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REVIEWS OF Floyd Medical Center IN Georgia

Sha Perry

Daniel Ware

Doctor couldn't even figure out what was wrong with me. Went to a doctor the next day who told me what the issue was. I was in the ER for 5 hours

Jeff Wiser

I came to the ER today and the waiting room is empty. I sit and sit for hours and am not seen. I suppose Congress was correct. They just play cards and dont care if I'm seen or not.

Angela Gilbert

Very impressed with this hospital and nurses on ICU floor

ariel woodard

Yea there r some doctor's who seem like they don't care but there are some that do care I have birthed 6 about to be 7 baby's there an I wouldn't change it I come from cartersville an Yea trust me there r quite a few nurses here that have a smart a** attitude an u want to hit them but u just have to ignore them other them the mean nurses an some of the sorry doctors I love that hospital

Lauren Gaston

love this place 10/10

M Arthur

Came into the ER and spent 3.5 hrs for them to pop in and spend 5 mins doing blood work and a mobile xray. Then the nurse, CHARLES, came in and said nothing was wrong. He also made a big deal that because the symptoms had been going on for a couple weeks and we hadn't already tried dealing with the issue, they probably aren't that big of an issue. My biggest issue was mainly his bedside manner. I had another nurse apologizing for his behavior because apparently this is not the first time he's had a complaint about his bedside manner. It's alright though, we have his full name and will be filling out the survey attached to the discharge papers. This is also the same reason we prefer Redmond ER over Floyd.

Heather Powell

I had a family member in the icu unit for a little more than a week. I couldn't have asked for a better staff for medical care.

John Pendergrass

Just chilling Hart acting up

stephanie sanchez

i like it

Lisa Deffenbaugh

Great hospital. All the nurses and staff are very friendly and helpful.

Becca garrett

The baby center is so much better then Cobb hospital!!!

Michael Adams


This place charged 71k for a gastric sleeve, 71K!!!!!!!!! we are ALREADY out of pocket 8k....AND GOT ANOTHER BILL FOR MORE THAN 4K! they BILK the insurance companies, DO NOT tell you what they charge and SCREW YOU OVER!!!!

Bonnie Hancock

A amazing place to rehab from your injuries or illnesses. The staff is beyond 5 Stares. They are personable, caring, well trained and experienced in their craft. My stay at at Floyd Medical Center has already shown improvement for me. I am excited about my future because of Floyd.

Shenna Walker

This is a great hospital. I met wonderful nurses. Nurse Rhonda, Nurse Tammie, Nurse Riddhi they are so helpful. They make you feel like your home, make you feel so comfortable. I recommend this hospital to everybody. Thank yall so much for all you done for me lady's.

Teri Bell

Extremely slow customer service but great facility

LovelySweet Heart

If someone comes to you and is in pain. Telling you their symptoms. Falling, twitching tingling, throbbing etc. Give you previous history. And then you barely examine them. Barely touched just looked down and walked out. Leave them in the room for over 1hr. Then come back and say it’s something simple like sprain or strain. No xrays, didn’t recommend any specialist or any other location but physical therapy? How do you make a diagnose when you did nothing? Then how can you bill them for nothing. You did NOTHING. But write a prescription and took some blood. I know I need to be seen by a specialist. If you are hurting please go directly to a specialist that specializes in that area. And once they find out you don’t have health insurance your pretty much nothing to them.

Michael Lee

These pictures are what I've had to sleep in for the last 3 days blood all over my bed way to go Floyd Medical

Rachel Hixon

Worst experience at a hospital, rude unfriendly staff. Dont go there!!!! 1st in the waiting room now there are 50 people lady up front said I wasn't important enough to see i didn't have a REAL emergency. All staff is on their cell phones, not a care in the world no sense of urgency more worried about Facebook and talking with other employees not the patients. Sabrina in the front has the worst customer service

David Bryan

I was in Fmc last month and either they lost or stole my new glasses. Now it is hune 14 i still do not have my glasses. I called dont know how man times to no help. I will never go back there again

Todd Renje

My father is gravely ill and currently in Floyd medical center and I can not say enough good things about this hospital and it's staff. The staff at Floyd medical center has provided anything and everything to keep both my father and me comfortable. My father is receiving top notch care, and I am being accommodated in any way being here with him whether it be communicating, food drink, blankets pillow, support, etc. The building is clean and beautiful. This is a difficult and sad situation for my my family but I feel grateful that were at Floyd medical center experiencing it. My name is Todd Renje and this IS a real review. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Kevin & Tiffany.

