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REVIEWS OF Emory University Hospital Midtown IN Georgia

Mac Laurent

Good knowledgeable doctors! Courteous staff.

SoSouth Jackson

Every time I come to Midtown service is always great. Sometimes it's busy sometimes get in in a timely fashion and you can move right through. I've gone through every aspect of this Hospital rather it be the emergency room, outpatient surgery, or labor and Delivery. The staff works hard in a highly educated.

A Vasq

We had a wonderful ultrasound experience here. We were sent here by the Atlanta Birth Center to check up on a marginal cord concern, and everyone was kind, polite, and very informative. The facility was very clean. They even pre-warmed the gel that is used on mommy bellys during ultrasounds which is new for me and definitely showed me how much they are willing to go above and beyond for their patients. I only wish my previous two ultrasounds during this pregnancy were done here as well. The doctor came in and did her own thorough examination of the placenta and cord even after the ultrasound tech was finished just to be extra sure, and it turned out that everything is normal. My baby boy is growing very well, and the doctor even went as far as showing me on the screen what could have been a cause for concern and why everything is just fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nivedita Guha

Some of the nurses at delivery ward and mom & baby suite are very cold n rude. Also there is total mismanagement between the divisions.We were asked to leave the waiting room for parents in NICU at midnight sayin that it was alloted to us by mistake.

SgtFred USMC

The TV in the maternity waiting area stays on HGTV all of the forsaken day and it's an out-of-date LG with a big sign that says,"Dont touch this antique"


i went to this hospital to get patched up but my arm got jammed in the soda machine and it tried to eat me but turns out some guy got stuck inside and became the soda machine

maira haque

I look my kids to that location years ago and the treatment they got was excellent. For both my kinds Sammi and Farah they set up a program that was very advanced accounting to that time. Some people at that time didn’t understand what the hell I am asking them to do and what kind of advice service they are providing. Unfortunately due to unfavorable circumstances I wasn’t able to finish the treatment. The knowledge and the advancement in there programs was obviously excellent

Margie A. Garcia-Mathier

They are so very upbeat, smiling, helpful, respectful and all around people oriented. Rarely any wait times. Everyone seems so compassionate and genuinely concerned.

Justin Xavier Carteret, DMA

Use another emergency room service if possible. Awakward logisitcal layout impedes efficiency compounded by a staff that appears disinterested and verbally describes extreme fatigue due to extended work hours. This said by medical assistants only moment prior to performing simple yet invasive procedures on patients. The only expeditious service came from billing, with a most fast, friendly and courteous sales associate who completed the transaction. Thanks Emory and thanks anthem for the worst medical treatment covered by the worst insurance I've ever paid for since joining the workforce 13 years ago. Truly, Dr. Carteret. Update! Still have yet to see a doctor or receive any treatment excluding an ultrasound. Of course I've already paid for servives up front doesn't seem to be much motivation to move fast for me anymore because I'm not a priority. If at all possible I'm going to leave without receiving the services but I can't wait in here much longer without some explanation or update. I have not received one update since I arrived. I've been here since 2:00 pm checked in at 230 pm, it is now 7. I have not eaten since 9:00 am this morning. I am requesting to leave and seek services elsewhere and they are detaining me.

Shernecia Wellons

The worst hospital in Georgia Period!!!! The dining team have more compassion than the nurses and drs. Wish I can give it 0 stars

3PJ Flyz Peoples III

It began around 2:30 a.m. I received a call from my doctor advising me to get to emergency. Having asthma and Multiple Sclerosis he deemed it necessary to be checked. Barely able to breath and unable to swallow without pain. Having barely eaten in over a week. This staff for the night was very unprofessional. Unhelpful. Caught up in a who checking who out conversation Instead of a concern for the two people in the emergency waiting. I arrived 5min to 3:00a.m. There was one person in the lobby. Only one. I waited to 6:45 am before I walked out. After being refused water. And being talked to as if I was inconveniencing them. Please note... The gentleman who drew my blood isn't part of this review he was cool. The Staff besides him are an embarrassment to your hospital . Lack of tack, respect for themselves and your medical establishment. Embarrassment. Even the nurse taking information .She never looked at me talked sideways as I wasn't there. Horrible attitude. But I'm sure you know this already. This is practiced behavior. To end I finally walked out at 7a.m unseen. Then called my doctor. Then went to another facility. We're they took my vitals and got fixed up. Diagnosis bronchitis infection. This isn't the first time you let down. But it's the last

Chris Anderson

Hopefully I never need to go to this hospital again. Wednesday night in the emergency room was standing room only. The admissions staff were not friendly. It took over 6 hours from when I arrived until I was discharged, with the last 2.5 hours simply waiting for a radiologist to interpret results of an ultrasound (when I was told it would probably be 10-15 minutes). Some of the staff were nice, but none really seemed helpful. Icing on the cake for me was how dirty the room that I was put in was. Shouldn’t be too hard to run through there with a broom to remove medical supply and crumbs from the floor.

bala hadoop

Parking lot sucks. I will not suggest to park here. Last month I was here for my newborn. When my wife is in labor and I parked overnight just beside the hospital walkway in front of a security camera. When I returned back after 36 hours I saw my new car(bought 2 days back) was broken door handle and searched for valuables. Luckily nothing was inside but when I went to fix the door handle estimate was $4000 which needs door replacement. If the hospital management can’t even secure the parking lot what about safety of people. Really felt would have chosen north side hospital than Emory. I am going alert through all the medium.

