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REVIEWS OF Redmond Regional Medical Center IN Georgia

Angie Radley

I do highly recommend this hospital. My reasons for only 4 stars out of 5 pertain to one nurse only. Upon discharge, there was no discussion on what or how I was to do things such as administer my self injections of blood thinner. No instructions or what/how to do it. Personal feelings aside, her bedside manner left a bit to be desired. My night nurse, however, Nurse Shannon, was phenomenal!! Great bedside manner, a genuine concern for my comfort and wonderful to work with. There was a tech nurse, Nurse Brittanie, who was wonderful as well. Again, great bedside manner and a care for my comfort and well being. These ladies, along with other staff members, food and comfort are what gives this hospital 4.8 out of 5 stars for me. Thank you Redmond! You have all of any future endeavors I may need a hospital for.

John Carroll

Excellent care by allowing staff! I've never been in a more caring place, except for my Mother's arms! All the nurses and techs were very knowledgeable and experienced. Everyone of them acted very professional and showed great respect to me and my wife while we were there. The bypass surgery, with the best possible scenario is difficult, but when the attitude and demeanor of the hospital staff is as warm and caring as it is at Redmond, it makes those first few rough days much easier. I was glad to go home, but I was also sad to leave the nurses and staff that had been so good to me. I would be proud to recommend Redmond Regional Medical Cardiac t my friends and family. God Bless you all! John D. Carroll P.S. Dr. Parsa and his support team were outstanding also. I feel blessed to have had him as my surgeon.

Kathy Raughton

I had my neck surgery on 9-3, and I was treated with respect and a caring staff. My pre-op nurse, Susan, greeted me with enthusiam and she made sure I was comfortable and at ease. Every person who was involved in my surgery procedures was great. They all showed they care about the patient and went out of their way to make sure I was calm regarding my upcoming surgery. Dr. Jason Harrison is a very skilled and caring doctor. He cares deeply for his patients. My total experience at Redmond Hospital was awesome.

steve lehmann

The Doctors and the Nursing Staff at Redmond were top notch. Not only did they provide excellent care, but were absolutely wonderful and caring as well.

April Dempsey

Very good care!!!

Greg Peace


Dave K Patrick

Recently my dad was hospitalized at Redmond and had been a patient there many times before. I have personally seen many changes over the years at this facility due to my visits with family. On this occasion I would like to say thank you to the team of great doctors and staff nurses on 4th floor. You all did an amazing job. However, I can not say the same for the 4th floor nurse manager Kathy H. She is rude and disrespectful. At a time when my family was under much stress and worry Kathy made it more difficult. She acted like problems we had were an inconvenience for her and met us with a scowl on her face constantly. I have multiple witnesses to this fact. Being the nurse leader of this floor one would expect a caring professional attitude but it was totally the opposite. How can a facility with so much good history allow such a person to lead and represent their establishment and keep a good relationship with patients and families? There is no excuse for any staff to act like she did and there are plenty of great nurses that could carry out her job more efficiently and with respect. I would hope this matter is taken very seriously and headed off before it happens again. One bad egg can ruin the basket. This would have been a 5 star visit if not for the problems we as a family encountered with this person. UPDATE: Contacted the number given posted here by corporate regarding the actions and down right snotty attitude of Redmond Regional Hospitals 4th Floor nurse manager Kathy He. Left a message and never got a return phone call. This is NOT acceptable. I, along with my personal witnesses to her unprofessionalism, will continue the quest to see that she is held accountable for her rude and disrespectful demeanor to my family during my father's terminal illness. She does not have the right to treat people with such disrespectful behavior nor should anyone else that may use Redmonds 4th Floor in the future.

Steve Watkins

These folk are very professional and caring. It was very pleasant dealing with the staff.


The doctors and other staff were really nice and took excellent care of my father while he was in the Heart Wing.

David Farrar

It was excellent. I couldn't be more pleased with the treatment I received from all who treated me. Thank you.


Emergency room was horrible! Surgery and nurses on the floor were great!

Kelly Kowal

Always extremely busy and nurses are very rude.

Kevin Carson

One of the worst experiences of my life. And I am a doctor!

Kesha Whitehead

My mother was admitted here for a back injury and was treated with total disrespect by some of the nursing staff. These certain nursing staff members must be forgetting that their patient's are their customers. No patients means no hospital! Maybe the management of this facility should hire staff members with better people skills!


Redmond OP Registration and Radiology staff were welcoming, very knowledgeable and helpful. Results for ultrasound and CT were in the patient portal that evening!!

Sharon Hutchens

The staff was very friendly and professional. i didn't have to wait long to get my test done before i was on my way home.

Jen Ferguson

Being at Redmond Regional Medical Center was a great experience for me, even under the circumstances. All of the staff were extremely helpful, supportive, and kind. I felt like they really cared about getting me the help that I needed.

louis barnette

I sat there 4 hour's for nothing!!!!

