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Peaches P

This hospital is okay, but could be better. I had to pay $3 for parking (which was irritating) after paying my co-payment for a procedure for my child. However, the team working with my daughter was fabulous. The anestheologist came and spoke with me about the procedure, the nurses prepared a red wagon and drove her around to get her comfortable. We started off rough, but things got better as we met our team.

Kairy Marquez

Staff is very courteous. Service was relatively fast (compared to NYC hospitals). Nurse Dustin was amazing.

Olga Hernandez

Visited emergency room after a TGA episode.Everyone was so nice. I was treated with respect and consideration. Thank you ALL!

Autumn Bloomer

My experience at this hospital was in the Labor and Delivery unit. I had a C-section. The staff that performed the procedure was excellent, i had a problem with the staff on the Labor and Delivery unit. When i was transported to my room after recovery, about 6-8 staff members stood around me waiting for me to move myself over to my hospital bed while they watched. I had stitches on my lower abdomen so i couldn't roll. They yelled, "don't turn on your side" while they watched me struggle. Finally they did their job and slid me over using the sheet. I'll never forget that day and will go elsewhere in the future. This was before Northside bought them. Hopefully, things changed for the better.

Janai Starr

After reading the reviews .. I was nervous , but I was in and out quickly , the staff was very nice and accommodating .. and I was on the road to recovery fast !!

Chyrel Hough

I went to their ER (July 31) because I had fallen and thought my leg was broken....after eight hours of them doing nothing and me asking for antibiotics they sent me home (they didn't even put ice on it). Four days later I have cellulitis in that leg I was one week at St. Mary's in Athens with intravenous antibiotics for six days. Thanks for the no emergency care at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville. If I receive a bill they shall not see one penny from me. I could have losty leg because of their incompetence.

Shanna-Kaye Gowan

This place should be shut down. I have so many negative things to say, soo many bad experiences. If not for the fact that its around the corner from my house, I’d never go back. The last straw was my recent experience. I had insurance and still left with a $4000 hospital bill PLUS the bills from their “outside doctors“. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND GO ELSEWHERE!!

Chris Ware

The doctur up at gwinnett medical will never be back the Doctor really slow an lazy.....

Yashira Rivera

Let me just say first time my son got sick in a very long time and every single person that attended my son was very polite ,friendly, caring and just AMAZING ! I did not take the nurses name that drew the blood nor the ultrasound ladies name but I did take Mr.Nicholas (X-ray) thank you for being so Great

Le Thanh

We have a great experience since I got the service. During thanksgivings night. Maggie super sweet to us at the night shift specially on the is holiday. Thanks a lot for your help.

Charlotte Tillman

They suck. Im 36 weeks and I came in to get checked due to me having a lot of pressure in my pelvis. I got there at 1059 I left at 155 the nurse was fast at first checked me to see if i dilated. She said I was 1cm ok cool then she told me a midwife would be in to talk to me this is b4 1130. So I waited so while im waiting i just hear a lot of talking so I listened 4 a while then I seen 2 in a half hours went by n i still haven't gotten my discharge papers. So I took off my monitor and went to leave n whn i opened the door the nurse was like o the midwife is right here. But she didn't even speak I just asked where is the exit and I still didn't get my discharge papers whn i left. Smh they need to do better there was nobody else to even b seen 4 me 2 b there 4 hours. Disappointing

Deanna Mobley

We have been at the hospital for over an hour they have taken 6-7 people that came in after us. One that had a rash!!!! Will never come here again !!!

Travis Stahl

Wife went to ER with extremely high blood pressure, along with other symptoms as well as an abnormal EKG but instead of getting her to the back quickly she was placed in the waiting room for over 4 hrs. Vital signs never rechecked even though they were outside of normal range. Asked multiple times what was taking so long and got garbage excuses and answers. And yes......I am in the medical field myself and I've worked the ER as a trauma tech so I'm not just someone fussing that has no medical knowledge.

Gaby Granados

Went to the ER because i was in the middle of a miscarriage i had to wait for 40 minutes untill someone took me in a room to take insurance... 20 minutes later to take blood. Mind you my pants are soaking in blood i'm closing my legs so it can slow down but i made it worse because I had multiple blood clots in my uterus. Finally after forever i get checked down there and the baby was basically already out. I lost the baby. Never again will I go to this hospital. Terrible staff, Slow paced, inconsiderate.

ladda maria dicristina

My dad who is also elderly was taken to the ER on Thursday Oct. 11th. He has Dementia/Alzheimer's . He was not very responsive. His blood sugar was almost at 900. We waited from 10:30 a.m. all the way to 3:00 p.m. to be even seen by any doctor. He was finally admitted to ICU. Then moved to South tower on 6th floor. The overall experience we had was less than satisfactory. What happened to the caring nursing care we used to experience? I will tell you if you want a good hospital and good service go to a WellStar Hospital. We have been at Kennestone hospital and it was a total VIP and loving and caring experience. I guess they are understaffed at Gwinnett because the care my dad was receiving was as if he was just a number at the hospital. At discharge, no one assisted my dad from the bed to a wheel chair. The nurses said there was no male nurse that can help him get transported from bed to wheel chair. My dad has dementia and he will not cooperate at times. We finally called my son and my dad's care giver to drive to the hospital so they can assist my dad to a wheel chair. They suggested that we have an ambulance drive him home. I am surprised that no one even stepped in to help my dad get out of bed to a wheel chair so we can just bring him to the car. The nurse was very cold towards my parents. I will say never ever again.


The 5

Hatty 68ss1771

Worst staff and horrible service

Business Account

Went to the emergency room . 2 and half wait. So that tells me there is no emergency room. Staff not much better. I took my wife there she was going numb on left side and could not talk. Sound like a stroke to. Still had to wait.

Farley Torres

Great service. Very nice employees. Doctor Wiist is a very care doctor, very professional and dedicated to outstanding results . I have such a great experience since the beginning of my surgery. Even my hasbund was amazed by the good care taking by every single person involved in the hole process.

Fast MD 4 You Urgent Care - Pain clinic

Fantastic team of people! My mother was so well cared for by each nurse, technician, doctor and every person from janitorial, food staff and security personnel. Dr Venkatesh Kota colorectal surgeon is the best. My family had a great experience with staff in the waiting room too. No fun to go to a hospital for medical issues, but the wonderful people at GMC make it the best place to go!

Sue Whitehead

I had called ahead to find out about an injection I was told my wait would be minimal since i needed just an injection. Instead i waited for 3 hours without being seen . When i questioned the attendants they said there was one ahead of me after 20 people had gone before me i understood that what i had been told was not coming to fruition. This was a disappointment but not a complete surprise. A year ago i came in with chest pain and a history of CAD. I told the nurse and attendant i was having chest pain. They showed me the chairs i waited 20 minutes to get back. The whole night was a comedy of errors . The next morning i was cathedral and had a 99% blockage. I think i have had my last visit to gwinnett medical. Help and aide is not here just chaos and misinformation. It is a sad time.

Jay Saro

Valerie, the charge nurse on the 7th floor, is so incredibly rude. I asked about getting the room cleaned, which literature in the room lists certain things they do daily in the room, and Valerie clapped back at me about me washing my hands. Although the hospital does not provide washing stations outside the room and hand sanitizer doesn’t disenfect the CRE my dad has.

Anon Herb3

Dr. Samuels and his staff are the best. Thanks for a great experience! I finally found a good doctor!

Johanna Medina

Very bad and sad experience. Wait time was over 4 hours. Emergency room was full I left after waiting almost 2 hours, standing with horrible pain. The registerer and the nurse that took my vitals were very nice. The young man working this evenings shift on the emeregency side white male red headed was cery rude.