Shana Shell

I hate this hospital. It’s always a maze to get through and they aren’t even the best anymore. Disappointing service.

art ballard

Very very very poor because I was there for a week and i was born disabled all my life and the only two bleesfull bleesfull bleesfull nurses that really really made me proud of them and made me very very very happy was Mrs dewannda and the nurse that work with her when I was admitted that day and my name is artemus lee ballard they were beautiful beautiful lovely lovely

Ryan Jardine

Currently been waiting in the E.R. for 3 hours, Worst hospital EVER!!

John caldwell

We had our baby here and everyone was great. Exceeded our expectations and the nurses were very helpful. Doctor Collins delivered her and we could not be more satisfied.

asahn aiken

3 hours for blood to be taking. 2 hours for me to get a room and I am still waiting.

lasha gray

Emergency department is getting better. Doctors building is excellent. They need a serious upgrade on the inpatient wing. It's old, colors are very drab. Very 1980's

terica turner

Very nice hospital and well manner nurse on the seventh floor/icu

A Powell

I am getting complaints from a current patient (August 25). The 7th floor nursese are participating in retalitory behavior; because of complaints about the level of care. With over 450 1 star ratings, one would think the CEO Mr. Owens would take ownership.

Chase Cook

Great hospital with respectful staff. This place did a good job on my visit.

Tiffany H

The ER completely FORGOT about my husband. My husband was suffering from a severe pancreatic attack. I dropped him off at the front door and went and parked the car. When I returned to the ER I asked the front desk where my husband was since he was not in the waiting room. They told me he had been taken back for an EKG and should be out shortly. I waited an hour and got suspicious. I went back up to the desk and asked had my husband been moved to a room, they told me he should be in the waiting room. I told them he is not in the waiting room, that he had obviously been taken back when he got there. At this point I am extremely worried! The ladies at the desk didn’t seem concerned at all and acted as if they had no clue where they had taken my husband!! They even asked ME if he was having a CT Scan. How would I know!? The lady said “next time I go back there I will look for him, what does he look like?” . THREE HOURS pass by and they finally call me back, he was in a triage room, screaming in pain. 3 hours went by and they had done nothing for him, his phone was dead, and he had been asking them to bring me back. Meanwhile they were telling me they didn’t know where they took him. How do you not know where your patients are!? What a nightmare!!

Charles Ragan

Doctors Nurses@ most of staff are excellent. Top care with great support. Grateful for the entire crew. Special kudos to the pulmonary caregivers and Dr. Murphy, (who would make a great game show host or Soap Opera Doctor) he was confident and very capable and very amazingly competent. Oh, special thanks to ICU, Manny, and the rest of that unit.

Taria Mathis

This facility has gotten terrible. Some of the staff has No professional customer service experience . They make the patients feel uncomfortable. Very bad experience for my daughter. This was her 1st delivery and I will not recommend at all. Certain staff needs to be retrained and act least act like they like their job.


My experience at the Emergency Room on 05/19/2017 was a nightmare. I have to wait for about 6 hours to be seen by a doctor. The chair at the emergency room were I was taken was with blood spot in the arm rest and in the chair base. The place needs a very deep clean in the areas where they treat patients and the waiting area. The room of the observation unit need to be updated. There were roaches and trash on the hallway. It was a very bad experience. I will never go to this hospital again for services.

Dametrice Carter

The CDU Ward is SO outdated, this is not a college dormitory, I do not want to use the restroom with EVERY patient on the floor!! Ewe!

MC Davis

I've been through the back. This used to be Crawford Long Hospital. There's valet parking in the front of the building, a huge guest services desk, water/light walls leading to the elevators, a large cafeteria, plenty if history, an aviary, lighted elevator doors, solar powered faucets, motion sensor doors and 2 outdoor areas. Very nice Emory. I look forward to the changes in Dekalb Medical.

Makenzi Leslie

This was over the top wonderful. I was in town from Kentucky and my dad actually died from a heart attack and was brought back to life by these wonderful RNs and doctors. This wasn't all though, they went above and beyond. A nurse named Lili gave me her number since I was so far from home, in case I needed a place to stay. A group of nurses working the Super Saturday event gave me money so I could eat. An EMT stayed behind because I wasn't suppose to ride but they didn't want me to be stranded. I never write reviews but the workers at this hospital have restored my faith in humanity. I hope these reviews mean something and aren't just pointless because these workers deserve all the praise in the world for what they've done for my family. Here are a few nurses who I remember their names, Amanda Berry, Kim, Rebecca, Jason, and so many more that deserve the world!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Shadow Lycan

They have great staff and they are very nice and polite. The food is great. I only visited for half a day because my fiance was there. I went to check on her. Because I was off today 6/3/18. But I give them an 5 star rating because they were very nice and polite and respectful.

Brandon Adkins

The care and service My wife experience at Emory Hospital have made us LIFELONG customers for GENERATIONS. Our nurse team was absolutely phenomenal. Very supportive and considerate. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND bringing your bundle of Joy into this world at Emory Hospital at Midtown. Ours nurses Sabrina and Camille were the most admirable and outstanding. Our tech Samantha was also very compassionate. It has been a pleasure being here and if we ever needed a hospital for any reason, Emory is our #1 and only choice! Thank you guys so much for the care you provided to my family! If you’re reading this and contemplating whether you should come to Emory hospital, I highly recommend and ask to be put on the fifth floor of the maternity center and ask for Sabrina, Camille and Samantha!

