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REVIEWS OF WellStar Cobb Hospital IN Georgia

Lindsay Brunson

I have been seen here twice and both times I was seen very quickly. During my last visit, I was treated with upmost understanding about my disease. Stephanie, Nadine and Peter were outstanding. Amongst all other staff in their care for their patients. I highly recommend if you are in need of emergency or medical help to visit this facility.

Raven Lipton

Gave birth a week ago. All the staff in mother baby were very helpful with breastfeeding and pumping except bindhu who suggested formula. Hallie was my favorite nurse she made me feel very comfortable and was very helpful to my family. She also helped with snacks for my 1 year old when he came up to visit.

Rahsaan Ali

I couldn't say enough about this hospital . After being hospitalized from a stroke Sept 15 2016 . I had a overwhelming fear of hospitals prior to then . With Gods blessing and the staff at wellstar they literally saved my life ! Unfortunately I've had to visit the hospital for illnesses since then . Life happens ,But ive never been hesitant about going here . The staff , the doctors, nurses , aids and everyone included have been heart felt and warming and accepting upon every single visit . Extremely thankful and grateful for them . Highly recommend this hospital for anyone . The hope and prayer is you'll never need them but if you ever do . Don't hesitate at all . They can and will help everyone they can .

Shanice Clanton

I had my 1st child here almost 3 weeks ago and the staff was absolutely amazing. From the moment I stepped in Triage because I wasn’t sure if I was in labor, all the way to recovery! Everyone made me feel so amazing especially during labor, (even though I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job) everyone kept assuring me that I was. Throughout my entire stay all the staff always checked on us and always asked if I needed anything. Even though I enjoyed all the staff, my favorite nurse was Hallie. She made me feel so comfortable and calm, especially when it came to breastfeeding and pumping. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The only thing I was kind of upset about was the company that takes pictures never came to my room. So I have no professional pictures of my baby at the hospital.

Catherine Watson

Thank you to all the amazing nurses!

kryztal Chaney

Gave birth to my first baby and it was just perfect!! The staff were so friendly and nice and the midwifes were amazing!! They delivered my baby and all the nurses helped me out with my recovery! now with my second pregnancy I would love to use the same hospital!

Tanya De Niro

The Worse Hospital To Go To For Care. The Bad Part - They Entire Staff KNOWS. It’s Dirty And UnSanitary. No One Can Use The Water To Wash Hands And Drink. They Cared Nothing About The Pain I Was Experiencing. They Actually Said , “ It’s Okay To Delay The Pain Meds She Just Got Here In ER. “ .Who Comes To Hear Someone Yell That In A Hallway Not To Take Care For That Patient. Then When I Thought I Was Going Home, They Say You Have Sepsis. You Are Staying. Kept Food And Beverage From Me All Day. And Transport Would Take Over An Hour To Take Me From Test To Test. Room To Room. It Was 6:45pm When They Finally Got Me To The Room. Cafeteria Closes At 7 pm. Called Quickly And I Ordered Quickly. Only For Them To Bring Wrong Meal Entirely. The Tray Guy Said He Will Correct It And Never Brought Anything Back. And No Food Or Water All Day. Last Week I Was Here, ER Staff Did Well. The Majority Of Time When I Come,, These Things Have Happened. And OneTime They Left A Catheter In Me For 3 Days , Completely Filled. You Have Been Forewarned.

Lily C

Horrible Womens Center! If I could give zero stars, I would. Went in when I was in labor. Nurses were rude from the minute we arrived. They do not listen or care for your needs at all! You would think if you were in labor, the maternity ward nurses would be a little more professional being women themselves. Not the case! I delivered immediately after arrival, because of the staff it was a very unpleasant experience. Do not go there! Horrible bedside manner. Will never go back to this hospital. Choose another hospital to have your baby for a more pleasureable experience.

Dayquan McCall

First child was born in the Women’s Center this week. Although it was an emergency c-section, we were well taken care of. Dr. Hudson did an excellent job affirming that everything would be okay and followed through with a flawless delivery. All the staff were very helpful from the anesthesiologists and nurses to the lactation specialists and transport people. The postpartum room was very comfortable with a nice private shower and fold out couch bed for dad which I greatly appreciated. The room service food was pretty impressive too. As far as the bad reviews go on here, the staff was friendly and helpful to us because we were personable.


Very friendly and effective staff. The ER is fast and they pay attention to details. They run labs and required tests immediately. The doctors are prompt to attend to the patients. They give relief medicine even before test results are out to ease pain. They display great sense of empathy with their patients. Make their patients feel comfortable...

Detra Thomas

This location ER location is so unprofessional! No privacy at all. The staff has no compassion at all. I should have went to Grady.

Skyler Murchison

I was a passenger involved in a car accident where both air bags depolyed. I told Doctor K and PA Meagan that My neck and back pain was 10 out of 10 pain, the only thing the doc told me was take a salt bath and stretch.. on top of that, they did not put in my diagnosis report that my neck and back where major injuries. Cobb hospital needs to definitely needs to change policy of how to treat ALL PATIENTS NOT WHITES ONLY!!!

Amber Reid

I was in this Emergency Room on January 10,2019 from 3:00 pm to 8pm. I am a Licensed CNA for Georgia and In Cpr . The protocol for assisting patients with chemical exposure was not handled properly in my case at all. I checked in around 3:00 at The ER. The problems began when Shalai who was pregnant an looking almost due which should be addressed, she looked at first glance very tired an irritated. Her body language was standoffish. She was the person who was supposed to be registering me but her nasty attitude and horrible tone when asking the questions was more than I could take , I asked her to give me her supervisor which she didn’t she got another person in her same position to assist with registering me however after I spoke with the 2nd person registering me she addressed my needs to address shalai, so she got the supervisor. Well after I told the supervisor what happened shalai continued even after I reported it to her supervisor to taunt me. I was in the room with other patients who were getting ivs and she asked if I wanted a blanket I said yes but she didn’t give me one so I reported it to the rn who was over her, she went out of her way to continue to harass me along with a Damien. Damien was very rude, aggressive, and he violated HIPPA by giving out my private information and pushed other patients along in the discharging process to give some sort of lesson . However the only lesson I got was that it’s sad that the people you are looking to , for help in the er are not compassionate to your needs at all. I was in the ER because my emergency was that I was exposed to harmful chemicals however, According to Damien since it wasn’t a Gunshot wound it wasn’t on the same level of severity and saving a persons life. I thought when you entered the ER no matter your situation it is treated unfortunately it is not. I kept telling other cnas that I didn’t feel safe around Damien and I needed to speak with Charles his charge nurse the entire night shift ER teamed up on me an bullied me for the rest of their shift. However His charge nurse assured me this would be recetified through the proper channels , I haven’t heard from Wellstar since all of this took place last night . I just want you all out there to understand as patients you have rights too. You don’t have to take unprofessional behavior for people who are handling your care by any means. Just avoid this Emergency Room at all cost. For the following reasons 1.) Poor wait times 2.) unprofessional CNAS and Some Nurses 3.) Disorganized 4.) they don’t follow all the protocols for what you are being seen for . Ex: I have cornea abrasions from being exposed to ammonia an bleach they didn’t even give me an eye patch just antibiotics and they didn’t check my final vitals . My initial vitals were low but no one bothered to monitor that 5. They did not do any urine sample or blood draw to measure out how much of the toxins were in my symptoms just to be sure I didn’t swallow any 6.) they didn’t even ask my history when it came to any previous medical conditions in dealing with my eyes which I have 7) Poor Bedside Manner 8.) not very clean . 9.) the people who have flue an strept throat were not in isolated areas which exposes everyone to their illnesses which again Unsanitary 10.) when you asked to speak to the RNs an Charge nurses they first grab other cnas to cover them . Unless you happen to ask someone completely separate from the incident to get you the right person. Shady tactics. Overall my experience was horrible.