Jessica Bent

I visited the er with a family member today and I was both saddened and disgusted with the nurse Chris in the waiting room. The way she talked to those patients that were there was very surprising she had no compassion for them and her face while talking to them seemed very uninterested. Those who are providing medical care for our community should be caring. She was very rude and talked at the patients instead of to them. This hospital needs to make sure that the first medical provider that comes into contact with their patients are caring and compassionate individuals who actually have an interest in not only their career but also for the patients. I’m very disappointed in what I witnessed today.

david s

Went to the emergency room on January 4th. I have insurance with $500.00 and payed it. Now I get a bill from an outside Doctor's group that is NOT in-network for my insurance and they want almost $1200.00. more. And the hospital does not confirm their contact Drs. take the patients insurance. As far as they are concerned that's between the patient and the doctors group. NOT THEIR PROBLEM!!

Out Rageous

Just came from GMC for a test and my nurses were great and had a good attitude. The one RN was a cute young lady. We had a running joke that she was a street pharmacist lol. I had a great time sorry your horse needle didn't go into my vain

Shannon Chapman

Giving this place even 1 star enrages me. Before I say anything else, DO NOT go here. I am not joking. I had bad pain in my leg and knew something was wrong. Went to the Minute Clinic at CVS up the street. Doctor there sent me to the hospital immediately saying she fears I have a blood clot. I go to the hospital and they rudely dismiss me saying I must've hurt myself. I don't think I'd forget hurting myself so badly that I can't walk? I was sent back by a SECOND doctor who stressed that I needed immediate attention for a blood clot. Ended up coming 3 times before they found it. And that's after I demanded an ultrasound they refused to give me before. They sent me home with.... ibuprofen. They didn't care at all and had the WORST attitudes. Oh and they also decided to sue me for the "service" when they never sent me a bill or contacted me otherwise even though their garbage staff resulted in my multiple visits. I hate this place :) if you value your health or life, avoid at all costs.

Happy Such ALady

Let me first say, in all fairness, that some of the doctors and residents are good. However, many of them (I've had several encounters) lack the very basic skills that are necessary to be called medical professionals at all. I say that because when verifying medical information with two or three comparable doctors outside of this hospital community, we usually find that the information we received is incomplete or inaccurate. Moreover, many of the nursing and administrative staff are exceptionally unskilled, unprofessional, and just downright RUDE and disrespectful! They often dose medication inaccurately or not at all--which can be detrimental to their patients. When attempting to correct, the staff go on the defensive and close ranks to cover up mistakes. For future medical and/or emergency medicine, my family will drive to other available hospital facilities as we cannot risk our lives at this hospital again. I write this review after several encounters--not just a couple, and not from an emotional place, but rather a cautionary one. Be extremely wary.


Recently gave birth to my son here was one of the nicest staff very understanding so comfortable like just alot of positivity. Definitely would give birth here again even thou i aint having no more babies lol

Ticegutta Berry

Horrible i have sicklecell they dont wanna help the patient out and when they get tired of u they cut your lights off and close the door amd nurse Luce laugh and joke on her patients.

Ulises Acevedo

Discrimination, unfair, unkind, and rude all around the service they provide to my father. Worst hospital. Several of my family members have had this experience and we only end up there because the ambulance need to get to the nearest hospital.

Santiago Forero

My dad came in with a heart attack and they literally saved his life. As if that wasn’t enough, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful to say the least. I will be forever thankful.

E Dub

Here's a list of nurse's to be aware of and some that were great: also over all experience. Situation flu like symptoms ...allergic to pain meds , so not drug addicts obviously. .. ER: TAMMY- Could not take blood , had to call other younger people in there to do it( they were very sweet).Every time my family asked a question she spoke to us slow and like we were idiot's ZACH- He had a small di*k complex. Very childish and rude. Never introduced himself..asked him questions and he refused to speak to me or look at any respectable professional should....even after I looked a my 87 year old grandfather and got direct promission...HE still refused...( this was over simple medicine, that i needed to know to inform my mom who was worried) ..I am his caregiver ever since the hurricane in florida....was our nurse for about twenty minutes or so ... THANK GOD SOUTH TOWER: LYDIA- Was also rude, had to Change his bed sheet myself. Trash was full... and she had a hate my job attitude .... NORTH TOWER: FINALLY !!! NICE NURSES! SHINLEE- Very great !! Never had a problem ! On the plus side she was pretty funny and made us laugh!!! LIZ- Never got to meet her when she was my grandfather's nurse, but when I was there and she was working the other side, she came in just to check on my grandfather and talk!! Such a sweet girl! INGRID- Also amazing such a wonderful woman, she did her job with no questions asked and had a great personality!!! ALIESHA- Wasn't our nurse long because we were leaving but very nice and accomendating! I'm sure I'm forgetting a few more but 4th floor North tower held in down when times were rough and I THANK YOU ALL!!! Needless to say through the negative and positive we will never return to that hospital again.... it's worth a drive to go somewhere else....

Nilrem Pendragon

The worst experience in my life. The ER . Is disorganized . And if you are from another country or black you will get seen quick. If your American or white forget it.

Stefanie Axson

My sister is in the Nuerological ICU. Her nurse Sam is awesome and the numerologist Justin was awesome as well. Her room is clean. She is well cared for and the nurse is in and out a lot. The lady at the front desk was very help as well.

Todd Renje

Find it pretty ridiculous you have to pay to park to visit your loved ones in the hospital, really?

Isaac Kirkham

Had one of the worst ER experiences of my life here. My daughter has a metabolic condition with a note we are to give to the ER expressing her immediate need for attention if she is sick. We presented it at the desk, where it was pretty much ignored. We then waited for an hour to get back, after which it took 2 hours just to get an IV inserted, then we were told that they were going to send her to CHOA instead. So after multiple hours in their ER with unhelpful staff and doctors, we were sent on an expensive ambulance ride to CHOA. Which is where we should have just gone in the first place. If you have a children's emergency DON'T go to Gwinnett! Just got straight to CHOA. We then received bills for our couple hours at Gwinnett that were unreasonably expensive for the lack of service and help we got. It cost us twice as much to be in Gwinnett for 3 hours than it did to be in CHOA for 18...not pleased. I wont ever take a family member or my child to this ER again.

Sandy Tidwell

My almost 84 year old mother had surgery there last Monday. The doctors and nurses were excellent. However, this is not true of physical therapy and most especially not true of the "social workers". I've come to the understanding that these "social workers" are not in any way patient advocates, but instead function as the hospital's bouncers - getting rid of the patients for whom they cannot suck any more money out of, not even bothering to make a simple referral that would greatly benefit the quality of life for the patient - such as occupational PT or home health services.

Gen Eva

If you are ready to die. Come here! I have been waiting since 2 it’s now 5:03. I have bronchitis with chest and head pain. I will never come here again.

Jessica (Jess) Knapp

I’ve never experienced more rude and uncaring nurses. I got into the ER at around 5:00pm, did not get a bed until 2:00am and after I had to get tests run throughout the night and early morning, they woke me up only to kick me out because I didn’t need surgery. I still do not know what it wrong with me. And I will never return there.

David Ryan

Didn’t like the senior doctors, seems was rushing all the time. Doesn’t care about patients life, lost my father. Not recommended hospital.

Store Graphix

You come in to the emergency room for 1 thing and they will test you for just about everything they possibly can. They will keep you in there as long as they want to or as long as they can rack up your bill if they know you are a payer and if they suspect you are a free loader they will throw you out ASAP. Business over humanity is their motto. Google should give us option of 1/2 A Star. If you survive the emergency room you will definitely receive a heart attack when you see the billing details. Avoid this place if you can.

Robert Capitano

I worked at Gwinnett Medical Center for 3 years. I was assaulted by Dr. James Elsey in front of multiple doctors and nurses and Gwinnett did nothing to reprimand this man. This hospital puts profits before the safety of its staff and patients. Because Elsey makes more money than any other physician he gets away with abuse. This happened years ago and I feel I must say something to protect other nurses, staff, and patients. If Elsey or Gwinnett want to come after me that's fine. As a nurse I am a patient advocate and I am ashamed that I didn't do more to protect others sooner.

nadege gilot

The fact I had to give this dump a star just to leave a review makes my a** itch. The nurse leader kelly is extremely rude for telling me "if i dont like how they run their business to leave!" The asks me 3 times why did i come to this hospital As she is rollingher eyes talking to me in a very rude tone of voice, The emergency room nurse Brooke in hall D was talking about me in a negative way to the staff and laughing at me because I told her my IV hurts and the ob/gyn Doctors are giving me meds that my real doctors said I cant take due to my pregnancy, meanwhile im suffering from sickle cell waiting hours just to get some meds. Im done with Gwinnett medical in Lawrenceville The staff i have to deal with are rude, obnoxious, insensitive, not friendly and instead of helping me they team up against me to make me feel uncomfortable on top of being in pain. My feelings are extremely hurt cause i am literally getting treated like garbage. Not to mention how lead nurse kelly calls me an idiot as she walks out as if i didnt hear her call me an idiot.

