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REVIEWS OF Riverwoods Behavioral Health System IN Georgia

Martin Smith

I've been staying at the Lodge and the staff has been nothing but nice. Robert in particular has been very kind and always there to help us when we were in need of anything. He listens to any concerns and does what he can to fix the issue. Not sure why the previous reviewer said Robert was rude because that's definitely not his character. In regards to Brian, I remember your wife leaving the program and it was a much bigger issue that had nothing to do with the staff. I think it was more so she wasn't happy with her roommates. Unfortunately when you are in a lodge type living situation you have to make the best of your circumstances. If she had the opportunity to move in with family and or you then that would've been her best option in the beginning. Wish her the best.

Natalie Jackson

My son was there and it helped him alot!

Elizabeth Haynes

If I could give negative stars for this place, I would.

Autumn Rynearson

Zero communication, wait for calls that never come, and when you call about your child, no information is given, just rude customer service, they have no idividual counseling, which defeats the whole purpose of trying to seek help....after 8 days, I still had no information about her and nobody would return my calls

LaTonya Williams

My daughter was admitted here March 2014 after a manic episode. This is the worst place ever. Avoid it at all cost. The majority of the staff are extremely rude and treat the patients like trash. They do not treat them with respect at all. They are extremely unorganized.

Rebecca West

It suck balls the people don't know anything The people on the phone are rude and don't know where the patients are if you give him the patient ID they sending to the wrong one still I think Crescent Pines or Peachford is a better hospital and behavior hospital so if you ever have a problem go to those two places not this one

shelby wiggins

Completely rude people!! Completely unprofessional and over all horrible experience. They snached a one year old out of his mothers arms screaming bloody murder!! Do not get help from these people!! They are beyond insensitive and will give you a run around when asked to speak to a patient.

Bryce Bailey

Felt like they were keeping me much longer than was necessary for the reason I was "involuntarily" admitted. A bunch of pharmaceutical pimps, that would prefer to keep you medicated and charge you for as many days as possible. My advice, if you have a choice (which I didn't) look elsewhere.

Russell Andresen

STAY AWAY!!! Stay FAR away!!!

Royce Shook

Tyler Swanson

Unfortunately, I had to send my child here. When I say it was the best thing I could have ever done in my life. Thank you Carl and the crew. I am so sorry I cant remember everyone's name. The staff on the weekend. GREAT!!!! because I was a nervous wreck. Of course no parent want to to this put all I can say is you guys are great. Thank you so so much. My son has done a 360 turn around.

Jessica Eilen

You've violated the ADA and you're a disgrace to the mental health system. It's sad that people are sent here because they have "available beds". You're hospital, staff and food are not fit for a prison or a jail. You all need sensitivity training and to stop treating people like they are all the same, simply a number. Honestly you're hospital needs to be reformed or better yet torn down. All of your employees are burned out and don't care about anything or anyone but themselves. Oh BTW your not only ripping off the Private Insurance Companies, you're causing the needy to go into debt (also our government). I'm ashamed to know a place like this exists in my state and country. Clayton County Health Department consider yourself served..

Ileanne Price

Over all this place deserves a ZERO. There is no communication from anybody, nobody tells you what to expect, what the steps are when you have a loved one there, they don't give insurance information unless you have to go there and get it in person. The medical director was very effective when I talked to him . Over all if you get to choose don't take your loved one there.


Tyrone Hicks

Matea Gardner

The staff there a really rude and look at the patients as if they are better than them. I couldn’t stand that, looking at them like they aren’t human! How dare they do that. The food is horrible either burnt or raw, the fruit they give them for snacks is not even clean, how about they have away puddings with mold in it! they said the floor is contaminated but still made people sleep on the floor which was not understandable. My allergies was horrible there. A guy told them he was not feeling good enough to leave but they still was trying to discharge him, which made him feel even worse. I really tried to understand how this place was supposed to help people, when you talk to them in a manner that puts them down. I started feeling bad for some of the patients. You’re supposed to help them not make them feel like they are any less than you. They are still human!! They didn’t ask for this at all. There is hardly any soap and hand sanitizer for people to wash hands, atleast have that if you have to leave doors closed at a certain time. They need new chairs and tables, books, educational games ect. Something to keep people minds busy and keep them up so they won’t think about the stress. How are people supposed to get a good night sleep when the staff is loud at the desk? The janitors should find new jobs options if they are going to complain also. You are not forced to have that as an job option btw. If people actually seemed like they cared maybe the patients will feel like they are getting help and feel like they are they for a reason and not in prison. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! If I was able to remodel that place and have new staff I definitely would have myself. I want the patients to feel like they do matter, people are there to listen, you are not there as a check, u are not Crazy, but hard it’s hard to believe so there. Someone is going to end up suing that place.

Sam Ismailzada

A bunch of unprofessional, rude, and racist money mongers who doesn't have a human heart. They don't care for your health as a corporation, but see how they can dig a hole under your feet to get more money.

Monica Arrow

I was there two years ago along with other teenagers my age. we became friends for a shortwhile. They give psycological sessions and we talked about our problems and feelings. But the only problems that had an impact was mostly the staff. They don't talk to you. They don't take what one says to them seriously. They pretty much hate working there was pretty obvious. ALL you do there, is sit watching Disney channel all the time. They give you elementary level books, and let you color as if you were a slow child. SOMETIMES they give privelages of going outside. But it's just a tall fence in a tight space. You will get bored and crazy there on your second day. Also no phones, you cannot close your door of your room. They give you tranquilizers because you talked back at them. Also they provoke you. Eating schedule is strict and give you mostly unhealthy food. I was there for a week and two days. Not worth your money I promise you.

