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REVIEWS OF Emory Johns Creek Hospital IN Georgia

James Yost

I took my wife to the emergency room for some abdominal pain she was having. Everybody was phenomenal, just phenomenal! They rushed her right back, and took care of her immediately. Best hospital in town. Highly recommended!

Jessica Walker

I've had both of my children here. The last one November 2015. Awesome Hospital. Clean. Nice. Hardworking nurses. Everything was done in a timely manner. I had a emergency c section and a planned c section, both went very well. Nurse Helen from labor and delivery was the best!!!!!! I wouldn't want to deliver anywhere but here.

Charles Lehr

Pleasantly surprised. No complaints whatsoever. Sure there was a little wait for my daughter to be seen... but that's expected. (She had severe adnominal pain - not actively bleeding or anything.) The receptionist was polite and proficient. The triage nurse was friendly and professional. The Physician Assistant (Jan) was fantastic... as were the ladies who drew blood, administered meds and performed the CT scan. Very pleased by their bedside manner and simple decency they showed towards a young lady in pain - and her concerned parents. Thanks!

Meeka's Chronicles

ER is a joke. No one moves in a hurry. I'm not sure what definition they are using for emergency. My mom loves cold weather her house is like a freezer. I asked for blankets because she is freezing. She is still waiting. I used all the sheets in the room to warm her. I guess they will have to wash today. They wanted to give her pain meds great, first you would need to know the ones she is allergic to.

Daniela Vargas

A few days ago, arrived in an ambulance to the emergency room with my elderly grandfather who fell and broke his shoulder. For context, he was 82, had to be on oxygen tanks 24/7 at a very high setting and could barely take a couple of steps before he would be completely exhausted. The staff refused to call the on-call orthopedist to see him and they had no social worker on duty. After waiting for 2 hours for him to get looked at, an emergency room tech put a sling on his arm and then the hospital wanted to send him home. My aunt told them we needed to talk to someone because we didn't have the means to take him home, no exit plan or a way to take him home: with his arm broken he could no longer even go to the bathroom or stand up without someone lifting him up. We had no wheelchair, no oxygen for the ride home. The person that my aunt spoke to responded with 'sounds to me like that's a social problem, not my problem', even though the hospital had no social worker available to talk to. We felt neglected, we were spoken down to, and started to despair because he was in a lot of pain and there was no solution presented to treat his completely broken bone or for us to even transport him. There was no compassion shown except for one of the doctors that did briefly get to see him, was the only one to show some human warmth and concern. We are all extremely disappointed that a hospital with such a prestigious reputation treated us and my grandfather so poorly, especially when the healthcare field so closely aligns with social situations and with people that are in need of help, care, and human compassion

Bronson Kurtz

I see all the horrible reviews but since I was not a patient I cannot confirm these experiences. I came here to visit a friend over a snowy Jan day. The main entrance is on the opposite side of the emergency entrance. There were signs everywhere about black ice. There were 2 greeters that told me where to go. The hospital was quiet and did a lot of things my friend needed during her stay. The hospital was patient with large number of family visitors. So I really don't have any complaints. There were even comfortable chairs in the hallway. But since I cannot fully testify on the care of this hospital I will only give it 4 stars.

Roona K

Disappointed with the service on the postnatal care.. there were few nurses who were exceptional & few sucked!!! & I mean it.. I would recommend north side anytime over Emory..

Mario Reid

Went to empty emergency room and waited 2hours before I walked to the nurses station to get status. Went back to my room and saw a bed bug coming out of the bathroom! I took pictures and immediately left. Showed nurses and staff and they could care less!

Ambar Sol

Worst HOSPITAL EVER!!! IF YOU ARE IN PAIN TRY ANOTHER HOSPITAL! ALSO YOU SHOULD NEVER go alone, they will try to force unnecessary treatment, and communicate poorly and have you sitting in excruciating pain for hours. The nurses lie and put your safety at risk, and should you decided to question them about the unnecessary treatment they will refer you to google. Literally had the charge nurse pull up google to give me information about a migraine cocktail that they administer to patients. I had to go to Northside Hospital after spending hours without treatment at Emory Johns Creek.

Angela McCoy

Worst service every . When I arrived it was only two people in the lobby. I waited 5 hours before they called anybody name. When they called names. They called three people who just walk in in front. Of me. I walk up to the desk and stated I waited 5 hours I know it is by your issues . They couldn't even find my paper work. Then the guy said ooh I see what happened I'll come and get you in 5 minutes. 5 minutes went by know one came. I waited other 2 hours still haven't been seen. I'm still waiting and the lady at the desk stated we only have 110 beds so there is nothing we can do. I'm still setting here waiting. Other hour gone bye. This is. They worst hospital I ever been to. I felt like I was at Grady with know insurance. I have insurance. Unprofessional staff . Front staff have no customer service skills. Please keep in mind I haven't made it to the back!!!!!!!! Please don't go to this hospital. They worst emergency every.

Tommy Owens

When I checked in for my spine surgery this past Thursday morning at 5:30am, I was talking with a lady with slightly curly hair and glasses whose name escapes me about how bad the reviews are on Google. I asked her, "Have you seen the Google reviews on this place? Especially about the nursing and emergency room and how bad they are?" She said, "No, but you have to remember people only leave reviews when they're mad and have bad experiences." I told her that wasn't true, that I leave reviews on great service as well. She told me then that I would be writing about today (meaning Thursday, Sept. 13th, 2018). She was right. True to my word, here it is: Emory Johns Creek has, beyond any doubt, the best nursing staff on earth. From Jennifer, the oriental nurse that prepped me (and we had a ball!) to the two nurses that took care of me in post op recovery (a Hispanic nurse named Teresa and a nurse that had dark, long curly hair with a French name, Lourette or something of that nature, both of whom went above and beyond the call of duty) to Tracy who took care of me through the night, the nursing simply could not have possibly been any better. Were there issues? Yes, but nothing that effected the overall outcome. About the most annoying thing was that my bed didn't work. None of the controls on the inside panels were operable. Everybody that came in thought that maybe the controls were locked, but they weren't. They were just broken and didn't work. It also took far, far, far, far too long to get me to my room. I was supposed to be in recovery for 30 to 45 minutes tops. Due to poor scheduling and very poor oversight, there was no room for me to go to and I wound up being stuck there for 5 hours. If not for Teresa and Lourette, I would have lost my mind. Those two ladies qualify for instant canonization in my book. They took care of me, kept me sane and saw me through it. I owe them huge for that. My surgeon Dr. Barnett and her team were top notch. Even the two young men that wheeled me around were kind, professional and just great to be around. If you have problems with the nursing at Emory John's creek, maybe you need to do some soul searching and realize these people aren't your mother. They are not there to give you hugs and kisses and rub your feet for you and bring you hot cocoa. They are trained professionals there to do a job and they do it better than anybody I've ever dealt with...and this being my 5th surgery, believe me I know.

Hamid ٱهنگ

My experience was poor and they charge double compair to other places

Tanya Hunter

Just got back from the ER there and it was a wonderful experience. I didn’t wait more than ten minutes but that’s not something I factor in. I work in healthcare so I understand what’s happening behind the scenes in an emergency room when a lay person is looking around at a nearly empty room and wondering why they’re waiting. Dr. Barbara Friedman had the best bedside manner and the student NP Nicole who was with her was extremely sweet and caring. So much better care than Gwinnett hospital in Lawrenceville.

shayna gora

we waited for 3 and a half hours and got no results we have seen one nurse i am very dissatisfied with the service here!

