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Dave Coffman

If I could leave 6 stars, I would. I don't often leave reviews, but I could not pass up the opportunity to sing my praises for the ER staff. I came in with a bad laceration on my right hand ring finger. The staff were all patient, caring, and empathetic towards myself and the situation. A special shout out to Nurse Practitioner Wendy who applied the sutures. She took great care of me and strove for excellence in a bad situation. I must say that Tanner is very lucky to have someone who doesn't just care about her job, but truly cares for the patients. Thank you so much Wendy and the entire staff who assisted me during my visit.

Sharon Wesson

Charging $4,350.00 for CT Abd/Pelvis to check for Kidney stone. That is absolutely absurd. And that does not even include the $401.00 for radiologist to read. Lesson has been learned, I will be changing my doctors to a physician that do not use Tanner Medical for their test. Still making payments on a mammogram that I had in September 2016 totalling $989.00.Beware price gauging.

Brooke Laney

I just had a heart cath at this hospital yesterday. I was so satisfied with the treatment I received from everyone I came in contact with. From the minute I walked in the hospital until I left, I received the best care I’ve ever had! I would HIGHLY recommend this hospital to anyone!

Lesleigh Gaillard

Joshua Lambright

I wouldn't take my dog here. Security guards with a God complex held my little 5'2 wife against her will (aka kidnapping). I will be meeting with attorneys. This is the most absolutely ridiculous excuse for customer service I've every even heard of much less been a part of. BULLIES!!!!!!

Steph Williamson

Aubrey Tyson

I would give no stars if that was an option. The bedside manner of the physician was horrible. I was there for what I believed to be a life threatening emergency after being sent there by urgent care. They explained that Tanner's physicians are contractors. I had never visited their emergency room in the past, but have used other facilities, so I didn't understand what that means. Therefore, I asked for an explanation and was told that I would be billed separately from hospital for their care and the physicians group would be billing my insurance separately. Well this has been the case with anesthesiologists when I delivered babies at Wellstar facilities in the past and wasn't a problem. Ultimately, I found that their physicians are not contracted with any insurance companies despite their being affiliated with insurance companies. I had to pay for the entire write off portion of my bill. A better explanation of what that means would have been helpful. I will never make the mistake of visiting a Tanner Emergency Facility again. There are too many other options in my area that would have cost me far less money.

Cindy Gembe

Love them!

Michael Horne

Just Family

I was referred to the Villa Rica orthopaedics suite 301 . MY experience was great from the front desk check in to the X-ray tech to the nurses. Everyone was polite and compassionate. Dr. Matthew was superb very efficient and thorough. Best experience I have had at an Drs office in long time. I would

Chasity Bentley

Nurse came in and said lets get a IV i said for a ear pain she said wrong person i was just talking to myself then she turned around to my son and said so where is the rash! Omg for real

anita itsuokor

I had my baby here and it was the best seamless and peaceful it could be. The staff are friendly and very helpful. They go out of their way to assist you. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Nakisha Green

I have lived in 3 states and worked in the medical field. Besides the circumstances that brought me to the ER this was not a good experience. Never once checked for ID(security is key especially doing the night), in the secure ward where my daughter was to be watched 24 hours, she was but I honestly felt worried about leaving her side. No windows in this area but it was clean and new. The two physicians I met were very unpersonal and very strange acting. Lack of any communication and no updates given on anything. Now she transfer to Carrollton location while the state try to have their way. Smh. GA basically has a horrible medical system.

Cindy Davis

I am so embarrassed to have went to this facility... I have never felt so un important!! Laura, the er "nurse" told us after waiting over 2 hours that we "are welcome to go somewhere else!" After simply asking a wait time to see a doctor. I have severe asthma and had a oxygen level of 93 once I was finally seen... This is absolutely ridiculous. Laura turned out bad night even worse. Shame on her for making me so uncomfortable, simply politely, asking for help.

