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REVIEWS OF South Georgia Medical Center IN Georgia

Jack McClellan

From the time I was called until the time I left, I was amazed at the professionalism , efficiency and friendliness of the staff. From Kevin who set up my initial appointment through to Dee and Regan who conducted the MRI, they showed that they were good at their jobs and enjoyed doing them. This manifested in what was expected to being a chore which became a pleasant and enlightening experience. Thank you all and SGMC for having such staff.

Frances Moses

Why did I even come? I came because I was in pain thinking that they would help me out because i just found out I have an illness that will have to deal with the rest of my life. But that is not the story. 5 a.m

Adam Joestgen

Came in for my 2 month old having trouble breathing. They said because he didn't have a fever he wasn't priority. He threw up 3 times in the waiting room and we waited for 6 hours to even be seen. Truly an unbelievable experience. Apparently my son needs to be dead to be seen. The drive to any other er is worth it. In 6 hours I could have driven to an been seen in Miami. What a joke. But don't worry, I'm sure they will comment on this give me a complaint number that no one will answer. Wish I could do zero stars!

Judy Roberts

My husband had tests done at South Georgia Medical Center on 12/18/2015. I went back & forth with the business office to ensure this bill was paid. I was told that they were having trouble with their computer service in getting the correct numbers entered. This went on for several months. At long last they got the correct info input. My insurance paid and we paid up front what we were told was our share to pay. TODAY (08/02/2017) we get a statement stating we owed $25.39. Really, after 1 1/2 years!!! How do you run a business and don't even know who owes you money. No problem paying the money; this is just a POOR way to run a business.

john matarazzo

My father contracted septis a blood born infection after surgery he passed away two days later from the infection that was passed on to him at SGMC he died because of their care .I contacted an attorney and they are going to file a wrongful death suit on this Hospital you are taking a huge risk on your life and your families life by even being in this facility for any reason

Susan Alvarez

Wonderful Staff Administration needs to pay attention to Needs of Patient Care ;Sufficiency of Nurse to Patient ratio. Supplies needed on every level for care. If ICU is full?and Patient is placed on another floor for care? Staff for the care of that person should be provided to alternate floor! SHMC has terrific people Thanks so very very much for your help and care

Jazmine Perkins

Went in with extreme abdominal pain. I was literally in tears. After having eight different nurses I finally got to speak to the doctor, who had asked me what I THOUGHT was wrong. I told him that I had just left my campus med center, and they had told me it may be my appendix. This doctor LAUGHED at me, and then said he was going to go “collect his thoughts” on what HE thought was wrong. He never came back in, and prescribed me 400 mg ibuprofen after I had already told him AND the other 8 nurses that I was taking 800mg ibuprofen and it wasn’t even doing anything. On top of that he also gave me a prescription for stomach medication, after I told him numerous times the pain was in my lower right abdomen, not my stomach. This place is an absolute joke and does not care about listening to the concerns of their patients.

Grayling Hunter

I wish that zero stars was an option. I have been a patient at several hospitals nationwide as well as abroad. For the sake of health and very survival of potential future patients, my experience proves this to be the absolute worst hospital I have encountered. Before I learned better, I was admitted to SGMC and very recently had a family member who was admitted there. I have also been an inpatient at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida and was twice admitted through their emergency department (ED). The difference is so stark, you would almost think you were dealing with two different industries rather than two hospitals. For those who have waited hours in the SGMC ED, consider this. If you left your home in Valdosta en route to SGMC's ED and I left my home in Valdosta going to the Mayo Clinic's ED, even though I would drive for two hours to get there, I would still receive world class care at Mayo while you were still waiting at SGMC. This is fact! No embellishment; I have never waited longer than 30 minutes to be treated at the Mayo ED, and I don't mean just vital signs and back to waiting, vitals are taken during the registration process. Is SGMC really the worst in the United States? I can't say because I've not been to every hospital. But I have been to many and I certainly find it to be the worst that I have experienced in the world. I can only recall being an in-patient at 7 hospitals worldwide and although a non-US military hospital overseas had its issues, that hospital was far better than the horrible things that I saw or learned about from reputable sources, with witnesses, at SGMC. ADDED: This is minor but indicative of the lack of knowledge.This picture is one each of two pair of socks that I received at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville with the last year. However, when at SGMC recently, we received a pair that was size medium (I picture because we threw them away). They would not stay on so I asked for a larger size. 3, Three, THREE different nurses told me that they only made one size. Just ignorant!

Bubu Lopez

Poor service 0 stars I seat waiting for 7 hours and never call me

Wayne Rojas

I have used SGMC Urgent Care at the Smith Northview campus on many ocations for myself, my family, and my children. I have to say that this is the most perfect, and convenient set up for my non emergent needs. The wait times are short and the staff are truely caring. I get what I need and am back to my day in no time at all. Shorter times than my own doctors office!


I had a worst experience at the Emergency room 5/11/18 ... the rooms had an urine odor was seen by Dr. Adam Jones for severe Ear pain and headaches .He walk in look in my ear in said there nothing wrong u just might have a cold in walkout . Nurse came in give me my discharge papers told me to take ibuprofen for pain ... I assisted for the doctor to come back and see if he can prescribe me any type of pain medicine or ear drops for my ear I was told no its nothing he could do for me. I felt like Dr.Adam didnt have have any sympathy or lack of care on whats was going on with me .. i walk out Emergency room with same symptoms I came in with in a expensive bill !!! .So I went to the clinic and I was told that I had a nasal infection ,ear infection and fluid in my ears.i hate to leave bad review but i don't recommend this hospital or Dr.Adam .If u see a young late 20s guy run the other way .

Michael Hardison

Been sitting here since 5:30 with my pregnant girlfriend who is having horrible symptoms, it's now 8:18 pm. Almost 3 solid hours of nothing. On top of that there is a girl that's been here since 1pm!!!!! 1!!! She's shaking and bawling her eyes out and hasn't been helped at all. This hospital is a joke. Not to mention there's a elderly man beside my who is bleeding out of his ears and is completely unaware of what's going on and he's probably gonna be here for several hours as well. My suggestion. Fire everyone and get a better staff along with a plan on how to actually running this joke of a hospital. UPDATE: it is now 12:18 am. After waiting from 5:30-9:25 pm to be seen me and my girlfriend have been sitting in this room since 9:30pm. We took a urine sample and they completely forgot about it. I walked out and saw her just sitting there. DOING NOTHING. It literally sat on the counter for over 2 hours. We are currently "waiting" on flu results. No telling how long we will be here. I WILL NEVER EVER RETURN TO THIS JOKE OF A HOSPITAL EVER AGAIN. Literally spoke to one doctor that was nice and not even the nice guy can even care. A freaking disgrace.

