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I will wager that no one would say having a colonoscopy procedure is much fun. But...if you have to have one (and it's a good idea to do so) I can suggest no better facility than HMC. I am a "repeat guest" and again the experience was as professional, courteous and comfortable (albeit the prep is the necessary "discomfortness") you could hope for. Admin staff, nurses and doctors all formed a terrific team. Personal compliments to Lisa, Deanna, Sharon, Tammie, Evan, Hope, Rhonda, Keisha, Drs. Brandon (sp.) and Kalarickal.

Joseph Doublin

An hour wait to just get medicine. Then when I inquired. I received an attitude. I understand being busy but at least explain to your patients

Cecee Walton

I will never take anyone, or even myself back to this place. The RN that was assigned to my patient room didn’t use any protection while handling blood, I seen him lick his finger to wipe away blood from his hand, nobody came to check on my patient unless I was standing outside the door, literally in the hall asking questions. The discharge was difficult for them perform, as if they wanted to keep my patient there longer than expected! I had to take the EKG pads off my patient myself because of the unsanitary RN had an attitude because I wanted him to wear protective gloves, I will NEVER EVER go back there

Ashlyn McEntyre

I have delivered two babies at NGMC and was never shown the level of compassion and care shown while delivering my daughter at HMC this past week. I felt as if I was the only patient there by the way they catered to my every need. Deleah, Juliane, Jenn, Sierra, and Ansley are the absolute sweetest women and are amazing at what they do! Also, Brittany (my midwife) was the best and so very considerate of me having a toddler that needed me as well. My overall experience at HMC was the best that I have ever had. All the while having my daughter on the other side of the hospital, my toddler had an accident and had to be taken to the emergency room. Though, I wasn't able to be there. Erin and Jessica kept my nerves calm while keeping me updated. My husband talked very highly of them, Steve, "an older lady" and Trish. He said "that Trish lady really knows what she is doing!!" A HUGE thank you to the entire hospital for taking amazing care of me and my little ones!!

Betsy KIng

My husband was having pain in the lower back on a Saturday afternoon. The pain was so severe we decided he needed to go to the emergency room. We were greeted as we came through the door and the receptionist immediately got all the info. We were called back rather quickly and my husband was put in a room. Heather, the RN, has an IV placed in his arm while Chris, the PA, got information about his symptoms. There was another precious RN with long blond hair that was also wonderful, but we can't remember her name. He was given something for pain and nausea very quickly. Angel and Joanna came to get him for a CT scan and he was back within minutes. Dr. Mack came in and told us he had a kidney stone and gave him a prescription. This was the most professional visit we have ever had at any hospital. My hat is off to all the ER staff. They got my husband's pain under control and they truly were very genuine in helping him. I would not hesitate to go back there again if we ever needed anything. Thanks a million for ALL that you do!!!!!!

Michele Vaughan

I took my husband there with abdominal pain and even though they were extremely busy they got him back in a room fairly quickly and took amazing care of him. The only complaint I had was the triage nurse was very slow I didn't get her name but that's not the main point of this review. We saw the PA John he was amazing he listened to my husband and found out what was going on. They nurse we had was on top of things even though she was extremely busy. I will continue to take my family to this ER if need be. I do find it sad that we have to drive almost an hour away from where we live to get excellent medical care when Northeast Georiga Medical Center in only 15 minutes from our house. I would recommend this hospital to everyone that needs quality medical care. Thank you for a job well done.

Ryland Tucker

Went here because i hurt my foot really bad, it took about 15 minutes before being seen, then they did about 5 X-rays of my food, then waited about 10 minutes, they said there was nothing wrong withit that its just a sprain, days want buy and the pain didnt go away so we went to a different hospital and they looked at the disk of the xrays that the Habersham took, and then the other hospital was great, come to find out my ankle is broke and i have a tore ligament.

