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Alicia Holloway

Best hospital ever .They make sure u get in and out no matter what time of the day and the staff is super friendly. They have the most up to date medicine with less sticking and painless . Thank you Pedimont Fayette for every caring staff member doctor and accommodation

tmwnyc .

Only go here if you're bleeding out. You probably will still die. Absolutely the worst excuse for triage health care I have ever experienced. 1 star is way too much. Largely unoccupied, long waiting room for adolescent with broken clavicle moaning in pain. Slow and unprofessional responses. Terrible imaging. Condensing nursing staff. AND DIRTY. Please try harder, it might save someone's life.

Sam Ismailzada

Service is great, but the billing department at their emergency unit sucks. I have contacted them multiple times to pay a bill, stayed on hold, left voicemails and heard nothing, and today a collection bill shows up. I have made multiple attempts to pay your freaking bill and I have the money if you answer that freaking phone.

Jackie Summerville

My dad recently spent a week at Piedmont Fayetteville. From the ER staff to his room staff, we couldn't have been more pleased! Caring. Compassionate. Loving. Understanding. All these words describe every staff person we encountered.

Iva Spears

After driving 2 hours to get to this want to be Hospital they told me that I had to leave my daughter because of no room for visitors. When you think you are having a miss carriage you need and want your Mom!!! I mean really. They wasn't even nice about it. Dr. Was very nice. Nurse in the back could learn a lot. I pray she learns to handle patients and their families with respect. Amen.

Jackson Hagin

it is the worst my granna is still in the wetting romm

Tim Reid Jr

Their service sucks ass. How can you take forever calling babies??? That's the most stupidest thing ever. Like babies don't know what's wrong with them there should be no reason why I got there almost 2am in the morning and finally get a room at 5:30am, for a baby though???? Really???? They need to get better or hire more dam people cause the one's here, not gone cut it.

Noelette Simmons

I love this hospital. I had my daughter here she was my first child. I liked that I meet all the doctors they were very understanding and informative. I had my daughter naturally with Dr. Picchardo and she ralked me through every push. The nurses were all wonderful they knew I am extremely terrified by needles and they did their best to nake things go fast and painless. My deliver and recovery room were very clean and comfortable. If I have another baby I defiantly will be having it at this same hospital.

Stephanie Johnson

I went in for a dental abcess the front immediately checked my vitals and took me on back. Turns out I had bigger issues then I went for. I want to call out my nurse Tonya and Dr Amin. They were great and very thorough. Tonya barely left my side explained to me what tests were being done and why. Dr Amin didn't treat me like a number and his expression and tone let me know he cared and they fixed me up and sent me home. I was there a total of 4 hours. All in all the time spent there wasnt wasted , very clean and friendly. I bypass 2 hospitals to come to this one. I always recommend to everybody.

Lear Deason

Best hospital around. If you go for outpatient labs, wait until after lunch. The wait will be shorter.

Jodi Murphy

My father was admitted in the ICU and was waiting for lifesaving infusion pump medication to be delivered by 5:30pm so we could be discharged so we could be at Piedmont Atlanta at 10:00am the next day to meet with the Heart Transplant team. It was not delivered and we were not trained on how to administer the meds until 10:30pm at night and when we asked about him just staying until the morning we were told ,"NO." you have to leave . They would not even call his physician to let him know the delay so at 10:30 pm they kick a 72 yr old man out of the ICU with meds to keep his heart pumping to drive an hour home. If you have a critical illness do not come to this hospital .

Jimmy Lummus

My experience was amazing here. Staff was as nice and respectful as can be. Dr was very knowledgeable, plus I felt very comfortable with my visit. Two thumbs way up.


Very pretty hospital but the ER is the worst. I brought my daughter, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, to the ER. She was vomiting and had diarrhea. I thought that with her being pregnant at the time, she would be seen right away. WRONG!! She was made to wait for at least 2-2 1/2hours. She was also having issues with her breathing. I thought that this was ridiculous, since she was pregnant at the time. By the time she was finally seen, she had to have a breathing treatment and an IV for rehydration. My daughter was literally throwing up bile, since her stomach was empty. It was only by the grace of God that my unborn grandchild was harmed by their lack of timely service. I would rather be close to death before I utilize this ER ever again.

Camille Belgrave

Service was horrible got to the er at 2:30 sat in the waiting room until 5:20 then when got to back still had to wait until staff was finished talking bout there life before nurse tend to my husband the woman police officer that was upfront in the er is useless and need to mind her business a patrol hospital instead of worry how someone who in pain cursing I recommend y’all go there else where everything that look pretty and upscale ain’t always the best place to get care but after we cursed the er staff out that when things started moving Fayetteville piedmont has the worst wait time ever now it like going to southern regional only speaking facts


My husband has several health issues that caused him to have to go to the emergency room. Each time we go it is not a long stay or wait and everyone is very nice and helpful. Also I had a small child that seems to be accident prone and each time we've come in to the emergency room or receive fast and courteous care and Everyone is always so nice.

Jody Hann

My daughter was admitted to the hospital 8/20/14-8/24/14. I cannot say enough glowing things regarding this hospital. Her nurses: Laura, Maxine and Haja went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was treated with the absolute best care. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these women. Her doctor: Dr. Gryboski, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Franklin were beyond wonderful as well. They made sure we both understood everything and answered all questions we had. They made sure she was comfortable with them. I truly want to thank Piedmont Fayette Hospital for service beyond perfect. Thank you! Only one instance was very unfortunate during our stay there, Dr. Strain. From the time he entered her room until the time he left, the visit was horrible. It was so bad that I immediately called for her nurse and told them that he was not allowed back into her room. He needs a refresher course on bedside manners, respect for the patient and general attitude. While I can certainly understand that doctors can have bad days as well, there is no excuse for what he did.

Jabb Rumph

Delivered my baby here with a c section. I am 100 percent satisfied. I was well tooken care of during my stay. The nurses did a excellent job with taking care of me. And the team that did my c section was wonderful. I highly recommend this hospital for delivery. Thank you Piedmont fayetteville. Im so thankful for you guys

Brad Johnson

Absolutely hate this place. We have a sick 2 year old and apparently, we are the only ones concerned. Over 3 hours waiting and trying to entertain a toddler. **Update** so, having a sick child with vomiting, rapid heart beat, 103° temp is nothing more then a "bug" we were given some Zofran and sent on our way 4+ hours later. This was Sunday eveneing. ***Update*** Monday night we are back at this deplorable facility as our child was worse and the only place around/open for this particular trip. Thank the lord for a better staff tonight as they actually cared, went above and beyond to make sure our experience was different then that of the night before as I had explained to them. Come to find out, our child needed IV's, x-rays, shots, blood and urine samples, actually checked his ears and throat. So, this "bug" turns out to be a double ear infection and Strep throat!

Tianamin Wright

I wish I could give them a negative zero also. I went in for chest pains and rapid heart rate. They did not solve my issue nor did they try to decrease my pain instead told me "you're not dying. Our job is to make sure you're not dying. Make an appointment with your regular doctor." I waited 7 hours for you to tell me I'm not dying?! Of course I know to follow up with my doctor, but they didn't even try to do anything to comfort me, decrease my pain, nor diagnosis me. Never again!

Tt Farmer

Pleasantly surprised not a terribly long wait for a Monday at 2. People were very helpful and nice in the ER. Was happy someone recommended it to me. Parking was my only complaint just packed parking

Thelma Johnson

Don’t ever come to this hospital at night. The times I came before was in the day time and they move very quickly. I will never ever come back here again at night. The staff that is here doing the night is slow, rude and don’t need to be working with people. I was in a car accident got rear ended, hurting and one of those rude nurses told me my wait time was 4 hours. This is just so ridiculous.

uneva williams

I wanted to give this place no stars but I gad to select to post this if you care about your love ones do not ever take them to this hospital they were rude tge place was nasty and staff was prejudice not helpful at all wait time wax over 5 hours they allowed a patient family video a guy in the emergency room that was in hand cuffs the white family rhought ut was amusing this guy was in hand cuffs but expected with tge whole vibe of this hospital i use tobwant to work at piedmont but I see why the Lord as directed me else where never I mean never again take me to Grady or Gwinnett Medical

Rob Mullins

I had very good experience, from the doctors, nurses, tech, housekeeping to even the cafeteria workers. They all were nice friendly, when i needed something for pain they were right on it.

