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REVIEWS OF University Hospital IN Georgia

Arthur King

Jabreena Howell

No sense of urgency. No compassion. I’m pregnant having trouble breathing & yet I’m still in the waiting room . Where I’ve been since 2:30 this morning .

Carmen Rodriguez

Melissa Roberson

We've been sitting in the e.r. for over 6 hours and haven't been seen yet!! Most here have stated tonight they've been here 10 plus hours waiting!! This is ridiculous!!

Vannah Clifton

the mcdonald’s for the children’s hospital is disgusting , you have sick kids coming in here and eating and this place is filthy . they need to take better care of this place

Nicholas Dueno

The worst hospital ive ever been to. 8 hour wait in er with only 3 people waiting all while all the doctors and nurses are standing around joking and laughing at someone who was throwing up in the waiting room obv very sick.

Dorothy Stuit

I cannot say enough to express my thanks for how quickly I have been guided through having an abnormal mammogram to having a diagnostic mammogram, then a biopsy, and a referral to a surgeon. The Women's Breast Health Center at University is superb. From the mammography and ultrasound technicians to the radiologist and surgeon, they all clearly explained what was happening and had such great rapport with me and answered all my questions.

Daisy Lopez


I had NEVER been to this hospital before tonight, but I went out to eat with my family and my throat on one side started to swell. When I got there I was taken right back to be registered. The nurse visually saw that my throat was swollen before even touching it. They sent me out to the waiting room and a few minutes later registration called me back. As I am sitting in the waiting room a guy hands me and a hand full of other patients a cup to pee in. We are instructed to “fill” them when we can and hen come back and sit with it in the waiting room until we are called. There was no bag to put it in or any sanitary way to do that so I just didn’t but other patients did. That should have sent enough of a red flag for me to just leave. About a hour and a half into my wait I am called back to give blood. Then sent back to the waiting room to wait for anothe hour. Finally I ask the woman at the front desk how many people were in front of me. She said 9..... THERE WERE ONLY FIVE PEOPLE IN THE ER WHEN I FOT THERE!!! She told me it was based on the severity of each patient. I get that... my mom worked the er for years, but that seems extreme to me. I left and I will refuse to pay for any bill they send me. I would rather my throat swell shot before I sat there for another minute!!

Phoebe Shatoria Lawrence

The worst experience I've had out of them. Fake friendly desk receptionist. Laugh at patients. I asked for a cup of ice due the fact i was at the end of my second trimester and had not had anything to drink or eat in over a day and she said she couldn't get up to go get it. They have changed a lot since my last baby 9 years ago. Questions your illness like you made up your illnesses. Don't provide anything personal far as experience goes. Will never use them again. Ldr department nurse was even worse.

Jeff Lardg

Ann h

I used to love university hospital but my last three visits have been horrible and degrading. I was in a car accident on February 3rd brought in by ambulance and made to sit for several hours in the waiting room then forced to sit in the room in the back for several hours while the wonderful doctor (he was great) got upset because the xrays he ordered had not been done well fast forward the next visit to Summerville I had to wait again and we'll I found out I had a pinched nerve and we'll fast forward again I went to the emergency room after speaking to the doctor from the initial visit and he told me with the symptoms I had to immediately come back because he was concerned about a possible blood clot in my leg because one of my legs was swelling and I was having leg cramps in only one leg and they marked me as a level 4 which basically meant they didn't believe me or their own doctor they were rude and unprofessional and very apathetic I will never return

Christina Corder

Its the only hospital i choose. Especially when having children there.they are friendly n care about u.

Angel Doyle

You will die waiting for someone to help. The emergency room staff is the worse. I will never go there again or recommend this hospital to anyone,8 or more hour wait, only in great downtown Augusta would this be acceptable. Never again!

Patti Jackson

Crystal Tutt

Went to ER for chest pains and BP 156/106. I was taken back on 5 separate occasions then sent back to the waiting room: got an ekg done shortly after I signed in, Had vitals vitals checked 30mins later, x Ray 30 mins later, blood drawn an 30mins later, registration 1hr later... my chest is killing me and I remain in the waiting room waiting to see a doctor after 1am.

Jayda Pearson

Antywan McNair

University Hospital ER is the absolute worst... Not sure who is in charge but they won’t be having a job much longer if this continues!!! Unprofessional and general lack of care ... Sad day when someone is in health care but does have the heart or compassion needed!!!

Michell Bennett-Ayers

This is the worst emergency room I have ever been to. They do not care about you. If you are sick or in pain I’m begging you not to go here. I seen elderly sit in the waiting room for over 10 hours and they do not care about you. My experience here made me feel like they do not care about us. Horrible. Do not go!!!!!!! I was there for 6 hours with no X-ray no nothing. I’m writing this review but I’m sure nothing will be done. They should be reported to someone. I’m sure people have died waiting here!!!!!!! If I could give them less than one star I would!!!