Mary Smith

My Redmond visit was great.every detail Of my procedure was explained in dept Everyone was curtious.

Sam Simpson

Everyone was great and tuck very good care of me.

Clarence Sanders

Great facility and staff, Dr. Robinson is great!

Thomas Scott

I was treated very well by every person I came in contact with at the hospital. I had never been to Redmond prior to this visit but it was a great first time experience. I hope future visits are just as pleasing.

Barbara Borreca

They were very very polite my appointment was taking exactly the time it was for and the technician very very very good

Danny Pate

Best care possible. Everyone went over and above to make sure my stay was the best. Great team.

shirley bryan

We always use Redmond. They take great care of us. My husband was there for an outpatient surgery and they keep you informed as to what is going on.

Bo Thompson

I had my life saved. An everyone I met their went way beyond to make my stay as comfortable as possible, I truly am blessed to have been in the care of you. You truly cared about me, my family, your were amazing, thank you everyone, to house keeping, the maintenance dept., the fantastic nurses, my doctors, all absalotly fantastic!

Jamie Jackson

My mother had a heart attack and a stroke. Redmond quickly assessed and treated her in their ER and then transferred her to their ICU. The staff was very caring and gentle with her. Their quick action and medical care helped her survive.

Jasmine Battaglia

I have never been so mistreated or disrespected in my life by a hospital, I was bs diagnosed with aPID (pelvic inflammatory) and I HAVE A STAPH infection. And when I call asking question and answer I was told was that I’m basically being over dramatic and that staph isn’t something serious to worry about I’ve been having a issue for about 2 months and get told “well if you were so worried about it you would have treated it sooner and if it was really 2 month long you would have already been dead” now who says that to a patient???? Not to mention I was HUNG UP ON 3 times!!!! I don’t ever go to a doctor unless something is really wrong because I pay for my own medical bills and don’t want to pay for bs diagnosis that isn’t for anything serious. But you would think when someone is in agony you would help them? And not tell them it’s their fault and telling them they’re being over dramatic? Never been so disappointed.

Will Wood

Everyone was wonderful. Especially my nurses, Adam & Erica. They went above the call of duty.

Wayne Cagle

Very poor staff waited 4 hrs to go back to a room to get exams

Amanda Jones

Worst experience ever! Not only did I wait 6 HOURS in the waiting room with an IV in my arm, once I got to the back, the NP confused me with another patient! This is ridiculous! I have never had such a horrible experience in my life!

Dunny Blankenship

Briar in OR Pre-op was extremely helpful and positive during my time in there. It helped ease my mind and so enjoyed talking with her.

Kristin Greason

Have you people got any kind of human decency to people that are in pain and throwing up. My lawyer will be calling you facility. Everyone of you was talking about me even the doctor. That's why I got up and walked out. No compassion.


Absolutely terrible!!! A friend had heart surgery went home with terrible pain and the nurse didn’t even care!!! She said he was just a pain, what kind nurse says that! Now he needs he’s back and doctors don’t even check on him. He also needs he’s gallbladder removed, but even after weeks they haven’t removed it. Nurses are very rude. Floyd is better than this “hospital”. You all should be ashamed.

Kellie Nicholson

I have always felt so safe being so close to such a good Heart hospital BUT the experience that my Uncle & family members in the CCU area are having is UNACCEPTABLE. 1st they moved him from CCU at 5am to a room without notification to ANY family. So at 9:30am we go in to visit and he is GONE. The nurse just flippantly says, he was moved, like it was no big deal. 2nd they had him down to be discharged AGAIN WITHOUT ANY notification to ANY family!!!! His doctor or nurse didn't notify anyone, my sick uncle did. This nurse, picked up the chart and said, oh yea, I guess you are leaving. He had not been checked on since being left in the room around 5am. His wife and sister wanted to stay in the CCU waiting area last night but they removed all of the recliners and so they only have straight office chairs and will NOT supply blankets for family members anymore. THIS HAS ONLY CHANGED IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS. HOW DARE YOU MAKE THE WORRIED & SCARED FAMILY MEMBERS OF THESE PATIENTS IN ICU/CCU FEEL SO UNWELCOME! We met an elderly lady who was from out of town who couldn't drive who was at the hospital with her husband and stuck in such an unwelcoming environment. SHAME on YOU!

Chris Wilson

I think the hospital staff and doctors were everything I hoped for. They kept me updated and were there for anything I needed.

Margaret Hollingsworth

As always the staff was wonderful and supportive making my stepmom feel comfortable and cared for. We love Redmond!

Reba Demers

Good experience. I was treated great by everyone.

Kathy Smith

From the nurse at the ER registration desk to all the nurses, doctors, transport people, ultra sound tech - everyone was so nice, compassionate & concerned with my care. I could not have asked or received better care! Thank you to each and every one of you!

