, but I had my daughter at Kennestone two years ago almost and we couldn't have been happier with the overall experience. Everyone was friendly and supportive. I rated at a 4 because the rooms weren't the most up-to-date rooms, but they were private and allowed us to spend time heal and enjoy our new one without worries. Security for the newborn area was great. I am going back next year to have another one.

Marie Lamont

very pleasant staff

Rhonda Hertenstein

Regarding the ER: I was seen in March 2018. I had a concussion. A nurse asked me a battery of questions. Doctor came in, said my nose wasn’t broken. Take Advil. Be careful. I was in and out in less than 1.5 hours. Never actually diagnosed with a concussion - I googled it myself the next day. $613 bill. I was never diagnosed or treated. $613 to walk in the door. Will not work with me to reduce charges. Be careful coming here. Ask yourself if you can wait, see urgent care, or a regular doctor first. I should also point out the women’s center in Kennestone is amazing - great staff, caters to make you feel comfortable and heard. But be wary of the ER.

C2 Crow

If we're at the hospital, it's most likely during some of our hardest and most stressful times. I'm sending you all (patients, families, and hospital staff) love and prayers. I recently endured a tragic loss and felt it necessary to publicly compliment ALL of the staff who have helped along this journey. From the call center, ER, custodial staff, kitchen staff, technicians, nurses, doctors, labs, billing, Thank you. Kennestone Hospital was wonderful for my family and me. We had a week's stay, and everyone was so kind and thoughtful. Yes, there were a couple of issues, but overall, I know I couldn't have managed through this without them. To ALL of you who work here, THANK YOU for all you do!!

Joi Harris

Can't say enough about the experience with the birth of my grandson. Dr. Whimbley and nursing staff, Maria, Kim, Ashtor, Melanie, too many to name, but not forgotten. The whole team of doctors and nurses made the birthing and after care experience phenomenal !!! 27 and 25 years ago, I thought Dr. Bardwell and Dr. Kelley and nursing staff were the best as well. Wellstar, thank you for always staffing the best and brightest !!! ❤

Bryanna Rusher

Over the years I've been (mis) treated here in three occasions. Ultimately I've found the non medical staff to be rude and aggressive. And the medical staff completely apathetic and insensitive. I suffered minor injuries in an accident and my top was removed. I was left in a curtained area without other cover, with the curtain left open as people filed by. No privacy. Post service billing is like dealing with the mafia. Go to Northside. Or go to the minute clinic. Avoid this place.

Robert Carnes

My wife just gave birth to our first daughter at Kennestone and we had a great experience. The staff was friendly and helpful. The facilities were clean. And they've actually got some pretty decent food for a hospital.


Never have I ever been too a hospital where someone who is asthmatic && having chest pains wait over an hour too even be called to the bck. Absolutely will not be bck.


When I went inside the room they ask me to pay 200 hundred dollars a white lady, I been there more than 30 times they never ask me to pay anything. I get the bill at my mail. But since I had a problem with the front desk lady, because she gave me an attitude and I guess she run her mouth. And told them I was rude the other lady ask me for money her name is Angela this was at pediátrica. my son had an ear infección. They so racist.

Jacob Coleman

I never thought I could find a hospital that I hated more than Grady. This is absolutely, unquestionably, the most horribly designed building that I have ever been into. It’s an absolute sprawling maze. They charge for parking. Granted the first twenty minutes is free, but it will take at least that to reach where you’re going. The emergency room is a giant zoo of a retaining room where they keep literally all 100 emergency room patients in chairs, hoping and praying that their name will be called and they can escape this medical hell. The staff at Grady are literal monsters, but this is a worse hospital. The worst medicinal facility that I’ve ever encountered. Do. Not. Go here.

Amy Miller

Just has a surgical procedure there yesterday and I can not be more thrilled with WellStar Kennestone Hopsital! Honestly, I've heard some negative things in the past, so I've avoided using this hospital, but it was probably the best experience I have had in a medical environment. The staff was amazing - every one of them - from the receptionist to the nurses to the doctors. I will definitely be back to this facility if the need arises.

Jason McGinty

The hospital saved my life when I needed urgent surgery. I did not have to wait long for critical life saving treatment. The staff was kind and understanding.

Doris McIntyre

The nurses have been great to my dad. Kudos the staff in the purple tower on the 2nd floor. The cafeteria food isn't bad either. However I think the bistro that is on the first floor has to take my vote for better taste.

Debbie T Maughon

Worst ER ever. There's a reason all my nurse friends call this place Killerstone. Don't go there unless you have no other choice. Truly frightening levels of incompetence and the facilities are filthy.

Claude Turner

good hospital with very hardworking and dedicated staff.

