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REVIEWS OF St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital IN Georgia

Unknown USRS

The doctors and staff are understanding and respectful.

Linda Polk

And the moment I answered I received excellent service. It's the first time I've been in and out of an emergency room in less than 2 hours. I'm very thankful to the staff are there professional and quick service.

cagdas yatkin

roxanne meeks

Matt Beal

My experience here was not the best. I had to come to the emergency room here in agonizing stomach pain one night. Their solution was to stick me with a bit of morphine, prescribe me some NSAID painkillers, and send me home. Well, when the pain worsened and I went to a proper hospital, I found out that I had stomach ulcers, and the NSAIDS that I had been given agitated them even further, leading to the excruciating pain I was feeling. If at all possible, I would advise a trip to Athens or Eatonton instead.

Andrea Couick

My husband was in this hospital today. This is the BEST hospital we have been in since we have been in the state of Georgia. It took about 30 minutes for him to be seen, but as soon as he was called back, the service from every nurse and doctor there was just Wonderful. So my husband, David and myself thank you guys very much for being amazing, courteous, compassionate and caring. Just thank you.

Tara Stewart

1st visit- ER due to car accident. No one was in much of an emergency mode. 2nd visit- Excellent (referred by family doc) 3rd visit- (referred by family doc): complete charlie foxtrot. Amber in registration is not the face I'd want my patients seeing upon arrival- not the poster child of a friendly face. They ended up saying my doc scheduled appropriately, but they skipped my name in line and got me confused with another patient... HIPAA concern?!?!

Mrs 2x Presley

Corie Story

Horrible service- absolutely horrible! Not enough beds, staff are not caring and rude.

Stephanie Tompkins

Went to Putnam with an apparent spider bite that had my arm swelling by the minute considerable heavier. Sat in the waiting room for2 hour's .. finally seen the doctor who immediately said he was not treating me as he didn't seem to find an emergency. No interest in even looking at my arm.. I told them upon arrival why I was there. Should've turned me around rather than making me wait .. went to st Mary's And they showed the . Utmost respect and were very efficient and took care of me. Great hospital. ..

Kay Shaw

I was in here for a fall was treat so well and all the doctors were great ! One thing while I was waiting I over heard a nurse go beyond her duties to and older lady and her husband not only did they make sure she was ok but made sure her husband was ok love the family feeling

Lucy Dyess

My nurse Amanda L. Was super. And the Dr. W was awesome as well. This visit was one of the best. Thanks to all Staff for your professionalism.

Dwayne Felder

Jack Fletcher

Poorly ran. If you have anything more complicated than a illness or injury they wont know what to do with you.


The best staff and best hospital... Everyone absolutely wonderful. They have taken the best care of my Johnny. This hospital puts Caring in their treatment of patients.

Merkisha Shelton

Terrible BC doctor was rude and disrespectful as well as the nurse....someone needs to do something about this...everyone talks about how this hospital is so ppl please review this place on its truthfulness

Kate Walker

Horrible place. Rude people. They were mean to my mama and to me when i went to pick her up. Never go there if possible.

Chaplain Marc

Thompson1324 winning

I have NOTHING but the best to say about the doctors and staff. They were all so compassionate and respectful. There was a short wait time. This really is tge best hospital I have ever been to.

Jamey Brown

I was sent to St. Mary’s by my Urologist for blood work and a CTC scan. Naturally I was a little worried about the whole process and what they might find. It was my first time being in the hospital, first IV for the CTC Scan and first CTC Scan. Words cannot express the professionalism and care I received through the entire process from check-in to check-out! I believe the nurses were more concerned about me (first trip ever to the hospital) than I was about myself. The nurses in the CTC area (Jennifer and Rachel) walked me through the entire procedure and were exceptional! They were top notch and should be recognized for their love of their profession! I appreciate the care I received in the short time I was there and I will most certainly recommenced this hospital to others I know.

Julia Grant

I wished there was a button for zero stars. Worst hospital ever!

Evelyn Jones

Ronald McCullough

If i could rate this hospital a zero i would.. cause i went for my toe last night and all them sorry people did was just wrap it nothing else!!!

James Casteel

Clean, bright, modern facility. Wonderful staff throughout the process. My wife's PCP sent her to the ER post haste when lab work revealed a hemoglobin reading of 4.2 . ER admissions was efficient and she was assessed and admitted quickly. Her room and the meals were above par. Every staff member we encountered listened and responded with caring professionalism.