JusRip Costello

Quick service and friendly staff

Robert Miles

The staff and nurses were great, everything went smoothly and quickly. This would have been five stars, but the pre-op check in process is a little odd. I have no idea what I gained by checking in online. The forms need to reviewed for clarity. The questions are sometimes redundant and in several places they ask that you circle what applies and then have a fill in the blank or yeas or no question.

Marti Hughes

I was admitted to emergency room for pain pain in my abdomen quite severe I went they meant mediately took me to a room they check me my vital signs and everything and decided that I was not getting any mediate danger while I was there unfortunately I had a terrible reaction from one of the one of the drugs that they gave me and I had what is called a restless leg or and an exacerbation which is in I have MS and a mess is his very aggravated by the medicine they gave me I knew that's what it was as soon as they gave it to me because my my legs started immediately after that there was lots of jerking the shake of but my legs were shaking I was shaking physically all over and that went on for about four days until the interferon that I take for the MS took care. Thank you for your service thank you

eddie carter

The time that I spent a this facility was very much knowledgeable about my needs. Especially to the staffing during and after my procedure, my hat is off to my attending physician and his staff Dr. Styperek . Thanks Redmond Hospital of Rome,Ga.

Bridgette Clark

This hospital was AWESOME! The Neurologist that saw my husband in ER on Monday this week was great! But the ER nurse that came in after the Neurologist on Monday in the ER was AWESOME! I Wish I had her name! If you could find out her name for me PLEASE..Saw Charlie Clark on Monday June 6-24-2019 he came in by ambulance they said he was having a seizure. She talked him into staying and I am for EVER GREATFUL!!! I would love to bless her with some I know this is long but they were Great! Please help me find the nurse!

Ashley Royer

This place is the worst about giving any kind of update. I waited 30 mins for a nurse to come tell me about my mom, only to find out she forgot. Then I still didn't actually get to speak with anyone.

Noogie Time

The staff was friendly and helpful. I didn’t have to wait long at all before I was seen. Quick and easy. Great service and staff.

Jeanette Maksym McDonald

My son having a heart problem and has to wait for 4 hours before a doctor can see him. Emergency room staff Morgan truly does not care about people, she needs a new job!

Sandra Lummus

My dad was there for a heart procedure. We were told that it would take 1 1/2 - 2 hours. After 3 hours we started asking questions. We were told “Oops, we forgot.” The doctor never came out to tell us how the procedure went. Neither did anybody else. They put him in ICU for observation. He received no more attention from the ICU staff than he would have gotten from the non-ICU staff on a regular floor with normal visitation hours. They were always late letting loved ones in for ICU visitation. Their go to response was always “Mam, we’re busy saving lives here.” I believe that’s understood. BUT if you have time to ALL stand around and yell at me because I want to check on my dad, whose life are you saving? My elderly mom needed to go to the bathroom but was afraid if she left ICU she wouldn’t be able to get back in because of how we’d been treated previously. She finally had to go and went to the bathroom next to my dad’s room. When she came out, she was berated - very loudly - by one of the ICU nurses for using that bathroom because “they might need to go while saving lives”. I hope that if I have an emergency that no staff will leave my side to go to the bathroom. I’ve dealt with many hospitals for husband, child, parents and parents-in-law. This was the worst.

Andrew Chapman

We have been in there er since 9 and it’s now midnight and we are just going to leave cartersville is way faster

Barry Lingefelt

I was admitted there cause i had a stroke may 28th i stayed there till july 3rd every moment was pleasent everybody was so caring right down to the kitchen staff nurse tech shaley was the golden star in my eyes she knew i liked coffee and brought it to me without asking so if you have to go there for whatever reason rest assured you will be treated like family

Cathy Johnson

everyone was so nice and respectful and kind. From the Cleaning people all the way up to the doctors they were all super sweet.

Florence Starnes

I was in the hospital 3 nights and I had very excellent care from all the Drs, Nurses, and Techs.

George Snuggs

Excellent physicality

Barbara Brown

Staff were awesome. Could not ask for them to be any nicer. My husband had open heart surgery and they made sure he got the most ultimate care possible. I give them a big thumbs up. Michael & Barbara Brown

Steve Wilson

Great experience. Quick and easy check in. Didn't have to wait very long to have CT scan run . In and out within 30 minutes.

Lee Jennings

The staff took very good care of me during my stay. They made the most out of a stressful time and I actually enjoyed my time in ICU.

Christine Cline

All of the staff were very nice. The nurses on 4th floor went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and that I didn't need anything. Casey, Jessica, Emily R., Joy, Cassie, Alex, and Olivia took care of me when I was in the hospital. The only complaint I have is the food from dietary. I didnt get to choose my diet tray until Tuesday. From Sunday til Tuesday, the food was not very appetizing. I was treated very well and I know that I was in good hands on the 4th floor.