Yolanda Parker

I am greatly disappointed in the service given. A person has seizures, heart rate up and down, and is undiagnosed and the Dr wants to discharge. The nurses sit around on their phones while a person has multiple seizures and didn't come in to check because "they aren't assigned." Do your job. All test should be ran to properly diagnose. If anything happens, liability is on this hospital.

Daniel Evers

Was at the hospital last night for acute chronic pain and high blood pressure because of it. While both travel nurses, P.A. that were attending to me were great, I lost everything in my stomach for the day walking in to the Emergency room men's bathroom. A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just leave this one right here.

Paige Hall

A fantastic environment. They hire members who really are at work because they love their job. Food quality for those hospital patients is very good also.

Sandy White

The staff on unit 11 Rock. They took very good care of me. Vivian, Nadine, Aroola, Grace and Emanuel, you all are priceless. My stay was much more pleasant because of your love and care. May God continue to bless each of you as you shower others with your bright light during recovery. All of the transport staff, radiology technicians, house keeping and dining staff were outstanding. Much love and appreciation to everyone who facilitated my care. Sandy White

Joshua Falls

Showed up on a Saturday night at the ER in horrific pain from a kidney stone. I was quickly taken to a room for pain meds and a ct scan. I was then admitted and had surgery to blast the stone the next day. The staff was caring and very respectful of my situation. My wife was also treated kindly the entire stay. Several surgery workers and a great urologist came in on a Sunday to get my surgery done. Now I am home resting and feel a million times better. I would not hesitate to use this hospital again. The food was also the best I’ve had in a hospital. Thanks for everything Emory!


I will never have a baby at this hospital again. The nurses seem nice but my experience was horrible. All but one (Regina was the best) were too busy to keep up with their duties. Promised to assist with different requests and never came back. I specifically told them I was breastfeeding and they gave my baby a pacifier without asking. I was constantly touched without any consideration of pain. The nurses have horrible bedside manner. They never took time to read my charts so during pass downs gave incorrect info to the next nurse. Just total disregard for me and bare minimum care was given.

Jonathan Mikhalevsky

If I had an emergency in the midtown Atlanta area, this is the hospital I would choose. I have been visiting Emory University Hospital every three months as a participant in a clinical trial and have dealt with some amazing doctors and nurses. They have been personally invested in my healthcare, both physically and mentally. They consider financial concerns as well as your overall well-being. In one instance, a nurse called in a prescription at my local pharmacy and asked them to apply a discount because I was paying out of pocket. I receive personal emails from the staff and have been very impressed with both their skill and knowledge. In addition, I typically visit the Cafeteria for lunch when I have an appointment. The food is healthy, cheap, and generally well made. They even serve Chick-fil-a sandwiches. The only negative remark I can make is that the new parking garage is still under construction, making traffic a bit congested and parking difficult. This should be temporary though and the hospital seems to be handling it fairly well. The MARTA station is always an alternative as well. Ultimately, Emory University Hospital is a premier institution that is highly regarded nationwide. With a new parking garage and a dedicated cancer center in the works, good things are expected in the near future.

linda Jones

the best hospital Ive been everyone is super nice and i enjoy visiting Dr.Singe for my weight lost .he's amazing would'nt go any where else.

Kelsey Grant

Deliver somewhere else if you’re having a baby. Especially a c section. The nurses barely check on you. You might get a good nurse every once in awhile but for the most part, nope. I kept asking for pain medicine. Sometimes they came and sometimes they didn’t. The food in the cafeteria sucks.

Robert Junior

All the professionals I have dealt with at this facility have been excellent!


Emergency room wait hours are entirely too long. Arrived at this hospital at 11am and didn't get seen until 2am. Nurses are not friendly. Staff lied to my family. This is a learning hospital so, both interns and doctors examine you here.

Briel Wallace

Emergency is trash. Personnel are trash. This hospital is horrible and Northside all the way from now on. I can’t stand such horrible treatment. Emergency needs a new process. These people need to be retrained.

shaquanda harrell

I recently spent a month in antepartum. Being in the hospital is not ideal but the staff made things so much better. I truly don’t have one bad thing to say. Everyone from the nursing staff to the cleaning crew was amazing. I was ready to be released but I hated to say goodbye to the amazing care team.

Tania Graham

Literally been here over 7 hours in the ER, ridiculous! I have never experienced anything like this before smh

Aujene Cofield

I have to say Ms Pat and Maroui in information was amazing. The Rn Leslie was so polite she was very personable and Professional hand down. Thank you Emory staff for all u do...

Sonja McCrary

Have got the best Doctor's and courteous staff a definite plus.

Demi Henderson

Came into the ER for decreased fetal Movement. The nurse asked me where my doctor was located. I told her Northside hospital she went to ask me well why didn’t I go to Northside?!?! I was thinking what matters the babies life or why I didn’t go where I intend to have my child. So unprofessional! Don’t think she took into consideration if I would feel unwanted. Next time I’ll just drive my little self and my baby right on over to Northside.....

Nick Gardner

I've never once had a bad experience here. The staff has always been kind, knowledgeable, and patient.

Gary Rowe

The hospital treats it's patients so well and has the best staff.The staff is so caring and considerate.The hospital ensures to provide each and every facility as and when required.