Melessia Gentry

My husband had a stroke and was brought here. I could not be more impressed with the care that he has been given the last 5 days . It’s not just your basic hospital care in and out, it’s like they stress customer service here. 98% of the nurses and technicians seem to give 100%. The facility is clean and everything you need as a family member, you can get it here without leaving the facility. The patient care coordinators provide all the help you need in making a plan for after your stay. This is by far my best hospital experience.

Ed Scott

So I’ve been here 5 days now. Rooms are double occupancy with very little room - here’s a rundown of the roommates I’ve had, which have been different every night: Night 1 - he started gasping for air and coded, also choked a nurse. At 1:30 in the morning. Night 2 - he was verbally abusive to all the nurses every single time every single hour. Night 3 - every other word was a curse word, and then started making derogatory jokes about other races and gays. Night 4 - snores louder than a freight train. The care here is good, but the rooms are double occupancy and cramped. On top of the little sleep you are getting, you have to deal with these crazy roommates. Beware!

Mo Diesel

Bad food service & nurses are slaking now! I prefer wellstar cobb over kennestone ANYDAY!!!

Mal Embry

I really don't understand the negative reviews posted by others except maybe they had a bad personal experiences based on financial difficulties or personal health issues. Kennestone is fantastic. It's a beautiful facility with great amenities and service. Staff is friendly and helpful in most cases. Parking is easy and everything is easy to find. The Bistro is comparable to a fun cafe out of a hospital and their cakes are top notch. They have Starbucks products, too! I'm sorry for those who had bad experiences, I've only ever had good ones with Kennestone

Elizabeth Butler

They have real issues in this hospital. I was told by my fathers nurse that before they discharged him I need to talk to a hospice representative. I called this person and she said that was a mistake. Really, hospice is not something you make a mistake about. More stuff than that for complaints but do not waste your time reading all reviews, just do not go there.

Kay O'Hara

Outstanding outpatient surgery experience from admission to discharge. We were well-informed, and I was comfortable every step of the way. My complex discharge instructions were very thorough. Mega props for Dr. Njaa and the anesthesiology team; I've had complications in the past, and they did an outstanding job of providing a comfortable experience. Can't say enough about Dr. Michael O'Reilly and his surgical team, either. His mastery of new techniques and dedication to excellence make him a treasure among providers! Thank you so much, WellStar.

Beata Kaminski

WARNING WELLSTAR IS A SCAM BUSINESS. Be sure to video & audio record ALL conversations and demand copies of anything you sign. This place cannot be trusted. They will add unauthorized charges to your surgery bill. They lied and said anesthesia would be billed by another company and it was but Wellstar billed for it also. Customer service is a joke. Call #1 was told surgery must have went a little over and the woman refused to work with me. Call #2 I demanded contact information for the Chief Financial Officer, was told I would get a call back in a week. Call #3, this is almost 4 weeks later and once again the woman said I would get a call back. I'm never giving up and I will fight this to the bitter end. Next is a certified letter, BBB and I'm filing a complaint with the attorney general. Fix your mess and stop wasting my valuable time. I will be billing my hourly rate if I have to deal with this any further. I will sue if I have to. I'll show up with my camera and film live for my 500K followers. You WILL fix your mess! Update: A couple hours after leaving this review I got a call from WellStar but not from an actual person. It said to press one to speak to a person but when I did, it disconnected me Update: Today 1/22/19 I got another automated call. It said to press 1 for a representative but when I did it said call failed and they hung up on me. I called back and said I am recording the conversation and charging for my time. They transferred my call to a supervisor but after over 40 minutes of waiting the supervisor just hung up on me. I called back, this is now the 5th call, just to be told the supervisors are in a meeting but someone will call me back in 2 to 3 days! Someone called back the same day and he admitted that anesthesia charges are billed by another company and kept telling me they aren't on my bill. However I'm looking at my bill and they are there in plain English where it says anesthesia. We went back and forth with this and in the end the guy said he would call me back later that day. No call back received. UPDATE 1/23/2019: Recieved a call back with no resolution. I said I'm ready and willing to pay the entire original amount, they refused to take my money. When I asked why my bill is 35% higher they refused to tell me why. I asked for contact information for the Chief Financial Officer, they refused and instead gave me a phone number to patient advocate services. Patient advocate services said they don't know why I'm being sent to them, there's nothing they can do. Yup it's definitely a SCAM! Once you're under anesthesia they add charges to the bill. Complaint filed with BBB

Robert Lowman

A good hospital as they go. One of the best around.

