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My wife and I went here. They told us the visit would cost no more than $150. A month later we received a bill for $800. We specifically asked to make sure how much it would cost before being seen. Also we waited there 5 hours while 24 people came in after us and were all seen before us. A few individuals which I will name at some point if the need arises to settle this issue, were very unprofessional and surprisingly rude and didn't appear to care. Which is very unusual given the positions that they hold which would require such individuals to #1 be educated, #2 be professional, #3 care and #4 be honest in their dealings when exchanging cash for a service. If this matter is not settled in a reasonably expected manner within a reasonable amount of time. Then expect reasonable consequences to trickle up the ladder until the problem is resolved. P.S. Thank you for responding to this matter. We were in the middle of talking with our Lawyer while drafting a document. We appreciate the timely reply. We've contacted a few people to resolve this matter. We will see how this is resolved moving forward.

jason seostrom

Staff inside surgery department were great. Just didn't like being told to be there at 11am and not having procedure done until after 6pm

Shonda Vereen

The staff was very helpful!!

Melissa Jackson

The WORSE hospital I’ve ever been to in my life. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and came in due to cold like symptoms. The staff is RUDE and NOT knowledgeable at all. They hooked me up to a machine to make sure the baby was fine (which was not a concern of mine at all) and they told me that I should make an appointment with my doctors office or go to the hospital that they’re affiliated with, although I came in with a fever. I would NOT reccomend this hospital to anyone with any issues because they don’t help. They made sure to come to my room and tell me about my $200 co-pay and asked how I would take of it but can’t even help with why I came here. THE HOSPITAL IS TRASH AND SO IS ALL OF THE STAFF. FIRST AND LAST TIME EVER COMING HERE

Ki Ni-né

A few years ago, I came to this hospital for treatment for bronchitis/asthma symptoms. I could not breathe, my chest felt very tight and each time I coughed I was in extreme pain in my rib caged area. The doctor did not really see me before he said "There is nothig wrong with her", and sent me home.....Well yes I cut up until the hospital security came to escort me out of the facility...but I had a reason to fight for treatment. I ended up going to another hospital but this unruly facility had the worse physicians on pay-roll!!! I had acute bronchitis, my lungs were full of fluid/phlem and I had other respiratory issues as well. I would give it a half of a star but it doe not give the option for such a low rating under a one star!!

Nashgamingking bulldogs

Well my sister is giving birth and she need a certain medication and 2 of the people had to step out of the room and so my mother stayed in the room and the father and I left and we were minding our own business until a ignorant Head Nurse walks by and says can I help you guys and we said no we are just waiting in the hallway for my sister to finish taking her medication and the rude nurse says well I cant have you standing here in a mean tone of voice And then we’re leaving and the nurse refers to me and says who is he and clearly I have a name and then she said he can not come back here until he is 18 she didn’t know how old I was and this happens in the woman’s life center and I didn’t get her name but management please speak to her I think she should loss her job she is the only most mean nasty disrespectful person I seen in the whole staff I understand I couldn’t go the back until I was 18 but you don’t have to be disrespectful please check this woman who ever is the head nurse because she told us I’m the boss here she was abusing her power please talk to her

Gordon Gordon

I had more of a problem with the assistant in the doctors office not knowing where I was to go to for out patient at the hospital. I was there a little over a year ago for a cystoscopy and went to the OP area next to the Women's Center so my son and I went there. We were due at 6am, got there a little early and waited until 6:15am when asked if I was suppose to be there being they had no males on their list. Having trouble with spinal stenosis, I was wheeled to the main OP waiting area at the front of the hospital. After just a few minutes I was checked in and taken to the prep area. I was treated well while there. My procedure for a heart cath was to be at 8:30 that wound out to be 9:30. Everything went well being able to be checked out going through my wrist instead of my groin which was where the entrance was 14 years when I had a stent inserted. I still had to wait four hours to make sure of closure of the opening and fluids I was given to help wash the dye out of my system. No problem was found. When we left close to 3pm after having nothing to eat since 10pm the night before, I was as hungry as a mama wolf nursing 8 pups so I was happy to get home.

Elizabeth Larose

Very clean and professional environment the staff was excellent with providing services

Donna Popp

On May 8th I was scheduled for a procedure at Southern Regional. I was contacted by the doctor’s office to set up my time and at that time I asked if this was covered by my insurance. She informed me I was all set and it had been approved. I never received a call from anyone at your hospital to pre-register or tell me any financial information. I arrived at 6 AM the morning of the procedure, and was greeted by the person who would register me. And the end of the registration I was informed that your hospital is not in network with Cigna (my insurance) and I would have to cover 30% of the cost. No one could give me even an estimate of how much that would be. Due to two medical issues earlier this year, I have already met my max out-of-pocket for 2019 which I am still paying off, and did not expect this to cost me anything. Obviously there was no one I could call at 6 AM, my friend and I had both taken time off from work so I had no choice but to go through with the procedure. I have had numerous surgeries over the years at many local hospitals and have always received a call from the hospital beforehand to go over surgery prep, financial coverage and pre-registration. Two of those surgeries were at Southern Regional in 2009 and 2015 and they used to do the same thing. Had I known my insurance was not in-network at your facility I would have made arrangements to go elsewhere. In addition, a Patient Care Coordinator contacted me two days later asking how I was doing. This is normally done the very next day. I explained the problem and was promised a call back by the next day after she discussed it with her supervisor. I have not heard from anyone. I am very disappointed in Southern Regional which I used to consider a decent hospital. I have done some research and learned that since being taken over by Prime many positions have been cut and obviously registration folks must be one of those. The nurses in out-patient surgery who were very good by the way, had to stop to answer phones, take patients out to their cars and do tasks that were previously done by secretaries and CNAs. You may be saving money but it is reflected in patient care and communication. I have not received my bill yet, but intend to ask that some consideration be given to the 30% I am supposed to pay given this situation. As I stated, that information should have been given to me beforehand giving me the opportunity to decide how I needed to proceed. I would be very happy to speak with someone about this and give more details if necessary.

