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Thomas Bielamowicz

From beginning to end everyone I encountered so so kind and attentive that it makes me want to come back (hope I don't have to). You don't often think of good customer service when discussing a hospital but there are a few businesses that could learn a thing or two from the staff at St Pete General.

Christopher Priest

Staff was great and courteous but apparently they have really really awesome doctors because my ER visit the doctor's time was worth over a $1000 an hour according to the bill I received. That was just the doctor's bill. Out of the 90 minutes I was in the ER, I saw him for about 10-15 minutes. Give some time to write order and notes, I'll give him credit for 45 minutes which resulted in a total bill of nearly $2000. Glad I could pay his golf membership fee. Next time I'll just hack my leg off with a rusty blade.

Actually, I said Ashley.

I was "treated" at St.Petersburg General yesterday evening and it was a terrifying experience. I went in for vomiting, extreme dizziness, and headache. I was so completely out of it that i could hardly see anything around me and had a hard time answering questions. The staff didn't care about any of that. The nurse on duty was the nastiest person I've ever met in a health care setting. She was forcing me to get up to take my shirt off for a gown which I understood I needed to do, but not in the disrespectful manner she was requesting. Everything about her was an attitude and forceful. I felt like a criminal in jail instead of a patient in a hospital. She was getting annoyed that I was having trouble sitting up straight in the hospital bed and couldn't answer her questions the way she wanted. It was the most uncomfortable experience I've ever been through and made the entire experience so much worst. After everything was said and done her and the "doctor" rushed me out as quick as they could and now the next day I'm laying in bed with an excruciating heachache and feeling like something still isn't right. Needless to say I will never be back there again. I had my my beautiful baby here, which was an absolutely beautiful experience, but after this i don't think I'd take a chance again.

Sean Kingston

Not a good hospital or ER if you have a serious issue. If it's just an ankle sprain you are in good hands

Sidney jane Bailey

Top shelf quality personnel.....Care for people starts here.....good quality medical care. Thank the Lord.


One of the best hospital experiences I have ever had. Everyone involved in my care was outstanding. Extra thanks to "Susan" my nurse prior to going to pre-op.

Alex Stanga

Dark and dingy entrance way but I get that they are remodeling. Staff was very nice, knowledgeable and most importantly helpful. A few recommendations would be to have someone greet people as they come in the door instead of a kiosk and the emergency rooms were insanely small. But overall a good experience.

Fran Sheehan

I spent some time in the St Pete ER this eve. It is not the closest hospital to me, but, I have been very unhappy at others. I have a chronic hardship since being a child that often causes great pain. ER's are not for long term continuing problems like mine. I know that. Everybody knows that. But, after being shunned by an outfit that suspected they made an error, I was out in the cold with no Dr. Thought I could hold on just a few short weeks but it was too much. St Pete General has a Staff of Caring Intuitive Angels. They are fast, but not brusk. Friendly, professional and very efficient. Most of all THEY TREAT YOU LIKE YOU MATTER❣ When left alone in my little room, the tears just rolled down my face. I knew I was in good hands. I'm home now and everyone who was involved even the security guard made sure I will be OK until my next Fl Ortho Inst Appt God Bless You. Fran Sheehan PS the young lady that answers your phones is not good enough for your kind of excellence ~ sorry

Ashley Browning

Absolute rip off. I went in for food poisoning and received fluids, and 3 medications (IV Anti-emetic, oral immodium, and tablet acid reducer). I was forced to take a pregnancy test before admittance to ER and had blood taken to "hold". In the end I was charged over 12 THOUSAND dollars. They ran BW and full urinalysis without my consent, and I never even saw a Doctor - ONLY A RESIDENT. Absolutely disgusting. I will never return and tell everyone I know to avoid this place at all costs.

I fart daisies

I went it because I had a suspicion that I may have alcohol poisoning, and all I was told was that I have dumb judgement, when I all I've ever wanted was a simple peice of mind, that was very rude of them. I left paying 200 dollars for a soda and for an insult. Thanks for that by the way. They make me feel like I shouldn't go to the hospital no matter how bad I feel or if I just want a peice of mind because all they are going to do is call me dumb for going there in the first place.

Tanisha Bass

I came to St Petersburg General Hospital last week on a Friday night. I had just gotten off of work and could hardly stand in fact I needed a wheelchair just as I got to the door that's how much pain I was in. They took my vitals and I ended up going to the back the PA physicians assistant Dr Nightengale did see me briefly all he did was look and push on my back he said that he was ordering XRays and this whole time they did not give me any medication the nurses said that I couldn't get any medication until they got a urine sample from me which made no sense to me because I was on my period and I already knew they just wanted a pregnancy test I even told them that my tubes were tied they still would not give me any medication finally after about an hour I was finally able to get help to get to the bathroom by then my pain was really bad and that was the only time that the nurse came in and got me then they took me for XRays which were not really reliable because I was not able to lay down and because of my bad knee I was only able to hold on for so long the XRay technician brought me back to the room and that was the last person that seen me I was in so much pain for 2 hours I could not get up out of the wheelchair to lay in the bed because of my back so I stayed in the Wheelchair hurting for 2 and a half hours I called the nurse several times to give me some pain medication and no one ever came finally and believe me this was an act of God cause I was hardly able to move when I got there I got up grabbed my phone wallet and cane that I was walking with and walked out mind you this was at 330 in the morning I was the only patient up there well there was like maybe 3 other people up there but to me when I passed by earlier none of them looked like their condition was serious this however was not my 1st incident at this hospital I remember back in December of 2014 I was kicked out of the hospital on Christmas Day I was having heart problems and the doctor at the time was very rude to me and the security guard working there that night was even ruder all I did was sit in the waiting room and wait for my right and it was cold out there below 60 degrees I would not recommend this hospital to my worse enemy Its bad when even your own doctor tells you that she heard some horror stories from St Petersburg General Hospital well I have a couple of my own I really hope that something is done about this.

courtney Longo

I was very disappointed with my recent visit to SPG ER. I felt as though I was just being pushed out the door and that my concerns regarding my chest pain were not important. Although they ran testing and I was determined it was not heart related, I was continuing to have chest pain and severe anxiety. They said they “gave me something” but it still did not help. I left there even more scared and still in pain. I would not recommend SPG ER to my friends or family. Very Disappointed!

hellion4life !!!

New to the area was in and out with a ear infection and a skin infection no questions about insurance till after I was seen by the doctor.. don't believe all the negative stuff you read, I am grateful they helped me I had no insurance. Thanks again you guys rock

kim cash

Awesome Doctors and nurses.they took great care of me .I would highly recommend this hospital

Frank L

Stay away from this hospital and avoid their service. Here is the story: I checked into the ER for hearbeat accelerations. I was examined, given some medication then as soon as they saw my good health insurance they came out with a story that I needed to stay in their IC unit to have my heartbeat monitored. They kept me in the IC unit for 2 days given me all kind of unnecessary tests. They attached a Holter device to my body to "monitor" my heartbeat. That device was off the entire time, and one morning I waked up and found it on the floor completly detached to the wires. I panicked and called the nurse right away which took him 45 minutes to show up. His excuse was that they were short of staff. I told him the point for me to be in the IC unit is for you people to monitor my heartbeat 24/7. My insurance paid the hospital bill and I paid all those subcontractors. I complained to the hospital's Director of Patient Services (Betsy Serrao) of MALPRACTICE and I was advised not to pay the rest of the bill and that was the end of the story, so I thought. Months later I started to get bills again so i called them again and was told that Director of PS (Betsy Serrao) does not work there anymore and that there was a new person which I spoke with. Again I reiterated the same story and she had the guts to tell me that the hospital does not care of what happens to the patients as they are only renting their facility (including devices) to sub-contractors, nurses, doctors, ER staff, IC Unit staff, etc. I told her THEN this hopital is hiring inexperienced subcontractors and renting defective devices. I asked for proof of my heartbeat being monitored 24/7 in that hospital and of course I neaver heard back from her or the hospital. I wont' step a foot to this place ever again.

