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REVIEWS OF Perry Hospital IN Georgia

Kathy Grundmeier

We were in town from Iowa for a funeral on Saturday. That evening, I went into a-fib, and knew I needed to get to the ER. Closest place was Perry Hospital. I ended up having a severe reaction to one of the meds and was ultimately checked into ICU. The doctors, nurses and staff were all wonderful! On a side note, not a fan of grits, :-)

Mary Wilson

I was there for IVT and received excellent care.

First Baptist Church of Rochelle Office

Jeremy Lloyd

Maureen Sandrock

I brought my 5 year old son in at 10pm last night and there were a ton of people waiting with flu symptoms similar to him. We waited for about two hours in the wait room, but the nurses came every now and again to check him and give him Tylenol. Given the amount of cases they had I found the wait to be reasonable. What really made the hospital stand out was the attention and care that they showed my son once we got back to a bed. They knew he was scared so they made everything a game, brought in stuff for him to color, and even let him keep a copy of his x-ray which he thought was the absolute coolest thing ever. They took a scary situation and turned it into a pleasant one if that is even possible. Thank you to the staff for your time and care. I highly recommend taking your family members here if you are looking for quality care for your loved ones.

James Singleton

R. F. Scott

Perry Hospital. Thank you for all you do but PLEASE take the time to educate yourselves on the condition known as, "Trigeminal Neuralgia", also known as "tic douloureux". Please find out WHY Trigeminal Neuralgia is ALSO nicknamed the "Suicide Disease" and is described by MOST in the medical community and also the CDC, as the "most excruciating pain known to humanity". Please imagine the level of pain that resembles being hit by a cattle prod repeatedly in five different places on your face and head. Or imagine being bee stung on your eardrum, inside your teeth, forehead, nose and eye, while this pain is bouncing around your skull, like lightening in a bottle. Please educate yourself ALSO on what triggers this pain. Now, please keep ALL of this in mind for the NEXT person suffering from this disease and you WILL understand, that if someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia, comes into YOUR hospital, complaining of pain ANYWHERE else, please understand THAT pain anywhere else MUST be pretty severe, for that person to even expose themselves to the environment of a cold hospital Emergency Room for ANY length of time. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Priscilla Mcnemar

This place is terrible! My husband has cvs . Fluids and phengan help him that's for nausea. They ask what helps. Then they come with zofran and say you take phengan at home. He can't when he's throwing up for days. What idiots. No help! We had to get up and leave.

K Jones

They have the slowest emergency room I've ever seen. We

xy z

My husband and I had several procedures done at Perry Hospital. Every time after the procedure we received a survey. We were too lazy to answer the lengthy questions. Now after going trough unpleasant experience at Houston Medical Center, we would like to give FIVE star to Perry Hospital which is in our opinion the best healthcare facility in Warner Robins area. The staff here are very efficient, professional and willing to help patients.

Ja'liyah Lane

All they do is take care of one patient at a time when someone needs help with someone

fortnitegod 223

Beverly Spillers

Very poor care...caught things as charted done..not!! Wrong iv hung and started...i was there and caught error...waited 2 hours for nausea med. to be given..Dr. say ordering test..24 hrs. later..finally ordered...Dr say stopping medication that may be part cause for medical condition...9 days later, nurse says still giving medication...just a few of problems...don't leave your loved one alone.

Mike Shephard

These "highly trained" "medical professionals" didn't think to use non-stick pads over my wound. $3000 bill for 16 stitches. Outrageously overpriced.

Richard Lane

This is the worst Hospital in Georgia. They charged me $1700.00 to tell me that they did not have a doctor that could help me. Told me that I would have to go to Warner Robins.

Georgia Carter

Perry emergency room needs serious reconstruction is horrible the way you're treated there you stay 6/7 hours and don't see a doctor they are slow they're uncaring. you're better off if you go to Animal Hospital after sitting there for 6 hours I started having difficulties breathing and ask for a breathing treatment I was denied send it didn't have a room to put me in that's when I decided to leave so that I could come home and medicate myself because I was truly have passed away in that waiting room

Sharon Moore

Dr. Atkins was rude. Needs to be fired. Self administered care would be better than this hospital. Waited 5 hours for nothing. Ridiculous!