Becca garrett

The worst hospital to go to while in labor!!! My water had broke and I was in so much pain and they told me I would have to wait in the lobby!!! The nurses are awful they made me feel like I was annoying to them!!! The one who delivered my daughter basically yelled at me for pushing at the wrong time and had an attitude the whole time!!! This time I went to Floyd instead and they were amazing when I had my son!!!! They actually cared!!! Should had posted this along time ago when I had my daughter in 2014!!!

Mark Westbrook

Waited 6 hours in the emergency room for my 85 year old mother to get iv fluids. The nurse could not start one. We left. Will never go there again. Half of the people in the emergency room should not have been there.

Enzo’sMommy Vlogs

I just had my first child born on 04-13-2019, I cannot describe how happy and overjoyed I am, and so grateful for all the staff that took care of us during this special moment! All the nurses, midwifes, anesthesiologists, the pediatrician on call, the office staff!! I can guarantee this is a great place to have your baby! Thank you so very much for everything and all the kindness that we received! Me and my family are 10000% satisfied!

lennon legrand

10-16-2018 threw 10-19-18 I want to thank all of the staff that took care of me. Everyone was so wonderful even when I got a little moody.. Thanks to Seven for cheering me up, and karman, Alissa, Caraline as well as everyone one else that has taken care of me. Lots is hugs and a huge thank you from my family as well as myself

Pretti Mink

Very fast service this my new emergency care spot staff excellent

Tiffany Montgomery

Wait time was 8 hours. They waited 2 hours before they called me for lab work. Staff are not friendly. Don’t speak or smile. very scripted no matter how sick you are, they will stick to their process.

Cheryl LaFoy

The nurses were kind and courteous, and specifically ACE and SAM were just the right mix of funny and nice, making sure my issue was addressed quickly. The waiting room wait was reasonable, and I was seen very quickly once taken back into the ER. I'd never been here before, and wasn't sure what to think going in, but this will be my go-to hospital if I ever get sick at home again.

Kyle Porter

Waited 8 hours tonight..... never once was given our own room. My partner waited in the lobby with and IV in his arm, had blood work done and no one ever informed us of any results until we begged them for the information. Do. Not. Come. Here

Melissa Houston

Usually I love Cobb but after this I won't be back. My mother was admitted. She was placed on 5th floor, she was promised a private room, yeah like that happened. Her night staff did nothing for her keep in mind she also has a BEDSORE and not one single person applied medicine to it or cleaned it. The staff was extremely rude and lied to her about information as if she were a child. She wasn't given anything except an ice bucket, shampoo and lotion. She was discharged at about 12 PM 5 hours later we are still waiting. Stay off 5th floor it's a joke 6SOUTH is the best floor by far never had any issues on 6south.

Mounamukhar Goswami

My child was born here. The hospital is clean and staffs are nice especially nurses. But it has no nursery, so had to keep the baby close to her mother all the time while she had undergone a c-section. There was unnecessary delay to bring the baby out of the surgery room while I was waiting eagerly outside to have a look at my first child. Overall I found it decent, but could be improved.

Cayla Williams

I asked my nurse Dj rn day 6-18-18 can he adjust my iv because it was cutting into my skin and his response to me was “hold on”, “give me a min” then walked away. He got smart with me cuz I kept telling him I was in pain and told me that he wasn’t goin to help me if my attitude didn’t change, I stated I was in pain and he didn’t seem to care that I was a patient and I was in pain. The service is very rude, they are not nice to the customers and the lady who came in the room before Dj got smart with me and my boyfriend when she was asking me questions, she was very rude making a statement” you okay with you answering these questions in from of whoever he is to you?”or “who ever he is,.”that was rude also she almost got slapped for that. Y’all are rude and don’t care about your patients and should be fired after the service that they gave.

Rachel & Kelsey

Women's centeris great.. ER takes FOREVER

Skylar Babinop

This is the worst hospital by far. Nurses are rude and dont want to do their jobs. Doctors either dont come or they wait till u are discharged to speak with you. This hospital also gave out my personal information without my consent and I'm highly upset. DONT COME HERE IT A DEATH SENTENCE

Ann Joe

I took my child last nite to emergency Cobb. Had no id with her. She had been there so pulled the data. To my surprise they only verified with address in the system. No update on our telephones or emergency. The numbers could have changed over 2 years. No emergency contact update or who. So one could be treated with someone else name you get a bill if only you have an address. Toilet had no toilet cover. No soap. The PA was rude and the behavior services lady wanted to collect assessment with doors open even the patient's name. The charge nurse in emergency was very rude. The only person that was professional was the nurse. The PA admitted my child waiting evaluation but l wish there was a doctor than a PA who never even spent one minute with patient. Never gave us lab results until we asked but had already admitted for evaluation. Does a patient or family need to know every progress. Horrible is the word.

Patrick Parlee

The food is awesome

David McBrayer

I am going to ignore the phone call to the hospital with the operator at the hospital to find out where I needed to come to see my family member. I am going to say that all staff once entering the hospital were extremely nice and professional! Including Christine that gave my family member in need excellent care! Thank You for continuing to improve the quality of lives that enter your facility.

Daniel Reveles

I have unfortunately had 2 family members visit for surgery in the past year. The staff was always friendly and helpful. Very pleasant visits for unpleasant reasons

Natasha Vestrand

Hospital bills higher fees than the doctor fees. This hospital bills you for using the Hospital and in addition you will receive a bill from the physician that attended to you. You will find that the Hospital Fee is GREATER THAN the physician charge. If possible go to another hospital like NORTHSIDE or SAINT JOSEPH (Its worth the drive ).

Nena Kaylyn

I was recently in the emergency department due to food poisoning and they were all of so much help! I was there at about 6:30 am & the shift was switching at 7:00 am, but the nurse made me feel welcomed by my other nurse and doctor and prescribed me medicine and I felt better within hours, as I was sick all night. Very professional and clean!!! I totally reccomend.

Marcie B

I came to see Dr Brandigi for a surgery consultation. The Hospital charged me 495$ just for this consultation. They changed me to sit in a room they called “speciality room”. Nothing special happened. No treatment, diagnosis, supplies not used nothing. My accident was in April so nothing acute. The surgeon just came in and spoke to me about what he proposed to do if I let him be my surgeon. You know a regular surgery consultation. On further investigation, Dr Brandigi doesn’t have an office this is where he sees all his consultantations and is aware of the change but does not disclose this to his potential patients. I drove from Knoxville Tn so I called before I came and still was never informed from the phone call throughout my maybe one hour consultation with said surgeon. I’m being charged w his fee and the hospital fee almost 800$ just to talk with him about what he would do if I let him be my surgeon. I have called both billing offices multiple times, the CFO, The patient advocate of the hospital who never return my call after we spoke and the CEO of the hospital multiple times without a return call ever. Lucky, I went with Vanderbilt for my surgery. Had I not, I’m sure this cost would have be bundled in my entire bill and unnoticed. Soooo, people beware. They will charge you almost 800$ for a regular consultation without any disclosure or need of any services. This is a scam! A very costly scam at that!

Christopher Wortman

I have lived in the area my whole life had many unfortunate trips here a good portion of them were ok but a handful of them were just horrible, long waits 3 to 4 hours, rude employees, dismissive and seeming uncareing nurses and doctors... The Maternity Ward is the only part that actually decent

Veronica Black

They are taking such great care of my mother and compassionate about her needs during this difficult time. There was a long wait in the ER, but I understand that is due to the flu season.

carlos alejandro restrepo toro

BE CAREFUL. IF YOU NOT ARE LITERALLY DYING DON'T GO TO E.R. THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. I got in with abdominal pain and got out with abdominal pain and without diagnosis. I was there from 11 am to 430 pm in that time they made some tests with no results. After 2 days I was fine probably it was an indigestion. Now they send unrealistic bills that I can not even pay in this life.

Grace Mumo

Delivered my first baby on the 18th. Dr. S delivered my baby and she way very professional, my nurses were excellent. Nurse Michelle made my recovery very comfortable and easy. I’d definitely recommend to family and friends.

Tracy Tudor

Came in with severe pain in my stomach and refused to give me something for pain when the guy in triage said he would. A nurse came in there in triage made me come back to waiting room after I explained I'm in severe pain she acted as she did not care.I was in tears but they did not care. I am wanting people to know they don't care if you are in severe pain.

