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REVIEWS OF Wayne Memorial Hospital IN Georgia

R Simmons

We ended up rushing our son to the hospital, we would normally go on Fort Stewart but it was far from our location. So Wayne memorial was our second option. This hospital is amazing, the doctors are knowledgeable and the nurses were amazing. Me being a nurse myself, I could tell this was a great hospital. Most people mistake the ER for non emergent situations. I promise you, if you have an actual emergency like our son did, they will take care of you. A chronic knee pain does not constitute as an emergency, or a regular stomach ache, it can be followed up with a regular physician . Our son was rushed immediately into a room and was treated promptly. I would give 10 stars if that was an option. Remember the emergency room is for life threatening emergencies!! If you do not have an urgent emergency, you may have to wait because there might be someone who needs critical care. Please keep that in mind!

scambeno benji

Waiting time is too long. Alot of the nurses just be sitting around chatting. Most definitely not coming back! I don't care if I'm dying.

Dank Lungs


Mya Moore

Have you ever looked at the obits in your local newspaper? Ever noticed how many people die at that hospital? Maybe families who have lost love ones there... unexpectedly.... I would most definately demand an autopsy.

WilD 3

Brien Durkee

Out of state, got blood work done, quick registration, got done very quick. Everyone was so nice and friendly. Great Hospital.

Kyle Roberson

We had taken my mother to the ER there to be treated for dehydration due to stomache virus which they NEVER TREATED! They have her nitroglycerin instead and she almost died. They had to life flight her to Savannah. If we wouldn’t have been there with her and insisted on help there would have been another unnecessary death. It may be a good place to have a baby but anything else is completely out of the question. It’s also very disturbing when a nurse can’t figure out how to hook up an IV drip in 45 minutes.

Sue Zinngrabe

I am new in the area and needed to go to the hospital because I was dehydrated, having issues with my insulin and feeling very ill. I had to wait over an hour for the Dr, my son had to ask for a blanket for me as I was freezing. When I was finally seen I was given 1 single bag of fluids and told that the insulin caused issues. After the bag emptied and when I mentioned that I still felt terrible I was told that 1 bag was all that was ordered. I was also told I had an infection that needed antibiotics. After sitting around for another hour I asked for my discharge papers and was not told what to do about my insulin, given anything for the infection or any followup instructions. As I was leaving after telling the nurse that I would NEVER come to this ER again the Doctor stopped me in the waiting room asking if there was anything else they could do so I didn't leave unhappy.......NOW I am asked? I will find a better hospital even if it means driving to Savannah.

John Anderson

My daughter had her tonsils taken out Tuesday and they were very friendly and very quick and they told us exactly what they was gonna do I love it


After sitting in an ER room and talking on deaf ears disappointed is an understatement. Although most rooms seemed empty the nurses complained many times about being tired & the people just kept them going and going. I have nurse friends, I understand, but it was only 10:30pm. When bloodwork was drawn for labs the phlebotomist came back to our room 30min later to get the tube of blood she had drawn out of the trash can. I could go on, but what’s the point? Very careless and horrible bedside manner is all we received.

Stormie Bell

Mark Osborne

Always hate being here cause of the situation. Yet the staffing is phenomenal.

Shivon Palomino

The staff were great, truly a wonderful hospital!

Tony Sumrow

Seen in the ER in the evening. After triage and vital signs taken to a room. Nurse introduced herself and brought some medicine. I think the guy that came in the room wearing a white coat was a DR. He did not let us know who he was or the individual that was taking notes for him. RUDE....After requesting test He ordered some drugs and left. The nurse brought medication and left. No one came back in to keep an update on how we were doing, tell us what kind of time line we were looking at or anything. RUDE, not caring and I think not very professional at all.

Crystal Nich

April Bennett

Recently had surgery here. Everyone treated me with respect and kept me informed of everything that was going on. All the OR staff and physicians were amazing. Best care I have ever had.

Erica Parker

I read the reviews before I went and I regret to say that the reviews are accurate. I experienced poor bed side manner. Dr. Gilmore treated me as if I inconvenienced his day. Make a long story short don't go. The staff is rude minus the young lady that did registration. They did xrays and I had to ask for results but they did refer me to ortho for stress fractures... This place is a disgrace to healthcare and I would never go back.

Wendy Price

Quick and professional ER visit. My husband cut his hand recently. We went to the ER and they saw us quickly, gave us excellent service, and all the staff were polite and kind. His hand is healing nicely. We will use Wayne Memorial for any healthcare needs we have!

