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REVIEWS OF Doctors Hospital IN Georgia

Sherry Russell

The level of care and respect that I was shown at the worst time of my life was unsurpassed. I was treated with care beyond measure from the moment I was brought to the ER until I was released from the hospital two weeks later. It was as if everyone that I came into contact with was taking care of their own mother or someone else that they loved. And I must give an EXTRA shout out to the entire Burn and Wound Unit. Doctors Hospital is the only hospital that I want to be taken to, in any situation, should the need ever arise again. I wish I could rate it higher than five stars!!

Anne Robinson

I gave birth for the first time and was very nervous. But the staff here was AMAZING. They were so patient, helpful, and communicative. They stepped me through everything and never did I feel ignored or overlooked. Everyone was so kind and supportive. Top notch level of care. I would 100% recommend having your baby here. A special thanks to RN Melissa Fulke for everything she did for me. She went over and beyond the call of duty for me and she made my experience the best it could be. She and my doctor were the reason my delivery went so smoothly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU


What does everybdy see in ths hospital. I understand emergency rooms can get busy, but I had 2 spen the nite and wait on a bed 2 b admitted once I finally got n the bck. Then I had 2 yell and throw stuff 2ward the door 2 make noise 2 get attention which still took along time for help cuz they just leave and 4get about you. Then once a bed came available, it was in the worst noisy area along with bein in a room and floor that looked so old it, no it actually was when it obviously was 1st built looked liked early 70's. I didn't even wanna shower in the bathrm. Ths how old the room was. It stil had the original touch button telephone, old uncomfortable low bed. Hell It made me more sicker I just wanted 2 back home sick!!! It stays so overcrowded. Give me University Hospital any day. I had no choice that day cuz of the physician I had of my one issue. I didn't even wanna give 1 star.

Kelly Paxton

Love this hospital, I will not go to any other one but Doctors.

Simone R

Great experience from start to finish. All members of staff were clear on what to expect every step of the the way.

Lillie Green

Quick service. Polite employees. Kind and professional staff.

Renee McNally

Staff is so friendly and helpful.

Kristy Wren

My Pre-Op lady was wonderful. The Phlebotomists did a good job of pain free labs but not much in the friendly welcoming department. Anesthesia was nice, the recovery room nurse and the nurse getting me ready was surgery were excellent and friendly. But once I got up to 5W the nurses were very cold, didn’t want to go out of their way whatsoever to make you feel welcome or comfortable. They did just a ok job, my husband typically had to chase them down when we needed them because they never came if we pushed the call button. It’s sad when the lady that comes around doing vitals cares more about the patients than the nurses caring for them. I had a horrible migraine (that I get because of a car accident last November) and I told my nurse I was in a lot of pain and she was just like “oh well, there’s nothing you can take.” And left the room. The lady named Tina was taking my vitals and actually overheard I was in pain and went out of her way to make me a hot pack to put on my neck and it eventually made my migraine go away. If the nurses on the floor would have been more friendly and not seemed agitated if I needed something, I would have given 5 stars. I feel a nurse should care about people in their field, not just a paycheck. They make the hospital stay very cold and unpleasant, when having a major surgery like I had is already a frightening experience, they should make you feel safe and welcome while your there.

Cathy Williams

Very professional staff and good tasting food.

Ann Stiles

After arriving at the ER, we had a 2 hour wait for x-rays and now it has been close to that again. We had to ask what was next, there is such a lack of communication and compassion with the staff in the ER. I hope the doctor and nurses will make up for it.

jones durham

First time at the doctors hospital was very present. Be very welcoming. Wish the staff was more knowledgeable about costs and what my money was going towards... but still welcoming During my time there (1 hour) i felt good about my experience

brianna rogers

Extremely slow would be a understatement, and not clean at all

Shelly Hughey

Very professional and polite. The wait time was minimal. I showed up early to fill out paper work and was seen at my scheduled time. Dr. D. Kennedy answered all my questions, she took time with me and I didn't feel like the visit was rushed.

Kenny Scheeler

Great staff GREAT NURSES ESPECIALLY KRYSTAL AND NATALIE KRYSTAL came in to my room while I was having a major heart attack and made fast split second decisions to save my life for that I owe her my life

Andrew Lokey

I was very polite and very understand but was met with a rude explanation of hospital protocol at first. Hospital staff handled healthcare needs in a timely fashion.

sherree dzikiewicz

Kudos to the staff at the Rehab Center. My therapist was the best! Thanks Michelle! Miss Deborah at the front desk is awesome. She never had to ask my name and was always friendly! Would recommend this facility to anyone needing Physical Therapy!

Barbara Ouellette

We spent this past year, over a month and a half, at Doctor's Hospital. My husband died there on February 6, 2019. As of today we STILL have not received a death certificate because the doctor there has not signed it. I think this shows that there is no respect for the dead and their families. Due to this, I have been unable to file my Social Security and I will miss out on my benefits that I need to get by during this difficult time. I think that they should be much more responsible and I think that they should have more respect for the people that die in their hospital.

Donna Graham

It has been a little over a month since I was taken by ambulance to Doctors Hospital after I passed out at church and required first a temporary pacemaker and then a permanent pacemaker. I'm told that the ER staff did an outstanding job providing information, support and comfort to my family as they received the call that my heart had "stopped" 3 separate times that morning because I don't remember anything after passing out. I do remember the Cath Lab Team after the temporary pacemaker was placed and how they comforted me as I became aware of the seriousness of the incident. I remember the incredible ICU staff and how they prepared me for my upcoming surgery. The OR staff and cardiothoracic surgeon as they kept me informed of everything that would be done to prevent this from happening again. I made the right choice to go to Doctors Hospital for my life saving treatment and compassionate care!

