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Amy Jelysbeth

Went in at 7:30 with severe abdominal pain and was out by 11:30 and seen 5 minutes in i got blood work, antibiotics, a number of tests performed. Everyone was super friendly, helpful and respectful. I honestly think people write bad reviews because they expect the world and treat the staff with disrespect yet want the best service ever. Honestly I had nothing but a wonderful experience and I believe you need to treat people with the respect you want to be treated with and you’ll get it back. Some of you demand to much, with too much attitude then get salty when others won’t tolerate it. Thank you for taking care of me and constantly reminding me I was in a safe place.

Liz Eldred

My mother spent three days in this facility. It was a very pleasant experience. The whole staff is friendly and helpful with anything you need. If you look lost in the hallway, they stop and help. The doctors and nurses are top notch. They also have a great cafeteria. I highly recommend this hospital for heart surgery.

Connie Day

This hospital is big and has a lot going on, but the care you receive when you are there surpasses everything. My Mom was there and the people there treated my whole family like we were their family. They really care. We had the best care we could have received and for that I am eternally grateful. If you have to go, do not hesitate to go. Wonderful place

franky floyd

This is the worst hospital I've ever been to. I don't know if it's the staff, management, or a combination of both but I wouldn't recommend this place to any one. Long waits, staff don't care if you die waiting to be seen. I've had a bad experience every time I've been there. Pemont should be ashamed to even have there name on the building. I have a lot of friends and family that feel the same way about this place and don't waste there time leaving a review.

Stephanie Piotrowski

I was pleased with this hospital until my husband reached the CCU (3rd floor) They do really well as long as you are there to watch them. Otherwise they do as little as possible. My husband was left wet from peeing on himself while waiting for assistance. There could be some improvements made and maybe some nurses fired. Just my opinion.

Henry Knipschild

Piedmont rocks, we first came up to piedmont on 30 April18, my wife has liver Cirrhosis. My wife case was so severe they admitted her the next day and start Pre testing for a liver transplant. During the procedure they found a hole is esiphougous, and did emergency surgery. Thus saving her life. From there they monitored her for over 6 weeks to let the surgery heal. Once healed, they proceed on with the transplant on 29 Jun 18, she was officially listed on the transplant list. On 8 July 18 a liver transplant was done. A week later and she doing great. Through this ordeal, Piedmont was always monitoring my wife condition, even though we lived over 100 miles away, they ensured she had weekly labs and was on top of her condition. During this time we had 3 hospital stays at Piedmont. They provided outstanding care each and every time from the doctors to the medical staff. During the two surgeries, they keep you updated every 1 to 2 hours. After surgery the nurse and staff provide outstanding care, when you ring the buzzer for the nurse or staff they come within mins to your room. As for the hospital itself, they offer all services to include hotel rooms for immediate family members, along with a cafeteria, and other dinning options. Then to top that off they have a really nice fitness center that is open to guest. I would highly recommend Piedmont for all your medical needs, they provide top notch service and really care about there patients and family members..

fred douglas

Excellent nursing staff...very family oriented and always kept us informed.

Stefan Attaway

It's a difficult area to enter and leave, however, ALL the medical professionals make it worth while. The best surgeons and doctors maintain offices here.

Kelley Lively

They saved my husband's life!

John K

Just had my second experience in two years for cardiac stent placement. Very knowledgeable staff, excellent staff in the Cardiac Obsevation Unit. Catherizations specialist on staff there are the best at what they do.

Morgan Mims

This hospital staff was absolutely incredible. They really do care about the patients. I just left the ER and Dr. Thompson and Nurse Harden treated me while I was there. They took excellent care of me and did everything to make me as comfortable and pain free as possible. Dr. Thompson was the sweetest ER doctor I’ve ever been to. While I hope to never need another reason to return to the ER, I can rest assured knowing that if I go to Piedmont- I will be taken care of. Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses who put patients first!

Victasia K

Dr. Sarah Reedy saved my life! I had pneumococcal pneumonia and had fluid in my lungs. She took me back immediately and started IV antibiotics and pain medicine to make me comfortable. She worked on me like the elite trauma doctor that she is! I have Dr. Reedy to thank for saving my life. This hospital is incredible! If I ever get sick again I will continue to use this hospital. This place will save your life. Thank you so much for caring for me. I owe my life to this hospital and Dr. Reedy!

PIerre Cadet

There are great nurses and people at the hospital. Too many mistakes were made. Not enough communication amongst the staff.

Trina kriss

Absolutely excellent care..every single person from the cleaning ladies to the Dr's to the nurses etc...very professional, helpful, respectful and friendly..the BEST!!!

Thomas Mitchell

Cell phone was stolen inside hospital out of husbands room. Patient experience representatives expressed sympathy, yet said they weren't accountable. Offered no help whatsoever. Not a great experience the day before my husbands brain surgery. Guard your valuables and do not trust all the staff.

Beverly Allen

I came to Piedmont Hospital in tears because of a hip injury and the pain was unbearable. The E.R Doctor Karen Mays was so attentive to my concerns that I wish I had her as my doctor. Her nurse that worked with her was caring as well and so I just had to write this. I wish that I can just ask for them if I had to go there again. Thank God for people like them.

Samantha Battle

I Stayed On The 4th Floor North Tower When I Say Heaven Was At My Call This Team Was Magnificent. Each Nurse Supports Dr. Housecleaning Food Supprt Respiratory Team Vital Signs Made Me Feel I Was At A Recovery Spa On A Tropical Beach. A Hospital Stay That Was Phenomenal The Nurse Managment Amazing The Beautiful Lady From Chaplin Case Team Every Person That Enter Rm 4204 North Tower. Where Angel's So Professional With Caring Hearts. And Very Beautiful People, Thank You For Making Me Feel Like A Queen , Samantha Battle

Sarish Somani

One of the BEST experiences ever. The doctors and nurses are very attentive to all patients and get whatever you need as soon as you can. Every person from the janitorial staff to security guard to every doctor we're extremely patient and caring. Hopefully I don't have to come back, but if I do, I would choose this hospital.