Sarah Dennison

I scheduled an MRI with St. Petersburg General to confirm whether or not the inch long dimple on my breast is cancer. I moved around my schedule and scheduled several weeks in advance. They cancelled my MRI the evening before my scan. My life and the treatment that I receive depends on this test. If it is inflammatory breast cancer, every second of waiting prior to treatment counts. Beware of this hospital. You will die before you receive care as a result of their incompetency. I am rescheduling with Morton Plant. They were able to schedule me right away. Take your money elsewhere.

Monica Slane

We delivered our second child here and are very happy we did. Kristen our labor and delivery nurse was AMAZING! The recovery nurses where awesome as well. It was a great experience as compared to baby place where we delivered our first. I encourage everyone to tour this hospital for your next delivery, it is quiet, calm, small and you basically get personalized treatment.

Rescreen Rescue

Took my daughter here for a play ground accident, just because it is literally right around the corner from my house. Hospital staff was great. I spoke to someone on site about being self pay, and was told they would give me a discount if I paid that day. Upon leaving, I asked about billing, since I was told I could pay it to get my discount...was told the billing wasn't in the system yet, to wait and call in. I call in today, and was told I have an extremely large bill, and nobody put in the system that I was self pay, so I don't get a discount, I should have paid that day! Are you freaking kidding me!!!!

wendy eshe

Could not ask for a better hospital, everyone has been super nice and professional,I thought when I arrived at the ER that It would be hour of waiting, NOPE, I was taken back immediately and in less that 3 hours I was moved into my admit room. From house keeping, kitchen, maintenance, valet, ER, CT,LAB, CNA'S, RN'S, And Doctors. all were exceptional and all went over and beyond. I am just amazed at how well this hospital and all the staff pull together to make such a great place.If I should ever need Hospital services again I will ask to be at ST Pete.

Kristy Douglas

Brought my 4yr old in for a splinter to see if they could get it out. We were on vacation and wanted to enjoy it without him complaining the whole time. We were there for about 30-45 minutes and were told "I'm sorry we cant do anything, it has to come out on it's own". A few weeks later I received a $6000 bill for the hospital and 2 other bills for 2 different doctors. My son only seen one doctor. When I called I was told their standard fee for a level 3 ER visit was $5669. No one would help with this or try to even work with me on the bill. I was told pay it or it goes to collections. This has to be the worst display of health care billing I have ever seen in my life. After reading all of the reviews I see I'm not the only one.

Dawn Jelinski

Everything was great. the people were very friendly.

Donald Boniface

I was very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy with the treatment that I got in the emergency room Saturday 6 a.m. All the staff along with Dr. Lynea Kelly MD. We're very fast, thorough and treated me with respect providing diagnostics with EKG, CAT scan and blood work. I would recommend that this emergency room.

Heather Henness

I went in for outpatient surgery and I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the staff was. They went over and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, informed and my family knew what was going on at all time with the patient tracker in the waiting area. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I want to thank the staff at St. Petersburg General for everything!

Amy Martinez

Friendly helpful kind fast

tom murphy

When I arrived at the hospital, the blond valet was the nicest woman I've ever met. From that point on, my mother's procedure went very well. Got to see the blond valet again, later on that hot day, and she was just as friendly. Please give her my thanks.

Tineisha S

The environment of care created by this facility is simply wonderful. The doctors and staff were attentive, explained everything and made me feel valued. I feel like this is very hard to come by in your typical emergency room. I didn't have to wait in the waiting room long which was a plus. The best medical care and treatment I have ever received.

J Ornellas

Rookery. I went to the Emergency Room for a cyst on my back that needed to be drained. I was seen by an RN who confirmed my suspicion. I was then seen by a physicians assistant (PA) who ruptured the cyst with a needle. One hour later I was released. Two months later I receive a bill for over $8000. My insurance kicks in and I still owe $1600, of which $600 of is for an MD that I never saw/met. I think it's disgusting how your hospital gouges patients and how patients are billed for physicians that never engaged the patient.

Leah McGovern

I have been to St. Pete Hospital twice and this is the BEST hospital I have EVER been to!!! Absolutely ZERO wait time!!! We walked in the door of the ER and we were brought directly back to the nurse/doctor without filling out ANY PAPERWORK!!! They take care of you FIRST and wait to worry about all your insurance/paperwork until the end, after they already take care of you!!! The nurses and doctors are AMAZING and extremley CARING!!! You can tell they have a passion for their job (helping people feel better/recover)!!! I'm not sure of his last name but our RN was Tony and he was so CARING and wonderful!!! They have AMAZING employees!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH St. Pete Hospital for being so WONDERFUL and for truly CARING about your patients!!!!

Carol Young

My experience while getting a mammogram at St. Pete General was fabulous, as always. From scheduling to check-in to the actual procedure, I have always been treated wonderfully, by professional, caring people. I recommend the breast center to everyone I know.

Sandra Suarez

The service is excellent, everybody is very considerate and friendly. The staff is very profesional. I went for surgery and made my family & i feel like I was in a 5 star hotel. I am thankful especially for the attention of Sheila, Barb, Julie and Angela which was the people I interacted the most. I highly recommend Dr. Calderon who explain all the procedure in detail and is very approachable and ensured that all your questions or concerns are clarified. I felt 100% confident in his hands.

Rico Rico

Great hospital and greater nurses! Always go above and beyond! We commute from over an hour away, We've had all 6 of our children here!

Sandra Hamlyn

If I could go less than 1 star I would. Even Ambulance drivers will say that this is good hospital but the worst ER in the county if not the whole damn state. The Doctors themselves are alright it's the nurses from the ER who are responsible for creating the horrors that go on here. And as always it's not ALL of them. Anyone who says they had a good experience in this ER got lucky. The nurses may be alright for everyday emergencies, but can't handle certain things without a know-it-all-attitude that disrespects the doctors, patients and family members in attendance. They refuse to believe that the people who live with certain conditions on a day to day basis might know a little more about it than what was written in their textbooks, and have no problem at all talking down to you and telling you that you're wrong. I have seen them send my mother home without crutches when she fell and basically bent her foot the wrong way, enough to cause the skin on the top of her ankle to split. It wasn't broken according to the x-rays but very swollen and very painful, and OBVIOUSLY sprained with or without a solid confirmation from the Doc, who said she could have crutches, but when leaving I asked for them and was asked rather rudely if my mother walked at home, of course I said yes, and was told then that's what she needs to keep doing. I have been told that my wife is not having real seizures because she is not peeing herself, we have been told that it is impossible to diagnose shingles without having a rash when the shingles site itself will tell you that the rash isn't always present but the symptoms are and can still be very painful. My mother has been ridiculed because she had dirty feet (according to the orderly or nurse), same nurse went to pick dirt off the top of her foot, opening a scab from an earlier injury. They are RUDE, they have no experience of some things outside of a textbook and do NOT use exposure to those things to actually learn more about them, rather talk down to the patient and family, and tell the doctors what THEY think they see instead of what the family HAS seen. Just be prepared. A lot of the nurses and residents that wind up working this ER have very little regard for anyone or anything but themselves, this includes a patient's knowledge of their condition, concerns and comfort in general. The only reason we keep ending up here is because no one in our household drives, and when going to a hospital (especially because of my wife's anxiety issues {which require frequent visits when admitted})we have to consider what is the best location for bus travel, and this is it. Once admitted you're pretty much ok, especially if you're persistent about them answering for things and I am.

Chris Gibbs

Unfortunately between my wife and myself we have had to go there more than a few times over the years, have always had a good experience and get in and out fairly quickly. Always very nice and helpful.