Jeremy Cope

Came in for early morning labs and despite it being super early and a trauma getting called they took great care of me. In and out of registration and lab did awesome. Didn't even feel the needle.

Dave's not here

Friendly staff, very clean. Have grandkids that were born here !!!


Had to wait 5 hours in the waiting room with appendicitis. The ER triage let people through that we’re not emergencies in before me including a guy who “threw out his back” but was able to get up to the vending machine several times for candy and soda. Had I waited much longer my appendix would have ruptured. So I believe their ER triage is completely incapable of putting medicinal needs in order instead of bringing in people based on when they got there. Other than that the CT nurse Katie was awesome, and my nurses throughout the surgery prep were very nice. Dr Hogan I believe did an excellent job with the appendectomy and my nurses in my overnight care were responsive and kind. I felt very well taken care of during my night stay.

Kim Shelton

If I could give 0 stars I would! This is the worst hospital in Augusta! First off I set in the waiting area for 3 hours without ever being seen! Everyone that was behind me went before me! Then this nurse told me practically that my condition is not as serious as other people she said and I quote “we help people with broken or fractured limbs”. You’ll be ok! Even though my whole body hurts and I’m pretty sure I have the flu and my fever was 101.4! Needless to say I will never go back!!!

Dana renee

After over 4 hours of waiting in the waiting room with my daughter we finally went up and asked for at least some ice or an ice pack due to a terrible headache for days while she's pregnant (which is why we are here , that and possible dehydration) I asked registration and she of course refereed me to the lady beside her , so after getting in yet another line with 4 people in front me I waited patiently, only to hear that she couldn't supply the ice, again I stated you couldn't tell me that before ? She then chuckles and said I did. Rude staff and no one cares why u are here, I get it that some abuse their rights to the er, but some of us do not. First and last time here guaranteed. To bad health care has such poor staff, one day it will be you I need and I hope you receive the same treatment.

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Jacinto Ovalle

My wife is buckled over in pain crying waiting in the waiting room for over an hour and still hasn't been seen. She has abdominal pain and it appears that no one here cares enough to ask when she will be able to be seen/ her results will be ready so she can be seen.

Peggy Edwards

We received prompt and courteous care at our visit to the emergency room. Each procedure wad explained in detail. The Doctors and staff were all very professional.

A Mags

We had the worst birth experience here. I was made to feel like I was nothing. There was no compassion during birth. They wouldn’t even allow family to be involved in anyway, and baby was not allowed to go to chest even when she came out pink and screaming. We were forgotten about for over 8 hours and had to track someone down. Nothing was offered (as in perks). Which was odd because the other hospitals we’ve been in take pictures or hand out at least sample size products. Please do your research and go to university.

Matthew Edmundson

I would give zero stars if I could. Doctors Hospital is the worse hospital in Augusta and the greater CSRA. I twice had incidents with the Doctors billing Department. I had two different insurance companies that I used last year and both are accepted by Doctors. So we did two ER visits one for me and one for my son. In both instances we received bills from Doctors saying the physician that saw us didn’t take our insurance. So between those two visits I owe them thousands of dollars because I didn’t inquire with the attending physician on whether he took my insurance. On top of the accepting my insurance but the physician not taking my insurance my ER visit for my kidney stone was horrible. I was but on a gurney and left in the hall way by the ambulance entrance to the ER. I spent hours getting bumped by nurses, EMTs, and Drs running people in. Doctors is corrupt. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!!!

Sherri Tokar

I was told at 11am I would be going home it is now 7:25 pm still here! Noone here can tell you anything I will never visit nor recommend this hospital to anyone Noone here seems to care for you at all Now 8:20 no word from anyone! The staff treats you like you are stupid if you ask for anything. I have never been so disappointed in a health care facility This should be no Stars

Amanda Shirey

If I could give no stars, I would. These were the most rudest people ever. I brought my mom in, she has severe COPD. They treated her like dirt and she didn’t even know what was going on. I told them to release her so we could bring her home and they stuck her in the hall for 5 hours. Told her to get up and walk to the bathroom. They better be glad I was home preparing for a hospital bed where she came home and left peacefully. With love and care because you won’t get it here.

Tonya Borom

The staff at Doctors Hospital is top notch. After my husband and son were both misdiagnosed by another local ER and local prompt care on Sunday, I took them to Doctors ER on Monday. Within a couple of hours, they were both diagnosed properly, admitted and sent for surgery. Had we waited, the outcome could have been very different for both my husband and my son! Because of the situation, Doctors accommodated my family by putting my husband and son in side by side rooms to allow me access to both parties and their physicians. Both my son and husband received excellent patient care. Dr. Bardoner was the surgeon for both patients and did an outstanding job from start to finish. It was a very scary time for me with both needing surgery so quickly and especially after they were misdiagnosed. Although it all happened very quickly, I was very informed every step of the way by the staff and the physician. So thankful that we chose Doctors!


My 1 year old son was taken to the ER because he had a 104 degree fever. Hes been on antibiotics for an ear infection. They started him on a series of 3 antibiotic shots. The next day, we take him to his pediatrician, and she proceeds to tell us that an ear infection is NOT the cause of the 104 fever, that something else was wrong with him. She checked his throat and it was BLISTERED. Why didnt the hospital do this in the first place? Check his throat.. a total of 3 seconds. COMPLETE YOUR JOB ENTIRELY PEOPLE!!!

Gena Freeman

Best place to get a mammogram! I got in and out quickly and effficiently.