Temptations Group

Tell you exactly what is wrong with. Pretty fast unless there is an emergency such as a crash victim, heart attack, seizure, etc.

Hannah Tran

We had our baby at Emory Midtown through Kaiser earlier this year and it was a fantastic experience. My CNM Sherennah was beyond incredible and all the other doctors and nurses took such great care of me throughout my entire stay. It felt like I was given plenty of time and resources to have a healthy birth and recovery, which may not have been the case if I delivered at my other option (Northside). Clean and updated facilities and friendly, educated staff made us feel at home. The one challenge we faced was there were so many hospital staff entering our room post-delivery without any prior warning to preform a variety of tasks, that it felt like a revolving door of visitors. A schedule or heads-up would have been helpful to set our expectations. Overall, I would highly recommend Emory for labor & delivery!

Lemarr C

Terrible. This was our first child birth and it was absolutely horrible. Way too many problems to name. Just happy my wife and child got out of there alive. Unorganized and the ghetto mentality is alive and well. I probably know more about medicine than 90% of their "intern" students that they send to your room for "practice". Never again.

Norma Monroe

I have had many tests done here and all dept were very good in all aspects. I recommend this place. I felt comfortable in their hands.

Paige Williams

If you are a black woman pregnant on Medicaid do not go here you will lose your baby just ask Ms. Charlie and her Thugs they said they dont take Medicaid. Black women do not come here my beeper went off for me to go through the door after i was cleared to go another lady told me no dont go throught the door in front everybody telling me they dont take Medicaid.

Tee Young

Our delivery here was great! I was nervous coming into the hospital but our delivery team was amazing & fast. They definitely made everything so much more comfortable. When we had to transfer to our mom & baby room, we had 4 different nurses that were all great & 3 techs (the change shifts so you more than likely won’t have the same nurse & tech for your entire stay). No complaints on any but 1 tech only because she constantly let the door slam behind her, which was annoying. Being discharged was a longer than expected wait but we were seen by everyone who we needed to be seen by, so that’s what matters. Satisfied beyond belief & we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!

Tasharrika Jordan

You guys let me tell you about this amazing hospital. I was at least 28 weeks pregnant when I start going to the OBGYN here. So I had been calling around to every hospital in Atlanta area to see if I could transfer from my doctor in ElPasoTexas.(Military) Every hospital I called wouldn’t accept me because I was passed 22 weeks. Emory was the only one to took my file. Fast forward my doctor I was seeing was great. I wish I could have remembered her name. Labor and delivery was amazing. My delivery went well. Thank you to each and every nurse and doctor that made that possible. The nurses that was on the recovery floor in the mother wing was awesome as well. Needless to say I’ll be delivering my next child here.(whenever I decide to have another one) Great staff you guys keep up the great work. Also whoever get nurse Candace in the motherhoods wing you are definitely lucky because she’s awesome!

Mylinh Nguyen

My dad was Hospitalized at Emory Midtown Unit 51 and nurse Demetra was the RN that took care of us while we were there. She was GOD SENT! My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that’s spreading to his brain, my family and I was devastated by the news. Nurse Demetra was there for us from the beginning to the end telling us not to give up hope and to continue fighting. She prayed for us and was filled with so much genuine care. When I couldn’t find the pain cough medicine for my dad’s stage 4 cancer u didn’t want him to suffer another day without meds I went up to the hospital on a Sunday afternoon and Thankyou Lord we ran into Nurse Demetra, she remember me by name and even my dad. She told me she prayed for him and that she remembered us I was touched. I told her about my situation where I can’t find this drugs anywhere in stores and out of the goodness of her heart she ran all over the hospital and calling every doctors on call in order to help us out even though she was busy! She even make sure she called the pharmacy and everything. Meeting her was truly a blessing to me and my family. After finding out about my dad’s stage 4 lung cancer my moral was low but meeting Nurse Demetra really uplift my spirits and my mentality. Genuine and kind people really do exist. She didn’t have to do what she did but she did it because she cares. I was in tears because someone I just met only for a few days has treated my family and I with so much care and didn’t even ask for anything in return! I was lost for words. THANKYOU NURSE DEMTRA FROM UNIT 51 EMORY MIDTOWN FOR TAKING CARE OF MY DAD!

coca cola

I definitely will never have another baby here. They sent me home at 5 cm just for me to come back hours later in full labor. They still wouldn't admit me at 1st, even though my contractions were 2 minutes apart . they would not give me my epidural even though I requested it. I was 10 centimeters when I finally received it. They caused My Placenta to tear because several different nurses were checking me. my baby stopped breathing bc of this. One nurse in particular hurt me while checking me and shortly after, I began to bleed. They also popped a vein in my arm trying to give me an IV which was painful and blood was everywhere. Most of the nurses act like they had no compassion. So here's a picture of my baby's blue face when she FINALLY started breathing.

William Seeger

I am undergoing chemotherapy at Emory midtown. My opinion is that they treat patients like cattle. I had a 10AM appointment for labs which was to be followed by Dr then chemo. At 11:30 AM I was still not seen by anyone and none of the staff on 10th floor even mildly cared. I was told to go to 16th floor for the chemo but the staff there refused and told me to go back to 10th floor and just wait for Labs and Dr. The waiting room was packed with the other sheep but I said the heck with this and am attempting to see oncologist at Henry Piedmont. Emory cares most about $$$ not the patients. I am sure the doctors are good but why schedule patients at 10 then make them wait over an hour and a half before possibly seeing a DR or nurse.

