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Felicia Turner

Jenna on the 4th floor hands down is the best nurse that Duluth Medical Center has for me at this moment because she goes above and beyond to make sure me the patient was comfortable as possible. I have cancer along with a BUNCH of other things and the higher ups was giving me the run around. She ran track around this hospital to make sure that I recieved what I needed to make it thru here during my stay. Please if u happen to stay here and you get her I promise you are in tthe best hands that u could possibly be in.

Barry gardner

I have been in many metro Atlanta hospitals. My experience with the staff at the Gwinnett medical center in Duluth was wonderful. I found the staff to be very efficient and professional. I was there for a second revision of total knee replacement. My initial TKR was done at St Marys hospital in Athens. I would like to thank Trina, Pamela, Pam, Crystal and several others I don't remember their names. But all That I pass said hello. I can't say why others have had bad experiences but, mine was special.

jorge o

I was in a head on collision and rushed here be the ambulance. I was terrified and anxious, but the ER people made feel safe and calm. The people here are amazing. Too bad I had to meet them under those circumstances.


I came in today because my knee was hurting me so badly I was in pain all they did took an xray and didn't find anything wasted my time coming in and the guy did my xray don't know what he doing the doctor told me to put ice on my knee take Motrin so they dismiss me this hospital is so sorry I'm still in pain

Masha Clark

Was brought a pain pill that was not meant for us, but for another patient..was also given a medicine that was known to give African American’s severe allergic reactions..the staff and a doctor stood around while screaming out that he could not breath and watch his face, throat and stomach swell..not knowing what to do until we texted a family member that is a nurse in another state and told them what to provide and questioned how they did not know African Americans can’t have that medication. Two additional friends not in the medical field stated they too were aware that life threatening reactions were reported with that medication

Jon Wierenga

I went with fatigue and bad allergies to all the pollination and the doc lady told me to "go get alka seltzer" "we don't treat colds".. after waiting for 2 hours Never again ... Not this place


I was almost dissuaded from coming here because of all the negative reviews but I'm glad I did. Every member of the staff I interacted with from check-in to being admitted even down to patient services/billing was caring and genuinely nice. I don't know how long everyone had been on their shift but no one seemed tired, no one had an attitude (other than a positive one) and there was visible camaraderie among personnel- even with EMTs and firefighters everyone was all smiles. From what I could tell everyone enjoyed working there. I'm very thankful to the nurses and doctors for addressing my symptoms and getting me feeling better. I feel bad that I took up bed space just to be told everything was fine but had I not come here I know I would have been worse off. Waiting room and facilities were clean as well.

marleni reyes

I’ve been waiting since 9:33 it is now about to be midnight and no one has attended me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Munro

I have been seen x-rayed and check out if few hours with no issues

Sierra Crawford

I came to this location because it was closer to my home and my two year old was complaining about her ear hurting. She did not have a fever but she just had two ear infections back to back, so I wasn’t taking any chances. We sat in the lobby for an hour and a half before we were sent into the triage room. During that time people were coming in and one was a family with a small child that the nurse on duty chose to escort straight to the back. The next was a young lady who was obviously in very bad pain so I understand her going ahead of us. So we sit and wait and finally get called. Once we are in the triage room I explained to them in detail why I came to the emergency room, they asked their questions and told us to wait back in the lobby. About 30 minutes later a family comes in with a small child and the SAME nurse on duty immediately takes them to the back. I strongly feel they did not give my daughter the same precedence as the other small children as I feel she should have had. The Lawrenceville location has never made me feel like we “didn’t matter” as this location did. I will not be returning here.

Amy Motteram

Went to the ER with my mother-in-law because of a suspected DVT. Was treated quickly and respectfully. I definitely will use GMC-Duluth ER again, but hopefully won't need them any time soon.

Victasia K

This hospital is horrible! The doctors are unprofessional and unwilling to help you. They have no idea what patient privacy is, because they discuss all of your health related problems in front of everyone in the halls. I went there for a fast heart rate and was never placed on a monitor nor listened to with a stethoscope. I asked the nurse what to do if my heart started beating fast again and said, "Call 911." This was because they refused to write a prescription for a beta-blocker. Very unclean, they let a man walk around with his pants hanging down and a cigarette in his mouth, but told my mother to stay in my room when she asked where the bathrooms were. AVOID this place if you want to live!!!

Kaulene Hales

They were Wonderful with my Daughter she was seen in two minutes ❤️

Mighty Wiggleton

I am currently in your waiting room with my son. I brought him in because he was running a fever of 102...Check in and no one took his temperature or vital...And the staff is just standing around talking to each other...You guys have to do better went it comes to patient care...THIS FACILITY IS HORRIBLE

Gustaw Gilzenrat

This is the worst emergency in Atlanta. I’m 71 years old after a recent heart attack, ambulance brought me there with severe vomiting and diarrhea. Waiting for more then 2 hours, my wife was not allowed to see me and was told it’s their policy not to give out any info about how I was doing to anyone including her....I begged for a cup of water ....they refused..Nobody took my vitals or try to help in any way during two hours. I left this place without any medical assist. DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION !!!!!

Dinh Anthony

Took my brother to emergency this morning, he had to wait like an hour to see the doctor while his stomach was hurting so bad. I don’t really know if they really understand what “emergency” means


They don't care about the patients here.

Nintendo 64

Hospital is terrible. My insurance said It was in network, but the doctors weren't? Now I owe in collections over 2500. (Never gonna pay that) how is that possible? Another thing, I don't trust their radiology department. I feel like they tell people everything is okay when they know something is wrong. If they can't make money off of you. Get out. The medical board needs to review this facility.

Udeme Etuknwa

Exceptional services from Kerryann from financial/registration services. Came to the room with the right attitude, right information and beautiful smile. We need more of her in the workplace.

Doug MacMillan

We recently brought our son there for a medical emergency. They were quick, friendly and provided very good care to our son. Awesome job!

Toot Davis

This hospital is the worst hospital i have ever been to in my life .. I went in for a bad rash and they didnt do nothing for me . My husband went in for a fever ,to get his rib checked which we got a second opinion and the are fractured ,and they didnt check him for anything . This is not a hospital to go to at all . All the nurses have a nasty attitude.

Luis Velez

Had an surgery here and they saved my life.... they were awesome in everything from kindness to expertise.

Jason Caldwell

I have had nothing but good experiences here. The wait times can be long, but that is true no matter where.

