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REVIEWS OF Select Specialty Hospital - Midtown Atlanta IN Georgia

Tamika Murray

Everyone has been nice and friendly. I came on a ventilator, I'm now off the ventilator, I'm talking and I'm able to eat again. I'm getting stronger everyday. I would recommend this hospital.

Barbara Barnes

Select Specialty Hospital has been a blessing for my husband . The staff has been awesome and kind. My husband has made progress that has been amazing.? The doctors and staff have worked hard giving him the services needed for improvement.. I have found the staff to be friendly and kind to my husband and to me. The staff always ask if there is anything that I need. The patient advocate has been the best. She reaches out and if there is a problem she has always seemed an answer.

Valerie Rosebery

Everyone was very friendly, polite, courteous and professional. Everyone that I encountered enjoyed the work that they do and it was obvious from the service that they provided. My son was always clean. I even had a few opportunities to assist with cleaning him and also participated with physical therapy, all levels of physical therapy. I was shown how to work and properly move his arms, legs and head. There was always mats on both sides of the bed for his protection. I cannot thank Select Medical enough for the kindness and thoughtfulness they have shown me and my family. I have to add that the food from the cafeteria was very affordable and good. I have to always let the chef know that he put his foot in it. The food choices I have selected has been delicious.

Brenda Jones-Bell

Everyone has been really nice to me. Im talking and eating again. I will be discharging to a rehab facility soon.

Anonymous Texas

The staff and service at this facility is nothing short of a blessing. The bedside manner and care that each staff member rendered truly played an intricate part in the speedy recovery time of my loved one. I can not thank the Kindred Hospital Family enough for your customer care. -Truly Appreciative-

Janice Hughes

The staff was really good. They got me strong and from here I will go to acute rehab for couple weeks before I go home.

Natalie Eaton

I would recommend this hospital. My tech Tim Cook was very good, he is very upbeat, always smiling and telling jokes -he is good with care gets all his work done quickly.

Shanquilla S

i love the service they provide



Melissa Rudison

I am so disappointed at the poor level of care given to my sister. I would come in and she would be soaked in urine. The Stench so strong, face dirty and lips chapped. It is unbelievable at how a human being could treat someone so sick. Any time I complain , it’s always we were getting ready to change her. Or she had two baths! One day she had dried up fecal matter on her. I witnessed her on soft restraints all day everyday in my Presence tired up like a animal. God forbid if a fire had started! There were some good employees who showed care but bad heavily out weighs the good! I have no problem going out my way if someone is good. The nurse’s pad not working properly or not at all. You sometimes have to physically go get someone to do their job. I worry if me complaining that they would take it out on her! There’s more but I would be typing all day. The positive is Respiratory was really good Weening her off the ventilator! I don’t plan to stop here. I’m going to speak to someone higher because this is unacceptable!!!!!

Daron Gilmore

The best!


Have been hospitalized here since March 27, 2018 and love the staff and Physical & Occupational Therapy offered. I had been facing several chronic issues and now am in the process of going home. This the place where genuine concern about your health is always #1. You or your loved ones couldn't find a better place to heal and thrive. Kudos to all the caring staff ( too many to name individually); but hats off to Mishawn A. the outstanding liason between patient and staff.

Mr. Harrison

This was the worst experience ever! I had an aunt who was in their care and she only stayed as long as she did because of the distance and location. There were a few nurses who were always professional, courteous, and nice but this was outweighed by the unprofessionalism by some of the other staff. I could never get an explanation to why but one day, the staff randomly removed the visitor chairs from my aunt's room, which made it very uncomfortable for any of her visitors. The manager at Kindred was extremely rude and very snappy. He had a lot of attitude when approached about any of my concerns and I even witnessed him going back and forth with the family member of another patient. I think it was very unprofessional for him to raise his voice and yell at her in such a public setting. Another incident, but surely not the last, was with Kindred's security guard. I cannot honestly say how the incident started but I have seen him yelling and cursing at a woman, calling her out of her name. I felt this was extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. My overall experience with this facility was terrible and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Chezy nusser

Zero stars. Please do not send your loved ones here. You’ll always wonder if only you didn’t send him here, would he be alive?