Pedro Castro

Mason Clark

Went a while back with HORRIBLE stomach pains. Sat in waiting room for hours, double over in pain crying. After finally getting back it then took another hour and a half to see a doctor. Finally after asking some questions, getting a urine sample, they finally took me for a CT and after that, told me that it was unexplained stomach pain, sent me on my way with a 6,000$ bill . doctors and nurses were nice though

Christy Dalton

They let a bunch of people go infront of my daughter that was not any worse then her they kept telling us they are waiting on a fast track room for her meanwhile 2 hrs later people are coming in and going back .bad bad shame

Ron Edwards

I Would not take my dog there. I took my disabled son for his back injury .Test showed L5 disc injured . He was hurting alot. He laid in er room 2 hours 40 mins. No nothing. Then when they decided to help .They bought a medicine that was on his allergy band! They was slow and very rude. He left feeling just like he came and thats UNACCEPTABLE. He has the best insurance...been once in his life to their hospital...long ago. Gets billed 2500... Really . Never even helped his pain.....or him . I will drive across town before I ever sit foot in that KENNEL again .They line their damn pockets off you...and your nothing. Biggest joke in town


Great job Villa Rica. I just wanted to say thank you.

Nikki Bug

Wife son and father all come in with the flu. The father can’t stay. Why?

Velvette Medina

Emirre Jackson

This is the best hospital ever even when you have asthma attacks ..........i i love them

Thomas Davis

I’m on my husbands account but my name is Amanda and I just want to brag on the woman who helped me today with my husbands medical images. She was at the front desk and she was so helpful to me. I was holding my toddler the whole time and she held the clipboard so I could fill out his information, she helped me get my id out and put it back, she handed me my purse, and helped me get his image since I got there right at 4pm when they closed instead of making us come back at 7am the next day. So many people don’t care to help or watch you struggle with a toddler while trying to complete another task one handed but she did and I really appreciated that. I hope she sees this one day and knows how much she really helped me today and how much I appreciated it.

Ricardo Ibarra

I went to Tanner Med Center today for acute bronchitis which I have had several times previously. Everyone there was really polite and professional and I was very impressed with their professionalism and courtesy. I have worked in hospitals before, once in an ER and later in a Psych unit. All of y’all who read this please remember people are people and will not always be at their best but they were great!

Valerie Mellinger

Pretty bad when I slip and fall and have injuries...due to neglect in one of your offices and can't even get help to get better much less a phone call. Patients don't come does with this organization. Hope Tanner is proud of themselves for saving an almighty buck. Oh and those bills you nicely sent out for this....well.... Bet I get no resolution. In response to your response I have doctor response back to either of us. All they're interested in doing is pushing it under the rug!!! You have my number how about contacting me.

J. Mimoso

This hospital truly needs more positive reviews. They are not only very attentive to your needs but the genuine concern and comfort they give speaks volumes of their staff. I had to go in for a very urgent matter and not only did they take me in immediately but the very kind & warm woman (understatement)(wish I knew her name) who assisted me whilst my husband parked in the new ER parking lot helped me get through the fear of not knowing what was going on. I unfortunately have had to go here 3 times and once for my husband and each time we were properly taken care of. My only complaint is the bills they send despite great insurance coverage. Oy! But that goes for all medical facilities nowadays.

Kenneth Waters

Thats the worst ive ever been treated i walked in after a bad fall with a possible knee fracture and ankle fracture the place was empty i signed in and waited to be seen the two older ladies in triage just sat there eating there crackers i waited and watched 7 ppl over the next hr walk in seeming fine in no pain sign in go to triage and go to the back while i still havent been called to triage so i just walked out

maryanna strong

This is one of the worst hospitals in Georgia. I took s family member to the eat at2:15 did not get back to a room till 3:45, and then nothing till 5:45 when they put us in the family waiting room. I had to keep going to the nurses station to find out any info, we signed a release form and was told the nurse would be right back well 40 minutes I went back up, paperwork given to a pregnant nurse who was not told that he had a ride was waiting in the ride which was me. I was told sorry. Incompetence is running wild. I will never ever go there. Also while we were waiting in the lobby a lady ripped off the bracelet cursed and left.