Awful and very rude. Was escorted off the property because I ask a security guard not to guess at me. Kept telling me if i " Didn't quit running my mouth" he was going to take me to jail. This place is a joke. The rules that apply to you don't the staff. If you want to be embarrassed and disrespected this is the place to go!

Beth Samples Phillips

I recently stayed at Floyd Medical Center for two nights. The doctor's, nurses, and staff were beyond helpful and professional every step of the way. My doctor took great care of me and came by at least twice a day. The food was great and everything was cleaned immaculately. I would recommend staying at Floyd for any procedure you are planning to have. I could t have asked for better care!

Misty Rayburn

The Dr's there suck

Gwendolyn Carter

I have been treated at FMC twice now in the past month. Once I was transported by ambulance , once by car. Both times I was treated with the upmost professional care and compassion. The staff all seemed friendly and well-skilled.I have a serious ongoing medical condition that periodically causes flare ups of absolutely horrendous pain. My reports of severe pain were, thankfully, believed and taken seriously by the medical Staff! At no time did I feel staff were judgmental or non compassionate. Physician came into my room in a timely manner and medications were ordered for me quickly. That alone shows real understanding and compasssion, in a time where unfortunately not every facility or staff understands or believes a patient's reports of pain. I have actually laid in ERS that allowed me to suffer with pain so severe, offering very little in the way of treatment, until I literally passed out from the pain. Just absolutely Ludicrous! Every staff member in every dept that I came in contact with during these 2 visits were friendly, caring and well-skilled in their respective roles. My wait times in the waiting room were well within reasonable for an ER. The facility itself seemed clean and well-maintained in all areas. Overall, I had a very positive experience at FMC , and hope that would be the case if I ever needed to return for myself or family member.

Timothy Locklear

A very clean and up standing place with friendly nurses and great medical treatment!

christy cates

Shelby Trice

They mishandled my account, financially. Even after numerous phone calls and emails over the past 6 months+ no one has been able to assist me and it has snowballed into a very serious problem.

Danielle Cleckler

Timothy Godfrey

Whitney Rucker

The staff took their time to make sure I was always cared for, they checked on me at least every hour for the entirety of my stay. The night nurses interrupted me as little as possible during the night, and the day nurses always found time for me, no matter what I needed! They called the doctor for a specific medication I requested, and got it to me promptly. The techs always came quickly when I needed them, and everyone was so friendly! I would definitely recommend Floyd to anybody looking for great care!

Jessica peacock

Best hospital around!! Everyone was awesome during delivery of my baby. Couldn't have asked for any better service.

Teresa Phillips

Shaukat Shad

Beautiful place and nice people

Golgotha Gaming

The nurse was really nice, but the doctors and other staff are extremely unprofessional. It took upwards of 4 and a half hours to see a doctor, none of the nurses or staff knew the symptoms that my wife was experiencing (chest pain, which should have been taken seriously), and they did more tests than what should have been necessary on a patient that did not have insurance at no fault of our own - note that more tests costs more money - and the taxes we pay fund this hospital and they didn't even have the courtesy to at least know my wife's symptoms before entering the room. (5 different people asked what the symptoms were including the doctor, which is extremely unprofessional. Every time I call the billing department to tell them that I'm paying no more than $15 per month on the $9,000 bills we received (all places involved in total). They are also super slow in sending back the financial assistance letters. Overall nightmarish experience and if it were me, I'd rather die than go to this hospital.


In April, 2019, a family member of mine was treated for the 3 days in the FMC emergency department for alcohol and drug withdrawals and suicidal thoughts. He had no healthcare insurance. FMC placed him in a recliner (not a bed) in the “common” area of a small lockdown unit within the emergency department for the entire 3 days that he was there. During that 3 days, he was given a light blanket, NO ROUTINE MEDS FOR WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS, not offered a toothbrush or an opportunity to bathe. The only liquids he was offered were small sodas with meals. He did receive ONE small styrofoam cup of ice water after asking for it for 4 hours and after I asked the nurse for it again after that 4 hours. The nurses literally SAT IN A BOOTH LESS THAN 10 FEET AWAY from him during his ENTIRE stay and STILL couldn’t find the time to give him water, a toothbrush, soap/wash cloth/towel EVEN AFTER I COMPLAINED TO THE NURSES THAT MY FAMILY MEMBER’S BREATH AND BODY ODORS had become VERY FOUL. He was not offered clean hospital attire during his entire stay either. One of his assigned doctors even tried to discharge him from the hospital after approximately 24 hours while he was withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. My family member has never been treated for substance abuse issues before, but I’ve worked in a detox center in the past and know that he was improperly treated at FMC. I’ve NEVER in my life seen a person treated as INHUMANELY as my family member was at FMC. Heaven help anyone who has no insurance. Animals in shelters are treated better than my family member was treated at FMC and he now has a $6,050 BILL FROM FMC to pay for his 3 day NIGHTMARISH treatment there.