Shane Mitchell

The staff did not know I was lestion to them that talk so bad about the clients here so rude

chevy arthur

The following is my review of the Legacy unit at Riverwoods Behavioral Health. I experienced a very unpleasant 11 day stay during July 2016. I have read all 23 reviews which resulted in a 1.8 star rating out of 5; I give them only 1. This is a big place and the Legacy unit is for us old folks 65 and older. If you are reading these ratings for placing one of your loved ones; I suggest that you do further research. The looks of the building inside and outside look great. However, the food is crap the care givers are rude. The common area is dirty, filthy, disgusting with food spills and urine, feces from incontinent patients. I took the time by letter to share my views with the Riverwoods CEO and the Georgia Commissioner DBHDD. I planned to share some of the prior reviews in my review; I soon realized that some are 4 years old and they are having the same issues I had. This place is clearly a management wreck and this problem makes its way all the way down to the unit. The management knows of these problems which are still unresolved. For the sake of your love ones find another choice. August 2016 response to me from the CEO; “Upon careful review of your concerns, it appears that there were some opportunities for improved customer service. I have reviewed your concerns, and I can assure you of my commitment to follow through with our staff members.” We should be pleased with this response and I believe the CEO wants the best.


Horrible place. I’m a young guy and was put with the seniors. I took it upon myself to help them bc the staff wouldn’t and ignored them. Some staff were basically grabbing tight the ones who couldn’t take care of themself aggressive. Just Rude! They didn’t really help with anything.

Kharysma McCartha

I was a patient and i hated it. The food was horrible. One girl passed out after telling nurses 4 times she couldnt breath and they kept telling her to sit down. 5 minutes later she was out and no one knew what to do. I was in transitional unit by the way. Staff doesnt care. Dont send your family here

Jeff Farmer

My grandson went in for treatment 15 years old there was a kid there kept beating up on him first a black eye . Then was hit in the face broken nose and has to have surgery on his mouth so parents beware they don’t protect them from violent people .i would not take my dog to this place they just jail them and let them defend on there on

Ginger Fletcher

I have nothing to say but good things about this place. Yes, it's run like a prison but it needs to be. Two nurses were attacked when I was there visiting a loved one. So there has to be structure or the place would be chaos. From Hakeem at the front desk to the nurses in the transitional unit, everyone was so nice and kind. I'm not sure why people are leaving horrible reviews because honestly this place was exactly where my family member needed to be and got the treatment she needed.

M. Phillips

They said my husband did not meet the inpatient criteria, even though I begged for help. My husband was in the outpatient program for two days and passed away over the weekend here at home. He did not get the help he so desperately needed.

Muffin Sewell

Can I give 0 stars? The entire experience was horrible. There was absolutely no communication. We thought my child was having a seizure and asked to talk to a nurse or a doctor, but no one would talk to us. No one explained that he was having a side effect of the medication. No one came to check him. The facility was not clean and smelled of urine. The business office lost a payment that I had made (took the $ but did not post to the account) and I had to fight for 5 months to get it cleared up. And God forbid you actually have to speak to the business office, because they NEVER answer the phone number on your bill. You have to call the main line and get transferred. We will never go back there again, and I recommend that you choose ANY hospital over this one.

Josh Grandt

This place is a joke. I called six pshyciatrist and all six of them told me to get my wife out of there asap. We were told that they do group sessions all day but that is not the case. My wife has seen the psychiatrist once for less than 5 min and the nurse for 5 min. She has taken 5 group classes in three days, two were playing volleyball, two were 15 min sessions and one hour session. The rest of the time they were told to stay in their rooms for reflection time(adult version of time out). All this place does is milk insurance money. Patients were screaming for help, I couldnt even get my wife's discharge time. The tell the adolescents that if they ask when they can go home another day will be added. All they have to drink is water,lemonade, and tea but the fruit fridges are never filled. The food is disgusting and school cafeteria food is way better. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE and let your insurance company know what this place is up to.

Josh Schoonover

Dr. Chandora has not called back my pharmacy to clarify what dosage I was supposed to receive, and both myself and staff members at my local pharmacy have called multiple times over the course of 5 days. Go elsewhere, if possible. Many of the patients are taken there for 72 hours from other hospitals after suicide attempts and have no choice but to endure their stay.


Horrible nasty food with few choices. Staff with poor attitude.

Mae Rogers

I see why individual with mental issues harm theirself if they are functional but have mental issue the doctors think they're ok but that's a lie. People like that needs to be treated for their illness not because they're functional. All of us have somemental state about us

A l y x

Really deserves 0 stars , this place is a joke ; If you have a choice (I personally didn't because I was a 10-13) DON'T GO HERE

Sue Prince

Daniel Walker



Tracy Brooks

Excellent staff and very professional! Note to haters: This is not your Holiday Inn; However, RIVERWOODS house keeping rocks! :-)

Andrea Faver

I was there 4 days,,I'm worst now than ever, they refused to give me my Seizure meds which made me have a horrible seizure while in their care,,finally that showed them that I really need my meds..that was 1 day before I was released, They treat all patients as they are sad,,If I need help I refuse to ever go there again .

ashton garcia

It gave me the help I needed. The food was crap but the staff was amazing in transitional


Horrible place to leave your child. I wanted my child to receive help not be treated like a sociopath. This place is more like a prison than a treatment center.

Joyce Moffett

Marcus Hollis

All. They do is bill your insurance.and And wen the insurance. stop they nick u out in the suppose to help ur mental problem all they do is full u full or hope up in now im homeless


My dad is being held at this place and I can not get in touch with his nurse or doctors. Trying to get someone useful on the phone is like running into a brick wall. Also while on the phone there was a nurse screaming repeatedly at a patient " you better shut the hell up or im going to call the doctor on not playing."

Tenille Daniels

Shan Wilcox

Just horribly wrong on so many levels. Don't go here. It took them a day and a half to let me shower because of the "No bar soap" rule. I had to flip out and start cursing and crying to get one. Some of the nurses are rude and their bedside manners are horrid. They gave out expired snacks, don't give u messages when someone calls, lock u out of Ur room all day and the doctor I had was kind of nonchalant. I asked to leave since I voluntarily drove myself there and the doctor threatened me with an additional 72 hour hold. My dad had to curse him and the nurse out because they wouldn't let me out. One nurse made fun of my gluten free, non processed food diet and it made me mad. Stay away from this place.

