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REVIEWS OF Grady Health System IN Georgia

Sha Lewis

Had a great experience at Grady hospital beginningJune 6, 2019. My son Jermaine was in ICU 7b room #6 Cynthia our nurse with the team lime polo shirt was awesome. Moving forward we was moved to 11b room #3 and we had another awesome nurse Jacqueline Parrish. Grady save my son life! I was born at Grady 37 years ago and I'm glad to say that. Adding to Godfrey the tech on 11b was awesome

Alexis giles

Grady is this best hospital hands doen teen clinic is the best !!! Super nice

John Ragin

Great hospital, terrible financial department. Got hit with a bill for a physician I have never seen. Someone in billing wasn't paying attention.

Larry Watkins

I have been coming to Grady for many years and just like the commercials say "I wouldn't be here if it werent for Grady". My most recent experience was Thursday 12-21-2017, when I was admitted in excruciating pain due to MRSA. While the whole staff was wonderful as usual, I wanted to take a minute and give praise to a real superstar Doctor. Dr. Dave Gupta has been the most patient, caring, empathetic, warm, compassionate, kind physician I have EVER had. If all physicians were as great as him, the world would be a happier and healthier place. Also a special shout out and BIG THANK YOU to Nurse Cordelia on floor 7a. Your great at what you do and always have a smile on your face while your doing it. Thanks again Grady for all you do!

jessica perez

This is a terrible hospital. The earliest I could get a GYN appointment is 4 months away! I can't even get through to anyone on the phones. The offices are dirty as well. I am kind of sad that I am stuck with this hospital because I have terrible insurance apparently.

Paul Cameron

Best hospital in the South. The doctor was very patient telling us our options. They operated on him immediately. He survived and lives on his own. Excellent healthcare.

Nicole Tommie

At the entrance of the emergency room, the officers at the door don’t acknowledge you and dont give you any instruction while your going through the metal detector. Four of them were in a loud disruptive group. They too concerned with their own conversations to tell me to put my stuff in the bin, walk through the metal detector. They’re loud disruptive and I wonder why the hospital wouldn’t have higher standards.

tina morales

My father was here for over a month and was move to several area of the hospital. The staff was wonderful and caring to my father and family. Thanks for all you did for us.

Emily Allred

Insane practices and procedures, like admitting people under false names "to speed things up", saying they will change it when the patient is released. No one in the hospital knew the patient's condition or history, even though he'd been released from Grady only 12 hours before! Overcrowded, with patients in closets and hallways. Social worker have the patient a lecture on the dangers of DRINKING even though the paperwork said DRIVING!!! You couldn't make this stuff up!

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Larry Hobson and his surgical team. Hobson, a bariatric surgeon has the bedside manner of a prince, explaining details of what I would experience and timeline for healing from my hernia repair surgery. He likes non invasive surgery and I’m all for science and robotics. This was outpatient surgery a little over six weeks ago. I am in no pain and feel great. They just opened a Camp Creek facility which is stellar. I’ve always been treated with respect and concern by Grady staff.

Trevor St. George

Why is it impossible to get in contact with your billing representatives. I have called multiple times on multiple days. I'm put on hold for 15-20 minutes and it always ends with slight sound in the background and then hanging up, this is ridiculous!

Ondrea Culp

You or your loved one will DIE there. Under all curcumstances NEVER go to Grady!!! The ER & Doctors may get the patient through the initial emergent situation but the staff WILL literally KILL you or just let you DIE. MANY of them cannot even speak EnglisE or understand it. I'd give it a -10 rating if there were such a thing!!!!!

Chantel Darnall

Slow in the emergency room, you shouldn’t have people waiting 8hrs just be seen by doctor

Angelle Hodges

People are ignorant here. God bless the staff for what they have to deal with. Especially on weekends. Ima pray for y’all.

Tanekka Hudson

Luckily I'm not dying but I am in excruciating pain and unsure of the reason. I understand there will be a lengthy wait with it being an ER But I Been here 6 hours and still waiting. Worst ER visit in my life and Lord, Never again. Hate to leave without knowing what's going on but I'd rather try again at another hospital. Could have stayed home in pain!! ""A NEED TO KNOW"".... Staff is pleasant so far but Its very nasty, waiting room and restrooms. Waiting room smells like a dump. No hate for the homeless but besides being crowded with them, there are addicts and drunks crowding needed space and harassing people for change. Must say I'm very disappointed, especially after driving al the way here, paying $6 for parking thinking that this was a better hospital when in fact, its not and didn't get the care I needed!! GRADY HOSPITAL IS A SCAM. Making alot of money to ignore the "HONEST, REAL" ILL!! PEOPLE THESE REVIEWS ARE HERE FOR A REASON, TAKE HEED OR PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!

Laura Ruiz

the best hospital keep giving hope to the people who need them thank you. Grady & drLindsay Michael k

Lakisha Thomas

Call to locate my cousin who passed out in a Walmart they keep transferring you from department to department not even taking the time to look. I wouldn’t take my dog here!

Angeline Hudson

This review is for my brother George Hudson. One of Grady's employees, Tiffany James went above and beyond to help him get his medications. He wanted me to do a review so she could be recognized for her exceptional service.

Biff Macintosh

Worst experience. I was on L&D floor waiting for 5 hours in the waiting room in pain, vomiting, and asked for ginger ale since they couldn't give meds without being seen by a doctor first, receptionist told me I would have to buy it from a vending machine! I only got in a room because I bugged the charge nurse fir 5 hours. They kept bugging me to pee but I had to beg for a small cup of water for 2 hours before I got one .I was told after being there from 6am to 3pm I would get to order food because I had been there so long and then the nurse came in with a cold tray with one slice of bread, some kinda meat, cabbage and noodles and said we cant order food right now , just eat the macaroni! I will NEVER return here. I'll have my baby at home before I return to Grady. I'm going to Emory next time. Hardly any wait time, nice staff, and accommodating!

