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Sergio F.

If your family member is brought to this hospital, be prepared to practically have to Be their doctor. You have to actively Advocate for your family member to make sure they are treated. The medical personnel has almost no bedside manner.

Margarita Alvarez

I am at this hospital in the ER with my mother. We had a doctors apt today here at this hospital it was 4 hours there then they said they need to admit my mother to the hospital she has signs of kidney failure... we had to go to the hotel to get stuff and we were told to go in to the ER they would have all our information to be admitted to the hospital.... We were told to be here at 7 pm it is 11:30pm, and we are still siting and waiting for a room. My mother has only had her vitals checked twice the whole time we have been here... The doctor from the floor we will sooner but more then likely much much later will be on has come down to keep us updated he is by far a very sweet man. All the staff seems nice but they truly need to get it together

David L

After my prostate cancer surgery I woke up in my room where the bed did not function at all. It would not go up or down and the knee part was in the permanent up position. The window blinds were stuck in an open position and were unable to be closed. My friend asked for another room for me saying that the floor I was on was nearly empty, but they wouldn't move me. The nurse was not helpful and when my surgeon checked with me I told him. NEVER do that...I learned my lesson. In 2 minutes she entered the room and took away my pain pump. Obviously my doctor had told her off and she was going to get me and she did. Nightmare. No pain meds and as I lay there moaning help she just came by and shut the door. My friend had left by then and was was not able to help. This should NEVER happen and I know one thing. I chose that hospital and that will never happen again! The best of luck to all who are at the mercy of their care.

Julie Jamieson

Although there are some great doctors in the system, the system itself is completely dysfunctional, especially if you're linked to Jackson in any way for emergency treatment. Don't expect easy access to doctors or to have your questions answered. Too much going on there to feel like anyone truly cares about you as a patient.


Compassionate staff. Excellent care.

Richard Jones

With a passing of a Loved one

Hector Tagliafico

Finally I have time to write some reviews about my stay at this Hospital, after doing some research before my the open heart surgery about what hospital should I pick to perform the surgery, I’ve decided for UOM, and this is why, it is the best among others, the surgery went well and my days in IUC (intensive care unit) were very good, the personnel working there is the key of success of any health institution, I want to name some nurses that ultimately made my stay even better, because of their carefully , professionalism, and good dedication to me, let start with Frederick, he is a very experienced nurse that he really cares about how he is doing his job, very meticulous and precise, he took care of me like his own family, also Darkis a young nurse that did a clean and charmed job, she took a good care of me during the night shift, very dedicated and devoted to her job, there are more people I don’t want to leave out Alvaro, Joan, Lorenza, and others, sincerely there are very professional and they did an excellent job on my benefit, Thanks to all people in ICU.

Jorge Gamoneda

Best place to work ,good environment , nice people and all about U


Miller School of Medicine is an excellent teaching institution. However, Uhealth as a hospital system, minus its clinics, leaves a lot to be desired.And just like Burger King has no business selling tacos, Uhealth has no business running a hospital per se. The lack of sinage, the no english speaking courtesy shuttle bus drivers, not to mention, the everlasting round the world walking in the fire trap former Ceder hospital to go to an appointment, are just some of the few of many frustrations with this hello hole. Obviously, the ramp to get to the lobby was an after thought of the original design of the building, as it does not caters for the walk-foot train taking patient or maybe that's the intended inference. There's is a reason Bascom Palmer is highly rated as a unit in itself, and I would imagine that the Lennar Foundation is next to follow suit too. Needless to say, the lobby staff of Uhealth hospital. Let me make a distinguishable difference, the skills of the medical team at this facility is not in question by any means, in fact, they get 15 out of 10.

Mari V

Emergency room service is horrible . When pain is advised the shoulder shrug answer given with a “ oh well when we can we will check “ what does that mean ? What happened to patient care , Sympathy to the patient regardless the extreme . Treat those in front of you as if it’s your own family standing there . Every person dealing with patient care , starting with admissions should be forced to pass a patient care/ service class before being allowed to work for such a well known name of University of Miami . Today’s admission employee was very rude and careless . I will never unless a complete must will I come to be helped here again . If I had the choice this wouldn’t be it .

martha sanchez

iunderstand that the hospital isn't perfect I have had my complaints but I can not complain about the dr that has taken care of my grandmother. dr.roa I have called him varies times and he has never failed to answer my calls. he has always completed my wishes in pleasing my grandmother and when I couldn't handle her care on my own he has helped me.

Joseph Maurno

I had a very complex orthopedic surgery and my doctor was top notch. All the bickering on this site is ridiculous.

Gladys Montoya

Excellent professionals and great customer service


I Came almost 30+ mins ago , I was able to see the intake nurse and she sent me to bed 5 I’ve been sitting here for about 15 mins no nurse Leslie , no dr. Elleto and of course no tech David ... I guess he ,David, was a lil upset that I found my bed by myself , I haven’t seen him since he said something sarcastic about no waiting for him to take me to bed 5. I requested the charge nurse 2 x by 2 different employees and has yet to see her..... I’m at my wits end I’m in the middle of changing all of my drs and hospital to UM but the lack of communication and response I’m not receiving from anyone of the staff is appalling which is a complete turn off.. So as of right now I give the hospital and staff a 0 star. I would rather give 0 stars , but a star has to be chosen in order to post , so that’s why I have to give 1. Update I finally saw a dr. I don’t know if it was Dr. Elleto or not but he was nice... the nurse / person who cameright before he came into the room Ms. Mayda, I looked at her name tag ....a young bleach blond ,with thick hair in a long plated ponytail attitude left much to be desired.

Tam Weinbach

When trying to get my money back from my surgery that I was not permitted to get without paying I have been given the run around for one month. This payment processing and billing is a nightmare I would not recommend paying for your surgery

Yosy Wright

Got my surgery there amazing care 110%

Audra McLachlan

Great hospital and great staff.

Andrew Keigans

Im in room 829 and I have been treated like if im the only patient staff has to take care of. My RN'S Dayamee and Michelle have been amazing they are so professional. I can tell when a person is doing their job because its what pays the bills but these two nurses care so much about how I was doing that i truly believe they would do their job the same way even if they weren't getting paid. THEY CARE ABOUT THE PATIENT. Another RN that cares is Chris if Dayamee is really busy he would come by and see what i needed.As CNA'S Suffein and Marie another two that go beyond the call of duty to make sure you are comfortable. The same goes for the doctors and everyone I came across at this hospital.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

Nayrobi Cruz

If I could I would give this hospital a negative -10. Last yr in 2018 they miss diagnosed me with ectopic pregnancy gave me methotrexate 4 times. To only be sent Jackson hospital by one of the ER doctors because it was not ectopic at all. Then I had to have a D&c performed. Which was heartbreaking.I regret going to this hospital so much. I had the worst 4 months of my life due to the negligence on their behalf. Please stay away from them.

