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REVIEWS OF Stephens County Hospital IN Georgia

Britney Preston

Staff was excellent when they delivered my daughter. Everything was great besides the fact that it took 2 hours after they said they had my discharge papers ready to actually discharge us. I had to cancel some very important meetings in which they knew about when I had first got there. They promised I would be out by 2pm and I didn't get discharged until about 5:30pm. But other than that, the hospital would've been a 5 star.

Shannon Griffin

This place has went down hill they can't admit any pedactric patients they have to send you to another hospital so what's the use of even going there just to be billed twice

Trey Carver

Had my daughter here on Christmas Eve. I can't express in words how kind and wonderful the staff has been too my wife and i. Highly recommend.

meghan marie

If 0 was an option I would GLADLY leave a big fat ZERO. What kind of hospital brags about wonderful, new improved facilities and DOESN'T HAVE A CHAPEL? I'd like to mourn the family dying here and there's no CHAPEL? no where to pray for them. Shame on your sorry progress.

Brittany Orshal

Horrible for the ob and er register person. I think I'm in labor and they have no staff to help to prego women in the ob because they are delivering a baby. What had happened to this hosptial! They don't care about patients .

Alexander Belonga

Webb Kids

Micheal Max

This place is full of miracle workers. So I came to the ER late last Friday evening with a severe runny nose. The nurses were so attentive. After giving them all my vital info I was introduced to the doctor who promptly offered me a big box of Kleenex. He instructed me to hold the tissue under my nostrils and then to blow air through my nose. After several attempts and messy misfires I finally got it right and blew the copius amounts of mucus into the Kleenex. Who would've guessed it could be that simple. The Doctor said that blowing "snot rockets" would no longer be an option for me. So relieved! Brilliance is over flowing at this place!

Cathy Stover

Some of the nursing staff are very rude, hateful and disrespectful. One charge nurse is the main one. When my husband was there the nurses rarely came in to even see about him and didn't give him his morning medication at all and 2 of them were his blood pressure medication. I'm filing a complaint today about this.

Randy Justice

Sat in er for 7 hours was never seen had to ho yo Habersham where they took me iite in then Stephens county sent me a bill for $1032.80 avoid like the plague!!

J B Laird

I have been a longtime Toccoa resident and have utilized this great facility on a numerous occasions and only once had anything less than a top notch experience (and I admit, my attitude and demeanor that day was a factor). I have had child born and treated many times, personally had blood drawn, xray exams and been an inpatient as well as in emergency room. Anyone who deals with people in their job should understand that it is always that customer's opinion that their issue is the only one that matters. In the emergency room, one never knows what life threatening heart attach, stroke or accident is being treated and should take precedence over a cut that has stopped bleeding and may need stitches, a twisted or even fractured ankle and definitely a runny nose or cold/flu. Maybe an opportunity for the Hospital to improve their communication process in these types of situations, but trust these medically trained individuals are prioritizing the severity of illnesses.

Benamight Redbulla

I had the most horrible experience when I rushed my girlfriend to the ER at this hospital. The hospital waiting room had a few people that seemed to be waiting for treatment. My girlfriend was experiencing severe cramping and was in pain rated at a 10. We waited for over a hour and the nurse that came in seemed to be brief and in my opinion rude not to go into depth on conversation on the situation. . She was very brief and not willing to answer many questions. The problem was so severe that I had called her mom. The nurse in charge of the ER refused to speak to her mother even with consent from the patient. After a while later they came in with a wheelchair to ex ray her. I thought for sure that the problem would be taken care of. I had a sigh of relief at this moment thinking that everything was soon going to get better. When the man brought her back we were back to square one waiting again for what seemed like another hour. At this time my girl friend was moaning and tensing up and could barely hold from screaming. Finally the nurse came in and during this time my nerves were becoming unstable due to the severe pain my girlfriend was experiencing. I looked into the nurses eyes as if she was a angel and said, " I am so glad you are back", thinking this was going to be all over soon. The nurse very briefly looked at her and said " we are going to send you home because the ex ray shows us nothing and give you medicine"... I was so terrified at this moment and my adrenalin began to shoot though the roof as my instincts was telling me something was very wrong with this diagnosis the nurse has given. We got out of their and did not sign the consent papers and I rushed her to the hospital in Gainesville Georgia. Upon arrival the hospital was packed with 50 or more people. My girl friend was beginning to moan louder coming close to screaming. The people that worked at this hospital went above and beyond! Within 30 minutes they treated my girlfriend and said that her condition could of resulted in death if not treated. Thank God for hospitals like this one! Stephens county hospital. I am not sure if it was the staff that night. But if you continue to treat patients with poor respect you are going to suffer loss. I did not mention that I went to over 5 staff members that night trying to get someone to talk to her mother and none would go out of their way as to talk to me for over 5 seconds on this issue. There are many things I am leaving out that was out of the ordinary of this hospital and seemed to put me in the twilight zone, not mentioning the quiet ex ray guy with thick rimmed glasses and hair falling out that looked like a serial killer. I almost did not even trust him to wheel chair her to the back room. I will never forget this experience and will always warn people of their poor and outdated treatment. They even billed my girlfriend 800 dollars for waiting 2 hours and getting a ex ray. If you are in this area and have a emergency, I advise you go somewhere else. P.S. The first staff member I asked to speak to her mother at the Gainesville Hospital took the call with a consent form to sign :)

