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debra kinden

Actually from Augusta Georgia and was out of town visiting parents. been ignoring a lump in my breast because well insurance is expensive and by the time you pay for that, the medical bills are obviously hard to cover. But I ended up finally telling my husband and he told me I should go in just to be safe. I went to fannin regional and they went from the mammogram to sonogram and even then I was pretty sure I would be fine. They ended up having me do a biopsy on an area didn't even have any concern over the same day and they actually did Nick my chest muscle during it and didn't seem to know why it hurt when I would breathe as I left. I came into the office before driving away and have them noted down since honestly it's hard to trust the things will be handled well or professionally. I a special trip back up to get results (a three and a half hour drive) and when I did the paperwork said that I was negative for cancer. However the surgeon said that it was inconclusive even though the paperwork said otherwise and wanted me to come back to have the entire area removed. still I thought that having another biopsy just to check would be better than removing a part of my breast for something that I was pretty sure didn't make sense. I went back home and was planning to come back up for the second biopsy. But as nothing seemed correct I got a second opinion from a the top surgeon in my own city. He called me back and says it's negative. Looked at the images noted they punctured my muscle and said I shouldnt need any more testing. So I'm in the hole about 3k for what should have been just a mammogram. My parents have reported surgeries at this hospital that didnt make sense. Including an entire hysterectomy that in the end should have just been a removal of a polype. I literally advised my parents to move to a more functional city with normal health facility as they age as to not die simply due to money grab health care. Disgusting.

Erin Steidle Crandall

This past weekend I had to bring my husband to the er at Fannin Regional. We were there Fri and Sat. The doctor who was on duty both nights was the best doctor ever! He made my husband and I both feel very comfortable and at ease during a very chaotic time. He took care of my husband in a timely manner and we were out the door.

Leigh Kalfakis

Oracle Airsoft

Rebecca Delaney

Brian Crandall

Came here with dizzyness chest pains left arm hurting here almost an hour in waiting room. I guess nothing has changed. Their website says an 18 minute wait....called my daughter who is in hospital quality control and data analysis, she tells me by law when you have chest pains your to be seen imediatly I guess they don't go by state medical rules here after 2 hours of waiting with chest pains dizziness I had to get in my car and drive to Union general hospital these guys are a f****** joke they need their licenses renewed every employee they're fired the administrator needs to be held accountable

David Dunlap

Taylor Petraroi

If you can make it to another hospital, go!!!! As soon as you walk into the door, you feel like a burden. The staff is rude and unprofessional, and the care is awful for the $$ you are charged. I'd give 0 stars if I could.

Susan Thomas

Never Fannin regional.

Elizabeth Sobotta

My husband got great care there. Me not. I had two abnormal ekgs from primary doctor. Two low blood pressure. Was advise to go to the er. The dr came in and they did the tests. Never came back in to talk to me. Was admitted into the hospital for more testing. The nurses just complained on how busy they were. I was told I had upset stomach and go home. Came home with pamphlet for Angina and nitro. If I do not have heart disease where did this come from. For 10 days I have been in pain in the chest. I was schedule for Stress test. Hospital could not do it because it was broken. I get a call today to reschedule because it still broken . What happens if this was emergency. Now I do not know what to do. It is scarey to realize your medical in your area is worthless. If you are old then they love you.

Bonlie Grant

Nicest people ever! Massive ear infection and hi bp..they would not let me leave til pressure went down was 227 over 127. Was on vacation doc wanted me to head home immediately but got my pressure down and meds for 2 days til i could get home. Was given warm blanket and lots of kindness.These people love their jobs!!! Do not believe the bad reviews!

Kel Tddd

Ended up getting Admitted treated great by the Nurses. The doctors on the other hand are a JOKE! do not go here even if you life depends on it

julie robinson

Extremely slow, hospital accepts insurance but doctors working there generally do not, will not receive top level of care, lab tests with doctor's orders are not accepted for analysis. As the only hospital in this area, many things need to be changed so the facility can serve the ENTIRE community instead of only a small portion. At this point, the majority of the community is forced to travel 45+ minutes away, out of town, to receive health care and/or lab assistance. And last but not least, if the doctor isn't covered by your insurance, they don't send you a bill to pay, they immediately turn over to a collection agency who reports negatively to your credit report, WITHOUT ever receiving a bill or given a chance to pay. Until these issues, among others, are corrected, I will stand by my one star rating. Would give a lower rating if one were available.

