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Krystyn Brooks

Great staff that exhibits professional medical care & compassion the moment you arrive

Christine Harris

This is the worst hospital ever. I went here 2 times within a month and these crooks not only took my money after lying to me about me meeting my deductible but the first time I was there left ne sitting in my own vomit for over 2 gours when the nurse witnessed me vomitiming and left the room and told no one. THEY ALSO OVERLOOKED A DIAGNOSIS of Gaberaparesis ThAT I HAD TO COME BACK a WEEKS LATER TO HAVE DIAGNOSED. They also lost my glasses and stated they were not responsible when I never left my bed due to a broken ankle. If I could give them a vomit face

rawdoll_ princess

First i i came to the ER at 2:01 i lefted at 7:53 and i got the i was treated well till i met the wensday and tuesday staff so disrespectful crussed out the kids i ask for whrn i got there they gave it to me the 5 day i was there but then the jids were friendly the food was good and i had a great time getting help buttt i actually got worst and i told the i didnt sleep at all and i have mmm nightmares and the just discharged me instead of helping me i told them how i feel and the just discharged me u guys deserve and solid 3

Charma W.

Took my 10mth old to the ER because his temp was 104. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Once we got there the triage nurse attempted to have my baby STAND on the scale (because it was easier) and took his vitals noted his fever and still made us sit. About 5mins passed and we were called back into the ER and placed in a room. The ER was dishoveled to say the least there were patients in the hall on stretchers, a doctor could care less about HIPPA talking loudly about a patient to another staff member. Two staff members were having a sexual convo. Numerous of nurses and techs walked past, even 1 nurse came in to see my "cute baby", but not to evaluate him. All the while NO ONE has come in to check my infant! After waiting 45mins and not one medical staff member checking my baby I packed up and walked out and drove him to the Children's hospital where he was tended to IMMEDIATELY! I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THIS POORLY RUN FACILITY AGAIN!!!!

Karen Weinstock

I was kept waiting a very long time. I was told that a stat case from the ED had to be done. I had an appointment. I think I waited about one hour. Also the tech was very kind but she scared me unnecessarily. My sister has breast cancer. I was there to follow up on an abnormal mammogram. The tech kept pausing and asking,”Do you feel anything there?” Not the question to ask three times in three areas. Scary.

Alexis Cleary

Emergency patient in room with pee sitting there for an hour and a nurse come 30 mins after to ask if no one came to take your blood then say she will be back but doesn’t. You’re calling a nurse they don’t come but stop the call button and no one comes to check if you’re good. Last draw was a billing agent coming to ask for insurance information to bill me and no medical assistance was being done after still sitting there for almost two hours. I WALKED OUT

Rebecca Brown

Worst experience ever!! My mother was here the Dr Gajray didn’t return calls or call the daughter when she requested. The nurses didn’t tell me what test were being done. Also when I was told by mother test were done no one wanted to say results were. My mother is deaf the Dr or nurses didn’t want to write to her to explain anything. She was released with a folly bag and the family was not told or showed how to empty the bag. I was told they would send a nurse from a company out to care for the bag. The hospital didn’t follow up with the company and no one has called to come out for the bag. Someone from the hospital needs to follow up with me for further problems we had. Terrible experience very disappointing. Wouldn’t recommend this hospital to any one. Some of the nurses didn’t even realize my mother was paralyzed from the neck down until I told them even though I was told it was in her notes

Andrea Shaw

I got the treatment I needed and was in/out in 90 minutes! The prescribed Rx worked and I'm good as new! Thank you University Hospital ED Team!

junk mail

I went to the emergency room, with severe abdominal cramps, and vomiting. The triage nurse wrote down my symptoms, took my vitals and dismissed me back into the waiting area. My husband had to get me a trash can to throw up in, the nurse never came to check or ask questions. The only other person in the ER was an elderly gentleman who showed up a day early for a scheduled surgery, who had his OWN attendant to care for him. The nurse finally came and told me to follow her, I could barely walk, but never once did she offer a wheel chair or show concern. It wasn't until I collapsed walking to a room, which was never indicated and my husband used some choice words before other nurses came to my aid. I was warned about this hospital years would think they would improve over the years.....but they are the WORSE!!!

Yani Milan

Whatever you do, DO NOT accept Dr. Camillo Franklyn as your admitting doctor. He is very rude and antagonistic. I have sickle cell and i rushed to the ER due to a severe crisis that woke me up out of my sleep. Upon being admitted I was placed on a healthcare pain regimen that was way less thank my home pain management. He verbally called me an addict and constatly insulted my character. He refused to adjust my medicine. Then when a credible hematology MD increased my pain management, Dr. Franklyn accused me of "pulling a fast one on Dr. ___" Franklyn asked why im still in the hospital when i clearly expressed how much pain i was in. He's rude and lacks reapect for his patients. This is NOT the first time this has happened. Just thought I would finally share my horrible experience that left me in tears.

Suzanne Holman-Harber

Excellent experience from preparation for surgery to post op , everyone was caring and considerate. Rate 10 stars!

Katty Jean Louis

This hospital is the worst of the worst. If you want your loved one to be okay don't go near that thing they called a hospital.

Super oggold

The nurses and the med techs were outstanding and very responsive to my needs. Everyone was very friendly and professional from the time I entered the emergency room.

W Collins

This hospital is horrible. It is like being in a third world country. My sheets were not changed in 7 days.. They had blood on them from all the tests and iv's. Many on the stuff are rude and mean to patients. Calls to the nurse often take long and are sometimes ignored. Patients are not allowed to take showers for "liability reasons". Do not go here or allow anyone you love to go here.


Sunday July 23 at around 8:30pm, I brought my father in law in for severe dehydration. In waiting/ check in and security area the security person on duty and triage check in person were joking, laughing loud and listening to pornography on their phones while there was children in waiting room. Absolutely unprofessional!! They should be fired asap. Worthless do nothing employees that think they work in a Frat House.

Tiffany Nelson

Not one of my favorite hospital of choice. The surgical department is very unprofessional. The rn ignored my husband cry for help and told him he was not smart when he explained how unbearable the pain felt to him due to a mistake that was made from the surgeon. The patient care tech. Take care of the patients while the nurses disappear.


This hospital is a joke. You go to check in and if you hit an emergency symptom the screen flashes and tells you to go to the check in desk. The people at the check in desk do not want to be bothered and tell you to sit down. With symptoms like chest pain and dizziness, loss of balance, you’re sitting in a chair waiting for the staff to care. God forbid someone was having a heart attack they’d suffer right in the waiting room before someone even cared to take their vitals. Patients are not cared for and the staff does not care whatsoever. It’s a shame. People come here for help and nobody cares to be compassionate. Never again

Santa Bracero

I was today in outpatient the staff is really nice and helpful thank you very much and thanks to Dr Robinson


The hospital staff was courteous. I was definitely not happy nor satisfied with the doctors. The only doctor and staff I was satisfied with were the ER doctor, aw well as the nurses. It will be a cold day in hell before I return to be hospitalized.

kimberly mahadeo


Gabriel Gomez

Let me start by saying that if it was not for Brooke the case manager who was "assisting" us with my fathers transfer to rehab I would be giving this hospital 5 stars. The nurses were awesome, especially Ligi and Tina, we were very grateful for them! Brooke kept giving us the run around and had my father waiting for two days to get transferred, telling the nurses to tell us it was the insurance company and the rehab center who did not want to accept him. I called the insurance company and the rehab center myself and they had no idea what I was talking about, matter of fact the nurses at the rehab center were waiting for my father. Thankfully I was able to get my father to rehab in our personal car due to the fact that Brooke couldn't even arrange for an ambulance. It was a horrible experience and I hope she realizes she should probably work in another field and not with patients and family members who are going through stressful times.

Stephanie Meltzer

I was on fast track after a auto accident. The care was good. The only issue I have is the CT tech was not friendly, and did not assist helping me out of the wheelchair. And when I was discharged they did not wheel me to waiting room where I was to wait for my ride. Again I just experienced a motor vehicle accident and brought in by ambulance. Otherwise , the nurse and ARNP , and transport was excellent.

Tatiana Carpenter

I will try to be brief. I was apprehensive when I read the hospital reviews, as I had never been at this hospital. I went for my pre-op appointment and was nicely surprised. Hospital was clean and registration staff was courteous, helpful and understating. Pre-op nurse was caring, knowledgeable and thorough. Day of surgery everything ran smooth and EVERYONE I came in contact with was extremely nice and caring. Surgery went well (Thank you, Dr. Robinson!) and had to stay for the night. Again, the nurses and assistants along with the nursing students were all so competent and nice. I am happy to report I was there for 36 hours and EVERYONE I came in contact with was nice as can be, including the food and cleaning crew. Thank you ALL for a great experience. Tatiana Carpenter

Arias M

We've been here a couple times with my grandfather and each time the staff has been so nice and helpful. The nurses in the ICU, ER and 3rd floor were amazing as well as the Doctors.