Eric Ringer

**READ ENTIRE REVIEW** Based on other negative comments, alot made recently, this is border line against some oaths that those in the medical field pledge about. On behalf of a family member that had very serious pain, this review is written. The emergency department was out of control, unprofessional, lacked sympathy and equipped inadequately. Classified as a level 3 (like most), I arrived late morning and I had to wait nearly 11 hours just to be seen by a nurse, there were some that were still waiting after I left that had accumulated 13 hours and still waiting. The list of patients was approximately 40 during the entire time I was there. Thanks for the monitor that shows the wait times. However, being a Monday I was told it is like this every Monday. I understand that higher level triage patients get seen first, but still not an excuse or reason to make patients wait that long. The day staff was doing the best they could. On several occasions one of the triage nurses was kind enough to fill up a cup with ice water because the wall dispenser was not working. In the evening hours, the male nurse at the desk was rude and pompous. When I asked for a refill of some ice water, he responded with every excuse and didn't seem to care in the slightest. I understand you cannot leave the desk, but how hard would it have been to direct me to some one that could like earlier in the day. His solution was to either keep buying vending machine water or walk to the cafeteria which was about a 15 minute walk around the outside because you cannot get there from inside the hospital. The shuttle service is available but I wasn't about to bother them for a water trip when I needed to be drinking a lot. Very unsympathetic (kind of ironic for a nurse isn't it?) With the long wait, I would have been so awesome to have some volunteers or hospital staff to pass through the ED waiting room to just simply provide some calming assurance that everyone is aware of the wait and apologize, offer water, snacks, etc. There was a monitor that displayed a message to let the nurse know if your condition had changed. Although notification was made one time that the pain was getting worse, the only comment by the nurse was, there are still people ahead of you. I didn't already know that. Why have the monitor with the message if your staff is going to act like they don't care. How about providing some relief, or simply asking what you could do to help. There was ZERO signs of sympathy from anyone and worsened as the night went on. Whether it is the remodeling was being done or lack of beds that took away space, availability or resources from the ED, it certainly left a uncertain impression of this being the right emergency facility to go to, especially with others so close. There are things you can apologize for and then there are things that people shouldn't have to point out.

Heather Jordan

Kathryn Russell

Haley Childs

My husband and I have been here for almost 10 hours. We are here because of an irregular heartbeat. The guy next to us has crazy high blood pressure and has been here longer than us. When my husband asked the nurse at the desk about the wait she was rude and showed no compassion. We wouldn't be waiting here if we didn't need care. We will never use this hospital again. Revising to say that we just left the hospital at 3am. We were seen by an awesome doctor, Dr. Geisler, who was prompt in helping us and made us feel much better.

Danielle Stacy

This is by far the WORST ER I have ever been to. The wait time and bed side manners that the ER nurses/Drs have is terrible. I know that everyone (including the Drs and staff) has bad and good days. But this is the 3rd bad experience that I have had with this particular dept. The Hospital itself is not bad, but the ER dept. is terrible. With that said, let me explain what happened... My Dad was diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago with stage 3 lung cancer. He was admitted to DH a week prior to his cancer diagnosis, due to having extreme low sodium. DH did every test that you can possibly think of to try to rule out what was causing him to have hyponatremia. After having a chest x ray, they concluded that he had a tumor in his lungs which turned out to be stage 3 small cell carcinoma, which was causing the low sodium. After some what stabilizing his sodium levels, they d/c him and he was told to follow up with his Oncologist to discuss further treatment for his cancer and that they would keep an eye out on his sodium level as well. His Oncologist ended up admitting him to UH 2 days after being d/c from DH because his sodium levels had dropped again. He was at UH for about 5 days and was d/c on 8/4/19. Around 9 pm that same day, his body temp. dropped from 98.1 to 93.6. But within 30 minutes, it went back to the normal temp. rang. In disbelief of the number I just saw, I went to the store and bought a new thermometer to make sure it was an accurate reading. We waited about an hour and took it again and it said that his temp. was 94, so it had dropped again. After using 2 different thermometers multiple times and it reading almost the same temp, I called the Oncologist on call, who instructed us to go back UH. After waiting for what felt like forever for him to be brought back, I explained to the nurse what was going on when he was finally in a room. When the Dr came in (Dr. Matthew Rudy), he spoke with my Dad for less than 5 min and ordered him to have an EKG, Chest X Ray and UA. I was confused as to why he ordered those test since he already had all three of those done less than 2 weeks ago. Not to mention, the Hospital did a UA the morning before he was discharged which was the same day he was seen at the ER. When I politely asked the Dr, he said "I'm ordering this because he has lung cancer. It could have gotten worse." I said "Yes sir I understand that, but DH just did the same scans less than two weeks ago and he is being treated for his cancer. Y'all have those records because he was just here this morning. The cancer is not the concern that brought him back in, it was his low temp. He replied in a VERY stern voice, " You brought him in my ER because you thought this was urgent enough to bring him in on a Sunday night instead of waiting a few hours to have his Primary evaluate him. Therefore, since I am his Dr, I can order any test/scan I want to." I replied back and said, " I did not bring him in by choice. We were instructed to." He then rolled his eyes at me and gave me a rude look and walked out. He couldn't give me a legit reason as to why he wanted to order the same scans/test that he already had done because he knew that I was aware of what he was doing. It's disgusting that some "Drs," such as Dr. Rudy have more focus on the money aspect of an ER visit, than to actually treat the patient for what is needing to be treated. After 10 hrs and only seeing the Dr twice, we left there with no answer. NONE. The only thing he did was re-diagnose my Dad with what we already knew. This is the 2nd bad experience that I have had with this particular Dr. I went to the ER a few months back for possible pneumonia and was coughing up blood. Even then, I felt overlooked and felt like he was ordering unnecessary scans/test but I assumed he was just having a bad day, but I was wrong. He is by far the worst Dr I have ever seen and I refuse to let myself or anyone I care about be treated at this ER. I am very disappointed wit the ER Dept. at this Hospital, especially with UH being the "highest rated Hospital in our region."