Desiree Pocuis

The staff was caring and compassionate. I didn't have to wait long and they didn't hesitate to give me something for my pain right away. I will choose this hospital again hopefully I won't have to.

latifa mifdal

I had a miscarriage in this hospital, first time in my life in a hospital so I had anxiety attacks. The nurses, doctors, staff were beyond exceptional and supportive. I felt like my family was around me the whole time, they were in and out the room constantly checking on me and making sure I was calm and surrounded. OB department was also amazing, now I am pregnant again and will definitely deliver my baby here :)

Marissa Salinas Rodriguez

I was very unimpressed w/the attention I received here by a certain Dr. How does a person that goes in w/a reading of 769 sugar is practically pushed out the door the following day not even 10 hrs later. I was diagnosed w/type 2 diabetes & they didn't take out the time to even ask how I felt when they were ready to discharge me. One of the nurses didn't flush my I.V, cause of that my I.V blew out of my vein of which they had put in the vein on my neck. I was greatful for the other nurse whom made it clear to the Dr. that I had not been able to hold anything down that I ate. She felt I wasn't ready to go home. That's when they made the final decision to leave me there another day. They still sent me home w/my sugar readings quite high & being that I never had diabetes b'4 I felt very confused & overwhelmed. I didn't know how to deal w/the issue & not being told what to do made matters worst. I know that a I'm not the most important person in the world but if an individual is ill they should get the proper & necessary attention regardless. I will say that there was a few nurses there that showed concern & I compliment them. The food was good & the place was well kept but the Dr. that wanted to discharge me while I was still unstable really made me feel scared & angry. My husband had to speak to him w/attitude for he was concerned that if upon discharging me I could of b'come worse or die. This was a very scary situation for me I could of gone into a diabetic coma & hope I don't have to go thru this again. I'm not saying that the whole staff was unprofessional cause I do commend the nurses that did their best to make me feel at ease & showed concern. Just that it didn't feel right to even think about being discharged w/my #'s still reading so high. Thank you to those that made it a priority to trying to make me feel better.

Elizabeth Randle

the doctor didnt have time to go over my labs . So I ended up going home with a kidney infection, The put down an inaccurate diagnosis in regards to my mental status. The doctor didnt want to review my medical records on had and ct scans to get an accurate diagnosis to add with her evaluation. Not a good experience with this hospital. Although you had a very good nurse Lunda . Nurses care was a delight and made me feel comfortable .

Bonnie McConnell

Went to ER yesterday and was seen in 10 mins. The most polite staff I have ever met. Rn Tony in ER went above and beyond, and Dr. Beth Ellis was wonderful. Was back today to radiolody and everyone I encountered greeted me with a smile. Top notch facility with a fabulous kind caring staff.

Kris S.

Excellent caring, considerate, and helpful staff all around from ER to admissions.

dcarvoes dc

So I am sitting in the surgery waiting room as I am typing this review. My wife was told to show up at 11:00am for a 3:00 scheduled surgery. So we did. At 1:30, they moved her from the pre-op room into holding, and sent me to the surgery waiting room. It is now 4:15, and she called me using someone’s phone to tell me she has been sitting in an empty room for almost 3 hours. She’s scared and alone. She asked if I could wait with her, to which they told her no. Her doctor is still in surgery with the patient before her. I can see this on the status screen in the waiting room. So the hospital knew they would be putting the patient in a room alone for over 4 hours. I understand surgery is everyday business to the hospital and it’s employees, but it’s not to most of the general public. These actions are not companionate to the patient. I myself have been through surgeries in other hospitals, where the patients spouse stay with them until the time the patient actually goes into the OR. Obviously not at SPG. Perhaps that’s what you get when you go to an HCA hospital. The problem is this is where my wife’s surgeon practices, and the Dr. is a good one. On a brighter note, the staff and nurses are very friendly and accommodating. It’s the hospital policies and regard for their patients that sucks. Update, her surgery didn’t start until 7:30pm. She spent the afternoon in a small room on a stretcher, alone. According to her, there was absolutely nothing in the room. Is was completely empty. Great bedside manners SPG. Way to put your patients first. My wife insists she will never return to this hospital. If she ever needs another procedure from her doctor she is going to insist that it be performed elsewhere, or she will find another doctor that will. And she really likes her doctor.

Anne Rice

Our experience during our recent stay in St Petersburg General Hospital was A+ Excellent. The excellent care and professionalism started with the phone calls prior to our scheduled surgery date for my friend. Registration and preop was easy. Notes had been made during those prior calls concerning my friends disability and I was impressed that I would not have to keep explaining as paper work was processed. He was treated with special attention and respect and extra time where needed. In the waiting room my concerns were at ease as I followed the monitor. He woke up confused and panicked from his first surgery . Nurse Connie from Recovery invited me to come sit with him. She was awesome and understanding. I also want to say that this hospital is very clean and quiet. The nursing stations were not loud like I have seen at other hospitals. When we left yesterday , Michael was pain free and full of energy. And his story of his experience has been shared by him with everyone he speaks with. And yes while I have not written every staff name in this post he remembers every name and the care that you gave him.. A Big Thank You to each of you . This is a lengthy review but the Excellent Professional Care deserves it. Also a big Thank You to Dr Couch . Michael is doing great !

Krista Bill

Know he doesn't look happy however hubby was very well taken care of. Cat scan done for his fall & treated for dehydration. Knowledgeable staff and good service. Okay time length for a Friday night :)

Cat R

People are really nice

Adam J

Went to the ER with flu symptoms tonite. Got the diagnosis promptly and a script for Tamaflu. Thanks Dr. Ng and all the other excellent personnel working the evening shift this Saturday night- you all are the very best!!

Pam Barany

I always come to The Breast Center for my mammogram with Lois!! My check-in through the ER is always smooth and efficient! As far as I am concerned Lois is the best part of the Breast Center!!

Pamela Rickli

AVOID THIS ER AT ALL COSTS! My father spent 10 days in this hospital and the care he received on the floor, at the time, we thought it was excellent. After getting him moved to a rehabilitation center we discovered that the swollen arm we had been asking about for days at St Pete was actually caused by a blood clot, yet this was never mentioned as a possibility and we had actually been told it was nothing to worry about. But come to find out this was the least of our worries when it came to problems with St Pete General. My father was returned to the ER a few days later with a severe nosebleed. After being seen by a very overwhelmed ER physician (he mentioned more than once he was on hour 20 something with no sleep) my dad was basically kicked down the road. Even though he was losing an exorbitant amount of blood, and was already in fragile health, the ER physician (almost giddily) responded to our asking if he was going to be given a unit of blood - yes he will, but not here. At 2:30 am they put him in an ambulance and sent him an hour away to Blake Memorial (another horror story that will be a separate review) because St Pete didn’t have an ENT. Well, come to find out neither did Blake Memorial! The paperwork to transfer my dad was not explained to anyone, and while he was strapped to the gurney for transportation a nurse came rushing up saying he had to sign the transport/release paperwork. He did not have is glasses on, the nurse took his hand and said, “Here, feel where my finger is, just sign there” When he asked what the document said was told if you want to go you have to sign this. I tried to reach the head of ER a couple of days later to discuss this poor treatment and after several attempts gave up, as she never returned my calls. I had heard about hospitals in Florida doing this with elderly patients, and believe me they do it. I’m sure their thinking is, “Let’s get them out of here so they don’t die on our watch and effect our statistics”

Marissa R

A speedy visit for my 7 year olds ankle sprain. They didn't make me feel like I was an over reacting parent (even though I may have been). Everyone was very kind and comforting. We were in and out! Disaster averted!

Johan Barrios

We were pleasantly surprised with our stay during the birth of our son. The hospital is very clean and quiet. The staff was helpful and caring. I greatly appreciated how respectful and supportive they were of our birthing choices and requests. I would highly recommend SPG for any soon to be moms who want a birthing center type of experience in a hospital setting.


ABYSMAL! A family member went to St. pete General’s hospital a long months back for really really basic emergency care. She laid in bed for HOURS and the service was absolutely HORRIBLE. When you think of hospitals in this county, everyone obviously knows St. Anthony’s and all children’s. Beautiful service, skilled staff, actual humans with decent compassion, et cetera. With any mention of St. Pete General, overflow of complaints and clear disdain usually arises after speaking with any local in who lives in St. pete. Missing a whole day of work due to the long wait time, and ill skilled communication of basically every individual who works there. A couple weeks after, sent a bill for a couple grand. Absolutely crazy. In times like these, the Capital greed that hospitals in the U.S follow is just plain awful. We have good coverage but even then, we will MAKE SURE all our friends, family, and clients from our workplace will know our experience of this hospital in the terrible light it deserves. Save yourself the extra 10 minutes unless you’re in a dire situation, and go to Northside, a clinic, just ANYWHERE else.

s terry

Nurses were great! Food service/housekeeping great. I wasn’t pleased with the discharge process.. I was cleared by cardiology in the morning but not by the hospitalist until almost 3pm.. I was ready to walk out AMA.