Don S

Good service and health care and after two major surgeries I have only had an issue with one Doctor who was "an important man" and completely screwed his patients. Now I have fraudulent insurance claims processed and paid on my insurance and UHealth is not being very corporative in getting it fixed. I have to present a picture ID when I visit a Doctor but apparently according to UHealth there is another person with my exact name and apparently a valid ID using my benefits. First UHealth didn't believe me and didn't investigate but once my Insurance company weighed in they starting investigating. Who ever is doing this has access to all my medical record and personal information and I wish UHealth made me feel more comfortable with their "investigation". Seems their billing is all screwed up, got a bill for one amount but the billing system showed another both when you opened the PDF, it showed the amount I was billed. Also got an insurance claim run 12 of 2016 from an office visit 12 of 2015. Claim was processed and is in my insurance company site but is not on my claims processed screen and there is no thing on my UHealth bill that shows this was ever done. Their systems are a mess! Check your bill and remember the fraud line in Tallahassee if they are not responsive.

Neeekisha Darasaw

Great experience!! Very kind and professional staff!! The entire stay was pleasant!! The nurses and doctors are awesome and they truly care about your health and wellbeing!! Thanks for everything

maritza estrada

I stared using the UHealth system service on October 2015, I had there a CT scan, and a stress echo-cardiogram the attention in both cases was great and the concern for the time and patient comfort was outstanding. My vascular surgeon Dr. Kenel-Pierre very human and easy to understain, very explicit in his explanation of my surgery. He perform my left carotid endarterectomy with amazing results, no pain no problem to speak or to swallow. I spend almost two days on SICU and my morning nurse Sandy was great, I feel like a VIP all the time. I'm very thankful about my decision to chose this hospital and this medical team to take care of my health problem.

Eulises Melo

What can I say I went, I worked for Ricoh and save them money and they forgot about me. That's how the wheel of karma goes. Hi everyone; Eulises Melo

Susan Black5

This was the worst ER experience I have ever had. I was told my blood pressure of 183/60 was perfect. I had MSR and the ER Dr told me to see a dermatologist on Monday. This was Saturday night. The delayed treatment made me much sicker and I will be speaking to my insurance carrier as soon as I'm able. I was under the impression that this was part of U of M which I've always respected. They should close this dump down.

Bernardo Cordova

When we all gave up on hope for my dads life this hospital and all the staff never gave up they fought and fought without never giving up they brought my dad back to life and renewed are hopes Thank you so much UM for your dedication and compasión towards human life I will never in my lifetime forget this dedication to my dads life please keep saving lives

Patti Lynne Jackson

They won't provide american sign language

Fernando Ruiz

Excellent experience with Doctor Victor Hugo Hernandez! Would like to highlight the results of a hip replacement surgery that exceeded our expectations. His professionalism, skill and humane approach from the beginning until the end of this process were significant contributors to the outcome.

w noll

Do not trust Dr. Jason Leibowitz. If he recommends surgery, run for your life. Not only did he perform an unnecessary surgery, but also botched it. After the surgery I went to Moffitt with reference to my follow-up treatment. The attending physician told me, "Sloan Kettering,MD Anderson and Moffitt are the only three cancer treatment centers recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Not one of these three institutions would have done surgery based on your biopsy." The quality of my care while at UM hospital was beyond reprehensible. When I was able to get out of bed and walk the hallways, every single room on my floor was requesting a nurse. Nobody was there to assist these poor patients. I witnessed a woman begging for someone to come and assist her family member. She was totally ignored. During my hospital stay, Dr Leibowitz came into my room for less than a total of thirty seconds during each visit. He ran into my room twice, showing two different student doctors what had been done to me. Each visit lasted literally seconds, he stated, "I have no time to answer any questions." Then he ran out of my room. During my stay I was only seen by student doctors who had no clue as to what they were doing. On three separate visits, students put the wrong size trach in my neck. After my released from ICU, I had friends with me around the clock. The day of my release, my nurse got into a screaming argument with his supervisor. He was very angry, then returned to my bedside to change the dressing on my trach. He did not wash his hands. Two days later I had a fever, my trach was infected and I was in the emergency room at Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale.

Francisco Javier Rodriguez

Is part of my job Support Medical Campus

Mr savage

the gastroenterologist department is just horrible , they claim to know a lots about ibs but really they know nothing . they also don't know how to schedule procedures , the don't have any organization in that hospital . they don't really care about their patients as they really say they do . don't even go to gastroenterologist in this hospital if you have ibs cause the g.i doctors are worthless about this condition.

Lourdes Pulido

The worst hospital! My father is a patient here. Called to locate him. The receptionist wasn't fluent in English. This is absurd!! I'm trying to locate my father, so that I can go visit him.

Jaritza Suarez

They don’t take you serious. Everything is funny to them. No customer service. It’s normal to them to be vomiting your food everyday. I told them I smoke once in a while and they gave me a marijuana abuse paper.. WHAT A JOKE. I felt very highly offended mostly when the the blonde lady doctor went deep in the topic with her opinion which was completely unnecessary. I’m not a pothead. Once I told them that, they just went with it! So nothing about my headaches and body pain either? They don’t care!! Make me understand. No help or advice whatsoever. I just wanted to know what is up with me not be prescribed two different drugs!! Waste of time!! Good to know what hospital to avoid and let others know. 10/23/19 12am - 2-20am

Jag Singh

Be careful with this hospital, specifically the orthopedics department. You will likely be seen by a resident, with minimal (if any) involvement by the actual doctor. Receptionists are exceptionally rude and very difficult in scheduling appointments. Follow-ups MUST be with the same doctor, and appointments are backed up 3-4 weeks in most instances.

Lino Quagliariello

OB team deplorable, specially Dr. Carugno and Dr. Moscoso. Arrogant and impatient, with few exceptions, they will make you regret choosing Jackson Main for the birth of your child (UM doctors attend Holtz Children's Hospital). The C-section Dr. Jose Carugno was awful, more than 12 inches and crocked, at a time most are 4-6 inched and, of course, straight. He never consulted us before any decisions - one of many ways he ignored our birth plan - and made our experience worse.

jennifer isaacs

Absolutely incredible people - surgeon that removed my Mom's brain tumor (Dr Komotar) is a genius and very personable. The ICU nurses are amazing! We are so thankful!

Reynaldo Llana

Excellent hospital from A to Z

Juan Lopez

My dad came in for dizziness due to heart problems through the er. Staff here is pretty much dmv level of attentiveness. Constant complaining is the only way to get things done around here. After 2 day we finally saw the general MD which referred a cardio doc. After 36 hours cardio doc finally passed by apologizing because the staff never booked him to see my dad. Don't make the mistake in coming here.


