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REVIEWS OF Memorial Health University Medical Center IN Georgia

Elizabeth Cooper

The nursing staff in the CPU are wonderful. Under staffed. Had to wait in ER hallway for 8 hours for a room. Communication between the doctors, other specialties and with the patients was horrible. My husband’s cardiologist said he could go home last night. Internal medicine said no he couldn’t. IM attending said today there was no reason he couldn’t have gone home last night that “they” must have called the wrong person for release orders. So now we have to pay for an extra day that was unnecessary. Was a great hospital until they got bought out.

Celina Owens

Found out that my son was diabetic after a check up with our pediatrician. We were given paperwork and told go to the ER as soon as possible my son's blood sugar was very high. Upon arrival I was greeted by a woman at the reception desk who asked me if I needed to see a doctor. I told her we had paperwork she cut me off and said "just sign in I don't need all that ". She was very rude with her tone and it caught me off guard. Later we were called by her for an arm bracelet and I asked if we accidently signed in at the wrong place because the other receptionist said PEDS would come get us. She said "what you lost?" So again she was rude so I asked her if she was OK she started laughing and said "im great you ok?" Then she stepped back and looked me up and down. It took everything i had to not lose my temper at her disgusting attitude. I'm sorry but I have never dealt with anyone so unprofessional in my life. Racism goes both ways because the black patients were treated differently. I am beyond upset and hope she is retrained. Her name tag was hidden so I don't have her name but I know her face and we checked in at 1130am 4/18/17.

Travis Peterson

Taking care of Family

Susan Morris

I cannot praise the nursing staff at Memorial highly enough. My husband has been hospitalized there a number of times, and we've spent quite a bit of time in the ER as well. We've truly encountered a number of nurses there who far exceeded my fairly high expectations. The physical plant is a big problem. I still can't get over patients being seen in the halls of the ER--even when cubicles are available. The "holding pen" for people being admitted is dreary, crowded and completely lacking in privacy (forget HIPAA regulations there). Parking is a royal pain. Interestingly, someone is really doing a good job with foodservice. Having billing people enter ER cubes--even when IVs are being inserted--is out of line. Doctors in ER? All over the road. As a patient, it's best to be humble, stoic and patient--very patient. Given the role of Memorial's ER in this community, it seems there should be more staff. I would suggest that Memorial educate staff, including med students, about the appropriate way to respond to medical error. In every venue, communication is a huge problem in Savannah's medical community. I would give Memorial three and one half stars if I could--the extra half star given for effort.

Brittney Williams

Great service. The staff went above and beyond with providing quality care to our son. Special thanks to all the staff whom played a role in caring for our son. Starting with the receiving nurse from the night shift, the surgeon Dr. Carney, PACU nurse Courtney, and his main nurse Melissa. Thank you all.

Joyce Kirkpatrick

My care here has been great. But the time it took them to get me in a room upstairs was uncalled for. I came into E.R. Monday 9:00 am. was told I was being admitted at noon. 7:00 pm I was taken to a 12 bed ward. until 5 pm the next day, them on wed. at 5 pm I was finally in a room upstairs. and the food sucks.

Von S

I was there to have a lung removed by Dr. Robert Jones. They care I received in ICU was outstanding! I was then sent to (I forgot what they called it) a floor that was just a step down from ICU and the staff there was very good. I have had all kinds of test's at Memorial and everyone everywhere was very professional, helpful and compassionate, just like the care I received after surgery and all follow up visits. I will say that they do need more comfortable beds and new port a poddies.

Nikki Baxley Leonard

My younger sister went into this hospital on Tuesday October 6th due to severe back pain and inability to walk or stand normally. She is in college at SCAD and has only been away from home for a month. She called me in tears because of the pain and how scared she was to be alone and not know what to do. She didn't want to go to the ER because of the cost and how she could get there but I convinced her because I visit Savannah frequently and assured her the staff would be kind and take care of her. Her RA insisted on calling her an ambulance, and she was in the ER for less than 2 hours. The doctor listened to her lungs (no other tests or x rays) and diagnosed her with sciatica and sent her home with muscle relaxers and pain meds. They also told her no one was available to help her carry her bag out to the cab she was taking back to the dorm. I am appalled at how she was treated, being alone and far from home and in pain. She has known she has sciatica for years and this pain is NOT that, but your doctors did not seem to have time to listen to her or run any tests (even though she is fully insured, not that that's a valid reason) and just brushed her off. and for no one to be available to help her carry her things when she can barely walk? I don't know where the "southern hospitality" was, or even common courtesy but this is the worst person or medical care I've ever heard of.

Lakeyia Green

Nursing staff is so rude. Susan in PACU is so unprofessional. I prefer st.Joe over memorial any day.

Karan Fowler

Everyone was helpful and made me feel comfortable during a scary situation


I am little piss off. My other half came with really bad pain at 7:01am and it. 5:45pm we still in the ER with no answer doctor came in one told her they will do check urine test, U/S but we didn't know they need to ct scan. We ask 45 min ago if she can water or cup of ice the nurse have not come back in with the answer. My other is still in lots of pain but we still waiting to see she pain meds This is called emergency room work a little faster people. Please 10 hours with no answer is not cool. I feel the doctor should come in more and check on there patience then waiting on all the test results.

RøtøMillPhil Thorne

I love cake and nurses

Wy Elkins

good people good service

Marc Moss

Super shady company recently purchased this hospital and refusing services for premium health insurance companies. They are all about profit and NOT about care. Stay away.

Gloria chorba

I was schedule for a procedure to be done there for my back about two months ago and it was canceled four days before I was to have it done . Because I was told they no longer take blue cross and blue shield . I was beyond devastated that this happened .

Sydney Fosnight

This was probably one of the best hospitals I’ve been in. My daughter got very sick and they took SUCH good care of her!! All of her nurses Tiffany, Arla and Rosemary were great!! Thank you guys!!

Elizabeth Cooper

The nursing staff in the CPU are wonderful. Under staffed. Had to wait in ER hallway for 8 hours for a room. Communication between the doctors, other specialties and with the patients was horrible. My husband’s cardiologist said he could go home last night. Internal medicine said no he couldn’t. IM attending said today there was no reason he couldn’t have gone home last night that “they” must have called the wrong person for release orders. So now we have to pay for an extra day that was unnecessary. Was a great hospital until they got bought out.

Jeff Warner

Thanks to 4C management and staff for doing a wonderful job with my mother!!!!

James Paris

A loved one required emergency surgery and was referred to MUSC by Hilton Head Hospital. While awaiting a bed in Charleston, an opportunity at Savannah Memorial opened up and we decided to expedite the surgery. I think we were very fortunate! The care team were attentive, professional, and dedicated. Dr. Burke performed the surgery via the DaVinci machine which apparently resulted in a smaller incision, miniscule blood loss, and what may prove to be a faster recovery. I'm very impressed with the caliber of care and professionalism at Savannah Memorial and would not hesitate to trust this hospital with any future needs. Thank you staff and Dr. Burke!

Christina Waterfield

This is a teaching hospital, but the service is poor, the cleanliness of the room was atrocious!

Gail Clark

Last night was our third visit for admission through the ER. Wait times in the ER rooms were long, but the staff was friendly and concerned. Tests were ordered in a timely manner. It did seem like forever before we got answers, but the ER docs were very professional and made sure they knew what they were dealing with before admission. Floor nurses were kind during each stay. After the first trip, I felt comfortable leaving my loved one in their care to return home for nights during the latter two admissions.

Crystal Grooms

First time I've ever been seen at this hospital er. My experience was above and beyond my expectations! Dr. Lowe was phenomenal and his nursing staff was awesome too!! Will definitely return if any health problems resurface. Great hospital and staff...

Jean Santa Maria

Memorial is now the state of the art for inpatient and emergrncy medical services.