Djuana Francois

Goodness the wait time is crazy we came in at 9pm Sunday night and we are still here at 530am Monday morning. It could be so much better starting at the beginning. Although I wasnt treated badly i feel like the elderly were. It was one gentleman that was taking insurance he was really nasty. Maybe he just didn't want to work or was having a bad day but his attitude was horrible. And he knew it cause he kept making rude remarks. I have always like Doctors but now I would rather not come back. The doctor and nurse in the back were nice. But again the wait time is supply ridiculous. Just a note the way staff treat other people is noticed and no one like to see elderly people treated badly. Get people that want to work with the public and give great customer service. I understand everyone gets tired but when you choose to work at the hospital you should come with a better attitude. I know this is my opinion but Doctor's could be great again if you go back to really caring about the patients first.

Regina Klose

This was a peaceful atmosphere, friendly staff, and as comfortable as possible

Curtis Maxson

Great experience. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and professional. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone.

Nina Armstrong

The wait was extremely long but were they're were so many technological devices stationed all throughout our long wait time. I think we waited a total of 3 1/2 hrs to go back, but in that time. We got registration done & my grandma was seen by a technician. I tried to keep her in good spirits & in a laughing manner too. It just seem extremely long, but I was comparing it to my visit to Doctors Hospital over 2 yrs ago. Things have definitely changed since I came up to Doctors Hospital to their emergency room 2+ yrs ago.

Angela Tetterton

Was very pleased with my visit to Doctor's Hospital of Augusta Georgia

Teresa Merritt

My daughter came in on Oct 18,2018 in the ER. She sat in the room for 3 hours waiting for someone to come in. I called the desk and told the nurse the condition of my daughter. She had nearly filled up two pads of blood just sitting. She didn't seem amused about her clotting blood or the overage of blood my daughter was losing. It was the worst experience. I mean as a parent helpless to do anything for my daughter and them just not caring. I half to say I expected more from doctors hospital they were once my number one go too hospital.

Whitney Bell

Awesome service. They give out warm blankets, tbe staff checks on u and make sure you're comfortable. Registration is amazing because there are personal doors to go into. Best hospital and hospitality ever. If I could give it 100 stars I would.

Susan Murray

Love the check-in process. The woman staffing it is very pleasant and professional.

Heathen Biscuit

Vanessa K was absolutely pleasant and great bed side manners! Came in and she stitched me right up and was the friendliest PA I’ve ever had!

Daniel Harris

My Phlebotomist Elaine was AMAZING! I did not feel the needle go in or come out. Before I knew it was over and I was telling her how pleasant my time with her was.

Meagan Kinard

My 2 year old son had a tonsillectomy at Doctors a few weeks ago. We went for his pre-anesthesia appointment, and that department was FABULOUS!! They treated my son with such great care and were efficient and so friendly. The check-in process is so nice and worked so well. We went in the day of surgery and had a great experience in the Day Surgery Center. Each person that was going to have contact with my son introduced themselves and explained their part in the surgery. Everyone was so friendly. They took him back and called us as soon as he was settled to let me know he was okay. Then, Dr. Ayers came out 11 minutes later and said the surgery was a success. We received another call that he was in recovery about 10 minutes later and to await another phone call for us to go back. The communication was impeccable!! The doctors and nurses are all so friendly and more than one person said that they would be sure to treat my son like he was their own. As a nervous mom, this hospital went above and beyond for his surgery. Well done Doctors Hospital!!

Jay Thomas

Don't have your baby there especially if you are having a c-section. Will never go back there!

rodgerwayne1 Yes

I was in Doctors Hospital on 0/29/2018 of last month to have a full knee replacement and not been at this hospital in a long time for any kind of service I will tell you that the staff were a great professional and went out of their way to answer any questions or to find me anything that I needed up on the floor after surgery the nurses ,PT staff that we’re taking care of me When it was time to come in and take test results are just normal readings they always took time to speak see how I was feeling if I needed anything extra I always made sure I had a cup of ice the girls on the morning shift would always bring me a cup of coffee before the Food staff came around just made a visit that I had no choice in a lot better for being there wonderful people

Lindy M

I had both of my children here. First experience was amazing. Second, not so much. I came in, having contractions. You could clearly see them on the screen. Well, they were overbooked. Way overbooked. So overbooked, the nurses told us they had delivered people on stretchers that week. Despite the fact that I was having contractions, a nurse came in and told me I was not having contractions (even though I could see And feel them), gave me a percocet, told me "we would keep you but we have no room", and discharged me. And then, when I was finally able go have my baby, i asked for an epidural. The man who did it put it in the wrong spot and I told him that. I told him I could still feel pain, and he basically acted like I was lying. Then, when i was 8 centimeters dilated and fixing to push, the epidural completely wore off. They called the man up to do my epidural again, but it was too late. I was in so much pain, I was screaming and do you know what the man who did my epidural WRONG had the guts to say to me??? "Control yourself". I was so tired and focused, I couldn't even respond. I do NOT recommend having your baby at doctors hospital. My doctor and most of the nurses I had were amazing, but the experience I had was not great. Do better, doctors hospital

Nellie Nell

I'm 40 weeks pregnant, and decided to go to Doctors instead of Aiken because I live in SC. I was told the care there was awesome. But I didn't get that. They practically just threw me out of yhere and sent me home. They wasnt rude or anything. But the staff and the obgyn on staff just seemed lkke they didn't want to be bothered because I wasntw having strong contractions and was only dilated 1 cm. They didn't even try to see the baby to make sure the baby wasn't breech after stating they thought the baby was breech. They didn't test my urinalysis. They just made sure that I wasn't actually leaking any fluids. They claim.the baby wasn't even in my pelvis which was a lie. By this being my 5th child I kind of already knows how this goes. I don't think I will be goin back unless there's a different staff on duty.

Cristina Dominguez

I'm very satisfy with my visit. I received very good attention. The doctors and nurses went above their duty to provide the services I needed. I commend the nurses on the stepdown unit, specially Jakirah, Amie and their assistants who took care of me, with love, compassion and professional dedication. Congratulations to all for a job well done

Jeanette Willoughby

My husband was in Doctors Hospital for only 2 days but received excellent care and attention. Inspite of being short staffed, the ward nurses were responsive to patient calls within 20 minutes. Thank you.