If I can rate this hospital 0 stars I would. We came into the ER at roughly 11am. At the ER triage they didn’t get my dads name right on a paper after them drawing a lot of blood. My dad is a cancer patient with low hemoglobin and diabetic and they haven’t followed up with us on his lab work and they didn’t check his blood until 9:45pm. They had him wait in the ER for a room to begin medications which were supposedly going to be ready by the time we came up. They know dad has been taking antibiotics and I told them it’s 2 or them at 8am and 8pm. I am here still waiting for them to administer ANY of his daily medications including his diabetes meds and specially his antibiotics. New meds that are needed too. So I advice you if you were to come to this hospital bring your daily meds because they administer at 10am and 10pm. Go figure... even if you are set on a schedule. And they said to be advised it would be way later than 10pm per nurse. My father needs to have fluid extraction from his belly and is having difficulty breathing do to it. In other words, if you want to come to this hospital, you may as well be in the comfort of your own home. No need to come here at all if not one thing has been done except for providing oxygen which he has already at home. I’d take him to another hospital but here in south Florida all suck so far and I guess we’d be off to the next one until we try all covered by his insurance to know which is reliable. Update: My fathers medication wasn’t administer until 1am. How rediculose is that??!!??!! What hospital is worth the time to be serviced in? I’m fed up with Palmetto General Hospital, Hialeah Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital and even University of Miami Hospital. It’s unacceptable the services or “professionals” they have. Anyone in the Miami Dade and Broward County area have any hospital they feel provide exceptional service? Southern Florida hospitals sucks medically to a full extent. I just had to vent that out and also wanted to know which hospital within these regions you had a good experience with, if you’d ever have the luck to experience it. Thanks

kelly sanchez


Mel C

I was scheduled for a 48 hour monitoring procedure but because of the hospitals ineptness I stayed longer by a few hours and they billed me for an entire day. I asked for the account to be reviewed and even though it clearly shows charges for and extra day, They insist that the charges are correct. After speaking to several employees and spending too much time dealing with this I gave up and paid the bill. NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!!

Lydia Young

I had three spinal surgeries ........ finest department of Neurosurgery in South Florida. Emergency room service leaves much to be desired. Better to make appointment with Physician in a specific department. As it relates to "large mass" not found in lung by this fabulous facility, there must be more to that story.

Dora Venslavicius

This is the Hospital I,will recommend to persons with CA.The best Drs.Excellet University of Miami .No complaints at all.I am very grateful to they attention Drs Moller my surgion,Dr Takita radiation treatments ,Dr Kassira and her assistant Veronica I LOVE UNIVERSTY OF MIAMI Sylvester Center. GOD BLESS THEM .

Sean Claesgens

From the moment that I walked into the ER, I felt comfortable, that I was in professional good hands, and that this is where the cutting edge of science and medicine is today. An amazing staff from Doctors to Aides and management to laborer. Excellent Hospital as in clean, functional, organized, and comfortable About 2.5 years ago, It all started with a sudden blindness in my right eye, a stroke of sorts. Which was the beginning of s massive spiral downhill leading me to a near death series of episodes or flares landing me in hospitals across the state. From Tampa at USF to Nartin Health Systems, to Cleveland Clinic South Florida, to Port St Lucie, Jackson Memorial Hospital, etc. In all so many visits (20+) that by the time I got here to UHealth System, and the specialists it was like a mirage. Except it didn’t go away, but rather just got better and better. If you need a hospital and good medicine this is the place you ought to be...


My father has been a patient there for almost two weeks with pneumonia. The standard of care is the worst I've ever seen. He has gotten a rash from not being changed and properly cleaned. He has been wet from urine and feces for hours before anyone comes around to changing him. There is very little attention to detail. This is shameful. If I can help it, he will not return to this hospital again!

Naomi C. TV Prod.

Helpful, but I ALWAYS have to wait over an hour to see my doctor. Not fun.

Y Perez

Under stressful and painful situations, UM hospital was the best place to be at with my mom. We had to unfortunately come to the emergency room and from the first staff member we saw to the nurses, doctors, support staff and the last person that released my mom, were all amazing, friendly, knowledgeable and understanding. I thought I was happy enough with our decision to come here and then Luis from patient experience came with some coffee for the families of the patients. After a long night! That was just the cherry on top! Hopefully we dont have to come back, but if we do, I know UM hospital staff will be there to be amazing and supportive!


This is the worst hospital that I've ever stepped my feet in. Doctors are phenomenal to say the only positive thing. Clinical staffs are horrible and have mediocre customer service. They are rude and need to be retrained on how to treat a patient and their family. They don't communicate their name and the plan. You just see them come in and do what they need to do as if you were an object. They lack a whole lot of things. It was so horrible and miserable they don't even deserve a star. Worse hospital experience ever

Manuela Jaramillo

Every time I call to make an appointment - regardless of the speciality, it takes over 30 minutes or more to get someone on the line!! They are pushing me towards their competitors that can handle my phone call in 5 minutes.

Chuck Roessler

Worse er visit ever been waiting to get in the er for 8 he's now an still not been seen yet this place is the worse

Sabrina Long

Dr Vanni and his team gave me back my life. I am forever grateful. The last photo is of me standing straight after more than 13 years of Degenerative disc disease that caused debilitating pain and deformities. I gained more than four inches in height back, not to mention that the multiple surgeries improved so many other health issues.Truly a miracle.

gerry cam

Bad for the exeption of the department in... CCU and Dianelys and a wonderful nurse in PH7 whom I cannot recall the name.

D Wall

My mother-in-law went here for surgery. Her operation went well ;however, the experience after the surgery was horrible. I wish I had read the Google reviews because I experienced the same things described in them. So after her surgery, when she was in pain, I had to look for a nurse multiple times.I don't like to call people lazy but that's exactly what I saw. Our first nurse , Eddy, was non-existent .The 2nd nurse we were assigned, Raul, barely came by to check on us, instead when i went to look for him I found him browsing the internet for cars. I thought to myself wow how unprofessional, especially for the University of Miami. Their schools are excellent, but their hospital needs major improvements. Our room didn't have a call button. We were informed that someone would come by to bring one, but it never did. The lack of concern from the NURSES on our floor made me see that these people don't care. Another issue I had was with being discharged. I don't know if this is a commonly practiced appraoch by other hospitals, but I found that they purposely made us wait longer so we could be charged more. They kept changing the discharge time. This experience taught me that we need to check not only the doctor's reputation BUT the hospital's as well. ***Patients should be surveyed on their experience at the hospital. This is not a fast food franchise. A rating of 3.3 says a lot about this establishment.***

Yvette Crow

I’ll never have anything major done anywhere else. They are amazing every step of the experience.

Mayme Brundage

too much to much post at this time but will follow

Stephanie Moss

The care my Mom received was Outstanding and I will referred the Surg- Dr. Nestor de La Cruz to every one. I can't say enough about the compassionate nursing care in ED, ambulatory surgery, & 9 South.

rosario thompson

Best attention, lovely staff, very professionals, a lot of attemtion, very satisfied.