Sandy Williams

My daughter had an emergency c-section on Saturday the anesthesiologist messed up my daughter back sticking her more than once knowing she suffer with blood clots, then some of the nurses on 4A r rude and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Her doctor told her they scheduled her an ultra sound 4 her legs 2 check 4 clots which they Lied it wasn't put in until yesterday AT THIS POINT IM FURIOUS. SHE CALLS 4 HER PAIN MEDS AND IT TAKES UP 2 45MINUTES 4 SOMEONE 2 COME And bring her some pain meds. This hospital has 2 do better . THIS IS NOT THE END TRUST ME

Panama Pans

Grady hospital is the WORST hospital I've ever been to. The staff is very rude and they have no compassion for patients. I went two weeks ago for chest pains and they took forever to get me to a room while the nurses were giggling and joking. I told the nurse that I couldn't take the pain and she rolled her eyes at me! When I finally got back to a room, it was a room lined up with other patients behind several different curtains. She handed me a cup and told me too pee in it for a sample in the same room where I was only behind a curtain, no toilet paper and in front of my boyfriend. I left and went to Piedmont hospital where they were respectful and professional. I will never go back to Grady even if it's a last option.

Emily Wright

Always and forever will be #TeamGrady!

Mr. Richard Johnson Sr.

I just got admitted into Grady and I’m up in a room that’s filthy my bed has no pillow on it the Floors haven’t been swept nor mopped. They put me in a room and I haven’t been seen or talked to in about two hours. 7A08A bed is filthy the room is also. This doesn’t make any sense I’m very uncomfortable!!! Won’t come here again at all.

Ben Dangar

The ER is staffed with soulless, jaded, apathetic jerks. I'm not even using hyperbole. Everyone in the ER is as slow and inattentive as they are callous. It took me 3 days to get to a floor. However, once you get past the ER the hospital and the staff are wonderful. They can literally do anything at this hospital because they have residencies from multiple medical schools. I went to Emory and Atlanta Medical and they had a kind ER staff and were completely inept. Grady was the only place to figure out what was going on with me.


Great Hospital, don't let anyone tell you different!

William Wright

Grady Hospital is the best in Georgia they helped me out I had back surgery and they fixed whatever it was on my spine and now I'm better than before thanks

Godfrey Hubbard

Best hospital ever

Linda Talbott

Until today I would say my son has had excellent care . But tomorrow he will be released after being promised he wouldn't be at least till wheelchair ramp was built . He is disabled after stroke . So he is being taken home and put in house with no way to get out . He has no insurance . Have applied for Medicaid back in Feb . but have nothing . So If he runs out of medicine he needs to live everyone there will be ok with that . Cause you caseworkers today it is out of their hands and sending him home. Can't believe. this .Does no one care ? Is it all about money

ReShada Victorine

My mother went in for phenomia flu and high blood sugar she left with two punctured arteries in her left and right side of her neck paralyze from a stroke on her right side a track feeding tube stage 4 bedsore to the bone malnutrient and dyhrdatred no one did any thing about my complaints. My mother life change for ever and she will likely die from the bedsore. Her records where altered I have proof Drs lied about her condition and care. Worse experience ever. Watch your family in their care. Nurses did allot of cross contamination I have videos and pictures. My mother medical information was left in her room in a folder anyone could access which violates HIPPA. She was left for hours soaked in urine unable to speak due to a track. Nurses complain about having to care for her in front me unaware who I was till I spoke up. My mother was in their care for 7 months. Im concern for those that dont have love one's to check on them. They tried to manipulate me to put her in a home associated with them to cover themselves. Sorry excuses for care not all nurses where bad Aljaundra was wonder and Dr. Jordan tried their best to help my mother. Inexperience drs should not work on critical patients. Disgusted with the care my mother recieved. Had she been home with this type malnutriention and bedsore I would be locked up yet no one recieve any consequences.

Janai Sherrod

Worst hospital ever. As I’m sitting here been here since 2:20ish the patient has been here since 1:40ish it is how 5:00am!!! No updates on what we’re waiting on or anything all I here is loud talking and laughing from the workers while patients are all around bc there’s no rooms, the room is dirty there’s nowhere to sit I’m sitting at the computer on a rolling stool with my head on this stericycle box. Have to be to work less then 3 hours and no updates about what’s going on. I wouldn’t dare come here if it was the last hospital on earth. Go to north side. The nurse came in just to look literally not giving warm sheets or anything . Just a disgrace.

Lolita Walters

Best hospital in the South. "The Grady's"

Shakesha Fullins

I was born at Grady. Im alive. I almost died and Grady bought me back. Im alive. I had all 3 of my kids there. And their alive.Its a great hospital.