Sherry Bell

Very professional staff

Britnee Johnson

The absolute worst. I was taken here by ambulance after a car accident that cause a few minor injuries. I get there and sit in the room for over 40 minutes before I even spoke to the doctor. The doctor comes in and asks me questions and then asks if I need anything for pain which I did. He leaves the room and doesn't come back for another 30-40 minutes. So here I am in pain just waiting and waiting. There was hardly no one in the emergency room this particular day. I literally did not receive any medication or get my wounds bandaged up until an hour or so before I was discharged. My friend had to call twice just to get them to bring me some pain medication. So after the whole ordeal, I never received the bill in the mail. I HAD TO REQUEST IT. The bill I was sent and the bill they sent to STATE FARM (after their law office CLENT HARKINS filed a lien on my account with STATE FARM after accessing the police report, even though I had stated I would be a self pay patient) were two totally different amounts. My account was never delinquent though. If I could give them no stars I would. Their customer service is horrible also. When I called patient accounts prior to them being paid by State Farm and after, to inquire about the mismatched amounts, they constantly gave me attitude and tried to give me the run-around.

Janai Sherrod

The wait here is entirely to long. Save your time and go too northside. They also don’t do all test all you. They do not check all options that could be the issue. Please avoid this place at all cost. Go somewhere else

Kierra Dixon

Horrible wait time. Sit there for hours without see a doctor in the EMERGENCY room. Might as well do a walk in appointment at the doctor office with better results. It had me questioning whether I should just walk out and deal with the pain I came in for. Totally ridiculous. Useless.

Keith Parquette

Went there last evening due to an on-the-job injury (minor laceration requiring two stitches). Staff were friendly, courteous and helpful. Was seen fairly quickly, in and out in less than 90 minutes.

Mari Mar

I took my child to the ER due to a car incident I walked in the receptionist an nurse in front treated us so nice nurses inside did to we was there for about an hr an a half in an out quick an got treated so good thank you guys !!

Terry Jefferson

This is by far the worst after facility ive ever dealt with.the staff is totally unprofessional.worse attitudes when my daughter asked for assisance. Multiple unsubstantiated blood draws negitive attitudes when asked for explanations.would never reccommend this place. The overnight shift being the most unprofessional group of nurses and aides. I plan on seeking advice from my lawyer about improper treatment and dianosis and care. Was told we are out of feminine napkins who does that. Girls having any cosmetic surgery done enter at your own risk

Kay Wall

This is not for the Hospital this is for the Doctor that was on duty Labor day evening 9/3/2018. He has the worst bedside manner EVER. I don't know if he was racist or just didn't want want to be there. He was just plain rude. He also tried to inflate my daughter in laws bill by giving her unnecessary treatments and medicine. He ordered the nurse to her two different nausea medicines, fluids to with he said she wasn't hydrated and a breathing treatment. He knows who he is. He should be reported. Even after 6 days she is still sick and he said he didn't see anything wrong! REALLY! HE Was the worst I've experienced in this hospital.

scott lathrop

Most unprofessional staff in the ER. They left us unattended for hours at a time. When challenged as to why the neglect and delay in any updates, they lied...Twice. Further, they left the computer in the room on and open so we could see patient info on all the patients there. The security guard/cop was a total jerk as well. He spoke to us as if we were criminals. AVOID this hospital at all costs.

jojosetty tries it

The woorrrssstttt waited for such a long timme!!!

Tracy Jackson

Miya, the receptionist at the hospital in Duluth is the rudest person that have ever encountered. She was rude when I came into the emergency room to sign in, she was rude when I was telling her, my pain (like she don’t care) and blatantly said that there was nothing wrong with me!!! How rude is that!!! Miya is very unprofessional when it comes to patients!!! Alone with the pain that I was experiencing, she brought tears to my eyes for being rude!!!

Johnny Kim

This might just be a review but what i'm going to tell you is what your going to experience. If you ever go there especially in a EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. First off, i can't tell you if there is a doctor there because most of them don't seem to know what their doing. When i was there, most of the staff did not have any professionalism at all. You would THINK maybe they are very knowledgeable but it wasn't just me i saw other patients not even being treated. Even though their own family members were calling out for help. Some of the staff gave an attitude and didn't even come back until like 2 hours passed. It's funny that the staff there think that they are medical professionals just because they have a piece of paper that shows they attended medical school. What's the point of going to the medical field if you can't even use what you learned there to treat and care for the patients. I can't believe we are paying taxes to fund such disgraceful medical facility. Now don't get me wrong, i didn't believe this hospital was that bad at first when i heard from others. But ever since the accident that occurred and i was taken there, my views changed a lot.The only reason why i would give them 2 stars because they at least bothered to look at my grandparents for 2 minutes.

Tracie Norman

I was having a asthma attack they said have a seat and wait to be called REALLY went to the back the nurse came with the treatment didn't explain nothing even though I knew but still explain what you are about to do to me when the treatments was done he just came and snathen the mask off my face and walked away he just don't know how pissed off I was nobody checked on me to see if i was ok or nothing I will never come here again

Turah Be

Went here last night, waited a 45 minutes before called into a room where I sat for almost 20 minutes & no one came in to talk to me. I got up and left. I have to get up too early in the morning.

Boris B

Their emergency room should be renamed "walk in clinic". Don't go there if you are in pain and in need of emergency service. Last week I went there with excruciating pain (on scale 1-10 it was 15) in my side and stomach. After waiting almost an hour I started complaining about having to wait this long to get help, instead of a doctor they called security. This two "cops wanna be" on a power trip were rude and unprofessional and told me and my wife that we will have to leave if we are not going to be cool. I have to say that when I was finally admitted I was treated well and fast.

Christopher Duke

Acute shoulder pain the doctor for pain switched my muscle relaxer to one that is bad for kidneys and liver which I have a history of damage and I geuss thought I was trying to get pain meds to get hi on plus the bathroom was nasty A bad doctor and a waste of 100 .00 dedutable Don't go to this emergency room

Sylvia Timothy

If you truly value your health or the health of your loved one, please don't waste your time going here in an emergency. I wish I had read some of these reviews. I would've gladly driven the extra miles to get to a better hospital. The ER doctors and nurses are too busy and unconcerned to seriously care for you and your loved ones. Learn from my mistakes. My son obtained a head injury while at school last week and since this hospital is close to the school, I took him here. The ER Doctor, OLUWOLE OKUNSANYA, glanced at my son and said to me verbatim, "If you get hit in the head, of course you have a headache", then sent in someone to give him motrin which I could have done at home. He argued that he needed to monitor him so we stayed. He came back 20 minutes later and asked my son if his head still hurt. My son said yes so the good doctor told him it will get better and discharged us. He even gave us a prescription for motrin, I guess so that he could feel like he was really doing something, even though I had already told him that I keep a supply of Motrin and other common OTC drugs in our medicine cabinet. He just didn't care. My son clearly had more than a headache as his eyes were glossy and he even told Dr. Okunsanya that he was light-headed and that light was hurting his eyes. Maybe a CT scan WAS too risky but how about an MRI? Fast forward a couple of days when I go to follow up with the pediatrician and what do you know? My son has actually sustained a serious injury and needs additional care. My husband was also seen in this ER, the night before by Patti Oharawest EDPN, who was so seemed to be so irritated by the fact that he even came in and I am SO SO SO very sorry I let him go here. Thanks for nothing, Nurse Patti. He's now at a different hospital, 4 days later, getting the care that he should've gotten here at Gwinnett Medical Center. Never again for any purpose will I visit this hospital. As a doctor you took the hippocratic oath. Did that mean nothing to you?