Shannon Alysse

I was in a car accident, of course I am not going to hurt as bad as I will a week or even 3 days after it. They took me to the hospital 30 mins after the wreck occurred, and I stated I had neck pains. and they didn’t check or anything. Took my neck brace off to make sure my neck wasn’t broken, and sent me home with no pain medications for my hips or wrist/fingers. No neck tests, I told them THEN I can barely move it & now almost a week later I can’t move it without crying. Gave me one day off of work. So now I’m having to CALL OUT of work for pain. Now I can barely move my neck, and I go in there to ask them questions about the process of when I was there and the male nurse I spoke to completely dismissed me and my pain. Sending me away, and not talking to me because it was “clear I was unhappy”. Gotta go see my family doctor now and spend more money because they couldn’t do their job. Go to Floyd, save your money and patience and go to Floyd.

harold isham

Visited a friend.

Kay Dixon

Great rapid treatment in the ER! Everyone was excellent! Special thanks to Dr Tomey & male nurse who was 1st caregiver & helped calm me down.

Paula White

Went to their urgent care because they said they did fluids. Waited, filled out paperwork, send by nurse and physician. They couldn’t get IV started so sent us to ER. Said they called ahead and they were expecting us. Got here and that DIDN’T happen. We’ve waited as long if not longer here. Supposedly had fever at UC, but not at ER. O2 sat low at UC, but said it was fine at ER ( big difference in numbers). Pull you out of waiting room to do various tests. My mother is 84, sick, feeble and TIRED of sitting in ER. And yet we still wait. No one knows when we will get a room. It’s a Friday mid morning (or at least when we started this. So being sent from “their” urgent care does NOT speed up process.. Next time it will be FLOYD.

Patricia Franklin

Everyone was so nice and attentive. Thank you all for making me feel less stressed and scared before surgery :))

Rhenna tinney

My wife was transported from Harbin to Redmond today due to seizures. Overall it was a good experience except for a nurse who came in radiology while my wife was having a test. This nurse referred to my wife as "seizure lady" instead of her name. The nurse did a rough sternal rub on my wife and left the room. I am glad that I didn't personally witness this encounter because I would have educated this very ignorant nurse in how you should address patients. The ER doc was great and so was the EMT team.

Norman Sutton

Very professional staff with my father and my brother every one was so awesome and they went above and beyond to make sure the family could see them both

lynn white

I had a great experience. Everyone was very pleasant and easy to work with.

Sally Ellis

Everyone was so nice and their concern was genuine, they went above and beyond in helping find out and give me options on how to take care of my A flutter problem! Thank you so very much for the special care I received!

Carla M

Especially impressed with pre-op nurse

Sydney Vaughan

If I could give this place a 0, I would. I went in earlier this week with extreme abdominal pain. They sat me in the hallway (in front of everyone) and gave me a bag of fluids. Everyone else was getting a room, I was in the hallway due to “capacity”. I told one of the nurses who passed by me that I was in severe pain and asked if they could do anything and she responded: “yeah, so are the rest of the people in the waiting room”. This nurse was very rude to several people who talked to her. After I finally got a room (2 hours later), I was put in a room that looked dirty (wrappers from previous IV’s, fluids, caths) laying on the countertop. The doctor told me that he recommends going to my doctor about it the next day. I came to the ER in excruciating pain asking for help or at least relief. No answers. No tests. Nothing. So frustrating.

Darlene Couey

I found the staff to be caring and compassionate individuals. I will never forget their kindness and understanding. They went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable.

Grace Harrison

Was referred by urgent care for a knot and pain in leg, possible blood clot. Testing was quick and everyone was friendly. But when ultrasound showed no clot and X-ray didn’t tell what knot was, I was given pain pills and sent home still not knowing what is wrong with my leg and never actually being examined by a doctor. Only a nurse practitioner that seemed she just wanted to rush me out as soon as possible. I was diagnosed with leg pain. I knew that it’s the huge knot below my knee that is causing it and they didn’t do anything to help

Mary McGinnis

Would recommend this hospital to anyone. Everyone from non-clinical up through all Clinical exhibited concern for my comfort and needs throughout my visit.Outstanding medical center. I work at a Level 1 trauma center in Chattanooga, TN and I feel the care I received at Redmond was as exceptional as it would have been at my hospital.Thank you all so much!

ivy holt

From start to finish they were an amazing team. Very pleased.

Carol Wright

Recent stay on 3rd floor. Excellent, compassionate, caring staff. Nurses and techs were very responsive to my comfort. I felt like a valued "customer."