Dr. Chantel Brown

I went into the ER at Memorial Health in Savannah, GA while eight months pregnant due to intense pain which I initially thought was labor pains/contractions. I was brought in by ambulance with my two year old son in my arms. My husband was out of town due to work, but was heading back home. Therefore, it was only my son and I. The ER doctor was very cold, lacked bedside manners, and in my opinion demonstrated clear signs of racism. He refused to release me to the maternity ward, per my and my Ob/Gyn’s multiple requests. The ER physician did not speak with me for several hours (approximately six hours) while holding me in the ER. I had to make multiple demands before he finally did come in. Once coming into the room he was incredibly rude, short tempered, impatient, and outright nasty. His unprofessional behavior included rolling his eyes, raising his voice, and being very dismissive. My blood pressure was elevated due to the pain I was in. This was a serious red flag, and should have been addressed immediately. However, the ER doctor held me for several hours without treatment, and then tried to send me home without pain management. At that point my Ob/Gyn (who should have taken a stance much sooner) demanded I be sent up to the maternity ward. As it turned out, I have sickle cell disease and was experiencing a chronic pain crisis. Once getting to the maternity ward, the nurses and a male Ob/Gyn on duty also lacked empathy and bedside manners. I was told that I was exaggerating my level of pain. Once delivering the baby via c-section, I was placed in a dirty room with a dirty, broken bed. The bed was switched out to another dirty bed that I was told by a nurse was pulled out of storage. One of the nurses assigned to me was preoccupied by her children who were dropped off to the hospital after school. She used her phone several times while in the room, and admittedly left my room (without doing her job) several times to check on her kids. My newborn was very fussy the second night of our hospital stay. A different nurse told me she believed my baby was showing signs of drug withdrawal. I informed her that I was not taking drugs of any sort. The next day I spoke with the pediatrician regarding the conversation with the nurse. The pediatrician laughed it off and said, “No your baby was just hungry. I don’t know why Nurse so-and-so would say that to you.” It’s a miracle I didn’t die from negligence, malpractice, or an infection at Memorial Hospital. I would NEVER recommend this place, not even to my worst enemy!

Haleigh King

I had my baby here as I was out of town from my regular OB and hospital. I was really impressed woth the level of care we received.

Angela Bouie

I went to ER last week Weds 6/12/2019 for a fall and hurt my knee and back. That visit was horrible. The Nurse was very dismissive and act as though she really didn’t care to hear how I had injured myself. I got an X-ray of my knee. I went back tonight for back and neck pain and this time was given X-rays of my back and neck. I sat in the hallway the entire time of my visit. I was told I would get a room. Only to see other people who came after me get a room! I was treated poorly!!!! Even a bumb on the street does not deserve the treatment I got at my past two visits. Upon discharge! The RN act as though she didn’t want to talk to me... and did not want to read me the diagnosis as if I was contagious! Then had the nerve to ask me did I have any questions!?? I calmly told her no because I felt like my visit was a waste and I was in pain. Nothing was said about my X-ray results! I’m truly disappointed in the staff! The only person who seemed concerned about my well being was the lady from Peds who checked me in and the lady in Xray! When people are ill and in pain. They don’t want to feel as though they are a bother or don’t matter. We come to receive help! Not feel worthless!

Harry Drum

During my ER visit, which lasted 12 hours, I was visited by my nurse all of theee times, and by a doctor once. I feel like I was treated like a drug addict seeking meds, and not a person in genuine pain. I left with more questions than I had at my arrival. This is the saddest excuse for a hospital that I have ever been to, and I was in the army for 10 years, so that’s saying something.

Rick Clark

The staff was fine, the problem started about 60 days after I left the Hospital. First I must say they began to call (Harass) me 7 days prior to my procedure wanting me to pay my Insurance deductible UPFRONT, before the procedure. I asked them how do you know I haven't already met my deductible and the claims just haven't been submitted or processed Yet? Just to get them off my back and considering I was going to owe them some money anyway in good faith I gave them $500 BEFORE my surgery. Approximately 60 Days after the surgery I received a bill for over $2400 due upon receipt. It said if i am unable to pay the entire amount to call their "Business office" and make payment arrangements. This is where the absurdity begins. My first call to them was not a good one. I calmly explained what was comfortable to me and also explained I had already paid them $500 in good faith and although I wanted to get this paid off as soon as possible I have to Do it within my means. I still have a mortgage, have to keep the lights on and I still have to eat. The person I spoke with was downright arrogant and rude and ended up hanging up on me. Then I called again and got another representative and told her what I could pay minimum per month.I told them I would pay a minimum of $200 per month but more than likely it would be more. I would rather commit to $200 and pay $400 than the reverse. I was told this amount is outside Memorial Health payment guidelines. I finally got a supervisor (Daniel) and I explained my position and also asked since there are specific payment guidelines it would seem to me I probably signed something prior to my procedure agreeing to those guidelines, if you can show me that document I will gladly pay whatever I agreed to. I have asked no less than six (6) representatives that question and none of them have been able or willing to provide that document which indicates there is no document. Daniel said he would contact memorial and get approval for my "outside of guidelines payment proposal" and get back to me. Wait a minute I thought I was talking to Memorial??? Two weeks later I called Daniel back because I hadn't heard anything from him and he said he was still waiting to hear from Memorial. I told him I have some money to pay and I would like to make a payment to you. HE TOLD ME DON'T PAY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HEAR BACK FROM ME. I thought that was odd for him to tell me not to pay and I felt as if I was somehow being set up. So, in June I paid Memorial $700, July, $400, August $300 Paying off more than half the balance in three months. it's a good thing I made those payments because to this day I have never heard back from Daniel. Still I am receiving the Bills saying I have not responded to their payment requests. I have given them $1400 towards a $2400 balance in 3 months how can they say I have not responded? It's Memorial who has not responded to my continued requests to make arrangements. Now today, 5 days after making a $300 payment to them I get a letter saying because I have failed to respond to their requests my account will go to collections in 30 days. Really? Do these people have the slightest clue to what they are doing? It's a good thing they record every call because I may need to subpoena these transcripts because if they take me to collections after all the calls I have made, after being told not to pay anything, after paying over half the debt in 3 months they will have a fight on their hands. I will use their collect, payment and call records against them. I have made so many attempts to resolve this with them it has become pathetic. Just this week the rep I spoke to when I made my last payment (Regal) said he was going to look into this and promised he would personally call me back that day. Well that was 5 days ago. You want to take me to collections? Bring it Memorial! It seems to me you have the carriage in front of the horses.

BlackBerry Stallion

My name is Sarah Gordon. I have two children that has to come to this hospital because, there is no other hospital that deals with children with the things they have going on. My ten year old had to come in a few times back to back. This hospital was my go to even for me. I will never deal with this HOSPITAL. This hospital has gone down the drain. The housekeeping staff show more love and care then the doctor's. It's so bad I'm making a complaint to the Ethics department. Instead of trying to help me figure out what is going on with my daughter, my daughter and I are getting accused of things. The Emergency department nurses and doctor lied on me. There was no help on what was causing her suger to run high and send her into dka. A lady named Beth, came to speak to me and asked to see the insulin pen and pen needlees. She saw that the pen that goes down into the insulin was bending, which means my daughter wasn't getting the right amount of insulin. I've been questioned on my ability of taking care of my two daughters. I'm a mother FIRST! I'M NOT HAPPY! I will be making an complaint and I will s p.o esk to my lawyer. This is just the hslf of our stay.

Patrick nesmith

Trying to find out if my friend is in their Hospital . Called and was IMMEDIATELY hung up on . DIDN'T EVEN GET A HELL0 .

Jane Doe

This place has been an absolute nightmare. I had severe bleeding and couldn't get any local doctors to treat me, so I had to go to the ER. The doctor was nice and gave me a pelvic and prescribed me with some Provera. When I was leaving I went to pay my bill, and struggled to get in contact with my mother. The woman was extremely rude and snatched my card and charged it without even listening to me. I couldn't afford cab fare back so I had to call my university to give me a ride back. I thought it was over since I paid up front. A month later they are hounding me for bills again, so my mom pays them. And just now I get even more phone calls harassing me about it, and more rude finance people. The medicine didn't even fix my issue. The Doctors and Nurses are great, but the people who work the finances are horrible and rude.