So I read the reviews today before I went. I was scared honestly, but let me tell you. This hospital is amazing. Don't believe the reviews. I left work due to chronic back pain and went to emergency. Dr carbon I think his name is excellent!!! Nurse rose awesome! And the xray tech was a very sweet man. Great hospital seriously. Very gentle, made me feel comfortable, and they actually care. They must have weeded out those bad people. I even mentioned the reviews and was shocked they were so bad. Go here!

Dellys Carballo

Great hospital,very nice and professional staff ,shannett the nurse she is great ,but I get there maybe around 11 and wait a little for the results

Highway Hardware

Very good place. You can get everything you need

Marsha Weinstein

Since there are so many problems at the hospital, when I recover, I would like to come up and talk to the administrator. My boyfriend will come with me as he had to deal with your problems.

Jenni Kane

Worst nursing staff ever encountered! God forbid you ask them to do their jobs! It takes hours to get even basic care, forget emergency care! Took my mother there for anxiety issues 3/11 and she was treated like a psychotic patient. Returned after the Ativan they gave her made her hallucinate, she was admitted, but never fed, no iv fluids, no fluids at ALL! Nurses couldn't be bothered to help her to the restroom, or change the iv port that had blown out and caused her hand to swell & bruise. No patient privacy at all, overheard nurses making fun of elderly patient that had an "accident" because they couldn't be bothered to get her to the restroom either. 2nd floor nurses were rude, uncaring, zero compassion. Patient comfort is last thing on their list, no warm blankets, phone didn't work, couldn't even bring her food or water in twelve hours! We checked her out AMA, because they were causing more harm than curing.

Lew Kovit at SOUNDS GOOD

Staff was courteous and professional. They showed concern and promised they'd relieve my pain. Patient flow was overcrowded. The doctors and nurses kept me comfortable and informed. They explained their method of treatment and medications they intended to treat my condition (neuropathy). Treating doctors also kept me informed of their plan for treatment and the medications to be used to relieve my pain. I was released only after my condition improved enough to do so. Doctors also kept me informed of all medications intended to be used and how they would ease my pain.

Heather Hernandez

If I could award zero stars I would. I was recently in the ER and the care I received was worse than horrible. Finally after hours of waiting and in pain my physician came to tell me the results of my ct scan. I had heard the diagnosis before but didn't know anything about it. I asked him what that meant, and what to expect next. He just stared at me like a deer in headlights for about 45 seconds and said "you have a bad _xxxx_". Again, I asked him, "ok what does that mean, what is the treatment?" He said well you're in bad shape, you have to take it easy. One more time I asked, if there was any kind of treatment, medication, or surgery to treat the condition. He actually just turned around and left the room. I can only assume he didn't know the answer. Then my nurse came in and said Ok, you can go home, gave me a discharge paper and left the room. Considering the primary reason I was there was that I could not walk I was shocked and afraid. My family went out and found a wheelchair in the hallway, I managed to fall out of bed into the wheelchair, and barely made it into the car. I will NEVER use this hospital or ER ever again!

Sheriska C

This hospital is very inefficient, have to wait 5-10 business days for them to mail you your medical records when holy cross hospital gives them to you on the spot ?:)?

Jennifer R.

Don't go here. Pick another hospital. They charge more than other hospitals and their billing department is ignorant to how their system works. I asked if the "big" bill to the hospital I was paying covered all the departments I owed after my car accident (and what Mercury Insurance didn't cover. Don't go with that car insurance either. I know it takes a kick in the balls to get one of the 'big guys' but they will take care of you). That big bill wasn't for all the departments, there was another bill of over $300 that was separate. I was told differently and got a collections letter for the amount. When I tried to call the hospital to find out what was going on, their Billing department hung up on me three times. I had to call the gift shop to find out where to call and get a person. I was then transferred through four people before I got a person who could answer my question. When I told her what I was originally told about the Big Number including everything, she told me that she was sorry I was told that, but it was wrong. I would not trust this hospital with my life. And isn't that the point?

Susan Nicoll

Very good for the nurses

Cortney Casella

I visited this hospital twice. Once when my newborn had a high fever at 3am, and once more recently for myself (Feb 6th) when I woke up in the middle of the night with an ear infection. Both visits were seriously disappointing. The visit with my daughter started off okay. We were brought into a room in the ER right away, but I wasn't aware that there was no pediatric unit or pediatric doctors available, nor was I made aware until after my daughter was poked, prodded, and had a rubber band wrapped around her arms several times. I probably should've done that research myself, but at 3am when my first newborn has a fever, I'm just trying to get to the closest hospital available. Anyway, the nurses and doctors started to work on my daughter, but they were very much fumbling around trying to figure out what to do. They were not experienced with babies. And watching them struggle to tie a rubber band around her tiny arm to try and draw blood was just not okay. We eventually elected to leave and take her somewhere else. Just a few weeks ago when I went for my ear infection, around midnight, we were seen almost immediately. The doctor and nurse gave me medication and I left in a lot less pain than I went in with. However... the doctor I saw prescribed me an antibiotic and some other meds to help get rid of the infection, and he made a seriously bad call with the dosage of medication he prescribed. For the next four days I was in serious abdominal pain to the point where I couldn't function at work nor could I take care of my child. I called the ER to speak to that doctor again regarding my pain and was told by an extremely rude nurse that stomach upset was a typical side effect of amoxicillin. I had already learned that much from my own research, but this was more than stomach upset. She then told me to just stop taking it if it hurt that bad. But antibiotic 101 says you have to take an antibiotic for a full course for it to be effective, right? Right. I did not get to speak to the doctor, but for him to tell the nurse that I could just stop taking it, without a backup in place sounded funny to me. Additionally, I called four different pharmacies to get other opinions and they all said stomach upset was normal, but that this sounded pretty severe. Stomach upset shouldn't have me doubled over and unable to function. That Friday I was sent home from work because my blood pressure was 160/110 and my heart rate had plummeted to below 50 bpm. I went to an urgent care center with my prescriptions and the doctor there told me the ER doctor had essentially prescribed me medication for a horse. He had grossly overestimated the dosage, and what I was taking could have killed me if I hadn't stopped taking it soon. To give you an idea, the urgent care doctor prescribed me a new antibiotic at 250mg/day as compared to that ER doctor who prescribed me 820mg 2x/day. No wonder I felt so awful! To wrap this up, I fear for any other patients this guy has treated. I'm sure I wasn't the only one he prescribed medication for that night, and I hope nobody else has gotten sick because of his negligence.

Daniel Gines

Took my wife to emergency very unprofessional nurce I think she was Racial never going back I Prefer to go to another hospital

Silvia Rodriguez

I was here at 3:30 am on Sunday with a terrible back pain and I want to thanks the reception guy , so polite and really care about my pain , Neffie Nurse and Doctor Gonzalez excellent people . They do everything to make me feel better as soon as I came on the ER . So fast respond Thank you again for everything And the girl registration so good also and explain me everything about the bill Thank you

Michelle Robinson

if a doctor could lie in front ur face saying he did something he didn't do not a good thing. never going back to that place ever again..

Mina M

Worst place ever Behavior health staff just discussing Abusive and lazy


Worst experience ever.. my brother waited 14 hours to finally see a doctor. And dragged out his time there so they can get paid. Also the nurses wouldn’t let my girlfriend use the bathroom in the room. Her reasoning was people pee all over the floor. My girlfriend is not 12 she’s 22. Every time we called the nurse to the room. Nobody came, the kitchen phone rings and rings NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE!!! DO NOT COME HERE!!!!!!!

Ed Torres

My Dad went to the emergency to address a Kidney issue. His care was excellent. He was discharged a few days later. The support I received from Nancy and Alissa was world class. The found resources and they helped arrange the transition back home much smoother. In a word they were awesome. Thank you, Sincerely, Ed

DUCHESS cottrell

The worst hospital experience of my life. The staff treats one another like crap, when asking for help. Just imagine how they treat the patients. I'm pregnant and was having pains. I sat in the lobby for nearly two hours while others were treated a headed of me. Once I made it to a bed in the hallway, I got to see just how awful the staff treated other patients and each other. The employees were annoyed with each other and their patients. Being placed in the hallway I could see it all. The eye rolls, the cursing, the condemning convos from the nurse practitioners to patients. Honesty, one the the saddest experiences I've witnessed. I over heard 3 other patients, from their rooms complain about the rudeness of the staff. If you can't put your issues to the side and replace it with empathy and compassion THIS IS NOT THE CAREER FOR YOU!!

Potato Angel

I will give you 0+,worst Hospital staff,rude,non care,my neighbors warned me about this hospital,but I decided to go tonight to E.R because is the closer hospital around.First the security was very rude,I was the only patient, then I registered and they took my vital signals,after that, I waited on the waiting room,two more people came after me and registered,the person in charge of registration sent inside one of the patients with the security and then the nurse came asking for next and he told her the other patient.I asked him why he admitted the others two patients before me and he said it wasn't his fault with his face clearly showing his apathy,I told him that I will complain about it,he said "give the complain".I left the hospital,and no matter how close is,I'm not going to put my feets there again.Disgusting.