Lana Brighton

Terrible radiology department. Rude staff and unprofessional. The woman who is not even a nurse injured my arm and left me bleeding!

Lori Creedle

Had a gall bladder removal done at this hospital and it was wonderful. Wonderful, friendly, upbeat nurses and all very professional !! Planning on Bunion surgery and wanted to make sure that my Podiatrist used THIS hospital !!!

Teresa Thompson

My mom has been in this hospital for almost a month. Believe me... I've learned a lot during the 28 days there. Instead of being able to care for her and spend any quality time with her, I've spent it chasing doctors and nurses to get answers. No one is on the same page when it comes to the team of cardiologists and especially oncology. There have been so many things go wrong, I had to contact the CEO of EJCH on a Saturday to get the chaos under control. There were 2 days her heart monitor wasn't working and she was in Afib for six hours which we found out after having to take her to her primary cardiologist at Piedmont who checked her pacemaker. There were 4 instances where we ordered her meals that never came. Physical therapists that never showed up in the room. Every day something seemed to go wrong. 7 hrs spent in emergency waiting for a room. 6 hrs spent waiting on a procedure that was supposed to happen at 10am. They came to get her at 3:30pm. The doctors and nurses aren't on the same page. If you have a loved one there, DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED! We will never go back. If it's an emergency, I'll take her to Northside. BEWARE!!!

Keith Veigas

I have been here twice. They consistently good in every category. Competent, concerned and personable!

Eliot Gregory

Billing Department is disjointed and you hear a lot of, "I don't know" when it comes to who handles the radiology and physicians billing. When you have a question about a bill (any bill associated with a hospital visit), most hospitals will transfer you to the billing department who primarily deal with the medical bill, but can also, at the very least, provide you with the phone number and name of groups who work with the hospital providing services for other charges. This billing department is completely lost. The billing department told me to call the hospital for that information. Who do you think transferred me to you, Sandy?

William T

ER is horrible, we waited for hours. They took people in and out without giving them a room. I watch a man struggling to breath who they put on oxygen and took him out to the waiting room again. I would never come back here. After waiting 3 hours we never got seen by the doctor

derrick bengston

Absolutely the worst attitude nurses and doctors I have ever experienced. No one seems to want to be there, terrible communication skills. Just flat out rude staff. We will NEVER go to this ER again.

Kathy Rush

This is the best hospital bar none!! From the doctors to the exceptional nurses and technicians. I have never felt so welcomed ay any other hospital!! Way to go for providing the best patient care in Atlanta!!!

Nintendo 64

Just came from there the worst ER experience so much for the prestigous reputation dr Brenda Friedman "an 80 year old can pass out and its still not an emergency" WHAT???????WHAT????? I am grown man and I almost shed a tear after my discharge. This is a huge dogshit of a Hospital. Something me not to come here something, when i was at the triage after i met the nurse I had a slight hundge to RUN. Run from this pathetic excuse of a Prestigous Hospital. Run if you have any dignity. Run.

shahida masthan

The staff and nurses here were amazing and gave close attention! I got admitted here twice during my pregnancy and both the times the staff and nurses were so caring. The place is clean and comfortable too. I had to cancel my Baby shower coz of some complications but the hospital insisted and was generous enough for me to have a baby shower celebration at the hospital hall itself. My doctor and couple of nurses attended the baby shower too which made the whole process so personal and amazing! Jessica and Dr Whitney cook delivered my Baby and we are super Thankful to both to make the process so special and smooth! Would highly recommend this hospital for delivery.

Katherine Hutto

never have i been treated more poorly. they not only ignored my symptoms they ignored me to the point of cruelty or even abuse.

Leslie Hankins

Read the 8-page privacy policy - you basically don't have any rights including HIPAA in many cases. Read it, it's sick how they use/misuse your data without your permission. Care-wise: Absolutely shocking indifference and/or incompetence. They could have killed someone 2 or 3 times over with the mistakes they made, one of which was a 3-word ""typo"" read and approved by multiple providers.

Christine sparkman

This place is a joke, thenurses in the ER were so rude. The nurse was cold and rude and snatched my car after out of my hand. I am a 42 year old wife and mother. I actually walked out and drove to northside Forsyth. And not one person cared they all stood at the station and talked about me.It's like night and day.. I am very disappointed that Emory would have their name behind a staff like this. It's scary

Kayla Gray

The staff was professional and most were friendly and caring. They took excellent care of my husband.

Robert Eisenhardt

Review for the Heart and Vascular group under Dr. Robertson - and as this is in the physician's wing, it is quasi-independent from Emory per se (many negative reviews there). This group is fantastic and I have never waited long nor received bad advice save for the awful Zoll Life-Vest (an external defibulator, do not buy into that madness). PA Graham is also to be commended. A terrific group. Note: fortunate to also have a major secondary hospital, Northside, not far away at all so patients do have a choice. Research!!!!

Medhini CMG

It took 1 hour to get to triage room and I’m still waiting past 3 hours for an empty ER room to be seen. I can clearly see people who are in far worst condition than I am waiting to be seen. Ridiculous.

Sean L.

My experience at this hospital was poor to say the least. The nurses ignored the calls and tests sent by my primary care physician and decided to do the same tests again while I was still in a lot of pain and distress waiting for actual treatment. The lack of communication in this place is clear as well. After giving me extra strength tylenol for my fever during the tests, another nurse came into my room and tried giving me more assuming that I have not had some already. In addition, the nurse who ran the tests on me asked me to do a urine test. After I was done, I placed it to be collected by a nurse. It never was. By the time I actually got the treatment I was expecting, a nurse came to remove the needle in my arm without gloves with the excuse that washing hands is enough. While walking around the room, the nurse did not even bother to politely ask my mother to move. He just walked into her to get the gloves that we had to demand him to use. Needless to say I walked out of that hospital feeling drugged and disappointed. The only reason I am giving 2 stars is because the doctor who took care of me was nice enough to acknowledge me and my mother as people and not just another patient with some loved one.

Kimberly Moore

On October 19, 2018, my husband and I arrived at the ER around 5 am. The over night shift was awesome. Dr Chen and the staff was great. We were taken straight back. The Dr ordered x-rays and a CT scan. 7am is shift change. This is when the service dropped horribly. All we were waiting on were the results. The new staff didn't have to do anything. And nothing they did!!! Unless you consider nurse Lindsey and others watching cartoons and cat videos. At 8:20, my husband asked where was the doctor. The response was "shift change". Sorry but the shift change happened almost 90 minutes earlier. When we finally saw Dr Michael Ross, he told us they couldn't do anything if there are no broken bones. So broken bones are the only thing that ER can treat? After showing up before 5 am, we didn't get out of there until 9:30. The only reason I gave 3 stars is because the overnight shift was fantastic.

D. Schindler

Had a detailed surgery there and had a wonderful positive experience. Everyone took excellent care of me. It's been several years now and no complications and an awesome healthy and better life!