Queeen Aleeexis

If I could leave no stars I would. Besides the fact the place is disgustingly filthy, the staff was rude and unprofessional. Went into the ER because Im pregnant and I had a bad fall and sprained my ankle. The woman’s center was beautiful and the staff was lovely, they made sure my baby was fine with such ease. Then had to drive over to the ER to have an X-ray done and didn’t even get the results. Was told it would only take 45 minutes to an hour and I ended up waiting over 4 hours in the main waiting room. Just to be transferred to a smaller waiting room for another hour and never even seen a doctor. And when we asked the male nurse what’s going on he ignored us. Then they made me give up my wheelchair and was forced to sit in a small uncomfortable chair knowing I’m pregnant. And couldn’t provide another one when I decided to give up and leave. so my fiancé had to walk me (with a very bad ankle) and my one year old out of that disgusting place. I also had cuts all over my knee from the fall and no one even bothered to clean or bandage it up so I had to do that when I finally got home after 2 in the morning. Would never return to this hospital, they clearly don’t care for their patients.

carla Cannady

I was really nervous and scared on 2/20 I was there for a procedure called R and LHC catheter, but nurses and Dr put me a ease, answered all my questions. I can't say enough how thT made all the difference

NumeroOne Enterprise

Decent Emergency Room(if not ambulatory), overall.

Leslie Vazquez

If I could give 0 stars I would. This place is horrible and unprofessional . Having an emergency, went here and waited 2 hours to be taken into a room. "Diagnose" consisted of "what and where does it hurt" feeling on the problem area and nothing more. A urine sample was taken. 2 more hours to be told nothing was wrong and given a painkiller and told to go see primary doctor. Not to mention, we were placed in a waiting room for an hour where the "doctor" didn't even know we were waiting. With so many negative reviews this place should be shut down. Worst hospital experience ever.

Thomas Nemley

I check in at 12pm for a colonoscopy and the procedure did not start until 6pm. Unacceptable

kyesha lane

Worst place ever. If I ever get in a serious accident or anything. I wouldnt want to go to this place. I was treated horrible by staff even arriving in the ambulance they made me wait with chest pain that were servere I was on the floor crying begging for help staff still passed me by.

femi bankole

Just coming out their emergency, customer service was kind of fair from the medical supporting staffs. No doctor was available 1 at emergency and had to see a nursing practional (his service sucks). Now I feel worse than I went in there.....

Elom Edem

We have to praise the work this hospital is doing in the community. I took my mom there because she can’t be diagnosed properly at the other surrounding hospitals we visited lastly , so someone told me about Southern Regional, I can to the ER the staff was so welcoming, thought we spent five hours waiting I would not regret it at all. We finally got in the back late in night and I understood what the staff is going through. At least I have seen the staff run 3 times to save someone else life not only that the ambulance kept on bringing sicker people, I mean people with high acuity. I was happy with all the advices I got from the staff and my mom was diagnosed and had to stay at the hospital for 2 days. GREAT JOB SOUTHERN REGIONAL!!!!!

Makenzi Stockard

I dont have any complaints about my outpatient surgery. The staff and Doctor made me feel comfortable, safe and taken care of.

James Moss

Well knowledgeable of their position and excellent customer service.

Sunny Skies Media

My name is William Scott. I have lived in Riverdale for 20 years. I am the owner of Sunny Skies Media. In the past 6 months, I have had to go to the Southern Regional Hospital twice. This last time I was seen by a nurse Alexis. When I tell you that I felt better just by her caring service and patient ear. And the female doctor was just as awesome. Southern Regional Hospital gave me southern hospitality and I got better. I am glad that you all are in Clayton County. Please keep up the good work.

Pooh Bear

I was in Southern regional on October 3 for surgery due to a knee replacement. I must say that this is the worst hospital I have ever stayed in. The ac Did not work and I sweated all night long I had to say in my family member hall to get a fan to bring back to my room. After I came from recovery and was still drugged up from the anesthesia I was in a lot of pain and the doctor tried to give me a huge horse pill to take but my brother told him that I would not be able to swallow it so he crushed it up on the desk and put it in my mouth and my family said that I almost gagged of the pill. When it was time for me to be discharged no one help me get dressed or gather my belongings and my fiancé had to go find a wheelchair to walk me to the car. The Professionalism at this hospital is rated a negative one I would never recommend me in any of my family or friends to go to this hospital. Thank the good Lord above that I was able to get out of there before something happened to me.

sherry bailey

Everyone was so so nice! I was a lil scared but everyone took they're time explaining everything to me. I woke up& didn't even realize it was over, lol. Great staff.

Ashley English

My 2mo had a fever and we waited for nearly 6 hours before walking out. Never got to see a Dr. Seen a huge roach as well!

shatelle Lawson

Well we have been sitting here 5 1/2 hours. Still haven’t made it to room yet.

Carmella Miles

Would NOT recommend this hospital for anything. Would rather take my chances of self healing. The waiting time is RIDICULOUS! Don’t come here unless you have all day to be seen, literally. Some of the nurses are RUDE and INSENSITIVE. The worse service EVER!! Save your time and money.

Angela Williams

From the pre-op registration, pre-op preparation, surgery, and on through to post-op, l have received the best care from everyone in all these perspective positions! It has been an awesome and blessed Experience!!! Thank you so much for making me feel at peace during this time!!!

love Jones

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE, Do not come here if you don't have to .NURSE... in charge RHONDA , TECH ELISHA turn her batsh around so i could not read her name ALL OF THEM CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE even the people who bring the food to the room SMH... PLEASE DO NOT PICK THIS HOSPITAL IF YOU DONT HAVE TO THEY WILL NOT TREAT YOUR FAMILY CORRECT AND WITH RESPECT.

Larry Williams

Very good and professional

Lover Gordon

My daugther had her baby The night shift are horrible and lazy no one is to be found..they have a nasty attitude.. I don't like how their rude's so stupid.. I'll never recommend anyone to give birth up here..if you are pregnant and about to give birth... DON'T DONT.. DO NOT GO THERE..

Connie Colton

I was taking care of being there I did have one nurse came in with a bad attitude But she apologized I accepted it But All went well My 1st Major Surgery ever But I'm recovering now Nurse LaTrice and Motrine Y'all was Excellent Thanks for Your Service

D'Joane McCorkle

Had an awesome customer service experience at Southern Regional Medical Center on July 25, 2019. Despite dreading my colonoscopy preventive screening, every person that I encountered from the front desk to the medical staff made the experience seamless and pleasant. Lord willing, see you in 10 years for the next screening!

Avie Wooten

I can't thank Dr. Alim and the compiete staff (especially Jada) for the care that I received on 4/6 for a dislocated rt. shoulder.