Southern Oaks

I was seen by Dr. White at University Hospital (not by choice) via ambulance when I was found in my private practice unable to stay conscious. When I was able to maintain consciousness, I wasn't able to get the words from my brain out of my mouth for some reason. However, I could hear and understood the jokes he was making with the male nurse as I was stuttering trying to answer his questions. He asked the male nurse why was I delivered there when they weren't accepting "psych patients," the nurse told him he didn't know why but that my office manager called and told them I wasn't a psych patient but a local doctor. He shrugs his shoulder and smirked before turning away telling him to do some additional testing. After being in the room over five hours, I was trying to make noise on the bed to get someone's attention since I was left in the room alone with no button and couldn't speak when I overheard the nurse telling someone outside the door I was a psych patient and to not go in there. I would have never chosen to go to University Hospital, especially since I worked there and know how they treat patients. Funny thing is, since I was a "psych patient" I was discharged with blood dried up on my arm and clothes from the abrasive care from the night nurse who took my line out; wreaked of piss due to no one helping me get to the bathroom; in the middle of the night with no ride, ID, or phone. I asked for water since I had been there all day with nothing to eat or drink and vertigo. The night nurse stated they don't give food to the homeless any more. I explained I wasn't homeless but was an employee of the hospital and local provider, to no avail. My worst hospital experience ever, thanks to Dr. White and University Hospital!!

Mark Collins

Had my wife waiting 10 hrs after giving birth 2 days prior only to be told to come back the following day that they do not do certain procedures in the ER. Absolutely ridiculous

Paula G

Beware of Fraudulent Billing and Falsifying Medical Records! Went in for a low grade urgent situation. When the nurse came to draw my blood, I asked "What tests are being ordered?", and was told, "an RBC". When I received my bill, I was shocked to have over $1,000 in charges for multiple blood tests that were never disclosed to me, and 100% completely unnecessary. I called multiple times and spoke with multiple departments in regards to these charges, and was told that the "the consent for treatment that you signed includes ay tests or treatments that are considered necessary by the physician." I went back and re-read the consents that I signed, and no where on there does it say that I will be lied to, and not told what is being ordered or done to me upon asking. ACTUALLY, it says "you have the right to make informed decisions regarding your care. Inherent in this right is the right to consent to treatment, the right to refuse treatment, and the right to be informed about what will be occurring during the time of hospitalization". Quite the opposite of what actually occurred. Make sure to review your bill, because they'll bill you for whatever they please without your consent, and lie to you about it in the process. Additionally, they will lie and falsify your medical record. The nurse that discharged us did our infant's newborn screen blood test. She told us it was done, and here was the paper on how to follow up, and gave us the instructions and receipt. When my daughter's tests were no where to be found, I called the hospital to find out what happened. The nurse at first stated that I refused the test all together. I disputed that claim, as two other witnesses were in the room with me when the test was done. The nurse then changed her story and said that she did not get enough blood and we refused to have our child re poked. Again, another outright lie, as two other witnesses were in the room and never once were we told there was a problem and our child had to be re-poked. I was told it's our word against the nurse's, and that the nurse now had documented our chart that we refused the test. Our child's life was potentially endangered by not having this newborn screening done, all because a nurse wanted to cover her tracks? Completely unethical and zero accountability and responsibility taken by the