Jason Yu

I was in a car accident and got a small cut and went for urgent care. Due to what seemed to be protocol, I was sent to a kind of emergency department where I was poked, prodded and left alone for hours without treatment. I sensed that the treatment might get expensive because of all the unnecessary testing they were doing on me. So i asked to leave so I wouldn't get a huge bill. The nurse insisted on at least glueing the cut back together and this is the only treatment I get and I left immediately after. I get an insane bill for around 20k that gets hot potato'ed around by various insurance agencies because it was a car accident. ALL OF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN OK DESPITE ALREADY BEING A TOTAL NIGHTMARE. EXCEPT GRADY WON'T PICK UP THE PHONE TO RESOLVE THIS. I've called at least a dozen times. Half time the wait times out, the other half, I get redirected, if I'm lucky, I'll get an empty promise that they will look into it and call me back, which they never do. Oh, and they refuse to correspond via email. It's nearing a year since this event and this experience is far worse than the car accident. Next time if I'm in need of medical attention and it is after normal business hours, I will let nature take its course rather than go to Grady. (Just in case you're wondering, this is still unresolved)

Alexsus Whitehead

I am at Grady now been here since 9/14/2019. I have NOT eaten anything since I been here. They have rude nurses and techs. They told me my condition was serious and that they might have to operate and this was on Monday. They have been lying to me claiming doctors were coming to talk to me about my surgery and condition and no one has come all of a sudden they are in surgery and I guess surgery lasts all day until it’s time for them to go home. I don’t understand folks lie and say Grady this and Grady that but let’s be clear the people that work in Grady have messed up attitudes and really don’t like their jobs they too busy telling patients what’s not their job. I AM READY TO GO.

Destiny Lara Marquez

Worst hospital in the state of Georgia do not go here

Angela Craft

They do have some doctors here that are either overworked or hate they're job, but overall the level of care here is great. The worst thing is the hurry up and wait mentally. No one is ever in a good mood and forget going in and out

Perla Espinoza

My uncle is in the ICU South Tower area of this hospital and let me tell you, if I could post a review without having to put a star I would. They deserve a 0 star. This hospital is the worst hospital I have been to. Staff and nurses (except for Sarah and Anthony) are extremely rude. Emily McKenzie, the lady at the front desk, is even worse. Why work at a hospital if you can't be nice and kind to people ? Families are here with stress, sadness, heart broken because of what they're going through and then Grady has these heartless, rude workers working here. Why ? I wish i could've recorded Sally yesterday with how rude and racist she was being just so everyone can see the type of hospital this is. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Please go elsewhere unless you want to be treated like trash.

kenneth Weatherspoon

i love the hospital my wife said they were helpful when she gave birth so thank you

Canary Ruffin

I love Grady Memorial Hospital, because they have the best Doctors in the Country working here.

akeria quinn

Let me begin this by saying that I did have some good, bad, ugly and a whole lot of lies! The response time at Grady is good like any other hospital when it comes to chest pain and fast hart rate. Now I had a wonderful ER tech, Dr started out on top I was his #1 priority he said...I listen as they talked about my care and we do what we would do anyway. My BP was 158/109 heart rate was up at 130! I have had Factor 5 for years! I had had 3DVTs, 6PEs, and 1TIA!!! And these fools would not even keep it straight with me! I had everything done to me and stuck! The pain was horrible and I had to ask for pain medicine so many times after the fist dose at 4:00! I was told by default I was going to be staying at the hospital. My nurse never came back to answer my pages to the bathroom and pain. It was 7:30 at this point and the admit Dr is finally coming in to tell me what the tech told me on the way to the bathroom that they were keeping me. What in the World! He did his song and dance and of course didn't want to believe me with my health history but whatever... Then to make it worse..everything he said he didn't do! And I get to the floor where I was sharing a room with a nurse who had No Brain! This Dr came in my room acting like he owns the whole hospital and he lied straight to my face, my daughter, and the nurse! He claimed all she needed to do was make 1 call and they would make sure my meds were right! Lie!! Everything! People were throwing up on the floor u could hear it! A lady screaming from her pain! People walking freely in the hall! Doors open! Someone died on the floor! The time 1:30am! I am in so much pain and the Lie's just kept coming! And then the phone call I had my nurse make because I told her I was leaving and I did Not Care! I was lying there for all those hours in pain and had my life in this Doctors hand and he left me to suffer. He wrote a note on my chart that I know he didn't want or ever thought I would here about or read! And my nurse showed it to me not thinking I would really read it and demands the copy and I am going to expose this Doctor and the the others for what they did to me! I am going to expose this horrible thing! I know I could not be the only one who would these Dr wrote false reports and left to suffer while they walked about like the own it all! But due to my health and history I not a fool and this isn't my first time dealing with bad service from a hospital! So I m exposing this for what it is! WRONG!! No one should ever have to be treated this way and if I can save 1life by doing what I am doing then at least that is 1 more person alive! I will get justice for this! Stay away from here and the rooms and staff on 10A! And the Drs names I will report on here! Grady maybe good for some things but this is NOT the way or what you do!

Dani on THIS DAY

I love Grady. Atlanta NEEDS Grady and therefore the motto is true. You can get non-emergency ambulances to pick you up for things like visits at the hospital or outpatient surgeries. Grady also has an EMS Academy where they train people to be some of the top patient care providers in Georgia and the southeast. Grady is fair in taking care of the patients as well as the employees. The staff will take care of you, keep you alive and help get you back to your normal way of life. If you have choice when you need care, choose Grady

Jasmine Redden

Been at the hospital twelve plus hours on Friday the thirteenth. Day shift was amazing in the er zone 3. However when night shift came on this been the most horrific experience ever. The nurse Lorraine constantly not giving any information when asking questions about my mother who is the patient, I inform Sabina A the “charge nurse” and she has the most stink attitude ever! How can you be a charge nurse in a hospital where patient satisfaction is number one but there’s no compassion at all. I left from getting into it with anyone 8 hrs into night shift. I’m constantly calling because we’re yet to know if my mothers getting discharged or admitted and I had to argue with the nurse and charge nurse and then she tried to use hippa against me but yet I’ve spoken with a doctor as well as er supervisor which have information due to me being on my mothers chart and this cancer patient of a charge nurse says this?!? I can’t wait until Monday to play the recordings for hr. This hospital employees in the er zone three is horrible and makes the company as a whole looks bad. I wouldn’t send my dog here for this type of treatment not to mention my mom been in the hall for 12+ hours in a bed

Sherica Mays


Lisa Gilham

I'm not from Atlanta and always heard bad things about Grady until my sons father got into a very tragic accident lost about 6 gallons of blood and they saved him. He was in ICU for 2 months before they assisted us in transitioning him to the Shepherd Center. Thank you Grady !