Shelly Duncan

Worse emergency room ever. They just throw you in a room and forget about you. They would not answer the call button. I had to keep going out into the hall to find someone. The room was nasty. Still had blood on floor from previous patients. Took over 2 hours to get discharged after they told me I was ready. WILL NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!

Amy Hendrix

Been wonderful since I got admitted Friday afternoon.

carol wilkey lamb

Came in at 8:10 pm and it's 10:30pm still sitting in waiting room. I came in thinking I might be having a heart attack... My chest pains we're coming and going and felt light headed and pain in left arm and upper back.. and nauseous. But they left me out in waiting room. This has to be the worst treatment.... Don't know why it is taking so long

Fredda Bonds

Treated very well except they do not like to help you with pain management when your in there.

Shakale George

I had an emergeny scare and was admitted into Peidmont Fayetteville everyone from Dr. Tran and my nurse Clair in emergency to the entire cardiac team of Dr.'s and Nurses in the Cardiac Unit. I was stablelized, diagnosed and given a plan of action in less than 24 hours. Everyone was knowledgeable and KIND.


I was very concerned about bringing my son into the hospital for treatment because he did not have medical insurance. In other places, when you don't have insurance, the treatment can be substandard and patients are made to feel as if they are a burden to the staff. The Piedmont Fayetteville staff gave my son the royal treatment while he was there. They took very good care of him and made me feel very secure about the treatment he was receiving.

Jerree Sharpe

This by far has been the most amazing hospital that I’ve ever been to in my the way I’m 32. My family and I are visiting the area from Savannah, GA and my 10 year has asthma so we stopped in to this ER for a nebulizer treatment. From the check - in receptionist to the X-Ray technician and respiratory nurse to the doctor was greatness! My 10 yr old was seen immediately due to wheezing and coughing. The doctor and nurses took very avenue to ensure that there was no bronchitis or pneumonia and were extremely caring and informative. They were able to answer every question that I had and gave what was needed. A prescription was written for an inhaler and While getting it filled, I was told that I had to have a prescription for a spacer. I called the hospital and about it and immediately they handled it and got me a prescription for the space. I mean this is beyond amazing! My family and I are relocating to the area and I’m considering this a sign! Because I have three children ages 10 and under, this is relieving for myself and husband. My 10 yr old was cared for by Dr. Mason and her supporting team for the night. You all were AWESOME and I’m so appreciative for the care and time!!!

Michael Morales

The waiting time for a ER visit is miserable. I wish Piedmont hospital would read these reviews. We have lived in Fayetteville, GA for 4 years, and they have always been bad with going to the ER. It's a shame too. The hospital had so much potential.

Catherine Esteppe

My mother received horrible care when she was admitted the day after Thanksgiving last year. Was told she had pneumonia in her bottom lungs. She was there for a week very nausea and throwing up. On IV fluids and the LPN was an idiot. Finally I had a fit,,,,,,asked for the charge nurse and the head of the hospital MD to come to her room. Seconds later in an ER way,,,,,they ran a tube down my mothers mouth, throat and stomach and then an ER scan with contrast of her abdomen,,,,,,it took me raising hell to get action ,,,,,,seeing her suffer so bad. They were SHORT staff,,,,,,always the case,,,,,,no-one gives a rats and all the VIP'S are out shopping,,,,,,"it's the Holidays" long story short,,,,,,she suffered long enough. She had stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She was always on top of her care and Dr's visits. If I didn't know medical,,,,she would have died sooner than Christmas Eve. It was a horrible experience!!!!!!!!!! Go to Piedmont Atlanta,,,,,,,,,they really are a very "LACK" hospital. They should clean house. I took care of her ,,,,changing her the entire time,,,,,,they were sooooooo under staff!!!!! The 500 hall was the worse. When mama finally left the hospital it was to go straight into HOSPICE. They helped put her on DNR,,,,,brainwashed my father and really pushed for her to go to "DR'S HOSPICE" across the street. Well guess what she was there for only 2 days and we got her home. They really pushed for that Hospice center. Well it's OUT OF BUSINESS FROM BEING SUED FEDERALLY AND MISTREATMENT TO PATIENTS. I'm coming up on my mothers one year since she died last Christmas Eve. When she was in the ICU,,,,,she looked at me and said "daughter" get me the hell out of here and get me to EMORY!! Interesting because she actually was wearing an Emory "Hospital gown"! I miss her so much. The General surgeon there told me that she had 2-4 weeks to live. He was right on. There were no treatments for her. Makes me very very angry and sad. I hesitated writing this review,,,,,however it was already a low star to begin with. What amazes me is that they keep growing over there but there sooooooooo understaff. They need to clean house and clean house good!!!!!! Especially the 500 wing.

Mecca Johnson

The nurses are lazy over night and careless, leaving plenty of people in the waiting room. My daughter had a rising temperature and was in pain, requested medication, waited an hour and a half still nothing to easy the pain or reduce fever, very unprofessional.

Felicia Ferrell

This use to be the best hospital around. I don't know what happened but after the renovation everything changed. It has gotten terrible. Thirteen hour waits, last night I had the worse nurse I've ever had. She couldn't even put my IV in. Put my used needles on the bed with me, blood was pouring everywhere. She was so scattered and even got blood on the wall. I got to the hospital at around 9pm and didn't leave leave until 7:30 am the next morning for them to tell me I had acid reflux. I use to drive all the way from Meriwether and Coweta to use this hospital... NOT ANYMORE!

Sean Metellus

I just- WOW. I came here back in November and I really thought I was gonna die. My breathing was shallow and my body was deteriorating but they tried their very best to make me feel welcome and taken care of no matter how scary! It was nice, clean and the food was great. I can say with great certainty that this is one of the best hospitals in existence and EVERYONE should come here for emergency care. :)

Joe Morgan

I would get better care at fast food restaurant. Piedmont Fayette should be closed down it's that bad. I have chest pain and have been wanting 4 hours now and there's no end in sight. Don't be mistaken it's not the staff's fault they're so overwhelmed it's hard for them to get anything done. As a matter of fact the only reason I haven't walked out of here is because the staff. I truly do feel sorry for the staff there trying to do a job with half the amount of people on staff that they need to get the job done. The administrators of this Hospital need to pull their heads out of their butt and put more staff on duty to handle the intake of this Hospital.


As many of the reviews state, the ER is horrible. I took my son in who is 17 months for chronic coughing, with vomiting. He was vomiting a lot that night so I brought him in. The wait wasn’t long so I’ll give them that although that is not common practice for fayette ER but when we were finally seen the doctor ordered him Benadryl and did a chest X-ray where they said they didn’t see anything & told me to follow up with his regular doctor. The Benadryl didn’t help him at all.. but I did take him to his doctor the very next day, come to find out my son has beginning stage of pneumonia. How are these people doctors?? Scary if u ask me. They don’t care about the patients. You probably might have to b dead on the floor to receive proper care.


This is a totally unprofessional environment. First, my mom was admitted to er and had to use restroom. For whatever reason the restroom door is locked. After waiting over 10 mins to no avail on a nurse to report to the room, I went to the staff desk and informed a member that the door in my moms' er room is locked. She said okay and will be there in one minute. Now one has turned to 5. This left me with no choice but to assist my mom myself to the restroom halfway down the hall. All of sudden the staff member now decides to leave her workstation to aid and had the nerve to request a urine sample. In addition, throughtout the evening I asked several members of staff when my mom can report home. Some people stated there job title isnt to release. Understable. Some stated they will follow with nurse and or doctor. Hours later doc comes in, and informs me she cant leave, I turned to my mom and say "incompetent staffing" as the doc is leaving the room and he then stated as he is closing the door.."WELL IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, YOU CAN CHECK OUT AND LEAVE " of course this made me upset. I requested his supervisor. He claimed he was the director of doctor or some title. This comment was totally uncalled. One I wasnt even addressing him and Two im making a statement of complaint. Instead of the doctor inquiring about my statement, he choose to get defensive, rude, belligerent, combative, and unprofessional. Even further upholding his statement as I explained the reasoning for mine. He repeatedly closed the door and then would open it when he heard me making comments about his behavior to argue with me in front of my mom, whom repeatedly asked him to stop.