Mckale Waddell

This hospital is great I had a T and A procedure and nurse Tiffany, Melanie, Danni, Sarah, Heather, Brandon, and Renee are hands down the best nurse’s ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessica turner

This is the worst hospital don't ever go to it unless you absolutely have no other option if you can go to another hospital 20 minutes down the road go. I've had several issues one after another with this hospital when my daughter injured her knee they had to put Staples in it they told us to come back 3 days later she's only 4 they remove the Staples and the wound opened back up and so they had to staple it again. Now she has a very large ugly scar across your entire knee. When my tooth became abscessed I couldn't talk eat my face was swollen I was in a waiting room for 4 hours and then this female doctor named Wendy walks in with loads of makeup on and bleach blonde hair all done up pink glitter all over her face smiling she look like she was going to a strip club instead of working in hospital and gave me some antibiotics nothing for pain not even ibuprofen didn't even look at my tooth nothing. I asked the nurse if I could have something for pain and they came back with this weird medication I've never heard of and I'm prone to seizures and the doctor didn't explain to me what this medicine was what classification it was what were the side effects nothing my phone was dead due to the fact that I sent in a waiting room for four hours on a Monday morning. I took the antibiotics and I took a handful of Tylenol to try to alleviate some of the pain these doctors don't give a damn. I did end up returning to the hospital a few hours later due to excessive pain and I want to say the night shift male nurse John is excellent he went beyond to make sure I was ok and he was so nice and took his time explaining everything to me probably the best nurse I've ever seen as well as the doctor Brett Horn. Excellent nurse excellent doctor. My experience from the night shift doctors to day shift are completely different. I edited my review because I wanted to take the time to brag about this doctor and nurse because they are great at what they do. If u go to Tanner in Villa Rica the night shift nurses and doctors treat you a lot better.

Edward Nestick

Friendly staff

Ricky Mulder

Lord Ulfmaer

kaykay girl

I absolutely love this facility. I will go out of my way to go to Villa Rica Tanner Medical center versus the nearest hospital to me. There staff is professional and courteous, and I have always received excellent care.

Justin Stephens

Jessica T

I got excellent care at the Tanner ER last night, I would include everyone's name because everyone there was great, but only got the Nurse practitioner name in my paper work. Mrs Allard NP (long blonde hair) gave excellent care and was very precise and knew what she was doing to a T. Thank you mam and I hope to get you next time I need services!!

Tim Hall

You know rarely come across a hospital that has staff that actually cares and stays on top of patient care. It has been my pleasure to stay here for a week... Thank God for caregivers like you!!! THANK YOU so much for care and the difference you've made in my life!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Gary Vazquez

Shannon Campbell

Foster Family

Called to schedule a CT scanand Lady taking the call asked if I had an "order number" I told her I have an email from doctor, After a long sigh she rattled off 3 questions, I replied, How would I know that I'm not the Dr. She then replied well look on your order number, (the one I don't have in front of me). She was definitely put out and offered no help whatsoever. Obviously miserable in her position and I would not suggest anyone try to schedule a CT scan there, especially if you do not have all your ducks in a row, this lady was mad.

Rose Garner

Dorothy Morrison Jones

Always pleasant, great and staff.

Marilyn Anderson


Oh please take your add off the bill board that Tanner Medical Center is one of the top 10 hospitals. What a joke!! There was a number of bad experiences I had at Villa Rica but, I only mention a couple. The patient is a diabetic the nurses would NEVER give her insulion before her meals, like it should have been, so, he blood glucose would go up to the 3-400's. When they did check it, it would be an hour or more before they brought her insulin. They did not change her under garments, I had to several times, and one time her bed was a mess when I got there so I got her up and clean her. Not a good place if you are sick.