Karen Wallace

Unfortunately, because most people either don't want anyone to know they were there or because of the bias in review processes you won't get to hear about how great this place actually is. I HATED that I was forced to be there but after accepting that I was stuck for a few days, due to a stupid mistake, I was able to truly benefit from the experience. I'm not able to speak on any other unit besides transitional BUT from what I saw in the staff I can assume other units are not as bad. The worst part of the entire experience was the kitchen, I would give it a 6. The food was tolerable and sometimes delicious. The flies were the worst in there. Most of the nurses and techs were very friendly and helpful, I'm currently working on a letter to corporate to single out the good and the bad. The establishment could be a bit cleaner but this is coming from a clean freak... I wasn't disgusted. The doctor I had sucked and had no presence at all but I saw other patient's doctors in and out regularly. Stay away from Dr Evans if at all possible, even staff complained about him. You don't see him until discharge and for 2 minutes. I met some great people there, people who needed help and were getting it. They could do better with the group sessions and ensuring they are effective and regular but when they lacked it was due to "staff shortage." In a nutshell the place wasn't terrible. I'm guessing they've improved a lot.

Larvitra Hurtt

Professional when I walked in.

Ginajupiter1 Ps119105

Anyone that reaches out to help someone, who is at a crossroads in my book is great. When your going to harm yourself or others, this is where you want to be. Just showering can be hard. They have a great staff that want to help you. You have to accept it when you need it. Anyone who says otherwise aren't being honest w themselves. Thanks for all the love n support.

Tonya Wilson


Tajuan Blacksheae

It works if u work it, but as far as some staff they is rude as hell we just got to egnor the the rudness and get the help that we need... If i ever have another outbreak this will be the place for me....

Jantea Blackmon

I been here and it help me especially group therapy they have a nice staff Ms Amanda mad sure I left with a clear mind.

April Lowe

It was a horrible experience. I never want to go back for treatment here ever again. It's good if you expect kindergarten level group sessions and sitting in a day room all day, everyday. They rarely relay messages if you get calls. My grandmother had to beg them to let her talk to me to see if i was okay. The food is horrible. The beds are horrible. They wouldn't even let me keep majority of my hygienic items. The hygienic ones provided was poor. I didn't even bother. The place is locked up like a jail. The windows are covered and you will develop a severe case of cabin fever. You don't get much room time or rest until reflection time and bed time. Fresh air breaks is inside a small closed in area around a wall and if you are not a smoker ... it smells like a pit. If you have allergies to smoke you might as well forget about a decent fresh air break. The kitchen is rarely cleaned. I've seen 2 spiders in the eating area. Make sure to wear shoes or socks at all times. The floors will make your feet black. If you have chronic pain be aware they only gave me tylenol and that was like pissing in the wind. I still had a lot of pain. The doctor i had wasn't much help with physical elements. I felt uncomfortable the whole stay and focused only on getting the hell out of there. If you really need to go to this facility, go voluntary because if a doctor signs you in as are stuck there on weekends and they don't count as days when involuntary. The nurses are not very compassionate and some of the techs were rude, would not smile or say hello back to you. It's literally prison. I wasn't allowed majority of the items i brought in even though it wasn't on the contraband list. If you are not there for a severe illness you will have to go through therapy to get over this. It did more bad than good. Trust me. It is very expensive to stay inpatient for the quality of care you get. Medicine time is at 9 pm. They try to pump you with sleeping pills at 7:30 -8:30 pm on most nights i stayed here. Bed time is at 10 pm. They were never on schedule but expected us to be. They took me off all my regular prescribed medicines and put me on whatever they wanted me on the next day. It caused me to have a full blown panic attack and i had to get a shot. I was allergic to it. Like i mentioned before in this review got infected and took 3 days to get anything done and that was after my father raised hell at them. They rushed in the antibotics then...nurse said to my father i only asked for tylenol and Neosporin but that was for pain. I told 5 nurses, nurse practitioner, several techs and still had to get a family member involved...otherwise my arm would had rotted off. It was painful size of a softball on my arm. Completely ridiculous. They make you keep your things in a brown paper..that rips easily. They are nosy in your stuff everyday even when you had your stuff searched before receiving it. I have so much to say about this place its not even funny. It's traumatizing especially when they let violent patient slip in the wrong unit. I'll end this here...but stay away. Get help elsewhere if you can. If you get Dr. Evans get someone else. He really messed up my medicine.

maria bridges-jarmon

After voluntarily admitting myself, I was treated like a criminal instead of a patient. I went without a pillow for 2 days. There were empty beds with pillows on them that I couldn’t use. I saw the doctor for 5 minutes out of 5 days. My clothes were stolen by staff who went as far as saying they saw me with the clothes on. There are flies in the cafeteria. I was told I would be there for 72 hours but they asked my insurance carrier for 5 days so I was made to stay there for insurance purposes. I asked a nurse for hygiene items, he never acknowledged my presence or responded. He continued to look down on his cell phone. The staff will talk about your physical appearance in your face and talk about you and there isn’t anything you can say to them for fear of having to stay there longer. The day before I was discharged I was given a $2500.00 bill because United Health Care wouldn’t pay the full amount of my stay. So now I have to pay to be treated less than human. I sat there all day watching tv and coloring pictures as if I was still in elementary school. I didn’t learn anything. There are no cameras in the facility so after filing a complaint on the staff, it was my words against theirs. When I suggested cameras to the patient advocate she told me it’s like Walmart despite having cameras people still steal from that establishment. So the staff knows that despite your complaints there is no repercussions.

Aaron Bohorquez

The nurses were rude, the staff was awful, the food tho was pretty good. The staff treat you with no respect, I was sent here to treat depression this "hospital" made me more depressed because they treated me like a criminal. The only time I didn't feel depressed is when I got discharged and went home I'll admit they made me feel grateful for what I have at home, management needs to hire professional well trained staff, kids that are sent here is to be helped not to be treated as crazy, stupid or even as criminals nor less to be judged...

Kimberly Mells

I was recently hospitalized here and it was truly the worst experience of my life. A lot of the staff is very rude, use vulgar language, mistreat and are annoyed by the patients and seem like they are only there for a check. I also contracted a virus while there and after begging for treatment was only given a pain med. You CANNOT sleep here because the loud and rude staff will keep you awake from all the way down the hall at the desk. Another young lady was stripped searched on her arrival for no reason. I was admitted at 3am, was told i would be able to sleep in, then was woken up at 6 am with no rest. The food is terrible and will make you physically ill! Horrible experience!!!