Sheikh Jahid

It's a warning for us getting such kinds of manner, behavior, attitude and hospitality by the lab. Technician coming to us draw blood. This morning the young lady tried to draw blood from my wrist artillery vein. She was not at all concerned patients comfort , she failed to inject the needle and poking around lastly she such a pain full way That's Great pain goes to my heart. I was badly beaten pain my heart. Calling my nurse. Srounding doctors and observer. Please avoid that area for taking blood. Don't make responsibility of someone life GMC Room # 774. 4/29/19

Gene White

I like many others don't really like to go to the hospital, When you find a great Dr.Elsey and a great RN Sarah it makes your stay so much better thank you for all you do for your patients your true servants...

khalid khalid

Thank Miss Sarah, at the reception of women pavilion. Very professional and polite.

Prophet Mocmoud

When I refuse the surgery their whole attitude changed. They put me straight out, no wheel chair, no release forms, no prescription or anything. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life

Nicole G

DO NOT GO HERE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE! They are horrible here. Went to a doctor, went to urgent care & couldn't figure out why I had a migraine w/ blood pressure sky high & chest pain. Couldn't get up out of bed or open eyes w/out getting dizzy or the room spinning. Called this hospital & the nurse/front desk person told me, "It's probably best if you come in & let us look at you". Triage checked my vitals & put me in a room. Dr. came in & said, " You are not an emergency! Your limbs are still attached, I don't see any blood & you're breathing". He didn't touch me, he didn't check BP, didn't check HR or anything. Told me to sit tight & the nurse would be back to talk to me. Nurse came in & told me to follow him. I followed, he didn't say one word to me & dropped me off at billing window, handed the lady my papers & told her nonemergency before walking off. She then told me, "$250 & the Dr will see you or you have to go somewhere else" so I left. Got a bill for over $400 a month later apparently an adminstrative fee. Back n forth with these people for a year & finally gave up. My diagnosis, walking pneumonia. I won't even talk about my friend's car accident that put his head through the windshield & broke part of his hip bone. The staff left him in a wheel chair with towels/gauze to stop the bleeding for 5 hours before triage even took him back.

through_the_eyes_of_daliela 73

So slow. Everything moved at an extremely slow pace and when asked about timing we were responded with rudeness.

Myrtha Limprevil

Coming from FL to Georgia. I just had my beautiful baby girl at GMC. My experience there was phenomenal the nurses were excellent starting from pre-op to when I got on the floor Jeanette Minnie, Susan, Karen, Heather the breast feeding consultation, especially the nurse who had my baby admitted to icu. Everyone was great. The care I rendered was excellent everyone was polite 5 rules was applied every time I received a medication. My pain level was handled on a timely mattered. I would recommend to anyone who is having a baby to look in to GMC maternity unit. Oh yea can’t forget my nicu doctors

D'Andre Hemingway

This place is horrible wife was in extreme pain and no one cared. And they even turned us away!! Justice will be served.

Teresa Lehman

This is the worst and most horrible hospital i have ever been to. I Broke my neck, my right hip, my left shoulder and my left foot. So far a so called Nurse MOLLY, she hides her last name and no one gives it out. She has CUT MY PAIN MEDICINE IN HALF BECAUSE SHE SAID TWO REASONS. ONE I AM SLEEPING TOO MUCH AND THEN IM NOT MOVING AROUND ENOUGH. I TOLD HER I HAVE BEEN MOVING AFTER I TAKE MY PAIN MEDICINE. SHE STILL HAS REFUSED TO GIVE ME MY REGULAR PAIN MEDS. MORE LATER. I CAN NOT MOVE. THANK YOU

Eileen Andrade

Went for pediatric emergency x-ray. The service was wonderful and the techs took great care of my child. However, we just received the bill and although the bill is not past due, I have been receiving phone calls inquiring when we will pay. Terrible customer service from the billing office. If a bill is not due, don't harass your clients!!

Faith Love

This hospital would be the last hospital I would go to. My husband had a flu, he was put in the hall way with other sick patients, with an IV in his arm on a sort of a recliner. I was sitting in that waiting room waiting & waiting until I wanted to know where my husband is at. Then the nurse said Oh he is in the back, let me take you to him. When I went to the back thinking he was in a room, I was A palled in what I saw. My husband in a freaking recliner with an IV in his arm, so ridiculous!

Jean Couponer

Horrible ER. I have had to come here because of timing/convenience but save yourself the headache and GO TO NORTHSIDE. Absolutely incompetent staff, uncaring staff, unprofessional staff. I’ve overheard repeated discussions of mistakes being made in triage, records not properly updated, etc - and why? Because I’ve been waiting over 4 hours in absolutely horrible pain and a very serious health history. Still sitting in the waiting room. Absolutely ridiculous to treat (or in this case, not treat) people like this.


I regret ever coming here. The ER doctors are not only careless by rude. I went in with dizziness, episodes of blacking out, head pressure/ears ringing. The ER doctor spent a full 15 seconds with me before telling me I had "anxiety" and dismissing me. It was the end of the year so all appointments with my GP were full. That "anxiety" turned into meningitis within a week and now 2.5 years later the neurological damage remains.To think that a quick analysis and some antibiotics could have prevented so much damage. $4000 in bills from them just for them to ignore me and completely ruin everything I have spent years of schooling to achieve. I strongly recommend driving to Northside or Piedmont.

Anahí Alonso

My mother, went to the ER. They found blood clots. She was in so much pain the nurse in the ER was so kind and sweet her name was Jessica. Then she had her operation. It went well. The nurses who stayed there those two days in the morning and nights were amazing and so sweet and so kind. Her name was ❤️

Hannah Kim

I don’t even want to give one star for this fake hosptial that just wants money out of sick patients. I waited in the ER for 6 hours when I was in pain. This is ridiculous, having to wait 6 hours for emergency. Also, I was told that I have UTI for my symptoms, and after taking the medication I got prescribed, it made my syptoms worse. After few days, I went to a different hospital, I was told I have enteritis not UTI, and also the prescription I got from the GMC made my symptoms worse. I got a vaccine for enteritis and new presciption and my health was improved in one day. I am student who spent alot of money for this fake hospital and just requested a refund for the time they have taken and the wrong diagnosis they made. The respond that came back to me was telling me that it’s my fault for not knowing the right symptoms of my body. I’m not the doctor, how am I supposed to know. This hospital needs to burn down. Pleas don’t ever visit this hospital even in emergency. You’re going waste your time, money and make your symptoms worse.

Craig Henn

I recently underwent a tonsillectomy at Gwinnett Medical Center-Lawrenceville. The hospital was not my first choice, but it was where my insurance company requested that the surgery be done. After hearing various "horror" stories of patient experiences at Gwinnett Medical, I was a little anxious at first. Nonetheless, I knew that I had a terrific surgeon and that I would be in good hands. In the end, everything went great!!! I was honestly treated like royalty by every person I came in contact with at the hospital. The nursing staff at Gwinnett Medical is top notch!!! Special shout out to my pre op nurse Karen, who took fantastic care of me. She treated me like her own son and always made sure I was at ease and comfortable, right up until I was wheeled off to the operating room. After surgery, I was well taken care of in the recovery room and up until the point of discharge. I even got a follow up call the next day from the day surgery staff just to make sure I was recovering well. All in all a great experience and I will tell everyone!!!

Arnecia Bush

Horrible experience wait time extremely long we had an infant baby with us!!! We decided to leave and go to northside hospital upon checking in we were seen in minutes!!! Northside is the best!!!