Rex Greenman II

After being promised a ride back to Peadmont Newman i was thrown out on the street to fend for myself with a low hemoglobin and not able to walk very far Thanks for nothing

Eric Felix

A very pleasant place with helpful staff.

Brian Rush

Back in July 2016 I almost died from severe infection from a spider bite. This is the best hospital i have even been in. The entire staff was so sweet and kind to me!! Thank you so much! !

Sarah Gibson

My son is in ICU and all of the staff here are super outstanding.I could not have ask for a better Team 4 East ICU.Everyone here makes you feel like they are part of your family .Thank you to all the Team members that is caring for my son John Gibson in RM 6 God Bless everyone.

Teresa Dasher

Friendly people. Warm environment, home away from home. Dr Bhasin and Dr Hundley Awesome Doctors. Beverly M. Awesome social worker.

Bennie Mosley

Triage has been updated in looks and service and staff attitude. Very professional and fast... they seem to have a intake system that is more focused on the patient Not sure why Valet is $9.. seems like a lot for temporary parking.

True Spirit

Dear Jesus Christ, Thank you for Piedmont Hospital as a whole. My son Emmanuel C. had armpit surgery June 10, 2017 and it was simply amazing. Dr. Thompson was the best of the best. Spirit of God, continue to care for my son as he heals. Amen Robinson-Alexander

Bobby Wasser

I was scheduled for a TII at Fuqua heart and I drove from Greenville sc for this. I was told by my drs that it was ok the person that was w me would drop me off and then pick me up when they called after the procedure. I got there and thet said the person has to remain w me the whole time. This is wrong and I had 3 more spots within the complex. They didnt care.

Nedum Brown

Great staff, best service ever gotten from a hospital. My wife delivered here and they're well experienced and courteous.

brian craig

So, the staff is friendly and I have no complaints about the care, but the prices charged are 5-10 times over market rates. If you are having any sort of test run like an ECG, ask about the cost before you are billed 3k for a 200-300 test anywhere else.

Kevin Herriot

The best hospital hands down!!! way better than Northside!!!! these people actually care about your health!! ran all proper test, unlike Northside! just don't forget to ask for all test that was ran on you, and have the doctor explain all abnormal results! that's the only thing they missed., other than that! Piedmont is the best!!!!!!! Give those people a Bonus!

Kelley Davenport

Everyone we encountered was awesome. Doctors, nurse staff, parking attendant

Scott Brown

It's never good when their stated goal is to provide "very good care". What happened to exceptional. Hell at this point I would take the stated goal of very good care because this place is terrible. All they are trying to do is collect insurance and push you out the door with a "go follow up with your doctor" after collecting their $$. This place is by far the worst healthcare I've ever seen.

Charlotte Madson

We spent 4 hours in the hospital for the doctor to tell us “I don’t know.” Would not recommend. Terrible care and quality. I wouldn’t trust them to treat my dog. It’s a no from me.

Sue Chascsa

My brother in law passed in the CCU. The family was not offered a chair, coffee or a my thing else. I inquired about coffee, was told to go to the cafeteria. I never did find it. My husband was called by the hospital and told he had POA. Still medical information was given to the ex wife of my brother in law. There rubber gloves and empty medicine vials on the floor. It looked like the floor hadn't been mopped in a few days. My brother in law was admitted because he kept passing out, at discharge he still didn't have a diagnosis. Before discharge was completed he went into cardiac arrest. I forbid my family in Georgia to ever go to Piedmont.

Mona Chipman

I just left the ER at Piedmont Hospital. It was one of the best most efficient courteous professional hospitals I have ever visited. 5 stars.

Helena Saint

Competent and compassionate

Ramit Bhalla

Fraudulent billing practices. They told insurance they would bill a set of codes before to visit. After the visit they added an extra tag to codes because it would mean higher reimbursements for them and now insurance won’t cover it. This AFTER the telling insurance what codes they would use, they added changed them.

squirtle the og turtle

Great hospital staff is amazing

Julie Saindon

I will never stay at this hospital again. My physician is excellent, but my hospital stay was absolutely horrible. I had surgery and was sent from the operating room with nothing for pain. I had an abdominal incision. I literally begged the nurses for pain medication. I was told that my physician would have written orders for pain med if he wanted me to have them. I couldn't take the pain anymore and called my physician from my bed myself. He stated and he definitely ordered a morphine pump and that there had been a mistake. I was in excruciating pain from an abdominal incision (hysterectomy) and somehow, the nurses didn't feel my complaint of pain was legit. After being released and recovering I went to meet with the nursing administrator of the hospital. She informed me it is Piedmont Hospital policy that every patient leaves the operating room with a morphine pump. She acted like she was going to get to the bottom of the mistake, but never did. I wI'll never stay at the hospital again due to negligent care and rude, lazy nurses that have zero compassion.

Tammy Taylor

I think this hospital has no respect for the patient or there guests the staff treated my daddy like apiece of meat. He could never enjoy his meals which were never given to him on time, he always got them about 2 to 3 hours late. He is a diabetic and no one cared the staff's that comes for him were so rude. Treated my father and I like we were nothing and they were here to make their hours and get a check. Its like a factory in this hospital no comparison at all

Rebecca Misja

I am in Atlanta as a visitor from Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. I went to the Emergency Room yesterday for some issues that weren't resolving and I couldn't wait until I got back to Pittsburgh since it'll be over 2 weeks away. I was hesitant to seek help in a foreign city, but decided to go to Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. The Emergency Department was clean, friendly, and I quickly starting receiving treatment and laboratory and diagnostic testing. The physicians and nurses I encountered were competent, attentive, and congenial. I have been a nurse for over 36 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for 22 years and have worked in and have been a patient in many hospitals. Special thanks to Dr. Nichols in the ER and Valery, RN, in the ER. They are excellent! This is an excellent facility! Thank you!!!