Chuck Jarvis

Come here every day for a 10 minute bag change. Never seen for 2 hours, I'm assuming that my time is not valuable to them. Can't afford to wait like this, I can't make work plans. Can't make any plans!

sage b

Buckle up for a hospital horror story! I have been here twice this month and have been very underwhelmed, almost disgusted with the disrespect and neglect from some of the nurses and doctors. Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Zhu, Desiree, Chris, and one other wonderful care partner that I’m forgetting who wished me well on my last day (all from the green tower) and most of the nurses from the emergency room are truly wonderful, empathetic people who chose the right line of work and express that effortlessly. However, it is shameful how I was treated by Dr. Erwin in the emergency room and Marise, a nurse who is in the Green Tower. When I came here the first time, I explained my symptoms to Erwin and what made them worse, he acted as if I didn’t know what I was talking about...when speaking about my own body. After diagnosing me , my HR was above normal, which he minimized it as anxiety regardless of my mother vocalizing her concern. FF to when I returned, feeling sick as ever with a heart rate of 147bpm. I see Dr. Erwin again and I started to explain my symptoms to him, to my surprise, he lied straight to my face this time. He lied and said me that he told me to make another appointment with my GI specialist so that I could receive more medication. My antibiotics that he prescribed to me days befor weren’t even finished. So somehow it was my fault for not scheduling this imaginary appointment. In the Green Tower, my IV was possibly placed incorrectly (by IV tech) due to the fact that I began to feel burning, throbbing and an electric shock feeling going down my arm. I winced in pain and asked Marise to remove it. She told me that she had to get the same people who placed it, to remove it (which sounded like BS but whatever). 30 minutes had passed and my pain was getting worse. I pressed the nurse button, desperately trying to figure out when it could be removed. She couldn’t care less and treated me like a bother. I called the charge nurse from my phone and guess what? She removed it for me. The next night, my mother came to visit and spoke with Marise about her terrible treatment. After they spoke, Marise was passive aggressive with me for the whole night. I felt unsafe with her as my nurse after the night before and the pettiness. That same night, I asked my care partner for an icepack and when asked if I was okay, I started to tell her that I was experiencing shortness of breath but she literally just said “ok” walked away. Didn’t offer to call my nurse or anything. Lastly, I have witnessed two different scenarios of the treatment of elderly patients. I was disturbed to hear an elderly woman yelling for help for a good five minutes. I went out of my room to find the source of the yelling but the two nurses that I saw walk by didn’t really seem to care (thankfully someone checked on her). Prior to this, I was laying next to an elderly woman whose monitor kept sounding off. The person watching us continuously went back to YELL at this woman. So much so that the poor woman started to cry. I was disgusted and saddened by this. PLEASE, if you can avoid Kennestone, then so yourself a service and find a better hospital. The only reason I was generous enough to give this torture chamber 1 star was because of the kinder people I named in the beginning (and at least three other kind people). Do better, Kennestone.

Joey Corley

Great doctors and Nurse supervisors.. But below them is a grumbling non-working bad attitude bunch that bring a otherwise worldclass Hospital Down a star or two .... joel s. Corley

Brittany Mays

Heard that this was a good hospital as I’m not from here. Just found out that I’m pregnant about 3 weeks ago with my first baby. Had sharp abdominal cramping so I went in to make sure everything is okay. I literally sat up there for about 5 hours, cramping on and off and worried about what’s going on with my baby. After being uncomfortable for an additional 30 minutes I decided to just leave and try a different hospital. The nurses told the doctor on duty that I wanted to go and she didn’t even care. And people told me to deliver here. Pssht.

Mr Howe

Here for my first grandchild being born and everyone is rude and do not care about the family. No bathroom in labor and delivery and no waiting room even close to rooms. I heard the new horror stories but didn't believe them. Thing have definitely change since we gave birth to our children here. Hope we use another hospital next time. Worse hospital in Cobb County, be aware.


I'm kind of surprised at all of the negative reviews for Kennestone. I have been seen at the obgyn group here for the past 9 months, and I delivered my daughter there last month, and I've had nothing but positive experiences. The nurses, midwives, and doctors here are amazing. I truly believe my positive birth experience was due to the support of all the triage nurses, a specific nurse named Mrs. Peggy in particular. They took amazing care of me and I felt that I couldn't have had a better experience. The nurses checked on me and my newborn every 2-3 hours and provided me with EXCELLENT post partum care! After all of the horror stories I've heard from friends from varying hospitals, I felt relieved to have had such a good experience. I can't speak for the other areas in the hospital (ie the ER), but I can definitely say the OBGYN group and labor and delivery is amazing!

Bre Mck

Gave birth to my first baby at Kennestone in February of 2017 and my experience was amazing. From my first Dr visit up to my delivery. My OB-GYN office was also inside the hospital and the nurses were amazing. I had to have an emergency csection due to being told that my daughters heart rate dropped every time I contracted. The OR staff was super supportive and super sweet. Dr Kimberly Huffman was outstanding. She made sure I was comfortable with everything. They do give you food options on a sheet of paper during your stay for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even offered my husband food. Even though I’ve moved a little further, I’d definitely make the drive to deliver here again. Gave four stars because the day of my csection, I wasn’t really given a chance to say no. They were suiting me up for surgery in the process of telling me what was going on. As a first time mom, it was scary and I was not prepared. But I was just thinking they were doing what was right for the sake of my baby.