Gabrielle Tollerson

Horrid place. Staff treat patients like trash. Cuss majority of the . Yell at the patients. Roaches. It's sick. This place needs to be shut down. ASAP

Joanne Tillman

Theda K. Rogers

Olivia Bell

It was......OK. The only good thing about it were the other patients there, which were nice. Literally all we do is sit there and color though, and they never even gave me anything to do!! I DIDNT EVEN GET ANYTHING TO FRICKIN COLOR!! WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED IN THE EIGHT HOURS OF SILENCE THERE WAS EVERY DAY

Danise Spears

This place is a joke. Like the other reviews stated, you really don't get any type of care or treatment. I was a 1013 and all I did was sit around for hours playing Uno and watching tv. There were maybe 2 hours of therapy, which included going to the gym and either playing basketball or coloring like children. The sessions with the therapists is a joke too. You spend maybe 5 minutes with them and end up repeating the same story as to why you're there a million times. And don't get me started on the discharge process. TERRIBLE!!! When you arrive, don't be fooled into thinking you will only be there for 72 hours. It will be much longer so they can suck every dime from you and your insueance company. Please don't go there if you have a choice. You'll be better off going somewhere else.

Alexander Cash

Danielle Hobbs


Staff is bad , they don’t have anything together Forreal. And they also think it’s okay to constantly tell people they are getting out on a specific day then change it again . That’s not okay

Nicole Burton

this place is a nightmare never send any loved one here ever. They are bad at there jobs and bad people.

Sanaa Smith

Catherine Hardin

Let me start by saying I was admitted involuntarily but I wanted to get treatment, which was the one thing this facility failed to provide. The food was fine, the staff was fine, the place was clean and well-kept. But I wanted to get better. Once, maybe twice a day, we'd have "group sessions", which were little more than one of the therapists engaging the unit in a discussion about communication, boundaries, etc. The rest of my time was spent watching patients argue over the television remote in the main room, coloring with dried out markers, and being shuttled from meal to meal. The therapists who did lead the groups were friendly but seemed unqualified. I was admitted for severe anxiety and depression. None of these "group sessions" over the span of five days helped me learn to manage either, and I only saw my doctor once during the length of my stay. The handbook states that the doctors make daily rounds, which is true, but you may or may not be included in the handful of patients he or she actually speaks to that day. The pharmacy techs failed to give me my anxiety medicine not only once, but twice, even though I turned in my bottle with the prescription label and the notes were clearly written in my chart. And the hospital tells you that the self-harm watch is a mandatory 72 hours, but most people stayed at least four or five days, depending on their doctor. Not one of my fellow patients was released after the 72 hour mark. Imagine being woken at six am so they can take your vitals, then proceeding to sit in uncomfortable chairs for hours on end with near-strangers, watching day time television in the freezing cold for five straight days. When you're trying to sleep, a tech will open the door and shine a flashlight on you every thirty minutes to be sure you're in bed. You can call your family, if the phone is available and it's not during prohibited hours. But if they call you, you may or may not be given the message by the staff. Your phone, laptop, toiletries, books, shoes, almost every personal item other than clothes are confiscated. They took my pillow from home at admissions. The watch that my parents brought, which is an approved item in the handbook (because there's one clock in the entire wing). My comb-- also included as allowed in the handbook. My lotion that contained about 2% alcohol. If someone brings you candy, it must be hard candy (no chocolate is served or allowed at all), and you have to ask for it at the counter if you want a piece of it. It can't be kept in your room. We were practically imprisoned, hardly any therapy occurred, and at the end we owed nearly a thousand dollars after insurance. To be babysat by staff and held to stringent rules that benefited nobody but the business. They are disorganized, disreputable, and unsympathetic, and the only thing that qualifies them as a hospital is the fact that they can dispense medication.

hailee w

I would never go back here ever. The staff is extremely rude with the exception of a few. They yell at their patients and while I was there one doctor was antagonizing a fellow patient.

Paula Jones

During my first stay, it was one of the scariest moments of my entire life. I came in to distress. I think it gave me anxiety and PTSD. I wasn’t that bad until i left. I still have nightmares from it 3/16.. Then i was readmitted again in 4/17. I promised myself that i will never go back. I’ll pretend to be well even if I’m not. Staff is so unprofessional, not enough of them to feel safe and very undertrained. I observed so much happen, i don’t know where to start. I had to write a report of something i witnessed and never got an update. Also, A patient swallowed a stick pin in her cornbread and chipped her tooth. I couldn’t begin to imagine how that happened. The food service staff are mean. It’s just food. Meds cause increased appetite and you want to eat. You are made to stay in the day room all day and just watch each other. That’s not help. Some people recover alone. You are made to go to meal times. Forced. Made to take the meds prescribed and the smoking breaks are the worse. You are in the day room and they open the door frequently allowing smoke inside for those who don’t. That’s all you are given in this place. Insurance companies should witness the schedules and rooms. Barely given water or snacks. And mandatory 72 hours becomes a week or more. Therapy sessions are a joke. Follow up is even more a joke. And doctors couldn’t careless about your recovery. I don’t think you can voluntarily check in but if so, it’s not worth it. They won’t discharge you until you agree to a repayment plan. I didn’t ask to be there why force me to agree to pay? I got more help finding my own doctor and going to therapy outside of this facility. And it’s a facility where everything there should assist in recovery. I left there more depressed. You’re judged based on how you look by the staff and nurses. And depending on your family support, you’ll be mistreated to the fullest. It’s not enough one on one therapy. I just watched so many folk be mistreated by staff. We as patients were jokes when anyone could be affected by mental illness. I have seen patients have love affairs and the staff watched. I never got all my belongings from that place. It needs to be inspected. Someone should go in undercover and just observe the facility and the staff.