Jasmine Reid

The doctors and nurses are absolutely amazing. I had both of my daughters here in 2012 and 2017 as well as being admitted for being sick earlier this year. There is no other hospital I want to go to love how caring and calm the staff has always been towards not only me but my family as well.


People working there were great! Always came to my room when I needed them and they were all very nice!

Teresa Goga

The greatest hospital I've ever been to!

Leslie Icenhour

I stayed in the COU Dept. And all the nurses here’s the ones I remember Jennifer, Addison, Jaymia and not sure of the other ones, but I wanna give them all 10 stars I had great nurses and doctors...... I was extremely happy and well cared for at Piedmont North Hosptial

Vernon Freeman

I had open stomach surgery sometime ago at this hospital say what you want about them but what I know. God grace kept me could had been dead! Went in for some test wasn't feel good they told me go back in the waiting room we come get you soon to look over your lab work. Doctor's came quick told me to lay on the bed we talk why we push you to a room got to my room told me if I would had got to the hospital 10mins from time I walk in could had died! They rush me in the back for my surgery this hospital is love God bless them all! When I didn't have anyone to talk to they come in to talk when I had to eat alone "Thing's I could eat" they came in and had a seat with me this hospital is a true meaning of Love for everyone that's on they sick bed!

Steven King

Great place to go if you need Medical help

Brenda Davis

I'm definitely wanting to be in a hospital where you get awesome care,explaining the process of tests,asking if you need some call and especially making sure you enjoy your meals,how you want your table. My doctors calmed my nerves,explaining procedures. My nurses and doctors made me feel special by answering my questions, talking so I understood medical things. You would think I was the an movie star. I'm not the best patient, but I had the best care from everyone in contact with me.

Shante Holmes

I came in for chest pain on Mother’s Day and the nurse Amy and Nikki located at B pod was extremely rude and nasty. They had me sitting waiting for a nurse or Dr. Evans to come in and neither of them EVER showed up. I could have had a heart attack or stroke and they could have cared less. I asked for the charge nurse to express my frustration with waiting so long and they fact that I was still in extreme pain and the charge nurse never showed up either. This goes to show how much they truly care for their patients. DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU CARE TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING!

Latasia Williams

They gave great and fast service unlike any other hospital


Great hospital, work very fast, wonderful people, great service

Elizabeth Manzel

This is a great place!!

Bernadette Snyder

Well needless to say I am extremely disappointed in this hospital and their staff. My brother was contacted by his doctor and told to get to the emergency room stat. They were going to admit him asap. We arrived 30 minutes later (@ 7pm). When we arrive there may have been 4 people in the waiting area. Why is it 11:40 PM and we are still waiting to go to a room and see a doctor. REALLY! !!!!

Sheridan Lowe

First, I will say, that besides my ongoing issues from a visit to colorectal doctor, Hope Rasque and her staff, the staff of nurses and admin, etc are great. My issue with the hospital lies in cost. Everyone knows it's expensive going to one, but if the hospital visits are non emergency there should be less surprises related to cost. I have been on permanent disability for 18 years and am well versed in being my own advocate when it comes to costs because they simply don't care. I followed call after call to financial, billing departments and was finally directed to the radiology department to find out the costs of the CT scan. Guess what. No one knows anything. Even with the specific codes he said it would be between 1,200 and 3,500 dollars, which I had to figure out an estimated copay after. Guess what? $10,000. Did they inflate it? I'll let Medicare decide. I wouldn't sign papers on buying a car without knowing the price. Some people literally can't afford to live so need to know what's coming. This was not unexpected and since I can get no true answers I will never use Piedmont Hospital again. Oh, and when I called the financial department she got touchy when I raised my voice, but it's only because she was going in circles telling me I should have done exactly what I did and that her advice was faulty. Nice general staff, HORRIBLE specialists (including the cardiologist with a bedside manner of a glass of warm water for my hand) and unpredictable pricing even when you know exactly what they will do. If they give you an estimate TRIPLE IT!

d johnson

They have saved my life manny times!!

Lalit Mani

We delivered our third child via C section on 8/9/2018 - Dr. Madden and his team did an awesome job and made my wife and I very comfortable before and during the surgery. Dr. Dossier the Anesthesiologist was very calm, efficient and kind during the surgery - everything went well. My wife and Baby Abby were well taken care of by the wonderful staff on the 2nd floor. There was an exceptional group of nurses and we were especially impressed by Tina, Staci , Terrica, Katie and Jana who were very attentive, understanding and we felt went above the call of duty to care for mommy and the baby. We love that Piedmont still has a nursery ( which we now understand is not as common) as it allows Mom and Dad to get some rest while the baby is taken care of. Piedmont really delivered a great and memorable experience and we are thankful for the “crew” of professionals we encountered. They deserve every one of these 5 stars. Thank you The Mani Family.

bart keune

Horrible people here, my sister went here because she has an possible ear infection and she's 17. So they made her fil in 6 forms and after a long wait and they said btw, we can't help you u are a minor so we won't help you, bye ! Don't go here, in humanly people

Patricia OMalley

It actually is the best hospital I've ever been treated at. Staff are welcoming and very professional no matter what office I've been in and whatever procedure I've had.

Angela A Smith

I've been here twice in a 3 yr time spans I had great customer service. I felt like they really cared. Ever transportation that wheeled me to my car!

Keneesha Hudson

Went in this morning for the first time in years. The Emergency Room has been re-designed so it is now clean and the layout is efficient. I was taken right into Triage and the nurse immediately started to work to get me seen immediately so that my visit and needs could be handled quickly. Everyone was very nice and each person did an excellent job educating me on how to handle my condition to prevent future issues and to understand my body better. The nurse Jackie (yes really her name was Nurse Jackie) was very nice with a light and pleasant demeanor. The PA Nate is phenomenal. He knows his stuff. Love it! I don't want to have to go back of course but if I do need ER care I will continue to patronize Piedmont as I have for years.