Derek Brown

Shane Gorrell

Bobby Ballew

My friend had a stroke was taken there by ambulance. I was able to go in to see him he claimed he really had a bad headache. After about an hour i spoke with a nurse and informed them his face is sagging he has a really bad headache and no one has even been in here. Another 45 min later i told my wife to bring the car to the entrance. I told him to get ready i asked for a wheel chair. They then asked me what I'm doing i told them I'm taking my friend to a hospital. They acted confused. Then really started to pretend to care. I took him out of that place rushed him to another hospital. We were later told had i not done that he could have died. He had a clot in his brain. This isnt the only experience I've been two times myself once hurt at work. My employer gave them all the companys information prior to me getting there. I have since been billed several times. They refuse to look at admission paperwork to clearly show workman comp. This was in augusta. My fourth was i went to the emergency room in thomson had extreme back pains. Was lightheaded. They checked me in. My vitals were never even taken seriously never even took my vitals. Went into the er doctor seen me and stated there wasn't anything they could do for me? Excuse me! I'm at a hospital i have hack pains. I'm not asking for drugs ill give urine or blood sample. I was told they couldn't help me. I left and had my wife drive me to the emergency room at va hospital in augusta. They gave me injections to stop my spasms. Did some test. My bill from absolutely nothing in thomson now university hospital was almost $1000 Imagine being told you can't be helped at a hospital in pain.. we just found out we were having a baby 8-6-18 were happy we got a referral to a ob doctor. The doctor called today to schedule and appt with my wife. It was University hospital. Not no but Hell no. Ill not put my wife and soon to be child, My whole life in there hands.. The thing is its sad really. We are lucky to have options to go somewhere else hopefully they get there act togather because peoples lives are at stake and they just don't care.


Tried to talk to the operator. Was put on an endless wait.

Shannon Jackson

Normally, I'm very satisfied with their services and I'm not the type to usually go to the ER... However on Sunday August 13, 2018, a trip to the ER turned into a nightmare. I arrived at around 8:30pm it is currently 1:38am and I have not been seen YET! I guess my alignment is not severe enough to be moved up. It appears the same ppl been sitting here for hours only to keep being told various number's of how many in front of you. I should have followed my first mind and went to Doctor's Hospital.....Update 2:29am and I have not been seen yet. Along with others that came way before me...The young man at the desk stated the hospital ER Dept. is holding space for patients from other departments, he even recommenced we go leave and go to the Annex division on Wrightsboro rd. Now University Hospital formerly Trinity Hospital for a much shorter wait, as the hospital is trying to promote more patients to go there. Which is totally unfair, bad business practice. The majority of the ppl have gotten up and left....Awful experience.....Again been here since 8:30pm. It is now 5:30am and I still have NOT been seen YET!!!! UPDATE..Finally seen at 6:15am. Dr. Zachary Sutton noticed the disgruntled look on my face and ask me what was wrong. I expressed my dissatisfaction of the 10hr. wait. He was extremely apologetic and stated these word's. "We were very busy tonight. And we are only allowed to use a certain amount number of rooms." Mind he there were several and I mean several rooms down that ER hallway. it's a shame it's just for show. Also, I don't blame the front liner's. it's the idiot big wigs that make these dumb decisions. Very sad. Please review your current policy and procedures. Lastly, I'm going to make sure this go viral.

Hannah Sousa

Completely horrible. Rude at the front desk been here for hours sitting in pain, And no one seems to care. Y’all need to get it together.

John Scruggs

Work here

Crystal Parten

We just had our third baby and delivered at University Hospital. The entire experience was fantastic. The doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, janitorial staff, etc. we’re ALL friendly, kind, and you could tell they were all focused on making sure their patients are comfortable. The rooms were clean and spacious. We have not had any issues with billing, customer service, or ease of access to services at the hospital. Even parking is easy! We are entirely satisfied with our experience and would recommend this hospital - especially labor and delivery - to everyone!

Sherri Jacobs

Been here since 9:30PM, it is now 1:56AM. The only thing that has happened is vitals, take blood pressure, etc. Need an X-ray, well that was identified 2 hours ago. One hour ago was informed that one person was ahead, but there were other people in another waiting area that had been called back still waiting on an X-ray. So, once my injured daughter is finally called back, them there is another waiting area. Then apparently there are nine people ahead of her to be seen by a doctor. The rational is that there are so many sick people. We are literally sitting here, watching people just leave without being seen. If I wasn’t concerned that there may be a fractured rib or something worse. I have never set in an emergency room this long and nothing but vitals have been taken. This is my first and absolute last time that I will come here. I even asked what is the wait time look like and I was actually told up to 16 hours. Left and headed to over Augusta University formerly MCG. Lord pray for what people have to go through.

