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Andrea Petit

I brought my husband here because he was experiencing extremely high blood pressure. We waited in the ER from 11am-4:30 pm only for them to tell us they couldn't find anything wrong with him. The nurses were nice and the doctor seemed okay. We were then discharged and the woman in the discharge department had an attitude and was rude. I don't know what her problem was. I will try Emory at Johns Creek for any emergency in the future.

Marsha McComiskey

On a weekend trip my husband suddenly began having jaw and chest pain. We googled the nearest hospital and couldn’t have been more blessed to find Northside Hospital Forsyth. The nurses,doctors, staff, and everyone at the hospital were wonderful. We couldn’t have gotten better care anywhere. Definitely the best hospital experience we have ever had, Even though ICU wasn’t quite the accommodations we had hoped for. That being said the medical records department is terrible. We were in ICU for 2 days and our family doctor was only sent s few pages of records. No CD’s of the tests ..nothing. We live 5hours away so we can’t easily stop by and pick them up. It’s a shame the records department is ruining a great review

Ryan Gaston

As a veterinarian I was able to really appreciate the hard work and wonderful bedside manner I got from the medical team that worked with us. I love it here so much I am reluctant to leave. They were swamped with critical cases when we arrived and yet the care and special attention that we got made me feel like we were the only patients at the hospital. I there were so many nurses and techs that I can hardly keep up with all of the names but I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone. Dr. Hamilton was amazing with his epidural placement. His humor was needed at times of such intense stress and emotion. Dr. Barrett's calming composure reassured me that everything was going to be okay which I really appreciate. Dr. Walsh was amazing with my wife's delivery. I can't thank you guys enough for your amazing medical care. The facilities here are amazing too. I felt like I was at a 5 star resort. I cannot possibly imagine there being a better hospital than this. As far as I'm concerned this hospital is the best in the WORLD!

Debra Power

Best hospital facility I have ever been to. Had a great surgeon and surgical team, the nurses went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortably. Coming from Habersham Co., I would definitely chose Northside hospital for any future procedures. Can't say enough great things about them.

Caroline Maltbie

Start of visit was very nice. Check in, nurse, and lady who drew blood were very helpful (ONLY reason for the star). The "doctor" on the other hand, had the WORST bedside manner I have ever received in my life! No explanation what so ever given as to why I had 4 positive tests. Will not be going back to any Northside hospital.

Stacey Miller

I had my baby here and the nurses and techs were incredible!! I would have given it 5 stars but I had one nurse during delivery who wasn't supportive at all. I should have asked for a new one. Besides her everyone took except care of me and my baby. Thank u!!

Scarlett Clark

Made my immunocompromised Mother wait in the Emergency room hallway, hours after being admitted while she had a raging and life-threatening infection. Won't be returning to this hospital.

Sonja Washington

There are not enough stars in the sky to rate this Hospital. My husband had his neck surgery here, and let me tell you, his family could not be by his side, but you best know, they had the right person caring for him from start to finish. We were met with a friendly staff of professionals who took excellent care of not just my husband, myself included. I did not leave his side through the whole surgery, I was given a pager and received updates during his surgery. After which, the staff made sure he was given A+++ attention so as not to be uncomfortable. I was give an area in his recovery room so to be able to stay close. I must say, Northside Hospital Forsyth should be given the TOP star for MOST UP MOST STAFF & true caring professionals. Thank you, The Washington's :-)

Stephen Mitchell

Beyond expected professional, clean, user friendly staff and easy parking. The place is super huge but staff makes everything easier and kind to everyone. Wow! I'm grumpy and like the place.....

Michelle Chronister

1993 I was here. Not for a good reason but everyone was amazing. My Doctors were the best. I am alive because of them.

Tommy H

Excellent care, great doctors and nurses.

gary mobley

Northside Hospital - Forsyth - Best Hospital I could ever hope for!! On 11/13/2018, I went to their Emergency room and found out that I had fractured my hip. From the time I step into their Hospital, all of the employees were professional and very helpful all the way until I was discharged, and especially my two super nurses on the 3rd. floor, Paula & Ingrid, and most of all Doctor Yarbrough (surgeon) & Ms. King (the finance dept). They were all SUPER to say the least. I’m so glad I went to this hospital during the worst medical day of my life, but it was a true blessing to have everyone I mentioned and everyone else to help me walk again. Thank You Northside Hospital - Forsyth Staff!!!… Sincerely, Gary Mobley

robert ruggiero

My wife was supposed to have a 1-1/2 surgery that lasted 3 hrs, I kept trying to get info on what was going on, but had to luck. Finally the pager went off for me to come to surgery and speak with the Dr. I was there within minutes at which time I was informed that Dr. Case got tired of waiting for me so he went to do some charts. I had to wait for quite a while before he would come and talk to me.

Lauren Martin

Negative stars would have been given if possible. I got to this page by searching "how to begin to file a lawsuit against Northside Hospital". I cannot even begin to try to describe to other people the pain and suffering my family has been through at the hands of MANY (like, dozens...) of completely incompetent and unqualified doctors, nurses, technicians, too many to count. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way trying to say that EVERY doctor, nurse and technician in that hospital is incompetent. Just a handful, but I don't think the people running the show at Northside understand how dangerous having even ONE bad doctor can be. By "bad doctor" I don't mean "has an attitude and doesn't make me feel welcome". No, I mean "doesn't change an 85 year old woman's bed pan (that's full of blood) for nearly 12 hours before an emergency colonoscopy, administers unnecessary medication - without first notifying family members OR the 85 year old patient - causing an adverse reaction that lead to the same patient having a stroke and needing to be transferred to intensive care" kind of bad doctor. And that is just ONE CASE of ONE PATIENT during the course of two different stays at this hospital, this year alone. Imagine your grandmother being taken to the ER, only to be given the wrong medication, and then watching her have a stroke right there in the hospital, surrounded by the doctors who prescribed it and the nurses who administered it. Now imagine your grandfather slowly wasting away in a dirty hospital room, only being checked on every 7 hours (we kept track of time), and being so neglected that his tongue dries up and breaks off, sitting in his mouth unnoticed by others for nearly 3 hours. All because a nurse was too busy to sponge his mouth with water every so often. Luckily, we were smart and kept records of the horrendous treatment my family has suffered at the hands of these people, and we are making every attempt to ensure the right people are held accountable for the suffering they have caused. If you have any other option, divert AWAY from this hospital. You will leave more broken than you arrived.

S wilkins

I was whisked away to this magical land for what I thought was diverticulitis. Upon entering this magical kingdom I was greeted by a cute triage male nurse. Dunno the name and who cares. Then another male nurse (again, dunno his name) who was slightly hotter than the last asked me to get undressed and put on the gown. No problems here. Male PA comes in and you guessed it, cuter than the nurse. The mother fkn doctor comes in looking like a young Sam Neill from Jurassic Park and at that point they'd given my two rounds of morphine. I looked over at my mother and said "is it a prerequisite to be hot to work here?" Highly recommend coming to this hospital to pay down your deductible because at least there is good eye candy nearby.

Estelle Steyn

The physicians and staff, at the ER and in the hospital itself, treated me with amazing care and understanding of my fears of the unknown. Dr Adam Friedlander especially comes to mind as he explained my results in terms that I could understand and showed empathy and understanding for what I was going through. Thank you for the care from the employees, nurses and even the person cleaning the room, on the 4th floor.

