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chris logan

My mother suffered a minor stroke 2 days ago. So far everyone has been extremely nice and has done everything possible to help. I want to apologize again to the security guard I snapped on when he asked me to move my car. Thank you to the ER nurses Leslie and Chelsea. Thank you to Dr. Libby. Thank you to the 4400 bloc nurses Tope and Theresa. Thank you to nice girl who brings my mother her food. Thank you to all the Doctors, with some of the best bedside manner I’ve ever seen, that are taking care of my mom and doing their best to get her home to me and my kids.


If you want to spent $200 for an ibuprofen, this is the place. Staff was rude and not helpful, just pushing people thru. No compassion.

Melissa Barnes

I went to the hospital with a headache. They immediately prescribed medication which did make my headache go away immediately so I feel better about that. I wanted a scan of my head and throat which I did not get but still I'm thankful they …

Chirag Patel

I would easily give this place 0 stars if I could. This was by far the worst experience for both me and my pregnant wife in our lives. I'm not going to go into what was bad about this place because it was everything and I would be writing for a month, the only good thing to come from this hospital is the birth of my daughter, but they sure tried there hardest to make sure she wouldn't be OK too. Avoid this hospital if you want to stay happy and in good health.

Gregory Carson

The rudest staff I have ever encountered! Was there for 10 1/2 hours and still knew nothing when I left. They used the previous patients o2 sensor and whatever else was left in that room on me. They talked to me and treated me like trash. One nurse swapped me with another nurse because she didn't want to be a nurse to a white person. This is the most God awful hospital I've ever gone to.

Cinthia Cruz

worst place to choose to have a baby... the service at registration is really bad. My sisters water broke and they still had her waiting for close to an hour in the lobby because "they were cleaning a room".they don't know what priorities mean and because of her long wait, she couldn't get any medication... very very bad experience I am just thankful they both made it through this.

Candy Bar

Horrible, I was there from 12am till 4am.Horrible staff, everyone has a attitude. When I left I went too the CVS across the street from there. The pharmacy ask how long was the wait and then he goes on too say that DeKalb Medical would be the has last choice. He recommend Emory are Gwinnett Medical.

Cliff Marshall

The newly remodeled emergency room looks great!

Pink Cashmere

The nurses are lazy and seem like they hate their jobs. My father was in for a procedure but he is able to get up on his own to go to the restroom but they won’t unhook him from all the monitoring equipment yet they take forever to come when he calls. If he can’t control his bladder or bowels they get an attitude about cleaning him up. Maybe this wouldn’t happen if they would come when called and not expect an old man to control his bodily functions for 45 minutes or whenever they decide to come. They are a disgrace.

Amir AH

I was at emergency room for 9 hours and my father passed out because of pain and than they told me we are so sorry the doctor is not available right now, the emergency room terrible and they don’t take care of the patients at all, I went there a lot and all the time same I have to wait in the emergency room for 8&9 hours.........

lkeav jturn

Had a long and painful length of time at this hospital. Cleanliness was poor, I could still see where the previous patient before vomitted because they never sterilized the area of the floor properly. Despite my emergent condition, I never had so many vultures ask me about money and payment methods before treatment. The nurses look exhausted and do not seem to want to do their job outside the bare minimum to not get fired. Most of them would just disappear once i started asking questions. Not like it mattered, None of them could give me any information and could only quote "I'll ask the doctor". This bought them enough time for shift change, then I would have to ask all the same questions again for me to receive the same excuses about asking the doctor again. Despite me telling the nurses I was sound and all tests came back negative for a cardiac issue (and for them to check!) they refused to give me other medicines outside of cardiac drugs which would do more harm than good.

Brittany Long

Let's give this location zero. I am sure there are hard working staff that are behind the scenes. I am also sure that there are people whom save lives at this location. However, between the nurses, social workers and doctors they are unprofessional and hellish. Avoid this location at all cost. Especially if you are going to be at this hospital more than a day. I won't go into details, but they are abusive to the elderly and disable. I will be reporting everything with great details (soon).

Ann Tran

This hospital is trash. My dad is a diabetic, also has high blood pressure who had kidney failure over Easter weekend. His DR had him on the iv treatment for dehydration and when I came to visit him he wasn't on it anymore. The nurse took it upon her self to take him off without Dr approval. They released him and sent him home which I also did not agree with. Now 2 weeks later we are in the er again. This time a possible stroke and there is no sense of urgency. He's been waiting for hours I had to ask someone to check his blood sugar. I can only imagine how they treat people who don't have family with them or can't understand English. If you care about your loved one, don't bring them here. They'll die waiting.

Edgar Dorsey

My sister had surgery and was put in a room afterwards. The nurses checked her when she first got in the room. And didn't come back in for over two hours to check on her

Kelly Shuford

I just saw a roach crawl across the floor of my father's hospital room. I've never seen that in any hospital before.

Andrew Hill

This place was my worst nightmares come true. Hours and hours of waiting in this dimly lit prison with no windows in sight surrounded by the sick and depressed. People who are sick need fresh air, they need light, they need staff don't look suicidal.