Norma Nason

I have not been seen yet. They are very kind helpful staff.

Granny OG

This is the WORST place to have a family member have surgery. Don’t waste your time bc you will be there all day for a 7AM surgery.

Jae Wal

If I could give individual nurses 5 stars I would but over all I gave 2.

Issa Love

I have a ?If someone were to have Probation Violation in Cobb County,Can they be arrested at the Emergency Department?Some people told that you could and some people said no...My friend couple years back had a warrant for her arrest and they said they arrested her from the hospital...I on the other hand don't believe it and I was just wondering if it were true or not?I don't thin no it's right for them to do that,no matter how sick or hurt you are,I don't think they should be able to do that!!!

Kijafa Smith


Darlean Chambliss

This place is horrible and the staff simply doesn’t care about patients or what to do in providing care. Reminds me of Nursing Home Care but sends patients home still sick .... if they make it out of here.

April Castonguay

My mom was here for 4 days after her hysterectomy. The nurses on the 4th floor were all amazing, except for one time when a nurse was mocking my mom calling for help when she heard them in the hallway outside her door. They were all very nice, courteous, and caring. Yesterday, 4 days after she came home, she recieved a card signed by some of the nurses saying it was a pleasure to care for her. We have never had that with any doctor or hospital we have dealt with. We wish we could send them something in appreciation.

Cami Hutto

Also known as Elizabeth Hutto. I came in with a loss of vision and loss of hearing my left side. They got a cat scan and immediately knew something was wrong. They got an MRI and finally we were able to have answers I desperately need. MS is my diagnosis. Dr. Beyene was proactive and started me on steriods. Dr. Saba was direct, caring, and simply wonderful. I especially appreciated my RN nurse Tabitha and Leanna. Tess and also Kayla. The head charge nurse Dorothy was also a blessing. Please consider Wellstar for all your health needs. Thank you to all the people on floor 6. God bless you and thank you for your service.

Dan Farish

The first time I saw a broom was day 3, when we had to ask for the debris on the floor to be swept. If you press the nurse or pain buttons, you can expect to wait for 30 to 60 minutes for a nurse to show up. And I hope you like the beeping sound when your intravenous device runs low on fluid, because you'll be listening to that for just as long. The surgeon must have cut a nerve to my right leg during surgery and I woke up in my room with a muscle spasm that had me screaming in pain and with numbness in my foot that hasn't gone away 4 days later. Any basic health care giver 101 course teaches the importance of keeping a catheter tube clean to avoid infection. When I asked my nurse to clean mine, she asked why it needed to be cleaned. Another nurse swung my bed at an angle to change my pillow. When she was done, I asked her to return it to a normal position. She told me it didn't need to be straight. I let her know it needed straightening because I WANTED it to be, and she begrudgingly did it. How lazy does someone have to be to leave a bed on wheels crooked? My surgeon never once visited me after surgery and had his assistant tell me I would just have to wait for the feeling to return in my foot. What kind of surgeon doesn't make rounds to visit his patients the day after surgery? The food is great, IF you like powdered scrambled eggs, canned vegetables, and instant mashed potatoes. And the constrruction crew constantly banging on the roof was an added bonus. If the feeling in my foot doesn't return within 2 weeks, my next medical appointment will likely be with an attorney.

James Clark

Horrible! I took my spouse there because he was having chest pains. They did an EKG and everything appeared normal. They ran some other test and an EKG and it indicated he may be having a heart attack. When he came back to ER, the nurses were joking about it. REALLY?!? The Cardiologist put a catheter in and verified it actually was not a heart attack but they wanted to keep him overnight. They ran out of rooms so they decided to put him in ICU at ICU prices. That night- he was awakened by nurses in the ICU fighting calling each other the N word. Ghetto!!! They finally said he was gonna check out at 10 the next morning. It was 3pm before they finally let him go. Horrible experience with staff I would not trust. Buyer beware!

sandy lane

The ER is a joke!!!! My mother waited 4 1/2 hours to be seen by a physician and was there because she was having a heart attack! All other departments were great. If you can survive the ER the remainder of the staff (cardiology team) is amazing. Thanks to them for saving her life and getting her the surgery she needed!!!

Bree Nelson

This hospital is totally ridiculous! There staff is incompetent, the "doctor" told me they couldn't do anything for me , didn't give me any medicine for anything for my pain not to mention I waited 6hours to be seen for 10 seconds . She didn't look at my chart or nothing then while I was sitting in the waiting room to go home the cleaning lady was very rude & stand offish . If you guys don't like your job or know how to do your job get a new one because I am still in pain and don't know why . So I will be driving almost 45mins to a hospital because the hospital that is 10mins away don't know what they are doing or even care about the sick people coming through their ER . That lady doctor needs to be fired !


I gave birth to my son on the 25th and it was the best hospital experience I've ever had. The hospital is extremely clean, every member of the staff was nice and professional and the services were wonderful. I can say that there was not one thing I can complain about. I would definitely love to deliver my next child at this hospital.

Mrs Bigglesworth

What a mess! I went in to the ER dizzy and vomiting. It took hours to see a doctor and it was not that busy. They had one patient that needed major attention and literally about 40 staff disappeared. On top of this, the doctor wrote the wrong person's name on one of my prescriptions and the notes and diagnosis are not completely accurate. Seriously???????????? If I could have made it to Northside, I would have gone.

Stevie lee Free

They killed my grandmother because they ran tests that were not needed and it shot her kidneys. My family is suing hopefully

dawn jackson

I wouldn't even bring a DEAD BODY!

Allie Calhoun

I had my son here and honestly my whole visit was wonderful. The NICU was amazing. Superstars

Bommena Vittal Rao

Rating for Cleanliness. Visited in connection with a Delivery case & found the Hospital & Facilities very neat & clean. As with many Institutions, offices parking is on payment basis (20 minutes free) All the treatments, Admission & in patient are governed by INSURANCE policy one is holding & rooms & room service through Nursing People, Cafeteria are good.

Dee G

Came in with abdominal pain burning . They took vitals and sat me in the waiting room.. called me to the back I had to wait . Then they drew blood and sat me back in the waiting room .. then they came and got me .. they had no rooms .. I had a bed in a hallway .. and still had to wait .. in all i been here so far 6hrs and as I'm writing this I'm still waiting .. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.. the diagnosis does not even match my symptoms .. I told them I had pain in my upper abdomen .. they have not given me anything to cope with the pain as I sit here for again 6hrs.. the RN said she was going to bring me zofran .. then another rn came and said she is about to discharge me .. mind you she is about to discharge me and I never received the zofran . Then The Physician Assiatant cakes back with a different diagnosis and said she thought I had something else but I was dehydrated.. mind you I sat there for 5 out of those 6 hrs with a catheter in my arm with no fluids but I'm dehydrated. I never saw the dr .. I saw 2 different RN's and on my discharge papers it says I saw dr. Brandon L Penn Which is not true I never seen couldn't even tell you how he look.. after I got old them I haven't eaten in 2 days ..they didn't offer crackers or anything to drink . .. if you love yourself or your love one .. pick a different ER

Mommie & Son

Had to take my son to the ER yesterday and I'm very pleased with our service. The receptionist Wendy was so polite and calm. Then we were seen by the triage nurse Theresa and she was great. Our wait wasn't long before we seen Dr. Lazarus and she is by far one of the best Doctors I ever met. I'm glad we chose to come and if we ever have another emergency we will come back.

Kathryn Robbins

The nurses were fabulous. The doctors not so much. Saw several doctors and each said something different. Doctor forgot to sign my discharge papers so I was stuck at the hospital for hours. It often seemed like the doctors did not talk to each other. Very frustrating. Will not use this hospital in the future.