Kimberly Stilettos

I had a horrible experience at the er . My 1 year old has been fighting a fever for 5 days. 102.5. It spiked to 103.5 so we took him to the er. The baby also had swollen eyes, red, itchy, and closed shut with pus. The doctor barely looked at him. I said I think he has pink eye. The doctor said he didn't. And said to just wipe the pus with a warm cloth. I called back very angry after I left as I know he can't go to day care with pink eye. I asked for a note saying he doesn't have pink eye. I was told they couldn't give me that. The doctor also noted that the redness was due to him rubbing his eyes. The doctor seemed lazy and unconcerned about our child's well being. He brushed off all concerns with rudeness and didn't give actual answers. Don't go here! Drive the extra minutes to get somewhere that will actually take care of you and your family. I later found out that my child had any extremely serious virus and should have been hospitalized. Thanks for nothing perry ER

Kristina Simms

This is an excellent hospital. We have always received good service there.

Jennifer Peaster

Went to the ER for kidney stones and everyone was kind, helpful and caring. Amanda R. was my nurse, she was THE BEST. Dr. Atkins and Dr. Nulph were also kind and caring. From the time I signed in to the time I left, each person was top notch. Thank you for a job well done. 5-Stars!

Tracey Brooks


Nina Winkler

Great Staff.......terrible food.

Susan Crook

I would personally like to express our sincere gratefulness for the care you gave to our father, Charlie "Fred" Crook when he was in Perry Hospital. I realize Perry is a small city but believe me, he received top notch "big city" care while he was hospitalized in Perry for 6 days. ALL STAFF, day shift, night shift, CNA's, Nurses-LPN & RN's, Food Service, Housekeeping service, Respiratory, Lab, Pharmacy, etc., there were so many to thank, I can't remember them all. I just want to tell them thank you for EVERYTHING you did in keeping him safe, comfortable, and giving our family peace of mind. Dad was called home to his Heavenly Home on the 16th, but we have all of you to thank for bringing him back to good enough health to bring him home to pass in his own home peacefully. If anyone reading this has any hesitation, if they would receive good care from such a small hospital, rest your thoughts, you won't get any better care ANYWHERE ELSE. This hospital is staffed with some of the finest caring people you will ever come in contact with. GOD BLESS ALL STAFF at Perry Hospital, Perry GA. You are Best of the Best, in our book!

Michele Willand

Is this the "hospital" that allows mammography techs to read mammography results? If I'm mistaken, please forgive the forthcoming outrage…. Since when it is ok to allow non licensed persons to read these results. Who are the physicians that are accountable for this debacle? Has anyone questioned them…is anyone hauling them into court? If not, why not!! This makes me sick as I'm sure it does anyone else who has read the article and listened to the video of what's going on. What kind of a slip shot operation are you people running down there. Is this your own special brand of "standard of care"? I hope the state of Georgia as well as the Joint Commission pulls your accreditation. Why they haven't all ready is a mystery to me. I wish you best of luck with this situation…social media…isn't it fabulous! (I did check with our state medical licensure about scope of practice here is Nebraska. Radiology physicians are the only and last definitive answer in mammography and all radiology results). Michele Willand BSN RN

Joshua Beck

Tamara Allen

Christy Taylor

My son had surgery there. He is fifteen and was a bit scared. His nurse Mrs. Pat was very nice and took very good care of him. Our whole experience was awesome and very much appreciated. Thank you so much


I received "could care less" services from Ambulance, ER and In-Patient services. Professional training is needed in all areas.

Lamar Presley

For the last 5 years I have had multiple ER visits and stays at this facility. Sure in the past they have had their share of problems but as of the last couple of years you will not find a cleaner or better facility in Middle Georgia. The staff is very friendly and professional. The doctors I've dealt with over the course of this time have all been great with the exception of one ER doc that is no longer with this hospital. Overall this is a great hospital to go to if you are really in need.

Shelby Howell

Amy Johnson

Horrible horrible experience! Laid there in pain for 3 hours, nothing was done, the dr came in and didnt even check to see what was wrong. Just made the comment "I have some good meds for you" I went there to get help to find out what was wrong, not to be handed drugs and sent home. Worst experience I've ever had at any drs office!