Chris reiss

Terrible experience. The surgeon "nicked" something in my mothers neck during surgery which cause immense complications resulting in a second and possibly a third surgery. They then tried to cover it up by saying its a common thing, but the truth came out and it only happens to 3% of people who undergo this surgery. The nurses were absolutely terrible. They left the room unclean for days at a time. Left her sheets dirty and didn't bother clean the bathroom but once or twice in her 10 day stay. Multiple times she had nurses ask her which medication they were suppose to give her and what dose. Some of them had no clue what they were doing and do not belong in a hospital at all. She would call for the nurses asking for help to use the restroom and they wouldn't respond for 20 minutes. They are all lazy and rude. Word of advise, if your loved one needs surgery or medical treatment, seek another hospital and stay far, far away from this place.


The worst experience ever! The customer service in labor and delivery is horrible! I had my daughter 3 months early and needed fmla paperwork done but they pretty much gave me the run around and was rude doing it. Of course they know that information secure your job. So now im stressing paperwork and the care of my preemie.

wolfys movies

I’m hospitalized and this is a terrible place to stay if you’re been kept to be treated. The nurses are only thinking about themselves and not the patients. I have been mistreated and pushed by the nurses. They have put their hands on me, pushing me around and then blame me for speaking out. I’ve been left waiting in pain after patiently waiting more than an hour and nurses blame patient for not speaking out. Horrible attitude by the nurses. The environment here is stressful and not conducive for healing. I’m trying to heal and get better and almost every day I’m here I get worse health wise. After 2 falls I had, which I got blame for, they decided to enforce “rules” after I fell. Patient be aware, speak out and avoid being a victim of patient abuse by the nurses in this hospital. The doctors here are great and they mean well but once they leave you, you are at the mercy of the nurses who don’t care about you. They come now just to save their job.

Jamie Stanton

This hospital is the most professional and knowledgeable place. They put all other hospitals to shame. Excellent care!!!

Taylor Janel

I really hate that I have to write this because every nurse and doctor I had was phenomenal. I came in 11/27/18 for a scheduled C section Whenever I needed something it was done in a timely fashion and everyone was friendly. But if it wasn’t for my OB who delivers here and whom I love so much I would never want to stay here. First and foremost last year whoever stayed in the room with you was able to order food from the same place the patient was allowed to order food from and now they don’t do that anymore which was very costly to eat at the cafe for three days , they would not validate my boyfriends parking without me being present although he stayed at the hospital for three days just like I did so he ended up spending $20 unnecessarily , my bathroom had a serious ant problem for two days. The cleaning people were supposed to come and mop everything and clean again in there which they did but nobody ever took care of the ants , they had shower shoes last year this year they did not which is really gross , they also were in and out of the room a lot waking up me and they baby so I barely got any rest. Total of 4 hours of sleep the entire 3 night stay despite all of that they did give us gifts to take home and were very attentive to me and my baby. I just wish they would change some of those expensive policies. Also due to flu season I understand my son wasn’t able to be on the maternity floor or stay but he wasn’t even allowed to visit me although I was told prior because he was the sibling he could very disappointing being away from my son that long Update: no validated parking at all not even for patients!! This hospital is definitely only concerned about money

Sheraton Agnew

Worst hospital in the world. i recommend grady. Waited 6 hours in the emergency room just to not be attended to.

Porter Versfelt III

A wonderful, efficient hospital. Great doctors, nurses, and staff. I highly recommend Emory Midtown Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Donald Cagney

I have had multiple surgeries here and have had a few problems. Communication is terrible between departments so I did not get food until after 12 hours in Emergency Department. The nursing staff throughout the hospital is second to none. I am in Unit 11, cardio, and my nurses, Tonya and Sefe, were like my family. They were so professional and friendly and any time I needed anything they were there for me. My Doctor, Mark Eldieri, Is the tops for ENT. He and his staff have been a crucial factor in my recovery. Thank you Emory for all you have done for me

Li Mis

I came at 1:40pm today. I went in asked the officer at the front desk if Labcorp was open they weren’t. I left the hospital around 1:45. Made it back in to my car at 1:50pm. There is a 0-15 minutes which is FREE. I get to the bottom where I always leave at and the machine wouldn’t take my ticket. Me and another woman had to call/push the button to get help and we were told exit throughout D. About me and a total of 3 other people were lost trying to find out way out of the there. For over 20 MINUTES we couldn’t get out because they closed that exit down there and they still CHARGED US. Piece of garbage system. Of course I have the office number and corporate I will not leave them alone and I will leave my review EVERYWHERE. The company is called CHICAGO STANDARD PARKING based in Chicago Illinois. They should have a better system. I don’t care what day it is you don’t charge people when the way you have it set it ends up in 4 different people in 4 different cars LOST!!! One lady had to call security to help her get out. RIDICULOUS!!!

garrett monroe

Came in with serious medical emergency. Was handled promptly but then told to go home while tests were being conducted, and to take preventative medicine. Called back 4 days later to find tests had never been ordered. Totally unexcusable for a hospital - negligence KILLS in the medical profession


They sent me to collections even though I paid.


