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REVIEWS OF Upson Regional Medical Center IN Georgia

Amanda Navarro

Poor service my son has been here almost 24 hours waiting to be transferred to another facility.completely ignore my son and what is the deal about not feeding the parent of a 15 child stranded in a er room when the child gets a tray

Cassie Hooten

I brought my father in on Saturday (7/30/16) because he was having severe abdominal and back pain. From the moment we arrived, I knew that my dad was in great hands. Mona (at the emergency room front desk) was wonderful. My dad is a very stubborn, impatient, and strong-willed man. She made him feel relaxed. When we got into a room, the service was even greater. Thank you Dr. Shawn, Nurse Ashton, and Christina (finance) for helping us. You were all wonderful. I apologize if I spelled your names incorrectly, but I wanted to make sure that I mentioned you! Please keep up the great work!

Dewey Worley

Mary Underwood

Mrs Gaines

The OB, Surg floors are OUTSTANDING!! The staff is usually nice. The food is pretty good, especially, after giving birth. The ER is ok, typical wait of an ER. My only complaint is the ER bathrooms are nasty, housekeeping needs to do better at cleaning the restrooms. One, time I went to the ER got into a room, this room actually had a bathroom connected to it, however there was blood on the floor, no one should have been permitted to go into the room until EVERYTHING WAS PROPERLY CLEANED. I've gone on different occasions either for myself or others; and the bathrooms for the last couple of yrs are nasty. (I've been meaning to do this review for a while) When, I have to go to the restroom; I will go out of the ER to the Registrar side, bc the bathrooms are CLEAN. Would have given 5 stars but those nasty bathrooms with dirt buildup need to be addressed.

Chemere Hinton

I recommend this if you have a cold or broken foot. But as far as real emergencies go, save yourself and go elsewhere. They don't communicate with you nor each other. They don't listen and end up wasting hours, when you could have saved them that time had they not looked at you like you don't know about your RARE disorder. Hours later, they're like "oh, yeah, that's definitely what's needed". And then more hours. The staff is great. They just lack a system that works. Just like almost all hospitals. And no one sees an issue. Just people complaining about nothing. No one worries with effective, efficient, nor quality.

John Baxter

I have had to use the facilities at URMC on a number of occasions, and I was pleasantly pleased! The nurses and techs were extremely caring and looked after me with the utmost concern and professionalism. There's no need to go out of town for bona fide medical care! Also, URMC is a great place to have your GI procedures performed. Again the techs and nurses are very nice and professional! Thanks URMC!

Ashley Slay

Most of the staff at the hospital are pretty sweet. The ones who answer the phone on the other hand suck! Most of them are very rude!

Tracy Moldovan

Alyssa Palmer

Don't trust them they will talk about you

Kalvin Collier

The staff here is Great!! They did all kinds of tests to diagnose my condition. Best hospital around.

Maria Jackson

Thank everyone for their wonderful service from ER until I was discharged 3 days later. Dr. Knight was very informative & attentive. The nurses was so nice thanks during my worst moments of pain....

Linda Dunnahoo

I was seen in the er a week ago. I had a severe headache, dizziness and very nauseated. They did a ct, blood work, ekg and urinalysis. Dr. Miller was the attending Physician. He didn't really do anything so I asked what could be wrong. He didn't really have that much to say. I basically asked him if it could be Vertigo to see what he would say. Of course that was my diagnosis from him and a tension headache. My think is I basically got labeled as someone that comes in for pain medication. I have a very extensive health history. Here's some. Colon Cancer, Spleenectomy, gallbladder removed, pacemaker incerted then removed due to severe infection, tubaligation, 2 bloodclots 1 was a pe the other was a dvt, 1 surgery to open up my urethra because I had urine I couldnt pass and the othe was to break up a kidney stone. I had to go back to the er a couple of hours ago because of a reaction from the ekg stickers. I had 1 very bad break out on each arm and 8 more on my chest. I was taken in one of the little rooms to see a P.A I showed her the ones on my arms and asked if she wanted to see the ones on my chest. Her comment was. If they look like those then no. I asked to talk to the charge nurse who was very polite and of course she wanted to see the ones on my chest. The PA over heard us talking and came in and said can I help you? I said well you didn't want to see the ones on my chest when I asked you but of course she was eager to see them at that point. I just can't believe some doctors and nurses just don't care anymore. I am not in any way saying that all of doctors and nurses are bad or rude but there are definitely some that should reconsider their profession. I got a steroid shot there earlier and 2 prescriptions called in to my pharmacy. I sreroid and one cortisone cream. I was told the itching would stop in about 30 minutes but I am still itching so bad that it's driving me crazy. I hope the right people see this.Just for the record my name is Linda Coggins. It came up Linda Dunnahoo because of my email