Tabitha Grimes

I can not believe the poor ratings of this hospital. We have had nothing but the best care and compassion the past few days. I had a family member who had surgery a few days ago, and the staff in the operating room have a new system where they will text or call you every hour with an update. When they told me they would be doing this, I was excited but figured they would just do it when they thought about it. However, they did it every single hour! This made a nervous family feel better about the procedure and the progress being made. Once we got on the 9th floor, we had nothing but the BEST nurses on day and night shift!!! We had a bad experience with this hospital several years ago, but this hospital has gone above and beyond this time to make sure our patient AND THE FAMILY are as comfortable as possible. The improvements are noticeable and you all have won me over! Thank you to the doctors and staff of University Hospital for everything you have done for us! It is greatly appreciated!

Angel Williams

Wanted to share my experience. This hospital has been very respectful and kind to me. I had two surgeries within two days. They have made me feel welcomed and considered the fact that I have a child at home. The encouragement, the support, they were very open and welcoming. Each person I’ve encountered in multiple departments have made me comfortable and laugh when I really just wanted to cry. This is a great hospital with a lovely staff. Never returning to Doctors Hospital EVER again. God bless you to all of you who work hard and choose to help others.

Mechanicaljen Jen

Wouldn't take my loved ones to the ER given the option. Young male doctor wouldn't listen, and was eating and drinking during both discussions. Potential blood clot in foot, referred there by a local urgent care facility. He never bothered to look at my very swollen foot. After an ultrasound determined that I had no clot, he said that ERs were for "life and death" issues only, and sent me home. No recommendations, no root causes, no checking for infection.

Roger Jefferson

I am a U. S. Army veteran sitting here with my great aunt in the emergency room since 3pm it is now 1020 still have not been called for labs . He is elderly and has a lot of health issues. This is in my opinion the worse emergency room i have ever experienced

Melody Mack

Need a lot of improvement on night shift.

Harold Franklin

The ER is slow and serves white people b4 the black been sitting over an hour now wasn't that many people in ER don t know what it takes to take care people when they sick

LeShonda Finch

I came in at 11pm on a Tuesday evening with chest pains. It is now 3:15am and I am still sitting in the waiting room. I finally got up and left without being seen. This is ridiculous for an ER! University used to be my hospital of choice but I have to go somewhere else for emergency care.

Selina Galle

Jessy Candido

This is one of the slowest Emergency rooms I have EVER been to. I’m sitting here waiting to be treated and your “doctors” and “nurses” are in the back gossiping about work drama and their personal lives when I am trying to be seen and assessed !!! I’ve Been here since 11:30pm and it’s now 2 IN THE MORNING.

Derick Halbrooks

I honestly can't believe they have all of these 5 stars.. I've been setting in the ER for 9 hours now. There are some people that's ahead of me that has been here for up to 15 HOURS WAIT TIME. WHO THE HE'LL GOES TO AN WE AND WAITS 15 HOURS?!?!?!?!! WHAT KIND OF FU***** PLACE IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Body

Santrice McPherson

Horrible horrible experience. The employees are not professional at all. I wasn't well and they threw me out on the curb. I rang my nurse call bell numerous times no one answered.

Jamie McManus

Waited 5 hours for an X-ray. Didnt even get it I left after 8 hours. I'm positive more people die waiting here then being treated

Queen Mccord

Jesse Scott

Family member tried calling them for scheduling, was on hold for over 45 minutes before anyone would answer, and they hung up on them while waiting for someone to pick up several times. It is ridiculous!

Vincent Cooper

Spent 6 hours in the ER waiting to be seen. I was suffering from a migraine causing me to vomit. After being treated I felt better. I provided my insurance and credit card number to pay my bill. I've tried 3 times to provide my insurance information so the bill could be settled. This is been going on for over a year. Now the bill has been sent to collection and my credit rating has been effected. Extremely unprofessional billing department. Called to address this concern and was hung up on twice. Since the phone calls are not working, I drove 45 minutes to discuss this concern in person. The only person that can help me is not available. So I had to wait. I was able to speak to the only person that could help me. She was polite and knowledgeable. She was able to show that that University Hospital never billed my ER visit through my insurance. The ER doctor was paid with my insurance, but not the ER visit. I was refunded my original payment and had my credit report fixed. I am happy my concern was addressed, but I wish University hospital would have just ran the ER visit bill through my insurance in the first place. I suspect this happens to other patients too. Can you imagine how much money Univeristy Hospital loses from not working efficently and addressing the concerns of patients. I did call three times and was assured it was submitted to my insurance.