My experience at Emory Midtown was the most horrible experience I have ever had. When I first arrived, I simply entered through the first doors that I saw, which by chance were the doors for the EMTs. The ER staff was more concerned about how I got through the doors rather than the obvious pain I was experiencing. Out of no less than 10-15 people, only one person thought it necessary to get me a chair and some assistance. Everyone else, including a nurse who was the closest to me, with sheer disgust, told me I needed to go back to the front of the ER and be seen there. Once I was wheeled to the front entrance by that only compassionate staff member, I was, again, treated horribly. Although I was in pain, I was told to fill out a registration form and had to wait approx 5-6 hours in pain before I was taken to a room to be seen. ER staff members had no sense of urgency, compassion or empathy (I do plan to file a formal complaint against all staff and report each person to the state licensing board). Once in the back, I had another lengthy wait and the only compassionate person was my nurse, Annie. She was attentive and understanding that I was just a person in pain. After receiving medication that eased the pain, I was taken to have my CT Scan and, for only the second time in all of those hours, that CT Scan Tech was the next nicest person to me. I am terribly disappointed in the service I received at this facility and I plan to file my complaints as well as leave this experience on google as a review. This facility was the absolute worst, not even your patient liaison did her best to help people. As an employee of Grady Hospital, I decided to come to Emory Midtown, only, because I feared Grady’s ER may have been more busy due to it being such a high level trauma unit. After going through this, I regret my decision.

Sarah Woolford

Best care I’ve ever received! I cannot Thank the hospital enough, but especially all of the staff in Unit 31. Ive had 2 stays here now and both times I had such incredible care that I didn’t want to leave. The handovers In shifts are seemless and happen in your room with you present so that you know what information is being passed on. Medication is on time and the staff listen to your needs and adjust accordingly. The rooms are clean and quiet (with great views), just perfect for post op recovery. I would go back in a heartbeat to this hospital! Thank you Emory Midtown!

Cathy Jones

This place is open 24 x 7 it's great, helpful, nice, knowledgeable, an very respectable, it's just so big.they need a big huge sign up on interstate coming in from s.c. no signs. Very attentive. Doctors, nurses, asst. All is fabulous. May God bless youall.

Brian Ertley

I was in the ED for severe digestive pain, admitted to ICU for extremely low sodium and high potassium. For the ED, I would rate 3, but the nurses in ICU are amazing, and always help when you need it. They are so nice and helpful, which is especially great when you're are sick and need something. For them, I have 5 stars. Update: I applied for their Charity Care financial relief and my bill was completely removed! I had no job or insurance so that was a huge relief.

Kayla Starr

This is supposed to be one of the better hospitals I’d expected more from them, there are no infant changing tables on the 19th floor I had to change my child on the sink while soap squirted on her arms. While waiting on a patient I had to bring.

Mar Guevara

Recovery from delivering was terrible. Nurses are just bad. Denied us twice when we asked for a social worker, telling us they didn't deal with that and that no social workers exist at the Emory hospital. We had to google it and actually called the social worker department. They forget about you and your baby. No attention at all. They didn't even bring diapers or wipes for my baby. No baby clothes. Many racist people.

Breck Stanley

Disgusting, unprofessional and absolutely not here to service patients. I was under the impression that Emory was supposed to be examplatory for patient care. That was a joke. DO NOT COME HERE!!!

Addy Ball

Staff has a lackadaisical attitude and no regard for patient time. Facility looks old and dirty in the waiting areas.

Robin White

Great delivery experience. The staff from beginning to end were great. I appreciate the education and resources they provide to both mom and dad.

Carnal Aries

This place is a complete gamble. Also, expect to get a bill in the mail before you even get released. $$$

russells krista

The place is great. I like the waiting area very clean. Nurse are reassuring , doctors are professional. Pretty great experience bit the bill is a bit pricey.

Michelle Toussaint

I had the worst experience at Emory Midtown ER. The wait was horrible I was there 10 hours and still no resolution after being poke numerous time on both arms and hands by an untrained phlebotomists finally a nurse was called in and got the blood drawn. Now I thought it was just my veins but after hours in the ER waiting area every patient that night was also saying how the phlebotomists wasn’t able to get a vein. The staff had no sympathy for the sick in the ER and was loud laughing and signing happy birthday to another staff. A young lady came in informing them that her friend was outside in labor no one help and the receptionist inform her there was no wheelchairs and to go back to the front labby. She inform them that all the doors was lock to the labby and finally a security officer assist her. This hospital visit was a nightmare. I can honestly say out the whole staff only 2 nurses really was working the rest of staff was just there. After 2 am the homeless drug addictes comes in. Just horrible. I will be writing a letter to the board of health and the administrator of this facility. People should not be treated this way. A homeless man reported being kick by security and no one did anything as he and the security argued back and fort. The next day I couldn’t even move my arms and have horrible bruises from where my veins was damage. This hospital should be shut down. Please don’t go the Emory midtown you will be better off at Grady hospital.