Amazing nurses Great doctors You save lives thank you !!!

rita Taylor

My father was there recently in ICU. My family and I can not say enough about the staff, of how pleasant and awesome they all were. Even when he went to the 4th floor, the staff still were awesome. The nurses were extremely proficient in their knowledge and skills. The doctors were all amazing and I feel like the staff certainly saved my father's life and helped him heal quickly. Thank you All do much!! Forever Grateful ❤️❤️

Quis K

This hospital is wonderful the doctors nurses front desk everyone is really nice the only reason for 1 star is this crazy long hours wait time , I hope the management will fix it

Bianca Robinson

The time was 6:33 when I came to the emergency room with my aunt, the time is now 11:54 and we are still here. The staff is nice but omg service must be better. I herd 1 too many sorry for you long wait. It’s been 55 mins since we were told the doctor would be in. The chair are sooo uncomfortable for this kind of wait. I’m sooooo un pleased. I’ve never had an experience like this and I don’t want to ever come back here.

Henrietta Carter

Staff is so caring about their patients and everyone that visits the hospital.

Jessica Jordan

I give this Hospital 5 stars. All the staff was very nice and pleasant. Came in and got seen immediately with no wait. Very consistent.

sandy matthews

Wonderful staff and Doctors.

Laura Cheek

My care in interventional radiology was absolutely wonderful! Great teamwork focusing on safety and keeping patient and family informed!

Jennifer Roberts

My first choice of hospitals in the north Fulton and gwinnett area. I've used their er several times for myself and family. Always relatively quick. Very thorough and clean. New and updated


This was the worse emergency room experience I’ve ever had. The triage and charge nurses were rude, Dr. Rosing was rude, and no one was concerned with the chest pains I was having or my extremely high blood pressure. I was ignored, lied to about treatment, and rushed out of the ER, left in a lot of pain. These providers violated my patient rights, and violated their oath to medicine. Everyone that was not a person of color treated me badly and did not try to treat me. I felt as though I was being discriminated against and felt unsafe as Dr. Rosing tried to give me medication I did not need, that would cause me harm, and had nothing to do with my chest pains or migraines. As an AA hypertensive women, exhibiting early signs of a heart attack in women (which differs from me), I was ignored, left to wait for over an hour, and untreated.

Cherise Williams

I am due to deliver here in June, and already don’t want to. First off came to the hospital they don’t even have signs for the their labor and delivery department, I had to go into the Emergency room to ask where to go. Secondly, I get there and I know that the nurses have to check with the doctors and they are all just on call. But no one saw the significance or pain that I was in. I had been in a car accident where a semi truck hit us in the back and I was still in pain. The in call Doctor (Dr. Simon) had no empathy for anyone and I am a high risk patient. I wish I can switch because I already see how it is going to be when I have to come back in June

khalid khalid

The emergency room team were wonderful and really helpful! The receptionist Sarah was nice too. Very clean facility. Thank you very much!

Sylvia Timothy

I have delivered two babies here and each time I really enjoyed my stay. The nurses on duty were very polite and helpful. They respected our privacy. It was a very quiet and peaceful stay. My OB was the OB on duty so it was nice to know that should I need anything, she was also staying overnight in a room gown the hall. Since our babies were healthy, we were allowed to go home a day early as long as we agreed to follow up with the pediatrician within two days.

Gloria Harris

The BEST hospital around.The staff is perfect.My nurses Hyrenne and Stephanie that words on the Cardio unit are the best.The rooms are clean.Doctors and nurses are on point.i leave Norcross just to come here.the best around

NickVZ 1

Awesome service. Thanks you!!

REZa Farro

Staff are killing time .all staff are relax and no hurry .it took 2 hours for X-ray result result then I requested to cancel threatment for long time waiting ,but RN said we are waiting for test result but they never done any test or take sample is so funny, Bottom line there is a lot of staff working for few paitient .seems like they rip off insurance Grady hospital is much more better service .

Steven Vaughn

The people are very rude here and they don’t know what they are doing would not recommend

T Shahbazi

Emory should be ashamed to put their name on this facility. There are some truly caring professionals but they are few and far between. The attitudes of the staff are ridiculous.

Amanda Hearns

This is the worst hospital ever. Even if you are the only one in the waiting room you will be there for hours. Triage will tell you that you will be pulled back in a few mins cause beds are available and still hours later have not been called back. Then nurses and doctors are very rude to you. If you ask questions about your child care they make it seem like an issue, like us as parents are not allowed to know. I truly hope that the hospital does something about it. You don't have to lie or be rude. If you tell the truth and treat us with respect then we may not mind waiting awhile for care.

Neil J

I just went to the ER and what a difference a month has made. Everything was handled efficiently on this visit.

Circe's Cove

Getting into the hospital was overly complicated as a result of insufficient space. I was scheduled for an induction but this was delayed because of Csections and natural births. After the third rescheduling they finally accepted me. Once I was in the hospital things started to go more smothely. They still had a few hiccups that made me want to walk out the same day. I had to sleep in the delivery room on a delivery bed. For those who don’t know what this means it’s like sleeping on a brick and your bed is elevated pointing your feet down ward. They finally got us into the correct bed after my feet had swollen up like balloons and I begged/ harassed them to move me. The lack of space is their greatest downfall. The nurses were pleasant and easy to work with. The older ones were a bit set in their way and would help when they felt good and ready to help you. While they may be the only choice your Dr gives you see if you have other choices until Emory has fully fleshed out their baby unit.

Haley Noel

I can't say enough about this hospital!! Care was top notch and I'm picky. Marjorie on 4th floor was phenomenal. I will return here Any time.

Don Ziemann

Made a appt 8 days out for a calcium scan. Appt was at 2:20 and I received a call to be there at 1:50. Showed up on time. Waited 65 minutes and still not called. My suggestion is if you need to book anything, DON'T book a test here. No consideration of a person's time.

Michael Valverde

This hospital is a joke! Don't waste your time in this ER they take forever. And it's not even full of patients.

Willie Farroukh

The worst hospital ever ... do not go there .

Zia Haider

I went to the E.R of Johns Creek, Emory with a head injury. I was only seen by a Physian's assistant and was released with out seeing an E.R Physician.I don't mind the P.A making initial exam but to be discharged with out an E.R Dr evaluating you prior to release is highly unsatisfactory. I have been to many other E.R's , this was one of my worst experience. I hope the management ensures that no patient is released with out a proper E.R Dr 's evaluation.

Gopinath Kumar

I liked this hospital very much. My wife was in both labor and delivery together for 3 days. The Dr Betty Anthony she took greater care of my wife during delivery. There was nurse Melissa practitioner, she was awesome took care of my wife, and nurse helped my wife a lot. The only concern, I had was day nurse don't care about anything. if you check the look on the day nurse face, i think they don't give a damn. I Recommend this hospital for labor!!!

Jay Arae Essex

I've experienced great care from some wonderful highly skilled professionals. I was a scrub nurse so I know what I'm talking about.