I was a direct admit because of an infection post hip replacement. After my surgery, a wound vac was required. After 5 days I was ready to be discharged, but for that to happen, I needed a portable wound vac. First the "wound specialist" (going forward WS*) said it wasn't covered under either of my insurances AETNA & Medicare. Both of which deductibles had been met with coverage at 100%. Still, the WS* insisted, so with the WS* in the room, I called Aetna who again confirmed my 100% coverage in detail. Then the WS* came to say there were no providers of portable wound vacs that accepted AETNA. I made another call to AETNA and was given 8 providers. Apparently the WS* never called to inquire so thank goodness we did or I'd still be there! My husband and I took the list of providers and each made one call. One was offshore and as time was of the essence that provider was eliminated. The next company we spoke to could deliver a wound vac, the same day they recieved the completed form. However the WS* left off the measurement of my incision so the order got hung up. Now I was diligent in following up because I wanted to go home. I immediately called to the WS* when I was informed of the issue. However the WS* had already gone home for the weekend well before her time to leave for the day. This was/is unacceptable. In frustration, my husband and I asked for a patient advocate. We ended up getting an administrator and the hospital Doc on call to get the form filled out correctly with the measurement required for the form. Within a few hours I had the wound vac through no effort of the WS*!. I do appreciate the efforts of the administrator, doctors and nurses. But in this case the one lazy, insensitive, unempathetic, bad apple did spoil the bunch and has left a bad taste in my mouth. I will carefully weigh the benefit of using this particular hospital in the future.

Norrie Steyn

Horrible. Do not go here.

stephanie amador

They don’t test for all the possible issues only prescribe antibiotics and send you home ( when the health problem was bigger than that) don’t ever go here instead go to Emory, they will find what is the real issue


Awesome experience from medical staff. Went here after being discharged from GMC Lawrenceville, 3 hrs later. Symptoms returned and ended up here. Long story short, I was delivered different type of care. Problem solved! Thanks GMC Duluth!!

Anne Hysong

Great place! Very caring and compassionate people!

maria ortiz

Simply. The best. The granada family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Lennot DeVenuto

I just moved to Ga. 2 1/2 years ago. My sister was a patient for 3 days last week. The hospital is clean, and the attention & level of care was wonderful. New York hospitals need to take lessons on how to treat patients?

Daniel Dedo

Worst experience of my life. A nurse refused to tell me the side affects. The doctor tried to quiz me what was on my file instead of reading it to me when it was in his hand. (He asked me about a previous doctors opinion in my file .) ( I have never read my file.) He never once talked to me about my condition. This doctor at the ER refused to treat me or refer me to another doctor. He never once talked to me about my condition. (I had to call 911). The nurses were not professional. ( A nurse Technician called me ma'am and never apologized and was very rude after.) I am a very polite and nice person and respect medical professionals greatly. My father was one of the most successful doctors in Gwinnett County. (Lilburn Family Medicine). I am a senior at a University studying B.S. Accounting and a great waiter. (Frontera/Chillis) The Patient Representative Manager is looking into it and i will put in an update Will not return here.

Jared Jin

Avoid Gwinnett Hospital System at all cost. Their billing department are full of crooks, thieves and robbers. I had a simple X ray that is estimated to cost no more than $200 for facility part. When I was taking the service, the billing staff said if I don't have insurance they can settle for $280. I refused since my insurance usually have a discounted price. When I received a final bill of $1345, my jaw dropped. After investigation, GMC claimed each and every penny of the maximum allowable charge in the radiology examination (a much larger term than X-ray) of the whole year to my insurance company. My family is still fighting to negotiate this bill, but so far no luck. Try all the best you can to avoid this place unless you are dying. The service is not worthy of this price. GMC will literally slaughter your savings. They will lose all the clients eventually by their crooked billy staff, and finally in order to survive, and according to their morality(if they have any), they are very likely to hire people to create accidents in their nearby. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL!!!!

Taujha Cornwell

Terrible customer service! Awful manners.. The admins Who answer the phone have no pride in what they do OBVIOUSLY!

Vanessa Velez

I've been suffering from anxiety for a few years now when i went in to the er the staff was super friendly and made me feel comfortable and instantly calmed me down. They also showed me breathing techniques to help calm my nerves. Very good experience.

Evelyn Edwin

I called today to have my MRI results faxed to my doctor. The unprofessional and seemingly annoyed lady from the patient records dept who took my call, became frustrated with me. She wanted my doctor to send a fax order for them to release my records. When I told her the imaging order from my doctor already had all the information she was requesting,(the doctor and my info) she became frustrated with me by letting out an audible sign of anger. I asked to speak with someone more professional and competent. She proceeded by putting me on hold for what felt like a very long time. I hung up, and called again. This time another lady took my call. I started explaining to her the same thing, she stated that someone would get back with me within 5-10 mins. Well, let me say that it's been a while. I am very appalled at how my health affairs are being handled. Here they are requesting extra steps and documentation from me and my doctor. Here I am awaiting to see if my results are not from something serious. I thought the practice of medical NEGLIGENCE was something of the past. Apparently it is very much rampant these days.

Alex Verneret

This hospital is extremely unprofessional. You end up spending hours waiting while the nursing staff is just joking around outside your room. What takes 3 hours at one hospital will take 9 hours at this one. In the middle of a test the nurse answers her cell phone and walks out of the room. I’m still hooked up to the machine but she’s gone handling her phone call. I’m actually laying here right now and have been here for 45 minutes waiting on her to return to finish this test. Both times I’ve come here has been a nightmare. If I knew I would stay in pain this long I would’ve just went to my doctor tomorrow.

