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REVIEWS OF Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital IN Georgia

Dominique Brunner

Nurses were wonderful, stayed a total of 14 days and can’t really complain about much. Food was good, care was great, doctors took time to make sure I understood everything that was being done.

Bill Briere

Going in for surgery at 7:30 am and the girl/person at check in desk was very rude. She had a horrible attitude and could of cared less about being there. For persons coming in for surgeries and already having fear about the procedure, needs to be more cheerful. 9/20/2019.

Gavin Hardison

My wife is currently in Emory St Joseph with Multiple D.V.T.s in Both legs all the way up to an I.V.C. Filter that was placed in my wife to catch clots along with just coming off Uterine Fibroid embolization. And the service has been horrible. Molded food, lazy service. The charge nurses on some of the night shifts that I have spent the night there have been sorry and I dont trust my wife life with them. As of right now she has not had her respiratory medication yet. They change up medicine schedule take medicine out. Every night that my wife has been in Emory St. Joseph they have been late serving her pain medications. My wife has been made to endure high pain threshold crisises up to an hour or more. By making my wife endure such high pains thresholds for long periods of time has caused her to become Tachycardio, spiking high blood pressures with tremors and heavy swearing. This puts her at risk of heart attacks, or stroke My wife also suffers from chronic degenerative and osteoarthritis in back and legs. So you can see why it is very important that there is consistency with administering her medications. The staff constantly hide behind the excuse stating your nurse is busy with another patient. Or if you ask for the charge nurse to assign another nurse to help out my nurse who is busy the staff gets attitudes and say we will see. Then you are just left there with no response for a good 15mins to 30mins. Then my wife will have to push the nurse button again to ask for assistance with pain meds. Or I will have to get up and go to the nurses desk to escalate urgency of her getting her pain meds. Then someone will come to the room and ask what's wrong just to be left there in intolerable excruciating constant pain. Until my husband and I escalates to our benefits director.

Jackie Scott

Here there is some awesome Drs. Here they go right to work on you.eightteen years ago I had a heart transplant here. And I'm here today for pinch nerves Emory Saint Joseph Hospital. This is a great place to be.

connie mullininx

This hospital sucks, They make you wait around for more than 5 hours and all they do is blood work, And when you call for a nurse no one comes in here. But for some reason they always think the you want narcotic medication I'm sorry I don't want narcotic medication never said I wanted it but these doctors really suck here this hospital so they really need to do something about this. I had problems with my gallbladder they kept telling me O there's nothing wrong sent me home wine up coming back again and then Had to have my gallbladder removed because they kept sending me away tell me there was nothing wrong now they're doing the same thing again, I have been have groin pain for two years And they can't tell you what's wrong so that's, why you racking up hospital bills and doctors bills because no one can find out what's wrong well guess what they need to get their ass in order and figure out what's going on.

Okema Graham

Inexperience physicians! Enough said!

adrienne leeds

Dr Martyak. Wish he were in private practice. A true professional. Thank you


Although parking can be a bear, they do offer valet. Like most car parks, the rate is based on time. Valet, I don't know. PLEASE take care to note THE EXACT building location of your physician. This will save you unnecessary walking. I have learned that the HARD way...LOL Otherwise a good medical professional facility.

Becky Smallwood

I will update after I have concluded my experience with this facility but at this point the doctors bedside manners leave a lot to be desired. Obviously Dr. Vicki Wilson does not like it when concerned family members ask what is going on with the treatment of their own mother. This lady is completely and utterly rude to a repulsive manner.

K. Matchett

My mother was hospitalized in and out of CCU for 10 day before someone thought to check for medicine interactions that caused her pulmonary problems!!! The various physicians she saw did not communicate well with each other. There is a management problem here!!

Deborah Ulam

My father spent 8 days on the heart floor of this hospital, and I can not tell you how upset we were with the care he received, or didn't receive from the staff of this floor. I could go on and on, but the lack of true caring was amazing to me. We loved our doctor that works out of this hospital, but we will never go back again. Shame on you all.

Shirley Browne

I was a patient at St. Joseph's for almost three weeks and my care was very good. I was treated with respect, kindness and professionalism. I had two surgeries resolving long term illnesses that the great doctors at St. Joseph's CORRECTLY diagnosed. The hospital, staff and doctors excel.

Mike Batchelor

Terrible!!!!!!! If you have someone in the hospital there they should at least not charge you for parking! Northside Hospital gives you a voucher for parking if you have someone admitted to the hospital. DON'T GO HERE IF YOU HAVE MEDICARE!!!!

equalla Butler

My experience/surgery was phenomenal to God be the Glory, the amazing Dr. Douglas Murphy alone with his P.A Erica was referred by My amazing cardiologist Dr. Scott Anderson/Emory. My nurse Mimi, in ICU alone with all the nurses that took care of me in ICU were amazing. Now when it was time for me to go to the 3rd floor, scary, scary had a horrible experience but after speaking to Erica-P.A and she consulted with Fannie the supervisor all was well and nurse-Wendy alone with the Techs took great care of me and it was UP from there.

Valencia Philpot

I have worked here for over 26 years and it's a wonderful experience with wonderful people

Kristianna McDaniel

I love Emory and all of it's services, however, paying to park is a little inconvenient when you aren't given any other option. The parking lot can be very confusing for a first time patient. On the other hand, this location has provided me with supreme services for many years. I would not go to any other healthcare facility other than an Emory facility.

Engaged Professor

Well, I would like to deliver better news about the Emergency Department at Emory Saint Joseph. I came here after a car accident. I was triaged right away and promptly assigned a room. That’s when the waiting began. I never spoke to an actual doctor, only a physician assistant. I waited in a hallway for an hour to get a CT and X-ray. Granted, everyone I encountered has been super nice and friendly. It seems like a welcoming place. But the actual care leaves much to be desired. They didn’t draw labs or do anything but send me to the hallway to wait for CT. They discharged me and told me to go ice my injured shoulder and knee. I was not given a wheelchair escort out, even after having sat for almost four hours. I overheard someone getting stitches and private conversations. Overall I am underwhelmed with my experience here.