Ryan tomlinson

Just be sure to bring your life savings with you when you go

Sally Mae

Beware - Hospital billed for a procedure I did not have and my insurance paid for it and the doctor (ENT) billed as a Level 4 Hospital visit for a 15 minute office consultation. The "doctor" felt justified somehow and this cost me $$$$ because my insurance refused to pay. When I contacted the doctor, the head doctor (Dr. M), the billing dept. (some useless lady names Rose J) and their office coordinator REFUSED TO CORRECT the billing code (as my insurance suggested) so that the insurance would pay. Instead they were so stubborn, I ended up paying for an inflated & overrated doctor visit. One word to describe them, Thieves. Stay away from here. If you still use their services comb through your bill !!! I ended up flying to an honest university hospital out of state where my insurance covered it all because they billed honestly and correctly. SHAME on the U !!!! (UM) - NEVER will use them and I hope everyone that reads this stays away!!!


Are there 0 stars???? If you go to the emergency room here and they tell you, you are being admitted to the penthouse floor please runn as fast as you can!!! My grandmother went because of high blood pressure and stomach pain.... 2nd day they had her on the penthouse floor sedated with xanax and arm restraints like a crazy person we signed an AMA and got the heck out of there they keep ppl for weeks on the floor and nurses eat patients food , dont listen to them and ignore them because they have mental problems!! No family members in rooms all nurses are haitian. Super dirty bathrooms disgusting not even toilet paper!!!! The dirtiest hospital i have ever been at! And when we were taking my sedated grandmother out we asked for a wheel chair they said they didnt have we had to wait an hourrr so we carried her outt and we got to the lobby to find and empty wheelchair there!!! A holesss

Alfonso Ugarte Johnson

Good Medical Care, have only heard good comments and my experience has been positive.

Prettyred Diva

Morning staff always on cell phone u ask them something they look at you like you bothering them. Tv in room not working they told they call someone that 5 hours ago no one never came. Afternoon staff Rose Lauren RN is excellent and coworker.

mamud mamud

Ambulance dropped me in the emergency rm after one i was in the small room half an hour later the doctor came to check me up

Xiaoqing Lu

Easy access with Metrorail and bus, price is higher than community hospitals

Hamna Arif

This is such a pathetic hospital I would never go back to them ever. Had a bad service from Dr. Metiva then I gave them a negative feedback for which they wanted to compensate me and then when I went for a compensatory visit they charged me again!!! Who charges for a compensatory visit.

Kelly Watson

Dr Mellon and staff are friendly and efficient

Lazaro Pujol

Just dont go to this ER. The ER is tired and rusty. UM bought this 60 yr old hospital a few years ago but has ignored improving its ER. Its like the 1970s. Everything is out of date they even maintain a skeletal medical staff (i.e. 1 er doctor). The staff doesnt hide their indifference towards their employer. Even when the waiting room is empty, you wait ridiculously long You are in better hands accross the street at Jackson.

Fit Gardens

My friend was diagnosed with pyelonephritis & discharged from another hospital a few days prior to having to go into the UM Hospital ER for extreme pain & was in the area as her patient was in the area. She was triaged & saw the admitting physician who was told she was diagnosed with pyelonephritis he ordered cat scan, blood work, urinalysis, around 8pm. She fell asleep & her mother realized it was after 1am & no one had came in to assess her or perform the necessary orders. She notified them & they thought the cat scan was done & she told them no one came in, she also realized her IV bag was empty, & the vitals weren't connected to be monitored. They put her on a cardiac diet instead of a renal diet after being told she had kidney stones. She still doesn't have a care plan & it's now 7:30pm the following day.

Harolyn Keeney

This hospital has been an excellent experience. The availability of teams of physicians and specialists is one of the best features. Excellent ER. Level of care was outstanding. Like all facilities, there are negatives but they're minimal.

sandra m mejia

Very good. Very good doctors

Wendy Jimenez

Nurces and doctors very nice

alicia germain

The worst I don’t suggest anyone goes here I waited in the emergency room for 4 hours I’ve been there ahead of everyone and everyone was called before me when I finally noticed this I went to ask what was taking so long for me to be called the nurse told me I was waiting for a bed like everyone else then I told her well everyone that came after me already have a bed because they were called and that’s when she told me that I am not as critical as everyone one else I was in a lot of pain and felt so hurt and disrespected that I left not knowing what was going on in my body avoid this hospital if u can

Dayana Pirela

Be careful with this institution, they always give you papers to sign. Then, you will receive huge bills without previous notice. Do not use this service. There some else better and best prices. I was there for a Doctor appointment and I have health insurance which paid already, however I received a bill and they force you to pay anyway.

Evie I.

Been here twice and spent ~5 hours each time

Juan Rodriguez

Got a Lumbar MRI done here great place and friendly staff. Tec was very knowledgeable.


Do not have any type of treatment or surgery done at this hospital!!!! And, if you need a pacemaker placed DO NOT have Dr Jeffrey Goldberger place your device. I went in as an emergency for a procedure that regularly takes 3 days or 4 max. The surgeon punctured my lung during surgery and the medical staff did not even know I had a punctured lung until my wife and I forced them to take a chest X-ray due to me having severe pain while breathing and developing a cough after the procedure. The next step was placing a chest tube through my ribs into my lung to fix the collapsed lung. The doctor who placed the tube did not give me anything other than Lidocaine for the topical incision and stated that placing the tube through my side into my lung would not hurt. The pain was Severe during placement of the chest tube and the pain management after was equally bad. Poor pain management led me to have a ventricular tachycardia episode which the doctors there played it off saying that my ventricular tachycardia couldn’t be caused by severe pain. Then the doctors tried to cover it up by telling me that the ventricular tachycardia episode was caused by an anti-arrhythmic drug Sotalol which later I found out from another doctor at University of Miami and a doctor at Mayo Clinic that it was not caused by the drug Sotalol (due to EKG reports) and that ventricular tachycardias could definitely be caused by pain. Then my stay there got even worse! Then they removed the chest tube, that was for my collapsed lung, too early and my lung collapsed again! They then told me I would need to have another chest tube placed for another 2 days and gave me a funny face when I demanded that pain medication be given to me before the second chest tube went in. The doctor placing the second chest tube admitted to me that the other doctors had removed the chest tube too early as the collapsed lung was still clearly present on chest X-ray when they removed the first tube! This likely means someone misdiagnosed or didn’t bother viewing my chest X-ray prior to removing the tube. I ended up staying a total of 10 days in the hospital suffering due to a mistake by the surgeon. After filing a complaint about multiple errors and poor management I received a letter stating that my “prolonged” hospital stay, as stated by the cardiologist who was at fault for puncturing my lung, was due to “anti-arrhythmic drug loading and monitoring”! No! The prolonged stay was due to puncturing my lung then managing my pain poorly which led me to have a ventricular tachycardia! It’s a cheap and disgusting way for your hospital not to admit your faults and charge my insurance and myself for the errors your doctors committed. Not to mention me having to go through unnecessary procedures and endure extra time off from work due to your mistakes! The only thing University of Miami hospital is good at is charging money and denying their errors through their mock investigation!