Michael L

Watch for double billing. Kennestone attempted to bill my primary insurance 3 times and now I'm fighting a collection where they double billed my secondary insurance, all from the same visit.

ashley durrett

This place is the worst waited 7 hours on the er and then waited 3 house for them to clean a room I would not take my cat to thia hospital

Carol Patterson

Two people to a room. Caught C diff. Dirty and the ER has an 8 hour wait.

Josh Williams

I’d like to give a shout out to the ICU nurses and staff on the 3rd Floor - Green Tower. All super professional and dedicated. Special thanks to Kristi Piedimonte for the critical care she gave my father during his hours of greatest need. Thankful he is now recovering. I wish Kristi and the entire team great success in their careers and lives.

Halie Hemmerling

I gave birth to my first baby here. During labor (16 hours) I went through shift change. My morning nurses were GREAT. They start me on pitocin and were FABULOUS. Then night shift came around and they were horrendous. One of the nurses came into my room ,after being in labor for over 10 hours, and told me AND I QUOTE “you need to be quiet. People do this everyday and don’t act like this. There are other people on this floor” KEEP IN MIND, my epidural stopped working and I was pushing 9 cm so contractions were nonstop at this point. Finally when baby comes he immediately gets rushed to the baby station (they had given me drugs that I said from the beginning I didn’t want because I wanted to be alert when my baby came. So I was very clueless as to what was going on) I asked one of the nurses at the station “where is my baby I just want to see him and hold him” she looked me dead in my face and said “do you want a breathing baby? Ok then you need to relax” I then started to bleed a lot and I had about 5 nurses surrounding me and I asked them probably 5-10 times what is going on what’s happening, NONE OF THEM would even look me in the face they all did not say one word to me. As far as the nurses after labor: 10/10 reccomend.

Allie Calhoun

I called to ask a question. The woman sighed loudly and hung up on me... Why do people hate doing their jobs so much these days

Fende Bokossah

In the neuro ICU, I watched my dad neurologically decline(amongst other signs, slurred speech, not following command) with inability to move right side of his body and called for attention from your staff but was informed it was not an emergency. SUZIE POOL CRNP, ( refused to order a CT scan even though I had explained to her that my dad was alert, oriented and responsive prior) she was Non compassionate, arrogant and rather condescending. DR. CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL, physician on duty was resistant towards my involvement in my dad’s care and this amongst other actions led me to believe he is racist As I watched the decline progress drastically I pushed the staff assist but was told by the assistant Nurse manager to “stop crying wolf”. Well, after 3+ hour delay dad had a massive hemorrhagic stroke in his left side of his brain and unfortunately lost his life. My family did file a complaint to the president MARY CHAPMAN, because we were concerned about the reason in the delay of care/testing when my father was first showing signs of decline. As there was a significant amount of time between the onset of my fathers symptoms and having actual testing done that proved a significant diagnosis which cost his life I am wondering what clinically these providers saw in their assement that delayed care/testing. I am really concerned about the care provided to black people at this hospital. I also wonder what actions have been taking to prevent such gross neglect in care from repeating. .

David Fortsch

What kind of hospital makes you pay for ER parking?

Emma Bassock

My experience was great. I am so thankful. Ms Ebony was great so patient, always smiling and joking with her co-workers while waiting for the baby to come out of me. Jennifer, Candice, Sarah et all the other ladies (I can remember all the names) were so great et gentle. They all contributed for making this days special for my husband and I. Thank you Ladies. God bless you

Mike Graham

Very clean hospital. Staff very friendly. A hospital this size should have a better kids waiting area. No toys, no TV’s nothing to do but have kids sit and argue with each other. I would have thought they would at least had a television to keep kids entertained for s long wait.

Jasmine Jones

This was the worse experience ever!! I was in labor and delivery I just gave birth to my first child on Feb 20 my daughter alot of the midwives we're rude it seem like they were racist one of the midwife's name joy lied on my husband and then they gave my babygirl a shower at 2am in the morning while the room was cold I was so upset I couldn't believe what I was experiencing I complain and they went back to the other nurses and lied on me I felt like I was judge wrongly they treating like I was some crazy woman. I wouldn't refer anyone to this hospital at all!! My name is Jasmine Desiree Jones by the way and I hope someone sees this

Valerie Pew

If I could zero stars I would. The ER department is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Went to the ER last night due to chest pains. They gave me an X-ray without taking a urine sample. They do your vitals right in the middle of the waiting area. So unprofessional. The nurse with curly hair that worked last night was beyond rude to this lady that had been waiting in the ER for a long time as I had already been there 2 hours and she was there before me. She was sick and had her toddler with her. The toddler became very agitated and started crying uncontrollably. Some idiot took out his phone to record the baby crying and the mom was doing her best to get her child to stop crying. Then out comes the nurse and says very loudly, is there anyone that can come get that baby. How stupid. Do you think if there was anyone to get the baby she would be sitting in an over crowded ER? The lady didn’t speak good English so she brushed it off but the nurse saw the look on my face and then asked mom could she take the child in the back to get a snack. Then a pregnant woman came in and she was treated poorly as well. This same nurse blurted to the interpreter oh she was getting prenatal care at a clinic so she doesn’t have a primary doctor. Straight HIPAA violation but I guess she figured oh she’s not an American so she didn’t deserve respect. Lastly a lady wanted to be with her father in the back. She lied and told the lady she couldn’t for safety reasons but so many other patients had their love ones back there. She needs a lesson in mannerisms and customer service.