Melissa Owusu

I came to this hospital to deliver my baby on July 31, 2019 and I received excellent care! The midwives were kind, quick, and very professional while caring for me and delivering my newborn. I felt like they cared for us as if we were family! The nurses came to my room regularly to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed. The techs were also extremely attentive to my needs. They gave us extra blankets, pillows, and snacks when we asked. They even made sure I had enough supplies to go home with! The nurses and midwives made sure every question and concern was answered. They even made sure I got a chance to speak to a lactation nurse. She was also very informative! I was initially worried to come to this hospital after reading reviews but I had to write a review of my own after having such a wonderful experience!

Tammy Large

I was taken excellent care of when I was seen on Labor Day! I was in severe pain and nauseous and did not know what was wrong with me. They got me back very quickly, they never second-guessed me when I told them my pain level, they were quick at getting me treated and released. Each and every person involved in my care that day was phenomenal! Thank you Cobb Hospital from a former Grady ER employee!

Denae Willis

Don’t waist your time in the ER The staff sit and play on their phone and don’t bother to come and check on you. They are very rude even when you politely ask what’s taking so long. Now I am aware of the time frame and how long an ER can take but it’s ridiculous when we are sitting for what we were told would only by 60-90 minutes for almost 120 minutes.

Chandler Hester

Its borderline impossible to contact any patient if you need to. According to Wellstar that patient simply doesnt exist when they were calling me from that number this same morning. They're ridiculously stupid about everything they do.

Marisol Santiago

I’m originally from Connecticut. I moved to Georgia came to this ER because my daughter had chest pain. We waited about 5hrs before we actually seen a real doctor for 2 minutes. This place is so unorganized and there is no privacy even when your in a room with whoever a random employee walks in. The administration just walks in and out of rooms with no regards to the patients. I have never been in such a disgusting hospital in my life. I will never come back here.

Chris Rodriguez

Dislike hospitals but this place was very kind

Riley Powers

I unfortunately had to come back to this hospital and after some very peculiar behavior I will be having my records transferred. I refused certain testing upon walking in the door (my right as a patient of sound mind and body). Instead of them honoring my request, or suggesting alternatives, they went ahead and did the test anyway. After I told 7 different people that I didn't want it. I was told after the fact that it's "Cobb Policy" regardless of patient concern. After having the Charge RN come upon my discharge and tell me the test hadn't been done, per my request. And now I'm expected to pay $200 for something I never ever wanted? Why was I not given the option to forgo treatment altogether if your policy says I can't "refuse a test" based on another? Wouldn't you want the same level of respect if the roles were reversed? No Cobb. You will not catch me in this trap ever again.

Living Life

Please don’t go to the ER here. I took my child there and the doctor spent 8mins with her and he saw nothing. The next day I took her to her PD and she saw the little girl had inner ear infection . And this doctor checked and said it was flu. Also the nurses were acting nonchalant ...........

denise rodriguez

Avoid wellstar Cobb hospital at all cost! They don't care about people/patients all they care about is following "protocol" where they treat everyone as if they were a criminal" and give you no explanations! I am in the medical field so I am very well aware of certain things however I treat patients like human beings and for the money that they charge at a level 4 people should be treated like royalty stay away from here

stephanie bailey

My mom was admitted there after a severe burn to her hand. The burn team is exceptional. Dr Brandigi and his staff of nurses Stacy and his NP Jeffrey were awesome. However, she was sent to the horrendous 5th floor. With the exception of the RN Brandon and a PCA Roxanne, that is by far the absolute worse floor I have ever seen in my 25 Yrs as a medical professional. The RNs are beyond incompetent, attempting to give my mother a suppository stool softner after she has a a full day of moderate diarhhrea. The RNs are uncaring, rude and unprofessional. Even the housekeeping staff on that floor presents with smart mouths and unnecessary lack of tack and/or lack of communication skills. The am of my mother’s surgery in which she was NPO by midnight, the am RN came in with water and meds to give her! Really!! My mother had to tell her she was NPO and couldn’t take the medication! The RN states” Oh,I’m just filling in for someone”. Really, you don’t read?? After my moms surgery I informed the burn team that I refuse to allow my mother to return to that “Juvenile, incompetent, crude 5th floor

dellisha guadalupe

This hospital is the WORST which is why they send people with government care to them. How does an emergency room not have any standby delivery doctors??? That doesn’t make any sense! The nurses act incompetent and they try to do the least or little to no work as much as possible. Don’t go there for routine prenatal visits because they don’t even tell you when you’re contracting and they don’t make you feel comfortable. Worst experience ever! If I have another child I will stay FAR from all wellstar facilities

Brooklyn Goodall

ER is dirty, slow and operates horribly.

Joni Hall

Wonderful experience. Had a major surgery, and every single person I came into contact with was friendly and wonderful. They explained things in ways I could understand, but didn't talk down to me. They were patient and sincere. After the surgery, the care was exceptional. Hands down, the best hospital I have ever been to!

Desirée Prince

Would not recommend. This is the only ED I've ever walked out of without being treated. The staff is nice for sure, but I have a chronic condition which usually triages somewhere in the middle due to risk of infection. Not sure how triage is handled here because no one even asked me my symptoms or looked at my wound before putting me dead last. For as long as I would have been waiting, I decided to go home, try to sleep and get comfortable, and wait for ANYTHING else--urgent care, primary care, my pet's vet--to be open.

Alexis Dennison

This hospital is horrible. I brought my brother in here and we got here at 10 pm and it's 3:30 in the morning. If you have a small cold or if you are absolutely dying your best bet is to go somewhere else because this place will leave you out to die. HORRIBLE HOSPITAL

Nike Merritt

This is the best hospital we have found in the area, emergency room has saved my wife's life many times, always attentive, the nurses ad doctors are absolutely fabulous. Emergency room can get busy because everyone comes here and they have to take critical cases first, but they do their best to move quickly.

Alexius Roe

Had my first baby here. And it was a c-section . They did great. Had no problems. Great nurses and doctors. Loved it. Making sure I go to this hospital again for my next child.

Jill Lamb

You wanted a disabled Veteran to wait until it was convenient for your staff - waiting 5+ hours - to get a test done that the VA Austell Clinic requested be done asap because they feared appendicitis?!? Your staff even stated they didn't care what the VA wanted or when they wanted it, if the WellStar Doctor was busy then tough. The staff person refused to talk to the VA Austell Director on our cell phone. So the director had to call the hospital himself. Then upon leaving we were greeted with a ticket for not having a handicapped hangtag! No moron you might want to look at the license plate that clearly states Handicapped Veteran ... oh and what about the license plate on the front of the car? See we have 2 Handicapped Veteran licenses plates as required by LAW - front and back. There is no way you can miss it!!! You yanked the ticket back when we hunted you down and had to point out the error to you - so does that mean it's been voided or is this going to come back to haunt us later?!? UPDATE> on February 17, 2018 we received an inaccurate bill from WellStar showing John didn't have insurance and had self-paid. All of which are bold faced lies. He is a Veteran who only went to this hospital under orders from the VA Austell Clinic. We've had to write a letter to WellStar in an attempt to straighten this out. We receive harassing phone calls everyday wanting money and they ARGUE with us and call us liars! 2nd UPDATE> on February 22, 2018 we received a letter from "Change Healthcare who work with WellStar Health System to help patients that have little to no medical insurance." ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? I'm so glad that the VA sent a survey letter to us asking for our opinion of the treatment at this facility. I've already sent a letter to WellStar, the VA Austell Clinic, the VA Headquarters in DC, and now I have to write Change Healthcare and another letter to the VA Headquarters in DC. I'm still waiting on reassurance that the ticket you falsely issued us has been resolved and an apology for the way John was treated - I know I'll never see those letters.

Speaker Steve

This is a great hospital! I really appreciate the quality care that I received. I would absolutely recommend this hospital to my friends and family members.

Kimberly Thomas

When it comes to black women they don’t care much my daughter went in with several issues and she told them she was a diabetic and they did not check her Glucose level until she asked them to. She asked for a snack or something to eat before her sugar gets low and she got nothing after asking THREE times. They didn’t give her anything until it was time for her to get discharged. Whoever the Director is needs a new team of nurses

Michelle Nash

I had my son here a few years ago and it was great. The nurses were great. I had one nurse in particular that was fantastic. So yes overall my experience. There were a few nurses that were rude but that's anywhere you go.