Charley Rhoads

you see the nurse none stop had an attitude and wouldnt back off until my mom got an attitude back she was so rude and very unpleasant same with the other workers

Chaz Sellers

If you live in Stephens county and think convienence is a reason to visit this hospital, Do not. Spend the extra 20-30 minutes to travel elsewhere.

Kristen Brock

Nurse Kathy was were rude waited 2 hours to be seen. I will not be back.


Absolutely disgusting. I was here Dec 30 with my family as my sister in law went into labor with her first child. I pray she and my brother choose to go out of town for their 2nd child. As a medical professional, I am disgusted by the fact that none of the night nurses washed their hands or wore gloves when handling my sister. The ONLY time I saw gloves was during active labor by the DOCTOR and the one nurse who handled the baby. I'm also unimpressed by the holier than thou attitudes these "night nurses" had all night long. This crap wouldn't fly where I work in Gwinnett. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Oh, but I'm sure they pull their butts together for State. Nasty.

Carolyn Buffington

Dr Sauls and his staff are the best at Stephens County Hospital wound center. They were so kind and professional. I don't think I could have gotten better care anywhere. My wound is healed now Thanks to all who are there and all who took care of me while I was a patient there.

sherry gragg

Robert Morris

Spent 3 hours in the waiting room for a few stitches

Rhonda Curtis-Miles

My husband had a hip replacement here and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience with this hospital and Dr Vaughn. We are not from the area and this was our 1st time here. From pre-admission to the cafeteria staff to the wonderful staff on floor 3 everyone we encountered had a professional yet personable attitude and just genuinely seemed to love there job! It's an older hospital but extremely clean. I highly recommend this place for joint replacement and you couldn't ask for a better physician than Dr Vaughn!!

Darren Jordan

This the WORST hospital I have ever been to, I have been to the ER for myself and dealt with a "Dr" Friedlander, he was obnoxious and insulting, I felt like I was doing something wrong by coming to the ER (very well insured BTW). On other occasions I have been with my 86 year old father who has stage iv prostate cancer which has spread, the ER Doctor one night I had to keep taking him back because he was in pain was SO RUDE to my Dad and myself. At one point she screamed at him "are you suffering from dementia" which he is not and I quickly told her that he was hard of hearing and that she did not need to scream at him. I told this "Doctor" that he was in pain to which she promptly replied that she did not believe in prescribing pain medication!!!! I said then why are you the Doctor here in the ER that does not believe in pain medication. I then said the primary reason people come to the ER is because they are in PAIN! She knew my Dad had stage iv prostate cancer which had spread to his bones, spine and lymph nodes but here she is saying that SHE did not believe in pain medication!! I would like see how she would have handled that kind of pain, But this is only one of the awful experiences I had, I went to see Dr Chan who is the primary Doctor for Stephens County Hospital. This woman actually walked out of my second visit, I was not rude to her, I did not raise my voice or curse, I simply asked her questions about my medical records, xrays and medications, I guess she did not feel like answering my questions or concerns. I reported to two different administrators with the Hospital, as far as I know nothing has been done or said to Dr Chan, You know, it is sad. I was born and raised in this town, Dr Hellenga delivered me and Dr Connelly were my Doctors till I left home for college and eventually Los Angeles, they were both just the greatest Doctors and truly nice men. I had the same Doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Levin for over 20 years, another great Doctor and man.The only Doctors here I have been impressed with are my Father oncologist Dr. Weidner and Dr Thompson but his primary Doctor, Vanadore, well I could go on how inept this man is as a Doctor but frankly, I am tired of talking about my experiences with the Toccoa Clinic and Stephens County Hospital. All of you should be ashamed of yourself. I especially would like to point out Dr Wade who has been my Mothers doctor for a while, When I first came to Toccoa to help my Father, I requested him for my Doctor, he simply put No on the form I filled out to find a Doctor at the clinic, then one day last week he thought he was calling my mother about her test but instead called me, I called him on the lack of communication I had with him, he assured me his nurse would call me to schedule a new patient appt. That never happened. I don't know at what point Doctors felt like they were doing their patients some huge favor by taking them on as a client, almost like the client worked for the Doctor. Lets get one thing straight. as long as my insurance which I pay quite a bit each month continues to pay my Doctor, the Doctor works for ME! I'm sure their fragile, over inflated egos cannot handle that but it is the truth. Thanks goodness I have found a wonderful Doctor at the Longstreet Clinic and I am most appreciative to have him but I think it says volumes that someone who grew up in this small town had to find a Doctor in another city. Like I said, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Angela Cann