Linda Kinney

My husband was seen in the- ER two days in a row. Everyone from the first person to check us in to the entire ER staff was friendly, professional and knew their jobs well. We have never been treated any better anywhere else. We recommend this facility to anyone. Dr Westenbarger is one of the best ER physicians we've ever had the pleasure of being treated by. Gordon and Linda

Jud West

It happened to me the last couple hospital visits. And if you are reading this, it will probably happen to you, too! South Georgia Medical Center has once again displayed outstanding patient service, great communication and very effective teamwork from all team members on my most recent admittance. Here I am a year removed from a great patient experience and now dealing with hernia surgery. I have read a few reviews of SGMC and wanted to add my thoughts regarding their well deserved and earned attaboy. Aside from the professional yet personal patient care I received, I believe the two-way communication from team members and patient was vital to my pleasant stay. The staff actually cared about what I had to say and made every effort to accommodate my wishes and concerns without jeopardizing my care. The transition from shift to shift was seamless and all team members provided wonderful care. Each new shift introduced themselves and were well versed on my health care needs. They actually took the time to deal with my distress and apprehension. In short, South Georgia Medical Center continues to strive to provide outstanding patient care & service. I highly recommend SGMC and when the next medical crisis arises I will once again use their services. Thank you SGMC.

Karl Reichardt

When in the ER, the Billing Dept Representative was more interested in me and spent more time with me than the ER doctor! Was in ER room for over 6 hours, most of it alone. Went downhill from there!

Susan Hunter

The ER doctor was great but they have my 91 year old mom still waiting in the ER to go upstairs to be admitted, she has had NOTHING to eat or drink all day and I have told them that three times, I was told she could get something when they take her up to her room!!!! Well it is now 8:00 PM this is unacceptable !! Her room has been ready they just can't seem to get her up there, have a little compassion for a 91 year old!! I pray I NEVER have to come back to this hospital!!!!

Brittany Benavides

So far been waiting 2 hrs after they have been told repeatedly a lap band patient can not throw up. Well guess they really don't care of he throws up of not . Checked his vitial and was sent back to waiting room after telling them again he has to have some kind of meds to not get sick oh well guess they really have not improved at all

Robin Evans

I brought my child in for x-rays at 11:00 pm. It is 2:00 in the morning and we are sitting in the lobby waiting for results and watching two women kiss and feel each other up. When I told the women at the desk about it they said it would be discrimination to speak to them about it!!! I find this place absolutely disgusting. I will not be back.It is the most unprofessional place I have ever been. It is now 3:30 in the morning and we were told because the back was full and there are no beds we have to wait for a bed to get results. We were taken through the back to have x-rays and there were plenty of empty rooms/beds/chairs. One woman that thought she was having a heart attack had been laying out there for three hours. When I called the OPERATOR and asked to speak to someone in patient relations I was informed that there was not ANYONE there that late at night and CERTAINLY NOT on weekends. I think this is an Hospital is an eyesore on this community. Maybe we need Channel 6 news to investigate!!!


I took my son in with extreme lower right abdominal pain in the middle of the night. Waiting room was packed. Signed in and waited. Made it to triage and they drew blood and took urine. Sent back to wait more, my son in agony. I learned no one had been seen for 12 hours. No one knew what was going on but no patients were being taken back. I was told I was looking at at least a 14 hour wait. Even with the drive Jacksonville, really any where else was a better option then SGMC. Nurses and employees were standing around on phones and talking. Told them I was leaving after 2 hours. Their response a big smile and have a nice night. Now I have a bill and they didn’t help me, on my bill it says they hope my recent visit upheld their commitment to outstanding care and exceeded my expectations in patient service. No, not at all. They showed how little they care at all. This is my fifth horrible experience with them. Thankful I’m moving. Honestly, if you can do it drive anywhere else!

C. Phi

BBP violations beyond comprehension. Filthy, lackadaisical cardiologist no longer has patients best interest in mind. There is no heart in this hospital, just good old boy club money mongers worried more about t-times than patient care.

JoEllen S

EXCELLENT CARE RECEIVED!! Received personal, professional care from the time I hit registration, through outpatient surgery, recovery, and discharge. Minimal wait times. Everyone was caring and compassionate. Thanks to Dr Sanders, the anesthesiology team, recovery room nurses, Summer, RN and Sheila, PCT for making my procedure an excellent experience!!! Thank you!!!!

Alyssa Combs

If I could give this hospital an even lower score, I would. I absolutely hate SGMC and will never get treated here again! Not only was I waiting in thos hard chairs for 8+ hours while in pain, but I had useless tests run on me and was sent home because the doctor didn't know what was wrong with me. Travel to Tifton if you have to before you go here. I personally choose Tallahassee because I have always received good service from both hospitals there and been given an actual diagnosis and treatment!

Darlene Brown

I wish I had went to Nashville or Tifton. Didn't realize they had only one triage nurse and apparently 1 or less doctors. I fell and severely injured my arm. Need an ex-ray and some pain medicine. Watched a young man having convulsions and they finally took him back. I'm so dissappointed.


I’m sorry to say this, but when I come sick, injured or whatever to Emergency we must be seen within minutes not to wait for hours even if I come just to jock


Only gave this place a two star bc of the nurses I actually liked during my daughter's delivery. Otherwise, this hospital was rundown and old. It's a maze to get anywhere in there. Don't have a baby during a holiday weekend bc no staff was there. Wanted to leave after 24 hours and they delayed the discharge paperwork, and said they had to monitor my daughter's jaundice that was so low, we left with an even higher score than the day before. Did an EKG bc of an "irregular heartbeat" that was normal all through pregnancy, and no complications during delivery. Can you guess that it came out fine!! It was just unnecessarily dumb. We then had to go back to check jaundice again, the next day, and just to be told her jaundice was even higher, but still a low score, and she was perfect otherwise. Money grab for sure.

Jae B.

Only be I couldn't rate with NO STARS this place sucks and some of their nurses need to find a new career. I'll travel out of town to another hospital from now on whatever the risk. Don't trust half of the reviews you see on here.

Stephenie Gunsolus

I sat in the ER with my husband for 5 hours. We NEVER SEEN A DOCTOR and was moved into three different rooms. There were sick children and even a employee of the hospital who had been in a terrible wreck waiting with us too who had also waited several hours! The employee was even told at one point her name was kicked out of the system?!

Dwyane Wade Over Your Favorite Player

Lmao these cats treat patients in the hallway


Terrible experience! Took 5 hours. The last 3 or 4 was waiting on doctor and nurse to bring a sling and pain meds for my husband’s injured shoulder. There were plenty of nurses bantering back and forth about their personal lives. It took me standing in front of the nurse to get her to acknowledge that we were even there. Very quick to take insurance card and billing information. If you can go elsewhere, do it!

Jacqueline Walter

This place is awful. Absolutely terrible. Better off anywhere else.

Nora Elswick

This is by FAR the absolute WORST emergency room I have ever had the pleasure of sitting and waiting for 7 HOURS with my 60 year old mother who had a terrible fall and possibly broke her arm and leg. Not to mention the rude nurse who thought it was more important to close the door on patients and there family members so she could sit at her desk and dilly dally with her phone(you could the candy crush music). I am currently still sitting in the waiting room with my Mom and her swollen arm and leg and her in excruciating pain. Not to mention this poor man who has been in here about the same time we have with a big nasty bloody cut on his arm. They have been pulling in 'flu' patients in over the obviously injured ones. If I could post this with zero stars I would. If I could take her to a different ER I would! They are the worst at getting patients seen and having any kind of clue what they are doing.

superfly_ yungin


Shayla Tucker

My experience here has been amazing!!!! I gave birth to 2 Outta 4 of My Babies here & all the nurses & staff has been sooooo sweet & generous! They have really taken great care of my babies & I.

