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Chel Sea

Sat in the waiting room for HOURS until I had a "doctor" say they couldn't help me. Literally in tears to this doctor, I said, "this is a HOSPITAL, someone has to be able to help me because I don't know where else to go".They sent me home with Ambien. I had an infection that was spreading faster than antibiotics could kill it and had to be taken into emergency surgery days later Good luck with this place.

daisy duke

My mother has a long history of medical problems. The most recent being a hospitalization for internal bleeding. After getting released from the hospital they told her she had to come back in a few weeks to check on the internal bleeding. She had an appointment setup to have an outpatient procedure done to check that the bleeding has still stopped. They called her the night before and told her " that because you owe 15,000 in medical bills you can either pay the whole amount, find a grant or make large payments monthly. When my father informed them that they can't afford any of those options they said well then we will have to cancel your appointment until you can pay". My father works 2 jobs just to pay the bills every month. There is no money to pay them with. My mother is mentally disabled because of her other medical problems. She will have medical debt the rest of her life. She is a person not a paycheck.


I was in the ICU for 4 weeks. They did everything I could ever ask for to keep me alive. They gave me everything I needed at my request and went above and beyond. When I was moves down to outpatient, they seemed to care less. They just wanted me out the door. Food sucks, most of the employees are nice, and ask for more blankets.

Malissa Parker

I will be contacting the CEO regarding my mother. She was in the hospital for a week with double pneumonia, she was discharged on a Friday, then was brought back to the ER in lesz than 24 hrs of being discharged. Pulse rate 40, oxygen levels low, etc. She was in the ER for 12 hours, they talked about admitting her then my brother was told "we want to admit her, but we called Medicare and they want cover her stay so we can't admit her " So they sent her back to the assisted living facility with Oxygen. Guess what Nothside, you lied! If you had admitted my Mother the day after discharging her you would have been "dinged" by Medicare for readmittig a Medicare patient within 24 to 48 hours of discharge. You would not have gotten the full rate from Medicare. I guess $ is more important to you than my mother's health. I wonder how many other patients have been turned away because "Medicare won't cover their stay?? " NO-ONE should ever, ever be turned away from medical help because their insurance "won't cover it" or even if they don't even have insurance. You should be ashamed! Then my Dad was in the ER the very next day, he was given antibiotics and sent home even after having blood work done, etc. Guess what now he is being admitted to Piedmont Mountainside in Jasper as I type this. His Drs are requesting all of his records from Northside as we speak. His Drs say he should have been admitted when he was in your ER the day after my Mom was lied to. I will say this, your nurses were great, one of the Techs, Jameica, was wonderful, my mom and I both fell in love with her. So I would give her and the nurses 5 stars. The CEO will be hearing from me on your ER's staff incompetence. Let me say too that when my Mom was in the ER for 12 hours, she was never offered a meal, a snack, nothing. The charge nurse even agreed that the ER nurse was wrong for doing that.

Danielle Shelley

We just had our baby at this hospital and had an amazing experience. Every single nurse went above and beyond to make sure we were all comfortable. Everything is new and very clean. If we did need something and rang the nurse bell, someone was at our door within the minute. The doctors were all amazing, and the delivery couldn't have been better. We were laughing in between pushes which made the experience relaxing and fun... not many people can say that about going through labor. The nurses treated us as if we were part of their family. They brought me cake, balloons, and a card for my birthday while singing! They also made the day special for the first time dad by giving him a thank you card for his service. So amazing, and thank you so much!!


Same as others below. Thankful to have been helped in the ER. Would and will (and did) gladly pay for the facility, equipment and staff to be available for me, my family and my neighbors. HOWEVER.... Was in the ER for less than 4 hours. As I checked out they wheeled me to tell financial office and presented me with a Level 3 Care ESTIMATE boll for $2100. They offered me a 75% discount if I paid in cash today. I agreed and was thankful for the help and cash discount. Then 3 weeks later I get a "final" bill that's almost twice the price . How can a large hospital who's been in business for so many years miss on an 'estimate ' buy 100%? I have asked for what the differences are in the estimate and final bill and they won't provide that to me. If I Have to go back for an emergency I will but I won't Choose Northside Cherokee and won't be recommending it to anyone.

Kelsie Brock

Scheduled C-Section at Northside, Anesthesiologist stood out tremendously as having THE BEST bedside manner and personality! He was amazing and we loved him. The whole experience was amazing. From beginning to end, admitted to mother-baby was a dream in comparison to other hospitals. I have previously given birth at Kennestone in Marietta and Northside blew me away with their care. Went home and had a normal post-op complication that was no one's fault - swelling, had to return to ER a few days after my daughter was born. Blessed by the staff there who understood I had a 5 day old at home to get back to. Was in and out of the ER quickly with the greatest care. They did all the necessary/appropriate tests and made sure my visit was streamline. Couldn't say enough good things about this hospital.

J Edmondson

Wow just wow, never has my mother had such an horrible experience at any Hospital. My mother was driven to this hospital because of stomach issues. After waiting a large amount of time in hopes to get better , she was told by a doctor that " they can't work miracles" with a smirky attitude and was sent home, now she is still badly hurting. So say unless it is a severe emergency this hospital will not help, you will be waiting in agony for just a chance of them to call you back. If you can make it I suggest riding to any other Hospital.

carl carl burrows

Yesterday morning I had the great fortune of selecting Northside Cherokee for a very serious emergency. My difibrillator had activated 3 times during the night. My wife and I arrived early in the morning. While checking me in as an emergency the nurses witnessed the device firing two more times. Every nurse and doctor has been highly qualified and made some amazing decisions. It doesn’t seem fair to single out a few, but space is limited, so I will cite in order as I met them. Mary Gray Ray was my first nurse and did a tremendous job. Sarah. The device tech. Stacy and Amber we’re special. The physicians assistant was great. Everyone in ER was 5 star. I was transferred to ICU. Chris and Breanna Madrid feel welcomed. Corey and Rick are extremely knowledgeable in the cardiology world. I would trust them with my life. In fact, I did!