Melinda Clark

UPDATE: The Emergency Department Director, Natasha and the Patient and Family Advocate, Karen had both contacted me today. They expressed their deepest apologizes and assured me that my concerns are being taken very seriously. They also said that the staff would be spoken to. After I finished my conversation with Natasha, my family and I felt much better. The emergency room staff was deplorable! They treated my poor 93 year old grandfather, who has dementia and had fallen, as though he was an inconvenience. He was yelled at repeatedly, and a male employee rolled his eyes and huffed in disgust at him. My grandfather was scared and confused as to why he was there in the first place, but no one bothered to take that into account. The staff only added to his confusion by the way they were speaking to him. The staff also proceed to inform us about how "unruly" he was being. (Which by their definition, unruly meant that he was trying to get out of bed--not that he was yelling or being violent in any capacity.) I'd be "unruly" too if I was confused and the people that were supposed to be helping me were treating me like garbage. I've seen convicts treated better than my grandfather was. It sickens me that he was treated with such disrespect. Shame on you!! If you don't like your job, are too overwhelmed, or just don't have the proper bedside manner than GET A NEW PROFESSION! I only hope that those same people never have someone treat them like "unruly" caged animals when they need help.

Neeha Gottipati

I was taken care by Nurse Kimberley and a Student Nurse Taylor from L & D. They are the best. Taylor even though she is a student, she acted very mature and was very patient through out my journey. However, not so pleased with nurses from Mother and care, the room we got shifted after my labor.

Nekeba Channell

Great place team is very sweet.

John Butler

By far the worst hospital I have ever been to. Staff very unfriendly. I would recommend any hospital besides Emory. The staff did not seem to care about any of the patient's. We then listened to three staff members laughing about two of the patient's in the E.R. and speaking very loudly with the door open about my wife's condition. We both stood up and walked out. Emory your staff members are violating HIPA laws. You might want to check that out. I guess not all hospitals can compare to John Hopkins. Step your game up EMORY.

P Hadley

I’ve had 3 surgeries here. My third surgery is today. They are extremely thorough, professional and nice.

Diane Clinton

As the caregiver to both of my parents 3 years ago I can tell you as a "frequent flyer" that this hospital is concerned for both the patient and the family. My mother was admitted several times during her illness in 2012 and the loving care that she received was excellent. The staff from doctors to nurses to social workers working behind the scene to help the families of terminally ill patients get set up at home, they are the best. Having lost my mother in 2012, My father became our focus. 91 now, he has been in the hospital about twice a year for the past 3 years. Each visit has been as nice as a hospital visit can be. The nurses treat him like family.

Dave White

I suffered a pitbull attack in a customers yard and came to the ER at Emory at Johns creek. The physicians assistant Michael Settle had a fantastic bedside manner and made a very stressful situation seem like not that big a deal. He explained every step and I had zero discomfort. I enjoyed our conversation while I was being stiched up. And when I changed my dressing at home I was very impressed at the stitching and it looks like my scarring will be minimal in spite of how gruesome it had initial looked. I highly recommend this ER for your injuries.

Stephanie Thompson

Very friendly staff and quick service

Ernst Joseph

I came here for an asthma attack. My inhaler was dry. I sat down for over an hour struggling to breathe. Eventually my lungs started to open up for me to get some air. Once I felt I was better enough to go home I walk straight out of there. They are just horrible in every aspect of the word. Find a better hospital is my suggestion!

Mirela Francois

Terrible experience with the Lab. They make you wait 1 hour or more to do a simple blood test. Please find another place to go, unless you have a lot of time to waste.

Zander Zone

Overall good experience I wish the nurses paid a little more attention to the patient however overall great care

Philip Wahlbom

Can't speak to the price yet, but the professionalism, care, kindness, AND compassion were of the highest level. EJCH was simply wonderful!

se park

Standard care is given here Unfortunately communication is weakest here. Dad’s surgeon (affiliated, but not emory employee) is excellent and his billing dept is reasonable. Surgeon bill done (cheaper anyways) Emory hospital (10x the surgeon bill) - i call them - set up a plan via collection agency for hospital stay. I get 2 collection agency for SAME ACC #, SAME AMOUNT, and same description asking for payment. 1 started within 1 month. Another 4 months after. Such redundancy and poor work. Hospital ancillary staff seems to be contributing reason for overpriced healthcare these days.

Becky Blackwelder

Dr. Chen and nurse Songia were amazing and did a fantastic job being thorough and with patient care. The time it took us to be checked out was ridiculous. He let us know we'd be discharged soon and I believe he completed our paperwork LONG before it was brought to us, I had to go to the nurses station and ask for it.

David Lentz

Great hospital very fast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angie Hunt

This is absolutely the worst E.R I have ever been to, unfortunately we had to come in on a Sunday morning we arrived at 7:45 1 person in waiting room we were told no E.R rooms available, it's now 2:30 my guy is laying in the waiting room which is freezing and cold and dirty. No one's in a hurry here. He came in with possible stroke side effects, and still no rooms available. Totally unprofessional people working here, with most of their answers I don't know. Please if you can go to any other hospital please do so. Horrific experience and we are still here in the waiting room. Pissed in John's creek

Danielle Jenkins

From the minute I got there for same day surgery, to the time I left, everyone was incredibly caring and professional. They calmed all of my worries and fears and made me feel safe and comfortable every step of the way.

Moni Monrie

Worst hospital I have ever been to. I had severe pain including chest pains and shortness of breath. Front desk said I had to fill out poets and wait. After waiting for 30 mins they finally took me to triage and then ask me to go back to the waiting area. But! I'm in pain I can barely breath and now I'm about to pass out , nothing they can do I need to just wait. I faint in the lobby around my small children scaring them so bad. Never ever will I come back to this unorganized place. I could have died an

Shelby Ash

If negative stars were a thing I would give them the worst rating. The nurses are lazy, there is not communication between shifts, no one has any idea what going on, EVER! They don't know how to properly document care or even give the proper care. The only good nurse I have seen is the PT & OT employees. When I get the medical records from the hospital I will be in touch with my lawyer. In addition, if you are trying to get talk to the person in charge or a social worker you might as well forget it! You will waste your time and just get the run around and still have no human contact with who you need to speak to. They will note they came in the room and no one ever showed! They have treated my grandmother so poorly and if I did not have connections in the medical field nothing would have been handled! If you want your loved one to die and suffer this is where you send them. I wouldn't send my worst enemy here. THIS HOSPITAL IS A FREAKING JOKE!!!! STAY AWAY

l chester

I will never come back to this hospital . I’ve been throwing up for days and fighting cancer. I was admitted and placed on the 4th floor. The day nurses were all great . The moment the late shift came on it was big loud party . Nurses walking up and down hall talking so loud you could there over tv. Visitors roaming hallway at 12am talking loudly like it’s mid day. The nurse goes in room across from me leaves door open and begins to scream so the elderly lady could her without shutting the patients door. I got up and shut it . You here to get rest it’s 1:31 am and had to call nursing supervisor to shut late shifts party down . Never had such and inexperience in hospital with a unprofessional staff that acted like that . As I’m finishing up writing this a nurse just yelled down the hall to answer another nurse at the other in . I guess nurse supervisor Catherine not much better. Good luck if your sick and rest . Stay off 4 th floor. Wouldn’t let me give it zero stars... Update- After I complained they immediately addressed the issue and the next several day where great and all nurses where wonderful. I will definitely come back .

