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Angel Monserrate

First let me say that there are different units for different groups of people. I was in a unit specifically for women who were diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bipolar. Yes, the first day was horrible. A new place, a new bed, tasteless food, no smoking, wake up calls, lights on in the hallway all night, no closed doors, strange (new to me) people, nurses, doctors, social workers everywhere, locked doors, restricted phone times, no cell phones and so on. But... this place saved my life. Once you open up to the program, make friends, and start accepting the reason you are there is for your safety, your healing, your growth, and you start participating in groups and activities, then you realize it’s not bad after all. The doctors DO care! The staff DOES care! The social workers DO care! And you will make lifelong friends. Yes, there are rules. And if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll stay longer. If you show signs of aggression, you’ll stay longer. They are working to get your mood stable. So until you are stable, you stay. If they have to change your medicine, you stay until they see how it affects your mood or to see if you have side effects. Everyone is going to have a different experience based on what effort they put into it. Personally, I had a great experience and made friends. I have a plan for what I need to do now that I am home. They make sure you have that plan in place before you leave. Your social worker and your doctors sign off on it. Whether you use the facility to it’s fullest is up to you. PS - all of the negative reviews are coming from unit 8 the stabilization unit, where people are detoxing. Yes, they are angry and fighting and acting the fool. Once they calm down and their mood is stabilized, they go to the appropriate unit and can get the help they need. Again, it’s what you put into it that will give you results.

Lesya Mcgee

In February 2018 I was admitted into Partial Hospitalization Program of Peachford hospital due to major depression and extreme anxiety caused my my work and family situation. I stayed in the program for 3 weeks. The counselor in charge of my group was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The rest of the counselors were not very qualified. The doctor was just ok. I needed to have a psychiatrist after being discharged. He offered his services, but he was never available in his office, and I had to see his PA, who was extremely nice. After I got out of the PHP, I lost my job, my insurance and my income. I had a big copay. To my great disappointment Peachford hospital neither would work with me on payments, nor offer me a application for financial assistance. Their answer was: " You had insurance when you were in the hospital!" I was making payments every month, but not to their demands. They sent my account to collections. This is the first time in my life my account was sent to collections. I have never missed a single payment or was late on a single payment in my life before. The collection agency they are using is ruthless and they charge interest on my debt. They ruined my perfect credit score. After I lost my job, my husband's caregiver got sick and I had to return back home to take care of him. He is a disabled veteran and requires care 24/7. I am not able to have a job due to his condition and and due to the fact that there are no job available in my field in the area we live. I am making payments every month on my debt, but it seems not getting any smaller and my credit is ruined. Very disappointing. I would not recommend Peachford hospital to anybody!

.Ruth Hoih Kim

Visitations for adults on weekends are only 2:00-3:00pm Wednesday’s are only 6:30-7:30pm My brother was taken here && he says it’s helped him and that it’s the best psychiatric hospital. He thought he would hate it at first because he thought it would be “like prison,” but turns out it’s a place where they make you feel comfortable & important. They really do try their best to help these individuals & they are friendly. Downside is, unless you’re lucky, you won’t get a hold of your case worker for quite some time or on a timely manner.

Carolyn Watters

Daughter took too much Midol. Was asked by Northside if she did it on purpose. She did. Throughout the day to alleviate pains. Northside saw this as a suicide risk and she was carted off to Peachford against our will. We were lied to over and over again. They wouldn't let us take her home. Had to get an attorney. In the end the Dr there apologized telling us she should not have been there. It scarred her! Many stories.

Zack Rogers

wouldn't recommend it the whole process left me with nightmares you really think your having it tough, Till you meet some of the guys in here. The environment Was more of a jail feeling then a hospital. ONE THING I WILL RECOMMEND IS THAT IF YOU JUST WANT A BREAK FROM Your normal DIET then go to peachford the food is amazing other then that no......

Jl Tenny

I wish there was minus stars cuz that's their level of treatment. They don't tell you what is going on, you have to figure it out on your own. Your Dr. visit is 5 minutes long, they don't look at you just a file. It was the worst experience of my entire life. If your not depressed before you go in you will be while you're there. I felt like I was held captive.

reddy k

Hi Ellie Lawrence, My wife also admitted in this hospital and they kep her wrong unit 8a due to unavailability of the bed while admitting ... when I got to know about this unit which she is not belonging and she suppose to be unit 4... But now no one responding and every one transferring the call to some one else here and there but no help and still she kep in the same wrong unit from past 4 days .... help what approach did you done to move your mom to right unit ... Due to their mistake now they are not allowing my kid to watch her mother from past 4 days .... need help how to get rid of from her this unit ...

official Liyah

i was a patient here. and it is not a bad place. it did open my eyes and make me realize that i did need help. annd im still working on trying to be better. i didnt like that the doctor i had was holding me for so long. my social worker was very nice and listened to me. the staff for the most part is extremely nice. and they do keep a good eye on patients. i honestly miss some of the staff members there. like ms.ashley or mr.charles. and others. its a good start to a beginning of getting better and getting help

Angela Stephens

I myself am not a patient, but my father has been in the Geriatric Unit two separate times in the past year. I find the staff, especially this second time around to be very friendly and helpful. My father says it is just fine there, that the staff is great and even the food is good. Again, I myself have not been in the facility but he seems very comfortable.

Dajah Prather

Also some of the staff ate rude and even if u are doing good they keep u until ur insurance runs out they only work there for money and sum of their attitudes stink they dpnt know what they doin half the time

Carter London

They curse at the patients like crazy. They lock you in a cage when your outside if you go outside. And they have bloody fights every hour.

Ansley Cassel

After hearing about not even half of what my best friend went through while being here, I would never recommend bringing a loved one here for care. Horrible staff and even worse living conditions!


Was transferred from ridgeview and the staff helped get me out of there because i clearly did not belong there because i had ptsd

Carolyn OBrien

This is not a "hospital" by any definition of the word - this facility ought to be shut down and license revoked. The staff is not only incompetent but rude and arrogant. The place is dirty, smelly, and a prison. The nursing staff is the most extraordinarily incompetent group of people I've ever encountered. There is no compassion, empathy or sense of urgency with anything, even when there is a medical emergency. The way the staff speaks to patients is not only is abusive and abhorrent. It has malpractice written all over it. The communication to when there was an emergency withy my Mom was non-existent. Had had my 81-yr old Mom not found a phone in the "unit," I would have never known her BP was at stroke level at 220/120. They were doing NOTHING. I made 18 calls, and finally, got the doctor in the unit. I had to pull my attorney card, and rightfully so, as they within a 15minute period of knowing her BP was at stroke level, had done NOTHING. The nurses could have given a flying flip. Finally, my Mom called and said they had given her something, but SHE HAD TO TO GO A WINDOW and WAIT to get it! Are you kidding me? She's 81yrs old, and you can't even bring her the life-saving medicine she needs? You made her go to the window in her condition and get it herself? Beyond unacceptable. On my 16th call within 34min, I got the doctor in the unit and told him to get my Mom to a "real" hospital to the ER, and I would take her home from there. She was not going back to that place. He agreed, but I was pretty firm in my "request." Peachford is an embarrassment of a facility to the state of GA. No person should endure the absolute hell of the people in that place.....and we only endured it for 7hrs. My Mom would have most likely had a stroke had I not been her advocate and voice. This is, without a doubt, the most poorly run facility I've ever seen. DO NOT GO HERE. Horrific place and terrible experience.