Carlis Howze

I came into the emergency room with a fractured hand, they put me in the waiting room for over 10 hours. No exaggeration.. I couldn't believe this. I read on their computer that they put hand pain in. But I told them I was in A LOT of pain. And I also told them my hand was broken. But because I wasn't hysterical, I'm guessing they thought I was lying. Once I got to the back, one of the same guys that admitted me after shift change was the same guy that had to get the equipment for my cast. I'm sure he felt silly to see my hand was in fact actually broken. This was a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Chino Drip

I've been calling them every since they opened and they still haven't bothered to answer the phone or forward me to leave a message they just let it ring..smh

Thyressa Barbee

One of the worst hospitals I ever visited. Very judgemental unwelcoming staff and discrimination. Please warning don't go there.

Patricia Dennis

It's great to me just like they say we can't live without Grady and it's true

Meka Shanae'

Currently at Grady as a heart patient on the 5th floor. I've been here since Wednesday afternoon after being hospitalized and released from Emory midtown the same day. Emory released me knowing that my heart was in distress. I called a Uber, left the hospital and headed straight to Grady. They were quick to access my situation and acted accordingly to save my life. Now I will say that some of the nurses and techs could use a class in customer service and even an attitude adjustment. But overall, if your life is in danger, no other hospital is more dedicated to saving you than Grady. They might be slow and have issues with certain employees at times but they are sure of themselves and that's what counts. It makes the difference between life and death! And I'm eternally grateful for life and will now be on the road to recovery! May God bless Grady because Atlanta Really Cannot Live Without It!

Morgan Biagioni

I was admitted to the psych ward in October of last year. Conditions were horrible and the staff was rude and awful. No one had a bed or private room. We were in one large room and our “bed” was just two plastic armchairs pushed together and 2 blankets per person. Instead of helping obviously distraught or mentally ill patients they screamed at them or told them to shut up. They screamed at one girl who was talking to herself to be quiet and when she kept talking to herself they dragged her out of the room as she kicked and screamed (as any logical person would do when 2-3 nurses are viciously screaming at you and physically dragging you.) I never saw her again and I hope she is okay. The bathroom was disgusting. A family member of mine called the nurse at the psych ward and the nurse (Onyi) was extremely rude and hung up on her after a nasty comment about not being able to see me. Staff was also racist. I am white and they treated me with more respect than patients of color. (Not to say that I was treated with respect, to be clear.) they repeatedly lied about when I would see the doctor and tried to give me Benadryl to put me to sleep because I was bothering them by asking questions. (I was in a good state of mind and was there unwillingly, so I wanted to know when I would see the doctor, be discharged, get to see my family, etc.) I was told that if I wanted to get out of there I needed to “act” like I wasn’t crazy, otherwise they would keep me here. (??) no interest in helping patients. I don’t know why any of them are in the medical industry especially considering that they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) answer my basic questions regarding treatment and hospital policy. Came very close to suing but decided it would be too big a burden on my family. This place is DISGUSTING.

Andre Patterson

Staff was kind and efficient. Courteous. No complaints. Excellent Care.

Max Martinez-Corsentino

Great Care but Slow Service.

Tyree Marshall

I was question about how sick I was from security. He told me when going thru the scanner to hurry up I called the supervisor on Thurs about 9:15 pm. I didn't feel please with him he kept reminding me he was on another call. Overall if you black and need emergency help don't go to Grady after hours. The security turns into doctors who hate there job.

Jennifer Telgen

By far the worse hospital and staff I have ever had to deal with. Hippa must not be in their vocabulary. The nurses are in no hurry to help anyone and could careless about being attentive to their patients They are more worried about what they are going to do after the leave than they are about the patients that depend on them.

Kevin Richardson

They are slow at getting things done. Took almost 3 hours to look at x-rays & to get me out the door. Spent over 5 hours total, it was packed tho.

Sta’ar The Life Coach

Grady is the #1 trauma center in the state of Georgia! Has been for years!!!! THE ONLY HOSPITAL IN GEORGIA WHO IS EQUIPPED TO HANDLE ANY AND EVERYTHING THAT MAY COME THERE WAY !!! Yes, it is in the middle of Atlanta so the surrounding areas may not be ideal however do not let that blind you from the excellent service you will receive ........... GO TO GRADY FIRST, YOU DONT WANT TO REGRET IT!!!

Donna Thompson

My son had a bad car wreck came in at 4am Sunday morning had one lower xray nothing else told he has a crushed vertebra it's 10 am monday no ct or anything

suzen middleton

My son was tranfered from Macon Georgia Medical hospital for the second massive stroke. The doctor was very patient telling us our options. They operated on him immediately. He survived and lives on his own. He was 40 years old and seven years later he walks up to six miles a day when the weather permits. Thanks to the doctor who saved his life. My son had cancer at three years old. He still makes me proud of at all he overcome without giving up

Wil Hughes

Kind of a shady place but their trauma team saved my life

Stephen P

This hospital, in my opinion, still has a lot of growing-up to do to be on par with the other hospitals in the city of Atlanta. However, we need this place badly. It serves its purpose. It may not serve it super well, but it does serve it adequately.