Lamar Daniel

Martha Carter

Sat in the waiting room for 3 hours in severe pain. Never again will I come to this hospital. They base you on a number and if your not cut or having a heart attack you're at the bottom of the list!

C Willis

The cafeteria has a lot of delicious foods to choose from with a cook on hand to make you a fresh garden omelet if that's what you want and the receptionist was great she went out of her way to make sure I found the right place for my CPR class with Ms Johnson who by the way was great and very good at her job, good visit for me

Kerry Walker

This has got to be the worse hospital ever. I broke my back and they gave me pain meds but I was still in I let them know..they did nothing. Then my brother showed up and he they gave me a shot with too high of a I immediately threw up and then passed out. Then they rigged me up for a MRI and I came too with the IV being ripped out of my arm by the side of the machine!!! And they gave me contrast (dye) even though I did not want it! My wife works in the medical field and this place should be shut down!

Melody Rodriguez

Everybody i met on Monday thru Wednesday has been a really helpful staff very nice and kind to me

Brian Barber

Cheryl Johnston

catherine berger


Best hospital ive ever been too!

Kitalia the kitsune

Been in constant pain since I've been here. Nurses always seem to be unavailable. Totally miserable. DO NOT GO HERE!!!! GO TO HARBIN MEDICAL INSTEAD!!!! THE STAFF THERE ACTUALLY HELP YOU!!!!!!

jerry Perry

This is not my experience, but a friend of mine who was a patient there. Nurses, doctors and staff completely unprofessional. Making homophobic and ridiculing remarks while gossiping about patient outside their room. Staff broke into patients vehicle and searched it without any consent of patient. Deliberately making patient not get any rest/sleep while there. Just hearing all of this made me want to cry. Doctors discussing information about the patient in gossip outside in the hallway completely shatters the so-called hippocratic oath, that I guess does not matter whatsoever anymore. So much for patient care; More like patient don't care. It's a good thing I don't live in Rome, GA, because if I ever needed hospital care, I would rather die.

Connie Dutton

good care

chad cook

best experience for an ER experience I've ever had. ..great place

Bill Nukem

BEST Hospital in the state everyone dose a great job!

Randall Christian

Top notch doctors and the nurses are so caring and professional. I have always had a great experience at this particularl hospital in town!

Codi Lynn Floyd Bell

I never receive the right medical care I need. Most of the time the nurses don't do their jobs and some of the doctors don't seem to care about the patients. If you don't have regular insurance you're not a priority. Medicaid patients get the short end of the stick.

Dorathea Morrissey

Such great care. Everyone was respectful and very caring. From the transport personal to the cardiologist. If I have to be sick, this is the best place to be.

Kymberly Fuller

Would be great if nurses could put their cell phones down long enough to do their jobs! They say I'll back in 15 min. To do ...(whatever) an hr. Later they haven't come back. You go look for them, guess what 5 nurses at the station playing on their phones. Ridiculous!

Annette Hill

Great hospital. The nurses are taking awesome care of my husband. All of the staff here are great.

Carolyn Casey

Nicest hospital I've ever been too!

mickey nelson

The E R Dr's need the experience and if you go here you are the genny pig.

Alison Cleveland

Carlos Rustrian

Amber Nicol

you know just like every hospital there's always going to be a wait time but I have been there about two times in the past 2 weeks.I was in pain and could not stop throwing up and I stopped at the ER I do not have insurance. But these guys were willing to work with me when I went to Redmond they left bruises all over my arm they we're rude. And very much dishonest to me. But when I come to Floyd at least I know I'm getting good care and I'm getting people that care about me and that are willing to work with me. I would recommend Floyd to anyone they have good hospitality manners. And just they're all sweet.