Cherry Avery

Do not & I mean do not let your family stay at this hospital. We took my nephew there to stay only 3 days because they said insurance wouldn’t cover anymore than 3 days. Well he ended up staying 2 weeks, Only because the insurance approved to extend more days. He is only 8 years old and he had to miss Christmas at home. We tried our best to get him the day before Christmas ,which had been a week he had been there. They will hold you until your insurance/money runs out! Its all about the insurance money for them. They could care less about the person that’s getting help. All they do is keep them doped up on medication. That’s something that can be done at home. They don’t need a full 2 weeks in the hospital if that’s all they are doing. Well when it came time for us to pick him up, he didn’t have all of his clothes that he went in there with. He’s missing his eye glasses, half of his clothes & shoes. We have been calling everyday to see if they’ve found anything & we haven’t had any luck. My nephew told us that the workers were very mean & he was very upset when they kept changing the days for him to go home. It’s like a prison in there.

Jervece White

Bedbugs, entire staff on drugs, rude to the patients and visitors. Held my grieving mother against her will for almost two weeks!!!!! This hospital needs to be shut down!!!! ASAP

jody howard

If I could give this place a negative star rating I would. A loved one was admitted and told the staff there were gnats in his room and bathroom. The staff did nothing. One staff member bullied this patient and the doctor released the patient prior to his being ready. It is one step above Georgia Regional Hospital which is the worst in the State. There are no psychologists on staff, no individual therapy, and one problem after another. Unless you are wealthy and can afford psychological services on your own, or you have unbelievable health coverage insurance, you're basically screwed.

Croe135 Buck

Very unclean,unsanitary nice staff but the facility needs a serious upgrade as far as infectious contorl. The ECT program is not all its cracked up to be, 3 times a week knowing even if you have nothing to eat or drink after midnight before its very easy to aspirate and they or you not know it until the worse moment. The ECT area in my perspective as in the procedure area is Unsatisfactory. 2. I almost died there was statin at 64%O2 and going in to cynosis and had to get rushed to north side hospital. Then was diagnosed with double pneumonia among a few other things...and I went to peachford for combat p.t.s.d . MY advise to you do your homework an please go some where else if u can..

Kimberly Hopkins Foster

Because of this place and their negligence, my Father is now in medical hospital. Peachford kept him sedated most of time. He was never "available" to come to the phone. He is a diabetic, has high blood pressure, and chronic anxiety. They literally took all of his preexisting medications away, so he wasn't having his sugar or blood pressure checked, and he was in withdrawal from being taken off of everything and he wasn't encouraged to shower or shave or eat. This is a house of horrors. Rude staff. Sadistic staff. A staff that doesn't take time to do their jobs. I want this place shut down..for what they did to my Father, and for what they have done and are currently doing, or negligence altogether, for everyone else trapped there .I just started a petition. I'm not going to name websites so they cannot silence me if I have to stage a peaceful protest, I WILL

James Slavik

Peachford taught me the skills necessary to handle many day to day activities with a productive perspective. I've recommended other people to go who also appreciated the needed, safe space they provided.

Stella Roden

I didn't have the best experience here. It took me 10 whole freakin hours to get checked in (11 am - 9 pm in the waiting room). Some of the staff was nice but the rest were really annoying and did not care about how you were treated. The food is okay but if you get the oatmeal you can put salt on it and it kinda tastes like grits but you have to ignore the texture. There was a fight when I was checked in there which most of the girls in my unit were not a part of and all of us got our phone calls taken away wHICH IS ONE OF OUR PATIENT RIGHTS LET ME ADD, which caused several of us including myself to have an anxiety attack which didn't help with our treatment at all. If you go here, bring a blanket and a sweatshirt and long pants/ leggings because it's reeallllyyy cold in there. Staff comes in every 15 minutes to check your room during the night and its really hard to fall asleep with the bright hallway lights shining in your eyes so I recommend the bed closest to the window. ANOTHER THING: My mom dropped of a blanket and some paperback books (no hardback books allowed) and it took them 2 frikin' days to get it to me because they put it in the wrong unit and nobody knew where it was???? The only thing i really liked about this place are the other patients because we're all pissed at the staff together. I don't want to go back here for many reasons but I'm not even sure if the treatment helped and i may have just wanted to leave and got really hyped about getting out of this prison.

Imvu Adiva Tigerettes

Even though you see bad reviews about this Hospital. Actually it's not for everyone but if you need help and you want to see results as far as the right direction to go in., this is a great start. They can't save you but they can help you. I read so many reviews about how there experience was horrible or there love ones. But true In deed no one wants to see there love one suffer. It's not a bad facility and also if you have Medicaid what do you expect 5star treatment. My son was a patient there and it change my life. Sometimes as parents or care givers we have to start somewhere . And peachford is an excellent hospital for kids that need help and attention. Not only they feed you on time the staff was great. They were very attentive and always kept me in the loop. Dr. Jimmy awesome .

I Donna Butler

I dont understand all the bad reviews if you are an addict and you are serious about getting clean this peachford is a step in the right direction ! I been there as a recovering alcoholic and they made my detox comfortable when i was very very sick they immediately started my detox i stayed there14 days and now im home and recovering its a good place to start your rode to recovery and they do offer a 30day out patient program the counselors will help you find long term programs if you are serious about staying clean and sober !

Robert Wills

Offered good care for family member. Very nice place

Ricky Fisher

Keep you there as long as your insurance will last. In the interim, just over medicate you into oblivion. The only way to get a professional reaction is to file a Form 1111. This is a detox prison; not rehab. The psychiatrist, nurses, guards act as if you committed some heinous crime. When, reality is, you may be voluntarily (which I advise strongly against) committing yourself to hell. You think you have a drug problem? Seek other more understanding, competent help for your issue. Jail is an easier option than this hell hole. Then, you get the bill. For what? Stripping you of all your human dignity, privacy, access to parents, legal counsel, and basic rights. Again, file a Form 1111; otherwise they will hold you until your insurance/money runs out. If you are a masochist whom likes isolation and deviant staff; check in. Pay for it. You'll come out worst than when you went in. If you have an addiction issue, it's best to find an alternative to this lousy facility. Detoxing via your doctor and at home is a better alternative. How these people wake up in the morning and frankly torture, degrade human dignity is unfathomable. No wait, I can tell you why: it's a paycheck to them.


please, never let someone you care about go here. this place is so... degrading and dehumanizing. nobody there really cares about you or your recovery. the doctors don't care about how YOU feel, they just say what the standard thing to say is. this place is awful in so many ways.