Brandon Hudson

PLEASE READ TILL THE END I brought my wife here with a fever and a severe stomachache and I get they're busy but the wait is just insane we've been here more than 3.5 hrs at this point and just now seen an RN not even the doctor. They have been extremely friendly, everybody has been polite just not very helpful, to make someone set for this kind of period of time sick or in pain and not provide any assistance to bring down a fever or offer anything in the way of easing discomfort is inhumane. And I fully understand that emergency arise I'm not saying put our needs above someone else's life but in a three and a half hour plus period at this point at the very least something for the fever could have been given. Update: so we arrive and they signed as in at 6:20 P:M it is now 9:48 P:M and she's just getting something to help ease her discomfort. Please don't mistake me the RN which is the only person we've seen since they brought us back is very polite good at her job and was able to start the IV in the matter of seconds which with my wife is a challenge because of her vains. That being said the time gap I have expressed is 100 percent true and accurate the part about not seeing a doctor yet is also true and disappointing giving all the positive reviews I've read. Last update: so originally I was going to give 2 stars because honestly I felt as though we were brushed aside like her pain wasn't a big enough emergency to be given anytime. But after they finally were able to get to us, we felt like they cared. They took time and went through a great deal of effort to figure out what was going on and not just dismiss her. Our experience with the actual doctor and staff was what you hope for when you have a situation arise that warrants a trip to the emergency room. Now I am still displeased with the amount of time it took to actually be seen or treated but the staff is amazing. So in my opinion the fault is with the management and stretching their staff to thin. Because it was very clear that the doctor and staff that treated my wife cared and wanted to do right by her.

Raiana Coakley

Arrived at the ER 10 am my wait wasn’t long at all , I was seen by Rachel and she was awesome , but when trying to pick up my meds , the pharmacy didn’t have that kind and wouldn’t have it until Monday, so when I tried calling the ER , I was put on hold for more than 10 mins . Then a lady name Cindy or Cynthia says she will try to help me then proceed to hang up in my face , when calling back Lisa said yeah their working on it and will give me a call back and she proceeds to hang up in my face ! Overall I got my medication but the process was ridiculous.

nena spires

everyone through my whole ordeal has been exceptionally nice ,caring and helpful. Couldnt have gotten through this without them!

Linda Gary

Great experience. Everyone I came in contact with was very professional.


visited Doctors Hospital emergency room on Thursday because a physician at Prompt care stated my husband had pneumonia and need blood work and possible admission. Yes, the advertisement states WAIT TIME for DOCTORS HOSPITAL was 9 minutes????? Well that wait time mean to sign in at the desk. After 4 hours my husband was triaged (. what's the problem) and had his blood drawn . Sent to WAIT in the waiting room forever. After four hours we left and found care at a real EMERGENCY ROOM. Doctors hospital is still TERRIBLE. One star is too generous a rating.

David Harmon

Registration was quick & easy. The staff was excellent and very helpful.

Veka Person

The staff was so wonderful to me and my family. They tried to accommodate us the best they could. They found the problem and fixed it fast. I cant say enough good things about this hospital. We also met new friends.

Joshua Buzhardt

Best hospital we’ve been to. Everything from the fast service at the ER, to all the staff in Labor and Delivery. Thank you so much for easing the process of our 3rd little girls arrival. This hospital deserves 5 stars all the way around, people giving 1 star because they walked in at peak wait times at the ER is dumb.

Kim Lutz

This place does NOT care about their patients. They have zero communication skills with any other department that takes care of patient. Nobody knows anything. Courteous people. Just lacking in other very important roles as a health provider. I will choose more wisely in the future.

Steven Harris

ER Very Very Long Wait. Had one patient had been waiting over 6 hours. They don't do a good job on keeping you informed. Their web page. Said 16 mins at the time we got there.

SM Basham


Deborah Ezernack

Awesome care

Dana Spencer

I only rated it a two because the dr and nurse were great when I took my granddaughter in for a dogbite. My past experiences with the nurses and staff doctors on my multiple hospitalizations I’ve had terrible experiences. I will never go back to that ER personally, because I am usually hospitalized but in this case it wouldn’t require hospitalizations. They have a kids Er side where I took my granddaughter yesterday. The experience I had with lady that checked me in (paramedic I believe) and the tall, younger girl that took us back reminded me of the past bad experiences I’ve had there and got a little concerned. I had my daughter and two granddaughters with me and we had already been to two prompt cares that do not deal with anything on the face so we went to the closest kids Er and it was at Doctors. I didn’t feel like dragging them downtown. The cut was small but I still didn’t want to waste time. I’m so glad I took the chance because the Physician and nurse were so great! If there is a place I can rate the kids side (minus the younger girl in blue who brought us back) I would gladly give it a 5

katie Verrett

Very nice

Detricch Malone

Being a new resident of Augusta (2 years in August) I was skeptical about the physicians and hospitals ( having no referrals by mouth) Leaping out on faith I found (for me)the best of the two, Dr Franklin and Doctors Hospital. Had a total knee replacement on 02.04.19, starting from pre-op, Joy was amazing. She and I bonded like old friends. After surgery, (don’t remember nurse’s name) while waiting for a room...she was very sympathetic and friendly. The highlight of my stay was on the 2nd floor. People I don’t say this often being from up North, but those women that took care of me were outstanding. Latrice, Crystal, Melissa and Sarah ( student nurse). Crystal was on point, every issues I discussed with her in confidence were handled, and in a timely manner. Last but not least... the head nurse just know by her demeanor and poise when expressing your concerns of things not being done right, there were words spoken. Ladies and gentleman you are appreciated and have the love of the LORD within my heart for you ALL.