Sanjeeb Sapkota

My dad is getting treated here for several weeks now. The nurse and staff are courteous, polite and they provide really good care and comfort to my dad. The respiratory therapists, nurses, technicians are skillful, experienced and so are the doctors. The admin office keep track of his progress and communicate to family members regularly. I am highly satisfied the way my dad ia getting his treatment, care and comfort here.

Kimberly Bentley

My father, Frank Bentley, suffered a severe seizure in June 2015 due to an unknown brain tumor. He had successful surgery to have the tumor removed. Unexpectedly, he had 2 MORE seizures on April 4th, 2018. After the removal of the brain tumor, we were told he would have less than a 2% chance of ever have seizures again, but epilepsy is now an ongoing concern for his health. Upon having the 2 seizures in April 2018, my father was sent to Select Specialty Hospital in Midtown, ATL and we could NOT be more GRATEFUL for the compassion and care they have shown both him AND our family. From Chris the Dietitian, to Lucy our Patient Advocate, they have kept us SO well informed with all of the changes in medication, therapy, diet, and my father's overall well-being. Lucy is such a warm, caring person that TRULY cares for all of the patients at Select. Neka our social worker, and Tanisha from Rehab are truly gifted professionals in their line of work. We absolutely LOVE everyone on the 3rd floor nursing staff, and also the 3rd floor clerks. They all worked with our family with ANYTHING that we needed. One of the highlights about this facility is that they have a PA (Phys Assist) and Doctor that come around TWICE a day! WHERE ELSE HAVE YOU SEEN THAT? Collette (P.A.) is so sharp, sophisticated, and FUNNY! She handled ANYTHING we needed and was SO patient and supportive when we had questions about my father's care. Dr "O" coming around in the evenings shows JUST how much they care about the TOTAL well-being of the patients at Select, and that their patients DESERVE having someone see them often to ensure they are receiving all the care they need. Rondae, Simone, and Richard are truly STAND OUTS when it comes to both great personalities and care. We truly appreciate EVERYONE that worked on the 3rd floor with us. From the facility maintenance staff, to every single medical professional, we were happy to help THEM every time they came in the room, because THEY are the reason that my father is thriving and making advances every single day at home now. We are forever indebted to you for your care and compassion during such a difficult time for our family. My father, Frank Bentley, also sends his regards as he continues to recuperate at home now. Thank you Select!

Shaun Cochran

Doctors and nursing staff are very caring, communicate well with patients and their needs. The techs respond to your needs in a timely manner. Very hospitable atmosphere, great dietary supplements and really clean rooms.

Paul Whiting

The staff and facility were fantastic! They saved my life! My family, friends and myself are feeling blessed and grateful for all the skills and compassion shown during my time there.

Kim Jackson

The nurses treated me well, they come in and see about me. My doctor Dr. Crosland is real good, he brought me a long way. The techs and respiratory therapists took good care of me. I came on to the hospital on a ventilator, I am now off the vent completely. I had a feeding tube, now I'm eating again. I just need to get my strength back and keep pushing forward. Thank you.


Chrissie Childers

Deja Greene

Don't put your loved one in these people care. My dad was there & his roommate was able to talk/get around. He told us they lie on the charts & in a 2 wks span (while he was in the room w/my dad) they only came to see about him 1 a day & thats to look @ the monitors & write lies on the charts. He told us to hurry & get him out of there. The respiratory rate they had my dad on was RIDICULOUS. NO HUMAN breaths that hard/fast. Please people I beg you DONT leave your love one in the care of these idiots. We beg the doctor to look at him because he wasn't doing good. He developed that infection of the blood (that happens at most nasty nursing homes because they are not doing what they suppose to do as required) and had to be moved to Critical Care unit. We hurried and got him out of there and back to EMORY hospital (old Crawford Long). He was much better there and began to mumble and respond to us.