By all mean and I mean all every single 1 star review is true to this place. My family member is currently in the icu and the head doctor and nurses couldn’t not be anymore disgusting when we asked question to better understand the plan of care they have in plan, I was attacked with being rude and wanting to argue but the pt is an a coma and all we get told is that her brain severely damaged but there has been no neurologist that has came and saw her and it’s not until we requested him that he came, all they do is push you to sign a dnr last year we were in the icu and they just kept saying there’s no hope for her it’s best if you sign the dnr and we felt as they weren’t doing anything to better the health so we requested to have her transferred to st.joes icu and within 2 weeks they had her walking out st.joes it’s not good to judge a whole team because of one rotten apple but unfortunately that’s the way it is here

Alexandra E.

I had a wonderful experience at DeKalb Medical ER. We arrived to ER at 7am on Saturday and were greeted by a very nice and compassionate nurse (James) he checked us in and in 10min or so we were already in the room waiting for a doctor. Doctor (Aurore Oriol, PA), nurse Claudia and everyone else on staff had great attitude, they were prompt, compassionate and always communicated what they were doing. Doctor ordered only necessary tests to diagnose my condition and later on made sure when I was transferred to another ER that I had all the test results with me. I liked working with a doctor/nurse as a team and have my input, I declined a strong pain medication and dr. was fine with that. Nurse Claudia was wonderful very polite, skilled and had a soothing manner about her. Also, when getting CT scan done I was taken care by a wonderful technician, who explained the procedure. It was also easy to collect the CT scan results to share with my primary care doctor. I called radiology department and they had them ready on the disc the next day. So summarize my whole experience despite all the pain I was in, it was comforting to be around people, who smile and look like they really enjoy their work. Thank you, DeKalb Medical ER.

Narwanna Adams

So many things all in one now at Dekalb for convenience.

Louisa McRae

This is one nasty and disrespectful place the staff is very rude and disrespectful,unprofessional,crude, the waiting to be seen is terrible this hospital needs to closed down

Alex Grier

I had to sit in the lobby for too long in the emergency area before I was put in a room

Jo Ca

They don't even deserve one star This is by far the worst hospital in all of Georgia, Ill trained staff, Horrible nurses, Unsanitary conditions, Doctors who won't even look you in the eye, This place feels like death itself if you can help go somewhere else ANYWHERE ELSE!!! I would rather pay a homeless person to check my vitals before I ever set foot in this evil place again, There is not a single bit of compassion in this facility, There is not a single bit of concern in this facility, Only barely educated robots who need to learn some proper etiquette and respect of persons IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE IN ANY WAY STAY FAR FAR AWAY !!!

Diamond Scott

Worst hospital visit ever. I was there for seven hours and the doctor still didn’t come in my room. The staff was very unprofessional and the wait was ridiculous.

Latrice Vance

They are slow and rude and if you requested for a MRI or x ray they not going to give it you this is the sorry hospital Emory got them other hospital the on Clifford Rd and midtown is the one how you send a patient out the hospital just base off what they said put you haven't ran no testing all

kacie crutcher

Horrible horrible nurses they were rude refused to answer my questions and when I said I think it’s best I leave the DOCTOR!!!! Literally shrugged her shoulders and directed me on how to get out it’s not worth the head ache IF YOU WANT REAL RESULTS DO NOT COME HERE!!!!!

Danelle Sanford

(Other than a couple minor customer service issues that were met with profuse apologies from management) it's a decent place to get service. They have some adjacent medical practices. You do have to pay for parking (unlike Hillandale). They recently merged with Emory so I'm curious to see the effects of the merger.

MC Davis

The rooms haven't been upgraded completely. They don't have flatscreens but the staff is nice. All the food places close early.

karen lnniss

The worst ever it took 2 hours to get registered the ER where the patients room are located smelled like vomit the floors were dirty there were dirty beds in the hallway I saw only 1 doctor working in the entire ER I'm sorry I would recommend Grady Hospital before I recommend Emory Decatur Hospital it's a disgrace Emory CEO if your reading this PLEASE PLEASE make some changes to this hospital or you will continue to get these kind of complaints

Lee N

Thought I was reviewing a different place. But this hospital is pretty bad.

Crystal Jessup

The EMT was rude and A CNA I know things about the healthcare....but it gets worst at the hospital....soooo long of a wait and they stuck me five times no luck and that was irritating...the nurse was nosey asking personal questions about my life...and no hand washing

Larissa Szafranski

There are not enough 1 star reviews on this hospital. None of my concerns were taken seriously. I went to this ER for the fact I was 11 weeks pregnant with a high fever and severe aches and pains. Upon entering the ER after checking in, the nurse who took my vitals was extremely rude . They then took me to a back waiting area which is a hallway with chairs along the wall, with two exam rooms. My husband was not allowed back with me, even upon several requests from both myself and him. As I was waiting several times, random patients would walk by and peek into the exam room by looking through the curtain covering the window - zero privacy for anyone in those rooms which was disturbing to me. I sat and waited for over an hour in the cold hallway, until the ultrasound person “found” me... she was the nicest person I encountered in this experience and gave me a sheet since I was shivering and had really bad chills. After the ultrasound I returned to the hallway where after another 45 minutes I finally gave a blood and urine sample. An hour later, after my husband became pushy and frustrated with the front desk/security, the one nurse allowed him to come back with me. They then gave me a room.... but the room was DISGUSTING and my “bed” was an exam table. To which I was curled up in a ball on trying to rest/be comfortable. At that point the insurance lady came in to get my information, drivers license, etc... when she returned she had other patients drivers licenses in her hand as well which she placed openly on the table... to me this was unprofessional and does not protect PII. The doctor came in after another hour and a half, which after that I was given Tylenol and discharged (baby was ok). On our way out there were several patients in beds that were in hallway who were visibly uncomfortable. The experience here was pathetic. This hospital is disgusting and the absolute worst I’ve ever seen. I can’t stress this enough that nobody should ever have to go here for treatment. I’ve never received worse medical treatment in my life and hope nobody has to again.