Alice Davis

Very well cared for. Knew many faces from when I had same procedure done last year. Everyone polite and caring with my comfort. Seeing the familiar faces eased any nervousness I may have hadee. Thanks to all.

Aaron Garner

I was kept for 8 hrs, so they could milk my Insurance. They did not listen to me at all. I went threw radiation test which any Cancer survivor knows is dangerous. I was told I had a mass in my right lung. I went to ER due to my abdominal pain and left lung/ rib was hurting so bad. I thought I was having a heart attack. My vitals where very high compared to my normal vitals. They blew that off and told me it was normal. I am really concerned malpractice is occurring every day here. I was sent home after 8 hrs with two chemotherapy medications. I was sicker when I left from the radiation tests. I was dizzy my abdominal pain was worse and I was nauseous. I had to go to CVS after 3 days off being released, I had not had a bowel movement in over 3 days. When I told the pharmacist that she stop what she was doing took me to the laxatives and told me to drink a 10 oz bottle of a laxative she chose for me and depository’s. The pharmacist told me if I did not have one in an hour to go to a different ER because my life was in danger. The ER made me sick by prescribing medication, they never should of given me. I too had to pay for one because it was an expensive over the counter medication that caused me to build up bile. The other medication had the same side affect. I don’t believe I have a mass in my right lung, but I did ask for my records to be put on a disc so I can look at them. Left the ER sicker when arrived and scared to death my Caner had returned. I cannot believe the undo duress they put my self and minor son threw. Please do not go here. They only want money and are not properly trained or just lazy. A Doctor takes an oath so there is no excuse for this negligence. It was some what clean, but I couldn’t even get a pillow or blanket. The nurse told my son who had to walk to the ER station because no one would come, that they where out of those items. What a hospital should have proper equipment on hand at all times. Just appalled by there unethical practices. Thank God they didn’t kill me.


Very kind and caring people.

Jason R

I have to say Donna an ER nurse is fantastic. She was very friendly and explained everything that was to happen. Kinda surprised there's no cardiologist on call in the er.

Robert Bradley

I went to SPGH because of their caring and helpful reputation..I was treated like gold..I had a thorough examination, labs etc..While not having the specialty to directly address my condition I was given reassurance my condition was not worsening, medication and some guidance toward further treatment options..Being seen with dignity and respect is very rare these days..Thank You..Robert


I am so disappointed of hiw my friend was treated in the ER. My experience at the ER was superb, but on the late shift the nurses were rude and not considerate or really helpful. They gave her bad news but and told her to follow up with her obgyn. She expwriencing a misscarriage and no one was sympathetic and instead of giving her a ultrasound they rather her wait til tues for her appointment then have to wait longer to get a ultrasound. It took her and me to call the doctor back in to see if they can just do a ultrasound now instead having to wait. The doctor said that the ultrasound techs leave and dont be at the hospital after a certain time on the weekends but after pushing the issue he finally said he will check and see; and what do you know the lady was still here. They were about to send her home with just medication and more stress. Im disappointed that a woman thats in pain and scared and havent had goid news after bleeding so much didnt get any resoect. The only one that was nice enough to me was the ultrasound tech.

Tonyia Bennett

Had surgery here. Everything was great with the staff from check in to operating room until I was admitted my 1st Day nurse was horrible. I only saw her twice before the night nurse came. No compassion no commitment to her patient. Then my discharge nurse didn’t seem concerned that I wasn’t doing well after my surgery. She said i” I have 4 hysterectomy patients and 2 of them have already gone home. You need to walk this hallway before I discharge you I was crying from the pain the whole way all she did was wipe my tears and say you can do it.

Yanara Cervantes

I got surgery last week at this hospital. What can I say about this hospital is nothing compared with all the attention from the nurses and the personnel in general. I'm so thankful for all the care and amazing work of all nurses. Thanks

Gary Johnson

Was a great trip. Great Nurses. Very Friendly.

Lana Randolph

As soon as I walked in the volunteer could tell I had trouble breathing he immediately took me to the triage nurse and he got me in the back as fast as possible and the doctor came in right behind me everyone was great the service was great I felt a hundred times better when I left I would recommend St Pete General anytime

Alexis Rieger

Had a great experience with the medical staff at st. Pete general I fell and fractured my ankle and they took care of me. There was a wait but that is because they were swarmed with patients. The hospital was clean and the worked fast to get me in and out of there without any issues. Thank you St. Pete General hospital and thank you for my get well soon card.

Vicki Ruston

We were on vacation & I was stung by a stingray. The nurses & doctor of the emergency room were friendly, calm & caring. Dr. Byron Markel put me at ease, answered my questions, and has a great bedside manner that many doctors seem to lack. They had me in & out very quickly. I appreciate how well they took care of me.

Jovan Teona

December 29th my husband and I were blessed with beautiful baby boy. I absolutely loved my experience from the moment we walked in to the hospital till the time we were escorted out upon discharge. I have heard a lot of positive comments about st Pete general and the Family Beginnings but when I tell you my delivery and postpartum stay was just simply amazing. My husband couldn’t believe the One on one nursing care. We were treated like a VIP patients. As a first time mom my memory of been in labor and giving birth is nothing but positive. Everyone was very professional, kind and knowledgeable. They made us feel like part of their family. I can’t be more grateful for making my first baby’s delivery so memorable and happy. FYI my husband tells every pregnant women he meets since then to have the baby at st Pete general. Even my entire family felt the love and care form the nurses. I can sit here and write all night about my experience. Good job Family Beginnings stuff, keep doing what you do the best. From the bottom of my heat I would like to thank everyone who were involved into our baby boys delivery and care.

Theresa Radcliff

It was clean, quick & done well!

Jami Heinrich

In and out quickly. Would have given 5 stars if hospital had sent results of my test to my doctors office.

M Lena

Only rated one star because no stars is not an option. Worst hospital I have been to in my life. The Doc was nice, I just don’t think he had a clue. Some intern came in also, and I’m not sure he had a clue of what life was if it slapped him in the face. The lady that checked me in, accused me of drug seeking because I was slumped over in my chair then she slammed her hand on the desk and told me to wake up... I was awake, just in a lot of pain. By the end of the night, I was diagnosed with abdominal pain. The next hospital I went to diagnosed me with an ulcer. Also, my friend was there a week prior due to his appendix bursting and it took a surgeon 12 hours to show up. Thanks St. Pete General!!! You SUCK!!!!

John Utley

We have used the emergency room on two occasions. In both instances the staff and treatment we received were couterious, professional and appropriate.

Michael Harding

Found ER to be adequate, however the resident attending Dr. my wife had was very rude, asked her to stand and jump up and down on one foot fully aware my wife had multiple previous back surgeries. After being removed from the case by hospital administrator, the resident, knowing she was BANNED FROM. DEALING WITH THIS CASE, made a purposeful, personal effort to respond to my wife's call button need once my wife had been admitted and in her room on the second floor. Upon this resident appearing in my wifes room, my wife responded with a angry attitude by requesting someone else and asking the resident to leave the room. When I returned to her room with some of my wife's Meds that the hospital was unable to supply, I was told the resdent called a "Code Grey" and had my wife escorted out of the hospital by security guard. The attending nurse said the resident made a conscious, deliberate effort to respond and made improper comments to my wife to incite her anger and have her removed. My investigation found this was not an isolated occurrence by this resident. With the support of the ER and floor staff, I was able to have the resident removed from her association with the hospital. We will avoid that hospital unless our life is in imminent danger, then only stay until we would be able to transfer out. This is an Isolated event but the slow response we encountered dealing with administration during the event and the follow through, we don't feel confident in the hospital to provide the proper care for our future. We have also learned many doctors with privileges at St. Petersburg General, are leaving or obtaining a second hospital to continue helping their patients. NOTE: Not all staff there is like this, but to us, we have lost trust in this hospital.