Family atmosphere, rarely felt like a patient.

melissa Kent

Since the moment I drove into the parking lot to meet the ambulance bringing my husband to the I.C.U. here @ Kindred, I felt very welcome. I was greeted by security, which escorted me and my family to the front desk. The receptionist was very professional, and yet caring to our concerns. I was helped with everything necessary to get him admitted. The entire staff has been caring and have gone above and beyond to accomidate not only my husband, but also ME , AND our family. Hector, a RN in the ICU was my favorite. THE BOMB! Although all were GREAT! Since being out of the ICU , my husband has grown fond of Amelia, one of the RNs on the floor. She talks to him and treats him as if we are family. Ms.Annette is a BEAUTIFUL lady and so generously loving! She runs a tight ship and is here for the patients, family, and staff. My case manager, Octavia, and our Ambassador, Pat, are awesome! They stay on point for us. Finally I want to say, upon coming here to Kindred, I was in the dumps with my husband"s progress. I have seen walking and talking miracles this staff has accomplished with their skills. My husband is one! For the staff at Kindred, THANK-YOU for your teamwork and humbleness you share with each other, the patients, and in my case, the FAMILY. This is what it takes to make this healing process a success. FAMILY!!! THANK-YOU ALL!!!

Shirley Lippitt

You’ll took good care of me. Some of the nurses are really good. I came here over 3 weeks ago on a ventilator and eating through a feeding tube and today I’m going home on room air. I’m walking, talking and eating regular food. Thank the Lord for my blessings!

Nickie Plunkett

Night security guard at night is rude, disrespectful, and very unfriendly!!!! The nursing staff is great ,and Drs. very informative and helpful.

Rocky Cocky

This is a good hospital. The care was excellent, the doctors and nurses were excellent. Nurse Peaches was amazing, we really liked her!

Patricia Benton

The nurses have been very nice. The physicians come in for brief visits but they are thorough.

Amy Toale

Say goodbye to your loved ones if they have to go to this hell hole. Incompetent staff oh and security will harass you. Highly would never recommend.

Mean Vecktor

Brad Smith

Terrible depressing place! However, no LTAC in Atlanta is good. This one is just like the rest! People usually die, not get better. Not sure why people refer to staff as nurses. Most are not! Not even an LPN! A RN would not consider working at an LTAC! My loved one in twice! Hospitals just say they are well enough to go and out the door, same day, little notice! Both times I had to tell the doctor he needed to be back in the hospital! He never looked at him. Just ordered ambulance to move him! Both times his bed sores only got worse. And last time he was laying in his own poop and infecting the sores! Each time back at hospital the doctors did not think he would make it! In the end, he died after 5 months because so much heavy pain medicines killed his liver. Please read ! I have seen all LTAC in Atlanta! All are horrible! Should not allow them to operate!

Barbara Cox

I've been here over a month now. The care is good. I enjoy working with Ola, Erica, my wound care team - Lauri and Dr. Work and my therapists Erin and Meichen.

R Johnson

Anna Wayne

April Bryant

I truly wish it was a way to not give a star at all. The communication skills at this facility is dispicable. I met the case manager almost a month of my love one being at this facility. That was because I inquired on who I needed to speak with to get doctors to contact me at least once a week. NEVER received that I had to run Dr. Jingo down myself each week. Not one time of him being admitted did I see or talk to any other doctors. It's like they were hiding something and didn't want to communicate with the family. Wasn't use to that after leaving Grady and the team of doctors ALWAYS made it around to talk. The nurses I can't say all but some were compassionate about what they did. Others were doing it for a check clearly. Had one incident to happen May 29 file report with head nurse Abbey that day. Not sure if this place is an undercover hospice and just how many patients SUCCESSFULLY are discharged. My family and I were referred here from Grady Hospital. Rehabilitation I never seen for the 5 weeks he was admitted. Though notation was up in his room stating different. From myself coming every day and another family member coming at night never notice. My family member seem to have decline instead of getting better. With that being said I was told that he would have to be discharged and moved to Colquitt Ga, which was totally not an option. Let me be clear to anyone new thinking about admitting your love one here. This is a short term facility meaning no months to stay here and when your time is up! They will let you know and be very adamant about it. He was in ICU for almost a month and received one on one assistance but once you hit that floor. It's a wrap you best do as many pop up visits as possible if you care and love for your love one. IV machine clearly empty and giving alert I would just sit and see how long it will take for them to come and unhook and flush. If too long I go straight to the desk and request for nurse. I provided soap, Vaseline and lotion to be used. They insist on using wipes, these are adults not babies that's not getting them clean. The Vaseline was for the moisture on his lips I would still have to do whenever I came alone with washing his face. He also contracted a blood disorder while at this facility. Sad to say 2 of my coworkers advised me after we left that they loss family members here. I don't know the deal but clearly something ISN'T right and need to be checked out IMMEDIATELY!!! For the people to continue to work here and know things aren't right.