Yoeshae Brooks

The AMOUNT OF DISRESPECT I RECEIVE TONIGHT WAS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!!! We got here at 10:00pm, and we are still waiting . Then when I heard somebody has been hear for 10 hours!!!!!!! I quickly dried my tears up. The nurses are over worked, but that doesn’t mean give people who’s feeling sick an attitude. I told the nurse my symptoms and she put in something else. Something told me to go check it out, and I be damn she didn’t put my shortness of breath. The lady with the short blonde hair (older) at the DESK for EMERGENCY CARE is so rude. Everybody had an issue with her!!!!! Then when they call your name(mind you their not yelling it) and your ALL THE WAY at the end they keep moving. Just use the intercom system

Pat Levesque

I have shared negative reviews and would not have returned to this hospital but I trust my physician and have to go where he practices. I am pleased to say I had a totally different experience this time. Arriving at the hospital at a very early hour for a cardiac cath their was zero wait time to be checked in. Arriving upstairs wait time was less than ten minutes. Everyone was very nice and professional. After the cath I was a 23 hr observation stay. These nurses made sure I had ice water and offered different liquids to drink and made sure I was comfortable as possible for one who had to lay flat etc. This experience was 100 percent different in a positive way compared to my last admission!

Laurie Smith

This hospital saved my daughter’s life and my mother in law’s life. That’s why it’s the only hospital for me and my family! Best nurses, best physicians, best care.

Anthony Cooper

Deborah Childs

The Best

Irisa W.

I did not even get a chance to go to my appointment and I am disappointed. First of all, I was referred to 2 different places to get surgery, University and another place. I scheduled with the other place with their only day available being a month from now. Later, University Hospital kept calling me and my mom (which is strange because my mom lives in savannah and her number would only be down as maybe an emergency contact at the place referring me) to set up an appointment. I called the hospital initially to tell them to stop calling, but realized they may have an earlier appointment, so I scheduled with them at breast health. I week before my scheduled appointment, they call me saying that I have to reschedule because the day of my appointment is the doctors surgery day, and I'm just being looked at basically.. I am a college student at AU with 2 jobs, so this isn't something I can do easily. The lady ends up telling me that the only time they have available is during my class time (literally on an exam day) or the next month (back to square one). I tell them that I cant miss my exam at class and they're like oh well basically, which sucks because I didn't schedule myself for the wrong day, they did. I tell them okay for the appointment and I will talk to the teacher. A few days later I call again just to see if by chance there's an early appointment, and they tell me I dont have an appointment made!! At that point I say forget it. Clearly, this place is too big for it's own good, unprofessional, and does not care.

Mohammad Hajher

By posting this review, I want to thank two RNs for their outstanding care and personal attention during my hospital stay. At Cardio Vascular, I was treated beyond my imagination. RN Broke Meyre and RN Jessica Sapp are two professional, caring and over-qualified RNs who provide unmatched Processional care under their supervision. Thank you much Broke and Jessica!!! :)

Patricia Earls

I just wanna say thank you to the doctor an the nurses who took care of my mom on September 4th she had a massive stroke I cant recall your names but I remember your faces very well how you explained everything to us it meant so much to feel relieved my mom was taken care of bless you

Janice Marie Bradley

I was in so much pain due to kidney stones. I went to the ER because University has always been so helpful and efficient. Well today was an off day. I was called back for a CT and told they would have results in 30 mins and relief was on its way. Well 3 hours later I asked the nurse how much longer only to find out I was 10 patients away from receiving any type of relief. I don’t want to sound insensitive because I am certain their were people who were far worse off than me but I a furious that it was easier for my insurance to be verified than I was for me to receive any care. After leaving I went to Doctor’s and after a 10 minute wait received and IV to get fluids to help flush the stones along with meds for Pain!!

Haitian Doll

Quick && effective I was in an out in less than 30 minutes.

Jimel Carpenter

Great care and staff. Both surgeries we're fantastic.

Matthew Hartman

Booette Jones

University hospital has always provided excellent care and services during my stays. From appointments to surgical procedures, The nurses are really good. The doctors are good at what they do. The cardiovascular team is second to none. I even had my two sons at University hospital. Thanks for caring for me for most of my life.

Staci Britt

Hlynn R

Awful experience. My mother passed away from a staph infection after having a bypass surgery performed at this hospital. When she complained to her physician at her post op follow up appointment that she could not breath, she was sent home even though she had an elevated white blood cell count. The next day she received a call from that office stating that her scans showed she had fluid on her lungs. They then schedule her for THE NEXT WEEK to come in and have the fluid drained off. This hospital failed her in follow up care, which she paid the ultimate price for. Two days later she was admitted into ICU where she later died. Since her passing I have known of two others who have had a bypass procedure performed at this hospital, both of whom have also died from staph infections. It seems this hospital has an issue controlling staph.