Omolara Cooper

Great place to be. Top notch and excellent nurses and doctors.

Tiffany Cook

If I could rate this place a zero I would. Dr. Bloom in the ER is so illiterate I am surprised he was even hired at your facility. I can't wait to see what my itemized bill was because I never got IV fluids I was taken straight back but to had to wait nearly an 1 to get pain mess. I was left in the hallway on my bounty waiting to get a CT done for nearly an hour and a half. I could go on and on but there are zero caring hospitals anymore. Forewarning drive somewhere else

D Billings

Great hospital & team! Checking into admissions is a breeze & I get directed to the destination easily. The new facility is very beautiful & organized.

Jordan Quackenbush

Bittersweet. Had an emergency room visit on Christmas Eve. The nurses & doctors were amazing! So friendly and helpful. The billing department, however, seems to be staffed by soulless crooks. Maybe they get it from higher up, but they are just the worst when it came time to working with our medical "insurance-not-insurance" coop. If you have Medi-Share, AVOID NORTHSIDE.

_ Cain

Didn’t even see a Dr. only a nurse in the ER but some Dr is sending me a bill on top of the hospital bill.

Phillip Arp

I took my dad to the ER for...mildly put...back issues that were rendering him nearly immobile. The employees behind the counter looked at us like we were crazy for bringing him in. Vitals were done, a brief wait, and we were in a room. They didn't look at any of the MRI results that we'd brought from a previous doctor, nor did they look at the medications that he was on. A doctor, I'm not even sure...because 10 different people came in to look at him...was like, "You have a pinched nerve, my friend." and basically said that there was nothing they could do and that he's stuck with it for the rest of his life...without having done a single thing. After that, another person came in to get him to sign some papers, but was fixated on adjusting her hair/headband. The last lady that came into the room offered some semi-helpful advice, but was more concerned about going on break and eating...from what I overheard her saying just before coming in. They gave him some valium and wrote a work excuse with 'No physical limitations' marked. How ignorant. We went there based off of a recommendation of how great this place is, and drove over an hour. Maybe he would have gotten better care if he'd hobbled in wearing a nice suit and tie, because that's definitely the vibe that this place gives off. Nurse Larry and the gentleman at the ER 'welcome station' that took vitals were the only positives of this experience. Overall, everyone else made us feel in the wrong for bringing him there. Maybe we were. Maybe it was wrong of us to think that they could do anything drastic, but he couldn't walk that morning and was barely able to when we took him. It would have saved however much money they end up sending a bill to him for if we had taken him somewhere seemingly more competent.

Victoria Fuyana

Had my first son here in December of 2016 (old location). I was nervous as any first time mom would be but the nurses here treated us like family. They were patient with my labor and honored my requests for how I would like to labor and push. Post-partum nurses took great care of us and were always happy to answer all our questions.

Ilya Belotserkovsky

I went to Northside Hospital ER three times was very pleased with the staff, doctors and nurses. Getting the test results was quick. ER Doctor was very professional and explained the results clearly. I also had surgery there in 2017 surgical services unit was Very clean.

Matt Sepulveda

This hospital is completely ridiculous. The way they treated us was rude when we told them we could not wait any longer at 1:30am. A nurse said "we cant just build rooms". We were waiting for 3 hours. With a broken nose and never even got an x-ray. We had to leave and go to a different hospital just to get the treatment that an Emergency Room stands for, URGENCY.

Hope Floats

If it is an EMERGENCY and/or on a time limit... do not bother visiting this hospital! Been sitting here since 7p.m. and its 12:09 a.m. at this very moment. My spirit mother is suffering right beside me in tears as she covers her face and states just how much more worse the pain gets... yet she still has not been seen. This is LUDICROUS and draining.

alan whisler

would not advise anyone to go to any northside hospital. went to the emergency room for abdomial pains, gave them my insurance card, they took me back and did several test, then came back and said my insurance was no good . told me they would have to send me to emory since my insurance was good there, month later get a bill for 15.500.00 dollars. what kind of hospital does not know what insurance they accept. This is why i have insurance so i dont get bills like this.They offered to cut it down to 5000.00 but had to pay in full.

Cynthia Barahona

I had a wonderful experience. The staff on down to the nurses-everyone were professional. The people went out of their way & were very kind. The staff had the best attitude. I would like to work there...with their upbeat personalities for a Monday. I have never had such a great experience at any other hospital before like Northside Hospital. I have found my hospital.:)

Dana Kogod

Absolutely wonderful hospital! The nurses and staff are absolutely amazing. Definitely recommend!

Angela Puckett

Enjoyed visiting my dad they had snack for free nice set ups in room and waiting rooms we're well put together it was well done hospital. However staff member we're talking a bit louder than they should telling jokes when they should be checking on patients

Courtney Pancharian

Horrible experience. I went to the ER here doubled over in abdominal pain. I was immediately sent over to the triage area and had labs taken (at this point no one had even asked me what was wrong). I then set in the waiting area for over 3 hours. I got up and left when I was able to get a hold of my regular doctor and make an appointment for the following morning. 2 weeks later I got a $2,000 bill that had "Level III visit" noted (I have insurance). I have disputed this bill for over three months. I still can't get a clear answer on what "Level III" visit means. I never saw or spoke to a doctor or nurse but I have a feeling I was billed for such. I had to take my health into my own hands. I wasn't the only person there waiting for 3+ hours that night only to get up and leave. I will NEVER be back. UPDATE - 5 months later and I just received word (I had to call, no one reached out to me) that the charges for my visit were in fact invalid and have been waived. I had to fight for this to go back to audit 2 times. If I had not sent over 40 emails, 2 hand written letters and made probably 30 phone calls, I would have paid a $2,000 bill for NOTHING. How many others has this happened to? I will be filing a formal complaint with the hospital administrative office and with the State of Georgia. It may do nothing but if I help even one person get out of a situation like this, it was all worth it.