Gail Ellison

The best hospital

Ariana Scarborough

This hospital is a fn joke. Literally they cut me open for surgery I didn’t need saying I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Which I never had !!! My baby is perfectly fine. I was hospitalized and in so much pain for nothing. The staff was rude and everytime I call for information or try and figure out everyone says I don’t know. This place is a joke with unintelligent doctors.

stacy flanigan

My daughter has more than one illness, the worst being MRSA, and she can't even walk! This sorry excuse for a hospital tied her belongings onto a walker and put her outside on the street with nothing! The closest family is over 390 miles away. We were assured she would be transferred to a physical rehab facility to fully recover before we had to return to work in Texas. This is the grossest case of unethical behavior I've ever seen. Not to mention the lack of compassion from the staff be it nurses, tech or housekeeping. Not one time did I see anyone clean anything! My daughter had to beg to even get water! No one would help her shower or change her bed or bandages! When she said anything she was given sleeping meds to shut her up! When they got tired of her asking for anything they threw her out! This hospital should be shut down!

Cathie Morelli

I am writing two reviews with mixed ratings. The reason for this rating is due to parking (-0- stars) and Quality of Care/ICU Stroke Dept) (5 stars). My family is extremely appreciative to the 8th Floor ICU Unit. The quality of care is fantastic. The patience and knowledge of their staff is SUPERIOR. There is not enough stars to Thank the staff. A special Thank You to Lea and Erica, you two are " Truly Gems" of your unit a and Grady Hospital is extremely fortunate to have you on their team. 5 STARS! The parking lot allows people to park in handicap spots WITHOUT disability tags. I have reported this several times to parking attendants, police and the front desk, but they have taken NO ACTION. -0- STARS If you are coming to the hospital with anyone, you will need to drop them off. If you are a handicap driver, you are out of luck. Additionally, there are -0- benches, sit down on the steps and their security guards throw you off of them!

Bind Snare

Dear Jesus Christ, Thank you for Grady Hospital and their entire Medical Field of Amazing Angels. Jesus, I was wondering if you could continue doing what you do best (Save Souls? You know the Medical World is what makes life worth living. Lord Jesus, thank you for Grady Hospital and Kirkwood Family Medicine. I Love You Jesus and I Love Grady Hospital. Amen

Atiya Rahman

Absolutely terrible hospital. My mom fractured her jaw and could barely speak. She kept requesting for nurses that never came. It’s been 24 hours and she was supposed to be moved to a private room upstairs, instead had to spend the night in the loud, completely open trauma unit. Rude reception and staff. Don’t go into the medical field if you are going to get stressed and take it out of patients. Your job is literally to care for others, act like it.

maliyah mcroyal

This hospital is trying to force my family to pull the plug on my baby cousin and she's still fighting


Had a great delivery and birthing experience! Would definitely recommend. I Couldn’t have asked for better staff!!


Georgia would be nothing without Grady. Go for trauma related illnesses, such as burns, car accidents, gun shot wound. Most successful physicians in Atlanta rotated through here. Do not sleep on Grady. The absolute BEST trauma hospital of all times. They recently helped save a family member’s life.

Safin Ahmady

I was admitted into Grady following a tragic car accident ending with a deeply lacerated arm. I was treated very poorly given the fact that I was covered in dirt of which they did not provide me with a tetanus booster even though one of the nurses asked but never followed up with any doctors or other medical personnel to provide me with one. Also, my arm was not cared for properly because after my discharge I still had dried blood, dirt, and fiber glass still all over my lacerated arm. The quality of care I received was very disappointing. You would think you would be treated fairly even with full coverage health insurance.

Charles Stone

Awful! I hate wasting a perfectly good star on this place. I waited 11 hours for an exam room and another 2 1/2 hours to see a doctor. Waiting room is full of homeless people and Atlanta’s less-fortunate. It’s loud and unruly. That said, the staff is courteous and tried their best to accommodate. I’ll be staying clear of Grady in the future. A truly awful experience. NEVER again!

Yasmier Neal

Slow but make sure u well before u leave

Lorrinique Scatliffe

UNPROFESSIONAL ‼️ Worst hospital to go too. Extremely Long Wait Times. If You Want To Wait All Day, Round A Bunch Of Aggravating Individuals Then Grady’s Yo Choice. Just Find A Better Hospital Instead Of Grady. You could Die Here Waiting For 10 whole Hours Smh and also most of the employees are rude ‼️

ashley butler

I had a procedure done today in the Women’s Center, and the staff was very friendly and informative about everything that was going to happen. Like everyone I encountered today! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better nurses and doctors during this difficult time. 5 stars and more!

free mind

I have to take my injection, and I was complaining to Dr. Emory Hsu that the process is taking too long, they want to spread my injection over the course of 6 months instead of just one month and then up the doses the next month. He told me to take some Viagra.

Ocie Vance

They are great in my opinion. No wonder a lot of people come here when they are sick or need assistance for medical .

Chen Zian

***Remember my words**** DO NOT WORK HERE if you are a nurse. If you think "well, it cannot be THAT bad" SLAP YOURSELF and apply elsewhere. This is NOT the "experience" you want. **Remember my words.***

Abraham Giliana

Considering the amount of people They serve every day, they are excellent.


They have made great changes over the years. A lot better than they used to be for sure

Brian Allen

All of the staff were great but I wanted to highlight Nurse Genie. I have never experienced such exceptional service. Thank you Nurse Genie for helping my daughter, wife and myself feel at ease as we went through our traumatic experience after my daughter’s car accident. You had kind and warm reassuring words, promptness and you keeping us informed help us emencely. The service here was exceptional. The staff was there within second after buzzing the nurse.