Mellissa H

My husband has been to this hospital a NUMBER of times over the last year for various surgeries. We have fantastic doctors but most of them are associated to this hospital so we come here. The nursing is extremely spotty in regards to care given. We've been blessed with some amazing nurses and we've had to deal with some of the worst. As the primary care giver for my husband for years I know his needs and what his doctors specifically want him and need him to do. Some of the nurses fail to realize that family members can be a key player in the patients success since WE take care of them. I've had nurses switch my husbands medicine and consult with doctors (none of which are my husbands doctors) that aren't specialist in those specific fields. I've also had a nurse almost dispense the incorrect medicine to my husband. Luckily I was there when she was dispensing his meds and asked her to explain what she was giving him. None of which were his and some could have killed him. This hospital needs to be more proactive in teaching their staff to allow the patients family to assist or at least be a sound board. We love our doctors but unfortunately when my husband is in the hospital it's a full time job for me. I have only been able to trust a handful of nurses.

James Verdi

I had an awesome experience at this hospital the several times I was there. Very efficient & friendly,

Heather Kegg

CRAZY!!! I would just like to express how unhappy I am with the bill I received! First, my husband and I had the exact same test and the only difference is the place where we went to get tested. There is a $700 difference between my cost and his and we have the exact same insurance! So, when he went he asked the check in lady what his copay was and she said "nothing your insurance will take care of it", REALLY?! NO! My copay was $63. So I thought well maybe they are better priced. NOT! We received a bill for $395 plus another for $75. So I call them up and asked if they can tell me why, when we both got the same test was there a $700 difference and she says "where did you go?" My reply was "there is a $700 difference just because he came there?" YUP! RIPOFF! No wonder people don't go to the Doctor! This is RIDICULOUS! Oh! And if you do the little estimate your cost on our website for this location the price is $148!!! SERIOUSLY

Donna Faulkner

Lydia did my breast MRI. Great technician!!! I was very apprehensive but felt very calm with her. She turned this experience around for me. My heartfelt thanks to you.

Grayson Carr

Just a warning for others... emergency room visits here cost $1870 just for signing in, and that doesn’t include any tests or treatment you might receive in the emergency room. I got a discount of $578 for having United insurance, but that still left me with a bill of $1292 since I have a HDHP. We were seen right away, and the staff and care was great, but I still think that cost is exorbitant, especially for a level IV ER, which can’t really do a whole lot.

Keegan Donegan

I've unfortunately had to spend a lot of the past few years here and have always been treated great. Not only that but they were always willing to work with me on the financial side as well.

Rhonda Liboy

I enjoy working at such a fine hospital.

Billy Jean

The wait time is terrible.

paul nicholas

visit for my Migraine 8/21/18 my ins did not cover the visit, I received the bill the end of the 2018 and set up payment arrangements for my $2125 2hr visit. now 10 months later and almost paid off and over a year later they send me another invoice separate from the first for $1000. how can this be legal! they will not negotiate on the amount due and i have no recourse? any other business would be chastised for billing one amount then billing more a year later.

Alyssa Igoe

Overall, my experience with this hospital was horrible! What is a providers first job? documenting the encounter. I had fallen and thought I had broken my back (couldn't feel the bottom of my feet), and it is no where in my records that a fall ever happened, also not documented in my records: the numbness of my feet, the bruising, or the swelling. I was diagnosed with a muscle spasm. Because of this incompetence, my insurance would not pay. I have literally had to move heaven and earth to get my medical records amended and 3 months later, I am still fighting.

Ben Zmolik

Hospital itself is great. Emergency room got me in quick. Only reason why I am giving this place 2 stars is because of bad business practices. My "doctor" immediately loaded me up with prescriptions for antidepressant pills. Im not depressed. I had a little trouble with hypochondria. I needed anti-anxiety if anaything. The pills made me feel absolutely terrible and as soon as I threw them away, I realized it. The "doctor" works for the hospital. The hospital is a business. That business needs revenue. How do they get said revenue? A lot of it is insurance. But most of it is big pharma pushing the hospitals to sell pills via a doctor's signature. I would have been on the anti-anxiety pills for about a week or 2 just to help me with this unexpected mental issue. Those damn depression pills? They would have me buying those for the rest of my life. Some people need em. Not me, I saw through that "doctors" bs.

Robert Eisenhardt

My spouse went into this hospital for 2 days and the staff and medical care was WONDERFUL, as good as Emory. Nursing staff went over the top to provide food and that little extra something so important. Doctors were all top notch, great bedside manners and more. My wife wishes to commend Neena and the night staff for performance and care. I do not know where the other reviews, so negative, came from - our experience was first rate. Update - ER visit this morning and staff was still as professional and caring as above. YES there will be those who have a bad experience as everywhere - but our time has been first rate. True visiting ER at 3:15 am cuts down traffic and they were slammed earlier the day before but ... once in, we had a fine experience. Recommend highly

Kim Bowdren

We went to the ER after the doctor at an Urgent Care Center nearby blew us off. Ralph at the desk and the nurse practitioner Jamie Root were fantastic and super friendly and calming in a stressed out situation. Northside, you have gems in these two gentlemen!

Emily Rouse

Great care, took forever.

Sean Hyde

So I was in the waiting room at north side in the cancer waiting room and nurse beth was pretty rude telling me coffee is for patients only okay that's fine but don't make a person feel worthless just because they want coffee isn't that one reason we pay taxes is for hospitals and stuff? Sorry ms beth we won't be drinking your coffee that you pay for anymore.

Melody Walker

Delivered my last baby here based on the hype of how awesome the women’s center was, etc. My room was clean. The food was palatable. The staff was nice. Ordinary hospital at best, but nothing fancy or extravagant about it like the reviews made it seem. Nevertheless, I’d return again if needed since my stay was a good one, but next time with an average expectation and maybe a packed lunch lol

Sydney Millicans

This was comical evening..........maybe not. I've felt horrible all day and got worse towards the evening. Lightheaded, numbness in my left arm and a weird feeling in my chest. So I headed to the emergency room. Here' where it get comical and bizarre. They did an EKG and drew blood right away before taking me into a room. I waited a while and the was taken to a room and then the nurse comes in and starts draw blood on me again and my wife says to him he's already given he takes the half vial and throws it away. Then starts to hook me up to do an EKG and we told him that had already been done so he stops. Wait for the results for the blood and EKG to come back ( took an hour)and was told I a urinary tract infection and they start to give me antibiotics via IV. The doctor comes in a few minutes later and lets us know that the antibiotics were for someone else and not for me and I don't have a UT infection and admits it was his fault. I wait for the doctor to come back and then my arm gets numb and asked my wife to check to see what the tightness was and discover that the blue rubber band the put on you arm real tight to draw blood is still on my arm and took it off. What they determined was that my sodium levels were dangerously low and then gave me a saline drip that made me feel better. My rating may be a little generous.

Larisse Cavalcante

I delivered my baby there and they made this moment an unforgettable beautiful experience for me! Everything was done well, with good timing. Great staff and A big applause for the nurses team, they made beyond their obligations and it makes me so thankful( specially Nicky).

Janice Buffkin

Ny uncle is there,all the nurses are very sweet and kind.My husband and I were there for several hours and we were impressed that the nurses would even ask if we needed anything. My uncle is being taken care of very well. His comfort comes first.

In MY Zone

This is about the hiring process. I am a veteran and I am in school for pre nursing. I've been filling out applications (20+ of them) for positions I'm more than qualified for. I filled out one recently and I got denied. Not even a week later the same position showed up that I had just been denied of. I really feel like because of my name or my veteran status that I'm being discriminated against. I called to try and seek knowledge on how I could be a better candidate and I was met with rudeness from one of the employees. They said I couldn't be helped in getting that knowledge and kept refusing to help me. If this is the kind of service I'm getting as a veteran with this organization I can only imagine how the patients are being treated. This has been very unpleasant and unprofessional. I really feel like because of my name and my veteran status that I'm being discriminated against and it's very disheartening.