Marsha Williams

Very professional service!!

Liyah Calloway

My favorite ER in Augusta! The wait time is a bit long if you don’t have a true medical emergency but that’s with any ER honestly. They really care about you here! Facility is up to date and clean. Staff is knowledgeable and polite. I won’t go anywhere else!

Lilaghggf Reesedreye6

Great equipment and personnel, exceptional attention and treatment by all the staff. Had yearly mammogram and ultrasound of left breast. Love these people.

Donna Wagoner

Everyone is so sweet and caring

Tonya Walton

I would like to give a great big shout out to Nurse Natalie on 3rd floor and Thomas on the care team. They both are awesome!!

The Walker Family of Augusta

THIS HOSPITAL IS THE BEST!! Maternity Ward is unbelievable!! Everyone is so nice. They make our visits so great. I have delivered 4 children at Drs Hospital of Augusta and every time, our stay has been wonderful. They are very nice and accommodate my family and I. This hospital believes in keeping the baby with the mommy, which I double completely!! Other hospitals in the area do not nearly meet the par as this hospital. We love Drs Hospital! ER is awesome! So, we all know that when visiting the emergency room, your already in a state of panic. Doctors hospital eases that fear and helps to get you in and cared for ASAP. We have had a few VERY Frightening experiences and Drs hospital has done wonderful at caring for my family. Doctors Hospital is the best hospital in Augusta for sure and Id say the best in Georgia. Thank you all for being so wonderful and family-orientated.


We arrived in Augusta at 2 am. By 5:30 am, my daughter had to call an ambulance for me. I'd woken up quite ill and passed out in her bathroom hitting my head on the tub. I was taken to Doctors. Long story short, I ended up having a bacterial infection from tainted beef. Spent 2 nights and days. My care was excellent as they sorted through tests and scans for a final diagnosis. Dr. Preston was wonderful and very caring. The nurses were on top of their game. My only complaint was the techs and nurses wearing fragrance. Made me quite nauseous on top or what I was dealing with.


Very professional! I arrived a bit early and was seen quickly. I was through with my appointment before my scheduled appointment time! That is rare. Entire staff was courteous, explained everything they were doing, and smiled! Outstanding care! Thank you!

tori jenell

The interactive game for kids in the waiting room is beyond disturbing. The constant banging on the walls will drive you crazy especially when you don’t feel well. People do not feel good and shouldn’t have to deal with the screaming and banging. Plus wait times are outrageous... .

Sue Diaz

Not a happy experience. Dietary could not accommodate my dietary needs. Went without meals. Had to have ppl bring me food. Two hospitalists were inferior and unknowledgable about my care and unwilling to listen to some of my major concerns. One sent me home too early w/o meds and I was back in within 2 days. That time for a 20 day stay. Not at all pleased or impressed. Wish there was another facility within my local area I could go to during an emergency. The nursing and tech staff ARE fabulous!

Michelle Rogers

Kathy B. in the lab was amazing!

Mamie Wright

Doctor's hospital provides a conducive environment for nurturing care and support for the patient

Paul Clements

First of all Jessica is the top notch IV starter. Jada is a wonderful student tech. They were both so sweet. Teresa and Peppi were just as wonderful. Years ago people here were not so nice. Whatever changes you made worked. You have some really great staff. Jessica even came by to see me again and check on me. Love these girls . Oh I almost forgot Ms. Mary at the check-in desk. Awesome Awesome job ladies.

Lottie Beckham

My sister was on the 4 east for almost 2 weeks. The nursing care and techs were excellent. Everyone was wonderful to her including dietary and environmental services. I have no complaints at all.

Sharon Martin

Would absolutely not come here with an actual injury. Obvious streams of blood will not get you seen in the ER faster if you have limped in with your own power. They didn't even ask if I was in pain in triage, which didn't happen until after handing over my financial information (approx 30 mins after arriving). Another 30 mins and I'm still in the waiting room trying to elevate my foot that's covered in blood. Expected them to notice and say something since it's a biohazard, but they haven't, and my foot hurts too much for me to care. Sorry. Had to edit this to attach the screenshot of their site. They say the current average wait time is 5 minutes for there ER as of right now... Yeah, 5 minutes for them to get your financial info. Then another 1.25 hours and counting... This is the most deceptive ER tracker I have ever seen. I would have to be passed out and carried in to ever come back to this ER again.

Robert Carpenter

A very confident,friendly,clean facility.I have great feelings about this hospital. 48k later maybe you should not go here.0nly stayed one night. No food no answers to injuries.....MCG may be better.

Nicholas James

Went to ER with chest pains back in January. Had an EKG done and was there maybe 45 minutes tops. I got a $1800 bill which doesn’t cover the doctor. The doctors tried to charge another $1800. To charge someone $1800 for an EKG is theft. It’s a shame they think it’s acceptable to take someone’s hard earned money. Won’t ever come back here again.

Pam Booker

There is not enough space here to type in all of the screw-ups & dont-care attitudes I have seen in my week of being a patient at this hospital for tha last 7 days!

LeAnne Perkins

I was just released from a 5 day stay at this facility. I cannot thank the staff on the 5th floor enough for a more pleasant stay. No one wants to be in the hospital, but the nurses, aids, techs, and nurse Leaders made my stay worry free. They were always quick to answer my call lights. They were more than helpful in answering my questions. They were kind and polite and always explained what was happening. When new shifts came on, I was always introduced to the people who would be taking care of me. Privacy was always respected for me and other patients on the floor. I am very happy with my primary care physician, Dr. Chris McElroy and he was there on time every day to check on me and give me updates and answer questions. Overall, if you have to be in the hospital, go to Doctors Hospital in Augusta!