Gizem P

Well, before coming here I looked at the ratings of 2.9 starts out of 5. And It scared me. But... was I wrong... Staff is friendly, wait time was not so bad... it is average for a hospital and an expected wait time. I am satisfied as a first time patient here. :)

Eddie Hobbs

Went waited 5 hours to be seen was told I needed to go back to where I was treated before even tho it was over 2hours away now less than 10 miles away from them he his having trouble breathing and I am on my way to macon with hurricane lrma on its way all motels full already because they would not or could treat him for gbs never will return staff not able to keep up with simple request

Dallas Cardell

Great medical care and excellent care for the baby’s

Kim D

Best Labor and Delivery ever they made our experience Grand. Thanks to Brandi, Jeanna or Jina, Stephanie, Erica, Cassie, Josephine, and Jane if I missed any names I still appreciate you. A special thanks to Brandi an awesome nurse she made us feel so comfortable just truly genuine luv her she is definitely in her field. Also Jina in NICU she was awesome explained everything to us so genuine as well she made us feel so at ease with our lil one being in NICU also Erica and Stephanie too. A extra special thanks to Josephine she was my daughter's nurse 2 years ago when my grandson was born and again this time with my granddaughter she is so nice and awesome truly cares about how we are doing such a joy to know. Thanks Fayette Piedmont Labor and Delivery and NICU we appreciate you so much for making our experience with the awesome birth of lil Cailyn such a blessing.

Navette Covington

I would like to take the time to say although the wait time was long, The staff on 1/18/18 (From check to Dr) was really working hard. I especially want to take the time to recognize "KATIE" she was amazing she was helping everyone and just her spirit alone made you know she has chosen the right field. I was so amazed with how she went above and beyond to help my husband and I really appreciate that. We were there at 6:30pm and her shift started after that. This young lady never stopped working and she was helping so many...WELL DONE..

June Tumlin

Instead of worrying about brick and mortar Worry about your patients. Here there Wii be a big law suit on Fayette Stockbridge a full turn baby over 8 lbs and she dies they have lawyers all over this.

Sherita Lewis

Loved my labor and delivery nurses!

Ray Crittenton

This hospital and the staff extended over the top service here. My daughter has had two handsome boys delivered here. I will definitely recommend this hospital to all. Thank you to the entire Staff at Fayette Peidmont Hospital!!!

Ashley Carey

THEY ALMOST KILLED MY BOYFRIEND BY GIVING HIM THE WRONG MEDICATION!!!!!!! He came in after he fell and hit his side and they immediately gave him a Blood Transfusion!! They then proceeded to also give him some kind of Medication that messed his Kidneys up REALLY BAD to the point where he quit Breathing!!!! It was the Scariest moment of my life!!! Those IDIOTS even admitted that they gave him the Wrong Medication!!!! So then they "tried" to get it all of his system while keeping him there for almost a MONTH because of THEIR MISTAKES!!!! It has now been at least 4 months since he was released from that HELL HOLE and he has still NOT fully recovered!! It is so sad!! He can't walk right anymore, his body is always in a lot of pain, his legs and hands swell up which they NEVER did before, he even has Seizures now and he NEVER had a Seizure a day in his life before they did what they did to him!!!! As you can imagine we have already been consulting with a Lawyer and will be going from there, but people please what ever you do go to ANY other Hospital because this place is NOTHING but a BIG PATHETIC JOKE that NEEDS to FINALLY be SHUT DOWN.

J. Brooks

I hate coming here!! They are rude and very under staff, they have done all this add on and not enough parking space.

Ginajupiter1 Ps119105

This hospital should be investigated right away. I'm looking into a way, as I speak. I had a car wreck. Been there 3 times in the last 2 months since my wreck. I was in excruciating pain each time. Never received one pain pill. Someoneone is taking all the medicine, clearly it isn't the patients. In the middle of a doc. Shift, as seems to be the common theme here in all these complaints. So I question their having any doctors. I went their in extreme pain. All they did was weigh me, take my blood pressure, and they ask me what my pain level is at. It was a 10. They sat me in lobby for 51/2 hours. Finally a women yells my name. She is wearing a backseat shirt, holding long set of keys, w absolutely no identification at all. She could have been the janitor for all I new. She Never spoke 1 word to me. Puts me in a room down a long empty hallway. Closes the door. Bed wasnt prepared for any patient. I was left there for an hour. A Male nurse came in. Says "In the middle of a shift change" can I have something I'm in pain. I will see. Never returned waited another 45 minutes w no response of any kind. Not even offered a drink of water. I asked for a pillow first thing. My neck was spasming. I had gone to two apt. that same week for orthopedic. I have arthritis in my shoulder, also whip lash from car wreck. I got a shot, two days prior. After all this I gather no one is coming. I exit the room. I'm confronted w a man wheeling a blood pressure machine. I asked him is anyone here? He's says rudely to me "MA'AM." I WILL BE RIGHT IN. I ask him again, is anyone here? Again he condescendingly says I will be right in. I look up now as I come to a wall of glass. I see about 12 people all sitting down looking at their computer screen, and or their phones. I ask out loud,"are any of you working"? I ask, is there even a doctor, or nurse here? I walk out. They all drop their jaws, not expecting me to witness what is really happening. This is fraud. They leave you in the waiting room for 7 hours, all the while they weigh u on entering, get your blood pressure taken. Then not to be least get your billing. Dont do a Dam thing else. I'm calling the board of medicine. Three visits after a car wreck, wasnt offered any medicine, though pain was at highest level. Not so much as some water. Channel 2 needs to blow the whistle on this scam if I cant get any help. You will be watching it on the news soon. Let's get a petition started. This is criminal. They won't be able to hide a thing, because every single lack of care has been caught on the videotapes.


I don't understand how people gave this hospital one star, the staff is excellent, so nice and caring and I'm thankful I'm feeling much better! The only thing is the wait but you have to understand you're dealing with a ER so of course people with much several problems will be seen first if you have a minor issue on a very busy day. I will always go here definitely over southern regional.

Tiffany Hamilton

Not a nice hospital at all. Trash is overflowing in the bathrooms. The blankets they hand out are stained. Do not take your loved ones here. Waited over 6 hours to get a room and still waiting on the doctor. Staff is very unfriendly.

Lucina Anderson

2 weeks inpatient, we have had some excellent nurses, patient care techs, physical therapist and the care has been top notch. The case workers have been knowledgeable & very helpful. Grateful for the doctor's care and all the support we received.

Kelli Seddon-Burris

RUDE intake person at the ER desk. I don’t care if you’re busy or not. Have a little compassion for people. Geez. Now, as far as the triage and nursing staff are concerned, they are very respectful and caring.

Santosh Sharma

I called customer care and took an appointment. I lost Doctor's address on the appointment day and again called customer care but the operator didn't know anything about my appointment. I told her doctor's name and his specialty and she said there is no such doctor. After a lot arguments she transferred my call to right department and finally I got the address back. She was not even behaving properly. These operators should be taught that they might be talking to a patient who might not be in situation to have such long senseless arguments.

Denny Cavalcanti

Not helpful. Charges out the ass for no treatment whatsoever. I came in with excruciating pain. After several hours they told me nothing wrong. By the time they told me absolutely nothing was wrong, I already passed the kidney stone. In addition to not knowing what the hell they're doing, half the staff have an attitude for no reason. No one has their priorities in order here. Never have I ever seen a hospital prioritize a jabbed finger over a kidney stone. This is the last time I come here. I'd rather die on the side of the road then come here. At least on the side of the road my expectations would be met.

John Russell

My experience is of the Emergency Room only. Katie was awesome and from the time I walked in I was handled professionally and courteous. Maybe my lucky night but grateful for the staff and attention. A hospital experience is not always the staff. I realize it is based a lot on conditions. Budgets, volume, and level of intensity of each patient is usually the factors. I believe I am responsible a great deal for my own health so when I end up at the ER I really need help. Thank you DR. Katari and everyone who was there.