Big Boi

I was put in a room totally forgotten about i the pressed the nurses button 5 times 3 times she said someone's coming 4th time I had to day something because she just answered the call didn't say anything 5th time she answered saying under her breath ugh what does he want now so at that time I felt neglected since hour 2 passed by they kept blaming labs labs have nothing to do with a nurse coming to see you I was supposed to be checked by a phyc Dr never happened supposed to get antibiotics never happened everyone just seemed to have a attitude so I called 911 they said it's against the law to do that I said it's against the law to leave a patient unchecked I just felt neglected I would not recommend this place to anyone if you don't like your job leave.........I wouldn't go back if me or my dog was dying.....

Donna Harry

Emergency is Way to slow! Was there for 5 hrs

Ruthlessly br

Horrifying long wait and very poor service sad i was born in this hospital but its just not what it use to be.. slow slow slow also the perception they gave me was a copy so i couldn't get the meds

Cancer SurvivorChic

Just had my baby here and my experience was awesome other Than RN kristal . She was very uninformative and kept forgetting things throughout my stay here ..

brian wright

I was born here back in 1979. I'm still alive so I guess they did a great job :)

Cocoa Real

Prescribed me medication that only half worked while I was yelling out in pain. It's like they didn't give a damn, then set me off on my way even though I was still in pain, and now I'm still in pain.

K Fesler

Anita Whitmire is one of the most unethical, unprofessional crisis team members there is. I can only hope that she receives back ten fold the beytrayal in her own life that she nonchalantly gave to my family. Mental health is not something you take lightly or carelessly and it should never be just a pay check. Poor job Upson Regional!

Erica Edge

Tommy Parker

Hospital is decent. Do not go to the ER. Wait and go to your regular Dr. If you can not wait that long go somewhere else. It is a death trap.

Woodrich Vonte

Ashley Walters

It’sMedanger 320

Love this place and the doctors there too! Cant wait to deliver my baby there!!

Charles Jones

They is very rule

Sondra Alford

Cody Thompson

Went to er with chest pain and high blood pressure waited for hours to not find anything out Mona was nice but the other lady I could have rang her neck I ended up taking my own iv out and will be scheduled to see a cardiologist.....I wouldn't recommend this er to anybody they had loud music playing and the one nurse talking about dancing very unprofessional


Went in the ER because I had ran out of my pain med because my insurance changed and I couldn't go to my regular pain Dr. in a ambulance had chronic back, body, leg pain they took me through the back entrance near a room and put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to the front lobby desk to answer about 30 questions no one in the lobby claimed they didn't have no rooms when I saw emty room and people just talking then thirty minutes later take me back to the same room that was empty that they stuck me in the wheel chair and sent three other people asking the same questions till I got furious and told them get the info from the other three also my mom was with me so she could give them all insurance info after 2 hours gave me 2 shots that didn't work and prescription that my insurance didn't cover and was ready to throw me out also when I called 911 they took info told me to hold connected me to the ambulance where I had to explain and give info again thank God I didn't die between time they are like a walk in clinic Thomaston emergency is a joke

Marcus Carter

Long wait Poor service

TWITCH Meanwhile. Back At The ranch

My mother in law is in icu.The staff is great and the entire hospital is spotless.they really are doing a great job.

Matt Goins

Doctors are lazy no one actually tries to cure anyone just fix the symptoms and send you on your way. Certain Dr.s there can be rude nasty attitudes and never get into any trouble for anything. My wife was pregnant and in critical stage of preclampsia and the doctor pushed her delivery off for 2wks so he could go on vacation.... we went to the hospital several times and dealt with increasingly difficult staff. Nurses acted as if we were a burden.. we almost lost our child because of the carelessness and neglect of these people. Thankfully SPALDING MEDICAL IS AN AWESOME PLACE WITH AMAZING PEOPLE!!! UPSON SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE AND WHEN WE WENT TO SPALDING WE WERE RUSHED INTO SURGERY the SAME DAY THAT WE LEFT UPSON REGIONAL MEDICAL. On a separate occasion My wife had a ruptured gallbladder when she went in mr.busby labeled her as a pain med abuser without any cause for doing so. And with that they acted as if she was faking the whole thing and just kept giving her the brush off.. Terrible place in my experience and in my opinion.