Drica Collins

This is the worst hospital every I would not advise anyone to come here I will never come here again I been here since 1pm and now it’s 7:21 I have a fever of 108 and I haven’t been giving medicine for anything I hate that if you go to a white hospital you get checked in no time I’m still waiting to be called to the back to be check this is the worst when I say this the worst never come here. I hate I had to give them a star to do a review they don’t even deserve this I hate this hospital.

jasmine Wright

Nurse was nice, my room had dried blood on the floor and trash under the bed. Dont like this location. Hillendale is alot better

juan mandujano

My wife delivered our 4th baby here . All the staff were wonderful, and amazing. It was our first time here we have no regrets the attention and care was awesome. We had our other children at another hospital in Midtown I will not mention a name and never received the same care or attention. I recommend mother’s coming here.

Chocho Firestone

Poor service when calling them to make appointments or results. Very disappointed on level of service. Not the same as when this was DeKalb Medical.

R Copeland

NEVER! And I mean NEVER! Take yourself or your loved ones to this house of horrors. My mom was admitted after being rushed to Emergency. Maybe 2 out of the 10 nurses that were assigned to her floor did anything for her. She was never feed properly. I went to her bathroom and a wash cloth with poop on it was left in the sink. Dirty sheets were left in the shower stall. She had dried blood on her sheets and no one seemed to notice she hadn't been bathed. I called the Head nurse, what good that did. Emory should be ashamed to know a hospital they bought and put their name on is this gross. I took her OUT! No one deserves to be treated so poorly

Anon3 Anon3

Parking garage meter stopped working on a Saturday. The parking department would not answer their phones. The meter wouldn't take a card and took 1 dollar I was not compensated for when I tried to get change back. Then, I later found my card was charged the full amount days after. Honestly, the feeling of calling over for help with a debit card in one hand hanging out my window. Then, calling the help desk and getting transferred to a department with little patient and attitude. It's exhausting.

Pierre Krajillo

Me and my Wife came here because she was having contractions.To begin a couple of the nurses have a weird attitude. Not comforting to a 1st time mother. The birth of our son went well and the nurses in charge who were different than the triage nurses, did a great job (as expected) it’s their job. After the birth we moved to the 3rd floor of the Women’s Center. Everything went well except for the AIR CONDITIONING. I asked (no hyperbole) 6 times to get the room, to room temperature and not freezing cold. DIDNT HAPPEN. My family was freezing even one of the nurses said something. At 12 got damn midnight the heat came on BLASTING. My wife was hot, I was and obviously our son. I went to tell the nurses desk and they told me the same BS I’ve heard all day. She got an attitude and said it takes time for heat to adjust. I said it doesn’t not 20hrs. Overall the birth was great. Everything else was sub par. If you have other options choose them instead of Dekalb Medical.

susan conway

go someplace else....any place else... Came in cardio problem...emergency room nurses were great...I had an IV put into my arm and they used it to draw blood twice 4 hours apart... when I got to my room as an inpatient....they came in as per drs draw blood....Insisted that they had to stick me...I showed them the IV...they insisted they "could not use it...that it was only for giving medicine...I said that they had drawn blood with it twice while in the ER...I was given a number of nonsense reasons...everything from "its not sterile" to "they wear out" ... I am a bad stick...and refused to allow they to go that way...several other incidents on same level of...involving a monitor that was not working...and not knowing what to feed celiacs patient needing to be gluten free ...etc,,, fortunately, my stay was very short....and I will not be back....

Jay Atlien

Would never go back to this place i went to be seen and i checked in a 3:53 am and didn't leave until after 12pm that is ridiculous for the long wait times and oh lets not forget my nurse walking around with plastic on her shoes and didn't know what was going on and than have the nerve to ask why do i have my nipples pierced that has noting to do with my health lazy doctors just over all bad they had people in the hallways on bedd i had a old examination room with the beds they have in the examine room......... and they call there self a private own hospital.....

Christopher Craig

The doctors may be experts, but they and the staff mainly treat people like objects. There is little concern for the humanity of the patient. My mother was sent there by her dialysis center to have a clog cleared in her fistula graft, a graft that needs to work so she can have dialysis. This happened on a Friday, so she had not had dialysis in two days. After being told that they would admit her and do the procedure on Saturday and after waiting 7 hours on a stretcher in the "hall" of the emergency room, she was told that there was no medical reason to admit her. No medical reason? Her fistula wasn't working, she couldn't be dialysized, and she hadn't had dialysis in two days. We thought it would be scheduled for Monday. When I heard from the case worker on Saturday, she said they were looking for the doctor's order for the procedure! The nurse practitioner who had been on duty in the ER had not bothered to send it the schedulers after we left. When I contacted them about the appointment on Monday, they still did not have the doctor's order (which was sent to the ER on Friday). After I made an appointment elsewhere (thank you Atlanta Access Care), I called to cancel and was told that they wouldn't have been able to do the procedure for a week anyway because they were booked up. In the future, I will make sure that she is taken to Northside.

ciera haines

They need to be shut down. Worst hospital by far, I've never in my life been treated like this.