Pat Wood

Called Wellstar ENT to cancel an appointment and the message said I was #6 in line. I was on hold for 20 minutes!!!!! I said to the young lady that answered, “ you must be short handed today”. She said “ we are always short handed”. Really!!! With the size of this organization, holding for 20 minutes on the appointment line is unacceptable.

Sydney Vaughan

I have dealt with some serious health problems for about a week now and I’ve been in and out of hospitals all week. Redmond was my first choice, and that was a terrible choice. Finally after I went through many different doors, I ended up at Kennestone. This was the WORST decision. I am disgusted by the customer service and the way we were treated. I’ve always heard Kennestone is the place to be, so I fought the get there. Never again. I actually asked for a copy of my medical records and the notes were wrong. The doctor wrote things that were never covered with me. Wrote things that I “said” and I know I didn’t, plus my family was with me and they never heard me say it. The doctor wrote that I begged to be admitted, and I told them to ONLY admit me if I could receive tests. The doctor admitted me and said I’d receive multiple tests the following morning along with a consult with a specialist. The following morning a different provider came in and told me she was unsure why I was admitted and told me I did not need any tests, and she wanted to discharge me. My medical records said I was diagnosed with ______ but the provider verbally stated to me and my family that I did NOT have that. I am very displeased with the services. You’d be better off driving the extra hour to another hospital if at all possible.

Alexei Watts

Do NOT go to this hospital. I went in because I could not stop throwing up, I even threw up in the waiting room. I waited for 3 hours just to be told I was “fine”, and I wasn’t even given an IV! I get home just to start throwing up again. The doctor brushed me off and only saw me for 5 minutes. I will never go here again!

Jeff Dynes

I was taken to emergency room via paramedics for neck back and arm issues from an accident. Everyone treated me with respect and kindness. The were very busy and I was kept informed throughout my ordeal. From the lady who registered me to the doctor who interpreted my test results were professional, listened to me, provided medications and monitoring and were so pleasant and kind doing it. Hats off to a helluva triage team that took care of me today! I will explain this to all I meet if asked!!!

Autumn Quinney

I have never had an issue before until 01/06/2019. I will not take my kids to the pediatric ER anymore. The nurse who checked my sons vitals made ignorant comments about my sons Eczema and allergies. Once we got a room the doctor was in and out and within 10mins we where discharged. I felt like the doctor didn't really care about my son being sick. We had to rush him to CHOA this morning because he got worse and still had the same symptoms and was diagnosed there. We where basically pushed out Kennestone without an answer. Will not go again. I also tried to call and make a complaint and of course no call back.


I recently was admitted and the experience could not have been better. Both our children were born there and ive been admitted twice in the last year. Nurses and Doctors were very kind and understanding . The doctors and most of the nurses went the extra mile to accommodate me . Nobody wants to be in the hospital but acceptance makes it easier. I believe negative reviews represent the person writing them. Thank you Kennestone !

Dalia Venegas

Amazing nurses cared for our twin babies as there own.. I can not thank you all enough for all the patience and care you all did for my babies.. Purple building

Captain Kevin!Vincent!

I was seen here tonight and everyone was so nice and helpful! I didn't have to wait very long at all! It really was a pleasant experience for a first time ER visit....I was really stressed about going but it went chill!!! Thanks yall!

Kanika Gupta

Overwhelmingly short staffed. If u come here in emergency it will take them 2 hrs to find u a doc. Dont go to this hospital ever !

Carol Courts

The surgical waiting room was full to capacity so we had to sit in the vending area adjacent. At lunch the vending area was overwhelmed with housekeeping employees carrying on a Hispanic get together. Doesn't Kennestone provide a employee break area?

julie cassidy

Well when I was little like 3 years old, I went there and I was in a car wreck where I was on bike and my mom all most rolled me over. And my bike helmet is in a glass box! So happy I’m here today!

Ashley Thompson

I have always had a bad experience at Kennestone. Their ER is slow, the nurses are hit or miss, and the Doctors are few and far between. I was one of three people in the ER one time and waited for 3 hours because they put other people ahead of me. I should have driven to Northside. I’m here now with my daughter against my better judgement. It’s currently 3:40am and we arrived at 1:15. We still have not been seen. We have been in the room for almost 2 hours waiting. This is their pediatric ER. If you are a parent reading this, don’t come here. Make the trip to an actual pediatric ER like Children’s over off 400. I will never come back.