The ER staff and the nurse practitioner on duty was awesome ! They treated my daughter with respect and concern. Awesome hospital.. much better than St Mary in lavonia.. worth the drive...

Michael McDonald

Beware college students and parents. My daughter went here for abdominal pains and they ended up doing a CAT scanning, coating over $2000. There was nothing wrong other than monthly female issues. You would think they would have asked about that first...or even an X-ray first before such a costly unnecessary procedure. I'm not surprised by the poor reviews on this hospital.

brooklynne robinson

worse hospital i have ever been to. in excruciating pain and they have barely came to check on me. only one nurse has let me know of the call button when she has left, and everyone is supposed to tell me where it is when they leave. the doctor has attitude and tried to argue with me when i told him what the previous doctor before him has told me. doctor walked in and immediately started talking without even telling me his name or making sure i was the correct person. not to mention, he left the door open while he was explaining to me what was wrong where everyone could hear which results in a HIPPA violation. this hospital is trash and i highly recommend driving out of town if you have to have medical attention. everyone has been rude except for 2 nurses that left as soon as i got here.

Bailen Meeler

Amanda Hicks

We have had two recent ER visits. The all the staff were great. They were efficient and caring.

Faye Taylor

kenny clark

Tim Arnold

Very helpful and understanding. They helped me quickly. Good Doctors and nurses.

Chad Thomsd

So disappointed in the facility and the service. The bathroom in the ER and tbe ER room were absolutely nasty. The bathroom smelled like a porta potty. My wife was in severe pain and we have no answers, just go rest.

Sa Man

Interesting experience. One of those experiences, that make you question yourself, why me? Never the less, EVERY EXPERIENCE whether positive or negative has mass effect on personal development and growth. Everyone in Stephens County needs a PARADIGM SHIFT. Some more so than others. We don't have much TIME left folks. It's impossible to stand together as one, (HUMANITY) with so many walking around with their EYES WIDE SHUT.

Renee Gray

I was admitted to Stephens County Hospital for a total knee replacement. I couldn't have been better attended to by all the staff there. From registration (very easy and efficiently done) to talking with the awesome rehab dept to the great nursing staff that responded immediately to any calls. On every shift they were all very attentive, fun, and conversational. I truly felt like family after only 2 days in the hospital. I even returned to the area 10 days later to thank everyone.

Angie King

I can't brag on Stephens County Hospital's ER enough. My son was struck in the eye area by a baseball and initially we thought he'd have no more than a black eye. After about 45 minutes it was obvious by the amount of pain he was having that something more serious had happened. Especially since he was also complaining that something was in his eye and that he couldn't see. We decided to go to the SCH ER on the way home. When we arrived my heart sank because the ER waiting area was full with people obviously waiting to get back to see the Dr. In spite of that the Registration staff helped me complete the necessary paperwork in a thoughtful and efficient manner. Almost immediately the Triage nurse took him back and after assessing his eye and listening to what happened she stated she was afraid the bone over his eye may have been damaged and she wanted to take him back right away. I was worried that some of the people in the people waiting in the ER would take exception to that but they were amazingly supportive. Once we were back in an ER room the nurse came in and reviewed the information to make sure it was correct. He also really looked at my son and realized how upset he was and how badly he was hurting. This nurse went out of his way to get an ice pack for his eye as well as a warm blanket to offset the effects of shock. He didn't immediately give pain medication because, he explained, they wanted to make sure he didn't have a concussion. Dr. Dukes came in afterward and upon hearing the story agreed with the Triage nurse that it was possible my son had a fracture in his eye region. He ordered a CT scan and this was carried out very efficiently by the Radiology staff. My son is usually somewhat skittish in unfamiliar situations but at no time did he ever seem uncomfortable with the staff. The CT scan confirmed that he had fractured the bone at the top of his eye socket. We were given a very clear explanation of what the treat options were and how to control his pain. I guess our total time in the ER was pretty close to 2 and a half hours but it was some of the best time I've ever spent. This was my fourth trip to the ER between my two sons and I have to say I have never been disappointed. I think Stephens County Hospital is a great facility and they've never given me any qualms about using their services.