T Brandy Johnson

This is the absolute worst hospital I've ever been too!! It took 5 hours for me to get admitted to the hospital after my doctor ordered my admission. I was hospitalized for 5 days and it was the worst experience ever! It took forever for them to perform tests that were ordered by the doctor, and then they did an unnecessary surgery on me that could have easily been avoided! The last test that was ordered was never performed on me, I eventually packed my bags and walked out of the hospital without being discharged!!!

Shaneeta Lay

Had a very good experience while there and the wasnt long

michael smith

Some Extremely unprofessional people work at Emory. They were all frowning and rolling their eyes at me .


Went to the hospital with leg swelling and pain due to unknown reason (no injury) my fear was a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis . They did not have an ultra sound tech on duty . That’s shocking!! So they did a d-dimer test ( which did not indicate a clot , but is not 100% accurate) which is all they could do and suggested I get an ultrasound elsewhere or follow up with primary care physician. $250 deductible . It was the equivalent to immediate care. Ridiculous!

Adrianna Jackson

I have been here since 7:15 pm and it is 11:00 pm and I still haven't been seen yet by a doctor! Never coming here again!

shado sam

This hospital sucks ,was not worth my time at all , miss diagnosed me and gave me meds that weren't required to drink ، they deserve a half star not even...

Sharon Rucker

They gave me great care had my second open heart surgery there.they got to me just in time. All my care was great.they explained everything to me I highly recommend them to anyone I'm sure you would be pleased with the care.

Trinnetter Warthen

I had to call the ambulance because it hurted when I breathe and my back and butt was hurting really bad because I hit that floor so hard I know I bounced back up lol but nawl the ambulance staff was great even the nurses that check on me but y'all I swear they have forgotten I'm here got here like 12 came straight back in a room got x-rays done then five hours has gone by and no Dr is in this hospital I'm in pain I could die they wouldn't know because clearly they've forgotten I'm here Lord

darryl elliott

I was treated great by a friendly staff. This was a great experience during a very frightening period in my life

Patrick Collins

Wonderful hospital... staff, doctors, all services. Such caring and loving treatment. We have used St Joseph's a number of times in the past and they have ALWAYS been excellent. Recently my wife had her 2nd kidney removed and had to start dialysis immediately in the hospital. She was in tough shape for a while but the hospital and staff couldn't have been better. We are grateful for all of the special care and love that they provided. If you need a hospital, St Joseph's is the place to go.

Sharon Mcdaniel

Would give zero if allowed. First and last time coming here. I can't even put into words how bad my hospital stay was. I am in shock.

Shelby Jackson

Horrible Emergency room Staff . RN Sereena To be Exact has the Worst Attitude of a Care giver I’ve ever seen . My grandpa who is 80 years old was trying to joke with her multiple times and she Continuously ignored him and when she was answering his questions it was just a Mm. No eye contact, no direct answers, was flopping his arms around while doing a EKG and while putting a new IV in . Sereena you should Literally just Quit . Like common sense tells you To at least respect the Patients enough to make them feel Comfortable while they’re at the HOSPITAL. Clearly you you became a RN for all the wrong reasons . Worst RN I’ve EVER dealt with.

Eli Barona

Worst Hospital EVER!! I was hospitalized and had refused a specific medication, because I always have complications from it, at least 3 times. My nurse waited until I was uncounscious to give me this medicine and I ended up in the hospital for 4 additional days. I have never had hospital staff completely disregard a patients request and instructions. This hospital honestly just tries to milk you insurance for more money. I will never go to this hospital again since they seem to enjoy trying to kill me.

Laura Paz

Worst hospital ever mean nurses some doctors you can really tell hate their jobs. You can find flies in the pacient rooms, things get robbed from the rooms and waiting room. If the sickness won’t kill you they will....

Jeffrey Maddox

Great people

Brittney Kandell

It's clean, lots of security, and the ER staff is always friendly. They can only work so fast, so I always try to give them grace when I have to wait a while. We always go here for our ER needs over Northside.

Jaron Eggleston

Came here my throat really sore wait over two hours nurse prep was rude af and didn’t ask wat test need to b done etc

Jeff Hormel

My father passed away at this hospital, two montbs ago and I can not get a Death Certificate to bring closure for the family. I have made multiple phone calls for help but have heard from no one. It has been tough on our family.

Manjul Saini

Came here for some test. It was quick. Don't forget to bring ID.

Kevin Tejeda


victoria robbins

Very bad experience. I was lied to by the doctor about the procedure i was having. Didnt get barely any pain medication i had 11 inches removed from my colone. All STAFF was veryrude and NO BEDSIDE MANNER

Steven Baughman

Save your life choose somewhere else. Staff horrible and will not keep family members informed. Will allow you to be in pain without reacting.

andrea verdi

My client insisted on coming here because they've been seen here previously and all the medical records are here. However, I was horrified at the treatment my client received. The "bedside manner", in particular, of Kathleen was seriously lacking. Not sure if she's a nurse or an aid but she couldn't have been more condescending and unprofessional with my client. When my client expressed she was in pain from her touch she made it seem as though she was just being dramatic, rudely making judgment on what the pain level was apparently supposed to be. There's a reason my client is in the emergency room and immense pain is one of those reasons. I went to inquire if I could give client some of her own medicine, but Kathleen was too busy showing pictures of her kids, to notice me politely waiting to be acknowledged. Which I gave up on because if she said "sweetie" one more time in that not so sweet tone, I was going to smack her with a wet adult diaper. It's unfortunate bitchy, rude, nurses with no empathy are allowed to work in the E.R. where people are scared, in pain, and not knowing why. Her behavior made my clients time at the e.r just that much worse. So if you're Kathleen reading this, or you know her, let her know she's single handedly made a lifelong patient decide to switch providers. Kathleen, you madame should consider a job on the psych ward...a nurse Ratchet type position, you're PERFECT for THAT!