Business Only

Horrible experience. I've been here since 12:30am. It's now 5:10am. Haven't seen a doctor. Nothing for the pain. I want to go back home to suffer in the comfort of my own home. This is my 3rd waiting room! How? Please DO NOT COME HERE EVER! You will regret it.

Jamall Knight


Laura Collier

All the doctor's and staff has taken excellent care of me while I was admitted with varies illnesses in Cardic Care Unit. Thank you all in abundance for the smiles, beautiful personalities, and being extremely caring.

Jo Jo Hunter


Audrey Givens

The facility was clean and well kept. The doctors, nurses, nurse technicians, kitchen and janitorial staff provided seamless, courteous care for me. Each one performing their respective job functions while remaining team oriented and united. They saved my life. From ER, to ICU to a regular bed, as I transitioned throughout the hospital, the warm, friendly, professional and non judgmental care was present and remained constant throughout my stay. They saved my life. They valued my life. They cared for me. This hospital has terrible reviews and I don’t understand why. The reviews made me afraid but my fears dissolved because of my constant warm and loving care.

Nanette Calloway

Will never go back again I had two delivery there and it was worst both times. the morning shift was awesome but the night shift just forgot all about me, poor service downstairs when I was sent upstairs my nurse was so rude and everything I told her about me she act like they don't do anything like that in 2018... I was sent home the next day after my child was born without seeing my doctor, when I was being discharged I decided to take a shower before leaving my husband v was helping me because I was week and she just walked in the bathroom and told me to wait b till I got home... I was just notified that I was leaving early and v told I have a couple hours but seems like v she was v trying to get rid of me faster than that it not had been 30 min before she just told me about the discharged.. also I had to ask get about my child results test because she wasn't going to let me know what they said... The food is terrible make sure you bring a lunch ...

Antwaun Williams

Five stars for being my birthplace. :)

Sara Gilley

I am pregnant and experiencing really bad cramps. I got here at 3:45 am and it is 8:13 and I still have yet to be seen. The doctor has been sitting outside my room having a conversation for the last 20 minutes. Needless to say I will never be back here.

Everyones Mamaw

Everyone was great during my stay.

Lindsey Fernandez

The women’s center here is amazing. The ladies I met in triage were very kind and accommodating to my needs. The staff that cared for me in the delivery room were amazing, and the anesthesiologists Roger was super comforting and kind. The nurses that cared for me in recovery were also nice, especially nurse Laura! She really stood out to me going above and beyond by making me feel most comfortable, not only physically but also offering up some of her busy day to help teach me how to breast feed in a more productive manner. Nurse Laura for the win!

Marquita jensen

This is the worst hospital that i’ve ever seen!!! If your trying to receive care, DO NOT COME HERE! They treat you with no respect, and your problem does not get rectified! They treat you like your a problem. The nurses are ghetto. People shouldn’t receive sub-par care, just because.... Urgent Care gave my spouse better service. NEVER AGAIN!

Angela Upshaw

Amazing staff! Everyone was so nice!

Amanda Johnson

Spent 20 days there this month and have no complaints. I had two very great nurses that went above and beyond.

Jameelah Misselhorn

This place is the worse place to go to ! Definitely for emergencies. They are the Most slowest hospital I have ever been too in my life . I have been sitting here for more than five hours and the whole five hours I have been here it’s only been about five other people who have came in sat down to wait . There is know reason any one should even still be here !

Megan Grissett

Moms please don’t have your baby here! I am still traumatized from having my now 8 month old daughter her. The nurses were wonderful but everyone else is very questionable

Ricco Jones

Who ever rated this hospital a 5 . Your clearly an idiot . stop lying this sh$& sucks . Go check it out and see . Everyone is rude it smells like sh!? In the Er . The operator on the phone even sucks . There are Doctors that don’t know what the he!! they are doing so the wait time is ridiculous. S$&@ should be torn down . Please stop letting this place exsit . Somebody Anybody God Help this place .

Joe Payne

I am so happy to share my experience at Southern Regional. Last week, I had a cardiac catheterization performed as an outpatient procedure. From the moment I walked into the registration lobby at 5:55am I was greeted by friendly and caring people. Everyone there was just as sweet as they could be to me. I was very nervous about the procedure so it was helpful to have smiling faces and professional people taking care of me. After the procedure I was rolled into recovery and Marilyn brought me a sandwich and some ginger ale and I didnt even ask for it. Needless to say, it was much appreciated because by then I was very very hungry. If I ever have to spend time in a hospital again, I hope the staff is just as great as the staff at Southern Regional. Thanks everyone. Thanks for all your care and your dedication to your hospital. Sincerely, Joe L. Payne Fayetteville, GA

Vy Nguyen

Absolutely the worst service ever. Nurses were rude, doctors were lazy, and everyone else was just cranky. They don’t care about the patients and get a nasty attitude when a patient questions something. Went into the ER and had to wait an entire night (still waiting right now too).

Kieara Joiner

Waited for over 7 hours. Doctors and nurses do not communicate at all about condition or treatment. Registration does not do it's best to protect your personal information. Do whatever you can to Avoid emergency room at this hospital. Absolutely terrible.

Domanique Aphrodite

My son was running a fever of 103 for two days. I decided to take him to the emergency room. I took him to southern regional. Worse mistake ever. I'm sitting here and it's been 5 hours. I guess a doctor came to check my son out. He didn't introduce himself so Idk. To top it off I asked the receptionist for a cup of water for my son who has a fever and she was like hold on because she was helping others. She took her sweet time. She got my son's information wrong on the wrist band so Idk why I thought she was worth anything. I have NEVER dealt with anything like this at an emergency room. I understand if you are busy but when no one checks on a sick child to make sure they are ok that's a problem. They need to hire more people and a better staff. Do better!!!

Uniquia Manigault

If I could give this place negative stars I would give this hospital a -100. This is the worst hospital I’ve ever been to. There’s a paramedic there name Earl, caucasian older guy, he is the WORST paramedic I have ever encountered! Absolutely RUDE, unprofessional, and extremely insensitive. I have never met a worst medical professional such as he. I checked into southern regional at 4:27pm It is now 9:53pm and I am STILL here! I was in a car accident, my car flipped three times so my body is completely aching and extremely sore it’s getting worse as I sit here in the waiting room typing this review. This is absolutely ridiculous for ANY hospital to operate in this manner I am highly disappointed. If you can make it to another hospital do NOT visit this hospital. I am livid this is the worst visit I have ever made to ANY hospital I will NOT be coming back and I will NOT reccomend this hospital to anyone And again, paramedic Earl Is #Terrible he should be fired immediately!!!!!