Ashley Carey

I've Never been inside of this Hospital.... But I absolutely LOVEEEE

tina thomas

I hope this review helps others as I was very skeptical after reading reviews on this site, as well as social media. I recently moved to the area full time and was due for all my annual checkups. Today was my first visit to Fannin Regional for my annual mammogram. I was greeted promptly by a very friendly staff who checked me in and reviewed my next steps. I headed down to Radiology, where again, the nicest technician helped me from there. This hospital was not only very clean, but also very friendly, helpful and courteous. I’m so thankful I had such a pleasant experience to report. I could not be happier with my visit. Everyone was wonderful. Thank you to everyone and to those of you reading this, please don’t believe everything negative you may see or read online. Tina Thomas

Donna Roberts

I had a nasty fall while visiting Blue Ridge in the early evening on May 8, 2019. I broke my leg, ankle and foot. I want to thank Dr Watkins and his staff for the exceptional care I received. My friends and I were treated like royalty and I couldn’t have received better care. I would like to thank everyone in the emergency room that night. Without a doubt, the most caring people I have ever encountered.

Nancy Pederson

My husband was treated in the Emergency Room recently and had to be intubated. He was then transferred to ICU and after two days, into a Med-Surg room. He was treated by the Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, and Physical Therapy departments as well during his stay. EVERYONE was caring, considerate, and professional with no exceptions. He received excellent care and is well on his way to recovery. I am clueless concerning the negative comments about this hospital. Our experience was wonderful and I would recommend Fannin to anyone. A hospital close to home that is this professional and caring is a blessing.

elizabeth davis-hester

Shut this place down!! Went to the ER for one of preemie twins. They were fast which was nice but I realized my son hadn't been fully checked over. The doc came in while I was saying he has a high fever and a cough he looked in his ears. Then said he has an ear infection. Wrote up the script practically made us dress in the hallway so they could use the room for the next patient. Mommy gut was feeling like that didn't make sense. Left the hospital drove straight back home to Atlanta. Not even an half and a half from leaving fannin, my son started to decline. We decided to take him to straight children's. He spent an entire week at childrens. Two iv's over 4 breathing treatments to find out he never had an ear infection he had croup! So we paid two hospitals in one day $$$. Make me nervous to ever go back!!!! How do you miss diagnose an ear infection when my son needed breathing support. This ER doctor should be fired!!

Rhonda McGilvray

My aunt has an out patient procedure. Very great place.

Rebecca Weinzierl

My daughter got a big cut in the side of her leg. They did a great job on fixing her up!

Mani Makes

This Hospital is from another era. While the ER Nurse was helpful, The Dr was not. One would think that upon receiving a patient in ER the first thing a Dr would do would be to ASK what happened to the patient and then triage from there. No, Not the Dr at this ER on May 19th. Despite the fact that the patient had been knocked out as well as an obvious fracture, the Dr seemed to care less that the patient had all the signs of a concussion, could not stand without dizziness or feeling sick. Of the hours there, 5 minutes with the Dr, resulted in a sling for a broken clavivle and being sent home despite not being able to walk on own. A family member had to retrieve a wheelchair to take patient out. On top of that, Dr refused to allow patient or representative to visibly view the films of fracture and the Hospital does not have the ability for Patients to view their records electronically. In order to get a copy of your records one must physically return to the hospital with a form and then wait several days. SMDH. For one who needs those films/records to take to a specialist asap, it simply is not possible with this hospital. I do not recommend this hospital. THE 2 STARS given are explicitly for the ER nurse who attempted to provide decent care under the constraints of her position.

Tom Ross

The care was incredible, the staff was caring and professional. Highly recommend the hospital.