Chris Craddock

We delivered my baby boy here on 3/8. I cannot say enough good things about our experience here. The Nurses and hospital staff were extremely courteous and professional and genuinely caring. My wifes labor was progressing rapidly, we showed up at 6pm and my son was out at 7:16pm. We had an army of nurses in the delivery room working together in unison to make sure everything went right, and it did! All of them were extremely knowledgeable and professional, never once did I feel like they werent qualified to be there. The only hitch is that the on call MD couldnt make it in time to do the actual delivery, but Nurse Mona and Nurse Jessica were able to execute the delivery flawlessly. The on call MD showed up two minutes after the delivery to help patch things up. Another thing I liked a lot was that every person who came to our recovery room, whether it was an MD an RN or even a hospital staffer, asked us "is there anything else I can do for you before I leave? Do you need anything?" Nobody was above the customer service, which made us feel very welcome and comforted. I also observed that all the nurses and other staff seemed to genuinely like eachother and worked well together. Very professional. I highly recommend this hospital if you are thinking about delivering here.

Magic Mike

really loved the hospital staff. the emergency staff was excellent. the surgical staff were impressive.

Sue Robinson

Always awesome. Treating brain cancer is stressful and they are so comforting. Always. But I am a laid back lady. I try to be a good low maintenance patient. They always tell me how much it is appreciated.

Katherine E

Five weeks ago I had appendicitis and was admitted to the ER. I must have been there on a slower day. I got into see a doctor in about 20 minutes. I arrived around 10:40, got into a room at 11:00, CT scan at 1:30 and diagnosed with acute appendicitis by 2 p.m. Surgery was performed around 3:30 p.m. and woke up around 5:30 p.m. I stayed over night and the staff has efficient and kind. The facility is new and very clean. I would recommend.

Sonali Das

Like the facility and staffs. They are very kind, friendly and helpful.

Stephanie Duffy

It's taken me a really long time to write this review, but for any mothers out there who may give birth here in the future - maybe consider somewhere else. While my nurses who took care of me during labor and delivery were AMAZING, and took great care of ME, I cannot say the same for how the NICU team cared for my son. Over 48 hours passed before we spoke to a single doctor about his care... every nurse told us they couldn't tell us anything and to wait for a doctor. We tried to show up for rounds, and they wouldn't show. We asked to be called when they were there and no one called. No mother should have their child in the NICU with no update. I had to sob to my nurse taking care of my recovery to finally get an update. Thankfully, he was released after one week, and is home safe with us. But I'm still upset 3 months later regarding how the NICU handled the situation.

Jodi Phillips

I have my chemo infusion here, my Dr office is here, and I've been admitted 3 times. This is a very good hospital. The staff is very caring, attentive, and very good at lifting spirits. That includes Dr's, nurses, techs, dietary staff, housekeeping, and volunteers. I haven't met anyone I was displeased with yet.

Tamika Brown

Nurse Judy was working in the ER on Monday, October 15th. Her behavior and conversation with the doctor on call was unprofessional and inappropriate. Judy was busy flirting with the doctor on call so much so, that she was not able to provide good service. This nurse was negligent in her care for me. She bragged about how neat my veins were after sticking a needle in my arm to draw blood. Judy placed the needle through my arm in a horizontal position. I have had three surgeries in the past and I have never had anyone stick me this way. When blood did not flow, Judy began to dig around in my arm, pushing, and pulling on the needle while it was in my arm until the blood began to flow. In addition, I had to remind her to remove the needle upon discharge. Before making it to my car, a liquid started to ooze through my navy blue sweater. I took the sweater off and blood was draining down my arm. I went back to the ER front desk and a nice nurse cleaned me up and gave me contact numbers to report nurse Judy. Here it is 4 days later and the area is still sore, swollen and purple. The care I received was awful. I was also displeased with the doctor’s care. I felt dismissed and I believe I wasted my time. The doctor’s attitude was positive, however, he did not seem interested in given me an adequate diagnosis. At one point he laughed and told me, I diagnosed myself. I am not sure if he was ready to get back to Judy flirting with him, but my health was not a priority in my opinion. My visit was awful. I would like to add that the front desk staff was helpful and courteous.

Nickolas Ray

This review is based on the WiFi registration process alone. There is an open WiFi network available on the campus. Users are required to enter an email address (optional phone number) and a password is then sent. The building has terrible reception so I had to walk to a window for my T-Mobile to receive the text password. It's a good thing I was able to get service though because I was unable to use the email option because I can't check the email without being on the internet!


Been in the emergency room area for 4 hours now and seen (maybe) a nurse finally. 3 hours in waiting room. An hour in a "room". Finally someone has come in to simply ask why we are here and take a look before leaving the room again. Not sure this room should even qualify as a patient room. No sink. No counter. There's a TV, but no remote. Can't decide if my favorite is the tall metal door or the fact that the door into the room locks from the outside. I wish negative stars was a thing... I'll bump the stars up a little. Once things started moving along, the care was pretty good. :) took a little over 7 hours in total. Stuck between 2 and 3 stars with all things considered...we'll just go ahead and round up.

Emily Carver

Absolute disgusting and neglectful level of care for patients in the oncology unit. I am an RN, my grandfather was sadly diagnosed with a very painful form of cancer. My family and I spoke with the MD and attending nursing staff to ensure he would get sufficient pain control and comfort measures, as he is weak and in terrible pain. We were assured orders had been written to address the matter. We were barely gone for 10 hrs and in that time we returned to find him in excruciating pain, soaked in urine, cold and neglected. The excuse from the hospital is and the attending nurse was that “ we should know this is to be expected in a hospital environment.” We have now had to hire a professional to sit with him and make sure his orders are carried out and that he is not left in his own bodily fluids. This is unacceptable, sad, and neglectful. Avoid this hospital at all costs.

Ana Linares

I had to go in for a surgery to remove a lymph node to get a biopsy, which was very scary for me, and from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out EVERY SINGLE PERSON was amazing, kind, nurturing and understanding. The doctor, anesthesiologist and all the nurses were incredible and put me at ease in a very tense situation. And I also had my son there 7 years ago and that was also a great experience too!

Sangria Lamark

I was in Atlanta visiting when I had a bad seizure I was rushed here 2 this hospital where I stayed for 3 days. I like that fact that they kept a CNA in my room the whole time I was there the nurses was ok wht I have a problem with is the Doctors they did not give me any discharge papers stating why I was there they did a cat scan I did not get the results for that OR even discussed them. I no my seizures I dnt remember anything however I do know I'm back in Houston with nunthing to show my doctors.. the nurses was good


I have to give this hospital a five star for the way they attend to their patients. In the last four weeks , I have been in and out of this hospital with one test or the other and have had to deal various specialists like Drs. Tadepalli, Enjeti and Sancheti and nurses and each of these people have been very professional, They explain what is going with you in words you can understand, they do not talk over you but with you! The Radiology staff are awesome and friendly. As they lead you to all these machines, I noticed they all talk to you as they walk side by side with you that means a lot to the patient who is so worried about the test she is about to undergo. Now, Jasmine, the PFT nurse gets my gold star award!! She was kind and patient with me, she listened. Very knowledgeable about her profession but above it all she saw a person across from her not a patient. After my test with her, she took it upon herself to walk me to my next appointment! Wow! Thank you Jasmine, I will remember your kindness. Thank you Dr. Tadepelli for being upfront with me and making it simple and clear. Emory Hospital you sure did due your diligence when you were hiring your staff and volunteers, they rock!