Dr. Jon Seno's STAFF FAILS AT THEIR PRIMARY JOB, communication. They misled me three times. I have a numb leg caused by a herniated disc and his staff failed to call me or schedule the proper appointments for the treatment I desperately need. Once when they initially said they would schedule and MRI for me, they did not -- I had to set that up. Secondly, they said they had issues submitting requests to my insurance and after I CALLED THEM discovered the issues were again delaying treatment( who knows when or if they would notify me about this problem ) , I then called my insurance provider only to find out NO REQUEST HAD BEEN SUBMITTED. A week later when I finally was able to come in for what I thought would be treatment, upon arriving I discovered that the doctor had not yet reviewed my MRI, that his office had in their possession for over a week, and that they would have to reschedule my treatment again. After this I began searching for an ALTERNATIVE DOCTOR. After 2.5 weeks I hadn't heard anything from Seno's office staff, I decided to call them for curiosities sake. They had still not submitted a request to my insurance or attempted to schedule an appointment for me and when I asked why, they said they had tried to submit insurance every morning for the last couple of weeks but failed to do so. When I asked they had not called me about this issue, THEY GAVE NO RESPONSE. Do not go see this doctor if you expect reliable communication or scheduling from his staff. His staff seem incompetent and frankly, they fail to use anything close to proper grammar when speaking in person.

Morgan S

Horrible place to work!! I was never treated with respect and I was WAY under paid!! This company has way too much drama going on!! I have seen some nurses almost kill their patients and I have seen physicians cuss out their staff!! I'm really shocked this place is still in business!! I would never recommend this place to anyone!!

carlton kirkland

I was in this hospital for a month and a half and the nurses were awesome

Nan Nawrocki

A special Thank You to everyone from the reception desk to triage, the nurses and docs and the technicians who made my emergency room visit a good and positive experience. Everyone was amazing. They were very kind and informative. Thanks to all.

Donna Rawlings

I believe they are very knowledgeable attention given to their pations.

Jason Rice

Great service all around. The nurses that I dealt with were kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Brian McDonald

Got in and we were seen very quickly. The staff were very friendly and courteous. Roberto was super in the pre exam. Dr. Ross was very thorough. Karen was very professional and probably the most talented of the group. The way she drew blood was by the book and the way she found the vein was surgical! Todd was very prompt in getting us discharged and made my wife feel very confident with the information! Thank you to the staff at Memorial! 10/10 will be back again in the future!

Diana Estrada

Depends of what you need this hospital for it could be either a horrible experience or a wonderful one. 1. If you are using this hospital for its clinics then yes, all the different clinics try to strive for the best. 2. If you try to use it for the emergency room that's my deduction, I could Give them zero just for the waiting room area at the ER. I have contacted them on FB they apologized and sent me a phone number to call and tell them about it. Am not doing it. ER waiting room should always be clean. The floors are always nasty, the bathrooms are dirty and worse of all.. you can't feel the AC. The sign in sheet is for me a red flag, a spread of germs. You walk in, you need to sign the papeles with the same pen everyone uses including patients with flu. I do not understand why such a big hospital can't sing in patient on a computer like other hospitals do. That would avoid lines for registration and spread of germs. 3. The Pediatric emergency is the same dirty place if not worse than the regular ER. Bathrooms for patients are nasty and the little waiting room it's also dirty. I understand sometime you can't have it perfect but I have been there different occasions at different time and it has been the same experience. Baby gowns given to your children are dirty or very. Very stain. Also the gowns are throw in the cabinets so you can't really see if they are dirty or clean. Again if they are clean you can't really tell since is wrinkly and stained. ER doctors are great. Some nurses are better than others. 4. My favorite mother and baby. I think this is the best so far. They are clean and very professional. They try the impossible to meet your birth plan. Nurses are great. I had a wonderful experience in there. Only for this and the memorial clinics I would give them 5 but the dirtiness of the ERs are beyond unsanitary.

Elaine Phillips

Had a MRI with contrast they were quick waited less then 5 minutes in lobby and great staff

Shannon Marie Hugaboom Mangin

Amazing hospital and fantastic staff! Wonderful doctors. If it wasnt for them I would be dead. They saved my life when no other hospital would take me because I didn't have health insurance! Thank you guys! It's been 4 years! And I feel amazing plus have 2 beautiful kids. Also my almost 4 year old daughter was born here!! They are amazing!

Nan Nawrocki

A special Thank You to everyone from the reception desk to triage, the nurses and docs and the technicians who made my emergency room visit a good and positive experience. Everyone was amazing. They were very kind and informative. Thanks to all.

Kelly hall

Too many people goofing off around people who are here for medical attention.

Allyson Prescott

Went to the er for swollen lymph nodes that weren't going away for a month doctor acted like it was nothing only did x rays no blood tests or anything to rule out infection told me to take ibuprofen and go home a week later still swollen went to candler where they actually ran blood tests turned out to be an infection that i could've had cleared up already if he had done his job

L Gregory Waldhour

Almost 2 1/2 hours and only had my vitals taken: what a joke

Gini Ennis

The Children's Hospital is tops in the region! They were so good to a student I visited there for cancer treatment.

Donna Rawlings

I believe they are very knowledgeable attention given to their pations.

Fish Sanderson

Lab manager discriminates against people when it comes time to hire. Hospital has worthless HR so nowhere to complain. I’m sure the EEOC will listen.


My experience with Memorial Hospital has been an absolute nightmare. My journey with Memorial began with a 24 hours stay in the ER’s hallway followed by a 5 day stay on the 5th floor (medsurge) where the level of incompetence is nearly immeasurable. My doctor chalked up a bad reaction to an antibiotic (which inflicted excruciating pain on all of my ligaments and paralyzed my right leg for a full day) to simply “sleeping on it wrong”. The nurses on the 5th floor will ignore any request for assistance with the excuse that they’re busy at the moment and they’ll return as soon as they can, only to never see them again. In my opinion this is a terrible facility with a highly disorganized and overworked staff.

Nicole Satterfield

Absolute rediculous most unorganized hospital ever husband is in recovery right now going on 7 hours waiting for a room that has been given away three times now and when you simply try to ask in the most polite manner you can after waiting 7 hours you get hung up on funny how when I get the bill they want money now yet my husband has to wait 7 hours for a room to rest in after having his arm cut open and operated on waited in hall over 3 hrs just to get the surgery in the first place. He would have been better off driving to another state bet he'd be in a room by now.

Delores Holland

The high risk maternity and prenatal care staff are the best !!! They're very thorough, thoughtful, and caring. I appreciate how they're monitoring my daughter so closely. Thank you

Nancy stone

My family was not only discharged inappropriately but when I called to speak to some one the day shift ED charge nurse Michael was short, rude and interruptive. I could not even get my concerns out. Kept cutting me off and said I was arguing. I then asked to be transferred to a manager or Patient experience Rep and Michael Charge nurse on days 5/16/18 refused. my concerns completely disregarded. This is not how you treat patients nor families. I hate that this nurse and facility are now representing the HCA way.

Jason Rice

Great service all around. The nurses that I dealt with were kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Donnie Gordon

This is the worst hospital in world. They took over 2 hours to see me, then they took another 45 minutes before a doctor came in. He was in the room maybe 2 minutes and told me it would be another 2 and a half hours before they got me back for test. The nurses were VERY rude and cared more about talking to each other than the people there for treatment. I walked out after hearing the wait time for the test. Also I have been trying to pay a stupid bill they sent for some reason. This is now my 4th day of being on hold for 20 to 30 minutes and still not speaking to a human.

Jordan Phillips

We came into the ER with my papa who was having chest pains. We came by ambulance the entrance was so full of patients we could barely fit into the hallway after waiting for over and hour my papa got a stretcher in the middle of the hall. Many patients went in front of him. I feel with chest pains this should be a top priority. The staff was unfriendly and rude. They do not have enough staff for this hospital. I will not be coming back.

youngpaid pat

Slowest hospital I've ever been to... They do not care about their patients being in pain at all

Maureen Jackson

I do not understand how they see that a sick child is running a high fever of 102.8 and they are just minding their business!!! The doctors and nurses are ignorant and busy just laughing and chatting rather than helping the patients. Am so disappointed!!!


My child recently had surgery here and had to stay the night. Without a doubt, the nurses, her doctor, and all the employees were amazing. They were extremely friendly, helpful and supportive, for that I am extremely grateful. The reason for three stars is the facility. I understand it is an old facility, but I saw three roaches, two in our room and one in the bathroom, within an hour, which absolutely disgusted me and made me very concerned for my child’s health as it seemed very unsanitary. In addition, The toilet seat on the toilet was practically falling off, the grout was just pure grime and everything just looks as if it needs a complete overhaul. I would not take a shower in the shower not only because of the roach I found in there, but because it was so dirty. And I don’t mean dirty like housekeeping didn’t clean, I mean years and years of caked on grime. I am just thankful that they have employees there that are so helpful and kind, if not Memorial would be a complete customer service disaster

Alysa Kaitlyn

They are a great hospital vary clean and nice staff I highly recommend this place

John Smith

Tyler and Jaimie in the ED provides top notch care. They were prompt and courteous, putting me at ease through the whole process.