Beverly Washington

I went to the Spinal center for neck surgery and i had an awesome experience. From the chaplin service, to the hose which connected to my gown which pumped warm air. Awesome staff, etc.

michelle fulks

Great care team and Dr markham is the very best

Tina Bailey

From the first time I entered the front doors, I knew this hospital was a step above any other facility I had been treated in before. Every single person I met was sincerely interested in how they could help me. Doctors were thorough and not rushed, but took their time, answered all our questions and did what they promised. I am proud this hospital is in my community!

Jane Cunningham

Caring staff state of the art medicine

Jim Duggan

I went in for a hernia surgery my first surgery, the staff was amazing and made me feel comfortable. While I was in surgery the surgeon Dr. Patel found three separate hernia tears and fixed them. I am very thankful they went the extra mile to fix me up and get me back on my feet. I would recommend this hospital to anyone in the Atlanta area for any healthcare need.

Albert Tan Lim

- Some nurses are great, but some are rude and carefree. - There are bunch of made up rules causing patient to get stressed out during recovery stay. - Some nurse tech made patient to change their own bed sheets after bringing new bed sheets. - Some nurses couldn’t acknowledge “Do not disturb” policy at night. - Some charged RN wouldn’t let patient speak to physician and floor manager. - Some nurses are somehow more powerful than the doctor’s order. Wouldn’t let patient to use Q-Tips and walk outside the floor even though doctors permitted. - IV nurses used dull scissors to cut sutures in order to pull out central line. The nurse pulled the sutures until it gets cut, leaving painful experience. - Dietary service is not the same as Emory Midtown or Main location. They kept missing orders on the tray and had plastic on the food. Would rather go to Emory Main and Midtown Hospital.

Michael Finch

This hospital is great. I’m always treated well and my physicians know what their doing. I have had many stays over the last two years. My physicians are knowledgeable and I don’t mind seeing PA’s who are taking lead from the physicians I …

Myron Slater

The emergency room saved my life, I was here for about three weeks and left in wonderful shape. The food was excellent and the Nursing staff were top quality. My family knows that I will not go to any other hospital, over the years I, …

Zara Hairston

0 STARS Horrible ER experience. Nurses were rude, even tried to start an argument with me about my symptoms. Then, instead of seeing a doctor they sent a PA to my room who told me he believed I had bronchitis.

Esther Choe

Cardiac Department - 1 or 2 out of all nurses were actually patient and showed consideration. The rest are all very rude and showed VERY little concern. Oh and what a coincidence - THE DOCS LACK CONCERNMENT AS WELL, u sense the "im just here to do my job and get paid" vibe. Sad to be under the great name of EMORY. These patients just had major surgery and u show no sympathy. Its just sad whoever trained these ppl. At times like this I wish for negative stars.

Dianne Hiltman

Fabulous care, love this hospital! My experiences are based all on orthopedic problems, acute Emergency Room care, inpatient care, operative and post-operative inpatient care. Excellent nursing care, physical therapy and other adjunct services. Quiet, attentive, considerate and professional nurses, around the clock and across the week and weekend. Chaplaincy services were a welcome support. And the food is actually pretty good.

Traci Amick

Unbelievable. Paid parking at a HOSPITAL??? That's disgusting. Should be against the law. St. Joe would rollover...

June Brannon

They are so wonderful and compassionate and caring . The nurse’s are Amazing they have really took care of my Husband, I have never brag on a hospital before but this is the best I have ever seen. Thank you Saint Joseph

dr dan matrazzo

I had a horrifying experience at St. Joseph’s emergency room the other day. My blood pressure was 215/90 and no one even cared to administer anything for at least two hours. Just checking blood pressure EKG and x-ray but nothing to lower it. I was at a risk to get a stroke or a heart attack. If it wasn’t for the pain medication I asked for I could’ve been dead because it lowered it a little bit. I’m back to see the doctor five or six times are the best I got was a physicians assistant . I felt totally disrespected. I am a nationally and internationally known songwriter and musician. I thought I was in a Third World country. Nothing work there but TV and my monitor was constantly beeping but nobody came in. Somethings got to be done. Do not go there.



Annette Meyer

DO NOT GO HERE! I have had two experiences and both were horrible. My Mom was kept waiting four hours for a simple procedure to replace her pacemaker. We were given different excuses for this. The last one was the doctor had gone to his clinic to see other patients. Mom became so upset that it was necessary to give her more anesthesia. This was an outpatient procedure which turned into her having to spend the night in the hospital. This is greed!

Davina Nguyen

The phone automated system kept asking me "hold for additional assistance " for over 15 minutes then it just hung up. I called back, and same thing. The recording states that they are a 5 star rated for their services hospital , really????? If I could give them a zero star I would.

Myesha Smith

The worst customer service ever, but honestly I wasn’t surprised being in Georgia. I visited the ER on 10/11/17 at 9:50pm. At 1:50am I was still in the waiting room. What’s the purpose of calling it a Emergency room, if they never treat your condition as an emergency. I drove an hour away to come here, after reading the reviews that stated this Hospital was clean, great customer service and speedy service. All lies! Everyone I encountered is there just there for a paycheck and it shows in the work! I’m not sure how the doctors are because unfortunately I never made it that far! I asked the front desk person how long the wait was, she stated she could not tell me that because she have no idea, that was a bold face lie. Mind you it wasn’t even that busy in there. It seem like they waited til the second shift came in to start calling patients. Also my BP was 153/90 and the RN told me that was good! I’m not a doctor but I know that’s not a good BP. I questioned her about it and she continued to say that’s a good BP. I will never visit this place again, and I do not recommend this place at all! *Its freezing like ice in there, so be sure to bring a thick blanket

Cheryl Morton

I came to the emergency room for one routine test. It took 3 hours.