Camiah Mingorance

I have been to several Atlanta area hospital and usually dread the experience, but Piedmont Hospital, especially the Transplant Unit, was the best experience I've ever had in healthcare. My husband received a kidney transplant. The surgeon was experienced, professional, kind and communicative. The nurses were AMAZING! Flat out the best team around. They got my husband's sense of humor, treated him with respect and kindness and offered impeccable care at the same time. The doctors and transplant team offered classes to my husband and I so that we can make this life change successful. They were all positive, professional and exact in everyway. The cafe in the basement is pricey. Parking tickets can be paid in cash or with card. $7 for the whole day.

Marguerite Gaines

I visited Piedmont Atlanta recently. I was impressed but I am typically impressed with customer service there. An employee saw me trying to find my way. She readily (Glenda, in the OR) asked if she could help. In doing so, she made sure I was ok and walked me to my point of destination. Her kindness exceeded my expectation. I was very appreciative for her help and she added even more quality to my care because she cared. Thank you.

Angela Rucker

A nice building with great and modern rooms however there bedside manner with elderly patients is not the best. Mom was literally thrown out the hospital due to combative issues that she had no control over and they just wanted to drug her for convenience and we were forced to send her to their choice of a rehab facility and they weren't equipped for her dementia soooo she was there waiting for a bed at Christian City that Piedmont stated she would get within a month, but six months later we never did and now she is with the LORD ue to issues at facility sent..Thanks Piedmont for sending her to an early grave.


I went to the ER and verified I was not dying from a heart attack, that was a good thing. They wanted me to have a stress test the next morning. They told me NO CAFFEINE and they would call me in the morning. I took off of work, waited all day, and received a call late that afternoon to set up an appointment for a stress test the following week. Apparently the stress test was not an urgent need.

Dixie Smith

Most amazing hospital ever! Great staff, I felt very comfortable the entire time I was there. I owe my quick recovery to these amazing people.

Dana Bullard

Ive been here since 1:00 it's 4:00pm and i am sitting in the hallway on a hospital bed trying to be serviced! When I asked to leave they pretty much refused and said I had to stay. The patient care coordinators are the worst I've ever seen! Especially the tall slimmer woman! The doctors are phenomenal but their emergency room staff is ridiculous! The staff plays and laughs loud couldn't rest because I was sitting in the hall way! Took almost 5 HOURS for me to get pain meds and They never worked. I couldn't tell them because I'm the hall way in a damn bed!!! Had to wait for someone who wasn't my nurse for something else. As a MEDICAL PROFFESIONAL! Piedmont should work on their staff! Their are too many people with high expectations for this place and it is a MESS!!!


Very caring and professional. Constant communication with family during surgery. Doctors took their time before and after surgery to go over details with patient and family. Great app too to get around the hospital without issues. Overall great experience!

Pam Mckee Fenner

Exactly 100%

Calvin Myers

Provided good service, my dad had open heart surgery here. The cafeteria is good but the bakery in the basement is better.

LISA Green

Staff was very friendly I would highly recommend this place

Dana Griffin

My wife called her Rhuematologist today May 5 at 10am... I follow up after an hour to verify that it was actually sent by the answering service. He confirm that the first call did go through but he will attempt to send another message...It is now 4pm and we still have not heard back from the Doctor! This is very disappointing, seeing that my wife's pain/is was extreme so we just went ahead to the ER for treatment...ON CALL MEANS YOU WILL BE IGNORED NO MATTER HOW YOUR HEALTH IS! SAD SERVICE!

Ashley Black

My Daddy passed away in ICU 1 on March 11th, 2018. He had been in this hospital for at least 2 weeks prior to his passing. He was treated so incredibly well and the staff always went above and beyond to make sure that he was happy and comfortable. He was treated with dignity and respect right up into his very last moments. The doctors and nurses were also intent on making sure that we, as his family, had everything we needed, including emotional and spiritual support. I will always appreciate the amount of care and love that was given to my Daddy and family in our darkest hours. The staff here is phenomenal.

David Weinstein

My wife had her annual exam with Dr. Jeffrey Haller. Someone from the office called before the holidays to discuss the blood test results. We were out of town. When we returned, she called and asked if they could call with the results before the long 3-day holiday weekend, but never heard from them. She called again after the holiday. She missed one call from them and when she returned that call, she gave them her cellphone # to call. Two days have gone by - wrote message on My Chart and left two phone messages. If it was important for them to call "TO DISCUSS HER RESULTS", why don't they call, instead of leaving my wife in the dark. When you call, you get voice prompts and then finally a recording to leave your # because they say "YOUR CALL IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US". Obviously, it is not. It is rude and discourteous NOT to return phone calls. We cannot deal with doctors who hire personnel who do not care. Would not recommend this practice to anyone, especially if you want to reach them or get test results back, but then again what else is there? One star is being too generous, but it doesn't allow you to post unless you give it at least one star.

Casey Stockbridge

Nurse Jackie, Charge Nurse Mildrie, and their team in Labor and Delivery are awesome! They reminded me "it's your labor and delivery". I felt encouraged and supported. They also gave me freedom and encouragement to move around and be in positions that made me most comfortable and worked best for me. They provided an exercise ball and the hospital bed was able to adjust to a unique squat friendly position. Thank you everyone for a pleasant experience.

alizandra hilton

An emergency room visit turned into an edou stay and then was moved upstairs. I have been here now for 5 days and every single member of the medical team from the techs to the nurses and the docs have been phenomenal. As a sick scared patient they kept my spirits up and were very attentive to my needs. They never rushed me or treated me as a burden no matter how busy they were. They answered all of my questions and their bedside manner was top notch. I definitely recommend this hospital. The facilities were clean and operations seemed to run very smoothly. Hopefully I wont need their services again but if I do i will definitely be back to this hospital.