Time Bandit

I'm a funeral director and have to make removals at the hospital. The Nursing staff and Security go up and over the top with their helping me and the caring of the families of the decease. They get a 5 star plus rating from me.

taylor wright

This use to be a great hospital but over the 21 years I have with this hospital whether I came in capacity of patient or visitor I was horrified to see the compassion, professionalism, and care of patients has diminished greatly. That one star is for the few who still remain to represent what patient care should look like.

JoAnn McNear

I had my mammogram done at Wellstar Cobb and everyone was very courteous and friendly. My experience there in that department was very excellent.

Resa Harris

I checked in at 555pm for headache, nausea, and blurred vision. I was told they would give me a headache cocktail. But they were still waiting on my pregnancy test to come back. One of the drugs used in the cocktail causes birth defects. I am on the Mirena, so I highly doubt I'm pregnant. After waiting over an hour after having blood and urine done, still no results. The nurse came back in and asked me if I'd like the cocktail anyway. I agreed to have it despite the risks because my pain level was a 10. I finally had my CT scan of my head done at 945pm. The Dr came and told me it was normal at 11pm. I never got the lab results. And here it is 12:15am and I'm still waiting to be discharged. Oh and I was sent over from an urgent care for my symptoms. It was supposed to be quicker. This has been the worst ER experience. The nurses rarely come and check on you. I'll stick with Piedmont.

Keanna Wilson


Brandi Hawthorne

My daddy was life flighted there for burns to his face . His nose was worse and he asked for a q tip to clean his nose out because they didnt clean his face . And they told him they didnt have one and wasnt giving him his daily meds . He stayed a lil over 24 hrs and they done NOTHING!! They didnt even give him cream for his face !!!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM!!!!

Mercedes Cruz

They are running their Emergancy room out of their waiting room! There were alot of people in the waiting room when i got there but i proceeded to check in anyway, but when i saw people sitting with ivs in the waiting room , people waiting for xrays and ultrasound i asked the lady who checks you in if they weren’t taking back to rooms she told me she cant answer that question. I asked them to check me out because i was going to kennestone low and behold i arrived at kennestone and i am not checked out

Matt Hall

Our nurse Starla has been amazing in walking the family through the treatment being completed. Her patience and going above her duty to talk with family has been awesome. Everyone else we've encountered here have been nice and extremely helpful.

kendra foster

Worst hospital ever i came here for surgery ay the barrett surgery center... The surgical nurses were very nice but as soon as i hit the floor 2nd floor to be exact the nurses are unprofessional, rude and lazy. I was discharged without even giving discharge instructions from my surgery and i called the hospital back to let them know i wad bleeding alot and didnt have any discharge home instructions the nurse said call back tomorrow. Im very unhappy with this hospital and will never go there again!

Lyrika Holmes

Though the staff was friendly, we were there for over 5 hours being shuffled from lobby to another hallway. I had to keep asking, when the next service would be done because orders were lost in translation between departments.then someone would respond. .oh..your next... Also, when you go for intake, you are expected to agree and sign off on paperwork you haven't seen, or been given. The nurse understand your obligations .. and our financial responsibilities policies..blablahblah...I'm like NO...I haven't been given anything to read prior to signing.... they have the info on a computer screen not facing you, while you just blindly sign a walmart electronic pad. So I asked for the original documents in which she did retrieve fir us to read prior to signing. But I'm sure not many ppl ask for this... Beyond that the person who assisted my husband was inexperienced and seemed to be doing trial abuse and error in her work. She was not prepared, kept leaving out the room for forgotten supplies for stitches, and attempted to do them WITHOUT anesthesia.... until we asked. Then its seemed the amount given did not work so she kept sticking several areas again with more, but it only lasted for 10mins or so...I said maybe you should try something else...she takes a few mins to kick in...but after 15secs of insertion, she sticks him ands says can you feel this... which OF COURSE HE CAN ITS BEEN 15SECS!!! After several attempts at trying to stitch unsuccessfully, I said why don't you just dermabond? She replies this will work better.... Anyway after more sticks of non sedating lidocaine, lots of blood, and only one stitch in an hour..she asks for help in which another nurse came in and said...that's not working...just use dermabond... My husband was in pain, and ready to he let her continue . She put the dermabond on his foot then began cleaning her area as dermabond ran down his foot. She did not reclean the bloody injury she caused with repeated sticking before dermabonding she..just thru the glue on, and wrapped it up. I said ..he will need an antibiotic, she said, oh yes I'll write a prescription for thst in case of infection, and also use bactrim 2x a day everyday when changing gauze...but come to find out with should not use ointment for 5 to 10 days

Tee Florian

Every visit has been simply amazing!!! Drs,nurses,and techs are extremly nice,thorough,quick, and efficient!

Jennifer Cook

Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I have really enjoyed my stay considering being sick.

Hoa Vo

I checked in ER for pain exam after a car accident. Big mistake! 7 hours wait. I will go the St. Joseph hospital next time for my medical needs. Thanks WellStar of Austell for waisting 7 hrs of my time. The staffs are too slow and rude. Sad place to watch the patients suffering while waiting for treatments.

Lady Brown

Slowest emergency room I ever been to the people not professional it’s a bunch of young 20’s and early 30’s year old who act like kids I can’t believe I was at a hospital with nurses and doctors.... they put me in a room took a pee sampled I was check on again until 3hours later!!!!! And it wasn’t many ppl even in emergency room HORRIBLE HOSPITAL NEVER AGAIN!!!!


Great place to work

Cami Bilbo

Labor and delivery is amazing! Wonderful staff, clean and comfortable rooms.

Brittany Ellis

I can NOT express the amount of gratitude I feel to the entire staff from when I came in through the ER to being admitted to the hospital for surgery. I came in on Tuesday April 9th around 4:30 and even though the ER was running at 180% capacity I was never given anything expect excellent care. My PA Jenny and Carla (my nurse) from the ER seriously have the heart of an angel. They did what they needed go do to commit to my care, got my CT (Dave) and MRI (Benard and Tammi )done in a reasonable time considering the amout of patients they had. Carla wasnt even working in my department anymore and she still came over to make sure I was being cared for. I had to have spinal surgery and they made sure I was given the best neuro surgeon in the building, Dr. Aewdumi (sp)and he and his team once again blew me away with their care and attention. I woke up from surgery in NO pain which i haven't done in 10 years, I could cry of happiness. I have never been admitted into the hospital and I was terrified and unsure if it was going to be pleasant. I could not have asked for a better experience, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved my life. -There are MANY more team members I will acknowledge in my survey from the hospital.

Nene Clark

Never deliver your baby here via c section.. they don’t care , they’re not organized , n the nurses are rude. I had to practically go above every head to the bosses because they wasn’t giving me the proper care & meds that was needed. I don’t recommend them at all. They should not have a labor n delivery . Worst hospital stay ever.

Elexus Harris

Literally the worst experience I ever had in my entire life and I’ve been there twice. I went there last year and I was sick not only did I wait for seven hours altogether but they gave me someone else’s prescriptions and they also gave me someone else’s return to work excuse completely unacceptable because they were not capable of double checking paperwork. Fast forward to July 2 i’ve arrived at 4 PM and I did not leave until 2 AM. It took three hours for bloodwork and two hours later they finally did a CAT scan which took another two hours. Then they have the nerves to ask me to run more random test that they should’ve done when they did my blood work. The staff there Are rude they don’t know anything every time you ask him a simple question the bathroom smell like piss. It’s crazy how no one knows anything there every time I ask them something they always say we don’t know. Do not go here beware

Alexis Lovejoy

This Place takes their sweet little time, never depend on this place if you are in pain, i got here at 10pm and is still here @ 4AM after tests and blood work was ran 3 hours ago... i was told my results were in but it’s only one care provider so i have to wait longer just to get my results READ TO ME. this is ridiculous!! i have to be at work @ 5:00AM and haven’t got ANY SLEEP. i’m beyond annoyed and will never come here again !! if my life depended on this hospital i would’ve been DEAD!!