Kaitlyn Poole

The whole staff is rude and when you call them requesting information, they act so inconvenienced. Not to mention while I was a patient, they treated me like trash


This is the questions from their survey 1. I was encouraged to help myself & ask others to help me? •no encouragement whatsoever 2. I was informed of my rights. • no information was provided to me verbally. There are posters on the wall that briefly go over some of your rights but no one to talk to you if you have further questions. 3. I felt safe while I was here. • no.before you are admitted you're in a lobby packed with people of all severity of mental problems for several hours with no information provided. Only supervision provided is through camera. 4. The environment was clean and comfortable. • clean yes, comfortable no. You spend most of your time in these chairs. No laying reclining, or bed for 15 hours. No couches. I spent a lot of the time on the floor trying to catch extra sleep from being woke up at 7am & not being permitted bed until 10:30 5. Staff was sensitive to my language culture and spiritual needs. • the staff is anything except sensitive. They all seem miserable and overwhelmed with paper work. You rarely get to talk to someone at all. When they do speak to you they are brief and treat you like a chore. 6. I was satisfied with the food. • absolutely not. I didn't eat for almost a week. No one even noticed my lack of consumption. I only survived because I ate dry cereal out of the pantry.It wasn't that the food wasn't prepared decently it was the quality of the food. Prisoners probably get fed better food. 7. The group Therapies where helpful to me. • no. Most of people I spoke to said they fake it until they get out. The therapist leading the group look like they're boring themselves. Very little interaction between the therapist and the patients. Also the hospital will look at it as refusing treatment if you do not participate in these uncaptivating groups that bore you to sleep. 8. I had input in my treatment plan goals. • no you have zero input in anything you do there. They don't have treatment plan goals they give you basic generalized information that they provide to anyone and everyone. All the information I was provided could be read on a poster board & the health department. 9. I was satisfied with the unit / program staff • absolutely not most of them where unknowledgeable and very rarely could provide the same information.they speak down to everyone & are rarely seen outside of the office. When asking for basic necessities it's not provided to you in a timely manner(if they remember to give it to you at all) and usually is accompanied with a foul attitude. 10. I was satisfied with my physician •no although you see them almost every day they are brief & unpersonable. You are treated like a number & provided generalized mental health treatment. They are quick to shove medications into you & also quick to change them. They usually ask you 1or 2 questions & provide you with very little information about your future treatment or stay at that hospital. 11. I was treated with dignity & respect • i was a prisoner wearing my own clothes My week stay was the most traumatizing event I've ever endured. I was spoke down to & treated poorly by most of the staff. My family had a hard time getting information on my rights or well being. 12. I feel better now than when I was admitted. • never in my life have i ever been so depressed like i was when i was detained at this hospital. All i wanted to do was sleep. I felt so down i couldn't barely lift my head to eat or use the restroom. Being at this hospital worsen my condition & traumatize me & my family. 13. I understand what my medications do & why / how I should take them. • no. No information provided what so ever. Patient exchange it theirselves 14. I understand the importance of following my discharge plan • your discharge plan pawns you off on a different provider & prescribes you a week worth of medicine. 15. Overall I was very satisfied with my treatment. •no I would recommend this facility to someone needing treatment. • NO it's a prison without handcuffs.

Kime Kennedy

I was put on stablition unit 8, I was there to get meds adjusted, I saw patients mistreated there. All of your rights as a person are taking away, thank God a social worker saw I didn't belong on unit 8 and I was moved to unit 4 (adults), You are made stripped searched, there is no door on the bathrooms just a curtain, you are not allowed to speak to anyone not on your unit, you are told you get 3 meals and a snack a day, the food is awful and the snack is cereal, Graham crackers, or Apple, orange or bannanas, you are locked out of your room all day and not allowed to rest, I was pushed to have ECT ( electric shock therpy) I refused so the Dr made me stay longer, they say family is important part of treatment yet don't allow them to have a say, my family tried many times to speak with a doctor or social worker their calls were never returned!! Their information is out of date( this is a non smoking facility even though they still say smoking, I saw people with cancer have their pain meds taken away, THIS HOSPITAL IS A JOKE!!

Frat Boy

Well, the issue I mostly have with this hospital is that I have hiv. If I refuse to take my hiv meds, I would die. I attempted suicide 2 times inside this hospital both hanging myself and the staff not caring about anything other than meds. It's a 2 factor or more story to end up here. You have to have a chemical imbalance and something that triggered you to go there. Second of all, the issue I have with this hospital, is the staff do not care about you. So I asked for a therapist to talk to while inside the hospital and they told me that since I was "feeling suicidal" and was in the stabilization unit, I could not get one. Well, here's something they didn't think of. I do have hiv, refuse all meds given to me by my doctor, and don't get into trouble? But attempt suicide every day? what are you the staff going to do about it? Lock me in a safe room? Oh yeah I'll just attempt suicide there. So my question is, what is preventing an hiv patient who is suicidal to not take there hiv meds for 30+ days straight? And will not conform to any staff other than a dr. or a therapist? This is the type of bind they put me through. I cried a couple nights very loudly, the staff did not care. The patients were rude to me the very next day mimiking me. and I could not talk to anyone about my issues. maby if I could talk to a therapist maby I wouldn't have OMG HUNG MYSELF WHILE INSIDE THE HOSPITAL. GEE WHAT A CONCEPT.

Olivia Millwood

Was difficult the first 7 days The last seven were like a ladies retreat for my health and sanity

Chas Nabi

I struggle with major depression, PTSD and anxiety. These illnesses are dangerous due to the fact that they have, in the past, led me to suicidal ideation. I checked myself into Peachford's PHP program to seek treatment for my depression and made a complete 180. After a week in the program I felt that I finally had the skills to be happy and fulfilled. My therapist, Bruce, and my group were wonderful in their efforts to hear my personal struggles, but also gave me the chance to help others in my group who shared similar traumatic experiences with myself. Through that exchange I gained a new respect for myself and a respect for others. The attentive care I received from my psychiatrist while participating in the program, and the focus on developing skills through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to gain more control over the negative thinking habits that cause my negative emotions were incredibly helpful. I am feeling better than I have since I first began struggling with depression as a teenager and sticking with this program, participating in my treatment and developing goals for my recovery with the help of my therapist have literally given me a new lease on life. I liked my psychiatrist so much I have chosen to continue seeing him as my outpatient psych after being discharged from the program. I would give 5 stars but the facilities could have been cleaner and the admission process was a bit arduous.

Terrance Jones

This was the worse hospital ever. They steal half of the stuff you bring for your loved one and they discharged the patient without going over any information on release. They literally pushed her out the door into the lobby w a bag. By the time we got home an hour later it was obvious her condition was not right. I never was able to speak with the Dr only was able to contact the social worker. This place was strictly concerned about insurance. I wish I could give it a negative score. How can you discharge someone who is hasn’t been balanced out right. They don’t know the chaos that they’re causing right now as we speak.

Comrade Kitty

Terrible place to go if you are trans. DO NOT GO HERE

Tia Smith

The staff hates their life they are miserable my family called for me and they only took a messages and never gave it to me I had to learn that from one of the other patients here and the staff also cause my girlfriend to leave me. They treat me like I am a five year old brat that they are babysitting. STAY AWAY!!!