Ariel Lofton

I don’t even know where to start.. I got signed in when I arrived and explained my problems I was in pain and the lady at the desk literally took her sweet time to sign me in and THEN I waited in the waiting room for 2 HOURS until someone finally came to get me. After I got all my vitals done dhe walked me halfway to a room and then told my mom, my dad and I that the room wasn’t ready and that we needed go back to the waiting room.. like are you seriously and then when we went back we waited in there for an hour and a half! So when they finally got us to a room it took 15 minutes for a nurse to even come to see me, then it took the actual doctor 35 minutes to see me, then I needed to get blood work which took another 35 minutes and when she couldn’t get a vein she had to get another nurse which took another 25+ minutes. I know he was there to do his job but at the same time he acted like he didnt care. He even kept trying to get blood out if a vein that had popped.. My arm looked like a giant swollen bee sting. I even advised him to get a butterfly needle to make it easier for veins that wont show and he just acted like he didnt hear me and then gave up. So overall I was at that hospital for 6 - 7 hours.. That’s ridiculous and then they “claimed” that they were busy but yet half of the rooms were empty. The staff is so slow and lazy that if there were to be an actual emergency you would already be dead by the time they got to you! The only reason that I wouldn’t give this hospital zero stars if I could if because of the Dr. Mac that I had she was a great doctor and she knew her stuff. Everyone else needs to go back to the handbook

Jennifer Fuller

Mary Gosnell

Slow and disrespectful don't Care for the hurt or the ill worse hospital ever

Valerie Guerrero


Randy Justice

Don't take your dog to this place!!!

Perla Orozco

A street dog bit my daughter, when I arrive they check me in, but it took 4 hour for them to say nothing. They didn't clean my daughter finger or gave her any antibiotics. After I left the hospital I took my daughter to northeast hospital in Gainesville. If I could do 0 stars I would.

Morgan Venter

I'm bleeding and having severe abdominal pains at 20 weeks pregnant and they can't even pick up the damn phone. They've never picked up the phone every time I've called during this pregnancy.

Heather BABIIY

This hospital sucks

Moncia Lewis

Katie Kitchens

3 hrs for blood work, and hasn’t even checked on me.

Lester Ramey

Mom is 85 and fell last Tuesday night. 911 was called and she was transferred by ambulance to Habersham County Emergency Room within minutes. She was in severe pain on her left thigh was evaluated and X-Rays and CT Scan were done. Test results were reviewed by their specialists with no problems found. She was released so we took her home the next day. That day and through the night we were working with her to get her back to walking. She kept saying how bad the pain was, but we insisted she keep pressing on but the pain was severe. Since we knew there were no broken bones, we insisted she keep trying to walk. The next day we decided to take her to Mountain Lakes Medical Center in Clayton for further evaluation. She was admitted into the hospital for a concern with her blood condition, so they followed up and requested the records from Habersham County be sent to them for their records. The records arrived the next evening. As the PA and staff at Mountain Lakes Medical Center was reviewing the records for input into the computer, they noticed a problem. The left femur was clearing broken. Within minutes our family was notified and she was transferred to Northeast Georgia in Gainesville where she is now. Within a few hours she went through surgery to fix the damage. The surgeon said it was actually in considerably worse condition than the CT and X-Ray had revealed. I didn't think too much about this until people reminded me about my cousin where approximately 2 weeks back, she had an emergency condition and taken to Habersham County Emergency Room. She had all the symptoms of a stroke and they evaluated her and sent her home for vertigo. As it turns our, she had a stroke and was not diagnosed at Habersham as a stroke victim, but the next facility immediately found it to be a stroke but it was two days later. This is not good.

Joseph Watts

Steve Diller

Place sucks especially er , wife can't move back seized up . And Pa comes in and puts her through pain , and sends three nurses in to say its not an emergency. We had to fight with them to the doctor and then gave her a shot.

Jose Alvarenga

J. Rochelle Young

If I could give this establishment zero stars I would. Unfortunately, I had not read the reviews before the ambulance took my husband to this establishment. The nurse I dealt with was EXTREMELY unprofessional. I guess she thought she was working at Burger King and did not need to exhibit any form of medical training or basic manners. One word answers when you ask a question about patient care is NOT acceptable in any way shape form or fashion. Lying to patient families is also NOT acceptable in any shape form or fashion. Take heed to the reviews and do not send your loved one to this ER.

Nicole Walker

Five people here total including my daughter got here at 10pm got to the back at 12 13am and it is now 120am and still waiting in the back this place is slowwwww oh also some of the rooms in the back don't have beds so u have to sit in chairs again like my daughter is doing

Jeff Coates

45+ minutes between anyone coming into the room. Employees are rude. Floors are gritty with dirt. I need a shower.