Anthony Santos Sr

Transport is absolutely horrible!! All they want to do is text. There kids. Many nurse's I have met have 1 year of experience on average. The hospital is dirty. At least the transplant Dept is. No one can schedule for the life of them. They do EVERY TEST! even if you very recently had the test done. This hospital needs to do better to expect leaps and bounds.but in the mean time start with the little things like making your patients happy. And feel like they are treated with respect. More work less talk guys c'mon.

Karla Augurson

Best hospital I have ever been to. They give exceptional care.

Vicki Wilson

Nobody wants to be in the hospital!! But if you have to be this hospital has many top doctor's, some of the best and kindest nursing staff I have ever experienced, pretty good food for a hospital with a menu to select from, and they have placed a lot of attention to creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. My experience there with my elderly Mom has been exceptional!

Kadyn Duncan

It's been my second time visiting this er and I had to get blood, my hemo was very low but, they gave me blood and sent me home the same day. I was never admitted which was oddly strange to me but, the doctor was good and nurses and staff was great

mamatha ratnam

Having recently been diagnosed with cancer, as expected I am seeing many doctors, getting lots of imaging, biopsy and pathology... many many visits and billing sources. .. the 2 stars is meant to be 5 stars for the wonderful docs, nurses imaging, lab staff...I can't say enough about how skilled and compassionate they are and they help normalize the experience... it is a shame to have the billing people replace all those heart warning moments with cold calculated behavior...constant harassing with phone calls to pay up... there are folks like Sherri Means in admissions who are exemplary and mature and experienced... but someone like her is one in million in that hospital. . If the rest of the staff follows her example, we can give this a 5 start rating... While they explained it is a change in policy, the implementation of change in policy is downright shoddy and thoughtless... they essentially are saying "pay up now or reschedule" .. imagine going to a biopsy to see whether you have cancer and get presented with a bill of $2600... the threat was to reschedule if I didn't pay up within the minute they presented the bill...I felt like a hostage and it felt miserable and I was internally crying... here I am worried that the tumor if present is growing and I had to submit to the pressure... they don't have the decency to present the bill prior to the visit, an oppn to confirm the negotiated rate and see whether they recommend a different place that has a lower negotiated rate... This new policy requires 3-4 people to call the patient and demand payment... they ignore the message that the bill hasn't been presented to me, that I need to check with the insurance company... you would think that at least one of 4 people would have called my insurance company to confirm that I had already crossed my deductible prior to calling me... it should be common sense that it takes only 3 weeks for deductible of $4500 to be reached for cancer diagnosis... acting on 2 week old information from insurance company is downright negligent... neglecting to act on my feedback is very unproductive and unprofessional... so, add expected, they took extra money from me for the biopsy by getting coinsurance pay from my insurance company along with my on the spot big payment...I spent three hours of my personal time to sort out the Bill's because the billing people refuse to do their job and more importantly they don't have a sensible process that enables them to be good at their job...I did that because they were demanding I pay $1320 for mri while I started to discover that they would get $1000 from uhc and my portion of the bill should only be $260... dispensing an extra $1000 from my personal finances is not what I should be doing when my insurance is paying the bill.... I am not expecting any free treatment and I expect the Piedmont administration to not treat me like someone who is trying to get free treatment... it is sickening treatment and the counter of the motto to save lives

Russell Powell

Never have I had security tell me a Funeral Home here to remove a deceased person for a family , GOOD LUCK ! They do not help or assist you on finding the correct room. They are fine with you rolling up and down the wrong hallway for other families to see ! One would think they cared more for the families visiting their facility!! The Carelink department are very kind and helpful every time! Thank You Carelink ! Security not so much !!

Tristina Allen

Dr Gillian and her staff are the best

Bri Nichols

I would love you to say the experience was outstanding but it was far from that. Unfortunately, there was more than just one bad apple to spoil the bunch. My mother underwent surgery which was successful but her post-op experience was horrible. The nurses were not attentive, had poor attitudes, and one even brought in the wrong medication. Fortunately, my mother is a nurse and was able to detect their fallacies before the consequences were far more severe than aggravation. Our family did speak with the Manager to express not just a complaint but concern for the care being provided. They were apologetic and seemed to somewhat recover thereafter but it shouldn’t have had to get there in the first place. The hype the hospital receives made the experience extremely anticlimactic.

Ashley Thompson

I had both my babies here and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this hospital. I moved further away from the practice I used that delivers here during my second pregnancy. I still decided to make the drive because finding a place that cares about you and takes care of you like you are important and family is hard to find. So thank you Piedmont Hospital of Atlanta for your outstanding service. I send everyone I know here.

Labrina Killings

Great hospital staff very professional and understanding. They really do their best to get u feeling as good as they possibly can. The hospital is a little far from where I live but they are so worth the drive!!! I am currently admitted here and I can say no wrong about them I've been here since Thursday and the staff have been excellent each nurse I have had are wonderful and have been on time with my meds I love this hospital!!!!!

Hannah Carver

Horrible customer service and poorly organized. I visited Piedmont Physicians Group on Collier Road to have a lump in my breast examined. I completed new patient paperwork prior to my appointment where I provided my insurance information. Upon arriving I completed another round of paperwork providing my insurance information. I met with an internal medicine physician in an exam room the size of a closet. I was referred to the Radiology department at Piedmont after my appointment where I completed two more rounds of paperwork providing my insurance information. My visit to the Radiology department resulted in a biopsy. After this procedure I was told someone would call with my results. No one called with my results. Instead I received an email with a copy of the lab's results in medical terms. I have now received two bills from both Piedmont Physicians Group and the Radiology department because neither had the proper insurance information on file after it had been provided 4 separate times.