Anna Mills

I was admitted Sept 30 through Oct 4th and I was in room 1207. I had SO many caring and wonderful nurses. Paula she is on the day shift , she was absolutely the best nurse I have ever had and she took care of me and even came and said hello after shift and checked on me and she wasn't even on that floor that day. She remembered me! I had another great nurse her name is Katie and she had me most of the time I was admitted and she was very attentive to me and caring. Another nurse I'd like to recognize is Erin, she was my discharge nurse on the 4th and she was so sweet and funny. The tech was amazing also, Sonya I think is what her name was. I also had another great tech on nightshift, her name was Ebony. She was wonderful too and I enjoyed her. Northside Cherokee was the best ER/Hospital I have ever been too and I'm grateful. I will be back :) Thank you to all the kind nurses ❤

Andrew Tyler

I am not surprised to see mostly 1 star reviews. I took my girlfriend here after a boating accident where she got 8 stitches in her hand. They offered a 75% discount to pay the bill in person since she had no insurance. We paid that night after being told we were all done, only to recieve an even higher bill in the mail for added hospital fees. Frustrated with this, we paid the second bill anyways to avioid collections. Shortly after that we recieved ANOTHER bill for more than double the two bills combined claiming it was a LEVEL 4 visit and more nonsense fees. It is never ending made up bills with this hospital. The billing department are scam artists that keep adding ridiculously outrageous charges. If we knew this would have happened we would have never paid to begin with. Do yourself a favor. Don't pay and just dispute it with the credit bureau later. We will NEVER go here again.

In MY Zone

This is about the hiring process. I am a veteran and I am in school for pre nursing. I've been filling out applications (20+ of them) for positions I'm more than qualified for. I filled out one recently and I got denied. Not even a week later the same position showed up that I had just been denied of. I really feel like because of my name or my veteran status that I'm being discriminated against. I called to try and seek knowledge on how I could be a better candidate and I was met with rudeness from one of the employees. They said I couldn't be helped in getting that knowledge and kept refusing to help me. If this is the kind of service I'm getting as a veteran with this organization I can only imagine how the patients are being treated. This has been very unpleasant and unprofessional. I really feel like because of my name and my veteran status that I'm being discriminated against and it's very disheartening.

Marjorie Martin

I have taken my mother to the ER at Northside Cherokee several times in the past few months and the experience has been extremely positive. The staff was polite, professional and attended to her every need. I must admit I had some concerns initially - since it is a small, rural hospital - but they proved they're better than some of the big city hospitals.

Bird Reynolds

Staff is phenomenal & the food is actually good.

Splenda Glenda

I came into Northside Hospital by ambulance in May of 2019, a non emergency with my heart. The staff in the emergency room was prompt in attending to me and courteous, except for one young nurse aid with an attitude. However, none of the records from the ER were neither sent to my Cardiologist or my family physician. They asked and I provided the family physician’s name. The business office, I would rate much lower. They contacted me in July wanting my money and I had not even received a bill, which I told the guy; sure enough, it had only been deposited two days prior in the mail. Now they have sent yet another reminder and the bill has been paid. The business office or those responsible for payment are too pushy; it does take time to deliver Mail especially when one lives further away. Yes, I did pay promptly.


Best Care in North GA! Great Staff and Facility! The Care was given to our Mother was Amazing!! staff was very professional and friendly, The ER doctor was the Best! Can not Thank you enough for the care and service! Best Hospital around!!

Shay Shuey

Beautiful new facility and great staff. My Dad had surgery here last week. The rooms were spacious and clean, several lovely nurses around at all times. The nurses were very helpful and made him feel comfortable despite the unfortunate circumstances for being there :)

Santana Roberts

The wait was long but after they took x-rays I was told it would be around 20 minutes. It was 3 and a half hours before I was taken back to wait even more. Wait is one thing but being lied to is another. Once in the back everyone was really nice and that is why I changed my stars.

Leslie Butcher

Truly wish I could give 0 stars. They are the absolute worst!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here for 6.5 hours for someone to tell us nothing was wrong. On top of that, they didn’t even take any blood work. For the entire 6.5 hours, I could hear the male doctor in the ER and the short blonde headed girl just talking away about stupid stuff, not once did anyone come check on us. OH except for the insurance lady who wanted to bill us! Truly not happy with the service, I’m fully aware that it does take time, but no blood was drawn....only a bag of fluids.

Deja Devore

*Dont use ER* I am not normally the type to complaining but been here for 5 hour with my sick 6year old and still have only been triage we are from out of state and can only Go to a hospital for her to be treated .... She has been crying and hurting .... The Tylenol that she was given has far warn off ... And they cant tell use how much longer with will be or anything ... They truly seem indifferent to her hurting.

Bryan Reid

I took my elderly mother to the ER after she fell out of bed. I thought the entire staff were professional and friendly. It was an all day adventure to find out that her shoulder wasn't broken but that sort of goes with the territory when you visit an Emergency Department. I'd go back for sure...nice new facility too.

Claudio Aguerriberry

Excellent attention from The doctors to the nurses and the cleaning staff.

Ashley _V_

Wait was as annoying and painful as the lower belly pain! I almost passed out due to pain and here I am going on a 4 hour wait. Terrible! UPDATE: Ended up spending around 8 hours there, no pain prescription given, and it was a cyst almost the size of a golf ball attached to my ovary. Great staff to waste my day there for absolutely NO pain relief later on. (Sarcasm) Next time I'll go elsewhere. Or just die from pain at home. This is the same hospital that sent me home with kidney failure undetected years ago- I should've known better than to come and incur a bill for no pain relief whatsoever, smh!

Chris Pryor

Racist people in the billing dept. will never go to this hospital? Again.