Avalean Kitchens

Emergency room is awful. Been waiting over 2 hours finally got in a room still waiting. No one informs you about anything. Seems like no one really cares. Think the entire hospital administration need to take a look at what's going on in this hospital. You cant even get a friendly smile from anyone. Too bad.

Jim Mckelvey

The staff was incrredbly nice and caring. My nurse Katy was very attentive.

Makiba D

The nurses at this hospital are very rude. Especially in the surgery & imaging pavilion department. I’m disgusted.

Blake Foster

I highly suggest going anywhere else especially in an emergency. I made the mistake of going to the ER twice here, paid ER copay. Insurance company said everything was good, but they harassed me for over a year charging me like I visited an out of coverage doctor before sending me to collections twice. They even pissed off the collection agency for being incompetent. The best part is one visit they did nothing but give me a sling and sent me to a different kids hospital. Then tried to charge me $400 after my $150 copay. This is one of the ones that went to collections.

Cindy Maison

I work in the healthcare profession myself and I have never had an experience like this before in my life. I went to the ER at Joan Glancy in Duluth last Wednesday night and it was diagnosed I needed an appendectomy. I was immediately admitted, yet my surgery was not until 4pm the NEXT day. I did not meet Dr. Anegundi until minutes before the procedure and had I not asked questions during my 12 hrs of wait time, no one would have explained anything to me. Lack of eating and tons of morphine produced a debilitating migrain, so when I did finally meet the surgeon I was in no condition to ask questions. Which btw...everyone said I had a migraine bc of lack of caffeine. Um...hello...I dont drink caffeine, so no, that was NOT the reason. And you know how you typically have a pre-op meeting with the anesthesiologist before your surgery? Yeah, not so much. So I had been sitting in my room for 12 hrs and no one could again come talk to me? All my other procedures had been done under twilight sedation, so I knew nothing really about general anesthesia. Needless to say I was extremely anxious by the time I got to the OR. To say Dr. Anegundi had zero bedside manner is an understatement. Never saw the surgeon again before I was discharged from the hospital. So now...I was suppose to have a post op appt in his office this morning and once again I got bumped. This does not make me happy. Clearly MY well being and concerns do not matter to this surgeon. Hindsite...I should have asked for another surgeon that could have seen me in a timely fashion. The ONLY reason I gave even ONE star is because my nurses were beyond fabulous. Emily took care of me during the day and Georgiana at night. You can tell these young ladies went into the right profession. Take control of your healthcare people. I assure you I will never put up with this kind of treatment again.

Sophia Sasso

My mother was a patient in the Emergency Department at GMCD and received the best, highly skilled and compassionate care possible. She got equally wonderful care in the IMCU on the 3rd floor. They saved her life!

Elaine smith

I had a knee replacement there last month and they were awesome. Everyone was caring and professional. Can't say enough good things about it. This was my 3rd surgery there and every experience was exceptional.

Monica Brooks

Malnie was such a pleasure. She was very quick and precise. I'm a hard stick, but she got it on the first try. She was very attentive. Kerryann came in my room with a big smile on her face. It was a welcoming site to see being in the ER and not feeling well. And one more person, Linda. She was in triage. She treating me with care and concern. She did my intake and discharge.

Abraham White

Since I was a little kid I have been in and out of hospitals for a verity of different ailments. I had hurt my back. I could not walk properly. They noticed this and brought me to the back and saw to my needs. I was in tears because of the pain. This was the first time a doctor or nurse had actually listened to me. After x-rays were done the doctor came in and told me about my condition. I will always have issues with my back but he explained why and how to help it. Thank you all for your help.

Sabrina Lucas

My fiancee and I went there this past Friday the check in ladies were wonderful but once in the back the Np lady was so nasty and dry. She had no bedside matter what's so ever we said we would not be going back there again. We ask for a referral for a dermatologist she gave us free clinic information. He has insurance through his employer.

June Park

I had hip surgery at the September 24th. my body hurt so much the day after surgery. but the day after surgery the physiotherapist pressured me to discharged hospital. but I couldn't move so I stayed in the hospital for another day. And the thirday was the day, I had to be discharged, eventually I stayed in the hospital for three day. the funny thing was that I had another day because the medical equipment wasn't ready. Anyway, after I was discharged from the hospital, I came home and suffered so much for several day mentally and physical. Soon I'll meet with a lawyer to discuss why i was going to be discharged from the hospital quickly.


First time going there at that location...I waited 4 hours+ Total, 2 in waiting room, and then they toke me in the back to just seat me in a chair in the hallway to wait 2 more hours+ to just get blood/urine samples finally and still didn't found out what was wrong with Me...Never did I be in a private room to talk to a doctor or to get exam...The most unprofessional conduct I've ever seen in my life...And I'm still hurting, sent me home to just refer me to go to a doctor...I've been to the other location at Lawrenceville and got the best treatment without even having insurance 11 years ago...SMH!!!

Jeff Rondeau

Dr. Nathan needs to lose whatever certification he has.

Mickee Mckiver

I came here and there was a tall nurse who fast talked the whole entire time! She never gave me a chance to speak about what I intended to tell her, after the guy who took my blood pressure told me to let her know... I then said to her: “ excuse me, why are you fast talking “? She said: “ Because there is a patient coming in “... I have NOTHING to do with that & my service comes before anyone! If my doctor would have left out in that much of a hurry, as well as the other woman in the room, then I would have understood but they didnt so what was YOUR problem??!! I hate to call it like I see it but I will NEVER come back here again!

Tya Hooks

If I could rate this place below a zero I would ! My mother went in for surgery today and the doctor was wonderful. However, the nurses were horrible!! They kept forcing her to leave when she expressed multiple times that she was unable to move and needed more time (mind you she was sitting in a large amount of blood). How inhumane ?Nurse Jenn and nurse candy to be exact were both extremely insolent!!!! They were very insensitive and treated my mother like a number instead of a patient. After noticing this I asked for their names so I can file a proper complaint. Nurse candy sarcastically began to spell her name c.....a....n...d...y. I mean I was absolutely shocked by the discourteous behavior both nurses displayed today. I WILL NEVER recommend this place. And if you have a love one considering here please look elsewhere.