One and only

Jim Morris

Poor care. Did not respond to call bells. When discharged there were no orders for follow up. The person who had been in the hospital was elderly and was discharged smelling horribly with body order. Very sad!! Power of Attorney was never called to help make decisions or to discuss care. Doctor never responded to multiple requests from Power of Attorney to be contacted so more information about the patient's status could be discussed.

Christopher Perez

Tania Fernandez

went last night with my mom horrible place the red headed girl at front desk so uncaring.....they dont care for the sick...not the fist time ive had a bad experience here but that was 1 year ago so dicided to give it another try plus it's 5 min from my house very disappointed left and drove to gainsville and got seenright away....

Cole Withers

how do you get ahold of these guys??

Cynthia Hoose

So my 22 year old son was denied care while he was bent over and crying from pain. Now he is at northeast ga with a possible kidney stone. And he has insurance.

Chris Spence

I've lived around this hospital most of my life and would risk bleeding out on the way to northeast Georgia medical, than to sit and wait at habersham. There is always a wait even when there is knowone there, and they for the most part don't care, and don't bother to hide that fact.


Went in before New Year's Eve with a migraine. Anyone that has ever had a migraine knows that it feels as though someone is kicking your skull in. The Asian doctor on staff asked questions as to my long history of having migraines and sent me away from the ER because he said nothing could be done and my condition was not an emergency. I suppose if he was suffering of the same pain he should just go home and sleep it off. Excellent job! Smh. Look elsewhere for someone who cares.

Nicole Foster

Paul Edwards

I went in with extreme lower back pain. The young male want be Dr put his hands all over my back to the extent to made the pain worst. Then after 30 mins, come back and said that bc my visit was not a ER type visit and change it to a out patient visit with a $3.00 copay so that I would have a Co pay to pay them. Even though I had a $0.00 Co pay. And either forced me to pay copay or get out. After the Dr put this hands on me....

sam adams

They gave me four times the amount of benadryl I needed for my body size through an I.V. They gave an acquaintances family member kiddney medicine when he went in for a snake bite.

Alethea Tolbert

Went into the ER and was put in a room which smelt of feces. Upon further inspection, the smell was coming from the patient bed, and had transferred to my hands. When I informed the staff, they only apologized and did not clean the bed or switch rooms. I will not go back to this medical center. I will make the trip to Gainesville.

K Thomas

Shannon Monroe

The labor and delivery team was awesome thank you for everything. My family was very comfortable

Jacob Hockaday

I have had many experiences at this place being that I live in habersham, HANDS DOWN, the most unprofessional, nasty place ive seen. On just ONE occasion, the staff accidentally rammed me into the wall with a mobile bed because they were to busy talking and laughing to each other. They treated my mother terribly each time. I wouldn't trust these people with a hampster. North East Ga is where we go now.

Ross Higginbotham

Everyone is always working so hard every time I come here, it's great to see how much they care for their patients.

Susan Grimm

My mom was taken there after a stroke. This place was terrible. Every person who interacted with her needed to be reminded that she'd had a stroke and couldn't stand or walk on her own. Couldn't move her right arm or hand. Every person had to be reminded of her preferred name (middle name so she would recognize when they were speaking to her). In her confusion she would try to pull herself out of the bed with her good arm. Family had to stay with her every night to make sure she didn't fall out of bed. Medicines weren't given properly to assist with this agitation or sleep. Communication among personnel and between them and family was TERRIBLE. Family was relied on to feed her, bathe her and clean her up after help with the potty. My elderly father was exhausted and his health was affected. So glad she has now escaped this place.

Ann Vinson

While I have no complaint about the Emergency Department Care or the Nursing care while there in April 2016 I did get a very UNWELCOME surprise. Even though the hospital is in my insurance network the "Hospitalist" Dr. James Taylor is NOT therefore I ended up with a separate bill to me for "out of network" charge. At NO TIME was I informed that the Physician that I was "given" with no choice was not a provider on my insurance. This Physician even has an office in the hospital ! This should be made transparent to the patient and they should have the right to refuse this Physician's care if the situation remains the same.