Christa Berry-Tanguay

This hospital is UNbelievable. My sister's boyfriend went in, with an infection, was given enough care to say he wasn't turned away- ended up needing to have his leg AMPUTATED because, he is diabetic and the infection wasn't taken seriously! Then he goes back in because he's having seizures. It was horrible - he had to be sedated, hooked up to machines, suffered trauma from the seizures. He can't function on his own now. And they sent him home with his borderline MR girlfriend! He can't walk, can't really talk. Where is the patient advocate?! Where is the assistance for this man, that clearly, is in DESPERATE need for it?! This is utter insanity. Listen. I've worked in health care for over 10 years. I've seen some pretty ridiculous stuff.. But, this?! This is pure neglect. Simply because he doesn't have insurance. Disgusting.

Theresa Bryant

anyone who knows about Tricare Prime knows that you have $0 out of pocket expense on all treatment. You think a hospital would know and understand that, but not these idiots. I’ve been harassed for almost a year and every time I get someone who isn’t completely clueless I’m told I won’t receive anymore calls, but keep getting them. In the future I will drive as far as it takes to go to a hospital that isn’t SGMC

Terri Dash73

Went to the ER on sunday 7/29/18 with a swollen foot, was put on an IV, not told why or what reason, wasn't told anything until Danielle came in, she was wonderful, had to admitted, went up to room, nurses and tech were wonderful, next day went to have an MRI, came back went to my wallet to get money for a diet Coke, (never been admitted in a medical hospital) all of my money was gone, on coming back from the MRI my nurse told me she closed my door because she saw my purse, so their staff left my door open so anyone could see what I had in my room. I called nurse told her, I filed a police report, was told they didn't have cameras, which shocked me. I didn't feel safe after this, im pretty sure it was an inside job, them knowing they had no cameras, I lost 450-500 dollars, and was later asked if I was asked if had anything of value, which I wasn't. I will never I mean never trust another hospital, only highlight of the stay was Kristie , my tech, she was wonderful.

P Jay

Went to the ER in severe pain. The staff was very nice & helpful. However, I waited 3 excruciating hours the lobby to be seen. After 3 hours of waiting, I left. This hospital definitely needs to revisit their time management protocol.

Gary Cole

Big Fat Zero Stars. Medical malpractice at its finest. Then, they refuse to negotiate a fair rate and send you to collections( even though i have photographic proof). They really do not care about the patients. Horrible!!!!!!

Katy Millan

Our experience with the staff in labor and delivery, postpartum and the nursery was outstanding. Everyone was kind, empathetic, supportive and went above and beyond to be helpful during a stressful and overwhelming situation. We appreciate your compassion and dedication. Adoption Authority

Alejandra Beers

The staff was really nice. I recieved excellent care. The only down side to this is the LONG wait to be seen by the doctor.

Karen Baldree

This is the WORST hospital. Husband came in with abdominal pain and they treated him for chest pain. No pain meds didnt even see his nurses there was another nurse who came in or i kept having to go out to the nurses desk. The so called doctor dicharged him and hes still in so much pain. They definitely have NO compassion or bedside manners...where do they get these people from??? They didnt even check his abdomen...what a JOKE...this hospital needs to be shut down. Then there was a code blue next to us and they got a pulse on her and the doctor said if she codes again then they wont code her that she will let her pass. Not very happy. Do not recommend this hospital not even to my worst enemy. Ps its not even a one star.

Peggy BIG TOE Brown

The reviews on this site are unbelievable. You people that go to the ER for minor injuries or sickness that can be handled by a PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN(which most of you DO NOT HAVE) because you think that the ER is for EVERYTHING. An emergency room is where they treat major injuries not sore throats, ant bites, homelessness, hunger, stupidity, and STD's that people continue to get. The doctors and nurses work very hard to treat patients who are actually sick. Please do not become upset because you and the whole family can not go and visit your loved one being seen immediately. The wait time is not the fault of staffing, it is based on how sick you really are. Saying that you have chest pain will also not automatically get you back as well. So there are other options if you feel that SGMC is not up to your standards.

I AM ClearAsCrystal

If I could give this place a negative star rating I would. The most disgusting display of customer service from the head of emergency room doctors I've ever experienced. No wonder the star rating on the web is so low. But I'm guessing the hospital doesn't even see this

Chelsea Spells

Just in case you want to live.

Karen Rose

We've never had a bad experience. My husband was brought by ambulance last year with kidney stones, and they took good care of him. I was treated in the Pearlman Cancer Center, and my care has never been anything but first rate. I'm extremely grateful to have such a good Hospital just a few minutes from home.

Zachary Meierbachtol

I don't know about the rest of the Facility but the Emergency Room is pitiful. Waiting all day to be seen while my heart had had palpitations which caused me to be here in the first place. My BP is going up as they have called me to take my vitals twice. Another woman next to me came in shortly after me, with supposid stroke symptoms. She's been waiting along side me. Came in around 11am, currently 4:48pm.

Beverly Bennett

My elderly mother recently had a blackout at home, fell and injured herself. The staff at this facility was pleasant but lacking in attention and service. The wait, once she was placed in a room, was hours with no one checking in other than to wheel her to x ray, etc. When taking her to bathroom she was assisted to the bathroom then the nurse walked away. Blood pressure was very high and when asked for her medication, they said "we'll be right back with that", which meant 3 hours later, and being requested several times. Same for pain medication. When asked to speak with physician about new information to provide him, the response was "he'll be right in", which meant only at the time of discharge to give test results. I would rate quality of care and promptness of service very poor. I was very surprised about this because most insurance companies paying these facilities require a higher standard of service.

Aubrey Boswell

The emergency room here is absolutely awful . You could wait up to six hours doesn’t matter if you’re dying or not . Seen a three-year-old little boy puking all over the place and the staff doing absolutely nothing about it .I do not recommend this emergency room if you have an emergency go somewhere else

Judy Canaday

I have had 2 procedures and 1 Three day hospital stay at SGMC. I was so impressed with the exceptional high level of patient care and customer service. Dr Joe Johnson...who is my hero, and Dr Staton are two of the most caring doctors I have had the pleasure of meeting. From preop to discharge, all the staff I encountered were so nice, kind, and caring. Every Nurse who cared for me was awesome. I come from a 30yr career In healthcare, and trust me, I know exceptional patient care and customer service when I see it. SGMC has Everything it takes to provide you and your family the medical care you need and deserve. From the bottom of my heart.... THANK YOU SGMC for EVERYTHING you did for me. I am forever grateful.

Amanda White

I recently had my son here and from the time we walked in the ER with contractions til three days later when they wheeled me out to my car it was an awesome experience. Even though I had to have an emergency c section the staff was awesome al of them we were really blessed

Dianna Burgman

This is some bull been here since before 3, it's 8:50 and they have done is gotten my vitals. People are leaving and I would to but gotta get this done. I don't like Adel hospital but should of went like my doctor wanted me too. There was a time that this was a good hospital, what happen. Need new management or something.

Jacob Dunbar

The nurse was unbelievably rude when I was just trying to see my dying papa

Whitney Apperson

SGMC Urgent Care at Smith Northview campus is a great facility. I have nothing but great things to say about them. They are caring, compassionate, competent, and quick! I've been here 2 or 3 times for myself and my family and have had nothing but great care for my non-emergent needs!