Ab B

ZERO STARS I brought my child in and they took her blood. They filled up 4 vials. The doctor came in and said that he wanted to take more blood to see the air flow in the blood. My daughter is terrified of needles, so they gave her Ativan. When the doctor came back, he said that her blood-work, all tests came back clear and there was no need to stick her. He said that he believed that she had a panic attack. So, that means, THEY GAVE HER ATIVAN FOR NOTHING!!! This was Wednesday's Saturday and she is still suffering from the side effects. My daughter is miserable from the bursts of laughter and simultaneous sobbing, and the incoordination that this drug has imposed on her. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE...I went back up to the hospital today (Saturday, March 16 around 12:30), to see if a doctor, or even a nurse, could tell me more about Ativan and when this should wear off and they (the receptionist and a security guard no less smh), told me I needed to sign in and be seen!?!? Are ya'll serious? Put her back in your ill-equipped care? All I wanted was 5 minutes to find out about a drug they unnecessarily administered to my child and this is the service I get?!?! Never again. There was more, but all I'm concerned with is my daughters health and stability. Do better.

Janet Hernandez

Had the worst experience!! I took my mom for numbness and headaches . My mom has had history of stroke symptoms. She is over 65. Her primary doctor advised her to go to the ER. We got here at 8:30pm and she was never seen. It is now 12:52 am. Not only that, but the guy at the front desk questioned why my mom was not seen by her primary doctor. If she sent her here is for a reason. She was told that there were worst cases than her case. Unfortunately, this was the closest ER to our house. In addition, this is not the first time she has had a bad experience. This is ridiculous!!!

Mohammad Javed

Worst hospital experience ever. Asked for pain killers because of a kidney stone and they didn't even move from their seats. They wouldn't even change the temp of the room because I was freezing and they wouldn't give me blankets. I asked for water because my mouth was dry and they didn't give me any saying that I would be discharged in a couple hrs, so "I didn't need any". Never go here.

Anntoinette Evans

Waited 4 hours still didn’t get seen after getting hit by a car

Malik Kirk

Poor service

Mandi Roman

I have been in this ER several times as I live in Duluth. I've been scolded, lectured, barked at, laughed at, ignored, and mocked. This staff and the treatment is horrible. They treat me like an inmate here. Never again. I will be making the trek to John's Creek next time I need an ER. I don't care if one of my limbs is hanging off by a piece of skin. Terrible terrible terrible.

Leketha Morris

Doctors not attentive. Male nurse rude not people friendly at all.

erica saminu

Took DH to ER in tremendous flank pain (Kidney stone) he sat in hallway screaming out for almost 2 hours before seeing him, then sent him home with a blood sugar of 600 in which we found out days later!!! Not practical or morally right in any way! Got a couple of snared up faces snd reluctant to even push the wheelchair from the ER charge nurse...not telling anyone what to do or their decision on going here seek medical help when needed. As for us we WILL NEVER TRY THAT AGAIN at Duluth facility

jacklyn myers

My niece is here at this very moment that I am typing. She has a rare condition called TTP. She visited this hospital ER on 12/14/2018 was seen and sent home with platletes @ 1700. She was told to make an appointment to see an Oncologist at discharge. Any one who treats TTP knows that was the wrong discharge advice .My niece is now back at this hospital with platelet @6000 and on the Critical Care unit. I made a call as we were traveling 3and a half hours away to the ER charge nurse made her aware that my niece was in the waiting area. I asked her to please get her to the back ASAP because she has TTP and the ER doctor needs to be made aware so they can order her blood to be drawn. I arrived to see my niece blood in tubes sitting at the sink. A nurse walks in to get v/s not realizing we know the machine isn't properly attached to my niece. I can go on but back to main concern my niece well being. I omitted to call names but I do have every name that entered ER room. It's 5:30 am and now my niece port is bleeding. The nurse rush in to apply pressure. The hemotologist now who told us she would be taken care of, is transferring her to another hospital 8and a half miles away. Our request was for her to be flown to Palmetto Health Richland. We was told Dr Gold Klang and Dr Montero can't do it . SMH ......

Naveed Ahmed

AWFUL EMERGENCY ROOM !! Front people were so careless and unsupportive. They did not give any comfort whatsoever ! Regardless of your emergency level, they don't give any comfort to the patient or whoever brought the patient. Compare to EMORY JOHNS CREEK EMERGENCY, when you enter the emergency room they at least act like they care about the patient, even if they are busy. EMORY staff gives comfort, attention and very helpful. Take your love ones to EMORY !

Melissa White

Rude staff who do not care! Go to wellstar in Roswell. Shorter wait in er and much friendlier doctors. All these negative reviews with responses but clearly they dont care enough to change it.


The emergency service at this hospital is appalling it’s almost hard to believe it’s real. The good service ends at the check in. Because this hospital is close to my home I’ve had to experience this poor service twice. Simple blood draws end up with my blood all over the floor, the wait time is ridiculous and the physicians don’t listen. If you can, avoid this emergency room and go somewhere else.


Visiting this hospital as a lot of others are slow in the ER even when the waiting room is less crowded. You typically leave a minimum of 4 hours especially if its problems with your chest. Nurses can be helpful but doctors are mainly the ones whom you wait on due to visiting other patients, not really as if they really do much but check your bp, ask questions, give there say so, prescribe, then they leave. Yet, the process inside of a room should not be 4 hours itself. Due to the fact no one was in the waiting room so that's why there was a room available. Not too much at the time we came.

Harold Satterfield

the absolute WORSE!!!! its amazing they need all of my information just for a review to let EVERYONE know hot TERRIBLE this stupid hospital is! My mother was admitted for nearly a week.. On the second day of being admitted her "doctor" thought it would be a good idea to go cold turkey on her seizure medications. One may read this and see that I am FAR from being a "highly intelligent" being, though I have more knowledge over a medication by simply searching it on google. After over nine years of being seizure free she had one under the care of these clueless doctors. She was admitted from Monday and released on the following Saturday. Now, four days later she goes BACK to the ER with the same accruing issues. With a record less than a week ago of blood pressure readings in the 180's/ 110-115 they told her to have a seat and wait to be seen; moments later she collapsed withing the ER waiting room... My mother had nothing to do with this post and told me not to call nor report anything since she felt everyone was so nice...I apologize in advance, but when it comes to my mother it HIGHLY bothers me.... this hospital FU**ING SUCKS

Carlos Miranda

The receptionists at gwinnett medical duluth have no professionalism. These ladies did not want to help me out with information over a patient. I asked them if i could have information over a patient and they told me that they coulndt. But when someone else called about that patient they gladly helped them. I dont understand how they were able to help them and not me. They need to be able to help who ever it is that is calling. They arnt professional at all.

Shannon Atkinson

I went to the ER for allergic reaction to something. I was there 3 hours and the doctor would not give me a Benadryl. When the PA came in her first comment was "the emergency room does NOT diagnose! To make a long story short I left with 3 prescriptions but this is 10:00 at night and no pharmacy open near me. I would not take my dog to this hospital!!