Carrie Schubert

The emergence room did a awesome job. Had to be rushed in ambulance to hospital. I had an really bad seizure. I lived in Rockmart about 45 minutes away. The doctor was a great person. The nurses was very nice. Metro Ambulance service was awesome. I appreciate caring for me.

Olivia Powell

I absolutely love this hospital best one in northwest Georgia closest to Grady and Grady top of the line

Hannah Freeman

Went in on the 29th because my son was complaining about ear pain. They examined his ear and said there was just a piece of dead skin in his ear and sent us on our way. Well come to find out it was a tiny piece of paper. I'm tired of them not actually doing a decent examination when going to the ER. This isn't the first time they have failed to fully examine one of my kids and I had to go elsewhere. Please actually do something about getting them to do a full examination and not just pushing through the patients. Especially when it's a slow night.

Matt Livingston

Great doctors and nurses. I wouldn't go anywhere else locally for emergencies. Very professional and super friendly. Feels like family away from hone.

Michael Bing

Vanasha Fair

I loved the experience me and my son had here. Staff is amazing, especially the NICU staff. ❤️


Watch out, they'll delete reviews. Lucky I don't put 1 star

Tracy Williams

Dr.are very slow to put in order for medicine. It took 7 hours to get tylenol for foot and leg pain for my mother.

Angel Thom

I went tonight for a fractured toe. It is fractured and they said it was not but if it was then there is nothing to do about it. Curt and rude while I was in pain. I see many other people have had the same experience. I'm really upset over this. I'm concerned because a fracture can cause problems in the future for the body. My body! It seems they give you medicine and send you in your way and not really help with an emergency. I was there for over five hours and this attitude that came from the staff was not good. The only person that was truly kind was the billing lady that called in for me to sign forms. I think all of the other staff should take a lesson from her. Rude! Just rude. Got a second opinion and yes it's broken. Thanks for nothing and now I get a bill legit spending all that time for no help with my emergency!

Rebecca Maddox

I had 2 surgeries there and the staff were excellent. My only complaint is after surgery there seems to be a rush to discharge you home, regardless of your pain level.

Daniel Burks

I was having arm numbness and chest tightness. From the folks in the emergency room, to the observation staff, the folks in Surgery everyone was fantastic. Dr. Garb was excellent, Stephanie, Julie, Aaron, Fancy, Autumn, Greta?, I should have kept all of their names. They were fantastic. Everyone I dealt with deserved a daisy award! Thank you!

Emily Westmoreland

Fe Jean

Besides the fact that I came in here with asthma related problems .it did take them a while to see me ,but once I went into the back I felt they were all completely professional.and courteous. Thank you .I felt like a human being & not a disease

Trey Rogers

Even tho I hate hospitals, especially emergency rooms, this was as good of an experience that you could have on a trip to the ER. Nurse Practitioner Stein was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, as were all members of the Floyd Medical CENTER ER team. Two thumbs up. Bravo.


Horrible experience for the first time. Rude nurse that scolded me for puking in my bed. Talked to me like an idiot. Will never allow this nurse to care for me again. I've also not seen a doctor in 2 put of the 4 days I've been admitted.

D’ana Gay

Absolutely the worst hospital I have ever been to. The staff had horrible communication and told multiple lies to cover up their own mistakes. They do not treat patients well and made horrible medical decisions. I hope that no one ever makes the mistake of coming to this hospital for any reason once so ever. They sent me home with poorly performed stitches, nothing for pain (not even Tylenol considering I had two fractured bones in my face), they wouldn’t even provide me with an ice pack at that while being admitted. They didn’t even clean up my wounds before discharging me which causes infections. After being discharged from this hospital I was admitted into Grady because my injuries were so severe that they did not attend to. Doctors and nurses are extremely unprofessional and only discharge you so they don’t have to deal with you personally. Please reconsider Your hospital choice.

Joshua Martin

William Graves

I've been consistently happy with the patient care provided by medical staff at this hospital. The billing department, however, is a nightmare.

Alisha McCullouch

I tried getting my gastric sleeve surgery done here but Megan Bolt and someone else who works alongside with her FAILED to try and check my insurance after sending them multiple messages. Even guiding them with a fax number and someone to contact. It's like they just stopped trying or like I was getting on their nerves. I hadn't even received a courtesy call nor email about what was going on? I am an adult I am going to stay on top of things! Sorry if I was trying to help...but thank God I got everything taken care of with Alabama Surgical Associates in Huntsville, Al within a week!!! So upsetting that I wasted almost a month or more with your facility.