Jennifer Ramirez

We were reffered to this place by Georgia crisis mobile ,we were told that this place was the best and that it wasn't a place for adults just kids her age . When we got there it was far from what we were told it was. There was a drunk black man that you could smell the beer on him coming out the hospital i guess from visiting but was allowed to hang around and stay in side sitting on the floor. when we were finally called back which was about 2 hours later, we asked the front desk person and the rude white lady that does the sercuity check was VERY RUDE, she acted like she was a tough guy, anyway when we asked if we could see how it was ran and how the safety works after seeing the drunk man rome the grounds inside and out, how can this be safe?? So when we were told that we couldn't see where our daughter would be then we weren't leaving her at that place, their reaction was oh well then yall can leave. Didn't want to address the issues that we were asking about. Then while we are sitting and waiting one of the ladies comes out from the back saying i gotta get out of this place in a hurry. This place isn't a safe place to put your child/teenage. They know what goes on in that back and they are covering up something. I will be contacting Clark Howard on investigation of this hospital. This place is below a 1 star !!!!!

Clarisse Irons

So my son was released from this place yesterday and was referred to a different doctor closer to our home. His appointment was today. And when we get there we're told the doctor he's suppose to see is out having surgery. After calling 3 times and trying to get a referral to a different doctor and being answered by a rude woman who just keeps sending me to ppl's voicemails I AM DONE WITH THIS HOSPITAL! I refuse to leave a message because I've done this before when he was still in there and never got a call back from anyone. Worst place with awful customer service! I'd give them a zero if it was an option!

Krystal Wood

What a facility! Not only does my child have schizophrenia and ADHD we sat at one hospital for 8 hours to come and sit at this one going on 8 hours now! They are supposed to help people locking them in a small room for hours only makes it worst! 32 hours no sleep! I just wish people cared about the well being of others!

Ms. W

Only 3 stars because my personal care was fine, but they treated this other patient horribly. Two of the nurses refused to give her seizure medication, and she suffered 5 seizures. And groaned whenever she fell over like it was a damn chore. Everyone else seemed nice. Psychiatric help was great, Ms.Chloe in women's health was AMAZING, and the group teachers. Get new nurses!

kerri robichaux

Horrible experience from check in to discharge. Highly unprofessional staff from doctors on down just no communication or concern. No real help is given. Had my teen here and she was treated more like a criminal not a patient with depression. It was traumatizing for me and her. DO NOT go here or send your loved ones here. No one communicated with me and would not allow me to see my child only on certain days for 1 hour and brought her clothes one afternoon but she wasn’t given them until next morning. Had no toiletries or clean clothes. Very poorly run facility. And won’t recommend this or ever go back. Regret bringing my daughter here. They are out to bill your insurance and that’s ALL they care about. The patient advocate has yet to call me back. It should be closed! Therapy is a joke. Please do not come here. I back up all negative reviews! And give no stars

sarah knettel

I stayed there for 6 days of complete torture. A nurse told me that i shouldn’t feel unloved by my family because “other people bave worse families”. It feels like the staff is not trained to talk about mental health. The food is garbage. most nurses that i talked to were incredibly rude. I faked my way out of there because i couldn’t handle how the staff treated us. this hospital should be shut down.

Rebecca De Luna

Disgusting experience. Rude nurses. Locked out of our rooms all day and forced to sit in hard plastic chairs in the day room. Strip-searched like I was a criminal. "Line-ups" like in jail. Unsanitary conditions when drawing blood. Need I go on?

Kellie Tankersley

My mom was admitted they treated her like she was crazy . My mom is not crazy she has something wrong with her . I called told them she needed mri etc they did not do it. They said she was clinically depressed. This is not true the Dr is very incompentent. They released her and she is worse now than before. I am worried mom my do something to herself or someone if this happens a Lawyer will be involved.

Kate Lipton

They don't have ANY healthy outlets. They don't care about true methods of therapy and healing and do not focus on patients care and actual health. Why do patients only get 20 minutes TOTAL outside, actually smokers get more... but absolutely NO physical exercise during a forced home which only makes mental status worse. This place is a prison.

Chris Clover

I've been to peachford twice on a 10-13 and they aren't very good. The food could be better and the other patients from other units were not well controlled. You only meet with your doctor for about 5 minutes a day and they deprive you of your right to fresh air.

Deborah Smith

The people are very disrespectful of everyone that come in. They lie and say things that are not true and will not share legal rights for the treatment of patients. We had a patient that wanted to checkout voluntarily and the said no. Even though they had no legal right to hold her.

Fallon McCaul

Being there only made me feel worse and all the other girls around me felt worse also. The photos that they have on the website of the bedrooms are fake. It’s cold and colorless. Thin sheets and flat pillows. Half the staff were cold to you and didn’t care about how you felt. How is anyone supposed to grow emotionally in a living situation like that.

nisha boo

They are robbers, this is a scam .. they just want your insurance money they keep you longer than needed and rude staff.... Should have never put my son here they tricked me... STAY AWAY FROM PEACHFORD

Kevin Hagan

Horrible place! Peachford neglects it's patience and lies to their families. If you need help do not go here they will make the problem worse!

John Fletcher

The care and attention that was given to my Mom was wonderful. The staff is very caring and helpful. I received phone calls from both medical and psychiatric doctors discussing her medications and treatment plan. I was truly impressed. The negative reviews on here are from people who needed treatment but didn’t want it, court ordered, etc. Do not pay attention to them they are far from the truth. My mother has been in other hospitals in other states and you aren’t going to find one as great as Peachford.

Shannon Moose

I have not been here but my nephew was.less than month ago he that thoughts of killing himself.after 3days peachford said there was nothing wrong with him.sent him home no meds for depression,no follow up with a dr or anything.can someone from peachford plz tell me if y'all say he wasnt depressed¬hing was wrong with him plz tell me why he killed himself last night.can y'all plz explain this.this place didnt help him at all.only made it worse

Madeleine Stewart

PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!!!!!!!! This place is a complete joke. You will not get the help you need from here. Throughout the building is completely filthy, the only cleaning they do is push the dirt in the corners and under the bed so you can't see it. The bedrooms are covered in graffiti. The groups are run by idiots who don't talk about how to get better, just talking about what "fun facts" we have. The family session is run by a person who you haven't met once in your entire stay, obviously doesn't know anything about you, and ask surface questions. The staff treat the patients like they aren't human, dirty glances if you ask them for a simple item. Patients are self harming and nothing is being done, fights happen and nothing gets done about it. Please do not go here, go to Ridgeview instead!!!!

Sage Faris

I call the hospital I check on my boyfriend and I get cussed out every time I they answer the phone Not only was his suicide watch also over 4 days ago but they continue to hold him against his will. the nurses are very rude I can hear them yell at my boyfriend while I'm on the phone with them I called the health supervisor to see what she had to say about it and to see if it could be resolved and I never got a phone call back they do not care how they treat their patients they do not care how they treat their customers and they refused to actually fix problems that they have

Theresa Riccio

This place saved my life. When I decided to admit myself due to suicidal thoughts that had been going on for months, I was scared and I didn't know what was going to happen. The woman I had for my evaluation was the sweetest woman and she made sure that I was going to get the help I needed. The nurses were very kind and they made sure we were doing okay. I was having a very hard time the first day and the women that were there with me made me feel better and made me realize that I wasn't alone in what I was going through. My doctor saw me everyday and he listened to what I had to say and he asked me how I was doing and if there was anything I needed. Peachford made me realize that life is important and that we are going to have adversities but getting through those adversities will be the best thing you"ll ever do. Peachford also made me realize that there are a lot of people who love me and care about me and want to see me succeed. I walked out of there with a whole new outlook on my life and I am stronger because they helped me realize my worth and my importance.