This ER has less than 2.5 stars for a reason.....

Randall Fisk

Gwinnett medical center Duluth is worse hospital they are very hateful and mean to the patient and family members the charge nurse Doris is hateful and rude she need to be fired from the hospital nurse are to care for the patients but do not at I would not recommended this hospital

Ranecia Sanders

I just waited there for two hours and still was not seen

Lulu Goodyear

DO NOT EVER GO HERE. Going to the ER at Gwinnett Medical Duluth was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. The ER doctor had no compassion and told me I was overreacting. I followed up with a specialist and discovered I actually did have a medical condition that if left unchecked could have had serious consequences if left treated. However the worst part of Gwinnett Medical is their billing department. I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life. When I received my bill I called and inquired about a payment plan. I begun making monthly payments to my astronomical balance that I had acquired just for a doctor telling me I was overreacting. Several months into my payment plan I was transferred to another company that manages GM’s outstanding balances. I specifically asked the representative from GM if I could continue to pay the same amount to the new company. The representative said yes. A few months later I discovered I was $10 short of the minimum monthly payment and I had incurred huge late fees. I immediately called the payment company who agreed to remove them if GM would get in contact with them. I called GM’s billing department 11 times. Each time I was told a different thing and treated horribly. No one would help. No one was willing to call the payment company. Fed up of GM I paid my bill in full to just be done with it. BUT IT DIDN’T END THERE. One month later I got a call (now 3 years after going to the ER) saying I had another outstanding balance! Gwinnett Emergency Specialists is apparently another company affiliated with Gwinnett Medical. And apparently I had incurred a balance out of thin air. Gwinnett Emergency Specialists was RUDE and could not give me information regarding why I had another balance. I called GM’s billing department who transferred me to another department who transferred me to another company who transferred me to yet another company. I’ve gotten the royal run around and no one will help me figure out why I have this balance. Long story short, Gwinnett Medical is clearly interested in one thing; money. Subpar medical care, the worlds worst billing department and fees that materialize from nowhere. No one will help you. You will have endless transfers and excuses. STAY AWAY from this place unless you want years of financial nightmares and harassing phone calls.

Erin Logan

WORST HOSPITAL EVER! My grandfather kept passing out, so we had an ambulance pick him up around 5 am and taken to the hospital (this was the closest one). After 9 hours he still hadn't been seen by a doctor, the nurses wouldn't even let him have water, and when he told the nurses he had to use the bathroom, they disappeared and never came back! After he had an accident and had to clean it up OURSELVES we had him transferred to a different hospital. No one deserves this lack of care! God forbid he was having a heart attack....they would have let him die!

briana frazier

Refused me an EKG and my BP was 115/54 and my chest and neck was hurting . I demanded an EKG they went and called security and the African American doctor Alyssa refused to order one . Absolute disgrace I will be filing complaints and a law suit

Jack D

Mother was in a lot of pain and her doctor asked her to be rushed to the ER due to dehydration. I get here with her, and they say the wait would be 4 hours. Waited over 5 hours to finally see a doctor.. They also expect her not to have any water.. This is supposed to be an emergency room, not dmv on a Saturday..

Kerry Burden

I recently had an outpatient procedure at GMC-Duluth Outpatient Center. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Everything was explained very well and all went according to plan. I would not hesitate to go back.

Robert Avery

Gwinnett Medical Center exceeded our family expectation for excellence in healthcare provided recently. I highly salute and recommend them for professional service and staff members doing outstanding work...


The emergency dept staff was great except for Katie T RN she is rude and discriminating. If you are seen by her ask for another RN and they will change up.

Taye Ferrell

I thought the ER staff was super nice. When I got my prescription they prescribed me something I’m allergic too which I didn’t catch until I got it filled and the pharmacist told me. The. I call and they tell oh just take Tylenol. Like y’all didnt care that you prescribed me something that I potentially could have died from.

blogger none

Terrible service i dont recommend this hospital to anybody

Jessica Lee

As soon as my mother was ER Northside called me that she check in. The front staff was really sweet and helped get my mom registered and her vitals taken. Thanks to all.

Thasin Wahid

I brought my mother here for the ER on a Tuesday night and fortunately there wasn’t many patients at the moment. The front staff was really sweet and helped get my mom registered and her vitals taken. That was the only good thing about this ER. The RN who evaluated my mother was very rude, disrespectful, and overall unprofessional. Didn’t once introduce herself and just walked off without providing any courtesy. After waiting 3 hours for the doctor to come, he was also very rude and didn’t seem to care. I’ve been to other ERs before and worked in several before and never have I seen such disrespect and unprofessional behavior toward patients. If you’re in the Gwinnett area, go anywhere else but here. Make the extra drive to the Lawrenceville location if you have to and want to be treated with respect and actually taken care of. Needless to say, but this may be the worst hospital and ER I have ever visited.

Alisa DiGeronimo

Worst hospital billing! They are in network, but stuck me with and extra $600 bill because the ER doctors are not. They won’t tell you this upfront. Also, the doctor was rude and only looked in my child’s ear and suggested she see her ENT. Over $600 for nothing. I intend to file a formal complaint.

Simon Deng

If you have any better options DON’T GO TO THIS HOSPITAL ER-Rooms Long waiting not a problem You can’t Complaint this because every ER-Rooms have a long wait like this. Nurse skills and knowledges 5/10 Specially inpatient service I’m a dialysis patient. Not every nurse know how to do Peritoneal dialysis that’s understandable But. Drop my Solutions(which is dialysis liquid we use ) Drop my medicine on the floor and blame on me????? Pain control ? best we can give is this if work. Just works if not good luck. Been there almost full year in 2017 In ER you bp is 192/139 not problem you can go home In ER you platelet is under 30 (1000/unit) Not problem you can go home Which is Second day I get bleeding a lot Such things have a lot I can write a book At the end if you think you can complaint That’s the funny parts too because the complaint managers can give you a lot of excuses to cover they doctor they nurse they medical services. So sorry for my bad english But if you care yourself and anyone you love DONT GO THIS HOSPITAL

Aliyah S.

The nurses are all wonderful, they have great bedside manners, very informative, timely, and they just really make you feel at ease (much nicer than the Lawrenceville location, might I add)! The Family Practice/general surgeons, on the other hand, are arrogant and rude. Suraj Mendchery was the worst one (you are allowed to request other doctors/fire the ones provided and they will bring a new one in). Overall, between this location and GMC - Lawrenceville, the Duluth one is way better. The food is actually delicious (Lawrencevilles' is usually dry/cold), the nurses are smarter/happier/younger, and the patient's rooms are 3 to 4 times larger than Lawrencevilles (not exaggerating).