Mr. Potts

Very helpful staff. A nurse by the name of Sabrina P. was very sweet and helpful.

Kwanza L

Going to Grady was my first and last time the wait was long I went in at 1 and didn't leave until 11 that night. But I've been told that the wait is usually longer. It was sooo many homeless people there it was just ridiculous I couldn't even sit comfortably because the smells was so horrible. But I gave it 2 stars because the staff did take their time and make sure that I was okay and to find out what was wrong with me. But the social services lady was helpful but awful at the same time because she wanted to make jokes about me and I wasn't in the mood.

Jaylin Powell

The sevice is good but takes a long time for service but really nice people also have no signs on what your not supposed to do

Candice Huff

ER staff that I encountered had horrible bedside manner. Horrible communication skills and tried to give me multiple meds without telling me what the were or were to trea . They were dismissive and I left with more questions than I came with and I'm sure an insane bill.

Sharon Daugherty

The Grady Burn Unit was phenomenal to my husband. We arrived at 2am and once we made it to the back of the ER the care began. They treated his wounds with such care and really comforted him and respected our dietary restrictions. I have such respect for the work they do, especially serving populations that can’t get private healthcare. They are superstars, and we will be forever grateful.❤️

Kup Kae

I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant I came up here for shortness of breath dizziness and a really bad cold I been in the waiting area on the 4th floor for a hour now there’s no one in any of the beds in the back I just saw they won’t even let me lay down I just got off work from a 8hour shift they refuse to give me a wheelchair I can barely walk due to contractions and my body aching from the cold!!

Clint Edward

Helpful staff and very nice and respectful.

kincade hallock

Extremely annoyed at their phone system as no matter what number I input it does not recognize that I've input anything at all and they don't even fix it just leave it how it is

Mandee Stone

The Best burn unit in the country


This is the worst hospital ever. DO NOT GO HERE! Staff is awful. They don't care about patients and put them out on the streets with bare minimum, literal bandaid care. All they care about is money. They will charge you for treatment you didn't receive, give away your personal information, and will find ways to get your money when you don't have it. They will make illegal efforts to mess you up financially and don't even give you the details of your condition. If you have the misfortune of ending up here without your consent, I'm sorry. If you come here by choice, don't expect to be treated right.


Dear Jesus Christ, I repent of all my sins as I come before you to give this compliment that I know you made possible through an Amazing Grady Health Care System Officer. Her name is Officer Belinda T. The "T" is for TRIUMPH. Lord Jesus, all Officer Belinda to Triumph in all she set her heart to do. This officer went above and beyond to help me when my sister came up missing from Grady Health Care System ER, Spirit of God, Bless this Officer and her overseers as well. Sgt. McCants and the entire Security Staff of Grady are simple the best. Amen

Mary Ritch

I’ve been here for 8 hours and I’m still waiting!!!!! The doctors are nice though. 2 stars for them!

Collier Merriman

Brother is in ICU, people in ICU are doing their best. Peggy working in the ICU front desk has been one of the rudest and heartless people I've met at this hospital. I was told by people working in the ICU you have to be 16 to wait in the waiting room but peggy told me it was 18 and made me leave. she also told someone that my brother wasn't there right after she let about 10 trips of people back and fourth from his room.Not the kind of person you want working with the families of people who are critically injured, maybe a person who doesn't have a cold heart would be wonderful for the position.

Oneichan Critchlow

Well I like Grady Memorial Hospital. Yes sometimes the wait there can be extremely long. I've been dealing with this hospital since 1996 Victoria and Eric GRADY BABIES of course. Also when Annette had Aubrey the NICU was GREAT. It was so sweet to see all the babies. Thank you Grady NICU.

Anne Mack

Great doctors, excellent healthcare

Alex Rechez

Had good helpful doctors even if not the cleanest, nicest place

Del Jay

Absolutley disappointed in the lack of customer service here. I can't even get through to a person on the phone in Pre admissions clinic to speak about a surgery appointment. The phone just continuously rings. And the one time someone picked up the phone, they didn't greet me, they just put me on hold and never came back to the line Sat on hold for 10mins. Called back and no answer again. What am I suppose to do. Take off from work and go up there just to fix an appointment issue. This is ridiculous!.

Brandon Bradwell

This is the worst Hospital I ever visit. I guess it at to Atlanta Region awful infrastructure. I waited nearly 10 hours in this Hospital. Along with nearly 6 dozens of other people. I don’t care if I am dying, I will never go to this hospital again. This Hospital needs to be closed down. Never ever experienced anything like it before.

Josephis Wade

They can start by improving the way that they treat the family members of burn victims. Improving their policies on the filings and processing of grievances would also be a big leap towards improvement. They have some of the best doctors in the world, but their care of patients needs a 21st-century overhaul.

Clint Crisp

l was seen and i told the staff that i was homeless and they let me stay in the er waiting room area to sleep some where safe thank you.

Veronica George

So far it's been great

Macie Thomas


Tay Langham

Grady is sorry as hell. Nurses and doctors think they are always right 100% even though it can be clinical errors involved. They dont listen or read charts correctly. Goofy nurses calling my number about something that the doctor already treated. If they read my chart throughly they wouldve known that. Too lazy to read patient charts , just want to hear themselves talk.You know your body better than anybody else.

Daylin Davis

Most of the staff here are exemplary and treat their patients with the utmost respect. Love Henry's Cafe!