Kate Guyton

The ladies working your front desk and registration at the West wing are very kind, calming and helpful. With that being said, please consider not playing news stations in your waiting. Maybe play something more calming (i.e. soothing music, cartoons, HGTV)? I did ask the desk attendants if they could please turn the channel and they explained that news channels are their only options. Many of your patients and there families are already here under stress. I'm certain they could use more positive, calming stimuli than 24-hour news cycles while waiting for their procedures.

Etoile Oblivion

The worst hospital south of atlanta. I recommend Northside in Atlanta where they have competent doctors. The nurses and doctors here are awful. So many bad experiences. Avoid at all costs. **Edit** I went here due to an allergic reaction to one of my prescription meds. I had hives all over and couldn't stop itching. As the woman was taking my vitals, she and the security guard were flirting with each other. She told me to take a seat. The hives got worse and were popping up inside my throat where I started to have difficulty breathing and I couldn't talk to my mother. My mother ran to the vital signs lady and said we needed a doctor right away. Vital signs lady argued she just checked my vital signs and I was fine and told my mother she was overreacting and to sit back down. My mother screamed for help and a nurse came and took me to a room where I saw a doctor. He took some tests and decided I was allergic to sulfates. He gave me a shot of benedryl and took me to the recovery room. I started to have a panic attack and all the nurse cared about was me signing papers discussing how I would pay for my visit. My mother has also been taken here. She was vomiting and passing out. The intake lady kept asking her questions and my mother couldn't answer. She slumped over in the wheel chair and a passing doctor saw what was happening and ran to get her in the wheel chair. As he was pushing her down the hall, the intake lady told him there was no room. The doctor yelled back he'd find one for my mother. I was so upset and worried for my mother. She had a heart attack and while she was getting a room, they misdiagnosed it and didn't even read her chart. The doctor came in and told my mom her uterus had an infection. Do doctors not bother to read charts anymore? My mother had her uterus taken out after she had me. We later learned from my mother's previous emergency hospital visit that she had a stroke and a heart attack was going to happen. They misdiagnosed her and gave her the wrong info. My mother had a heart attack and it almost killed her. If you love your family, coworkers and friends, DO NOT BRING THEM HERE! The first time I came here with my mother, there was a man who fell off the bench and had a seizure on the floor. The vitals, intake lady and the security blatantly ignored him and continued to flirt with each other. THEY DON'T CARE! DO NOT COME HERE!

G Gamble

Went to this Hospital for a procedure for my Wife, used valet for convenience and was a little irritated that when they brought our vehicle up, it reeked of Cigarette smoke. My Wife and I are not smokers so you could smell it really bad. The attendant that brought the car up reeked of Cigarette smoke. The problem was that she had just had an outpatient procedure and the odor was really bad for her.


I gave birth to my baby girl in 2017 at this hospital. The staff was amazing. The food was good. They were all very helpful.

Jeff Noreika

Professional staff and immaculate facility. Needs more parking area.

Angela Yoder

I received excellent care. Some of the reviews almost scared me away. Im glad i came despite them. I came in through the ER was taken straight back to a room, later admitted and treated. The staff was professional and very accommodating. I have NO complaints!

valerie henry

This place is a mess! The Doctor was rude and dismissive and just wrote an RX for pain medicine without even looking into the issue. Doctors like that are the reason there is an opioid epidemic! Then, even though my license shows a PTC address, they used my address from a year prior on my discharge papers. I let them know that was wrong and they stated it was update but then 2 months go by and I never saw a bill. I called them and they said they didn't change my address on my whole file so they were sending the bill to the other address. If I hadn't of called, that would have impacted my credit. They need to get it together!

Jesus Hernandez

This was horrible. I thought Fayette hospital was better but apparently it is not. I wouldn't come here again.

shandel campbell

BEWARE! They get you into room quick but then they completely forget about you.Came in with my brother for chest/throat pains and breathing problem. There isn't alot of people in the ER. They give the impression that everything is running smoothly. Vitals are taken and blood is drawn within probably an hr of being there. Then you finally get to an examination room the doctor checks your heart rate and say he'll be right back. IT HAS NOW BEEN 2HRS! No one even checked within those 2hrs to see if he was ok. The nurse finally came back and was like you're ready to be discharge...discharge? How when the doctor has yet to return? now still waiting for him. AVOID HERE!

traci smith

This hospital is terrible! After waiting 2 hours I was informed the system was down and they weren't sure when I would be seen. There was trash on the floor in the waiting room. They had patients coughing but didn't require them to wear a mask. Very unprofessional staff. I wish I could've given zero stars. Drive farther if you have to...don't waste your time.

Keyera Winston

If you can make it to WellStar or Northside best go there. This is the absolute worst ER I ever been to. First off when we were waiting on a room the staff were going back and forth about someone cleaning the rooms and now they were clean! We finally got a room for our NEWBORN and the doctor was very unprofessional, his phone rang and he actually answered and had a full blown conversation while he suppose to be explaining what’s going on with our infant. Remind you we were there for over 2 hours for him to tell us our baby situation wasn’t that serious! The staff is very dismissive and rude people. Take your self or love ones where they will actually tend to your needs and care about your life . Worst place ever!

Stephen P

The staff there were very professional, but the service was a little slow even with only a few people coming in that day to receive treatment.

Burt Young

I just had an OR procedure this morning. I showed up 2hours early as instructed, checked in then waited for about 20 minutes to be called back. I dealt with about 10 different people through out my stay and every one was pleasant and accommodating. I could not be happier.


RUDE STAFF, AVOID IF YOU ARE A BLACK WOMAN I went in June in 2018 for what I suspected was a broken foot but turned out to be a sprained ankle. I limped in and asked for a wheelchair because I was in severe pain and almost unable to walk. The front desk staff were extremely dismissive, rude, and even seemed to be annoyed with my asking. I had to ask multiple times again and again to have a wheelchair and even then they took it quickly. The nurse was dismissive of my pain and symptoms. Overall it was a very bad experience and I felt like a nuisance more than anything. It is exceedingly common for black women to not be taken seriously in medical situations so black women, I strongly recommend you go somewhere else where they will actually give you a wheelchair when you beg.

Wanda Johnson

I was being seen for the flu and was put in a room by the nurse but she never put me on the doctor broad to be seen. So no one knew I was in a room for a hour until I got up and walked into the hallway. Wth; I can't with piedmont Fayette. My bp has went

Thomas Honea

Because people are vulnerable when faced with an emergency, we want to believe the best about the hospital we go to. We are in need and want to believe we will be treated well. We do not want to believe we will have to face gross incompetence. However this is exactly what we faced. We took our grandson to Piedmont Hospital Fayetteville after he dislocated his thumb. They sent us the bill. I sent them an email formally telling them they needed to contact my son who had insurance and providing phone and address information. The next thing I received was the same bill from a collection agency. You would think that the hospital, even out of selfish interest would want to contact the right person to get paid. But when people don't really care they just do nothing. If you use them don't expect them to get things right, or to even pay attention to your efforts to get them on the right path. This is an institution that tries to look good publicly but is miserably poor at listening to people.

Shining Star

The Emergency Room Review! My visit at this location emergency room today is so disappointing! It’s bad enough when a person is sick but to come to a Hospital such as this and get treated like they are a problem to some of the staff is not acceptable! When I got there at 10:30am signed in the receptionist was not friendly I had to say hello to her, presented her with my information she requested told her why I was there and went to have a seat, so 25 minutes later I get a Called from guy Brian who did my pressure, weight, and temperature he said to me you’re hear for back pains I said yes Sir, he saw how hard it was for me to sit and get up but never offered me a wheel chair! Me being in so much pain thought they would get me one shortly that never happened. Oh when I left there at 2pm I watched BRIAN grab a Caucasian man a wheel chair right away and I also watch him with another African American women who came to him in pain and could barely walk he never got her a wheelchair either. Why we as a sick patient need to ask for a wheelchair when you see a person in excruciating pain in the ER. Nurses can See and not blind the last time I was at this hospital! I was then called to the back 2 1/2 hours later still no one offered me a wheelchair but watched and waited on me to drag myself down these hospital hallways in so much pain to be seated in another room where the nurse S. comes in to talk with me and check me out and then who sends me to X-ray so that guy comes get me and saw me struggling to get up and loose my balance but stood at the door to wait on me struggling getting up and never offered to help me get up or get a chair! I am in so much pain but can’t believe this experience at this location. We walk down this hallway to Meet the X-ray technician no one still says anything about Mam we need to get you a wheelchair because you’re struggling. The young Lady who discharge me in the back with the ponytail was great! I must say I am totally disappointed and will not come back to this emergency room! The customer service they provided to me was unacceptable for any sick patient!

vicki culver

Gentle, caring staff. Was there several weeks. Medical as well as room attendants, food service, therapy were all diligent, helpful people.