Olalekan Akanji

Terrible hospital my dog will not even step there. From the nurse to the Doctor terrible and waste of my precious time with the fast track Never again and please do not go here for anything

Jade Plummer

Worst hospital In Atlanta . They need to be shut down.

Sean Berry

Found myself in the GI lab. Most professional team I've dealt with. Efficient, caring, cool. Thanks

navy aiy

My mom was taken here 2 months ago from fainting at work. I do not recommend this hospital at all. We live close by but I rather her go to another hospital than here. The nurse or doctor never introduced their name when she was brought in. I told them most likely she has the flu because everyone in the house had it. They didnt listen to me . They couldnt find her veins. They poked her 4 times and the last nurse who did it ended up hurting my mom and had blood squirt everywhere and some on the floor. He didnt even say sorry. Just overall, it was horrible. They need to know how to be caring and show hospitality. ........................ This is my response to after they reached out to me under my comment. I emailed them so we can address the situation right away however, no response. It was probably a ploy to make it look like they care but till this day, no one has actually emailed me back or called me about the situation.

Patrick Mitchell

Vending machines only had food with gluten

north Western studios 12

Do not come here. I was pregnant and was in unbearable pain. I could barely walk, talk or breathe without being in pain. I was bleeding like I had a period that would never end 3 months into the pregnancy. Came to this hospital 3 times and was told the pain and bleeding was absolutely normal and they sent me on my way. Finally go to a different hospital and the doctor told me frankly he was shocked I was still alive. Turns out, I had an ectopic pregnancy all along. Had to have emergency surgery that day or I would have died. I thank God I had the sense to go to a totally different hospital or I would not be here today. This hospital is still billing me and they were going to let me die. By far the worse hospital I've ever went to in my 34 years. I wouldn't trust this hospital with anything. Good luck

Jeannie DeTar

I went to this hospital a few years ago and it was just awful, mistakes from top to bottom...this is not the same place. With updated technology and intelligent processing, observation, and care from intake to discharge and no dust anywhere, (this place is clean!!) I was thoroughly impressed. Thanks to all the hardworking staff, so glad you’re here. Piedmont Henry should call for advice—

henrietta John

The care and attention received in room 201 is just too much and awesome for me. A big thank you to nurse Wendy and Nurse Adrienna they are the bomb! ! ! My thanks and appreciation also goes to Dr. Ijaduola who took the time to cordinate with another nephrologist on the other side of the hemisphere to get on the same page to deliver the interventions the patient needs.God bless you guys for a job well done. I can go home and trust my patient is in good hands.

Kametra Harris

This has been the Worst experience I have had to ever ensure from an hospital. First thing was the Nurse in Triage (ER) Jackie was very RUDE and showed no type of professionalism or empathy towards the patients. The way she talked to was totally unacceptable and I can see why the hospital has bad reviews with people like HER BEING EMPLOYED ...Secondly I came for a pain in my side..I checked in at 6:50pm...and still waiting at 11:00pm. IN FAST TRACK all I have done was x-rays and Urine sample ....This is Totally RIDICULOUS...You would think I was in Labor as long as I have had to wait!!! I PRAY I NEVER HAVE TO RETURN TO THIS E.R.!!!!!! Totally DISPLEASED AND READY TO GO!!!!! Almost 5 hrs later still Waiting! When asking one of the million nurses sitting around not doing NOTHING , what I am waiting on ....I keep getting "He's coming" it's only one provider and They don't know is the responses you get! This is totally unacceptable and I hope the STATE OF GA SHUTS THIS PLACE DOWN!!!!

Wanda Jones

Arrived 12 appointment was at 2 did not start upper GI until 4:43. Did not communicate with me on why the wait time was so long.

Brittanie Moore

The absolute worst hospital ever. Took my husband 9 1/2 hours to just be seen. Saw and elderly lady bleed profusely through her nose for 4 hours in the waiting room. They just kept bringing her rags. Will never come here again. Not even on my death bed.

Tijuana Banks

Pre-op staff, Ms Joyce (Phenomenon nurse, very thorough, and caring), Ms Libby and Joseph they are the best. Dr St Julian was awesome along with Dr Sidiqi, complete OR STAFF made my surgery a great and successful experience. Unit nurse Taylor, Julia along with pct Carrie provided me with 5 star service. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS

BCF Group

The staff on in tower 3 on the 3rd floor are amazing, Elizabeth, Carrie,Ann, Peggy, Darius Bonner(Caseworker), Donne (Social Worker), Nurse Sharon the list goes on for that entire staff. The treatment and care I received during my week and a half was monumental and definitely deserves recognition for there pleasant and comforting experience in a ruff time for me. If I forgot any names forgive me. Kudos!!!

Lychelle Williams

If I could give zero I would. I thought the VA medical center was bad this place is the absolute worst. There were ants all over my bed, when I was transported there was trash underneath the bed and to top it off this place is very unprofessional. The women who were doing my CT scan never informed me of what they were doing, what I was signing and talked about their nails and what party they were going to this weekend. This place needs to be shut down. They forgot to give me an IV and my mother had to tell 3 nurses before I even got one. 2 of them acted as if they didn’t know how to give an IV. I could go on for days and I was only there for a few hours. Never again

Daryl Anderson

From the time I walked through the entrance door, every hospital worker was very polite and courteous! The reception was friendly, the person at the window was very nice and informed me of some things I was unaware of. The people in the surgerical room were just plain OUTSTANDING! I would recommend Southern Regional Medical Center to my family and my friends. Thanks to all of the staff members who took a part in my procedure on Monday, Sept. 9th

Tremaine Williams

Never come here for chest pain.. You will sit for 3hrs.. They are not professional.. They receptionist told me I wasn't there long enough to even complain. This hospital has the lowest respect for anybody.. No one wants to do their.. They bald head receptionist is definitely working in the wrong field.. Again never come here

simiso ncube

7hours or more hours thats how long the wait time is, beyond disappointed

Kiara Stroud

The worst emergency department ever. The wait is extremely long. Everyone is unprofessional. The staff are poorly trained with little knowledge and experience, almost like high school students. They have a lot of rookie staff and it’s all just a complete total mess.