Amanda Cressotti

Checked my fiance in for medical monitoring. The nurses are caring, responsive, knowledgeable, and very tolerant of my [slightly excessive] questions. Everyone I've interacted with has been very pleasant and willing to go out of their way to help however they could.

ashlee ortega

I'm giving one star only because I can't give zero and still leave a review. THE EFFING WORST. Despite giving all my info and ID upon registration, my insurance wasn't billed and they used an address I haven't lived in since I was maybe 12? And the phone number was one I've NEVER used. They bill twice and you end up overpaying like crazy for 5min of dr time and hours of terrible care. I was having a reaction to medication they gave me, making me shake uncontrollably (oh, I was pregnant at the time, too) but no one came in for me. I was freezing from the IV but no one gave me any blankets or came back for what felt like forever. I ended up getting billed twice because the dr & hosp bill separately, but since they effed up my info so horridly, it took 5mon to get to me. And then they conveniently lost phone records from when I called on the first bill (getting confirmation it was the only bill I was due) and patronized me throughout the whole call. I'm still not totally convinced I haven't been scammed or overcharged for services... the ABSOLUTE WORST.

Deborah Haesche

I recently had back surgery and, even though I live in Sarasota, I was fortunate and ultimately very happy to have chosen St. Petersburg hospital. From the beginning, registration at 5:00 AM Monday morning to the end, discharge three days later I felt totally cared for! From the gal in registration, to my day nurse, to the nurse who gave me a special cocktail to relax


I have no clue what people are supposed to do when they are down here visiting and have MS, CKD III stage, Lupus and needs to have lab work done but they refuse to take out of state orders, even if from a hospital that is located around the US. I called before coming and was told they would do it I sat here for 1:47 minutes repeatedly calling and asking where the person was that was coming to register me. When Dee arrived she said Candice never told her even though I saw her walk in and out of that room at least there times .Candace had said she told her. Then Dee said there had been three people in that office being registered ahead of me. I called her out on it as I sat there and no one entered that room but her and a man. Total lies. Anyway she then took my card and ID and then came back and said her system was down and she'd be back; as she was going to a different terminal. Then returned and said this man was going to do it. Then he came out and said he couldn't do the order as he had no way of entering anyone that is not listed with this hospital... Meaning a local Drs order. I said she is the top neurologist and this hospital is located around the US. He said he couldn't enter it, there was no way to do so I asked what people do from out of state and he said go to a local Dr. and get an order. So guess they are set up with Drs in another way to make money gig We are not talking about getting drugs; we are talking about having labs ran. I've traveled across the mainland and I've never had trouble getting orders sent from my Dr anywhere to be done but here. I was on the phone yesterday for over nine hours finding someone to do it and they said they would. Talked to the lablguy threet times this eve as once even called me back as he thought he found the order. But was the wrong name. After 2 hours and one minute they say they can't do it Utter nonsense to me. No registration in ER and they don't care; they just leave you sitting while they lie and say someone is coming . They refuse to give you their names to report them to their superior. Smiling the whole time. (Must watch for them to uncover their name tags ughh what a joke. Guess they've been wrote up before so don't want to give you their names This is the most absurd thing I've ever dealt with in my life. So is it because this was their way to get back at me for chewing them out. Or because I told them I would be reporting them to their superior tomorrow. Is it because I'm First Nations and they are all white? Is it because I'm from out of state and who helps to finance their lives from my monies in their state being spent??? Not a Floridian even though I've lived here for nineteen years and would love to find Drs down here, just their aren't any; so I wouldn't have to make the trip anymore back and forth. Total BS they can waste my time and make copies of my info to which they still have. Would suggest not coming here as I've never seen such a worthless bunch of lazy people sitting around and doing nothing but wasting my time while they all bs around. Would love to charge them for my time!!!

Erica Allen

I checked into the ER yesterday, I've been dealing with cluster migraines for almost 2 months. I waited in the ER for about 20 minutes. They brought me straight to a room after and was in for a catscan almost immediately. Dr. Gray was very knowledgeable and courteous. The nurses were great. I was skeptical to go to the ER because usually you wait for hours and don't get the answers or relief you need. I'm glad I went here. I was discharged about 4 hours later with proper medication and diagnosis. The staff was very quick and efficient when it comes to patient needs. I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 because they lost my name to be brought into the nurses station, and also the doctor couldn't find me because they had put I was in a different room on my chart. Which are only minor administrative errors. Overall my experience here was great.

Trina Reittinger

Very lucky to have you and staffing was just great and fast

Deb Protomaster

Very pleasant experience. No waiting and tests were done right away. Highly recommend your staff of professionals.

Bill Perrotti

the staff was great,even with my being a pain.

Stacie Sheely

Super efficient, very friendly!

Christian Kaina

I signed in on 05/18/2018 at 12:24 am . The security on duty was not at the desk when I signed in. The nurse on duty looked like she could beat me and my buddy up at the same time. Anyway as all this is going through my head a half hour had passed and still nobody spoke to neither one of us. Now mind you there was only one person ahead of me at the time and I got tired of waiting and left. I wish I could give them a zero because that's what I got from them. Anyway decided to go to Northside hospital and was seen immediately as I walked through the door. Thank you Northside you saved my life!!!

Ky Tha don

Amazing place, with skilled, motivated, courteous staff members, doctors, nurses, practitioners. I have been treated above and beyond here to make sure my well being was adressed to the fullest. Being 2 months away from recieving my benefits at a new position, I didn't have access to my regular doctor. I was sadly profiled and rushed at another hospital. It feels wonderful to be treated with the same care and concern as everyone else. #HERE AT ST.PETE GENERAL

Mirela Armata

The room was very nice, some of the Doctors were not very friendly, but some of them were very good. From our experience, the best of the best was a nurse, her name is Ellie. She is amazing.

C Clawser

Staff was very good, courteous and professional. Facilities were very clean and comfortable.

Heather Covington

I loved Barb, Cindy and Hope on the maternity ward they gave me a great experience as my daughter didnt want her baby. Barb and Cindy and Hope were there for me helping Jaxon bond with me as his mother and we did it in 3 days . If i could have more kids i definitely would go to this hospital they were and had the best maternity ward hospital and staff anyone can ask for i cannot wait to send and he was so tiny 5 weeks ago at 5.1 oz. When he left and now is 10 lbs in 5 weeks. Thank you very much. You all were the best and i am very happy and pleased to meet all.of you at this really hard time in our families life!!!

Angela Boswell

Everyone was so kind, my pre-op nurses as soon as I got there were sweet, gentle and personal. Loved my experience ♥️

Keosha Morris

The staff in OB are amazing. They were very patient with me and my son who is three years old. If I have anymore children I would definitely have them here.

Mindy Shewmake

My husband started out in the ICU and his nurse was Tracy. She took such good care of him that I was comfortable leaving him at night to go home and rest. She has a wealth of knowledge in her head and she is an asset to the hospitals ICU unit! Please thank her for me and my entire family. He was moved 2 more times and ended up in 618 I think. The nurses also made sure that we were comfortable and had everything we needed because we stayed at the hospital a lot! Before my husband got transferred to hospice there was this little angel of a nurse named Mary. She has such a kind heart and a loving and gentle spirit! She is amazing and she deserves recognition! I will always remember her. These girls are the kind of nurses that people want to take care of their loved ones! All in all my husband received incredible care at St Pete General! Thank you so so much. My husband did pass away just a few hours after he arrived at hospice

Shonda Massmann

St Pete General Hospital is a hidden jewel. I love this Hospital the staff is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and very concerned. The Drs. Are great they figure it out like a puzzle different depts all work well together. It's clean and helps you feel at home!!! Love you all!!!!

Akaelia Curtis

My experience was awesome. All of my nurses were very caring and helpful. It was very stressful for me having to get an unexpected c section etc and they just made my experience great! They never made me feel like a nuisance or like I was asking dumb questions or anything. The only complaint I had was the people who were with 3rd parties who kept coming in the room bombarding me with information n offering me whatever organization they were with, I’m sure that’s helpful to other people in the hospital but to mothers like me who have just given birth n not an easy one at that who are doped up and haven’t had any sleep it’s not the best idea to keep coming in one after another especially when u see them sleeping and u wake them up. But other than that it was great I would recommend them to anyone I live in new port Richey n it was well worth the drive to me!