Kimberly Wright

If i could go back in time and changed what i did to come to this place i would. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT COME HERE OR SEND A LOVED ONE HERE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! I came to the facility on Thursday, May 9th involuntary. The handbook is a joke and they do not follow their procedures like they should. You are legally suppose to see a doctor within the 24 hours you are admitted to the hospital but thats a joke. I didn't see a doctor until after those 24 hours and only spoke to me for 5 minutes and they offered me some drugs for the "depression" i have. That was a joke either because they wrote the prescribed medicine wrong and gave me a high dosage which messed me up. That night i had a panic attack, chills, and i felt like i was about to die. I was so damn scared to asked for help because the medical staff and techs (not all of them) threaten you to take you to the "other side" which is the adult unit where the people there suffer from extreme mental disorders. TRUST AND BELIEVE YOU DONT WANT TO COME TO THIS SIDE. The food is trash too i mean i know im not at a 5 star hotel but i think the grass outside looked better. Then we don't even receive the appropriate therapy. All we did was sit around watch tv for hours and play uno all day. Plus the discharge procedure is a joke. They make it almost impossible to leave the facility. The medical team don't do the proper paperwork needed and are lazy as hell and come in whenever they want. I prayed sooo hard to leave this facility. I think coming here made me more traumatized than when i came in. PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS DONE EVER COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Reynolds

Sharing an experience that happened over 4 years ago when I was admitted here. Had a male nurse that was there in the evenings. Won't say his name even though I'd love to. Essentially told me that my depression was a choice and that I should have felt better after he had "helped" me the first time. It's a sorry situation when even the workers at a mental health facility can't comprehend what the term mental illness means. Either that or they are too self focused to care. For the love of god, don't work around people who truly need the help of understanding mental health workers if you are going to spout drivel like that to a patient.

Thelma Jones

I am very surprise to read these views about Riverwoods. I was here 3 years ago & the staff was cool. I really loved Ms. G, she's not there any more. I guess my focus was on me getting better & the others there for help. We were like one big family helping each other. Matter of fact, a lot of us didn't want to leave. I still think about others that were there & wish we could all meet up again. There are times I have considered going back. Makes me wonder if the same staff is still there. I know they were making changes to lodging when I left, but I guess a lot can happen in 3 years. So sorry to hear of the bad experiences here.

Denise Gates

My son was at Riverwoods recently. This is the absolute worst place for any child to be in. The night shift is horrible to the patients. My son was so upset how some of the younger kids were being treated so he talked to them while he was dealing with his own issues since staff was just yelling at the kids. I never talked to a Dr. Could not get a return phone call. I've also asked for the Director to call me but he has never called. He will be hearing from me also. And I am reporting this facility to whomever I can find out to report them to. Maybe this place will be shutdown so they can't mistreat any other children.

Kevin Dean

Great place,good people,good food,just need better doctors..

Doug Colton

I decided to write a review of Riverwoods (yes, it actually has an 's' at the end) because, after being recently discharged after a 3.5 day involuntary stay, I decided to look this place up - I found very little useful information, and only these wildly different opinions that almost all start with a 1-2 star review. Yes, it is an uncomfortable, not all that clean, pain in the ass. And - if you were, or find yourself, a patient at this facility, then you (and I) did something to merit the waiver of rights granted by some doctor's signature; on a form that probably starts with the number 10 - and/or a drug or alcohol relapse. They are understaffed, I guess.... There is such an array of people in the inpatient ... thing ... that they tried to treat everyone equally - perhaps some people got less attention or "care" when they needed it. Some people got more - and they may or may not have needed it. Some people felt mistreated just because they were being treated the same as everyone else. I thought some staff members were more approachable than others, some were more professional than others, and most are doing the best they can given the situation. Some of it sucks for them sometimes, too (surprise?). Sometimes they gave quick, short (most reviews say "rude") answers to questions; but, due to what is obviously only apparent to a few people, I just accepted the answer and tried to be patient. Guess what? There are a lot of people and a lot of turnover going on at this place, and nothing makes anyone there more "special" than anyone else. If you respond negatively to a staff member, are you really surprised that they, in turn, appear to respond negatively to you? Just like many things, it depends more on the person than the place. And it probably all came down to which facility best matched your insurance and had space available at the same time - good luck finding any similar facility that is a "vacation", it's not supposed to be a vacation, despite what they might say during entrance "assessment". Also, oh my goodness, I must've answered the same or similar list of questions, asked by different people, at different times, and for different reasons, that it started to get ridiculous - um, computers ... maybe? Or I guess everyone can decipher all the handwriting scribbled between what turns into a binder of pieces of paper? ... And by correlating all that information, they find a good course of treatment for you....? ... No, this is essentially a holding area, but there is still good to be taken from it, and many people don't STAY at Riverwoods, they will likely find individualized care elsewhere, or they won't, and those that don't seem to have a good chance of winding up back in Riverwoods again.

Wes Smith

My time there helped me immensely. The staff(on the adult side) are kind of distant but I wouldn't expect them to be buddy buddy with everyone. The head of the day staff on the Transitional side was an ass and seemed like she wanted to punish anyone that smoked for some reason. Night staff on the Transitional side was super awesome and helpfull. The only complaints I really had staying there was I couldn't get salt for my veggies in the cafeteria and that made the food bland to me.

Elexis Sirraf

My experience was good. They were under staff and did have lack of hygiene products. Group sessions wasn’t what I thought they would be, more of just answering questions on how you something makes you feel nothing more, nothing less. The staff cared about the patients. Some sat and talked to me and wanted to know my story and they gave advice and told me short life stories about themselves. That made me feel safe and know that I’m not alone, and that we all have problems. The food was good and the cafeteria was clean, so were the rooms. I wouldn’t go back because a psych ward is not a place for me‼️ Thank you Riverwoods staff for keeping me safe and well rounded

Rhonda Quinn

Can you say horrible they let my daughter break out they hospital didn’t think to call me ,a stranger called me ,so they discharged her to avoid any actions on them

Kevin Walsh

At least they had all the medicine that I take available.

Ilona Bostian

Denied Deaf client an interpreter!