Amber Nicol

Worst experience at an er ever. The nurse practitioner was rude and unapathethic as well as a lier. Don't believe them when they say they help you. Just go to floyd your chances of being helped there are 100percent. I was there last night and in extreme adiminol pain I've been to the hospital more then once for this .I'm broke and can't go anywhere else. Ive told the nurse practitioner this. And she still refused to help the pain after she said that would help because I've already been to the to the ER more then once. Please whoever goes here turn around and go to Floyd they are the most caring people rather then Redmond. And I have brushes all over my right arm from them treating me so rough.

bradley duncan

Way better than Cartersville Medical ! I can’t thank the staff enough ! Very pleased

Jessica Hickman

I wasn't treated very well at all. They acted as if my symptoms didn't exist. While I was in the room, I wasn't seen by any nurse or checked on the WHOLE time! The only person I seen the entire time I was there was by the nurse practitioner and that was only twice! Will not be going back!

Jennifer Bilsky

My daughter spent 4 hours in the waiting room with a dislocated jaw. She was in an extreme amount of pain and couldn’t talk or swallow. Many people walked in after her and were seen. What concerned her the most is the other patients came in eating food and talking on the phone and were not in distress. Her problem was made worse by having her jaw locked for this long. This is the second time this has happened to her and the first time she went to this hospital they saw her within 2 hours and her pain afterward was much less.

Heidi Lambert

Most staff are nice. Can take a while for pharmacy to send meds at times.

Kim Durham

My recent stay was not one of the better ones I have had. As an employee, I was embarrassed to say I work for HCA. Redmond dropped the ball several times during my stay. I was moved from oncology to the 5th floor due to low census at 5:30am on a Sunday morning. As a cancer patient, I was not moved back when the floor reopened. This could have been potentially hazardous to my health. There were a few bright spots however...Katie, Erika Gentry, Daniel, and Haley all took great care of me. The level of care from the others seemed like they were just going through the motions. I had asked for meds and 4.5 hours later received them. To me, that is a little long. It took one nurse over 4 hours to even come in my room and let me know she was my nurse. I will be having surgery in the near future and I look forward to having a better experience than I did over Labor Day.

tina rickett

The cost is unbelievable and they separate everything out and you continue to receive bills. Redmond is not cost efficient. Charged insurance 32000 dollars for one night and this did not include the doctors which I saw maybe 5 minutes each. Continuing to get bills. I called and was told that I was paying for the technical side of the care. Professionals are separate. Not pleased do not recommend. My out of pocket is 6000. And in one night I reached that with no problem. I also was billed separately for ER stuff. Care was ok but the cost was ridiculous. All the bills need to stop.

Starr Brittian

My husband Was sent to ER by Harbin Clinic for asymptotic EKG have been sitting in the waiting room for 6 hours. Have yet to see a Dr. used to love Redmond. I am very disappointed in the service. I was under the impression that chest pains should be taken serious.

Patty Wright

I was told to go to the hospital to fill out a form to get my medical records. I did . I was told 7-10 business days and I would have them sent to me by mail. A month later I called and was discouraged by the news that my request did not make it's destination to Macon,Ga.. I was happy that I can now do this through the mail but wonder what happened to the original request which had all of my information on it. This is not a fly by night thought. I gave it careful consideration before posting.

Stephen Parker

Excellent care!

Natalie Brookshire

My experience at this hospital was amazing. I went to this hospital because I have heard a bunch of people telling me if I ever need to go to an emergency room go to Redmond. I was having respiratory issues and asked to be took too Redmond. My son and I had to ride in the ambulance. They were good as well. My oxygen kept going down low but they were very calm and actually made me calm as well. Doc came in They did my blood work and did a CT scanand recieved my going home instructions in an hour. My son and I had to take medical transportation back. We waited on them from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. the next morning. The lady at the front desk March 14th at night was incredible. She gave us new pillows and blankets and some drinks. The lady that was at the front desk in the morning of March 15th on a Friday was awesome as well. Her name was Brandy. She gave us food and drinks and actually brought them over to where we were sitting. Everybody in there was awesome from the doctors to the nurses and the ladies at the front desk. We were treated so good I wasn't even mad that we had to wait 12 hours for medical transportation to pick us up. I do not know of any Hospital in a 50 mile radius that would do that. Thank you guys for doing such an amazing job.

JoyceHow do Barclay

It was good I was emitted and am still here I had stress test today heart Cath tommrow .I hope they can get my heart straighten up.i had heart 3 way bypass last March and have not been right since then.

ƒ Phantasm ƒ

my grandmother is in the 2nd floor CCU the nurses are kind when the family is there but they tell us many different stories regarding how she is doing one minute my grandmother is doing great and shes going to make it the next we are being called into the hall telling us all we have left is hope, we have visiting hours to where you cannot visit your loved one unless its 9am 1pm 5pm or 8:30pm not ONCE have we met with a doctor to get her condition because they always leave she tells us stories of the nurses giggling and talking about their weekend instead of checking on the patients she tells us how all of the nurses shout "get her ready, get her ready!" right before we walk in she was sent to redmond for her to get better some "heart hospital" at this rate this hospital will be hearing from our attorney respectfully this "hospital policy" is harboring corruption by the nurses by having the nurses only do the jobs right before the family gets there its disgusting not even her diet has changed to advocate for her condition as far as we knew everything was fine until suddenly they decided its not nurses are not doctors and as i write this i am worried for my grandmother dying be it from her condition or the nurses deciding she was too much of a threat seeing what this "amazing hospital" was really like.