Danielle Strebler

Wouldn’t recommend this hospital to someone even in dying need. Bill pay service was terrible, and very rude they should hire new people to assist. Only after your money.

Crystal Jones

I have to agree with the previous reviewer. I could not ask for a better hospital stay and care. I arrived at the ER around 11pm and expected to be waiting. Fortunately, I was given a room and immediate care by the best nurses and doctor I could ever ask for. They were super attentive and kept me informed of what was going on each step of the way. Unfortunately, I had to be admitted overnight to Women's Services and have an emergency procedure the next morning. The entire ordeal was handled exceptionally well by each and every person on the staff. My husband and I were amazed at how well this hospital worked, how personable, patient and caring each staff member was and how the staff worked so well together to make this such a great place. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you again for providing such great care to me during such a scary time. Casey in ER and Kathy in Women's Services you were amazing. Thank you!!

Annmarie Sands

Wonderful caring staff. The room in surgery unit is clean. I recommend this hospital.

Lita Collazzo

Excellent professional and truly caring people. I highly recommend the breast center to all woman. Louise is totally awesome.

Allison Hall

8 months ago I had my daughter at SPG. I have been meaning to write this review for awhile. The nurses in L&D were absolutely wonderful. During delivery, I was nervous to lose my wonderful nurse when her shift ended but the nurse who came in to replace her was fantastic as well. Then the next day my first nurse came in just to check on me, even though I wasnt her patient. The lactation consultants were so helpful. I felt well cared for, safe and respected. Would highly recommend to other moms. I felt like I was the priority and the only momma in the place.

DiAnn De Wijk

I have been to their er twice now... once for my husband and once for me. They were wonderful and caring people every time and would look to them for our needs always.

Teresa Hines

I am thoroughly disgusted with St Pete General! My mother was not well and was taken there, they sent her home a few hours later. Less than 48 hours later she was back and could barely speak, was in terrible pain and they discovered she had pneumonia and a UTI. She has a few other issues as she is 80 but she is coherent and we had every expectation that she would be around for many years yet. She spent a couple of days there in terrible pain, barely able to speak and completely miserable.Then instead of the tests they were planning to run an idiot doctor named Fana decided to release her to a rehab facility claiming she was better! She was not better by an definition I know. I don't think he even checked her becaused when my brother spoke to them they gave him info that was wrong and probably for another patient. :( I spoke to her shortly before they moved her and she was in terrible shape. Well they moved her without telling us and we had to track her down. She was still totally miserable and had both infections and they sent her there without even an antibiotic! She was in the rehab for less than two days before being rushed to Northside Hospital. They admitted her and have been fighting to save her life for over a week now! It has been a long, frightening road for her and all of us. She will probably be there another day or two fighting the infections and regaining some strength. She is finally showing signs of improvement but we don't know if she will ever be the same again. :( Needless to say St Pete General nearly killed her and I will never set foot in that place again nor will I allow anyone I care about to go there! Lexington Rehab did a great job of getting her the help she needed and Northside Hospital has been wonderful, but Dr Fana and St Pete General did nothing to help her and from what I can see they just sent her off to rehab to die when all she really needed was fluids, blood pressure meds and antibiotics! Save yourselves and your loved ones and keep them far away from that hospital and that doctor!

Marlen Escobar

My experience here was nice, I bring my son for a ear pain in the night, and was fast and the Physicians were super nice also. No lines, no wait. I will comeback to this one if I have to do it.

Amber Robertson

Staff was super nice and supportive!

Lola Saxby

Outpatient radiology appointment- great service!


I will be getting a lawyer..Gave me wrong medication but will not admit it...I know my body well and i told the doctors it was the medicine...The doctors didnt even do a check up no xray no nothing to see what is this stomach pain..I spend money on pepcid for abdominal stomach pain..And its not working..ive been up for 4hours cant sleep in bad pain...I can barely move... I went there for a abscess the first time so the drained it and clean it up..But the antibiotics they gave me is causeing stomach pain...And on my discharge papers.Stomach pain or cramps is a side-affect...2days this pain has been bothering me..I dont have no dam acid reflex..These IGNORANT people gave me wrong medication and wont admit it..How can they tell whats wrong when they didnt even attempt to get blood work or nothing...They just went by PREDICTION.....HATE THIS PLACE....SO MANY STORIES ABOUTH SPG...THATS WHY ITS ALWAYS EMPTY AT NIGHT...

Jessica Cavallaro

I myself have never been a patient at this hospital; but my younger sister was admitted Tuesday and had not one not two; but four different doctors come in to examine her with different diagnosis. The staff is wonderful. The nurses are friendly and you can tell they are all passionate about their work; but the doctors kept giving my sister the run around on her diagnosis and kept on insisting she had a certain kind of disease which she clearly does not. I understand how most hospitals are understaffed and crowded but I've seen better organized hospitals than this particular one. My suggestion is go somewhere else. You'll get the correct diagnosis the first time and it won't take 4-5 different physicians to tell you or give you different diagnoses each time they come to check up on you.

M Lastname

I had fallen off a stepstool and had back pain. I was very impressed with all the staff during my visit to the ER. From the time my wife and I arrived to the time we left we knew we were in capable hands.

Jerry Thomas

The staff was among the best that I have ever encountered.

Rell Richardson

Just got into a car accident been here for 2 hours still havnt received anything for pain asked and called nurse station 5 times they say the same thing. They really don’t care about people pointless trip

Sister Grimm

I came in when I was hit by a car. I didn't take the ambulance because I wasn't in pain at the time and I didn't have insurance. Shortly after I returned home I couldn't move properly. I was in severe pain in my arms, chest and neck and I couldn't walk without crying. My roommate drove me to St. Pete general emergency. I waited for over 40 minutes in the lobby. When the doctor finally saw me she was rude and treated me like an idiot for not taking the ambulance. She was heavy and had curly short hair. Her assistant was very caring and he treated me like a nurse should have. But the doctor acted as if I was there to get attention or strong drugs. Like she had better things to do than help a girl that was hit by a car on a bike and flew into the street. I had bruises everywhere. I had knots on my knees, head and arms. I was scared and my family doesn't even live in Florida so I was on my own. She gave me a damn ice pack and some medication that was expensive ibuprofen. The nurse looked at the doctor like she was crazy. He looked very annoyed by her domineering authority and 'oh well that sucks" attitude. She didn't even look at me more than 10 minutes before she told me to go home. She acted like she was an annoyed school nurse. I got an outstanding bill without even getting treated or given any decent medication. I could have bought that at the store. A few months later I found out I had a permanent neck injury. You people are so lucky I didn't sue because I had to deal with the lawsuit with the car accident. I talked to other people about it and they all said that St. Pete General was the worst hospital they ever experienced. Even other hospitals give a disgusted look when talking about St. Pete General and I understand why. My chiropractor told me they treated her back injury the same way years ago. Don't go to this ER if you have a serious injury.

Harold Bates

The doctors and the nurses were really friendly and the room was comfortable. I enjoyed my nurse Jennifer checking up on me every hour or so to make sure I was comfortable. I want to make this my hospital so I am looking for a family care doctor to go to within the network. If anyone can recommend a doctor that takes a Cigna PPO please let me know.

Cheryl Mazza

Other than only having one person and registration making us 45 minutes late, the people in that department are awesome friendly accommodating and just plain wonderful. I recommend getting your mammograms and such done with them they are wonderful!

Robert Collins

My wife and I were simply amazed at the level of professionalism from the nurses in labor, delivery and recovery. We even got a handwritten congratulations card today in the mail. They completely respected our wishes and showed the utmost concern for us and our new baby during the stay. I wouldn't recommend having a baby anywhere else!