Liz Janlyse

They took forever and had little nurse and no rooms but the nurses that were there where nice



Pearl Price

This is the second time I have had to deal with this hospital I don't know where or who does hiring. My sister had surgery today and I just got off the phone with her. Her nurse is so rude she made my sister cry!!!### and the nurse offers. No compassion or assistance, these nurse's are taking care of real people with feelings. This isn't the first time my family has had problems there, concerning the OB I wouldn't take dead dog there for them to do a necropsy

Lannie Lee

To keep it simple I have a previous surgery that is currently ripping apart in my back. Went to the ER yesterday and all I got was pain meds and sent home and told to make an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon. Problem lies with I was told by previous doctors that if this ever happen, the nerve that control my ability to the bathroom might be severed. So now I am sitting around out home with the ability to stand for about 60 seconds before I start to fall and the continuaes fear of randomly going to the bathroom in my pants. Thank you Mermorial. One more thing I got 3 shots and all three bleed through my band aid and my gmail cleaned me up. MY FAMILY.

Kelly M Taylor

The EPIC team is comprised of old ladies.

Michelle Groover

The nurses and staff are excellent in the pediatric ER! Our wait to be seen was short. Everyone who came to see my daughter explained what they were doing and why.

Keosha Thomas

They did a very thorough examination of my Son, they found the problem and immediately started treating him. They have a very friendly and caring staff.

Bill Wessinger

I am a doctor, and I owe my life to the great care I received during a significant illness three years ago.

Larry Wilson

Terrible customer service my 17 week pregnant fiancée sat in pain for over 24 hours with not one nurse caring to aid her three nurses at the nursing station tonight 10/01/18 at midnight-430 am no response. She called the nurse station 5 times with them replying they were comming down and never did all 5 times. The room toilet did not work and the patient room is very poor. Overall terrible experience for us.

Tray Sivell

Surgery pre test, scheduled day surgery, valet parking, super sweet nurses, etc.... I didn't expect it to be so easy. Very pleased!

Michelle Hencely

My daughter had severe preeclampsia at 8 months pregnant and admitted to the high risk department for delivery. The staff here was exceptional. She saw many nurses and doctors during her extended stay but Heather and Jenny went above and beyond the standard of care. Jenny never left her side but for short breaks. 15 minutes did not go by without her showing her face in the room and checking on Paige. She was well taken care of throughout the entire process. Dr. Royek and his team as well as the NICU team are very skilled doctors/nurses and thoroughly informed us of everything each step of the way. As a mother it is hard to watch your child go through childbirth but her and her daughter could not have received better care. I give Memorial Hospital and their team 5 stars hands down!


This hospital is absolutely horrible. I have never left a hospital feeling worse than I did coming in, and I'm new to Georgia as well. I came in with a migraine along with dizziness. My pain was at a 3 when I came in. I was asked several questions about my migraines from Dr. Taaca Allan. I told him about recently finding out 2wks ago that I am pregnant. He said there aren't many options for you but I can prescribe some medicine for the dizziness and Tylenol for your migraines. At this point my migraine has grown from a 3 to a 10 over the past like 10 minutes I was waiting and my stomach is turning. After Dr. Taaca a nurse came in and told me not to do anything that would make my head hurt that bad. I looked at him and then shook my head. I asked him can I have meds at the moment for my migraine and he just looked at me and said I hope you start feeling better. I immediately get upset and walk out after I was handed my discharge papers. I have never been seen in a hospital emergency room and did not get treated for my pain. This was the worst hospital visit EVER. I WILL NEVER COME BACK!

Elizabeth Christmas

Loved the staff, so caring, and friendly


I have sickle cell and just moved to Savannah from Miami a little over a month ago. Since I have been here, Memorial has almost killed me several times. I went in complaining of severe chest pain. After being discharged without even speaking to me, the doctor then told me once I begged to speak to him that there was nothing he could do for me it was just "pain". I begged him to keep me over night for observation, and he told me no. So I left and went home. Later that night I was rushed to St Joseph by ambulance with a fever of 105 and a blood pressure of 75/65. (Something like that). Turns out the pain in my chest was a blood clot in my lungs and not only that but my chest port had gotten infected and the infection had traveled to my blood steam causing sepsis. But according to the Memorial doctors there was nothing wrong with me. Since then, I have been having severe sickle cell pain not only in my chest but all over, most likely due to my body trying to heal itself (this just happened a couple of weeks ago). Since I just moved my insurance application for Georgia is still pending so I can't see a hematologist. So I try to deal with the pain until I can't deal anymore. And every time I go to memorial ED for help, I get a doctor who basically tells me there is nothing they can do for me and I was even told to DRIVE to Florida while in the middle of a crisis to see my old doctor. This has been the WORST experience ever, and I believe that hospitals like Memorial should not exist. At this point I don't want to live anymore. I have no quality of life. Why live and wake up to this pain every day and the people who are supposed to help me just look at me as another sickle cell junkie and refuse to even listen to me?

Rhounay Austin

Dr Alison Niebanck sent a letter to my mothers home stating that my daughter would no longer be seen at Childrens Hospital of Memorial University Medical Center. Not only has my daughter been a patient of hers since birth but numerous time I was concerned with my daughters health and Niebanck continuously told me there was nothing wrong only to have another one of her physicians take a look at my daughter and see that there was a serious ear infection that needed to be treated. Also I ended up having to take my daughter to a respiratory specialist because after voicing my concerns to Niebanck about my daughters cold that she had for 5 MONTHS!! Found out that my daughter has GERD! Not only was she dismissing my concerns she would seem like she rushed through certain visits where I was concerned about my daughter. Now she has sent a letter to let me know that my daughter is no longer a patient with their practice. She states in the letter that I missed 3 or more appointments which is false! I called several times to reschedule my daughters last appointment and reached NO ONE! Never have I ever had these issues with my sons pediatrician in New York. Definitely not the way to handle things. I should have known to move my daughter to another pediatrician when I first seen that my concerns weren't being as recognized as I would like.

Kenny Dixon

This was a very good Hospital until it was privately bought. I went in with chest problems and set in the emergency room for almost 7 hours and never got to see a doctor. I had enough and finally walked out. I will never go back to this place again. I wished I could give it a zero Stars.

Larry Glover

Great staff

Panini Irini

Great hospital. Nice and skilled nurses and doctors.

Bonnie Booth

My husband went in for a heart attack and stayed in the halls of ER from approximately 830am till 830pm (in off and on pain with use of nitroglycerine) with one good nurse attending.The doctor came by (before he got a room) and said the staff cardiac team was exhausted and set up the surgery (3 Stents) for the next morning. Memorial's reputation is going down. They need to rethink the policy of taking more patients when they evidently can't handle them and should recommend patients going over to the St. Josephs hospital for care. The bill came in with the primary Doctor and hospital in network but the ER physicians were not. This is absurd. We went to the hospital that was listed under our insurance plan. Obviously Memorial has not got it together.

Brian Cordasco

Extremely pleased with my ED visit after splitting my head open required a quick, professional response from the very busy ED team. Memorial is far and away the leader in quality in Southeast Georgia.

Clay Dyess

Cant thank them enough for there kindness and concern of my well being. Everyone from house keeping to the docters where more helpful and caring with my injuries. Thank Ya'll My Physician:Dr DenLinger

Dunigan Arnulf

Ditsy doctors who don't listen and don't care. I was able to fix my issues with homeopaths. I this place was terrible.