Wynette Montgomery

Had to go to ER could not breath the nurses told the doctor that I'm just hear for pain meds. The ER doctor BRUTON told me all labs where great and urine looked good. I never peed in a cup!! I ended up in another ER I had MRSA was eat up with it and was admitted for 10 day's. That ER doctor that told me my urine was good and my husband asked him about it he knew he was BUSTED. Why can't you stop worrying about pain meds and find out what's wrong with the patient. I almost died get real Upson Regional!!!

Rhonda Diane

Love the people that work there.

christy drawdy

Erix Teal

Terrible service.

Robin OneFedUpPatriot

Saleeta Cleveland

They found my Aneruism on time and sent me to Grady, which saved my life.

Linde Richmond

It seems like drugging someone with pain meds is the only way to treat. It’s like a drug dealer on a corner. A temporary fix. Mistakes like this can cost innocent lives. Patients shouldn’t just be just paychecks. Still have the same issue and it appears the nurses are smarter than the doctors. The nurses are wonderful and I would give them 5 stars but in the end the doctors make the decision that gets the patient out of the way. Not capable of providing a diagnosis, only an internet guess.


This hospital is amazing. From start to finish and beyond they took great care of me. I am a kidney transplant patient and they took everything I said very serious. Maggie the nurse practitioner listened to all of my concerns, was very compassionate, and was very caring. My nurses Amanda and Wendy were very nice and took exceptional care of me. This may be a small county hospital, but don't let that fool you. They will take great care of you. Don't let the other reviews persuade you from going somewhere else.

Jennifer Mitchell

I would like to thank the doctor and staff that took great kind of me from January 5-15..from er to room 309- to room 203

Mary Gilbert

I want to sincerely thank all the staff in the emergency room and after I was admitted, on Wednesday June 5. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE !!!... Thank you for keeping me calm and watching my every move. I'm sorry I can't remember names, but you know who you are. My husband and children are forever grateful !

Lindy Maulin

Came in with chest pains in an ambulance and they put me in a wheelchair and sat me out in the waiting room...not sure how this story will end but I should have stayed home.

Shone Temples

Descent hospital

Christopher Griggs

Tim Pike

This is the most awful emergency room I have ever been too....had a killer headache and most people in the ER were complaining that night about the wait...and the thing is there weren't that many people there....we were there for well over 6 hours total....and ER wait of over 4 hours....they got me once....won't get me again.....from now on I will go to the Peach County Emergency room.....which I have been to....wait was way, way less....and the people were so much better...had to wait no more than 30 minutes to get back......Upson Regional you need some most serious improvements!!

Brandon Jones

For Feltz

Garbage hospitality, no assistance, annoying waits. If you care about your family or friends do them a favor and go literally anywhere else.

Shannon Atkinson

Butter Bean

Went here with a severe toothache & the doctor looks at a broken tooth n says u had this problem for awhile, can't give u anything for pain at home but will give u a shot of toridol here & a list of dentist. Taken 2hrs just to get seen & then no help with a tooth thats killin me! I do not recommend this place. Not concerned with your pains or well being. Go to piedmont fayette or newnan.

jaden speaks

rocketrider1974 kristiene

This hospital SUCKS!! Nothing more to say. And the no smoking is the DUMBEST!! They discriminate against good people because of this policy. Its no wonder they have a million job openings and no one to fill them.


Went here with tightness in my chest. The receptionist at the ER desk was unprofessional and quite bitchy. After I got passed her and was able to see the Dr.'s and nurses it was a much better experience. I have nothing but good things to say.

Robert Etheredge

Excellent hospital great staff

nicole reese

The doctors and nurses are extremely rude in the ER, they talk about you to all the other staff And they do not abide by the hypocritic oath whatsoever they all need to be fired and rehire professional medical staff

John Stone

Extremely slow, if you think your dying, do not come here. 3 hours waiting on someone that can read a ct scan. Ridiculous

Haley Johnson

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