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REVIEWS OF Crisp Regional Health Services IN Georgia

Douglas Everson

Very classy environment especially as you work your way up the staff. I had a mini stroke on my way through town and was taken there. All alone without anyone to help me. Dr White and Kathy who was in some kind of directorship role I’m sorry Kathy I’m sorry think you said you were the director. They were so helpful professionally and even took it to a personal level helping me get around town along with my vehicle. My family doesn’t even know yet what lengths they took to make sure I was taken care of. This is a beautiful environment in a beautiful small community. As a community you should be very proud of this facility and the people running it.

Olivia Dean

Tabetha Grubb

If it were possible to give zero stars, I would. The ER is a complete joke. They’ve hired second rate staff that probably barely passed their certifications. I saw more standing around here than at a party. My mother is now being seen in Perry after this place has refused to actually do their job finding out what is wrong with her and after a THIRD visit this weekend alone because her pain and symptoms keep returning and the only thing they apparently know how to do is a CT Scan and draw blood. This final visit they refused to see her and accused her of just wanting pain meds. And this is after she spent three days admitted there two weeks ago for the same symptoms. At that time she received a colonoscopy after fighting with the ER staff when they tried to send her home, which revealed a section of her colon looking like inflamed, swollen ground beef. They sent her home after that with no clear insight as to what was wrong or what caused her colon to look like that. Gave her a basic antibiotic and no pain relief. And now, two weeks later has the audacity to accuse her of wanting pain meds and telling her to “get through it”. I would bring dying roadkill to this hospital!

Phelicity Scott

If I could give this place negative100 stars, I would. This place was horrible. I wouldn't even take my dog here. This place is unprofessional, unattentive, neglectful, uncaring, lying, and so much more. They tied my grandpa to a hospital bed for a whole week! They let him lay in his poop and pee for a whole week! That led to him having life threatening bed sores, he also developed pneumonia! This led to him having a blood infection, kidney failure from them not giving him water and having to get a feeding tube, colostomy bag, and a folly catheter. Now my grandpa is in hospice care from the neglect of this place. My grandfather initially came to that hospital because he had a fall. He was walking and talking when he was admitted to this hell hole. Now he cant talk, can't walk, he can't even hold up his head. They lied on paperwork and said that he had a stroke! Never, not once did they mention a stroke to us! I came up from Miami when I heard about the incident and literally lived in the hospital by my grandpa side for a month. Most of the nurses are horrible and uncaring. Had I not been in the room, there's no telling what else would have happened. Please, if you can travel, DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!! On a good note, thank you to nurses Daisy, Christy, Mike, Brooke, and Brandy. Thank you to Techs Richard, Anita, Gale. Mr. Richard thank you so much you really took great care of my grandpa.

Robin Culp

Dr Hillman is a great careing dr.

baily nipper

Courtney Dubose

Very friendly and professional environment. Friendly and welcoming staff, they were quick to get results and discharge. Clesn rooms.Special shout out to my doctor Greta(NP), Adrienne, Dilyn, and Mike(nurses), they are awesome. If ur in the area and have health problems or emergency situations, i would highly recommend that you go and pay them a visit to help u take care of ur needs. Very welcoming, professional, compassion, and friendly staff!!! 09/16/2018

Vinny Terrill

I want to thank Crisp Regional for their excellent service and quick response. They took great care of my daughter. Cheers!

Holly Harris

Crisp Regional ER is the worse emergency I have ever encountered. The staffs attitude is horrible and sub par. The wait time is ridiculous where as other regions I have visited had a relatable wait time. Caring for the patient is not their main concern. I have never been so disappointed and ashamed in a hospital in my life. Either they need new management over the ER department or they need a whole new staff because I am highly offended by the work ethic at this hospital. Crisp Regional Hospital ER department and staff you all need a huge reality check. If I could have gave this place no stars I would have.

Jasmine Prather


John Gerardi

If I could go lower I would had a motorcycle accident worst bedside manner, nasty nurses, actually left me in my wet clothes for four days, then wanted to rent the bed beside me to my friend. Really? I was admitted to emergency room and nurse there says, hey look this one didn't come in a body bag. I had a broken collar bone, ribs and other things, the nurse station told me to keep my moaning down or she would put a pillow over my head, my urinal bottle was almost overflowing I kept calling to get it emptied no one show up, I finally said last chance I'm putting it on floor, worst place I've ever been to

Char R

They cause my husband death in Aug 2015,wrongful death, Medical Malpractice, abuse by a nurse, lied to by the doc, overdose, tampering with wish stuff they never should have, could never file a complaint, would not listen to me when we said no, incubated him alive, never called his doctors from florida at shands hospital, lied about getting him transferred to fl shands it took several days never call about his medical records, I have a top transplant doc willing to stand on my behalf in Medical Malpractice, have pictures of the abuse, there a lot more to tell and my family seen and witnessed this. Shands tried to save his life. the hospital , this hospital is not worth the time to be there, it may cost you your life. Been fighting ence 2015 to get a lawyer no one will take the case. so good luck to you with this hospital,

Nicole Duncan

Debbie Lewis

It will get you to the right place.