Miguel Arredondo

Paquita Few

The hospital was clean and safe,the nurses were very awesome! They all took care of my mama! Jesus Harris! After her surgery

Michele Sillivan

I wish there was more than 5 stars on this system. I would like to thank Dr.Sarah R. Mack and the PA John Williams for being so completely wonderful. The whole staff is awesome. I came in for what I thought was my appendix they ran all the right tests and found what was wrong and kept me out of pain while doing it and took care of the pain in a fast timely manner. The nurses and Doctors both checked on me every few minutes to make sure I was comfortable. This doesn't happen in 95% of hospitals and a doctor that listens to you is almost unheard of but they listen, act and continue to show genuine concern for your issues. I can't praise Habersham Medical Center enough. I drive 45 mins to get there from where I live and I would rather die in route on the way there than spend 5 mins in the hospital where I live.I recommend them to everyone. AWESOME JOB. THANK YOU.

Sunshine Babe

Night shift is amazing! Caring and friendly from start to finish

Jessica Burgess

Rude. Very impatient with my at the time 6 month old. Just got a bill for an appointment we never were scheduled to go to, yet our bill says they saw us.

Frank Mendez

shawn brown

I went in for a possible fractured wrist and a urinalysis because I had been passing blood and pus for over 2 weeks. Took 2 hours in the room for the doctor to even see me. And as soon as the doctor entered the room, no hi how are you, whats the problem. It was so your having a wrist problem, do you have insurance. And upon finding out I had no coverage she was on her way out the door as soon as she came in. Totaly ignored my symptoms of giving me a urinalysis. Had to remind them of what I was there for. The nurse was very rude, rang the buzzer 8 times and no one still showed. Sat in the room after the doctor left waiting on the nurse for a urinalysis and they forgot 2 times again. Directed me to the bathroom without a cup. Had to remind them I needed a cup. Was.I supposed to piss in my hand and give it to them. The staff was very rude, and its seems if you dont have insurance, they direct you to another facility. I know how the medical system works, if you have no insurance they dont get a kickback. Didn't even refer me to a orthopedic. My analysis came back negative. So why is it 3 weeks later I'm still puss g blood and blood in my urine and my left hand is so swollen I can't even dress myself. This is the.most lax and inhospitable ER I have ever went to. And I think they shouldn't even be allowed to practice medicine on the public. I'm virtually disgusted.

Vickilyn Sears

Ive heard horrible tales about this hospital now I have experienced for myself. Must agree the ER staff is mean & nasty. I was repeatedly told to "shut up!" becos I was screaming in excruciating pain. I wouldn't take my dog there.

Brittany Robertson

I went in with pain in my left side, they told me I need to get my appendix taken out but didn't have a surgeon there so they sent me to NEG hospital to get it out but come to find out it was fine and its also on right side not my left side and was sent to NEG hospital for no reason

Peter Simmons

Cassandra Elrod

Came to Habersham county medical center ER on 11/16/18 for severe stomach pain. I was told I was given a blood test for pregnancy and that it was negative. I was then given several medications and a CT scan. A week (exactly) later I found out I was, in fact, pregnant. I called the hospital that day and spoke to a nurse who told me that everything administered including the scan was all safe for pregnant women. After consulting with my OBGYN, I found out that was a lie. She acted like she wasn’t surprised that this had happened and gave me some sort of excuse about ‘If the levels were slightly too low it would show negative.’ She told me “not to worry because I’d be spending the next 18+ years worrying anyway.” -fast forward to my first OB appointment. I ran this information by my doctor and she informed me that there was no way at that point in my pregnancy that a blood test should have been negative on 11/16/18. I released those records to my OB as well as am taking steps to fight this bill. I told two different people all of the details of this awful experience and still have people from the hospital calling me asking questions like “did you have insurance at the time of the visit?” (Which I did not.) They are seemingly trying to pass the buck and see if they can just get insurance to pay for their (what I’d absolutely call) malpractice. My advice to you? Go to Gainesville!!!!

Courtney Miller

Laura Wooten

When my brother was deathly sick with meningitis, they told us he had pneumonia and sent him home.

Matthew Coker

Had to rush my sister to the Emergency room at Habersham Medical Center due to a bad reaction to a bee sting, I was very impressed with all the staff from the time we walked till we were released, very professional, courteous and thorough. The entire staff went above and beyond to ensure that my sister was taken care of. Thank you!!

Gail Sullivan

They have always taken such great care of my husband! Thank you!

Sheila Dixon

KellyBug 1437

Night shift is amazing !! Most are fast and caring!