Chocolate Chinxx

The don't deserve any start this is the worst hospital in ga. Some of the staff is rude as hell i was getting my bp done i couldn't feel my hands he snatch the cuff of my arm and didn't help me with.oxygen.

Tangi George

2 hours in the ER is freaking ridiculous!!!!! But they do have free Staph infection you can go home with!!!!!

Tia Young

The worst hospital I have ever been to.

Dyetisha Spears

It's ridiculous how this place is supposed to be an emergency but they treat you as if there is nothing wrong with you. Long waits & lack of staff, I've been here going on 3 hours and still have not been seen. Oh yeah & I have the flu.

steve warren

Not good with appointment schedule, wait time is very disappointing considering no one else is waiting, I'm not much on complaining, but being white has it's disadvantages here, very obvious. My poor wife would never complain. I'm not as patient.


The staff was very friendly and professional. I didn’t wait that long( I was sent over there from the Urgent Care center). Everything was explained well and the tests were explained as they were collecting samples. I was given medicine to address my symptoms and pain levels. I went home feel much better and given clear instructions on how to address my issues as my illness runs it’s course. I have had nothing except great experiences at the hospital.

Dionne Miles

This is for the PBX Secretary Ms.Sabrina, I called Saturday 5/14/16 early morning and when they say " First Impressions are lastly and important, well allow me to say Ms. Sabrina's professional, cheerful, demeanor was awesome! She answered the phone in such a wonderful, happy mood, she made my entire day

Ashlie Durham

Very good hospital... They take time to listen and explain What is happening before and after surgery...... The burn unit upstairs is Awesomely good and the best nurses I've come across in along time

lawinka charles

I delivered my baby at wellstar cobb and the staff was so nice. They came in my room every 20-30 minutes to see if i needed anything. The rooms & bathroom was clean everyday. The dietary workers was very nice & polite, the nurses tjat cared for my baby was also very nice amd caring.

Kim Kim

Unfortunately I am here right now 10/30/2018. I almost lost my daughter!!! allow me to explain myself!! My daughter and I arrived around 730 am. The nurse Susan was Phenomenal She made my nervous daughter feel as though everything would be alright, which made her have confident in the Dr who was going to do her surgery. The Anesthesiologists, were awesome He was giving out hugs they were making us laugh. Which interms allowes us to feel relaxed and know everything would be alright. My daughter's surgery was a success her recovery was good!!! We went to Room 208....there were 2 Nurses on name susan from Ohio she was Awesome with my daughter, but her shift ended at 7pm the 2 Nurses that came in..their tiredness was obvious their attitude was obvious that they really did not want to be here tonight. My daughter start complaining about itching while she was still receiving some antibiotics.I called the nurses number and the women at the desk was like what's wrong with her?? What is she allergic too ?? I said IDK she said I will tell her nurse so I hung up the phone.Do you know this lady came down to the room and said are you mad at me, I was just trying to help you. I was like girl if you don't get out of your feelings worrying about the wrong thing and see about my daughter. It's not about you, find out what's wrong with my daughter. Her feelings were hurt again and she walks out of the room. Mind you her meds were do at 8:18 pm the Nurse had to be called over and over again. She made to us at 913 to give meds. The Doctor came by and order her 25 of IV Benadryl my daughter is turning red she is scratching she is swelling up even more. She said to the Nurse if someone is having an allergic reaction you should move faster. The nurse Kosi stood over by the other nurse for 10 minutes as she was heading to my daughter she drops the needle on the floor and says Oh I dropped the needle I have to go get another one. No one said anything to her. She then comes back in and as hard as she could pushes all the meds into my daughter's vein and she start gagging saying I can't breath. She was holding her neck gagging for breath. Kosi, just stood there she froze I literally, had to scream at her I yelled HELP MY DAUGHTER WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, by this time all nurse and doctors start coming in. Dr Whitney asked for a EKG, there were a room full of women standing around taking up space, she asked for a flash light to look down her throat no one moved she grabbed her phones light to check. Dr.Whitney asked for a spatchula no one moved I gave her a fork off a tray then a butter knife. When I tell you the team of Nurses tonight almost lost my daughter, it was not a good scene, How is it The team from this morning full of Love and life calling my daughter Pumkin wumpkin. Attentive to her needs going above and beyond. go to a bunch of Zoombies on the graveyard shift.on Halloween eve ....After we leave this hospital I will not advise this team of lazy women on the 2nd floor to work on A Baby Alive Doll....get it together, before you get this Hospital Sued for incompetence ....You can ask Dr.Whitney if I'm lying...she will tell you they were just standing around looking stuck on Stupid....No Mercy for them because they playing around with people's lives. You can reach me anytime for either details.

Lashonda Burks

Came in an ambulance. Still had to wait for a room..2hrs+. Guess I wasn’t sick enough for them. I hate Cobb Wellstar. Then you ask questions and no one knows nothing. You have to ask a nurse. Mfs!

bridget yeater

82 yr old mother made to sit in emergency room for7.5hrs before ever seeing a doctor...only 4 other people in waiting room...RIDICULOUS!!! DO NOT GO THERE

Maerie Ariel

Don't even get me started. Incompetent doctors. Rude head of administration when I made a complaint. Rude rude and rude. Cruel. Assume all are there drug seeking. (even tested me so many times and I came up negative ). PA said in my hearing, "well she might be taking tramadol, that wouldn't show up." Travel as far as you can to NOT go here. Wellstar has the worst Healthcare I've ever experienced. Also I've taken friends there and had to call them out on their treatment of the friends.

April Spencer

Over crowded cant wait till the Emory hospital opens back up.

Daniel Scott

Thieves!!! This place is the prime example of what is wrong with the medical profession. You will get poor service and be over charged. I really wish I would have read the reviews of this place before I brought my 13 month old here based on a referral from an emergency care place I took him to. He got a burn on his hand from the stove so I took him to the emergency care place near my house. They wrapped and said to be safe, go to this Wellstar location. I now feel they get a kickback on every patient they refer. The doctor walked in and said there was nothing they can do but rewrap it. The doctor was very rude for the entire 1 minute he was in the room. Can you guess how much this one visit cost? If your guess was a $1,000, then you would be correct!!! A $1,000 for absolutely nothing!!! They did not do a single thing and it cost a $1,000. Imagine what the bill what have been if they actually did something. They place needs to have a class action lawsuit filed against them. I would have been put in jail if I cheated someone like they have. Never again will go to another place without reading reviews first. This place is a joke and should be shut down!!!!!

Heather Hartsaw

I have been here and it takes forever to get any medication. Can't get any ice. Nothing to drink even after I asked. IV for blood transfusion is off just sitting here. This is crazy. My fever went down but having Ulcerative Colitis flare up obviously you need fluids. Especially not keeping anything down in weeks and your extremely dehydrated.

Lucy Gonzalez

I recently gave birth at the women center at this hospital. Everyone took very good care of me and made me feel comfortable. Then after I was released my son had to stay at the nicu. Gr he nueces were very nice and the pediatrician was amazing.

Dolly Williams

I've been to this hospital 5 times. Just recently on Superbowl Sunday. I had my third time with Kidney stones. The Staff was great, the wait was short. I will recommend this hospital to anyone. Thanks Well star.

Tattoos Kapone

I was checked into the emergency department and the staff (administrators,triage,and customer service.) as well as security was very rude, talking about patients in a very rude manner. That is very unprofessional. Why want someone caring for u in a hospital if all they do is talk about u in ear shot, he'll or even at all?.....needs to change


Excellent care and attention, from my ER check-in through departure five days later, including a cardiac procedure. Every caregiver was kind, friendly, efficient — I can’t imagine having better care and confidence.


About the Emergency Department: A loved one was admitted to Peachford involuntarily because Cobb Hospital falsified medical records and claimed she was suicidal, though this was completely false - they couldn't identify what was wrong with her and wanted to run tests and abuse 1013 privileges. Only legal threats motivate this department to behave ethically - speaking primarly to doctors and psychiatrists - the staff are mostly lazy, but laziness didn't cost us a great deal of hurt.