David Pelfrey

Liz Hunnicutt

Took my 13yr old daughter in February with a severely bruised wrist and fingers. Was told that it was a sprain even with a X-ray. 4 days later it was still swelling. Turns out it was broke. The nurses are very nice but the lack of common knowledge by the "doctor" was ridiculous!

Wayne Barth

Had knee surgery here. Nursing care was excellent, physicians are extremely knowledgeable. A pleasant surprise an hour outside of Atlanta and Chattanooga.

John Casey

I came to Fannin Regional with cut in my eye, not the lid, my actual eye. What do they do? Drop some visine in my eye and send me to Wal-Mart. Now the optometrist in Wal-Mart actually did help me, but after sitting for two hours in excruciating pain at the hospital for them to do nothing but drop over the counter eye drops in my eye, and telling me to go to Wal-Mart they want to charge me $2000. Which I refuse to pay, I'll gladly reimburse them a full bottle of visine, but will never put my life, health, or eyesight in the hands of these hacks again. P.s. The optometrists at Wal-Mart that actually helped me, only charged me $100 for the visit.

C Star

Savannah Cater


Brought my son to the ER over the weekend because he had a bright red rash and high temperature that wouldn't go away. The nurses were great, but the doctor kept making fun of my sons autism. He was very rude. I've always had problems at this hospital, with the doctors and nurses. It's sad when you have to travel out of town to get a good hospital. We have to go all the way to Jasper. So won't be going back for anything.

Linda Vaughn

My husband was treated for chest pain in the ER there last Sunday. Dr. Palmer and all ER staff were great....attentive, professional, and kind. We had a very good experience at Fannin Regional.

Joretta Lynn-Courson

I had cataract surg here. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and kind and hospital is clean.

Megan Maynard

Just had to visit this hospital while out of town on Vacation. I don't understand the negative reviews. They were very professional. While the facility itself is older, the place was very clean. I was taken to a room within 3 MIN of arriving. They said it was even a busy day! So I consider that great patient care. I was given medications and seen by the doctor in a timely fashion. They preformed the tests they needed and everyone I met at the hospital were more than pleasant to talk to. Thank you fannin regional for helping me feel better, so I can continue my adventures in this beautiful place!

Nan England

I had surgery 02 May 2019 & I am honestly not happy with the way ANY of this experience turned out on both the hospital AND doctor’s side. First, I told the Anesthesiologists I have a severe problem w/nausea & vomiting when I have any type of anesthesia. It happens to several of my family members. Other anesthesiologists, for the multiple surgeries I’ve had at other hospitals, ALWAYS give me Zoltan before I even go back to the OR. However, the one at Fannin Regional said “that wasn’t an issue w/anesthesia”, offered me the patch behind ear (which NEVER works for me), & gave me Pepcid AC. My surgeon, Dr. Bloch, is very knowledgeable but didn’t order any prescriptions for home after surgery. I’m on Norco 10/325 1 tablet 3 x a day as needed for spine issues & he said to just take that. Well, 3 pain pills a day after you have surgery is NOT helping me, my pain management doc won’t be in until Monday, & her nurse told me to go to ER since I wasn’t given anything & im in extreme pain. Right as I got home from the hospital (25mins away), I started violently throwing up, called the doc, & it was all I could do to get some Zofran called in so I could at least keep fluids down. I was allowed to take bandages off today & I have bruising EVERYWHERE on my stomach from being so sick & it hurts to move. I honestly wish I would just pass out because the pain level is so high I can’t sleep, am mainly living on popsicles, & I am worn out. All the nurse says is “You just had’re going to be sore.” I’ve had so many damn surgeries in my lifetime, I KNOW that, but I ALSO know I’ve NEVER bruised to the extent I am & I've NEVER been told I couldn’t have something for pain (even my pain management nurse found this to be utter neglect of care for a patient). Not only that but not only was my appendix w/a tumor removed but Dr. Bloch has to remove my right ovary, the only one I had left, so I’m now Menopausal & in pain. Just make sure you speak to someone about a Hospital’s surgical dept & make sure the surgeon WILL give you a few days worth of strong pain meds & nausea meds before you agree to go through surgery at ANY hospital w/ANY surgeon.