Shane Gaines

If I could rate less than one star, I certainly would. The ER staff were more like a funeral staff. No sense of urgency whatsoever. We waited almost 2 hrs for this guy to tell us what we already knew. All we needed was reassurance, and a prescription. We saw 7 different people, not one of them twice. Including the "doctor". We waited for what seemed an eternity, for nothing. We won't be back.


I delivered my child here this year. The Labor and delivery unit was a complete joke and the manager did not have the gall to speak to me about my experience. The staff bickered and quarreled in my room. Did not accomodate me in any way whatsoever and left such a bad experience for our family on what should have been one of the most joyous days of our lives. We checked out after 24 hours and ran for the hills. I would under no circumstances return here to have a baby.


Until tonight, I had nothing but praise and good words to say about this facility. Over the past ten years or so twice we have had to go there and received what I would consider absolute top notch care. I was so impressed, and shared my opinion with many, when ever the subject came up. I honestly am not sure if I can share that opinion again. Admissions was great. They saw us right in and made me feel again I had made a good decision about bringing my wife there to be cared for. It was all downhill after that. If I could I would post the names of the people that gave us the shoddy services we received, but they never even bothered to introduce themselves. We received a no name nurse that was very impersonal. She either was having a bad night or just hates her job and my guess is the second. I am at a loss of why she is even there. We never saw a doctor at all, just a assistant. They were not at all busy or I would understand. What I don't understand is the lack of communication and overall care. The staff in the back was third world and way out of touch. I have no idea as of yet what my charges will be, but no kidding if its over $100 we are getting jacked. We left with nothing. Not even crutches. I had to carry my wife to bed when we got home literally. A Boy Scout could have performed the same services we received.


Dr zirkin is very kind and caring doctor.

Timothy Powell

The wait in the ER is horrible. The night shift nurses are hateful. I wouldn't bring a pet here.

Bill McDaniel

Typically a nice and clean hospital.

John Cown

I would give no stars if I could. I am a veteran and was having severe abdominal pain. Went to the ER and instead of them sending the bills to me or the VA the waited and sent to collections. Did not work with me and only against me. This is one of those hospitals that are only in it for money.

Sheila Rubino

The nursing staff in the ICU and the regular floor are nothing but top notch. So greatful for their care during a difficult time.

Wilmette Reid

I have been thoroughly impressed with the care provided and the Staff here at Northside Hospital @ Forsyth. Not only is the physical building very clean, beautiful, and comfortable, but also, all of the Staff have been kind, courteous, professional and quite knowledgeable. Kudos and much appreciate to Northside Hospital @Forsyth.

Anony Mous

The hospital staff is hit or miss. Just about all of the labor and delivery nurses are very kind and supportive, but the administration is absolutely horrible. The front desk staff upon check-in is rude and very snappy (a really terrible start to our visit when going into labor). The customer service employees are the worst (that is, if you can get through to talk to them after the message prompts and "we're not available right now" recordings). They don't all follow the same guidelines for allowing spouses to discuss the medical records. Some require just the bill number to talk about the billing, while others won't even discuss the bill unless it's the patient on the phone. During each of our multiple phone calls, all have been very rude and have cut us off mid-sentence to interrupt what we're saying. Be prepared to be billed multiple times throughout the year for the same visit, be sent to collections for the bills even though it is recorded in their system as in process of being resolved, and the frustrating process of talking to employees who refuse to help. We will never again visit Northside Forsyth due to their lack of respect and constant billing frustration. With our expanding family, we plan to deliver at Emory Johns Creek to receive the care and straightforward help we deserve.

Ian Murray

Fantastic staff in the women's center, (labor & delivery). My wife and I had our first son at this hospital and now we are having our second. Could not be happier!

Bethany Howard

Great service and staff. Middle of the night ER trip with tween child. Walked right in no wait very clean and new looking! Took vitals then straight to room. Less than 2 hours from walking in the door we are done and better.

Caia Collins

Today I went into the ER with my son from a dog bite that had me totally horrified. The nurses in the ER did amazing with my son and were willing to love on him while he wasn't feeling great. They were extremely supportive for me in my mental breakdown. They made me feel better about all of it and it went over so smoothly! Very grateful for all the nurses and doctors!

Greg Carter

I hope if you have services performed here you can afford to pay for them all at once or make a 50 dollar a month payment which is their guideline, that you have to pay 50 a month. Had blood work done there and it was over 400 I have been making payments every month I think I missed one month but they call 2 or 3 times a week and always threaten me with collection activity. I never want to do business with this hospital again. They are awful to work with for payments. Northeast GA I owe and they never call and threaten me cause I keep making payments which I have done with Northside. I have paid every month well today they said they were sending me to collections even though I have made payments this month.

Victoria Gilmore

My husband took me to the ER. I received excellent care from the Dr., PA, & RN. The front desk staff requested help for me right away. I have appts. with the Women's Healthcare Center. The Dr. & Staff there have been nice. We have appts. with Dr. Nayak for Sleep Apnea. Dr. Nayak & her staff have been great! We have been very pleased with the staff at this hospital. I feel confident that Dr. Johnson will perform my surgery well, when it's scheduled. We are thankful for this hospital being close to where we reside. My husband is RET. & we are Gulf War Veterans. We're sorry to read some of the bad reviews. (Especially the Veterans). Maybe, you should speak to the Patient Advocate?

elana hernandez

Everyone in the ER from the front desk admissions to the nurses, technicians, doctors and all staff that we interacted with were both kind, & professional. Very knowledgable and great communicators. Overall we felt welcomed and in very competent care. Given the fact that we ourselves were in a state of emergency, the cohesiveness of the manner in which this hospital was run, from our perspective left quite the impression. This was our first visit and we are very thankful to have discovered a hospital we can trust. Thank you Northside Hospital Forsyth!

Ric Cross

they killed my mother... brought her in 9am sent her to ICU found out she had a heart attack and was dying. I lost it did not expect that. my sister was there so I left the room and went to restroom to gather myself. came out leaned on the wall before going back in and head nurse came out and ripped me a new one for not going to the icu room or waiting room . I got to the entrance of the icu room paused before going in and another person from icu staff ripped me again so I went back into the room. I looked out the window and a cop went by, I said to my sister " they didn't call the cops on me did they"? sure enough when I left the room he ripped me yet another. got her into a room and they decided the scales didn't work on the bed and they were going to have to hoist her up and weigh her. she was crying from all the moving they were forcing on her. finally around 7pm everyone left and I was able to get her what I thought was sleep but she was actually dying. she pasted at 9pm and the complete disregard for her life they cause another heart attack by stressing her out all day!

Aubrey Perez

Every time I have been to this ER it was a good experience the wait times were short and the rooms are nice. The staff has always been Pleasant. Also, I had my baby boy here in June 2018 and the Labor and Delivery unit is beautiful all of the staff I encountered were amazing I felt like I was at a 5star hotel. I was here for 4 days as a patient and my baby was in the NICU for 1 month and the whole NICU staff doctors and nurses were the best they took such good care of my baby while I wasn’t there and there is one nurse for every 2-3 babies depending on how crowded the NICU is. But my baby got a lot of attention. I would never go to any other hospital.

Derek Turney

I just came home from a total hip replacement this morning and have to say that the surgery center at Northside Forsyth is the best in the business. Everyone I encountered was polite, friendly, helpful and very competent. The surgery center is super organized, they are a well oiled machine. If you need any kind of elective surgery, I would highly suggest having it done at Northside Forsyth.

Michael Greenberg

I came to the emergency room with severe pain from a kidney stone. I was very impressed with the efficiency of the front desk as well as the nursing and medical staff. Dr. Sherry Brock and the nurse, Amy, could not have been any better. Thank you.