Robert Henry

I was there for an MRI. Everythin was smooth and professional.

Mike Beckman

Excellent experience, every step of the way was great! Quality, confident personal in all areas from registration to being discharged. Would highly recommend Redmond Regional Medical, especially for heart related issues.

theresa miller

Worst service we ever gotten at this hospital. Needs to improve communication with patient.

Laci Pledger

The staff was very friendly. However they did not seem to be very empathetic to my being deaf in my right ear and almost 60% deaf in my left ear. I had an MRI and an MRCP where they place headphones for your ear protection and to communicate with you. I was completely unable to hear the instructions given during the procedure. Following the procedure, the staff (somewhat snarky) explained the procedure would have gone quicker had I listened to the instructions given. I had already told them I was very hard of hearing prior to the test. It was quite hurtful and extremely embarrassing. I felt like my deafness aggravated them and left in tears. I have ALWAYS had a wonderful experience with Redmond. This however was a less than pleasant experience. I will still use Redmond over Floyd any day. Maybe be a little more empathetic of others ‘handicaps’. That’s all. Otherwise, as always a great place to receive healthcare.

Curtis Hart

This hospital continues to amaze me with the quality people that work here. The positive attitudes and quality of care and concern is world class. Redmond really cares.

Donna Chambers

I have been visiting family of a close friend who is in the 3rd floor ICU. I have never in my life visited a more inhospitable waiting room in any hospital anywhere. Rigid row after row of cold, hard plastic chairs in a glaringly lit room is all that welcomed the families. I have seen driver's license renewal waiting rooms with more comfort. We found a moment of humor during a crisis by joking that they apparently didn't want anyone to be there while loved ones were in very critical condition. Little did we know. I eventually asked an employee about it and was told that it had JUST been remodeled and that they tried to create an environment where visitors would NOT stay. So sad... as I doubt many families would leave a critically ill loved one alone in a hospital ICU. And those coming from another county are just stuck. Shame on you Redmond for not realizing that few families are going to be run off when a loved one is in ICU. You should have the decency to give them a warm inviting area. If there are those visiting who are ill-mannered, then you should deal with them, and let them know they can be uninvited from the area. Your nursing staff was very warm and caring. I just hope you don't treat them like you treat the family members and visitors of patients in the ICU. You must be one cold-hearted and hard-nosed CEO and Board of Directors. Shame, shame, shame. Kindness matters.

Will Newman

Worst experience ever! Pros: The specialists were kind and professional Cons: Hospitalist Dr. Keefe. Rudely treated me and he had a condescending attitude towards me. I requested him to tell me what the Radiologist thought about the X-ray and he refused to tell me. Then he went on about some article which I decided to look up, and guess what, it doesn't exist! I think he actually may have Dementia.

James Adcock

The attitude of the nursing staff, but only the nursing staff, was such that I will never use Redmond again. As my GI doctor uses it exclusively, I will return to the VA hospital and its doctors, eighty (80) miles away, rather than be subjected to such mistreatment again.

Diane Hardy

I highly recommend the Women's Center at Redmond. I've used them for quite some time and I am never disappointed in the quality of service. The staff is friendly and very competent.

Trevor Doyle

Ended up having to have emergency surgery on my kidneys done here after Floyd screwed the pooch and ended up making my condition worse. My nurse and surgical team were fantastic and within 3 days I was hiking up and down Tullah Gorge and back to my old self. They were great and I would recommend anyone in the the Rome area to spend the extra money and go here. You'll be glad when you only need to make one trip to a hospital instead of 2.


I had my aortic valve replacement surgery at Redmond and am still in awe of the professionalism, kindness and attention I experienced. Everyone from the check in desk to the room cleaners were cheerful, helpful and pleasant. Nathan in ICU was special for his attention to my needs. And on third floor I especially liked Tasheba for her laughter and chatter as she performed her duties. Ernestina gets a gold star for sweet disposition and baths. Cindy was a sweetheart for her empathy and immediate recognition of my needs. The food was delicious and varied. Amazing for an institution. I would tell a friend or family member about my plate and I got back, “Are you sure you’re in the hospital? “ All your staff did a super job, from nursing, respiratory therapy, rehab people coming to take you to walk, the education staff, assistants to help you get in and out of bed. I did not see a frown or a grumpy face the entire week I was there. I have singled out a few people, but they were ALL wonderful! I am sure the pleasant cheerful atmosphere contributed to my recovery. I came home grateful for the services provided by willing hands and loving hearts. Being a care provider is a calling and your staff live up to that.