Eric Reese

I was out patient and the staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend outpatient program!

Alex Camera

Got sworn at by the man in charge of group therapy. Hardly saw the doctor at all. Couldn’t sleep because they come in every 15 minutes and shine a flashlight in your face. You aren’t allowed to be seen as getting “too friendly” to anyone or you’re put in isolation. Do not recommend to anyone looking for actual mental help

Him A Queen

Went here last year. One, the employees suck. They don't care and it is the most depressing place. Depressing drawings are all over the walls from other patients, the photos of the rooms are bull. They are dark and gloomy with nothing in them except beds, dressers, and cameras. The bathrooms? Not even doors. A cheap, too short curtain that hides us and I saw blood in my shower. It was something straight out of a Melanie Martinez music video and all I wanted was to die even more. .01/10

Buck White

It was terrible! Please close this place. Please read reviews

Caitlin Gamble

Don't take your loved ones to this facility. They have no respect for patients or their medications and belongings. They've "lost" most of the new items that were brought in for a family member. Absolutely unprofessional and unhelpful.

Ralph Bishop

Staff was very helpful, thank you!

Ashley Marque'

My father was admitted their 11 months ago, when he got admitted he was a new amputee(lost his arm in car accident) and 2 years sober, so still dealing with the depression involving that. They did not help him in regards to his physical disabilities and he came out with multiple bruises (from falls) and even more depressed than he was when he entered. It was a horrible experience and once he visited another, well qualified and progress oriented facility he made a swift recovery. Also one of the bruises was a significant knot on the side of his head that still has not healed, the horror movies you see on TV about psychiatric facility have to be based off peachford, I swear. If you want recommendations there are a few other facilities that accept mosg insurance that take much better care of their patients

Captain Cancer

DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I was admitted here over a year ago, out of the 2 hospitals I've been to, this is the best. I came in for suicidal attempt, when I was discharged, I was worse than ever. The staff is uncaring and just want money.

Matt Young

My counselor told me to fake my depression till I made it.Fake it till you make it they said.I was trapped in this place for 5 days so they could charge my insurance.My room at night got woke up every hour for 8 hours.It was torture.I would avoid this place if I were you.

Martha Payne

I was at a doctors appointment and just made a remark because I had been angry that day this was at John Creek Hospital this doctor I had only seen once before and the next thing I knew I was sent to Peachford to the unit where people were hitting each other and staff was doing nothing to stop it food was all over the place then because I had been on pain medicine for a long time I started to detox and was going to the bathroom all over myself and throwing up at the same time all they did was scream at me for making a mess no one would listen to you was just ignored and my blood pressure was high and if I ask what kind of medicine they were giving me they would just take it back and say I refused my medicine. They also stole my necklace a emerald that was very special to me they told me I could hurt myself with it. I had to lay on my poop sheets and gowns and watched my room mate be mistreated. All I could do was pray for my husband to get a doctor to call him back and explain I would never hurt myself or anyone else. That place is a scam I can’t believe that someone doesn’t close them down there is no mental help there. I felt like I was in a nightmare couldn’t sleep after I got home for 10 days I had my body stained with poop and when I threw up they didn’t even clean it up in front of the toilet so every few minutes I had to poop I would have to sit sideways on the toilet Please someone help the mentally ill they would just get worse there and want to kill them selves.

Beth Eddy

Our world was rocked when our son had to be sent to an inpatient facility. However, we chose Peachford hospital as they were family oriented. They walked us through everything and reinforced family involvement. The nursing staff was amazing and made my son feel safe and comfortable. He had never been in a treatment facility so we were quite nervous. We were able to have a lot of family visits and phone calls daily from staff, psychiatrist and also from my son. Kudos to all of you .... I HIGHLY recommend you......

Angela Harmon

I had item stolen and broke and the patient advocate and her supervisor have not returned my calls. I collapsed on August 15th and they quickly released me on the 16th. It was a reaction to the clozapine they put me on.I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Elena Hale

Worst hospital ever. Needs to be shut down. Doctors are incompetent and don’t treat patients like humans. I was forced there under false circumstances and stayed for 13 days and only bad things happened. If you weren’t crazy when you went in you will be when you get out.

Pamelyn Anderson-Gibert

Kept me 15 year old boy like a zombie the drugs were too strong. Worse experience ever

J Streams

I can only speak for my family and at first I was very hesitant about my son being placed here after reading the reviews. However my son is doing so much better, I have not had any issues communicating with the staff about my sons care, they do allow them outside, they are there to help. Intake does take forever, but they do deal with a high volume of patients so I can understand. I don’t think people take into account the high amount of workload these staff members have and the protocols they must follow. It is extremely hard to have a family member inpatient but understanding both sides goes a long way.

Jerri Marlow

This place sucks. They don't give a damn about people just money.. stay away from this place or they will hold you for no reason!!!!!

Maddilyn Stevic

Intake is terrible, sat there for 6 hours with my daughter in a small assesment room with no updates on how much longer it would take, even though i asked multiple times, after that it was like pulling teeth to get updates on how she was doing/new meds/and if the paychiatrist had seen her. Benefits are that she was put on new meds, and before discharge they notified her primary care physician and psychiatrist of what was going on.

Carol Shaffor

If I could give this place 0 stars I would, they have kept my daughter involuntarily, filed insurance without permission, and late for everything causing me to miss work for it, yet they want to get paid.

Lauren Lynch

This place is an insurance scam that held me and others uncalled for extra time against our and our parents wishes in which no treatment was given. I saw a doctor 2 times for roughly a minute in the time I was there he told me the reason I was not being released was because he had adjusted my medicine and wanted to observe me and make sure I adjusted to it well...this guy was so incompetent he didn’t even know I don’t take medication

Not Today

Ive been to peachford "sadly" a few times and honestly its not a bad facility. (Ive been to some really crappy ones) I actually recommend it to others i know. Although the check in process takes forever. The facility is clean food is good they even have vegetarian options. The staff was really nice. I was in the womans section. They have smoke breaks if you need it. And the groups were very informative for me. I felt safe. The program works if you work it. And are actually wanting to get better. It doesnt if you arent ready. You go in feeling alone and when you leave most people get a sense of family because your able to share. Only thing i didnt care for is the psychiatrist. I changed mine until i got one who listened to me and spent more time with me. The stabalization unit is a little um "scary" because its everyone who needs CLOSE care but once your done there it gets WAY better.