MiMi Barbie

They took 9 times of my blood but it's for a good reason lol never seen that much blood come from my body

Shamika Tucker

I am a Kaiser Permentae member & was sent here by them to be hospitalized for a diverticulitis infection. This is a terrible place. The janitorial service is TERRIBLE. They barely clean the rooms. When I arrived I had to be moved to another room because my initial room had a foul odor and dirty toilets and bathtubs. It was the nurses call to move me as I had not noticed because I was in so much pain so this wasn’t my initial complaint. The majority of the nurse techs are sorry workers they can’t to check on you once and then they disappear and they don’t come back until it’s almost time for shift change.Vitals are barely taken. While in pain one nurse tech (Chris)tell me to get out of the bed so that he could make it up and he had me in a chair. I was awakened by another nurse upon shift change who was wondering why I was in the chair as I had fallen asleep. Turns out, the nurse tech had forgotten all about me in the middle of making the bed as he had said he was going to get a blanket and never returned! Meanwhile My bed is still not made. The nurse that was about to leave her shift brought me a blanket and tossed it on the bed & left. Therefore I, the sick patient, had to get up and make up my own bed!Now that same day, I have a fever of 101 & the nurse tech did not make my nurse aware so when he came to take vitals again he says you have a fever again so I am like I have never been given medication from the first fever! Turns out he (Chris)never made the nurse aware according to her! I have many more incidents & the horrible part is I’m still here. If Kaiser continues to use this hospital, I’m switching to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Although I’ve have had a few good nurses & one awesome tech(Anthony), This has been a hospital stay from hell!!

Roni Hudson

My daughter had a emergency preterm c section and the staff have all been wonderful. The doctors and nurses listen to our concerns and gave us reasonable options. After delivery her L&D made sure all that was needed was taken care of. I can't say enough about the professionalism and the clinical competency I noted from her nurses and nursing assistant. Her special care nurses were all attentive to her and the baby's needs, her lactation nurses came to see her everyday and were willing to assist her as needed. Her medical record worker, her social worker, her cafeteria worker were all very pleasant and caring. The "Ala cart" meal service was one of her favorite conveniences. We love this hospital and would recommend it highly. Thank you for the Ronald McDonald house!

Talya Parker

I went to the triage at about 28 weeks pregnant because I was in pain and feared I was in early labor. The nurses were horrible! One nurse opened every item she was going to use to swab me before she put on some gloves. Then I’m pretty sure she didn’t know how to use a spactular, the most painful experience ever. They have no bedside manners and very much a ghetto mentality. I am suppose to deliver here but I’ve started looking else we’re... I’m not sure I want to risk a horrible delivery dealing with these kinds of people. Emory should revisit training their staff especially on those soft skills.

rusty slaton

Great people. Always helpful and friendly

Mary Reese

Emory Midtown is horrible when it comes to cancer patients

carissa cirincione

Labor and delivery ❤️❤️ Cannot day enough good things about them! Our experience was absolutely amazing! Every nurse we had was amazing!! We had the best experience!!

Kenisha Huddleston

I've been coming to this hospital for the past two weekends because I am in labor and the first time I visited, I was sent home because I was only 2cm dilated and having contractions but was sent home because I wasnt being dramatic about my contractions. The nurse then came in the room and told me if I was 38 weeks they could've admitted me and started me on pitocin. I went back last night waited 2 freaking hours for a room . I was having CONSISTENT contractions and was told I couldn't get admitted because I was only 38 weeks and 5cm . This hospital and drs are horrible and I'd NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Everytime I go here they always tell me different things and it's always a excuse

Michael Bowers-Dean

so fast and everyone was so nice and respectful and actually listened to me!

Emory Brown

my name is Emory so i approve ,')

Gregory Woodby

Medical facilites are very good and some doctor are very highly experience. Nurses fully takecare of the patient. Doctor take three rounds per day if you will hospitalized here.

LaTonya Jackson

Clean and Safe. Children and The Ederly are treated with the upmost respect and care.


Great delivery experience. The staff from beginning to end were great. I appreciate the education and resources they provide to both mom and dad.

Brian Conway

Very pleasant place overall considering it's a hospital. So far no issues, everyone is helpful and very nice.

Camille Sierra

The staff was amazing. This was my first surgery and I wasn’t able to go back to my home state to be with family for the surgery. The anesthesiology staff were relatable and treated me with positive energy and great care. I immediately felt comfortable with them. The hospital was clean. I was previously scheduled at another hospital with extremely poor ratings and switched to this hospital and I am so happy I made that decision. I highly recommend this hospital at least for outpatient surgeries.

Darci Parks

The staff is helpful to you and always willing to give you assistance if needed. The staff will even take the time to escort you to your destination

MonTrell Montgomery

The best in Georgia the food,nurses are great

Scott Haynes

My fiance Jeannette , had surgery at Emory October 2nd 2018 at the Emory Midtown facility. Her doctors was Dr Ballou of the Maxillofacial Clinic and Dr. Baddour of the ear nose and throat clinic. While she was still in the hospital she recivied very poor treatment in the Intensive Care Unit at times. One very mean nurse pulled her feeding tube out accidentally but blamed it on my fiance then she put another one in which was the wrong one that had to be taken out and another one was put in which was put in wrong and had to be taken out and so at least five times she had feeding tubes put in and out unnecessarily because of incompetence causing her a lot of pain. Today marks one month since her surgery and she had been told a day ago that Emory will not treat her anymore for her pain. She is in severe pain and crys constantly. She occasionally talks of sucide. She was told by Emory staff on 11/1/18 that she would have to use a pain clinic for pain. Well she can not get into a pain clinic in till Monday, 11/5/18. She has to deal with the pain all weekend. She stays in so much pain she can't rest at all. Due to the type of surgery she's unable to eat very much. The pain make dealing with food very difficult. We understand the importance of her not getting hooked on narcotics but to cut her off of pain meds just three weeks after leaving the hospital for the type of surgery she had is unthinkable. I'm highly disappointed in Emorys post surgery care of Ms Earley. Its apparent that people on Medicare are not as important as folks with high priced health insurance. Ms Earley is already wishing she just had not had the surgery or that we had went to Vanderbilt. Deeply Disappointed: Scott Calhoun Georgia

Chifaa Dorhmi

The medical attention here is very good and some specialties are top notch. However this an aging hospital. So if you go to the ER, for example, you will see what I mean. For the amount of money they charge this should not be the case.