Madison J

Jennifer Everett

They starved me for almost 2 to 3 days and threw me in the "paded room" for no reason. I was rushed to southern regional stayed in southern regional for almost 3 weeks then southern regional transferred me to eaglston children's healthcare of Atlanta I was in there for a month . They almost killed me my body was shutting down and everything. I feared for my life thank God I'm ok now it's been 2 years almost. Praise Jesus I'm over it

shin Lee

Worst place demand for deductibles that doesn’t even apply to this hospital. When I asked for Angela to bill me she told me she doesn’t bill anyone and told me cannot release my son unless deductible is pay. Find out that my Insurance pay agreed amount to river woods behavioral and wants me to pay deductible to Certain hospitals. Reverwood told both insurance and I that they will refund Deductibles within 10 days however it has been month and I have not seen dime of it.

Dani J

Horrible place, doesn't really help. It makes you worse. Rude doctor . Dr. Evans is the worst & they don't really listen.

Amy Kay

This place needs to be shut down. I witnessed patient physical, emotional abuse and neglect. I would score a run for your life if I could.

Mary Frazier

My Granddaughter is there and they are the rudiest people that I have ever had the unfortunate chance to deal with.Please don't go there or let your loved one go there

virgil hill

No I’m in there

noel hoel

I just left riverwoods a few hours ago and I already miss it. The food is iffy and the staff are certainly not morning people but they treated me well and helped me the best they could. I met some amazing people at this facility who stayed on top of all my issues and even took care of the ones I didn't know needed caring. The rooms and beds are clean and sleep worthy no issues

Ashlee Watson

If I could rate this place 0 stars, I would. Idk when those pics were taken but it wasn't recently. They don't really have chairs, a desk, towels, or a coke menu on the desk

Sam Anderson

This is the worst facility I have ever seen. My brother was sent here by Fayette piedmont hospital and within the first 5 minutes he was there he was worse off than when he got there. Waited 2 hours to get a room and the director and staff were very unprofessional. This place should be shut down to say the least

Craig Helms

Called the day before going and told them every drug our son was doing. Personnel said bring asap. Once there, no one would let us in. Finally let in, filled out paperwork. Waited and froze for hours, just to be told they don't treat the drugs our son was on. Worthless facility. Management a joke.

Marie G

Worst place ever. Communication is horrible. Doctor's are horrible. Medication is not given on time or correctly. Your loved ones are treated as prisoners. Overly charged, discharge for patient's is terrible !! Stay away from this place!!

Roxieji Fastnacht

sure you have to be there but use the group sessions to get something good out of the time you're there. I can honesty say I've never heard staff yelling at a patient or even talking that loudly. They seem to be a little over worked but there have been less than a handful of people whom have been rude to me in the few times I've had to be there. All but 1 of the kitchen staff are friendly. I do wish there was 1 more smoke break since there is one point where we're more idle than the rest of the day. Also, they need some noise reduction in the gym. Some upgrades here and there I equipment and furniture could be made to give it just a tad more of a relaxed environment, I think it could be useful to treatment. I've never seen any roaches . The cleaning staff could do a little better but all and all it's not that bad of a place to be sent if you need to get some help. It beats some of the other places hands down I'm sure.

crims blue

Takes an act of God to get any status on a loved one the personnel seem rude not helpful and carry themselves like they hate to be there, there needs to be a better way to screen these people before hiring them for a job that entails working with people with mental issues

Ryan Hughley

I was there in August 2018 for the second time, & my lodge experience was ten times better than the first time, I love the guy Robert he is very helpful, understand, and most importantly trying to clean the place up from drugs.

cameron gerald

John Morton

It was ok. I was judged about my perception and told things about my personality the staff is rude they really dont help you that much the people in the group help you

Jiomk Pomnij

I hate this place because the food was nasty and so as stuff

Alanna Maddox


Mimi Short

Yuleydi Bermudez

This place is horrible!!!!! Sooo Dirty and a lot of the ppl there are really rude. They’re really good to charge the insurance but not good enough to have you on a clean place.!!! I asked one of the staff why was that place so dirty her answer was . “ it used to be worse, and remember it’s an old building “ ! The gym it’s full of trash all over the place , the floor never gets cleaned it’s horrible!!! The ppl from the kitchen get to pick up the left over of ketchup or butter if u didn’t get to open it !!

J Mc

PLEASE DO NOT send anyone you care about to Riverwoods in Riverdale, GA. This place DOES NOT HELP PEOPLE who are dealing with a crisis... they treat patients like criminals (even those hoping to get help for a stress-induced temporary crisis). I'd highly recommend looking at reviews of other facilities and pick one based on those. Riverwoods is among the absolute LOWEST RATED of all... and after seeing my loved one there, I totally see why. There are places with much better reviews, and I'd drive ANY distance to avoid my loved one ever going to a place like this again. This is a terrible facility in almost every way. If your loved one is currently in a regular hospital or ER, BEWARE if a "counselor" shows up to talk to your loved one. When our loved one was in the ER (she went there on her own after a crisis where she was having suicidal thoughts and wanted help), she was given some sedatives and soon calmed down and felt embarrassed about the whole scenario. We were hoping to get her home and find a place to get some counseling to help her. However a "counselor" appeared at her bedside in the ER. We of course thought this was someone who was there to help her through the situation and recommend therapy options, but it turned out this "counselor" was actually AN EMPLOYEE OF RIVERWOODS WHO WAS ONLY THERE TO RECRUIT HER into their facility!!! How disgusting of a practice is that !? How is that even legal??? This "counselor" waited until our loved one was heavily sedated, then made ALL the family leave the room so she could provide "counseling". When we were allowed to return a few minutes later, the recruiter said everyone had agreed on doing a "1013" which basically makes the patient a PRISONER, and at that point CAN'T be un-done. The 1013 also FORCES the patient in to a facility like Riverwoods (what an incredible coincidence, everyone making the decision to issue a 1013 makes a huge amount of money from it) NO ONE WAS PRESENT during the decision other than the Riverwoods recruiter and our loved one who was doped out of her mind on sedatives. It seems pretty obvious that our loved one was coached by this recruiter into saying the exact words needed to issue a 1013, just so Riverwoods could make some money from her crisis (we talked to the ER doctor prior to this "counselor" showing up and a 1013 HAD NOT been issued at that point, our loved one was calm and was no longer having any suicidal thoughts). Since no one was allowed to be present, and our loved one has absolutely no memory of any of this talk with the "counselor", we have NO idea what was said or how it was decided that she would be detained and forcibly sent to a facility. We just know the 1013 happened immediately after the Riverwoods recruiter showed up and privately talked to our loved one (who again, was heavily doped up on meds). Although we were shocked by this, we were hoping at least it would help her, and tried to have a positive attitude about it. Once our loved one arrived at Riverwoods though, we all realized going to this place was a HUGE mistake. The staff treats patients like TOTAL CRIMINALS. There was NO ACTUAL THERAPY provided, nor access to a doctor (other than for check-in and when leaving). They heavily push various sedatives and opioids on the patients. How does that help when they leave? It's essentially a PRISON. As a visitor I was treated horribly too. The front office staff is arrogant, rude, lazy, and incredibly ignorant to basic things they should know. No one seems to care AT ALL about your loved one actually getting better. Our loved one noticed that patients with medicare or no insurance were released very quickly while those with good insurance were held for many days. Although she was supposed to be discharged within a day according to the check-in doctor, they "lost her paperwork" keeping her there for several additional days. They KNEW on day one she wasn't a threat to herself and should be allowed to go home, but kept her a prisoner there to make extra money!! What else can you say about a place like this? DISGUSTING!