Richard Watts

My mom just got here, and on the first day someone in the room next to her coded. Those Doctors, Nurses, and others worked on him until they had him stable and out to the Ambulance. Great job!!!!!!!

Beverly Hutchinson

My name is Benjamin Hill. I had a very good experience at this facility. My patient coordinator was helpful and very knowledgeable. She assisted me in every way. I would definitely recommend this hospital. Kudos to Select Specialty and Mishawn Armour.

Levenious Robinson

Great team of doctors, Dr. Bancole and Dr. Makanjuo. Although things started off rocky were moving in the right direction.

Dorcella Raftin

The facility is good, the staff is friendly. I appreciate the doctors, they also have a wound doctors for debridements which was really helpful. I made good progress during my stay - they weaned me off the vent, I'm talking now, I have just started eating as well. Like any other facility, my suggestion would be that a couple of the staff could use more training, but overall they did good. I got along real well with Meshall.

Erick Toliver

From day one my Aunt received the best care in the world. The doctors, nurses and therapists were so kind and always upbeat. They worked so hard to help my Aunt walk again and breath on her own and did this with such dedication and compassion. Every time I saw my aunt she was improving and feeling better about her accomplishments that day. The staff here treated us like family and they encouraged not only my aunt but my entire family. They made us feel so apart of the team.

Pennie Clark

Respond to emergency's long as 15 minutes or longer. Bells continue to go off and they show up later like 15 minutes or longer. Will never take another family member there again nor will recommend this hospital to anyone. Bad service. Also need repairs and updates.

Marcus Moore

My stay here was very enjoyable, everyone from the cleaning person to management was very helpful. Staff was very caring just like family. I want to give a shout out to the wound care team and the dialysis team, the cafeteria staff. I want to come back and visit everyone.

John Hostrup

Nurses never responded to call button. my family member had to share room with someone else. Smelled. roommate died while my family member watched. Body stayed in room for over 24 hrs.

Christy Knight

This place is a joke! No one seems to know anything when you ask. Doctors are never here to talk to families.

jessie helms

Staff is very friendly. Mostly very knowledgeable. They try to keep up with patients needs. However this is not a traditional hospital. Don’t expect it to be. Building is clean but old and outdated. Doctor is very good. One doctor so you don’t have to deal with revolving door of doctors like at Emory.

Darlene Cruz

Words can NOT express the displeasure I feel. My loved one couldn't hardly wait to return to her hometown in Florida. But, according to hospital staff (Caseworker) our loved one was deamed NOT healthy enough to make the trip back home. My sister's health has worsened in the last 8 weeks since she's been in there care. Our sister has an infected wound on her right leg that simply won't heal. Not to mention, I have been lied too so many times I just can't keep count anymore. There is absolutely NO accountability for patient care, nor proper verification of documentation upon admissions. I am sadden by my observation of this medical facility. If anything should happen to my sister while in there care I am absolutely HOLDING (Caseworker) & Select Specialty Hospital solely responsible of negligence and pure ignorance of our loved one. Sincerely, Darlene Cruz

Yolanda Cox

This isn't a hospital. The nurses do all the work and doctors arent visible. The best thing about this facility was the few loyal nurses the took care of my mom not the doctors. My mother was there for 90 days, ironically this also is the timeframe that Medicare/Medicaid is billed at 100%. She was poorly taken care of here. Poor communication, tests aren't thoroughly performed, and it appear as doctors seem to look at these seniors as another paycheck. My mom passed away and the biggest regret was bringing her there. She suffered and perhaps didn't have to, but do you think I received a status of her brain? No. No til her heart stopped and I ask if they were going to do a CAT scan and a male nurse calls me to ask why I wanted one. Isn't this protocol to check that since that's what she came in for. 3 months CAT scan taken 2 weeks before she died. Those people will answer for their part, because one day someone will have to take care of them or someone they love. I leave to GOD. Don't take your family member here and don't let them suffer to stuff others pockets.