Rosie Alvarado

We have been in the waiting room for 3 hours now, and it looks like we'll be waiting even more. If you can go to another hospital, I highly recommend you make the drive somewhere else.

delivery guru

The longest wait in the ER i have ever seen. If it wasn't for the one in Marietta sucking so bad I would have went there. Took 7.5 hours to be seen after taking vitals

Katie Whitlow

Perinatal office felt like family. Very kind doctors and nurses.

bob Werschmidt

ER is very nice but the billing department after you leave the hospital is a joke.

Tisha King

Never have a baby here they traumatized me I'll never set foot near this hospital willingly

Joyce Kirkman

Went in with obstructive kidney stones. Went septic. ICU saved my life. Had 4 related surgeries and one incident of having to repair damage to a kidney caused by another er. Exceptional care. Great staff. Cancer surgery year later excellent care and very supportive staff. Returning for surgery next week and so far pre-op has been smooth and everyone has been wonderful. I am a retired nurse of 45 years and very aware of what good healthcare is. Only problem is long waits in ER due to large amount of patients. This hospital is being outgrown faster than they can add on because people want the quality care they receive there.

Brian King

Went to the Emergency room last night for what ended up being first time Kidney Stones. The service and the staff was the best I have ever seen. They took me back immediately and began treatment to get me better. I cannot say enough positive comments for my experience. Thank you very much and glad to have this new Hospital in Cherokee County.

Tiffany Padgett

I don’t even know where to begin with how awful this location is. The ER doctor wanted to argue with me that my abdominal pain could be something female related and wanted to do a gynecology exam on me......what????? Even after showing him my records that I just had a pap done earlier that week and everything came back normal he was still adamant and I said no I am not comfortable nor do I see a valid reason for you to perform suck a task. Next thing I know I was told well here is some toradol (essentials IBUPROFEN it’s a NSAID and does absolutely nothing for any type of severe pain) and told I was being discharged. Will never come back and will drive 45min out of the way if I have to go to the hospital for any reason.

Matt 326

Absolutely pathetic excuse for a hospital. Discharged a member of my family 24 hours after a major surgery even though that family member was complaining of a potential allergic reaction to a medication that one of the doctors had prescribed. Later that day my family member had to be rushed to an ER due to that reaction--at least that ER was at a better hospital than this sorry cesspool. Would never go to this third-rate institution, or ever let a family member go again either. I hope you read this, Katherine Pearson, and make some substantial improvements.

Sally Moilanen

I have had three surgeries here. The staff is very caring and has always met my needs. I was treated with excellent care.

Amber R

My son broke out in a full body rash overnight with no change in routine, foods, or environment. His pediatrician said it was due to an allergic reaction and to take Benadryl. If any other symptoms came up to go to the ER... He started throwing up that evening, so off we went. As I was signing in, my son started feeling sick, so I grabbed a tiny trash can for him. A nurse walked out and said oh no he can't do that... I said sorry didn't want to get it all on the floor. They handed us a vomit bag, checked his vitals, and had us wait in the lobby. Maybe 15 min later a Dr walks up and as he does looks at my son and said oh it is an allergic reaction and sorry we can't take him back were full.. So I asked about the vomiting. He pressed on my son's stomach and said it's fine he didn't flinch. It's just for to the benadryl. Offered a anti nausea pill and told me I was freaking out and not to. Maybe some compassion for your patients might help your reflected rating. I was extremely infuriated and unsatisfied and pray we won't have reason to come back here.... Glad I went and got a third opinion, don't take theirs!

R.R. Minguela

We had a very good staff and caring doctors. The ER were efficient and professional in their care.

Russell Godfrey

My wife had surgery and a short hospital stay. Her care was excellent and the staff were caring and professional.

Andrew Beirne

I want to acknowledge the quality care, compassion, and service that Sasha in pre-op provides. The same for Jennifer Marshall in post-op. Last but not least, the care that Candice provided in recovery. These are the people of your staff that are 5 star employees. Keep up the great work!

Dan Davis

Went for a blood sample spent 40 minutes watching the admissions woman look up the price. She quoted us around $250, and we said no. We usually pay $70 at other locations for this procedure. So then she says, you get a 75% discount for paying cash now. So we said great. After being stuck 3 times, which lead to brusing in two places. We were done but still happy. Then we got a bill for another $280. We had already paid cash up front. "No" customer service told us "too bad it was just an estimate". And I quote here again, she said: "Your only recourse is to pay it". Needless to say we will never go back.

Ben T.

You can tell the workers don't communicate with each other. I think they don't get along well at all. I was there 3 hours with a gash on my wrist they were about to discharge me when she saw it and cleaned it off and bandaged it. I hope I don't get MRSA from that open cut for so long. Not impressed at all and my GP nurse said same thing. Hardly told me anything at all except I am not going to die. I think I will try Mountainside next time.

Dan H

I had the most amazing experience I've ever had at a hospital Friday night/Saturday morning. I had a gall bladder attack which felt like I was being stabbed under my right ribs. I came in around 1:30am, had blood drawn within 5 minutes, bed in 10 minutes, morphine at 15 minutes, ultrasound at 20 minutes. Sarah was my nurse who had great bedside, Amy did my ultrasound, both of them I couldnt speak higher of. Dr Bloom came in after the tests were all back and let my wife and I know what was going on and next steps and just like that I was discharged. 3am I was getting back in my car and headed home. Best team I've ever encountered in my life! This is what all hospitals should aim for!

Kimberly Fowler

Beautiful facility - can’t say enough positive things about the treatment my dad and I got - from the front desk all the way through every step - truly caring professionals!!

David W Nightengale

5 Star Hospital!! (compared to Kennestone)


Had an auto accident on I575. Ambulance to me to their emergency room. They took Xrays of back. Doc said we are really busy tonight; give him a couple of Ibuprophen and send him home. Turned out my back was broken. Ended up in Rehab facility for a couple of months. You decide the rating.

Robert Garofalo

Great emergency room, doctors nurses hospital staff dialysis ward top notch. No better place to go if medical attention is needed.