Judy Mantooth

Amninder Sokhi


Came in 11:30 in the morning, was told twice nurse would be right in & we’d have to wait an hour or more for them to actually come in.. very bad timing & they take forever, was bad especially since we had a baby

Olayinka Adebayo

Shawn Isaacs

My stepfather was transferred here from Tanner, and according to my mother, has received above and beyond care in the ICU. Multiple doctors and nurses a round the clock made it possible for him to wake up yesterday. Highly reccomend this hospital, and communicate with the doctors and nurses. The only reason this isn't five star was due to the ICU security guard Paul House. He did not seem aware or concerned with the stress the family and friends are under. He seems to take things personally when family and friends become frustrated. If he can't handle the friends and family that are in the worst stress of their lives, then he needs to be moved elsewhere in the hospital. But again healthcare is exceptional here.

Steph Massi

If I could give 0 rating I would this hospital is garbage the nurses tell lies and call security because they all in your personal phone call my family will not return oh and they scream at handicap patients

Fred Dean

Jonathan Welchel

H.K. H.

No Parking Anywhere near Floyd Medical Center. the E.R. parking lot is pretty much reserved for the doctor's and security?? but not for the one's who need to park and get medical attention!!! There are 2 building that has the 'Harbin Clinic" sign's on them,so that only leaves the very poorly lit parking deck, and in my opinion at night I'm not parking in that deck it's unsafe!! the Doctor's and Nurse's have The Attitude that they are so much better than the average person, and they are doing you a major favor treating you. just seem's to me the whole staff at Floyd Medical Center from the top position to the lowest, has the attitude, that people has no other choice than 'Floyd Medical Center! they have FORGOTTEN THAT "FLOYD MEDICAL CENTER IS TAX PAYER FUNDED!!

Carole Christopher

I was impressed by the quality of care I recieved at Floyd. 2 years ago I broke my hip and the staff and , especially, the rehab dept were wonderful. The drs were attentive and took the time to talk with me. I also have been in the er dept twice and was treated with care and compassion.

Lisa Norris

Well my experience the dr came in one time for maybe I mean maybe 1 min went in having chest pains they did so much blood work most of the ones that draws the blood didn't know how to get blood sent me home the next day after I had a stress test on my heart the nurses realses me not the dr well by his orders they did didn't come in him self to release me until they called him and I told him how I felt about how I was treated then he came to my room cause I was complaining about him didn't explain what my results from my stress test but I can and will say this Maria on the third floor was an awesome nurse she absolutely done an awesome job she should go and get her dr degree for sure I thank you Maria I wished I knew her last name but she is the only reason I even would give this place a star at all will never go back will go to Redmond regional they made me wait from 1030 pm till 1245 pm the next day for anything to drink or eat

Lauren W

I visited the ER due to a head injury. Lack of concern for patients in all aspects. When in triage they asked what meds I was on, and when I said let me get all of them out of my purse, she said that's ok, they can get it when you go back. I guess she was too lazy to put them in the computer after she knew it would be quite a few. No one ever asked what meds I was on, and I'm on 8 different ones. Think maybe that would be important? I saw a PA, never a dr. I asked for water after being there 4 hours, I was pretty thirsty. I would never go back here. Ever.

Caroline Baty

Peggy Shepherd

Couldn't ask for nicer nurses and staff.

Vershalia Williams

Smh thats all I can do if i could give no stars i would but there is not an option for that.

seventh symbol

Sharon Ketchersid

Tabitha King

I am pregnant. Came to the ER 5 days ago bc I passed out and was told they didn’t know what was wrong with me. Here I am yet again in the ER bc I passed out again. I called my doctor and they told me since I was passing out I had to go to the ER. I’ve been waiting in this waiting room for 3 hours. Guess it’s a good thing I’m not dying. I’ve seen people come in after me and go back before me. This is ridiculous. If I wasn’t concerned for my baby I’d just leave.

Barbara Cobb

Horrible experience. Fell at home and dislocated my left shoulder. I was in terrible pain. Dr said there was nothing wrong with it and was twisting and turning while I yelled in pain. He told me to stop yelling I was disturbing the other patients. He finally ordered a pain shot and xray. It was dislocated after all.