Not_Feeling _Creative

Ok so of the 4 mental hospitals I’ve been to over the past year Peachford was the most fun. Don’t get me wrong it was pointless in improving my mental health but it was lit asf

Allison Khan

The hospital drugs the patients, causing deoression. The doctors visit them for 5 WHOLE minutes! The patients are SO out of it that they have to sleep on the floor of the gymnasium instead of doing any recreational sports. The only therapy is a group talk once a day. The inmates steal from each other, the food is terrible and the boys fight with each other and pick on the weaker kids. This is not a psychiatric hospital. It is a jail where its legal to drug all the inmates! When I asked to speak to a nurse, they would not let me speak to them without a number, so in this jail, you are truly a number and not a name!!@ I would give it zero stars, but that's not allowed.

Devin Bailey

completely awful. inattentive to individual care— everyone is grouped into one catergory and that’s all the “care” they get. the psychiatrists leave all weekend every weekend and no one seems to care about anything. 0/10 disgusting place

Kristi McCarty

Not recommended- my cousin is a decorated vet and was not treated well. Staff did not seem to care.

Terry Jones

Why isn't zero stars an option? This is a horrible filthy facility. If you would like to be ignored for 9 hours and have blood pressure of 170/111 and call 911 for a family member to receive medical attention take your family here. If you like the smell or urine and treated in a racist way for your choice of clothing please go here.

Olivia Powell

This place sucks if you call to check on your child even if your name is in their file you get no info they barely answer the phone and keep the kids longer than expected quite sure its so medicaid can pay out more money

Lauren Rosenzweig

I was a patient here against my will. I told my therapist I was tired of being in pain. (My hip is degenerating and it hurts. Debilitatingly hurts). She asked if I was suicidal. I said no. She left the room and returned with paramedics and police who eventually took me to Peachford. I’m writing a review because I saw a woman say all negative comments were coming from unit 8. That’s the scary unit. I was in unit 4, with the “depressed” people. I was kept there for 96 hours against my will, while I continued to explain I didn’t need to be here, and to let me out. My therapist even called the “doctor” - who spent one minute with me asking questions and cutting off my answers- to say she made a mistake. He didn’t care. Insurance was paying him. He kept me there, causing more physical pain, and giving me medications without explaining what they were. You are not treated like a human here in any sense of the word, and the counseling sessions are only applicable if you are a 4th grader. They are led by med techs who are not allowed to actually talk about anything real. No therapy is provided. You are kept in a jail, with abusive men in the next open corridor (you actually had to walk through them to get to more of the women’s beds), with no respect or dignity. I still have panic attacks thinking about how they took me and kept me against my will, just to get a paycheck. You do not get help here. If you need help, reach out to a professional who will spend time with you. There are other options than this hell hole.

Shiro Leeds

This place was SOOOO much better than other places I went to. Though it has it's down side, it had good food and some good staff. However, of the nine times I went there, there was one nurse in the adolesent unit who was rude to me and refused to help me when I wet the bed from my medicine. She said I should go back to sleep even though it was covered with pee. They have wonderful food, rarely cold. Great desserts. Great options for everyone. Fruit was ripe and barely bruised, which I consider an amazing thing. :) 3 meals a day everyday. Plus cereal snacks at night. Every Fridays, we would watch a movie and sometimes have popcorn! One part of the hospital haunts me. The "quiet room". The quiet room was basically a cell for out of control kids to stay in until they calmed. Some getting a shot everyone called, "booty juice". Which is a sedative. Otherwise, the activities were fun and helped a lot with my people skills! Every morning, they would ask everyone and make us fill out a form, "are you feeling suicidal or homicidal?" "Depressed or anxious?" This helped me realize my emotions. I'm autistic and don't understand emotions and social interaction the same. But being there, indirectly helped. I was really in there for suicidal thoughts and actions. One more negative. A girl was going through severe withdraw for days, leaving her in a wheelchair. However, one day, they staff literally picked her up and put her on the floor and left with the wheelchair. We had to help her walk again. By ourselves. So... Could be nicer. However, there are a lot of good staff! Just need to work on a few techniques to handle teenagers with emotional troubles. If you are sent here, don't worry. Of all the times I have been there, the patients were not completely crazy to the point where they are babbling to themselves and/or screaming. Its not like that. They are almost always welcoming and understanding. One thing though, no sharing information like last names, phone numbers, facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, address, any social media or contact at all. Though... (There are ways past that. ;)) But don't. Its for safety. My friend disobeyed and got raped. Don't unless you REALLY trust them.

Bryan Inman

Awesome staff

Lizzy Loved

I went to peachford back in 2010 like a couple of weeks after my great aunt passed I cried but of course it was the first time I've ever been in a mental hospital. After a couple days I loved it I made cool friends the food was excellent it was humorous a little but it was a cool hospital. I'll pick this over riverwoods any day!

Beu Lah

The mistreatment of Veterans is unreal!! If you need help please choose a different hospital. There's a reason that they have 2 stars. Filthy facility dismissive staff. Social workers and Doctors are completely incompetent. This place would be better off as a bowling ally or a strip mall. Cheers :0)

Lain Walls

Staff was VERY helpful and friendly, I felt way better after leaving than coming in :)


daughter want given her bag the first night. Had to sleep in her jeans with no pillow. Took a team to look for it when we found out the next evening. NEVER was contacted by any Doctor. We had to initiate contact every day and track people down to find out about our child. She learned lots of new ideas for self harm and suicide from other patients. She ate meals IN THE SAME ROOM AS THE ADULT PATIENTS. This one really threw me. There are children there because of trauma induced by adults and they’re going to group them together with adult men and women who are struggling with their mental health??? Our daughter was terrified half the time, the other half she was just sitting around getting NO help for the week she was there. She played cards, watched cartoons and read. That was the extent of the “help” they gave her. We will NEVER send our child there again if the need arises. We will find other options. So unbelievably disappointed.

Kristi Crow

My niece stayed there for 6 days and did not have a shower the entire time. She looked like she lost weight. She just seems shook and zombie like now on the meds they gave her... I'm just not a huge fan of this place what's so ever.

Eva Casillas

My 10 year was taken there for 5days and staff was completely rude every time i called or even went up there. Staff need much better training

Shannon Bryant

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. I had to bring my 9 year old here to get an assessment. From the time we got there, from the time she was admitted I spent a total of 6.5 hours in a back waiting room, while nurses and doctors talked to her a total of 1.5 hours throughout that time. They typed in my phone number wrong, so no one called me for updates during her 72 hour hold, and I had to call several times to find out what was going on because no one could be bothered to pull the admission paperwork to verify my phone number after they realized that they clearly did not have the right one in the system. However, the billing department seemed to have no trouble, because it was them who called me at work to request a payment while my daughter was still there. Likewise, it was from the billing department that I found out that it was a 72 hour hold in the first place, because the incompetent nurses and doctors told me nothing. They also typed in my apartment number wrong, so I did not get my bills. I had to call to find out where the bill was in order to pay the balance. The estimate I received was $2800 for 3 days, which was consistent with the bill I finally got after I called to have my address corrected, totaling $2816 in charges. My daughter was there in October, 2016 and I paid the bill in full, I was told, on March 15, 2017. Imagine my surprise when now in almost May I receive another bill for $416, nearly 7 months after the service was provided. And to top it off, it's about to go to collections! A bill I've never seen, after I've been told I paid the $2816 bill in full, they're sending me to collections! These people are charlatans selling snake oil, making up fictitious charges to drive up your insurance costs and rob you of your hard earned money with no recourse. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to hire a lawyer to fight them on principle, and $416 isn't worth the headache, so I'm doing the only thing I can do and writing a scathing review and hoping that it encourages people to vote with their dollars and go somewhere else, anywhere else. This place had BY FAR the worst service, most incompetent administrators I've ever seen in my life, and they charge you top dollar for the inconvenience of serving you. If you have to go here, try to get someone to give you a complete list of charges that you agree to in advance and make them sign to it, because if you don't you'll be sorry when they take you to the cleaners!!