Kelly Jones

I had my heart transplant and many other surgeries here. Great hospital to come to.!!

Evan Sykes

Skeleton crew always and inexperienced mostly; no communication between staff members about their patients. I am an internist and I have never seen such a cluster of problems. Emory has such a great name. St Joseph’s needs a lot of work.

Dustee Anna

Er staff was ok. I was admitted with C-diff. The nurses that were in charge of my care were horrible. They acted like I had Ebola or some terrible flesh eating disease . I was in a lot of pain. I was given Tylenol and tramadol for pain. Lol. What a joke. I would never return back there if my gastrointestinal motility specialist didn't practice there. Not a good experience at all. I'm only giving 2 stars because the Er staff did their jobs well.

Jennifer blakely

We're actually at a doctors office located in St Joseph's. Not the actual hospital. There's only one doctor here seeing several patients at once. He's going back & forth between the patients. He's not very personable, just kinda bland but pushy. There are only 2 exam rooms & a room with equipment in it. The equipment also seems outdated.. The front desk appears unorganized as there are files pulled up on the desk. He left my husband alone in one room doing a field eye test while he went to another room to see another patient.

Chuck Cutler

Very bad waiting room. No TV, free coffee, very noisy. Like being a food court. Try spending 5 hours here.

Robert Ward

We as a society are very quick to post a review trashing a company or organization for the smallest infraction, but we seldom take the time to say thank you doing a good job. I recently was a guest of this hospital. During my stay, I was treated by a staff who obviously are well trained and who take pride in delivering the best medical care. If in the future I need hospitalization, I will definitely ask my doctor to get me in the same area. My wife and I send a sincere thank you for taking care of us during a stressful time. Again thanks Bob and Gail

Michael Horsford

They treat you very well up here better than Kaiser better than north side

Lori Walton

Staff appears to not like their job. Understaffed, uncaring and no compassion . It was a terrible experience for my uncle. The only person that was decent was Dr. MILLER. I am certain that we will never return to this hospital for anything. This was a very disappointing experience.

Lisa Gates

Doctors were great, however the nurses and tech's were awesome. Had my gallbladder removed and was being discharged but the nurses (Nate) knew I was hurting to bad to go home so he had the doctor keep me one more night. The bland food could have been better but I wasn't really wanting to eat any way. Thank you for taking good care of me.

Tamara DiPino

I had a massive heart attack one week prior. I had a 100% blockage. I went by ambulance and because of the seriousness they got me in an inserted 2 stents throu the artery in my groin. A week later I developed swelling and tremendous pain at the puncture site. I went to the ER. They got me back to take blood pretty quickly. Then I sat in a room in the ER for 4-5 hrs before choosing to leave. First they wanted a urine sample and the bathroon was worse than the men's room at a truck stop. Strong urine smell!! Urine all over bathroom and paper all over floor. Then the nurse that was getting my info stopped in little ways in cause he had a phone call and never came back. On top of the pain in my groin, I started having chest pains. I pushed the nurse call button 25-30 times and was ignorned. A few times the intercom would come on but no one spoke. I finally got up and walked out the door to get someone. I was told that they knew I was calling but they were busy. I signed the papers to leave. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!!

Tara Stanard

I was evacuated here during the hurricane and had a anaphylactic reaction to a diary allergy. I arrived at the e.r. 5 mins after using my EpiPen and informed the front desk personnel that I had swelling in my airways and had just used it prior to arriving. They slid a clipboard to me and told me to go sit down, fill out my info, and wait to be seen. I explained to the receptionist that I was extremely shakey and light headed. And that my airways still felt swollen, as I struggled to breathe. She said sit and wait for them to call you back. I was left in utter shock and disbelief that in a emergency such as this, that they thought I had time to "wait". Epipens are designed to only work for around 20 mins before swelling could reoccur. The fact that she did not take it seriously and made me wait half a hour to be seen by a doctor was extremely heartless and unprofessional.

Kelley Robertson

Went into the ER with neck pain, which is causing my arm to numb and go weak. Not one X-ray or look inside .Blood pressure was high on systolic and diastolic ..sent me home within an hour


The best hospital. They really care about the patients in the ER and do everything possible to help them


Very little real caring here. And lousy care of patients - case information does not seem to be passed on and no way to speak with the doctor unless you are there when he or she happens to be in the room, otherwise you are out of luck.

Darel Washington

Horrible! As soon as I entered with my mother-n-law (02/10/14 @ 12:20pm) the receptionist acted as if she didn't want to be bothered. We are brand new in town and this was our 1st hospital visit and experience. If you are able to go somewhere so.

Amel E

This has become the worst hospital in atlanta. Such a shame as st jospephs used to be the best. The whole family for the last 30 some years would come here for any urgent health issue feeling assured they would be taken care of. When it was swollen up by Emory it now has become a zombie hospital.... that’s right their staff walks and acts like zombies. You talk to them they can’t answer you. You ask for a doctor there is none ... yet you see about four doctors standing in a corner chattering. They send a PA and tell you that’s all that’s available. You ask for assistance and they look the other way. Finally after six hours I’m checking my husband out not knowing what his blood work shows or any of his tests. .... do you think they even ask why or show concern? Don’t waste your time. Take your self and family members to another hospital. Anywhere but here is fine.


front office was so kind! As a foreigner, I don't understand some medical words. However, she explained really nicely!!