Terrence Furlong

bridgette heard

My experience here has been very good. Nurses are very nice. They make sure you are well taken care. Yes I would recommend this hospital.

Dan Jenkins

My mother was at Kindred for nearly two weeks with a stage 4 wound developed at another facility. The care she received at Kindred Atlanta was exceptional and carried out with care and compassion. The entire staff could not have been more friendly and they continually checked to make sure that her needs were being met and addressed in a timely manner. Thanks to their efforts she is now on a clear path to recovery- thank you Kindred.

Shantron Terry

Horrible, just plain HORRIBLE

Jamarcus Blunt

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. This place is horrible. One of my family members is staying here and so far the stay has not been excellent or even just ok. The nurses are rude and obnoxious, the overall cleanliness is not up to expectations for a medical facility, and when a complaint was filed with administration they responded by saying that its just an old building. The smell of pee is strong as soon as you leave the first floor. As i entered the room of my family member they hanging off of the bed calling for help with plenty of nurses standing by that couldn't possibly not heard it. If anyone evers comes and tells you this is a great place or a regular hospital do not believe them its a nasty filthy nursing home.

Green Gryl

Worst care I have ever seen. You should leave better then you arrived. After (2) weeks my loved one left with severe dehydration, low blood count and complications from a botched catheterization. The staff was lackadaisical, equipment nonfunctional, and physician uninformed. I would not take my dog there.

j Walker

I was very pleased with the staff, management, doctors and location. I would recommend this facility for any rehab or trach vent care.

lorenza hammonds

First of all I wouldto thank Kindred Hospital Atlanta for saving my mother. She was in bad shape when she arrived. We had been from hospital to hospital trying to find out what was wrong with her. As soon as she got to kindred they started working on her. She had just been sleeping and she woke up when she came to kindred. They treated her and looked out for her. Everytime we visited someone was in her room working with her. They weaned her off of the ventilator and got her to breathe on her own. The staff was kind and compassionate and kept us updated even by phone. My family want to personally thank easch of the Kindred staff for giving our mother back to us. I would recommend this hospital to everyone.

Shelagh Mercedes

I am apalled at the "doctors" that are allowed to practice in this death house, particularly Dr. 'Bob', the nephrologist. He was dismissive, uninterested and rude. He had no idea what the patient needed or what type of plan would help. He may as well have been a brick layer for all the skill he showed in treating the patient. Unconcionable. Don't go there unless you want to die.

Eric Henry

Kindred is a GREAT hospital. I don't live in Atlanta, but had the privilege of visiting a friend in the hospital while there. The hospitality of the staff was grade A! I was thoroughly impressed with the way they handled the patient, my friend. They were so friendly, pleasant and full of jokes. I live in Houston, but if I ever need a hospital, I'm tempted have them send me to Atlanta, just for the Kindred experience! lol

meagan beaty



I have seen the hospital making vast improvements to better serve the patients. Their dedication to the patients and families are very refreshing. It is good to know in this day and age that people still care.

Kenneth Williams

It was a great experience, we would highly recommend this hospital. We have been to a lot of hospitals for Ken's recovery and this has been the best experience by far. Thank you.

Tomika Bivens

The cafeteria has excellent food.