Cheyenne Fulk

This is the worst hospital I have EVER been too. If you want to come out the same person you went in, DO NOT go here!

Tyfree 10

Buck Wade

This place is a complete JOKE... Xia,Tian the drs name on call ,you are a piss poor excuse for a Dr.,I should have went to an all night vet clinic!! I can assume you did not graduate at the top of med . school, would love to see your diploma in BS, cause a real Dr.... would have ordered a culture on my bite, not you ,guess you were too busy not saving lives to deal with me,.....hopeing your not looking for a new TOY ,send me a bill.....can't wait to take it to BBB Better Business Bureau

Berno I Pettersson Jr MS PhD

The staff have always been excellant. The treatments of the highest quality!!

Sezer Aguirre

Jaylah Pearson

Maurice Matthias

From what I see and seen so far it's pretty descent and the staff are very nice and one staff worker is "Gorgeous!"

Joe Melendez

Slowest er ever.


Best care ever! Thank you for being here for my mom and my family.

jessica winston

The nurse was great, but the facility and care is horrible

Johnny And Sara Iler

Doctor was giving me antibiotics while there and did an xray but never came in to give me results. Sent me home on 2 antibiotics without telling me why and when i asked nurse she said dr wouldnt come back in with results that he already had discharge papers ready and no diagnosis on papers either. Everything was very slow and no one bothered explaining anything at all to me. Nurse wasnt even sure of diagnosis being i was sent home on two strong antibiotics. A bit dirty as well.i think this will be the one and only time i will go here. I will make the trip to Warner Robins instead

mike wheaton

I was just at the hospital with severe pain on the right side of my chest for 7 hours. I found the medical staff Amanda, Chris, Donna and student nurse Jenna and 2 others I wasn't able to get their names to be very professional and carring the whole time I was there. I found the facility all though a little small when they were working on me to be very very clean. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. Again thank you so much Mike Wheaton.

Night Tremorz

Great experience today. I went in for what I thought was a dire emergency and it turned out to be just a regular emergency. Julie and the rest of the ER staff, from intake to discharge, was very professional in dealing with a rather sensitive situation. I would have rated 5 stars, but there were old gloves on the ER room floor that were a bit concerning.

Robert Wolfe

The best. It was almost like being with family, recently I had to take wife for emergency treatment. The staff was amazing, if there ever was a true Mayberry RFD, this wonderful hospital in Perry, Ga is it.

Chico G

Went in mother days 2015 for my daughter. Staff was ok and straight to the point as well as the Doctor Hughes. He did a follow up with my daughter's current doctor for her recent surgery which put me at ease. The reason for the 2 stars is the up keep. If you are coming here prepare for a camping trip, bring your own sheets and some bug spray. So far I've killed 3, slap! now 4 from ants to a mosquito....and now gnats. Sheets are dirty and dust all over the equipment and oxygen rail. The wait was 10 minutes at the most with hardly anyone there. I see why now, they bypass this hospital on the highway.

Jordan Kimbrough

My wife when in pain and no pain med what kind of doc it that

Rabbit Den

I will not come back here again. I had a fever of 101 and rising. The doctor was really rude and didn't even look at the documents. Took forever to even get to the back room(about 2 hours to get my vitals and another 2 hours to get in the back room) which was filthy. Don't waste your time here and go to the hospital in Warner Robins. The only good thing is that the nurses staff were nice.

Gladys Felker

I came to the ER with a huge killing pain in my right upper side. The attention I got from the doc on duty was anything but caring. A week later I have been through surgery, thanks to my family doc (that I saw on Monday) and to the great specialist I saw on Tuesday. And my surgery was done @ a better caring place. In Americus, GA! I have had surgeries done as out patient in Warner Robins before & they too were great care givers. The doc that was in the ER that night should be replaced. His name was Charles Anthony Hughes. I was later diagnosed with Acute acalculous gallbladder disease.

Marry waid

The ER staff and nurse was excellent but the doctor was a joke i highly recommend go somewhere els if doctor Wong is working i have no clue how she is a doctor BE AWARE

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