Devin Wiley

edward beasley

Any time I've ever came to the er for me or anyone else it took hours to even go back they take their sweet time so I hope your not dying when you get there

Kimberly Fultz

This Hospital has really treated me good every time I've gone there. I'm new in the area, but have got health issues, so I go there for testing and blood work often. Been to E.R. and inpatient up stairs. The doctor's and Nurse's and staff has always treated me with respect. They have gone above and beyond to make sure they find what was causing my illness. Above and beyond to make sure I understand everything about my results. Above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable and if I needed anything. I really like this hospital and I also Thank them for doing such a great job and taking pride in what they do. You guys are appropriated. 5 STAR all the way is what y'all deserve.

Linda Churches


That place cant even treat a room full of sick people. Waiting times are horribly long for a doctor to come spend less than a minute with you. Something needs to be done. If you are able i highly recommend anywhere else but there.

Erin Genaux

bunny stark

Hi my name is James Bailey I went to liberty memorial last week with a severe toothache they kapt saying we don't have a dentist over and over than asked to leave a few days later it was worse sooo I went to Wayne Memorial they took me back in less than 10 minutes to figure out it wasent a bad toothache I was having a heartattac I was sent to Savannah had surgery Saturday morning with 3 blockages a pain in the ass as a patient After all I went through sop to the people in the er friday I'm sorry...for all you did I give a million thanks you guy are truly the meaning of professional health care ..thanks again

Handshake atSunrise

Actually had argued w. A Dr. Here they need to be reviewed big time. These people are quacks!

Brandy Chaney

This is one of the most disrespectful places ever they never no whats wrong with you and they really let 4 people that came in after us get a room before my 3 year daughter like as if what ever was wrong with her wasnt important they suck and there service suck.

Crystal Dotson

I had to give 1 star becaus the damn sight won’t allow a no star! This hospital is a damn joke! Went in for deydration, asked to go bavk to room? Well the stupid ass doctor asked me what the problem was. The only test I was given was a urinayslis which takes approimately more than fibe minutes! The nurse came in and gave me Zofran for the vomiting I,ve ben having. No other blood tests, iv fluid due to extreme dehydration. But for this incompetent have skin bald head man of a doctor ghat stharts wiyh a B ??? said “oh you have virus” Ams said my otdrdMOND YIHHHHH. All After a non-examination that was bedforeI asked him to draw labs and at least administer an IV , but no; definately left in a wrsre state fhen showing up. What s buch of quacks! Dont know who ia wors Librert or Wagne conty. O wonder why folks to Savannah! YA’ll suck and will apeeas not to go here????

Margie Prince

On 6/13/2019 I brought my husband to the ER at around 11:45am with a treble fish hook in his finger. Staff who checked us in were very pleasant and prompt. However that’s were the quality service ended. The nurse who came to take him back to ER was very rude to say the least. They were busy and I can understand a nurse being stressed but that’s no excuse to be rude. After waiting 4hrs to see a dr. he came in never said who he was just I understand you have a hook in your finger. I showed it to him he immediately tried to get it out with lineman’s pliers. When he seen he couldn’t get it out the way it went in he jammed a needle in my finger for numbing pushing the hook on through my finger and cutting the barb off then removing the hook. Gave me a gauze with medicine on it said someone will be in to dress your finger shortly and left. The nurse came in to dress my finger when I stood up of the bed there laid the syringe and needle in the bed with me right where the dr. left it. My vist to the hospital there was far from a quality visit but it’s most definitely my last visit to Wayne Memorial Jesup Ga.

Erica Fowler

Honestly this hospital don’t deserve anything. I went with my mother, we sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half. Then we sat in the back to have horrible bedside manners. I have never met a doctor so lazy, he literally walked in the room and sat down on the trash can then misdiagnosed my mother with a stomach ulcer. When she had been diagnosed by two other doctors with gallstones. The lady that came to take the IV out was rough with her and on her right arm the women didn’t cover it good so she had blood running down her arm onto the floor. They also did test on her that she didn’t need. I would NEVER recommend this hospital. If you can go somewhere else please do because they have NO IDEA what they are doing.

Brandi Tomlinson

Would never go back there! The nurse my husband had was very rude and disrespectful, called my husband a liar about his symptoms, very unprofessional in my opinion, not to mention had to stick him 6x just to get an IV in, asked for water and took her 2hours to bring it to him, the doctor was the only helpful one and she was friendly but dealing with the nurse the most we will not return.

Dee White

Marcie Sellers

Went to the ER in A ton of Pain!!! ER said "You see Dr.____, so I'm not gonna treat you"!!! Wow...just WOW. Nice that doctors can now pick and choose who they want to treat!!! What ever happened to their OATH!!! Horrible Hospital!!! HORRIBLE!! Then I wanted 4 hours to be discharged for Him running tests to be "sure I was not dying". Then made the comment if Dr._____, is going to refer his pateients here he needs to come see them!!". NEVER GO HERE!!! MALPRACTICE!!!