Joy David

I'm in Vacation rentals & while out in my newly purchased jeep inspecting cabins I began to inhail a weird odor in my heating system where I discovered the hose was ruptured in the coil system already lung weakened by bleach being mixed with a toilet bowl cleaner in one of my cabins my oxygen level begin to drop rather quickly. I drove to Fanning Co less than a quarter a mile a way where I was taken immediately to the back with the help of 2 techs. At 1st they were working hard to get to the core of the problem & I remember begging them not to let me die as I knew I was fighting for each & every breath. Then came the question ( who's your ins provider) ? EVERYTHING. Changed from that point on. They were taping me up for an EKG had a nurse working hard to get my oxygen level up as it was extremely low & they all looked at each other stopped doing what they were doing left the room except the nurse working on my oxygen level came back in & said I could go home. Wasn't even going to give me an antibiotic until I showed him my brownish bloody looking mucus I had been coughing up. Made the statement that answered his question. The next 3 weeks I was at home fighting chemical induced pneumonia. I own the fact I should have had insurance .Unfortunately it takes every penny I bring in to support my family of 7 at that time barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. Yet I feel these folks sent me home to die right in front of my dad I care take for, my 3 daughter's & 2 grandchildren. Coming very close to losing my job with a company I had been cleaning cabins for for 7 yrs. Fanning Reginal Hosp is NOT about the human life most definitely about that almighty $$

Theresa Nix

Worst hospital ever! Two hour wait and they told me I would be last to be seen when I have serve chest pain. Just cause my ekg is normal doesnt mean anything! Never go to this hospital!

Rocky Conley

This is an amazing hospital. I was treated very well. The doctor and nurse was very nice. They showed me that they care about their patients. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. They are the best. I don't like the negative reviews about this hospital as it is not true.

Yvonne Wyche

My husband and I were vacationing in Blue Ridge when I had to be taken to the ER and admitted for surgery . We spent over 2 days there and couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals. Everyone was very caring and helpful..

tasha clore

Awful drs dont know the differnce between emergency and gossip this place is like high school. Staff is cold hearted and no understanding dont go here they need to be shut down

J Bo

Took a trip to the ER at 11 pm on Feb. 26. I was greeted with a smile and was shown genuine compassion (something I am not used to, especially when dealing with night crew) I wish I remembered the admitting staff's name. I would give her boss a thumbs up to her. The RN, ER doc, and d/c nurse were all pleasant. I was in and out fairly quickly considering how busy the place was. The building is a bit old, but I can guarantee the place is very clean. Even the cleaning crew smiles.

Nathan Sutton

UPDATE: I stopped receiving bills from Fannin Regional after paying religiously, then I’m turned over to a collection agency. If you can drive past this hell hole of a hospital when you’re ill or injured, then just keep on going. Anywhere is better than this place. First off, Fannin Regional has doctors that aren't technically employed by the hospital. So, you'll get slammed with multiple unnecessary bills if you have to make a trip to the ER. Granted, the circumstances of my arrival were comical but that doesn't give any professional or organization the right to treat me poorly. I arrived with my hip visibly dislocated; however, I was consistently mocked and ridiculed because "26-year-olds shouldn't be on swings." I was genuinely treated like an overly sensitive child that was just unnecessary freaked out. There was absolutely no attempt to put my hip back in place, the X-ray technician offered little to no help when I needed to move from my bed to the table and the doctor told me the results of my X-rays in passing out in the hall way. I saw him once. I traveled two hours in the back on an ambulance from Fannin to Erlanger with a dislocated hip. When I arrived, they couldn't believe they'd left it dislocated. I'd always heard rumors but now they've been confirmed for me. Fannin Regional is absolutely horrible. Period.

Stephem McDaniel

Scary,chop ,bandade clinic

Savanna Jenkins

Husband was in car accident and was transported there. All the nurses was watching us like we were criminals. Very rude . Now i see they never filed a claim with insurance. Really. I guess they want us to pay out of pocket. .