Pole Waxers

This is the first time Ive ever had a great experience in the Emergency Room. Besides being there from 8:30 pm to 3:30 a.m , the 2 doctors actually took thier time , explained every thing, was very polite and showed fabulous bed side mannor, which kennestone has lacked for years now. Thank you so much for making me as comfortable as possible and taking such great care of me tonight.

Sara Wright

I've had numerous experiences with Wellstar Kennestone and everytime I say I'm not coming back. This time, for the second time, my husband and I went in because of chest pain. An hour and some change in the waiting room watching people leave and no one get brought back. They said they were getting the room ready for the full hour. We chose to leave and go to his primary tomorrow for a referral to go directly to Northside instead of wasting anymore time.

Susan Hall

My husband’s Primary Care physician advised him to go to the ER based on his symptoms. The ER experience could not have been better; he was taken back promptly for an EKG, BP check and was thoroughly informed of the steps that would be taken. Staff members were very pleasant to us and made sure he was comfortable during this entire ordeal. My husband was admitted to the CDU for testing the following morning. The CDU has the best, most pleasant and encouraging staff I’ve ever seen. Jolly gets a brilliant gold star! My husband later told me the Cardiac testing team was exemplary. He did mention a complaint that his meal the evening before was not ordered so he had many hours without food. Hunger caused the five star rating to be reduced to 4. We are grateful for the excellent care at WellStar Kennestone hospital.

Wendell Johnson

Everyone I came in contact with during my recovery from OHS, was fantastic. Attentive, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I thank them all for making my recovery as easy as possible.

Paula Craton

My 30year old daughter has been in and out lately. The Dr's I've met are capable. The nursing staff in general are great.

Will Riggs

2nd fantastic experience with admissions, ER staff and Green Rooms staff. This time I also had an emergency surgery and am really super impressed. Every staff member was professional, polite and efficient. I am so happy to have this hospital to provide for us when needed! Thanks again to Peter, Kim, Jolie, Tiffany, EJ, Polite, Marty, and many others. These are awesome, hard-working folks!

pil murdoch

I was in the pulmonary ward for one week with pneumonia. Doctors. Nurses and staff were great. I was in the older wing so it wasnt the best facility or surroundings. However, quality of care most important

claudia sandoval

They are THIEVES!!! I called in advanced to ask for the prices of a mammography and an ultrasound. They called my insurance company and called me back with the prices. I called other companies for other estimations and I had a few ones cheaper but the amount of money I was saving didn't worth the extra miles of traveling. Finally, I got my bill and it is a third more than I was told. They charged you with an extra fee that nobody mentioned before and that nobody could explained. Now, I feel mad and disappointed.

Dustin Smith

Never had any issues here. I am a proud Kennestone baby, and am honored to welcome my two children into this world at Kennestone.

Tracie Gross

ZERO STARS FOR INCOMPETENCY! My daughter received a letter today that SHE was deceased! This is after dealing with the death of her baby in JUNE! (YES JUNE and I also blame the OB/GYN) In addition she also received a phone call when she got out of the hospital congratulating her on her new baby!!! WRONG information on the death certificate and lets not even mention the inaccuracy of the medical billing office! YES, we are seeking legal guidance because NO ONE SHOULD EVER be treated as inhumane as WELLSTAR has treated my daughter!

Armani Lucas

We received quick and efficient treatment. Thank you so much for all you do. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Yolanda C

Don’t come here if you don’t have to.. the staff is very unfriendly. The worst hospital I’ve been to.

David Kendall

Good Hospital but you have to wait all day for a bed my girl had surgery at 4 rhey told us to be there at 1 they started it at 8 she came out at 10:35 and now im still waiting for her to get a room and its 10mins to 12 mid night

Dana Bradberry

My mom was just transferred from Spalding to Kennestone to get a blockage removed and a stent put in. I've no complaints about this amazing hospital. The medical professionals who took care of my mom were truly passionate about their jobs. Everyone we came across was kind and helpful! I knew she was in good hands. Thank you Kennestone!

Mikayla Camper

I have been trying to get approval for a video EEG for over a month now. Can’t get ahold of anyone. Terrible place.

Serena Hawkins

Doctors and nurses were very friendly and did everything very fast, there was very little waiting (besides the ER... that was a long wait, as expected). The entire hospital is very clean and the food was pretty good. If you want the best out of a hospital experience, I recommend Kennestone.

Randy Snodgrass

Welstar staff helped save my Wife's life and continue to serve her to this day. I Thank God for the professional Doctors and Nurses and staff

Esha W.