TyrahNot Banks

Our first nurse was super sweet, and then two other ER desk sitters, were completely rude. I was in there for someone who had brain problems. First the doctor that said we could be released forgot to take a iv out his arm and on top of that she basically was like "THE ER IS FOR PEOPLE WITH EMERGENCY" like how could you say that to someone who wants to make sure the other person is okay. This situation to me was a emergency, so I literally had to get my wobbling friend out the hospital simple because it wasnt a emergency. If you dont like nursing find another job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were awful because we simple wanted questions on why we were being rushed out the room. And the dr didnt give us his name and nothing. Everything was sooo fast before we could ask questions. You should always remember if the tables were turned and that was someone you loved in there, and hearing someone basically say you're not important enough for them.

Robert Lyle

I was completely wowed by my experience here in their ER. As an extremely healthy and active 40 year old, I was completely freaked out when my HR shot up north of 200 after leaving the gym. I had never had any incident like this before. I had to eventually call for an ambulance, as I could not get it to go back down. From the time the medics met me until the time I checked out (about 4 hours overall as they wanted to observe me for a bit), I received nothing but top quality care. They could tell I was freaked out, and reassured me that I was fine and were always telling me what they were doing. On the ride to the hospital, the medics performed some vagal manuevers and got my heart rate back to normal. The entire staff at the ER was extremely warm and reassuring. When they told me I most likely had a pre-existing condition called SVT, they again could tell I was freaked. However, they assured me while it sounded scary it was quite manageable and began to instruct me on the steps I needed to take next. The ER was very clean and well organized. Again, top notch. Strange to say, but I kind of look forward to my next visit.

Robert Lyon

This place is an absolute joke. Plain and simple. Their are some fast food restaurants that run more efficiently than this place. My friend nearly cut his finger in half and we've waited for over 2 hours. Unless your organs are spewed on the floor, you won't get help here.

twyla whitmer

This beautiful new facility was beyond expectations. I can't say enough good things about the staff -- from Linda, the "housekeeper", to every single nurse ("Diamond"), tech, physician (Dr Ruiz), and all the people it took to get me back on my feet -- they were all sensitive, efficient, and gave me courage when things looked very dark. The staff treated me as though they were caring for a dear sister or their mother as they gave me minute by minute complicated care. Every aspect of my care helped me begin my recovery. I felt their concern about me was genuine. They seem to have mastered the team effort in health care. I was very fortunate to have this hospital of the future with a very down to earth attitude about patients taking care of me. Twyla Bogaard,

Patricia Rice

I've been to the ER several times in the past 2 years for both myself and my husband and have always received excellent care. The staff has always been efficient, pleasant and on the ball. I just wish it didn't take so long to get results back from the lab or radiology but that's the way it is in any ER. You have to expect a long wait.

Beverly Harris

I had outpatient surgery last week and was totally impressed with every professional involved. Caring, compassionate and well trained. Could not be more pleased.

Jessa Brookshire

I delivered by baby here in 2018 and was blown away at the kindness and care provided by the L&d team, plus the beautiful accommodations that made our room feel more like a hotel than a hospital. I had to return to this facility for surgery last week and was amazed to see that the same quality of care extends beyond the women's center. My OR care team was both compassionate and efficient, and the facility was clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Pamela Anderson

Amazing experience. All of the doctors and nurses were phenomenal. They made the stay great and everyone was so positive. Only reason for 4/5 stars was for the epidural doctor. She was rude from our first meet and when she returned to redo my epidural (I was dilated at an 8 and feeling every contraction) she was even more rude and upset I couldn’t relax easily because of the pain I was feeling. The nurses and doctors all made up for her though.

Tyler Smith

It’s in canton, that should of been my first Clue to how I would be treated at the ER. I was hyper confused because of trauma. The staff did little to help. Letting me wonder around aimlessly through the ER unknowingly. The nurses just flat out ignored me until I tried to exit out of Ambulance ER exit then they were quick to inform me it was the wrong exit. I was trying to ask if it was the right exit so maybe acknowledge me when I’m trying to get your attention?

Porter Versfelt III

A beautiful and well-designed facility. The staff and volunteers are so genuinely nice. I spent more than an hour having a CT scan done. Paula the radiology tech made my ordeal so much easier. I really like Northside Cherokee Hospital.

matt sims

Least urgent ER I’ve ever been to. Fiancé was in 10/10 pain ‘worst pain of her life’ and had to vomit twice due to unbearable pain and discomfort AND IT TOOK 2 HOURS before getting called back. This all is plain as day in front of the front desk and during normal afternoon hours middle of the week. Terribly inefficient would be better off driving to next hospital if time is of the essence, which it tends to be with hospitals.

Deziray Nunez

im giving Northside 3 stars. i am 15 weeks pregnant with twins. i came in tonight having really bad cramps and vomiting cant hold down anything ive eaten all day. first off you would think a pregnant women coming in they would take a littlw more serious. its took almost 2 hours. just to get a room and another 45 min to get an ultrasound done to make sure the babies were okay. took another hour and 30 mins give or take just to hear if they were okay or not. me and my family have had bad experiences at Northside my sister miscarried in the bathroom bc they didnt take it seriously. if it wasnt for the doctor and nurses being so friendly and welcoming. id definitely be giving less stars. not my first option to go here but the my nurses tonight definitely made this a little more easier.

Aaron Martell

We have been here in the emergency room for 3 hours and still have not been seen. This hospital is the worst. Our son is dehydrated and has a 102 fever., Would be nice to get him an IV. We have insurance too, crazy how I'd much rather go to Atlanta to be seen at Emory or St Joseph.

Misti G.

Took 6 hours to take 2 xrays and tell me nothing was wrong.

C & R Moss

Beautiful facility. Great staff. Departments organized and I have been to several. Highly recommend.

Leigh Ann Wheeler

The Cardiovascular floor was phenomenal. My father, Ed was having a procedure there and they treated us like family for the 6 hours that we were there. When the nurses were off duty they came by to say bye to myself and my parents. My dad left the hospital smiling, not only because the good news he received from Dr. Bhatt, but the ladies that helped him were WONDERFUL! This hospital is beautiful and we highly recommend. Please pass along this to the ladies who helped my father on Friday, Sept 15th. They were wonderful and we really appreciate their sweet spirits.