James Hesters

Anything on here above one star for the ER can not be legit. It is laughably horrible and it baffles everyone I've ever spoken to that has been here that it is still in business. A business run this aweful would never survive in any other industry. A lot faster and safer to drive to Tifton or Thomasville.

Ed Kraus

You guys absolutely suck and have always been the worst experience ever. Your hospital owner should be fired. It's plain and simple. My daughter whose 6 months old with a 102.6 temp shouldn't be waiting hours, while screaming only making things worse... I also shouldn't be correcting the nurse not to use an adult needle on an infant. If I had other options, I'd take them in a heartbeat. Worst hospital ever and they always make mistakes. Always. I with hardly any medical education, shouldn't be correcting your staff!!!

sarah carpenter

SGMC hospital is the worst. I went in and when the phlebotomist drew my blood, she put the needle in sideways, opened the valve too early, pulled the needle out which made my blood splat on the wall.

Eric Burnette37

They have the rudest sons of bicthes working her if I had my way of it my grandchild would not be born here I would not bring my dyeing dog here

Chris Jolly

Hands down the absolute worst experience of my life. Went in because I was fainting and they let me practically pass out in a wheel chair with no stress of urgency from any staff. They finally made my friend wheel me into a room where they were rude asking me if I was on drugs when I was having symptoms of low blood sugar. Decided based on their lack of caring that I would check myself out and left within 10 minutes of being there. They sent one bill for 22.21. When I went to pay it they informed me two more bills would be coming for services rendered that they NEVER RENDERED!!!!! When I checked out they were so rude and angry with me. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL FOR ANYTHING! They will watch you pass out in front of them.

Jaderis Victrum

My mother was admitted for 2 days and left in the same condition with the same pain that she had coming in, and no answers as to what was the problem. My family will not be visiting this hospital again.

Dee Kern

We were seen quickly in and out in like 2 hours. My teen son was sick to his stomach 2 days we came here because of kidney pains thought maybe had something worse wrong with him. They had about 8 others late teens early 20s people same symptoms as my son in the waiting room and being was A VIRUS... The Dr was great..handsome young white guy, very polite good bedside manners, the nurses were great too. I wouldnt want to work in a hospital with all those just there seeking pain makes it hard on everyone else

ShaKayla Straughter

I've been enjoying my stay here... plus the extra care my newborn has got in the NICU unit.... Thank God for them and their excellent staff

Mediamedic Medic

My brother who is a paraplegic had a cancerous skin legion in his lower adomen. He had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. At no time was he given a sponge bath or shave . He had to call my sister to come in and give him a shave and gave him a sponge bath. Nurses paid her no mind. This place needs to be close


Honestly, the staff works hard and so does the doctors. These reviews drive me crazy. The Emergency room is for “emergencies”. Half of the people who come in are there for minor things that can be treated by over-the-counter meds. The wait is longer because they have to actually treat and admit sick people, trauma patients, and then determine the symptoms of the people who have lied about having chest pains just to get seen quicker and get work excuses. The public should be more aware of their health and seek the proper care with primary care doctors and urgent care facilities. The staff is not the issue some people expect the unexpected. You will always have to wait because “emergent cases” will always go first. ERs having staffing issues, call-outs, and limited doctors to treat "all" the sick people of Valdosta. Taking it out on the staff does not make it any better…..and telling people they should shut down the only emergency room in Valdosta is Stupid!!!!!

Sherri Bunch

My grandson was seen in the emergency room tonight and everyone was great. Jax was promptly seen with attentive, caring staff, particularly Cody, RN, & Dr Queensborough. Both gave us detailed, easy to follow instructions. Thank you so much!

Yamika Givens

I was in and out. They are very distant from their patients. My nurse was very rude when asking me questions. I came in and told them exactly what I had. And she questioned me as if I was lying for the results to come back saying I had it. I had less than a year ago. I made the statement 'Omgosh, that shot hurts so bad. I hate needles. ' she gonna make a statement saying well adults can't act that way, that's being a adult about." I'm like excuse me, as if my hate for needles and tolerance for needles is something I can control... it hurts. slick talking and rudely interrupting me by most of the staff BUT the checkin lady... but that's because at that point in time, I couldnt talk. The nicest one out of everyone. I rated 1 stars because I was in and out and was not there all night. But honestly treating patients better would be awesome. And not cutting them off while they are speaking would be great. I didn't feel welcome. Anywho, that all I have to say.

Debbie Clark

For one thing my visited was very very poorly my son was very very sick and having problems breathing but no one was concerned then we arrived at 9 15 my son sit in pain for 5 hours patients was coming in being treated and sent home we still here then he was so upset he talked to head nurse excuse was made but they finally put him in a room after about 15minutes longer and no I will not tell nobody to come her unless you have a headache please do better

Cher Teach

Worst possible experience again!!!. Third try...3 strikes.. Won't come here again. Had granddaughter in for severe abdominal pain. Checked in at 10:05pm. At 11:15 went to see how much longer as she was suffering. Told me lots in front of her and they were going alphabetically. Not by time. WHAT!! She's 7 yrs old. Shockingly, no fast tracking for kids here. Staff has indifferent attitude... Could care less. For the 3rd time I left there and drove to Quitman hospital. Seen immediately.. Diagnosed severe UTI. And they truly cared..all 3 times. SGMC... You need a complete overhaul, retraining and restructuring in your ER dept. What mission statement? Was warned when we moved here 1 yr ago to stay away from SGMC. Wanted to experience and judge for myself. Now I tell people same thing. Go anywhere but there. Go to Quitman.

Krislyn dillon

If I could leave NO STAR that would be a better rate. Absolutely the most terrible hospital we have ever been to. They will get you in triage fast but leave you sitting there waiting for a room for hours and once you get in the back you wait there forever. Too slow when needing urgent attention. This hospital needs to get their sh** straight!


Do you guys even READ your reviews? TERRIBLE staff. I honestly believe this is some of the most unprofessional care I have ever received. Any visit had always been MORE than an hour to even get called back to the treatment area. Scheduling staff is a complete joke, you stay on hold for a minimum of 10 minutes almost every time. The list could literally go on forever. LOOK AROUND. People DIE because of the care they receive in this hospital! You guys literally only stay open because you’re the only major hospital in the immediate area. I guarantee if you had another hospital near you, you would lose all your customers. I say customers instead of patients because that’s all they are to you guys it seems. The owner of this establishment should be EMBARRASSED and so ashamed of themselves. Hopefully enough complaints to corporate will get this place shut down or investigated. Please do not go here if you don’t have to.

Mike Hock

These people nearly let my wife bleed out internally in the ER after making us wait almost 7 hours after repeatedly arguing with the nurses that something was wrong. Just make the drive to Tifton if you need medical attention.


I personally experienced why this hospital has a 1 star rating, If you have the option of going somewhere else, do it! First: they had us waiting 3 and a half hours, and we ended up leaving and going to the school health center as soon as it opened to get treated instead. But i bet they wont waste anytime sending us a bill. Second: There was this one damn nurse who was loud as hell and sooo unprofessional. She had a syringe filled with water and was squirting one of the other nurses in the waiting area in the emergency room making hella noise, screaming like some wild banchee, obviously not giving a damn about the sick people in the waiting room. Never again am i going to that hospital, id rather wait for another medical center to open than to sit there and watch how unprofessional the staff was here and not get treated in a timely manner.