Trevor Doyle

I came in complaining of blood in my urine and severe pain in my kidneys, for that I got a 3 hour wait in the waiting room, a bag of pills and a kick out the door, and ended up having to have emergency surgery at Redmond Regional Medical Center to remove what ended up being a blockage in my kidneys. And for their lack of helpfulness, I got a $900 bill from these people that I will fight to my grave not to pay for your incompetence.

Esme Diaz

Alaina W

My grandpa is in here because he has been very sick. The nurses seem to do all they can to take very good care of him. At Floyd, they have a very good cafe located on the second floor. If you ever need a waiting room I would suggest the big one(it's very comfy) But the only negative thing I can think of is that the patient rooms itself needs to be bigger. If you have family including just 2 people there isn't much room to stay. And it's FREEZING in there. So bring a jacket or blanket if you ever go.

Lynn Self

I bought a nice pair of sandals in the gift shop at Floyd hospital unfortunately they hurt ☹️ my feet. All I did was walk across my living room on a rug once and the shoes cut into the top of my feet. I took them back immediately with the receipt and they would not honor it. I will never again buy anything from Floyd hospital gift beware of u buy something in there no refunds for no reason. Their prices are outrageous anyway.

Bill Poe

Visited 10/30/18. Had to wait in the examination room three hours, was visited by a nurse twice to apologize for the long wait. I simply had something in My eye. The nurse practitioner came in and said I had already removed the object from my eye and it was only scratched. I was examined for seven minutes and then sent on my way. The hospital put a claim in to my insurance company for $68,675.75, after complaining it was later adjusted. Well my three hour wait in the examination room and the seven minute visit but the nurse practitioner, I was billed $505.00 for nurse practitioner and $1692.25 for Floyd medical center. This is ridiculous. No wonder the insurance companies have to charge so much.

T. L.

I'm a nurse and I have spent a lot of my life helping others. Now ,I need help. I have no insurance through no fault of my own and I expect a level of care that is equally important as the patient with the best insurance company in the country. This is what Floyd medical center is, but why do some get no bill, and I get chased by collection agencies who are WASTING THEIR TIME. I do not have INSURANCE, and I don't have money so please No Hablos Englis. You have used my taxes to pay for others, now it's time to use taxes to cover my bills. One thing that I have to get out ...... $30,000 for less than 24 hrs at FMC?Stupid.

Angelique Nuno

Kyle Hicks

Good health care

Charlita Daniels

Been here 4 days now and the staff and doctors I have come across have been nothing but nice and helpful. Higly will recommend this hospital to anyobe. Rm 3201

Nicole Wilson

Kindred hospital nurses and drs are amazing

Iya Oyegemi

Best service and care in all of Rome! We had two fam emergencies and were in and out w/o stitches in two hrs. Child healed fine it’s been one month.

Dustin Sloan

A "Thanks" is in order directed to all of the Staff and especially a heartfelt appreciation will always be dedicated to Dr. Riley skilled hands for a successful operation on my Mother. So... Thanks from the Sloan family. -Dustin, aka.dkakingace. Shipping Manager Carpet Connection Inc.

Edward Oglesbee


Spent 6hrs at this hospital, everyone that came in the door around the same time we did- got a room way before we went back. Two and a half hours later we get called back to a room with a group of other people who have only been there for around an hour... the service was OK, the DR and RN who worked with us through the issue were nice even though they didn’t clean the hand up, just ran iodine over it. However, the nurse who checked us in wrapped a cut up hand with a broken thumb with roll gauze which ended up bleeding through and sticking to the hand( very painful!) Can’t say I recommend this hospital to anyone.

Ashley Brown

Kimberly Mostella

Awful service

william watts

Nurses and Doctors are unprofessional. Nurses and staff seemed to be more into themselves than their patients.

Daron French

I went here for an interview after applying for a job in the cafeteria. The interviewer had me sitting and waiting for him for almost a hour. After the interview, he basically told me that I had the job. He told me that I would be getting an email asking for what shifts I can work and vaccination status very soon. Well I never got an email about the status of my job offer or a call saying that I officially had it or not. It so disrespectful to my time for them not follow back on me after the interview. Just rude and unprofessional!