Len Romano

Awful! Been here over 15 hours waiting for a nuclear medicine scan. Zero communication. Better off going to a teaching Hospital.

Kell Taylor

My nurse who's name was Val was never anywhere to be found..I paged her on 2 different occasions for more than 30min I eventually had to get up and go find her.. Waited on a room for more than 4 hrs after I was told I had to be admitted This is the worst hospital I've ever been to

SheIsrael Victoria Pack

Worst service in the world came in around 4 for a miscarriage passed 12 weeks. The ER was packed the nurses were nonchalant about me bleeding through several ten hour night time pads in less than three hours they basically let me sit in the waiting room and bleed out on myself. The would not give me a bed and only checked my vitals once since being there from 4pm to 11pm. I lost a lot of blood and by 11 I was informed I would still have to wait for a bed because I had several people in front of me I could barely stand or walk and I was pale as a ghost. They had no beds but checked an older white guy who came in hours after me straight into a bed because he came in crying about his pelvis. I guess I have to be white or dying on your damn ER floor to get treated like a person. I lost 2 lbs of blood and was never seen. I left and decided to just go to my OB the next day. I never received results for any blood work they did on me or the ultrasound but I bet I'll get a bill from you. I wouldn't come back here if I got shot in front of your ER doors.

David McKellar

Highly recommend The Suites at Fayette!!

Darth Cocoabeans

Very clean and professional hospital. The staff has been super courteous and helpful and have been very attentive to our needs.

MIke Lee

No need to post my experience. I think my rating speaks for itself. My rating is directed to the Emergency Room not the hospital as a whole. Good care once in room. If you can make to Emory or Northside be good to yourself and go there.

Doctor Wright

I have only been to the ER at this hospital. However, even through the wait time the staff was wonderful and the pediatrician physician is AWESOME! He made me feel WELL and I wasn't even sick. Kudos to the nursing staff, the ancillary staff and the entire staff at this hospital

Shanitra Gayle

I will never utilize this hospital again if I don't have too. My daughter is experiencing a severe infection and has been waiting for over 4 hours for assistance. No Communication just sit and wait. This is totally unprofessional.

Holly Kidd

Long line of people and only one person at registration. Got me back quickly, but then sat hours waiting on them to do something. I was impacted. I ended up passing the blockage on my own while there. All they did was take blood and give me tylenol. To top it off, none of my test results were on MyChart, which I need to follow up with my pcp. The only reason I know my wbc were elevated was because the nurse told me. Piedmont Newnan is not the best, but it's sure better than this place.

Bobby Justice

Being a Former employee I'm very discouraged. I've been in the waiting room since 7:20 pm came in with complaint of chest pains. Went to Xray. Back to waiting room. Blood draw back to waiting room.I hope they dont think this ineffectiveness works. I got insurance but Im here in a child filled crying waiting room with a massive headache and 8 spanish people beside me doing thier best Sabador Gigante impressions. Jesus take the wheel


Amazing nurses and staff, very clean and they attend you as soon as you get in! They genuinely care about your health

Ryan Baldwin

I'd personally rather die in peace elsewhere...this is the worst facility, with the worst staff I have ever, in my life, experienced. You would be better off laying in a field with a bottle of water, a swiss army knife, a clean undershirt, and someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. If this was a hotel, it would certainly be an hourly one, and accept cigarettes and beer as payment. If your not about to die, like in the next 20 minutes, do yourself a favor and make the drive to civilization.

Andrea D

I went in to the ER by ambulance due to an auto accident,and my car was totaled. I should’ve had them take me Siuthern Regional in Riverdale. That’s how Bad the Service was! No where Near the Great & Flawless Care, Compassion, Knowledge from Piedmont Atalanta!!!! Piedmont Fayette is Truly a Knockoff Version of Atlanta Piedmont!!! I wouldn’t take my pups there!!! I wouldn’t trust them! They even gave me the wrong discharge paperwork!

Virginia Vivas

12/12/17 went in for an outpatient procedure. I was somewhat nervous. As I’m waiting the fire alarm starts to ring. I though it must be a false alarm. About a minute later they said no one was injured, the fire was in a operating room. Hmmm? I thought what in the world, but then I said it can’t be nothing too crazy. I was told this was an excellent hospital. Not average or just ok, but excellent! The nurse preping me for surgery said my belly had to shaved and in the process I was nicked in several large areas of my belly, that stung bad. I don’t know how it happened but the doctor was made aware of. I thought no big deal, stuff happens. After I woke up after anesthesia I was in pain. I was given a pill that didn’t take the pain away. I felt like I wanted to die. I was crying in pain and all I was told was,“ You just had a hysterectomy so it’s normal to have pain.” I was angry and in pain and I told the lady of course it’s obvious but the pain I had was extremely worse than just being sore after surgery. Then after an hour of agony I was given TYLENOL. And after that my pain from a hystectomy was gone. NOT!!! The pain continued and I was just hollering and crying because at that point I just wanted to die. It was THE most painful experience I have endured. After another hour I finally got something via IV. So once I was able to have some relief I needed to urinate. *** Because they claim once you are able to urinate, you can go home.*** I ask the nurse for a pan. So she tells someone else to get it. The woman brings the bed pan and just flops it on my stomach. To which I jump because... hello... hysterctomy. She apologized, but still very unprofessional. She could have assisted me or put it next to my feet. After being in agony for several hours I was finally moved to the 2nd stage and allowed to see my family. By the way they weren’t informed that I was in the back room dying of pain. They told them they were waiting for me to wake up. Once in the 2nd stage I’m having trouble emptying my bladder. Apparently my bladder went in shock and it was full and I was unable to empty. *** aren’t they supposed to measure how much is coming out??*** apparently not something they do after a serious operation. So the pain comes back again... I’m not being given medication. I’m being given the impression that I need to suck it up. That I’m in pain because I am not moving around and walking. I was waking, but it’s hard when you’re in pain and your bladder is full and it’s about to explode. I tell the nurse Vickie whose real name is Victoria, I think, that I want to be admitted. To which she says she can’t do that because she has to follow doctors orders. WHAT IN THE WORLD! My family insisted that I had to be admitted because of the immense amount of pain I was suffering, but insisted Vickie was very passive aggressive and condescending. She finally did an ultrasound which showed I had over 3L of urine. A one time cathater is placed and it is a huge relief for about 25 minutes. After 25 minutes passed I’m in agony again and she does another ultrasound and I have double the amount, 6L and literally less than 30 minutes had passed. So finally after a lot of back and forth and telling Vickie I was in pain ** several hours** she says, “ You’ve been blessed!! You are so blessed!!! You will be admitted to the hospital tonight and the doctor agreed to place a permanent cathater until tomorrow. You are so blessed because he usually doesn’t allow for patients to be admitted. What I had such a hard time understanding is why couldn’t I be admitted if I had insurance and most importantly I just had a life altering procedure which brought an extreme amount of pain. I will not recommend Piedmont Fayette, this is a horrible place, stay away. Once I was admitted I received excellent service from the nurses. Only name I can remember was my nurse Josephine that treated me like she cared and knew what I was going through.


Hands down the best care ever across Georgia. The staff was incredible! And my wait time was exceptional!

Linda Smith

The emergency room staff needs to take a class in bed side Manner! Most of the stuff is cold, doesn't seem to care about the patients. One guy while he was checking my husband in was watching the Football game on his phone. Did not assist me at all with my husband in the wheelchair. They give Piedmont hospital a bad name.