Nicole Gregg

I had a UTI that really needed to be treated as I have a bladder inflammatory condition that has required 3 surgeries. The doctor ran a blood panel that had nothing to do with what I had come in with and he then told me I didn’t have a UTI. I have had so many, I know when I have one. All I got was a $1500 bill and had to go to another doctor who confirmed it was a UTI. Incompetence is the name of their game. If they can’t diagnose a simple UTI I would hate to see what else they can’t do.

Midnite Da Masta

I went to Gwinnett Medical Emergency center on 8/20/2014 @ 8pm desperately seeking for help. I had severe eye pain. My eyes were extremely sore and they were cloudy red like a vain raptured in them. I felt like I was losing my vision. I was literally blowing out blood. I was expose to a deadly amount of mold recently.The billing lady came to me first and ask me how I was paying the $350 deposit to get seen.I responded I don't have any health insurance or any money to make a deposit. She got mad and had me sign some paper work to see the doctor on staff.Doctor Alisha Holbrook from the Er came in. She was rude from the very first moment she walked in the door.As I was explaining my symptoms. She cut me off and said you are going to have to wait I got to answer this call! Then she returned and refused to let me finish or to see me unless I could pay the $350 deposit. I explained how can you not see me because I don't have any money for your services.She didn't listen,so I ask to speak to the supervisor in charge. She stormed out!Then came another billing collection guy. He explained if you can't pay the $350 deposit then the doctor will not see you nor will she give you any antibiotics or prescriptions for your mold exposure!I ask him politely could I still speak to the supervior. He left and went to go get a staff nurse that type my sympthoms in the computer for records only! Still no supervisor!The nurse name was Jacqueline and she had a real nasty attitude! She came in like "LOOK IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY DEPOSIT MONEY NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE YOU AND GET YOUR A** UP OUTTA HERE!I was shocked but I told her I know my rights!She said she was supervisor, but her shirt name tag clearly stated she was a nurse.I asked her to get supervisor. She slammed the door extremely hard and went to get the hospital security! Dwayne and the security guards came in mad. They told me leave now or you going to jail!I wasn't discharged yet.COMPLETE DISCRIMINATION!They kicked me out the parklot and forced me off the premises!

Ralph Schmitdinger

"BE AWARE OF GWINNETT MEDICAL CENTER" "WORST SERVICE EVER", charged several times, once to my insurance and 3 times latter, total bills sent just to us was around U$1,000.00 + what my insurance paid in full at first time, from them and from 3rd party company saying they don't do the reading and they send to a Company in Indiana, this is not a clinic, they scared my wife making believe was something wrong just to make more profit, they fail on first time and ask for another and overcharged a lot... the average in US is to fail the exam in 3%, with us they fail 100% and then called to another appointment and overcharged a lot "Be Aware" they don't deserved to be called a Medical Center if they don't even have a doctor to do the readings.

Tracie Ginsberg

I was seen recently at the ER and was brought in by ambulance after a fall down 15 stairs. The wait time was horrendous. The EMT’s were very busy flirting with my nurse and my doctor didn’t get within 3 feet of me...ever. He “examined” me from the doorway, if you can call it that. I do not believe that he should work with patients, maybe a lab would be more fitting his personality. If I have a choice, I will not go here again.

Top Color

I wish there have 0 star for this ! They deserve a 0 star ! Very very very bad experiences this morning ! I was there 7 am this morning, but we still didn’t see a doctor as 9:30am , so I give up and decide to leave ! My baby was sick last night , I took him to this emergency center at 7 am since nobody open that early ! What make me surprise is after 2 hours we still waiting ! The room inside is cold as a hell , my kid start to running nose ! I understand doctor time is valuable , but that doesn’t means our patients time is worthless !!!if you let people wait one two hours , how can you say are are a emergency center ???!!! One of the nurse is called Mike is so bad ! We decide to leave and I decide to complain to sometime hope there system can be better ! After that somebody told me doctor is ready for us !!! After 2 hours ?i still decide to leave ! The nurse called Mike not even pacify patients but loudly said : let her go ! Let her go !!! Bad experience ! Very bad experience! And the nurse attitude is so rude ! Our patients doesn’t deserved that !

se park

Nurses, doctors, techs, and administrators seems great. I was extremely impressed. To a female Social worker that called me - you forgot to call and introduce your name before calling. And take a breather. Be professional. Dont call with your attitude, and its sad that a social worker changes tone in her voice and act condescending as she found out my father had no health insurance. You act like 100% of americans have health insurance 100% of time. Because i didnt have my health insurance for 2-3 months. Because cobra isnt something everyone chooses while transitioning into another job. You should know better as you are a SOCIAL worker. Oh wait, you didnt ask that question and you were too busy being condescending and being arrogant towards my dad/hang up on me (still without telling your name). She states that she will call again or mail again in future. Hopefully it will be better experience, i will update rating then. My dad’s experience last night with GMC was phenomenal and does not deserve 3 star.

Bessie Tate-Owens

Took my husband to the ER, he is in a weak condition, vomiting and has labored breathing. We have waited for over two hours to be seen and can't be told when he will be. I told them we would go to another hospital because clearly they can't handle their volume but they can't tell us what we will be charged if we leave. Asked to speak to an administrator to get the charge and is waiting on that as well. If you can make it to another hospital avoid this one altogether. They are friendly and polite but service is questionable

Jennifer Martinez

Very fast and efficient, especially in the women's pavilion.

Gina Diaz

The staff here is absolutely amazing. My daughter went in for day surgery and they supported us in every way possible. They had amazing bedside manners as well as a passion for their profession. As a mother, it was nerve wracking to watch my babygirl go in. They took great care of her and put my nerves to ease. Thank you!

Katherine Tillery

The only saving grace of my er visit last night was the ultrasound tech. She was very nice. How ever I have never been mocked openly by a nurse before. One of the check in ladies made fun of how I was feeling making my nurse laugh. I tried to get her name but she wore her name tag backwards. The room they had me in was nasty. Two wipes covered in brown paste was sitting on the little locker in the room. The physician that was seeing me seemed annoyed I was there. Then went home before i got my ultra sound results back without another physician coming to talk to me. The nurse that gave me the results couldnt really answer my questions. So after 4+ hours of waiting I got half way answered questions.

Jess DiPonzio

I have never been to a worse hospital. They show no concern or care for patients. I waited well over 3 hours without being seen, left and went to Northside Hospital where I was sent back to a room within 10 minutes of being there. If you can control it, don’t go to Gwinnett Medical. I would give 0 stars if I could.

Kailey Felix

I had to stay a few days recently and I just wanted to say that the staff here are amazing! All my nurses, techs, doctors, etc were the nicest people you could ever meet. They did an amazing job and God forbid anything ever happens again, I know to head straight here for the best care. I wish I could of thanked every single person I met (I definitely tried to).

keegan forness

The E.R. was very fair in their pricing I was so shocked! I cant say enough about that! Yet it really makes me sad the doctors charged 3x as much and I didnt even get a band aid or tylenol. Its not so much the money for me as much as the fact a business seems to treat you fairer than a doctor would. Lesson Learned.

Andrea Hemmings

This place is the ghetto equivalent of Grady. 8 hrs in the Emergency room. No ultra sound tech . can't find ur veins to take ur blood . taking ur vitals in the emergency area with everyone looking on. The most horrific experience. I have never been in a situation like this. Can't get service for a pain in my side.... I would not recommend my enemy to come here. Classless soulless service

Mary Hughes

Been in the emergency room for 7 hrs now and and still waiting. If the good Lord willing no way I will be back here at this hospital. Again.

R Martin

Was in the ED on Thursday, August 17, 2018, from 5:30pm until 11pm. Sean, who checked on me constantly, after i checked in; relieved my concerns, thank you. Sean thank you so very much. Traci who stopped to see to ask about insurance and contact info; she was sooo sweet, so very professional and kind! Traci thank you for being so great at your job. My PA, Jeanne was just absolutely awesome; she was so caring and she listened and asked great questions... Thank you, Jeanne for helping me get better. Jeanne you are great at your job!