Abigail Alvarez

One star is too generous. The front desk seemed distracted, kept calling me up there to continue to fill more forms out instead of handing them all to me at once. The lady that asked my symptoms and took my vitals was a sweet lady and I really liked her but then she escorted me to a room and said I would be in and out. I waited in the room for over an hour and 40 minutes then a nurse walked in with another patient and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights said sorry and left before I could even say anything. Then a few minutes later another nurse walked in and told me I had to wait in the waiting room! I was very uncomfortable and hurting really badly, I asked how long it would be before I would be seen and he said he didn't know. I went to the waiting room, waited another 40-50 minutes and THREEEE ladies got called before I did!! And I was there WAAAAY before they got there. So I was livid!! Then I finally got called back into another room and was quickly treated. They're just so unorganized. John, the nurse that saw me was nice and tried being as quickly as possible which I appreciated. But I honestly should of gone to the Northeast GA hospital, they would of attended me a LOT faster or at least asked me if I needed anything (which one one did. I was thirsty, puked a few times, in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable). This is one of the reasons why I will not be delivering my second child here. Smh.

christine robinson


john mullinix

Lynn Price

I will give 5 stars to the ER. They took me in immediately and the nurse and doctor were very attentive. But as soon as I was admitted and moved upstairs to a room, they flipped the switch. It was horrible. I was completely ignored. Cried for 3 hours in pain nothing or no one. Only got response while leaving . On my way to Atlanta Northside now

Phil L

Here visiting from Florida. Ended up getting sick with a server soar throat. Came here around 11 pm was helped immediately. Everyone was very professional and helpful. Great place glad I came here. Thanks to everyone!

Gia Hulsey

I was sent to the ER by urgent care for chest pain. I arrived at about 4:45pm. They took me back quickly and put me in a room. They did an EKG, came and put an IV in and took blood, took an X-ray, and gave me something to drink that was supposed to ease the pain if it was caused by my stomach. The nurse came back once to ask if the pain was better. It was not. Then I sat there. For about 2 hours while nothing happened. I think they forgot I was there. My nurse, Heather, came and said she was leaving at 7pm. She said I’d have a new nurse, but I don’t recall the name she said. The PA came in at about 7:45 and said that everything was negative for a heart attack (thankfully), but they wanted to do one more blood test. I was assured it would only be about 15 more minutes. At 9pm I went in the hallway and asked a nurse to come remove my IV line. He did so and said he would go check to see if the doctor was going to talk to me. I gave up and left at 9:30pm. I will die of a heart attack before I go back there. If I had been having one I probably would have died there.

hannah mcfadden

Would not take my goldfish here. Receptionists very unprofessional and i waited in an ER room for 2 hours obviously in excruciating pain and noone ever came. I walked out, went to Gainesville and was treated and left within an hour

Kay Robinson

Worst place I have ever been to . The staff has got to be the worst ! Rude , nasty people . I have never felt more uncomfortable in an emergency room than I do in this one . The red headed lady at the front had to be the worst one here though . She had a rude attitude with everyone in the waiting room and she had no regard for how anyone was feeling . If it was possible i would absolutely give this hospital a negitive 5 stars . Don't go here . I'm begging you go somewhere else .

Rebecca Owens

What a wonderful and caring bunch! From the time we walked in the door with our son, until we were discharged, after a hospital stay, we were treated so compassionately. I'm so thankful we drove here from Clayton.

Angel Montoya

Shay Snow

My nurse and doctor were amazing. I was treated with respect, everyone was kind and actually took care of the problem. I didn't feel ignored or unattended to in any way. I have been a patient of NEGA medical, and never got the care from them that I received from Habersham Medical. (Thank you, with much appreciation).