Cristina Contreras

Took my son few days ago, he wasn’t feeling good. Waited at the er for 4hrs With my son 5 yrs old and my daughter 3yrs old. Mind y’all with no bed. 4hrs seating on a chair so uncomfortable. They did the nose flu swap what ever u called it. They took too lab and they took forever just too tell me they had too re-do it and I had too wait few more mins. Worst service ever. Glad my son is ok thanks too me for giving him meds and stuff. Worst ER never again. Honestly they’re either racist or something. Giving me bad vibes and look cause my kids was being lil loud and jumping. Oh well should’ve gave us a bed with tv and they would’ve been still. Def not a hospital for kids.

C Bee

Avoid this hospital at all costs. All of the negative comments already posted and still management does nothing. It is my sincere hope that someone goes to this hospital with a hidden camera and publicly exposes this hospital and it’s awful staff for the worst healthcare in Broward County. I came in last week due to pregnancy complications. I expressed the severity of my symptoms and still waited over an hour in the ER waiting room. I was triaged by nurse practitioner Keisha who, in my opionion, should never be allowed to work with people. EVER. She didn’t bother to get up from her chair, never took my vitals and wrote my symptoms by hand on a scrap piece of paper. She told me that my symptoms “didn’t make sense” and ordered me to provide a urine sample in the unsanitary ER restroom before I’d be seen by a doctor. I was furious. I was in severe pain and extremely weak so after an hour of not seeing anyone I left and went to Coral Springs Medical. I am thankful that I left because my condition was life-threatening. The treatment received by Coral Springs Medical was like night and day compared to University; immediate, compassionate and professional. I only went to University because it was close to home and I needed immediate attention. I can’t imagine that with all of these negative reviews and ratings, the management team and board, if there is one, have not been alerted. I plan to write a formal complaint to the mayor’s office about the totality of my experience as a Tamarac resident. It is my hope that someone finally listens to residents and will make appropriate steps towards implementing necessary changes.

Sarah Decouto

Its sad to see how many low ratings this hospital has. I wish I never went 3 weeks ago. I came in with a cold because I missed 2 days of work and was still sick. They got me in right away just to get a rude nurse in emergency. She was dark skin with green eyes. She scolded me for not having insurance and that I should've gone to a clinic and not a hospital because hospitals are for EMERGANCY. I took IBProphen and I seemed pretty fine to them but I took it prior to coming in. First they gave me amoxocillin then decided to take it away and give me motrin instead. Still scolded me about not having insurance and I stressed 4 times that I do not work enough to take care of a clinic bill and that none of the clinics would work with me. After I was almost done being sick it turned into a sinus infection and now a bronchular problem which cause me to have some type of lung problem. I will never be returning here again and will continue to go to Coral Springs medical. This hospital is a joke. Dont scold someone because they cant afford health insurance nor a clinic and are forced to go to the ER. Thank you University Medical. Sincerely, In pain and cant breathe.

Casey Pierre

I've been to this hospital three different occasions after a intense accident on i95. I suffered protrusion in my L4, L5, S1, S2 also Degenerative disc disease, I was in excoriating pain were I could barely walk an they treated me like I was some drug junkie. I hate hospital since I was a kid this made me dislike them even more. Of course I didn't have insurance those three visit so to my surprise when I got sick and had insurance I was treated so differently!!

Jim Pappas

ZERO STARS!!!!!!!!! Worst Hospital Ever! Filthy...Dirty...Disgusting!!! Doctors in ICU never communicated with each other, they all had something different to say about my grandmother. Never told me what was going on. Nurse Nadia was only interested in getting me to sign hospice papers and insisting that I check the box for comfort only against my will. My grandmother was gagging from her own saliva her last morning alive and I begged nurse Nadia to help me clean her mouth. Her only concern was getting me to sign hospice papers first. When I refused to sign until she would help my Grandma Sarra, she told me to leave the ICU room and called another nurse in saying she needed help cleaning Grandma's mouth, which was never a 2-nurse job before, throughout the ten days she was in the ICU! Nadia was not a caring nurse...anything I asked about was just diminished by her. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL!!! I COULD GO ON & ON WITH MORE DETAILS OF HOW MY GRANDMOTHER WAS TREATED THERE----THERE WAS NO JUSTICE FOR WHAT WENT ON THERE!!...JUST DON'T GO TO THIS HOSPITAL...DOCTORS WERE ALL OLD AND HORRIBLE!... MOST ICU NURSES WERE ONLY THERE FOR A PAYCHECK... EXCEPT FOR NURSE BRISBEA...ALEX...HUGO AND...JULIE THEY WERE THE ONLY COMPASSIONATE ONES WHO CARED AND HELPED ME WITH GRANDMA THROUGH THIS ORDEAL!!! THE OTHERS COULD CARE LESS!!!!

Enrique Martinez

Excellent service, friendly staff, experienced doctors with great bed side manners. The ER does an excellent job and I'd highly recommend it.

Chriss Martorelli

Nurses and assistants seemed lackadaisical. Granted, I was not in dire need. I had fallen and hit my head & cheek on the sidewalk. Also hurt my wrist from trying to break my fall. I was given an Xray of my face and a scan of my wrist. Given ice for my face and a wrist wrap for my wrist. Went home. This was over two months ago. Just got a notice from the billing department asking me to resolve payment from my insurance. Could it be that my insurance thinks that $21,511.00 is a bit outrageous?! I tried to look at my bill on line but nothing was itemized! Looks like they are not going to get paid unless they can explain the charges.

Ralph Lovaglio

Great service. Staff was amazing. Thank you!

Marcie Odum

The staff is ok. There were no pillows and no straws. The rooms are old and need to be updated. If our doctor didn't have privileges here, I don't think we'd be here.

Tammy Sellers

Amazing experience with staff. So impressed

Blair Hickey

I came in with severe abdominal pains that turned out to be a kidney stone. I was advised to stay overnight and get iv therapy. It is 7pm and I have had no iv since 2 pm. I keep asking and they keep saying they will come back.

malinda mcpherson

I had to take my husband to the E.R due to extreme abdominal discomfort and we were treated with outstanding care ! Every single employee from the Security desk to the E.R Staff was absolutely fantastic! The staff did their jobs swiftly with smiles on their faces and kind informative answers to any question we had. These employees worked respectfully with each other and the patients which is 5 Star Quality! With Much Appreciation, We Thank You Again! John & Malinda Alberico

Shanice Solomon

I was skeptical to visit after reading the reviews but my visit was wonderful. Didnt wait long in the ER, the place is clean,and all of the nurses were very kind!! I had Jennifer Shephard as my nurse & she is beautiful inside and out!!

Jennifer Casia

I was admitted there a few months ago through the ER. I was in excruciating pain from a post operative infection. I asked for some pain relief and the ER doctor said they can’t find any meds because there was such a shortage. I only got the medicine when I got loud and started making a scene. That’s when the doctor miraculously “found” some in the pharmacy of all places. My surgery went well and the other doctors and nurses were compassionate and caring. They answered my calls right away and were very attentive! Thank you University Hospital!

Ted Ed

Fast efficient. Er and admitted quick Was sent back to hospital for another medical problem again fast and efficent

Sandi Pleva

ZERO STARS!!! DO NOT go to this Hospital!!! All the bad reports are the true!!! My brother who had a stroke was brought here, His left side was limp from Stroke. They let him sit in soggy pooped in diapers for hours and hours so that the bed was stained with the yellow urine seeping out!!! This happened several times!!! One time when this man nurse Bill Sainvil, changed him, my brother told me that he he Slapped his butt, and was laughing at him!!! There are so many bad things about this place i would be exhausted trying to type it all!!! Doctors NEVER call our family back! Nurses hang up on u! They ignore patients yelling for them in bed! They denied helping me get my brother in a rehabilitation! They put it on the family to find him places that would accept him in rehab and or nursing home, and deal with insurance without even helping us know what to do! I could go on and on about the poor care and horrible experience this place has been and how they treat us and my brother! They should be shut down!!!!

Sallie Mae

I just walked out and no one even noticed. I went into the ER at 5am this morning with bleeding and clotting while 8 weeks pregnant. After being put in a room with used/dirty papertowls on the counter. The Dr informed me they do not have a "labor and delivery" so I would have to be transported by ambulance if anything needed to be done. He repeated this 4 times. Along with how it will take 45 minutes to get Ultrasound because they are at home. After being made to feel like they were trying to get rid of me, he reluctantly decided to do some blood tests while I waited on US since "you're gonna be here for hours ya know" I figured I was already there and VERY concerned for my pregnancy. Then I went to use the restroom and try for a urine sample. I had to leave and vomited when I got outside. I could not even bring myself to throw up in the filth either bathroom I entered. I'm currently sitting at Westside. Never again.