Isabella Lovegood

Everyone there was very nice and the cost was not too much overall I love Forsyth ER they are very caring


This facility and all of the medical and administrative staff exceeded my expectations by far. Let's be honest, thanks to the previous presidential administration, our healthcare system is a joke. Not this hospital though. I have had suicide headaches for 10 years and classic migraines since 2001. I've had brain surgery, radiofrequency nerve ablation, repeated epidurals, experimental treatments, etc. Not to mention that I have fired 7 neurologists, 5 neurosurgeons, and 4 of the top 25 headache specialists in the world because of their ineffective treatments, inhuman bedside manner, poor treatment solutions, inept staffmembers,... well, you get the idea. I live on the other side of Gainesville and chose to give NHS Forsyth a shot at the worst attack I've ever experienced. I could barely form words or walk. I will drive past Gainesville, Atlanta, and Gwinnett to visit this facility when necessary. I highly recommend this facility. If you have a serious condition, this is where you want to be. They treated me like family. Thanks to the hospital staff for making my visit a memorable one.

Allen Hamilton

My wife gave birth here last week (July 5) and we were so impressed with this hospital that here I am writing a review. Everyone that we encountered, and I literally mean everyone--from the people who changed the trashcans to the OB (Dr. Lady) who delivered our baby--were absolute professionals and exceedingly kind to us. The midwife was as good as they get and the nurses were perfect. One in particular, Ashley, (we were in room 211 if anyone from the hospital reads this) was incredible with my wife in helping her breast feed. She was a godsend. I could never say enough nice things about this hospital and would unequivocally recommend it to anyone who is trying to decide where to have their baby. Allen

Vijaya Saradhi P

No care for patients, slow in handling emergencies and very inappropriate billing behavior. Never going to visit again

K Thomas

Waiting over an hour at 5am for a standing order for blood work is ridiculous especially when your child has severe anxiety and especially since we have been coming here for 3 years. Your staff has the sense of urgency of a slug.

Carrie Hawkins

The people who work there are very nice. The billing department is very bad. They try to bill you twice hoping to get away with it. Time to report them for fraud.


Been here for hours and have yet to be seen, and according to the nurse we went be any time soon. Terribly managed. Can this even be called an ER if nothing is treated as an emergency by staff?

Robin Freeman

I have been to the ER there ~ 5 times in the last two years with my geriatric mother. Every occurrence was the best possible experience, considering that they were all ER situations. Couldn't be happier with the check-in process and the care that my mother got from the nurses and the Drs. Everyone was so professional and nice. Appreciate the entire staff!

Allie Araya

All the staff from 4 tower neuro floor are amazing, have taken an amazing care of my daughter.

Trudy Clayton

The staff and facility are clean positive and friendly I had a wonderful experience here with all the PT staff All the physical therapists are very educating and very nice I am glad I got to know everyone I will definitely refer my clients to Janice Becky Tammy and Laura

Angeles Garrido

I took my father that is in the battle with Cancer to the ER and everyone was very helpful. This hospital is 40 mins away from home but I rather drive that far then use the one in town that is so called the number #1 hospital in North Ga.

Sarah Phillips

The labor and delivery is amazing! They followed my birth plan to the tee! The renovations are amazing anything you can imagine it was an amazing labor thanks to the kind people and the amazing atmosphere! I recommend this to every pregnant woman this is he place to go I went to 4 different hospitals and this was #1!

Frances Callen

I went for a CTA scan for appt at 8:30. Was told to get there early at 7:30. When staff got there at 8:15, I let her know my scan was at 8:30. She told me to take a seat and wait. At 8:45, I asked if she knew how long it would be and was told someone would be with me shortly. I was confused because I was literally the only person in the waiting room. By 9:15 nobody came so I asked again and reminded her my appt was at 8:30. Finally, at 9:45 someone came for me. The gentleman that did the scan mentioned to me he was wondering where his 8:30 patient was. ARE YOU KIDDING ME... I told him that i had been waiting since 7:30. He said he had been waiting. A real lack of communication between hospital staff. A really stressful experience. 2.5 hours.

Sandra Baxter

inhumane way to treat patients.


Very glad to discover a hospital that's beyond our expectation. The staff ( ER, front desk, admissions to the nurses, technicians, doctors) we interacted with were both very kind, & professional. We felt welcomed at every stage of emergency visit. The nurses especially are god sent! Thank you Northside Hospital Forsyth!

ashley johnson

The worst hospital.... they don’t seem to be educated. It’s scary.

Susan Rettig

From ER to hospital stay staff were kind, considerate and respectful. They make a stressful situation much easier. The facilities are spotless and very accommodating. I will never go to NE GA AGAIN!

Pastor Edwin R Pino

Every time you go to the hospital they send you home without a clear answer, really disappointed, never saw the Doctor... if you really want to get kill legally and with a high bill I’ll suggest you come over this is a great

Undisclosed Location

Cumming area needs some competition to this overly bureaucratic, money maker. I spent the better part of the past year getting random bills sorted for services last year. The billing dept. is tough to communicate with and incredibly vague. It took them almost 12 months to finally start sending mail to my correct address.. I could tolerate it as medical staff aren't bad. Today, I had to simply pick up a sample kit and drop off. Pickup was fast. Past experience with exact same test, drop off would be 15 min max. No..not with NHF..No they need to have you wait to register with a bureaucrat, require a band on your wrist, and wait an hour...just to find out you didn't need to be there waiting to confirm anything. All up, 1/4 of a day for a REALLY simple exercise. I will be watching my billing on this as I found the entire experience brutal.

Linda Bell

The nurses, techs, PT, OT, Speech, food and cleaning staff on the 5th floor PCU were absolutely AMAZING! My father had the best care and we couldn't be more grateful! Thank Emerald, Kara, Alexis, Eddie, John and everyone else who was so wiling to love our dad! You all made it possible for him to move on to rehab!!!!

geidi rodriguez

My friend came here for a medical emergency and she quickly received medical attention and they treated her very well. The doctors here were very respectful and careful.

You Do It

I had my son here and care was wonderful! My sister was in ICU here with kidney failure from a reaction to ibruprophen. They saved her life! She is healthy with no problems! Excellent facility! Very knowledgeable!

Sherri Bell

The entire experience was pleasant. The staff are so friendly and personable.

Tina Cohen

i have NEVER in my life had such WONDERFUL caring nurses in a hospital , this was the most amazing hospital (ICU) department and staff of nurses EVER.. I've been in many and they were outstanding, loving, compassionate and your FRIEND in time of need. Virginia, Becky, Julie, Janice and then entire staff in the ICU was amazing, i cannot rave enough and thank them for their LOVE and care during this time. for all of us... thanks you so much GREAT HOSPITAL!!!!!!