taranna jackson

Very unprofessional here, staff do half there job, nobody don't know anything of what the doctors need patience to do. This my husband 2nd knee replacement surgery. The first one wasted on money and time. Doctor claim my husband is to young for full knee replacement and 1 year and half later have have full knee replacement, the 1st surgery was a partial knee surgery! Didn't do no good! Office workers supposed turn paper work in and wait until they ready to turn it in! My husband is the bread winner in our house and can't get short disability because the staff have not turn his paperwork in yet and doctor gave him 29 days to be out of work for a full knee replacement surgery......who in the right mind would right a work order like this? This major surgery

MsT Kitty

Environment was very comfortable but the doctors prolonged my illness by prescribing unnecessary antibiotics that did nothing to alleviate my problems when surgery was required. It was noted in my medical file that the doctor recommended surgery but I wasn't notified until months later when I was in extreme pain. Then I was advised that I would have to wait for 2 more additional appointments before I can even get my surgery scheduled. I can honestly say this hospital was more concerned with maximizing my insurance payouts/claims than my health. I eventually had to see another doctor at another hospital to get the urgent care I required. I also experienced the same thing as another former patient. I was billed for an ER visit when services were never rendered. I declined services because they were trying to charge me as an uninsured patient when I told them I had coverage. Patients really need to be careful because I completely trusted and felt comfortable my first few visits until I realized how they operate.

Lauren Brantley

Awful experience in the ER. No one let us know that there would be a five hour or more wait. We were thrown into a corner that was dirty and had to wait for it to be cleaned before we could sit down. No one came to inform us of the wait times or checked in on us for hours. Very unhappy with this.

Britt Faunce

We are lucky to have this hospital a few miles away from the house. Since it opened a little over ten years ago, our family has had to go to the ER a few times the most recent when I nearly cut my finger off. The staff here is wonderful. They are professional and provide caring service. And, they handle my nervous jokes with appropriate humor in return! I am so thankful for everyone at this hospital.

Naveed Ahmed

Very helpful crew ! I took my sister to the emergency room, even though they took a little while to take her into the room but lady on the front desk in emergency room gave the attention to us right away. They started to check her blood pressure and temperature right away instead of just letting her sit there and cry in pain. They provide her little comfort by just talking to her. It was just a little while before they took her in even though they saw her crying in pain.

shobhit srivastava

One of the worst hospital, they forcefully put me in room without any treatment , doctor also came without any medicine and treatment , they sent me medical bill, i enroll for auto payment and later on they sent collection mail to me so kind of full harassment, never ever go to this hospital who does that with patient

Tabatha Popesku

Do not go there!! The ER is ridiculous!! Today I took my 1 year old there because it's very close to my home. He had a very high temperature. I gave him Tylenol around 7am and by 9am his fever was 105.4 so I rushed him over. Got there and they seemed to be okay and checked him in. Checked his temp there and it's was 104. Dr came in introduced himself as Dr Micheal got some info and left. Nurse came in and did swabs and finally gave my baby Tylenol. We checked in at 9:40. They gave him Tylenol after 11 something. I can't believe they let a baby go that long with 104 temp. Not to mention they were not that busy. Hours later the nurse came in to tell us what was going on and he needed another test. Nurse Johnson was shocked that the Dr didn't even come in to talk with us. Hours later again dr finally came in and said okay he has RSV and said I will get ur discharge papers. We waited at least another hour and half. We almost just up and left. Nurse Johnson came back in after we called nurse and went to the desk twice. The nurse was completely shocked that we got this kind of treatment. So please take ur time to go to another hospital. You can't get any response from these people!! We where there a total of 6 hours on the dot. In a little room with a 13 month old.

Cindy Gutay

This has been one of the worst hospitals to stay in my entire life! I've had a few uncalled experiences while here. I was awoken one morning to find I was having severe choking! No one could hear me and none of my call buttons include those on the wook would work. I went in to panic mode. I ended up having to Google the hospital number, then the operator then to the floor nurse. The nurse that came in had nothing but attitude! I then ended up back un ICU! VERY scary and never again. Please think twice before using this hospital! Good luck!

Victoria Boyd

I highly recommend Emory Ortho & Spine ! After a few months of different doctors and my limited insurance, I was referred to Emory. I could barely walk for at least six months. On my first appointment my X-ray showed a cyst, after draining several times, I had an MRI and they found a torn meniscus and arthritis. The staff and Dr.’s were AWSOME!! Dr.’s Hammond & Mahaugon treated me with respect, answered all of my questions and actually took time to make sure I understood everything. Ow I am having spine issues ( drop foot) and will be going back to Emory !! Wish I had years ago !!

William Lopez

I had outpatient surgery and found this facility outstanding. Every staff member, from check-in to discharge, met or exceeded my expectations. The office staff was friendly, courteous, and helpful. The medical staff, nurses, orderlies, anesthesiologist, and doctor were all knowledgeable and professional, and displayed remarkable people skills. On the whole, they managed to make me feel as confident and comfortable as possible. Thanks to all for managing to turn this into a positive experience!

Shelby Plante

Facilities, doctors, nurses, all the way to the cleaning staff, were all superb. No one wants to be in the hospital, but this is best case scenario, for sure.

carlis barilla

Treated me really good. I'll recommended, fast service

Christian Knoll

Worst interface ever. Soooo many bugs.

Dan E

Worst experience---would drive right by next time - a complete lack of communication between caregivers and they continue to run duplicate tests to run the bill up. Completely dysfunctional protocol if they have one at all....

Ryan Reese

Absolutely the worst care I have ever received. Save yourself the headache and go to another hospital.

Deborah Williams

The worse experience ever! My husband has been sitting her from a severe allergic reaction to a spider bite. Lumps are forming sporadically underneath his skin all over his body. Some of the bumps have formed into sores. No one has came in to check on him in three hours. There was no one in the waiting room so it is not like it is super busy. The nurses in the ER have a very nasty disposition with an " I dont care attitude:. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of professionalism and quality of care.

Cathy Shirley

I was treated in the e.r. earlier today for a broken wrist. Even though they were busy, the care was excellent and the entire staff was caring and kind!

Stephanie Jones

We have had to use this hospital a number of times and love it. If you are already in the Emory system, getting checked in and being seen is very fast in the ER, and billing is not a hassle at all. We've never had a wait longer than 15 minutes to be taken into the ER from the point of walking in the ER entrance door to the point of being seen by the ER triage nurse. The hospital is cleaner than most hospitals I've visited, the food is decent, they are very family friendly including being able to order meals to eat with the patient, a daybed in the room, some with a desk and chair, they have wi-fi and downstairs outside of the ER there is free coffee for the long waits during an ER visit and surgery. All this makes it easy for a family member/caregiver to stay with the patient as much as needed. They understand the importance of family support to get the patient well again. I thought they offered great support for the caregiver for what happens after the patient goes home, which was immensely helpful. The outpatient surgery is extremely efficient and well run. I've used their radiology, including annual mammograms; results are always posted within 24-48 hours to the Emory Patient Care Portal and to my primary care doctor. Very well run hospital.

Marie Francis

The nurses were AWESOME, the nurses practitioner was awful. I left feeling the same.