Cielo T. Lyu

Friendly and informative staff members.


Really had a terrible experience at this hospital. The wait is very, very long - HIPAA is violated with medical information spoken about at the front desk in front of guest and lab results aren't even in their system for review after your visit. When calling the ER to speak to someone about their system mishap, you get no one who can help you. It took three days and one hour of calling to speak to someone heaven sent who was able to finally provide me some type of relevant information without transferring me. This is by far, the WORST hospital ever. I will take my chances of going somewhere else next time.

Shrikanth Hallikhed

Google should allow user to select no star. Well star cobb is no star cobb, had worst ever experience in ER, having a body pain with little chill and fever, went there at 10pm and was in bed till next day morning 8am with zero change in the body. Nurses, no way they are helpful even after talking to the in charge duty doctor ....... only answer is doctor's will come in the morning, had 2 to 3 scanning in the same night blood etc., when I ask for the report answer is doctor's will come and meet in the morning.. Ridiculous place. Many stars goes to the duty nurses in the labor ward. They are better.

Alton DMcCoy

Came into the ER with my wife and the nurse who took her blood pressure said her blood pressure was good and I had another nurse check her blood pressure and it was 223 over 124 and they was going to send her home.

Vanessa Lopez

I took my little 8yr old brother to the ER because he had a bad dog bite and we got attended quick which was great until they took us into the pediatric room when the Doctor told us he needed to get stitches, but it could heal on its own just that it would be a ugly scar. So as I was deciding he said "Don't waste my time, tell me what you want now" and he was all jumpy. That was so rude of him to say and so unprofessional. How can he tell a patients family to not waste his time and quickly make a decision?

marcia hawk

This hospital has some of the most incompetent healthcare practitioners. I live in Cobb but prefer to go to Northside Hospital or Emory-St. Josephs for care. There are a few good nurses and doctors but they are few and far between. My nephew is currently being treated there and I am afraid of the outcome.

Zachary Zaitonia

I was injured on the property. Now i have a ruptured patella tendon. I have been waiting three weeks for their risk person to finally return a call. Still has not happen. My fiancee was left hours and hours with no nursing care. Avoid this death trap and run to the nearest attorney

Mandie Dolph

As soon as I walked into the ER waiting area both ladies behind the desk were sweet and humble enough to talk about the little things. The employee that looked over my right foot that was purple cuz its a real beauty was friendly and down to earth. But it was the ladies that I encountered once I was taken back to the x ray area that really made the visit even better. To the young lady that is having the baby in February(She was being moved after I was discharged Julie Maybe


Dont Deliver Here! Want to feel cared for or doted on? Too bad..GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I referred someone here to deliver and now seeing how they are treated I am very sorry! 1st off if you are in labor and inducedned don't expect much attention. Sparse care, nervous mom with unconcerned semi rude staff. 2) Limit to only 3 people in room including Daddy!! BS! Where's the family enviorment? Mama's comforted by all her blended family in room (5) but Well Star Cobb isn't impressive AT ALL. SAD.

Devi Febula

Delivered my baby here.... the nurses in the labor section were caring and highly experienced , everything went very smoothly... the mom and baby room was good.... I personally felt the nurses should provide much more attention towards the patient ....I particularly liked nurse Jennifer she was the only one who was very responsible and helped me immediately when needed.

Nikki Burkhalter

I don’t even know where to begin. If I could give zero stars, I would. My mother has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in her bones and liver. Due to extreme pain from the cancer in her bones, she suffered a panic attack that was initally thought to be a heart attack. We usually strictly deal with Kennestone, but they were full and we were forced to go to Cobb Hospital. That’s where the nightmare began. The ER nurses and doctors were horrible. Laughing loudly at my mother when she told them that morphine doesn’t work for her pain and she needed something stronger. She was treated like a drug addict who was just there to abuse opioids. She was then moved to a shared room on the 5th floor. Around noon that day we were told that a sick patient was going to being coming into room to stay in the other half of the room. This patient was wearing a mask and was contagious. Keep in mind that my mother just had a chemo treatment less than a week from that day so her immune system was very weak and compromised. The housing manager was called to the situation and said as long as my mother’s lab showed that she was not neutropenic that she could fight off disease. I asked if she had looked at the labs and she said no she had not. It was then that they decided to look at the labs to determine if she could fight off disease or not. The housing manager did end up putting the contagiously sick patient in another room and did apologize and was very nice at the end of the entire situation, but it almost felt as though she was covering herself because she and her team had messed up big time. She told us my mother would have a private room that day. It took them from noon to 8 pm that day to get her moved, but we did get a private room on the 6th floor. All doctors on her case were not communicating, telling her one thing and another. She was very confused and upset because there was no straight answers from anybody. One doctor took a prescription off her medicine list that her Oncologist (from NGA Oncology) had prescribe precious to her stay at Cobb Hospital, and not one doctor would admit to doing it. The Pallative Doctor was a joke and my mother immediately took her off the case. Administration got involved, and George was sent to her room to discuss this issue. The nurses were fabulous, and did everything they could to make my mom comfortable and did everything they could to get her discharged as soon as possible. My advice to anybody considering going to Cobb Hospital, just don’t. You’d be better off at the veterinarian’s office. I’m very surprised by our experience considering this is a Wellstar facility, and we always have great experiences with Kennestone (also a Wellstar facility). I wouldn’t wish our experience with Cobb Hospital on my worst enemy.

Kathy Freese

In the ER forever with my niece, watching the RN on duty (Sher) go from room to room to the desk and back to the rooms WITH THE SAME PAIR OF GLOVES ON. Cross contamination!!!!? And the doctors couldn't tell an old fracture from a new one. Seriously.

lt Williams

This place could have potential but the doctors and nurses are slow. It's a shame that you have to call for pain medicine. The doctor could use some tact in the way he gave bad news. I hope they get it together.

Mary Duckett



The only advise I can give you is even if you are. A block away and dieing go somewhere else.

Thomas Autry

Worst experience I have ever had with any health care provider. If I could do no stars I would. It started out with the nurse telling us we were the only patients on the floor. This resulted in extra tests and visits constantly waking our newborn due to a lack of other tasks to do. Then, when it was time to check out we were told there would be one final test that would take approx 30 minutes. This was at 1 PM. We still had not been provided the results at 3 PM and when I asked about it I was given the run around. At 3:30 the nurse came back to our room stating that the doctor had to be consulted on the results and then we would be on our way. At 5:05 PM the nurse returned to say the doctor had gone home and we would not be released. This equated to another $4700 charge to my insurance because the Dr did not review the test results before they went home for the day. After discussing the results with our Midwife and consulting online resources it was apparent that this additional stay was not medically necessary and as such just an opportunity to bill us for unnecessary treatments. This makes it seem like your business is not to help patients, but to extract all the revenue you can when they enter your doors. Add to this hell we have gone through with your billing department which includes wrong payment plan terms, missing bill statements and harassing calls when payments were not even late. For all these reasons above I give the rating I do and I say this with full confidence. I would rather take my chances on my own than to deal with your hospital systems again EVER.

Jared Benton

If your in a Emergency do not come here I was assaulted on the job by a Theaft he cut me in the mist of the assault I came here to get care and I have been waiting in ER for 4 hours I went to the desk for a blanket because I’ve been here so long I was extremely cold by this point then when I asked about wait time the nurse check an looked like she made a mistake told me I was next like she was expediting me and 6 other names has been called since she told me I was next. If I could give no star I would I waisted my whole day in the emergency waiting

Sherrell Walker

The worst experience of my life! I promised myself that I would never return to this hospital again after being here about a year ago and admitted for a blood transfusion. My level of care and level of service coming from all staff members was so mediocre that I would not even consider bringing my own domestic pet here for treatment. I am currently sitting in the emergency room for a minor injury to my arm such as a spring or muscle pull. I have been sitting in the emergency room for over 6 hours I have seen approximately 6 emergency room staff. And none of them being a physician until my last hour here. I should have known that everything was going to go downhill when I was triaged upon arrival and then triaged again after being in the emergency room for 3 hours. I've had to tell my issue to 5 different people which none were doctors. At this point I am livid. Actually livid is a understatement. I will never return to this Hospital under any circumstances even if I were to have to walk to the next closest hospital in the middle of a night storm. Trust me this review is accurate as it's going to get. On top of everything else the hospital is not a clean Hospital. The sheets are always stained and the floors never appear to be adequately cared for. It's just a big old mess. I'm done!!!