Chris Thompson

Hospital staff is great, but the unfortunately the billing department ruins it all. I had surgery earlier this year, received my first bill and paid it same day online. I then went on vacation for a little over a week, when I got back I had two more bills, which was no problem. I scheduled payment for the 15th of the month, a week later. I started receiving calls from an 800 number a few days later. They left messages, but they were automated so all I could get out of it was it was a call from the "Business Office". After multiple calls from the number I finally called it back, again they only answered the phone "Business Office". They asked for my name, which I refused, as I had no idea what company it was. Come to find out it was Fannin Regional calling about the two bills, no idea why they do not identify themselves. I informed them I had setup the payment for the following week, she informed they would note the account. Today I received another call at 8:30 P.M. inquiring about the bills. I again informed them they were setup for the following week. I took a look at the bills after the call and noticed they give you about 11 days to pay from the bill date. So take into account the 3 days for it to get to you in the mail, you have about a week before they start the harassing phone calls from the "Business Office". Again, great hospital and employees, but a shame they ruin it in the end with poor billing.

Rebecca Verhoeven

The nursing staff at the ER were great, particularly Jamie.

Hannah Sisson

Most disorganized hospital ever seen. They don’t even have a delivery room for babys.

Michael Richards

good hospital

Cris Cole

Juana Tercero

Barbara Moss

You know how it's cold in a waiting room? That wonderful staff got us blankets on this cool morning. Extra caring people!

Mayn 90's

All I can say is wow. Every worker and "Doctor" here is so worthless. Please anyone go to a different hospital if you actually need help. Only old people and crackheads that need a script are treated well here.

Neely Smith

I absolutely loved this hospital. All of the staff were so nice and helpful. I could talk about anything with them. They made me feel right at home. I had a c-section and everyone made sure I was comfortable and not having too much pain. They also made sure my baby had the best care. I will most definitely be having my other children there no matter where I am.

Clay Smith

Caitlin Norton

Have been to Fannin 2 times in the past week with my 5 month old the first time he had a 103 fever couldn't eat his formula or anything and fever wouldn't break with Tylenol or Motrin they gave him meds at er fever went down to 99 they said nothing was wrong with him can back 2 days later cuz he was a lot worse they said he had bronchitis just give him Tylenol and Motrin they didn't do anything to help him he was coughing so bad he would lose his breath. And they said he would be ok didn't send him home with no medicine. That it would go away in a day he has been like that for a week now I caught what he has so we both went to Union and they gave him antibiotics and me a steroid shot, antibiotics, and cough medicine! I will never be back to Fannin er again! I will go to Union everytime! My husband went for this thing on his eye they squeezed it said it was a tumer and set him hope did nothing for it and it caused him alot of pain and discomfort.

Christine Phelps

We were in from out of town and had to take my husband to the Hosptial for an infection. Dr. Palmer, Cheryl and Lisa were all wonderful, knowledgeable and caring. You can see the wait time on their website and it was accurate. We were the only patients when we went. From check in to check out everyone was great and very friendly. I don't understand the bad reviews, this was the best hospital experience we have had. Thanks to the Fanin Regional Team!


If it was possible I would give this hospital zero stars. My brother came here after being ran over by a car with a severely broken leg. The hospital let him sit in the ER with no doctor until one walked by and saw just how severe the leg was. He was driven to Erlanger to go straight into surgery and now three months we have been turned over to a collections agency from this so called hospital for charges that were not even carried out from the hospital. They said that they had done X-rays on his leg to which was never done and now say we owe them $900. Erlanger was the one to do the X-rays. So to keep this short... if you are on your death bed. you have had your arm cut off. TAKE THE CHANCE AND DRIVE TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL!!!! unless you like surprise bills... oh I almost forgot.. Fannin Regional has neglected and refused to give us an itemized statement... so take this warning and do not go here!

Carolyn Nicholson

I had some of the most courteous, compassionate, caring, and considerate health care providers with two medical procedures yesterday. Should have supposed to have only been one, but things quickly changed. The entire staff at Fannin Regional Hospital was OUTSTANDING. All the nurses in the outpatient department were awesome!!! Great docs too but the nurses are with you most of the time. Not a bad one in the bunch! And one even called me at home today to check on me! (This was written by my husband, Gaylon, who was actually the patient.)

Angel Garcia

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