Tena Lee

They make it so tye low class ppl never come back to their hospital. Poor

Etashate Hollins

Piedmont took very good care of my loved one when we were there ! Sean the RN in Intensive Care was absolutely amazing. He always put the patient first, he paid attention to detail and you could really tell he takes pride in what he does! Thanks so much Sean ! - Jamaar Cook and Family

Monica Mitchell

my uncle was admitted there ... if you go to the nurses station no one acknowledges you standing there ... you literally have to say excuse me... the never ask what u need help with ... then one nurse only spoke to say u can only have two people at a time in room ... rude , terrible nurses ... and i was stand outside the room on the phone not talking loud to family member rude nurse u can’t be in the hallway.. no bedside manner with patients

Richard Hanson

My mother had knee surgery this weekend, and the doctor was great. But this is a review of the hospital staff. WiFi for those of us waiting was free and fast on Friday, but for some reason wouldn’t work for my laptop on Friday. Loved all the USB charger ports on the outlets. Nursing staff was hit-or-miss. Any request made of the nursing staff took on average 45 minutes and a second request before it was fulfilled. At least when I was there. And patient pickup was a mess. Half the allotted parking spaces are blocked off with cones, or taken up by the car that a cop is sitting in, in between times he is telling people where they can’t park. Dude you are part of the problem!

Christina Pugh

A loved one frequently has medical issues due to a chronic condition, and this hospital has always been top notch. From the staff, nurses, and doctors in the ER to the doctors he sees through Piedmont, we have never had so much efficient and thorough care at another hospital. Dr. Feldman has been a godsend helping us through some challenging decisions and random medical issues. I highly recommend this hospital for ER needs as well as seeking physician care. Thank you, Piedmont Atlanta.

LaToya Culliver

Some of your nurses think you are their child/children thinking they can talk to you any kind of way.. Some of them really need attitude adjustments. Yes Nurses are here to make sure they help get us back well but you better be teaching them how to respect others and get rid of the rude bossy attitudes

Judge Pete

This is an absolutely wonderful hospital full of caring professionals with one focus: the patient! From the staff to the facilities, in my experience no other hospital compares! Thank you all for making a ‘Hospital Stay’ as good as it gets!

kristen komm

I spent over 7 hours in the ER yesterday while in town on a business trip. Not only was I there way longer than I should've been, I had many tests done (some that definitely didn't need to be) but some key parts were left out of my maybe 2 minute exam by the PA. I am now back home and in the ER again with worsening symptoms. The ONLY good thing about my visit was my nurse, Greg. Other than that, this was one of the WORST hospital experiences I have ever had.

Ranier Rakestraw

Don’t ever valet your car there. My Challenger chin spoiler was damages due to the valets running over their traffic cone.

Porscea Steele

It started off rocky but when staff tries to genuinely help you, it makes you feel like someone cares. The nurses really care..Ms Debra my NP really cared. Wait time was short, getting checked, being triaged, and getting to a room.

Rahul Verma

I have been going to Piedmont since 2013 and yet I experience bad customer service from time to time. Bills are often filed incorrectly that leads to so much confusion and frustration. There is never anyone who can answer a question clearly.

Christine brini

Staff are thier to assist in every way. Clean environment. Friendly environment some of the most qualified doctors

Ted Arnold

These people are crooks, and willl try anything to charge your insurance more money.

Donna Pedigo

The wait in the er was very long. But once I got in. Dam. Best service. Nicest people. They are going to fix a problem I've had over 5 years. They worked with me on payment's. This is my new hospital. I drove about an hour to get here. And yes it was worth it.

Jaime C junior

Very good staff and doctor and hospital is clean and secure

erica hinds

It's a hospital so its not really a like situation but if you are in need if medical care and it's not a trauma situation I recommend this hospital. The staff is caring and dedicated from Housekeeping to the nurses. Everyone treats you with the respect and caring as though you are their family. So if it's a situation where you have to go to the hospital, I always go to Piedmont hospital. Even if a ambulance comes I ask to go there.

Roderick Middleton

Both of my daughter got born here and we used the Water Pravilion to stay over night after their birth. Very upscale place and well worth the added price.

Walter Ridgeway

Very thorough, and hospitality is over the top....

Toya Dailey

Great Choice over Northside! My Dr's office only delivers at Piedmont and Northside, and being new to Atlanta, I didn't know about either. From research, Northside was voted #1 and was referred to as "The Baby Factory". All my friends and relatives also voted for Northside when asked about recommendations. That being said we chose Piedmont because of the impression of how busy and rushed Northside sounded like. I'm absolutely thankful that we ended up at Piedmont. The staff were very attentive, professional yet personable and friendly. We have been here since June 3rd and didn't feel rushed and everything was a smooth transition from the time of admitting during labor to discharge. We literally felt as if we were the only one's on the labor & delivery floor. The rooms were spacious and clean. Like all hospital beds, there was discomfort especially if you cant change positions. My LO is still in their care and I feel I have gotten to know the staff quite well. All in all I had a great experience and would highly recommend Piedmont to anyone in need of medical care.

Hazel Weaver

My experience has always been great. This last episode was extremely serous. They were on task from beginning to the end . its good to know dedicated doctors,nurses,teçhs, and all the teams. I LOVE PIEDMONT

Aubrey Woods

By far the best care I’ve ever received at an ER!!! Prompt, efficient and caring! The staff from the transport team to the doctors were phenomenal. I live 45 minutes away and will drive to this location everytime.

jamal rollins

They're clean, friendly and make you feel like you have a personal relationship with them

Vicki Williams

Taken in by ambulance, I was in nine days and with only one exception received the BEST care. Cannot say enough good words about nurses and assistants. Food was good too.

Nikki J

Thank you soooo much for taking care of me and my newborn baby. Everything was awesome from the time we got there until we left. Exceptional service from the food service staff as well (Thelma). Angie, Wendy, Rachel, Judy a few of the awesome nurses and PCT were great. Thank you guys so much!!❤❤❤❤

Karen King

These guys did a great job saving my life,again! Thank you to all the nurses,Drs,staff,and all the many different staff and individual workers who brought me thru! 6th floor you rock!!