Terry Thompson

Had to take my girlfriend to the ER because she was having really bad contractions. Went around 3-4 pm AND DIDN'T LEAVE UNTIL AFTER 12. The nurses are almost always missing, they only gave her 1 cup of water (mind you, she's 7-8 months pregnant) because she was dehydrated, never brought the second cup. Went hours without anything to eat, nurse came in the room maybe every 45 minutes. Waited 2 of the 8 hours of our visit for prenatal vitamins THAT WE NEVER RECEIVED. Asked for the nurse numerous times for her to never show. And to put the cake, when she was discharged and the needles were removed (after hours of her telling them it was painful) and we left to go home SHE STARTED BLEEDING MORE THAN WHEN THEY WERE TRYING TODRAW HER BLOOD FOR TESTING. If you have a real emergency I wouldn't recommend coming here.

JennY Swan

Mistreated at ER with unnecessary force and was injured during the process. Injuries include cuts to wrist dislocated cavicle and emotional distress. Sister filed formal complaint no response.

Gem RF Support

Omg. The lab....I needed a couple of blood tests to complete out a checklist for a procedure and it was the most inefficient procedure I’ve ever seen. Check in at desk, get orders printed, take printed orders back to original desk. Wait for 30 minutes, then get checked in, then back to waiting room wait for another 50 minutes. FINALLY blood work is done. The 2 stars are for the staff. They are Good. Stupid systems aren’t their fault.

Victoria Woods

When I called the nurse for something personal, she happily assisted me on the phone and helped me through !

Laura Gray

I was in the hospital for 3 days earlier this month and I could not have asked for a better care team. The nurses listened to me and seemed to genuinely care about my comfort. They responded quickly when I used the call button and checked on me often. Everyone from the nurses to the food services lady were so kind and caring. I am happy to recommend Memorial.

Beyond The Trend with Captain Morgen

We were passing through Savannah to evacuate a hurricane in Florida, and everyone here was so helpful and friendly! They really helped us out when other hospitals would not and other local health centers were closed for labor day. They also have a Starbucks coffee shop in the lobby - always a win for the weary traveler. Thank you especially to Mildred and Lisa for helping an out-of-towner get the help she needed.

Shelley Garcia

Everyone had been exceptional ,friendly and informative. Would definitely recommend

April Martin

I am admitted to the hospital right now for an ongoing disease I have and feels like I'm being pushed out. They stop meds completely that I normally take and stop IV meds for pills that I am having trouble swollowing due to my throat being swallon and living with a tracheotomy. I'm new to the area and daunt I will come back here in an emergency. Staff does not want to take the time to listen.

Joan S

This hospital is a joke! They seem to care more about the interior design than the actual patients. Only reason that they are getting a 1 is because there is no 0 option. I went in for sever pain in my abdomen. They kept an IV in my arm for over 3 hours without ever checking in on me. After complaining 3 times about the wait I was finally told that my nurse was on lunch and that my doctor was too busy to see me. After blood tests, an x-ray and an exam they still could not find the root cause to my pain. Then they sent me off with some ibuprofen. When I asked for something stronger they implied that I would misuse the drugs when I have never been prescribed a pain pill in my life. I was never loud nor did I become disrespectful in any manner. I swear that this is the most careless group of people I have ever come across. When I asked for a second opinion, they refused and dispite them saying that they were sending the triage to help they lied. They lied about another doctor coming in to see me. They also lied about them contacting my primary with an early appointment. I’m still in pain while writing this and it hurts my soul to know that people like this actually exists. Regardless of whatever response they may post on the reviews after this comment please don’t be fooled. They do not care for their patients. They merely are in it for the fanatical gain. I will never return to this ER even if my life was on the line and that is a fact!

Heather Brownfield

Went in with severe left flank pain. Was taken to the back and triage pretty quickly. I was put in the room with the recliners in recliner 1. Doctor Campbell came in and told his PA who was with him she would see me. Explain my issues pain, urination issues, sweats. Doctor Campbell came in and ordered a CT waited about 30 min for the person to come get me which isn't a long wait. All while he said he would get me something for pain. Went and had the CT sat in the waiting area there another 30 min after CT was done asked the CT tech if they had forgotten about me they had and had put me back in the recliner on the computer she took me back. Get back and go to sit back in the chair and there is blood all down the back of it that I had not seen before. Mentioned and got a okay I insisted on having a blanket to put down before sitting back down although I'd already rolled around in the chair for a hour before. Had to stop another nurse in the room to ask about pain meds and she told me she wasn't my nurse but she would check. I hadn't even seen a nurse yet and I had been there over 2 hours already. LPN Cory comes in to take my blood I ask about my CT results he looked said a couple things have come up on it the doctor will talk to me soon and in the mean time he wants to take my blood and run tests. I ask if I can just take the ibuprofen in my purse being I was getting no where with pain meds. He told me the Toradol he was giving was for the pain. Get that IV with a bag of fluid. Doctor comes in tells me nothing is wrong that he can see just have a little urine in my blood gave meantibiotics and to go home. So where is the pain coming from, "I don't know" the blood? "I don't know" and they couldn't give me anything for the pain because it would mask what's wrong. I left there confused, felt like I'd been treated like a drug addict, (they could have checked my history 2 major life threatening surgeries, and cellulitis on my arm one time that was the size of my calf in the last 6 years). I was treated as a number not a patient, not someone who was there for help. This bill I will be fighting. I'm not paying 200.00 for a bag of fluid and a ibuprofen and I don't know answer. Didn't even refer me to a urologist or a nephrologist. I agree with Joan it's a JOKE!

Everett Jackson

Truly caring staff!!! My wife has had ongoing problem since a car accident in 2011 and they've been there every step of the way!!

Gem RF Support

Omg. The lab....I needed a couple of blood tests to complete out a checklist for a procedure and it was the most inefficient procedure I’ve ever seen. Check in at desk, get orders printed, take printed orders back to original desk. Wait for 30 minutes, then get checked in, then back to waiting room wait for another 50 minutes. FINALLY blood work is done. The 2 stars are for the staff. They are Good. Stupid systems aren’t their fault.

John Davidson

The health care part is top notch. 95 minutes and counting for discharge paperwork.

Brian Hood

Staff was very rude and unprofessional. Service is slow.At the time of my visit. Hospital on lock down. Couldn't go back with my wife to provide medical history

Rafa F

Recently had hamstring surgery, excellent staff, nurses and doctors.

Daniel angel Cervantes

The best Care , nurses are super friendly

Nancy Floyd

Every person check in to er to 3rd floor I've felt I was the only one here. Noone has been unpleasant and I feel 5 stars are to low for these outstanding peopke.

Tonya Naves

Awesome Staff and Faculty. caring and efficient! !!!

Josie Ethelbah

Worse hospital ever! Don't go here at all! I am filing a report! Listen to all the reviews. It is truly a terrible hospital

Ginny Lucovich

DIRTIEST hospital I have ever been in. Pediatric ER is FILTHY. I am appauled at how little they care about the cleanliness of their hospital. I mean aren't hospitals supposed to be clean? This is the 2nd time I have visited the pediatric ER and it's just as bad as I had remembered. I am fairly new to Savannah and I am saddend by the choice of hospitals we have to choose from. I feel like I am in a 3rd world country. I pray we don't leave here sicker than we came...I will say that the doctors and nurses were very caring. I wish the environment matched up with the helpfulness of the staff.

Olga Ibarra

Thank to all in TICU !!! God bless all !!!! From all the nurses very compassionate and of course for all professional doctors because with all the care they give to my son and save my son life I'm feel very grateful and again God bless you all!

Victoria Woods

When I called the nurse for something personal, she happily assisted me on the phone and helped me through !

Kyle Anderson

Level of care was sub-par at best. Avoid this hospital, especially Labor & Delivery if at all possible! We were in Labor & Delivery at 6-months pregnant because we lost the baby's heartbeat and my wife had to give birth to a stillborn baby. Due to neglect (and incompetence...?) by the nursing staff my wife left with pressure ulcers on her heels, bed sore on her tailbone, a rash caused by feces on her backside that was not cleaned up properly (she was unable to move due to an epidural) with no shower available all within a 24-hour stay!!! A few of the nurses were nice, but the majority were very rude. I cannot even imagine what would have happened if we would have had an extended stay there.

Laura Gray

I was in the hospital for 3 days earlier this month and I could not have asked for a better care team. The nurses listened to me and seemed to genuinely care about my comfort. They responded quickly when I used the call button and checked on me often. Everyone from the nurses to the food services lady were so kind and caring. I am happy to recommend Memorial.