Tina Dickerson

I was admitted to H.C.M.C in November 29th with pheunomia, low o2 and low potassium. I had gone through the worst of it at home. I have always had nothing but the up most respect for this hospital. The nurses were amazing and my Doctor was extremely pleasant and awesome! I got released the next day around lunch .The day I left I was shaking extremely bad and my parents had picked me up and my Mom kept asking me why I was shaking so bad. I assumed it was because since 07 I've been taking my meds at the exact same time all these years and they had gotten them way off track. Well as the day progressed I continued to shake more and more. That night I literally thought I would die in pain. I went through more agony than I can possibly explain!!!! The day I was released they put my pain Patch on me at 5am. I strategically do it in time. The next am at 7am I decided just to look at my patch! I was put on a 50mcg patch instead of a 100mcg!!!!!!!! Due to someone Not doing their job they put me through withdawls and gave me 24hrs of pure hell. This ruined the respect I had!!!! I'm completely Dissappoined and angry that I was put through this... (I called a made a report.) Following posting this review. There was an investigation into the reason for this Ridiculous and EXTREMELY lack of consideration for me as a patient. Well following my wait for this to go through the proper procedures I was given some Excuse why.... That's exactly what it was! An Excuse. There's in No way as to why they would give me 1/2 my prescribed dosage knowing Exactly what would happen to me within hours of being cut of my meds that I've been on for so long. I was at this point angrier than I was before the "so called" investigation into this unfortunate and lack of caring for me as a patient!!!! I now am honestly hurt, angry, aggravated, shocked, and completely disheartened by the entire situation. I pray no one has to Ever experience the horrible pain I went through in 24 hrs. Especially in that 14 hrs it was honestly a error in judgement on someone's part and in all honesty no one cared enough for me as a patient and a individual to give me What I needed that am. Idk if I'll ever return if needed Because of this. As I stated the nurses and staff did an impeccable job taking care of me. However it ruined my experience overall. I used to work for this hospital. I've had several surgeries there but this was a complete eye opener!!!!!!!!!! So please just make sure if you are a patient at any hospital to be aware of your medications if its something that you Absolutely must have.

Rachel Grizzel

Jessica Wolfe

Horrible place the have not order nor do they care for you properly I have been misdiagnosed more than once..... Never angin..... North East medical center is way better

mike g

The best part about my recent vis to the ER at Habersham County Medical Center was the wait surprisingly i was taken straight back with no wait at all! Everyone was friendly and seemed to care my only problem was that noone seemed to know what to do when it came time to read my xrays. No one thete was able to read it so i was never given a definitive answer on what was wrong.

Robby Phapakdy

my girlfriend had a blood clot in her arm a few years back..they told her it was nothing and that her arm is just swollen from bumping into something....they act professional but dont know or dont care about what is going on with there patients....recently just took my dad there and he was diagnosed with diabeties and his blood sugar level was soo high but they pushed it off to the side and told him to come in a few days..he could have went into a coma and they didnt care...dont come here go to gainesville or toccoa..this place needs to hire new staff is sorry..nurses feel are crap doctors are crap..crappy care and they want u out asap

S Mary

I Took my baby on Thursday night & Friday night she was diagnosed with a right ear infection & mouth ulcers also hands & feet disease which the previous hospital could've told me that . She was treated very good ! The staff & doctors acted very friendly & professional , they explained to me what was going on with my child & what was going to happen next they explained to me very clearly what she was diganosed with . Thank you Habersham Medical Center for making my baby feel a little bit better & for saving her life as she could've died . I really appreciate it since a previous hospital did not prescribe the antibiotic you did . She is in great hands right now at CHOA in Atlanta as you guys transfered her over here . As I'm sitting in a hospital chair writing this review , waiting for my baby to get better , I'm thinking of what would've happened if I didn't take her to this amazing hospital which is Habersham Medical Center many things came in my mind . I WILL be returning back if I ever need any medical care or if my child needs any medical care in the future !! As I've always done I delivered her here & had a great ftm experience . Thank You once again to all staff & doctors that I seen & helped my child get better !

Hannah Sanders

Tom Ward

My wife had to go here with a breathing problem late on a saturday . The staff in the ER took great care of her. She had to be admitted and spent 8 days in their care. She said they were friendly, took good care of her and the food was good. We would use them again.

savannah webb

I was rushed to this facility for complications with my blood pressure on Friday August 3rd. ambulance was super quick, EMTS were amazing and I was beyond comfortable, even with my blood pressure sky rocketing. Once at the hospital, I was quickly greeted and plugged up to the necessary machines. My nurse was Steven, the best nurse I’ve ever encountered. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions, even the ones I was asking out of sheer fear of having more issues. Test were run and I was quickly calmed with everyone’s great attentiveness. I am beyond great full of where we were on our road trip because of the amazing people we encountered. Thank you so much Steven and everyone else who made my stay so comfortable.

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