Mary Elizabeth McClung

I had a great experience. My nurse Christina was terrific. She was very kind and helpful. She took the time to learn about my husband and me. I didn't feel like just another patient. The team who performed my procedure were great as well. They made me very comfortable and explained everything in detail. Everyone I came in contact with were great!


Doctors and staff great; parking not.

douglas eibe

If you can go else where do it l spent 5 of the worst days of my live there .the staff is unresponsive the parking is a joke. I could even get water delivered to my room . They need to train there staff to be helpful.i will never go near that tourer chamber again . It's to big I guess or they just don't care about you.traffic and parking or finding a reasonable place to stay is terrible. Go elsewhere

Josh Walters

We delivered our first child here and the pregnancy was tough on my wife. It felt like everything that could go wrong in pregnancy, delivery, and post-pardum did. Despite the struggles, the entire staff was incredibly kind and courteous. Most importantly, they were knowledgeable and listened when my wife complained about pain or aches. We could not have asked for better care.

Melissa Vanderhoof

The ER at Piedmont is very good. The doctors, PA's, nurses, etc are genuinely caring and highly competent. The ICU staff is also incredibly good, however if you are moved to a "regular" hospital room a lot changes unfortunately! You go from being important to a patient that hardly anyone notices or cares. I'm not blaming the entire floor hospital staff because I know the majority of them do care, it's just they are overwhelmed with too many patients and too many incompetent co-workers.

stacy charles

On 10/3/2018 I presented to ED and was seen by Dr. Meadors. She was not just unfriendly, unprofessional, but brief. In her brevity she overlooked me as a human and as a patient. She was nothing short of dismissive. I was treated like a category and the condescension was real. I find Piedmont guilty of being a money oriented facility that does not seek clinical outcomes for patients who have non-live threatening illnesses. Not that these illnesses when untreated can not lead to severe illness. The director of the ED admitted I was under treated and did nothing about it. He continues the course of an antiquated fee for service model that renders less than optimal outcomes but the hospital and provider get paid for essentially doing nothing but driving up your healthcare cost and your bill. In these times of catastrophic coverage and deductible insurance plans I deserve better. We all do. It is a shame these providers and BIG hospitals do not care enough to ensure your outcome and quality of care. Avoid this hospital if you can, I know it takes up a city block or so, but for your health and sanity, visit your local urgent care or any other hospital if you warrant an ED visit. Because all you will get is a big fat bill and lousy treatment.

Deborah Charme

We recently ended up in the Emergency Room at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. We were seen immediately. Every staff member and medical professional was courtesy, friendly, knowledgeable and timely. We were in a stressful situation and they made us feel comfortable and that we were a priority.

Jess Smith

My family and I have been coming to this hospital for years. No matter how bad I feel they always make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible. The nurses and doctors and support team are amazing and I feel 100% comfortable and confident in their care. There were several nurses and techs that were very rude and made me feel very uncomfortable and I even had to ask one tech to leave the room. But I feel in any situation you're going to have your bad apples and you shouldn't judge your entire stay on that. Piedmont Hospital has an amazing Emergency Department. The emergency department has caught several possible life changing situations and corrected them even for going up to a room. I live over 40 miles away but will still go to Piedmont in any emergency or in any Hospital stay that is required.

Marnique Thompson

I am beyond disgusted with this hospital. My sister came into the emergency room at this hospital on 1/9/18. Things seemed to be semi decent, until they put my sister in a room that had not been properly cleaned. The bathroom had blood all over the toilet. When my sister made a complaint to ED staff and asked to be moved, she was told that if she wanted her room cleaned they would have to delay her treatment. Are you serious? Where is Joint Commission when you need them? Don’t worry though, we will be definitely filing a complaint and making sure that things like this isn’t swept under the rug. Patients are suppose to be treated with dignity and respect. The sanitation of the environment that these patients come in contact with should at all times be up to medical standards. Allowing your patient to even step foot into a room that’s unclean is putting them at risk. Luckily my sister has made note of every staff member and taken pictures.

Cassandra Rosser

I was admitted to this hospital on 7/8/2018 and the experience that I recieved was outstanding. The nurses on N2 were hands down the best nurses I have ever came in contact with as far as service. I want to give them all a ten thumbs up, Ms. Tigisti , Marthe, Nodiah and Katlin. These nurses made sure that my stay there was nothing but pleasant. I cant forget about Dr. Patel, Dr. Okoro and Dr. Francin gave me nothing but there best. Thank you all for the service that I received!!!!!!

Renee Jones

I have been to Piedmont Hospital for surgery and other procedures. I had a very pleasant stay. The staff was so nice and treated me and my family with care and respect.

Miko Toigo

Always a quick and easy process with professionals.

Nic Fox

Dr Yandas office is the greatest.

Suzan Nix

Always professional, great people work here

Norman St. James

Thank you Dr Jami and , Nurse Kim for taking great care of Stacy today. Thank you to the lady at the front desk for checking me in so fast. Thank you to the account representative that has to get payment information. Thank you, Thank you.

Gregorii T.

My wife got stung by a bee and is deathly allergic. She used her epipen and we drove straight here. They didn't believe her or take her back to received treatment. They wanted her to fill out all the insurance forms first and pay. She passed out at the sign in desk and had to be wheel chaired back to the ER.

Conqueror Emmanuel

My name is Emmanuel and I had armpit surgery June 10, 2017 at Piedmont Hospital. The surgeon was Dr. Thompson and when I tell you Dr. Thompson done an amazing job. Dear Jesus Christ, Thank you for an amazing experience at Piedmont Hospital and at there wound care clinic with Dr. Miller and the entire staff. Amen The nursed, techs, labs, x-ray, ct scan, ultra sound, janitors, cafeteria, admissions, guest services, chapel staff, parking lot attendants, security and more are above the best.