Sporadic Travels

This hospital is extremely disorganized.. The signage is terrible. No one knows where anything is, including staff being unfamiliar with the campus. No one is sitting at the welcome desk. An Admissions lady tried to help, but her information was incorrect and rerouted me in the wrong direction. Then when I got to the right area, the nurse advised me by Georgia law she doesn't have to let my family member sign a HIPPA agreement and then sent my family member to another facility against their wishes. It's been a very trying day. Only pro is that visitor parking is free.


I USED to think much more highly of Memorial before their recent buy-out by HCA Healthcare. Recently, my son's pediatrician attempted to admit him to the pediatric floor due to dehydration caused by repeated abdominal migraines. My son's health is complicated by several other serious medical conditions. His pediatrician was told to tell us to take him to the ER for a bolus of fluids and then send him home! We refused to accept this answer (it was like attempting to put a Band-Aid on a bullet wound) and he was eventually admitted for 2 nights/3 days as we attempted to get the dehydration and abdominal migraines under control. I think VERY highly of the doctors and nurses at Memorial, but the rules and cost-cutting measures that have been put in place by HCA are foolish and may end up getting someone killed.

Patrick Daniels

Great Doctor's and Nurses but boy I tell you they are passed due for a remodel!!!!

Ben Barbour

I will no longer be going to this doctor. While at SCAD as a graduate student, I have gone here often and have been consistently let down by their services. They often run very expensive tests (often charging for tests they didn't administer or for tests that do not even exist) without consulting you or informing you of the expenses. They are also very skeptical and have blatantly accused me of being "suspicious" when I refused to return for inordinate "check ups" for disorders like ADD and Cluster Headaches which do not have a "cure." In other words, THEY WANT MONEYYYYYYYYYY. Today (which will be my last visit there), I went because I suffer from extremely painful, unbearable, and debilitating Cluster Headaches. I've seen a neurologist. I've had an MRI. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED. Today, my blood pressure was high as it typically is (I've also been diagnosed with high blood pressure). My blood pressure was 161/110 which is REALLY high. And they sent me home without even a prescription for BP meds. They said they couldn't prescribe that because they don't know why I have high blood pressure. Then, they said they couldn't prescribe meds for my cluster headaches (the reason for my visit...after suffering 5 days straight with a headache so severe I've been vomiting and dizzy) because I have high blood pressure. They did no test.....they actually did NOTHING, except charge me a 45$ copay. They then said they wanted me to see a neurologist. SO, I basically paid 45$ for a bullshit referral. They claimed they would schedule that appointment for me today and call. SURPRISE SURPRISE! They never called. This place is a JOKE! My mother's best friend is a nurse and was shocked they didn't insist I be on blood pressure medicine. SO.....I'm looking for a decent family physician and I'd suggest that you do the same.

Cheryl Skipper

A one star only because of the sweet nurses. This is the worst hospital experience ever! My mother was diagnosed at her local hospital as having a stroke. The ER doctor spoke with a neurosurgeon in Savannah and was told the would see her stat. She was transported to Memorial Hospital and placed on a gurney in the ER corridor along with a multitude of others. The neurosurgeon appeared 2 hrs after her arrival. She was placed in a "holding ER". Next, she was taken for an ultrasound. Her bed was parked parallel to a woman moaning, another woman vomiting in a bag, and yet another coughing and wheezing! All 3 in a room approximately 20x20. After the ultrasound, we waited for 45 min. to be taken back to where my brother was waiting alone. No one came. I finally became disgruntled and ask the tech what was going on. She finally agreed to take her. It took 90 sec. Next, we're told that she'll be held in this "ER holding" over night! After 24 hours of absolutely NOTHING done for my mother, no tests, nothing, she dismissed herself. We've never had a more unpleasant visit and unprofessional "health" experience. We will never do this again!! Beware!

Susan Wallace

The ER nurses were great. 5th floor was VERY poor. One nurse in particular was very unprofessional and uncaring.

Beyond The Trend with Captain Morgen

We were passing through Savannah to evacuate a hurricane in Florida, and everyone here was so helpful and friendly! They really helped us out when other hospitals would not and other local health centers were closed for labor day. They also have a Starbucks coffee shop in the lobby - always a win for the weary traveler. Thank you especially to Mildred and Lisa for helping an out-of-towner get the help she needed.

Jostin Rivas

I ben there on October this year

Sosa Veli

Unproffesional staff. Get it together.

tab Larkin

You saved my grand ad's life

Michael Ray

My wife was transferred to this place From Winn ACH. Started off okay. After about 10 hours she was finally told she was being admitted. Shortly thereafter she was moved from a room to an open bay with a dozen other sick strangers with nothing but a curtain separating them. My wife was not able to sleep due to strangers coughing, snoring and talking amongst other things all night. The only time the nurse checked on my wife is when one of us went to get her. My wife went to use the shared bathroom at the end of the bay, someone urinated on the floor and toilet. I was able to spend the night with her giving her some security. More to follow still here. Less than an hour after posting this review, my wife was finally transferred to a room with some privacy and a clean toilet. I called the # provided in the response and the Patient Affairs lady was extremely rude and told me that it's not a HIPPA violation to speak to my wife in an open bay in front of other patients about her private medical issues. I asked her what she would do if she was in my wife's situation, her response caused me to file a Formal Complaint with Winn Army Community Hospital and TriCare/Humana. I quote "I work here, I would never be in that position."

Ashley Johnson

According to the lactation consultants, every single newborn born at Memorial is tongue tied and must have its tongue clipped, resulting in pain and bleeding. This hospital is a joke

Maine Tasha

So slow checked in at 600 still here haven’t got any antibiotics or anything for pain....last trip here

Katy Morgan

Probably the worst experience in patient care I have ever experienced. Instead of easing my fears on the lack of care my father has been receiving the Nurse Manager told me all about the boat he purchased that was delayed in shipping. I'm so sorry your activities have been delayed while my father deteriorates on your unit. Then discharge him when they can not diagnose the problem. Run fast do not let your family come here.

Masood Ahmad Rahmani

The worse night mare I ever had with this hospital!!! My wife went through a lot of pain while she was delivering the baby they gave her opidrul- the opidrul has injected three times wrong and for hours my wife suffered the pain because the opidrul was injected wrong and then I have forced them to re inject it finally it went wright after hours, I also have complained to the Superviser there. Plus they charged me almost $8000 out of pocket my insurance paid almos $47000. I don't recommend this hospital it's very expensive and the worse treatment. I wish I could give them no star at all.

Samantha Parker

My brother had a heat attack, and they are doing everything they can. Thank God for Doctors and Nurses that believe that God can help any situation. He is still in ICU but every day he is getting better.

Vanessa Ives

Can’t say enough good things about the pediatric nurses and staff here at the GI place in building 100. They really helped my toddler stay calm and comfortable while preparing him for his endoscopy today, which helped *me* (mom) stay calm. Dr. Rittmeyer was awesome as usual :) Thank you for everything! Just one thing.. please keep striving to help make it easier for St. Joseph’s/Candler employees to bring their children here. We are on Healthgram and it was a nightmare to get anything covered.

Jennifer Torrence

Very unsatisfied with the peadritic ER. Our nurse was rude, and unprofessional. My son (3 yeard old) was diagnosed with Flu type A and B, strep, and pneumonia. After four days of my son not eating or drinking and refusing to take medication (he spit it out every time) our nurse refused to listen when i tried to explain that everything she was requesting me to do, i habe already tried and failed. She didnt get an accurate reading of his temperature because she took the thermometer shoved it in his mouth and then covered his face with her hands scaring my son and myself. Then instead of administering medication through an IV she takes a droper holds my sons nose and squeezed his mouth while he was laying flat on his back while blowing in his face. My son gargling before i finally told her to stop. She then told me it was the only way.

Rachel Rowe

The billing department there is horrible. Tried to setup a payment plan to payoff my medical bills with them, and they wouldn't agree to the terms. They said I could pay it in full or a 2 payments, half now and half in 30 days!. I cannot afford to do that. On top of all of that the representative was rude. When I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, he hung up on me. Now they will probably send my account to collections all because I can't pay the amount in full or even in two payments. Any other hospital would have agreed to my payment schedule, because another hospital did for other medical bills that I had.