Matt James

Nice, new facility but understaffed. They need help. Emergency waiting room was almost full and barely moving. Medical staff aren't in the loop with current status so my parents heard "just trust the doctors" all night long but never given a reason for repeated blood work even after it all came back negative. My parents know how to read their own chart. They work in the medical field too. After going through this, I just think the facility is looking for ways to pad the bill and uses "play it safe" as an excuse. I would think differently if the doctors explained themselves instead of relying on support staff to keep patients in holding pattern.

Clarke D

Absolutely and excellent hospital. The staff are all so great and the doctors are wonderful. We give it 10 stars!!!

Marcus Geier

Excellent experience! I had to take my wife to the emergency room and was surprised at the quality of care and efficiency. All staff we met were super-nice, helpful, compassionate, professional yet personable, and efficient, from the guard who helped me with a wheelchair, to the orderlies, check-in staff, technicians, everyone. Her nurse, Larry, was exceptional-compassionate, efficient, thorough and funny. His wonderful humor truly relieved massive stress. Thank you, Larry! Dr. Blomquist was also wonderful, personable, professional and really took the time to explain everything to us (and that means a tremendous amount). The mobile x-ray tech was wonderful. The respiratory doc also wonderful and informative. The finance lady at checkout was super-nice, helpful and efficient. This facility is beautiful, comfortable, clean, with wonderful artwork and lots of natural light. Thank you all SOOOO much!

Desiree Bodio

Had to go in for surgery and it was the smoothest ride ever. Everyone knew their job and were right there for me every step of the way. There's another hospital 20 minutes from my house but I drove an hour because they are so incredibly fabulous. AMAZING STAFF! .

Ana Linares

I was told to go to the ER by my physician to get a CT scan. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, every single person, including the ER Doctor was amazing, kind and understanding. All except for one extremely rude and unbelievably condescending nurse. Besides that horribly rude nurse and the 5 hour wait in a bed in the hallway, I would have given 5 stars.

Sheri Lowe

I have been a visitor (patient) at this Fine Facility myself. And to me the staff, especially the nurses, they re the best. Staff there are all very kind and courteous but mainly they have the patience one can only dream of. Now the fellow patients, that another story. (Lol) But.......if any patient became agitated or aggressive towards some one, the nurses intervened immediately and calmly diffused the situation with no problems. Think its a great facility, (JUST MY OWN OPINION FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCES) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

megan taylor

Sincerely wish I could rate this hospital one star. My two year old daughter and I were ambulances to this hospital from an urgent care that couldn't properly accommodate her. All I knew is that she wasn't breathing well, she was dizzy and she had a 104 fever. The nurse immediately gave her Tylenol and the doctor proceeded to check her ears, eyes and throat. Claiming all were fine, he did a strep test anyway, flu test, and asked for her to pee in a cup. She's just turned two. Since she's not completely potty trained, instead of looking for other means they performed a catheter. That scream will haunt me forever. After coming back with NOTHING from her urine sample and swab tests they said it was some kind of respiratory virus and brushed us off. Three days later she still had the same fever and my husband and I agreed to seek a third diagnosis from our pediatrician. She took one look in her ears and throat and knew she had a bilateral ear infection and strep throat but did a culture test to solidify. All of her symptoms were masked by the fever but the cause was the ear infection and strep. ALL OF WHICH WENT UNDETECTED BY THIS AWFUL HOSPITAL.

Felix Del barrio

first class accommodation

Patricia Krueger

My husband was treated in the ER March 24 with a heart attack. Minutes after we arrived he went into cardiac arrest. He was shocked twice and CPR performed. The cardiologist inserted two stents in the LAD. They told me he had a widow maker heart attack. He wouldn’t have survived if the ambulance hadn’t gotten him to the ER in time. We had wonderful experience with the hospital staff, doctors and nurses. Couldn’t say enough good things about this hospital. We are grateful to have this wonderful hospital in Cherokee County.

Dray Leigh

I just had my lil one here on July 5th. I could not have asked for a better staff. Absolutely everyone at this hospital is amazing. Every nurse in delivery was attentive and kind special thanks to night shift nurse Erin who helped me during labor and a month before with my kidney stones. Dr. Crigler is absolutely amazing at what he does!!! My nurses after delivery I couldn't be more grateful for. Special thank you to Nurse Sharon, Tech Mikayla, and Nurse Helina who made me feel at home. The NICU nurses are amazing as well. Also a special thank you to nurse Kelly and Nurse laura for taking special care of my son and helping me keep peace of mind about his health. Nurse Allison in NICU thank you especially for every thing you did for my baby boy, thank you for explaining everything to me in great detail and reassuring me he would be ok. You helped me so much. I absolutely love this hospital. In scary moments of my delivery I knew I'd be ok cause I was in the hands of the best people for the job. I wish I could truly Express my gratitude for everyone that works here. If I ever decide on a second child, this is the place I will be. Thank you all so much again.

John Veres

Doctor came into my mom's ICU and told her a whole story about how bad her heart was and that they would have to do some more tests in a few weeks. He also said that she came in a few months ago for some procedure that no one knew about. After he left the room we couldn't figure out what he was talking about.... few minutes later he came back and said that it was actually a different patient and not her... dude is a doctor ... maybe he was just tierd... maybe he is just incompetent. Who knows

Gale Loyd

Great medical care

Lisa Tyndall

Unfortunately my mom was there last night on Christmas eve because she felt bad. EMS was awesome. The whole ER crew was great. Thank you all for taking care of my mom.