Natasha Wells

1 Star is pretty generous! The doctors and staff in this facility do not help their patients, they claim they do group therapy and work on patients issues, my daughter was forcefully taken to this facility and did not receive any type of help. They did not have a treatment plan for her, we constantly asked to see her file (by law you have that right)so we could be informed of her "so called" treatment and why they were holding her beyond the legal time, they refused. This facility illegally holds patients and claims a 1013 allows them to hold a person for up to 7 days. Please be advised that this is not true! A 1013 is for transportation to the facility and a 48 hr evaluation. The certificate expires in 7 days, it however has nothing to do with the ability to hold your child for up to 7 days. After the 48 hr evaluation time they either have to release the patient, ask the parents/guardian to sign a voluntary waiver allowing them to hold them longer, or file a 1014 and inform the parents/guardian so they can attend court to advocate for their child. My child was held here for over 99 hours. If your child is in this facility you do have rights and you can get them out to get them proper care. All you have to do is ask for the records, and ask for documentation on why they are being held longer than legally allowed. If they don't comply, call the police and tell them they refuse to give you your childs records, as well as they are holding your child longer than legally allowed without you signing a waiver for extended care or having filed a 1014 in court. This facility has on going investigations and has the reputation as being the worst mental health facility in Georgia.

Yancey Adams

Don’t use this place if you can help it. They hold patients hostage for insurance money and provide little to no help. When the doctor told us when to pick up patient we arrived and they still would not release. I would give a less than 1 if I could

Josh Gish

My unitedhealth insurance was registered in washington, and im just now hearing about it now!!! Im in the php program im going through divorce. This is hard for me. Now im worried about being homeless again because they dropped the ball about informing the php program is a partial hospitalization program. Its a 28 day program to help me transition program to release me back into housing. I am highly functional and advocate for other mentally ill persons. They also do not honor the patient privacy act. The office lady though i love her to immensely is telling the supervisors the goings on of other patients. I digress though. They are overworked and i see this, in so much the therapist named linda seemed to of painted a target on my back the first day i had attended her group then she told me when i got upset "That i didnt have to come back" when i walked out. So i talked to whom seems to be the head therapist Melinda and she printed a handout of 99coping skills" and then attended Ebony's group which was must more desirable then the other group. Today is now thursday and im not going to be attending any group because now my focus is trying to stay in the php program. Try harder guys seriously... I will not be homeless again with out a fight of the injustices i have endured trying to stay off the streets. I do not have a drug problem I have PTSD and am fighting like a wolf. The other staff that have been there longer understand and are trying hard. Let us work together not against each other show me you can do better then i will put another review praising your efforts... Show me your efforts, i have already proved mine own. May God bless you and have a nice day!!!

Tanisha Hicks

If I could give this place zero stars I would! There are some workers at this place who do NOT belong in mental health. I attended an outpatient program and was dismissed because "clinically" I improved but mentally I wasn't 100 percent there. They say your insurance wont pay for anymore days, but I contacted my insurance and no additional days were even requested. I was dismissed and told to come see them at their personal business! Don't solicit your personal business to me in hopes of gaining me as a potential patient. I was dismissed and disregarded. There are some good people who work here too, but I pray and have confidence that they will flourish and exceed beyond this place.

Stephanie Lopez

I came this this place, the staff was rude and storage room was very unorganized. I lost some of my stuff that they took Bc I wasn’t allowed to have it. The bathrooms are nasty and the shower curtains are moldy at the bottom. Therapy wasn’t good, especially group therapy was the worst . Once, I was talked by 2 staff members about how my choices that got me into the hospital were “stupid”, in which the way they said it made me feel bad about myself , which made me feel worse. The beds were just those mats you get from naptime in kindergarten , but thicker and not comfortable. The food wasn’t good and I was hungry constantly. When my family tried to call me, one time staff just hung up the phone on my sister, and told her that I was in the gym when I really wasn’t. I DONT recommend this place all, my experience was really bad , especially DONT go here if you, or a loved one are trying to get better. This places needs some work.

Izaak Mcdonald

The place is a living hell for those who want treatment and true help. I warn you, it is a "pill mill" and there is no care for patients. I am a type 1 diabetic and my sugar was 250 when I came in. It took them 8 hours to get insulin and they never gave me the correct dosage on night time insulin(lantus). They also did not have food I was able to eat which kept my sugar high. I asked many time for help and the only response I got was "welcome to Riverwood"

Nick Anderson

This place need to be closed down enough said, you will not receive anytype of help here unless you are a homeless person and need a place to sleep and eat 3 meals a day

Kelly Montgomery

My son was in blue scrubs and they let him walk out the door . He was missing for over 17 hours . This place is awful . They just dope you up .

Daisy H

Beware.. FOLKS who don’t have health insurance.. They discharge you in a matter of days. I personally went through this with my brother. There’s some KIND staff.. A few forgot their names. Two front desk people gave me comfort. The rest plainly didn’t care that I came from 47 miles away. I drove a LONG way.. Like anything it’s all about business and money. Mental health illness not taken seriously by some staff members. One psychiatrist don’t even recall the name. PASCAL Gave wrong prescription that was very PRICEY and did not work for my brother.. Beware folks.. Trust GOOGLE REVIEWS...