Longggggg waits, staff drags their feet every step of the process.

Nizzey Girl

Drive further!!!!!!!!!This hospital is the dirtiest hospital I have ever been to....Blood was on the floor in the exam room. The furniture and chairs where dirty. Floors unwashed. Dust on the furniture and walls. No privacy checking in. During check in the clerks asked why my child was here, I'm like.. Does everyone need to know. Then the triage nurse was asking your medical information at the desk with the door wide open!!! I have been to county hospitals that was better than this!! This place should not be open. Im new to this area and this was the closet hospital my GPS pulled up!!!!! DO NOT COME HERE!!!!!...

Alfred Andrews

I'm at Emory Decatur Hospital for the first time with my nephew who has Cerebral Palsy and treatment is always difficult because he is also non-verbal. From the moment we came through the doors, the care and treatment has been nothing short of phenomenal and mind blowing. Although he has State Medicaid, his treatment is more closely related to that of the highest ranked insurance in the country. I'm forever grateful...

Latoya Williams

Worst experience in my life. Labor and Delivery sucks. The whole hospital is ratchet and ghetto. The staff lacks customer service. Emory needs to clean up the place and get rid of A LOT of people

Pauline Knowles

This has been the worst experience I have ever had in a hospital. My surgeon was great, but the aftercare nursing staff was horrible. I asked for water to take my medication and the nurse said she would get me some and I never saw her again. This was just one of many problems I had while I was there. If you can avoid this hospital I would highly suggest it.

Sweet Sinsacion

This is the worse medical attention ever in history.seriously. Don’t expect to see a doctor soon I’ll give it 3 plus hours before you see a doctor.Poor service treatment make you just want to died in the lobby

Auset Asaru

I want to thank the nurses, administrators staff and my doctor Dr. David Bell for such good care for me and my sister at the Dr. Bobbie Bailey Tower, The Surgery Center at Emory Decatur Hospital...

Brandy Baker

I've been here for six weeks and will be here for another 6 weeks. Almost every single day the people that order and bring my meals get something wrong with my food i ordered. If i don't pay attention to the needs the nurses are giving me i would Roth get the wrong medication, get the wrong dose, or a medication will be missing. They are so understaffed that they send a nurse or tech to take care of a floor they have never been on, i had to show one of the techs how to use the monitor in my room. Ugh!

Stephen P

This use to be a decent hospital. I wonder what happened.

jerome burley

Simply the worst hospital in metro Atlanta.

Shaineiqua Sadler

This is the worst hospital in America! They treat you horrible knowing that you don't feel good already. The x-ray tech on 05/06/18 who was at work at 7:40a.m has a very nasty attitude & should be doing something different with her life. She yelled at me because I had already urinated inside of a cup & she wanted me to do it again. I can for chest pain... I didn't come to get chastised like a child!

Shernetta Covington

This hospital sucks..husband been here since Saturday and every time we ask for information on what they plan on doing ,we get question thrown back at is the first time a doctor actually came and answered our questions, …

shelley wilson

I went to the ER with extreme pelvic pain related to a possible uterine infection. Within 10 minutes of checking in they took blood and made me pee in a cup. I sat in the ER from 11:30PM-6:30AM for them to tell me I needed to follow up with my OB/GYN and discharged me. That was it. No ultrasound, no pelvic exam, no testing for infection; nothing. They didn’t do anything at all. The doctor was rude. A complete waste of time and money. Go somewhere else.

Amanda Swisher

The staff here have no sense of urgency for emergency patients. We waited over 5 hours to see the doctor for 5 minutes. The discharge lady was rude and nasty. Didn't bother to speak to us other then to tell us we would have to wait some more. The security guard at the front of the ER was rude. She has quite a temper and attitude to be working on security. The ONLY decent person we spoke to was the financial counselor. Everyone else needs to find a new career choice. Someone could have died in the ER they were moving so slow. Also, very bad with patient privacy. I really wish i could rate them as a zero star rating...if it's a true emergency....please, I advise you to drive the extra distance for an actual good hospital. With nice staff.

Glenda Martin-Humphery

Emory Decatur has great doctors and very caring nurses! Dr. Steinberg is one of the top rated surgeons in this nation. I trust this hospital.

Anna Moore

Staff was nice.. However, the wait time was RIDICULOUSLY LONG. No hospital should take 6 to treat you. No one read my chest x-ray. Just awful!!!!!!