The ONLY thing good about this hospital is the Bistro

Frank Machart

These people are thieves and liars. They will not give you a straight answer on how much something will cost above your insurance. Once i got a number from them and paid that ammount upfron for a minor surgery they sent me another bill in the mail. They charged me over 20k for a simple finger surgery. Then sent it to a collection agency. This is the medical system in America a bunch of liars and thieves ruining peoples lives.

Lydia Franz

This is one of the nicest hospitals I have ever seen. The staff and Doctors are amazing, caring, and incredibly capable. I am extremely grateful for the excellent care they have provided to my mom.

Meli B

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL, if this is the closest one, turn around and find another, it could save your life. The nursing staff is rude and the respiratory therapist are INCOMPETENT. Not only did the nurses have the audacity to force my granddaddy to sit in an unsafe position POST SURGERY, the nurse said AND I QUOTE “well I’m sorry but I’ve already sat down for dinner” ... I respect nurses but this nurse is beyond disgraceful and could be the cause of a lawsuit. In addition the the respiratory therapist ALMOST gave him another patients inhaler dose, thankfully a family member was there to stop this as this could have had a negative or fatal reaction to his other medications. When I tried to call the nurse manager number advertised in the patient room the number appeared to be disconnected. When calling the main number not only did I have to speak to two rude representatives, the nursing manager is not available to be reached on weekends. I find this absolutely unacceptable as the hospital continues to see patients on the weekends and to obvious knowledge the nurses do work on the weekends as well.So not only had my granddaddy been at the ruthless hands of this hospital for days, but today is Saturday and the managers or higher ups will not be bothered to make sure he receives better care until Monday when he will most likely be discharged. The gross negligence of this hospital has reached the extent to where our family who reside almost 2 hours away, greatly fear leaving him unattended. It is honestly mind blowing how this hospital continues to be in operation. Not directly related, but parking for 30 minutes cost $3.00. This one star is generous. Save yourself and possibly your life, please pick a different hospital. Respectfully, A scared family member

Michelle Wright

The overall visit was great! Wait time in ER was like 30min and they seemed to have had quite a few people waiting but they’re were in and out quickly as well. The PA, Rick Rivera, was AMAZING!!! Not only did he know several quotes from Waterboy but he also did a wonderful job with my husbands stitches!!! We were all cracking up quoting the movie and he was able to be very serious when he needed to be and tell us how to take care of them. Hopefully we will not be going back for quite some time but if/when we do, we hope to see him again!

Kirk Hermsen

Saved my dad's life by doing emergency surgery on his heart.

Samir Hammami

They took urine sample and they did not test it. My health problem turned out to be related to kidney function.


If you have your baby here, read the fine print or you will be scammed and have huge bills sent to collections. You will be making payments and then one day get notified that it has gone to collections. This has put my family in financial ruin as they refuse to allow a payment plan once their scam has run it's course.

Danielle Harrison

This place is horrendous. I went to the ER because I was in hypovolemic shock. They said my electrolytes were low and gave me gatorade. My bill? $1778 with $1280 of that just being the cost of being in the ER. Go to urgent care, this place will rob you.

M Ayers

Do not treat patients well. My son had a broken hip and they treated him like a drug seeker for four hours before they did a ct scan and realized he had a broken hip and was actually in pain. They are rude and more concerned with weeding out druggies that they mistreat every patient. When I had back surgery, the nurse refused to help me switch from the surgical bed to to bed in the room. She said "it isn't that bad. You can move over into the other bed." So I screamed in pain as I had to move myself into the bed.

Calvin Curley

My mom was there the week of October the 22 2o17 the hospital was nasty the people in the er put a breathing tube down my mom that had mursa on it five days later my mom Mary franis Curley was dead so it’s not a good hospital too go too I wouldn’t take my dog there

Lizzy heyy

My father stayed at this hospital 4nights the Only problem that I had in the green tower location was a NURSE NAMED ALLY she was so rude to my mother and not helpful to his needs ... Everyone else was amazing. God Bless You.. I pray that whatever is going on personal doesnt affect your care for patients... we didnt ask to be there but i think ppl like this especially in that field of a job where your supposed to be caring very sad that they are working in a hospital.

K-la Mae Allen

They helped me a lot. I would have died if not for them. I was admitted 5 days, and the staff were very friendly and understanding. The food menu was spread out and easy to understand and they provide excellent care and unlimited help to their patients

Bree First

AVOID AVOID AVOID. IF I could give this hospital zero I would. The nurses are very rude and the doctors are even worse! I feel they are quick to suggest that you kill off your family members. They have no compassion, no polite bedside manners, the doctors and nurse stood over the alert patient discussing how the patient was gonna die and how they give him 2 days to live mean while the patient is alert, sitting up, hearing ALL of this. I believe they misdiagnosed because they're so quick to want to kill off patients. They try to brainwash you into believing what they say but before you do always get a second opinion from an outside doctor and watch the difference. This hospital is vain and the people are plastic. I am surprised that this hospital hasn't been sued but the way they operate, im sure that it's coming. I have so much to say about this facility. I gave them 1 star too many. These are my feeling towards this facility. Judging by the reviews Im not the only one feeling this way.