Ryan Hellams

The ER unit was awesome and had a chainsaw laceration sewed up and fixed within a hour! The orthopedic was awesome and very attentive, I would recommend to anyone in need!

Candice Mauldin

Highly recommend utilizing the services offered at SGMC Outpatient Plaza Urgent Care. All of the nurses & doctors working there are among the best! Mandy Anderson was our nurse today and she was the most caring, sweet, & passionate person while taking care of my son. He absolutely loved her! Great patient care by this outstanding team!!

Mark Godwin

This past Monday morning, I had to take my 6 year old son to Urgent Care at the Smith Northview Campus of SGMC. Even though the waiting room had multiple people waiting to be seen, the lines moved quickly. The people behind the counter were very helpful and polite. Nurse Wayne Rojas was very polite to my son and made him feel comfortable even though my son was in pain from the Flu. The doctor was also quick at giving us results and what I need to do to take care of my son during this flue season. The Urgent Care people at the Smith Northview Campus made my trip in and out quick and pain free. I will use Urgent Care in the future with all three of my children.

Krystal Pierre

These 4 starts are for Jelani in billing. Great customer service . Very professional & patient. I gave 4 starts because an issue from May still hasn't been resolved due to past representatives. Thanks for resolving the issue Jelani.

Phillip Goodwin

This time the service was most excellent. The doctor that I seen was truly awesome. The nurses were the greatest best friends in the world. They took care of me like they truly cared.


If you are able drive to tift memorial they will treat you better then this hospital. My friend went there for 8 hours just to get help with a kidney stone that's rediculous. Also I have taken my toddler here when she had a high fever and cold and stayed 12 hours for them to give her nausea medicine. I could have stayed home and tried to break the fever myself for all they did

William Howland

I love this hospital! I have had both of my children here at SGMC. Each one of my experiences were unforgettable in the best way possible. Each staff memeber from registration to discharge are caring and allowed for a wonderful experience. They truly care about what their doing with a lot of professionalism. My babies were very loved on also my husband & I were given a lot of loving attention. Thank you to each of you at SGMC you made both of births here a memory we will never forget!

Alexander Karrington

SGMC staff are awesome, the ER faces the same obstacles that most ERs face country wide. No enough rooms for patient influx, staffing issues and an insurance disparity that leave the hospital uncompensated for a lot of the services they provide. Most patients and people in the community have no clue what it takes to keep a hospital open now a days. Furthermore people have unrealistic expectation when they come into the ER, the average wait time for ERs in this country is around 6hrs. If people hate the hospital remember, there are other options, see your primary care or urgent care. Walk a mile in the shoes of that staff only then will you have the insight to throw stones.

Berk R

I would never recommend here. I spoke to the head of the hospital about what happened, and nothing came of it. I had a panic attack and was unable to respond to then but could hear the nurses, the said they should intubate me, then they could " get me to talk." The nurse never had to apologize. While the hospital did, nothing came of it. As if that wasn't bad enough, the doctor treated me poorly as well, I was just transported to that hospital, and signed myself out. I had asked not to be transported in the first place, and left ill. I'm searching for a better hospital.

Lawrence Thomas II

Take forever to bring you back to a room.

Perril Fuch

Stayed for hours with my pregnant mother before they even called us in the back to get checked

Tia Smith

We are currently here now! Since 9:54 Now (1:46) My son has abdominal pain so bad that he is sitting on the floor crying because he can not stand! I informed the office nurse she told me there is nothing she can do about it. This is the worst place to even attempt to be called an ER. Will not recommend this place to anyone especially if you have children!

Joe Gaubert

Honestly, my time there was wonderful. They were fairly quick and incredibly nice and fun to be treated by. They made my unfortunate stay very pleasant and I am so thankful. My nurses were Jamie, Kaitlyn, and Geraldine. They were the most kind and attentive nurses I've met. Dr. Yusuf was awesome as well. I really appreciate all of their help and hardwork.

Heather Gladieux

I went to the ER at SGMC On November 17, 2017 with severe chest pain and shortness of breathe. I waited until the pain and breathing became unbearable to go because I have had nothing but negative experiences with this hospital every. Single. Time. However, this experience was very different and very pleasant. My diagnosis was a collapsed lung and I was admitted to the cardiac ICU floor. From the time I walked into the ER until the time I was admitted to my own room (to include insertion of a chest tube) took all of about 2 hours total. I have NEVER went to that ER and had vitals taken in that amount of time before, let alone be admitted and have a procedure preformed. Since this visit was a pleasant experience I have nothing but positive things to say about SGMC it’s staff. I would especially like to give a shout out to some of the best doctors and nurses anyone could ask for! Doctors Brown and Johnson, nurses Jon, Bret, Ms. Kim, Ms. Mary, BJ, and the many others than took vitals, blood, X-rays or anything else that I needed! All these guys were great and preformed their jobs without any attitude, hesitation and in a very caring manner. Even tho I hope to never see any of these guys again under any circumstances that require me to be there, I do appreciate their hard work, caring attitudes and dedication to making sure I was as comfortable as possible. Thank you all guys and keep up the good work!!

Therion Vovin

The staff don’t care about the patients. It takes half an hour for them to come change the Urine collector which was full. They forgot to plug the machine that drains the stomach fluid. I came to find my brother in pain. No one was taking care of him.

Jason Louie

South Georgia Medical Center is a joke. We went to Urgent Care on N. Ashley and after seeing the severity of the issue, they told us to come to main SGMC to be seen as they have all this lab work and specialists that could diagnose and treat. They also told us to stress the severity and urgency of treatment. Upon arriving at main SGMC, They took our vitals and asked our signs and symptoms and if we’ve had issues before. After telling them yes and about being treated multiple times for the issue, We were rushed through Triage and discharged immediately like we were crazy and a nuisance to them. When we told them what Urgent Care told us to tell them, the RN replied with “they always say everything is Urgent.” We weren’t even given or offered a second look. Aside from the TERRIBLE patient care, the RNs that saw us in triage were confused on who was going to do what. They were asking us questions while we had oral thermometers in our mouths among other disorganizations. This isn’t the first time we’ve had terrible patient care at this hospital. The “new system” is no improvement. And our complaints to the staff go nowhere.

B Ledford

I was seen promptly and received excellent care. My needs were met to my satisfaction. I would return if needed.

Shayla Fraser

I've been sitting in the waiting room for two hours I have insurance and my throat is closing in making it harder for me to breathe and they told me they were changing shifts at seven and still haven't been seen a person who came in a hour after me is seen before me and I'm not going to say its because the color of her skin but I'm expecting and my throat is closing in I was the only one in the emergency room when I came in how is my number 432 but 470 is seen before me. They really need another hospital in Valdosta because I wouldn't come here anymore.

Keenan Hunter

I work in the medical field and I'm from Valdosta. I have had 5 of m friends tell me they will never go to South Georgia medical Center again because the staff wad friend had a scope done and the punctuated his pancreas. One of my friend's mom died after a knee replacement...smh

adelia moody

Everyone on the L&D floor went above and beyond everytime. I couldn't be more thankful of a better experience with my first baby.