Lazaro Ivan Gonzalez

Very good hospital

Dato mogeladze

I love

Adolfo Sirias

I have been here a couple of times and it's been totally amazing. I can only say thank you and admire the doctors and every one person who runs this place to save lives on a daily basis, they are true heroes.

Iris Jackson

I am not sure what is going on with the rampant untruths here. The hospital is NOT outdated, and is Not dirty. I went to their ER a few months ago and it's just like any other up to date hospital, flat screens snack machines, ect.. Hell the janitor comes around and will ask if you want a blanket(which is warm) btw. And yes you will be seen quicker than if you went to JMH.

Angie Fernandez

This hospital might have four stars because of the doctors, but when it comes to cleanliness and germs, it's awful. I just saw the food tray girl, spill koolaid inside the unit that carries the food, and she got the mop from the cleaning lady that had just mopped our room, and Went into the food unit and mop inside with other patients food in there. I told them, that what they did was really nasty. The food girl turned to me and said "this tray it's not really clean" i took it like she was saying it didn't matter. She then turned to the cleaning lady and said to her, "why didn't You tell me the mop was dirty." Then the cleaning lady saw that i was mad so she grabbed some clorox wipes and tried to clean the inside of the food tray unit. This is really disgusting. Also keep in mind that when the cleaning people put on gloves, they touch everything in the rooms they clean toilets, floors, mops etc, they don't change their gloves. Keep that in mind. No wonder hospitals are the worst places where people get so sick.

Billy Pahuana

Be careful after a procedure, I've been paying monthly payments since I couldn't pay the full amount. All of the sudden, I got a bill of more than $1400 dollars with no explanation whatsoever of what services took place. No letter and no phone call.

Monique Graciotti

STOP DONT GO HERE! I am not giving a review to UOMH. They charged us for outpatient services that we never received. BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT VISIT A DOCTOR HERE THEY WILL CHARGE FOR OUTPATIENT SERVICES!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Icel Viant


Megan Meyer

They call this University of Miami Sylvester CENTER on their website everywhere, I had no idea that when my new University of Miami primary care physician, Dr. Ribbon, referred me to this CENTER that I would be billed 10x the amount that I was billed for the same services at my previous location because they claim it is a HOSPITAL. I've never seen a hospital so small. I've tried reaching someone other than customer service since I received my bill 4 months ago, and they all say that someone will call me within the next day and I have never received a call and I've called over 4 times. Now I'm stuck with $1,500 bill for a very simple test. The worst service I ever received they wouldn't even call my old clinic to get my previous records, I had to physically drive to the other clinic to get it then drive it to the Deerfield location. I won't recommend any University of Miami service to anyone. Will not be going back to my primary care physician either. They stress they are causing can not be good for my health.

Tom C

Identity Theft Alert to anyone who stays there!!! First I want to say that the care my wife received there was great but I can not leave a good review because immediately after she died someone used her personal information to change the mailing address with the DMV to an apartment in Miami and had a driver's license sent there. Only someone from the hospital had both the needed information as well as the knowledge of her death. They then started applying for credit. I am not saying you should not get treatment at UMH but you might want to use a credit monitoring service if you do.

Rebeca Berry

Poor organization. Had an appointment with the gastroenterologist and they had me as a "self pay". When I called to make my appointment 3 weeks ago I had told them I had tricare prime. Since my insurance wasn't verified they couldn't take me back. I waited approximately 15 minutes from my appointment time and my insurance was still not verified and they wanted me to reschedule supposedly the doctor had stuff to do. Horrible customer service as well.

Frank García


betty baez

I unfortunately got discriminated as a drug addict. On January 2019 i when to my pcp because i was having lots of pain in my left side of my abdomen.He told me i know you don't want to hear this but you must go to the emergency room. He gave all the document s that need to show the front desk doctor . I am a lupus SLE patient everything hurts and if I cry and get upset my lupus flares kicks in make my life a living Hell. That's why even when I am dying of the pain I try to have a damn smell. But nurse and David kept laughing saying she just want pain medication. I never asked to give pain medication. I ask to find out what I have and make the pain go away. The doctor after 3hrs.she came to see said I have acute colitis and fibrosis cysts of my right side. Then she left. She order for the nurse to give me toradol that medication woke my lupus flare my joints started to hurt .my mother called nurse and she came really upset .I told the nurse that medication the was given to me cause me more pain my joint. Then doctor order to give morfin 1ml the pain stop. But abdomen pain never stop hurting. Then she came to room she advise me to never came to Ed and get a ct scan. I called my pcp and told him what happened and I also called my admitting doctor .And pain management doctor. On Feb 2019 had appointment with Dr jeduin and send me back to er . another doctor. Give me high diose of morfin that put me to sleep .but abdominal pain was still there hurting me. I felt drugged and was send home. I kept crying to my pcp never to send me to er. he gave medication for IBS and the pain for abdominal is 2. Now I am waiting see my GI. I told my pain management doctor he couldn't beloved that all this happen in his hospitals. Doctor discriminating patient with chronic disease because I wasn't crying yelling or insulting them.

Yoel N Julie

Do not come to this hospital! My father was a patient here for GI issues. First they left a tube in his stomach then they installed a pec feeding tube backwards. After 5 procedures in 1 week they released him only to be in pain and start vomiting and defecating blood caused by a blocked intestine. He also left the hospital with an infection. Now UM Hospital is denying his transfer and any further care. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! They will leave you worse and them wipe there hands with you.

chi ch i

This is the worst hospital ever the majority of the staff there is lazy and act like they are busy . But then find them in halls all talking and doing nothing. They don't tell you what the patients have they just pump them with medication and drugs. My grandfather was there less than a week and is in WORST condition then when we left him. Please don't take your family to this hospital its horrible!! They neglect the patients and if the patient can't speak for her /himself the neglect is worst. These parasites are only there for a check and don't care about their job . Don't pick to work in the medical field if you're lazy , this is a stressful job!! MOST HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!!!!!!

Ari Rodriguez

Best Doctors and facilities

Andrew Smith

Very professional experience.

Carlos Lopez

Just came out of the ER with an excruciating kidney stone pain. I really liked the service. I went early in the morning and there were rooms available althou I learned that later there were far more people and no rooms available. The nurse Andrew Sanchez was awesome and the doctor and the rest of the staff as well. My only issue was the construction going on but in reality they need to renovate at some point like everyone else. I have yet to deal with the billing department.