Nakia Bla

I had a great experience with Southern Regional Medical in the Women’s Center for an out patient surgery. Nurses were very helpful and courteous.

DonTaé Hodge

SLOW!!!!! Been here with my dad for two hrs now, and he’s just sitting here in pain (told them 9 on a scale of 1-10). There’s not even a lot of people in here (pic shows all the people in the waiting room). Not to mention the terrible attitude of all the staff we’ve come in contact with, this is a hospital after all, you would think they would try to lift people’s spirits.


Horrible hospital! Takes about 3 hrs just to get seen and at the end i never got seen by a professional doctor only a nurse and they told me i had a condition but then said i didnt because the papers got mixed up! Theyre horrible and the nurses have an attitude theyre cussing all over the hospital and laughing while there’s patients in the ER still not been seen

Larry Bailey

very friendly, nice staff

Lonicia Morrow

I went into the ER around 10:30am for vaginal bleeding. (I am pregnant). I had bled through my clothes pretty bad. I chose this hospital because my OB works under them. I assumed that, for this reason, I’d get seen with urgency. I was wrong. Triage was extremely rude and unprofessional. I sat there in that waiting room for what seemed like an eternity (near 4 hrs) before being seen by someone. No one seemed to have any sense of urgency. I was given a thin piece of clothing to replace my pants that I had bled through. When they took my for my ultrasound, there were two techs in the room, both of which were extremely rude. I was nervous so I tried to take my mind off of it by starting conversation. They were not interested in talking at all. They wouldn’t answer any of my questions and kept whispering amongst each other. This made my emotions even worse. After the ultrasound, I was sent BACK TO THE WAITING ROOM!!!! For another hour and a half! When I finally got into a room, I waited an hour before the doctor came in. He was very short with me and my fiancé. Wasn’t too interested in answering our questions. We were then sent to another waiting room because it was “time for discharge”. We sat in that room for almost 2 hrs before someone brought us discharge papers. I am VERY disappointed in the staff and in the facility as a whole. I will definitely be considering other hospitals to give birth at. I wouldn’t dare have my child born here.

Amy Fulk

The Women's Life Center is absolutely wonderful. After my wife had her abdominal hysterectomy, she was admitted for a few days. All the nurses were friendly, professional, and fast to help in any way we needed. By far the best staff we have ever encountered in any hospital. Can't speak for the rest of the facility, though. These ladies and gentlemen were very passionate about everything they did. They were not just there to get a paycheck, for sure. I recommend any woman having any issues to request the Women's Life Center at Southern Regional.

Thomas Zachery

Very nice.

Odessa Howard

If I could give this place a alf star I would. The Er department is know for killing off people i know first hand. My mother died because of the er department. My mom was bought into the emergency room by ambulance on may 12th 2017 .she got there around 4:20 in the afternoon. I was told when i arrived that they were waiting on a chopper to take her to Emory. So I told the. Nurse that i had to leave and get my daughter from daycare and if they came before i got back to please call me and she said ok. I never got a call. So when i got back to the hospital she was still laying there, @ that point I was told that she was waiting on ground transportation to come and get her because of weight restrictions but she only weighed 273 and i have seen larger people than that be transported by chopper. So that means that any options that was available to help save her was no longer an option. So when she got to Emory after 8pm they said. That there was nothing that they could do at that point because she was no longer in that window it has been to long and they said that she was Brain dead. But i was told by the Dr. @ Emory if they would have gotten her to them in time she could have had the surgery to drain the blood off here brain. So with this experience I would not take my worst enemy to Southern Regional because it is true you might walk in and end up in the morgue.I was told to sue Southern Regional and i still am before it is to late. Somebody need to shut y'all down for good.

Gail Leonard

My rating is for the Physical Therapy department. The people I initially spoke with, Preston and Tameka, were professional and thorough. The therapist I’m assigned to, Sebastian, is a consummate professional! Timely, compassionate and takes time to answer my questions. Based on my treatment in the ER last April, this would be a rating of ‘2 stars’. There doesn’t seem to be adequate staff and the ones who I saw seemed tired and broken down. I arrived around 3p, sent to ER from my PC doctors office. I didn’t see a doctor until around 11pm! The doctors were courteous and seemed competent but I was very sick and exhausted from waiting. I don’t know what needs to be done to corrrct the issues at Southern Regional but I’ve been treated in the ER at Piedmont HENRY and Piedmont Fayette without these problems.

Jerone Flowers

Waited 5 hours seen a roach and walked right out

Linda Coxton

The staff was wonderful. I don't know if the hospital has any control, but the wait for the Dr. (Dr. Ocola) was unreal. No one knew when he would arrive or if he was coming. My procedure was scheduled for 12:00 and it didn't happen until around 2:15.

Jerri Winfield

In my opinion this hospital need to be closed down they rude as hell I sat there for 6 1/2 hours hours and didn’t get any interaction. I missed work I still have this headache its just not a good place like I would never go there again ever like I said the doors need to be locked for good this hospital needs to be closed

Carla Holden

Do not go to this hospital if you have a mental breakdown they treat mental patients like they are prisoners the staff and nurses show no compassion and were so mean and would not even give me a non prescription pain reliever for my severe pain.They look down on you like you are nothing and talk hateful and do nothing to comfort you when you are in distress.There was one male nurse and two young female nurses that treated me with respect and were very nice and they were the only ones who showed compassion.I also heard the mean and hateful nurses make fun of some of the patients.There was also a young real tall skinny security officer who was very mean, hateful and very disrespectful who i overheard using profanity and saying very nasty vulgar language about people he was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and i did not appreciate it.The other security officers were nice and respectable especially the two gentlemen who wore glasses.

Mark Connell

From your Information Desk through sign-in and your nurses and staff in pre-op ...everything was great! Your staff was very friendly and calming, and got me through this colonoscopy. Thank you very much!

Sheree Hill

Worse bedside manner ever! They cut the inside of my throat while removing the breathing tube because they said my throat was "floppy". Its been a week and my throat hurts worse than the surgery scars.

Helen Buckner

I went to this hospital on July 23, 2019, to have weight loss surgery. The nurses and pre opt and post opt were all great! I was treated very well! Everyone that I had an encounter with was great. They were all very professional. Their bedside manner was great also! Every one on staff that participated in my care made me feel that I was very important. Everyone who came to my room for any part of my care, would knock on my door and wait for my answer to invite them in! Once they came in, they would introduce themselves and let me know what they were there for. I have been to other hospitals where the staff didn't respect patients as such. I was really pleased with the care that I received there inspite of the reviews that they had! I was having second thoughts about having my surgery there. But after reading the reviews, I decided to go ahead with my surgery there. As a retired nurse myself, I would definitely recommend others to come here!