Ashley Jasman

I was admitted to Northside Forsyth less than 8 hours ago, so I will continue to update my review. However, I really don’t expect anything less than the absolute wonderful care and respect I’ve been treated with since I arrived last night! I have Crohn’s - a chronic, debilitating, extremely painful, emotional disease (diagnosed 16 years ago), and I’ve been treated in hospitals in over 3 states, by multiple specialists, and more RNs to even count. Y’all— I have NEVER met such a kind, compassionate and experienced / extremely informative hospital staff as I have here. I’m blown away! There has been little to no wait on absolutely anything - procedures, labs, x-rays, medicine, Drs and RNs, all are extremely on point! I wish I could remember everyone’s name and thank them all individually. Right now, I can only thank the amazing ED staff on duty last night (Halloween night) — and the X-Ray staff (a wonderful woman with beautiful red hair).... terrific ED Dr, just everyone! And thank you so very much for the Staff on the 3rd Floor, Pulmonary area: Charge RN Katrina, my RN Becky, PCT Tasneem. A very special thanks to Dr. Childs who is the IMS Dr on call. He was in my room before the PCT could even get me some water, he stayed for quite awhile answering my questions, informing me, making changes to my care for the best. And so empathetic! Dr. Childs even got a laugh from me, calmed my fears, told me to not worry but to get some rest (bc I knew I looked absolutely scared). He told me what to expect and really provided the information I needed as well as a lot of kind, emotional support. So far, hands down, the BEST hospital I’ve ever been in. Very immaculate and clean, I definitely don’t feel like a “chart” or a “patient number,” I actually feel like everyone is treating ME. This is such a blessing! If I have to be in a hospital, at least I’m here. Thanks so very much, Northside Forsyth!!

James Davis

This place is horrific. My spouse went in for a procedure and the WRONG procedure was performed (general anesthesia was even done when local anesthesia would have worked). After learning from our very furious doctor that this was the wrong surgery, we filed a complaint and their medical review board determined that the "services were appropriate"!!! They have the audacity to keep sending us bills also! Additionally, contacting this place to request medical records is absolutely impossible. We dealt with no less than three surly, unfriendly, angry people who made this horrible situation even worse. The amount we owe is very little; it is the administration and the doctors' irresponsibility that have made this a bone of contention for us. We will most definitely be looking for legal representation to challenge this nightmare and DO NOT RECOMMEND this institution AT ALL!

Guss Admi

Nurses make all the difference.

David McGinley

Not at all happy with my Mom's care there. The nurses were all very nice and caring but had five different nurses over an eight day stay with her release on the ninth day. There was no context to why she was there, transferred from one nurse to the next and had to explain to each one every time there was a new nurse when I was able to get up each day. I'm assuming the Electronic Medical Record System does not allow for that or it just wasn't entered daily. The Physical Therapy was less than optimal, as they considered having my Mom walk around the bed once with a walker as Physical Therapy instead of getting her walking the halls or doing something for more than three minutes of Physical Therapy. Other than that there was not much done. Sitting in a bed for 23 hours and 57 minutes in not helpful for a 79 year old woman. I was also sincerely disappointed that the Administrator of the hospital who used to live in my Mom and Dad's neighborhood who's husband served on the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood with my Dad for several years and were friends never returned my outreach contact.

Tom Stasio

I don't know how anyone gives thos hospital 5 stars. Brought my friend here for an outpatient sugery. Supposedly an hour surgery with roughly an hour of admission procedure and an hour of recovery. Arrived at 9:45. She was told surgery at noon. Several times she confirmed this. But once in pre-op we are told 1pm. At just after 2 pm I'm told an hour and i can come sit with her, she was in recovery. It is now 4:20. They said they are waiting on a room. What? This place is disorganized. Edit... Now I am in room with my friend and find out that there was an issue that could have kept her here longer, maybe even over night. Seriously... how was I not being informed when we covered that i was to get an update if there was any issue. I also find these rooms pretty lousy and uncomfortable. I would rather be at Emory, despite their overpriced care.

Opal Canup

Despicable they killed our moma and didnt try to fix the mistakes?

Mason Caine Golf

Well my mother is a labour and delivery nurse, and we go to them for all of our needs. Everyone here is nice and the doctors treat you with lots of respect. I would tell anyone to go here for any medical reasons.


My husband went to the ER for a very serious eye problem which was misdiagnosed as "pink eye" even though he was very specific about his medical history. All they did was look at his eye and say, "You have pink eye." They did not investigate any further. He has a serious auto immune disorder which is accompanied by major eye issues. But they refused to use their medical knowledge to diagnose correctly. This mistake could have cost him his vision in one eye. Then they overcharged us $150 stating that our deductible was $250 when we knew it was only $100. We told them it was only $100, but they insisted they were right. We are waiting for our refund STILL!!!

Tina Fusco

Just had a complete hysterectomy and removal of a cantaloupe sized tumor that was on my ovary on Wednesday. I just wanted to state that this was the best hospital experience I have ever had. The hospital is clean and the staff waited on me hand and foot. The nurses were great and Dr. Salmieri was great. The only downside--the food is awful. I would use this hospital again and recommend it to anyone.

Thomas McCollum

Staff in er was great but have been trying and screenshot my call log for over three weeks and started doing my own recording of the calls financial department will not pick up there lines except to immediately hang up on you. Guess they don't care about getting paid.

soo lim

There ER staff is super rude and unpleasant. There is not a hint of kindness in them. For them it’s a “job” they clock in and out to. The level of caring between Northside Forsyth and Dunwoody is SO huge. I’d rather drive an additional 20mins to go to the dunwoody location where they truly care about their patients.

William Mccauley

Longest wait most unprofessional staff. They're trying to charge me for sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours. Which combined I could go to Six Flags the aquarium and out to dinner still having money left over from what they charge me. They were more worried about getting my driver license then my condition. In case of an emergency, I will drive to another medical facility .

E. Day

The time is currently 4:04am I arrived to the ER at 11:00pm, I’m currently still sitting in the waiting room with a bloody 7 year old. Although I realize some life/death situations take priority, but this is absolutely absurd! The ER staff was very nice and very apologetic about the wait, it still doesn’t change the fact that I or anybody for that matter should wait for care thus long. Take note Northside Forsyth, next time you decide to do a system switch over please make sure everyone is properly trained on using it and maybe launch it on a week day.....


Just spent a couple of days as an inpatient at Northside Hospital Forsyth and was amazed that everyone I came in contact with, from the doctors to the housekeeping staff, was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and respectful. I mean everyone. Very impressive. I would recommend this facility to anyone.


Wow, Avoid Northside and go somewhere else if you can. I went to the emergency room and they wanted payment before they would treat me. Whatever!!! Bandage was so tight It was cutting off circulation (turning purple), so I had to re-bandage it myself. Luckily I knew to do this, imagine if someone else didn't know, especially a kid. Stitches were not done quite right according to my follow up with an Emory doctor, although he said it would be okay in the long term. And of course I overpaid so they owe me a refund per the contract with my insurance company, but all I get is the runaround any time I call to check on the status of my refund. I assume I'll be lucky if I ever receive a refund. IMO, I would go somewhere else if you can. Edit: I googled Northside Hospital and refunds. I was struck by a statement I read from someone stating that in their experience it takes an act of congress for Northside to issue a refund. I'll update my review if/when I ever receive a refund. Edit #2: Finally received my refund after roughly at least 10 calls to Northside and 4 calls to my Insurance company.

Trent Trilla

Nurses are great, but some doctors are questionable, either in practice or professionalism!

susan paperno

The best emergency room in the area... far better than it's sister hospital in canton. They have always treated me with the utmost respect, which is something rare these days.

Mark Gibson

Would rate it 10 stars if I could. From the ER,housekeeping, food ,respitory,nurses thru the doctors I cannot over exaggerate how impressed I was with the group. And I am very picky. A great,great,great hospital. Any patient complaining here may be a chronic whiner.

Sheira Tranae

I rushed here from work on a Friday afternoon while having painful contractions. I was disappointed at first because there was no one at the admissions desk for check in at labor and delivery. There was a sign up that said she’d be back. There was 1 other woman waiting to be checked in as well. The receptionist appeared 15 minutes later and was apologetic. She said no one had checked in for hours so she ran to do something. Other than that, this place is quick, attentive, and just phenomenal. I ended up staying for 3 days to prevent preterm labor and the nurses were amazing. Especially Dawn and Nicky! It felt nothing like being in a hospital. Thank you all for taking care of me. I’m happy to know this is where I will give birth.