Alyssa Volkert

We brought our son here cause he hurt his neck and had trouble breathing, we waiting 3 hours in the waiting room watched 16 people come in after us and be taken back to see a doctor before us one of which had a broken finger and another person with a limp from a hurt ankle when we questioned this they said they take more serious cases first ?? Needless to say we left with out being seen and went to a near by urgent care and was in and out under an hour .

Bianca Whitted

Hospital is horrible!!! I've been waiting in the ER with my husband for 7 hours and still have not been seen by the doctor! The nurses are disrespectful a lady needed a wheel chair and the nurse looked at her like it wasn't her job to get her one, then when the patient asked for her supervisor she said I am the supervisor in a disrespectful tone! I WILL NEVER COME BACK!!!!!

Lily Aguilar

I gave birth on 11/30/18 and my experience at piedmont was great. The nurses really did an excellent job. They were so attentive and caring.

Molly F

This facility is clean, professional, and offers a fast track lane in the ER. Had to have emergency gallbladder removal yesterday due to a potentially deadly 2" gallstone, am extremely thankful for the professional & outstanding care I've received from the nurses and doctors. It has been a little complicated due to the fact that opiate pain meds don't work for me, however all of the patient care team members have gone above and beyond to ensure I was as comfortable as possible during this surgery. From the moment I entered the ER, through X-ray's and MRIs, it was a fast paced trip to the surgery room & into recovery. Timewise, I checked in around midnight on the 24th, and should be leaving by noon on the 26th.


The ICU is wonderful. Brian, Leslie, Pete, Anthony are all just beyond the most wonderful nurses I have ever seen. This is the BEST hospital my family has ever been in. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. My father has been in ICU for a week, and he is in the best place.

Odie Baker

Emergency room is slow, when I finally went in back service was great from nurse and doctor. Doctor made me feel comfortable... Only issue was that the wait time I came in with blurred vision and head ache and when they checked my blood pressure it was sky high. Took an EKG, and sat me in the lobby for 4 hours before being took to a room... I should have been having my heart monitored that 4 hours to see what was wrong. By the time I went to the back my blood pressure was down and headache gone... People shouldn't have to wait half of a shift to be seen.. I feel as though if you hurry up and see them, see the people with colds write them a prescription and send them on their way. No reason the er was that slow


Great experience in their emergency room. Professional and fast. Thank you

Jolee Hynson

My father was taken to Fayette Hospital by ambulance from his primary care physician due to very low oxygen level and shortness of breath. He is 77 yrs old. My mother, 78, and I rushed up there to be with him. We walked in to find him with an oxygen tank sitting in the crowded waiting room. I was surprised to find him there, I assumed since the ambulance brought him he would have been taken straight back. Anyway, we sat there along with dozens of other sick people including a little old lady, probably in her late 80's for about 51/2 hrs. I heard one lady say she had been there for 8 hrs and a man who was hit by a cement truck on 85 for 10 hrs! My mother and dad shared a blanket and sat with him in a wheelchair on oxygen for all that time. The employees were friendly and when he finally was sent back I found that the nurse in charge of him seemed very nice and knew what she was doing. Something is wrong at this hospital emergency. It needs to be looked at and reorganized. Someone needs to go help them figure out a routine way of getting these people taken care of. People will surely die waiting on help when the reason they are there is for this hospital to save them. Please who ever is responsible for this hospital and it's procedures do something fast before you end up with a lot of lawsuits and lost lives. Please!!

Achilles 137

Worst experience I've ever had at a hospital. I severely injured my ankle and was denied medical attention in their ER because Dr Dircks used his internal x ray vision superhero eye balls and said nothing was wrong with my ankle after being in the room for 2.5 seconds. He then said this is an emergency room and this isn't an emergency because we have ppl here with the flu that need help over your ankle so you're going to have to go elsehwere. I told him I wasn't expecting to get a bill because he didn't do anything. Today I got a bill for 668.00 dollars. I went to Newnan hospital and got xrays, mri, meds, crutches and a cast for less than 400 dollars. I tore multiple muscles in my ankle and need further treatment now. I was going to waiver a lawsuit agiant the hospital but now since they're charging me for denial of services then I will play ball with them and lawyer up. Do not go to this hospital unless you prefer incompetent ppl handling your health.

Bonnie The Poet

I don't understand how so many people have had such negative experiences. It's shock. I moved to Georgia a year ago and I've been seen at this hospital ER quite a few times for myself and children. Excellent service. Even on a busy day, I haven't waited longer than 30 mins to get a room and get seen by a doctor. I plan to have my baby here in 2018. So I'll review their L&D soon.

Jeremy Sistrunk

Very excellent service. I had a serious injury two weeks ago, and the staff there was excellent. I only had to wait for a moment, they seen me immediately, my issue was taken care of, my room was clean, they diagnosed me and followed me up with a great specialist near by. I was in a lot of pain, i'm talking about a LOT of pain, but they took very good care of me.

Sandra Jean Baptiste

Awesome nurses and staff. I was in and out no long wait. And the emergency rooms are huge and clean. I don't understand why they have such bad reviews.

Liszet Torres

Came in, in the middle of the night for a possible miscarriage and they treated me so well. I was taken care of right away and they helped me out quickly.

Jessica Monde

My sister has stage 3 cancer, we have been waiting in the ER for 5 hours. The charge nurse Lacey is refusing to meet with us. The patient service representative put all of my sister's information in the system wrong (that she has a headache) putting her at the bottom of the waiting list. They staff is ignoring us and I am in fear my sister will die. I have never experienced such horrible service in my life and woth her condition we have been to many hospitals. I am disgusted and hope this issue is reviewed immediately!

Amberlyn Carter

I loved everyone that helped deliver and take care of me and my baby while I was there having my daughter. The staff was always so helpful. I had a great experience.

Leronica Higgins

A very unprofessional they called me about a bill and because I didn't have the money they was very nasty. I called and asked for a manager or supervisor to explain to them about how I was treated and she said that's how are to handle calls they not customer service.So unprofessional.

Anthony West

This is a very decent hospital. There is plenty of free and handicap parking. The ER department is open 24 hours for emergency care. There are men's and women's restrooms. There are also family restrooms here with changing stations for babies. The staff are friendly and very courteous. The hospital is very clean and well organized. I had a nice time in this hospital.

Earl Gillispie

One of the very best hospitals in the entire Atlanta area! Fantastic staff & Doctors! I was here a couple of weeks ago for a close family member who had to stay here for a few days. & They took very good care of him! I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone seeking or in need of a hospital! Which I do hope that is not the case for anyone! However it's there if you need it.... God Bless you all & take care!!

tyler robbins

Very friendly and got my dad taken care of. That's all that matters

Anita Abril

The Nurses and Doctors were very wait time in the ER was Really grueling 5 hours..other than that it was very clean.

Ashley Lavender

They're taking great care of my dad .however dr. Mason is a complete idiot and needs to be fired.

Velma Williams

I want to thank the cardiac department nurses & staff for the excellent service I received while in their care. Please don't let the negative reviews deter you from using this hospital.

Energy Personified

Great service!!

Buddy Wallace

Worst day nursing staff ever. Wouldn't bring my dog there


Great service for a pre-op. Arrived 1.5 hrs prior to appointment and was In and out less than 1 hour. The only negative thing was the parking lots were slam full. They even have employees on golf carts to get you to and from parking lot.

Brittney Fox

The ER is hit or miss, but the Drs always are nice. Labor and delivery was awesome. The nurses are very nice and helpful, comfy rooms and there was a good variety of food on the menu. My only complaint was my room (351) was right by the nurses station and they would laugh and carry on late at night so I couldn't get much rest as a result. I dont blame them, just a weird place to put a patient room.

Mo'Nique Nekki Favors

From the ER to my hospital admission I had excellent treatment. The doctors, the nurses, the front desk, the PCTs, the respiratory therapists, housekeeping, food service, EVERYBODY was all smiles and went above and beyond to meet my needs. As a sickle cell warrior that means a lot to be in another state and receive this kind of quality of care. I have never left a hospital and missed my medical caregivers. Thank you so much!!! I wish I could thank them all individually.