willette H

Sarah Martinez

Tiffany Hadden

This waiting room takes FOREVER.... ALWAYS. Came in with chest pains and feeling like it was hard to breathe. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I'm STILL waiting. Not to mention I suffered cardiac arrest during my last pregnancy. This place has an AWFUL ED!

minnie grooms

I work at this hospital please stay away the nurse don't care doctors which are all Indians have no clue what they are doing they are researchers that is why your loved one will have ten of them in a week there surgical cleaning room is unsanitized there are infections through out the hospital and patients they let herDie a slow death to cover there tracks all they care about is the money nothing else patient care is the biggest lie of all please I'm telling you stay far away if you need proper care they use indigent care it is what reels you in your lucky to get hospice most these so called nurse are not registered at all this week is my last week because I am tired of lieing to the love ones like I did yesterday patient came in for stents in the heart well a triple bypass was perform and he died please stay away go to AU you have a better chance of survival because there is a lot of mortality here !!!!!!!!!

Kathy Dean

I have been a patient in this hospital since 5/4/19. My grandson was born premature at this hospital in was fantastic, Now it is awe full, Dietary to start is pitiful, the cover for the plates are scratched up, look like the could buy new ones, to make the meal more appealing. When ordering from clear liquids to regular meal, is the slowest process ever. The linen smell old and stell, sheets, and beds are hard. But fabric softener the sell hypoallergenic brands, that will be agreeable with most humans.!! So good nurses that care, and most got attitudes, and complain about their pay. I was in there for 5 day, and it was the worst Stay ever. All my dr. Are university primary care, but that needs to change. Doctors Hospital from now on. Sorry bad experience....

Sybil Clements

Waited 2hrs in pain and had approximately 9 more hours to wait. So I came home to to go to my Dr in the morning. Never again.

tyrell johnson

They are the slowest hospital in Augusta Georgia 10 hour wait

Gail Leonard

We have been in the waiting room for 8 hrs with a questionable heart issue. Now in a room for almost an hour without seeing a dr We arrived here at about noon. Have been in this room almost 2 hrs total of 10 1/2 hrs. Found a nurse and squawked, she came back and said the dr just came on, he only has 19 patients ahead of you and should be in in about 3o min. Do the math people 3 minutes per patient. Oh boy!

Amanda Ruch

My mom came in by ambulance they put her in a wheelchair and left her in the waiting room. She was having problems walking and was in terrible pain. We have been here for 4 hours and she still has not been seen by a doctor! If you have a choice of hospitals to go to DO NOT go to this one! This is the worse hospital i have ever been to. The staff is rude and dont want to do their job! I give a negative star if I could!!!

Marnie Williams

University Hospital has state of the art technology, the best staff, and clean, peaceful environment. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else!

Azaria Lambert

I don’t wish to rate the hospital as a whole poorly, as my absolutely dreadful experience was with one doctor and no one else. This evening I received a call at home in Atlanta, notifying me that my grandmother in Augusta, had possibly suffered a CVA. This initial diagnosis was made on scene by a close family friend with over 20 years of nursing experience. In addition to my grandmother having the good fortune of being in the presence of this very skilled friend, a medical doctor was also on scene. The incident occurred at a church function. Based on the assessment of these medical professionals. The 911 system was activated and I immediately began my 2 hour drive. I arrived at University hospital to find my grandmother in an ER room where she had been since her arrival. I mean to say that she received immediate attention, as was appropriate for her complaint. We were told that all the appropriate labs and test were all completed and were being processed. The problem however, arose when Dr. Geisler entered the room. He assured my Grandmother that all the tests were normal and asked if she was ready to go home. When we asked specifically if the CT was normal, he responded “that’s what I said.” He then proceeded to explain to my Grandmother that “someone just got excited.” Implying that the medical professionals that noted her altered mental status, right side facial droop, slurred speech, and inability to stand or walk, were apparently over reacting. My question to Dr. J. T. Geisler is how exactly should one respond to these signs? He went as far as to say “I’m the doctor” when we clarified that we didn’t think that she had suffered a CVA considering that all the signs had resolved, but that we were concerned with the cause of the TIA. All we received in response was “you’re fine you can go home”. In addition to the trusted persons that witnessed my grandmother’s initial presentation, my mother and I have a combined total of over 40 years of medical experience. Mine specifically being in emergency medical care in the prehospital setting. To say that we have had a substantial amount of experience with doctors on both sides of treatment. This gentleman was by far the most condescending dismissive doctor I’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering. This interaction made a bad situation far worse than it had to be.