Jennifer Williams

In the worst possible pain of my life I've been here since 4:15pm and it is now 7:21pm and still no treatment. I had other people come ask if I was ok because it's all I can do to not scream in the waiting room. This used to be such a great hospital but after spending 3hrs and counting waiting in unfathomable pain rocking back a forth like a fiend to keep my pain down. I will never come back here. This is inhumane.

Marshall Polk

The entire staff and care from admissions, pre op, post op, recovery and overnite stay were paragons of what excellent medical should be when administered by well trained professionals with a great attitude and dedication to their jobs.

Marilyn Gravitt

Short wait time. Very professional staff.

susan donnelly

I came with a friend to the ER. They got her back to a room fast, but was put in a room and forgotten about. Someone eventually came to do blood work after a complaint. Then a NP stopped to give her the results and inform her they would send a pill. NOT ONCE DID ANYONE CHECK ON HER, COME AND ASK HER WHAT WAS GOING ON OR ACKNOWLEDGE HER EXISTENCE.

Amanda Clements

I want to thank the staff in labor and delivery for taking care of my baby girl and me this week. So many caring and knowledgeable nurses that made the experience wonderful.

Carl Edenfield

Arrived the website showed 18 minute wait time. Three hours later still in the waiting room the website shows 12 minute wait time. I think if I die in the waiting room it would take days to find me, but the report would still show they found me in minutes.

Moe Mahgoub

It's better to stay home and suffering than come to the ER. Waiting time is CARZY.. lack of staff and professionalism. VERY AWFUL experience

Julie Bell

Average ER wait time online says 8 minutes. Been here for an hour. Was just told it would be at least another 2 hours. Others here have been waiting for 3+ hrs Update: didn't take as long. Took about 1.5 hours.. Still not 8 min. But the nurses here are being super helpful so moving up from 1 star

Cheryl Hill

Staff is so pleasant and friendly, makes you feel very welcome.

Ashlee Jones

After reading the reviews I was very reluctant to come here with my one year old but they did her lab work and everyone I encountered was very nice and professional. The guy who checked us in (I think his name was William) was very friendly, the wait time wasn’t awful, the ladies in x Ray were very friendly and nice, and the phlebotomist Henrietta made our day!! Thanks guys

Danielle Patterson

My son was in car wreak and thrown from the car over 50ft he was tramu patient in icu that was Saturday after all test 3 broken bones on back and other stuff going now then Tuesday he was sent home. Now be back at the er cause he can't deal with the pain and we have been in the waiting room over 5hrs and still sitting really what is going on with this hospital. First I believe he should not have been able to go home on Tuesday I think that was to soon.

Kristin Haney

Nurses are rude. My daughter was having bad stomach pain and is early in pregnancy. Nobody in ER was in the shape she was and still they took their sweet time. I won't be back here!!!

Jenna Lewis

Literally the best hospital I have ever been to. We were in a bed in 15 min. They take your care seriously and don’t take the severity of things lightly. They were fast! We will definitely come to this one from now on!! University hospital was way worse! It took them 2 1/2 hours to get us back to a bed.

Keith Crawley

My wife recently spent almost a month in the Hospital in total, during which time she received numerous treatments for Brain tumors ( including cyber knife and late neuro-surgery) as well as remedial occupational and physiotherapy. Without ANY reservation we can attest to the amazing skill and compassion show and displayed by each and every Doctor and staff member with whom we had contact during that time. - and here I include even the cleaners and kitchen staff. It would be very difficult to "single out" real stars among them as they were all really amazing people who displayed both professionalism and compassion on a daily basis. They bolstered my wife's positiveness and ensured the best outcomes for her. Without this Hospital, its state of the art equipment and skilled and caring staff the outcome could so easily been catastrophic.


Food was terrible and the worst thing about that is everybody knew it and didn't seem to care.

Josh Lumley

Do not go to this hospital, go to university instead. Went on for a kidney stone left me in waiting room for 6 hours. Sent me home with a 7 mm kidney stone that I couldn't pass on my own and without enough meds to get through the weekend.

Vincent Cooper

Very Thankful for Drs. Coleman, Tojino, Smalls, and the and the Staff at Doctors Hospital. It is obvious that they were concerned for my wife's well being and recovery. The room and the hospital were consistently kept clean. The meals were delivered on time and were good. The nurses had much to do, but visited regularly and treated my family with respect as we did the same toward them. As much as I have had occasion to be around and receive medical services, this was the best experience I have observed. No one wants to be hospitalized, but if you must at least be clean, well fed, treated well, and above all receive excellent medical care. Thank you for caring for my wife. It means a great deal to us. God Bless.

Jeania Howard

Everything was terrific, easy and took only a few minutes. The technician was very kind and knowledgeable . Kim was the very best.

Kim Maloy

Well, I'm still here, but everyone from the doctors to the nurses, from the nutrition staff to the custodial staff every single person I have come into contact with has been very friendly and helpful.

Elize Jay

The check in went smoothly, wait time was minimal, and the Technician was amazing.

Kelilahz Korner

My treating Provider Vanessa Dean was A-Mazing !!! She was very attentive and understanding even in the ER setting! She paid attention to every thing I was coming there for. She definitely made me comfortable while I was there. The nurses that were assisting her were very pleasant (Aaron and Patrick) as well. Excellent experience.

Veena Pannu

Extremely easy check in. Smiling staff. Minimal wait time. Efficient imaging. Fast results. What better place to go to than this? Customer for life! Thank you

Chris Williams

Having had kidney stones previously, I was well aware of “what” the severe pain in my flank was the other night. So I went to our ER at doctors for diagnosis/relief. The team was exceptional. From a quick registration to triage, I was placed in a room quickly with my primary RN assuring me the Md was on the case. Shane, RN and Dr.Brosnahan were quick, efficient, and provided great care. While I certainly hope to stay out of the ER (any ER), the care delivered at Doctors was great! Kudos to delivering exceptional care!