Adam McManigal

I had sleep apnea surgery performed at this hospital. The physician, Michael Pickford, was great. I can't say the same for the billing department at the hospital he practices at. I verified the total cost of the surgery after insurance payments multiple times before I went in for the operation. However, a few months after the op I received a bill for over $20,000. I called them immediately and after they verified my patient responsibility with my insurance company, and realized that the insurance company had paid them, they apologized. I did actually owe them about $100 so I paid this and thought nothing more of it. Then a month later I received a bill for over $19,000 (minus the payment I had made earlier). I again called them. The person I spoke with read the notes on my account and told me they would get back to me. I never heard back from them and foolishly assumed that everything was fine. Then 4 months later I received a call from a collections agency telling me that I owed over $19,000. I immediately disputed the charge, sent them my claims information that showed proof of payment, and called Gwinnett Medical the next day and asked for a copy of my billing records. To their credit they called me back after noticing the discrepancy and told me that my account had been paid in full and they would be contacting the collection agency. This action caused me to raise the rating to two stars. Honestly I liked the staff (medical and otherwise) I interacted with. They were polite and personable, and with the exception of the billing nightmare I felt that I had a good experience with the hospital overall, so it's a shame this happened. Otherwise I would have given them 5 stars.

Tiffany Hebert

I will NEVER GO BACK! I never write a review, but U this experience was the worst! I am glad my condition didn't get any worse in the waiting room. I like Mrs. Debbie from CT scan she was the only one who did her job right. I went there because my hernia was coming out and it was OBVIOUS I was in pain but it seem like no one cared. It took them 2 hours to put me in the back. By the time they took my blood my hernia pop back in and felt tremendously better. I knew then I shoukd had left. So when they put me in the room I wanted to leave the lady said it should be quick... Quick for them is 5 hours later! The staff didn't even come into the room I had to stick my head out and the nurse she was pregnant and rude. Then the other nurse didn't introduce herself or nothing. Then the doctor was like he work at Grady to and people out there wait 36 hours to see a docotor I told him i would had walked out. Seriously. I would had walk out if I didn't have a cather in my arm. The COMMUNICATION IS HORRIBLE no sense of urgency. Please if you come here beware of HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I Will never ever return. Thank you Gwinnett Medical Duluth location.

Kasia Wright

Went here for a fever of 104°F with no other symptoms. The nurses were amazing and responsive- the only complaint I have is that the doctor/nurses were never able to tell me exactly what I had wrong with me. I knew I had a UTI and some kind of infection because of the UTI but I never found out how far it progressed (if it was a bladder, kidney or blood infection) until after I was able to access my documents online. It was extremely frustrating. Also I wish the doctor had been more explicit in saying the antibiotic would interfere with my birth control- now I might be pregnant. On another note though: I don't know which doctor it was but the doctor who did my hospital check in when moving from the ER to the main hospital was amazingly compassionate- when I told him I was worried about paying the hospital bill he directed me to a service that might give me a discount. It means so much that the doctor was willing to help me (I can pay something but not a lot at once). Overall this hospital is great because it's small but it could do better with communicating to the patient before hospital check out

Chester Waye

This place is terrible. They will discharge you from the hospital without giving you a treatment plan. You ask the doctor a question, he will not give you a direct answer.

Charnette Brown

Worst service ever. Almost 30 years in nursing care in various fields including ER and Trauma and this is the most inept Emergency Department I've ever experienced. Nurses don't do head to toe assessments, doctors diagnosed via labs and xray reports. Btw went to another hospital was assessed and found to have a life threatening condition. Admitted and now being treated.

nick wilson

horrible experience ! discriminating staff ALL rude ,its as if they dont want to help you,especially if ur skin tone isnt light enough! heartless and they love to leave u hanging around 30-40 min. wont waste my time again! totally unprofessional and condescending staff, from time u walk in until you leave. I think this staff has more compassion for their pet dogs than fellow man.

Donna Crane

Big shout out to GMCD ED for quickly seeing me after a nasty fall. Seen quickly, had X-rays and ankle splinted. Everyone was very professional and pleasant. I know I will refer them to family and friends for their exceptional care. Thanks for the referral to Atlanta Ortho who has been taking great care of me as well.

tracy sam

All the nurses are having attitudes on every floor. This is my second time here and and the treatment me and my father are getting sucks! Asking for needs, for assistance, or for any advice or treatments to make u feel better... ALL ATTITUDE!! They don't make ur stay comfortable ,does and when you ask for something it's multiple times you have to ask through out a day.

Klarce Johnson

I came to this facility for my husband as he had an excruciating headache due to a sinus infection. The nurse practitioner *Jason Caron* didn't listen to any information I was telling him AFTER he asked if he has any other symptoms. He then discharged him and referred him to a neurologist. As well as writing him a prescription that wasn't strong enough because my husband has taken it before and it had no effect what so ever. I ended up having to go back to another emergency room less than 24 hours later because the meds that were giving to him wore off and he was in excruciating pain again. worse experience ever.

Mom Mom

My brother was in ICU just had a leg amputated and has a fever of 102.3 on oxygen and was left for 45 mins on the toilet chair he called for help no one came when I got there he had no water I had to go ask for water and for his food to be heated up this is unexcepable and his nurse said she didn't do nothing wrong and she would not apologize for it I can't believe they let nurses like her take care of people especially in ICU I'm so disappointed in this hospital for doing this to my extremely ill brother

Cheryl MacMillan

I brought my elderly mom there recently and they treated her like she was their mom. They were very caring and compassionate. I won't go anywhere else!

Jennifer Chappell

Very very very bad hospital And I'm just going to leave it at that .

Evelyn M

Dr. Cynthia Ann Ham was intoxicated, extremely unprofessional, wore strong perfume, chewed gum while talking to us and provoked an extremely uncomfortable environment (not once, not twice but on three occasions) while raising both myself and my husband’s blood pressure. Filing a complaint with the state medical board after she admitted to just having surgery on Monday and implying she was on medication. So why are you working under the influence with drugs ma’am!!!! I have it all recorded of her admitting it in effort to cover up the fact that I told her she was drunk and overlooked my husband’s medical records while providing him with incorrect information. She challenged me 3 times with confrontational words..

Chau Vo

Worst experience ever

Dora Wang

The emergency center charged me nearly $3000 for some blood work to confirm a miscarriage and another $850 for the doctor to announce the result. Unbelievable!