Jennifer Kilgore

I went there for my ankle being sprained and the staff are amazing


I prefer Wellstar for our family care. However, there have been times we have had to go to Tanner-Villa Rica. One evening my daughter went and the staff acted like we were just a number and they could have cared less. The next couple nights had to go back for same problem. Doctor Thomas ans staff were awesome! Caring!. Wait times varied. Another time in July 2018 I was in an auto accident and taken there. Had excellent care. Very minimal wait time to diagnosis and release. Summary-prefer Doctor Thomas. Need improvement in wait time.

Dustin Williams

My fiancée gave birth here on 9-23, I cannot say enough great things about this place. The staff took such great care of her from nurses to nutrition even housekeeping. This is where I would recommend anyone to give birth; they make you feel very at home and are constantly checking in on you to assist with anything. Melody and Michelle in labor delivery were so nice to us when we first arrived and Dr Caceras was so great with the delivery itself. Kierstan took very good care of her overnight. The only complaint we have is the epidural tech Brandon Shaver who was EXTREMELY rude to her as he was “ready to be off since he was suppose to leave by 6:30 for vacation” or something of the sort. He was also rude to labor and delivery staff because he was tired of fixing the pump.Dr McCullough took over after he left and was EXTREMELY helpful. All in all this place was the BEST and treated her and my son great.

Leila Diaz

My family and I have lived in the area for about a year and a half and have brought our toddler to this hospital several times for emergency care, and I have been here once for emergency care. Each experience has been exemplary. The staff is caring, kind and helpful, we have never been treated poorly or like we were just a number that didn't matter. I don't have insurance and they still treated me like I was important and helping me was a priority for them. There is the added bonus of this being a beautiful and brand new facility!

Jennifer Dyson

Tanner at Villa Rica is where I had my daughter about 2.5 years ago and we haven't gone anywhere else since! The labor and delivery floor is wonderful! The staff was over the top nice, helpful and super fun! The labor and delivery rooms have individual attached waiting rooms for friends and family, that was by far the best part. Villa Rica OBGYN was wonderful and took me in at the end of my pregnancy when no one else would (we had just moved from Savannah). My daughter also has her pediatrician there at Children's Healthcare of West Georgia and I couldn't possibly be any happier with them. The waits are never long and the staff if friendly and genuine.

PRM Georgia Team

I was looking up my Doctors number and noticed some of the Negative Reviews given to the Villa Rica / Tanner Medical Center...... I've had friends and family registered at Tanner since the opening and the staff always provided courteous service. But not until I had to bring my 94 year old mother to the emergency, did I get a true viewing of their service. I had taken my mother to her regular doctor at Emory and after a long afternoon of frustrations---I drove my Mother back to Tanner for assistance. Needless to say--Tanner knew that she was getting close, but to us we didn't see it. The service we received that evening in the emergency room and the week of admittance. We will never forget the personal care received until hospice was called in. Thank You Tanner. Myles Watkins

Larrie Snead

Judith McFarland

Tolanda, Christy, and Nikki are THE BEST rad techs in the area! They made my time at Tanner a wonderful experience, so... Thank you, ladies. I hope to see you all again, just not too soon!