Ruby Byron

It's the best they come when you need them and you can get as many juices as u want

william tyree

This was an awesome place. The Doctors and Nurses were great. There was ALWAYS someone in and out of the room checking on my man, talking to him, cutting up with him, making him laugh. Just making him feel as comfortable and at home as possible and a few of u flirting with him too, thinking I wasn't watching...ha ha ha...I just wanted to take the time out to give a huge thanks to ALL of u on the 3rd floor. Words can't express my gratitude, appreciation and love I have for u all right now. U all are like God's Angel's that were sent to watch over him and bring him home to me. I truly hope u all get the most wonderful blessings ever that u well deserve. It was a long and hard 2 1/2 months, especially without him but now I feel it was well worth it. He now gets around alot better, without cane, walker, wheelchair or anything else, thanks to physical therapist JB and says he feels so much better. Once again, William Tyree (AKA Billy) and I would just like to thank u all for everything. God bless each and everyone of u.

Ray Elliot

I am appreciative simply because they were patient with me. There are some incredibly great nurses at Kindred and there are a couple that I've had a rocky experience with, but all in all my stay has been good and the care has been good.

Kimberly Alexis

This is a nice hospital, clean environment. The staff is great. My recovery was better and faster than expected.

Carlo Angelo

Like it :)

Sierra Holden

Douglas Slappey

The staff, doctors and nurses were all very good. Therapy pushed me to work with them. Overall I'm very pleased with the hospital.

Dyann Johnson

They staff here is wonderful. I really want to recognize Christy the Respiratory Manager she was so great and was always there for us. The entire respiratory department was very knowledgeable. Pam the Unit Clerk, Shaun the EVS Manager and Susan my son's nurse was excellent! And Paula with EVS did a wonderful job cleaning our room everyday. I have no complaints and the patient care was simply amazing!

Mary Fears

Good job. Words cannot express!

Larry Caldwell

This hospital was a great place to be treated. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

dean brazier

PT OT and the nurses are good. I feel like i made some progress here.

Nicolasa Moralea

One of the primary doctors is horrible about communicating with family. The nurses, techs, respiratory techs, and rehabilitation staff are great. Some of the doctors don't communicate well with family of disabled patients. Administration says they'll look into it and then don't follow through. Ask questions because communication is not the best here.

Joy Taylor

This is a wonderful facility and the people are very caring. I would recommend them to everyone. The doctors are wonderful and the therapists are very knowledgeable. I have become fond of most of the people who work here.

John Hollis

I would recommend this facility and the specialists here to anyone who needs to come off the ventilator and tracheostomy. They helped me wean off the vent, and get strong enough to get back on my feet. Now I feel like I can get back to my normal life soon. Thank you!

Sherry Carpenter

What is the deal???? Over the past few weeks I have asked to speak with the doctor and the social worker, only to be told several times that they would contact me instead. They have my name and number wrote down but no one has called me yet. What else can I do????

Tammy Sherwood

Easy to find great atmosphere

Impala78 Aero coupe

Rude staff. Not sensitive to the needs of the patients at all. They did not change the bandages on my dads foot like how they should which led to further amputation...thanks Kindred!!!

Courtney Austin

Cynthia M. Marshall

AJ Morton


This is a really great Hospital -- the staff is very friendly. Thank you,

Suzanne Speelman

My husband was on his second Ltac facility when we went to Select Specialty, where he was well taken care of by nurses, drs., and staff. I would recommend taking your love one there for that interim care after a hospital stay. My husband is now in rehab and even though many medical professionals thought he would never be able have this opportunity, he is now in Shepherd Rehab facility. Thanks to Select and their caring staff who listened and showed compassion, we are now looking forward to having my husband come home one day soon.

Chad Walters

There are no words to describe this place. If your loved one is on schedule to be transferred here....I am so sorry....Fight it with all means that you have at your disposal....then find some more, you MUST stay out of this place. They are underfunded, underequipped, and untrained.

Tiffany Bedford

Al Alexander

This hospital helped me heal very fast. The staff provided great care, especially Ms. Isabelle.

Tyrone Payne

They do good work here. This hospital provided me with all the services I needed. I was in the icu high observation area when I first came due to my Trach. I was provided excellent service by my doctors. My Trach is out. I was even able to use the therapy gym to get stronger. I am thankful for the nurses who are here 24x7 and physical therapy. I am also eating a regular diet now. The food in the cafeteria is excellent. I will be going home tomorrow to be with my family.