Yen Ly Truong

My OBGYN at Gulf Coast had recommended St.Pete General. We were leaning more towards The Baby Center in St.peterburg. We are BEYOND happy that we took the advice of our OBGYN. The staff at St.pete General were amazing. They went above and beyond. From the minute I was admitted to the time that my daughter and I were discharged. The nursing staff, neonatologist, lactation nurses and other staff took care of us like we were family. I want to thank Roselie, Dana, Meagan, Sonja, Kristine, Sara, Mi Mi, Crystal, Megan. And I know I'm forgetting other nurses names. (I apologize) But everyone was amazing and I highly recommend having your baby at St.pete General.



Rebecca Hamilton

I would like to personally thank St. Petersburg General for making my delivery and recovery comfortable. All of the nurses in labor and delivery as well as recovery are very sweet and caring. The nurses take the time to make sure your happy and comfortable. My nurse in labor and delivery (Rosalie) was amazing, you can tell she takes her job seriously and truly cares. My nurse in recovery (Jackie) was also amazing she took the time to check on me and make sure I was okay and had everything I needed, she was amazing! Thank you St. Petersburg General Hospital for caring!

Linda Stenman

Every staff member from beginning to end was friendly, informative and caring! Thank you.

Jennifer Bennett

This hospital is wonderful. It's clean and the nurses in labor/delivery are very, very nice. The care I received was outstanding!!!


I came to St Pete General for a mammogram. From the time I hit admitting to the end of my procedure I was treated warmly and respectfully by the staff. It’s never fun getting a screening for breast cancer but the staff was very kind and explained everything. Thank you for a nice visit.

April Gwyn

I have never been treated with so much respect and love. I love the doctor and nurses that cared for me. Thank you so much for your help.

Pam Gillett

I was visiting from GA and had to be admitted to St Petersburg Gen. From the ER staff to discharge the staff was wonderful. The nurses, techs, dietary staff, and everyone were attentive to my needs. I would recommend this hospital to anyone!

Kelly Whalen

I have spent weeks at a time, in addition to in & out testing. The staff is very attentive & pleasant. I found my rooms to be updated and very clean.

michelle demontmorency

I am pregnant with extreme vomiting and nausea and debilitating hesdaches and lightheadedness and they have had me waiting in the er for 3 hours. Does my baby not matter? This is rediculous it seems like they do not care at all and this place is far from busy at the moment. I am very upset and feel like they do not care about my situation or my baby. I will not be back anf will definitely not be having my baby here.

Einas Balo

The best place, that you feel like home!

Cindi Faulkner

I was a work in for an ultrasound on my knee. Everyone from admitting to Chris who did the ultrasound were so kind and helpful! I was in and out under an hour. Your staff is amazing! I hope you show them some appreciation!!

Pam Lesh

The people in ICU who took care of Jim Lesh were execelent! Very nice and caring. The e r people also

Kesha Bell

I definitely like this hospital. The only one I go to for care. But my last visit seemed rushed and in concerned. Usually the doctors seems concerned but this visit was different. I have SLE lupus and RA. I hope I don’t feel that way if I ever return. But usually this is a great hospital with great care.

Karen Thompson

I was instructed to go to St Petersburg General for a Bronchoscopy. I had never been to this hospital and was concerned. My concern was short lived. I found the area I visited very clean. The nurses and attendants very polite and efficient with nice smiles on their faces. The procedure room was perfect and well taken care of. The staff knew their jobs and were very proficient. I could not be more pleased and thank the staff for their professionalism.

Cindy Rene'

The nurses were all very friendly but no one seemed to know fathers medical history and every single day I asked the same questions with very vague answers. IN FACT the ICU doctor was very optimistic on dads recovery after just a few days but couldn't guarantee brain function due to lack of oxygen. Since they could not seem to keep it above 90% I'm now convinced that dad lost SO much oxygen during times of his stay that he eventually ended up Comatose. Only one nurse "Nicholle" stayed bedside getting dad through the toughest times, keeping his blood pressure and oxygen levels on check and kept father alive until her shift was over, that's when the next shift failed him. Dad died 1 day before his 79th Birthday! He had Pneumonia and they never actually got back to me on the sepsis results, which they say didn't seem to be responding to the antibiotics. Basically this hospital is SO under staffed in ICU that when the nurse went to take a break he had already coded by the time she came back. So who the hell was watching my very Ill elderly father!? I'm so pissed that his nursing home brought him here to die. I should have read the reviews and demanded to have him transferred to a better hospital with more experienced doctors. My father was treated like a Guinea pig with all the tests and unnecessary surgeries, which btw his primary agreed with me on this and didn't even know he had passed away! The hospital staff never informed the doctor... I had to tell him hours later when he called me with an update and he himself was very dissatisfied with the way the hospital treated dad during his stay. He didn't come in with a fever, he was still talking and responsive just days before so what happened to cause the sudden decline after he was showing all signs of getting better. And after seeing him completely lifeless only one followed me back to the waiting room to explain how this all happened. I could tell she felt guilty and it's not her fault that they didn't have enough staff to assist or that the "other" nurse failed their job. No one else asked me how I was doing or if i needed any guidance on the next steps, nothing. I sat there sobbing while waiting for my mom and brother to show. In fact my brother had me call the funeral director whom the hospital was supposed to call to pick up dad after preparing the body. They didn't ask me if he was an organ donor or if I needed someone to talk to for guidance, nothing. Hopefully the billing department got his insurance information because after he passed we had no clue what to do next... no guidance as to what direction or steps to take after his passing. WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!!

Chelsea Koch

All I can speak for is the labor and delivery floor. I just had my second daughter here and was once again beyond happy with my experience. The labor and delivery floor at St. Pete general is smaller and you get so much more attention. The nurses on this floor are phenomenal! They all made me feel so comfortable and important. My newborn daughter was also cared for to my highest expectations! They even treat hubby very well! Abbe was my admitting nurse and she was awesome beyond words! Colleen was my nurse when I delivered and she actually along with the two other nurses (unfortunately I forgot there names) delivered my daughter because my doctor didn't make it in time! And they made me feel completely reassured during and after my delivery. My recovery nurses were also incredible! Again, I would deliver at St. Pete general ten times over for the fact of the smaller size and care! Not sure why anyone would want to go to a huge hospital that delivers so many babies a day it's almost factory like. I just love having my babies at St. Petersburg General!

John Devlin

My nurse Brandy went above and beyond to make sure everything was explained to me and even contacted the doctor when one of my prescriptions was missing as I was being discharged. I received excellent care in the ER also. Thank you.

Cara Gittinger

We are new to town and had to bring my 9 year old in last night for passing out. Place was pretty packed w sick people. The staff was very courteous of my baby and got him back within 20 min. They took great care of him and the nurses and other staff members were super nice and caring. We loved the DR. He was very patient and thorough and we left w my son feeling like his normal self. Def recommend this ER.

Norma Rivera

Awesome experience, very professional and caring staff.

Barbara Lewers

Excellent medical care.

Bennie Wilson Jr.

The staff was very friendly and attentive. However had longer wait time and some mix up with scheduling room assignment and waiting area before surgery was under staffed

Alberto Escobar

Great experience and incredible work staff. Really professionals and excellent patients care. If they have place for more star I'll give 10 more. Thanks for the excellent job.


I had to get a hysterectomy and i have pharamutical issues. I was very nervous and anxious. Every person i encountered and or was working with me was very kind annd attentive. They made the entire experience much more relaxed and my stress levels were brought down considerably. Im very thankful for everyone that worked for me.

Buffy Transue

I have only been here a few times. I have a long history of Kidney stones! For the most part I’ve never had any major issues with anyone there! I have had some looks from the Drs like yeah right you don’t have a kidney stone, then to turn around & I do their attitudes change, but they weren’t mean or disrespectful just wondering if I really do or if this is someone searching drugs! Every time I go I got a stone. I’ve never ever have had any issues with the nurses always gentle & kind! Like I said some Drs, most there I’ve really not had no problems, only 1 who has second guessed me, but again I proved him wrong! I would have no problem recommending this ER. Just be honest don’t lie! Then they treat you respectfully.

Salvatore Pezzella

Awesome staff. Had to go the day before the hurricane and was seen promptly and they saved my life from my anaphylactic reaction. I called every 30 days to find out if I had a balance, they never sent a statement though insurance had paid them. I call today and I had been transferred to a billing agency (whom also had never sent a bill). I paid the bill immediately. Haven't received a statement yet, though they've had my correct address and phone.