Candace Payne

I truly had a great experience at Peachford. I was admitted for a variety of reasons (rather not put them all out on the web). First, I was admitted to Unit 8 and although this unit is known as a "psychotic" unit those MHA's really took care of business in a professional way. Dealing with the other patients was very trying, but they kept me safe and that's what really matters. Mary and Charella (MHA's) were the best. Sandra the nurse was wonderful too. My doctor was wonderful. Dr.Dutta. I have even considered going to him outpatient as my own psychiatrist. His bed side manner was gentle and understanding. He helped me to get a full understanding of my illness and how to move forward treatment wise. I was transferred to unit 4 and I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of the unit. Met some really good people, fighting the same fight and winning. 3 meals per day are served and for the most part they were good, hit and miss. The hospital's overall job was to keep me safe and they did an excellent job with that. For that I am very grateful. I would highly recommend this hospital to my loved ones or anyone struggling with Mental Illness and wanting to get better.


Staff was good they kept you busy all the time with groups Sharon using coping skills

Ann Keiper

It was a great place

Kayla Baldon

The doctors are passive aggressive and and don’t offer real mental help. I saw mine once a day at 7:30 in the morning. The food was good. They made me stay all 7 days because my insurance covered it. And they said that to my face that that was the reason why I stayed the full time.

Liza Smith

Kia purposely gave me and injections with size 18 gauge three nights in a row. I Couldn't sleep on my side because of the pain I was in (see photos) She even threatened it didn't matter I complained because she would be working the next day. She's a terrible person and should not work in a care giving position, I still have nightmares till this day. My stay 9/12-9/19/2018. The dude with dread was just horrible to patients and treated them like animals!!! I had to share...I have more awful stories about this place. I felt my voice must be heard about these two individuals. And add Dr. Asad Mehdi also kept me against my will possibly (almost positive) because of my insurance, there were many “homeless” patient let go within the 72 hours mandatory hold but I had to stay for 7 straight days he said I was “not fit” to go home he only told me lies that I confirmed with my husband! THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN OR HAVE A EXTENSIVE reorganization!!!

Dana Davis

The food was amazing and the doctors are the best. I've been to quite a few hospitals for psychiatric and addiction purposes and peachford was one of the best.

Nicole Geffrard

Horrible place to be go there for help for 72 hours it's a lie they keep you for 6 days or more just for insurance money these people are rude and a scammers dont yo there

Allison Miner

I am only giving this facility 2 stars, due to the check in process. I checked my 14 year old son for "med stabilization" in at night , and it took 7+ HOURS! We were left in a small room for an hour or more at a time. The person would come in, talk to us a few minutes then leave us again for an hour or more until they came back. They are also not willing to work with you on payment! Altho I have insurance, I have a large co pay. As a single Mom, I can not afford to pay it all at once. I called and tried to work out a payment plan, but because I can not afford the amount they want every month, I was told it would go to collections in 6 month, even if I pay every month! Its ridiculous I have to have my credit ruined because I wanted help for my son! I will say the unit he was on was ok - there was a really good male nurse that was very nice and would answer my questions, but he was the only one. The front receptionist ( older lady in afternoon/evening) was horrid and RUDE beyond belief. This facility was "recommended" by my insurance company - needless to say I let them know how horrid it was.

Smell Good

No type of actual treatment. They just haul everyone into the dayroom where they fight. all day. If anything about you makes them SLIGHTLY uncomfortable; 4-5 techs hold you down and they shoot you up with something to knock you out. Even if you haven't been aggressive at all.

Tracy Strickland

To start I'll say I was forced into Peachford after some staff member at Gwinnett Medical "claimed" I made a suicide threat. 100% lie. No threat ever made in any form to anyone there. I was there for stomach pains, nothing more. That said, as someone in Peachford who shouldn't of even been there it was so so. Good food, clean rooms, staff was always friendly to me. Maybe due to my situation the so called "therapist" might of spent 3 minutes max talking to me. Kinda "hello, how are you? Good to hear, goodbye". Quick .

Aviona Clark

Peachford is a good place to go for help.... i only dislike that u be waiting in a room for hours just to get in and that the doctor's take forever to come and give u a check up. but other than that u will have fun and learn how to cope with ur problems and meet new friends.

Heather Chastain

Wouldn't even give this place 1 star. 3 weeks ago they turned away my nephew who has been an addict for 5 years, he begged them for help, and they turned him away staying he wasn't bad enough for them to help. Sunday night 3 days before his 28th birthday he od'. Thanks peachford!! I hope my sister n law sues you!!

Ellie Lawrence

DO NOT GO HERE ! THIS IS A PRISON, NOT A REHAB. All of the negative reviews are TRUE. Don’t be stupid like I was and think that “ nobody leaves good reviews, especially for a psychiatric hospital. This is probably exaggerated “ My mother went to the ER for an anxiety attack. She told them she was depressed and she got slapped with a 10-13 and got sent straight to PeachFord. She arrived at 3am, was stripped of her clothing, made to bend over while they searched her and then they gave her blanket and said for her to find her own place to sleep. She was mistakenly placed in Unit 8, which is a stabilizing unit and she was verbally and physically assaulted during the short 6 hours she was there. It took me calling 177 times and driving to the facility and demanding to speak to the house supervisor to get her moved to the women’s ward, unit 4. She was deprived of her blood pressure medication and her antidepressants. She was diagnosed as bipolar by her psychiatrist ( this diagnosis took place within 3 mins, literally while she stopped my mother in the hall and questioned her. My mother didn’t know WHO this lady was before she never identified herself as the doctor ) after being incorrectly diagnosed, she was forced to take very strong meds for bipolar disorder and they would search her mouth to make sure she swallowed. Group therapy consisted of karaoke. Seriously. They sang karaoke as a group therapy. One “therapist” made them listen to obscene rap music for 15 mins straight. She never got to speak to her social worker until I had called EVERY DAY threatening a law suit. She had very good private insurance and they kept her for 6 days with no sign of releasing her until I called to let them know her insurance stopped paying for this treatment after day 3. Miraculously they decided she was healthy enough to leave a mere 3 hours after my call. So many people in her unit voluntarily checked themselves in to get HELP and they were trapped in a prison that did little to help their mental state. We truly need to do better when it comes to the mental health facilities in our state.


A loved one was admitted to Peachford involuntary because Cobb Hospital falsified medical records and claimed she was suicidal, though this was completely false - they couldn't identify what was wrong with her and wanted to run tests and abuse 1013 privileges. That said, after waiting all weekend to speak to a doctor she was seen for all of 60 seconds before he stated Cobb Hospital said she was suicidal and therefore she'd be kept there 7 days. (Coincidentally, the same amount of time covered by insurance). They will try to get you to sign your rights away and agree to stay if it profitable. My family is tough thank God, but the way the other patients were treated, and the effects of that treatment were deplorable. Do not take your loved one here unless you only want to contain them - do not expect healing, treatment, care, or a real diagnosis, just drugs and a roof.