Geanette Burton

Amazing Doctors and amazing nurses. My stay in the hospital wasn't very long, the outcome wasn't great but now I know that I have the best nurses taking care of my daughter in the NICU. Say what you want about this hospital but when you need the treatment and when something is actually wrong and facing a potentially life threatening issue they're there for you and training the new nurses, Drs and whatnot to give and be the best. Compassion and kindness goes a long way. They're there to help you, but so many people make it so difficult to help them.

Mia Bivens

I wish I could post pictures. This place was the dirtiest hospital I've been to. There was blood from the previous patient on the floor along with the stuff they used on the previous patient still in my room when I went in. However, they did move fast and tried to get you out as quickly as possible.

MissLena Kartel

My brother was shot and admitted to this hospital exactly two weeks ago on the 9th. He was immediately took into surgery and was saved thanks to the trauma team and other surgeons who participated in the saving of my my brother's life in the OR. He had a really rough time while in recovery at this hospital. As long as I was there (I'm his sister btw) he was able to get everything he needed. (Pain Meds, baths, whatever he happen to need at the moment). While he was in MSI, he didn't have many issues. The entire nursing staff were amazing and that is for MSI ONLY!!! Once leaving MSI he was transferred to the 4th floor. There the tube down his throat was removed because "They Claim" he didn't need it. Only hours later he started to complain about having severe back pain and stomach pain. They gave him more pain meds and told him that he needed to walk around because it was gas build up and the only way to relieve the was to walk around. Which made sense since he has a colosomy bag that hadn't had any gas or poop to pass thru yet. He was later transferred to the fifth floor and that's where the nightmare began. He had to BEG to be washed up. He had to beg for pillows for comfort for the pain in his back. He would even have to wait an hour after calling the nurse to the room. The male that was answering the nurse call button (Didn't catch his name) was boarder line yelling at him and I was there to confirm he did and the nurses would take their time and I don't mean making rounds type of time I mean straight up lazy type of time. The last night he was there was the worst (which was last Wednesday night). He was having dreams of the shooting and constantly hearing gunshots. I arrived back at the hospital the morning of his release. I was told by the nurse that in all her years of being a nurse, last night my brother was worst than any patient she has ever had. This was Thursday morning before he was released. Stephanie the colosomy lady was excellent. The nurse Trina was Excellent or maybe she was a tech I'm not sure. The doctors did their usual Rush Job. How ya feeling Mr Allen. You're good to go Mr Allen. I mean this is truly one of the worst experiences with a hospital ever. I thank y'all for saving his life but the treatment after leaving MSI was unacceptable. Now because he was released too early he is now BACK there because he was in such bad shape no other hospital will see him because of how this one left him. Please retrain or rehire the 5th floor Surgery.

Amani Eissa

absolutely the worst possible care, except for the ER, and one of the doctors, the rest is perhaps the most unethical, ignorant, unfriendly staff I’ve ever seen. I would never leave a patient unattended by family there. Going straight to the board with this.

Truthfully Transient

If i could give this place less than one star i would i saw my doctor 2 times for like a minute each time. I just moved here and only have my boyfriend here they kicked him out for asking about changing my bed cause i peed in it. They wouldn't give me a phone kept saying in a minute never gave me a phone. The officer there kept telling me i was faking it. They didn't do anything kept me for 3 hours until feeling returned to me legs they spelt my name wrong and told me they couldn't change the spelling without my id wich was with my boyfriend that they kicked out. The officer kept telling me she was gonna take me to jail for cussing because i was in a panic and she kept telling me to just stand and i couldn't that's why i was there. So i cant even pick up the medicine they perscribed me because they wouldn't change the spelling of my name. Never will i go to this hospital again.

Joseph Conner

While I was having headaches for a while I came into the Hospital. This happened in in 2016 my blood pressure levels are 245/130 I went to sit down in the lobby of the Emergency Room, the doctor came out of the Emergency Department and asked point that me and put me in a emergency room to start their procedure to help to bring down my blood pressure levels. Thanks y'all for helping to bring down my blood pressure. I had a stroke while I was in your care but thank y'all for helping me out with this problem in my life. God bless Memorial Hospital.

Elaine Bonorato

I wouldn't send my dog to Memorial! I was treated badly when I went there for care with chest pain. I was kept in the hall in front of a door for hours in the cold. When they determined that my chest pain as not an MI, I was told that I needed a psychiatrist and not a medical doctor. No one apologized for the doctor's behavior. They kept me over night because my husband insisted. They also didn't know that stress tests are not conclusive for WOMEN. Tonight, my daughter, who recently lost her health insurance because she makes too much money now (way below poverty level) went to the Memorial ER. She had high blood pressure (near stroke level) and a serious UTI with kidney involvement. She was treated and sent home with a high fever and somewhat lower blood pressure. She was driving herself, Luckily she made it home safely or there would have been a liability issue. I've told her to use another hospital. This is ridiculous.

James Ervin

I received a call today from Memorial Hospital, returned the call and the representative, whose name is Oscar, acted like I stole something. I told him that your agency called me, how do I know who you say you are, all the answers to your questions should be on file. He promptly hung up the phone. I called back and he answered the phone again, I asked to speak to his supervisor, whose name is Telisa, She was also very unprofessional. These representatives should be proficient in the customer service area, they should be trained better, being that they are representatives of Memorial. I don’t like being talked to in a condescending tone or belittled. If this is the best that you have, send correspondence to me by the postal service and teach your employees the customers they are making these vicious verbal attacks on, without them, they will have no job at Memorial. You treat ALL customers with dignity and respect.

Angel Winters

They r the worst example of a hospital . rude and do not do thier jobs . they set on thier asses and leave patients in the hall ways .I wouldn't take my dying dog there . nor do I suggest a human .the head nurse is a rude lil snob that like to bully special needs ppl.and treat them like crap. She doesn't need a job . someone needs to teach her how w ppl . and get rid of her completely . and the tall ugly freak called Mike . is her lil lacky . that does the exact same thing . if I.could I would give them a zero

kel lkern

Never ever any place to park. Ok, fine. I always end up waiting for a spot on the 4th floor of the parking structure. For my past FIVE appointments I have reported 2 wasps nests on at the 4th floor elevator and stairs. This is a serious thing. I guess they figure if something happens you are already at the hospital so you'll be fine. It's been 2 months maybe a little more. There is also a growing collection of gum on the elevator roof. That seems easy to fix. The plus side, I like my doctors.

ruby allen

I came in today for a procedure on my back that was quite painstaking in its time and very painful once complete. The staff at the hospital has been outstanding from the moment I checked in the recovery area to Kathy Sanders 42 year veteran of the hospital who is endlessly patient and exceedingly Pleasant a really great experience when you're not feeling well . This is the one terrific hospital.

Michelle Nengel

Wow! My son was in the e.r. And when I tried calling to see where he was nobody at all knew I was transferred at least 15 times and they’re telling me they have no record of him being there! How can you loose a patient? How does nobody know where he was transferred to? This place is a mess! Go to candler

Nicole Mungur

I can't express how appreciative I am to the entire staff. They were awesome in quickly treating my daughter while we were on vacation.


Hippa violation. Doctor was sharing info on our kids on computer and asked to take picture to review. This was the older guy that had the group of students following him when he made his rounds. Makes me question were they treating my child for his issues or for the other persons? Enough info to know where this person if from, DFACS person in charge of child, and more. Enough info that I found this mother on Facebook. Part of me wants to reach out and say something but part of me doesn't want to be a bother. It troubles me knowing this was done. While looking at it notice it was not our kids charts. Very very very unimpressed. NICU was great but when sent to part where we had to stay in room that was like a roach motel. Very nasty! When questioning doctors couldn't get straight answers and when demanded to see policy and seen on paper the doctor tried to sneak it back away from us. Even when being moved to the other floor and a nurse ask another nurse walking us if we were going home when she was told where we were going she was like "oh.... " and it was a good oh. We quickly found out why. Did enjoy the activities for parents. Including the first ever baby shower. Those were great learning opportunities we were greatful for. It was just the last week's there that were a nightmare.