R.M. Levitt

Absolutely horrible. Woefully understaffed. First my grandfather was brought here for end-of-life care in their hospice unit. It was not at all what they promised us it would be. He was jammed in a room with two other people and only two nurses staffing the entire hospice unit. We got him transferred somewhere else the very next day. The next week, when he died, my grandmother was in emotional crisis and nearly fell, fracturing her ankle. She was admitted through the ER here. She was placed in a unit with only one nurse to take care of at least eight patients. If my family and I had not been there all day, every day, she would have received no attention. Even with us pushing things along it typically took over an hour for even the simplest requests to be fulfilled. Tests that we were told would be done the same day were not done until the next day. We have medical professionals in our family, and we know the difference between proper care and lip service. The nurses in this place exist to provide placation and excuses, not real care. As soon as they understood that we expected them to do their jobs and provide proper care for my grandmother (and that we weren't afraid to rattle whatever cages needed rattling in order to make sure they were doing that) they got the attending physician to discharge her home even though she needed 24-hour assistance and they KNEW we had no home care services in place yet. To top it all off, they gave us NO after-care instructions regarding the support brace they put on her fractured ankle or her upper respiratory infection. They told us NOTHING about how long the brace should be left on, or whether she could bathe with it on. They prescribed nothing, and didn't even recommend any over-the-counter products. They basically took my 90-year-old grandmother (who had just lost her husband of 70 years) and threw her out the door! I strongly urge you never to allow yourself or a loved one to wind up in this sorry excuse for a hospital!

Connie Pescherine

Food was horrible!! Nurses were kind. Bernie and Karen the best. Tv channels were horrible.

Oscar Munoz

This hospital has one of the worst emergency department in all of Florida. I don’t know why we took my mother here. Wish we would have taken her to Northwest Medical hospital in Margate which is such a better hospital.


I have sicklecell and was told about this hospital from another sickler, so i decided to give it a try (i was told that the doctors are really knowledgeable about sicklecell). My first time there was awesome. I had a really good doctor and the nurses on the 5th floor ate the best! But I'm giving one start due to my third experience there. I had a Dr. Everold Haffizulla, MD There are two at this hospital. Father and son. Iam told that the son is a very compassionate doctor, but unfortunately i was not lucky enough to get the son. I got the elder Haffizulla any way, the fist night i was there i was in excruciating pain, one i was admitted i had nothing for pain on my meds list. So after getting to my room the nurse had to call the doctor subbing for him at night and after 4 hours, was finally able to get some type of medication that brought the pain down considerably. The next morning, as customary, the doctor is supposed to come see and evaluate u. No one came , i mean no one. All of a sudden around 1pm, my nurse came in and said, u know you've been discharged right? I was like wait what? Not only did i just get in the night before in excruciating pain, but a doctor NEVER came and even LOOKED at me! So feeling totally outraged, i had the charge nurse call the hematologist, and got them to reverse the order. The whole time I'm thinking, this must have been a mix up, no way a doctor discharges u without seeing if your even capable of walking stright. No way! Do the next morning, in walks who im guessing is Dr. Everold Haffizulla, MD. He walks in and looks at me like i had two heads, and then asks me what was wrong with me. .after thinking in my head, u should know what's wrong with me, but i proceeded to tell him that i was suffering from a sicklecell crisis and my hips and legs hurt so bad. He then pulled out his stethoscope and half listened to my heart, while asking me why did i come to that hospital. I told him how this hospital was recommended to me as a great hospital for sicklers. He then proceeded to tell me "yea your here after jumping from hospital to hospital right?" I was so dumbfounded, i started stuttering, because i never had a doctor basically accuse me of hospital hopping. I said "no sir, i came here hoping to get better doctors, doctors who understood my disease more" he said " there is nothing wrong with you. You just like the pain medicine, your too calm to be in pain" by this time all of this was said as he was walking out of the room and in the hallway. So other patients in other rooms was hearing this doctor accuse me of being addicted to the pain medication. As i was calling for him to come back into the room, he laughed and said "im discharging you, and stopping the medication, ill write you a prescription. " at this point i was so upset i was shaking and crying. I then called the charge nurse to tell what happened, and she said " what do you want me to do about it? I don't remember her name, but i do know she was a black light skinned lady, big boned but not fat, and she wears her natural hair down and straight. Since then, i have had the pleasure of having a doctor named dr. Alberto Manzor, and he is what a doctor should be. He is the one that discovered that i had avascular necrosis in both my hips which is what was causing a lot of the excruciating pain. Im writing this late, but that incident has always stayed with me, and iam in the process of trying to sue that quack doctor. I also realized iam not the only person he has done this to. Dr. Everold Haffizulla, MD needs to be fired. He is rude, disrespectful, and not a doctor. He is there for the money, not to actually help. He has preconceived notions about sicklecell patients, and that is not right. I did not ask to have this disease. And because if him, i have been suffering from depression. The people we go to for help, are the ones making our lives unlivable. Beware of this doctor!

allejandro santana

The hospital is fine but the security company they have here is terrible rude and nasty, I will never come back to this hospital ever again. US associates security is the name of the company that the hospital uses and hope they get replaced.

David Rivera

I didn't have any issues..... this is my second time staying at the hospital. The emergency room took good care and even busy made sure I was comfortable despite the reason for my visit. They did their scans, samples, and everything else professionally and explained everything. Once admitted, the nurses and staff from the 5th floor made my stay peasant as can be. You can't pick your roommates but the staff handled them in as professionally as possible.... I was glad to be discharged but not cause of the hospital because you miss stuff from home..... thank you to the staff at University Hospital for making my stay as like my first stay pleasurable.

furtress she still here

Well you guys almost had a 5 star, but it's always that one bad apple. Good luck to the whole hearted ones that believe in prayer

Lashae Crowford

while i was in the er waiting for my cat scan results from the doctor i felt very uncomfortable with my nurse his name was chris and he assumed i was pregnant when i knew i was wasnt. But he also kept rubbing me the wrong way as if i was his girlfriend. He kept rubbing me on my body and when i saw my doctor and he brought me my discharge papers he basically kicked me out after i said i was too weak to walk. My doctor was the only good experience i had at this hospital.

Jeff Hagen

Service was OK, but I feel like I got scammed on price. I had a laceration around 3 inches long on my forearm which required stitches and a tetanus shot -- about 45 minutes worth of work by a P.A. and a nurse. A month later, I got a bill for $7k. The line items were really vague, many simply stating "ER" with 4 figure dollar amounts. The x-ray of my arm (they needed to see if the cut hit bone) costed something like $1300, and about 4k in mysterious fees simply state "ER." Now, I fully understand that the ER is going to be more expensive than a walk-in clinic, but $7k for a few stitches is absurd. When I went to the walk in clinic for a smaller laceration, the total charge sent to the insurance company was $110. So, that's nearly a 100x price increase, which feels outrageous. I do have insurance, but even with insurance, this is a 4 figure spend due to my deductible. Unfortunately, when one is in an emergency situation, one doesn't have the time to read reviews like these before selecting an ER. In my case, I simply selected the one closest to my home, which turned out to be a mistake. Avoid this place if you want to stay financially solvent.

Gina Longo

Worst hospital in the WORLD!!! my dad had double knee surgery 3 days ago they had him on heavy duty meds and now he’s at heartland Tamarac rehab and he comes here and they are giving him one pain pill every 6 hours BECAUSE UNIVERSITY SENT HIM HERE WITHOUT THE SCRIPT FOR HIS KNEES AND THE DR ISNT ON CALL TILL MONDAY SO MY FATHER HAS TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF THIS TERRIBLE HOSPITAL IT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!

Carie Gisell Santana

Notice how there's only 1 review!? This hospital is the worst along with Coral Springs! The ER staff is rude, condescending and rough! They make rude comments and treat people with no dignity! God forbid you speak up, they threaten you if you do! I couldn't get water until the doctor showed up, and he took forever! Seriously, this hospital needs a complete makeover- staff, ER, all of it!

Life of an empath by Cristina Litvin

My mother in law fell because she could not manage her insulin. We had her brought here and my sister in law, who is a nurse, told anyone who would listen, nurses, doctors, etc..., that her mother needed to go to a rehab facility. The hospital sent her home four days later and 36 hours later she fell again, hit her head, and was found naked in a pool of blood by my 15 year daughter, who thought she was dead. She survived but is suffering from memory loss now and will be going into an assisted living facility. But how could this hospital send this 83 year old patient home? This place is irresponsible and I will never bring another loved one here again.