WHY IS IT ALWAYS FREEZING?! Seriously, the indoor temp does not need to be so cold that I need to bring a jacket here in the middle of the summer.

Stacey Watson

They took care of me from the time I came in until I left. My daughter Was seen in the Emergency room it only took 1.5 hour!! All the staff was professional and very caring.. Got there Friday at 7pm was done at 8:30pm. The best hospital and excellent staff. This hospital is about their business. Thanks Piedmont!!!

Lester Babb

Been going here for years Always great service.

Chifaa Dorhmi

Never fun to come to a hospital, but had a good experience at least. Had few things done here and with all of them the staff was always pleasant and helpful. I wish they have more vending machines when you have to wait for someone for few hours. The ones they had are far for some parts of the hospital.

Vickey Boyles

I enjoy talking with the staff at my Dr visits . Information Desk is very helpful. The nurses fuss over me when I am admitted to this hospital To each his on view an opinion. I love my Piedmont Hospital # You May As Well

Paula Truett

I want to say this is an excellent hospital staff is great and if you need a transplant their transplant team are awesome

Brian Sapp

The Atlanta Society for Vascular Ultrasound (ASVU) has been fortunate enough to have Piedmont provide a venue to hold our annual conference. They have a beautiful space and we can not thank them enough.

Eric Stolze

Billing has been a fiasco. Negates the positive care experience entirely and means I NEVER want to deal with this enterprise again.

Mitesh K.K

It's a bizarre hospital. They are just looting money unethically. I was in ER with severe stomach pain. The physician and surgeon had different opinions. Surgeon was interested in surgery and making money. They wanted me to stay longer. Irresponsible staff. Surgeon didn't come and see me for more than 12 hours and asked me to stay in the hospital. I was patient there and Dr. threatened me and I had to call 911 and call the cops when I was there at the hospital. I would never ever recommend this hospital to anyone.

Jeff Johnson

The way that Piedmont pushes the hospital-based testing vs much less expensive Outpatient testing is despicable. Hospital billed tests cost you and your insurance company thousands more.. And Piedmont physicians will try to push you that direction. Resist! Call an outpatient imaging center. Until Piedmont quits being so greedy it is worth checking into!

S Mikhail

Medical care is not what was expected for Piedmont hospital, a hospital with a big name in heart disease. Nurses are not caring enough. Hospital system is not set up with the patient's care in mind. It is built for convenience of the hospital administration. They weigh patients at 2 am every day as there are only 2 scales per floor. Rooms are small and not hygeinic. Zero service for visitors. Monitoring and imaging equipment are old. As a patient you do not get any time to rest. Nurse-patient interactions are not organized. Medical staff do not communicate enough. Telemetry staff most of the time are busy doing other stuff rather than focusing on patients. If you ask for your medical records, you have to go through much hassle to get anything. And then they give you hundreds of pages of useless information. They bulk the medical chart for billing purposes. This is not good medicine. They do not understand HIPPA law and use it to block patients getting access to their records. They make you sign a new release every time you need something new although the previous release is good for several weeks.

Nakia Dorsey

If I had to pick? Grady 1st for trama. Everything else Piedmont and Emory. Take your pick

Tom Manning

Went in with a referral from a nurse clinic. Could not have ask for better ER service. They do triage and respond appropriately. That could explain why some feel that they had to long to wait.

Anquan Davis

This is the worst hospital I ever been to. They equipment always down and I spent literally 5 hours there for them to tell me there's nothing wrong. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. I'm so disgusted and highly upset

Phil Lunney

The folks drawing blood for tests are the best

Lamer Raston

I'm very familiar with this location. I know a lot of people here.

Andy Stadnisky

Great nurses and doctors, my wife gave birth to our kids here and was an excellent experience. Also after an another big er miss diagnosed my wife piedmont correctly diagnosed and treated her. Would only come here.

Kara Wise

This is BY FAR the best hospital I’ve ever been in.. the most sweetest, heart warming people you will EVER meet. I had great nurses Christi, Bethany, and Athlena (sp) they were all SUPERRRR great!!!! I’ve never felt more welcomed at a hospital and since my mom couldn’t be with me I feel like I didn’t even need her here bc they were so comforting. Terraria and Tori were amazing as well... I just can’t put into words how thankful I am!! My doctors were the greatest as well but unfortunately I can’t remember their names. THANK YOU SO MUCH PIEDMONT ATLANTA!!!!!! You guys rock!!! <3


Treated like dirt in this hospital. Staff literally yelling and screaming in the hallways at 1, 2, 3, 4 AM or PM - didn't matter - shift changes were the worst - how unbelievably rude and inconsiderate... barely got any rest. Was admitted for blood pressure observation. supposed to get readings every hour but they only did it 2-3 times a day except when the doctor was present - then they were on their "best behavior". nursing staff lied about room visits - forged document stating hourly visits when they only visited me once per day. staff didn't tell me the "rules" so when I got up to go for a walk I literally had the charge nurse run into and block me in my room. had warts removed from my hand day I was admitted so my hands were all blistered - they thought I was burning my hands with cigarettes or something and then they claimed I had the marks all over my body - yeah, now I'm sounding like a crazy person but these people are NUTS! too many things to list. not going to make this a run on paragraph more than it already is. IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE - go elsewhere. My specialist uses this hospital so I don't have a choice. Strong words I know but I HATE THIS HOSPITAL!

Antonieta .torres04

Is amazing hospital the attention is really good

Dominique Young

Wow. I have been rescheduled for labor and delivery 3 times. 1 time being told there were no beds 30 minutes before my scheduled arrival and the other time being sent home after already being admitted with iv inserted. How rude is it to kick a patient out their bed due to needing to give it to someone else??? Amazing. Highly HIGHLY highly disappointed in this labor and delivery unit!


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