Kelly Lowery

I have nothing but good things to say about SGMC Urgent Care at Outpatient Plaza. My husband, my child, and myself have been seen here and the staff is friendly and professional. It's easy to get in and out and the physicians are great. Will continue to utilize this great service.

Diamond Curry

I went in there awhile ago for intense back pains. I got there at 6:20pm and did not leave until 3am. What made it worse It wasn’t many people there.

Sosa Ali

if u want to hear about people cooking collered greens what club was popping and what staff hooked up with who than this hospital is best for u i went in for severe stomach pains i had ems bring me in thinking i will been seen faster man it toke 2 hours just to get a nurse to take my pain serious after being asked by 5 different nurses the same question "what seems to b the problem" instead of looking at the dockett to see what the problem is.When i say this place is ghetto as hell u got nurses yelling laughing joking when its people thats in bed sick waiting to b treated not 1 staff seemed to know what they was doing they had to keep asking the next nurse that nurse had to ask some1 else. i was scared i thought i wasnt going to make it out alive and all i had was stomach pains...IF U HAVE TO DRIVE A MILE OR 20 TO THE NEXT HOSPILTAL THAN DO THAT BECAUSE I FELT LIKE I WAS ON THE SET OF MENANCE TO SOCIETY literally just got removed out of the room because i was in 2 much pain to speak with someone when i say these people are unprofessional af

Michael Brooks

Props to the PA and nurses there, had a bad renal colic pain during my shift doing ambulance transports and went into ER. Cool people.

Shannon McGee

PA Jesse Eason in the ER literally saved my life this week. The staff in the Intensive Care Unit were also excellent during my recovery. There are qualified and compassionate staff at SGMC.

Lacy Troy

This hospital is restarted they wouldn’t let me back with my nephew and they say it’s bc it’s to small they have you waiting long hours for no reason they just stupid and the old security guy is rude I’m sorry but they need to fire everybody and try again I’ll drive to Tifton any day for my needs

Kevin Harrison

Walked into the ED and was in the back being seen by a doctor in 10 minutes. The staff were warm and friendly. We were treated like family. One of the best health care experiences we have ever had.

Ellie Kotrady

This place really had poor er service. The front desk showed lack of empathy along with the women who took my blood pressure. I was experiencing a cyst rupturing and my friend had to rush me around on a wheel chair. My purse was in my lap and i set it on the chair so i could hold my stomach. The woman yelled at me for "throwing" my purse. I was more than aware of my actions and had my friend as a witness. She and i can attest that there way of treating customers were extremely poor. Shame on this place.

Tiffany Fisher

Still waiting for them to send ultrasound results to my doctors office. It should have been to them within an hour....and it’s next day.

kurt raffield

I've seen better health care tendered to drunken hobos by stray cats. After 5 hours waiting for some sort of human medical intervention on behalf of my wife, who was suffering severe abdominal pain and shuffled to a backroom sporting a hospital gown, we surrendered the waiting game. I pulled out her IV and we left. I'd recommended to anyone, not suffering from direct blood loss, to forgo the wait and just drive south to some modern Florida town to seek medical help. I'm pretty certain they dress up day laborers to play doctor to appease patients.

Suzi Helton

The ER is an absolute joke. If I could have given negative stars it would be a more accurate assessment. I don't care if I have to go to Atlanta I'll never come back again. I'd rather die than come back to this sorry excuse for an ER.

Joshua Taulbee

We need another hospital in the Valdosta area. The people that work at the sgmc emergency room are rude a.f, half the people who work do not seem to know how to do their job or care. Don't get me wrong some amazing people work here and do actually care but they are out numbered by the bad ones.

Jennifer Fisher

I've had to come to this hospital twice in 2 years. It is by far the WORST hospital staff I have ever dealt with! I left and drove my mom all the way to Jacksonville if that tells you anything

Samantha Hayes

-5 is what I give this place we have been here since 10:30pm and no doctor has come to see my husband who is running a fever and more. Oh by the way it's 1:24am really I feel sorry for a person who having a heart attack and come here. They don't care ugh I'm so mad at this place right now

Cheryl Lockwood

A 2 is too good for this place. My grandchild (one year old) went to youth care today. When he was breathing his chest was going in instead of out. His sister was being treated for strep. The PA said it rarely occurs In children his age and did not check. She was seen by Dr Hogan's PA. He did not even look at his throat and gave him a breathing treatment. She said that she had a nebulizer at home for her other children. He said to give him that (no prescription for the baby). After leaving he continued to have the breathing problems. She decided to take to the hospital of Brooks County. He was given a chest xray a antibiotic shot, antibiotics to take home and the breathing treatments as well, due to having bronchitis and an extremely red throat, which is probably due to strep since his sister had it. What if she would have listened to the first PA..... ? Really SGMC really.

Damona Rossi

If you can go to a better hospital for a little more of a drive, PLEASE do. The ER docs & nurses don't care. They treat you badly when and IF (mainly if ) they come close to your room or run and hide when someone goes looking for help. I think I'd rather drive farther if I could, sometimes it's just not possible. Corporate bigwigs should really be looking into this! Medicare and Medicaid and all insurance companies should be looking into this also.

Colleen Peterson

Been sitting in the emergency waiting room for 4 hours waiting to be taken back. This is crazy.

Richard Keene

The staff is tremendous! They are very caring and a wonderful in making sure my medical needs are met. The Smith Northview Urgent Care Team has been very patient centered and very efficient in my infusion treatments.

Alice Giger

Feb 23 brought in adult disabled daughter with a toxic reaction to schizophrenia medication she has been on for years, scary situation. She is was Checked in right away at 9:21. I guess attention to her was a 5, but waiting room, ER patient room and bathroom was filthy for a hospital and give it a 1, if not below. A shame and not good for a hospital!!!! Bathroom had stuff that looked like body fluids stuck to the wall by the toilet. Hospital is supposed to be sterile. Heard SGMC let cleaning people go and hired cleaning contractors. A better job needs to be done.

Melanin Monroe

Every one was very friendly and took very good care of me and my baby it was my very 1st time delivering and the staff understood my concerns and were amazing

Richard Howell

Been here for 5 hours this place is a joke

Carmen Yawn

I was treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Had 2 appointments, one at 08:00 and the second one at noon. Without having to ask the receptionist made a call to see if they could work me in for the second test so I didn't have to come back. I was there less than 1 hour for an ultrasound and mammogram. I would recommend this hospital to everyone!! Thank you SGMC

Jasmyne Henry

I wish i could give zero stars!! This is the worst hospital in the nation. If u are sick, u will die waiting to be seen!! SGMC SUCKS!!! I actually felt better b4 i came than after.