Chaunza Webster

Terrible terrible terrible!!!!!!!!!! It’s was my first time coming here since I’ve moved to Georgia the service was great when I first walked in. I later went to the back and it all went down hill. There were three patients in one room. One of them were treated and then the nursing assistant asked the “Caucasian family” next to us why they weren’t treated yet and looked directly at us and didn’t say anything at all.

al crusan

everything was good everybody were professional and courteous.

KNowledge Taken

All of those reviews are lies, this staff is very professional, courteous and accommodating. I had no insurance and was seen in less than 30 minutes and had ultrasounds and other tests done within the next hour in and out. I would definitely reccomend this hospital for people in Riverdale, and I would definitely returned if I had to. They even delivered my baby at their Women’s Center. I love this hospital, thank you Southern Regional.

LeeShora Darden

The slowest hospital ever. Grady isn't this bad been sitting for 4 hours just to get my insurance information taken, then had to wait 3 more hours for supposed "fast track" like never again will I come here . I will further more attend Grady memorial hospital for all medical needs .

Latrese King

This is the worst place to go. I have an aunt who is dying and I got there late. I understand the policy but we were allowed to go the night before and then we come back and now it's a problem.

Agustin Atherley

Loving, professional and courteous people. Especially the team on the 4th floor.

Cause u Need 2 know

VERY NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENT!!! Not one smile on ANY staff member. Attempts to interact with staff are always met with negativity and attitude. Fortunately there's a roof on the building because many of the staff have their nose so far up in the air, they'd drown. As you see ANY response from the hospital is always sorry for your negative experience, please contact us with your contact information. Problem is even after you provide such info, nothing happens. In fact, they should rename this place as "The NOTHING HAPPENS hospital with an ATTITUDE!" At least it would be more descriptive and accurate. Because you need to know- RESPONSE TO YOUR RESPONSE: Let's not play the silly word games. Let's see you put some ACTION TO YOUR WORDS. LET ME SEE ANY STAFF MEMBER ASIDE FROM THE AUXILIARY LADIES OR THE VALET PARKING LADIES SIMPLY SMILE BEFORE I LEAVE THIS HOSPITAL. A SMILE HAS GREAT POWER. YOUR TURN...SMILE!-

June Bug

I was skeptical about going to this ER due to so many negative comments I’ve heard , but it was the closest hospital and I had an emergency. To my surprise the staff was extremely friendly and kind. They went beyond their duty, made sure I was comfortable and tried to make me laugh to try and make me less nervous . I was cold and they brought me a warm blanket without me asking. I asked the ER doctor an insurance question and he told me not to worry, his concern was my well being. I was taken for a scan and from the gentleman that wheeled me to the room to the tech....WOW. Just wonderful people. The culture has changed so much I will be using this ER instead of Piedmont Henry.

Gerald Boyd

Wait in triage area was way to long, 10 hrs. It was cold and uncomfortable. That being said, I substitute my uncomfortable for the gratitude of my wife being diagnosed and attended too. Staff was knowledgeable and courteous.

tiffany hall

Does anyone know of a good attorney in Clayton county that will take on a hospital such as this for delay in treatment/care? This hospital's scheduling department has caused a delay in my treatment, more worried about the hospital's pocketbook vs. patient care.

Brandon Liburd

STAY AWAY!!! Receptionist are racist and nonchalant. Especially for emergency staff. Minimum wait is 4 hours. People come in with serious emergencies. Mine was a seizure. It’s the worst thing when the people who are supposed to help are the least caring toward your emergency. Kind of backward. Management has to seriously evaluate staff. Racism is a big thing. And it should not be ignored

Darleana Gobin

I had a great experience at this hospital. It was my first time there for medical reasons. The staff was warm and welcoming. There were no delays or waiting. Every little thing was explained in detail. I felt well taken care of.

Keisha Christie

I was very nervous about visiting SEM. My experience was very good visiting from out of state! I was treated with courtesy and respect by everyone. Even after being given a room a warm blanket was promptly provided without me asking. Thank you to the staff!!!

Henry Pettway

Staff was top shelf. Everything that was going to happen was explained in detail. Friendly folk. Not looking forward to my next colonoscopy but I hope it's as smooth sailing as this one and with similar personnel. Also helped that the doctor didn't find anything.

Josephis Wade

I didn’t die!

Nova Blackmon

I have congestive heart failure- diagnosed in 2016. Sometimes ..I get congestion around my heart and I Can't breath. I went to this hospital- they did not admit me to the hospital and the sent me home with antibiotics and a nebulizer. I am still wheezing and still have excess fluid on my heart at home. Dr. avery also told me I am sick because I weigh 245 lbs. I have to be able to breathe in order to diet. What an idiot! Ridiculous!

Dennis Benner

This week I had a routine outpatient procedure at Southern Regional. From the moment I walked in at 7:30 in the morning, I was greeted by friendly, smiling staff. Registration was seamless and both ladies I met with were really nice. Upon going back to the procedure area, I was again greeted by kind, friendly nurses who went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and informed of what to expect. The doctor was caring and professional, and everything went smoothly. Can’t say enough good things about my experience at Southern Regional.

Delphia Lofton

What a great experience for me first time ever having major surgery the staff was perfect Dr. NELSON DID an fantastic job I'm very happy now that I have a boot I just have to take it one step and one day at a time to get back to normal thank you southern regional medical center for taking good care of me Dr Lee, Keith thank you all

Kylie Dickinson

Waited for four hours to actually go into surgery and only got in then because someone let us move ahead of them. The staff only updated us when we asked. Once in surgery all went rather well and we got out of there fast.

Candice Dubois

My mom came to Southern Regional emergency department ,upon arrival my mother dentures were taken from her by the technician to conduct Cat scan. Throughout her stay they tried to locate her dentures but later stated after 4days it was believed the technician threw them in the garbage can. I was given contact information day of her discharge of representative to right this terrible wrong.I have spoken and emailed their representative several times and was assured things would be taken care of within a certain time frame. This was almost two months ago. Now my emails go unanswered and when she did respond its always something different than what was originally stated to me. My mother has gone into a state of depression and have lost severe weight due to the neglect of this hospital. This hospital position itself to be patient friendly with quality customer service but they have fail my mother and family. This situation has been emotionally stressful for my entire family.