J Rod

One star because the staff was really polite and caring, but the really low rating because I had to pay $301 dollars for absolutely nothing! My son hurt his big toe and the nail looked crooked so I was worry, nowhere to go I headed to the hospital. Got to the emergency service, check in, got called, got weight and pressure, then a nurse looks at the toe without touching it and said "he is fine no need for nothing, just clean and Tylenol for pain" I said thanks. They told me to wait for the final paperwork and then got hit with the surprise. The worst part, the lady said "if you pay now is $301 tomorrow will be $1200! And you might get a bill by mail!, because this is an estimate" I said "why, he got nothing done", she said "maybe not who knows"... Terrible :( paid just to see the inside of the emergency room.(update... 3weeks later received another bill of $428.00!) grand total for an injury not touch by any staff or any injections or any meds or any exams =$729. 01

Andrew Schlake

I recently cut open my index finger and thumb, which required a few stitches. The nurses (Julia and Melanie) were very compassionate, interactive, caring, and thorough. The check in and out staff was on point. I was very pleased with everyone. The wait wasn't to bad since the Aquarium is beautiful and the Rose Bowl was playing on the TV. The facility was very clean. Great Job to the staff!

Jen Bruck

I had my first experience with this hospital and a major surgery. The staff from the moment I checked in, to any and all nurses and techs I came into contact with where all amazing. They reassured me and took amazing care of me!!!! I can’t say thank you enough. I will never forget the kindness and care you gave me!

Beth Cain

This hospital did nothing but send us bills. My husband went to the ER for a cut finger that needed stitches; two hours later he was given a band-aide and was sent home. Two weeks later, he received a bill from a doctor (that he didn't see) for $2300.00.


This place is fantastic. The doctors are nice and they got us in and out good as new. They also delivered a friend of mines baby recently too. The facility is high tech and is beautifully furnished. I would recommend to anyone who needed it.

Ben Allen

Wait took a while in the ER, but everyone there was extremely nice. They all kept apologizing for the wait and were very pleasant to be around with my ailments. Definitely will be back if the opportunity presents itself.

Scott Blankenship

This place is so slow no one knows what the hell is going on !!!!’i. In the ER

Susan Phillips

I had my firstborn son here and had a kim Kardashian experience i felt like a queen in the most beautiful hospital ive ever stepped foot in !! Plus they stocked the labor and delivery rooms with all kinds of baby bags and soaps and cute bags and stuff to take home plus they gave me baby clothes and suplies and blankets so cute i had about five bags of stuff when i went home ! They took amazing care of me and my son and im due in about 7 weeks for my daughter for another sceduled c section and i cannot wait !!

Edinson Jorquera

I just used the ER because my son had a broken wrist. We got there at 1030pm and were out of there at midnight. Very quick service and friendly staff. Thank you very much!

Saamm Saamm

Entire ER staff was EXCELLENT.

Kathryn Parker

I just started working here and love it. The facilities are nicer than any hospital I’ve been in (which is many) and the staff are super helpful and welcoming.

Amanda VanDerLeest

We were by our Pediatrician to go to the hospital to get my Toddler (2.5 years old) a chest X-ray. She had tested positive for strep, but they were worried her cough sounded like pneumonia. It was such a smooth process - even for a Friday! A man on a golf cart picked us up and brought us to the entrance we needed to be at. The front desk personally walked us over to the registration room and also told us about the cool salt water aquarium they had! That was perfect for my husband and child to look at while I was getting her registered. Even with strep, she was excited about it. They had privacy doors for each registration section which I've never seen before. It's always wide open, so that was a nice privacy feature during registration. We were then personally escorted to the radiology waiting room. There we waited all of 15 minutes to be taken back for an X-ray (even with a moderate line in the waiting room). They got the images on the first time even with a squirmy toddler and then we left! I think the entire process took less than an hour for a completely unscheduled X-ray. Needless to say, we were very impressed. Also, the staff was very friendly and the building looks beautiful

Emily Neumann

Such a great hospital ! Very clean and the staff is amazing ! Recently has surgery and they made me feel so comfortable. I was very nervous at first but after getting settled in and speaking to all my nurses and staff i felt so much better. They did everything to make sure i was comfortable while i was there. I highly recommend this hospital if you meed assistance. And they have financial assistance program which helped greatly. I didnt even have to come out of pocket for my surgery. THANK YOU SO MUCH NORTHSIDE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR ME

Carolina C

My experience after several visits with an aging mom is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. One doctor might make the wrong decision without consulting the family which simply leads to a disastrous situation later on. However, most of the nursing and support staff are kind and professional.

mark allen

Great place,it's the staff that makes this place special big smiles truly caring people

Samantha C.

I have been here twice and it's a lot better hospital than the one in Marietta. Nice,clean, new hospital. Doctor Amy Hubert really helped me and showed me that she cared. I really appreciate all her hard work to make me better. Wish more doctors were caring like she was.

Brittany Freeman

Killerstone(Kennestone) and Northside hospital is about the same! When I 1st arrived I was told that there was only a 30 min wait time yet I waited for 2 hours with no update this is a hospital not the mall so they don't seem to care about the patients here!!!!

Emily McGinnett

Went to the ER last month because I had a tightening in my heart and I couldn't feel my leg. They told me it was due to stress when I wasn't even stressed about anything. Anyways, I got the statement yesterday saying that I now owe $1,300. So, I called the Financial Assistance Counseling Office to set up a payment plan for my bill because there is no way that I can even pay that amount up front. I spoke to Gerald and he asked me why I could't pay the amount right away and I told him what I could pay monthly and he told me that they couldn't go lower than $150 a month. There is no way that I can afford to pay that much a month when I have a new car payment, newly raised car insurance and a dentist bill that I pay every month. Gerald was very rude and I will be calling back to speak to the supervisor because there is no excuse to speak to anyone like that especially when I offered to at least pay something.