Lawrance Holton

6 hours in a nasty emergency room waiting on results to be read. You have to do better.

Pamela Kane

Very bad service the staff does not care for the patients. I went to the er with my mother, she was in a lot of pain and the staff was so slow and rude. We waited to see the doctor for 3 hours and another hour to get the prescription. I do not recommend this hospital.

Blaster Master

Less than mediocre service. Went to this ER 3 times and they still didn't get it right. The right side of my large intestine fell into my pelvis area in march. I told them I could feel it moving up and down inside me, but they considered it normal. Through time the left side fell. Your large intestines have ligaments holding it up, it isn't supposed to prolapse. My symptoms got worse and worse. And now they have changed. My sacral spine hurts, my rectum is going numb and now I'm urinating like crazy. My entire pelvis hurts now for the last 3 weeks. They fail to realize that misinterpretation of images is malpractice. I went there recently and they tried to treat me for symptoms I had 9 months ago and paid no attention to the symptoms I have now. They didn't even right down the correct symptoms for the radiologist. Their doctors are very dumb and lack knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The ER doctor even lied to me and told me that the radiologist that does the barium swallows was absent. I really needed it because my stomach is hanging entirely on my left side. Due to my abdominal prolapse I have nerve compression and damage in my pelvic floor. I am seeing a neurologist next week to confirm this. 3rd leading cause of death in the united states is medical errors. Now I see why.

Crystal D. Bearthes

Went to ER today. Blood pressure was through the roof. I had swelling in my face, hands and feet. Waited 3 hours in ER I eventually left, not because of the wait but because of how the ER nurses treated everyone. It's horrible how they talk to you and IGNORE patients. I watched and sat next to a poor lady crying out in pain and politely asking for someone to bring her water. She couldn't walk. I watched as they looked at each other trying to figure out who was going to get her something to drink. One nurse in particular kept turning her back to her. It's wrong hurtful and inexcusable how people are treated in this place. I went because it was convenient but I will NEVER go back. You take an oath to take care of the people who are put in front of you. The rest is having compassion and just showing heart. Ridiculous

sharon vinson

We could not been happier regarding the care my husband received after a serious car accident!!! Wonderful Hospital.

Nadya Ren.

Thank you so much, Day Surgery Department!!! Thanks Maria, Cathy, Tonya, Pacu, Yolanda, Wendy! And, of course Dr. Esteves!

melissa howe

If you need to go to the ER this is the last place you want to go. My daughter and I sat for 4 hours only to be told there were still 9 people ahead of us.


My family told me to expect the worst from this place, and I thought they were just tired and grumpy. But when I spent 5 hours here with a family member, constantly asking where the doctor is and being told they’ll arrive shortly, and never did (currently listening to a woman down the hall yell “help” multiple times as I wrote this), and dealing with nurses who clearly don’t want to be in this line of work—I can now see why I was told such bad things. Lord please don’t let me wind up here. Very disappointed in how the medical field has turned out.

Richard Taylor

Gwinnett Mexican Center is a joke and nothing like it once was.With all the foreigners working in this hospital with all the rudeness they show towards white people is unreal.I would never want to be admitted in this place ever nor any of my relatives either.Saint Mary’s is the place to go in Athens Ga never bring your people here.

Jordon Smucker

This place is terrible! Not to mention, it makes you feel like you are dirty as you walk in. I have not been to this hospital in years, and it has gone down hill! Also, the ER needs to have a better system put in place!

Denise Cania

I just wanted to take a moment to say that Gwinnett Medical and Gwinnett Breast Center has always taken exceptional good care of me and my needs.. In June 2001 Dr. Kevin Jensen performed an emergency surgery for me and saved my life basically.. God is good and I was in good hands, I have always had a strong trust in their Doctors and care givers. They also were awesome with my daughter when she gave birth to my grandson, I highly recommend this facility..

Janaya Kernizan

Every person here is useless. From the people answering the phone to the staff in the emergency department. Come here if you want your problems to go undiagnosed and you’re fine with dying. Where did you people go to school?

Jerusalem Girma

From the reviews I just read I’m pretty much thinking

jimmie haslem

Very Attentive!

Gladys Love

Been there 5 times and they say im healthy but yet still have pains i check my results since noone ever comes in and go through the results for you and i actually have more white blood cells than red i believe thats not ok. People can seriously be dieying and to for you to kick patients out fast everyone is ok and healthy is not fair. I got a cat scan to check of any tumor in the head and they said no aigns of one yet my head still hurts everyday so theyre has to be another reason you guys should check that way patients leave happy and dont return back every while.

Stephanie Ramirez

I wasn't going to post about this, but it's still bothering me. Yesterday i took my son to Gwinnett Medical Because he rolled off my bed while i splet him. The doctors had checked him and told us everything was fine that we were good to go home. Just needed to wait to be discharged. Two different doctors came in and askes us again why was our reason for being there etc. Finally they tell us we could go but again. Another nurse come to check for my son vitals. To start off the thing first that she said was "HELLO HERE FOR VITALS DO Y'ALL SPEAK ANY ENGLISH?" SO already she had an issue with me and my mother. So i asked a simple question of why was he needed vitals taking if we were getting discharged. And she took it our of proportion. Got offened and got me my nursed. Nursed csme and said mom we need to vitals. I explained i understand just used you guys taking them in the beginning. And she mislead what i was asking and yet she still had an attitude. Like i get that you working 12 hour shifts and yes they were busy but not be rude to my mother me or my son because I'm Hispanic. Oh hell no!! I don't want your help if you're going to treat me like i don't belong in his country just because your skin is different color than me. I WILL NEVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN. I WILL TAKE MY SON AND MY HUSBAND ELSE WHERE IF EVER NEEEDED TO GO HOSPITAL. The doctors that helped us were nice but nurse fpr vitals was rude and needs an attitude adjustment. Treating us different because I'm Hispanic and asked a simple question.

Veronica Sublett

My husband was up throwing up all night so we took him to the Emergency Department. The first nurse we had was very attentive and caring. He got cold so they brought him warm blankets.The nurse practitioner was patient and explained everything to us. The second nurse we had only checked on my husband once over 2 hours. His IV was done for almost an hour before she came in to remove it. When I asked her about his medications, she was rude and condescending. I have multiple family members in the medical field so I know what I am talking about and she made me feel stupid and belittled. My husband also had a high white blood count and the doctor ran no additional test to see if he was fighting an infection. He only recommended we bring him back if he got sick again. Well it's a day later and he has a fever. We will be going somewhere else for our follow up appointment. The parking lot does cost but you get a parking pass for visiting the Emergency Department.


I truly and honestly HATE this hospital. I have only ever been to this medical center once due to a car crash I was in. The female nurses had a major attitude. There was one middle-aged, redhead who complained to another nurse with blonde hair about assisting me unto the x-ray. Mind you I was in a crash and my mobility was limited due to muscle damage. Also, I was going in and out of consciousness. Her exacts words were, "Do we have to baby him now ?" After the x-rays were done, I was placed in a patient area divided by curtains. Another nurse, a brunette asked if I wanted morphine for my pain. I said no because I hate the affects narcotics have on my body. She gave me an attitude but luckily came back with a non-narcotic pain killer. There was also a male, African nurse who attended to me, I'll be mentioning him again in a bit. The doctor came in and informed me of my injuries. He also said a nurse would clean up some of the blood on my face and arms (again, remember my mobility was limited). The male, African nurse I mentioned came in, pointed me to the restroom and told me I could wash myself off. I and my family member who came to pick me up decided to just leave. Before we could, the doctor asked the nurses why they didn't attend to the scrapes and cuts I had. The brunette did so after. The experience I had in that hospital was worse than the car crash. I went back to work as a cashier in Kohl's a week after. The same blonde nurse that gave me the x-ray that was with the redhead came into my store, had an attitude and caused a whole scene. She was mad that she had to wait in line, threw the items she was about to purchase at me and left. God forbid I have another accident. I honestly would rather go to any other hospital than to this one. Heck, I would rather bleed to death on the street than go to this hospital. That is how much I hate this place.