Daissys Estrada

My mom has been in this hospital as of tomorrow April 6th, 7 days. The ER staff were all so pleasant, make sure my mom was comfortable as well as us. Then when they moved her to the 5th floor all the nurses have been outstanding. Nurse Lenise was so kind and caring and reached out to me bc she knew I was concerned. Nurse Jenny very sweet. Nurse Barbara was so amazing, she made sure my mom was comfortable. Nurse Vivianne made me laugh and reassured me all was going to be ok. Nurse Sandra also wonderful. They all showed such tenderness for my mom's situation. None of them were bothered by my questions or concerns. They all really went above and all helped to each other on that floor to make sure my mom was comfortable, clean, and calm. Then there was the PCA Denise my mom really enjoyed having her around. Denise made my mom smile and laughed even at my mom's most confused time. My mom even said in Spanish, "You are always smiling." That made my mom smile. Then there's the radiology department. Wow!! What a great group of people. Ms. Thelma and Ms. Miriam were so kind and showing such care and consideration towards my mom and especially towards me during this difficult time. I am so glad I chose to have the paramedics to have her taken to University Hospital. Their attention was amazing. Please don't ever change the way you take care of patients and their families. It has been an amazing experience. Thank you all!!!

jeanine pena

My Dad was in the ICU/CCU for a week and every single person that cared for him was WONDERFUL !!!Thank you to all of you !!

ethel woodman

Don't have medical insurance went to ER was checked out 10 min no medication now I'm sitting wit a bill from $1,700

Tiffani Nelson

Should have read the reviews before coming! Waste of time and my morning, left in the middle of my "treatment" to another medical center.


Omg the 5th floor staff is AMAZING!!! when I tell you they are attentive, understanding, and just the bomb.. my treatment/care/experience was as comfortable as it could be!! Thank you so much

Isabel Tay

If I could give zero stars I would. Do not go to this hospital ever they are absolutely terrible. The hospital as a whole is dirty, rude staff and the doctors have no idea what they are doing. They lost my moms paperwork on multiple occasions and this hospital is the reason she's not coming home. If you are in need of medical help go anywhere but here

Deborah Burnette

I don't know where these doctors lose their humanity, but they do lose it. You know, if all of you at the beginning of your careers could get very sick and very scared for a while, you'd probably learn more from that than from anything else. You better start listening to your patients. They need to be heard. They need caring. They need compassion. They need attending to. You know, someday, you're going to be on the other side of the table, and as angry as I am and as ANGRY as I always will be, I still wish you a better doctor than you were to me.

alex roca

We are very pleased with service we received at the hospital. My aunt had a hip replacement, and the nurses on the 4th floor was super nice to us. After the surgery my aunt was transfer to a private room so one of the family member was able to stay with her. The room was very clean.

Neal Stanton

We had a bad experience with my 88 year old father. He actually missed a procedure because the nurse did not prep him the night before and in the morning he had not been changed . Spent an extra day in that hospital and did not get to eat for two days. When i called to voice my concern the staff told my father that I called. Why would they do that and appears to be inappropriate. I couldn't even begin to amagima how that conversation and what was the point. I actually contacted the hospital the day after his discharge to speak to management and after a few minutes she had a emergency and got my number to call me back , that didn't happen. To be fair he was in University for a stroke about a year ago and we had a good experience.

Ms Cookie Patterson

Absolutely the worst ER Department. Better off in a Third World ,country

Hollywood Entertainment

Worst place to take somebody you care about . They don’t make you feel at home , very rude when you ask questions dr coqeis dosent speak clear English . He always try’s to make you feel stupid when you ask serious questions

Kelly Wosahla

Since mid-May my mother has been struggling with myriad issues after a life threatening emergency surgery. Needless to say I have become quite the advocate for my mom in terms of her health care and subsequent recovery. Because of this experience I've learned how to ask questions, respond with information to hospital staff pertinent to my mom's care, etc. these last two months. During that time she's been in three hospitals and two rehabs. University Hospital is the only place where the staff, from caseworkers to nurses to physicians all provided above standard care to my mom and to us, her family. We are incredibly thankful to this facility. Special thanks to caseworker Patrick, case manager Joan, 5th floor nurses, charge nurses and especially Debbie on the 5th floor.

Heather West

ZERO STARS! Universtiy Pavillion has this one nurse (Name: DOLOROS) that is very confrontational, rude, and loud. I don't know how she still has a job. She stood in my boyfriends face, as if to challenge him. It was as if, they planned the whole chaotic experience they created because another person lied on him by saying he cursed. He would never use that language the other person stated, then she smirked at the nurse after she said it. The situation wasn't even on that level. It was a gross all around experience. Nurse Dolores is her name. (may be spelled different.) She even had the nerve to bring up an incidence that happened two months ago. That incident had nothing to do with this day. She was extremely loud around all of the children and tried to say we were the ones doing it. We had just came from a family session that ended well, we were exhausted, and she ruined that for us. Dolores saw us leave and she called me back in to speak to my child. My bf went to the bathroom, so she saw him leave. He knocked on the door, Doloros came out of the office and looked right at him, the other lady did also, and they both ignored him. The other lady walked off and Doloros went back in her office. I heard talking about who was going to answer it. No one did. My child and I saw this. When he came in, he asked her why she didn't answer the door because she looked right at him. She immediately became irate and said he was accusing her, stood in his face, and became loudly obnoxious. She clearly shouldn't be a nurse and has she no bedside manner. I spoke to the lead nurse about everything. She said there must have been a misunderstanding. There was none. I don't know what this nurse has against us, but my daughter said that she is usually nice, but she gets mean when my bf comes in. My bf is white and I am black. She is black. If this nurse is racist, she sure picked the wrong field of work.

Graciela Olvera

I bring my husband to ER All the Staff for this Hospital are Great Helpfully and Caring

Laura Mrs.LJW08

Went last week for breathing problem turns out I also had gallstones so I did surgery the following day. The nursing staff in ER was wonderful and the one's on the 3rd and 4th floor too. My issue is with the lady in ER that check you in . I had to come back Friday because I still have issues breathing and she was very unpleasant, she needs to know how to deal with patients we are there for a reason so show some kind of compassion that's what a nurses are supposed to do especially when you're the first one we are seeing before going to triage and it's not the first time I noticed that.


My mother was brought to the ED from her rehab facility with possible hip problems. Her physician , Dr Reddy and nurse Lisa were beyond excellent. As well as all of the other ED staff . Thankfully her hip is ok. but they possibly found the root cause to her pain and gait problem. Thankful for everyone’s help and expertise.

jane registre

Competent RNs. Good pain relief. Nurses listen to the patients. 4th floor orthopedics.

Francisca Vasquez

I am going to be straight forward as possible. During my emergency visit to this hospital, I did see many supporting evidences to authenticate such low reviews. I am only giving a 3 star rating based on a single employee of the many I interacted with while at this medical facility. I was pleasantly blessed with the professionalism and care of Mr. CHRISTIAN CAICEDO. This gentleman possess an astonishing and valuable work ethics. As shared by other fellow patients near me, CHRISTIAN shows devotion and vocation for his career. Unfortunately like all good things in live, he is transferring to a much deserved better health care facility. Glad I was able to experienced his skills prior to his career move. Thank you Christian.

Celcia Hall

Never, in my entire life, have I ever received such absolutely POOR customer service! If my child were a hamburger I probably would not have been so absolutely positively upset when I brought him in and our triage rep decided to watch the BET awards instead of asking him questions. I brought my four year old in with a possible spinal injury. (I know this because he fell in a very similar way over a year ago and it was handled the correct way) but these folks were sitting chatting in cliques instead of servicing us, though the waiting room, and later I would also find, the actual rooms were near empty. I asked the chatty women at registration why he wasn't being made a priority. And one woman actually began to LAUGH and tell me that this is 'an ER'. I'm no rocket scientist, but I thought registering folks didnt come with a medical degree. The idea that these pinheads believe one's spine must be SEVERED TO BE INJURED SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RED FLAG FOR ME TO RETREAT AND GO ELSEWHERE, but I must include also that my son Hit himself so hard that he also ended up with a two inch gash that was very deep and still actively bleeding! A four year old, bleeding in the waiting room for thirty to forty minutes while these people gawk at musical performances! It was disgusting! Once he was transferred, their definition of caring for him included tickling his toes instead of an MRI. , Though he fell in a way that caused his neck to completely snap backward. IACTUALLY PETITIINED FIR HELO FROM A SUOERGISOR, BUT I DIDNT EVEN GET ONE OF THOSE UNTIL TWENTY MINUTES KATER. THE STAFF OF COURSE COULDNT BE MIVED FROM GOSSIPING AT THE MAIN DESK, but could spare time to chat about my outburst and . They took the time to gossip instead if again, taking that time to hell. And i don't mean two or three, I mean nearly ten people! Half of these folks did MUST INCLUDE THAT DURING THIS TIME MY CHILD REFUSED TO TaLK TO ME AND ACTUALLY HAD NO FEELING OF THE INJURY AT ALL!!! He was NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN OR TOUCHED BY A SINGLE DOCTOR, NEVER GIVEN A SINGLE XRAY OR EVEN An Examination to ensure that he didn't have any skull fractures, or hairline fractures. They literally touched his toes and the glued him shut. HIS WOUND WAS PINCHED CLOSED AND GLUED AFTER AN HOUR OF WAITING WITHOUT A SINGLE EXAMINATION! IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THIS HOSPITAL! THE STAFF IS MORE LIKELY TO LITERALLY LAUGH AT YOUR NEEDS AND ENJOY THE FREE CABLE THAN TO ACTUALLY ASSIST YOU! I WAS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DISGUSTED YESTERDAY!I forgot to include that I was actually told by the lead nurse while asking for a doctor that "if you want urgency then you SHOULD have the ambulance bring him. He's not an emergency if he doesn't come in in an ambulance." I beg the question, how do these folks still have jobs? The woman in registration who thought the situation was funny should have been termed on the spot. The idea that someone's life is a laughing matter is ridiculous! No apology, no explanation, just laughing and sucking of her teeth. I WAS MORTIFIED!!!