Valerie Cooper

I was a visitor in the Emergency room on 10/16/2019 with a family member being that my background is in the medical field I really am disappointed with some of the staff such as the doctor (Bernstein). This isn't my first time witnessing a RUDE doctor! Bernstein is the truth when it comes to being rude as well as unprofessional! He would stand right out int front of the patients room loud talking there diagnosis telling them that they are getting tubes down their throat or whatever their problem was to the world. He's very arrogant as most providers are. I also found someones debit card last name ending Harris. I turned it in to security to only hear that he didn't care about the person nor the card that it looked dirty. He then picked it up with a Kleenex backed up and said I really don't have time for this, I'm leaving in two weeks blah, blah , blah. Very unprofessional young man. Me being in this type of environment daily really makes me understand what others see as being a professional myself. It's not a good look Piedmont !

Brooke Miller

Poor! Er is good! Once u get in a room... MICU SUCKS i have a video of not a single nurse on this floor... NOWHERE TO BE SEEN... no nurses! Nothing! Not in any rooms nowhere! Nurse alarms going off that aren't being awnsered in many rooms And shift change was 3 hours ago! I think they need to clean house!!!!

Brad Manning

attitude and customer appreciation from the front desk way back to the "doctors". Do not waste your time the trip to else where will be well worth it . it took me 3 hours to get seen with just 4 people in the waiting room. They act like I'm a burden or they hate to have to work. Don't know what their deal is.

Yvette Hernandez

I have changed my mind about Dr. MITZIE ANN DAVIS OBGYN Oncologist. The surgery went well a few things happened that could have been better but all and all minimal bleeding and less infection. Mitzie Ann Davis is a great surgeon. We talked about a few things i didn't like and she will make changes to insure other patients experience better. I would like to add most of the Nurses were sweet as pie. Reporting, Ms. Yvette Hernandez

Queen Aviyah

Was in so much pain and never offered a wheelchair. The staff literally watched me struggle down the hallways and acted as if I was holding them up. Did I mention as I was leaving the room with a chair and curtain, not a bed, there were 3 police officers in the area where if you turn right, there is a Chik-Fil-A on the left, threatening to arrest a patient. I looked at the nurse and she said come on out, it's fine, we are use to this. I was like what?! What kind of place is this?! She then became irritated when I refused to walk in the middle of a clearly uncomfortable situation , in pain. I was then told I could not leave until someone showed up to pick me up and my discharge papers were being withheld until then. I was walked out by a security guard as if I was a criminal. I would not take my dog to this facility! Poorly ran, and it reminded me of a state hospital I've seen in movies. I gave one star because I had to.

fred morgan

entreprise level culture, Doctors are employees that drive the entreprise profits and have no direct relationship to patient, even when they want to, ask what the costs are ahead of time, they will not review their bills even when their staffers make mistakes. Or find yourself a better local Dr office and have Surgeries elsewhere.

Jennifer Quetant

Delivered my baby girl here and had the most amazing experience! Fantastic nurses, staff, food service and housekeeping.

Paula Anne Brown

Awesome hospital services and staff

chekema cook

One of the worst Er experiences i have ever had . Had a spinal tap done that went wrong and nobody wanted to fix it had to go back n for with my docotor and er just to get blood patch done and was discharged immediatley. Got to give credit to the rep on duty for listening to the horrific experience i had as well as the nurse on duty for never leaving my side. If i could i would love to get on staff so that i could help get rid of half of the horrible staff on duty. Half of the people there need to just quit


I've been sitting here with my husband for 2 and a half hours waiting. They did blood work an hour ago, and no word on that. The urine test he did, is still sitting on the counter not being touched for over an hour. He is in excruciating abdominal pain. 20 on a 1-10 pain scale, and they can't even give him a freaking motrin. This hospital used to be the best hospital in the area when they were Fayette Community Hospital, however the last 5-7 years, they've really went downhill. If you're going to wait, it'd be better spent waiting at one of the better hospitals that are in Atlanta. THIS IS FREAKING RIDICULOUS! Update - We ended up in the ER from 10:30 at night until 7:00 AM the next morning. That's a grand total of 8 and 1/2 hours. And most of that was spent waiting in the freaking waiting room. Apparently, that seems to be the trend with all Piedmont hospitals. I'd rather go to one of the hospitals in Atlanta, that ISN'T Piedmont, than to deal with this hospital that obviously has no concern for their patients. I had a nurse pratically hit me in the face when she slammed the door open trying to get gloves. Then, she couldn't even apologize for doing so. This hospital has went so far downhill, I'll never recommend it to anyone anymore, like I used to. I used to love this hospital. They saved my son several years ago, and they saved my own life. However, that was before Piedmont came in.

Queen Ndyah

Staff was rude. The intake lady was rude and we had an infant with us she came out saying where the kid untill she saw us and changed her whole facial expression. She and the staff were talking loud about their vacation and intake woman kept saying she was hungry and can't wait till she goes to break. They were very loud and that's not the way it's supposed to be no respect for the patients at all the intake woman was about to relieve the other woman to go on her break she said to her why she didn't leave yet she explained because she was waiting on her to relieve her then she stated oh those patients will be okay! And started laughing ! This is the worst experience I have had with a hospital this is unacceptable the patients that came to be seen should not have to hear loud and informal conversation from the staff!! I would never go there again in life!

Sherry Hosey

I had outpatient services at this hospital in March 2017 - a colonoscopy & endoscopy and my experience was very pleasant and comfortable from start to finish. My procedures were performed in a professional manner by several caring people - based on my experience, I would recommend this hospital to my family & friends.


Absolutely great OMG I fell off my skateboard bruised my hip bone and this place had me in and out in 2. Hours [beats southern regional by 100000 points] and all the staff was funny and made me feel good


This is always my first choice, period. I have had a lot of health challenges this year. I've been in the ER every month since January, including an emergency surgery in March, and the staff have always been responsive and helpful. Longest I've ever had to wait to get a room in the back is an hour (and that was on a day they were actually sending out bc they were full but I insisted on staying) ... usually I'm triage and back in a room within 30min. Overall, I'd recommend this hospital to anyone and it's where I take my family when necessary.

Joyce Goldstein

Brought my daughter into the ER because she was having severe abdominal pain and vomiting just 2 days after having gallbladder surgery here. We waited in the ER waiting room for over 8 hours to be seen. No one seemed to be concerned that she was having MAJOR post op complications.

Stella French

This hospital "lost" me post op and nearly gave my hubby a heart attack. Also read about complications in my surgery notes that were sent to my new dr that they never made me aware of.

Terri Allen

Waited over 6hrs to be seen by a doctor. The doctor seemed to be dismissive about my symptoms & never returned after initial encounter. One of the nurses was nice.. Don't go to this Hospital unless you just want to waste your day.

Joshua Gossett

Was seen in the emergency room in less than an hour. The staff was friendly and helpful. Highly recommended

Eli Essang

Their receptionists are incredibly rude. You literally sit in the waiting room for almost an hour, before being attended to. Also, the doctors are insensitive and make you feel like you can't say anything. One doctor told me that I had TB with a straight face, without looking at me and walked out 2 seconds later. I didn't actually have it, but I was scared and he didn't even give me a second glance.

Adrian Bailey

####PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE#### By far the worst hospital I've ever been to! I seriously can't believe it hasn't been shut down. Very dirty, unprofessional, understaffed, unorganized, did I mention DIRTY??? WebMD would have been a much better choice. I can't believe I actually stayed there. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE.

Kendra Colton

The staff is super friendly in labor and delivery. I was so sick from not being able to eat that two nurses actually took the noodles out of a can of Campbells chicken noodle soup and brought it to me heated up in a cup. After I delivered my daughter, every staff member from the cleaning staff to the nurses were excellent. Romy or Rumy (forgot how to spell her name, but you'll know her when you hear her Bulgarian accent) was the ultimate BEST person in my experience here. If anyone gives this place any lower of a rating it's usually because they went to the ER for something they should have went to the Immediate Care center next door for.