Very slow staff, seems like everyone here is draging their feet.. When there is such time delay and apperantly they know about it because their administration person came in and said "ER is just like that, it takes more time here" so they are used to that broken clock culture.. It is not ok to spend 4-5 to get one MRI or CAT scan.. if patient damand is problem, HIRE more STAFF. The nurse and admin staff very dissmissive as it seems its typical practice for them. AWFUL experience.

Ajoke Etomi

My daughter who is 5 came to the emergency room for a nose bleed and all we got was a terrible and awful service feom the nurses to the nurse practitioner that saw us. This is supposed to be a hospital but all the staff members with the exception of the people at the front desk did their job right. WHAT AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE FOR A SUNDAY.!!!!!

Nasreen Osmani

My Dr is very good .neat and clean hospital.

Sarena Perez

If less stars were possible, I would give them that. The hospital staff, whether the phone reps or doctors, are absolutely horrendous. They are dismissive, laugh things off, don’t take patients serious, and are flat out liars. They told my family member she was well enough to go home, and she’s gotten progressively worse. They also said they couldn’t diagnose her, but then proceeded to give us discharge papers on bronchitis and tips on how to stop smoking. My family member does not smoke. In addition, when having a question over the phone, the representive cut me off and told em to hold on, only to get back on the line laughing asking “so did you have a question or something?”. This place needs to have their staff wiped clean. Expect several lawsuits.

Erica Gaines

One of our twins had a fever and couldn't sleep . We got both girls at 10:30 pm and came to the emergency room. We are very disappointed with the staff and care here . We had to wait forever even though they weren't very busy and the staff had aweful bedside manners .. We won't be coming here again .

Dianne Husband

I did not want this in Google form but I don’t know how to reach the top docs regarding Northside Fortsth i’m probably not spelling it correctly but I’ll change it later there is a particular doctor there at the spine unit Dr. Osborne and he is forever faithful Pa Jeffrey Trimble God sent God sent miraculous team together this man that Dr. Osborne is so gentle and quiet and brilliant and sacrificed his vacation cut it short after my surgery when I started having problems fly back from Massachusetts I’m in Atlanta Georgia flew back to Atlanta to Northside to make sure that something didn’t go drastically wrong but he wanted to be there if it was this was like at 5 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon his PA Mr. Trimble assisted his every move he also was on vacation true people true medical people the emergency staff when I came in I’m a bring up their names later I was screaming from the pain I was not cooperative at all I was hitting everybody I was in so much pain it took them an hour just to get me on the gurney never Lost patients treated me like I was the presidents wife thank you all the nursing staff in emergency the nursing staff on the second and eighth floor for the spine unit everyone where am I had no matter what time it was mainly because you’re in pain they were right there what can I do for you Mrs. Husband what can I do for you I am beyond tears and beyond grateful these people help me walk again these people help me get rid of arthritis and cancer with I hope you feel better and if there’s anything else we can do here’s the phone number direct in the hospital so clean this staff this is just wonderful I can go on anon best place to be for whatever problem you have thank you guys thank you all big thank you Dr. Osborne

Russ Sanders

Great place

Sandra Heard

Awful ER experience! Basically checked in and ignored. They did a chest X-ray and forgot about me. Didn’t do stats or anything until I spoke up. Very sick and not the help I was hoping for!

David Deal

I love this hospital. They aren't perfect, no hospital is. But I stayed there a week last year and have have several procedure there, all went as well as expected.

Tonya O'Brien

I have to say that I had a great experience in Northside hospital of Forsyth. The nurse's I had were wonderful so was the Drs and physical therapist. Thank you for your awesome hospitality. I would recommend this hospital to my friends and family.

Frank Roberts

After 25 years working in medical education this is the finest hospital I have ever seen,and I have seen hospitals all over the world. The care shown to patients by the staff is exemplary. Thank you Frank Roberts

Cate Bloom

I waited hours for stitches at the other northside - nurses were rude and horrible. When I drove here... whole different experience!! Walked right in, everyone was nice, it was clean!!!! Will only come here now on!

peggy mcdaniel

The staff on the 5th floor was verry nice and my Dr. Kakkar Was very professional and Amazing

Margaret Jones

Recently, I had to call 911 for myself and ended up at Northside Forsyth. It was an incredible three days full of love, love, love and extremely kind, professional care. The following list includes as many staff members that I could notate for recognition: Dr. Ha, Cindy Seay, Lilia, Victor, Chris, Mimi, Matinta, Cathy, Dr. Beach, Dr. Heit, Tonya, Heather, Kayla, Colleen, Dr. Kakkar, Dr. Kheptal, Dr. Nguyen, Jamie Tobell, Laura Hamilton, Kendra My thanks to everyone who aided me through those three days of physical and emotional pain. You are the best! M. B. Jones

Jean Ambrose

Pretty good but not for broken bones. They missed a second broken bone in my grandson`s arm and missed (because the did not x-ray only observed) my 1 year old grandson`s leg for a pocket fracture. Caused dfac to come to my home when he had to go back, for the x-rays and a trip to Scottish Rite`s Children`s hospital.

Ansley Segraves

Northside Forsyth ER has been getting worse over the years, and have hit their all time worst for me. They are quick, but i went in with a broken foot and got no medicine for the pain, they overlooked possible bad vitals, and actually made me walk out on my broken foot after giving me incredibly vague directions for care until I saw an orthopedic Dr. Would have been better waiting another few hours and gone to an urgent care facility. Drive right by and go to another Hospital, Probably my last time there.

Robert Altshuler

I've had 3 experiences as a Patient. Each has been pleasant. The only complaint is that I was sick. The needles were sharp & pointy, the beds were horizontal, the Doctors & Nurses were vertical.

Iris Deidalina

the best nurses ever they truly care about you i had a still born baby and i was devastated they did whatever was possible for me to feel good love this place

Jessica Wimbush

Waited in the ER for over 2 hours before being moved to a room. Once in room they felt the source of pain and told me to contact a surgeon. I was given a very mild Tylenol through IV (I say mild because I am home and still in pain) and sent on my way. The staff that work in the back rooms were polite.

Luke Wyatt

Northside is a private for-profit company. They're not here for care, they're here to turn people's sickness and accidents into money. They offer excellent service, but they'll itemize everything in between to run up the charges and try to tack on un-needed services.

Colton Zierl

My father clumsily fell into a creek and injured his shoulder. The excellent service and knowledge of all the experts at Northside Hospital far exceeded all of our expectations and quickly got my father in for examination and was able to get him on the path to recovery. Thank you, everyone that helped!


I would not even gave this hospital one star however the program would not let me publish my comments without one. The Emergency Room is the worst in the country. They stood around and gossiped the whole time we were there. I had to flag them down over six times. If you value your life do not go there!!!!! Oh by the way, they didn't even do anything for us but give us a bill!!

Kenneth Daigle

Went to er with server neck and left arm pain and they only wanted to give me pain meds and not find the problem they said they don't do that in the er

Elena Littles

Amazing nursing staff and great facility!

Dawn Bingham

I just returned from Northside Forsyth Hospital after gall bladder surgery. This is probably the best hospital experience I’ve ever had.I arrived at 5:30 am. Everyone and I mean everyone was so kind, caring,happy to help me, put me at ease, make me comfortable. These people were extremely professional while still showing interest in my care and well being. Smiles, they were smiling at 5:30 am and seemed HAPPY doing their job. I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. I was seen at their ER 10 days ago at 2:30-3 am for a gall bladder attack. I saw the same attitude at the ER as in the surgical unit. Also, everything was sparkling clean in the whole hospital, no dust anywhere, furniture, lights window chills. No crud in the corners of the room where someone did’nt bother to clean .no nasty carpet. For those who cannot give this hospital five stars, go to another hospital and experience that care. I’ve had several surgeries regarding my pacemaker/defibrillator over the past 4 years.I thought those hospitals and staff were really good, including Vanderbilt (now my no. Two rated) in Nashville TN. NOTHING COMPARES TO THIS PLACE.