It was unfortunate that I needed to go to the hospital however choosing University Hospitals ER was the best decision I could have made. In an era where the quality of customer service is diminshing, I still value the impact great customer service can have on an individual experience. The services that I received at University Hospital on Tamarac was beyond exceptional and exceeded all expectations. I was seen in a timely fashion, spoken to with care, concern, and compassion. At each level of care between intake, to xrays, to the period in between before discharge I had a 5-star experience. I felt as if I was personally being catered too despite the hectic flow of the surrounding environment. The staff at University really impressed and turned a really bad day into an upbeat and memorable one. I would recommend that people who are not feeling there best or experiencing good circumstances health wise, to visit this hospital to receive top notch care in a timely manner. That is to all in the North Broward Area. The experience was really one for the books.

Kindria Davis

Straight to the point. I would ride RIGHT BY AND TAKE ME OR MY LOVED ONE SOMEWHERE ELSE! The staff is awful! No sympathy nor understanding. My mom went to have knee surgery. Once she was admitted I called 4 times to her room no answer. I called the main number concerned, worried, scared , all of the above, and was transferred from floor to floor and no one could give me any information on my mom. I was transferred 9 damn times! I was furious one nurse even hung up on me!!! I will never go back or refer ANY HERE! That was a horrible experience i didn't know what to think!

Emma Alleyne

this hospital is the worst!!!!!! I went in with a high fever, the pa looked at me and made a diagnosis without running any tests to confirm, I was told to go back to the waiting room to be discharged, I was alert enough and refused to leave without speaking with the person in charge, so the head nurse was called, he looked overwhelmed, then he suggested the doctor in charge I said okay, this doctor came to speak with me, he was rude and condescending, I got dressed told my son to take me to a real hospital, he took me to Coral Springs where I was properly diagnosed and treated. I'm calling on the department of health to investigate this hospital!!!!!!

Robin Kleinman

On a recent visit to the emergency room, (6/2/19), I came in with a fever and severe headache. First of all, I've never seen a hospital where the concierge desk is out in the open and everyone in the waiting room can hear your story...very unprofessional. I was seen by a P.A. Carrie Eldridge who was not very compassionate and right away, without examining me said I had the flu and it was too late to do anything for it. If my husband was not in the room to mention my blood sugar, they would have never tested it. My blood sugar was very high and I was given insulin and saline through an IV. My blood sugar was still high and they released me with no medicine to follow up with and no results from the blood work or urine sample. On the discharge summary they left the blood glucose level number off and basically told me that I was free to go. I have never encountered such unprofessionalism in any other establishment. When I saw my primary Doctor on 6/6/19, she stated that I was not treated well in the ER. This is the last time I will be visiting this hospital.

A Calix

DO NOT ! I REPEAT DO NOT BOTHER EVER EVEN WASTING YOUR GAS TO COME TO THIS HOSPITAL. They have a new “Pit” process I guess it’s to keep their emergency room from becoming congested . You go through the triage process then from there your asked to go sit back in their waiting room until the results of any test they may have taken come back. If you are a “Pit” patient and, the psychican or NP wants to give you meds your taken into a room where your given the shot or pills. ( I was given a shot of Tramadol) then , once again asked to go into the waiting room

Antrice Holl

My experience here was awful... I went into emergency having chest pains and rash on breast. The overnight doctor didn't even examine me. He stood back, took a look and ask the nurse 'Does she see a rash? She said yes. Without being examined he told me I have a fungal infection. As I was waiting in a room. I overheard him tell the nurse that he thinks I'm lying about my pain. When the nurse came back to room I told her I overheard the doctor. Why did he tell you he thought I was lying? She said he didn't mean it like that. He just wrote a prescription to mask the pain and symptoms I was having. A month later I still have those same pains and symptoms. I will not go back here.

Nigel Franklin

Recently took a gay friend here after he was sexually assaulted. The nurses openly gossiped about his situation in the hallways and one personally challenged him suggesting that a man can't be raped and going so far as to say he "wanted it". My brother consulted a psychiatrist (Chervony) on this hospital's campus for suicidal ideation some years ago; he found the doctor terse, distracted and uninvolved, and was transferred to their outpatient behavioral health program that was poorly run, unprofessional in every particular and wildly expensive. Their behavioral health program is staffed by medical students and psych students. They do not tell you that before you are admitted and you're simply expected to accept having a random unexplained 3rd party sit in on all your therapy and ostensibly private medical dialogue. Oddly, the students tend to be more empathic, professional and trustworthy than the actual doctors and administrators. My own run in with a Doctor on this campus (Tanveer Sobahn) was nightmarish, I've never before come across someone who offered up the awful combination of being actively rude, airily dismissive, thoroughly annoyed and outright aggressive all at the same time. When I asked about what I was being prescribed and after I "gently" intimated that I wasn't comfortable taking any drugs on the basis of our short, unpleasant interview he diagnosed me with paranoia on the spot and told me to leave the room. If you hate someone and want them to suffer on top of whatever physical or psychological injuries they already have, I urge you to send them to university hospital. But for anyone or anything that you love or even respect I strongly recommend that you avoid this living monument to everything that it currently wrong with the American Medical system. All people who work here should be ashamed of themselves.


WARNING!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE MISDIAGNOSED. AND NEED TO HAVE EMERGENCY SURGERY!. I went to univ hosp 5 different times, for severe upper stomach pain, 1st visit they kept me overnight and said it was Gerd, 2nd visit was told it was gastritis and told me to get a endoscopy done, (everything came back fine from getting endoscopy, 3rd visit was told it was gastritis and to stay spicy foods, i told them i don't eat spicy foods, they still sent me home. 4th visit, i was told again it MAY be gastritis and that, quoted by the Dr "this may be in my head". On my final visit, they again were about to point to gastritis, until i told the nurse, it is not, and showed her where the pain was exactly, and suggested her to do a sonogram, they FINALLY did a simple sonogram and said i had gallstones and to see my primary Dr. Three months later i had to be rushed to NW hospital, and after they did multiple test, they came back and said "we have to prep you for emergency surgery ASAP" I had to have complicated surgery, and had to stay in the hospital for 7 days, and the surgeon said to me " i cant believe that hospital kept misdiagnosing you, and why did they even left you walk out?" which caused severe complications with my gallblader which had scar tissue, they could not do laproscopic, they had to cut me open, and i had to be connected to 2 draining tubes for 3 weeks, I contacted university hospital advising them the situation and that they need to have this matter looked into and take responsibility. I was told risk mgmt will look into, that was 3 months ago, and still no word, now i have no choice to contact the Board of Medicine now. This hospital needs to be INVESTIGATED and SHUT DOWN!! The pain and suffering and financial issue they put me through, all because of them not doing the right thing. SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN A HOSPITAL MISS DIAGNOSE A GALLSTONES? Trust me, stay away from them, go to a different hospital if needed!!

m lo

I wish it was possible to give this negative stars, one is too much for this dump. Had the most awful experience there last year with a family member that was there for close to a month. He nearly died twice the day he was discharged because the nurses allowed his blood sugar to get to 23. If it wasn't for his family intervening for a simple glucose blood test, I am not sure what would have happened. This is just ONE of so many horrible experiences we had there. Dr. Sergio Arguello is a terrible doctor with ZERO bedside manners. Like I told the staff, I would rather risk my life and the life of my loved ones before I would ever go back there. Oh and while we're at it, if your family member needs to go to rehab, stay away from St. Anthony's which is recommended and sometimes forced on you by the staff at University Hospital I guess it's all about referral incentives and nothing about the well being of the patient.