Brett Marshall

I recently had outpatient knee surgery with Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Scalamonga. Excellent outcome from initial visits to post-op visits. Staff in same day took excellent care from start to finish. Excellent nurses, anesthesiologist, and other staff members! Very professional group and I would use Crisp Regional for other services in the future. I also had a great experience with Crisp Regional Rehab. Medical imaging also was great as the appointment was effortless and the equipment was state of the art in a rural setting.

Jena Wright

My 15 month old son had tubes in his ears by Dr. March at Crisp Regional and the experience was wonderful. All of the employees in Same Day Surgery and the OR were wonderful. I would highly recommend Crisp Regional! They have hometown people who truly provide compassionate care.

Tarona Summers

Check-in was wonderful.. We get to Same Day Surgery tell you to be here at 9:00 get here at 8:40 and 12:00 still have not had procedure done we always use this Hospital never again

latrecia campbell

Brad westenfeld

I work at Marvair and this past week end I had a accident at my home with my chainsaw and cut myself. I went to the Urgent care clinic to seek treatment and was given excellent medical service by every member there. BB and Jean did a fantastic job. I had called our nurse Latoshia before I went to the clinic to see if there was anywhere beside the ER that would be able to see and treat me. Later that evening she contacted me to see how I was doing and also when I returned to work on Monday she stopped me first thing to check on me to see if I needed anything or had any questions. We are blessed to have Latoshia here at Marvair looking out after us.

Mark Toms

Charlena Smith

Ashley Mathis

Katie Creel

nylea h

Michael Brost

Worst ER visit ever. I couldn't get a nurse to respond to me so, ankle injury and all, I hopped on one foot to the restroom to avoid urinating on myself.

Kim Vinson

Jeff Mcduffie

I had injured my shoulder somehow, went to Tift Regional 1st. Waited and waited. Decided to come here was seen right away x-rayed diagnosed and sent home feeling better with a follow up appointment with an orthopedic. Decided for now on Crisp County 1st choice.

J Com

Great service, excellent doctor (Dr. Pettiford). Had surgery I had been putting off for a while and impressed with the easy spirit and well trained Doc...I've lived in New York, Atlanta and just had not anticipated Da Vinci Robitic surgery would be here, but again the robot is only as good as the one operating it. ...Doc Pettiford is top notch...and being a son of nurse and a pragmatic technical person, I felt comfortable enough to be able to ask questions of all the staff and received thorough answers. Crisp Regional - Cordele, ya did great!

William Carter

I had surgery on my leg at Crisp Regional . My doctor and the staff were great!

PamelaDK Brinson - Killens

Always Space\room for improvement!

Dawn Brogdon

Wanted to say how much we appreciated the NP that treated my daughter after she was hit by a ball while pitching. My daughters hand was very swollen and we thought broke. NP Lisa Graves was exceptional in her treatment, concern, and attention to us. It was very much appreciated since we were playing ball outside our hometown.

Herbert Moses

my grandson had a minor surgery,on 11/17/2014 his doctor was Dr. Fussell i wanted to take this time to express our appreciation for the experience he came in and talked with the family at length and when we were comfortable he then ask if we could all pray together, and he gave a very humble prayer and we were touched with his care and concern, and will tell everyone we know of our experience at crisp regional very impressed not just with the doctor but the level of professionalism at this hospital. again we thankyou.

Velieka Paul

My father had surgery here a few months ago, the staff was very warm and caring towards him. We had a great experience. The floor nurses were very understanding (Carrie, Anita, Christy and Keith). Dr. Pettiford was very patient with him and answered any and all questions he had no matter if he had to come back a second or third time.

Hillary Jacobs

Jenna Rhodes

I can’t say enough about the nursing staff at this hospital. ER nurses Erin Cauley and Holly McGlamory were simply phenomenal with my dad and my family. They were so attentive, caring, and compassionate. Then in ICU, nurse Dewayne Farmer, was incredible. We had a pretty stubborn patient but he was there and never let it bother him. He answered every single question we had and kept a great upbeat personality and made us all laugh. You could tell he loved his job. While I initially wanted to be transferred out of Crisp regional after talking to drs and nurses i realized this hospital did everything they were supposed to and provided excellent cAre. We are so fortunate to have wonderful nurses and a trauma center here at Crisp regional. Of course joni Napier is one of the best too!

Tj Taylor

most unprofessional place on earth '


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