Lee Alexandra Colon

Amazing experience at Maternity Ward..(my sister was in labor) Everyone was so professional and caring. From the nurses and Drs. To technicians, cleaning services, cafeteria.. everyone they go above and beyond for patient care..

Janice Collins

The staff was top notch. This is my second stay at Doctors Hospital for more than 1 night. As with the last stay, the nursing staff was very attentive to my needs. They were all very pleasant individuals, and I felt I was getting excellent care. Also, the food staff and housekeeping staff were very polite. I would recommend Doctors Hospital to all my friends and family.

Teressa Taylor

I went to the ER around 1am, and the service was very efficient and great. They got me in took good care of me, and had me out of there. I really appreciated them and was glad I choose them. Yes, I would return and recommendation them to family and friends.

Jean Allie

I arrived in the ER in an ambulance after a fall. I was admitted to a room shortly after determining I had a hip fracture. I had surgery that evening. I stayed 2 days. During this time, I had so many people caring for me and felt like all my needs were met and people genuinely cared about me.

Joan McCallister

Highly recommend Doctors Hospital for care of pediatric patients! Prompt service with exceptional nursing care from RN Rebecca in ER. She had excellent technique with starting IV on my daughter! RN Melissa, Cheryl & Christie on PEDS unit provided compassionate & considerate care. Child life specialist Karley helped create a comforting environment for my daughter as well!

Lee Patterson

I had a wonderful experience with the new scanning mammography. It is a well keep secret at the moment.

Clyde Estell

Before the NEW ER opened the service was very good, 4 stars or better. I don't know what has changed but it needs to change back. They are slow, rude, lack of concern for anything or anyone. I don't know who to complain to but this has been the 2nd time for me and 3 times for my pregnant daughter. They have put her in a room and left her for hours with seeing her or talking to her or her mother about anything.

Nona Jane Harrison

Nurses and Clinicians were all so nice and personable.

Melissa Pike

Some of the staff was nice and kind to my significant other and i. Last time there was from 9:30 am to round bout 4:30 to 5:00 pm. Appointment time was at 10:30 that morning but my significant other was not called back till 11:15 am. and didn't get seen by doctor until after 1:00 pm. Got out of there bout 4:30pm; 5:00pm. Didn't get home til round 6:00 pm.

Richard Moore Jr

I have no complaints. Nothing but the best of care.

Mystina Denby

The staff was kind, lovely, and wonderful in a horrific time for my family. They were caring, respectful, and did everything scientifically and medically within their power to help my Aunt. If I was in Georgia, I wouldn't hesitate to seek out care here.

Shawna McPherson

Stellar Patient Care from Nurses in Pediatric unit, all the Nurses & Staff during the Surgery, & The Main Orthopedic Man Dr. John Bojescul! Thank You Doctors Hospital!! Thank You for helping us and a great experience!

Rhonda Carrillo

My daughter has been waiting in the ER in excruciating pain for more than 4 hours while the website wait time states that the wait time is 13 minutes. They still have not seen her or even made an attemp to talk to us. This is the worst EMERGENCY ROOM? Feels more like waiting for a regular check up. These doctors have no sense of urgency, empathy or willingness to help anyone. This is the worst experience ever!!!!! I will take my insurance and go somewhere else.

Mike Blackmon

Most friendly atmosphere around. From the front doors to the endoscopy lab, most expedient and helpful personnel. Endoscopy lab was almost a pleasure, staff are so comforting and reassuring.

Dave Carpenter

I don't know whats going on in the emergency. They wheel you back and forth between waiting room and different tests to be preformed. I was in the worst pain throughout my right leg . 10 on the pain scale. Are they trying to save money on soiled sheets

Sherry Clarke

Each year for the past 3 years, I have gotten a mammogram at the imaging center in the green building at Doctor's Hospital. Each visit has been amazing. The technicians that I have had and the staff were all very friendly and accommodating to my care and needs. This past visit, I was greeted with smiles and the warm care as always and experienced the new imaging machine. There was no pain and was in and out in about 30 minutes.

Nicholas Hadley

Took husband to ER. We immediately signed in. After 20 min they called him up for his vitals. In this time several people went back. Still an hour later and we are still sitting in the waiting room. Average time said 7 minutes...yeah right. One gentleman had been there for several hours in pain and had yet to be taken back. Should have gone to University, they are fast and make their patients their #1 priority regardless of issue. I even asked the nurse how long it would be and she said she couldn’t say, that if 3 patients came in with chest pains they would be taken immediately but others would have to wait. Such BS!! Next time I will NOT USE DOCTORS AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHOOSE SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR YOUR CARE!

Cathy Mason-Smith

Check-in and registration was quickly. It went down hill after that. The wait time was well over 4 hours in the ER. Waiting for the results from CT scan. I was very disappointed to learn that Doctor's advertise that their response time is less than other area hospitals.

Amelia Johnson

Been there many,many times and had great experiences except for this last one. It took me way over an hour to get a bed and there was too many nurses standing around and seem to not care.Had to wheel myself to the bathroom because after buzzing the nurses station 20 plus mins still had not seen anyone. This is the longest and slowest wait time ever.People past me by as I was going to and from the bathroom in a wheelchair because I had surgery.and can't have any weight bearing on it. This.trip to the ER.this time really blew my mind.