Annie Forde

My boyfriend came here for kidney stones and the waiting time was short. Went in the back as they got us a room for him. One of the nurses was friendly but the doctor was completely rude. My boyfriend told the doctor that he has trouble peeing and it will be a while before he goes. Every minute the doctor and the other nurse would come and tell him to pee in a rude manner. It's not his fault he can't go. He tried at least three times. I understand they need the urine sample to run test but they didn't have to be utterly disrespectful about it. Finally he gave up and decided to let them do a catheter to get the urine sample. It's all about how you appraise people. They were trying to rush him out even though there wasn't a lot of patients in the ER. He kept telling them that he's trying and they kept making rude and sarcastic Comments towards him. Do yourself a favor and don't come to this hospital. Never experienced anything like this before

Fanny Lozano

By far the worst Hospital I’ve ever gone to. The emergency room is a complete waste of time and frustrating. The people don’t know what they are talking about and not willing to help at all. I went in for some stitches and came out with a butterfly bandage. I get a bill in the mail for some outrages false list of treatments that were never actually done to me. They started with the visit with the doctor named Naoimi and I never saw one doctor, only nurses. They proceeded to claim I had blood work done & x rays when I repeat there are cameras to show on that date specifically I was only seen by two nurses & it was to tape my small wound. I did not spend more than an 30 min in the actual hospital room to be clear. Again If I could give 0 reviews I would because all this hospital is a scam.

John De Castro

Made the mistake of coming here. The place is filthy. After i walked in i sat down and after I sat down I noticed there was blood on the floor. One of the nurses noticed and called someone to come clean. They didnt even use any disinfecting product. It looked like a dry swiffer mop. This place needs to step their game up.

Glenda Walters

Everyone was very professional and very friendly. The waiting time has cut down a lot compared to past years. Thank all of you for your service.

Latoya Khan

Worst hospital in the United States..... went to ER with my husband and they literally didn’t do anything but send him home with medication no vitals were done the nurse practitioner Keisha is awful don’t have a clue what she is talking about

Leslie p

This is my second visit here the nurse are great on the 5th floor this visit way better then last visit on the 4th floor and a speedy recovery. the food could be better that's my only problem it's a small portion and not the best of hospital food. and when you call the cafeteria they are rudebut that's ok the nurse's were sweet and one of them always made me laugh if I were upset about anything. Great! Job GOD BLESS them

Remy Indiana

Wonderful staff, nurses treat you like family.

Jay Leezy

I was a patient there in room 317B.. From intake to dishcharge I was teated like I was the only client. Rooms were clean.. Staff is super friendly, and when you ring the nurse they come right away. Betty the nurse and Fabion a staff member are in the right job. Food is good and the Doctors actually LISTEN to your concerns. If I ever need a hospital I'm coming back!

Lynn Mukami

The slowest emergency service My husband and I has ever encountered..... First and last time

Terry Shepherd

Quick turnaround at the emergency room.

erica k

Trying to rush my mother into the ER for chest pain but i have to take a picture and walk through a goddamn metal detector first while she nearly flat lines. I'm a medical professional who works in a hospital and this kind of patient care is a joke. What a shame

Terry Gruber

Excellent in every respect including food .For a community hospital attending to the daily needs of sick and injured people cannot be best


This hospital has great staff, clean and ok security. After receiving your visitors pass I’d suggest the security officers to give directions to each visitors and not be a wise ass when questioned in regards to navigating to desired rooms or floors. People are there to visitor friends and family so be considerate. Night time is not a good time to visit patients here, as you’d have to use the emergency entrance (good luck finding your way “again” no direction by security). Overall I like this place and am not known to like hospitals period...

Karen H

In the ER. First experience is a female security guard who does not have personality to be a greeter. The rudest person EVER!


I wouldn't say it's comfortable, nice and quiet since it's in the hood. Truthfully saying, it's a ghetto. BUT you get a lot of tests and correct diagnoses from doctors and nurses give extra attentions and care of you. Though make sure to have someone bring you food, their food isn't good. It's a polar opposite from Aventura ER, where you would get misdiagnosed, incorrect medicines and lack of attention from nurses there while it's beautiful and comfortable with big TV and premium cable.

Joel Brandes

Kudos to Liz & Stacy in admissions. Miriam who did my MRI, Nurses Caroline, Leslie, etc. in the outpatient clinic and above all Dr. Gaston Mendez. No better care has ever been given to a patient.


If I could give -0- stars I would!!! This is the most horrendous hospital on the face of this earth! On 10/24/16 I was brought in for a displaced, fx r/wrist. I was in shock and my heart stopped SEVERAL times! They left me laying there for HOURS before they treated me! Because of no ins. they REFUSED to put me under to correct the displaced fx! The maniac dr. stuck needles in my wrist about 10 times trying to numb it, to no avail. Even the nurse was appalled and could not believe what this dr was doing! I wind up crashing AGAIN from the shock and pain! They are barbaric animals and should NEVER treat any human or an animal for that matter - this hospital should be CLOSED down! HORRENDOUS! BE AWARE AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS FACILITY!!! YOU'LL REGRET IT AS YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE IN LIFE! Read the reviews on Yelp and other places about them, you'll see for yourself just how barbaric and animalistic they truly are! Incompetent, uneducated, lacking compassion in every sense of the word and has NO regard for the welfare of a human life!

Nico2 Raw

If you have to go to this hospital for chest pains they will get you in and seen very quickly. I brought my husband in for chest pains and as soon as I mentioned it to administration all hands were on deck. All staff acted with urgency. My husband received an EKG, x-ray and blood work drawn within 20 minutes of showing up. He was also given an Asprin as he waited for his results. You Will not be sorry when you get to this hospital.

Donna Dee

Excellent experience during stressful situations! I can't say enough good things about the ER staff here! I don't remember all the names, but my they were all very informative and caring with my Mom. The Phlebotomy Technician even took the time to explain to me what I was seeing on the ultrasound screen as he looked for a good vein in Mom's arm. I was very pleased with the care Mom received here.

Tim Pande

The doctors and most of the staff was good. The whole 3rd floor is a joke though. I know medicine and english better than anyone on the third floor. Except anna. Shes great. Also the heavy spanish anesthesiologist is rude and definitely being reported to the supervisor. You dont hold somebodys mask over their face hard right before they go under. What a nasty human being.

Beverly May

I was a patient for 4 days in room 507. The nurses and aids was always nice and professional. They always introduced themselves daily. My memory is not good, but I remember Patricia and Lorraine. An evening nurse name starts with a L. She answered questions I had and that meant a lot to me. Most of the time I forget to ask my Dr. Nurse Heather was was very nice too and answered questions I had. Patricia hugged and held me so close to her while I was having a painful procedure done. And that meant a lot to me. My overall experience was the best. I love this Hospital and Staff.


When I arrived (8:00 am), no one to registrar me or check me. Awaited a half an hour. Once I was finally checked in things were great. Staff in Radiology were great, were very courteous and professional.

Janice Wright

I was in ICU a month ago and the nurses were great until I was placed in ICU overflow. The nurse in ICU overflow was sleeping, nodding while taking to me and my guest and questioned me about which floor I came from. I told her she needed to go home and also reported it to the head nurse immediately . Nothing was done until I had to demand to be off the floor. I even asked if the nurse had received report on me before I became her patient, because she was unaware about who I was. I called back and report the incident after I was released to the ICU manager and not pleased with the results. I even have a picture of this nurse sleeping. Be careful with this hospital.

Janssen Balboa

There are some bad apples in every tree. My wife came in with an gall bladder infection. And was sent home. She was told to be gastritis and given omeprazole. Since April she has been suffering from the pain. We came back and honestly the surgeon that took care of my wife went above and beyond, also the nurses in the 4th floor were super nice and very helpful. Bad apples I referred to the crew in ER. They forget that people that goes to the ER goes there cause they feel sick not cause they want to

Claudia Ceron

Excellent Services Nurses,Doctor very friendly, clean Emergency so fast less in 5 minutes wait.

Jennifer Rodriguez

I had to have an imaging procedure completed. I was in and out. Staff was very helpful and friendly.

Richard Steere

It was just an outpatient medical test but the people were friendly and seemed competent. Outpatient check-in went smoothly and the whole event remained pretty much on time.

Jay Everett

The wait was crazy long. Arrived at 6:30 and didn’t see anyone until 8:35. First person I saw asked if I could tats the pain and offered something to get rid of it which never received. After, I was sent back to the general waiting room. Then I was called to do an x-Ray and then back to the general waiting room. Then sent to do an ultra sound and then back to the waiting room where I sat another hour in very very bad pain finally Im called again where I’m taking to a room and instantly greeting by someone to collect insurance. 10 mins after a nurse comes in and asks what brings me I (after I’ve explained to 4 different people) she asks someone to come in and administer an EKG and they both leave shortly after. Finally the dr comes in touches my back where I’m having pain asks me to bend and then leaves. The nurse comes in about 30 mins after days she is giving me two shots with no explanation until I asked. After the shot she left for another 30 mins and then came back with discharge papers and 4 prescriptions. No explanation on what’s going on, how did it happen etc. not to mention someone told me I have a heart murmur and no additional information.