Kyle Christopher

People will go out of there way to write a bad review. This hospital is great.

David Bernad-Lanuza

Outrageous charges for a laryngologist visit that I never requested, nor needed, when going to UHealth for a VOICE THERAPY session. UHealth will rob you blind claiming that they are a hospital, even if you never actually use the hospital's facility. It's outrageous what these people will get away with. They billed my insurance company nearly $4k for a 5-min laryngoscopy, of which I had to pay over $1,200.


Excellent first time experience...

Jorge Castro

Thanks UMH You save my life. Excellent my surgeons,They were very professional,gentleman and very nice with me.Thanks again.Only one black nurse was very rude with me.

Lina Guevara

We are here with my mother for 3 hr and we are waiting for the results for 2 hr ... We ask the doctor if he has any new news, and he did not answer on a good way... If they don't like there job he should change for another tipe of work ... It's impossible that a CT scam and XR are not ready after 2 hr ...

2023 Ricardo Espinoza Aguilar

bob marley died there

Sharla T

Billing seems to be a problem with this facility.

Lynne Carter

There is LOTS of staff and VERY friendly. HUGE facility. Go here, go there, no here, no over there. That said, look at the fantastic, late afternoon view from the top of the parking ramp on 14th and 12th. It'll cost you $8.00 to view in person.

Kenisa Helm

We were in Miami from out of town when my mother started having a severe asthma attack. We were dropped off to the ER and she had to sit immediately just getting from the car to the desk. We stood there with no one at the desk for what felt like precious moments. I walked up to the security guard who after seeing her distress proceeded to locate someone to assist us. The tech asked her questions as if she was in any shape to expend the breath. I answered all for her. He went back to see if they could get her straight back. Again left alone to sit unassisted in the waiting area. This will happen a few more times until she grabs the arms of her chair before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she slumps over. Only then did they kick in to some semblance of a gear. As they ran around like blind mice the doctor tried to give some feel of authority by calling out sporadic orders. The AC broke so the curtained off “room” was unreasonably chilled. She began to shake/chatter, I paged for a blanket and pillow to keep her up to breathe but able to lay back...they never came. The rest of our experience was just as terrible for the 14+ hours we were there. They only rays of competency came from a Nurse names Leslie, who despite having a bad day made us feel human and a pulmonary tech Andrew who spoke to us like we mattered. Thanks to them for making such as disastrous night a bearable morning. They need to be valued bc they are the only reason I didn’t give one star!

Mykala Tate

Had a scare with a family member that we couldn’t find. When I called the emergency room looking for them the staff LAUGHED AND MIMICKED ME. I’ve never felt so disrespected by a hospital in my life. I called Human Resources and they never followed up. Worst hospital experience by far.


Rn constantly complains about having too many patients at a time. Only will pay attention when family is attending room. Will have to call the patient advocate's line for better service. Can't trust the Rn will make critical mistakes from lack of devotion to the patient's specific needs due to over capacity. Rush job. Weekends are the worst because there supervisiors/ nurse managers/ also patients advocateline doesn't work on these days.

Dale B

I was well cared for in the Emergency Room. It was necessary for me, a 68 year old Air Force Veteran to walk across the street from the Miami VA Hospital to get timely Emergency Medical treatment. At the VA I sat, waited and became increasingly sick in their Emergency Room. I walked across the Street from the VA to the University of Miami Hospital and went through triage and was seen by a Doctor in under 10 minutes. I thank everyone for the Emergency medical care and compassion Staff afforded me. I would likely still be waiting in VA Medical Center's Emergency Room. Even my Service Dog was well treated by Staff. The VA told me, before even seeing an Emergency Room Doctor, that my Service Dog couldn't come in. Thank you for your Service!

Araceli Sanchez

Although technology is great, but coming to a medical center/hospital and having to check yourself in and not having any assistance when 3 receptionist sitting there doing nothing was not servicing.

Daisy Martinez

Excellent service since the beginning of this scary journey. I Love my doctors and staff.

Bethany Harrington

We recently visited a family member who was at this hospital. Facility is very clean and all the staff are nice. Food is not that bad also!

Ralph Garcia

This hospital is one of the best hospitals ever, better than Jackson that’s for sure. To begin with, my mom had a fusion surgery and was admitted on a Friday, she was placed in a room and was given excellent care from then. The nurses who came to check on her were so nice and it was like they were treating you like family. I’ve had some bad experiences in hospitals in New York and this hospital is by far the best one. I don’t understand how the other reviews are giving this hospital 1 star! The views from the rooms are breathtaking it’s like you’re in a high rise condominium. I went to the PH floor and the views were even better. The food is alright, not seasoned but I can tolerate it, because it’s hospital food you know how hospital food is. They give guests recliners to sleep in and the WiFi is great.

Myrna Colombo

Great service, Grateful to have them in our community.

Heather Minty

Wow awful. From super arrogant staff who can'tbe bothered to return phone calls or verify insurance to customer advocates who lie through their teeth. Someone needs to tell them the reason we make appointments is so we can set aside time from our really busy schedules, and that means us, not the doctors, not the administrators who don't care about how the hospital is run, to the secretaries who are busy celebrating Thanksgiving two days early. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid this hospital. It is not the best hospital or even a very good one. I have really good insurance. I can take myself and my highly insured body elsewhere.


Terrible experience. Constantly messing up the billing and checking in process. There has always been a different issue every time I have gone. Sent me to Sylvester instead of a stand alone MRI place, so I ended up having to pay thousands of dollars instead of one hundred. Still dealing with billing mistakes on their end. I have switched to a doctor outside the UM Health System and don't experience any of these issues now.

Kinga Andrea Tőrös-Végh

Currently on hold on the phonr for 30 minutes just to ask a simple question about bloodwork. Be ready to wait forever not just on the phone but also to get any appointment, I mean like months. I don't care if the doctors are good but the constant waiting for everything gets really really annoying.

Mari Cala

Clean, caring nurses, polite staff

Quanisha Barthelemy

I had surgery there and the nurses did not help me at all. If it wasn’t for my pastors good friends coming to see me I would’ve never gotten help. I’m back today 4/23/18 in the Emergency Room because I am now bleeding at the surgical location sight. I’ve been here since 11’ o clock and the only thing they have done for me is take my vitals.

Gretel Santana

Again another day that the nurse light is on .... 30 minutes and still waiting I go to look for Omar and he is on the computer with the nasty attitude that he has had all the days he has been on call. Ridiculous how unaffectionate and lack of compassion and work ethics they have here. Only 1 nurse has been nice. I had to clean my mother yesterday and the bed. No one smiles all the rooms have the nurse light on and they look like Christmas lights all on none off. How sad they had an inspection the other day so they were all on point after that done. Come back CEO My mother is currently at the hospital and I must say aside from one nurse who has been the only one with a smile on her face and very willing to have my mother feel at ease after undergoing a 12 hour surgery to remove half her jaw due to squamous cell cancer. The cleansiness here is horrible. Sunday I left her for a few hours to attend my daughyda and when I returned I had to ask for someone to get her out of bed because she had been sitting in piss for about 3 hours. I had to get wipes and clean the floor. The overall attitude is horrible. As far as the Dr they were amazing and I thank them to the end of time for saving my mother however the nurses and cleaning staff need an educational video or seminar on how to treat the patients and maintain them clean and feeling some sort of comfort seeing they are going through a horrible time as it is.

