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Gold Burgerr


Esteban Barrera

My wife decided to come to the E.R. we are actually still here after 7 hours and no closer knowing what is wrong with her no updates other than a nurse coming in to check vitals on my wife and apologizing after i asked questions on updates since we had been here so long and have heard nothing. But guess what of course now its been another 2 hours and still nothing just a damn apology. It is 10:20 pm been here since 2:45 pm . This hospital is a freaking joke i really agree with the person that said they only want money. They ran all kinds of test but nothing after 7hrs you gotta be kidding me. But yet i guarantee they will want the bill paid immediately.

Lisa Harding

Everyone here was so rude! the nurse actually told me that if I didn't shut up she would put a piece of gauze in my mouth they did not help me with the pain at all and the staff took forever to help me after I got 8 stitches she told me I needed to stop being a baby I will never go back to this hospital again! ever!

Natalie Young

I have never in my life been treated by staff at a hospital as horribly as I was last night. I brought my 2 month old baby to the emergency room after contacting his pediatrician on what to do and was advised to go due to concerning symptoms he was having. Walking in I knew I was in trouble when I saw the whole waiting room was packed and people were repeatedly going up to the front desk asking when they’d be seen. People were laying on the chairs, the floor, with masks, and one was vomiting in a wheelchair. One woman came in a wheelchair with symptoms of a stroke and was brushed off, and when I left hours later (voluntarily) was still slumped in the chair in the waiting room. They took people back for vitals in groups. When I was finally taken back for vitals, I experienced some of the rudest and most negligent nurses I have ever come across, on top of just uncaring. I was about to be thrown out back into the lobby with dozens of ill patients with my 2 month old after finally getting his vitals taken, which took bugging 3 nurses to finally have one come in and stay long enough to do vitals after confronting one in the hallway. I refused and was taken to a back room after being told I wasn’t high on the priority list, people had gotten there before me, there were no rooms, etc. by now I have been there for 3 hours. They slapped a band on my son’s foot (with his name spelled wrong) and put me in a room alone. I waited another 30 minutes and left. I told the front desk attendant I was taking my sick baby elsewhere, and he wiped the crumbs from his Arby’s fries off his fingers to take me off the list and give me a thumbs up with no concern. I went to the children’s hospital at Erlanger where I was immediately seen and my son was taken care of. I regret every moment I wasted at Hamilton, although I had been advised not to go. I should have listened. I also went another time for a CT after having chest pains and shortness of breath. I got a call saying I had a pulmonary nodule...went for my follow up with my doctor and was told I had an abdominal nodule. How could they have been so far off? Then my insurance denied my MRI to follow up on what was found because they said they deemed it unnecessary due to the information the hospital gave...which I found out was none. No size, no information, nothing.

Sandy Sauthers

The hospital is nice, so.e great doctors, I had bad experience with medical staff blabbing about my medical condition to outside family members, she bragged I'll find out what's going on. She called told members had absolutely no business knowing. She doesnt need to bein medical field for sure. She talks people she knows medical history she knows too. Shes a hospitalists.

Karen Noland

Went to the hospital emergency room, last week, I was running a high fever, headache, sore throat and was feeling really drained and hurting all over. In and out in under 4 hours. Nice nurses and doctors. Diagnosis was Strep throat and a urinary tract infection. Tests ran, shot given, meds prescribed, felt really bad for about 2 days but the meds, plus fluids and lots of rest helped me to start feeling better sooner.

t t

A very sad place to be.Been here over 8hrs in emergency room, only practicing nurses an Doctors. Very hateful people an they charge you anyway for them doing nothing . I recommend you going elsewhere.

Richard Denton

I've had to come here a few times for respiratory problems.and the Dr's and Nurses were very knowledgeable about my situation , and had me back Healthy again in a few days.staff very nice and proffesonal.

Arely Rivera

My father was checked into the ER Sunday morning, they said the neurologist would be in shortly. Two days later no sign of the Dr. My father hasn't ate in TWO DAYS waiting on the Dr. The staff said I could talk to the administration of this department, but she wouldn't be able to do anything. So if I knew this hospital didn't have neurologist available I would of drove to Chattanooga. My father's nurse is super nice, but doesn't help much if my father is still not been seen two days later.

Justin Krysiak

I was the only person a patient in the ER wanted to see and I got kicked out twice and told to go home. And when I called about 5 times and spoke to different people, I was given different, and rude information. They’re gonna get lots of money though.


DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!! Extremely unprofessional, uneducated, filthy, slow and rude! My daughter had to be rushed there because she quit breathing. They laughed in my face and said she’s fine it was just because I’m a “first time mom” and we tend to “freak out over everything.” Not sure why it matters that I’m a first time mom when my 7 month old had turned purple and started shaking all over. The first question they asked me was if this was my only child... they ALL need to be either fired or trained because they apparently wasn’t trained the first time. I’m not in the medical field but the first questions should be regarding my child and her condition. Not how many children I have. My child’s doctors even warn me about this place telling me go to any other hospital. Not sure how this place is still running.

Janie Coleman

I, unfortunately, have been hospitalized at Hamilton Medical Center on a number of occasions. I live in Cleveland, TN and opt to visit Hamilton as opposed to any of the many hospitals in Cleveland or Chattanooga, TN. I choose Hamilton because of the exceptional care provide and the excellent doctors that staff this hospital.

James Reed

My fiancee picked up my friends and hurt her back and they said it was a muscle and give her a shot and been waiting almost 2 hrs and just said he's going to check with the eocitd to see where we're at and we've been 4 hrs ready to go home they don't care apparently but I would not reccrecom this place

Miranda Revels

I don't care what anybody says about this hospital. My husband has had to come here twice both times it's been amazing. The doctors and nurses are the best. We will never go to any other hospital besides this one. They have save his foot twice and didn't want to cut it off as soon as they saw it like floyd and Gordon they wanted to save it!!!! Thank you Hamilton!!!!!

Christina Hirsh

Garbage place like most hospitals. Went on a Saturday by Dr orders and asked for my son to get an A1C. Was VERY specific that's ALL I wanted. If it came back bad..fine. but do that first and see. What did they do? They ran 7 other tests I DID NOT ASK FOR. Charged as a level 4 emergency which means they are about to die. $1800 to walk through the door. The A1C was $90. But the others were $400-600. And apparently they can just do whatever they want and charge you whatever they want because there is NO regulations.

Priscilla Landeros

Would give 5 stars doctors and nurses were great to my husband however you guys need to fix the vending machines took my money twice other than that great this hospital came a long way I am so grateful for the nurses and doctors who treated my husband!

Dev Saiyaju

Hell on earth. This hospital main goal is to make only money, they don't care the sick people. If you don't have the insurance please do not go there, these people sucks. For simple treatment you will be ending paying close to ten thousand dollar. Doctor and nurses are very rude. This is a money producing building not a hospital where sick people get warm treatment.

Sidney Hung

I gave birth in this hospital, and I had a bad experience for religious reasons. I was given bad attention, especially by the anesthesiologist. (the more elder female). This women put shots in my back more than 4 times. Before this, she told another nurse to tell me to take my lipstick off, this was very stupid. Me wearing lipstick has nothing to do with my surgery. Overall, after all the suffering, the anestesia never had effect in me and I could feel the first cut of the C- Section and my blood pressure dropped. Then, they had to sleep me entirely with general anestesia. If you give birth in this hospital, don’t let this anesthesiologists be part of your surgery.

Counsel Payne

I have never had any complaints about the place I honestly love hospitals because if you think about it if there were never any hospitals in the world where would we be able to turn to. I know that it cost you medical bills but again you are not the only one.

judy messenger

i won't go into the details but i have had 2 bad experiences there this place sucks!!!!!!!

H Smith

By far the worst ER, I have ever been to. I have been here now for almost four hours. I have seen the doctor ONCE. Said he was coming back to inspect my issue. Still waiting. Still in pain. Nothing is being done.

Nanette Walker

The nurses try their best but when the doctors are rude and don't answer questions it reflects on the hospital! 2 stars only because the nurses try very hard!

Sally Jackson

I arrived in an ambulance, transporting me was Murray County's Ambulance Service, which was extremely nice and professional. When asked where I was going, cause my daughter explain some issues we had at Murray's hospital only days prior, I told them Dalton... My experience with this hospital... I was made to feel like I was part of a family, they explained things so we understood and always apologized if they felt like they were "bothering" me. This is the only place I will go if my doctor has no available appointments. For these people saying all this place wants is money, walk a week in the staff's shoes. Better yet go to school and get a nursing degree and get a job there.. Because due to the lack of nurses they're only half of the beds on the second floor being used. As for the nurses running that floor, "THEY ARE AWESOME!"

Glenda Cody

Trying to get someone to help you over the phone ? Forget it.......ain't gonna happen. Tried for days to get through to someone. They need to get rid of their answering machines and talk to someone. When I did talk to an actual person they would push me off on someone else....that couldn't help me. Finally went over there to do my business. I was only wanting an appointment. Just an appointment.