Leigh Lavender

Thank you to the E.R. staff!! I have been here before, for me personally, but this time my 31 yr old son had been struck suddenly with over 13 hours of non stop vomiting. He couldn't stand or walk. The nurses & doctor were so nice, and quickly worked to bring him relief. In the midst of a few other emergencies that came in that morning, and some construction remodeling, the quality and professionalism of the medical care was exceptional. There is another hospital that is actually closer to our home, but when it's your family's health, you only want the best!

Bryan Williamson

I went in for severe back pain and was treated very kindly from the front desk all the way until i left. Very friendly and professional staff.

Larissa Baker

Dennis J Ruff

What a wonderful Hospital, very good people

Latoya Cosby

A one star is still to much for this hospital we took my daughter there cause we thought she was having a miscarriage after having her sitting in the waiting room in pain for almost a hour they finally took her back and took her in another waiting room yes a waiting room the nurse came and took her to do a urine test and then three hours later when we said we was leaving they came and put her in a room 30 mins later they came in a did blood work a hour later they did the ultrasound and bout 40 min later they came and said she was pregnant in her tubes and it had popped so she needed emergency surgery or she would die and that they had to take her by ambulance to another hospital they was taking so long and they had all of us scared thinking my child could die so I told them I was gonna take her myself they was like you can’t cause the insurance wouldn’t pay so after that they come back in to do more blood work because she said they lost my daughter blood. The ambulance finally came and got her around 8 and took her to Athens she wasn’t even in there 10 mins and three different people had all ready been in her room checking on her and one being the obgyn and he told us that the ultrasound pictures they took was very poor quality but she was not pregnant in her tube and that she had a cyst that had popped. This hospital is one I’ll never recommend to anyone!!!!!!!!!!! So of course I called and placed a complaint and they called back and basically tried to make Excuses for everything

Jeff Tuinstra

I elected to be transported to the St. Mary's in Greensboro for a leg and foot injury on July 23. I could not move my knee or ankle and my foot had open wounds. I had xrays taken and put in a leg brace and was told to see an orthapedic specialist. We asked the nurse on two different occasions for the tetanus shot, which was prescribed by the doctor, and to clean the wounds. Every time the nurses came in they kept complaining about how busy they were that night and were shorthanded. One nurse got upset that the other nurse on duty had not given me the tetanus and had to do it herself. When asked again to clean the wounds before i was discharged, the nurse refused. She loosely wrapped them. We asked for crutches because I could not walk and she stated that they were all out but would at least wheel me to the car. I asked her what I was supposed to do when I got home and was told to do the best I can. We even offered to leave a credit card for a wheel chair until I could crutches the next day, and she stated "if I do it for you I have to do it for everyone...sorry". When I saw my orthapedist and upon their review of St Mary's notes, they asked if I was even examined. They ended up scrubbing and cleaning the wounds. Very disappointed with the ER operations and quality of care.

Jessiska Phillips

I would rate this a zero. I bring my son up here with an ear infection I believe and I wait for over an hour and no one I mean literally no one else was in ER! They put us in a room FINALLY! And there is a huge chunk of blood on the floor and what looks & smells like diarrhea on the floor! Very unsanitary! ER staff was rude except for the lady at the front desk! Very disgusted and disappointed.

Mike Mayfield

I was admitted after having a stroke. I was asked my social security number not one time but twice by different staff member while other personal and or a visitor in the lobby were present. After having a cat scan was told the stroke apparently happened the day before and needed to have a MRI but would have to wait till the next day due to a MRI machine not being on site . I was told a truck would be by the next day that carried a MRI machine . After being admitted a PA

cindy metcalf


Betsy Short

My Daughter was having stomach pains and St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital, Greensboro, GA was quick to admit her. I first noticed how the hospital was exceptionally clean and organized. When we got to the ER room, the Nurse held my daughter's hand and although she was in pain and scared she spoke directly to her, comforted her and explained every step they took in the ER until we left. The Doctor took the time to listen and help her ease her fears as well. They even gave us a lesson on how to read a CT. Thank you so much to the Doctors, Nurses and staff.

Ed Okenica

Hospital followed up on my previous comments with a phone call. Had my second MRI 2/16 and procedures have already changed providing security and protection, this is all I thought should be done. Had an unexpected 3 day in patient experience, and it was first class. GREAT CARE AND ATTENTION, EMPLOYEES APPEAR TO BE MOTIVATED TO PLEASE AND SUPPORT. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ST MARY'S. 2/18/2015 Love the new Hospital, but beware of MRI. Had an MRI yesterday, and not one credit card works since then, wiped me out. Mag strip gone on every one. NO, I DID NOT HAVE WALLET IN POCKET. Placed all pocket items in basket as instructed. Called the hospital to report, but not too sure they understood. Hope results of MRI are better than results on Credit Cards!

Jamie Brown

Dave Hibbs

I wish they had a button for zero stars!

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