Krissi Furr

The single worst experience i’ve had with a doctor in my life. I’d rather wait 12 hours at Jackson (speaking from personal experience) than deal with the incredibly condescending Dr. Foire. I came in with intermittent pain (that i’ve been hospitalized for in the past). It was clear that the doctor hadn’t even looked at my chart (didn’t even know my name) and said he could tell by looking at me that i was fine. I didn’t know they taught that in medical school. He ordered a pregnancy test (irrelevant bc im not sexually active) and prescribed tylenol although i mentioned that i’ve tried OTC meds with no success. The dr continued to be rude once i asked the nurse for a different doctor and suggested that I go to Jackson in front of several other nursing staff members since he wasn’t going to help. The nursing staff was incredibly kind and helpful despite my clear anger and frustration. They went out of their way to find me the contact for his superior. Maybe with a different doctor, i would’ve had a better experience but i certainly won’t be risking it. Maybe he profiled me and decided not to help (i was in a black dress and heels because i had to leave work at 4:30am to come to the er in pain). I hate to assume racial discrimination but maybe in tandem with the way i was dressed, he made assumptions about my life and he was completely wrong. Now i have no solution and i’m still in pain.

Stacey Blair

There was an outpatient very nice staff and employees nurses and doctors

Walter Lyczkowski

The staff is caring and personal. The facility is enormous. Resources are impressive.

Mercedes Echavarria

The personel is very proffesional...

Denise Edwards

I love all my doctors at UM, they are kind, professional and knowledgeable in their field. The problem is the waiting time to see a physician or specialist due to many patients. Some staff are courteous and do their job as professionals, but there are some with attitudes and disrespectful toward you when you have a question or concerns about waiting and health matters. I,ve had out patience service which i had to stay in the hospital. The staff was very professional, caring and treat me very well in the hospital. There was two nurses which hid and didn't do their job during my stay. Thank God for family and nurse aid which stepped up and help me when i couldn't help myself instead of my assigned nurses during my stay. As for follow noone did from administration to my concerns or complaint of the two nurses.

Keitel Millet

When visiting a family member, we smelled a disturbing odor and to our suprised we saw the bathroom dirty with feces all over the floor. Also we discovered dirty cloth from 3 days ago. I think its important to maintain a patient's room odorless. Even if they are busy we understand there are other patients but i dont think its neccesary for it to be left for so long. We're not gonna take away from them that they are kind but i felt very disrespected that my grandfather had to be stuck to a bed smelling his own feces.

Nicole Hendrickson

My mother was admitted for spinal surgery with Dr. Wang in May 2017. Let me first say Dr. Wang is an excellent surgeon and by no means do I blame him for the absolute incompetent medical staff (Nurses, PA, CNA) at the hospital. Her hospital room was filthy, the bathroom had feces son the toilet and dirt on all of the baseboards and shower. She was left without pain medication for three hours post surgery due to her not getting entered into their system on the 11Th floor. She was left in a chair for hours after trying to contact help via their room emergency call system that no one ever answers. Forget it if you don't speak Spanish or Haitian Creole, they speak in their own native language and ignore their patients. We indicated that my mother had a latex allergy now she has a horrible rash due to their negligence. I still come to tears when I think of how poorly my mother was treated at this horrible hospital of horrors. Find any other hospital this one was the absolute worst experience ever.

Evan Clark

POSITIVES and NEGATIVES: I have been a patient under the pediatrics department (which is excellent) there and have visited the ER for a few minor issues. Over all, the doctors are knowledgeable, the hospital is clean, and the staff seems friendly NEGATIVES: My issue was with the administrators. At least in my case it was often difficult to get even the simplest of forms (such as immunization records) and the secretaries bungled the scheduling. Also, the hospital often overbooks its OR. Doctors themselves would complain that they usually try to get surgery done as early as possible as the OR rarely runs on time and the hospital refuses to staff another or hire more people for the current ones in use.

Luis Jimenez

something fishy how some of these people operate ,some i did not say all because i did not talk to every one .. if you got to a mechanic shop and you don’t know about car expect to get screw the object is to bring in revenue money draw of luck some work some bring in money the end of the day they call it protocol ..

William Seward

“Rock Star” physicians! My care team: Dr. Cohen; Dr. Solano; Dr. Williams and Dr. Del La Cruz are all amazing doctors! In my opinion, what drags the hospital’s rating down is the their support staff and aging facilities. They need to get back to basics. Here are my observations so far: Sunday, 11/11: my wife ordered a guest tray for dinner. She simply wanted a cold cut Tuscan sandwich. Guess what? She ended up with a gooey wilted mess of spinach. So, I decided to complain in person. So, I went to the 4th floor and complained. Instead of letting me handle the problem like a civil person & perhaps help them with process improvements, I was greeted by a security guard. Just know that I will not consume food from this hospital.

Austin Carr

Horrible experience. Very dirty bathrooms, blood on the floors. Called to check on some information and got hung up on twice. Never go here unless you're looking for more illnesses.

Serious Jones

Horrible staff doctors are never around in the er and nurses are rude. Me and my pregnant wife went there hoping to check her high blood pressure only to be left alone and told we will have to be there for 24 hrs I don’t have time to wait especially when it comes to the health of my baby and wife. It’s only when we got in they’re faces to demand help that we saw nothing was gonna be done we left without singing papers either if that right or wrong I don’t care at all we went to Hialeah hospital the it’s way better there if your pregnant don’t waste your time at UM you could seriously be putting the life of your baby at risk.

George Montalvan

Worst hospital I've been a patient in! Nursing care very inefficient, and construction going on without any regard to patients. Worse yet, a semi-threatening letter was sent after hospitalization indicating that insurance might not pay -- therefore "We will contact you if your insurance company does not pay your claim in a timely manner." First time I have received such a notice. I have been a patient in 3 other hospitals (unfortunately) and UMiami Hospital has been by far the worst.


They have everything to get you well!!!!!

Gabriel Lara

Gisselle Padilla was one of the most helpful employees I’ve ever had, someone get her a raise or promote her ASAP, she had amazing knowledge about medicine !

Roxana Orozco

Dirtiest hospital I've ever seen. The rooms are dirty and in disrepair, the furniture in the waiting rooms is falling apart. In the past, we have waited for over 5 hours at the ER, before been able to see a doctor. Also, they make it unnecessarily hard, for you to get your medical records. Do not recommend it.