Bri'Ahn Patterson

I wish I could give this place Zero stars. The receptionist was rude and disrespectful. I literally sat in the lobby for five hours before telling me they are not prepared to take my appointment. I wouldn’t seek any help from this facility at all.

Antuan Hicks

The nurses were rude

Jon Abbott

I was treated at this place after I had a PTSD episode and a medication interaction and was forced to go here by law enforcement.When I arrived paperwork that I am entitled to hold on to was snatched from me when I asked for the Against Medical Advice form so I could begin to process out and go to a better facility. When I finally saw the doctor after three days I was told he wasn't going to prescribe me the medication that I needed because it was to expensive and that he would give me the medication that caused the incident for my being there. While I was there I was treated worse than the lowest thing on earth. I was told that my problems didn't matter and that I should just get over my issues cause I chose to go into the military and that my service didn't matter. I am an EMT and firefighter and watched a patient go down and the nurses did nothing and when I tried to tend to him while the ambulance was on its way because they wouldn't and said he was faking it I found he was having a heart attack and told them and they still would do nothing and I ended up having to start cpr while waiting for the ambulance while they yelled at me to stop and leave him there. Once the ambulance arrived they discovered he was still not breathing and took over cpr and had to rush him to the hospital and I was told to keep my mouth shut by the staff. Then the day that I was released my roommate there killed himself with a plastic bag that he had taken off of one of their carts because they were supposed to send him somewhere else for better treatment then when they denied his release his wife left him. This place needs to be shut down for good. I have been in a different facility before and they cared and made sure you were getting the treatment and that you were set to go before discharging you. This place does not and only cares about the numbers so they can make money.

Delilah Griffis

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!! STAFF WERE RUDE HATEFUL PEOPLE WHO KEPT MY DAUGHTER SO DRUGGED SHE COULD BARELY WALK. She was taken there after a car accident. She was dazed and confused. They held her refusing to give us information and would not let us talk to her. Messages left for the witch doctor and totally unqualified therapist were never returned. My daughter called and said she was leaving so I went to get here. They kept telling me she wasn't going. I had to call an attorney while standing in the lobby to get her released. Once out, she told me they called her names, kept her drugged up and stole things from her. The said that she was just acting when she was overdosed by them. I am reporting this facility to every agency even remotely related.

Christina Davis

Angela Copeland

Jamie Cameron


A. B.

I stayed here in 2012 and it was terrible. They never let you outside (and outside was a very small fenced in concrete area). The staff was horrible and used tranqulizers (especially on this one kid) for no good reason at all. The kids were terrified of the staff. There was this one guy (I can't remember his name) who came in the afternoons and evenings who was a COMPLETE ass. They gave you elementary schoolwork (I was 14 at the time) and wouldn't let you read anything. The staff did not care about you at all. In fact, I got more help from the other kids than I did the staff. It was dirty and disgusting. I had a cast at the time and they wouldn't let me put a bag over it so that I could take a shower without getting my cast wet, so I only showered once that entire week and my cast smelt HORRIBLE afterwards and my foot was raw from where the wet cotton was rubbing against my skin so much. It was overall a horrible and slightly traumatic experience.

Sean McLemore

I attended this facilities PHP/Lodge program. The staff were friendly but the food was highly unsatisfying. They took over 2 weeks to get me my medicine. The staff signed for my medicine when it was delivered, and then lost it. When I continually asked them for the status on it they told me they were looking. Then told me they would have it to me by the night I asked, yet every time I had asked, they would never have it given to me. I would recommend any health facility over this one.

Butt Head

Jeremy Hopkins

Good food except we didn't get real coffee there. Good nurses, great faculty, especially one colored therapist (can't remember her name but she was awesome ). Loved talking to my therapist, great therapy classes.

Steve Le

It's the biggest insurance scam place ever. They are not professional. I saw the staff beat up a guy and made his ear bleed. They gave him a shot and threw him in the padded room. The place is gross.

wendi moore

If I could give zero stars I would. My 11 year old son was recently there and not given any help. In fact he came home worse. As with almost every review I've seen as well, he got raw food several times. The nurses, majority anyway are rude and don't seem to care. I wouldn't leave my dog here!

Michael Buckner

The place is clean and the security is taken very serious.The food is as good as any hospital but what sets this place apart from others is the therapist and nurses. They really care and they show it with everything they do to make you as comfortable with an uncomfortable situation. I read the other reviews but I can honestly say my experience with this location was as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances.

Amy Hill

THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I was sent there 10 13 against my will. Received NO treatment or therapy. The place is FILTHY AND SHOULD BE CONDEMNED. Black mold everywhere. Flies in the cafeteria. Disgustingly filthy. Staff and "Doctors" are rude and incompetent. Will seek legal action and report to media.

Julia Edmunds

Gave me an antipsychotic that made me spasm and walk around with my tongue hanging out of my mouth, then made fun of me, told me I was doing it for attention, and threatened that they'd keep me there for weeks. This place was a literal hell.

Jake Bissell

This is a place with plenty of staff that really care but the job takes a lot out of them. So patients, especially inpatients need to understand that this staff is working as hard as they can and in order for you to get what you need. You have to work with the staff. They may disrespect you but they need to sometimes. Just let them know how you feel but don't waste their time. They need more doctors and/or bosses though. Peace from a former 1013 that will hopefully never be 1013 ever again

Lance O

Not a patient, but I have a friend who had the misfortune of ending up at this dump. First of all, they do not have the resources to operate. Mediocre would be giving these bum scratching, primitive minded fools too much credit. I had to be the one to bring clothes, toiletries, all of the essentials that a healthcare facility should have. Given the inflated costs of healthcare services, money shouldn't be too scarce, especially if you're forcing treatment. Furthermore, every time I call to check on my friend, he's always "too busy", and first day he was calling every other hour. We're on day 3 and I haven't heard from him since. This place is not the only example of how our healthcare system sucks, but it's doing a pretty good God damn job at representing.

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