Pete Williams

Everyone involved was amazing. Thank you!

Edward Karolak

From the moment I entered the hospital until the time l left the staff was very knowledgable, attentive, and organized. I would like to recognize Maria, Danny, and Lennis they made this visit perfect. Dr. Modh who performed my biopsie knows his stuff and I'm very happy he is my Urologist, knows past and latest Urology techniques... Ed K.

Irvin Hitt

Treated with respect. Knowledgeable staff. I have never been to a hospital and the staff helped me feel comfortable with the visit. But my second visit was complete opposite sad that this place is in charge of saving your life.

Robert Dietz

Dont bother calling this firm is incompetent. My wife who is in acute pain and desperately needs to see a doctor missed her appointment due to hurricane Irma. Evidently since there staff came in, we should've made it in. Now they want us to wait two more months to be seen. We will be going somewhere else. And that goes for saint Petersburg general hospital as well.

Terri Mills

Only thing I have used this hospital for is mammograms. They do a great job and it's easy check-in service.

Cristina Franciosa

Great hospital there wasn’t a wait they took me right away everyone was very friendly. And my labs didn’t take too long I don’t have any complaints at all

Chris Wells

Excellent hospital and caring and compassionate staff!

Royal Skyy

This hospital and staff will put Bayfront Baby Place to shame!!It was the BEST birthing experience a mom can ask for. The staff was attentive, caring, compassionate, and willing to help with any concerns for myself and the baby. I appreciated the one on one time that was given that made my stay worth while. I was nervous going in but from the time of admit to discharge I was treated with love and round the clock care. I can not thank this hospital enough. Thank you to both Megans and Michelles, Laura, Jackie, and Lori your whole team was awesome and we need more nurses like you guys. If you would like a great experience for yourself and newborn St. Petersburg General Hospital is the place you want to deliver.

Emerald Tomero

Went to the ER and had a generally nice time. Good atmosphere, the bed was comfortable and clean, caring nurses and doctors. The better side was the terrible dad jokes. Shout out to two nurses who had tried out dad the other. 10/10 would recommend. If you ever want to spend a nap here, they do have warm blankets. Just piled right on top of you.

Molly Wright

I have never been in that hospital till 2 weeks ago . I had injured my shoulder while on my vacation lifting up a suit case. it wasn't until I returned from my trip that i knew i better go and get an x-ray. I couldn't get in an appointment with my regular doctor until January. I wanted to know as soon as possible what was aching and very painful shoulder. This hospital is right up the street from where I lived When I came in I was taken right away into a room. It wasn't long before i was being taken care of. I think I was in and out in about an hour. Feeling relieved about what the x-ray showed just a sprang and received a shoulder sling, a pain pill and follow up instructions. I had a big smile on my face because i wasn't in pain anymore, and what a relief I didn't have a broken shoulder. I would go back to this hospital if in an emergency arose and know i would be taken GOOD care of. ALL the staff was on the same page and never left me hanging on on what to expect. Instructions were given to me face to face and on paper. What a wonderful crew! Thank You, Molly Wright

Sarge Porter

Overall, the people there are great. One nurse in ICU stood out to me, a young lady named Molly. She was just what one would expect in the (perfect) nurse. Some things that concerned me. The number of contract people is extremely high. Procedures for the same processes vary from department to department. Some services are slow (hours) - one example was a nurse called for paper towels since we were out..... 2.5 hours later they showed up with refill towels! Rest, comfort, pain control! Was written in my board. Rest in a hospital! You are kidding, right? Comfort in Rocky, wavy, lumpy, cratered beds???No way. ......also, every single employee I spoke to about these inferior mattress type bed, stated they are extremely poor for proper sleep, posture, etc... Pain control,.....well, quite frankly there was no attempt at truly attempting to control my pain at all .I have had chronic pain for years and have a regimine of meds to take on a strict schedule so the pain does not take over and you have to play catch up with pain, which is not easy and it causes people unnecessary pain. !!! Heck, I was receiving less pain meds in the hospital after surgery than I was taking at home prior to the surgery! Why are you people so afraid, paranoid, And against giving patients proper doses of appropriate med, on a regular , timed not wait for excruciating pain to take over your patients and then giving them their medsmis way to late!! That is it for now.

Jovana Boksen

I had a procedure done at St. Pete General yesterday after finding out that I had lost our baby at 13 weeks. Every single person at the hospital was above and beyond courteous, respectful, helpful, professional, and supportive. From Angie who checked us in, to the nurses Miriam and Joyce who cared for me, to Lennis who transported me to the surgical area, and of course Dr Jimenez and her staff who helped with the actual procedure. I can’t thank you all enough for making this difficult situation so much more comforting to me and my husband. Thank you

mark stevens

Professional and fast ER visit.

Alivia M

The RN Tony saved you from a horrible review Thanks for the strep throat and flu tips

Audra Ferlan

My surgery today went exceptionally well. All the nurses and staff seemed genuinely concerned with my comfort and attended to my every need. They were extremely professional and kind from the moment I walked in the door. I want to give a very heartfelt "Thank You!!!" to my nurses Karen and Bridgitte for making me feel completely at ease during such a stressful time.

Mark Gierth

Being in the hospital is never a good thing The staff in my 3 Day stay made it all as comfortable as possible. They answered every question, responded every time they were called, seem to care and we're quite courteous.

Debbie Brenner

We were on vacation and my husband started feeling funny and his heart was racing. We went to emergency where they took us right in. We were there around 9:00 AM and by 1:00 he was diagnosed & admitted. There was not one thing I can say bad about the hospital. They were caring, friendly & prompt. They were very attentive & aware that we were on vacation. They did their best to correct his problem and get us out. He said even the food was pretty good. It is definitely the cleanest hospital I have ever seen. I would definitely use this hospital again if the need ever arose. Let’s hope not though.

sabrina hammond

I generally like this hospital I have never had an issue with the hospitals emergency room but my most recent experience has made me question going back here. Dr. Imtiaz Memon PA was very rude and unconcerned with my needs. He focuses on one thing and that was it and he didn't listen to what I was actually saying. when I was in the ER he asked what I did for a living and I told his I work as a nurse in the health care when I told him this he started acting differently and talking down to me like I should know better. I am writing this now because if he had listened to what I was saying in the first place I could be potential done with my problem, but now I have 3 more weeks of pain and no work. so in total it will be 2 months of dealing with this issue rather than just the 3 it would have been if he had listened and not been so concerned about his vacation starting the next day. I work in the health care field myself so I have seen my fair share of things and this guy needs to go back to the basics and learn bedside manor. Next time if I was you I would go to your primary care physician, or if you really need help go to a walk in clinic.

Kenneth Dick

Great surgery result, impossibly small line. Smart and careful doctors here that have fewer cases at a time than the huge hospitals, we got excellent and thorough service! They did everything to make us comfortable during our week stay.

Sam B

I really do not have any personal experience but got really concerned after reading some of the incidents reported by patients at the Emergency department. The management should do something about that ASAP as quite often people need to go to the Emergency in a life and death situation. I have been to Emergency department in another hospital in St. Petersburg and had very pleasant and satisfactory experience.

Vickie Stevens

Extremely quick and caring treatment.


Very nice doctors and staff will seem very quickly

Francisco Boneu

I want let know about this hospital, all my family ,my wife, sons and the brothers for de church ,we appreciate ,The personal the nurses is so special, i be there's for 5 day's . I want let know about Dr. Loudes Santiago. The nursing is very professional, very attending, I'm so happy never forget thi good experiences. We praying for thi place and the employees..thanks,thanks for ever..great staff

James Preston

Fast, courteous, super professional, ER physician great. My blood pressure was high and I was concerned. Thanks for the service.

Yvonne Deuel

Everyone was very professional and efficient. Made my stay very restful.

Wendy Borcyk

Fantastic visit- registration took care of me quickly- made sure my information was updated from my recent move. I only waited moments for the lab tech- she drew my lab work with great skill and pleasant conversation. I highly recommend St Pete General.

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