Joy angel

They misdiagnosis me and was very rude to me and my 9month old daughter

Teresa Edwards

I will say that I find alot of the staff very uncaring. Especially triage nurses. I have had 5 surgeries for kidney stones. From 8 to 10 cm. I have turned septis and even pneumonia but at the hospital Where my dr and surgeon has all my medical records. I have had 6 stents and chronic pain from it. I went because they are 3 miles from my house instead of 19 like my regular dr and hospital. I dont think one bit of concern was shown. I didnt see a dr. No scans. Nothing. Just a P.A. PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT. WHO SHOWED NO FEELINGS. NO CONCERN. EXCEPT TO ASK ME WHY I CAME THERE. THAT ITS CONFUSING FOR THEM WITH MY RECORDS TO BE SEEN? ARE YOU KIDDING???? THEN THE 2ND NURSE WHO CAME IN? HAD THE NERVE TO SAY. OH I KNOW YOU. YOUR THE KIDNEY STONE LADY. WHAT THE HELL???? IF THEY LOOKED AT THEIR DAMN RECORDS. THEY WOULD SEE I HAD BEEN TRANSPORTED AND ADMITTED INTO MY HOSPITAL BEFORE AND HAD SURGERY FOLLOWING MORNING. BUT THATS RIDICULOUS. TO SAY LEAST. OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVE NEVER HAD A DAMN KIDNEY STONE. I will say ONE NURSE was so kind. She came in my room where I was crying and said I asked the dr for your meds. A hour and 15 minutes husband called nurse station. Ok we tell her nurse. 25 min later she came. When we asked her if the nurse desk told her. She said. No. What is that????? But could hear them laughing. Talking.... You would think a hospital would STRIVE to be best. Then...I ask to see P.A. NOPE. He left me a shot and he was gone. Never came back in to check on me. WOW

Ashley Kennedy

Absolutely disgusted by this hospital. I came in with a horrible virus that my daughter had for a whole week. I was vomiting, body aches, diaherra, cold chills and on top of that I am almost 4 months pregnant. They failed to write me a work excuse so being sick still I had to drive from Hiram to their facitlity and then they proceed to tell me the dates the wrote my excuse for they couldnt change even though they were wrong. They claim I should have been able to return to work on the day i was there still sick. This hospital is a disgrace and I should have just went to Paulding Hospital.

Jennifer Hollifield

Mike Ashley

Came in at 10 still sitting here at 11:30 and I have kidney stones and they will not take me back but for other people went ahead of me I've been here before all them this is totally BS

Jay Boykin

Dave Snow

Mrs Snow- Villa Rica has the best birthing center I've ever seen. The best doctors and nurses and the best care I've ever received. I usually hate hospitals, but I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. They are very open to parents choice on anything and everything. If you live within an hour of here I wouldn't go anywhere else to have a baby.

Nisha Dashaye

This place is ridiculous 2 plus hours and still didn't see the Dr. I wish I read the reviews before coming here. This place needs to be shut down for lack of work ethics. Suite 301 is the worst

Shawn Isaacs

Edit--- It took two months for Tanner to reply to my review below. This tells me they are poorly mismanaged. My family memeber received near life threatening care here. According to a neurologist and his primary care doctor, Tanner ER on Sunday January 27 failed to properly stop a seizure. Once in ICU, care was not intensive. They rarely moved my family member to ensure bed sores did not form. They did numerous blood tests with no communication on the reason. Communication was terrible among staff too. We did not see our "Care Consultant” until 45 minutes befor being transferred to a new hospital. Overall, this hospital could be better, but we won't visit again to find out.

Haley Keese

Not the best. Treats everyone like they are pillheads no matter what!!

Latrina Johnson

Darla McKay

Everyone was terrific there! The ER nurse Tenesha was super sweet and had me feeling better in no time!

Rob Dykes

Rosemary Kramer

My mother has had a horrible experience at this hospital. The RN’s are absolutely useless ! They set at their desks and act like it’s an inconvenience when you ask them anything. They have not one time ask my mother if she needs anything or how she felt or even if she needed to go to the restroom. The doctor has not came by one time to tell her test results and it’s been 6hours since the tests. Really a bunch of lazy staff....

Kathy Mayfield

My Husband has been in the Hospital several times in the past 2months,He has to have his stomach drained.and he has had an infection.This sends him to ICU.The staff of Nurses have taken great care of him.

Ronny Edwards

EVERYONE is a liar. I guess. I get they are no replacement for dentist. But being damn 60 and a broken and very painful toothache. Horrible pain. They give me 800 mg ibuprofen????? I get billed 1000 bucks for 8 dollar bottle of NOTHING. AFTER 2 DAYS of pain and I mean pain. I was able to get that one extracted. Thanks for NOTJING. THEY are cold hearted and rude.