Terry Myers

Well my father had come in with CHF the third floor has been amazing the bed side manors of the whole floor have been great. The food is on a scale of 0 to 5 my dad rated them at a 3.5 lol they have to transport him to another hospital for a procedure and he asked if he had to stay at the other hospital or if he could come back here for my dad who hates hospitals to say this is a pretty damn good place it's gotta be good. . I as a daily guest here the past 4 days have to agree with him can not speak on behalf of any other floors but this staff any shift is doing an amazing job kudos to all of you and thank you so much for being and showing what many have forgotten to do and use

Susan Machin

The nurses on 5 South were the absolute best. They were all kind and compassionate and very helpful. Dr. Arguello on the other hand, was anything but kind, compassionate or caring. For a doctor to be so callous to not address the needs of the patient, rather than speak to family in a condescending way is uncalled for. His late to the table advice on discharge was just the last straw. Discharge was planned two days before he came in to suggest a discharge plan. He would do everyone a favor to retire.


This hospital is wonderful especially emergency unit. I have been here two times with my son and we got the best treatment ever. Staff is very professional knowledgeable and very kind. They just showed me how pleasant experience can be going to the Hospital. Thank you all.

Shan Batch

Excellent service!

Janni Alexander

Waiting period was fast and staffs were very friendly.


One star is too much. This place is absolutely horrific in every way. It’s grossly under staffed to the detriment of the patients and the staff. The patients cannot get proper medical attention when the floor has no staff and have to pull nurses off another floor just to start an IV. It’s not being managed at all and the supervision is none existent. The nurse make unilateral decisions inconsistent with doctors order to accommodate their own needs and abuse the patients who are alone. One nurse had to be restrained and removed from the room for throwing the F bomb at the patient. The cleaning person was told to fill in for the nurse. This place needs to be shut down

Fernando J

My experience was bad. As for my brother who suffered a heatstroke was left in the hallway for hours no one came to change his I'VE or check on him. Several other patients were complaining for their own reasons. The staff is vary slow and just don't care. Stay away from here.

Netanya Laraque

I went to the ER last night and that was the worst experience ever. First of all, while the nurse was putting in the IV into my arm he hit the wrong vein and my arm bled out for about 1 and a half. Secondly I was misdiagnosed. I went with because I was experiencing vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, back pain, and nausea. The doctor looked at my blood work and told me that all I have is UTI but I knew that there was more to it so when they discharged me and I went to another hospital and come to find out I'm having complications with my kidney. I would rather die before I go to this hospital ever again.

Rose Alicia

This staff is incredibly rude. They say your name in the hallways, as if sounds don't bounce off walls and then laugh. Customer service much? Talking my name and problems in the hall. Violation of the HIPPA AGREEMENT, that I signed. They don't get to the root of the problems. They just don't listen. Alberico Zoino, DO, my rudest encounter. I asked her to listen to my symptoms and she brushed me off. Lied and said that she cared. I will never go back unless it's the last resort. They did give me some antibiotics though. There's one star. That little light skin sexy nurse lady can have me

Nancy St Clair

Great doctors. Friendly staff. Got in and out in a timely manner. I felt the staff listen to me and met my needs. Thanks University Hospital!!!

Ray Garcia

Staff was excellent, very professional and showed concern. All the doctors and nurses made my stay comfortable and kept me well informed by explaining treatment and medications.

Kiki Soriano

Fast service good customer care

arthur smith

very confusing website--

james esau

Went in with severe chest pains and was made to wait. Not only was I made to wait, while clutching my chest, was here for over 24 hours without seeing a doctor. Not only did I not get the decency of seeing a doctor, but was not diagnosed and they tried to discharge me from the hospital without any information.

Virginia Barcelo

Thank you staff at University Hospital. We we’re there earlier for a pediatric injury. The staff answered my daughter’s questions respectfully and fully. The atmosphere was calm and supportive. She also loves her bear and he’s become her new companion. Best of all we were in and out in under two hours. Thank you again!


I brought my uncle to the ER this morning and it was nice to see nurses and doctors who care about doing their jobs with compassion for the patients. Thank you Nurse John for treating my uncle with such care.

Maritza Abstencio

I am very pleased with the care provided to my 89 old Mom. Friendly and professional staff. I am very thankful you are in this area to care for us when we need you. The Doctors, nurses and staff are professional and very thorough.

Manii GodsChild

This place is very sketchy. There is a metal detector at the door. You have to empty your pockets and everything like airport security. The staff is very rude and does not care about what they are doing at all. The first nurse that checks vitals is right in front of the entrance. There is no sense of privacy, for it is an open glass cubicle area. She wrote the information on a sheet of printer paper separating each persons data by a line. She dis not check weight nor height herself, instead she just asked. Being so lazy and in such a rush to get done she almost pulled out my moms hair with the thermometer. The place is filthy. We left before we even registered. Do NOT go here.

Rachael Sessler Trinkowsky

After reading all of the reviews, I was concerned about going to this hospital, but my doctor works here. Everyone was extremely kind and other than being there because I was sick, it was a great experience. Melissa, the nurse and Dr. Bez were both wonderful. No wait at all.

Kadejah Humbled

These people refused my child psych help, because she had just been discharged from youth services the same day. My child also told the tech she feels like hurting herself or someone else...after I insisted on help for her everyone with the exceptions of the Lead Nurse and Dr Ellis got sooooo rude I left AMA so she could get the proper help without people being bias...Horrible experience..

Faviana Vivas

We arrived with my 12 month old baby daughter to the ER, after 5 days with fever over 105F. The first they gave her was MOTRIN and TYLENOL., without the intention of checking / evaluating her. They just said it was a virus. I explained she was with no flu nor cough, but that she had an estrange odor in her urine and no matter my comment they didn’t take any action to check her, not even an urine test. After two days of this, I did bring the baby to her pediatrician and after test the results was that my baby had a very advanced infection which could be detected and treated during my visit at the ER. Its sad and terrible a doctor that release a baby with a diagnosis with out any kind of survey to the patient. The health is very serious and people don’t go to an ER service at 12 AM with a baby just to say hello. I went up the Emergency Room because my baby had 105 F fever for further than 4 days.

Bartholomew Gang

Worst Hospital EVER ‼ I was 5 weeks pregnant (first time mom) I was excited to see the ultrasound and I was going to record the ultrasound to tell my parents they were grandparents and the ultrasound tech named DEBBIE (African American woman) told me I couldn't record when everytime I come to the hospital I always record, very unprofessional people I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL FOR NOONE‼

Vanessa Valdes

very well satisfied with the service i got from the beginning of my stay there until the day i was released, all the nurses was wonderful but Christina and Lisa was way to beyond. the nurses assistant was wonderful too but Diomaris was amazing the make the stay very confortable even no one want to be there. congratulations for your service and thank you for what all you did for me. God bless you each of you everyday.

jolie m

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Neglected my Grandmothers care which led to her death. Did not treat her for one of the reasons she was originally there for, barely checked on her and we’re just downright disrespectful. If it wasn’t for Flordia law they would have been out of business a long time ago. DO NOT GO HERE

donnelly chin

Upon arrival near 8pm we were greeted and had a short wait in the seating area. Crime triage to discharge the visit was very calming due to the very courteous and knowledgeable staff members.

Jamie Burnette

Worst care EVER! I suffer from PTSD and panic attacks. DO NOT GO TO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IF YOU SUFFER EITHER!! I was brought in, dumped in a corner, no care, no iv, no heart monitor, no medications to help me calm down, I was drug tested, a security guard followed me to the restroom, the doctor refused to use meds I am normally prescribed to help me. It was the worst level of care I have ever experienced!

LaToya London

Privacy is a problem. As soon as you walk in and go through security the nurse is there in an open office to take your vitals. VERY LOUD. NO privacy. Everyone can here why you came to the emergency room. Not good.

Shaun Deniston

It takes a lot for me to write a negative review but having a family member in this hospital for a week, and visiting every day the experience has been awful! I can understand the need for security with everything bad that goes on in the world but ONE metal detector and ONE security guard (who are never nice and friendly), for the entire main entrance of a hospital is absurd! I am there 2 or 3 times a day for a week and me, my crippled mother and 90 year old grandmother have to wait and go through a metal detector EVERY time we walk in and out of the hospital.. that's INSANE! You want to have everyone go through that, then you need a better system and a lot more staff. It's like being in a prison more than a hospital. Just rude staff overall. It's a hospital, these people need some serious training in how to deal with better with patients and their families. Thete have been a few great night nurses but overall they are usually always late with giving out medication.

Desi S

on Friday 11/03/17 approx time 3:00 pm ER Department. we took our 12 year old daughter here. Per her middle school due to depression. She was seen by 1 nurse and that was it . When we asked question we were ignored. after a few hours of looking at the walls, we left. No one notice that we left until the following day. DO NOT TAKE ANYONE HERE!!!!! We did leave a message with Sadie to call us. Please take your loved one else where. Just completely unorganized, lack of sympathy,

Dianne Bates

My dad was in University Hospital for 5 days (he was discharged yesterday). My mom and I stayed with him around the clock and every single person who cared for my dad was caring, competent and wonderful! He received great care!! My mom was there for a 4 day stay last year and it was the same way!! It may not be the newest of fanciest hospital, but the staff have hearts of gold!!

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