Stewart Haile

I went here for my chemo and found the experience to be one of the best experiences of my overall cancer treatment. Very friendly and professional staff. My nurse always was available if I had questions or concerns about my status. She put up with my silly jokes and made sure that I had everything I needed. Her name was Heather and between her and the Department head, Connie, I have come to appreciate the efforts of the whole team at Johns Creek. Between my chemo and radiation treatments at Emory, I am now cancer free and only going for follow up appointments. Sorry to see that some others have not given the highest score for this hospital, but different maladies require different procedures and triage tries to get the patients in as soon as possible. Stroke victims receive almost instant care in any trauma hospital. I have had to wait for Doctors in other venues even when I was in pain. Kidney stones taught me to bear the pain and wait for the pain killer. It always came and I am still here. I recommend any Emory facility and give them full credit for my life. I was told at one time I would die from my cancer last year; now I am planning my new life and getting back in shape physically and am looking forward to having fun and even going back to work. I retired in 1999 and am 74 years old. Hoorah!

Haseeb Khan

Wonderful hospital. Our daughter was born here earlier this year. The doctors, nurses and staff are all amazing. Highly recommend this hospital for first time parents.

Aliyah S.

the doctors get more and more arrogant and nonchalant. I used to trust this hospital but now they’re worse than Gwinnett Medical. Wouldn’t recommend. The only good thing is the amazing nurses.

Melissa Vanderhoof

Very clean and new(er) hospital--efficient, professional, caring, and knowledgeable staff at every level!

Jackie Barnes

Worst customer service ever in the scheduling department!


Emory Johns Creek Hospital did a wonderful job taking care of me for a surgery for a ruptured appendix December 2013. I was in extreme abdominal pain when I arrived at the ER. They admitted me to the hospital, and had me in surgery quickly. Very professional through the surgery. While I stayed in the hospital, the nursing staff was very helpful and attentive. Dr. David Hayes did a great job performing the surgery and assisting me after I was home from the hospital. He is a great doctor and surgeon.

Yan Wang

Emory bill payment department/system is really bad! Emory REALLY needs to improve the bill payment system. I paid Emory multiple bills for child birth and hospital stay, in past couple of months. 7 moths post service, I even received a bill from their collection company. But I never received that specific bill from Emory by itself. I have patient account to Emory healthcare for paying bills online, my balance to the hospital is 0. I asked why you sent my bill to collection, why don't you put on my account or send me a bill. They said that's out of 90 days of non-payment. My credit is always above 750, I always pay my bills on time, I am not a person denying for a payment that I am responsible for. I don't want the collection company to damage my credit. The overall bill payment procedure REALLY needs to improve!!! Don't put it on patient's shoulder when you don't receive payment and the only thing you know is to give the bill to a collection company. You have a bill payment department/system that really sucks and that's something you really need to improve. I don't want to deal with collection company because of your bad bill payment system. And also, your customer service is bad, can the people answering the phone have a better attitude?

Corinne Martinides

Go there routinely for blood work. Very modern, comfortable setting. Grace is fantastic!!!


Amazing experience visiting this facility. Staff and doctors were very patient and kind.

Andrew Williams

If i could give a hospital zero stars this facility would indeed be on the list. To endure the safety of your loved ones stray away from this places.

Kiedra Owens

i would not recommend this hospital to any one I would give them 0 stars if the option was available my mom was in the hospital for 3 days and each day they told her that the doctor would be there to see her so that they can discuss her having Surgery (that's how bad her condition is) but she never showed up

Brittnie Miller

If you are coming to this hospital for emergency care good luck. This facility left my grandmother sitting in a bed with a broken hip for 5 days before they could figure out what was wrong with her. She was overly medicated and bed ridden for an excessive period of time due to the lack of knowledge, communication, and medical protocol this hospital displayed. She spent 2 days sitting in the ER with zero diagnosis then was moved to the 3rd floor where it took 2 days to get an MRI we (the family) had to request. She was told 1st she had a broken hip then it was changed and we were told the hip wasn’t broken the X-rays were showing old pelvic fractures to finally on day 5 being told it was in fact a broken hip and emergency surgery would take place in a few hours. Charge nurse on the 3rd floor was a rude nightmare to deal with and refused to provide a sitter for a patient who was a fall risk and suffers short term memory issues. A sitter was ultimately provided. Dr. Thomas was the only person who had any source of knowledge or even tried to help us develop a solid care plan for my grandmother. Oh best of all when we requested her to be given a shower after 6 days of being there they refused saying she was too much of a fall risk, yet a few hours later we were being discharged, because a physical therapist that spent less than a cumulative hour with her said she was “safe” enough to come home. She was treated so poorly here I will be taking this story to the head of the hospital. No one should be treated this way much less an elderly patient. This was ridiculous and I can’t even imagine the billing nightmare that is yet to come.

Sue Gilbert

I've had my routine mammogram done at this location before and have had a good experience. The scheduling and admin process is extremely lengthy. I was on hold 10 mins just to schedule an appt. Heard the automated voice operator say at least 6 times 'your call is very important to us, please hold and someone will be with you shortly.' I finally hung up and called back again. Was able to get an agent a little more quickly after I told the operator I just called and was on hold for a lengthy time before she passed me on. Once I got the agent, it took another 10 mins. I had to go through a series of questions and had to provide my physicians name, etc. I get security, but it was like a phone survey before I could even begin to talk about scheduling an appt. Emory needs to find a better way to simplify this process.

Rik Briscoe

Compared to my own horror stories of the Wellstar system, Emory is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!

Steve Ypma

.Went here after an automobile accident with our kids. They asked a few questions, poked a bit, but no x-rays were taken that were later needed. The ER was empty but it still took forever to get pain meds. No idea why our visit took a total of 3 hours. Then the billing department applied multiple payments to the wrong patient, resulting in a billing snafu that they apparently can't fix without them writing a check and us re-paying them. I have spent 2 months fighting with their billing department and it is still not resolved. WORST BILLING DEPARTMENT EVER! It may be close to home, but I will drive further next time.

Ms. Lady P

Good day, I hope you are having a lovely day thus far. I was hospitalized for the first time in my life on October 19, 2018, and I was admitted into John’s Creek Emory Hospital. I felt the need to send a message to advise the amazing service that I received during my time of need. The nurses and the doctors were extremely helpful and caring! I thought the service was absolutely fantastic! Even down to the kitchen staff the food was very good and filling as well. I would like to provide a special thank you to the following staff members: Ø Ericka – Emergency Room Ø Shelley – From the 4th Floor Ø Dwight – 4th Floor Ø Ms. Tee – 4th Floor Ø Dr. Das – 4th Floor Ø Stephanie -4th Floor Ø Janet – 4th Floor Thank you again for allowing me to feel safe and being placed in great hands. Fantastic Services and Staff members!

Larry V

I was having difficulty walking and had terrible neck pain. My wife called 911 and they took me to Gwinnett Medical in Lawrenceville. They have a NP you see in the ER, not a doctor. He told us they don't treat pain and sent us on our way saying to call a pain doctor. Next day I was worse and my wife get me back to Gwinnett Medical. See the same NP. This time he was sarcastic and asked what we were doing back. He got smart with my wife and again sent us off. 3rd day much worse and my wife called 911 again and told them DO NOT TAKE HIM TO GWINNETT MEDICAL. They took me to Emory Johns Creek. Within 30 minutes they knew it was serious. I had MRSA a possibly deadly staph infection. They put me in the ICU where I remained, on a ventilator, for 10 days. My wife and daughter were terrified I wouldn't make it. One doctor told me wife she may have to make a decision to take me off the ventilator if I got worse. Thankfully that didn't happen. After 10 days they moved me to a room where I stayed for 6 weeks! They saved my life. Gwinnett Medical should be sued. If we wouldn't gone to Emory, per the infectious disease doctor, I would have been dead within 24 hours. This is where you want to go when you're in an emergency. Not to GMC where you can only see a nurse, whether a NP or otherwise.