Without any doubt, EMORY Dekalb Medical is the worst and nastiest hospital in The USA. A recent visit to the E.R. showed me how complacent the staff has become, how filthy the facility is maintained and how little this hospital cares about getting patient needs met. I spent six hours in the ER...immediately taken into a room, at check in...and left for hours crying in pain. I was never weighed after telling staff I was losing weight. Staff never looked at the soles of my feet when I was having all the signs of a diabetic. No lung, eye, ear, throat, heart examination AT ALL. Staff came in and gave me an IV, drew blood and gave me one bag of fluids...then left acting as if I was going to be admitted. My pain level 1-10 was communicated as a 12-15. They brought me one Percocet...which did nothing to stop my legs and feet from pain. The staff was nice but adamant about doing anything to help a very ill patient. They left me screaming and crying in pain for 5 hours before bringing a shot of Morphine to shut me up...then 1 hour later discharged me and shoved me out the door saying my bloodwork was ok. The staff at EMORY Dekalb Medical have no clue how to do their jobs. They are sweet to ones face but might as well stab you in the back. I should have been admitted with the number of extreme issues for which I came for care. Never in my life have I seen an E.R. so filthy. The bathroom where I was to provide a urine sample was so gross I asked for a plastic urinal to use in my room. The floor was covered in filth and medical debris from previous patients. Two hours after being put into room, IV fluid bag was empty and disconnected and dropped onto floor with blood all around the part that went into my arm. The nurse just left it. I was given Morphine and shoved into the freezing cold night with nightsweats, extreme lower leg/foot pain and forearm/hand pain, barely able to walk, unable to sleep or care for myself, extreme weight loss, knee and ankle swelling and an extreme case of hives. I was given a steroid prescription for my hives ONLY. THIS IS EMORY...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE TO A HOSPITAL RUN BY DRs WITH A BRAIN, HEART AND DESIRE TO MAKE PATIENTS WELL.

Richard Herbst

The doctors working from DeKalb are professionals but the hospital itself is a disaster. No two staff persons know what the other is doing. Appointments get lost, communication is entirely by xerox forms duplicated again and again. Nurses are fine. Assistants are okay, but there is no organization in this hospital. Computers everywhere but never used where they could do some good, coordinating departments. The endless paper forms, mostly duplicates of each other; prescriptions lost, appointment confused; lab tests lost... With some professional organization this could be a good hospital.

Brandy Maijala

I love this Hospital, Am mean come on its a ER there going to be a wait. Very sweet Doctors, Nurses and all the staff. Clean inside and out. They always take the best care of me when I go.

A1. Kena

People act very unprofessional an have attitudes.

Tunde Williams

Some of the staff are nice but overall it was really unprofessional. The young doctor on staff when I went in couldn't really answer my questions and basically brushed me off with a "take an ibuprofen and call a primary care doctor in the morning." Overall I was very dissatisfied with spending a $150 copay and 6 hour process for the bs they told me. Definitely will not return and would not recommend.

cindy simpukas

Hideous hospital! Filthy dirty and old. Needs to be knocked down. Nursing staff does the best it can. Place needs to be demolished. Emory ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Morgan Szymanski

I really like this place. I've gone the a couple of times and the doctors and nurses were all very friendly. They're a little slow, but I feel it's because they're understaffed. I really don't know what all the bad reviews are taking about.

Ryan Cardoza

My mother was taken to the ER with an elevated blood pressure in Hypertension Stage 3 of 235/109 and was waiting to be seen for approximately 6.5 hours. EVERY MEDICAL POST and publication in relevance to this level of blood pressure points to being on the cusp of a life-threatening emergency, including stroking out. No attention to detail, no follow-ups, just sitting there in a filthy area (blood soaked from the previous patient) to rot and potentially face a life or death situation. I expected more from Emory. For heavens sake, the prior facility - DeKalb Medical - was astronomically better before they got their claws on this location. From our perspective it seems as if they're sending younger doctors to this location (hence the Grady scrubs) to get their experience up. The doctor that finally saw my mother told her she had no life-threatening conditions and that this level of blood pressure was really no cause for concern. Hypertension Stage 3, aka, the "silent-killer", earns it's moniker for good reason - you're asymptomatic until something terrible happens. So, are you supposed to be dying before someone will give you a blood pressure pill, or simply check on you within reason - instead of waiting for you to fall out on the floor?? We will never be returning to this location again. By the looks of your other ratings, Emory, it's clear you have some work to do to get this place back to a trustworthy status.

Model Oliviée

Nurses here are more polite, understanding ,and patient in the emergency room . I loved how they treat sickle cell patients the way that they do. Especially the doctors who you can tell want to help get you more comfortable and out of pain ! During my stay all the nurses expect one always stayed on schedule . So I decided to say something. I am shocked by the way a charge nurse took down my statement . She could’ve been more professional in my opinion since she’s not the one in pain. Ever since then , all the nurses turn their back on me . So now I am changing my review from 3 Stars to 1 Star . The doctors on the 4400 floor which I believe is the floor for stoke patients are so ignorant when it comes to sickle cell patients. I asked to speak to the head doctor because the other doctor was trying to discharge me when I was still in excruciating pain. I can’t even walk so where am I going to go if I can’t walk ? That’s not safe at all especially since I live alone. he also took her side . Good to know ya got each other’s backs but I still did a grievance letter ! Why would you try to discharge me when I can’t even walk? I told you I have a baby at home so how can I care for her if ya ain’t do ya jobs right ? Dr Hogan Dr.Khan and Dr.Chavan all have no souls, no remorse no nothing . The 4th floor act like they care but they do not . They can careless about your pain . I hope they never get cancer or something and experience chronic pain . It’s not a fun life Update: At the end Dr.Chavan proved she does have a heart . As a busy women she still had the time to come back to talk to me and to let me know she do care . She also said she doesn’t do it for the money because I thought since my insurance was refusing to pay for any more days that is why they wanted me gone. I trust Dr.Chavan now because we had a great talk . she got me transferred to a rehab facility so I can walk again . This hospital is good but they need to work on their bed side manners .