Joe Nodvin

3-26-19 kudos to this practice. I am a new patient and already feel like I am family. Dr. Rosenstein is the most proficient and cordial orthopedic surgeon that I have ever met. Joe Nodvin

Mark A. Martin

I placed a review here last November that I must clarify today. After I was released from my first stay, I had to return Thanksgiving Night 2016. I literally almost died that night. But the great people in the Emergency Room were not having that. Not one word was mentioned to me about the fact that I do not have health insurance and absolutely NO corners were cut due to this fact or for any other reason. In fact, during my entire 6 week stay, the ONLY person that was worried about the bill was me. When I mentioned it, everyone made it clear that they were going to do whatever it took to get me well. I had absolutely awesome doctors and nurses. And though we did at times disagree on the path taken to get me well, I never once questioned their drive and determination. And, In spite of me, they did get me well and I finally was able to come home on New Years Eve. My first stay in early to mid November - which I will say was not great - was due to one and ONLY one reason - a doctor that did not see the complexity of my condition. No one is perfect. Great thing is, that from that brought me selfless, determined, talented people that ared about me simply because I am a person and needed help. From the Dietary Representative - who is an angel in her own right, to the nurses, to my doctors, to those in CT, and everyone else that kept the promise made to me when I came back on Thanksgiving Night - that they truly had my back. And you really did. I Thank You ALL!!

Jacob Hampton

Excellent hospital! The doctors did an excellent job with helping me leave my mothers womb.

William Le

Nice facilities; caring and knowledgeable staff. Thanks for continuing to take great care of my mom, esp. Dr. Stetler and nurse Lora and nurse Jasmine. Keep up the wonderful job!

Diane Uzelac

So grateful for the ER staff, Observation Room staff, RN's, PA's, Emergency Room Doctors and the Cardiologist Dr Byron Williams who handled my situation, (and anyone else I am missing). This was a VERY positive experience given I have been in many hospitals due to a congenital heart defect. Everyone was so caring, and did everything they said they were going to do while taking extreme care with/of me. Thank you from the bottom of my great big heart!!! 1st class/5 star care ALL THE WAY! God bless you ALL!

Ann Vinson

Five years ago I would of given this hospital a 5 star rating without hesitation. After being a patient in Emory University Hospital and St. Joseph's in late 2015 I feel 3 stars is generous. Many blame the change of patient care at St. Joseph's on it being associated with Emory and I have to say it is untrue. After experiencing both, basically I got little continuity of care at St. Joseph's and excellent continuity of care at Emory. ONE St. Joseph's Specialist stepped in and referred me to a Specialist at Emory who was excellent and thankfully it turned out very well.

Sara W

Had to go to the emergency room with my father. The entire staff was friendly yet obviously under stress. When we were placed in a room, the nurses Sarah and Liz were quickly at my father's bedside helping him. They were extremely kind and observant to not only my father but the other patients in nearby beds. Sarah and Liz made sure that all patients were comfortable - and their smiling faces and pleasant demeanor made the long waiting times much less stressful - especially for my anxious father.


My mother is currently at that St Joseph Hospital. I could not have asked for a more better caring and loving place to be. I am highly impressed on their professionalism and effort they have shown towards my mother’s health situation. I would be very ungrateful and heartless if I said otherwise. All the employees at the ICU center are just Phenomenal!!!!. St. Joseph Hospital did an excellent job in attending to my mother’s critical care needs till she was ready to be transferred to a center where she can receive further medical attention to regain her full health. Nurse Christina !!! your attitude and courage was just one of a kind. You was very protective of my mother and that alone gave her the hope for recovery. You believing in her gave her the courage to believe in herself that she will recover . To all the Doctors and Nurses in the CCU Unit that took their time and effort to see my mother through;;;On behalf of my family and I, Thank You.

Ashley Connor

The phone operator could really use an attitude adjustment. She was incredibly rude and hung up the phone on me after 30 seconds of speaking to me. Does a simple question warrant that kind of treatment? I don’t think so.

lillian gray

They dont communicate or share pertinent patient information between dpartments. Constant unnecessary interuptions persist because of lack of concern for patient rest. Policies need to change as well as upgrades to medical equipment and communication system between departments. Loud intercom soeakers in patient rooms are extremely irritating to patients and visitors as well as being very outdated. No patient should have to listen to unnecessary noise .

Nita Mack

The staff makes or breaks any business. Some of the staff here can be really rude, rough in caring for ppl,and lack customer service. The cafeteria customer service sucks. They don't give you a choice of what you can have. They just bring you whatever they want you to have. Not caring if you like the food or if you have allergies. They don't have a great selection of food. If a cafeteria staff members comes up. They still limit your choices. After giving you a menu that clearly tells you your choices. I understand people have bad days. Yet you shouldn't allow your bad energy. To rub off on these poor patients who have to be here. They should get a certain level of care and respect. They have rights and are human. If you don't like what you do for a living change it. Last but not least. My love one was a fall risk. You have to keep your eyes on her. Well when i was in the room and had to use the bathroom. I would keep the door cracked. How about this guy that was cleaning the rooms(well getting the trash) Came in without knocking (while I was in the bathroom with the door cracked) to take out the trash. While I was in the the bathroom. He was looking in the bathroom at me. While I hurried to finish. Then I asked him not to ever do that again. He smiled and walked away.

Sharon Lynn

As a health care provider I am appalled at what I am reading. Sure there are always two sides to a story but what is important here is that these people are sharing their reviews from a "patient's perspective". Is this really the image that Emory wants to portray? Without customers you have no jobs. Customer service training sounds like it would be a great place to start. Remember, as long as we live we will have to trust a healthcare provider with a family member or even ourselves when unforeseen illnesses or injury occurs. How do you want to be treated?

Elizabeth Reid

I had back surgery here in October 2018 every one was very good at there job and caring definitely would go back

Vilisha Jackson

St joseph is a good hospital er wait was not long everyone was nice and friendly they)explain everything. to you great experience when you buzz the nurse they comes right away

J Goodroe

Great and friendly staff. They seem to care and actually listen to what you have to say. Left Northside and went across the street to Emory because Northsaide could not get me out the door fast enough. The difference in level of care was incredible! I will always go to Emory. Northside is a joke.