Evita Reese

Very rude nurses, very unorganized. No one seems to care about their job...just horrible

Brittney Panache

Very long wait time so check in online before going if you can. I called the ER before going & the lady who picked up was extremely rude, unhelpful, started talking to other employees & disconnected my call when I asked to speak with someone else. The employees were pleasant once I got there but they take your vitals in the waiting area. Limited privacy the entire process. Whenever the nurse called back a patient by a Hispanic last name she automatically asked if you needed an interpreter which seemed to me very presumptuous. I left after a few hours before actually seeing a doctor. Oh, and they charge for parking.

Diane Parks

ER personnel showed little concern that my 83 year old husband was in severe pain.Their attitude was totally uncaring although they were not busy. We've been here an hour, supposedly a room is being cleaned. Incompetence at a high level.

Yesenia Cruz

The worst hospital ever. Nothing but trash.

Jocelyn Martenson

absolutely terrible. rude and had no sympathy. Took 8 people in before my friend who had gotten there before all of those people, when her pain was asked 1-10 and she said 10. She was not okay. No one was coming to check on any of the sick, someone could have been dead and they would not have known. Would never come back here.

Three hoodoo Sisters

This is about my experience in the ER WAITING ROOM during the month of December. I have never seen such a group of people who are experts at being nice/nasty. They think I couldn’t see the undertone of their nasty attitudes. It’s not my fault they picked this job. What is the point of working with the general public who come in with serious health issues. They walk around with these Poker faces and just don’t seem to care. I know why they don’t care, because they see sick oeople everyday and they have become unbothered by the sick. They just don’t care anymore. ER WORK IS TOUGH, and certain people are not cut for it. I will not discuss the treatment that I received because they don’t care and never will. There were no beds and ambulance was driving by every 15 mins. Short staffed of doctors and too many sick and injured public. Let’s talk about how dirty the ER WAS! In all my life I have never seen the Er that dirty. It’s a shame. I won’t even go on, I will just do everything in my power to never come back. They could care less. They work their 12 hour shifts and collect their checks. They don’t care about you or your well being. Remember that.

Shanekia Andrews

I was on the Purple floor for a few days, actually leaving today. I just have to say Nurse Mo (in-house teacher with a smile), Dr Klass (Just so knowledgeable), Nurse Theresa (Very kind), Nurse Jill (So sweet), Care Partner Kim (the homie), Nurse Dominique, and others I dis mot mention, THANK YOU!!! You guys are awesome. The best! Anyone would be lucky to be cared by any of you!! Side note: No more goody powders

Ellis Franks

If you want to witness firsthand why no one in America can afford healthcare then visit Kennestone Hospital. I had an ER visit for a severe injury and was taken here and the service was horrid. The ER people left me in a room for over 2 hours without a doctor seeing me and a friend who is an Army medic treated my wounds. After the long wait the "payment person" finally showed up and I gave all my info as a disabled veteran so they could send billing to the VA. After 4 hours sitting there and about 5 minutes of treatment from a doctor I was released. Then a few weeks later I received the $12,000 medical bill. I received a paper splint, xrays, and gauze for my treatment and they charged that much for the care when ALL the cleaning and loss of blood was completed by the Army medic that was with me. When I sent the bill back to them with the paperwork from the VA stating Kennestone IS REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to send all billing info to the VA for processing the greedy hospital refused to do this and filed a collections against me for the sum. This hospital is so greedy they will harass and threaten veterans to steal their money and refuse to follow federal law for processing veteran patient billing. They don't care about you as a patient only the max amount they can steal from insurance companies for limited treatment they charge ridiculous amounts of money. The paper split cost was about $2000, you can buy the same one at Walgreen's for $10. DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL CHAIN EVEN IN EMERGENCIES THEY ARE CORRUPT.

Baked Robot

I've been here going on five days and I've been treated very well. Staff and doctors are kind and attentive. ER wait is extensive but that's to be expected. Overall great place to be hospitalized.

Scott Hoyte

Worst experience, did not have correct staff on call, referred us to another hospital. Billed us as if the issue was resolved at the Kennestone facility. Essentially paid twice due to Kennestone improper staffing. Issue resolution from them was pay the bill or we will take you to collections, even though their patient advocacy team recommended adjusting due to lack of performance. Avoid this facility in case of emergency, go to another system.

Andromeda Galaxy

Worse hospital experience I ever had. They literally pulled my hair out and snipped some off. Nurses did not respond to my pleas for assistance and were drinking on the job. The supervisor condoned this. I complained so hopefully this won't happen to another person.

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