Ed Ensor

ZERO STARS is the rating they deserve , but you have to give at least 1 to post. I went to the ER @ Johns Creek Emory with my knee in such EXCRUCIATING pain I couldn't walk without crutches. I waited HOURS just to get an X-RAY and a prescription for PAIN. Did I say I was IN PAIN? Oh YES I did . EXCRUCIATING.So after explaining that the X=rays might not show much, I was still hanging in there hoping to at least get some relief from THE PAIN ! So Dougie Houser comes in and gives me a prescription for TYLENOL, and I try to explain to him that they don't do squat, his attitude is TOO BAD. When you go to see an Orthopedic Dr. maybe he'll write you a real prescription was his much his response. Go to a REAL Dr to find out what is wrong with your knee, and get something from him/her for the PAIN Made sense to me . Go see a REAL Dr. And so I will and you can believe I'll find a better hospital to go to if ever I need to again. This one is ON my list , and that's NOT a good thing . I only wish I had read the reviews before I decided to go there. Update on review : I called today as instructed to make a follow up appointment with an orthopedic Dr that THEY REFERRED ME TO . and they don't take my insurance plan. Think maybe they could have checked into that ? Knowing my insurance plan , do you think they could have lined me up with a Dr. that could SEE ME ?

Joe Ruggles

Facilities Management creates a black eye on Emory Hospital. Absolutely the worst parking for any medical building in the area. They advertise valet parking, although the attendant is missing/non existent. Nice Staff and Doctors... provided you can get into the building. ER is grossly understaffed as well...

Tom Fidanza

I was born here

Sherrie Hoffman

This is the third operation I have gone through while staying at Emory Hospital at Johns Creek. All of the staff members are outstanding. I've only encountered positive, caring, informative staff members. I could go on and on with accolades for Emory at Johns Creek. I have lived in several large cities and for whatever reason have had to visit their largest hospital . Nothing compares to Emory Hospital at Johns Creek.

Alex Goul

Quickest ER service in the Alpharetta/Johns Creek area.

Lisa Mcknight

I just had surgery yesterday (3/1/18) and had to stay 1 night in the hospital. The care i received was nothing short of AMAZING!! The day nurse Byrd and patient tech Lester have great beside manner and was very tentative to my needs. The night nurse Rubina was also AMAZING!! She was right there when i needed her. All 3 of these people made my 1 night stay so much easier. I worked at a hospital for 10 years and people like this are very hard to find. I cant rave about them enough. Thank you ladies and gentleman for going above and beyond to show your patients that you really do care and do a phenomenal job. Again, i cant thank you enough. All the other staff from my preop, to surgery, to my room, everyone was so nice and helpful. I am definately glad i chose this hospital.

Kelly Smith

Wow! Never ever ever come here! Go to Clifton road! I sat and watched a man in distress with his heart get ignored over and over! He could barely breathe and was shaking. And the receptionist completely ignored him.

Imperial Treasury

They told my mom they didn’t take our insurance and sent her to a room and discharged her when she has known blood clots and they had the nerve to charge her $200 just for taking up “they’re” time, this is what I hate about hospitals they don’t accept insurance companies that they can’t pocket the money from so when you do go there they’ll simply charge you and and say goodbye for waiting for assistance, I’m not someone who accepts things like this to happen especially to my mother of all people, so don’t expect the $200 we’ll be informing our insurance company and possibly our lawyer.

Angel Parker

I drive here instead of my closest hospital which is northstar in Roswell because the experience level of the staff is outstanding , way cleaner than north Fulton

Zandra Manker

Don't go here if you can help it! I've just had the worst experience with an ER visit since my pregnancy. The problems started when I waited 30 minutes to be seen and I was the ONLY person in the waiting room! While waiting my 30 minutes I had to sit in an area where there was dried up blood on the floor! When I finally got called into a room instead of the nurse asking if I wanted a wheelchair as he blatantly saw me limping in pain, he made me walk everywhere! The nurse comes in the room and tried to start an IV while complaining about my tiny veins the whole time which I felt was very unnecessary. The nurse also made me take a urine sample and did not take the sample for labs. The doctor gave me 4 different diagnoses which were not explained in the discharge paperwork and was also so quick to prescribe pain meds without further diagnostic procedures. The cherry on the top of the sundae was the fact that the receptionist failed to hand ME my insurance card and ID but gave the cards to a someone in my party and now I don't have either. What a terrible experience!

Sasha Victoria Dunn

I recently went into the ER for back pain due to a car accident because the local urgent care rep recommended it based on my insurance. My admission was hassle free and took no more than 10 minutes, wait time included. They treated me well and my nurse was awesome. Because I had missed lunch, he brought me a lunch box. I was also able to pick up my prescriptions from the Walgreens about 2 minutes away.


All of Emory is good but the Drs can be arrogant. Remember you’re here for treatment and healing. Not fun and fellowship..If you keep that in Mind. They are awesome. Knowledgeable.. if they don’t know the answer or plan- They go find out. Massive resources !!

Neal M

Excellent experience. Friendly and caring staff. ER staff listened and answered all questions.

Andrew Kissoon

Literally their entire staff was amazing


Facility is so dirty. Room was filthy. Staff seems so ammature. No warmth or bedside manners. Wouldn’t recommend coming here.

Jenn Z

I a few times had to bring family members here. Each time was good experience ( no one wants to be in a hospital , but under such circumstances that you needed medical attention ). They provided good services. Doctors and nurses were very knowledgeable and calm. Took great care of their patients.

Aricka Crossley

Great doctors & staff and customer service. Dr Arciero is an awesome passionate provider who is caring,compassionate, experienced & communicates excellent with patients going through their treatment. Yolanda “Becky” is great at getting patients scheduled quickly especially in serious situations. Dr. Thompson the plastic surgery doctor is also another passionate provider who makes patients feel at ease and knows what’s in the patients best interest. Addie Davis in financial assistance, Yolanda Becky Colquit and Dr. Arciero were also great with getting the financial assistance together when the insurance company dropped the ball they still allowed the patient to come in because of the severity of the situation they offered charity programs for situations like this. The nurses like Anita and Michaela were wonderful they had superior bedside manners and assisted the patient with all her needs. The IV team specializes in what they do and these are all quality healthcare providers in our community who go over and beyond to make sure the patient comes first. I’m so grateful and appreciative of having healthcare professionals like this in our community who help patients get better. These people really care about their patients and it shows to the highest level of healthcare in the community. I haven’t came across a passionate professional provider in quite sometime most of them just want your money and rack up high dollar insurance bills but not this place they’re the BEST in the COMMUNITY BY FAR!!!! I’d highly recommend them to all of my family and friends. They have superior programs for those who are in need of services without insurance and they literally treat everyone the same regardless of patients with excellent benefits or patients with government benefits. Hands down I’d highly recommend their services to anyone and they all come highly recommended this is the BEST Hospital EVER!!!!!! If I could give 10 Stars I would. Thank you so much Emory your team rocks!!! Winship Cancer center is so helpful and one of the best programs out there by far thankyou for helping families get well soon.

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