Michell Warner

To start with if I could you'd get no Star at all. Do not go here and expect to be treated as a patient. When you walk in the ladies up front are usually your only ones too treat you as a human. The ones in the back that should be treating you better than the front since they are your nurses, my nurses tonight we're awesome I can say that for the gentleman that was my nurse and the nice lady that done triage and my ekg, now let's get to our dr of the evening and my condition you see here is a bit complicated and there was NO BESIDES MANNER AT ALL. Not only to me but to my daughter that I depend on to drive me I have two heart condition that's exciting and rare, and I'm usually screwed because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM AND SURE WON'T READ UP ON THEM. But sometimes a Dr is excited of a new condition but not here . They don't believe you and they don't follow heart protocol that has been done at every other hospital that there is that I've been admitted to our seen in for my condition. I went today or tonight with chest pain (get the elephant off my chest type), shortness of breath, and my heart racing out of my chest with rates high, respiration ragged, and my cardiologist saying go to the nearest er. I was sent home after they drew blood done a chest x-ray and ran fluids that I didn't need. Was given nitroglycerin that they were informed would give me a migraines and it did and nothing done for this either. Any other hospital I go to the first is triage, get to know my symptoms, send me to a rowasom, start drawing blood, get an IV set in place to draw this blood and to be able to use it if it is needed for anything for my heart and any medications and other blood work. Xray is taken, still don't get the purpose of this but it's always done. Guess that's checking bleeding or enlargements, then usually fluids are started at a low dose and I'm given medication to calm my heart and the pain that gets this elephant off my chest and my breathing normal. But not at Wayne Memorial. The drs there seem to think they know it all and your heart condition that's documented and you got records and things to show from your cardiologist is just a joke. I went in with a heart rate off 110 and no 110/80 I know most of you that's normal but for someone like me it can stroke me out or cause a heart attack. Not everyone is the same and that's why my cardiologist in St Vincent told to go to the er to be made comfortable until I can get to him. Well it's Sunday with a hurricane shooting them down till Tuesday. Someone dropped a ball here.

Casanova Johnson

Always been a great hospital. Has always Had kind and respectful staff. Never been disrespected at this hospital... Until now. 2nd floor service desk just blatenly went out of her way to be completely rude. To be honest it really surprised me enough to stand here looking at her in shock. I've never had someone be so disrespectful to me at a hospital, especially not this one. Come on Wayne Memorial I expect better..

Bernadette Musgrave

I went to the emergency room and had to be transfered. But the diagnosis from the ER doc was spot on. They treated me very well even with my fear of needles and really even being there. 5 plus stars.

Angela Conley

Well let me get started we got here and the room is nasty sticky stuff all over the floor my daughter had to take a bath and the nurse don't even pick up her nasty towels they leave it on the dang floor and her trash is full they wont even change it this hospitals is the worst I have ever visted I never come back here

Like Smoke

I had to wait forever to be registered, but staff was nice, polite, treated me with respect.

M tapley

Luis Caraballo

Brought my wife with a terrible migraine headache. Registration was quick ( they want to make sure the insurance pays them ) got put in a room within 15 minutes. After that this was as slow as an I-V going in your vain. No nurse came to the room, after 45 minutes the doctor comes in, looks at my wife and says let me go get something for the pain. Well 35 minutes later and after being patience, I had to go up to the nurse station to ask about the medicine, about 6 nurses just sitting around and the doctor feet kicked up in the cabinet, I was told that the doctor had just order the meds and that the nurse would be in shortly. 5 minutes later the nurse was in there with the meds. She was really nice I do have to say, she's the only reason I gave this review a 1 star. If I hadn't gone to ask about the meds I probably would've been there a lot longer and my wife suffering from the headache. I'd rather go to Savannah the next time. The only quick personal there is the BILLING DEPT.

Kaitlyn Sauers

I honestly wish I could give 0 stars. This place is a joke.

Rachel Wasdin

If I could give less than one star, I would! This hospitals emergency room is a joke. Patients leaving with 104 fevers and bleeding, telling them it's a virus. Good luck getting anyone to answer a question about the doctors and billing, either. Thank God Brunswick is close, here we come!

Chuck Norris


Haley Rainey

Service is TERRIBLE!! And No doctor knows what they're doing.