Kevyne Kicklighter

UH saved not only my mom's life, but my own. I used to be a patient at MCG (now AU) but never again. I was eating out and got real dizzy and nauseous so cut it short and stopped by a store on the way home to use the rest room. By the time I got out, my leg went numb and I collapsed. The store called an ambulance and they took me to AU. My arm was getting number and number by then, but they just discharged me with the stomach flu. I kid you not. Didn't feel right still in the morning, and my arm and leg were pins and needles. So I went to the prompt care clinic that morning. I didn't even make it to the check in, they called for an advanced life support ambulance on sight. I needed it because I had the stroke on the way to the hospital (the symptoms I had were the TIA before the stroke ... all ignored at AU! Didn't even do a basic CT despite the neurological signs of a stroke). I woke up 3 days later at night in and out of consciousness. Everything was blurry, but by morning I could notice I was in the hospital and in their new cardiac care unit. Except for an incident with a doctor there (I couldn't understand him at all, and I started crying in frustration, and he WALKED OUT!), the treatment I got was compassionate (I love the nurses there, they REALLY do care). They even arranged for aftercare help, a visiting nurse to check in on me. Was again in the hospital years later for Ileitis, bless their hearts on the gastroenterology floor, they went beyond the call of duty to make me feel comfortable (as much as you can be with symptoms worse than the worst stomach flu!). The PCA who helped me walk around (stroke I can't walk right) surprised me with 3 glasses of iced sweet tea one day as I walked into the room. Mentioned I liked sweet tea, and he got me 3 glasses! I drank them like I was in a desert for a week ... it was soooo good! Its those little things like that that matter. Was having some reactions to an IV med, the charge nurse, from experience, she knew exactly which med that was causing me problems, and put it on hold. I had a day free of retching, and finally got some sleep in (I couldn't get comfortable for 3 days, but when the vomiting stopped, I went to sleep finally). Overall, except with some of the doctors, I rate UH one of my best experiences (if you can call being in the hospital "best") in medical care in Augusta. The nursing sets them apart from other hospitals. Their charge nurses, brimming with knowledge, and when you're ill and don't know why, if they can spend 10 minutes with you (they're very busy), you learn so much about your treatment ... more so than from the doctors! Will never forget the cardiac nurse and she was quizzing me like I was a nursing student. I love learning and knowing about my condition, treatment, and what to do even, it helps a ton in relieving stress (hospitals are stressful environments). One final note: for those who are going to the ER, they practice out of necessity triage. Some nights/days there's no wait at all. Other nights/days, it's Grand Central Station of people needing help. Those with more serious conditions have to get treated first. It may take hours getting seen. Even if you're seen, you can be in that ER room for a day even (I had to wait for a room to become available to be admitted). It really depends on many factors how soon you can be seen, but it's not deliberate they WON'T see you (that comment about racism ... get real). From what I read they're expanding the ER to better serve everyone, and THAT will help the most (more treatment rooms).

Sun Shine

Almost two years ago, telling now only because another recent bad experience with this place triggered it, I waited in this ER for three hours after following my husband's ambulance in. For THREE HOURS, this hospital did not tell me he was dead. I found out by walking around, peeking in every room, looking for him. I found him covered in a sheet, in a dark room, pushed aside with the unneeded, unplugged equipment. Recognizing his hand dangling out from under the sheet. Absolutely , no grace, honor, or respect. And, even then one nurse actually tried to physically remove me from the room, yelling at me that "they" weren't ready for family. THREE HOURS. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE. This experience along with last one I just legal health instructions to my family will include NEVER TAKING ME TO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL!

Jennifer Gates

My husband went to the ED and had terrible care! His BP dropped by half in a matter of 30 min and was losing consciousness when I walked in the door. Thankfully, I am a former ED RN! I tried to get ED staff to immediately address the issue to which I was told “your nurse stepped away but will be back soon.” The man was bleeding out!!!!! Then when I had to go find someone AGAIN, they didn’t address the issue as any normal ED nurse should’ve. So very disappointed because when my husband called me to ask which ED to go to, I told him definitely University... now I am not so sure! I am a former employee and had a very disappointing experience.

Terrence Hudson

10 hour wait... wouldn’t b surprised if a few ppl died in the waiting room a

Lauren Bowers

I visited the ED this past Monday and was satisfied with my overall level of care during my stay. I arrived at 6 am and was diagnosed and released before lunch time. The nurses and doctors were very attentive and checked on me regularly. I visited Radiology during my time there and had a positive experience. My only complaint is that I called the hospital later to see if I could get the pain prescription that was offered to me. I had turned it down at the time because I thought the pain would pass (yes, my fault). The woman who answered the phone told me that my doctor had left and was clueless about whether he was returning the next day and unwilling to research it further. Instead of offering some type of alternative solution for this, she was kind of short with me and told me she was with a patient in an inpatient manner. She told me I would have to come through the ED again to get a RX. I am not paying for two ED visits so instead I am following up with my primary doctor. I would have given a 5 star review if it had not been for the follow up call and her attitude on the phone which indicated I was bothering her with my problem.

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