Donna Gasparo

Honest Queen

am tracy waxo i have been in this hospital since Friday i feel so badly with pain and heart attack but now am feeling good with my health by Monday i should be with James Burnell in Missouri State and continue out life together pls everyone here you can assist me and inform my hobby what is going on because i could not respond to him for now since i have been in this hospital thank you to the doctor in this hospital with a full service with me

Jin Takaya

Honestly at this point feels like it is a money scam, my baby daughter did have to go into NICU for real reason but after all that was cured and done. they are taking they time introducing bottle feeding from tube feeding and some f*#$ing nurses there are not even trying to bottle feed her most the time just go straight for the tube feeding which seems freaking counterproductive. Don't get me wrong they act super nice to your face. A least they have that going for them. And there are day shift nurses there that know what the hell they are doing and are on point all the time (alondra and Jesse the NICU nurses and the labor delivery doctors and nurses

lola burnette

Jayde Milliano

Andrea Blackmon

The staff nursing and medical have went above and beyond to make sure I have been comfortable

Ashley Muscat

I absolutely love it!I When I threw up (but not blood like when I went to Northside Forsyth) they did the testing that they needed to do and FINALLY DID AN X-RAY! I found out that I have gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining. I really appreciate the work that the nurses and doctors did while I was there (I was staying at Kindred Rome with my lovely mother) Thank y'all so much!

James Edward Thomas

Ginger Muysken

Stephanie Burnett

When I was on rehab floor 6th floor you could not ask for better nurses and Doctors you ask for something you got it you didnt have to wait an hour like on the third floor the third floor team didn't know how to get there selves out of wet paper bag rude and most hateful people I've ever met this is third floor not inpatient rehab I would like to give special thanks to Misty,Anna,Ben,Amie, Reggie all the CNAS on in patient rehab on 6th floor and special thanks to Carrie, Jennifer,and Cassie they were awesome and thanks to all the rehab aides

Mike Mills

I have spent 12 days here for strep infection in my blood stream.All I can is that my experience was excellent care from the Hospitalist (doctors) and nurses.Though during the Thanksgiving holidays things were not so good, the hospital was very understaffed which causes delays in getting help in a timely manner.But I still give Floyd Medical 5 stars.Thank you for saving my life!!!!!!

Christinaa W

I came in due to spotting, this is my first pregnancy and I wanted to make sure everything was fine, I've been here for over 4 hours, did an ultrasound over an hour ago and am still waiting to see if my baby is fine .if this was serious I would have lost my baby due to the lack of efficiency at this hospital .

Laurann Pack

Master Phillips

The staff are the best in the business .. I have worked with many of them during my career in public services as well as been treated by them during some of my injuries.. Floyd is who I trust for my health care.

Angela Buckhanan

Horrible nurses they are very rude and jazzy mouthed. I have been waiting over 20mins for a charge nurse to return my call to update me on my mom because the nurse at the desk has transferes my call back down stairs to the operator 3 times from 6 central

Melinda Hassebrock

They have no respect for there patients.

Jesse Carlén

Me and my cat decided to go on a trip to Rome ( He loves Roman history ) Its very beautiful here in Rome I was walking down a street with my cat and he bite my arm so I came to the hospital very nice place.

Tj Conquist

Has to be hands down the worst hospital I've ever been too. Plus the labor and delivery let students go over newborns without your consent In the nursery when you can't see. They are slow, uneducated nurses and doctors. The pediatrics is even worse with every nurse coming in and saying something and contradicting what the doctor says and trying to keep doing things that the first nurse did already did and then saying she never did it or the 4 other nurses that did it again. They use scare tactics if you don't do exactly what they want. In general a very very unprofessional and hires people that probably did all online courses and just googled there way through college.

2904charlie White

Cynthia Smith

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. The doctors/nurses accuse horrific, untrue things and seem to want to ruin your life—too bad they can’t do their jobs while they’re at it! Go literally ANYWHERE else.

John K

I’ve been very satisfied with my medical care at Floyd be it hospital, nurses, therapy, or x-rays but the billing is a real pain. It seems that every time I use Floyd they issue me a new account number. I would call this a claim number not an account number. As it is I have to enter a new billing address to pay from my online bank every time….so I’ve got 3 account numbers already. I tried the portal…it says I don’t qualify. I tried quick pay…it says info unverified. I’ve tried talking to them on the phone and they say “it’s because they issue a new account number for every claim”, duh, that’s exactly what I’m complaining about but they’re not hearing me for some reason.

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