Noelle Davenport

Clean, Excellent, Polite, Respectful service from everyone, from the housekeepers to the nurses. Will definitely go back for baby #2! :) (Addendum.... we were actually at the Northside ATLANTA campus, not Forsyth, though I'm guessing they are excellent too :))


My Dad injured his rotator cuff on Sunday May 27 and I wanted to let you know that every single person we encountered from the entry staff to the PA to the emergency technician were absolutely fantastic. The nurse even called to us on our way out to the parking lot to clarify some information about one of the meds my husband was prescribed. This hospital was exceptional.

Audrey Whatley

I came to the ER for terrible pains related to an ectopic pregnancy. The entire 3 days I was there everyone was so wonderful and helpful not just with the recover from surgery, but emotionally they took the time to constantly check in and give me hugs when I really needed it. I have never encountered a better staff. Northside you are doing something right. Thank you for everything.

Samantha Shelton

Most polite and considerate staff in any hospital ever!! They were so friendly and helpful. Definitely a great ER to go to in the event of an emergency!!

Aliyah S.

I waited over 8 HOURS to be seen (arrived at 11pm, didn’t get seen until 7am). Only 4 people total were waiting. Everyone downstairs were all great. The problem was with the internal medicine doctors. Not only was there a lot of miscommunication between them, but every time I talked with the doctors we’d have an established plan, then the nurses would come back and say the doctors either ordered or changed something we never discussed. This happened every single day. I was constantly in pain, and symptoms never improving. They ordered tests I clearly couldn’t do and they would’ve known had they discussed it with me prior to ordering it. They also kept trying to force medications on me that I couldn’t take and that were clearly listed on my allergy list. Clearly they never looked at my allergy list because they’d come in daily with medications that were on the list. The last straw was when the doctor changed a medication to one that was CLEARLY listed on my allergy list, and said he wasn’t going to change it. I ordered to be AMA because I truly believed this hospital was going to either kill me or do permanent damage to my body. The charge nurse came in and asked why I was going AMA, I told her and she shrugged and said “sorry” and left. I went to a different hospital. They were able to identify the issue IMMEDIATELY without trying to run excessive tests that would worsen my symptoms. When I told the doctors at the other hospital what tests they were trying to run and their course of action, they were very bothered and confused as to why they were running those types of tests/medications. Now I’m doing a lot better and without excessive testing or forced medications. I wouldn’t suggest this hospital to my worst enemy. I’ll be filing a full complaint and possible lawsuit against this hospital. Even some of their 5 star ratings is just about food. This hospital is terrible.

Samantha Williams

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER go to this hospital. The doctors are extremely incompetent and can't really even treat patients. They treat you like you are extremely stupid after making you wait around for 2 hours in pain. They don't care about patients at all. Whatever you do. AVOID it!


I had to stay there for over a month. Best place to have a baby. Fantastic nursing staff.

Georgia Hall

The staff I have dealt with are wonderful. Unfortunately the departments are so disconnected from one another that you walk away feeling the hospital is unprofessional, incompetent and doesn’t give a damn about people. Third visit, third strike. Never going back.

Danielle Preis

Horrific bedside manner.

Brittney Beckman

My best birthing experiences were at this hospital! Caring staff, friendly nurses and a lot of resources for new mothers

Melissa Alsup

The staff is very caring, compassionate and efficient at getting you proper treatment.

Ashley E

Extremely poor communication. Spent an entire day there after being admitted for kidney stones on just saline solution. Waste of money and time.

American Viking

Absolutely the worst . Does not take the time to honestly figure out what is going on .

David Leras

Update: It has been 15 hours since the ER doctor agreed to admit my wife, which we prompted her to do, and we still have not seen a doctor. The ER gave no orders at all and we had to wait until a hospitalist came in this morning to get an idea of what is going on. In all seriousness, there is no reason to stay at this hospital unless you are bleeding to death in their parking lot. OP: My wife had abnormal cardiological issues and when we got to the ER the nurses and doctors wrote it off as a panic attack. Even after there were markers in her blood work pointing to a potential heart attack. They didn't follow up on her medication or pain levels even after four hours of waiting. I had to hook her equipment back up after each of the tests they took her out of the room for. Basically this place is not worth risking your life to go to, head to any hospital other than Northside. On a side note, the place was a ghost town for the first four and a half hours we were there.

Crisis Langdon

Waited for over 5 hours in the ER. The staff ran lab tests from triage. They even started taking vitals in the waiting room. I was there with my mother who was having sever nausea, dizziness and vomiting. She is 3 months post op from a craniotomy and never got to see a Dr. Was instructed to not take anything for her symptoms despite having medication on hand. I understand a hospital being understaffed but running vitals in a waiting room is ridiculous. And making a 70 year old woman wait for 5 hours without any medical attention for what could have been a very serious condition is unethical. Ended up leaving just so she could get some relief.

Kimberley Perez

Good place caring kind and took their time to the family with telling what was wrong thanks

William Grahl

This Hospital was so nice and clean! I was so pleased and impressed with this staff of nurses and assistants they left no stone unturned each nurse walked up to me and introduced themselves before they gave assistance. I had outpatient Total knee replacement surgery and it was a breeze!

George Jacobbe

I have been there a number of times. I found all of the people to be very nice, very polite and very helpful.

Amanda Abrams

Wonderful Experience!!!!!! The doctors and nurses at this hospital are amazing. They took wonderful care of our son in the NICU. Great bedside manner.


This Hospital is the greatest place in Forsyth County and the staff's are awesome I highly recommend it

saugato majumdar

Highly unprofessional staff in the Patient services desk. Had to wait 35 mins after checking in while people who arrived after me were called ahead. On enquiring they accepted that 2 people ahead of me were called ahead. Everyone seems to be in training. Starting from the front desk person, to the registration lady to the nurse. Everyone is either being trained or providing training.

James Anon

The incompetence here is insane. They somehow had me marked as a high-alert suicidal emergency. Not a single person listened to what I had to say. They wanted to strip me down and take urine and blood samples. I refused and thought it was disgusting that the doctor wanted to treat me like some specimen when he had no idea what is going on. I half-expected to be forcibly drugged. I really wanted to just leave, but at this point, I was envisioning being shot and killed if I tried to walk out the doors. This isn't me being melodramatic, that was an actual thought that went through my head while I was there. They had a nurse put a chair directly in front of my room and she sat down with a pad and pen just staring at me the entire time. Not a single person that came to speak to me had the decency to close the door behind them. They just let everyone in the hospital hear me sobbing. What is probably the best part of it all, is the psychiatrist that I finally got to see after hours of waiting. Of all the people in world, they sent some psychiatrist with the personality of a paper towel to the "high-alert suicidal patient". I seriously have been traumatized by this experience. The most incompetent, oblivious, impassive group of people that i've ever personally witnessed.

Greg Garton

Took my wife to the ER shortly following a car accident. The nurses were fantastic and it was the best experience we could ever hope for. The Doctors and PAs had great bedside manner as well and explained everything so we could both understand it. Another noteworthy aspect of our visit was that the waiting area was beyond full and their entire system from inprocessing to discharge was among the smoothest that I have ever experienced. We do need to give some credit regarding the dreaded "wait times"....this emergency department is the only one treating a very large community that continues to grow and I think the staff do a wonderful job.