Dope TV

Wait time in this place is awful, unexceptionable, and down right ridiculous. It’s super cold. I’ve been here going on 7 hours WHY?

Amera J

Love it here everyone is so nice

Monsurat Lawal

Excellent Customer Service.

TheOneAndOnly _

ER needs to be shut down periodttt...but the hospital floors are ok like the nurses and techs

Ashley Tisley

The staff was ok. My problem is the lack of care. I sit there for hours for them to tell me I have a UTI. Every woman knows what a UTI is and how it feels and I definitely don’t have an UTI. I have swelling in my stomach and pressure and extreme pain on my organs. They have just showed me that they don’t care about my well being at all. Not one ultrasound not one resolution to my problem. But instead an insult to my well being and intelligence. I am so upset when someone tells you there symptoms listen, investigate and act like you care.

Ashonte Kidd

The worst hospital ever no matter how many times ownership changes nothing gets better from the wait time to the horrible rn to the horrible doctors just telling you anything to get you out unless your problem is something that can see this is not the place for them to diagnose you .. there’s no chain of command and there’s no one to report issue to that’s why it get no better

Anna Johnson

I visited the emergency department on 1/22/19 @ around a little after 8 pm. A friend fell in his driveway an had a goose size bloody bump on his forehead. I parked in front to run in and get a wheelchair b/c he definitely was well off balance and was unstable to walk without assistance. As we approached the front desk for check in I explained to the lady at the desk what had happened. She was very nice and professional and showed a great deal of compassion ( I didn't get her name). She literally told the nurse (African-American, bald headed, male) he has the worstest attitude as ever. This wasn't my first encounter with this nurse....he always seem to give off that nurse wretched vibes. He quickly glanced over and said oh he'll be okay and quickly walked off. As we stood at desk checking in my friend literally was showing some concerning signs that was visible disturbing to me. So after letting her know (4x's) each time she was informing the nurse and eventually a nurse took us back. There was an emt on duty (African-American, female with a ponytail) that took us back. She was very professional and nice. The nurse who checked his vitals (Africa-America, female with locs) was so patient and showed a great deal of compassion and was very patient with my friend. She gave him an ice pack for head. With my friends permission of course, she explained to me what the next course of action was going to be taken due to his injury. As he waited in waiting room in the back for visually monitoring I went to the registration desk to provide his insurance information. The representative there was so professionally nice (african-American, shoulder Bob cut, female). I was given smiles by the staff on shift last night. The good experience out weighted the bad. I really truly believe that 1 apple won't spoil this bunch, because not everyone has that bedside manner to be a nurse. *I'm promise I will make it my mission to get names. Will edit this post once I get names.

Marqarius Porter


Keasha Sharpe

All parties that had a hand in seeing me were exceptional. The nurses Angela, & Debby . Kinsley, Dr Jalil , the lady that I processed me, Howell and everyone I came in to contact with were professional, talented and took excellent care of me. Thank you ang God bless

Aysha Washington

If you have a choice do NOT come here! You will wait at least five hours before even speaking to a doctor. ! Not to mention the bedside manners are horrible and the nurse came off very racist!

Gina Barton

SRMC did a great job with my care from beginning to end. I was well taken care of and all my expectations were met. I will always make SRMC my hospital of choice and I will always recommend this wonderful place to everyone if they want excellent care.

Beverly Caldwell

Everyone was very kind! Thanks everyone for an outstanding job

Camille Toppin

The staff was great but I left the hospital after surgery with many unanswered questions. The discharge paperwork was incomplete only listing 2 of the 4 procedures that I was supposed to have done. I was left wondering if the surgery was successful or if it even took place at all. There is a disconnect in communication between the staff and the surgeons. They scheduled me at the wrong follow up facility. I'm glad I read and pay attention so I was able to correct it before it was to late. There's potential to be a great hospital but the success is in the details.

Bahja Bayete

This is the WORST hospital and environment I have ever been in. The staff DO NOT care about your wellbeing at all. I hurt my back and was in so much pain. They had me waiting for hours, so I left to go else where. The staff are very rude. This hospital needs to be shut down immediately! DO NOT COME HERE!


Came here at 8pm , now it's 12:30 am and all ive done is sign papers. Worst mistake ever coming to this hopistal

Shola Nabors

The worst was there 6 hrs came in with severe pain and received no pain meds entire time. Then was told i had low potassium levels and was given a pill and sent home. Didn't even address the issue I came for. No blood pressure taken or anything. Absolutely the worst.

John Osborne

My paperwork indicated a test time of 08:30, however, the test was done around 09:30 or so. Although it appeared late it was accomplished in 30 minutes or so. Dr Doughan provided me the results thereafter. All in all, I was not as nervous about the test as I thought that I might be. The medical staff were very professional and thorough.

Jovan Tindell

I had a stroke and they treated me fast and efficiently minimizing the damage done. They are kind and caring. My room is very clean and the staff has been phenomenal. I recieved better care here than I have at hospitals with better reviews. This place has an undeserved bad rep and I will no longer travel so far for care all I could want and need is right here.

Amannisa Sawuti

Can't say anything about other services, but Women's life center... bad experience! They were being judgmental about my prenatal history; Reported my address wrong, Now, its causing me lots of inconvinients going to different departments to fix their mess. Medicaid lady didn't take all my information, now I am not eligible for assistance. How am I gonna pay that bill now? I am so upset and regret choosing this place for my child birth...

Janny Zepeda

I wanna start of by saying that i am so greatful for this hospital the staff and theyre services. In june 2018 i was dieying when i came to southern regional from sepsis. And i just got out form being there 2 weeks due to sepsis again. And the staff the doctors the receptionist everyone was on point. I was taken back immediately in a very bad state. And they have saved my life twice. A doctor who held my hand threw everything and never left my side as well as nurses . I wanna say Thank You me and my family are greatfull and always will be. U made sure i left hospital with all my needs met . Thank you for being amazing.

Mary Branch

I was going to physical Therapy twice a week,I enjoyed the excercise that I had to do to help with my leg/knee.