Stephanie Walker

Everyone took good care of me. They helped me with everything I needed. Always a blessing to feel comfortable in a time where things may seem a little scary. God Bless each and every staff member. They truly all work as a team.

Sharron Long

Well trained professional staff who were also extremely kind. A very positive experience.

Judd Baker

To all future patients or ambulance assistance recipients, I would not recommend an ambulance ride from this medical center. I was transported from Harbin Immediate Care to Floyd medical center by a Redmond emergency response unit. The distance between Harbin Immediate Care and Floyd medical center is approximately 1.3 miles: a 4 minute drive. I received a bill from Redmond on 3/25/2019, and received the ambulance ride on 1/16/2019. The bill is just shy of $2,400. I am being modest when I say that this is beyond ridiculous. I will not step foot into Redmond regional if my heart is literally exploding, and I would advise the same for all other native Romans. Unless you want an inconceivable amount of money billed to your address and would like to receive the worst medical service possible, choose Floyd. They will help you with your bills and do so in a reasonable amount of time. This is a very vulnerable time for me because we are still not sure what caused my seizure or my current heart condition, and to receive a bill this ludicrous for such a short drive, has made my situation much more agonizing. Thank you Redmond for you poor service and overpriced ambulance ride. Next time I will insist we use a different response team if I’m conscious.

Bonnie Edwards

Every person regardless of their position were very kind and most helpful to me. My requests were immediately answered,. The nurses on third floor are the BEST in my opinion. Thank you to all the persons who cared for me.

John Waters

Outstanding hospital excellent care,staff very attentive to patients needs.

Jackie Fuller

A not planned visit to the ER became a 2 night stay with a visit to the heart cath to remove a 99% blockage. Everyone was extremely nice and helped me feel at ease for my procedure. Thank you for excellent care, knowledgeable staff, and everyone else that works at Redmond.

Elizabeth Brown

I entered RMC on Monday July 29th, 2019 for a total hip replacement. From my pre op visit to my discharge I was so impressed with the staff and the care I received. Everyone was professional and made me feel confident that I was in the right place. The Enchanced Recovery Program is an excellent program to prepare you for what to expect while in the hospital ; from physical therapy needs, what you need at home after discharge, if you need inpatient rehab, or swing bed. They offer assistance with insurance, medicare, and what your protion of the bill will be, and what medicare will cover. I had a great experience, (aside from the general pain of the procedure)! I will never go anywhere else. Best, Elizabeth Brown Meier

Charles walker

This hospital should have it's staff and competence checked daily. This hospital will give medications and make life altering mistakes with medications and diagnosis. Then after place the blame on the patient or another party . There is no accountability at this place and if it does start holding people accountable for what they are doing. Well it would be a good place for a hospital. Also the hippa violations that take place in the er should be resolved. Losing your job over another person giving a drug and wrong dose should not be responsible to the medic if it is going to be that way. Then all EMTs and medics should all be fired. I should know I was fires over another medic giving to much of a drug and blamed me for what she did and I got terminated. I have seen Doctors do procedures that was not right for the pt . The place to be very much investigated. I have the actually document showing that another paramedic gave the wrong drug. How they treat people Is hideous. How I got terminated and the other 3 medics did not get anything. This hospital needs to be shut down. They are very unethical. I'm going to make it to everyone. Even if I have to go to the news.

Julie Ruth

The new way of checking in is great, it may be a little rough on the elderly though. People were so pleasant!

Sarah Morton

My emergency room experience was the worse I have ever experienced. My urologist sent me over because I had stones and was running a fever. He told me the ER would call him which they never did. They ordered a CT scan. After two hours the doctor walked in and said "CT looks great I don't know why you have pain, I will work on the discharge papers" I asked for a copy of my CT report because I have a high pain tolerance and I was in a lot of pain. She refused saying "you can't have it request it Monday" when she left the nurse came back in and she allowed me to read the report. I had two stones as well as a collapsed bladder. The nurse was amazing. She explained I did have stone but my bladder pain was caused by it being collapsed. She then told me if the fever continued come to the ER and make the doctor do their job. She also explained a collapsed bladder and how it can be painful. The nurse was the best person I saw the whole time. I would never return to Redmond.

Jimmy Adams

A Blessing ,that is what we found when I took my wife to the ER in so much back pain ,I took her into the ER in a wheelchair because she could not walk. They got her in to triage in 5 minutes or less ,,had her in a bed getting pain and other meds with in 15 minutes,,out of pain in 20-25minutes from arrival !!!the blonde lady Dr. and the nurse made several trips to the room checking on her pain level. We had been to another ER with same issue and spent hours and useless test since we knew the pain was coming from disk in her back and had mri disk to show it and still . Redmond staff was on point and took excellent care of my wife . If we need to go to an ER again we will only consider Redmond !!!!!