Robert Slater

The medical Staff at this hospital really should work on Customer Service. I want to say that it is not all the staff, but the doctor i had the opportunity to deal with should become a vet as he had no bedside manner. Secondly, as i sat in the room in the ER waiting to be seen i could overhear a conversation that medical staff was having at the nurses station about someones "a**" which i assume was another patient. And i guess the hospital covers themselves by posting a notice in the rooms indicating that the doctors are contracted and they have no control over the "message or diagnosis they give." I am not sure who is actually in control of this place, but i must say that the residents of Wayne County deserve better. People do not goto hospitals to hang out, it is because they have a medical need. treatment does not start and end with a test or stethoscope. How you speak to someone is as important as the diagnosis and treatment itself. Once again i am not even sure the name of the doctor as it was not on any of my paperwork, but this place really needs some administrative oversight and to be held accountable by those that hire or allow these people to work there....

Samantha Davis

Dez Jaramillo

Be careful Doctors someone she complains about stones but it's just to get pain meds.

Bob Bob

Caution when using this place.

Peggy ann Lee

My name is Holly Acevedo I had some neck surgery done at this small hospital. Let me just say that the surgical staff which I do not have names to acknowledge them but professional and all around awesome. The 4 th floor nurses were just as amazing thank you Jana Smart, Alyson Mixon, Nick Ricks, and Darlene May my nurses were amazing very friendly and professional. These are the people that you want around you when you have any surgery. I will be leaving today but I will not forget you all that made me feel better and making my stay as pleasurable as possible. The pre surgery nurses were just as amazing. This hospital has personal heaters rather thAn haveing 2 or3 blankets on you. Thanks to all of the staff I came in contact with. Dr Lormeau has the best bed dice manner he is the one you want to work on your spine. He answers all your questions never in a hurry. Thank you Doc for showing up.

Ann Williams

My experience with everyone at this hospital was a very good one. From my first step in the door for my pre-op, until after my surgery and they even called to check on me. Everyone was just great. I wish all hospitals were like this one. Thanks

Donna Reese

I went to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain, severe projectile vomiting of bile, unable to control my bowels. The Dr came in and did not even exam me physically. He stood against the counter asked a couple questions about my symptoms and walked out. He ordered labs, iv with fluids, and iv meds. About two hours later he came back in the room said my labs were good go see gastroenterologist. The next day I went to my regular Dr still feeling the same also telling her Everytime I eat I feel like I'm going to vomit or I do. I also told this to the ER Dr along with a ten lb weight loss in a month. My Dr ordered a ultrasound in her office that morning. I had to wait a week for results. This ultrasound could have been done in the ER that morning prior with immediate results. When the results came back I was sent to a surgeon for gall bladder surgery. The ER Dr was more worried about his shift change than me the pt. Not everyone is a dope head or drug seeker. Moral of this is I was really sick and had to wait in pain, miss alot of work, pain meds and nasuea meds for almost another month for something the ER Dr should have recognized the sypmtoms and done the proper scans. I could have been admitted into the hospital that morning with no pre-authorization needed and had it taken care of then. Also I am in the nursing field so I was aware of my symptoms I even tried to talk to the ER Dr about it and he just ignored me.

Sonja Carter

I am so glad that this hospital does not take my insurance... A very good friend of mine was recently admitted here and the care was HORRIBLE! No compassion whatsoever. She also had bedsores within a week! If you look up arrogance in the dictionary you will see a picture of Dr Christmas! I would rather die a slow horrible death at home than be admitted here! RUN, don't walk to another hospital!

Tanisha Johnson

Wish i could give a 0. Foot was in chronic pain and swolen, told him I been prescribed water pills before, got it drained, had foot surgery, wore compression socks that only resulted in blood clots. Mentioned my heart problems. Literally, the doctor only touched my foot, told me it was nothing to be done. Checked my heart beat then gave me discharge papers and my only recommendation was compression socks after I mentioned all before.

Jailonni Scott

Nurses are rude and they speak indirectly to you. And lie about space in emergency room. And they wrongly prioritize people.

Martha Wickham-Owen

Carl Heckwine

Sorry sorry hospital. Took over 1/2 hour to get to respond to page from patient. 45 min and still no response

Crystal Melvin

Dr Cross sent my 2 yr old nephew home with horrible flu symptoms & a high fever!! Never even swabbed him for the flu or strep! After that, I’d never take the chance of coming to this hospital...

Lamont Trent

slow some wht helpfull

Brittney Reed

The service there was quick. We were in and out in a matter of 2 hours. However, the staff were not very friendly.

Marshell c

Veronica S

The staff is very friendly, but they charge a LOT for bloodwork. I got routine bloodwork done here, since I'm living in the area for attending college, so I didn't go to the usual place I get bloodwork done. They charged almost $1000 for routine bloodwork. What the hell?

Beth Marie

I've had two babies here and been admitted fora separate illness. Great experience every time. The medical staff is knowledgeable and caring.

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