Jean Lee

Worst hospital ever. Staff is very rude and ignorant and literally does NOT care . IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE, DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL!

Nick 4fit

If you can help it please go somewhere else the front desk staff and security gaurd have unwelcoming disposition they look at you like they judge you base off your race they make you wait for hours in pain with a robotic repeatative excuse the front nurses that checks your blood have no compassion nor empathy the overall experience was very disappointing I felt like I was a burden and unwelcomed I should have read the rest of the reviews these people are not lying about the experience at this facility and as for allison we tried to call you and you never called us Back !!! The medical board should definitely do a walk through


This the worst hospital I be been to in my life. The ambulance took me there around 5pm because I passed out at work. They put me on the chair from 5pm until 8.30pm when I asked to be released. They did not give anything, no fluid nothing. I asked to be released so I can go home rest and drink some water. Those nurses are very rude with no compassion. They better not send me a bill!!

Paul Diamond

Courteous and prompt service for outpatient Xrays, tests. Longer wait than I would prefer for ER services, but I understand triage for the most injured patients first. Rooms are clean. Food seems good. Nurses are attentive.

Li Xu

Terrible experience!!!! Dr.Von(I think that's her name) was extremely rude and mean to me. I waited for almost 2 hours and I was checked on for 2 minutes and had to wait 30 minutes and still no prescription. Dr.Von was "checking" my injury by applying unnecessary high pressure on my shoulder injury, which caused a ton of pain. I kindly expressed my concern over the waiting time because I was involved in a 3 car accident the day before, she literally guilt tripped me by saying "A 21 year old can be dying right now" and walked out on me. Super rude. I will not be back even I'm dying because I will probably be humiliated before I die anyway.

Niesha Hicks

This facility deserves negative 5 stars (if that were such a thing) The nurses do not take of your loved. These need to swap places with their patients so that they can experience the the poor treatment and be scared s***less not knowing whether they are going to make out the house alive. My complaint is too long to type. Long story short nurses do not check on patients timely, non one communicates to the patient whats going, medication is distributed incorrectly. and beside manner is does not exists. My brother has pneumonia and they weren't given him fever medication which led me to call and ask his nurse at that day to give him his meds. She got snippy as if I was aggravating her (which I could careless if I did). Then they did the unbelievable and gave him 9 pills at one with no explanation. Chart not properly charted. After looking at the chart we went from he got 4 pills and to IV antibiotics. Then it changed to got 6. Please do not take your loved here, especially if severely ill, the staff is not competent. Well Pamala the respiratory therapist is awesome. I am still SMH.

Kwoun S

My mom was stage 4 breast cancer patient, who was undergoing chemotherapy. We took our mom to the Gwinnett medical Duluth ER on Dec. 2, 2017 at around 6 pm due to dehydration and ascites, and she passed away there on the following Monday, which was Dec. 4, 2017 at 12:53 am. We took her to Gwinnett medical hospital Duluth because it was the closest one from our home although she had been treated at the Kennestone hospital Marietta. Since our previous experiences in the Gwinnett medical weren’t really good, all we expected from them was just the normal pain control and giving her some fluid. When we first arrived at the ER, one of the nurses came in and said “She’s yellow!” and was laughing with other nurse. She was experiencing jaundice and ascites due to recent liver metastasis. However, her vitals and oxygen level were pretty stabilized so far. And, the ER doctor told us that my mom can get the paracentesis on the following Monday, so her breathing could be a little easier, but she passed away even before she got the procedure done. On the night she had passed away, she had IV morphine around at 6pm and had another IV morphine at 10 pm. I wasn’t sure why she was getting it so frequently, but I thought it may alleviate her pain. Then, around 11pm, the nurse came in to check her vital, and she found that my mom’s BP was dropped to around 84/56. Her usual BP was around 110/80 and we never seen it that low before. The nurse called doctors and it seemed like taking so long for him to come and check. Then, the doctor said that he will move her to ICU this time to closely monitor her and provide more aggressive treatment from now on. He also said her shallow breathing could be because of the morphine, so he will give her medicine that can reverse the effect of the morphine. At that time, a respiratory therapist came in to draw some blood for blood gas check. Then, a charge nurse came in and gave her epinephrine and one other medicine through her IV. As soon as the injection was made, there was tremendous amount of dark blood bursting out of her nose and mouth. It was a code blue situation and numbers of doctors and nurses came in and they began CPR, and she passed away in about 20 minutes. We have never seen the doctor who ordered the last medicine again. He never came back to talk to us. The ICU doctor came to my family and told us that she had passed away because the cancer was in everywhere and she was experiencing acidosis. I asked him what was the name of medicine she got the last moment, and he said it was a bicarbonate. All of my family knew that we wouldn’t have much time for her, but not this short. I know she was in serious condition, but I still believe that she could have lived a little longer if we didn’t take her to Gwinnett Medical Duluth during her last days. I write this review to warn other people who are in similar situations. Something that is not serious in our lives can take away our loved one’s life. My family and I will never go back to this hospital again in our lives, and I wish the doctor who made the mistake should have apologized to my mom and my family.

keendra figueroa

I was here for outpatient ankle surgery. The nurses were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Can’t say enough about them. They took great care of me and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Great hospital!

vasal strong

GREAT experiencei recently spent 3 days as a patient and this was my first time ever being admitted to a hospital but the staff was great Dr. P Nam was the best and most caring physician I've ever met I don't hope to have to have a hospital stay again but if I had to this would definitely be the place.

Amber Grace

I love this hospital number 1# in my book would not go any other place they treat you really well no complaints

Sabina Harbiz


belle b

not sure about those reviews i just read but some of them can't be true. i have been a patient multiple times as an in and out patient person , i mean like in patient i was like 9 times i believe . out of all of those time i had one bad experience that i do not care to talk about as i do not want to waste my time thinking of bad employees , I was so extremely please with all the rest of my visits , i have met the most passionate medical professionals ever. Some of those doctors show this in their faces and actions so does the nurse , i have experience good from housekeeping , patient transports and security , never once was i stripped from my dignity (and i am a hot mess) or have been treated in any type of way other than with respect.i have received lots of hugs and reassurances this team at the er and on the 5th, 4th and 2nd floors are the best there is in this area and anywhere i have ever been . you guys should try east side medical and Grady than come back to me . Yes the wait can be long at time but they are a trauma center and pediatrics as well , those are priorities . Thank you GMC team for making my visits fantastic . one bad employee does not make the rest no good.

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