Keith Anderson

ED staff did their job, with the exception of 1 RN who went above and beyond with a smile, which was greatly appreciated. When I say did their job we are your customers and we expect more than the minimum. We spent over 15 hours in the ED 12hours of which were waiting on a room in ICU. ( This has to improve, just because SGMC is the area hospital doesn't mean this is acceptable.) The ICU had a really nice room and again the personel did their job nothing more. I had sinus issues while in that room and we I went to check the tv because it wouldn't come on I found out why. ( The back of the TV was completely covered in dust.(An ICU room really?) We were transferred later to the 5th floor in a smaller room out of the ICU. The transport team was rolling the bed so fast family couldn't keep up and going around corners like it was NASCAR. They broke the hanger off the urine bag and it started to drag on the ground. ( Not sure if thought they were in a race.) Staff on 5 was a little better than everywhere else when it came to service. The room trash cans on 5 still had trash in them, the IV stand had trash in it, empty drink cups and wadded up towels. It was over 80 degrees in the room and the AC was off. The toilet had rust stains around the plumbing. ( Could be easily cleaned, but if the room couldn't be cleaned why would that.) During this experience we were in rooms with stopped up sinks, clocks that didn't work and areas that just looked liked the people who cared for them didn't care. In some areas it was pristine and others not so much. I am a facility director and it looks like this is due to poor staffing. This could be related to many factors so it will not be a large part of the rating. One thing that I can't overlook is going into a dirty room that was supposedly ready for a patient. I would rate that experience a 1

miranda taylor

If I could give Zero stars, I would. They get you in triage pretty quick, and take labs pretty quickly, but other than that, better bring you a sleeping bag! I’ve been sitting here waiting for 2 and a half hours in a room of 19 people who have also been waiting. Real deal, someone just told me they have been sitting here since before 4 pm, it’s now 7:35pm. Also they came at about 6:00 pm and handed out 4 cups to 4 gentlemen in the waiting room. The guys did their business and and was told to put it on this wall. And here still lies their pee at 7:38pm untouched. This place is ridiculous and I highly recommend you keep riding to the next town over if you are seeking medical attention.

john quattlebaum

I'm not sure where all the lower ratings are coming from but this is my 2nd stay here, shoulder surgery in 2017 and hip in 2019. Both of my experiences were wonderful. The staff had a caring attitude and certainly knew their dutys! I have had nothing but 1st class service here. Thanks!

Jana Krigeris

If I could I would give this hospital zero stars. While driving to Florida we were in a rainstorm and were hit on the highway. My mom was taken to this hospital. I never have had an experience like this before. 1st of all a doctor never even came in the room to speak to my mom who was is severe pain and then a nurse just handed us discharge papers. They wouldn't even roll her out to the car I had to! I can tell you that Chicagoland hospitals even the worst ones are better than this. Also, there was not a call button in the room and they didn't put the side rail of the bed up and she started to fall out of the bed and she had to tell for help. I overheard one of the nurses walk by the room to the nurses station and say"what up ho's? Really not very professional.

Tito Barajas

6 hours to get results

Latoya Pinkney

Went in for severe chest pains about 4pm was still in the waiting area when my husband got off work at 12am he came and picked me up I was in tears and just went home... Took my daughter there to the youth care she hurt her finger at school they did xrays sent us on our way with nothing wrong and a rx for ibuprofen for pain... 30 mins after leaving the hospital got a call that my daughters finger was fractured... I had to go all the way back to get a splint put on it... Worse hospital I've ever been to.

BJ Wortman

We had a short wait time and great service! I would recommend anyone to South Georgia Medical Centers ER. They do awesome work!

Erin Cochran

I would suggest making the trip to Tifton to Tift Regional . Better care and less wait times

Jaylan Hendrix

I enjoyed my stay here at South Georgia Medical Center . They took good care of me , and everyone was really nice !

bobbie walker

would have given it a 4 star ,but no coffee for patient except on food trays. where i come from they have a coffee therms for the visitors also

Travis Johnson

This hospital is not that bad. Valdosta needs another independent hospital. Therefore everyone isnt forced to come to the chest pain center.

Devante Watts

Do not bring your children to the after hour urgent care. I brought my daughter in with a fever of 102.7 they, brushed it off like it was nothing and gave her Motrin. Took her to her pediatrician the next day to find out she had the flu. The lack of care the doctor showed for my daughter was simply offensive.

Emilie Reynolds

My last 2 visits here have been wonderful! One was in the ER. The nurse/dr were all very, very nice. I got to a room quickly, got all tests results quickly, and I could tell they really cared about me and getting me better. Second time was yesterday when I got in a little accident @ 23 wks pregnant. Was brought in to make sure baby was okay. L&D nurse Lara is just the best. She’s soooooooooo nice and kept me very informed and is awesome at her job. From My personal experiences, the hospital is definitely changing for the better and I no longer cringe if I have to go there! My only complaint (why I gave 4 stars, not 5) is the ultrasound tech named Rachel would not let my husband and I see our baby....... I asked if we could see and she said no because she wouldn’t be able to see if she turned the screen anymore and there wasn’t enough room...... which is odd because another us tech earlier in the day was VERY polite and showed me everything with the baby and she could see just fine. Rachel didn’t even bother showing us anything even after she was finished getting the measurements she needed. I really don’t feel it’s right to not allow a mother to be able to see her child if even for a second on an ultrasound ESPECIALLY after any kind of accident. It was very, very rude. So I left the hospital crying. I hope no one that’s pregnant ever gets her for a tech. They will be highly disappointed as I was.

Joshua Rynes

My wife is 6 months pregnant and was severely vomited and having contractions as well so we took her to the hospital. She had a blood pressure of 86/54 and they said she was fine it was because she was short. She was is severe pain called the nurses 3 times in 3 hours before one actually came in to see her and nothing was done. They took her blood pressure again which it was 91/55 which is still very low and said it's no big deal. They told us nothing as far as what was going on and offer no information and the worst part was they never checked to see if this affected the baby, no monitors no ultrasound absolutely nothing. I'm not sure how this place is still in operation after all of these negative issues they having.

Marsha White

The staff is poor need to hire more help other staff complaining it make patients have a long wait it's ridiculous

Nakajima Rie

Yesterday my sister who has lupus and is already having kidney complications went to the ER at 11 am because she had been having chest pains all through the night. She had to sit in the waiting room for 10 almost 11 hours before being seen by an actual doctor and that was only done because our dad went up there and got them to take action. This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done because the people who work the ER seem to have a lack of humanity for the people who come in there suffering. It's pure laziness and disregard for human health and life that they show by leaving people out there that long. To be honest i hate to even give them one star for a review because they don't deserve any.

BrandOn C

Takes insane amount of time and it was not even busy. Also clocks were not set back. Also, the only time the doctor was seen was after three days when she demanded to go home. STAY AWAY IF YOU CAN!!!

Rileys and Kids

I came in at 9am and I am still sitting here. They have done blood work/labs and two sets of vital signs. The reason the gentleman said he did a 2nd set was to see who was still out here. It 2:30pm. I called Patient Relations Department and the lady said someone was coming to talk to me and no one has and I'm currently still waiting and in pain!

Edward Garvin

Waited in the ER for over 8 hours last night before I finally gave up and left. The emergency room is an absolute joke. You are better off driving to Quitman or Tallahassee. If there was a way to give 1/2 or 0 stars I would have because 1 star just gives them too much credit.

Kaylah Harris

If I could rate this hospital negative stars I would. I will never go back to this hospital again, if my life depended on them, I would die.