Emily Lohorn

Labor and delivery was absolutely amazing! We had the best experience there with every employee we came across! Erin in L&D was an incredible RN and made my delivery so smooth and perfect! I HIGHLY recommend Northside Cherokee L&D to everyone! It was so peaceful, calm, and clean! I can’t thank the staff enough for making this experience amazing!

kylie jane

My husband was taken in with a stroke. THe initial CT scan was done quickly - but the MRI took 7 hours to get to it. They said I didn't fill out the paper work - but I had it waiting for them. Total lie. It went down hill from there. Poor nursing care - told doctors would be by when they did not show. Took 2 nurses and 6-7 phone calls to get a doctor to call me back about my husband's MRI results. Pretty hospital, but TERRIBLE care. They would get a zero if I could.

S. A. F.

This is the worst hospital! My friend is currently a patient there and she has stage 4 cancer--the doctors are basically treating her like she needs to go home and die, when there's still hope for recovery. They are refusing to treat her like a viable patient, and aren't doing physical therapy with her, or giving her proper care. They've been bullies and it's shameful!!! Avoid this hospital at ALL costs!!!!!!

Alan Murphy

Came in for a lawnmower vs finger episode. ER took great care of us. Brian Palm was the PA and did a great job! Didn’t get the names of the others that attended, but they were awesome too! Thanks Northside

Jasmine Dernehl

I Love This Hospital! I had my baby here and everyone was amazing!! The care was unbelievable! All the nurses and doctors I had took the best care of me and my baby! They get 100 stars in my book!

Kim Hauser

My son was hurt in a rugby game. He was seen immediately, received xrays and was back put in less than two hours with top notch care. I'll never go to any other ER ever again.

Zach Andreasen

Labor and Delivery staff were unbelievable. This was the single best experience I’ve ever had at a hospital period and luckily it was for the birth of my daughter. I can not speak highly enough of the care we received. Incredible experience and a huge thank you to all the nurses that helped deliver and care for our beautiful girl.

Dan Woodard

1500 dollars for 7 stitches! Staff is competent but good grief the money you will pay here. If you can just drive down to Kennestone hospital unless you want to get taken advantage of financially. Billing department sucks. They were like " nope the bill is the bill we won't even entertain changing any thing." No wonder people hate hospitals. Price gouging at its best.

Ellen Marie Dumer

Thanks for taking such good care of Rita in the pulmonary unit. Each and every staff person has been so caring, listening to every question and answering until we all understood the details. This is what medical CARE is at it's best!

Erica Strickland

Beautiful hospital and friendly staff! Very clean as well!

Jazmyne Lord

went in and got no blood work done and waited 2 and a half hours in a room and only seen the doctor once. they gave me a shot and prescribed me medicine and off i went. they didnt even tell me what was causing my problems or anything.

Julia Horton

I went to North Side Cherokee because I could not keep anything down and I had a high fever. I sat in the waiting area for hours. They never took me back to a room. Instead, they treated me in the waiting area. They swabbed me for the flu, which came back positive. My husband and I begged for IV fluids but they said that it was unnecessary. I never even saw a doctor! A PA gave me a zofran pill for nausea and sent me home with a prescription for Tamiflu, which gave me horrible side affects they never warned me about. I saw another doctor from another facility the next day who recommended IV fluids. After the fluids, I began to feel better. This hospital had the nerve to bill me over $1,500.00 (after insurance) for NEVER leaving the waiting area and for NEVER seeing a doctor. Unbelievable! I will be fighting this and sending in a complaint, etc. soon. Seriously, It's the principle. These guys take advantage of people.

Kijone Young

Excellent service. The nurses are so caring and kind. Everyone was so helpful and attended to all of our needs. I had my baby here and I am so glad I decided to give birth here.

Brooklyn Mata

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. No doubt. I came into the ER for stomach pain while 6 weeks pregnant. I received an ultrasound, and bloodwork. I spoke to a doctor once and saw 4 different nurses. At the end of my visit we were told there was a baby found with a strong heart rate. We were given no other information other than that. So, of course curious, I decided to call when we got back home. I spoke to someone in the ER who didn’t ask my name, just simply went off the fact that I was there 20 minutes prior and was then told there was no baby only a sack. Obviously I became confused and decided to contact someone in charge of the ER, she actually took the time to look up my name, and then confirmed there was a baby with a heart beat. This is not something to play with or take lightly. I will NEVER return here.

Savannah Cox

Was seen there on 1/6 at about 6 in the morning. They gave me a chest X-ray and strep test. Doctor said I don’t know what the cause is but we’re going to call it bronchitis. I said okay. Went home. Began coughing up brown-blood streaked mucus. Waking up drenched in sweat. Family thought I should get another opinion. Went to Kennestone.. found out it was pneumonia. Hate this hospital. They always brush off how I feel and what I’m telling them.


Had baby in March. The staff was very prompt and cheerful however there was no discussion about my sons Toungue tie which caused problems breastfeeding. I wish I had been told this by the lactation specialist before I got injured... Also they tried giving shots after I signed waiver declining... And they told me that sunshine doesn't help jaundice (after insisting on fake sunlight)...afterwards I found out that sugar can cause jaundice I regretted telling them they could give it to him ..great beside manners and doctor was great... Just some more information would have been nice...

Elizabeth Rainey

Best labor and delivery experience we could have asked for. The nurses are just as incredible as the doctors and the staff is very kind and caring. We taken care of very well and wouldn't want to go anywhere else to have a baby.

Kelly Foster

Warm and professional staff at the Women’s Center take great care of you. From the reception to the nurses, doctors, food service and cleaning service they are all kind and helpful. Healthcare here is very thorough and top tier.

Kathy Pegel

Very nice hospital. Nurses and staff are helpful and nice. Rooms have large guest couch that folds into a bed and is fairly comfortable to sleep on. Bathroom in rooms is a good size and very nice. Doctors were concerned and determined to figure out what we wrong and help us

Andromeda Galaxy

I used to visit the old hospital and it was absolutely wonderful. This new place is run more like a prison camp with no nursing care and the doctors that never visit you.

Beverly Hayes

I can say that the outpatient surgery center is awesome. I had two surgeries in 2017 and already one this year. They are friendly, professional and treat you as if you are the only patient there.

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