Joy Posthauer

My mother received excellent care, I’ve been a nurse for years and have never been so happy with the care provided. Mary Ann and Heather were her nurses and did a fabulous job.

Daniel Sutton

I have worked for several different employers since I’ve started working in 2004. Of all the different insurances I’ve had not a one was accepted by Hamilton medical center. Why even have this hospital if they don’t accept different types of insurances?

Pearl Puskas

Here on 03/14/2019 er room was nasty. Guess their house keepers slacking. I took pics but don't know how to post them.

Ben Hunt

My son had an earache that was not responding to any over the counter medicine. He was in pain and could not sleep. Due to it being a Sunday night at 11:00 with no other local options, we had to take him to the ER to get him help. We were seen quickly, with the doctor spending around a total of 10 minutes with him, to check his ears and then prescribe some medicine to address the issue. While the service was good, the cost of the service was exorbitant. How much did the hospital charge for the dr. to look in our son’s ears, notice they were red, and then prescribe the medicine? That would be $3100! No one can legitimately say that a charge for the service that was provided is reasonable or warranted. This is truly insane and out of control.


Do not waste your time going to this place.I went in to the ER at 4 AM with two sick children One being an 11-month-old who is having a hard time breathing finally at 7 AM I had enough of the waiting and I went to ask the nurse upfront what was taking so long she said they were busy admitting people but didn’t have beds upstairs to move them to which I found ridiculous how would you admit people and not have room for them. I basically had enough of the waiting game and left. As I’m exiting I run into a lady who was with her elderly sick mother who just left herself and she says and I quote “can you believe that they’re understaffed in an emergency room and the nurse is so rude” so how is it that you tell one patient you don’t have rooms but then you tell another one you just don’t have enough people working?!? Like really at least have the decency to be honest with your patients especially when you have them waiting that long with two sick children clearly I went to the emergency room because I was mainly scared for my 11 month old who is having a hard time breathing safe to say I came home and am waiting until their primary doctor opens to take them in for a sick visit because the emergency room was absolutely no help to my children if I knew it would take till 7am and we still weren’t going to be seen I would’ve never spent my time In such a crappy ER and would’ve just waited to be seen at DR Whites office during their business hours like I’m forced to do now because of their poor service and lying nurses.

Becky Ann

I’ve had some really bad experiences with this hospital, especially the emergency room. However, today changed my view on that. I’ve been having severe stomach pain for about 4-6 months. It’s been difficult to function. Well, tonight I came in and saw Dr. Terrence Duffy. He disagreed with what I thought I had(politely) and correctly diagnosed me. I don’t have any pain tonight. I’m looking forward to healing. Hospitals are expensive and the waits suck, but I’m thankful for a correct diagnosis and good Dr.’s. My nurses Gabe and Alanna were very helpful as well. Thanks guys.

Carol Shaffor

This hospital fails to evaluate properly violating civil liberties and keeping people against their will, without anyone consenting to treatment, just to collect money from insurance. They do not have anyone best interest at heart, causing more problems for the family.

Indira Shrestha

ER is Horrible . If you don't have insurance don't go there. I was there just one for simple treatment they sent me the bill of $9000.00 I got bills one after another I couldn't sleep several night because othe the bills. This is a nightmare. I would say this not a hospital its a hell. Dr. Shyni spent 4 minute with she was so rude.

Angie Webb

Nurses were great on 3rd floor!

Darryl Adcock

Got here at 8 p.m., wife CAN NOT walk, they took blood work, ran E.K.G., sent us back to waiting room, she needed to go to the bathroom the nice receptionist called for assistance for her, TWICE, NO ONE came, wife HAD to stagger into the bathroom BY HERSELF, with a FALL RISK bracelet on, LUCKILY for H.M.C. she made it in and out without falling, STILL waiting 4hrs Later!!! NOT HAPPY with this place!! HOPEFULLY they will at LEAST find what is causing these episodes my wife is having

Anna Flanagan

Ive actually had a very pleasant experience here today. Nurse has been amazing and the doctor has been very informative

Confessions of a Christian

This hospital is one of the worst I have ever been to. First of all the bedside manner of the dr.s and nurses is the worst I've ever seen of any hospital I've been too. Then they leave patient charts up on the screen for anybody to see. That's a major HIPAA violation. I had a nurse miss the vein in my arm and went fishing around for a vein with the needle. Then he gets up leaving the needle just hanging in my arm. I was told I would be getting 3 prescriptions but the nurse gave me 2 and when I said something about the other one he said he would page the dr. Well the dr never came. Smh shut this place down. Incompetent fools.