Rai Rai

Literally waited for 4 hours just to be taken back and told that they can’t help me and that my situation wasn’t an emergency, prescribed me some meds for something they didn’t even diagnose me with. Thanks lol

Janet Chattin

If I could give no stars I would. This is the most unorganized placed I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Thank goodness we had to relocate so we have better options. I hate to see what happens if it is an emergency? First they could not get my appointments figured out and I was getting reminder phone calls on a daily basis, more than once a day from two different locations telling me my appointment was at two different locations. When I did go for the appointment I was kept waiting 45 minutes before ever being attended to. I eventually walked out. On top of it all, when I asked, more than once, about billing to make sure I was not going to be out of pocket I was given the wrong information. SGMC do not give out information if you do not know the answer. It is ok to say I do not know!!!! Now I am out of pocket, not you. Beyond irritated.....

Contina Smith

My mom had a scheduled procedure this morning. She was told to arrive at 7:30 am. She was finally taken back at 12:00. No one cares about the patients time. What should have only been a three to four hour stay will turn into a 8 hour day!!

Joe Crews

Hospital Review I had surgery on June 26th the surgeon was outstanding. I had a abdominalplasty and Dr Shaun Vandermark was the best but the Hospital is horrible. Even though you are prescribed pain meds every 2 hours for one and 4 hrs for the other they do not give it to you or check on you to see if you need it. When you ask for it they take about and hour beyond your scheduled dose to give it to you. God forbid that you fall asleep because you will get nothing until you wake up in pain sip bad you can hardly stand it and then it takes an hour for someone to show up with the meds. Not to mention that when you do ask for your pain meds they are on average 45 min to an hour late bringing it. This causes you to get behind on your pain meds allowing the pain to get ahead and it’s like your trying to play catch-up. One of the night nurses had the audacity to snap her neck at me when I pointed out that I had ask for the pain medication over an hour before she showed up. Needless to say I gave her a mouth full on what it meant to be a caregiver as well as if she didn't want to do the job any longer she needed to find a new profession. If your having any procedure that gives the option to go home the same day your better off to go home and take the prescription meds your sent home with so you can get them timely. If there was a rating less than one star for the hospital I would give it. Bishop Joe Crews

Carter Gilbert

Have been waiting for so long, my friend has restated why she s here countless times to. Got here at 12:30p, it's currently 7:16p and we are still waiting finally saw the doctor about 15 minutes ago but anytime someone goes to retrieve something it takes a minimum of 15 minutes. Closer to 30. Nowhere closer to figuring out what's wrong with my friend, and have considered leaving, BUT of course they had her pay when they pur her back in a room. Not to mention the staff has been very unprofessional, when they think nobody is listening people are very much listening. Listening to you talk about my friends mom who called to check up on her (and nobody came for about 10minutes to be able to give the mom an update) hearing you drop the f-bomb. Watching you scroll through the internet on your phone. The hospital my friend was at was so frantic to get her to the ER. They wouldn't even let her drive (hence why I'm here), yet we get here and wait for hours. Now I've been to my fair share of ERs, and I knew it would take a while but at least the other ones I've visited they were attentive, they were professional. And for crying out loud they didn't take 7+ hours. **edit** We finally left at 10:30p for them to tell my friend to resume done ibuprofen

Some Say

My husband and I have both been to the ER services at SGMC and all four times we received excellent care. Your wait is based on severity...realize that when your sitting in the waiting room the ER units are bringing in accident victims thru the back doors. You are not privy to the amount of patients or their injuries/sickness so don't judge unless you know. I was a TIA victim so yes I got pushed in front of you because stroke victims have a three hour window of treatment before severe side effects happen. Also realize the ER's are overused by those without insurance and that SGMC is a non profit which means people abuse the ER so they don't have to pay.

Savannah Hall

Doctors are not on the same page the floors and rooms are filthy, its sad you have to travel to another city, out of fear you can't get good help here sorry hospital

Gledndina Randolph

I went in for chest pain and I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and while I were in there I asked if I could get something to eat and got no response when I called the nurse again they said after my results. After the doctor came in and told me that it was just muscle strain and I then asked about something to eat. He said they didn't tell me that you were pregnant but I'll take care of that right away. After I kept seeing nurses walking back and fourth with no food I stopped one of them and asked her can I get something to eat because I've been there for six hours and the doctor cleared me to get something to eat. She told I will see what they have for you to eat but when she came back she was empty handed without any food I waited 15 minutes and called for the nurse about my food and she said we will be right in she came in 10 minutes after that and said here are your discharge paper's I asked her about my food and she said well you are discharged and you can get your own food. I'm never going back to this hospital again.

Christina Shealey

My Uncle is in ICU right now. The level of care shown by the nurses and on call doctor is extremely disturbing. We are trying to find a doctor in Tallahassee to accept him so we can move him out of this horrible hospital. I was there this afternoon with him. He has stage 4 cancer, that has spread from his lungs to his neck and elbow. He is in excruciating pain, and scared. My mom called his nurse while I was there this afternoon to discuss his pain management. The nurse, Emily, got angry and stormed in the room. She looked at my uncle, who is in critical condition, and says very rudely, "I do not appreciate someone else calling me to tell me my patient is in pain" I stopped her and told her that she does not need to come in his room and unload on him. She continues going back and forth, being extremely rude the entire time, because she was offended that someone questioned his pain management. She made him so upset, that he said he was scared to ask for anything else. We had her removed from his care, and afterwards we heard her talking and laughing about it right outside his room with another nurse. This behavior was absolutely disgusting. This hospital has no hospitality. You should be ashamed at how you treat your patients who are fighting for their lives.

Adalina Streeter

I am new to this town and didn’t know my closest hospital was nearly an hour away first off. I got in at 12 the staff was nice and moved very fast to see what’s going on I’m 15 weeks pregnant and their was only 3 other people their waiting to be seen when I got in they took my blood and just had me waiting with no updates. 5 hours later I was still waiting over ten people that came in after me was checked in and left way before me they had new born babies waiting for hours as well. An older man with a headache was seen before me and I asked why is it and the nurse told me that the other people was more urgent then me having unfamiliar pains and I’m pregnant in my preference is nonsense everyone needs help I saw nobody come in looking as they are about to die just as I walked in the did the same and walked right out before me. I will not ever go back to that hospital again and I’m actually looking into relocating because babies and pregnant women are not priority at all even if you been their for over 4 hours. I left and will Not be returning.

Anthony Pursser

This has been the worst experience ever. My daughter spent over 9 hours sitting in the ER hallway in pain. Then they decided to keep her over night. Once in the room she asked if she could have something to eat, she was told dinning was closed and her friend needed to get her some food. Now today the Dr. said once we have the lab results if all is good we will go home. we have been waiting for 4 hours to draw her blood and still waiting. DO NOT COME.TO THIS HOSPITAL.


The ER isn't as bad as people say. I register and was quickly check in. Staff friendly and I didnt have to wait forever. It just took a little longer for the provider to see me but I am a patient person so I didn't mind as long as I had my cell phone with me. I am just glad that I got help with my ear and sinus infection. I appreciated Dr. Eason(I think that's the Dr. Name) for helping me with my pain because I felt so much better that same day.

Shederrius Williams

As a sickle cell patient they are way too slow. And they let me leave while still having pain. The doctor doesn't care he just want a check.

Benjamin Wu

Absolutely horrible medical center. My mother was recently sent here into the ER after suffering from a car crash. They "apparently" did scans to see if there was any major damage. They told her no then discharged her from the facility, but low and behold she's in agonizing pain still from the incident. I'll never trust any of those people there, and I advice anyone seeking medical treatment there not to as well.

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