Peter Z

Need I say more? All reviews are correct

kimberley Gardenhire

Wait time in emergency room was over 2 hours. The staff has no sense of urgency. Try to find another emergency room if you need assistance.

Melody Wells

Food is absolutely disgusting and cafe is not well maintained. Staff is nice, but clearly hate their jobs. The salad bar looks terrible and rarely has good options. I have gone a few times only to have brown wilted lettuce and weird chicken with cheese mixed in it. They have very few options for those who want to eat healthy. I think they are well below the level of other Emory hospitals. This shows in their dirty cafeteria. They should strongly consider remodeling the entire building especially the cafeteria.

Brittany Allen

This is the worst hospital EVER! The wait is beyond long. I’ve been here since 11:30pm and I’m still waiting at 4AM! There’s patients who’s been here for two days waiting to still be seen. The nurses don’t really tell you much, and the registration people don’t even explain to you what your signing. They need a whole new team. People shouldn’t have to wait for hours and days to see a doctor. People have lives, children, JOBS!

Kaelin Fairley

I honestly didn’t like the customer service. The nurse Quiana was sweet. But the DR.Hadley seemed uninterested, un informative and a little lazy. I always say NORTHSIDE IS THE BEST HOSPITAL!! Period. Only gave 2 starts because of the nurse.

Seblework Selemon

The one of dangerous hospital ever dekalb medical hospital cause my mom won't these hospital just for checking how was she is doing about her health condition but they told my mom she have to be stay hospital for noting after they give her medcen to makes her not talking and moving after they seent her the other little hospital to be treated her than that hospital nurses no one's don't no notice after a weak my mom passed away cause they have New and non educational doctors and nurses.

Latrice Foster

The staff we had to endure tonight was horrible, horrible, horrible.....the man at the desk felt a need to take my mom out of the wheel chair while she was balled over in pain, no one was helpful, it took 6 hours to get to a room, the nurse that came to get my mom from the waiting room was so sorry that I had to ask if she had my mom name to go to a room and she forgot to call her and the nurse tech who came to escort her had me to push my mom and then asked me to help her in the bed. What kind of hospital are they running.

tika guragai

I have been this hospital almost 5 days they didn’t give aresult .why stay hospital long?Next time will take my mom another hospital they took long time give a result thanks I will recommend all my friends and relatives never and ever bring yours family this Emory Dekalb hospital . Thanks for give result for sputum more than two days keep it up like this for other patients ok.

nicole smith

This place always saves my life.! Through my two pregnancies they were the best.! Second child was lost but they still to this day send letters to me cause I kind of took it hard

Amy Kahn

I recently went to DeKalb Women’s Breast Center for my annual breast exam. A lump was found in my right breast and a biopsy was recommended. At that point I decided to have my primary doctor at the Emory Clnic at St. Joe’s recommend a surgeon in the Emory system. The Emory doctor said the DeKalb Medical Center images where horrible and needed to be redone. Had them redone at Emory Women’s Center. Guess what it was Nothing. If I had not gone to Emory I would of ended up having a biopsy I did not need. So, several weeks of my life were spent wondering if I had Breast Cancer.

Pgh412 15210

Worst hospital!!!! I went to the emergency department told them 9 think im having an allergic reaction to some medication i was giving and the guy put a needle in my arm like he didn't know what he was doing he spoke poor english took the needle out and told me he will come back and try again which i didn't let him.i never got to see the doctor they were going to give me another drug without even checking what the problem was so i turned it down no blood work was done NOTHING i walked out after sitting for 5 hrs PISSED! If you take your health serious DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!!!

Shawna Gem

Worst hospital in this area. My goodness, I was in pain and I fell, this stupid, yelled at me to get up. But my body hurts I told her wait please. She yelled at me until I got up. She didnt help nor did anyone else. Wow. This may have its name changed but it's still the same rude staff members.

Teri Davis

I had a pre-op appointment this week. After reading these reviews, I was quite nervous. However, everyone of the eight staff members I came in contact with were professional, caring, efficient, compassionate and wonderful. I have no fears that the level of care I will receive for my surgery next week will be outstanding.

Tammy Morris

They do not care for their patients. My mother went in for dehydration. She was talking Even joking. 7 days later she passed. Every day there she got worse and all they did is sedate her so she couldn't tell anyone the hospital was not tending to her. We kept asking why she was getting worse and the did nothing.

ahmed omar

This is the worst ER In ga they still treat people like it’s still DeKalb medical they need NEW STAFF NOT A NEW NAME!!!!! Plz fix this