Costello Knight

I went here to get treated for high sugar the lady A.A PA that checked me asked me if I had a job and if I had any money, I'm I know this has to be paid for but to ask me about this while I'm in critical condition is bad. So after asking me she left I say for hours and then some in experienced guys came to take my blood, scarred me bad because the needle was hanging idle in my arm while they wiggle it aid to get a vein for blood After that I say more hours. Finally the lady came back to just give me a piece of paper to go to some where else, I'm thinking it's a prescription for my insulin or pills, Come to find out it was to go to the public clinic This thing how they sent me out still with high blood sugar I would not recommend this place if you want to live

Beverly McCard

Well my daughter had major surgery a week ago, she's running a fever, high blood pressure, and in pain so far we have sat in the ER for 6 hours now and have NOT seen a Dr yet. Needless to say I'm pissed off with this treatment , they haven't even bothered to put her in a room. So unorganized I think they get worse every time I have to come up here. Totally ridiculous .

Kristina and Aiden

My daughter in law gave birth there and I was disturb by the staff in the delivery room the nurse there was rude and did nothing she stood off to the side and also sat down on the couch while my daughter in law was giving birth the doctor didn't come in till after the baby was coming out and even then the nurse just stood off to the side while me my son and her mother helped her give birth . After she gave birth and was sent to a room the nurse came in the room to check the baby and asked who I was I told her I was the father of the baby's mother and she told me I'm too light skin to be his mother and when I told her yes I gave birth to him hes my son she went on to say the genes doesn't make sense and he must have his fathers genes then started going on to say I guess nothings wrong with mix relationship I was in shock that she just went over the top to point out the obvious I'm completely offended and disturb. This is the worse hospital I've even been in the staff is awful just outright the worse behavior I've ever seen.

L Horton

Horrible. I actually went to this hospital for chest/shoulder pain with nausea, rather than Douglas, which was closer to me. Why? Because everyone told me this one is better. NOPE! We went in, and an EKG was performed. I was put back out in the waiting area, then, an hour or so later, taken into a back "infusion room", where medication was put into my IV, medication that causes extreme fatigue. Back to the waiting room, where I was left for what seemed an eternity. It was all I could do to keep from falling out of the chair. When we finally were taken into a room, they said they were waiting for a chest x-ray THAT HADN'T been done, and then started talking about keeping me there, though nothing on any test indicated any problem or reason to stay. Finally, the x ray was done. Again, noting to warrant a stay, so I signed out after being told I may die. My I V was pulled from my arm, oxygen sensor yanked off of my finger and thrown on the floor by a nurse. And we were left just waiting, we thought, for discharge papers and a phone number that the doctor said she would be giving us for cardiology, not that I needed it, but an indication that we should be waiting for something. After an hour, with my husband walking to the door, right in front of the nurses, with them and the doctor seeing him, even making eye contact, he asked about my discharge papers and was told "she doesn't get any paperwork,. I told her she could leave". (keep in mind, I signed paperwork probably shouldn't have been allowed to with the medication on board) which legally, I am entitled to and the doc was going to give a phone number), and no one ever told us we could leave. When we walked out of the room, the nurses were laughing, probably at the fact that we'd wasted all night there for nothing, and the fact that my husband had to go to work at another Wellstar hospital and be there at 6:30 in the morning, 2 hours from the time we walked out of Cobb. So, in a nutshell, they put medication into me that made it almost impossible to sit up, and caused hallucinations, and left me sitting in a waiting room, wanted to admit me when all tests were negative, left us sitting in a room for over an hour after we could have left, did not provide any documentation to us, and allowed me, after the medication was administered, to sign documents. Oh, and lets add that the woman in the room with me, wouldn't keep her clothes on,and we had to listen to them argue with her about that. This place is HORRIBLE.

Mark A

I had a nightmare experience at this place. About a year and a half ago now, I had just had a tooth extracted that was causing a severe headache. I made the mistake of going to the ER. When I first got to the ER, I was offered Percocet. I do NOT like taking drugs if I don't have to, and I actually declined the Percocet. Only to get into the back and be told they had a "headache cocktail" for me. I asked what that was. Decadron, Reglan, and Benadryl was the reply. Initially, I asked what they were and declined. Decadron is a steroid - like one of the most potent steroids. I have a strict policy against taking steroids, which doctors are all too quick to prescribe. And then Reglan is to offset the effects of Decadron or something like that. And Benadryl to offset the Reglan. I was like no, I don't want to take all that stuff. Somehow, I ended up caving in. I guess my headache was so severe, I just caved. But I said no Benadryl. So they give me the Decadron and Reglan. Immediately, I react horribly to the stuff. Doctor tells me the Benadryl will help offset some of the symptoms. So I agree to the Benadryl. Well, after that cocktail, my heart was racing. I felt so uneasy. The headache was gone, but the side effects from the cocktail were so extreme I would have had rather had the headache. If I had it to do over again, I would have just accepted the Percocet that was offered to me when getting checked in. What really got me is while the doctor even admitted those drugs can cause side effects like that, the nurse who administered them implied I was having one big "anxiety attack" for describing how the drugs were negatively impacting me. I made it home a few hours later, and let me tell you my entire week that week was messed up. And another thing. The ER knew my headache was from an extracted tooth that had been infected. What do you think the steroid Decadron did? It slowed down my body's ability to heal. I mean I had scrapes on my skin that stayed the same for an entire week. Normally, a scrape starts to heal and one week later would be gone. Mine stayed for an entire week plus. So I had that infection floating around in my head that wasn't healing right either. How dumb to administer a steroid like that to somebody who is having a headache secondary to a tooth extraction? In fact, my dentist even noticed I only had about one week of healing on my extraction site after over two weeks during my follow up visit. Let me tell you that some of these prescription drugs are far more dangerous than street drugs, and I don't say that to defend street drugs, as I don't use any drugs. I'm just pointing out that legal medicine is very dangerous. I look at how the government is making a huge deal over the "opioid epidemic". I have had narcotics before, and I NEVER reacted to narcotics like I did that cocktail. It was so bad, I literally feel like I'm blessed to be alive. I mean it caused my heart to race.And what gets me is there was nobody there to record the adverse reactions. On paper, it's as though that never happened to me.

Nathanael Johnson

Labor and delivery was not great my first two kids came just fine no problem at all. I come down here to ga to have my lil boy. They epidural wore the nurse tell my wife oh it's good you can push now. Then they ask is this your first child. You act like you haven't did this before. So my son finally came I watch the nurse struggle to get him out cause he wasn't ready. Funny he had to go to nicu for a while. It wasn't a pleasant visit on top of they they couldn't figure out my insurance situation. It was tri care so I really don't know why it was so hard would I go back no do i recommend no .

Vijay Rana

My mother is in ER tonight and I dozed off in waiting room its 3 am. African american Security guard woke me up saying you can't do that. That's cool but it's funny how he only told this to me and not others of his race who were sleeping next to me. Please treat everybody same . Thanks

Chris Ledingham

Absolutely fantastic... Gallbladder emergency surgery. Dr. Suraj Menachery was awesome, The ER Team was fast and precise... The entire team did a fantastic job. Thank you.

Billy Ray Register

After reading the other reviews I was sceptical on going to the ER for abdominal pains. But once I walked in the ER, I was greeted by a nice lady behind the counter. I signed in, minutes later they were taking my vitals. Not even twenty minutes after I was walking back to wait my turn to see the doctor. Shortly after speaking with him I had blood drawn and was given a saline drip for dehydration. An hour and a half later I was told my prognosis and released. All in all I was there 3 and half hours and was served nothing but pure kindness, hospitality, professionalism, and mannered professionals. I would recommend this hospital to family and friends.


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