Sam Ramjattan

Staff are polite and doctors are good but every time I come here I am in the waiting room for over one hour and that is with an appointment. On my last visit I waited two hours. What is the point of giving appointments if you still have to sit for so long before being seen? Its the same at the Quest lab that UM uses for blood work, always a one hour minimum with an appointment. Ridiculous.

John H

Getting an appointment is like pulling teeth. You get passed around from office to office. The billing department is a completely disorganized mess. I will do everything I can to avoid UMH and UMH physicians in the future since it simply is not worth the hassle and headache. Extremely poorly run organization.

Richard Schagrin

Great hospital, staff and Doctors. My brother had emergency appendectomy surgeon. The staff and Doctors are very caring.

Tracy Marcus

My mother recently had surgery at the UM hospital. I cannot express enough how wonderful our experience was at UM Hospital. From the surgeons, the recovery floor nurses---especially Danielle (12th floor), the parking office assistance, the front desk, the cafeteria and their staff. It is a top notch facility and HIGHLY recommend it! Thank you UM Hospital for taking the best care of my mother and treating us attentively, professionally, and respectfully!

Carolyn Smith

Horrible billing department and customer service!!!! Double billed major charges & seems to take nothing short of a miracle to attempt to resolve. If not for being the only place my fabulous Doctor does surgery, I wouldn't recommend this place to an enemy!!!!!


Back on March my father passed away at this hospital, when we got there a doctor expressed his condolences and explained to us what had happened with my father, he asked if we wanted to see my father when we said we did he told us he was going to make the arrangements, we never saw the doctor again; almost an hour and a half later when we asked when were we going tombe able to see my father we were told the body was already at the morgue and there was no way for us to see him. It is very sad to even think about the coldness of some people, they did not even consider the painful moment we were facing, loosing a parent is extremely hard and hurtful. We never got to see my father's body that night.

Annemarie Polstoli

Spent 45 minutes with a GI doctor who barely asked me questions, did not even bother to let me explain my history and medical situation, and got slammed with almost $500 of bills. For 45 minutes. The Dr. recommended about 5 different diagnostic tests to rule out different things, all of which were completely unecessary. Can’t believe I am expected to pay bills for a basically nothing!!! AWFUL. And yes, I have insurance and this was In network.

Di V

Is the best, good service, privacy policy of patients, very lovely people much better the Memorial Jackson


I go there for my dentist, very good service, professional staff

al wong den

Best hospital I've been to in a long time, awesome care and technology a cut above the rest

Gerald Marquis

Surgeon/surgery great! After care, I don’t have words for how horrendous the staff/ nurses/ assistants were. The experience from start to finish was a mess. A disorderly business from start to finish and I lived all over the courty. A few gems that work here but other than that most do as little as possible and give no information. It was pulling teeth to get anyone to talk.

Peter Gonzalez

great environment but always busy which is good parking is rough

Marjorie ch

I just got out of surgery. Never again! The OR doctor was amazing, in recovery great. But the nurses? Especially administrating the pain medication. It's like they don't want to work. I expressed dilaudid doesn't work for me, yet they pump me up with the highest dose AND I'm still in excruciating pain. Hours later pain is kicking in and they give me percocet 5 mg. And I had to get to the point of crying and screaming. you think they give me the dosage of morphine I've been getting for pain management at the hospital? No..toradol. and then I'm in severe pain still so finally they went and have me morphine..2mg. Mind you, when I go for pain management I get 4mg, 8 if it intensifies. So disappointed, they don't listen as to why you've been on strong pain meds. They just tell you to relax. Relax how? I feel my insides were scraped off and when I take a breath in, the pain intensify. Go somewhere else. This isn't worth it. It's 4:00 and I CAN'T SLEEP FROM THE PAIN!!!!!!!

Mo Rinc

I saw Dr. Carl Orringer, Cardiologist in December, 2018. He spoke to me for a few minutes, asked about my symptoms and right away he diagnosed my problem. A stress echocardiogram was done, which confirmed his diagnosis. I was scheduled for a followup procedure the following morning at UHealth hospital. The results were entirely satisfactory. I am thoroughly pleased with Dr. Orringer and his staff; as well as Dr. Mauricio Cohen, and the entire hospital staff. I highly recommend UHealth.

Marilyn Reyes

Love Professionalism Proficiency Cure I see 3.5 stars. No excuse for that. This is the best place to be if you are sick.

Natty B

Really bad experience in the ER. I was visiting a friend on the weekend and this was the closest hospital. I had a terrible migraine and dizziness that would not be relieved with ibroprofen or tylenol. I decided to come in to see if they could help me. My primary care is with a respectful and reputable hospital in Hollywood, Fl. The ER doctor told me " we are very busy, you need to see your primary doctor. We can't do anything, you can try Jackson and see what they say." I was appalled. I understand they are busy, but he didnt even do a general assessment. He felt my pain wasn't legitimate to even ask me basic questions. This is not a hospital, its a make shift clinic.

Jean-David Louis-charles

I have been working at University of Miami Hospital for 14 years.

Brett Borges

The best doctors in South Florida.

dario furman

The attending physicians here are amazing. The clinical and non clinal staff is absolutely horrible. If you are going to UMH for an outpatient procedure this place will do, however if the procedure requires inpatient processing please DO NOT GO HERE. They have the rudest, poorly trained and negligence written nursing staff in South Florida. Stay away from this place at all costs it's really not worth the stress and headache this place will put on the patient, family and friends.

deidre zackery

Nice hospital

Melisa McLeod

The young staff are amazing! Somehow they created a home for me during my stay in the overflow oncology floor (8th). The teams of doctors were knowledgeable, caring and interested in giving my problem.

Taymi Lara

I was there 4 days for a brain tumor operation. The hospital staff was outstanding. The hospital was clean and have the latest technology. I was very impressed . I felt well care . MY ROOM HAD AN AMAZING VIEW . The only negative review the cafeteria didn’t have vegan food beside the salad . Dr Komotar an extraordinary and amazing neurosurgeon. Dr Sargi friendly and amazing doctor .

Odalys Macias

Came to the ER. Was in a room in less than 30 min. I was seen by Dr Lang He is an amazing Dr. I have been to this ER more than twice and I have no complaints.


They could've possibly killed my husband considering we don't know which patient was Zhory Wright and the woman at the check-in desk gave us his wrist band, not to mention she was incredibly aggressive and rude with us and a few other guests we saw come in afterwards.

ashley melo

Emergency room, they don't care about your pain. I whant to report a Doctor that is the only one in emergency room and let me be there with a mayor pain and doesn't give me nothing I be there 8 hours then she told me to discharge and I'm still with a pain she said she can do nothing about. Her name is Dr.Emilly Carroll the worth Doctor in this world.

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