Horrible customer service! I came at 1 am and left the emergency room at 10. The level of unprofessional is abundant. The staff have no level of respect for mankind. It is so sad how staff call people bums, talk about their well being, and so on. This place us gettho fillled and to include while I'm sitting down here in pain jasmine, Camille and the other staff is talking about bundleds of hair, news, and other staff. This place is ridiculous!

joanie wilson

My husband was in an auto accident this was the most nastiest,rude nurses dirty sheets they had him on.Then they move him from emergency to floor 5 a curtain for privacy.Never saw a dr.once until I said we were checking him out ourselves..Please be careful if you go there..It is a culture shock...

Tonya Ferguson

They are very proficient

Lois Aprill

The worst hospital. Never answers phone calls especially financial services

eOctavia Taylor

Number 1!!! Trauma Center of the South,Best Burn,Stroke and Neonatal Centers


GRADY HOSPITAL SAVED my Husbands life. He had an AVM deep in his brain that burst and suffered a stroke at 52 years old. Not only did they all take amazing care of my husband, They all took amazing care of me. He was on the Intensive care brain unit 8th floor. I was ASSURED the team of neurosurgeons were the best of the best with anything related to the brain in the country . My husband is PROOF of that ! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE affiliated with that Hospital. From the people that worked in the parking garage , Security, Secretaries, All of the staff in the Emergency room, Everyone on that 8th floor - ALL THE WAY UP TO THAT SURGEON.... Thanks to All of You, I have my Husband , Thank you will never be enough .

Connielynne Robinson- Williamson

Sitting in the Er for 6hr now in back for another hour. And I am in pain.

Sheena Geiger

My uncle has been sitting in this hospital for for 2 days with a piece of metal wedged in his head some way some how. Scans have been taken and still there is no answer as to what to do next. No-one has come in to check on him even after his monitor was unplugged. (I know because we are on a video call as I write. Having a career in healthcare I am well aware of what patient centered care should look like, this is not it! He hasn't been served a decent meal. A turkey sandwich in a plastic wrapper was given to him and I guess that was supposed to be acceptable. This is not acceptable treatment for any human being in a healthcare facility. This is by far the worst hospital I have ever heard of.

Soraya montserrat Nguema king

I had my baby on the 11th,october,2019.I went alone to the hospital. I did not have anyboby nor know someone. All the doctors a nurses took really good care of me and my daughter. Thank you Kyler,Sherry,Erica and the rest....thank you.


This Hospital as is ghetto as it gets I mean walk outside it’s homeless people sleeping right outside of the grass and the people who work there are very ignorant including most doctors I would avoid this place if possible and there surgeons are not the best either

Tina Banee

These five stars are for Phoebe Sutton. She appears to be a receptionist at the orange pod or Primary 1L. I hate coming to Grady, they can be so mean and rude sometimes. So imagine my surprise when Ms. Sutton greeted me with a big smile and a beautiful "Welcome to Grady!" I would give the rest of the staff one star for kindness and 4 stars for knowing their jobs. Nurse Practitioner Tiffaney Pollard is good at her job but as mean as a snake and she doesn't listen.

Hadassah of God

Every time I go to Grady they show me awesome favor and provide great service. It takes a special kind of nurse and doctor to handle the colorful people that come to Grady and I appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you Grady for always taking care of me and making me feel better!

Jamie Roberts

Good natured staff — very kind of them for their service and contributions to Atlanta’s public health

Sophenia Cooper

Had and appointment for a rountine mammogram. My appt. was at 1:50 PM and I'm still waiting. People in front of me been down here since 11 am and just got seen. .

FaiZ Chauhdry

The worst hospital I have ever been to in my life, I rather die in traffic on the way to a further more cleaner hospital!!! I feel like the public bathrooms are made for you to catch some type of sickness. Also the employees remind of DMV employees, rudest in the world.

Lisa Smith

If i could give this place a negative for workplace environment I would. Staff members are constantly bullied and sometimes physically assaulted by other staff members. There is constant verbal abuse among staff members against other staff members. When you take your complaints to management and HR they don't do a damn thing. Will still allow staff members who bully and harass other staff members to continue to there employment with out any consequences at all. The moral is low, the pay is low, no chances of career advancement at all, and management pretends like everything is ok. Will turn a blind eye on the real issues and refuses to address the real issues, management is very petty will focus on things that really don't matter or even try to boost the moral. I love my patient's at Grady and helping them is what I love to do. I warn anyone seeking employment at Grady if you love to be bullied, physical and verbally abused, like weak leadership, no room for growth this is the place for you. If not please go to an organization like Emory, Piedmont or Northside that will take care of and listen to there employees!!!!

Sarah Nunn

The financial counselor for the east point clinic is very racist. She also gives the white patients a harder time than that of someone who's not white. Because of her mistakes, I'm being billed outrageous amounts of money for which I do NOT owe. Every time I call to get these bills removed, I'm given the run-around. I filed a complaint against her with hospital, and I will continue to do so until someone does something about it. I will be calling every day until these bills are removed.


Even though most of the nurses are nice they don't seem to follow any regimen, you have to ask for pain meds but they will tell you to take them at regular intervals to control the pain, they didn't bath them without being ask, no one seems to know what the other is doing, they have crazy people on the general floor, there was a woman on the same floor as my son that sat in her room and screamed all the time she was awake, a man in the room with him that would ramble about things that made no since, few Public bathrooms through out the hospital, nasty food, no menu for the patients they just get the luck of the draw, floors arnt consistent, gf received sodas, son got water, takes forever to get test run and even longer to get the results. They left my son flat in his back for almost a week without having any bed sore precautions,except for watching out for them, which I might add they did a quick visual a couple times of his feet but not much else. I think they may be ok to keep you from dying but they really need updated and get everyone on the same page. Still here, still waiting on certian things to happenwithout much hope.