Johnny And Sara Iler

Horrible experience. If i could give less than one star I would. First and last time ever going here. Several things went wrong. 1. I had Dr. Panter. I was in excruciating pain, in tears.. Dr said at first he was going to wait for blood work to come back then give me something for nausea and pain. After 3 hours and me begging for something because pain is unbearable the doc came in and said now they want to do a ct and I will have to wait even longer for any meds. So in total I sat there for over 3 hours with some of the worst pain of my life. I understand waiting for labs first, but 3 hours is totally unacceptable and the doctor could care less. Even the nurse agreed that 3 hours was absurd to have to wait in the kind of pain i was in. 2. Doc came in and asked me to remove everything from bottom down, underwear included, there was no female nurse in there with me and even though I was very uncomfortable he insisted. I am a female 3. He did a rectal exam on me, again with NO female nurses present at all. 4. He was extremely rude and even though it was my first time here since we just moved up here he treated me like I was wasting his time. So after over 3 hours of crying, my husband and I both agreed enough was enough. I was tired of the doctor being rude to me and treating me so badly. 5. When I asked the nurse to let me go ama she brought the papers in and started taking my iv out. While she was in with me Dr. panter walked back in and started being rude and nasty to me in front of the nurse for wanting to leave. He acted like he didnt understand how his rude actions, plus over 3 hour wait with nothing being done would make me want to leave and go elsewhere. I explained to him that 30 minutes or an hour or so waiting for meds I could understand, but not over 3 hours just to be told I would have to wait a few more hours. After he left the nurse even told me that how he just treated me was totally uncalled for and that I definitely need to report him first thing in the morning. Even a radiology tech who was in room when I was being signed out said it was horrible how he was treating me. He didn't care I was in 10 out of 10 pain. He was horrible. 6. I also was the only one in waiting room when I arrived but had to wait over an hour to be called back and mostly all rooms were empty. The only positive about the experience was the nurse, Melissa was extremely nice to me, even she was shocked at this doctors behavior and even more so because of how he was treating me this way in front of her. She said he had only been there a couple months but that was no excuse for his actions. I will never, ever go to this hospital again and would highly advice others to avoid this er if at all possible. I honestly feel like the doctor was being rough on me during the exam on purpose. He really hurt me and did not care when I told him. His entire demeanor was uncaring, unsympathetic, unprofessional and just down right cruel. A person like Dr. panter should not be a doctor. After leaving, my husband took me to Habersham and I was brought back immediately and was treated 1,000 times better. Come to find out I not only was having a horrible crohns flare up, but also had a very large ovarian cyst that was actually bigger than the ovary itself. It was a very good thing we left Stephens and went to Habersham, otherwise I would have been put at serious risk thanks to that jerk, Dr. panter. I can't reiterate enough that if you can avoid this place, do so.

Troy Miller

Took forever to discharge us we was suppose to leave at 3 and we are still here and it's almost 5

Christie Lawson

Hope Lomax Jacks

Uncaring Dr in er explained i was pregnant and my issues going on and they did nothing but gave me something im allergic to. left er went to Gainsville to my obgyn and they couldn't believe how unprofessional Stephens County was with me!! I will not be back!

Audra Clemmons

"I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” Ps. 9:1 Great staff from Pre-op to recovering in Women’s center thank you

James Halsey RRT, RPSGT

I went here for severe hip pain. Dr. Vaughn recommended PT, and let me tell you Stephanie and Jane are outstanding. Jane worked with me and taught me different exercises and stretches. While I still have occasionally have discomfort from the hip arthritis, it is minimal compared to previous. Thanks to Stephanie and Jane I have been able to get back to walking and hiking.

Jim H

This is an amazing place. My youngest son has been admitted here a couple of times. The Staff on Peds is excellent and always caring. The nurses and other staff did an excellent job taking care of both my son and the rest of his concerned family.

Joshua Lillie

I was admitted due to chest pains. While the physician presiding over the tests and prescribed treatment was knowledge and professional, the staff left me unattended with an unnecessary iv port in my arm for 50 minutes and robbed me of $100 on my way out.

Elizabeth Jones

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