tonia presnall

If I could give this hospital 0 stars... went because I was having heavy abdominal cramping and spotting at 38 weeks pregnant after falling the day before. I should’ve knew when I first got there to leave because I had to hold on to walls and railing to walk and NO ONE absolutely NO ONE offered to help or to give me a wheelchair, secondly that young lady with shirt blonde hair in admissions asked me “ ok why you acting all extra”..... oh wow strike 2, when I finally got to the triage the nurse was rude from the start I stayed in a room with no access to a call button barely being able to move because I was flat on my back and in constant pain I yelled for help for about 15 minutes straight from my room so finally I unplugged the fetal monitor thinking something would go off and get their attention (what a waste of my good energy) it stayed unplugged for between 10-15 minutes until I was able to get up on my own and limp out of the room to the desk and everyone including the staff dr stared at me like I was crazy, when I told her I needed help and had been calling her she looked at me as if I was wrong I told her I wasn’t feeling well and she told me the baby’s heart rate is perfect and that she had been watching it... but how and it was unplugged? She demanded I get back in the bed so she could check my cervix (she claimed it was closed and said I’m having digestion problems). How could she posssibly know what was going on she came in my room once in a 2 1/2hr span, never took any blood samples, my urine sample never left the room, hell I don’t even remember her taking my temperature. I made a decision to get dressed and leave. Shortly after I arrived at Another hospital and gave birth to the most handsome 6lb, 11 oz baby boy. Come to find out I had placental bleeding and had to be induced . So thanks but no thanks Emory Decatur Hospital, and my lawyer will be reaching out soon thank you

Filmon Ymesghen

Worst hospital ever l see

Kematha Walton

Forget professionalism and ethics when you are being seen here. Nurses or Doctor's don't give you direct answers or meet your expectations

Sara Castro

Kind staff and decent waiting time for an ER visit. Facility needs to find a better staff for cleaning and maintenance though. Each room I was in during my visit had scuffing and damage to the walls, Dirty floors and containers, and run down trays and machines.

Keila Steed

Emory/ Dekalb Medical Center is a HORRIBLE hospital. Especially the emergency room!!!!!!! I was there 5 hours for chest pains and I never received an EKG, which is protocol when a person come in about chest pains. Then, I asked a nurse for a cup of ice and she got very rude and nasty with me. I told her I was only asking because I was very nauseas and I had been waiting 5 hours and she said "well you can leave if you want." Another rude comment!!!!! Once I got in my room I heard the same nurse say she wasn't coming into my room, instead she was going into another patient room because I made her mad. I waited and waited and after not being seen by anyone I went into the hall to complain about what was going on in a calmly manner and the Tech insisted that I was being hostile and did not want to help me, she even called security, so at this point I asked to get my IV took out and leave because I didn't like the way I was being treated. Five people came out of no where to take my IV out and that's when I became highly upset. Where were these people when I needed help??????? Where were these people when I needed a EKG??????????? Where were these people when I was sick, vomiting, sweating profusely, and having chest pains and a severe headache???? The worse part is that the staff had Security to escort me out the hospital while I am sick and hadn't even been treated. I was so upset once I got outside that my chest started to hurt even worse. I was having difficulty breathing and started back vomiting and security had to help me because I wasn't allowed back in. This is the worst hospital ever!!!!!!

Julie Milner

On 10.23.18 I had a routine abdominal hysterectomy. Surgeries were behind schedule. The anesthesiologist/anesthesist rendered me nearly disabled to get back on schedule. It has been over 65 days and I am still on medical leave. They burned up my body and most all specialist I have HAD to see basically tell me to..Deal with your long term conditions. I am deeply saddened and disappointed in the care not provided to me. I speak to a psychologist to help keep my spirits up. I pray you or your family is never considered less IMPORTANT than the financial bottom line of This facility.

Inez Sehgal

I thought that the job of medical staff at a hospital are to care for patients - no matter what their ailment or condition. Well not at this hospital. The staff is self centered and waiting for time to pass by- they come. Into a patients room and if there is no one there just mark the chart and leave without providing services to the patient or just provide partial service. Cameras that are monitored should be placed in every room and in every hallway to get the best patient care and accountability for the staff for providing patient care. All items requested for patient care should be marked and used for the patient and not placed in the staffs pocket or bag or just thrown new into the bin and later picked by another staff member. There has to be accountability on everyone's part at all times. All staff members should speak politely to all patients and their families. The hospital can have all the signs up but if they are not practiced by the staff they are not worth anything. Being courteous, polite and caring for the sick does not cost any money. That is what working in the medical profession is all about. I observed a lot during my visit.

Tim Mason

One star is too many. I have seen rudeness from the staff at this hospital that you wouldn’t believe. If you don’t want to be in nursing, the world needs more plumbers. Don’t feel like you need to stay in a job you hate. Make room for someone who wants to do the job

Taiya Davis

Wish I could give it a zero literally is the worst hospital I’ve ever been in customer service is horrible and the staff are not trained properly to read or do their job. Some of the nurses are completely lazy and they will leave you by yourself as long as they can.

Azmina Ladhani

The hospital was clean and neat. The midwive was very good and the nurses too. The lady who came to drop me never greeted me or even smiled. The person providing the food drop everytime something from the tray and never gave me anything back or felt sorry. Over all The hospitality was not up to the mark. My baby was born on christmas day but still the hospital didnt do anything or gave a goodie for the baby as it was her first chritmas.

Paula Rafferty

On July 11, 2017, I visited the ER with a kidney stone. I was given my armband at 3:39 p.m. The waiting room was cleared twice of all patients except me. I was sick, in pain, alone, and unable to drive to another hospital. I kept pointing …

Chloe H.™

terrible service and highly disorganized. they don't care about the patient and offer no sympathy when they fail to do their job.

Yolunda Marble

I went to this place to see the doctor and they did not even care, want even go there never again.

Kee Ward

30 weeks pregnant been here 8 hours still haven't seen a doctor. Been in excruciating pain and no one cares... I will never come back here Supposed to have my child here.. No ma'am.. Will be returning to Virginia just to have my child.. This hospital needs to be closed down! Who charges for parking after 8 hours and no type of resolution... This is a death trap!