Sandy Mathis

My mom comes here all the time she loves this place I go elsewhere


THEY charge$20 visit and$5 per prescription for payment for people who don't have any income

Mikaili Culver

The wait times, are horrible. 5 hour wait in the emergency room. Once you’re finally in the back it’s smooth. But, the employees are really understanding and easy going.

eloise steel

I wish there was a way to give 0 stars. My mother came to this hospital to be treated for a large internal tear. multiple nurses incorrectly administered needles into her veins, causing intense pain. She sat and slept in a bed for hours on end that was meant explicitly for childbirth. Machines constantly beeped and even after calling for a nurse repeatedly there were no nurses to be found. No, they were sitting on their phones, ignoring the calls until eventually my mom had to resort to finding the button to turn off the noise herself. At midnight, she was forced to move rooms. Each nurse that came through her room didn’t speak a lick of english, and left the door wide open each time they left. The nurses couldn’t care less about their patients, honestly. Homeless people, drug addicts, and drunks are roaming around, causing disturbances in halls. The nurses are the biggest issue, in my opinion. Don’t ever go to this hospital, you’ll receive horrible service, be constantly faced with rude nurses that don’t know what they’re doing, and be more uncomfortable and in pain than you started out with.


Bash Grady all you want to I worked there as a nurse, and after retirement I go there as a pt, they do a WONDERFUL job with the worst of the worst! The place is clean, the equipment is state of the art, if you do not like Grady, go elsewhere, with NO INSURANCE, see how THEY treat you!! When you go in with an ATTITUDE, you get what you bring in!!

Lanie White

Good service for those with little or no insurance.

Monica Bloom

Went to this place on 3/31 after a bad car accident. All they did in the ER was give me two Tylenol pills and an x-ray on my shoulder. I had to ask for the x-ray to be done... I damn near fell out just standing because no one offered me a chair to sit down. My right arm is still messed up and I may have nerve damage. My shin is still swollen, they never attemped to look at my leg. Never tended to the gash on my forehead. They were too busy walking around blah instead of tending to patients. I wish the accident hadn't occured near this hospital. I'll stick with Dekalb Medical (Emory) and Piedmont.

Peter Hill

Terrible no help.government run rather go to Mexico. Waiting time for nothing. Never again stayed in pain waiting 12hours.

Paulette Hardin

Great hospital however the waiting for service and the parking is an ALL DAY EVENT!! TERRIBLE!!

Donna Attaway

My nephew was life flighted to the hospital and was in the trauma unit for a day and a half till he had surgery. The staff was great except for security in the ER. There was no where for me and my husband to sit so my husband and I sit on a round end table, security said we could not sit there so we stood against the wall and not in anyone's way. A little while later the lady at the information desk said security said we could stand where we were and if we didn't move we were going to be escorted from the building. God bless the lady from the information desk, she found our family a room to stay in. Nothing against the homeless but, how can they take many of the seats in the ER waiting area and we are there with our family and we get treated in such a way. Just not right.

That One Meme

Awful place, don't bring anyone you care about there if you can help it. The people who work their are cold and robotic and not particularly interested in you at all. Wish I could rate zero stars

Otemm Xemj

The employees is so rude to pts and the doctors is also rude bed side manners is horrible at grady hospital and the other clinics also the LPN and nurses attitude is horrible the bathrooms is nasty blood is always on the floor and on the walls the staff always standing in the halls gossiping about pts and each other be hollaring all up and the down the halls the staff don't wash their hands when coming in to the rooms when touching sick people are after touching sick people the staff is horrible the chairs in the waiting area needs to be wipe down the walls is nasty the people at the front desk don't get out of their chairs to do paper work they roll from one end to next sitting in their chairs just lazy on their part it's aweful medical service at grady hospital the er is nasty also they just forget about you blood is every where you know housekeeping can clean all that up in a timely manner but don't

James Boateng

Y’all tried to save one of my favorite dancer life I appreciate it thank y’all for all y’all help plz pray for his mom and his girlfriend cuz he has a baby on the way #RIPKenny #LLK #RIPkenneth

Edward Wang

AVOID!! My son has received routine vaccines here by appointment for a year. Vaccines are fully covered by his insurance company, but in one occasion, the billing department billed it as walked in emergency service. I had to contact the insurance company to find out what happened and took several calls to the Grady billing department with insurance company's representitive to get them admit it was their mistake. They told me to ignore the bill and they will take care of it. After a year, I saw my credit scored dropped by 80 points. The bill of $155 was send to the debt collector a year ago. Shocked. Had to pay for the bill that I did not owe to get it removed (Don't know it will removed from my credit report yet). Shocking hospital, terrible service, really bad billing department. Not a nice experience at all.

Diane Mitchell

This is the worst experience that I have ever had with any hospital in my plus 66 years. Staff is rude and incompetent. We have been waiting for 3 weeks for simple order of bedside commode and wheelchair. Waiting even longer for therapy order. No sense of urgency! Other hospitals transfer patients to Grady for Trama center which is supposed to be the best in the nation but beware of what happens to the patients after ICU, unbelievable!!!

Chris Ledingham

Negative 5 Stars. Horrible... spent 15 hours in excruciating pain,Bad Gallbladder... asked numerous times to be seen and said I am dying..."Sit down sir your vitals are fine." I left at 5:30 am after spending the night with Atlanta's finest homeless people. Thank God for Wellstar Cobb. They literally saved my life.

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