Lindsey Tichenor

If I could give them 0 stars I would!!!! My husband was transferred here after being in the ICU and Emory University Hospital. We have had nothing but problems with these people. They are rude, don’t respond to the nurse call button, I call the nurses station from work to get somebody to go help my husband. We spoke to the chef personally because my husband has celiac and is lactose intolerant. They repeatedly mess up his meals giving him gluten and dairy that he can’t have. Nobody will help him go to the bathroom, change clothes or get him fresh blankets. I am so unhappy with this facility and am working on getting him somewhere new ASAP. It’s awful that I can’t go to work and know my husband will be taken care of the way he should. If you care about your family members, DO NOT GO HERE.

Emelinda Juarez

Margaret Robertson

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you all have done to get me well enough to go home. You have an amazing staff here. The patients here are blessed to have such an amazing staff. Thank you, M.E. Robertson

Fabric weaver

Thank you for exceeding my expectations. The interaction with every person has been pleasant. The care has been great from the doctors all the way down to the techs. The only thing I would say that could be better is the building could use some touch ups.

Anthony Kelly

They were supposed to be taking care of my daughter and she ended up getting worse. The nurses don't care are not attentive and not knowledgeable. The facility is dirty and not well kept. She could not even watch tv because they did not work. If you care for your loved ones do not let them go here. The only reason I give this place one star is because google will not allow a post unless it has one star minimum.

Mary Hollis

My brother was admitted here 3 weeks ago. The staff was excellent. He is being discharged to acute rehab today. I am very pleased with the overall care he received at Select Midtown!

Stephanie Burnett

I came in on trachea and feeding tube ICU was great my top nurses was Abby and Chad they went out of their way to make me comfortable I was moved up to third floor my visit to the third floor was terrible I kept swelling and every time I did this after I started eating and drinking they'd pull my food and water which I think is illegal wouldn't send my dog to this place

keisha patterson

This placed was not the best but it wasn't the complete worse either. The physical therapist staff had to be the best people there ( Thank you Tanisha for everything you did) . The cook was always nice to my husband, The night shift was the worse! My husband would say it's every man for themselves at night. I agree with the other reviews. If your not up there a lot and in the nurses faces and calling then your love one might not get the best care. They were always short staffed and the doctors, advisers, and discharge team lack clear communication. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Martha Bernal

Staff is good, respiratory and rehab helped get my daughter better. They have their own cafeteria, great food with reasonable prices. Location is great, parking is free and on premises. We are discharging to acute rehab today.


Intelligent interesting folks here

Julie Bates

Experience was horrible!!!!. Husband did not get his meds. Pee was on the dried on the floor from one corner of the room to the other. A large puddle of pee was dried in the corner. Feet actually stuck to floor. The Smell of Urine hit me in the face when I opened the door .Called on my way to Atlanta because my husband called and said he was dizzy. Husband ranged for nurse and was ignored for over an hour. It was 9:30 and they forgot his breakfast and did not give him his insulin. When I arrived at 10:00, they have brought him cold left over food. He still did not receive his insulin. The wall to the left of his bed had blood drops on them. (not my husbands). The outlet on the wall was hanging by a wire. My daughter actually pushed it back in the wall. The cabinets were held together with medical tape. The TV's had an extreme amount of wiring in sockets. Needless to say I signed my husband out and took him back to the emergency room to be re-admitted to the hospital. I have pictures!!! Please if you love your loved on, DO NOT SEND THEM HERE!!!!!! I would not even put my dog here

Melanie Leni Garner

At first I was a little apprehensive about coming to Kindred, but in no time at all I had adjusted and liked the staff very much. They all took very good care of our son, all kind-hearted people; they answered all my questions and concerns. They gave our son the best care so now he is able to go home. We thank all at Kindred for their hard work and dedication. We are grateful for this hospital. Thank you!! Also, loved the food in cafe - unbelievable!

Margaret Whelchel

This is a great hospital to come to if you need trach-vent special care. The staff has been terrific with my husband and my family. My husband is discharging any day now. We couldn't have asked for more.

Tonikkia Williams

The doctors and nurses here are very attentive, and they solve problems to help you progress and achieve your goals. I have had great physical therapists and respiratory therapists.

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