Sandy Cwach

Every person I received care from was the greatest example of Love and Compassion as if they believed in WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)! Thank You Redmond for employing the best!

terri Ozment

Couldnt have been at any better place. Everyone treated me with the utmost care. Like i was part of there own family. Thank everyone who cared for me when i needed it most.

Jennifer Gleason

When I had my mammogram at Redmond , the associates were kind, respectful of my privacy, and gave me an idea of what to expect from my visit.

Darlaine Shropshire

Every staff member that was on duty while I was there was so sweet, nice and caring. Some were funny as well which made my stay there great!!!

Joy Anderson

I recently had a total hip replacement at Redmond Regional Medical Center and was very pleased with the doctor who performed the surgery and all the wonderful nurses who took care of me during my overnight visit. They were very attentive and made sure I was comfortable and all my questions were answered. I would highly recommend this hospital for any of your needs.

Nicole White

Dr Christina was amazing her and her staff attentively listened and asked questions to make sure they were taking care of my needs she truly cares. Thank you!

Leigh Ann Marshall

Phenomenal staff! The best experience I have ever had with an outpatient surgery.

Milton Hunnicutt

The best place for friendly, exceptional health care. Wonderful experience for an afib cardio version. Nurses and staff are great.


Fast entry and great caring staff.

Nancy Andrews

There are caring & understanding employees working for Redmond Hospital. Thank You Redmond Hospital. Nancy Andrews

Bambi Smith

This was the worst experience I've ever had at a hospital! Worse then gordon hospital which is sad! I drove 35 miles outta the way just to come to this hospital because it's the one I used to use & I had never had a bad experience. If I cud give redmond a 0 I would! Worst staff ever! Yall have changed redmond! Yall will never get my business again!

Janet Russell

My experience was excellent, great doctor and great staff. Recommend them highly, 5 stars and higher.

Kim Hatch

I think it is ridiculous that I waited in the emergency room for 8 hours when there were only 5 people in the ER when I walked in the door. I think the sign posted on Turner_McCall that advertises a 3 minute wait to be seen is very much false advertisement! Its a 3 minute wait for you to collect our money and put you back in the waiting room!

Joyce Hurt

I had a cat scan that day and every personnel I encountered was extremely courteous and efficient. I was in and out very quickly. Thank you to Redmond Outpatient staff!

Muriel Bradley

I've been in REDMOND's care several times over the past 10yrs. Have always found the facilities, services and PERSONNEL outstanding. The most recent visit with the Coronary Care Department was probably the BEST!

Mike Miller

I love this place. My wife has a lot of health issues. She had skin cancer surgery in Birmingham a week ago and her blood pressure dropped pretty low after the surgery. We went to the ER and was in in a few minutes. She had gotten where she could not keep anything down. I met Dr. RAJ going down the hall and asked about the cafeteria. He took time to lead me there. I told him about my wife. That evening he came up and took over after she was admitted. He was awesome. He had to leave after a couple days. Dr.Harris took over . I have never had a doctor treat us so good.It was like we were family. The nurses , techs, house cleaning ,security guards were the same way. Breanna came and waited on Penny like a sister. I could go on and on. They set us up with follow up doctors . You will never find a better place. We are from Hoover and have moved to Georgia. The doctors and hospital are much better here. I know where we will be going.

Mike Flemming

Spent much time at Redmond inpatient the past year unfortunately, but, received the absolute best care I could've asked for. We were treated like family. There was only one individual who treated me/my family disrespectfully, and it was dealt with by the nurse manager immediately. She took action rather than trying to sugarcoat things. We received a letter from Blue Cross that HCA was leaving our health plan. All I can think is, if me or someone in my family has to go to the hospital, I wouldn't want it to be anywhere but Redmond. To other patients - have you seen the quality scores from other local hospitals? If not, I suggest you do your research. Look up HCAHPS, CMA, Hospital Compare, Leapfrog group, the Joint Commission, etc. and review the quality measures that are gathered and how they contribute to our care. Redmond/HCA as you continue your negotiations with Blue Cross, please consider if it were you, or the person you love most in this world, preparing to go to the hospital. You want to be able to go where you know you'll receive excellent care, and be treated with dignity and respect. I understand rate increases are necessary as hospitals strive to provide comprehensive and innovative services - I understand new equipment, expansions, etc. cost a lot. I hope Blue Cross understands that side and you all understand the patient's side. To all of the nursing staff at Redmond, a sincere thank you for caring as you do. You make a difference, and it matters. Never forget that.

Howard Hudgens

Great hospital Great staff and the greatest Doctor i have ever had the privilege of knowing.Iwould recommend this Doctor,staff and hospital to anyone.My doctors name is Scott Bowerman.

Tom Carruth

Great friendly family like environment. Wonderful caring staff

Keith Wyatt

Overall, great nurses and techs that have a caring heart. Food was ok once I got to pick my meals.

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