Deb Green

Over 2 years ago, I crushed my arm and I cannot say enough about the staff at Doctor's Hospital. The emergency room staff and Doctor were the most caring, pleasant people. They were angels in the Emergency Room. The staff on the floor for Orthopedic Surgery were outstanding! Every single person, from the nurses to the housekeepers went above and beyond for me. There was a nurse, in her 70's who took such good care of me during the night shift and made sure I was always comfortable. I wish I remembered her name. When I lost my glasses, the housekeeper, Wilhemenia or Justen Amos, (I am not sure of the name), looked in all the sheets and the trash cans to find my glasses. She did not have to spend her time helping me with my glasses! Even though I turned the lady down who wanted to give me a bath, she checked in on me later to make sure I had not changed my mind. The food was very good! Every single person was so kind and pleasant. The people who did my IV's and took my vitals were also nice. It has been 2 years since I was in the hospital but I just found a piece of paper with the housekeeper's name and was flooded with pleasant memories of that experience at Dr.'s Hospital.

johnboy jupiter1

Horrible experience went in with the flu but they claim it's just a viral infection and I'll have to wait it out some of the staff was ok but the nurse practitioner and a few others where pretty racist if you ask me why is it that hospitals like that are trying their best not to give BLACK people medication

Amber Bulinda

I am seriously impressed and pleased with the entire doctors hospital experience I’ve had. I was shaking because I was so nervous prior to my c section but the whole staff and anesthesiologist doing my epidural were so great talking to me to try to distract me from what was happening. Even though I had a c section they facilitated skin to skin and breastfeeding right after birth while I was still on the OR table getting worked on and more skin to skin as they rolled me back to my room. The nurses checked on the baby and I frequently after birth and were full of information. They said it’s actually standard procedure to teach you something every time they come into the room. Thank you to Amber and Theresa and every other nurse that was in charge of our care while we were there. So awesome! There were lactation consultants available during my stay to help baby and I during those first couple of days and then they are still available to me now at no charge. I just made a visit to get some advice/guidance on breastfeeding and am just totally floored by how much knowledge I have gained from a single visit from Sally, a woman with 13 years of experience. We have an appointment to check on our progress and even though we are moving she can get us in touch with a knowledgeable consultant at our new home. Now that’s care!

Kim Watford

My mom was there about 2 1/2 mo. She was on at least 3 different floors. Floor 5 nurses were not helpful. One even called my mom a liar and pushed her arm away because she did not believe mom had a sore arm (from a previous injury). Floor 4 was a little better but they didn't notice how sick my mom was getting even though I kept telling them how short of breath she was. However, the staff operating the hyperbaric oxygen therapy were outstanding. Mom was sent for a treatment and it took that nurse a minute to recognize how sick mom was. They had her transferred to critical care. Again critical care and ICU were awesome. Encountered no problems. Nurses were exceptional. Going above and beyond. If the other floors were doing their jobs better maybe mom wouldn't have gotten as bad off as she did. Last thing, when it came time for discharge, they claimed they called me (which I have no record of). We live 3 hrs away. I did not find out u til an HR into her commute. The rehab facility mom was going to hadn't even received insurance approval. So when mom arrived she had to wait in ambulance for 45 min after arrival. When I called case manager they tried shifting blame around and told me that if she didn't get approved I should just take her home. She was on oxygen (something new) and had a wound vac. Both of which I knew nothing about and the woman is telling me to take her home. So if I could, I would give 5 stars to mom's Dr and all the nurses in ICU and critical care. But the rest of the hospital is a zero from our experience.

Joseph Batrous

Absolute disgrace for billing people for 38 seconds of them actually looking at a child’s finger saying it was fine just to wrap it up and billing people for a surgery for over $1000 plus more than $500 foot the visit that took them less than a minute to look rip-off of hardworking people. Guess that’s society if you have insurance you have to pay for those that don’t or that just don’t pay for their visit!!! I would have been fine paying $500 for the visit but over $1500 come on.

Sheila Stephan

Brought my friend Jo to the emergency room at 8pm May 31st. It's now 3:15am June 1st and we are STILL WAITING TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR 7 HOURS LATER!!!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!

Deb Hooper

At the Outpatient Lymphedema Clinic, I am always treated in a professional but friendly manner. I enjoyed all of my visits and Marie was a great teacher. Michelle goes out of her way to help me when I'm there.

Stephen Sawyer

What would they do if there was a real emergency when they can't even handle the general daily emergencies?

Grady Curl

The wound and Burn Center has the best staff that I have ever been treated by. They are very professional, kind, courteous and careing. I have nothing but good things to say about these wonderful people.

Maria Callanan

My husband was admitted on a Friday to this hospital. Staff is very pleasant and caring but the actual doctors are a complete NO SHOW. We have never met the doctor or spoken with him. I don't even know what my husband really has. Terrible experience we are looking to transfer him somewhere else. Do not recommend this hospital unless is something minor.

Marie Paster

I have been here since 11:30am and it's 3:44pm I'm in so MUCH pain, I've had my blood drawn, CT Scan, no one has said anything to me since I'm in the acute waiting area. Ive asked something for pain. Nothing they are waiting on the provider. Why am I still waiting. If I wasn't in so MUCH pain I would leave. I thought this hospital would see me fast because of the pain. They said it might be kidney stones. What happen to taking care of paitent who are in Pain. This is ridiculous. I understand they have ambulance coming in. But what about the patients who have been waiting. Now I'm in a bed in the hallway, waiting to be seen. This has to get better. I want to talk to someone in charge. I want someone from Patients Advocate to get in touch with me soon. How long do I have to wait in this hallway?

Raymond Majors

If you have good insurance be sure you will be in this place for a long time they will find any excuse to keep you there to drain your wallet...poor hospital.... then it took them 2.5 hrs to track down a dinner my wife asked about to 4 different people and no one had a clue..i had to call the head nurse from my home to track down a meal my wife asked about 2.5 hrs in advanced at 445 pm she received he dinner at 742 pm after the call ....will die in the street before i ever come to this place

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