Shanvoria McCoy

My daughter hit her head and bleeding bad. It was obvious she needed 1-2 stitches. They still made her sit in the waiting room for 6hours before going to the back and spent another 3-4 once in the back

Deborah Robinson

I was there for 11 hours on Aug 28, 2018; it was the worse experience ever. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone! God is a healer and He will heal all who seek Him! I don't want anyone to lose their jobs but this hospital needs a MAJOR overhaul, starting with the CEO... We need a healthcare facility in Clayton County; Southern Regional isn't it. Please contact Clayton County Congressman & Senator with your concerns as well. Thank you.

Zoya Amara

Worst hospital ever. We sat for over 5 hours while my husband was in agonizing pain . I couldn’t get a cup of water for him or something to eat. The staff are uncaring and rude. I asked to get to my husband room and they ignored and 2 white check in admin kept talking to each other like they didn’t hear me , until a black admin lady helped me . Will NEVER COME BACK AND PLEASE DONT GO THERE. Hospital is In bad condition and a JOKE!

Alesha Lewin

The woman center is great but they food about liquid is nasty that what piss me off who going drink season watery borth for dinner and breakfast ugh not me so I make it clear i wanna going home because u all putting me on this diet chart that I don't like or wanna eat. Am not here for eating but im here for my pregancy health that's all and I will not give my unborn baby such thing to eat this my first time at the woman center too. But Dr Walker laugh it off cause I say the reason why I want to rush home cause u all meal.

Christie Hollis

E.R. Staff is not only rude but very mean. It’s already bad enough that you’re sick but you also have to deal with attitudes and the fear of knowing they truly don’t care about your life.

Fitzgerald Lilly

I was a patient at this Hospital 3 weeks ago and they told me I had pneumonia I don't believe them because I felt find. I went there for my left leg and head issues. They injected about 5 different antibiotics in my body until I told them I was going home. They tried to get me stay but I didn't because I know I didn't have pneumonia. A week later I got a second opinion and that doctor said I was good. Every since my visit at this Hospital I have been experiencing changes in my body not good changes. I'm a person who respect people in the medical field but most of them only do it for the money. I will never visit this hospital again because I didn't ask for help die. I Pray for the people who walk through those doors..

Ebony Parrish

The worst hospital ever. I have never had a good experience here and will never be returning. My suggestion go somewhere else. Anywhere other than this hospital. I brought my son here because he cut his hand and needed stitches. We were finally seen 8 hrs later, no pain medicine, nothing at all. My son sitting with his hand bleeding and in pain. When the doctor finally stitched his hand, he did not numb it completely so my son felt every stitch, every time the doctor stuck my son with the needle my son was crying, pleading for the doctor to stop, for it to be over. I even said something to him but he just kept going. The doctor just kept going telling my son it’s almost over. My son should not have felt anything if that doctor truly numbed his hand like he claims he did. I repeat do not come here.

Paulette Hardin

Very personable service here!!

Kae Browniee

don't come here if you have an actual emergency. I got here at 2:17pm. it's now 5:45pm. a doctor finally saw me at 5:08pm, said he was sending for an Xray. I had my blood drawn, still no Xray. at 6pm I'm leaving, Xray or not. I came in because I was rear ended in an accident & my face slammed into my steering wheel. and I previously had a spinal injury so I came here just to make sure nothing was wrong, but I was better off staying at home in bed in pain, than sitting in a hard chair for going on 4 hours in pain.

Gwen Graham

The WORST HOSPITAL!!! I've experienced ever!! I arrived about 2:25a.m. it is now 3:42 p.m. I'm still not in a room. I'm still sitting in the back of the emergency room waiting. Three people went to rooms & I'm in bed #3, there is another patient two beds down. He's yelling for help. There's 4 (ladies) employees at the desk socializing not one of came to help him. I asked them to help him they looked at each other like "he's not my patient"...and TURNED their back on me (WOW) Then this Kristen person (w/a "K" as she so rudly informed me how it's spelled) rudly told me to go back to my room that he has a bell and should have rung it if he needed help. Rude. Then she called Security on me, he came asking me what's going on. I explained he checked on the man. The man was over there with a bad nose bleed. The Security guard helped and the nursing staff could care less. Unbelievable! WORSE Hospital EVER!!!

Beverly Moore

Everything went well. I feel great, thanks to everyone who helped with my procedure and care before, during and after.

Brianna Copeland

The wait time is horrible in the emergency department. We waited over 7 hours to be seen by doctors. Customer service is definitely mediocre

Towana Freeman

If I could give no stars i would. I have been here from 2pm and is currently here and it is 11pm. This is definitely unacceptable! no one knows how long it will be before a Dr. can see us. multiple people came after us and has either left and or are still here! it's definitely fox 5 news or channel 2 need to investigate... so many sick people due to emergency reasons come in because it is an emergency. not to spend the whole day and night!!! This is some bull... and I will never return here again because a real emergency should be taken as that

davinia singleton

Where do I start? My stay was so wonderful from nurses to doctors to Amanda in house keeping they were all nice and helpful to me. My night nurse helped me dress my self and get to the bathroom. I could not do these things on my own. The staff made me feel cared for and important. I will always want to go to Sourhern Regional in Riverdale, GA. Thank you for making me feel special during my time of need.

Ricka Wilcoxson

I would like to thank BOTH staffs. Zone A 4th floor (Sunny, Felisha, Shanika, Rose,)& Zone B 2nd floor.....(Hazel, Ava, & Katrina) also Dr. Majumder. I was GREATLY appreciated the care you gave for my mother. GOD BLESS

Jae'Marie On demand

Me and my daughter have been here since 7pm it is now 12am still haven’t been back to see a doctor they won’t even tell me a wait time or how many other people are ahead of us I should’ve read the reviews before coming here it really sucks because it's literally around the corner from my house but I will never come back here willingly

Wanda Simmons

No problems at all. Everyone was so pleasant and professional. I really appreciated that.

Latisha Harrison

Staff is extremely rude & nasty! No sense of empathy or concern. I walked in to check on my daughter & we noticed a lady on the ground near the bathroom, everyone was trying to alert the people behind the window & they got upset & screamed, "We heard y'all stop yelling." I promise it took at least 3 min for someone to casually walk out with an attitude to check. All this time, I'm still standing at the window waiting to be addressed. When the lady finally spoke, she said, "You need something" After this & other people complaining, we left & went to Piedmont Henry which is where we should have gone initially. Nasty facility & nasty attitudes!

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