D. T.

Always in and out, no waiting long hours. Great customer service and the doctors are exceptional.

Jeyceon Fortune

So I’ve been here at Emory since 1am came via ambulance but since my insurance just got redone they put me in the emergency room! It’s currently 6:29 am and have yet to been seen anyone! This place is the worst and not to mention that some of the nurses is rude

Celia Pollio

Mikhail, Adam, and Brittney were an All Star

Cali Love g

Worst hospital ever no sense of urgency the nurses just walking around complaining about how many people are waiting to be treated. The staff is completely horrible attitudes horrendous . Just sad and disappointing this is where you go to get help and the simple fact you have patients in urgent need and no one cares is sad.

Ashley Milburn

This hospital kept trying to rush me to leave at 10am when I just had major surgery earlier that morning at 1:30am. They also sent me home without telling me I had an infection and waited to tell me on a voicemail shortly after I left that same day. They neglected to run my vitals for several hours. I lost a lot of blood, but they refused to put any fluids in my body. Every time my nurse scanned my wristband, he’d mumble, “You’re just another barcode.” I woke up with a fever blister from a fever I must’ve had in my sleep and they ignored it. Fever means infection...I feel traumatized from this hospital. When did medicine become so uncaring and money hungry? They’re putting patients’ lives in danger.

Ashley Johnson

I’m so irritated that I don’t even want to wait to write this review. I had a scheduled c-section at 1230 PM and was told to be here at 1030 AM. I get to admissions at 10 AM and wait for over an hour in the waiting room. Finally sent back to Pre Op (because I haven’t had any blood work done yet) and I thought it would move smooth from there...NOPE...I’ve been sitting in the pre-op/recovery room for close to 6 hours at this point! Absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. I will NEVER set foot in this hospital again, nor recommend it to anyone else. And I feel terrible I’m even writing this, because the staff is actually OK so far, but I can’t deal with horrible time management.

Stephanie Burnett

I had to rate this a 1 to post about this hospital it was awful the.dr got mad at me because I didn't go get a CT done at midnight I was throwing up running a fever so the next morning he held all my.meds till I got a CT done I hated this place with a passion this was the worst by far that I've been in on my journey since August the whole staff was hateful I had always herd good things about Emory now I know the truth

Joann Thomas

Very good hospital, I have a stroke and they took very good care of me there... the nurse's are very kind and food is good too

Tierra Ganville

Great hospital best care I’ve ever received. Great staff. Great people. Great care. Loved my dr. Loved my nurses. Very clean place. Very professional.

Gajeel redfox Iron dragon slayer

Piss poor experience Colette came in the room and put her hands in the air as to indicate whatever issue I was having was not her fault IV indicator went off for 20 mins before someone came in to help Nurse Raynell Nurse from Kaiser Kratryna saw light on door going off and came in to help No one was at guest services when I arrived at location to direct me to admission Tv are small maybe a 13 inches Blood on tub Bad Signage in hospital No sign for cafeteria Contractor looking at my 22 year old daughter in an in appropriate matter. Blood pressure indicator went off twice I assume the patience is responsibility for advising nurse to take blood pressure every 2 hours Stained floors I am under distress being in this facility

Khadijah Wilson

Honestly, this hospital was the best place, I ever had my child delivered at. Especially, when I'm from another state. My water broke and they took me right away. I didn't make it to my scheduled C-section date but the doctor that delivered my baby there, was phenomenal. I stayed here for 4 nights. I experienced all wonderful and professional staff. They all was very cool. And the food was great!! I will highly recommend this hospital for delivery experience. Again the best place to have your child. Thank you Emory Hospital!

Sean Jermal Sr

They handled my Mom with ease.... Just be prepared to wait...

Bob Harbort

I had surgery and an overnight stay. The admission process and getting into the pre-op area was tryly concierge service. The recovery room experience was excellent, and my room and the staff overnight were excellent.

Tony Mcclarin

Unless your a female or baby when it comes to the maternity ward males/ fathers of the children get treated like Casper the friend

Elisa Davidsen

I had to have an ultrasound at Emory. I of course was full to the brim, having to drink 1 liter of water before my appointment. I was extremely uncomfortable and needing to go to the bathroom. When I got there the lady at the desk was very kind and made sure that the radiology technician was aware that I was there and full and ready to go. It took about 15 min and the radiology technician came and got me and we did the procedure. The procedure was very quick and although it was really uncomfortable she made me feel as comfortable as she could and really did a quick and what I felt was like a good job. I definitely felt like I was taken care of in a quick manor... it might have felt a little long due to the fact that I had to go to the bathroom but I was comfortable and felt well taken care of.

Kimyotta McCray

Nurses are rude and complain if you come in more than twice with concerns labor and delivery was horrible and the recovery room was freezing and don't leave home without a car seat or they will treat you like an inmate until you get a car seat then they Walk u down stairs and don't help you in the car they just let you out but the swear they want you and your baby safe

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