Corrie Cavener

Never had a worse experience. Given iv never checked on, more concerned with my friends skin color than helping. Still in excruciating pain was sent home withzero answers and asked for a blanket over n over and no one cared. I was actually told by my nurse that she was to busy. I’m going to get a huge bill no answers and a staff that was extremely uncaring unprofessional and that group checking people in.... heartless. I was throwing up in the waiting room and they are basically about to go have my friend arrested by the cop for parking hos car after getting me inside!!!! This isn’t jail it’s supposed to be a hospital. I pray y’all close down. No one should be treated this was.

Jamaree Lagarde

Worst hospital I have ever been to. Never been to a hospital where they let a cancer patient sit in pain for two days. Took my boyfriend off of IV medications for no reason and now he’s sitting here suffering. His plan of care is PAIN CONTROL. Let the nurses know that my boyfriend is in excruciating pain, they came in looking at him, said “ok” and walked out. Nurses Armando/Rebecca and Noella are garbage. Staff has so empathy or regard for their patients. For two days, he’s been calling the nurses over the intercom and it takes over 20 minutes for them to get to the room. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.

Chris.u Unger

So we were told by the head day nurse, it would be okay for me and my older sister to stay over night while my younger sister whom just had surgery was in there care they would make an exception for there one visitor rule then they switch shifts and wait till midnight to say that one of us can't stay you should really work on your communication between shift changes my younger sister is 16 and is already terrified as it is thanks for traumatizing a 16 year old

Melissa Foster

This hospital, especially the emergency room is an abomination! Seriously understaffed with the rudest and most uncaring staff I have ever encountered. 5 hours and still havent seen a doctor! Glad its not life or death situation. If you care about who you're taking to the er/hospital, take them somewhere else. Wish i didnt have to give any stars but you have to get this to post!

Keondra Grant

First and last visit last year. Usually if I have any physical ailments I much rather Google the symptoms then treat myself. Instead, last year September 2017 I was in excurtiang pain and homelessness caused too much stress for me to think of self treatment. Tough times happen to most of us all. I visited the hospital and was given the bill statement. Astonished at the cost considering I had waited for hours and I was prescribed ibuprofen and cheap sour candy for a salivary stone. If I had known dollar store candy would fix my face swelling and pain I would have Googled my symptoms for free instead, then paid $1. The woman processing my visit offered me a deal. The emergency room will pay 40% of the remainding balance if I paid a certain amount that same day, then within a month paid the other part of the percentage. I agreed and paid that same day. I paid the balanced due with the discount in mind just a couple of weeks later. I asked several times if this was all I had to pay. It was confirmed and I felt positive about my experience. March 2018 rolls around and Gwinnett Medical emergency sends the 40% to collection agency as being my responsibility. Why tell me one thing, then claim I’m not paying what I told was not going to be an issue. I settled the mater with the collection agency. The agency apologized, only to have them pressuring me again and again anyway. I just want to know if this is common for emergency rooms or this location in particular to make false statements towards those in need of help. If this is common it’ll be my only and last visit.

California dreaming

Worst hospital I've ever been to each time there's been a emergency I say take me anywhere but to GMC the nurses are extremely rude one even took a snack from my 6 year old another one bumped into me in those extra small rooms they have without excusing herself then a different one rolled her eyes I asked when the patient can go home they said o you're past due you could have left five days ago but nobody cared to let me know one nurse woke me up at three in the morning to wipe the patient bc she wouldn't do it then on release day didn't care to help me lift the handicapped patient to put in the car AWFUL service I took the same patient to Eastside in snellville next few times n wow staff was so sweet was released on time and even helped me lift my patient into the car for me and the rooms were not as small and dirty either

Jamie Akoubian

Four fing hours and still have not been seen. Horrible experience.

Brittany Heidlauf

If you don't have insurance, they don't treat you like a person. Went for sinus/ear infection symptoms yesterday around 3 PM, they never one time checked my sinuses or my ear. Dismissed me after waiting in a room for two hours. Was only seen by an NP, doctor never visited me. No one checked on me, just left me in there for hours before saying, "Be right back, I'll give you a referral. You don't have an emergency." They did not take a full inventory of my symptoms, didn't listen to me. Never showed one ounce of concern. I had to tell three or four different people my symptoms over and over again. There is no chart? There is no paperwork? Highly disorganized and I felt incredibly rushed with everyone there. The nurses checking me in were laughing and talking over me. I have a deep phobia of hospitals, I was in a state of anxiety, no one cared. I will never go back to this hospital. I'm due for insurance at the start of 2019 and they will never receive a dime of my money. I probably owe $900 for a 2 minute talk with an NP who didn't even evaluate me. Save your money and go to a hospital where the staff actually cares for the patients. I'm so disappointed with the service I received there yesterday. I walked out before even getting "discharge" papers. I wonder if I were their daughter, would they treat me that way? I'm deeply saddened by humanity at this point.

John Yoon

Great service, great people. Being at a hospital/medical center is not always the most fun thing. As a pastor, I make quite a number of visitations here. Each time, the staff members have been incredibly friendly and eager to help. The chaplain staff here is amazing as well! If I needed medical treatment, I’d want to receive it from people here for sure!

Joseph Boozer

Worst hospital in georgia. Do not come here for an emergency, child birth, cancer, or any sickness at the matter. I wouldnt let them treat a cold here. Do not come or you might not come out due to the incompetent doctors and the rude nurses.


Awesome..kno what they r doing!

Heather Watts

Why is it that Gwinnett Medical is the only hospital that charges for parking? I didnt have any money on me other than change and was .11 cents short of $3.00 and lady said id have to get billed for it lmbo really im here visiting a family member that just had surgery. Parking should be FREE like all other hospitals. Women was very rude and doesnt know my situation.

Martha B

I would not take the time to write this if this place had not made such a great impression. All of the staff presented both personable and professional. I was greeted with care and concern as I had broken my foot. I am so glad I choose to go to this hospital. Excellent service is worthy of 5 stars! Thank you to all the staff for all that you do! Sick people are hard to deal with and you do it every day!!! Kudos

Three Diamonds

The place charges for parking. How greedy can you be? Like you don't charge enough for the patients. Just greedy. 4 of the 5 cars in front of me turned around. So I'm not the only one who feels this way.

dee baker

To give a zero would be good still hear been hear since 11:30 with any teen that seems to have flu symptoms and or strep throat after hours of waiting I saw a family waved The aid knew I wanted to speak to her again and like some tasteless ppl do she went around to the other side so appear as if she didn’t come back out I’m aware of the tricks because I work with sorry ppl like this down played what I was saying to look good because ppl was around listening when we got to the back she tried to separate us from my son then waved us to the room then left didn’t assist my son with anything I got it all myself had to double back an ask for something she sent in her co worker u can tell she spoke about us to her the nurses kinda made up for it still not my first chose to much goin in and it’s as if your not to ask questions.

Estevan Rodriguez

Good experience BUT the accounting department is bad. They send threatening letters that if an amount isn't paid in full they will send it to collections. Even if one is making monthly payments.