Matanah Lewis

I went in with a stomach ache. They did a cat scan, 2 ultrasounds and a vaginal swab. After 8 hrs I left still not knowing where the pain originated. Once I was being released I asked the nurse did they find out what was the cause and she said the doctor said I should talk with my personal doctor because they don’t know the cause it could possibly be a fibroid growing. Possibly? What in the hell did I come to the e.r. for? Pretty sure I will be charged thousands of dollars for nothing. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.

Brian Sapp

Again the vascular testing leaves something to be desired. I had a patient contact me after going to ER. She had a known AV malformation and told the Sonographer. The Sonographer didn't scan the area - said we don't look there. The patient has a venous aneurysm and we coordinated her care with a facility in her home state. Piedmont has excellent vascular testing at its main campus and in some of its satellite offices. Fix it!

Darrien Schneider

This is most pathetic excuse of a hospital I've ever been to. Please PLEASE take your loved one somewhere else. If you'd like to hear my specific story, PM me. Only thing you might get out of an experience here is a lofty malpractice suit, and a dead loved on.

Allen Baldwin

Used to be a great place but the past 4 years they have gone downhill. My daughter had a security guard coughing up a lung on her maternity ward. We were ignored when we asked about it. My father-in-law had to be taken to emergency and saw 5 doctors that could not communicate between them and in one case not even with us. If we had not been there I don't think he would have been safe. The cleanliness of the hospital has also degraded. When we were in with my mother-in-law the staff was complaining that all the staff had taken jobs with the new Newnan hospital and that all the new staff at Fayette had come from Grady. When we registered to be under hospice care they just stopped seeing us. Speaking to the charge nurse didn't help. They just had other priorities. I don't know what is happening but if it is not fixed it looks pretty bleak. I think they need a new administrator that cares.

Shay Dallaa

Horrible service!! They wouldn't even treat me

Jay Hart

I understand that the emergency room can be very busy but I came in having a serious asthma attack and did not see a doctor or be taken to triage or a room for over 2 hours!!! My chest hurt, loud wheezing and rattling chest and NO HELP!!! I asked registration how long it would be and they acted as though I was getting on their nerves because I interrupted their coffee and conversation. I could have went to GRADY if I wanted to have bad service.

God Is Love Prayn for you

I brought my daughter to the emergency room at 9:25am she has an SPTubal This hospital doesn't have a urologist in emergency department I waited an hour before they actually told me no one there could change out her foley for some who don't what an SP is the worst experience. A CNA know how to change a SP I will never take her there again for that.I live 10 min away and I usually go to Piedmont in Atlanta which is 45min away I should have went there from the beginning they always treat her well.Why a hospital have to have an urologist on call a foley can close after 10 min.This was an emergency but to them it wasn't.

Brandon Walker

I went here for abdominal pain to be told everything looks normal and my co pay is a 150$ to go to a primary doc an find out something is wrong

Lisa Horton

Great Hospital & Fantastic service! I’ve been there several times with my 85 year old mother & she has had exceptionally great service from the staff members. Very Clean Hospital!!!!

Jason Wills

Big place. Staff is very courteous, parking lot is fairly large . Excellent accommodations for new mother's, excellent delivery ward . Attention is definitely given to the patients in this hospital. The whole place is from what I can tell, in an order that isn't hard to find where you need to be. Not set up like Grady. If you ever been there you know it's easy to get turned around/ lost in there.

Tyese Dixon

Really good experience considering the circumstances. Staff was knowledgeable and pleasant. I felt that my fiance was in good hands.

Steven Moland

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this Emergency Room. I arrived in town on vacation to visit family and had an unfortunate incident and was taken to the ER. From the moment we arrived we were treated like we were the only case they had. I noticed they were very active with everyone waiting to be seen. I was taken to my room and EVERY person we interacted with showed us "Southern Hospitality" and me and my wife greatly appreciated it. The doctor was completely interested in what had happened to me and spent time diagnosing the problem and helped to get me comfortable. The Nurses, X-Ray Tech, Tech and so on were absolutely wonderful. Sooooooooo friendly to the point that I thought they may be told to act that way but after spending a couple hours there I realized it was genuine. Thanks doc, you helped my vacation go better. Nurses you were wonderful. And tell the X-ray tech that Ohio State will be National Champs before Georgia and Alabama!!! Seriously, thank you all you helped someone have a much better time than expected.

John Hill

Professional workers

mesha brody

I was taken to the ER by ambulance having a very bad asthma attack on Friday. There were 10 to 12 hospital staff standing at the desk. Nurses talking about what they were wearing and such. I had to sit there 5 to 6 minutes with the paramedics standing beside me before the staff even acknowledged us being there. I think it's so sad when people who have decided to work in health care show NO compassion or concern for people who come to a hospital to receive the care they need. Believe me when I say if I didn't have to be at the hospital, I wouldn't. It all comes down to not caring for people, but greed. It's like some are there only to get paid, and they don't care who lives or who dies. Everyone should be able to receive medical care, insured our not. I will say, once I was in, the nurses and doctor were nice. Next time someone's life may depend on it. Do better.

Cassandra Driger

Your rating is zero from me!!! I am very, very digusted in my daughter’s stay at your Hospital. We came in on Monday night until Friday with a shortness of breathe. She was admitted in the hospital immediately. The ER ran numerous test because she kept flagging Sepsis. Doctor ran other test also. Most of the nurses and patient techs was very very lazy. They didn’t check on my daughter unless it was time to give meds. If you press the nurse call light most of the time no one would answer. I would have to go to the desk an ask them to check on my daughter. The doctor would request test and it would appear in the computer as completed and I had to tell them twice that the tests were not done. Doctor couldn’t find out why my daugher had a shortness of breathe. She refused to refer her to a pulmonary speciality but knew she had not found out why my child was sick. Doctor discharged my child knowing she was still sick. My daughter’s blood pressure was down all morning because they had given her to much fluid and then had to give her Lasix to get some of the fluid out her body. Today they had to give her more fluids because she was now dehydrated with a bad headache and stomach ache. The doctor said we could go home today when my daughter could tolerate food and fluids. My daughter was in so much pain that she couldn’t eat nor drink. The doctor came by the room once and told the nurse and myself that she wanted her to eat and drink before going home. The nurse tried to get the doctor to give my daughter one more night and by morning she would probably be feeling better. She said no! The house supervisor came down and told us we had to leave the hospital because we know longer had a doctor on our case and if we felt my daughter was still sick we had to start over in the emergency room. My daughter was so sick that she could not even stand up. I have never been so Humiliated in my life! My daughter has had six major surgery in two years at Emory. We have never treated this bad!!! If my daughter get sick during the night I’m going to file a lawsuit because my child was released from your hospital still sick and the doctor nor the others follow the orders!!! I want to met with the director of your hospital and file a formal complaint. You already have a terrible rating and I’m going to make sure my concerns are heard!!! I was crying as I watch my child being rolling out your hospital still sick with know definite answers!!!!

Anita Flowers

People are super friendly but would not communicate between each and the main floor where we were told to wait in his room. And make sure u know whether u need to be in East Wing or West Wing because the layout is confusing. I will add more when the experience is over and the patient us home.


Understaff and full but they are still registering patients.Wait time 5-6 hrs unacceptable. I wish I could have put no stars for rating.


This was one of the best hospital visits I’ve ever encountered. Not exaggerating. I don’t ever write reviews but for this occasion I felt I needed too. Me and my Girlfriend delivered our baby this month in December. First the cleaness of the hospital was very nice and everything was so Neat. 2nd The Staff/Dr’s that helped us were beyond great. Always on our side if we needed them, they checked in on us asked if we needed anything multiple times which was very satisfying to us. 3rd Help was always by us within seconds / no more than a minute really. And this comforted my girlfriend a lot which helped us through this pregnancy. THANK YOU PIEDMONT HOSPITAL. You guys were Great and will know where I will recommend and come back again if the time pops up again! - James Main

Torey Weaver

Labor and delivery department doctors and nurses are seriously the nicest, most caring, and professional group of people!

Michael Haag

The nurses we had for my son's birth were absolutely incredible. From labor and delivery to recovery, everyone was wonderful and made it a great experience.


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