H. John Chiao

I would give out zero if google review have that option. Worst experience ever. The doctor misdiagnosed me which make me have to go to other urgent care after a month. It was a simple cough strip!!! And the medical bill is a ripped off. financial office is rude. Billing department is polite and helpful. However, still a horrible experience.


I could give them 0 star if I could! The worse hospital on earth, the staff are careless and they would rather talk or sit around and help people. I could go on and on if I could. Am pregnant and I came in because of too much pain they left me in room for an hour not a nurse not a doctor came in. When my husband find one nurse and he asked what’s going she was rude and her response was she is in hospital if something else happens!

Khamira Russell

I wish I could give zero stars because the moment that was suppose to be the best experience of my life was ruined when I gave birth to my daughter here. The staff was very rude and wasn’t concerned whatsoever and not to mention less than an hour after giving birth I was stuck on the elevator for over two hours and I was still numb from my epidural and myself and the nurse who was with me had to climb out the top of the elevator. Then to make matters worse they never compensated me or my husband for this horrible thing that happened. I strongly suggest if you are considering delivering here..... DON’T !

Bencio Silang

hello brother its a... good to see you

Ti Hodges

Ask for updates otherwise you won't have a clue what is going on. Front desk ER are bunch of morons but the security officers have some respect when they talk to you. Best hospital for ortho though, hands down...award winning.

Douglas Munnell

They owe me over $1000 because they do not know how to file insurance forms properly.

Georgette Mckay

This hospital is so freaking dirty. I can't believe it. This is a hospital for crying out loud. I don't want to touch nothing. This use to be a very clean, very professional place. I'm in the emergency room. Blood is on the walls, dirt and hair, spots on the floor. Who knows what on the side of the bed. Does joint commission come through here?

Drea jiles

Worst hospital in the world rather go to Grady.

Emma Heath

One of the most terrifying experiences i have ever had. They lost my ID and insurance card, I was way disoriented and not capable of understanding what they were telling me when I signed myself out against medical advice. She said "sign …


This place is the worst! First off, these people steal stuff. They stole my husband's wedding band when he had to go get CT scan and was unconscious. That ring has been passed through generations and it was very important to us. And they …

Kayla Barton

They hosted a hand therapy class that was fabulous! Really appreciate the facilities where we were in the women’s center. We ventured to the main hospital and were disappointed by the cafeteria food and the facilities in there in general.

Sharon Yancy

Certain Dr is so unprofessional disagree with other specialist. Ignore your bill of write. Barely commoluhnicate with nurses or pt regarding care. Just an awful place

loida rodriguez

I went to breast cancer center 2665 and the front desk and registered clerk I think wasn't in good mood. They looks like they were obliged to be there. You need a nice ladies in the front desk not long faces. The technician was nice and the assistant lady too.

Zhane White

Decent hospital didn’t have a long wait maybe 10-20 mins tops before I was in a room with a doctor. Nurses were great and had no problem explaining what was going on. I would of gave five stars but my nurse forgot me in the bathroom for a urine test and was left waiting (5mins until someone noticed I was still in there. )

Giovanny Ramirez -Torres

This should be one of the highest hospitals in Georgia this hospital does not have what it needs it emory and is not a good hospital DONT BRING THEM TO THIS HOSPITAL its no good to whom comes here it does not even recieve 1 stars but 0 stars 0 !!!!!

Hannah G

I got my wisdom teeth removed in Cartersville and without informing me, the oral surgeon apparently sent something off for testing. A month or so later I got two bills, one from Dekalb Medical and one from Stephanie Wetzel, one of their doctors, I assume. I paid one of the bills and then moved, got married, and went out of the country. My mailing address stayed the same, but I never got another bill and just forgot about it, until last month. I couldn't login to Patient Portal to pay it because I didn't have the bill or any account number or anything. I called a number on their website, who told me to call another number, who told me to call the Physicians Group, who had never even heard of Stephanie Wetzel and didn't have my name in their system. None of the places I talked to did. Well then I start getting collection calls. They sent it to collections after only sending me one bill. I refuse to pay the collections company after reading their reviews. If I could, I would pay the bill directly, but no one seems to have any record of it. I also never got any of the results of whatever tests they did. For all I know nothing was done and they're just billing me for nothing at all.

Patrick DelVisco

This place is terrible! I have been waiting over 9 hours for my wife to get into a room. It's after midnight and they still can't even say when one will be ready Go anywhere else! Apparently Dekalb is about to be sold. Good riddance I hope they raze the dump!

Juliana Souki

Had the best possible experience with Emory's ER this week

Jodi Summers

If I could give half a star I would! These folks COMPLETELY IGNORED ME!!! Like I am not a human and didn’t exist. I Would Never Go Aton this Hospital! Fight It At All costs

Debbie Brown

I had a 10:20 appointment this morning for a mammogram. After waiting for almost 1.5 hours, registering a complaint, and was told that they were just busy, I finally just walked out. I think now that Emory has taken over they just don't care about their customers. I will never go back. No apology, nothing.

Tyry Crawford

Go some place else. They just want your money and are not interested in helping. you could be telling the turth and they will roll their eyes in your face. They especially hate Autism.

Stacy Scott

Great staff. I

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