Bashir Minhas

I haven’t had any complaints yet. One time I had a concussion, they did a full CT Scan in me and were very kind.

Doug Montgomery

You should avoid this place at all costs. They only care about your money and their billing practices are shady as can be. No ethics whatsoever. They charged us more than ten times what our pediatrician did for same symptoms and illness our son had a year earlier. They also got the diagnosis wrong.

Phyllis Whitaker

The only problem today is the lady setting at the front desk in the ER. My husband was brought in by ambulance & I came in my car. Well I got there & that lady was playing on her cell phone. I asked where my husband was she looked &said he isn't in a room yet. I will let you know when they get him in a room. I sat down & waited & waited &waited finally had to go back up to the desk cause I could see her playing on her phone so I asked again surely they have him in a room by now can you check again. Her reply was oh I forgot to keep check. Yes he is in room --. People there is a time & place for playing on a phone the hospital is not the time nor place when you have a job to do.

Juan Guzman

This place is the worst I been to if u dieing they dont care rude as front desk ppl its really sad

Michael Proctor

I saw Dr Chung DDS for some complex dental work. His office was clean, everyone was professional and the work he performed was relatively painless considering how extensive it was. Will be returning for all future needs.

Linda Jackson

My brother-in-law was in hospital for three days and dismissed on December 24th just as sick as when he arrived. Believe it was because of the holidays as short on care on 23rd. Dr who did a test while there didn't call or come by to talk to family and we don't know yet results. He has been to emergency room two times this week and given two different diagnosis, one of which he should have been hospitalized. Guess we will have to go to another hospital to get satisfaction.

Deayanna Marine

Usually I have a nice time but tonight I had a very rude RN and a very rude MD ED. I drove myself because I legally can. I’m 17 my mother was sick. They expected me to know EVERYTHING they were talking about. I’m gonna make a complaint because tonight was my worst experience there.

Mr. Dennis Smith Jr

Great care but long wait times

Johnathan Sumner

There are 3 hospitals in a 45 minute radius of where I live. This is the closest one to me, we only come here if we think something is life or death. The bedside manor is atrocious, the staff are usually rude (with a few exceptions) the shortest visit I've ever had here was 3.5 hours. Also the "care" they provide is usually little more than a cursory inspection that a first year medical student could do they are more focused on getting you out than making you healthy again.


I started receiving a bill from Hamilton Medical Center January 2018 for a service that was not rendered there. But it was a lab service that I did not know was sent there for a date of service August 2017. I had to figure out why I was being billed. I called the billing service every single month and explained that they did not file the claim correctly. I gave them the correct information over and over for 7 months. They said they would file it but they did not. They refused to call the ins company. I called the ins company every month as well, the ins company refused to call the facility, just said have them refile a corrected claim. The facility gets a "remit" every time they file a claim, it explains if the claim was paid and how much, or if it was denied - why it was denied. Last month The ins company was supposed to take care of this issue and send the facility a letter to stop billing me and they were going to process the claim. TODAY I GOT A LETTER FROM A COLLECTION AGENCY. BECAUSE THESE LAZY PEOPLE DO NOT DO THEIR JOBS I AM SENT TO COLLECTIONS! The billing dept spent more money billing me, and talking on the phone with me, and supposedly sending the CORRECT information to the claims filing dept, and refiling the claim for 7 months, costing them more money than the amount of the bill. You need to hire competent people that are trained to do their job RIGHT! So once again I am on the phone wasting my time because they are INCOMPETENT!!!

Raven Sumner

If I could I’d give this zero stars. My younger sister just had a baby two days ago and the day they were to be released he all of a sudden has a problem with his breathing. Instead of them monitoring it after he was born they wait till now, now he’s in the NICU. Go back there to see him and one of the nurses is holding him now and telling him he needs to be still because there is a needle in his arm and the way she said it she was very hateful. For one he’s a new born baby he’s not going to comprehend someone telling him to be still especially when a freaking needle is being stuck in his arm. Not only that I wasn’t even back there a minute and the nurse turns to my sister and I and tells us we need to leave because they are trying to take blood and then do an X-ray . Also very rude when she said this. Understandable with the X-ray but for her to take blood? This hospital is a joke and the nurses and doctors are seriously rude.

Michael Caldwell

Thank you diane and juan in the cafeteria. Extraordinary staff help us in a desperate time of need God bless all of you!!

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