Millie G.

It was honestly terrifying the people offered no help, and at the end, i ended up worse that i originally was and am now at a much MUCH worse mental state then when i first went. thinking about peachford gives me anxiety nowadays.

Amanda Huginkiss

On Thursday evening, I contacted Peachford about admitting myself for alcoholism. I also contacted another Metro Atlanta facility. Peachford never reached back out to me at all. The other facility did and I will be checking in on Monday. If this is how Peachford treats a potential client, I can't imagine what happen when you are inside.

Theresa Holderfield

My granddaughter was here last week and i was very pleased. The only negative thing she said about it was intake. She was left alone for hours threw up and they would not see about her. She was scared alone and they did not seem to care. I think yall need to do something about night shift intake. The rest was great. The doctor and staff was very informative and helpful. My granddaughter liked and trusted the doctor which is a big plus. It was clean she said food was ok but she is a picky eater. I just wish she could of stayed longer she needs long term help. But i give it a 4 stars. I thank you for your help.

Timbo 571625

My wife was in there for 5 days and said it was very bad there the staff was rude and unattentive they did not want to answer any questions or talk to you whatsoever the doctor would say she was getting discharged and the social worker would be there to talk to her she waited 3 days for that... She didn't even need to be in there in the first place she went to the hospital and Forsyth County for an anxiety attack and they put a 10-13 on her and sent her to peachford. She said it was one of the worst experiences in her life should never been so mistreated and treated like she was in prison. Highly recommended not to go there

Tiffany Langley

When I found out my daughter was going here at 13 years old of course I started reading these reviews and after seeing all the bad reviews I almost went to jail because my daughter wasn't coming to this place period but she did go here after all and I must say that these reviews are crazy and I mean crazy my daughter really enjoyed herself and brought a lot back from here she came home a different little girl with more personalities happy as she could be I would highly recommend this center to my own family so just ignore the rest of the comments on here because it's a great place for your loved ones but everybody has to remember that until the person is ready to change they won't either way think you would really enjoy the out come thank you

Belinda Hart

Little to no control of patients in juvenile unit. My unit was the same as little boys and it was terrible to see every day. Some staff attempts to guilt patients about their condition. Social group was great for me because we got to openly speak about our conditions and help each other, but thats the only time. My psychologist was very inappropriate and asked me sexual questions about my boyfriend (even asked if i was only with him for the sex). Hard to sleep because they shine a light in your face every 20 minutes and keep the light on. Even restrict how you can sleep. Huge on collective punishment and allow cliques to form and even join in. Only good thing is that some staff will treat you like a person and will listen to you about your issues. Plus food was fantastic.

Bre Smith

My daughter caught lice here. She stayed on the child unit. Do not go here.

SSonline Orders

This hospital really has potential. The staff there appear to have burn-out. They are not friendly, respectful, or polite. They are very moody, unprofessional, and impatient. This is a mental health facility. Most likely of the patients coming through have SPMI. When interacting with these vulnerable patients, they must have a high degree of patience. It saddens me that this hospital with great potential doesn’t care how they interact with their patients and the patients families. If you are considering getting help here or seeking help for a loved one... Be an advocate for them or seek assistance from someone you can trust who can advocate for you and treatment. Prayerfully, soon my organization will be blessed with funding so that we can make an impact in Atlanta and help those who have spmi.

Kristy Marion

If i can give this place a negetive 10 i would. The staff is so rude there. I couldnt believe anyone xan be so rude. My mom tells me that a big black man came in her room not once but twice in the middle of the night injected her with something. Mom remembers telling him no. No male should come in females room in middle of the night injecting her with out he knowledge. And when i went to visit her on visitation i was only given 5 minutes to see her after me driving 4 hours away. Then i confronted them about that male nurse and they going to tell me its my crazy moms word against his. Well this not gonna cut it. This place will get shut down.

Chris Lowe

Brought a family member here to get help and did nothing but wait over six hours. All that time and he was still not admitted. They told us to leave him behind in a waiting room. One of the male staff there had an attitude when we asked about visiting hours. We ended up not using this facility. Strongly not recommending this place for anyone.


Went there myself for some personal reasons. They hold you until your insurance runs out. Dr saw me maybe a total of an hour in the 5 actual days I was there. Nurses were ok, but not helpful by an means of communication. No one talks to you one on one. You have to rely on the people who are there with you to get a sense of therapy, They are the ones who become your therapist! Can’t get sleep cause they are consistently checking your rooms and shinning lights right in your eyes at night. First thing they do is try to put you on medication. Everyday I was there they would ask do you want meds. No I want proper counseling! Group therapy that is like 3 times in a day for an hour, is a cluster! Cause everyone has their opinion. There is NO SUPPORT! I will be filing a complaint with the state and with my insurance company. No one deserves to be treated that way when you actually seek help. I would never recommend this place. Funny.....someone who was there with me whom I befriended refers this place to so many, and know that she went there on her own free will, she will never recommend this place to anyone again.

Wesley Schlenker

I wish I could give 0 stars. This place offers no real treatment to the mentally ill. They charge an exorbitant fee for imprisonment.

Erin Warner

Okay so I am another bad review but let me say I am a legitimate bad review. My mother was transferred to peachford a few months ago. I went through all the reviews of this hospital must I add and called the hospital in which she was at before they transferred her. She was having hallucinations so I looked up the hospital to make sure it was going to be good for her she is a smoker and wanted to know how they could handle that as well. So I called the hospital to tell them absolutely not do not send my mother here because of the reviews and the nurse herself told me that her mother was admitted and they were great to her. So I let it go and she was transferred WORST MISTAKE. They made her do a strip search, Refused a nicotine patch, she was in there for 2 weeks with no reason we asked about insurance because it was getting to the point we thought they were holding her for insurance in which the nurse got all upset and was like hold up uhh uhhh no in the middle of me talking. Nobody told us what was going on with my mom no treatment lined up no diagnosis no reason why she started hallucinating when she got out it was here sign this paper here is her paper then bye. This place made her freak out for a week she would wake up in the morning and come hug everyone because she was like oh my god I'm home I thought I was still there but I'm not I'm home (it was so sad) watching my mother go through that. Also they treated her like she was a drug addict they told my father that she acted the way she did because she was on percocet which was not the case she only had one and that was a few days before going to that hospital so it was out of her system. Please please do not send any of your family here even if the doctors try and reassure you it's a great place please dont I have a long list of issues that happened here with my mother!!!! it's awful

arianators, yuh

honestly the staff were fine except when kids were yelling at each other in the room they literally just said “hey stop”. also i got lice from this place. don’t recommend. some teachers were mean but mrs. julie is so sweet. the activities were okay. my doctor was good. they prescribed depression medication, which helped. but overall the lice infestation was horrible. they surrounded me with kids who were suicidal and who cussed and it just made my problems worse.

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