Miss Katie

I should have come to this hospital to begin with instead of Candler. Long story short, the experience I had with Candler was one of the worst, if not the worst! The staff was rude and unprofessional, the PA refused to run tests to find out why I was in severe pain and sent me home with Aleve. Woke up the next morning doubled over in pain so I came to Memorial. The ladies and gentleman at the front desk were empathetic, I waited in the waiting room for 5 minutes and was taken back to a room. Dr Sanjay Iyer came in and shook my hand before ordering ultrasound, tests and exam. It turns out I had a ruptured ovarian cyst that could have been very serious. Thank you Memorial for getting some answers for me and providing top notch medical care. I promise I will never stray from this hospital and give Candler "a chance". I would rather wait 10+ hours on a busy night and receive top notch care than wait 1 1/2 hour to be treated poorly and receive no medical care but a $900+ bill. I will be disputing the bill with Candler in the mean time. Please don't change anything about this hospital! You all are amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shelly Perry

I don’t usually complain because my daughter has Cerebral Palsy & all of her doctors are connected to Memorial , but I experienced the worse visit last night. After explaining to the doctor everything that’s going on, he sent me home saying I have an ear infection. I was probably there 20 minutes. I have flu like symptoms & I’m 30 weeks pregnant. I also told the doctor I haven’t been able to eat or drink anything without vomitting but nothing was done about that. I understand y’all are short on doctors at night, but giving someone a quick diagnostic & sending them home, especially with them carrying a child is kinda ridiculous. Not to mention, we weren’t even in a hospital room, we were in a triage room with just chair & recliner.

Madison Powell

My 3 year old son decided that he wasn't going to listen to mommy when I asked him to sit in the bathtub, I had turn around to give my 5 month old son a bottle . When all of a sudden my 3 year old starts screaming and yelling as if he was was getting attacked

Hear Spot

Aortic valve replacement, May, 2009 with mechanical one. (Dr. Robert E. Jones - Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Cardiologist, Dr. Robert Rollings, Dr. J. Kenneth Griffin and PA, Tamie Waltz.) Everyone from nursing to custodial staff were attentive, diligent, CLEAN and genuinely caring.

Sami T

Somebody from patient services, director of services, somebody needs to come to my room right now. I am not happy with you all here. I want to go home!!

Panda Williams

This is the WORST hospital that I have ever been to in my life. My husband was involved in a hit and run accident on Wednesday and I came out to the hospital with him. I explained to the doctors that my husband's back gave out on him and his neck was jarred. Although we were pushed to the front of the line, the staff could have cared less about my husband. They only had him breathe in and out, told us that they will give him pain medications and send him on his way. I asked the doctor to give my husband an x-ray to make sure his bones weren't fractured or any damage wasnt done. The doctor told me he could tell by my husband's breathing that he didn't need any x-rays. I guess he was a psychic or something. We literally been in and out in 15 minutes. I will NEVER return to this hospital or recommend anybody here.

Philgood Moody

My 2 year old grandson was there today for a procedure with Dr. Rittmyer. The staff in the GI department and Dr. Rittmyer were exxeptional. It has been a long time since I have have seen this kind of health-care. Every employee we came in contact with was kind, helpful, and compassionate. Highly recommended....

shouldawoulda couldabeens

Overall it's ok but not my first choice for either emergency visits or outpatient services. The last time I was there I had poison ivy on my arm and they did a chest x-ray and I thought that was unusual and it just adds another bill. At times staff can be rude and unhelpful with questions u may have. UPDATE : To the owner : when I was there last the doctor that saw me ashed me about drugs all because I he had seen marks on my arms. In a rude way he asked if I injected drugs in my arms the answer is no I don't and I explained too him I have been there about 4 times for blood pressure issues and the labs they have taken due too my health issues I have been having,,, and that I also donate plasma. I was very upset and told him too do any drugs test he wanted. I left the hospital upset because I thought that was very disrespectful in the way he asked and the tone of voice he had with me if you want me too contact you I will but need too know how also HIPPA is another problem with that hospital I k ow exactly who mentioned my medical information to someone

Kyle W

Saved my life. Nurses and Doctors were all nice and very helpful.

Karla Ibarra

the nurses r really nice.. doctors r great.. :) the only thing i dont like, is how they clean the rooms.. they really dont clean... other than that is great...

sha stewart

Worst hospital ever!!! Waited 2hrs in ER, and soon as I walk to snack bar, my name is completely removed from list. And the staff is garbage!! The have no care or concern for the patients. They care more about going to lunch, then the well being of the people. And not to mention the hospital is on lock down and they are really moving at snails pace to help the other ppl. I will never come back to this place. Glad that Emory is way better than this...

Rosemary Smith

The staff were nice & politely but some of the nice things about it..was the presence of the LORD

Andrew Donagi

we very pleased with this hospital ;-) thank you Memorial Hospital ;-)

Sara Tonen

This hospital is a level 1 trauma & teaching facility. Best place to be for traumatic injuries. Outstanding neuro ICU.


Just terrible!

Nicole G

Waited over 5 hours in Day Surgery before finally opting out of the procedure I needed to have done. They continually ran late and pushed it back even after I was in pre-op. The nurses were friendly and kind. Unfortunately that was overshadowed by the fact that they couldn't figure out what was going on in the operating department.

Jorge Garcia

Don't care about patients and security is out of line with patients be discharged making em wait outside in rain....never been so disgusted

Praised One

Clean environment and friendly staff but the billing department needs to not bill low income people and assist them in getting low income exemptions before harassing them for payment.

The Fury

Is it normal procedure to ignore patient's family members and their concerns? Is it normal procedure for the nurses to hand off patients without giving a background of that patient's health and why they are currently in a certain unit? Is it normal for a nurse to tell a patient's family "I don't know what's going on" or "I don't know her condition"? Is it ok for a diabetic (who isn't on food restrictions) to wait 3 hours for their lunch? Is it ok for an ICU nurse to make you wait five minutes outside the doors while they ignore the buzzer to let you in and then laugh at you when they finally open the door? Who are the hospital administrators? Maybe my lawyer can help get some answers to my questions.


Most of the staff members were nice but I had a terrible experience. I was charged for an ER visit and the only thing that was done was take vitals and send me home with information I could have easily billed. I will be disputing the bill to my best ability. I'm disgusted. No insurance requires a $250 deposit.

Janice young

Went in sick came out sicker

Dorothy Parker

I owe this hospital my life. I was in a terrible accident that in all accounts should have killed me but even when it looked impossible the doctors and trauma surgeons never gave up. One nurse even took the time to braid my hair up to keep it from getting all knotted and gross when I was in a coma. While I don't remember their names I will never forget the faces of the people who literally saved my life <3

steven mulholland

The Nurse staff was very professional and courteous. However the Doctors were not. My dater went in for surgery when the doctor look at her scans he decided she didn't need the surgery The problem was something else entirely. Instead of telling us this he went about his day and we found out she was getting surgery that afternoon when they brought my daughter food to eat.

James Wright

Had my baby at Memorial. The nurses messed up the blood tests at birth, which caused us to stay an additional 48 hrs. During that 48 hrs, the nurses moved us to 3 different rooms without apology. In fact, they said it was a priviledge for us to be allowed to stay as they only wanted the baby for the week. The nurses were incompetant, lacked compassion, and had bad attitudes to boot. Terrible employees and terrible care policies!

Karen Bowen-Jordan

Easy to find. Registration was smooth and I had minimal wait time. Imaging was fairly quick. Staff was pleasant and informative. They made a stressful situation more calming. Saw doctor in same building on the fourth floor. Also minimal wait time. Got imaging, sonogram, and doctor visit done in one stop.

little raven

This hospital has some of the laziest staff I've ever encountered. The jacket I had designed and came in with was stolen by the staff(they claim they cannot find it), and I got sick while waiting to see a doctor, like critically sick. The psych nurse was rude as hell and completely unprofessional.

Michael Coleman

Was admitted to the psych ward. After being admitted was told there is no psychologist or psychiatrist on call or in the hospital. After waiting a long time for service with other patients yellin about cigarettes and making numerous complaints of cold conditions with no change was asked to give a blood and urine and sample. Blood sample was taken after numerous requests for food and drink first. Was then told that I’ll “be okay”, and “I have plenty of patients like you”. Was then prescribed vistaril for anxiety when diagnosed with 1.adjustment disorder 2.depression and 3. Hallucinations..... notice non of my diagnosis say anxiety. Just a non satisfactory visit and wishing I was in a better state of mind at the time to request a different hospital.

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