Charm Grey

i dont even know why people even use this facility. service is poor. the ambulance took my mom there and i followed in my car. got there and they still told me i had to wait until she got a room in order to be with her. so sick of this institition. i told the EMS to take her to North Ga but they said its better to go to gwinnett because they have a heart center. who cares. so over my negative experiences here. i am so done. This is what they call service

Patricia Sophi

Worse hospital in the U.S NOT EVEN THE STATE! My brother was take here a few days ago and was sent home , 2 days later we called 911 and paramedic came also said he was ok and to take him to see a doctor !!! So we took him to NORTHSIDE HOSPITAL and he is in intensive care with pneumonia , his oxygen levels were at 82% !!! How could a hospital miss this !! Leave it up to Gwinnett medical and they will let you die ! Not to mention back in 2007 my grandmother was take here after an accident and she was also sent home, so we took her to Grady and her jaw was broken in 3 different places and also needed stichets! So either Gwinnett medical descriminates or they have a hospital with incompetent doctors ! You guys better hope my brother gets through this !

nas addus

I came to emergency room last night I have a heart problem with the monitor on have you waiting for one hour and a half to go without nobody treat me somebody have a heart issue it shouldn’t be emergency that’s a?. And I really never ever recommend to any family member to come to emergency room for Gwinnett medical center thank you

Alex Artsikhovsky

What can I say - if you are in pain - do not go there. Here is the story: Got to ER with acute abdominal pain. My wife had to help me to get from the car into the waiting room. Waited for 4 hours when it was about 5 people ahead of me. Gave blood for tests. Finally got checked into some dirty room with grey sheets. ONE HOUR later doctor showed up. She didn't check the results of my blood work, nobody checked my temperature, nobody checked my blood pressure. Now here comes a surprise - doctor DID NOT talk to me. Instead she tried to prescribe full body scan. I refused and left, as pain slightly went down, so I could walk. And here is cherry on the top: I've been billed for doctor's services some astronomical sum. I guess with full body scan it will add extra digit to the bill. So, 8 hours later, with 4 digits bill AFTER INSURANCE and no help provided I tell you - DO NOT GO THERE. This is not a hospital, this is pure money sucking mob house.

stephanie sherwood

If I can give this place a no star I would do so this has to be the worse hospital in any state I have been too, everytime I come it's a terrible wait time the only reason I come is because it's the closes hospital being pregnant they still don't care. What really upsets me is I went when it was only one person in the hospital and it's been past 1 hour and me nore the other patient has been called I wonder what they are doing all I hear is giggles and laughing while us patients are in pain

Linda Mahoney

Friendly, professional withe the best care.

Ramona Mackey

I have tried my best with this location. I stopped being admitted to the hospital after one of the doctor refused to speak with my liver transplant team at Piedmont. I gave him the information but two days later he admitted to not contacting them, he never touched me for any exam but continued to pump me with antibiotics that had me vomiting. The IV for my dehydration often ran out with no timely replacement or kept stopping. I am now in the ER waiting for fluids to stop my pain and help me to feel better. Understanding that other higher levels of emergency needs are needed but sitting here two going on three hours with no one advising you of what is occuring other than a general announcement is poor communication and business. So how many more times will I be shift back, will I be next, what's my place in the que? Tonight unless it is a major life threatening situation, I will drive all the way to Atlanta to Piedmont. With the close to three hour wait then add on the IV time, I feel I would've been home already. GMC thanks but no thanks. Ramona Wilkerson-Mackey

Sabrina Delorier

My friend recently had her baby here, and during her epidural there was an issue that caused her blood pressure to drop , the awesome labor & delivery nurse Caroline acted fast and got the situation under control & explained everything that was going on very thoroughly. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a nurse quite like her! She practically delivered the baby herself!! The world needs more nurses like her!!! Thanks again Caroline for everything and keep up the great!!!

Sara Whitaker

Excellent care and wonderful staff. Knowledgeable and highly competant. My husband received the best of care since arriving at Emergency last week.

Babyloe Music

This is an absolute terrible hospital, along with the people in it who makes it no better. Whether you are a child being seen or an adult. They don’t care about your wellbeing. They question you a lot for why did you come there and not go somewhere else. They take people to their rooms and then bring them right back out in the waiting room crying or bleeding in major pain. They honestly do NOT care. The only hospital I know of that doesn’t give a sh** about the people and only comes for their checks. It makes me wonder how they even got a job or their degrees. The other Gwinnett medical on pleasant hill is so much better but they still have issues as well.


Worst experience ever.. Doctor/nurse kept calling me at 3am saying my dad was ready to go home I was under medication (I'm not supposed to drive once I take it) so I told them I was going to try to call my other siblings and they had no consideration. They threatened me saying they were going to call the social worker. [This all happen today]

Annelle Anderson-Garcia

This hospital and all the Doctors, nurses and staff have always taken the best care of me and my family for the for the last ten years. Trust....that is what I gotta have!


My mother, unfortunately, had to spend some time at this facility on several occasions. I even had my gallbladder removed here. All of the doctors I have met with (my mother's doctors and my own) have been absolutely fabulous. They don't make you feel rushed, they take time to listen, and go above and beyond to provide top tier care. The nurses (and I have met many here) are positively wonderful. I haven't had a single negative experience. Everyone from the wonderful ladies at the help desk all the way to their cardio thoracic surgeons have been amazing. I won't go anywhere else if I can help it.

Meka R

My husband had surgery he was settled in in 7th floor. Surgery went great. I amasking this comment about the RUDEST case Manger I ever came across. I came out the door didn't see any nurses to ask for help I saw DR ALBERTS and asked if she could help. Her exact words was she doesn't do that to go around the other side , and she turned around and continue to work. I couldn't believe it. Not to mention the bed he was in was broke and they tried to fix it which never got fixed I indeed video taped that whole ordeal. The one evening cna I guess who was taking his blood pressure kept putting it on his for arm he had to tell her to put it up on the top of his arm. I couldn't get outta here fast enough.

Benjamin Elliott

I would give this place no stars if I could. Took over 28 hours of waiting in the ER before my wife got a room. While in the ER every meal they brought her was at a minimum an hour old and at the worst 2.5 hours old. This was verified with the meal ticket and calls to dietary. When she was discharged the prescription she was sent home with was the wrong concentration. When we tried to call the hospital to get it sorted out, the hospital has no record of her being their for 3 days. Hopefully that means they aren’t planning to bill us but I doubt it. They will want their money. Reached out to patient advocacy: crickets. Avoid this place at all costs. Simply horrible.

Maximus Black

I used the online service tool to make an appointment at 1 o’clock in the morning and they told me to come in at 3 o’clock in the morning only to tell me that it would be another 5 to 6 hours before anyone could see me terrible service never use the online appointment to tool. They were about six patients in the whole emergency room so no excuse not to help people in an emergency specially when they took the time to make an appointment

neko Warrior

It wasn't the worst but it still was pretty horrible. The chairs where stiff. The main waiting room was eerily silant and smelled very heavily of cleaning products that was thick enough in the air to make me uncomfortable. The staff all had freezing hands and made me feel like a lab experiment. I wouldn't go again.

Curtizz Kingofluv Williamzz

Decent wait time and doctors and nurses are skilled.

Earn Bones

Before this visit I was a chiropractic virgin. I can't really say that I've had someone mess around with my bones before, so I was a little apprehensive. The appointment making process was really easy. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very patient with me and willing to work with my overly hectic work and school schedule. A+ on that. The office itself is situated in an unassuming beige stucco building, and also has a medical clinic attached (which I feel like is a plus.) Again, the receptionist was very sweet and told me what to fill out on my "new patient" forms. The wait was actually pretty nice. My appointment was at 4:15 and I was seen at 4:16. Not bad compared to other medical centers I've been to.

Barbara Bennett

Aparently pain is at the bottom of importance. Also, the more you cause trouble, the faster you will be seen. More to come if I ever see a doctor.

Dee Dorsey

Today is December 31,2018 and before the clock strikes 12 and the beginning moments of 2019 enters,first of all, I thank God;secondly I thank the staff at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville Ga. A few weeks ago,I was rushed to the ER at GMC. I was in dire straits. I was experiencing an acute asthma attack. From the moment I spoke to a very sympathetic gentleman ER registration until the time I was wheeled out of the hospital on my last hospital stay,I received top notch care. :-) These are the people I wanted to give special THANKS to:the ER registration-I believe the young man's name was Wayne,the nurse who quickly wheeled me into the ER(I forgot her name),Ngan,Sharon,Samara,Antiria,Tory,ER Drs. Schube,Shapiro,and Wang,Jermaine-resident doctor,6 North nursing staff-Tonisha,Reena,Mary,Erica,Jacob,Julie,Myra, Marie(Echo),Diana(Patient Advocate Rep.),Lisa and Melinda(Respiratory),Deanna(PCT-6 South);Drs.Christianson and Kaplan;Other 6 South Nursing Staff:Catrina,Melinda,Yew,Merlin,and Salby. For the many other staff members,I may not remember your names,but please know I appreciate your kindness and professionalism also. I was hospitalized for 4 days and everyone that I came in contact really eased my medical concerns. May God continue to bless ALL of you and please do not change who YOU are :-). Happy New Year to the kind hands and warms smiles at Gwinnett Medical Center :-)

Jemica Jackson

Very good experience, Dr.Smith & our Nurse Nicole were awesome! Very helpful and informative. Thank you for showing you care!!!!