Cyndi Patterson

Thank you ER staff (including front desk). My sister and I took our dad last evening with heart issues. Amazing, highly knowledgeable, compassionate care. I am so sorry I don't remember anyone's name. Their professional care helped us deal with the situation. I am deeply grateful. Thank you all so very much.

marty lavine

Worst hospital stay ever! Nurses more like programmed robots than autonomous humans, and a few seem to be learning on the job. I could write up 2-3 pages of issues for my 1-night stay but I have neither the time nor motivation. (Emory doctors however, are among the best in Atlanta!)

Lisa Schmidt

The lack of experienced doctors is evident. 4 years ago my grandfather was a patient they said he would be checking out that day due to extreme constipation however he had internal bleeding and died. Yesterday my grandmother passed out broke her arm wrist and elbow with major facial bruising. They did a CT scan and x Ray they missed the broken elbow and wrist. She was in extreme pain and it took these worthless nurses long periods of time to get her medication.. Complete disaster I absolutely hate St. Joesph’s hospital full of clowns go across the street to northside!

anna Rotger

Currently waiting since 9:30 with really bad symptoms of what appears to be " side effects" from my meds. The nurse only came to draw blood after I went twice to ask why the urine sample had been sitting in my room for over an hour. Apparently, since my issue appears to be something related to mental health, it is not treated as a priority. I cannot operate, cannot stand on my own, I'm having glitches in my brain. I asked for a CT to make sure I'm not having issues as a result of my Paxil meds which I do take for anxiety. No one has an answer, no one has come to see me. How can we break the mental health stigma when not even healthcare providers help you understand what is happening to you?

Abbie Carnes

This hospital is top notch. The Janitorial staff, nurses and techs are friendly and professional. Everyone here seems to really love their jobs

Dindee Loo

Oh my God. Where to start. This is the worst hospital in creation. Unprofessional, exhaustingly uncooperative. A MAGNATE HOSPITAL? THATS A LIE! My mothers care here has been less than low She would have been better off at Rutgers University gun shot stab trauma triage hospital in Newark! I have never been more frustrated, angry, stressed and upset as I have been the entire time my mom has been I these people care. I am two pen strokes from writing a letter to the AMA about this place. I just need them to get it together so my mo. Can get the hell out of there and then its ON!

Don Kell

Take it from someone who knows. Alter 27 surgeries at 7 Atlanta hospitales this one is by far the best. The care and doctors are top rate. My Mom is currently here with cancer and I couldn't ask for better care. I had her transferred here …

Anna Alexander

OMG! This place is wonderful. The staff is is great. No so much for the doctor on call. The ER doctors are very friendly and and ER staff is awesome friendly. I enjoyed it. My mother was sent to the hospital after her fall and everyone there was great. The only thing I did NOT like was the ON CALL DOCTOR never got to meet any one of them. I seen there name "PERZE" but NOT yet seen him all week. At the hospital now going on 2 weeks.

Vicki Williamson

Ever since Emory purchased or merged with (whichever the case may be) St. Joseph's Hospital it has been the most painful experience to get an appointment with my vascular surgeon. Prior to the changes at the hospital, I would just call his scheduler and she would set up my yearly vascular ultrasound and appt with Dr. Mittenthal (who happens to be the most awesome vascular surgeon); however, for the last couple years when calling for an appt you sit on hold at least 10 minutes only to get someone who honestly does not seem to have an idea on how to schedule an appt. I live almost 60 miles from the hospital so I've always made my ultrasound and dr appts for the same day. In the past Joy (the scheduler) would make it where I could have the ultrasound and then walk down to the hall immediately after to the doctor's office and be seen. Now getting the appointments on the same day or at least within a couple hours is painful. Moreover, the agents who take these calls make errors such as scheduling the ultrasound in Sandy Springs but the appt in Roswell even though I've never been to that office. I really hope this experience is improved upon.

sakenna harrison

Emory is the best I had a bad experience at Northside Hospital tonight 7/17/18 the staff were very rude. As a result I left and checked into Emory. I have never been treated so good from the front signing in to seeing the doctors. I didn't get everyone's name but I would recommend this Hospital /ER to anyone seeking medical advice/care. Thank you Kyung Royal NP-C and DR. Kiera L.Van Besser

Valerie Sanders

Fantastic hospital! The staff and doctors here are phenomenal. They took great care of my mother during her kidney cancer ordeal. We were amazed at how caring and professional they were. If we ever need a procedure again, we will choose here first.

Maria Melissovas

I am typing this right now as I am still in the ER after 5 hours. I asked for someone to help me to the bathroom way over 2 hours ago & no one ever showed up for that. But, I had stopped waiting & had finally went. I know mp one showed up during that time because my daughter was in the room. When got to the ER I was crying because I thought I was having a heartattack. Nobody wanted to help me because they thought I was trying to jump the line. When they found out I had Epilepsy they out right said I was psychochotic. Yet I'm about to be admitted for monitoring for a possible stroke.

Amanda Moore

Having a really hard time with St. Joseph's. Arrived today and my dad was distressed and covered with pee. It was all over the floor. It was not warm, it was cold. The room was freezing. He was so anxious. He said he was depressed. I called the nurse into the room, and she said she "does not clean up or change bed sheets," that the tech was at lunch. My father was very distressed. It was a bad situation. I can't wait to get him out of there.

Katy Ryan

Went to the ER with massive stomach pains and vomiting. Everyone I dealt with from the people admitting me to the nurses, PA were all exceptional. Highly recommend!!

Karen Wainer

Brought someone for an outpatient surgery. Lobby/check-in staff were amazing and kind. OR nurse working with friend, not so much. Love the pager/surgical board system. Could use a facelift as far as waiting area and bathrooms, but as long as care is TOP NOTCH, this is small potatoes. Our team rep was WONDERFUL with all his patients.