Ken Diggs

I was here to have tests and imaging done to clarify a troubling new diagnosis, and I've got to tell you that this did NOT inspire much confidence in the facility! How many people had to see and approve this sign?!? (The staff folks inside were great, though.) EDIT: I tried twice to attach a photo to this review, it seemed to work, but it's not here. It shows a very attractive sign at the entrance indicating doctors' parking, ambulance pick-ups, and "RECIEVING." (sic)

Terry Chambers

Very unprofessional

Big shoots Sh3ll

Slow so slow, avoid this place at all cost. Rude staff incompetent nurses and doctors the state really needs to look at this place.

Ryann Smid

Rude doctors and overall not very helpful.

Traci Philpot


Waiting for the office to open

Patricia Cousin

Bruce Wheeler

Great hospital ER service is the best for a small town hospital around. I had a laceration on my face that required stitches they did a great job.

Jennifer Prewett

They’ve really stepped up their game on speed without compromising patient care. Every doctor, every nurse, every PA, all the staff, everyone has had great bedside manner any time I have been a patient.

Sid Garrison

First off this review in general is for your Tallapoosa location specifically. I was a wounded traveler in need and was treated as less than human by just about every member of your staff. I have a long tern wound to my foot and was at a truckstop resting when the pain had gotten worse than normal, I went to the clerk and asked if she could call EMS and paying for fuel was a EMS tech and the clerk asked if I wanted her to ask him for help I said yes, I went to sit down she went outside to talk to him she returned said he would be in shortly. A few minutes later he showed up and began triaging removing my bandages, when he got them off he said it appeared as to be infected and asked the clerk to call the local EMS he was inner city Atlanta I beleive he said, so she did. He used my bandage materials and rewrapped my foot. I was trying not to rate it I had to give it 1 star just to post which it does not even deserve that. That gentleman and lady was really compassionate and helpful, a short time later the local EMS the first encounter was with a young female which from the first word out of her mouth was with a really poor attitude asked me what was wrong I briefly said I needed to go to the hospital, she retorted back with more bad attitude as if I had not been specific enough with my prior answer I started to get to get upset she stormed out and the gentleman with her came over to and tried sooth over the encounter which he did well explaining that getting woke up in the middle of the night some people are not great morning people which made sense to me I was calming down in the ambulance he triaged me we talked a bit a pleasant fellow. We arrived at the hospital the intake nurse seemed slightly annoyed but during her intake exam I felt we had reached a decent contact, afterwards they moved me to a room for the doctor to examine me, he comes in with another attitude after a brief conversation he said he was going to do labs to check for infection, dispense and antibiotic and pain reliever, though the whole exam he never got away leaning on the counter never got within 6 feet of me. He left and I scratched my thinking it was quite odd that he did not inspect me at all. A few minutes later a nurse showed up gave me a Bactrim and shot of Tardol (not sure of spelling a pain reliever) which she informed me needed it is administrated in the buttocks which we all know those butt shots always hurts, and unfortunately with all my other pain this one was no different. I asked if she was going culture the wounds for the labs she said no. She then cleaned up the wounds and applied a minimal dressing, I was bleeding pretty good I am on blood thinners, and simply discharged me. After all of this experience I was so furious I wanted to explode fortunately for all of us I was exhausted I didn't have the energy to waste at that moment because now I was I am guessing about a 5 mile hike back to the freeway. Whether the treatments were administrated there were common or not I can not say but I felt severly under treated, but more that I was treated like merely trash kicked to the curb so I could be some one else problem, I actually feel like they all treat their pets better than me---I simply wasn't even human to them. The first they asked me was if I had ever been treated at a Tanner Medical faculty, I had not and I pray to God that I never have to in the future. When I was able to get to compassionate, competent care I fortunately did not have an infection. I have had good and bad medical care but the absolute worst care in every aspect is Tanner Medical Group. This my personal opinion.