Johnny Doe

The best experience I’ve ever had at a hospital, hands down the absolute best staff I have ever. Shout out to Paola and Jennifer, best nurses in the world that work in the ICU at the Lawrenceville location, thank you for everything!

aneesh gupta

Nice Hospital. Great Service. Great Doctors and Nursing staff.

Bencio Silang

its been an unforgettable experience, the staff is really friendly and helpful

Jani Widjaja

I am biased since I work here

Subie Roobie Roo

We came in at about 11 o'clock a.m. on a Monday morning because my wife felt like she had been in labor since about 1:30 that morning. We came into the women's pavilion and got say in triage for a while. A nurse cane in to check my wife and told us she was 1 cm dilated, and she wanted to possibly send us home for a few days, but wanted to monitor her for a couple hours to monitor progress. She gave us a couple tips to get dilation going a bit more. So we took an hour and walked around. Came back into the triage room ans found my wife was 2 cm. They admitted us at this pint and sent us back to a room. The nurses were very attentive, and very helpful, giving her pointer of how to get things moving. Finally at 4:41 My daughter was born. They immediately put her skin to skin with my wife before cleaning her up so she had the first contact. They moved her into a room where the nurses were extremely helpful. Taught us pretty much all the trucks in the book as to how to get my daughter to latch properly. They are extremely helpful, and i never once felt like we were asking for too much, or had too many questions for them. They even helped out when my daughter didn't want to go to sleep that night. All in all i would highly recommend the hospital for giving birth. When you give birth here, if given the option, ask for Kitty, Magribe (ma-gree-bay) for daytime and Liz was the best night time nurse I've ever had the pleasure of meeting

Kevin Atehortua

Vending machine took my $1.75 and didnt give me my drink. No employee could help me. Love it.

betty barnwell

Gwinnett Medical Center-Women's Pavilion I just want to say "there is a place like home". The women's pavilion was the best experience that I have ever had with any hospital. I really did not want to have my baby at a hospital at all after all of the previous bad experiences that I had several times at hospitals. I had my 7yr old son years ago at South Fulton hospital. The whole hospital pretty much scared me enough to the point that I never wanted to deliver a baby again at a hospital. Since, I'm considered to be a high risk patient my spouse did not want to agree to a at home birth. I'm very happy that I listen to my spouse and changed my mind about the whole stay at home delivery thing. As my labor progress through the night into the morning my spouse and I headed to Gwinnett women's pavilion. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Hannah and she immediately gathered my information than I was walked to the backed to be triage by a nurse (Sandra) who was very pleasant/patient with me. My contractions had me moving very slowly while in pain I was screaming loudly. Sandra never got impatient with me instead she was empathetic/caring while triaging me. Later, I was told that they will be keeping me there and I will be moved to another room. I was moved to another room and had a different nurse. As, I notice every time I was moved the nurses communicated well amongst each other. The other nurse that took care of me was Maria-cath. She was very very informative. I had questions about everything because I was scared and wanted to know everything about what they were doing. She knew most of the answers and when she did not know something she went and found out for me. After, going through a lot of traumatic events... I felt cared for and the loved from the nurses. Things did not turn out as my spouse and I had planned for but the whole time we were there the nurses made us feel welcomed/loved/cared for. I later, ended up bringing a healthy baby boy into this world! My baby & I resorted, lastly in the women's pavilion postpartum room. I had several nurses while staying there and I can say I will never ever forget them and how well they treated me while being there. Dieanna, Amber, Jeanette, and Kitty! They are the best nurses I have ever met in my life. Their jobs did not come across as a job... They were always content with helping me and explaining things to me. They showered my newborn with love and attention. I learned, several things from them while being there on "how to care for a newborn all over again". Since, it's being 7yrs since I had my son. I had forgot a lot of things about taking care of newborns but my nurses were all understanding and carried great bedside manners & were personable/respectful/caring. Thank you, Gwinnett medical center-women's pavilion for taking good care of me and my family.

Karla D

Daughter was in car accident so we were told to come here. They triage you in front of everyone. What ever happened to patient privacy rights and then we sat in waiting area over two hours even after she initially told them her chest was hurting. Terrible, absolutely worst ER visit I've ever experienced.

Paige Brock

They don't care how you feel as long as they get paid. They don't tell you BEFORE you're seen, that if you don't have payment you have to wait 30 more minutes to an hour to talk to a counselor for 30 minutes. Sitting here in pain but I can't get a prescription until I see this person. They should just call instead of making us sit here hurting.

Sky Pizza

If you don’t wanna loose your love one and don’t wanna regret afterwards then don’t go there. Don’t even think to send your loved one to their ICU no matter what. Worst doctor! Good luck.

Brigette Wilson

Worst hospital I've ever sat in. There is no such thing as priority of patients at this place, doesn't matter if you're having aheart attack, boy with broken arm will be called before older lady with pneumonia or pregnant lady. Don't go to this place if u are having an emergency, you'll wait for 5 hours and then 7 more to have them tell u you need to see a primary Doctor and they'll send you home with no answers and with same symptoms u visited with. And receptionist are smart mouths that give u an attitude when u ask questions and sit around laughing like their at high school.

Hal Karp

I went there with mild chest pain and needed an angiogram. They go in through a hole in your groin. They sent two woman to prep me and shave my pubic hairs. I have had this procedure done in at least 3 other facilities over the last 20 years and never had a woman shave me. I asked to have a man instead of the two woman that they sent to my room that were prepping me and they both looked at each other and left the room. They instead had a woman orderly shave me in the operating room while everyone waited and watched instead. Then when my sheath was removed they had 4 woman around me and all had to put pressure on my groin because they said it was bleeding but me or my wife saw no blood or did they have to clean up anything. They had to get back at me for asking for a man to shave me. At the time I asked to see an administrator and the sent the Director of Cardiology, Ms. Kulp, and she was not understanding the concerns I had and asked if she was to have this procedure and a man orderly was to shave her pubic area was acceptable and she did not answer. Bad hospital crew to say the least.

Max Jackson

Good place to die but I wouldn’t recommend it to get help

Destiny Leonard

IF I COULD GIVE THESE FOLKS ZERO STARS I WOULD!!!! I don’t live in Gwinnett county, I was only on this side visiting a friend and I decided to go to this hospital to get a pap smear because I just wanted a quick check up after realizing my PH balance was a bit off and I’ve had it done at hosipitals before just not this one. As I came in the people in the front were friendly and helped me accordingly. They put me in a room within 10 mins of me being here okay cool right? NOPE. The room i’m in is set up like a doctors office, there was no bed. It was like the table at the doctors office when you go get a regular checkup... Okay I didn’t complain, but my friend came in for the same thing as me and we’re both here at the same time and she’s in a full room with a bed, a blanket and everything. So now the doctor comes in the room asking me questions and then says there wasn’t anything for him to do because i didn’t have any symptoms that were obvious for them to get me medical treatment. So i asked for a pap smear he proceeds to ask me what he was looking for? I’m just like anything, just make sure i’m okay... this man then goes to say WELLL THIS IS AN OBGYN problem not ours... And that i should’ve went to an obgyn if i wanted a pap smear. and that he would do it for me this ONE time but NEXT TIME i needed to go see an OBGYN. Fast forward, I’m on my cycle I tell the lady who was setting up the stuff for the pap smear... She says to me well are you naked? i Said no i didnt want to leak everywhere and she oh well just slide your panties off when the doctor comes in here i guess .... That was rude like why aren’t y’all offering to put something underneath me? The staff here is LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and RUDE. This was my first and last time ever coming here. I’d rather go somewhere where the staff helps me feel welcomed during my stay.

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