Jonn Smitt

I usually don't leave reviews but I must say this is the best hospital that I have been to. Everyone is nice and friendly. Having surgery was a scary experience but the staff made me feel comfortable. They listened to my concerns and were attentive. Every hospital in America should follow Emory's model for exceptional service. Thank you.

charliene bartley

This is a horrible hospital... The nurses are very rude n they show no care or any concern... I came in the hospital bleeding n cramping n I'm pregnant n they left me in a room for 3 hours..... Horrible service 2 be an hospital your better of staying home or locating another hospital.... You will die depending on this staff

Cool Ppl

Love this place. My wife had thyroid surgery and they took care of her. From the front desk to the doctors in the back, everybody had a smile on there face. Thank you all, for all you have done me and my wife. God bless

Juana Landaverde

Horrible hospital they took my husband out of the room have him waiting outside the rooms still cruently waiting it’s been almost an hour waiting for a room up stairs but yet they take someone else upstairs bad nurses he is in pain and they won’t give him anything until he is upstairs bad service!

Tykila Taylor

My visit to the Emergency Room here was a complete NIGHTMARE!! I was in so much pain & agony that I couldn't think straight. It took them forever before they even decided to give me something for the pain. They performed a bunch of unnecessary tests and racked up a huge bill. They never did perform the ultrasound, which is what I actually needed. I ended up leaving without a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Topher Conner

Typically the food here is pretty good, but a bit pricey. The tacos (on a Monday, not EVEN Tuesday) were weak and bland. The turkey was the worst, and the beef not much better. Even the cheese sucked. The staff is pretty nice... I haven't received urget care here, I can't speak to that.. But run away from the tacos!

Angela Destiny

My experience with the pulmonary doctors, nurses, imaging staff, dietary, custodial, transport were PHENOMENAL! The four star rating is due to the treatment from the case manager. She was rude and her only interest was who would be driving me home. I told her my daughter was in London and my son brought me to the hospital. She has NO interest nor discussed my care during my hospital stay or home. I had been admitted the day before and diagnosed with pnemonia and my pulmonary sarcoidosis in my lungs had worsened. I told the rude one the next day the PA which saw me said I'd be released mid week! SHE HAD THE AUDACITY TO TELL ME I ONLY GET 36 HRS! This rude one doesn't know me. If she treats me an insured patient this way; Father God only knows how she treats uninsured patients! The next day she comes back during "rounds" with the entire team. As they were leaving she again asked Dr. Kim when I'd be leaving; he told her 24-48 hrs! This rude one NEEDS TO LEARN EMPATHY! I'LL BE INFORMING THE HOSPITAL'S DIRECTOR!

L Franklin

The nurses are under staff , alarm was going off in my stepfathers room and we push button for nurse and it took 20 minutes for a nurse to come. Also my mom and I was on the wrong elevator and Kiara very rude I think she's a CNA said we need to get off the elevator rudely and Kathy respiratory supervisor smiled and when I told them they were rude they laughed.


We went to emergency room yesterday and it took them 5.5 hrs to get a MRI done. We had to stay overnight and in floors 100 the nurses talk very loud at night and have no respect for people trying to get rest

Bridget Williams

This hospital was absolutely incredible in their care and treatment of me. I had a medical emergency far from home and every single staff member went above and beyond. From the gentleman who emptied my trash can, to the nurses, ER …

Chelsea Peters

Please lord wrapp your healing arms around this building , not just for my grandmaw but for everyone else struggling with their health. Anything can happen, we give it all to you . god speed . amen

Mary Waters

Dr. Busse in ICU is lazy and incompetent. Can't be bothered for to much sticks it on his nurses and don't even think you are going to get this guy to sign a death certificate anytime soon. Bad enough somebody has passed away, but he don't give 2 hoots about the miserable family. Dr. Gonzales is real cold and mean too. They kinda start suggesting real early to pull the plug and then another doctor will say privately, don't do that yet wait there could be some hope. These two are cut from the same cloth. The state should know about this for vital statistics.

THEBARN AngieCrews

Very please with the care we received when my husband had a robotic by pass. I slept for about 3 nights in a gigantic waiting room with TV, Wifi, pillow, etc. Very comfortable as well. Great staff & doctors giving excellent care as he was in ICU.

Allan Zedan

I just came home from visiting my sister at St. Joseph's Hospital. She has been in ICU since Thursday. She has been restricted from eating and drinking anything. The service at this hospital has been the worst I have ever seen. In two days …

Valencia Woods

The worst hospital experience I have ever had. Came in through the ER have was sent to CDU for observation. Observation comprised of me hounding my nurses for my medicine and missing a usual dose of medicine that I get daily in or out of the hospital. If I could give 0 stars I would. This was such a bad experience that I will be writing the better business bureau next. They should be lucky it's not a lawsuit.

Ken Anderson

I'm a physician, just not an ER one. I took my friend in to the hospital after she smashed her finger so hard that the nail came off, and the entire finger was split in half. She was nearly passing out from the pain. We waited no less than fully five (5) hours before anyone offered so much as a Tylenol. After nearly 4 hours, my friend could not stand the pain much longer, and was beginning to faint from the pain. I asked the clerk at the intake area what to do if she passes out from the pain (basically saying there was a ton of uncontrolled pain going on and nobody was paying any attention) and I was told in an indifferent, smug tone, "well, she's in an ER, isn't she?" So rude and uncaring. It was the worst hospital experience of my life, and that's saying a lot. If you or a loved one is in pain, avoid St. Joes, as even with extremely painful injuries like a crushed finger you'll be in for a 5 hour wait, and you'll be given an attitude by a non-caring, smug individual who, instead of offering to help, will say sassy things like "well, you're in an ER, aren't you" instead of doing her job. I was disgusted. Still am. Never, ever going there again.

Joyce Thomas

The parking for the cancer center is free plus they offer Mass at this hospital.

Kevon Flourish

When it was just St. Joseph's I sang their praises but since Emory has taken over everything has nose dived. Staff to busy talking to each other and on their phones to do their job. And the attitude from the majority of the staff is insulting. They act like you are bothering them by telling them something as simple as my veins move and act like it don't matter when they don't listen and leave your arm bruised up from them keep poking you wrong. Next time I have an emergency I would rather die where I am instead of coming back here and suffering more.