Sara Major

An amazing staff... It's nice to feel like they actually care about what's wrong with you and are concerned...

Kandi May

Horrible place to have a baby

Natalie Perkins

Stephanie Smith

They left a disfiguring scar on my face after letting me sleep in an induced coma all night with surgical tape I was highly allergic to taped to it, to hold on a respirator. My two sisters asked the nurses several times to look at it, as it was red and my lips swollen, but they went many hours without looking until a hole was burned in my lip. Good thing I didn't die from anaphylactic shock but now left with a hideous scar and nerve damage they would never take responsibility for.

Crystal Frasure

Don Brantley

3 days ago I had to call a ambulance to pick my girlfriend up I took her to Tanner Hospital in Villa Rica after ten and a half hours three different sets of blood work a pelvic exam in a CAT scan of her lungs the doctor gave her a antibiotic a nebulizer inhaler some kind of pain medication that we never got they told her she had a double pneumonia and a bladder infection or something like that and sent her home they told us her leg pain was due to the bladder infection three days later her leg is three times bigger than it was and red splotchy spots all over it and can't walk wow what professional people West ham has so much be proud o and it looks as if we're going to have to go back in at 4:15 a.m. Saturday now and we're going to have to go back they better get it right this time how inhumane can a group of medical people be.

Jason Kennedy

Tanner Emergency Physicians do not contract with ANY insurance company. They also do not give a self-pay or prompt-pay discount. Be prepared to pay 100% out of pocket whatever your bill is. I work with a medical billing company and I am appalled at how they treat their customers. They are willing to take advantage of you because they KNOW you have no other choice. If its not a life-or-death situation, I recommend Piedmont in Newnan. They accept insurance, are friendlier, and quicker as well.

Ava King

Folks you have a choice of Health Care and you need to steer clear of this facility! I have a medical background and I promise you this facility is not where you want to go!

Charlene Stacy

Beverly Harrison

My mother recently had a stroke, when we got her to the emergency room the staff and doctor gave her the very best of care. With their skills and especially Gods grace she is now at home and recovering. Thank you to all the Drs and staff at Tanner

danny falk

Daughter went there last night with ear infection doc at er gave her a prescription for a $245.00 ear drops she don't have insurance and she is a single mom and they would not change the prescription so she could get them and since they wouldn't change it she couldn't get the other prescription. So who in there right mind would be that stupid and prescribed a 245.00 dollar ear drops to someone that could not afford it how stupid ate these ppl

darrie levine

It is located by my house. They should has a special emergency area for mental health patience.

Donna D

I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the ER here. They got me back very quickly and checked me out thoroughly. I felt like I was in capable hands and everyone was very polite I have to edit this review due to my stay there from my BP being so high. I had to go there 4 times this month, being kept once before this time. Luckily I had an appt with my cardiologist on Tuesday who admitted me to have further testing after having to go to an ER while visiting FL, ending up being hospitalized there. Thanks to my cardiologist having me hospitalized it likely saved my life. The staff there was kind to me for the most part, but when it came time to be released I couldn’t find a ride, knowing only 2 people in this town. I wasn’t given my blood pressure meds after the early morning dosage...8only when I couldn’t move and couldn’t stand it I asked for something for pain and it was brought. By the time I finally made it home, after asking a virtual stranger to pick me up, and was given orders not to drive for 48 hrs, my BP skyrocketed again. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough for them and I was a very polite patient. Because of this, I am changing my rating. From now on if there is an emergency, Wellstar here I come.

Michael S

khalid mustafa

Stacy Brown

This is truly the est hospital!!!! i was discharged from another hospital while I was still very ill. Within less than 24 hours I was at Tanner and they took wonderful care of me They admitted me and found out exactly what was wrong. The staff and doctors were Great.

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