CarCraft Classics

My name is Phil. Wanted to share an experience that I had at this hospital. Chef Dave in the cafeteria took the time to whip up a fresh meal just before closing. Doesnt sound like much but at that moment my wife needed a warm meal and he came thru with flying colors. Food was delicious but his act of kindness was even better.

Neo Trinity

They were very short with me and acted like they were judging me. I was given the wrong diagnosis AND wrong medications. When I asked for something for my pain the man came in with a smile telling me the pills were norcos over and over. I dont know what norcos are and he didn't bother explaining. I have seizures and have taken pills for that but over never abused them. The next day I was so sick i couldn't hold down even water. I was in so much pain I didn't leave my bed. Then a person here called to tell me the pills they gave me wouldn't help, no kidding... neither did any of you! DISGUSTING! The people of forsyth county deserve better than this. I had my husband and our son with us and we were baffled about their attitude. I'd rather die than go back here.

Hunter Dampier

My girlfriend is a type 1 diabetic and she was admitted after she was diagnosed with pneumonia. North side hospital started treating her like she was a type 2 diabetic. She was not allowed to give insulin before she ate for her carbs which was causing her blood sugars to go sky high. The fact of the matter is Northside hospital does not know the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetic, so the decisions that the doctors made put her more at risk of going into a diabetic coma.


Hospitals Suck (in general)! But the service couldn't be any better at Northside Forsyth. I'll try and make this short and sweet. Went to Piedmont Urgent care , also awesome, (on hwy 9 near Target in Milton) after sudden sever stomach pain that was more aching than sharp. I had been throwing up since 2pm and went to see them at 5pm. When I arrived I wasn't there more than 2 minutes before I ran to the bathroom and puked again. They took me right back, gave me anti- nausea meds and the doc was in quick. Doc did a quick eval said it's your appendix, get to the hospital. I show up at Northside Forsyth and was wincing in pain, probably an 9/10, I could barely walk. They took me back within 5 minutes, felt like 20 minutes, admitted me and got me on an iv, drew some blood, and got me pain meds. Doc came back said you have a high white blood cell count. It's probably appendix as we all assumed let's get you more pain meds and back to get at ct scan. They got me a scan quick and said it was in fact my appendix and they starting prepping me for surgery. The surgeon came in, talked to me said we are good to go. The lady from billing came back went over some stuff and was super sweet and helpful. (We all know what the bill will look like) all the nurses were awesome as well. They got me right into surgery around 11ish and we were done and I was coming to around 1145. Everything was super quick and relatively painless. The OR staff and prep staff were super friendly and were very professional. Went to recovery where I was required to stay till about noon the next day. The staff in recovery was also great even during staff changes everything went seemless.the people that take blood were quick and efficient. They food was hospital food and the staff that gets the food were super cooperative and even asked if I want extras (within my diet retraints). The discharge was a little drug out but they always are. Also everyone (staff) I met in the halls were awesome and very friendly. Overall, should I ever need to go to a hospital this one would be my first choice! Great patient care with a smile. Never seemed bothered when I needed assistance. Thanks again to the multiple teams that helped in my recovery. Nick Grieme

Ali Aykilinc

I was there Emergency matter. I was in lots pain. After ultrasound they said nothing emergency about my pain. They advised me to see specialist. It was Friday. Now i am all weekend with pain. Also doctor was rude. He didn't even look at me when he was talking. By the way my bill was $2100 with no insurance. I know hospital needs to make some profit, too. But i believe patient health comes before money :(

Heather Carlson

I have always had a great experience with this hospital. From the staff to the billing department. Until today that is. Today, I had the most unpleasant person in the billing department that I have ever dealt with in my life. I understand billing people are used to getting the run around from folks not wanting to pay their bill etc. But when you call to pay your bill and have questions on it because it is not an itemized statement and I thought I had already paid in full and you get someone rude and hateful on the phone, it is unacceptable. More so when you ask to speak to a manager and then that person is rude!!!! So to Justin and the so called manager you put on the phone - you both have made my experience with this billing department the worst I have ever had!! I will still continue to use this hospital but I am NOT pleased with the way I was treated today so therefore I am only giving you 3 stars.

Deena Garmon

I had a "Butcher" for a Dr. Met Mr. Garry Siegel in Atlanta Northside Hospital for a Consult. I Had been diagnosed with "Endometriosis" and used Other gynecologists, I thought My pain was Coming to an END! Instead, Dr. Garry Siegel performed an OOphorectomy on me instead of removing the Endometrial issue that collects around the uterus. Causing Great pain! I had half of a female anatomy internally & NEVER Even Knew it for TWO yrs.! I had other Hospitals & professionals see what happened & Mr. Siegel, Do the right thing You should pay Me for Pain & Suffering! I am not exaggerating about this, My whole Career and plans for My Own Personal Business for the Community a Salon Ministry For Public and The Community have come to an end! You have left me disabled and Still in Pain! My user name is different real Patient name is Dena L. Guevara, I think You have made your money and have been able to support your family comfortably, Now How about You Compensate ME for this Horrendous Medical Mishap and Redeem Yourself? I am a Single mother of my 15 yr. old son, whom I'm struggling to Support!! Do the right thing, Sir... I will leave my personal info with the Head person of Both Hospitals


We were told by our pediatrician to go to Northside's ER for our son, but the ER staff told us that there isn't anything they can do and instead go to CHOA instead, which is understandable. However, we received a $660 bill for literally writing down my son's name and not receiving any care. The ER staff even asked me to sign a paper that said we are okay with not receiving any healthcare from Northside. Just ridiculous administration in general. I can't help but think that all they are interested is money, not the wellbeing of patients.

Monica Elliott

If you visit Northside Forsyth, make sure you have everything in writing and then some. Your bill will, more than likely, arrive double the cost of what you were estimated. Make sure to request detailed billing and get copies of your medical records. Hives and a dose of benadryl will cost $3658 for a 2 hours and 12 minute visit ep the ER instead of the estimated $2200 given by a hospital rep on October 1. Also, the doctor told me it wasn't from taking ibuprofen. Imagine the fun I had when I took ibuprofen on the 12th while on vacation and had a massive reaction to come home on the 13th to a bill for $1500 more than it originally should've been. Make sure to request an itemized detailed bill, you'll recieve a vague bill with no idea what was done except emerg room $3261 & drugs at $397.

Clarice Gates

This is a wonderful facility! I was in the hospital 3 days and everybody there was extremely pleasant and professional. The facility was very clean.

Michelle Campbell

First and foremost Thank you to Dr DeCook for taken the action he did on my right knee. It had filledbwith green infection fluid and he immediately had me in emergency surgeon within 45 mins of just having a scheduled office visit. From there I spend 3 weeks in Northside Forsyth Hospital under the care of a team of 6 doctors. Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, Pain Management, IMS, Orthopedics and Dr Ponnambalam who over saw the team. Also a big thank you to the nursing staff who’s attentiveness was above and beyond. I experienced some of the worse pain having septisium in my knee with WBC at 55,000 plus and the nursing staff was there immediately to insure my control of the pain. The knowledge of these nurse and professionalism is the at the top of the bar. I would give name to some of the best but I’m aftaid I might forget some that should reicieve the acknowledgment as well. I am fro the North Georgia Mountains with a small town hospital that has caused me and my health more harm than good. To be able to find a hospital even if it means driving an hour and a half to get the medical attention that is needed, it is far worth it! If I had waited another day according to the ER Staff at Northside/ Forsyth I would have lost my leg to gang green! Thank you again for your attentive and emergent response to my health. You are a hospital that serves above and beyond your qualifications and teachings! May you continue in a rewarding path of helping others! M. Campbell

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