D Cartee

DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!! This used to be a great hospital until Emory has taken over. I was admitted in April of this year. I made them aware of who my Cardiologist was 3 times because it had changed in the past year. The nurse did not listen and the hospital contacted my old cardiologist office and of course no one came because I am not their patient. The Nurses were so short handed and One of the Dr. came in and argued at one of them in front of me for something that was not her fault. The food is awful and do not give you a choice in what you would like to eat like other hospitals. They even billed wrong. They filed insurance claims under my husbands name and not mine. I will never return to this hospital for anything. I have since found out that a few of my Dr.'s are no longer with this facility.

Khayrul Islam

I don’t have no words this hospital has changed my thoughts about hospitals made me feel at home and all the employees are thernormal. Special thanks to Dr Erica ( ER Doctor) Dr Ahmed (PHYSICIAN) Marie Georgia Camille Aisha Ase Tkeyah Edwin Adrienne Lekisha Iffy Lillian Melissa Josh/Hanaga ( ER Nurses) Michael (wound clinic ) These people made feel at home with the care they provided thank you so much guys I hope this goes to upper level and you guys get recognized. Thank you for going above and beyond for your patents.

Lucil Phillips

Forget it. I think the patient is more educated than the doctor, in my case.

Keith Cason

Emory St Joseph’s hospital was great when my wife had a heart attack. The doctor are great and the rest of the staff is phenomenal. All of the nurses are awesome. Everyone down to the cleaning staff was excellent. I hope we never have to go back but if we do I know we will be taken care of. Thank you Emory St Joseph’s for all you do.

Marc Justice

The staff at Emory Saint Joseph took care of an abscess on my face which was previously butchered at a local hospital. I came into the ER and they treated me and my family with the utmost professionalism that anyone in the medical field could learn from. I cannot thank the staff at Emory Saint Joseph hospital enough. Truly modern day saints. Thank you so much, and God bless you all.

Michael Walls

This hospital is horrible. They say they pride themselves with being efficient, effective and excellent care. However, tonight they were insufficient, ineffective and provided poor care. I brought my mother in per doctors orders for cardiac workup after having severe chest pain. They stuck her in a room, put on a blood pressure cuff, got blood and then we didnt see anyone for hours as my mother suffered. Tried to ask a nurse what was going on, but she had no idea and was more confused than me. Called for someone to come take her to the bathroom and we waited over 20 minutes until finally I just took her myself and still nobody asked to help or anything. Her machine was beeping like crazy and still nobody came in to see if she was ok. I am so frustrated at this hospital. We will never go here again. We will stick with Northside hospital from now on.

Constantine Caillier

I currently came down for cardiac testing. Well, my experience with this hospital was the worst hospitality I have ever experienced. From the nursing staff on third floor to the physician and his PA. I traveled over 900 miles to get told they can not perform my surgery. How unworthy is that. I wasted my time, money and energy to be given unprofessional news. I would not recommend this hospital to absolutely no one. If you need surgery please do not go to Douglas Murphy for any service. Please think twice before you decide on this hospital.

William Smelser

Through my doctor at Kaiser, had a "heart catherization" performed at St Joseph's Emory on Tuesday 8/27. Everyone on staff that day was wonderful, especially in the Heart/Cardio lab, I want to give special shout out to JAMIE (prepared me for my procedure) and Courtney who took me up. Doctors were wonderful and efficient and very communicative on how it was going. Didn't really enjoy the post-op recovery time, but can't do much about that. It was GREAT that Jamie stopped by again to say goodbye when she saw I was about to be released. She even remembered my father had been found collapsed in his house and said she would wish for him to recover. Very sweet for her to remember that. Thank you everyone at St Joseph Emory Heart/Cardio lab!!! Bill Smelser, Marriott International

Tonya Wilson

Great Care, and staff....Hate the parking deck machines....

James Tobias

Really enjoyed our experience, both my fiancee and I were admitted in the hospital at the same time. It’s nice to have a Catholic chapel in a nice hospital. I was in the ER for about 12 hours, and I deducted 1 point for my experience there. The quality of care just is not on par with the rest of the hospital. Once I got a room and my fiancee in her room had great experiences with both Doctors and nurses. Please keep in mind there are no food options open past 6pm that I could find in the building. Expect to walk next door to Northside to get McDonalds or take a drive somewhere.

Jessica DuBois

Migraine and asthma attack. Hospital system is down, no update to patients, no necessary medications, just sitting here in pain with zero communication as to when treatment will happen.

Matt Davis

This hospital is the best hospital that anyone could go to!! The staff is kind, and they genuinely care about their patients!! The flip side to that is, if you are a patient, it's important to be kind. I maintain a positive attitude and enjoy being polite to my doctors, nurses, techs, housekeeping staff, and anyone else I encounter. It's amazing what a little kindness on the patients part can do. I have spent extensive time here, and they have always made me feel at home. The few times when I was difficult, they recognized my fears and took the steps necessary to help me out. I love St. Joe's, and I proudly recommend it to anyone!!!

Dave Wiedman

This place was a decent hospital. I had(still have) sever lung problems. I got transfer from another hospital bc this one has more lung specialist. I was transported by ambulance directly to ICU. In a couple of days I was transferred to lung floor. Then sent home in a couple of days. The food was good. Staff was the most part friendly a little slow on call light at times but over all good. One nurse named Sonja was mean. I was on the toilet and couldn't get up on my own she refused to do the one thing I knew would help (from prior incident). I reported her to the hospital admins and seemed to take it seriously. But that is my only complaint and as long as you don't have her as a nurse I would recommend this hosptial

Greg Pocock

It is no wonder why this hospital receives the accolades it does. The docs, the nurses and ancillary staff do an extraordinary job. Only two hospitals in the world have achieved Magnet Award for nursing for consecutive times. St. Joes is one of them. Nuff said!


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